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#obey me levi

Words: 556
Rating: T
Summary: Mammon doesn’t think the rules apply to him

Seven Days for Seven Brothers SeriesAO3

I lay wake
Conflicted by sorrow
No respite to be found
While demons time I borrow

It was a poem you’d read once about a man, conflicted with grief, and tormented by demons day & night until he eventually went mad.

It had been a scary poem. One that used to keep you up at night as the shadows on the wall, or mounds of clothes in your bedroom, would transform into shapeless monsters and you’d think about how awful it would be to try and sleep with that near you.

But who would have thought that sleeping with a demon could be so peaceful?

The warmth of his arms wrapped around you. The gentle rise & fall of his chest, matching yours, as you both sleep. The comfort of being held so gently, so lovingly by another who could easily shatter the bones of any Titan. It was remarkable how at peace you feel.

The peaceful moment was ended, however, when the door suddenly flung open with a hard kick. The loud sound of it cracking at the frame and door smacking against the wall nearly drowned out by the shout of, “[Y/N]!!”

“Ma-Mammon!? What are you doing?!”

“It’s midnight.” He said, matter-of-factly, as he scooped you up out of the bed and out of Beel’s arms; who was still too groggy and confused as to what was going on to fight back. “It’s my day now.”

“That’s not how it works Mammon.” Belphegor, oddly lucid for once at being woken up, argued with a scowl as he clutched is prized pillow to his chest.

“Yes it is! New day starts at midnight. That’s how time works.”

“You know the ‘new day’ starts at the beginning of school.” The ‘new day’ meaning which brother got to keep her for the time being. They’ve worked out a routine, to be fair and keep everyone from fighting. Seven days in a week meant [Y/N] spent one day a week with each brother. Day and night. Belphegor was technically right. They weren’t supposed to trade until after breakfast at the start of school the next day. “It’s the rules.”

“Rules-shmuls!” The silver head demons quipped back. Still holding you close to his chest. “New day means new day, and right now it’s tomorrow, not yesterday.”

“What…..?” Beelzebub asked, looking so positively confused by the situation that you could practically see floating little question mark bubbles over his sleep mussed head.

“I’m taking [Y/N]!”

That seemed to be the end of it for Mammon as he walked out of the door, still carrying you bridal style, down the hall and into his room. Not caring the least about his brother’s pouts, or shouts, or the rules at all.

“You really shouldn’t have don’t that Mammon.” You scold gently while you’re alone. Despite his sharpness with brothers, or gruff way he’d come to claim you in the middle of the night, the demon was remarkably gentle as he tucked you into his bed.

“I know,” Mammon admitted sullenly, making the last few adjustments to you before crawling into bed beside you. His arms wrapping around you as the final touch before nuzzling his face into your collarbone. “I just couldn’t wait until morning.”

You blush, and shake your head a little before bringing you hand up to pet his head.  “You really are hopeless Mammon. I love you.”

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yall im fr still stuck on lesson 40-23 and i want to scream. i have actually gone as far as paying real dollars to level up my cards only for it to do absolutely nothing for me. i even got that little face to jump up and down and yet i still dont have a skip. the only thing i can do is play and hope that on one round the enemies dont activate their powers or level up my cards again but you need daggers which you can only obtain during events which cost more AP. it will be another 500 gd years before i can get to season 3 and i think the worst part of it is that by the end of season 3, lesson 40-23 is going to look like child’s play. im sure if i got to the next chapter id probably still get stuck on lesson 41s boss level. mayne what the actual fuck. ive replayed season 1 and 2 in the time these lessons came out. I had just finish 2 when 3 dropped. I went back and replayed 2 then replayed 1 and 2 and still cant get to 3. this is some straight booty. who even though this was okay? 🤥

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Aight time for my first headcanons! This was inspired from a convo I had with a friend back in November when i got a chat notif from Obey Me! while playing Cookie Run

Also sorry for my terrible grammar in advance

  • Mammon would probably go on and on about how hes way better than those silly cookies. While you would probably just sit/stand/lay wherever you are, fully focused on the game, At some point he just steals your phone, and depending on if you’re taller or shorter than him, he either runs away with it or holds it out of your reach.

  • While Levitahan, at first, would be alright with you playing the game. I mean he plays videogames a lot too (even though the game that you chose to play is a normie game). But over time he would get more and more jealous of how much time you spend playing the game. I mean its just some stupid running game with cookie characters. He’s way better than that one cookie that you’ve been talking about a lot. Right?

