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Obey me headcanons! The brothers playing Among Us! (Part 1)



-He needs to be his daddy-self in the game too

-Will always change the subject when brought up but he has bought the little dog campion. He thinks the dog is cute <3

-He likes the wings but would’ve preferred if it was crow wings than bat wings.

-Wasn’t interested in playing until the brothers started teasing him about being bad at technology due to his old age, Mammon almost died that day.

As a Crewmate:

-Getting tasks done like a pro

-Ignores dead bodies, he doesn’t careTM.

-he just wants to get the wiring task done.

-Becomes Detective Sherlock for this game.

-Usually wins because of how fast he gets his tasks done and sniffing out the imposter.

As a Imposter:

-R u n

-He’s just as proficient in killing as he is in other tasks

-A pretty good liar but he always gives himself away when he kills Mammon first and Mammon screams his name a mile away



-a crown for his highness

-he really wants to be gold-colored but yellow is the closest

-yes, he spent 99¢ for a little buddy, and yes, he is going to pretend that it’s his little brother, he is a big brother after all.

As a crewmate:

-R U N N I N G

-He KNOWS his ass of an older brother and his precious✨ baby✨ brothers✨ are out to kill him

-too scared to do tasks

-accuses all of his brothers of being the imposter way too much

-this game is unironically scary to him


-mostly all he does is run around hoping no one gets him

As the imposter:

-gets a boost of confidence

-thinks he’s being sneaky by faking tasks but it’s very obvious that he’s the imposter

-tries to kill his brothers but someone’s always watching

-all the brothers don’t like it when he’s the imposter because they find out way too quickly and vote him out



-If he’s a member of a space expedition crew, he’s got to look the part!

-yes he also spent money on Henry #3

-he’s very invested into the lore of the game

-he has over 200 Among Us fanfictions in his digital library

As a crewmate:

-He’s getting his tasks done, like that *snaps fingers*

-always the first to finish his tasks

-he goes into detective mood when trying to find out who the imposter is

-he typed out paragraphs of explanation of who the imposter was but was kicked off when someone said that he was “sus”

-tries his hardest to win!

As the imposter:

-very sneaky snake mode🐍!

-wins almost every time he’s the imposter

-he delicately plans out his murders

-he always murders Mammon first though, payback for that “loan” he still hasn’t gotten back two thousand years ago

-one time he was immediately caught as the imposter when he verbally planned out the murders while on a voice chat with his brothers, he got too invested that he forgot his mic was still on.

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and all of a sudden i feel fucking dumb for making separate fics for all of them concerning this when all i needed was what this anon came up with. Thanks.

THE BROTHERS reacting to angel!MC wanting to fall 


To say he was uncomfortable with you being an angel was an understatement. Of course, somewhere in his mind he knew that you wouldn’t end up down here; you’re too good for that, but he had hoped, and at the very least thought that maybe you had done something bad that would cause you to be down here. Honestly, hearing you say you want to fall, for him nonetheless, is both a stroke to his pride and causing his heart to grow like three sizes. Has you back in hell in time for dinner, best believe it. 

“It’ll hurt, but it’s nothing you won’t be able to handle, my Darling”


You were simply… breathtaking. Had he been that beautiful when he was an angel? He can’t even remember. Truthfully, he barely even remembers the fall, so when you tell him you want to fall for him, he may have a few tears in his eyes. “D-Don’t say that…!!!” But really, he just feels super special right now okay give him a moment. Once he calms down, though, he’ll be truthful in the fact that you’re practically burning alive by falling, but he’ll also promise to catch you. Probably stumbles as he does but hey… he didn’t lie!

“I gotcha, MC, I always will.”


Tears are in his eyes threatening to spill over, his lip is quivering, his hands are shaking. Losing you to the wackiness that is old human age was the most terrible thing he’s ever experienced, and now you want to suffer again? He’s honestly against it at first. “You don’t deserve to be down here, MC. It’s right for you to be an angel.” But mostly he just doesn’t feel worthy of that sacrifice. This is like straight out of a romantic anime. You could’ve spent a lifetime fixing his insecurities and they’d all come rushing back right in that instant, but if that’s what you want, he’ll suck it up and do it for you. 

