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#obey me leviathan
beels-burger-babe · 2 days ago
Double Vision
*This is completely self-indulgent as I officially have to wear glasses now and got my first pair today, but I figured to give you guys some content in between me being stuck on the two stupid drafts that I'm writing, I'd give you this I guess this is a series of shorts?? Either way, enjoy! -B*
Summary: It's the night before the first major test of the RAD school year, and MC has been holed up in their room all day. The brothers are concerned and go to check in on them, but they notice something different - MC is wearing glasses
CW: Asmo being Asmo. His bit is a little suggestive at times
Although he'll never admit it, Lucifer was really concerned when you had disappeared for the entire day.
He was so used to hearing you laughing amongst his brothers, or pestering him in his office, or even just lounging in the living room that your absence had left him feeling like something was wrong.
Using the excuse of bringing you food to prevent you from starving, he comes to your room and knocks once before entering.
"MC, I know your studying, but do try not to forget that you...need..."
He's cut off mid-snark as he saw you staring back at him behind a pair of framed lenses.
His heart stuttered in his chest and Lucifer Morningstar is left speechless.
Your hair was a mess from the countless times you had run your hands through it. There were bags of exhaustion under your eyes, and there was a hand-shaped mark on your face from where you had been leaning into your palm.
But with those glasses, you looked studious and sharp.
If the eye-wear added this much to your beauty when you were clearly sleep-deprived as you were, he couldn't help but imagine how you might look dressed up in business wear with them.
He snapped his head up, as you caught his focus one more, and noticed, with a frown, how you had removed your glasses.
"Did you come here for something?"
Lucifer walked over to your desk and set down the plate in front of you. "I was ensuring that you actually ate some food between all the reading you're doing." He picked up your glasses and casually inspected them (although mentally he was taking note of the style so that he could buy you more). "I was unaware that you wear glasses, MC."
You rolled your eyes and took a bite from the food in front of you. "That's because I don't need to wear them all the time. Just when I'm doing activities that can strain my eyes."
Lucifer hummed and looked closely at you. You rose an eyebrow at the demon, questioning his odd behaviour. Before you could say anything, he leaned forward and gently slid the frames onto your face.
You felt your cheeks heat up as his eyes remained locked on yours, and a sly smile graced his lips. "You should wear them more often," he whispered softly. "You look lovely in them."
Mammon sighed heavily as he sat upside down on his bed.
He was bored. You had locked yourself up in your room all day for that stupid test and had kicked him out since apparently he was "distracting" and "prevented you from getting any work down."
Well, fuck that! He wanted to spend time with you, damn it!
Mammon marched down the hall and banged on the door once before throwing open the door. "Yo human! Studyin' time is over! It's Mammon ti-...time..."
He trailed off for a moment as he noticed you glaring heatedly at him. However, it wasn't the glare that made him surprised. No. It was the fact that the glare was being filtered through a pair of glasses that he had never seen before on your face.
"When the fuck did you start wearin' glasses?!" He screeched and marched over to you, grabbing your cheeks to pull you closer and get a better look.
You let out a noise of frustration and swatted his hands away. "Mammon quit it! I'm trying to study!"
Surprisingly, he pulled back his hands, but he remained barely an inch away from you. "I didn't ask if you were studyin'! I asked about the glasses!"
You felt yourself blush and pulled your face away. "I've always had glasses. I just don't always wear them. That's all. Wh-Why does it matter?"
Mammon opened his mouth to give a retort, before snapping his jaw back shut. His face grew rapidly warm as he scratched the back of his neck. "I-I was just wonderin'! You've been down here for what? 3 months now? And I ain't ever seen you wear them."
You averted your eyes from the clearly flustered demon and nervously played with your hands. "Yeah, well, I didn't really want any of you to see me in them. I look pretty silly and-"
"What the fuck are you talkin' about? You're adorable!!" Mammon shouted before slapping a hand over his blushing face. The two of you stared at each other with wide eyes full of shock. "I-I mean, glasses are cool, ya know? I wear glasses all the time! And if the Great Mammon knows anythin', it's style! So, of course, you look cute- I mean good- I mean gorgeous- I-I mean GAH!" Mammon turned around and stormed out of the room.
A couple days later, you found a pair of tinted glasses, identical to the ones Mammon wears, in your prescription sitting by your door.
Levi groaned as he looked at the books in front of him.
He wasn't the most studious of his brothers, and this test was draining the life out of him. He wanted nothing more than to curl up with you and watch anime, but because of this stupid test you were both holed up in your respective rooms studying.
Leviathan let out a huff as he laid his head on his desk and glanced over at his manga collection. His gaze paused on the side of a particular school manga with the two main characters studying on the cover.
Levi shot out of his seat in realization, "I can just go study with them!!!"
Levi quickly gathered all his textbooks and went straight to your room. He knocked on the door and nervously waited for you to answer.
As the door swung open, Levi's jaw dropped and his books went scattering across the floor.
Glasses. You were wearing glasses. Glasses that made your eyes look slightly bigger and just overall made you so freaking cute. Oh goodness. He didn't know that you could pull off the cool, studious type so well. You were just so cute!
"Oh shoot, Levi! Your books!" You bent down and quickly began to gather them for him. It was just like a scene from an anime!
"S-So kawaii," the otaku muttered, as he tried to hide his red face behind his arm.
The reddening got worse as you looked up at him and tilted your head. "What was that, Levi?"
He frantically waved his hands took his books back from you, "N-NOTHING! Just, um, I-I was wondering if we could study together? I'm not having much luck on my own, a-a-and you look smart, especially with your new glasses, which look amazing, and I-I thought maybe..."
You smiled softly at the otaku's mumbling and grabbed his hand. "Of course, Levi! I'd love to study with you!"
As you pulled him into your room to sit at your desk, Levi blushed and followed behind you, mentally thinking of the number of glasses-wearing cosplays he could get you to try.
Satan took a sip of his tea as you sat down at the library table beside him.
Test season had always been a favourite of his for a number of reasons, but this year, those reasons could all be narrowed down to one big one: he got to spend more time alone with you.
It made him more grateful than ever that his brothers were morons and that he was the only dependable demon in the house that you could study with.
He had constructed an easy-to-follow study guide for the two of you that would guarantee both your success for this test. You'd get good grades and avoid Lucifer's wrath, and he'd get to spend time with you. It was a win-win.
He flipped through a textbook to find the subject of the test. "Alright. We should get started if we're going to stick to the plan. Now, how comfortable are you with..." he stopped short as he looked up and saw you staring at him with a pair of glasses on your face.
He blinked.
He had never seen you were glasses before. He couldn't help but think that now that he had, he never wanted to see you without them again. You look so stunning and elegant with them on. He absolutely loved it.
Of course, he couldn't just tell you that though.
Instead, Satan tilted his head and smirked. "You are aware that just because you're wearing glasses, it won't make you any smarter?"