  • Asmodeus, on the other hand, would probably have dragged you off so you could help him pick an outfit for something. But when he asks you “How do I look?” while posing in one of the outfits, and you simply reply with a “K.” He starts getting slightly annoyed. So he tells you to pay attention and then asks the same question again. Only for him to get the same reply. This makes him whine and start being lowkey dramatic.

  • At some point, Beel was walking past when he heard the word “cookie” or something similar. That caught his attention instantly, and he went over to investigate. Only to find out you were talking to Leviathan about a digital character and not a delicious snack. That made him lowkey sad, so you promised to make cookies with him later! But you forgot about it, too busy playing Cookie Run to remember, which made him lowkey sad again.

  • Belphie wouldn’t really have a problem with it. You mostly stay still while playing, so its easy to use you as a thing to cuddle while napping for him. There are times where you yell or loudly say something due to losing, not getting the right cookie, or something unfair happens. That annoys him quite a lot since it wakes him up, but otherwise hes chill with it.

  • Satan would most likely sit and watch, probably even making popcorn to enjoy the chaos. He wouldn’t care too much about what you spend your free time on. But he would probably ask you about the game, just to have another topic to talk about.

  • Solomon walks into the room too, after hearing the chaos from down the hall. He sees whats going on, raises an eyebrow and chuckles to himself, spots Satan, and sits down with him. Then they just sit there eating popcorn if Satan had made some. Beel would probably also join in because food.

  • Of course Lucifer hears all this comotion go down, (if it goes down speretly or not) and walk into the room you’re in. And when he opens the door or turns the corner, only to see his brother(s) yelling and whining to get your attention away from your phone, he is deeply dissapointed and annoyed. So he starts trying to solve it all. From stopping Mammon from taking your D.D.D. and throwing it in the microwave and claiming it to be “an accident”, to cheering Beel up with ordering some food (be it a cake or some other thing you can order).

  • Then Barbatos would walk in to see what all the fuss is about. He sees Lucifer holding Mammon back from grabbing your D.D.D., Leviathan sulking in a corner, Satan, Solomon, and Beel (who still look kinda sad) all eating popcorn together, Asmodeus still whining about you not paying attention to him, Belphie cuddling you while sleeping, and you just sitting there casually playing Cookie Run. So he sighs, and starts to help out Lucifer with stopping the pure madness.

  • Later Luke comes over to see how you’re doing. And when he sees you playing a game on your D.D.D., that looks fun, cute, and wholesome, he asks you what it is. So you start rambling about the game, and at some point even get him to try it out. And hes instantly hooked. He downloads the game on his own D.D.D. and you 2 from then on are Cookie Run pals. You join the same guild, play friendly together, etc.

  • And when Simeon knocks on your door, opens it, to ask where Luke is, and he sees you 2 playing on your D.D.D.s he gets curious and walks up besides you. And what he sees confuses him. He got so many questions all of a sudden. Why are the tiny people running? Why do some of them look like food? Whats the goal of the game? All in all Simeon is just confused.

  • At the end of the day Diavolo walks into the lounge where you’re sitting and playing Cookie run (as you have been all day). And he asks what you’re doing. And you get him into it, just like you did with Luke. But hes much more of a causal player. Hes still a bit confused on how the game works, but he got the spirit!
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Thank you for your ask!! I took a while to write this one; sorry for the wait! I wanted to make sure each one felt complete enough for a subject as important to me as this :) Love wins!!!


  • When faced with this issue, Lucifer finds himself very conflicted.
  • You should be going home.
  • He knows, deep down, the Devildom is no place for a human.
  • The fact that you need a chaperone everywhere you go is reason enough to send you away.
  • The residents of this place see you as less than human- the phrase makes his lips quirk upwards with amusement.
  • Maybe less than demon would be more accurate, even if its… horribly true.
  • Does being human make you lesser?
  • Those are questions he never lets himself contemplate for long.
  • Regardless of who you are or what you mean, he knows that, to him, you can be described by a few simple words:
  • You’re his everything.
  • And if that means sending you away to keep you safe…
  • He considers your safety versus your happiness. His joy versus your life.
  • What is most important?
  • When it comes down to it, he doesn’t care who you are attracted to or who you love.
  • (Well… he hopes its him. After all, from what you’ve been through together…)
  • He discusses it with Diavolo on end.
  • The Devildom’s Prince has his own opinions on what his best and what should be done.
  • Opinions that Lucifer can’t bring himself to agree with.
  • He would almost turn to his brothers for their opinions.
  • Their help.
  • But he just- he can’t abandon his pride that much.
  • He can do this alone.
  • He’d buy you the entire world - fighting for it tooth and claw - if that was what you wanted.
  • And if what you want is him? The Devildom and all its darkness?
  • Then you’ll never leave.
  • Because, remember, darling, what his pact signifies.