“You don’t deserve this, MC, but I can’t let you go through this alone.”


He has no real connection to angels, although a fire burns inside of him that screams to go against them. Seeing you as one honestly kind of turns him off and he feels the need to escape, although he’d be the last person to openly admit that. Hearing you say the words of, “Satan I want you to make me fall.” is almost music to his ears, and honestly, some sadistic part of him will thoroughly enjoy watching the celestial part of you burn away…

“I’ll do anything you want me to do, as long as I get to have you.”


He’s mesmerized by your beauty, and even a little envious. Sometimes he misses being an angel, or at least he misses what he looked like. Seeing you as a being of such light… he feels oddly drawn to it, as if it’s a part of him that’s been missing, because it kind of it. “(Y/N)… are you sure?” The fact that he’s even using your full name should be enough to show how serious he needs you to be about this. Falling isn’t pretty, and turning into one of them is even worse. You’ll feel lost for a long time, because all of them did. 

“I’ll guide you… you can rely on me.”


It wasn’t uncomfortable to see you like this, per se, but it got him emotional. He’d think of Lilith a lot now, since the only reason you turned into one is because of her blood inside of you, and maybe you even look a bit like Lilith now. Same wings? He’s not sure… honestly the whole situation has him kind of down, but he’s not super thrilled about seeing you fall either; the last thing he wants is for you to feel any kind of pain. Honestly, he doesn’t feel like he deserves it, and he needs you to be more than sure about this. Like this HAS to be what you want, although he’d do the same for you in a heartbeat. 

“It’d be so painful to watch… but I feel honored.” 


Much like Beel, he’s honestly feeling more emotional than anything. Angels are not something he thinks about very often, even now with Simeon and Luke. Yet here you are, standing in front of him, and twiddling your thumbs. Were you uncomfortable as well? He couldn’t really tell. Listening to your requests, as much as it made him blush and even a little giddy inside, he’s also worried. He knows how painful it is, how lost you’ll feel… but he also feels oddly satisfied with your decision… and he silently thanks you for making it. 

“Of course… We’ll be closer than ever.”  

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i made a chart template for the relationships with the MC ft. the “side” characters!

use it freely! credits to solmare for the chibis (except for my MC) (i dont want to be smited)

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Dangerous proximity

Don’t take him out in public ever

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The Brothers As Cat Breeds

Lucifer as a Havana Brown


Mammon as a Russian Blue


Leviathan as a Japanese Bobtail


Satan as an Abyssinian


Asmodeus as a Himalayan


Beelzebub as a Maincoon


Belphegor as a Selkirk Rex

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yummy love | Beelzebub


Chapter Eleven: I’M OMW 🏃‍♀️

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

Next part will either make you smile, cry, or both hehe ☺️

Also, if you haven’t please go check out my 200 followers post, I’d love for all of you guys to participate! Those who submitted a request yesterday, they’ll be posted tomorrow!!💘

Link to 200 followers post

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Satan will do anything to piss off Lucifer 😂

It’s the way they both jumped out their rooms for me 😌

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may I request a angst headcanon of the boys reaction to F MC remaining stoic and having zero interest towards them? like ignoring them in a way but she often favors hanging out with Simeon and luke? Bonus points if the MC ignores Lucifer and Satan the most.

I combined these two prompts because they’re very similar! The first was anonymous but the second is from @sweetaholics! Thank you for your asks :)

AHHH HIT 500 FOLLOWERS YESTERDAY!! Thank you so much for your support everyone this has been so fun to do so far!! I’ve got plenty more in my drafts but asks/requests are OPEN! Send in your ideas! <3


Headcanon: Obey Me Brothers with an MC who remains disinterested in their advances. (We love Simeon and Luke in this household!!!!)


