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#obey me levi
simeonism · 2 hours ago
I had a dream where asmo called dango daikazoku "our song" (refering to him and the brothers) and that was so cute when I woke up I had to stop for a minute bc I thought them watching and loving clannad was a common headcanon
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flufflebones · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
[om clown music plays in the distance]
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linpunny · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🥺🥺🥺 young otaku 🥺🥺🥺
Cannon Levi is now our Otaku Senpai~
All hail the otaku senpai
Edit: this is the reaction from Levi when you give him the fly trap gift
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moemammon · 7 hours ago
crack request: GN!MC who badly needs to pee but then the brothers (and side characters maybe) just somehow get in the way 😂
Bro I'm Begging you,,,
(GN!MC needs to relieve themselves, but the Demon Bros won't let them)
We all know Mr. Self Important calls you to his office at inconvenient times, like "Oh, were you busy? Anyway, I need you to-"
You swear he's secretly the clingiest and disguises it as 'formal business', yet sometimes he just wants you to sit in his room like some kind of emotional support animal.
But why is it now, when you need to pee??? And he doesn't even seem to notice the way you're shifting from one foot to the other. Probably thinks you're awkwardly dancing to the record he's playing
He's talking about your RAD classes and an upcoming exam, but his words are droning on and on. Could he talk any slower??? You don't even have a chance to interject because he keeps talking. You'd better have a plan, or you're not going anywhere.
He's the physical manifestation of comedic timing, and literally won't ever leave you alone
Oh, you need to go somewhere? He'll go with you. You wanna go alone? That's cute. Anyway, he's coming with you. You insist?? Now he's REALLY not leaving you alone, because it's clear you're hiding something
You have to tell him outright what you need to do, because he might even try to follow you to the bathroom. He's gonna be weirdly embarrassed about it-
"H-Huh?? If ya had to pee, why didn't ya say so in the first place! Go! I'll just wait outside or somethin'. Stinkin' human making things awkward...."
Obviously after staying in his room for hours and binging on sweet drinks, your bladder is practically screaming at you.
But no, Levi says you're gonna miss the best part! And this marathon isn't recorded so there's no way to pause it for you!!
So you wait until it's finished, and now he wants you to run a dungeon with him. "There's a special event going on where they give out a rare armor set for the first fifty players to log in! We have to do it right now!"
You can choose to escape if his peer pressure isn't getting to you, but you've got some explaining to do when you get back! You missed the loot drop!!
It's finally the weekend, and Satan didn't miss the opportunity to ask you to come to a cat cafe with him. Why wouldn't you accept a nice afternoon out, surrounded by cute cats?
And Satan almost seems like a little kid with how content he is, smiling and laughing, and happily playing with the felines that crowd around you both.
He also keeps passing them to you, taking pictures to send to his brothers to make them jealous. But... as nice as cat therapy is, you seriously need to go.
But how are you supposed to tell him that when he's smiling so brightly??? You're holding three cats and he hasn't stopped giving them to you, as if he's trying to bury you in fur. This is it. This is your life now. Enjoy.
He's been dragging you around town all day under the guise of a 'wardrobe update' for you. Apparently your human world clothes weren't up to snuff anymore
That being said, you've been stuck in various dressing rooms for two hours now, and Asmo just keeps handing you more and more clothes to try on
The flood gates are literally about to open, but each time you try to escape, Asmo reels you right back in. And you know he's the type that'll join you in the bathroom if he can
Tell him outright that you're about to piss yourself or else you're going to have an awkward afternoon, and you'll probably have to buy whatever you're wearing.
You were pretty excited when Beel mentioned taking you for a food tour of the devildom, but drinks were obviously included in the food category. Meaning... you were reaching your limits.
Try as you might, there was no escape when Beel kept piling your plate high with food after food after food.
And any indication that suggested you might want to slip away made him wonder if he was troubling you. Cue those sad puppy eyes-
"You can still eat, can't you? My brothers aren't really interested in things like this, so I don't ask them. But I'm happy I can do it with you. Here, have some more."
Being around Belphie means mandatory naps, and he's virtually impossible to wake once he's settled down comfortably.
This often means you're trapped with him while he clings to every part of you, and never lets go (so you quickly learned to nap with caution)
And what else does being trapped for hours mean? No bathroom breaks. Ever. Unless you're strong enough to rip free from his grasp or you can drag him along with you, you're not going anywhere.
You literally need to screech for help or find some way to wake him up, otherwise you're gonna die a very humiliating death.
