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#obey me levithan
arcadejohn127-9 · 4 days ago
Not enough people talk about how levithan is also a baker, there's a whole card and chat dedicated to how Levi bakes replicas of desserts from manga/anime he likes
Which, I absolutely love as I like baking but my favourite thing is designing desserts
We stan a man that can sew, bake AND code
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orenjip · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ლ(ಥ Д ಥ )ლ I want yandere Levi...b-but he's too adorable!!!
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arcadejohn127-9 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WHAT-- HELLO???!!!
The Devs have blessed us, I mean I was salty about the time zone glitch but this is way more than enough as an apology! Holy shit!
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unamused-aang · 8 days ago
What I Hope a Luke Route Is
Tumblr media
i think it goes to show that what makes Obey Me! so good (at least for me) is the lack of a route. i am a really big fan of otome games in general and don't get me wrong i LOVE those games too where you get your true love with your fave, but...
i love this slice of life concept we get with the boys! it's so fresh and fun!
i just can't help but wonder if they'll be able to keep this up while keeping it interesting. especially with the new anime out? HM! it really is a headscratcher. i have no idea where Solmare will take this.
i sorta had this dawn on me while we played the Beel and Belphie bday where we had a route and i was like OOP. is this this foreshadowing?
i really do hope they don't make us pick bc I LOVE this whole cute poly thing we have now lmaooo but GUESS WHO DOESN'T FIT INTO THAT?
my baby boy Luke!! now it has come to my attention that a lot of people aren't the biggest fan of Luke, but i really love him. he's like a baby brother and someone who you get to experience surprise with. i also love the growth he goes through from season 1 to season 2. he goes from complete and utter distrust and disdain for the Devildom to understanding that the Brothers and Diavolo actually care and love our MC and he sees that the Devildom is actually not that bad. Solomon and Simeon are the only other characters who aren't demons here, but they are both familiar with the Devildom and demons in general that you don't get to experience same surprise with them. Luke and MC are the characters that are left in the dark most of the time like in the beginning of S2 when Solomon and Simeon both knew they were going back to RAD for another year, but MC and Luke were like UMMM??? idk it's the little things like that, that makes Luke so much fun!
NOW i know that i just went on and on about not wanting routes, BUT IF SOLMARE DECIDES TO GO THAT WAY here is how i see Luke's route going.
maybe it starts with being in a sticky situation with undateable's (ARE WE STILL CALLING THEM THAT BTW??) and the Brother's. maybe they want our MC to pick someone, but we can't so we have a small falling out. maybe we go a few lessons where we are just sad and mopping around at home when we hear a knock at out door. we get it and see Luke! he's teary eyed and gives us a huge hug and talks about how he misses us and how sad Simeon has been lately. from here we explain to him as best we can what happened between everyone and he reveals that he's been sent on a special mission by Micheal to learn human world baking as best he can (y'know like a cute BS thing) so he wanted to know if we would come back and help him run the Angel's Wing!
we obviously accept the job and help him with baking and other things when suddenly Simeon appears to check on Luke. LET'S JUST SAY THAT THINGS ARE CHILLY, RIGHT? where maybe Simeon isn't outright hostile but is being really cold and stiff. Luke notices and being the literal fucking Angel he is tries to patch things up between us. and soon after a few lessons we reconcile with Simeon and he too starts to work at the cafe with us and we go back to being the good friends we started out as.
Then as fate would have it maybe Mammon was summoned here by the witches and decides to stop by before going back to the Devildom for a quick bite and once again we find ourselves in a situation, but with Luke's help we once again start the process of reconciliation and understanding. Or maybe it's Solomon who heard of the cafe being open again and once we are good with him maybe we find ourselves in the Devildom again and the exchange gang goes on a long quest to help us out with reconciliation with the demon Brothers and the Royal's.
Instead of a route with romance and making the hard choice to fall in love with just Mammon or just Solomon maybe
just maybe
Luke's route is a route that explores the complexity of platonic love and family dynamics. It's a route about reconciliation and friendship which I think would be just as beautiful as falling into romantic love with somebody!
also this would too be an amazing character growth for Luke. he goes from being the one to keep our MC away from the Devildom to being the one to help us reunite with it. he goes from being the one watched over to watching over us. he is a young and inexperienced angel, but this act can show us how far Luke has come as well. he will become our true guardian angel AND WE LOVE HIM FOR THAT.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HOO BOY. Haven’t posted something like this in a while and we got LOADS TO unpack so bare with me. To celebrate a so called: BOYS IN THE THE HOUSE (aww yeahhh), thought I finally decide to showoff my love of Obey Me by showing off some of my art. Featuring my F!MC / OC, Macy Yuki! (Get it?) It also incudes others drawings from song project to more doodles of the one and only Sheep-Chan/MC-Chan! If you have questions about this. Let me know in the comments! Also, Happy Birthday Levi!!