  • Looking back, Mammon knew with each passing day that the end of the exchange was coming.
  • Closer.
  • Sooner.
  • Each day was one more day gone.
  • He couldn’t afford to think about it.
  • If he did, then- he would end up crying himself to sleep, muffling his tears in his pillow so no one would ever know.
  • He didn’t want you to leave, damnit!
  • He lo-
  • He… uh… well, you’re his human, you see!
  • That means he should… he should be at your side.
  • And to make it worse, it’s not like you have anything good to be returning to.
  • Why would you want to go home to a family who doesn’t accept you?
  • Why would Lucifer make you go?
  • Why, when here in the Devildom- were demons who… would give you the world.
  • But day by day, the date drew closer.
  • And finally, it was looming.
  • One final night.
  • Had a whole year really passed?
  • It felt like he’d just met you yesterday.
  • And yet, looking into your eyes, he also found it hard to believe you hadn’t always been here.
  • Hard to believe this time tomorrow you wouldn’t be.
  • He sat with you in the darkness, considering that, and then laid his heart bare.
  • “Run away with me, MC,” he rasped in the shadows.
  • “If you can’t go home and they won’t let you stay, then run away with me. Let’s run and not look back.”


  • You were playing games, and it was 3 AM when the dreaded thoughts began to creep in.
  • “Hey, Levi… can we pause for a moment?”
  • You ask the question softly over the headset, and you hear the grunting from the other side of the call as he kills one last foe and then hits the pause key.
  • The Avatar of Envy seems slightly irritated.
  • He’d been like that since the beginning of the night, when you’d opted to stay in your own room and play on a call with him rather than visit him directly.
  • You begin to explain what’s bothering you.
  • You don’t want to go home, and that’s why, and you feel better here, but…
  • Levi interrupts you.
  • “Then don’t leave.”
  • He sets the words as though it’s… simple.
  • As he starts up the game again, you frown and think that…
  • Well, maybe it is.


  • He listens patiently to what you have to say.
  • He’s not one to interrupt before he knows the full situation.
  • But by the time you’re done- by the time you’re on the verge of crying and he can see how upset you are…
  • He knows what he wants.
  • But you need to figure out what you want.
  • Clearly there’s a part of you that wants to go back, he points out.
  • There has to be, if this is tearing you up so much.
  • When you insist you don’t want to go back- that what you want the most is to stay…
  • He just says, “Then stay here.”
  • Silence.
  • Is it that simple?
  • No, of course not.
  • You feel familiar anger flair, knowing the Avatar of Wrath’s presence is feeding it.
  • Why does he always pretend like everything is easily solved?
  • It’s NOT!
  • You’re furious, and you can’t ignore that… somehow, his plain bluntness is refreshing.
  • Satan reaches out, taking one of your hands.
  • He goes on to explain all he knows.
  • What could happen if you stay.
  • What could happen if you don’t.
  • If you spend the rest of your life in the Devildom, you might never go to the Celestial Realm.
  • He is not shy about the fact he would have no problem with you staying here.
  • “I want to stay,” you whisper. “I just don’t know how. Humans aren’t supposed to-”
  • You break off, because the blonde demon has sunk to one knee.
  • His eyes gleam, and theres amusement as well as affection, as though he is telling you this is his last resort and first choice at once.
  • “Then marry me, MC.”
  • “Marry me, and stay.”