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positivelypuntastic · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Next up on the commissions I've gotten (but haven't been able to post) is this wonderfully amazing art by @rikkuchan11 on Twitter/@rikku_chan11 on Instagram! 💜💜💜
I loved how well it turned out! I still give a dreamy sigh every time I look at him. 🥰
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symphonicmetal101 · 9 hours ago
Ayy Thanks for 500 Followers!
I know I haven't been super active, but I'm very grateful for all of y'all that have joined me here! This is both a celebration and a reminder that if you discriminate against anyone for their gender, pronouns, sexuality, skin colour, age, and overall self expression so long as it is not harmful to other people-
You are not welcome here.
So now, that you've either ignored that message bc it doesn't apply to you, or you know it does and you won't leave anyways, here is what's up!
I have been struggling with motivation, and most of my time was consumed by work, which I have left now to focus on family and myself- I don't foresee myself writing more than drabbles- (or thirsts with my NSFW blog- if you are a minor or ageless bio you will be blocked also page is lowkey deas, but Im hoping to get it up again soon) for a little while. Also, all my asks were deleted, but anon if you're still around, yes, eventually my 3 Things Series as well as my Guide to Babysitting in the Devildom will be continued- just not right now. As for those of you who sent in asks for prompt list three, I am so sorry. I cannot remember the requests- HOWEVER! I hope I can make it up to y'all with this if ya choose to participate-
500 Follower Special-
Pretty self explanatory^^
Send me a combination of numbers, and I'll write a short drabble/scenario based on the "code" you send me
(Line break now bc I am taking up a lot of space-)
Writers choice-
GENRE (you can pick one or two)
Writers choice-
Demon Lords Castle
HoL (at home)
The Fall
Ristorante Six
Celestial Realm
Human Realm
Writers choice
Colour (idek what this is for we'll find out together-)
???? I don't want a colour??
As always, my writing is gender neutral! Always! Because then everyone can enjoy it. ♡
Please do not send an ask in all writers choice I do not have the brain capacity to do such a thing-
Anyways, I'm really grateful for yall, love ya!
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dontlooktoohard · 9 hours ago
ayayay sorry my hype train for you failed but now you have a BLOG. Thank you! do you have any thoughts about MC who likes to plan things out? Or an MC who prefers to be spontaneous?
Ah! thank you for your ask! It means a lot to me! :) This was fun to think about. 🌼 gn!mc
Brothers go on a vacation with MC
-He and Plan!MC would be peas on a pod. He wants structure so that he can TRY to hold his brothers to it. He knows it won’t happen, but at least he can try. He really hopes that having an MC who also wants to stick to an itinerary will help refocus his brothers.
-Spontaneous!MC doesn’t surprise him, but he’s not thrilled about it, either. Leaving the HoL without a plan is exactly how his brothers will rope MC into a whole host of problems that he’ll have to fix later. MC he already has Mammon to deal with, please just stick to the pla- MC wait- MC where are you going-
-He doesn’t plan anything except how to avoid Lucifer once those bills start rolling in, so Plan!MC might have to put him on a leash. Of course it’s a little easier for MC to keep him on schedule than it is for Lucifer because Mammon isn’t about to be left out or let MC be alone with his brothers for too long.
-With Spontaneous!MC he’s much more of a handful. Don’t you wanna see the horsies, MC? If not he’s just happy to go along with whatever MC wants to do, and tries to break away from his brothers at any opportunity to get MC for himself.
-He did not want to go on this vacation in the first place until he heard MC getting excited about going. He does better with Plan!MC because he can figure out what he’ll be doing or where he’ll be when that new Ruri-chan limited event drops. It also helps him prepare for dealing with people and his brothers.
-Spontaneous!MC only gets him out of his room once he realizes that if he doesn’t go, one of his brothers will snap MC up and he can’t stand the thought of that. He goes all red in the face once he sees MC smiling from having fun, and even though sightseeing is something normies do, maybe this time is okay. It’s like that scene from his favorite anime My Crush Wanted To Go On A Trip But I Couldn’t Stand To See That Many People 4: Send Help-
-Wants a quiet afternoon but if it can’t be quiet he wants to inconvenience Lucifer. This is a demon of great restraint and sudden chaos.
-Happy enough to go along with Plan!MC, and probably helped to put the list together for wherever the vacation is. He loves to research, so getting plans on paper is his idea of a fun time. He doesn’t at all try to rope his brothers into sticking to the plan because if it means he gets time alone with MC it’s a win in his book.