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unamused-aang · 26 days ago
okay, but hear me out.
remember that AU where the boys are like an idol group?
Tumblr media
so this is just my headcannon but following the kpop formula....
main vocals: lucifer, asmo, and belphie
main dancers: beel and mammon
satan is kinda that wild card member that can do like everything? also contrary to belief I ALSO THINK HE WOULD BE THE FACE OF THE GROUP ( faces of the group don't mean leader. it can go without saying that lucifer would undeniably be the leader) don't @ me Satan is 100% face of the group
he's a gamer on calls constantly, so you know this bitch can spit fire. he's kinda sassy naturally too???? like the first thing this mf said was "die?" lol AND MEGAN THEE STALLION IS PROOF THAT ANIME FANS CAN BE GREAT RAPPERS.
so in conclusion
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blondkitten25 · 27 days ago
So... I gathered a bunch of popular cosplay sounds and added them to a playlist for y’all.
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yust2103 · 27 days ago
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arcadejohn127-9 · 28 days ago
Hello!1st I wanted to say i love your blog its *chefs kiss*,and 2nd could I request (i dont know if this is in someway triggering or not so i apologize) a MC who doesnt believe the brothers can love them 'cause they despise themself and they are so set on (?) with that mindset that the brothers cant convince them otherwise,but MC themself wants to feel loved they...just cant...and they just breakdown saying they arent special and when the brothers meet other humans they will realise that MC is nothing,that they are a horrible being and they will leave them for somebody better,does that make sense I dont wanna go too deep into it(totaaaaally not self projecting)I am so sorry if this is a sensitive topic,feel free to ignore this ask,this has been eating me out for weeks so I just wanted to seek some comfort.Once again your blog is great and dont overwork yourself, take care! :D 🤍
I've definitely been there and even now, I still have these fears. Growing out of these Insecurities and feelings are hard even if you work hard to be as confident as you can. One day it'll happen but until then you just gotta keep reminding yourself that you're worth the world
Also tip, please don't rely on others for self worth - people can be cruel or simply just unpredictable. Not all but until you see every colour of a person you don't know. If you depend on someone else to give you worth and make you feel good then that'll start a very unhealthy cycle for yourself
I hate this phase "love yourself before you love others" because you don't need to, you can find healthy and happy relationships whilst insecure. But I think what it really means is; get self worth before you love another. Make sure you don't do yourself damage by giving you Someone who does the bare minimum or will sometimes make you feel good but is usually a dick.
You can find love but that love can be wrong if you don't pay attention to the red flags. Don't let your insecurities drag you into unhealthy relationships.
Because you are stunning, worth it and loveable. You're Someone people can look up to or admire even if it's for something simple like your humour.
Also thank you, I'll be sure to not overwork myself, make sure you don't pressure yourself too hard about work or your hobbies. Hobbies are all about fun!
Warning: self loathing, depressive themes, angst
You could stand it.
Your eyes traveled along the gifts and trinkets that were in your room. Each one gifted to you by a powerful demon; a demon you live with.
You couldn't stand it.
You could get it; why would someone like that every like you? You weren't special and yet Everyone insisted that you were. You're not the key. Not anything Diavolo wants or expects. Definitely not what the brothers want.
You had to scoff. The brothers only like you because of Lilith, if you were related then they'd never see you as anything but some human. Lilith dragged you here, she made sure you came here and for what? To be always told you're going to be some big thing; someone to destroy hatred and help bring together three realms.
Do they not realize how much pressure that is??!!!! And the how are you even going to do that?! You're magic is unpredictable and useless - it perfectly reflects you.
You whimpered at your own thoughts. The word useless stinging at your heart; it was almost if a knife lodged itself into your chest. Constantly stabbing the word useless into it.
You were useless. They need to find someone who can actually live up to their expectations. Just a good for nothing human....why do they even like you?
You looked back at the gifts, your watery stare turning into a hateful glare.