You gasped in mock offence and lightly hit his arm as Satan laughed. "I'll have you know these are prescribed! I have to wear them when I'm doing any strenuous activities."
Satan flashed a roguish smile and went back to flipping through his book. "Pity. I'd rather like to see you wear them more often. You look wonderful," before you even got the chance to respond or acknowledge the light blush on his cheeks, Satan cleared his throat. "Now, on page 364, you'll see..."
Asmodeus hummed to himself as he walked towards your room with a basket full of facemasks and nail polish in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other.
You had been tucked away in your little room all day studying, and he just knew that you needed a break. That's where he came in of course, offering you all the love and self-care you could ever desire.
Asmodeus joyfully knocked on your door before slipping inside. "MC dear, I've come to free you from your..." he inhaled sharply at the sight before him.
You were laying on your stomach, kicking your legs behind you as you read whatever book you were studying from, dressed in an adorably oversized sweatshirt. That alone would've been enough to make him squeal.
But you were also wearing glasses.
Asmo shrieked as he jumped onto the bed with you and tackled you.
You let out a yelp as the two of you tumbled to the floor. "Wha- Asmo! Get off!"
Asmodeus giggled and sat up beside you. "Sorry, darling! I couldn't help it! You look so cute with your little glasses. AH! It's delightful," his eyes sparkled with intrigue and pleasure. "Sexy even," he purred as he leaned in close.
You chuckled and pushed Asmodeus away as you stood up. "I'm just studying. The glasses are so I can read without getting a headache."
The demon hummed as he walked back over to the door to regather his supplies. "Well, have you ever considered buying some for accessories? I have a pair or two that would look gorgeous on you. It'd be a shame if the only person who ever got to see how scrumptious you look with glasses was your books," he smirked knowingly as he turned around and saw you flustered.
Asmo grinned and held the basket and wine bottle. "Now enough with the studying. It's time for a break. So sit back and relax, and let me take care of you."
You raised an eyebrow at him, and damn that glare was more effective from behind a pair of lenses. "Asmo," you warned, causing the demon to shiver.
Asmo pouted and gestured to the basket. "Self-care of course. Gee, MC, why must you think such filthy things."
Beel made his way towards your room with his arms full of snacks.
He was proud of you for taking your test so seriously and really putting in the work to do your best, but he was also worried. He had barely seen you come out of your room even once today, and that meant that you probably hadn't eaten enough.
Seeing as you were always carrying around snacks for him, he figured it was time that he returned the favour.
He frowned as he got to your door and realized that he had no hands to knock with. He tried rearranging the food in his arms but nearly dropped the entire load. Beel huffed and stared at the door for a couple seconds before leaning forward and butting it with his head several times.
He heard a groan and some shuffling on the other side before the door opened.
His eyes widened as you stood before him, yawning as you rubbed your eyes underneath your glasses - yes, glasses.
You were always small in comparison to Beel, but now with the glasses, there was something about it that made you look even more delicate.
"Cute," Beel said as he looked down at you.
Your face instantly flushed as you blinked up at him. "H-Huh?"
Beel smiled softly and felt his fingers twitch with the urge to ruffle your hair. "Your glasses. They look very cute," he explained honestly.
You squeaked and quickly took them off, too embarrassed by Beel's forward compliment. "Th-Thanks Beel. They're um, they're just for studying."
The urge to ruffle your hair, or pat your shoulder, or even simply touch you grew stronger, but Beel's hands were still full. So, much like with the door, Beelzebub thought of an alternative.
He leaned down and gently kissed the top of your head. His warm gaze met yours as he gently whispered, "You always look pretty, but with them on, you look even prettier," and then, as though he hadn't just stolen your heart, he grinned and held out the food. "I brought snacks."
Belphie had been wandering around the house late at night in yet another round of restlessness.
He had just walked past your door when he noticed your bedroom light was still on. Belphegor tsked and began making his way over. It was bad enough that he wasn't getting any sleep. He didn't need you picking up on his awful sleep habits just because of some boring test.
Without bothering to knock, Belphie opened your bedroom door. He opened his mouth to tease you but found his words catching in his throat.
You weren't awake after all.
You were passed out on your desk, face smooshed up against an open book with a pair of glasses sitting uncomfortably askew on your nose.
Belphie felt his cold heart melt at the sight.
He let out a deep chuckle and walked over to you. He carefully removed the glasses from your face and snorted at the red lines that had been left in their wake. He pressed gentle kisses to the marks before scooping you up in his arms and carrying you over to your bed.
"Silly MC," he whispered as he draped your blankets over you. "Everyone knows that you're not supposed to sleep with glasses on," he smiled tenderly at your sleeping form as he brushed a few hairs from your forehead. "No matter how cute they may make you."
*And that's that! I hope you enjoyed this cute little thing I just threw together! Sorry I haven't been able to write as much lately. School and work have just been insane and I honestly don't think the workload is gonna get any lighter. Thank you for your patience and your support!*
@thegrimgrinningghost @henry-and-the-seven-lords @satans-beloved-riv @cosmixbun @sufzku @victoirey @obey-mes-treasure @kissed-by-a-dementor @yukihaie @justtiarra @mammoneybb @obeys-world @poly-bi-mf @armycandy10 @burrixino @rulaien @pumpkins-mainside-blog @acousticpen @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @itskrispy @10paradox10
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thread-theocracy · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Satan Demon Form Redesign 💚🔥
[More Info Below / Demon Form Redesigns ]
Preliminary Thoughts / Word Salad
DISCLAIMER: NO CHARACTER DESIGN IS PERFECT! I designed these with my tastes in mind (these are purely subjective). I did not make these to insult the developers and their hard work. I also didn’t make these to fight with other people in the fandom (let me be a freak in peace)!
While I’m a fan of Satan, I personally dislike his demon form. A lot. His canon form seems… rushed? An afterthought? There are parts that I like (the weird rib cage ribbon is interesting to me), but most of it is… eh??? Anyways I think he deserved better, at least in some aspects of visual design. While most of Beel’s redesign were additions to his existing form, most of Satan’s are changes.
Satan’s visual design centers around opposing Lucifer in every possible way. Be it bright color palettes or asymmetry, he dresses in a way to visually solidify a unique identity for himself. Also, asymmetry, at least in my perspective, plays a lot into concepts of ‘imperfection’ and ‘incompletion’ and I think it works in showing his perception of self / forming an identity outside of Lucifer (later lessons hint that Satan feels like an inadequate copy of him). Anyway, those are the main focuses of this design. I’m grasping at straws and I feel like I’m going insane. <3
[ I’m monologuing too much. Onto the actual redesign.]
Redesign Info
With this redesign, there are two components.
Tumblr media
The first form is a dormant one, with black gradients covering the limbs of the body (soot-like) and smoke coming out of arms and hooves legs.