  • OUCH.
  • That hit him right in the pride.
  • (Not that he’d ever admit such, of course.)
  • Lucifer finds himself feeling something he doesn’t feel very often- conflicted.
  • (He should get used to feel this way with you.)
  • He’s conflicted because he doesn’t know why he cares so much.
  • He tries to find an answer.
  • If he’s in a good mood he might even confide his feelings in Diavolo.
  • He’s always appreciated individuals who are put together.
  • Independent.
  • Not foolish.
  • People like you- business people with goals and achievements are always wonderfully proud.
  • Being around them is an instant boost for him.
  • Having you in the house is like taking a straightshot of adrenaline.
  • So why is it bothering him so much?
  • One time he interrupts you when you’re speaking.
  • And you know what you did?
  • (Of course you do, you did it.)
  • You held up a hand and said “Wait your turn. I’m speaking.”
  • He fell silent, and didn’t know whether to be angry, amused, or aroused.
  • He’ll sort of become a simp.
  • You’re everything he would ever look for in a partner.
  • All he’d need was the slightest kernel of interest.
  • Your disinterest is always on his mind.


  • The way you ignore him makes Mammon extremely irritated.
  • He goes from 0 to 60 almost immediately and is a constant nuisnace.
  • All he wants is your attention.
  • Screw goldie. Screw gambling. Screw grimm.
  • Your attention, and he’d be set for life.
  • His brothers tease him relentlessly about his puppy love crush.
  • But he doesn’t care.
  • He’d put up with it for a thousand years and more if you just paid attention to him.
  • Your approval.
  • Your companionship.
  • Please, human :(
  • You tell him, “I don’t need a man.”
  • He pouts.
  • And Lucifer, nearby, snorts and just says, “Mammon is hardly a man. A boy, perhaps? Or a dejected dog?”
  • Mammon will pick on Luke even more because of how you treat him.
  • ..Which, in turn, makes you want to be around him even less.


  • Leviathan’s reaction is perhaps the simplest and also the least obnoxious.
  • His self-esteem was already low enough without this rejection.
  • And unlike the others, he didn’t want to get into your pants.
  • (At least, not in the beginning. If things had gone differently than maybe.)
  • But his ego takes a huge hit.
  • That is, whatever is left of it.
  • He just gets really sad, and does only what he needs to do.
  • He stays in his room more and signs up fully for online classes.
  • He knew no one could ever want him anyway, he tells himself.


  • Excuse him?
  • Don’t get him wrong, he appreciates a professional individual as much as Lucifer.
  • There’s nothing he hates more than someone who is snivelling or cowardly or won’t speak their mind.
  • But you’re playing with fire if you think you can just ignore him.
  • He’ll never be rude or pushy like any of the others might.
  • He’ll just double his efforts to prove he’s worth it.
  • In as polite a way as possible.
  • “MC, I’d really like to spend some time with you to get to know you better. I’ll be at the library this afternoon and I’d be thrilled for you to join me. If you don’t want to, I fully understand and respect your decision.”
  • Mr. consent & feminism
  • Although he does still need to learn how to… back off.
  • Ignoring him more just seems to give him energy to work harder.
  • It’s amusing, though, so you let it happen.
  • He challenges Simeon to a Latin competition to prove he is more intelligence, and therefore worthy of your attention.


  • For the first twenty-four hours, he convinced himself that your disregard applied to all the House of Lamentation residents except for him.
  • Isn’t it… impossible? For someone not to like him?
  • But when he realizes, it’s like the world has fallen apart around him.
  • He spends over 70% of his days crying because you don’t love him.
  • He is?
  • So?
  • Perfect?
  • Why don’t?
  • You see that?
  • He slips into a year-long mood where he’s just more vain and more narcissistic than usual.
  • If such is even possible.
  • And honestly, he’s just awful to the angels.
  • Simeon might have been like a brother to him now, but he has no problem making the stay in the Devildom inconvenient for Simeon and Luke.
  • And yet, Asmo isn’t even getting the worst of it.
  • That’s saved for Lucifer and Satan.
  • (Although, with how Asmo acts maybe he deserves it more.)
  • But he’s still a demon.
  • And a brat.
  • And demons will be demons.
  • He won’t let you spend time with Solomon.
  • Or, more accurately, won’t let Solomon spend time with you.
  • If you’re going to pay attention to the angels, and won’t talk to him, then he’s going to hog the other human.
  • And to make it worse!
  • The FUCKING cherry on top of this shit sundae!
  • You’re mature and self-sustaining and domineering.
  • That is SUCH a turn on WHAT the FUCK
  • And you… don’t like him.
  • :(