The question was burning inside your head. You couldn't understand; what did he see in you? You're not special! You're not anything anyone wants you to be and you're just being forced on a pedestal you didn't make!
Why did he always look at you the way he does? Like you actually mean something. Why does he smile so softly when you enter the room?
Why would he be like that when you KNOW that as soon as he meets another human, he'll be running after them without hesitation. Everyone was so much more attractive than you and better than you - you couldn't get why he loved you. Why- no how?! You weren't good enough for him!
No matter how many times he says I love you or compliments you it leaves such a bitter disgusting taste in your mouth. You're so horrible you can't even let people be nice to you - it's all a lie anyway. No one could love you. Never. No one!
You were useless! Disgusting! You weren't even attractive! You weren't loveable! You're a horrible person who looks just as horrible as they are. How can they look at you like that?! How can they stand you?! You're nothing!
You don't get it!
Why?! Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why-!
A scream ripped itself out of your throat. Tears streaming down your face as you clutched your head. Your body curled into itself, shaking and trembling as you choked on your sobs. You coughed through it as you tried to breath but the tears kept coming. Drowning you as you desperately tried to breath under their weight.
The pain was unbelievable. You felt like your head was on fire. You could barely even make out the figure standing at your door. Whoever they were, they scooped you up from the floor and rubbed circles into your arms. You clutched to them for dear life as you cried.
Somewhere in your brain you could tell who it was and it only made you cry harder. Shame filling your lungs as you tried to escape their caring embrace.
"No-! Stop it! I'm nothing! I'm useless-! Let me go-!! Why- why won't you leave me alone?! I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! LET ME DIE-!"
were you dying? You felt like it. The ache was painful; your chest growing tighter and tighter. You pounded on their chest, demanding they let you be the useless thing that you are alone.
He forced back his tears
Just rubbing circles into your skin as he held you
To think you were this Insecure despite being the nicest person who knew
You were Better than him and don't let pride stop you - you were amazing
"not good enough for me? What made you believe that...? You're perfect for me, you complete me."
You denied his claims, sobbing as you listed your insecurities
"Your insecurities don't define you, you're so much more than that - I wouldn't of picked you to be my love if I didn't think you'd be adequate."
He wasn't sure if you were still listening but he pushed past his doubts
Adjusting you in his embrace
"I- I'm not sure if I'm comforting you....I'm not good at being the gentle hand, I want you to see how I see you - you're kind, charming and always keeping me in awe, you mean so much to me, I'll trade anything I could just to see you smile - I love you."
There can only be one self loathing idioit in this relationship
He refuses to let you feel like how he has
His forced confidence - you could easily see through it - anyone could
But you were the only one who then actually helped him feel better when you did see through it
He let a few tears stray, holding you close
"did someone say something to you? I don't forgive 'em for ever making ya this upset, I'm not letting you feel like this."
You shook your head, muttering that he should let you
"why should I? You're my favourite person and you've only made me happy - so let me make you happy! You're the only person who's ever treated me the way ya treat me and I won't let you hate yourself!"
He hugged you even tighter, squeezing you as he hid his face in your shoulder
"you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, okay? You always know how to make me feel better and it's my turn to make you feel better but you gotta listen to me! I lo-love you! The great Mammon loves you so badly that he just wants to kiss you every day! You're amazing and I won't forgive ya if you let yourself keep going on like this, let me support you.... please...I don't want you to go."
He couldn't get it
He's always been jealous of your personality and ability to make others feel good
His envy makes him despise himself - so seeing you be the same, he couldn't take it
He gave you one big squeeze
"d-don't be stupid! You're the best thing that's come into my life - even better than ruri-chan!"
You didn't believe him, he was obessed with that character
"but it's true-! If I could I'd get loads of merchandise of you too because you're my favourite person! You're just like the protagonists I read about."
His face was beat red but he was determined to make you feel better
"You're Henry, you are brave and kind, always trying your best even if that best isn't up to your own or others standards, you Inspire me! I've thought about of making a series about others can feel just as happy as I do when I see you, you make me feel less insecure and like I actually mean something - why can I do to make you feel the same? You mean everything to me! I really like you....I like-like you-! I LOVE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! Let me make you feel how you make me feel because then you'll see just how amazing you are!"
Did someone makes you feel like this or was it just your own thoughts?