  • Of all the brothers, Asmodeus might understand… the very most.
  • And at the same time… not at all.
  • Asmo isn’t shy about his sexuality.
  • He’s never had any shame bringing home men or women or people who are neither or both.
  • People are beautiful, and there is kindness in the world if you’re willing to look for it.
  • He understands.
  • Scrap being the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus is practically the God of the Gays.
  • He tries his best.
  • And he promises he will always, always be here for you if the people who should be aren’t.
  • But he might also… be a bit overly optimistic.
  • Asmo’s brothers have always been nothing but accepting to him, even if sometimes they’re relentless jackasses.
  • He doesn’t know what it’s like to…
  • To fear you won’t have a place to call home, and just for.. being yourself.
  • He goes through the usual with you- LGBT+ resources, mostly.
  • “Don’t go home, then. I mean- go to the human world, darling, you need the sunlight to blossom, but you’re one of the strongest people I know. You can stand on your own two feet with or without them. And if things go badly… well,” he leans close to you and his lips brush across his pact mark, emblazoned on your skin. “You’ve always got an ace up your sleeve.”


  • When you express to Beel what is bothering you, he gets really upset.
  • He puts down his sandwich, pushing it away as though suddenly losing his appetite.
  • You’ve never seen him so… bothered.
  • He’s not angry or aggressive.
  • He’s just… sad.
  • If he knew he needed to make sure not to startle or scare you, he’d have smashed his hands down on the table.
  • “It’s AWFUL that people can judge someone like that- their own child- someone they should love more than anything… for something they can’t control.”
  • Beel is fuming.
  • Insectile wings buzz behind him and his eyes gleam with a devillish light.
  • It’s unusual for him to talk so much, but it’s… touching.
  • He cares about you just as much as any of the others.
  • He’s just not always the best at showing it.
  • Beel might not know much about what he can do to help.
  • How could he?
  • You’ll be going back to the human world.
  • He’s the sixth born, stuck in the Devildom.
  • And on top of that, he’s… loyal to Lucifer.
  • If Diavolo orders Lucifer and Lucifer orders his brothers, of course Beel would obey.
  • He doesn’t think he can make anything change.
  • He doesn’t have the power necessary to let you stay in the Devildom.
  • His first idea is to go to Lucifer.
  • If Beel can’t help, then the best chance is the first born.
  • Beel isn’t held down by Lucifer’s pride, either, so he has no issue with begging for help.
  • Especially when it comes to something as important as your happiness.


  • You’re laying on the planetarium floor when Belphegor when you decide to say it.
  • You come out to him, saying words you maybe haven’t said before. Whether you’re gay or bi or pan or anything else is irrelevant, really.
  • To some people you know, it has always been a problem.
  • To some people you know, all the options except the one you know you aren’t are wrong.
  • You’re not sure why it bubbled up so suddenly and why you had to say it, but something feels better now that you have.
  • The Avatar of Sloth struggles to raise his head, blearily blinking at you. “I know.”
  • “You know?”
  • “Of course I know. You wear flannel.”
  • The rest just- it spills out, before you can filter anything.
  • Your worries and fears and how much you don’t want to go back, because it really feels like there’s nothing waiting for you back in the human world.
  • Belphegor rolls closer to you and pulls you into a suffocating hug.
  • He’s quiet for a long time, and you’re practically sharing the same thoughts as you watch the stars blaze far overhead.
  • He is the youngest.
  • He is the weakest.
  • He can’t do much.
  • Both of you know it.
  • So instead he holds you so tightly that it hurts.
  • “I’m not letting you go anywhere, MC.”
  • The words are whispered against your hair.
  • Soft.
  • Reverent.
  • “If they won’t love you, then I will.”
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obey me headcanon: whenever all the brothers are free (which is very, very rarley), they all get together in a large space and try to learn choreographies from kpop groups like bts, ateez and skz (if mc or a side character wanted to join, that is), got7, etc. and if they really feel like it, choreographies from apink, momoland, dreamcatcher, etc.

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I am a SUCKER for Levi fluff!! I’m so glad i could be your first 🤧😏💜 I hope this satisfies you!!! Since I wrote this in second person, I didn’t need to use pronouns, but it’s still gender neutral 😊😊

Levi with Fluff prompt “Stop flirting with me, I’m not going to fall for it.”

You’d read over the same line for the last few minutes, thinking about the words you wanted to tell him. Sprawled out on the sofa in his room, you closed the manga you’d long since given up reading and turned your head to look at the third-born. He was in the middle of a raid with his guild. You smiled softly watching him, taking in the noises he made, how his body moved in reaction to whatever happened on screen.

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Warnings: None! (Ask to tag if you feel something is missing) 

(Gender Neutral MC, they/them pronouns

MC’s gone and accidentally fallen asleep in front of one of the brothers. Where does it happen and what might they find when they wake up? 