  • Are you dumb?
  • Are you like, actually dumb?
  • You think you’d ignore Beel?
  • Of course you’re still giving him attention.
  • What reason would you have… not to?
  • For the others there’s valid excuses.
  • The others are honestly just sort of awful.
  • But Beel is practically an angel, regardless of who you are and how you see him.
  • Beel is kind.
  • And understanding.
  • And all he wants of you is to be the best person you can be.
  • This demon just wants you to be happy.
  • And, really, why would you ever condemn him for that?


  • At first, Belphegor gets angry.
  • He’ll be mean to you.
  • He’ll be unfair.
  • He’s not the Avatar of Envy but wow, is he sure jealous.
  • So often he’ll be considering the question of why.
  • Probably due to the fact that…
  • Well…
  • You know…
  • He sort of… killed you.
  • If you remember.
  • Which you do.
  • Even if that’s not the reason you ignore him, he’ll get bummed out.
  • And he’s not the Avatar of Wrath but wow, he sure is angry.
  • He knows you have all the right to be.
  • But still.
  • :(
  • Why won’t you love him?
  • He finds your professional, independent personality irritating.
  • But being angry and being jealous takes a lot of energy.
  • He might not be the Avatar of Wrath or Envy.
  • What he is is the Avatar of Sloth.
  • So after a few days of being pissed and making your life a living hell…
  • (Well, as much as it can be when you’re literally in hell.)
  • He gives up.
  • If you’re not going to put effort into being around him, then he won’t, either.
  • No better reason to sleep his misery away.
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Love Languages

My headcanons for the Demon Brothers’ love languages; how they express love and what they yearn for. It ended up being so much longer than I anticipated so I put them under a read more.

Here are the 5 love languages I used that were proposed by Gary Chapman:

Words of Affirmation - Saying supportive things to your partner

Acts of Service - Doing helpful things for your partner

Receiving Gifts - Giving your partner gifts that tell them you were thinking about them

Quality Time - Spending meaningful time with your partner

Physical Touch - Being close to and caressed by your partner


Express: Quality Time

  • He doesn’t have much to offer except his time.
  • If he chooses you over a nap, you know you’re important.
  • His offers to hang out with each of his brothers when he gets out of the attic really cemented this for me.
  • Complements his twin’s trait of yearning for Quality Time which makes them a good match.

Yearn: Physical Touch

  • He’d never admit it to you cough tsundere cough but you grabbing his hand as you lead him somewhere is a special experience.
  • The fact that you don’t fear reaching out to touch him in any manner means a lot to him after what he did to you.
  • Secretly loves when his older brothers tousle his hair.
  • Holding him while he drifts off to sleep will have him feeling like he was on cloud nine in the Celestial Realm once again.

Keep reading

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Oooooh, this is a fun one! For the brothers, I basically wrote it as though the human had developed traits specifically like their own; idk why, that’s just how I saw it, kinda thought it’d be cute 😅

The Brothers And Undateables With An S/O Who Gains A Demon Form

— Lucifer

  • He’s… fascinated. He saw his formerly angelic brothers become demons, but to see a human become a demon? It’s unheard of.
  • His first concern is them. Are they okay? Are they hurt? Are they scared? He wants to help them in any way he can, of course.
  • If they are okay… then he can’t help smiling as he lets his fingers trail through his lover’s newfound wings, so very like his own.
  • Considering what their pact with him represents… that they’re his, forever… he can’t help but love the sight. It’s like a physical representation of their bond.
  • He’ll always think they’re perfect, no matter what they look like or what they are, and he makes sure they know it.