Summary Info / HCs
Smoke erupting from limbs (can also emerge from eyes and mouth)
Black gradients on arms + legs
Detached / Suspended hooves feet (Wanted to make him seem ‘incomplete’)
Black sclera + Greener eyes
Cracks in horns
The second form is an ignited version of the first, with flames replacing the smoke.
He usually reaches this form when he’s pushed to a certain edge. The first form is a warning and the second form is the final outcome to most scenarios / gags.
Summary Info / HCs
Fire erupting from limbs (can also emerge from eyes and mouth)
Glowing veins + Transparent skin (parts of the bone can be also seen underneath)
Glowing Eyes + Mouth
Flames crack through the skin like molten lava on dark rock (Shows in cracks in horns as well)
The stronger / longer he burns, the more parts of his body turn to ash / detach. If it’s too much, all that’s left is a crooked black skeleton on fire :D
He’ll slowly recover overtime if he goes over the line
Will his outfit burn off when he ignites??? (only when I want it to)
Portions are mostly mish-mashed from his different canon outfits: Outfit cropping like his butler outfit, Satan (™) coat draping like his casual / human world, button-up from his TSL, etc.
Lots of the implementations of the outfit take inspiration directly from his canon demon form. Gold patterning is taken from his belt, metal harness? taken from his ribcage bow concept, etc
Tried to implement the boa / fluff / feathers into the coat. I could never form an outfit and keep the boa. It drives me nuts
Additional Undrawn Concepts
More detached / suspended portions of his body
The smoke that comes out of his body can materialize into weapons? Hazardous objects?
If he blows himself up too much he just turns to ashes. Slowly reforms over time.
Transparent skin goes a bit farther and you can maybe see his rib cage / organs? Maybe take it a step further and instead of the ribcage ribbon it’s an open top with a distorted rib cage popping out?
R02-obey-me: Satan tail brush. Used as base -> rendered over / cleaned.
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yukihaie · 2 days ago
Genre: Fluff with some crack
This can be deemed as romantic or platonic [except for Luke's part. His part is strictly platonic]
He's not having it when he's busy.
Will frown and glare at you if you keep poking.
You think I'm scared of you, Mr. Pridy McPrideface?
Just keep poking him, but make sure you poke him with longer intervals. Probably around 5 minutes before another poke?
That's his reaction if he's busy though, but do it again when you two are cuddling.
"Beep!" you poked his cheek softly.
Lucifer will only look at you with wide eyes before cracking a smile.
"Why are you always so cute?"
Might give a kiss or two on your hand if he's in the mood.
His pride does not permit him to poke you back so you just have to keep being the one who pokes him.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. But in some rare occasions, you can see him blushing when you booped his nose.
Confused at first, but lets you be.
If ya wanna keep touchin' the Great Mammon, who's him to stop ya? secretly likes it
Understands that you poke him to get his attention.
One time, he was rambling on and on about his gambling adventure. But once he felt a gentle poke on his arm, he stopped talking and paid attention to you.
Since you used this method on him, he'll use it to grab your attention too.
Please expect yourself to be poked a lot because Mammon doesn't like it if you're not paying attention to him.
"Hey! Pay attention to me!" Mammon poked you several times on your cheek.
Please give him his well deserved attention along with some headpats to soothe your first demon.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and arms. Boop his nose too, he likes it very much.
Blushy boy.
Very surprised when you first poked his arm.
The sudden contact between your finger and his flesh made him blushed for about 10 minutes.
Please give him some space and time to calm down.
If you want to keep poking though, you need to announce it first so he didn't scare himself.
"Levi, I'm gonna poke you on your cheek. Meep!"
Waaahhhh!!!! Why are you so cute?! THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT 'I Was Reincarnated To A Rock Kingdom Where My Job As The Babysitter Is To Poke The Rocks On The Garden But Then A Handsome Knight Came To Me And Said That I've Been Poking Them The Wrong Way And Now I Won't Be Paid By The Royals! What Should I Do? Please Help Me!' LIGHT NOVEL HE READ LAST NIGHT!
Secretly wants to poke you back but is very scared.
But with enough time and courage, you'll find yourself getting poked by him too.
When that time comes, please give him your best smile and some head pats as a 'Good Job Well Done!'
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Really doesn't mind at all.
You're poking him while he's reading? Okay, glad you're enjoy yourself, MC
You're poking him while he's playing with cats? Aww, you want attention too? Maybe later, after he's done playing with the cats.
You're poking him while he's eating? Umm... Okay...?
"Kitten, I'm glad you find it comfortable being with me, but I'm eating right now. So, maybe later?"
If you decide to poke him while meowing (because that's what I do to my friends), you'll find him blushing and demanding more pokes because he wants to hear you meows.
If he's in a good mood, he'll poke you back as a sign of affection.
Overall, the best reaction in three realms. Tantan husband material
Favourite place to be poked: Arms
Actually likes it a lot.
His love language is physical touch and having you poke him gives him the message that you're comfortable around him.
Will poke you back immediately.
"Do you like touching me that much, Darling?" he poked you on your cheeks.
Might turn into a cuddling session, if you agree.
You can poke him anytime you want. He'll gladly accept it.
Except, maybe when he's applying his makeup or styling his hair.
Then, he'll get pissed off.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, hands, palms. Boop his nose too, he thrives on it.
Doesn't mind 2.0
Will smile after you poked him.
Glad you're feeling comfortable around him.
Actually wants to poke you back but Belphie warns him not too.
With his strength, he might accidentally stab you with his finger.
And the poor guy do not want that.
But regardless, he will show his appreciation everytime you poked him.
"Beep!" you ran towards him and poked his arms instinctively.
"Good morning, MC! Want some sandwich?"
If he's in a good mood, he'll give you a hug as a reply.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms and cheeks (if you can reach them, at least)
Hated it at first.
You're disturbing his sleep and for what, exactly?
But grows to like it very much.
Seeing your smile after you poked him makes him feel all tingly and warm on the inside.
Will not poke you back unless necessary.
"Hey. Hey MC. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, listen to me. Hey MC hey." This demon surely knows how to play his card well.
"What is it, Belphie?"
"Nothing, just want to say that you look great focusing on your studies like this." He gave you a cheeky smile before lying back down to continue his nap.
Maybe not so necessary...
But hey! At least the cow man's happy :D
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. He also likes to be booped on the nose, so please do it often.
Loves it very much.
Poor lonely prince is very glad to know you're comfortable with him.
He never gets treated like that because of his position, and seeing a powerless human like you poking him? He'll gladly accept it.
Will want to poke you back.
It's only fair that you get to know he's comfortable around you too. Just as much as how you're comfortable around him.
"Good day, MC." Diavolo gave you a smile when he saw you approaching him.
"Meep!" you poked his arms as a reply.
He let out a hearty laugh, "Well, glad to know you're doing fine."
You'll probably get lots of lectures from Lucifer when you touched Diavolo so recklessly, but the demon himself don't mind, so please keep poking and give him your attention.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, chest
Doesn't mind 3.0
Only smiles when you poked him.