If it isn't the latter he'll need to find out who's hurt you
But right now, he hugged you tighter and cradled your head
He couldn't stand to see and hear you so destressed
"did I do something to make you feel like this? I'm so sorry if I did, I don't always realize when I come off rude or hateful- I could never hate you."
You held him tight, telling him to stop
"but I need to fix it if I've hurt you and if it wasn't me then whoever did needs to keep quiet, you don't deserve these feelings."
You huffed, trying to not cry more
He gave your Shoulder a small squeeze
"you're more than enough for me, you're so good to me - sometimes I wonder if I'm good enough for you, you're always so patient with me and don't make me feel like I'm some unthinking beast, you don't think I'm lying when I be genuine and that makes me love you - I do love you - you make me feel good and I want to do the same for you, you're beyond good and I'll always be happy with the person you are and can become because I know you can do so much and always bring positivity even in the darkest times."
He's crying too
He hated of being seen as insecure
He only wanted confidence
Seeing you sob and beat on yourself like this only reminded him of his most private moments
He held you even closer, rocking you gently
"No, dear, I love you too much to let you feel like this, you're amazing to me and I think you're better than even myself, you're my number 1."
You shook your head, telling him he's lying
"I'm not, why would I lie? You're the sweetest person I know, you don't see me as some sex object - you make me feel real and happy - so so happy."
He kissed the top of your head, hiding his tear streaked face
"I want you to be deserve it, you've got only so long to live and I'm so scared that you're going to hate yourself even until you die, I don't want that! You're beautiful amazing and I could never ask for anyone better! Please- just let's work on our confidence together...okay? You're so wonderful, don't let yourself become so hateful."
He's absolutely broken
How didn't he realize you felt this bad about yourself??
He didn't even realize he was crying aswell, just holding you close as his mind screamed at him
"did something make you feel like this? It hurts to hear you say these things."
You shook your head before nodding, muttering you just won't talk anymore
"I didn't mean that, I always want you to be open with me and if not me, atleast one of my brother's."
He picked you up, placing you in a more comfortable position and held you close to his chest
"I love you, it took me awhile to realize that but I do, you make me feel full and happy - like I just ate a big buffet of warm cakes and dishes, I'm always warm when I'm with you, I don't believe you're not good enough - you're kind to me and never judge me for eating, you help me with working out but most importantly, you fixed my family and brought my twin back, I don't know how to make you see how much that means to me and I don't want you to feel bad about yourself when you're always the best person in the room - you're really great."
"just let me die"
Those words hurt him so bad
He was like that, he demanded to be left to Rot with his own self loathing when Lilith died
He pulled you close to his chest as he grabbed your shoulder
"You're not allowed to feel like this, you've done nothing to feel this much hatred towards yourself."
You told him he was wrong, crying harder
"when am I wrong? I- okay, I can be wrong but I'm not wrong about you, you're my favourite person which means I love you and I don't let my favourite people sit and cry."
He cuddled you, nuzzling his cheek against yours
"You saved me and I will never able to make it up to you, I've hurt you and I hate it- I hate that I'm a reason you get scared, don't ever let yourself rot away, when my brother's just leave me to sleep I always feel so much dread - that I'm being left to die in my bed and will never get to see their faces again - I'll never be able to see your face again....I wouldn't be able to take it.....seeing you everyday makes me want to leave my bed and always make sure you smile, let me make you smile again."
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dexpairs-blog · a month ago
Hey I saw that your rest are open!
Could you maybe do something with Levi singing sea shanties ( bc navy and ocean???)
Like the bros are at the beach or something and mc starts humming a familiar tune that Levi recognizes immediately and hums with them until it breaks out into a whole-ass-song and dance thing.
I just want serpent boi to be happy ;^;
Plz and thank you!!!❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Of course!!( ╹▽╹ )
Hope it's good enough!
(spacer belongs to @sweetie-starshine )
Tumblr media
Levi and MC singing sea shanties
Tumblr media
Ok so i'm using the songs i found in this video.
You and the brothers were at the beach.
Mammon was dragging you EVERYWHERE.
Out local snek boy was not happy about it lol.
He spent the majority of the day sulking and reading manga.
During the late afternoon you two just chilled under the shades of the beach umbrella (gsjsgs idk how they're called).
You weren't chatting or anything, just enjoying eatchother's presence.
You absentmindedly started humming "Roll the old Chariot", Levi recognized it immediately as his eyes Lit up.