-Doesn’t mind Spontaneous!MC either, but has still done all his research and wants to try to direct MC to those ‘must see’ spots. He wants the credit for knowing about it and he also genuinely wants to make sure MC enjoys this vacation. Getting MC away from Lucifer and leaving the eldest brother trying to hold on to his precious plan is good enough for him.
-If he knows MC likes to plan things, he wants to sit down with Satan to make sure his ‘to dos’ get put on the list. He wants to go to a lot of the sightseeing places so he can take pics to put on Devilgram, oh and there’s that new line of skin cream coming out- ok ok, just the sightseeing is fine.
-Much prefers Spontaneous!MC since that’s a bit more his style anyway- doing whatever catches his fancy at the time. He takes long stops to get pictures, and tries to pull MC into stores and cafes that are along the way. Argues with his brothers about what they should be doing and turns the puppy eyes on MC to try and get his way.
-He’s a very easy going demon. With Plan!MC he’s sure to map out places to stop to eat, and he also eats a lot before everyone heads out. He does his best to help with sticking his brothers to the plan because he doesn’t want MC to be stressed out or feel like they did a bad job planning the vacation.
-Spontaneous!MC will have to be a little careful with him, however, because the only sights he really wants to see are the menus of every restaurant in town. But as long as he can have some things to go, he’s also perfectly happy going wherever MC wants to.
-Doesn’t really like having to to stick to a plan, but at least that way he knows what time they’ll get home and he can go to bed. He’s definitely the other brother that needs a leash, however, because he will absolutely try to turn around and go home if this plan keeps all his brothers together with MC.
-If things are a little less structured, it’s much easier for him to deal with. Spontaneous!MC will still have to keep him from falling asleep on random park benches along the way, but he does genuinely enjoy having time with MC. Makes the most of being away from some or all of his brothers. Sends a snap of MC having fun or looking good to the group chat just to get a rise out of his brothers.
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the-mourning-stars · 15 hours ago
Someone whose never seen the OM VAs. Their opinion (my brother's opinion)
Kazuya Yamashita (Lucifer)
Tumblr media
"Is he gonna cry? He looks like he's on the verge of tears. Give him a cookie, Micah. Give him a hug!"
Hirotaka Kobayashi (Mammon)
Tumblr media
"Scary. I don't like him. He looks like he wants my soul. My soul's not for sale."
Satoshi Kada (Levi)
Tumblr media
"He looks scared. Is he okay? Did the other one take his soul?" *patting the phone* "there there"
Shinya Sumi (Satan)
Tumblr media
"Evil. Smarmy. Ehhh. You could do better." 'He's not my boyfriend..' "You could do better. I don't like him."
Miura Ayme (Asmo)
Tumblr media
"Husband and three children have just been murdered by the ghost in the haunted house. I like his hair and eyes."
Kyohei Yaguchi (Beel)
Tumblr media
"Same hairstyle as the scary one! He's not scary though. Only old. Has he been punched in the cheek?"
Satoshi Onishi (Belphie)
Tumblr media
"He looks young. I like his blazer. Can I have it? He has a nice smile." 'Is that it?' "Yeah, he's basic."
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Hi! If requests are open could i request the brothers with a teen MC who's stressed about school?
When they come home they immediately throw themselves to bed, they often have headaches, they become more cold and distant, they often have a hard time submitting homework on time and they're not as lively as they originally were. How would the brothers comfort them?
I'm so fucking tired rn, i know it's the last month (even tho It's more like 15 days) but my teachers are starting a new important project where we have to host an EVENT along with our exam that is coming up in a week. And we're in fucking highschool-
Aw I think I accidentally opened my asks again but I read this and I relate so much to this; I needed this as much as you. Being a student is too hard sometimes. *hugs* Sorry sweetie you must be so exhausted too?
I'll definitely write this. I apologize if it's a bit short but thank you so much for this ask. I'll try and do my best okay?
Tumblr media
Exam season has just rolled out in Devildom and Diavolo had recently announced that the Exchange students will not have a reduced syllabus and have to study like the rest of the demons, to get a better understanding of their culture and history. This sudden increase in work hasn't been easy on you.
He notices something off with you when you stop telling him leave his paperwork and get some rest. These days it seems he has to pull you away from your work.
He can see how dull and lifeless your eyes look as you try to politely sit through meals with everyone.
"MC do you have some time to talk?" He asks you one day in the middle of homework. "I'm a little busy Lucifer maybe later. I still have finish three more these essays." Wow how the tables turn.
He was planning to have tea with you, but as you usually leave the tea near him when he's working, he did the same. "Don't worry MC I'll take care of this." He whispers to himself.