Will not poke you back, but will drop everything he's doing to give you attention.
Except, maybe when he's attending to Lord Diavolo.
"Apologies MC, but I'm in the middle of making some tea for Lord Diavolo. Maybe we can spend some time after this?"
But still, if you choose to keep poking him while he's working, he might give you a kiss or two on your forehead to make you stop.
He's a hard working butler. If Diavolo didn't notice your constant poking on Barbatos's hands, he probably won't rest at all.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and palms.
Doesn't mind 4.0
Finds it amusing, even.
Will laugh and smile.
This angel is very honoured to know you like being around him.
Will definitely poke you back.
Likes to see your smile after he pokes you.
"Beep! You've been poked by moi."
"Hello, MC," Simeon poked you back on your arms, "How's your classes for today?"
Now that he's used to poke you as a sign of greetings, he found himself poking Luke next.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms, cheeks and also palm. Also liked to be booped on the nose.
Why are you treating me like a child, MC?!
Acts like he doesn't like it.
But actually likes it a lot.
But still! Why are you treating him like a child??
This little angel is clever enough to get into college at such a young age.
So no, he's not a child.
(Keep telling yourself that, Luke :D)
So just poke him. This little child secretly likes the attention.
Will accidentally poke you back if he's too excited and in a very good mood.
He still doesn't want to admit that he likes it though.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Poking war.
The first time you poked him, he instantly grinned and ran to poke you back on your cheeks.
And so, you've been in a poking war with the sorcerer for about a few months now.
Lucifer and the brothers can't catch a break everytime Solomon comes to visit the House of Lamentation.
Because you two will run around the house for your war.
In truth, he actually likes them.
So please don't forfeit or admit defeat or declare a truce.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms.
This headcanon is dedicated to my Meowmies [Syira-chan & @/chii70599] because they both know how annoying I can be when I'm constantly poking them; especially during Chemistry and Maths class. Now that we're not in the same class anymore, I'm gonna restrain myself from poking anyone who's sitting beside me (not that I can though :') My trust issue said 'no')
Taglist: @ninefuckingoneone @candymeowz @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @liraajustsimpin @nishayuro @hell-temptations @chii70599
Thanks for reading! Any form of feedbacks are highly appreciated! 🌼
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hi! its me again, 🐈‍⬛ anon!
can i request overstimulating levi to the point hes sobbing 👀.. im having a huge levi brainrot right now
- 🐈‍⬛
Hello and welcome back! This is my first leviathan fanfic I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Levi being overstimulated
“A-ah! (Y/n)! Please! I can’t-I can’t!” Levi whimpered out, squirming as you stroked his cocks at a quick pace, pushing him through his third orgasm.
“You can Levi, you’re a good boy, you can handle cum a few more times!” You purred out, giving his a quick peck on the lips, making his face turn red, he looked so cute like this!
He let out a pathetic whimper as he came again. “P-please! I’m sensitive! Pleasepleaseplease! I need a break!” He sobbed out, hips twitching as he tried to squirm away from you.
You gave him a kiss and slid down to take one of his cocks into your mouth, giving it a kiss before taking it into your mouth, sucking it harshly.
Levi cried out. “N-no! P-please I can’t-it’s too much! I can’t do this normie stuff!” His voice had gone up a few octaves, it was entertaining, you may have to keep it up to see how whiny he could get.
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wafermelons · 2 days ago
replaced MC au. pt 3
Tumblr media
characters: OM! boys
genre: slight angst
warnings: strong language, mentions of death
a/n: not proofread
tags: @jiminslajibolala @letsblazewolf @lemonandlime22@crystal-freak24 @furblrwurblr @wawadraws12 @929497 @elizabeth-brown @neptune-cinths @moemoesenpai @delusional-angel @lmao-liz @ryokuu @jeancolors @nanamadama @prefesro @mammonl0ver @mammonssheep
pt 1 pt 2
Tumblr media
"MC, can i talk to you for a few seconds?" muriel called out to you before you could leave purgatory hall with simeon and solomon.
you walked over to him, giving him a small smile and nodding, "yes, muriel?"
he gave you a gentle smile, soft, expected of an angel, but in his eyes, carried the feeling of pity. "as you know, i am an angel. my abilities are similar to simeon, but i can sense emotions much better than him. i do not know much of your relationship with the brothers or what they had done to you in the past to cause you to do this yourself. but i can feel and sense much pain, hatred, and sorrow in your heart because of it. it's faint, but it's there. i fear that if you recover your memories, the pain will be more prominent and hurt you more than before."
"MC?" you heard lord diavolo call out, snapping you out of what you recalled muriel tell you earlier, "are you alright? having second thoughts?"
"oh, no. i was just lost in thought, lord diavolo," you explained. hurt more than before? what did he mean?
"don't worry MC, we understand if you wish to stop with the reversal," you heard lucifer say.
you shook your head, sitting in the middle of everyone. they had gathered in a circle to surround you. it seemed a little creepy like they were sacrificing you, but you could feel their support for you.
"it's fine, lucifer. i don't think it'll be that bad anyway."
laila had her hands clasped together in front of her chest, worried about you getting hurt. simeon and solomon stood in front of you, solomon holding a spellbook and simeon there to help him. lord diavolo had cast a protective rune around where you were sitting in case anything were to happen. the brothers all held onto each other, worried out of their minds, thinking about worst-case scenarios.
it had been a few days after mammon and asmodeus drunk-begged you. after informing everyone about your decision, many preparations were made to avoid any unexpected happenings. simeon had told luke and muriel to stay at purgatory hall. simeon didn't want luke to witness anything he shouldn't have to and muriel had to stay with him to take care of the little one. lucifer had told laila to stay at purgatory hall with them but she insisted to be by your side.
"remember MC, it won't be easy, and it will take a toll on your mental state for a while. anytime you wish to stop, just tell us," solomon assured.
you nodded, sighing, "you guys keep telling me that, i get it okay? i just want my memories back now please~," you said in a sing-song voice, trying to uplift the serious atmosphere.
you saw solomon give you a gentle smile. with that, both he and simeon spoke out the words. you chanted along softly, feeling a slight pulse from your palm. you stared at your hand, words being read. 'so that must've been what cause the pain,' you thought.
before you could fully comprehend what was written, sharp pains entered your head. it felt like your skull was splitting open. as a reflex, you grabbed the sides of your head, trying to make it cease.
but alas, it was pointless. the longer the reversal spell went, the more you fought against it, the more it hurt. your body curled into a ball, trying to provide some comfort to yourself on the cold floor. it sounded as if the wind was blowing into your ears, solomon and simeon's voices no longer audible.
you wanted to call out for help, but you knew that if you did, they would stop the spell. you could feel strained screams and squeals leaving your throat. biting your lip, you tried to silence yourself.
by the side, the seven brothers, lord diavolo, barbatos, and laila watched the whole process. lord diavolo stood with an emotionless expression, his arms crossed with barbatos by his side.