— Mammon

  • “…A'right, pal, now just who the hell are you and what did you do with–”
  • …It takes him a second, but he realises midsentence that it’s actually his human he’s talking to.
  • He’s so impressed! He’ll be full of praises, not at all subtly blushing brightly at the sight, looking them all over and poking at their wings and asking questions…
  • He’s absolutely gonna teach them how to fly! He’s got so many ideas on how they could extort money from people by pestering them from the sky…
  • If MC was worried, they won’t have time to be anymore: this man is in his true form and grasping their hand and bringing them outside because flying lessons start now!

— Leviathan

  • His partner grew a tail like him? … oh yikes why does it look so cute on them, oh he hopes he’s not blushing, oh no he’s absolutely blushing–
  • He just assures them that nothing could make them stop being amazing in his eyes, so they don’t have to worry about that.
  • He’ll give them advice for life with a tail… protip: they shouldn’t lay on their back with it out, that gets sore fast… also, don’t accidentally trip over it, he’s done that–
  • He will ask to pet it. Look, he can’t help it; they’re so much like a cute anime character with that tail!
  • Through lots of blushing, he’ll take his true form and gently wrap his tail around their own, giving them such an adoring smile.

— Satan

  • His partner has grown horns? And a tail? …Are they alright?
  • Like Lucifer, his main concern will really be his partner’s safety and wellbeing… after all, growing body parts so suddenly sounds painful.
  • But once he knows they’re okay, his curiosity comes out. He’s absolutely going to take them to the library, having so much fun pouring over books for an explanation.
  • If MC is unhappy in any way, he’ll take his true form and wrap his tail around their own, smiling sweetly as he assures them that they’re always perfect.
  • …also he’ll be really curious to see if their tail flicks like a cat’s when they’re angry or excited–

— Asmodeus

  • Uwaaaaa! They look just like him! Except… except even cuter, somehow! This is incredible!
  • MC better brace themself, because there is now an Asmo with his hands caressing their wings, admiring their markings, all over.
  • Out comes the D.D.D. because it’s picture time, baby! He’ll take so many pictures of them, selfies together, lots of Devilgrammable shots…
  • He’ll absolutely be talking to them about outfits that would accentuate their newfound additions!
  • It’ll be hard for them to feel too bad with Asmo around; his excitement is infectious, and he is very excited about this.

— Beelzebub

  • Oh… is it his fault that they look like this? Because he made a pact with them? He’s so sorry…
  • If MC assures him that everything’s okay, he’ll brighten up. He just really doesn’t want to have affected them badly…
  • He’ll ask if he can touch their wings, because he’s curious. Smiling, he’ll offer to let them touch his in return, too.
  • …He’s really curious to find out if their appetite has grown any with these changes, though.
  • Brace yourself MC, because it’s time for a dinner date with the Avatar of Gluttony himself!

— Belphegor

  • “…Oh wow. So it’s true: couples who are together for a while really do start to look alike.”
  • Ignore his snark and jokes, MC, he’s just Like That…
  • Honestly, he won’t really mind, as long as MC’s okay. They’re still the person he loves, even if they grew a tail and some horns.
  • …He’ll take delight in bothering them, though. Lazily tickling around their horns, batting at the fluffy part of their tail like a cat with a toy…
  • He takes his true form and playfully challenges them to see whose tail is longer. (As long as they can do it while cuddling and not moving very much, of course.)

— Diavolo

  • Oh! A human developing demon traits…? He thinks MC is fascinating and wonderful regardless, but this is something he’s never seen before!
  • He lifts them up in his big strong arms to examine them all over, so so curious to see all of the changes.
  • Oh, but this might be a painful process, right? Should he get Barbatos to wait on them? He’ll get Barbatos to wait on them.
  • “Who would have thought my human exchange student would end up becoming a demon, hm?”
  • He’s just so supportive; like a big, loving, doting puppy who just wants them to know they’re wonderful in his eyes.

