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#obey me incorrect quotes

Levi:Am I annoying you?

MC: You havent said anything for the past 45 minutes-


Levi: So am I annoying you?

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Barbatos: Pardon my absence, I was preoccupied with activities.

MC: I am activities.

Barbatos: Goodness MC, why would you say such a thing.

Lucifer: What on earth is wrong with you two.

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belphie: Remember, Kevin McCallister could have phoned the police at any time. He was a child who had accidentally been left alone. One call and he would have been safe, but it was never about saftey. He was hunting those men. He wanted them to die. It was for fun. He enjoyed it.

mc: Kevin is the real villian in Home Alone.

mc: The movie establishes that the phone lines to the house are down, that’s also why nobody is able to call Kevin at home. The movie also establishes that all of his neighbors are out of town which is why he couldn’t borrow their phones. The movie ALSO BEGINS by introducing the main antagonist as a “police officer” which is why Kevin doesn’t trust the cops. I’m so tired of the ignorance. The slander.

belphie: FINALLY we’ve reached the time of year for Home Alone discourse.

mammon: Why do you remember so much about Home Alone?

mc: Kevin inspires me.

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levi: Do you have anything to tell me?

mc: I do not.

levi: Okay but, your horoscope said that you’re keeping secrets so like, I don’t know, I don’t wanna call you a liar, but the stars don’t lie, so…

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i’ve never been in a snowball fight
huh really?
i don't even know the rules
is there a point system or is it to the death?
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Lucifer: Murder wasn’t on today’s agenda.

MC: It’s not on anyone’s.

Belphie: No, it’s on mine. Just not until next Thursday.

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kidnapper: we have your boyfriend

mc: which one??

kidnapper: one who self-deprecating with anime hair

kidnapper: to be honest I don’t want money, just take this guy to therapy

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Solomon: MC, how did you manage to make a pact with all of the brothers?

MC: wouldnt you like to know, weather boy

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Satan: Where is the idiot anyway?

Mammon: Uhm… I’m right here.

Satan: Surprisingly enough, I’m not talking about you this time.

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Part 3 of Indian Mc .

Why because I can 😀😀

Mc :- * wearing saree*

* image is taken from pinterest *


Everyone :- Breath taking .

Diavolo :- I have found my queen .

Lucifer :- she is the queen .

Asmodeus :- Hey mc how about a harem

Stan :- yes a Elegant queen and her harem .

Lucifer :- for once I agree .

Mc :- shocked and confused noises .




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