in contrast, the brothers and laila were worried out of their wits.
lucifer tried not to show it, arms crossed just as diavolo, but your screams and whimpers of pain rang through his ears. the vision of you crumpled in a ball on the floor, face writhed in pain was engraved into his mind as he turned his head away, shutting his eyes, brows furrowed.
mammon was excited at first, he wanted you to be happy, to have fun with him again. hang out in his room, accompany him to majolish. not this. he wanted to make solomon stop, your pain to stop. but he couldn't. he was rooted to the spot he was standing in. why? because he knew deep down, he wanted you to remember. he wanted the old you back.
levi couldn't even face you. he was crouched down on the floor, his head in his hands as he watched the spell continue, your screams along with solomon and simeon's voices in the background were the only thing that filled the room.
satan had shut his eyes. he was angry, not at you or solomon but at himself and his brothers. he was angry about how they were so careless to the point that you wanted to erase your memories about them. you were the one that helped him somewhat mend his relationship with lucifer, yet he couldn't help you even in this time of need.
asmodeus was balling his hands into fists, not caring about whether it would bruise or leave marks in his lovely palm. his sharp nails were digging into his flesh as he watched.
beelzebub had lost all appetite. how could he not when he had to watch you go through this? he stared at the ground with saddened eyes, looking as if he had just lost a five-course meal. his hands were held in front of his chest, fingers picking at his nails with anxiety as he could do nothing to help relieve the pain you experienced.
belphegor was now more awake than ever, watching with knitted brows. the cow pillow that he had brought along was held tightly to his chest. oh, how he wished he could at least give it to you to offer some comfort.
you, on the other hand, after minutes that felt like an eternity had passed and you finally gave in to the pain, fell to the ground. the only movement visible was your chest heaving lightly.
the brothers and laila wanted to run to you, they wanted to help you. the only thing that stopped them was solomon holding his hand out and simeon shaking his head, indicating the process had not finished.
though you seemed peaceful, your body curled up in a fetal position as if you were asleep, your mind ran miles. the contrast between your current physical and mental was astonishing, but none watching could tell. none of them could possibly know the waves of hurtful memories that rushed back to you.
at first, it was wonderful. a bliss of memories. but that was just the calm before the storm.
meeting the brothers for the first time, celebrating their birthdays, them celebrating your birthday as well. all the wonderful moments came back one by one. you were happy.
"MC, well done on your recent test. i saw your results. do you wish to go anywhere to celebrate alone with me?"
"MC! guess what! i won big today at the casino! c'mere, let's go out shoppin' together to treat ourselves."
"i got a new game. MC! do you want to try it with me? i have an extra controller for you!"
"MC? oh, the book you recommended me was actually really good. but i would've enjoyed it much more if you could have read with me by my side."
"oh MC! you look stunning in that! i told you, i have a wonderful eye for outfits like this. come! i have some more in my room! let me dress you up dearie~"
"MC, go to madam scream's with me today. there's a new limited flavor pastry that i want to try. i wanted to bring you to share it with you."
"MC, i got this new fluffy thing. look at it. i called you to share it with you. here, lay beside me."
then came the storm.
it wasn't slow like before, no. it was much worse. all the pain, both physical and mental came rushing back at the same time. their voices all contorted together, spewing insults.
the feeling of belphegor killing you after you wanted to help him, beelzebub who, though was a gentle giant, always took your meals before you could have them. how asmodeus compared your beauty to laila's. satan nearly killing you because you didn't want to make a pact with him. the memory of leviathan also wanting to kill you because you beat him at some stupid quiz. mammon used to call you a bother, claiming he was your 'first man', but was able to dump you on the side of the street because he found laila to be his new 'lucky charm'.
and of course, the fight with lucifer. how he would threaten you into following his rules, verbally abusing you and comparing you to laila. the most recent fight, fresh in your mind. the emotional pain came rushing back as if you were still in an argument with him.
everything came back rushing at once, the old memories, both good and bad. though, the bad outweighed the good by a landslide. everything was fresh in your mind, you could still feel the dear from satan and leviathan's threats. the pain from belphegor crushing your body like a feather. the emotional pain from being abandoned by the brothers that claimed to love you so much the minute someone new came into their lives.
what awoke you from your 'peaceful' slumber was the fresh tears that fell from your eyes and the constant chatter from the brothers who wanted to see you awaken.
you didn't groan, you didn't sigh or yawn. the only reaction you had was to sit up, a deadpan face but tears constantly falling. you didn't bawl, sob nor cry out. all you could do was sit there, on the ground, surrounded by the faces of those who hurt you.
immediately, laila ran to you, crouching down by you and asking if you were okay.
"MC! are you alright? you're... you're crying," she said, kneeling down next to you.
the rest of the brothers were slowly inching their way towards you, wanting to know whether you remembered them but not wanting to overwhelm you.
simeon and solomon had made their way to the side for the brothers to see you. you looked up to them, your tears still streaming down your face yet your eyes held no emotion of sadness.
so this was what muriel meant.
"... why?" you asked in an indifferent tone, your eyes were hollow as your mind still held the fresh memories of them hurting you.
"MC? are ya alright?" mammon asked, worried as he tried to crouch down in front of you. he reached out his arm to hold you, but you flinched, moving backwards from his touch.
"why would you make me remember those things?" you asked, your voice choking.
"w-we... we missed the old you so..." leviathan said.
"aren't you glad you remember us...?" asmodeus asked, the seven of them were now still in front of you as laila watched your reactions from the side.
"glad?" you said in a breathy voice, "you guys... you hurt me. at first it was nice! i got to relive wonderful memories... moments i spent with you. but after that, all the horrible things you did to me kicked in. all at once," you continued, now staring at the floor.
you could feel laila's reassuring grip on your arm tighten as you brought your hands up to wipe the continuous stream of tears from your face. it was more vigorous now, not that of unfeeling but now of immense pain and sorrow.
belphegor's body froze, still as a statue. he knew what was the worst memory he had of you. they all knew what you remembered. but they also knew that each of them had done horrible things to you.
"you... you killed me. you killed me when i tried to help you. and all of you threathened me, threathened to rip me to pieces if i didn't follow your rules. so many times i could have died," you laughed out. though you were laughing, it came out more as a weep.
"t-then... when i helped you guys get back together, when i helped all of you become a family again. you cast me aside. laila came into the picture, she was always kind to me. but you all... all of you threw me away!" you exclaimed.
"MC, please-" you heard lucifer say, trying to calm you down.
"you!" your gaze shot up to lucifer, both your eyes and nose now red. "you always compared me to her! saying i wasn't good enough and that i was a disappointment! each and every one of you just... abandoned me. you said i wasn't pretty enough like laila or that there was no more room for me. always saying that you were my 'first man' but you were the first to throw me away!"