He shily started to hum along the melody and you smiled at him.
You started singing the song in hopes he'll join in, which he surprisingly did!
He was shy at first but as time passed you two were loudly singing togheter while dancing togheter.
Levi is not one for this kind of things, but dancing with you mad him extremely happy.
When you stopped to take your breath you were startled by Asmo's giggle.
Levi jumped, looking over his shoulder only to find his brothers staring at him.
Leviathan.exe has stopped working.
He's blushing for the rest of the vacation lol, please comfort him.
You'll often find him humming sea shanties now lol.
Especially to Henry 2.0
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kix-teaa · a month ago
The Brothers Reacting To MC Getting A Pet Who Takes Time Away From Them
”OWO!!”  “my first post,,,UWU <3”
The Brothers Reacting To MC Getting A Pet Who Takes Time Away From Them.
Hello!! This Is My First Time Doing Headcanons, So I Apologize If It Is Pretty Horrible,,<3 also this is going to be extremely long I’m so sorry!! 
Lucifer (a black short-haired Cat)
At First He Questioned It, Since You Usually Had Almost All The time in the world to do your work, At RAD and then pay all your attention to HIM, not the new cat you Had which was Always Sleeping in your bed. 
Lucifer tried to make The Best of what he could with the new cat, but this cat didn't like him (and ofc Lucifer is the same way around the god damn cat). 
He tried to pet it once, and the bastard clawed him?! Lucifer ended up bleeding an Little Bit, While You ran to get some band-aids and Some Napkins. No matter how hard, you tried to apologize, Lucifer wouldn't change his mind about throwing that ‘thing’ out of the house-
You Had once again Used your ‘puppy eyes’ on him, & he changed his mind, but only if you promised to keep That thing in your room When you were gone. 
[Extra: he may or may not had already planned, if he saw that cat outside of your room, when you were gone he would throw it outside and lock ALL the doors, Windows Anything & EVERYTHING. He’ll shoo it off, Before you get home, And When it runs away his plan would be done. plan simple!! The only Con, Was that when you got back home And saw that your pretty Black Cat had ran away, you busted out crying, and He instantly & i mean INSTANTLY regretted his choice. He made you go to bed An little bit early that night, While He & Satan went looking for the stupid bastard that you loved. He & Satan weren't the best of brothers, but when Satan heard about this he volunteered His Services. after 4 hours of looking, they Turned to go and Starting walking back home without the black cat. Lucifer didn't notice The small black cat chasing after them, Then burying their face, into Lucifer's heel. Lucifer soon Noticed The Black Fur-ball and hurried an picked Them up. This time the cat didn't claw, hiss and nothing like that at all!! Instead purr, While Satan & Lucifer Continued on Their way back home. You were SO Happy to see your adorable baby back in your arms, and thanked Satan & Lucifer with so many hugs. Later on, you apologized to Lucifer, for showing him no attention, and you decided to show lots of attention for the next or so, even after showing up In His office and placing An Kiss On His Cheek!]
Mammon (a pomsky **looks like an husky, but isn't!!**)
At First, he liked the adorable pup And how it made Your Eyes Light Up but then started, to get an ‘little’ jealous, then okay. A LOT Of jealously grew on him. The Puppy Was almost always with you. Laying in your bed, Running Around the house with You. The only time the little pup, wasn't with you was when you went in the bathroom, or When you were at RAD.
 but even at that, At RAD Some demons crowded around you to look at the cute photos, of the little dog. Mammon started to wish, you took that many photos of him, and showed them off too,,,,But anyways-
He Started to try to take your mind, off the little adorable dog, But when you started to notice that, You thought maybe he just wanted an ‘Little’ bit of your attention again. You were fine with that so you started to Show him an little bit of your attention, And he LOVED It. That was in till’ you started paying more attention to your little puppy again, When he realized you got his hint, but just ripped it up and burned it on fire. 
He started to get all whinny, & pout-you k’now the ‘regular Mammon’ for you?? after an while, You started to get tried of: “MC, could we have an movie night again? i know this would be the 5th one in an Row, But C’mon MC!!” or “Oi MC! i’m going to casino tonight! Wanna join? and no pets are allowed also!!”. 
You were so tried of him, and his ‘tricks’ and Excuses, to the point you really DID start paying more attention to him! And not the kind, to just get to stop whining, but the Kind you were really Listening to him pout, and calming him down, When you could the little light-bulb in his Head, going off planning To Sell your puppy. Usually You yelling: “NO MAMMON!! You’re NOT Selling ____!! I mean it!” always at that moment, would you see That little light-bulb Crack. 