— Barbatos

  • His powers mean that he knows a great deal of things are going to happen before they do, and this is no exception.
  • He’s come prepared: tea and all their favourite treats in case they’re upset, medical supplies in case they’re hurting…
  • He’s sure to let them know that, human or demon or anything else, he loves them just the same no matter what.
  • Since he knew about this beforehand… honestly, not much changes in their relationship at all.
  • But as always, he’s loving and caring and right there to tend to their every need.

— Solomon

  • …Solomon is perplexed. He’s been alive for so long and made pacts with so many demons; why hasn’t this happened to him?
  • He’s immediately pulling out all his sorcerer tomes and magic books, trying to find an explanation…
  • Beyond the confusion, though, he really doesn’t mind at all.
  • He tells MC that they look very nice with their newfound additions, complimenting them and admiring them…
  • “…Say, darling. If you’re a demon now… and I’d wager you’re a powerful one, at that… how about you make a pact with me~?”

— Simeon

  • Oh. Oh lord have mercy on him, he’s in love with a demon…
  • His only concern is that his superiors in the Celestial Realm might forbid him from seeing his partner after this development.
  • But make no mistake, he’s choosing MC! Even if he has to run from the other angels forever, he doesn’t want to leave them!
  • …They may have to calm him down with a firm hug and a kiss or two. Please forgive him, he means well.
  • He knows demons aren’t all bad, so he isn’t otherwise concerned… besides, his partner will always be perfect to him, no matter what they look like or how they change.
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Asmo: Without ugly in this world, there would be nothing beautiful.

Belphie: Thank you for your sacrifice .



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03:34 // leviathan

you held your arms out to him from within the blanket fortress you had constructed on his bedroom floor, quickly pulling levi into a hug as he slumped down into the fort. he had spent most of the day gaming, and was just now feeling the affects of denying himself sleep as he nuzzled further into your touch, arms snaking around your waist to pull you closer. a sigh escaped from his lips, bellowing out all of the tension from his body as he allowed himself to go lax while he melted into your embrace. you guided him to lay down on one of the numerous pillows under the canopy of blankets before wrapping a hefty quilt around the two of you. levi listened to the steady beat of your heart while you played with his hair, lulling him into a sleep-like serenity. he softly wished for you to have sweet dreams before slipping away to greet you again in his own dreamworld, one that was filled with sunlight and warm feelings, remnant from a life long past.

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Levi: *holds hand out to Mc*

Mc: *holds Levi’s hand *

Levi: I was going for a high five but this is better.

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I’ve been thinking this one over for a while now honestly, and for starters, I failed history so hard. I despise the subject lmao. Anyway, I thiiiink I’ll do Luci and Satan just because I can’t imagine the other brothers would care too much 🤣 I may do a few short ones for the other brothers, maybe…

LMAOOOO I love you too I gib you kith 😘

Brothers Reaction to MC Who Loves History



  • When he first heard you loved history, he knew you’d be pestering him about Devildom history as soon as you got the chance to
  • And that’s exactly what you did
  • You’d follow him around, asking these continuous questions about the Celestial War or how the Devildom came to be or just meaningless facts that nobody actually wants to know
  • He’s not used to anyone actually enjoying RAD either
  • You’d arrive to the history class like you just won the lottery, it honestly quite disturbing how passionate you are about it
  • But nonetheless, he’s glad you’re passing in that subject, unlike his brothers
  • He actually decided to answer your obnoxious questions one day and you turned out to be pretty good with the topic
  • Your face would light up every time he told you a new fact you didn’t know and he actually found it quite sweet and it made him smile
  • You were showing obvious attention in class to the point where you’d randomly tell him facts that he didn’t know
  • Sometimes, he felt It was like listening to Levi talk about anime, except for Devildom history
  • Though he doesn’t enjoy the constant headaches you give him, he does actually really enjoy having conversations with you about human world history
  • He finds it intriguing how there’s so much he didn’t know about your world and he honestly loves hearing about it
  • Hearing your little history facts throughout the day is his favourite thing now