You're only a child, why are you being so overworked? This is ridiculous. Immediately takes it up with Diavolo and the authorities at school to make sure you're not given more than you can handle.
What do you mean you're not up for movie night? Again? This is the fifth time you've denied him. Mammon starts getting worried about you.
At first he's afraid that maybe you're only mad at him so he asks his brothers who you are spending time with. You are nowhere to be found in any of their rooms.
He reaches your room and finds you curled up in bed, groaning in pain, holding your head. "MC what's wrong?" You manage to squeak out, "Head hurts." It looks really bad from the way you're wincing.
He goes into panic overdrive, going up to Satan and Lucifer, even ringing up Solomon for headache cures. After you get a little better, he found out that it's school stress that's doing this to you.
Godamnit Diavolo! Why would you think it's okay to send a little human to Demon school? They work differently don't they. He will volunteer to do most of your work at school- even though he forgets his own.
Levi was excitedly waiting for you to show up to play his new game. It was the usual routine for you to come back from school, freshen up and then join him gaming four days a week. But you haven't showed up. For the third time this week.
He keeps texting and calling you but don't reply. At first he thinks it's because he's a yucky otaku but then he notices you aren't even getting his messages. So he ventures out of his room and finds you in yours.
You were fast asleep in your uniform, your phone switched off due to low battery, your bed unmade and your bag in a slump on the floor. You look like a game character who got defeated in a fight.
When he hears it is the school stress that is doing this to you, he adamantly hatches a plan. "Levi we have school why anime now?" You ask as he drags you to his room.
"Because you need a energy recharge! So I told Lucifer you'll be staying with me all day and watch your favourite anime." Levi said, handing you a bunch of snacks.
This is the ninth day in a row you had fallen asleep in the library. Yes Satan was counting. Everytime he finds you, you're curled up in a chair with a heavy bookon your lap and your notebook and pens strewn across a nearby table. Overdue assignments.
"Oh MC again?" He mutters as he puts his jacket on you so you don't get cold. When was the last time you read a book with him? You seem so busy and distant these days. He noticed the way you kept denying all his brothers hence he didn't approach you himself. Now he understood why.
Diavolo must be barking mad in his head if he thinks an adolescent human can work the same way as age old demons. He feels annoyed at how you're being overwhelmed.
You wake up to him sitting next to you, writing down your assignments. "Satan why..." Satan smiles and palms your head, "You need to rest, you've been working too hard. I'll handle the assignments, you sleep some more, I'm taking you to a cat cafe later. Playing with cats will help you feel relaxed."
Asmo notices the redness in your sunken eyes on the very next day after you pull an all-nighter. He offers you to come to his room but you decline saying you have to prepare for upcoming exams.
He finds it increasingly hard to keep his mouth shut and leave you alone when you look like this. Your skin is breaking out, your cheeks are sinking. You're starting to look like Lucifer.
Look at how school is ruining you! You are only a baby and yet you're starting look a workaholic corporate worker.
One day he's had enough with your lack of self-care and he drags you to his room. You try telling him off "Asmo I have exams-" He snaps back at you angrily, "Today is your day off whether you like it or not. I will not have you mistreating yourself like this. Now come on we're doing a home spa."
Everything seems wrong. You aren't eating well. And today you look like you're about to pass out while eating dinner. He can't eat when you're like this - he doesn't want your leftovers anymore.
You try to smile at him, "I'm okay Beel. I'm just not very hungry." He isn't buying it but you leave so suddenly he couldn't say anything. You seemed to brush people off and be on your own these days.
He noticed you skip the lunchline at school to scurry off to a lonely table to finish up some work. He gets an extra plateful of food and sets it down next to you.
"Beel I said I'm not hungry." You try to say but Beel is having none of it. He snatches your stuff away. "School can wait, you need nourishments to work. I won't let you work before you eat all of this, MC."
This is heavily annoying to him. He sees you running out of your room, sneaking into the library to study at 3 AM in the night. Did you just wake up and decide not to sleep ever again?
When he tries to approach you about this, you act snappy and cold towards him. He doesn't mind - he understands why you're like this. He's grumpy half the time when he doesn't get to sleep either.