After An While, Mammon grew use to the pup, But He always went on About how ‘you were HIS Human, and you were his only, and How He was your First.”, And So On. 
Leviathan (a ferret **who’s ofc an swimmer!!**)
When you first Showed your ferret Off, To Levi he high-pitched Screamed at the top of his lungs, Since he was playing his game when he saw something brown & furry crawl though his lap, up to his shoulder. At First he was sure, it was Spider so He Of Course started screamed, and ended up Dropping His Nintendo Switch While Trying to throw The ‘Spider’ off of him.
You luckily were behind Levi The whole time, so when you saw Levi Almost Picking up your ferret, and Chucking it across the room-you hurried to grab your ferret, And Hold Them in your arms. To Which-Confused Levi So Much, Since he wanted to Know Why MC Was holding that brown furry ‘Spider’.  Then he noticed how the furry brown blur he had saw, Was an long skinny Ferret who was now Looking up at Levi. Levi was out of words-His Mind Blurred at what he just Saw. 
Finally The Silence Of Just sitting there was broken, when You finally Said “Levi, This Is My Pet Ferret, ____.” Levi Still Looked You in the eye, while petting this small ferret. Another Human Animal? Huh, Seemed pretty harmless. Or That Was In Till’ The Little thing took an bite at Levi’s Hand?!?! at that moment this is how it went at that point-:levi screaming, and running straight out of HIS room, While Blabbing to Lucifer, What that crazy Fur-ball Did to your hand. 
Levi wanted that thing out of his sight, and his room instantly, and he didn't regret a thing. After an while, When You Came In To Analogize, Levi Had An Band-Aid At Where the ferret had bit him. You Sat Down, And Analogized, And He Accepted your apologized, but he still said that “Monster” Was Allowed No Where Near Him Or His Room At The Moment. 
You were fine with that, it was fair a least for now. After That, You Got Your ferret and went down stairs to the sink in the kitchen. You Filled It up With water, And was letting Your Ferret swim in it. Levi Couldn't Hear The Pit’s, Pat’s Of Your Little baby swimming happily. 
Levi Was Still Sitting Up in His Room, wishing you were there like you were usually. You Guys Sometimes watched Anime Marathons, Played Your Favorite/His Favorite Video Games. It was in till’ he started to Feel an little bit hungry, when He Went Down Stairs. He Hoped That Beel hadn't eaten everything in the fridge again like he did last week. 
When He Got down stairs, he saw you & your little fur-ball playing in the sink, and he just sighed and passed by. He was hoping maybe you would give him an little bit of attention you k’now? But as soon as he saw your Ferret in the sink swimming around, his attention turned to it. The ferret was swimming around, sometimes going under water, only to come up 3 seconds later. Levi Felt So Adored, That the little ferret could swim??? His Heart Melted, and all his hate for the fur-ball  Cute Ferret Suddenly Disappeared!!!
He Asked You, If He Could Take an Photo of this, and As Soon as you said sure, he dashed off to get his phone. You Were Pretty Happy To Notice That Levi Took a liking to Your New Ferret. 
[Extra: Levi Is Willing To Babysit Your Ferret, When You’re Gone. He Promises To Take Care Of It, even if he doesn't what he doing. But He always feeds it enough of it’s food, pets it/shows it so much love, and OFC watching anime with it. Once, when you left you left Levi in charge of Him, And When You Came Back-You found both of them snuggled up, with the ferret asleep on his chest, while Levi knocked out Sleep also,,,<3!]
Asmo (a light black poodle)
when you first showed him This adorable, beautiful, wonderful Dog He absolutely LOVED IT. he took so many photos of it, in different outfits, different backgrounds, so FUCKING MUCH. But of course, he still had His attention on you, taking i think-EVEN MORE OF YOU?? for His last photo, He Had You kneel down next to the dog And Do Your Best Smile. Amso Absolutely Loved That One, The Best *Maybe Because You Were In It? ;)* He ended Up Saving that as Wallpaper, And That was one Of His most liked photos on Devilgram?!?!?! :O
He liked seeing you, and the dog, But Then He Started To Noticed How You seemed to Have Your Attention, on the dog not him. At First, He Was Fine With It-? Nothing like his brothers. It Was your new Dog. OF COURSE, all your attention would be on it?? But Then After 3 Weeks, he wanted your attention back. He loved your attention more than anything, so of course Without Your Attention Something Wasn't Right. 