  • Hearing that you liked history was actually quite exciting for him as he loves little intellectual conversations with others, but he can never do them with his brothers because they have no idea what he’s talking about 90% of the time
  • Turns out you know quite little about Devildom history, not that he’s surprised though
  • Takes it upon himself to teach you a bit of history before you start lessons on it
  • Loves the face you make when you hear something that interests you and can’t help but smile and chuckle at your sweet reaction
  • You always come to him after RAD to tell him about this fact you heard, and even if he already knew it, he’d smile and listen carefully as you talked about it like it was your favourite thing in the world
  • Adds on to your facts sometimes and watches your face twist into an even bigger smile at the extra information
  • He also comes straight to you whenever he learns a new history fact he read in a book or heard in RAD
  • He’ll even let you borrow some of his history books if you ask
  • After a while, he’ll start initiating certain topic on different things with you. He likes talking about the Celestial War, and since he wasn’t in it, it intrigues him and he always likes to learn more about it, so he learns with you
  • Likes studying with you just because you’re such an energetic and fun person to be around when it comes to history and he just needs that in his life
  • You two are genuinely such history nerds; his brothers have no clue what you two are on about almost all the time
  • Safe to say you two are a great pair



  • Can’t seem to understand you much honestly
  • He appreciates the study help but if you could slow down for a second; he has no idea what you’re going on about right now!
  • Regularly asks for homework help cuz he’s failing hard
  • Finds it kinda cool that you know so much though


  • Not one clue what you’re going on about
  • He’ll happily answer all your questions about Celestial War but anything else? Ask Lucifer.
  • He’s just trynna watch some anime and you’re telling him random history facts, stop already
  • Does appreciate your help with history though…


  • Finds it nice that you’re so passionate about something
  • Springs in little facts here and there to see your face light up
  • He knows a bit about Devildom history so he’ll happily tell you whatever you wanna hear~
  • You talk a lot about history, he’s not gonna lie, but he likes the sound of your voice


  • You sure do ask a lot of questions that he doesn’t understand…
  • He’s not exactly the best at history but he finds it nice how happy you get when he tells you something history related
  • Really likes studying with you because you always seem really cheerful
  • Tells you history about Devildom foods if he knows any, it always makes you happy, so he’s happy


  • He’s pretty good at history himself and honestly, he’s impressed with how much you’ve picked up
  • When he’s not sleeping, he’ll answer your little questions about history sometimes
  • Finds it interesting that you’re so passionate about Devildom history even though it wasn’t exactly the most exciting half the time
  • He’ll ask you about human world history in return for answering your questions. He also kinda likes seeing your smile when you blab on about it
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So here’s a Theory-ish / Headcanon Post about the Little D.s in Battle…


Based off of my findings in this post

So, you know how the boys cam shapeshift from their human forms & Demon ones…?

And those little “shadow” versions of themselves during some battles (usually Boss ones)…


E.G. This “shadow” version of Satan


Do you think that maybe the Little D’s can also shapeshift, but into a more similar form of the brother their sin represents…?

The best way I can explain this is with examples, so we’ll be comparing a few of the Brothers, their Little D. Sin Counterparts & their Shadow Adjacents…


So we’ll start off by continuing off from the original post…

The facial expressions are slightly different, not only due to the sprite being silhouetted with one accent colour or the inclusion of fangs, but just slight changes in general…


For instance, in both the images above, Normal Levi has his mouth closed, his eyes only ever changing to close & a smile appearing after a bit…

However, Shadow Levi has a more angry / irritated expression, mouth slightly parted in a more permanent frown…



I feel like this one is a good one to continue with, since it has the comparison of Mammon in his Demon Form & Shadow Mammon…

So when there is a skill, you may have noticed that the Shadow Forms have a different sort of eye colour to the boys…


However, these eye colours are much more similar to the Little D.s…


Basically, the use of one solid colour, with gray & white…


If we compare Frog Satan & the Little D. of Wrath from above to the picture below, you can see that Frog Satan’s hat matches the one said Little D. wears…


This battle was so cursed, but I still somehow won with 1 Star…




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