"even when i joined you guys to hang out with her, you'd forget about me! what was the point? huh? what was the point of making me remember all the shit you did to me!" you yelled in an accusing tone, eyes darting from one brother to the next. your heart tigthened at each of their faces, each of those demons who said they would be there for you.
before you coukd continue, laila looked up at them. a saddened expression on her face, "you... you did that to MC?" she asked. she now faced the floor, still grbbing onto your arm.
lucifer tried to explain, but no words left his mouth as his brain searched for the right words to say.
"why would you do that!" laila said in an accusing tone just as you had.
"you wanted me to remember you so that we could 'go back to the way we were'. but now that i remember, i feel like i preferred it when i didn't know you."
the brothers all stood, mouth agape, all wanting to explain. they knew what they did was wrong, and they were angry, at themselves. regretful, of how they treated you.
"MC, please, let me make it up to ya-"
you took in a deep breath and exhaled shakily, looking up at mammon with anguished eyes.
"you had a chance to make it up to me when i didn't remember you. but instead of slowly trying to rebuild our 'relationship', you asked me to remember you. and that's what i did."
laila stood up, not bothering to look at the brothers in the eye. instead, she helped you up, slowly making your way together to simeon and solomon.
"can we stay with you guys for a while?" you asked with a tear stained face to simeon. the only feelings left in your heart were pain, hearrbreak and sadness. the physical pain you felt from being killed in the past and the mental burden of everything coming back once.
"of course, MC. come, let me help you," simeon offered, wrapping an arm around you as laila trailed behind the two of you with solomon.
as you walked out, you left the seven demons, disheartened, disappointed and dolorous.
"barbatos, has the timeline been done?" diavolo asked his butler, still a distanced gaze on his face.
"yes, young lord, the timeline has been set."
with that, it caught the brothers' attention. the heads of the seven snapped to face royals at once.
"you mean you knew about this? you knew this would happen?"
"why didn't ya tell us! we coulda' stopped it!"
"why did you keep this to yourself? you could have changed the outcome!"
barbatos glared at the brothers, angered at them for the pain they caused you and for their ignorance.
"if i had told you, what happened, wouldn't have happened. something worse would have, in fact. every single timeline i looked in, it ended with yours and MC's relationship shattering. i had to find a way to relieve the pain they felt, and this was the best outcome. both for them, and for the seven of you." barbatos sneered, standing in front of lord diavolo to shield him from the others.
the brothers didn't want to accept it. they didn't want to listen. how could this have been the best outcome? what other pain ahd they caused you in different times?
but they had to accept the truth. they had to accept the fact that they lost both laila snd you. the only two beings who brought true love and light to their dull life.
because deep down, they knew, they knew they were still demons. still the avatars for the seven sins. and no matter what they did, no matter which timeline it was, they did not deserve your kindness, you friendship, your forgiveness.
in every single timeline, they had destroyed what little link they had left between you and them. and for this to be the best outcome, for you to suffer from pains of horrid memories and traumas caused by them? they knew that they could not have such a blessing in their life.
they were still the seven mighty demons of hell after all. the seven demon brothers who love you, but did not deserve you.
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sevendeadlymorons · 12 hours ago
MC who is very flinchy? Like not that they got abused or anything but they just flinch at like everything. I do this alot and its kinda annoying to other people lol
I do this too! Literally no reason other than it surprises me-
Brothers Reaction to a Flinchy MC
Damn bitch who hurt you?
Thought it was him at first, then thought it was past experiences, but was relieved to find out it was just your personality
Always looks at you with a raised eyebrow whenever you flinch around him, watching you get embarrassed and finding it quite cute
Tries his damn hardest to get you to stop flinching around him
What you flinching for, human? I didn’t even touch ya
Actually kinda internally panics that you’re scared of him and he did something wrong and freaked you out
Luckily it’s just you as a person but he still freaks sometimes
Honestly, he’s started flinching with you in a way, for some reason. He doesn’t get it either…
Why are you flinching at a nerdy otaku like him?
Turns out you flinch on impulse which is actually kinda similar to him except his is more trauma from all the times he was strung up with Mammon by Lucifer-
Checks himself every time you flinch and backs up, thinking it’s his fault even though he knows it’s not
Barely makes sudden movements around you now
Damn bitch who hurt you? #2
He knew some humans flinched because of bad pasts so he was relieved to find out you just do it naturally even if that’s not normally normal-
Surprised but humoured every time you flinch at minor sounds or movements
Very calm and steady movements around you but sometimes will accidentally scare you, not on purpose, he promises
Oh honey, I won’t hurt you!
Quite surprised at first when you jumped 6 fucking feet in the air after he grabbed you from behind
Turns out you were quite a jumpy one so he started to take the surprises to a minimum… sometimes
You’ll never stop startling him whenever you flinch though
Did… did I do that?
His heart kinda hurts when he sees you flinch at his sudden actions and immediately feels bad
Feels a bit better when he finds out it’s just on impulse and half the time you don’t realise you’re doing it and he’s not actually scaring you
Does his very best to make you feel safe and calm around him and rarely surprises you too much
Did I mess you up that bad..?
Apparently not, when he found out you did it just on impulse
Sometimes enjoys messing with you and sees how high he can make you jump by coming up behind you and scaring the ever living shit out of you
He won’t ever stop blaming himself for making your flinchiness worse, though, perhaps-
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heartfulcakes · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
It’s that time of day where I publicly apologize to anybody that is my mutual
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munnerz · a day ago
ok so nobody asked for this but here’s a list of how tall I think the Obey me! characters are in order of tallest to shortest:
Beel: 6’7”/200cm
Diavolo: 6’3”/190.5
Lucifer: 6’1”/185.5
Simeon: 6’/182.6
Levi: 5’11/180.3
Solomon: 5’9”/175.3
Mammon: 5’8”/172.7
Barbatos: 5’7.5”/171.45
Belphie: 5’7”/167.6
Satan: 5’5”/165.1
Asmo: 5’3”/160
Luke: 4’11/149.9
This doesn’t include their demon/angel forms (for those that this applies) because then the post would simply be too long.
Maybe one day I’ll draw their demon/angel forms, who knows.
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 2 days ago
So, here's an idea for a hc/scenario; how would the demon bros react going to a (finnish) sauna with the mc? Even if the mc is a more intense sauna go-er i doubt the warmth would much bother them but well. For chaos points the mc brings a vihta; a bundle of birch tree sticks with leaves that one smacks themself (or others) with. It's for aromatherapy and massaging/stimulating the skin-
This one took a bit longer than usual because i dont know how to read apperantely.
Tumblr media
The idea was offered out of nowhere, but after some convincing you managed to get the brothers to go with you to a human realm sauna. This is how it went:
- you barely managed to get him to come because of "work" and "diavolo" and blah blah blah
- but seriously it took pretty much everyone to get him to come with you guys to the sauna, you mightve even convinced Diavolo to help out a bit with this workaholic dad
- enjoys the warmth and the dumb conversations that happen inside the sauna once it happens, specially since it seems to be that most of his brothers are also calm and relaxing
- when you bring in the vihta and start smacking him he ends up confused. "What are you doing MC?"