  • Probably in his office, no?
  • He’s got them there maybe because he’s decided they need his personal help with whatever subject 
  • (Was this really necessary…? Debatable.) 
  • He’s left them to their own studies for a bit to do some of his own work, but looks back and- 
  • They’re asleep. 
  • Watches them for a bit, considers waking them up. 
  • Depending on the time of day, MC will either wake up tucked into Lucifer’s sheets or in that same chair but his coat draped neatly over them. 
  • In either case, the eldest is nowhere to be found. 

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Finding Their Porn

All Brothers x gn!MC

Format - Headcanon / Scenario

Words - 909

Content warnings - no smut, pretty cute and fluffy all things considered

Prompt/inspiration - none


Scene -

It was the weekend at the House of Lamentation, and Lucifer had decided to enforce a “Spring Cleaning” day, having tired of his brothers constantly leaving things scattered throughout the house. Sorting through a box of items your favorite demon had given you, you find a strange, yet somewhat familiar magazine. Upon closer inspection, you realize it was pornography that must have belonged to your boyfriend, and at that exact moment, who should enter your room but…

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OM! Brothers w Chubby MC

Hi this is my first post like this so please be nice lol. Kept it GN and body positive because I know these boys are big comfort characters for a lot of people.


  • Loves to compliment you on how beautiful your body is whenever you’re in private
  • If you get changed in front of him or anything like that he stares at you with such love in his eyes
  • Likes to have you sitting in his lap or laying on top of him
  • Will pick you up all the time like it’s nothing
  • If your ever feeling down about yourself or being self deprecating he will usually say something along the lines of “Look at me. You are perfect just the way you are.”
  • Will literally commit murder if anyone says otherwise


  • Loves it when you are confident so he encourages you when you are feeling good about yourself
  • “Wadda’ya mean ya need ta lose weight? Ya think THE Mammon cares about shallow stuff like that? Stop sayin stuff like that. Yur worth a million grimm ya hear me?!”
  • Loves taking pictures with you and calling you his super model
  • Thinks your hugs are the best ever
  • Allows zero negative self talk around him when it comes to you
  • Loves to cup your face with his hands but pinches and stretches your cheeks if you say anything embarrassing
  • Will seriously start yelling and trying to fight anyone he hears say anything bad about you.


  • He doesn’t have the most toned or athletic body either
  • Hates it if you are ever self deprecating
  • “I know I say bad things about myself but I won’t let you do the same! Absolutely unthinkable!”
  • You both agree not to be so hard on yourself
  • Likes to wrap his arms around you and rest his head on the top of yours on on your shoulder while he plays video games
  • Likes to cuddle you like a body pillow because your so soft
  • Can’t handle looking at your thighs especially when you are sitting down, they have too much power over him
  • Loves nothing more than to sit around with you playing video games or being on your phone


  • Reading a book while your laying on his chest listening or napping is what he imagines heaven is like
  • He also loves to wrap his arms around your belly and have you read to him while he looks over your shoulder
  • If you ever talk negatively about yourself he’ll be like “Enough or I’ll get angry. It makes me mad that such a perfect person could say or think such things about themselves.”
  • Likes to get yummy baked goods with you whenever you go out.
  • Will also commit murder if he hears anyone say anything about you
  • Likes to hug you from behind and sway from side to side
  • Another one that will pick you up without hesitation
  • Loves to just watch you because he finds you so beautiful/handsome


  • Thinks your soooo cute!
  • Loves to squish every part of you
  • Showers your belly in kisses
  • Loves hugging and cuddling you cuz he says your so soft
  • Loves when you are confident and wear clothes that show off your body
  • Will sneak attack you from behind just to wrap his arms around you and squish you
  • If you ever feel down or self conscious he will say something like “My taste is never wrong darling. You are the prettiest/most handsome thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I love every inch of you. If you have doubts I’d be more than happy to make them all go away~”
  • Likes to take you shopping and be super sweet cuz he knows it can be draining if things don’t fit the way you want them to
  • Loves to praise you
  • “Not to sound like Beel but I really could just eat you up~”
  • Lots of pictures together
  • Sometimes self care is eating a tub of ice cream together in bathrobes


  • Loves to make food for you and give you bites of his food
  • Big teddy bear who also loves to hug you, especially from behind when you are cooking or something.
  • Loves carrying you around with your legs wrapped around his waist
  • Loves to kiss your stomach and make you giggle
  • Picks you up when he hugs you
  • Invites you to the gym but doesn’t pressure you into working out, he just loves your company
  • Will move you to lay on his chest when you cuddle if you aren’t already
  • Loves when you wear his clothes
  • “What’s wrong with how you look? Your perfect the way you are. You make me so happy, I can’t think of a single thing you should ever change.”
  • Always gets a bunch of your favorite snacks and food
  • “If you like it then you should have it. It’s delicious right? That’s all that’s matters.”