As if he needed more reason to resent Diavolo. Not only did he drag you down from Earth and now's he overworking you in school. Is this supposed to help somehow? Cause the only thing this has done is reduce the smiley chirpy MC to Lucifer version 2.0
One day he sees fall head first onto the floor as you try to flee your room. You stumble and shake as you try to get up again. "Okay that's it. Enough of this." Belphie appears and takes you back to your room, throwing you on the bed. "Belphie I'm fine I just need to finish-"
"You need to finish your sleep. I thought humans had better self-preservation than this. You will not get out of bed until you've caught up on your sleep" He tucks you in bed and stays there until you fall fast asleep.
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maeday-charade · 19 hours ago
sassmodeus on youtube
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beelsnack · 20 hours ago
Everything's Coming Up Aces - The Obey Me! Boys and an Asexual MC
Lucifer: They squeezed their eyes shut as if they were expecting a blow. Maybe they were.
He placed his leather-clad hand overtop of theirs, causing them to cautiously open their eyes. The uncertainty in their expression stung a little bit, but this was not about his comfort level at the moment.
"Thank you for telling me," he ran his thumb over the back of their knuckles in a soothing manner. "And know that I will not love you any less for it."
"But -" their voice wavered slightly. "Will you be okay with not -"
"I will." he cut them off before they could spiral. "My feelings for you are not solely based on sex. I trust that we can work it out."
Mammon: "...So that means you don't like sex, right?"
They fidgeted. "I mean, sort of? It's, uh...more like I'm not sexually attracted to people."
Mammon went quiet for a moment, scrunching his nose up in confusion. "But we've...y'know...were ya just goin' along with it because you thought you had to?"
"No, no, definitely not!" they jumped like they had been shocked. "It's different if it's with someone I love."
"...So you're in it for the cuddles?"
Mammon nodded, more to himself than anything. "Okay, yeah, that tracks. So you definitely aren't a one night stand kinda person."
"Gotcha," Mammon's cheeks darkened slightly. "...Can you say the 'someone you love' part again?"
Leviathan: "Honestly, same."
...Well, that wasn't quite the response they had been expecting.
Levi didn't even pause to look up at them. "It's like, I can take it or leave it, you know? It doesn't really do anything for me. I'm cool with just hanging out and cuddling, honestly."
"...Oh my God you get it."
"I just told you, didn't I?"
Satan: "I've definitely read about that before."
That...sounded about right. "Really?"
Satan nodded. "Human sexuality is a pretty interesting topic. I've read my fair share of books on the subject. Asexual is an umbrella term, correct? Do you identify with one of the subcategories?"
"I'm still kind of working on that part."
"Yes, I imagine it would take a lot of thought." he mumbled before turning to them. His smile was soft and his green eyes were compassionate as he took one of their hands. "I'm well aware of how important one's identity is. Take your time, and please, let me know if I can help."
Asmodeus: "Darling, you don't need to be nervous telling me these things, you know that."
Asmo brought his hand up to cup their face, running his thumb along their cheekbone. They hadn't even noticed they were tearing up until he wiped away the moisture. "'re the Avatar of Lust? How could the Avatar of Lust want to be with someone who has zero sex drive?"
"I'll admit," Asmo's smile turned a bit sheepish. "I don't understand the feeling myself. But there's more to me than my sin, darling. And there's more than one type of lust."
They blinked, tilting their head in a silent question.
"Lust for art," Asmo continued. "Lust for life. Lust for love. Whatever it is you lust for, darling, I'll support you."
Beelzebub: "You're nervous."
They could feel their hands shaking as they stuffed them into their pockets. "I just...don't want you to be mad at me."
Beel tilted his head, looking very much like a confused puppy. "Why would I be mad at you?"
"Because," their voice caught in their throat and they tried desperately to hold back the impending waterworks. "Because sex is really important, isn't it? It's like, the ultimate show of love and all that."
"It doesn't have to be."
Now it was their turn to look confused. "Huh?"
"It might be for some people," Beel shrugged. "But you can show love in different ways. Like bringing someone a snack when they're really hungry. Or a big hug when they're sad."
The human squeaked a little when Beel wrapped his arms around them. "I like you for you, no matter what."
Belphegor: "...Hm..."
At first, it sounded like he had fallen asleep - it wouldn't be the first time he had passed out in the middle of a serious conversation. But when they gathered up the courage to look his way, his eyes were open and he looked rather contemplative.
"Admitted that was hard for you, wasn't it?"
They leaned back in shock. "Huh?"
"Thanks for telling me," he kept going like they hadn't said anything. "Means you're comfortable with me."
"You aren't angry?"
Belphie raised an eyebrow. "What, do humans get angry when someone comes out to them?"
"...Usually, yeah."
"Huh," he drawled, flopping back onto the bed. "Well, it's a good thing I'm not a human then."
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