- ends up enjoying the stimulation it gices to him however. He pretty much enjoyed the experience
- didnt took much to convince him, all you have to do is sit next to him i guess
- tries to relax but i like to think he is a bit to energetic so he isnt a fan of just sitting and talking
- doesnt like the smacking either at the start but he grows to like it
- cant choose between wanting to come to see you in the bathing suit you were gonna wear or if it was for relaxation, it ends up being both
- do you remember that one episode of the anime where they go to the beach? This is his second chance at seeling pictures of lucifer, and its the second time he fails because of the steam messing up the camera lens
- convincing him might take a bit since he is a very self concious boy, it doesnt help much either the part where he can only wear a bathijg suit or a towel
- once you manage to drag him along with the boys you'll find him sitting in a corner trying to play on his DDD, only for the warmth of the room to ruin the experience.
- will end up joining in on the conversation once it starts to be about Mammon's dumb adventures
- the vihta does its job but in a very confusing way for him
- could go worse honestly
- went with the purpose to relax, somehow left feeling more uncomfortable than before
- another victim of not being able to process the smacking of the vihta, ends up not working on him and if anything stresses him out
- dont ask why it just happened
- ended up falling asleep during the conversatipn because of how warm the sauna is, no one bothered hin or tried to pull a prank on him because of the same reasln he fell asleep in the first place
- made sure his towel was well put on so that nothing funny ended up happening
- takes of the towel the moment he enters the sauna, then he realizes that this isnt that kind of situation so he putted it back on
- went to see you in the towel/suit but also to have a nice relaxing day with his brothers
- hey its family time you know? Gotta share them beauty and relaxation tips when you can, that was how satan fell asleep in the first place
- will also sit next to you to practice these relaxing methods while pissing off Mammon in the process
- this fine individual has definetely done this before so it pretty much ends up being another day in his life
- im pretty sure you cant bring food into a sauna but this man doesnt care, what are you going to do?
- Its the avatar of gluttony, he is hungry, he will sneak in food or will commit a crime for not being allowed to bring food
- listens to the conversation and drops a couple of stuff, however he doesnt speak much
- enjoys the vihta alot, he is a big boy and probably needs a massage now and then, so he wont complain at all about the spanking
- just dont be a dick and spank his face or whatever cause of course he'll get upset about it
- is only going because everyone else is so.
- definetely falls asleep thanks to how warm the sauna is, he might even lay next to satan (no cuddling however because its still a sauna and touching people in saunas is sticky and gross)
- started participating in the conversation but then fell asleep
- idk man this boy just likes to sleep alot like dont be surprised if he ends up just sleeping the entire time
- is probably the only one who'd get splinter by laying on the wood thingies for so long
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bluepsychichumancop · 22 hours ago
random obey me! headcanons no one asked for
Asmo is left handed
the brothers place bets on what Mammon will to try to sell next
Beel once ate one of Satans favourite books and felt guilty so he offered him a bit of his food as his brother went through the 4 stages of grief (i know its 5 but he skipped the first one and just went straight to anger)
Asmo is pansexual
Satan and Belphie have those cute kitten sneezes whereas Beel and Lucifer sound like they will blow the entire house down
Asmo helps Levi with his cosplays
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flaming-hotcheeto · 23 hours ago
Asmo: I'm never going to use math in the real world
Satan: so we go in on the count of three
Asmo: oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
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candymeowz · a day ago
Lost In Forever IV
Tumblr media
When you're trapped in a 'romance' movie where the protagonist isn't willing to let you out, the demon brothers search for a way to get in.
Tw: Yandere themes and anything that comes with / Cannibalism (?) Beelz being Beelz
First | Prev
Tumblr media
Asmodeus joined Leviathan and Belphegor, crowding around the third-born's computer. Not managing to join their other brothers when the portal had closed on itself, they decided to help in other ways instead. Sounds of chattering came from the other side of the room, where Diavolo and Barbatos were preparing the necessary runes to reopen the portal with Solomon pestering them on the human-safety level of the spell.
Asmodeus looked at the computer screen.
"Have they found it yet?" he asked. "Mc's location, I mean... Oh, I do hope they're doing okay..."
"About as okay as someone on the verge of death, I guess," Belphegor whispered.
"Leave your dark humor for another time," Leviathan grumbled. "They're not a normie, they're not gonna die on us... They- they can't. We were going to play a new game tomorrow.."
Asmodeus looked over Leviathan's shoulder to observe the virtual map he managed to conjure of Ariel's world, tilting his head at whatever codes the third-born's typing. He couldn't understand a single thing, but his eyes widened when he spotted some similar silhouettes around Ariel's 'playroom'...
"Aren't those... part of the demons who were rebelling in the far west?" he asked, pointing towards two demons waiting outside the torture room, their posture indicating they're idling around, chatting with each other.
Leviathan stopped typing, the sounds of his fingers hitting the keyboard disappearing and, after a beat passes, Belphegor dashed to fetch Satan's notebook. He compared the pictures to the silhouettes, observing the shape of the horns and wings or tails, and realizing...
"This- this wasn't accidental, was it?" Belphegor chuckled, wanting to laugh hysterically. "They planned it. Those demons bloody planned this entire thing!" His hands were itching to go through the screen and choke the demons to death.
Actually, no, death is too merciful. They should be thrown into the seventh layer of hell and tortured of all eternity. How dare they let you go through such horrors?
"They're going to run into them," Asmodeus whispered, leaning back as he sees his brothers approaching the torture room. "They're going to run into them!"
"What are you trying to say?!" Belphegor shouted, annoyed yet worried by Asmodeus' panicky behaviour.
"Satan, Mammon, they're about to run into the demons!" Asmodeus gestured towards the screen.
"And?" Leviathan asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "Lucifer and Mammon's among them, so they should be alright, right?"
"You idiot! Don't you remember they're in a completely different world?" Asmodeus smacked his older brother's head. "The power dynamic is completely different there, we have no idea exactly how strong the opponents are in that world!"
Leviathan froze.
Asmodeus is right. When he and Mammon were in there, there's a significant power decrease, which is why Ariel was able to hold them captive for so long... So if that's the case, and the demons from the west somehow grew more powerful, then- then even having the first and second most powerful brother wouldn't guarantee they'll make it out alive! So now not only does he have to worry about Mc, but four of his brothers?-
"Why are you frozen?" A shake from Belphegor snapped him back to reality. "We need to warn them!"
"Ah, rig-right!" Leviathan tapped away on the keyboard, writing the codes to connect him to Satan's in-movie phone.
"Come on, don't fail me now, coding skills!"
Mammon's running. His feet thudded against the sticky, blood-ridden ground as he passed through the grimy halls, rushing towards your general location with his brothers close behind him. Ignoring the foul scent that invades his nose and the darkness and blood of the imposing walls to the best of his abilities, his heart thumped repeatedly in his chest as he kept moving forward. This hallway brings back memories Mammon'd rather keep suppressed, but for you, he'll face it a million more time if he has to.