  • Isn’t physical fit either
  • Go to nap spot is your lap
  • Also likes to rest his head on your stomach
  • Will lay on you regardless of where you are
  • Loves cuddling of course
  • If you ever say anything negative he’ll always be like “Don’t be dumb, there’s nothing wrong with how you look. You should never feel ashamed of the form you take, you are so much more than your shape.”
  • Enjoys laying in bed or on the couch or really anywhere as long as it’s with you.
  • Will kill anyone who is rude to you and the body will never be found
  • Milk and cookies together before bed for the win
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No need to apologize, Nonnie!! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, you could literally hop into my ask box and keyboard smash and my response would be “Ooh, new friend!”

I’m going to do headcanons for this one, since I feel like the scenarios would all end up being the same. We’ll say the base scenario is that each brother is going to Mammon’s room to yell at him for something and they hear him through the door, okay?

If you haven’t heard the song, listen to it here! But I feel like you can get this gist of the lyrics just from the title, lol.



- It was…a wake-up call, for certain.

- He knew and his brothers were a bit…excessive in their use of Mammon as the proverbial punching back of the family. He was the least likely to retaliate if someone needed to vent their frustrations. But, everyone had a breaking point. How much more abuse could Mammon take before he cracked?

- The next day, Lucifer asks Mammon to come to his study after dinner. When Lucifer saw how tense his brother was, he felt the tiny fissure in his heart expand a little bit more. Had he truly been so self-absorbed?

“Whaddaya need, Lucifer?” Mammon kept his tone casual, but Lucifer saw how tightly wound he was, like a caged tiger backed into a corner. With a sigh, Lucifer stood, hands planted on his desk as a way to steady himself.

“I’ve…been unfair to you.” his nature as the Avatar of Pride made the words sour in his mouth, but he pressed on. “I’m sorry.”

Mammon looked confused. “Wait…you didn’t call me here to yell at me?”

“No, I didn’t. And the fact that you thought I did proves my point.” he shook his head. “I’m not a very good older brother, am I?”


- Hey, he had just seen a really good fan animatic with this - oh.

- His first instinct was to get defensive. Did Mammon really think he had the right to complain when everything that they yelled at him for was his fault?

- But, when he took a mental step back and thought about it…yeah, he did. Even when he did something good, he or one of the others wouldn’t hesitate to bring up past mistakes. But, regardless, Mammon never insulted them beyond some light-hearted teasing. He never poked at their weaknesses, even as they dug their claws into old wounds.

- …Maybe he would lay off hounding Mammon for his money back for a bit.


Being the literal embodiment of externalized anger, the fact that Mammon was taking all of the negativity and keeping it inside was completely foreign to Satan.

- Actually, it confused him so much that he actually just straight up asked Mammon.

- “Why don’t you just tell us that you’re hurt?” he asked one day when the two of them were on their way home. “Or yell at us, or something? What’s the point of keeping it all bottled up?”

Mammon paused before shrugging. “Sometimes it ain’t worth it.”

“Is it worth taking on all of our problems just so we feel a little better?”


He said it so casually that Satan actually paused, watching his older brother keep walking. He hadn’t known any of his brothers when they were angels, but for just a second…he could see it.


- Almost immediately, he starts crying. Emotions were his thing, how could he not notice hurt much Mammon had been hurting?

- He wants to burst in and give him a hug, but a) he didn’t want to get busted for snooping and b) there was definitely mascara running down his face and it was not a good look. So, absolutely not sniffling like a little kid, he went back to his room.

- About an hour or so later, Mammon’s phone pinged. Asmo had tagged him in something on Devilgram.

     #TBT (I know it’s Monday but shh <3) to when me and my big brother @ mammoney absolutely killed a photoshoot together! Thanks for teaching me!


- He actually does burst in and give him a hug. Like, no hesitation whatsoever.

- “Beel, what the fuck?”

“You’re sad.” Beel let him go. “Hugs make you feel better, right?”

“Well, I mean, yeah,” Mammon scowled. “But what were ya doing, just standing outside my room?”

Beel froze for a minute. He had been pretty sure that Mammon had stolen his macarons out of the fridge and had been ready to go on a rampage.

“…Nothing, it’s not that important.”


- If anyone understands internalized guilt, it’s this guy.

- When he hears the lyrics through Mammon’s door, it hits him like a punch to the gut. He doesn’t actively berate Mammon, but he does sit by and let the others do it without so much as a thought.

- He doesn’t break in like his twin does, but the next time he sees Mammon sitting on the couch, he oh-so-graciously flops down next to him and lays his head on Mammon’s shoulder.

“Can I help you?” Mammon asked, sounding annoyed even as he adjusted himself so that Belphie could lay more comfortably against him.

“No, you’re good.” he yawned. “You make a really good nap pillow.”

“Oh, do I now?” 

“Mm-hm,” Belphie nodded. “Not too soft, but not too hard either. Dependable, always there when I need you.”

“…Huh.” Mammon reached up and pet him on the head like he wasn’t a fully grown man. “Thanks, Belphie.”

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*MC and brothers quietly eating dinner*

MC: *staring at Levi* “Hey Levi?”

Levi: “Hmm?”

MC: “You were part of the Navy right?”

Levi: “Ahh…yeah, that was a while ago though…”

MC: *thinking* … So are you an otaku now because they like to SHIP characters together? ( ͡≖ ͜ʖ ͡≖)

Everyone: *stops eating and stares at Levi* ( ͡≖ ㅅ ͡≖) 

Levi: *sweating* (⊙ヮ⊙)

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Hey there Levistans!

So first off, that game last night was intense! Every time I answered one ask, five more would show up. You guys had me busy! The ah, the attention was n-nice… we’ll definitely do it again soon so, be on the lookout, k?

And erm, don’t be mad, but mun and I have some new rules. Please check out the updated rules in the pinned post when you get a chance.

{I’ve been stewing on this before I went to sleep and it’s been bugging me all day. A good majority of asks were kisses, hugs, and other forms of physical affection.}

{This is Levi. Leviathan. Mr. “AAHH! Don’t just touch me outta the blue like that! You’re gonna make me blush!” Kisses on the cheek and hugs are okay, but kisses on the lips and more intimate requests make him feel uncomfortable if there’s no previous interaction, or if they’re sent via unsigned anons. If you wish to kiss the otaku, please do so with either a non-anon ask, or an anon signed with like a gamer tag or an emoji (ie. Goth-chan).}

{I can hear the groans and I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I truly am. Please understand this is how I’ve decided to play the character from now on. I want to give you all an authentic experience with Mr. “Touchy-touchy, no no!”}

That’s all for now gamers, until next time!

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Hey hum what are you doing?” You asked me with a worried look on your face.
I…honestly don’t know…” I answered you in a tired sigh.

If you get this ref I love you, if you don’t it’s okay I love you too but go watch this at least, if you do indeed know the ref then I want you to know that Lucifer was a likely candidate for ’The buzzing from the bathroom’, ’Let’s have intercourse’ and/or ’Strip away my conscience’ until I realised that while I can draw a vague illusion of Levi I definitely can’t do the same with Luci—

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The Royal Guard (Chapter 1)

What he said didn’t sound like an offer. It sounded more like an order. Slowly you take the seat infront of him without letting him out of your sight.

“I looked forward to meeting you. You became quite the celebrity in the other realms.”

Finally! The first chapter of the promised fanfiction! The second will be written and posted by the amazing @inkyhorror

We’ll take turns in posting and if you have any questions feel free to ask us!

Gender neutral MC


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Requests and Accounts ^~^

Just a note! if you ever get a reply, like, follow, message whatever from the account ‘mammon’s-bunny’ it is still me it’s just the main account i made this tumblr with but i didn’t realise you couldn’t change your main when i started posting on here like a dummy!

edit: also if you ever wanted to request anything 😳👉👈 i’d say i could confidently write for the OM boys and select characters in ikerev, ikevamp and the arcana!! possibly some other ones i’m forgetting but shoot anything my way and i’ll give it a go!!

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