You were barely recognizable when Diavolo had managed to open the portal, Ariel's dress covered in blood red... And even then, the prince doesn't have full control of inter dimensional travelling, causing only four brothers to manage to pass through before the portal collapsed onto itself.
It's a miracle Belphegor hasn't lost a limb.
"Right!" Satan said, and they turned right. The plan was to be in and out as fast possible, the only mission being to get you out alive. "Left!"
The fourth born's eyes were flicking between the screen and his surroundings, making sure he hasn't mistaken the routes they're taking.
A new message popped up from Leviathan.
He squinted at the screen.
Clicking it, he skimmed through the text and immediately halted, shouting a warning to the others in alarm.
The brothers froze. Before any of them could ask Satan for his reason, he screamed "DUCK!"
"Duck? Satan-" Lucifer's question was cut off when the wall in front of them exploded, small pieces of debris flying around, Satan shielding the only means of communication with Leviathan using himself. The wind blew strong, but his legs were stronger. They held him firmly to the ground, unwilling to let their owner fly away with the forces of the wind.
"So this is the avatar of wrath, huh?" A demon chuckled, appearing from behind the explosion. Their smirk quickly turned into a sneer. "Pathetic."
Satan looked back up, barely dodging an attack to his neck, eyes flashing green as he turned around to see the purple demon charging at him once more, claws out and eyes feral. He sidestepped, but didn't manage to avoid the slash towards his arm.
"AAARGH!" Satan screamed, wondering how they were fast enough to rival him. Wrath overtook him, and he quickly stabilized himself. "I'll get you." His voice was barely a whisper, and ahead he charged.
"Do you think you can actually-" The demon was bulldozed by a flurry of red, his sentence interrupted by his own loud cry. Beelzebub mauled through the demon, eyes pure black as he started ripping off the flesh, and the Avatar of Gluttony was hungry for more.
"I'll leave 'em to ya, Lucifer!" Mammon yelled, as vast arrays of colours filled the room. Satan looked over to the eldest, seeing him fight a blue demon. He's using more energy than what's usually necessary to fight a lower class demon, but he's handling it well.
"Go find them, Mammon, Satan! Beel, hold them back!" came Lucifer's voice.
Satan took a sharp breath, nodding once at Lucifer as he rushed after Mammon.
"According to the map, they should be around in this room- Mammon!"
"MC!" Mammon yelled, dropping to his knees besides you and inspecting you. Satan wasn't far behind. You were so lifeless, as if all your previous energy had been drained out of you and in it's place left nothing but a skeleton with some fat and flesh. Satan checked your breathing and...
You're alive.
He gave a nod towards Mammon, lips thin but eyes hopeful, and with one gesture, they both went to unchain your limbs, Satan's mind filled with thoughts of you and only you.
Catching sight of the table of weapons, enchanted, dangerous, and used, his anger flared up, and the more he thought about it, the more he longed to crush Ariel's skull and give her the most torturous death in the history of demonkind.
Something suddenly knocked Mammon over to the side, crashing him into the wall with a loud 'thump' before he slumped down to the ground in a pile of heavy limbs, head bleeding. And, he's...
He's not getting up.
Instead, a recognizable demon did, in all her wretchedly haunting self, ethereal in the way her misty hair floated behind her and her formerly white dress drenched in blood, human red and demon black. Ariel. The most horrid scowl he's ever seen in his life was plastered on her face as she glared at Lucifer, coming out from the hole in the wall Mammon made.
Lucifer adjusted his collar, spotting Mammon's unconscious self before his red eyes turned brighter and he lunged at the she-demon.
"You're quite the feisty one, aren't you?" Ariel laughed. "Let's dance, pride."
Satan went to move Mammon out of the thick of the fight as Ariel dodged his oldest brother's attacks. He checked Mammon's pulse and was relieved when the second-born opened his eyes.
Another crash, Ariel casted an explosion spell near Lucifer, and Mammon straightened up, panicking as he looked for you. He spun his head around, searching until he saw you safe in Beelzebub's arms, bleeding, but breathing.
"They're loosing too much blood," Beelzebub informed, a waver in his voice. Conflicted. He didn't know what he needs to do. Should he hurry back to the portal and save you? Help Lucifer fight Ariel?
A whip was swung from the entrance, aiming at one of Lucifer's blind spots.
Tumblr media
Next (To be Continued)
A/N: When I say I have no plot, I mean I have no plot. Idk what this is and I'm crying at how OOC they seem... But one more chapter to go! Probably! I hope! It looks like it's gonna be two or three more chapters... *Smile crying. Whatever, I finally wrote my first fighting scene 😆 It might be all over the place but hey, it's a start~
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books-and-catears · a day ago
Hi :3
Can I request an Angst no.4?
Since you said any brother will do, I'm using Levi and Mammon okay?
4. "Noone cared when I needed it most. Not even you."
Fine By Myself
"Come on, MC you promised! You can't back out like this!" Levi whined as you tried to leave the room.
"Yeah MC, you usually don't mind playing these games, something the matter with ya?" Mammon tugged at your arm.
They weren't going to let you leave the damn room unless you played the new Doji Maji 3 game.
"Can I not be the heroine this time?" You sigh. The whole shtick with the intimacy points was annoying now.
"No problem! Leave it to the Great Mammon! I'll be the heroine!" Mammon said excitedly setting his character.
"Hey no fair! I don't wanna impress you for points! I'll be the heroine!" Levi fought with Mammon over the console.
And in the ruckus the game registered them both as heroines.
After a lot of confusion and glitches with the intimacy point gaining scenes, the game skipped forward to the face off with the monster on the rooftop.
The fanged beast stood taller than the whole school building, clawing and banging the floors and railings.
"Don't worry MC! We have your back!" Levi said, springing into action.
"Yeah we'll protect ya, don't worry! Our stats are super high!" Mammon grinned.
Ugh. Please.
"Stay!" You commanded your demons, feeling your pacts glow warmer. Mammon and Levi flew backwards, surprised.
With a loud sigh, you started walking towards the monster and signalled it to come towards you.
They wanted to scream and run at you at full speed but they were paralyzed in fear as you walked straight into the monsters mouth.
Slashing his throat on the other side, you flipped in the air and landed back on the terrace. It was a very cool kill.
"MC! That was so cool! But extremely dangerous! You almost gave us a heart attack!"
"That was so sudden! What's gotten into ya, MC?!"
You merely smile and beckon both of them closer. "You couldn't protect me from your own little brother, and you think you can protect me from monsters?"
They froze in place, exchanging nervous glances. "None of you cared when I needed it most. Not even you two. So don't pretend to be my knights in shining armour."
Mammon opened his mouth to say something but then shut it. While Levi had already sat down, hiding his face.
You were right, after all.
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