He Sometimes went to your room, to invite you to his, but after the first 3 times, when you said something like this: “Sorry Asmo, I Have To Take ___, To The Groomer”, “Oh I’m So Sorry Asmo, But Do You Maybe Wanna Join Us On Our Run? My Goal Is A least 2 Miles Today!” And Last but not least Of Course Least: “Asmo, It’s 4am In The Morning!!! If Lucifer, Heard About you doing my nails, at 4am in the morning, He would probably kill you! I Don’t Want That To Happen!!”.
At This point: his opinions, were absolutely limited. He couldn't just get rid, of the beautiful poodle?? unlike His Brothers, He Would regret it, Also The Poodle was worth millions!! And you had begged Lucifer for some money, You had worked hard, And Saved also. He couldn't let that go To Waste!! So instead he confronted you about it. His Sweet MC, oh yes he wanted your attention. And if you didn't give him an a least an little bit? oh, he would of course pout about It for an while,,,
In the end, He Ended up giving him so more attention, since You Missed having someone to chat with, Pamper you and anything you wanted. Also you promised to Spend more Time With Him, and Always you to Bring your poodle Around to his room, so he still Take photos with them Ofc!! <3 
I’m SO Sorry That I Only Did 4 Brothers, Instead Of The Seven!! If You Guys Would Like, i Would Love To Do Beel (Beelzebub,) Satan And Belphie!! I Had So Many Ideas For What Animal They Would Like, So I ap!! When I Do Figure Out Which Animal I’ll Use For Them, I Might Edit This Post!! Anyways-i apologize :’),,<333  Also I Love To hear what you guys ideas are!!^^ Here are my ideas in order:
Ideas for Beel:
-Calico cat
-Tiger Cub (not sure abt this pls,,<3)
Ideas for Satan:
-Cat (ofc an kind of cat pls,,^^)
Ideas for Belphie:
-Ferret (he originally was going to get a ferret, since those adorable babies sleep alot, but then i ‘thought’ it would fit levi more-)
again, since this was first time doing this it was-well
fun!! messy,,,,lmao it was kind-of fun but so messy, with my spelling and the way i say stuff?? anyways-Goodbye!! :D!
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arcadejohn127-9 · a month ago
Could you do an angst with the twin mcs after belphie kills the female twin and the brother runs in after all the demon brothers just to see his little sister mangled and dying and just maybe she’s crying and weakly reaches out to him and afterwards angst and belphie feels bad cus what he did reminds him of the Lilith situation:,)
Decided to take a break from my previous writing, get some angst out of my system. Nothing like belphie angst!
(T/N) - twin name
Warning: PTSD, Gore, heavy angst, chapter 16 spoilers
Why did he let you go off through that door? He wasn't sure where you were or if you were even safe. (T/N) paced around the room, his footsteps thumping against the floor. The brothers watched as he worried but apart of him wondered; what exactly was he worrying about?
There was like some part of him was drifting from reality. He was flickering. What was happening?
Suddenly, a bang came from the main hall. He charged out, calling out to the noise. That's when his heart stopped. His stomach churned as he stared upon the slumped figure on the floor. You were on the floor, trembling with blood pooling around you.
The brothers all followed your twin brother, all of them stopping to see what happened. They all let out their own horror.
His knees kidded across the floor, lifting your trembling body and adjusting you in his arms. Tears streamed down his face as he looked down at you. You stared up at him with glassy ices, blood pouring out your mouth and mixing with the blood gushing out of your throat. Your flesh was torn and ripped. You couldn't even squeak out a noise. Just gurgling on your blood and choking on the air.
"It's okay, don't say anything, it's okay, I promise! You're fine, you're fine."
He cradled you close to his chest. Sobbing as you just shook. A laugh echoed throughout the house, Belphegor marching down the stairs and looked down upon the two of you. Each of the brothers whipped their head to see their younger brother.
"how did you get out?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!"
But the murderous demon just watched your struggle for life. His eyes landing on your brother as he hugged you close.
His eyes widened.
He shook his head, forcing his grin to stay on his face but he couldn't. The adrenaline of killing you was making him sick; you stared at him with a shaky hand rising towards him.
the world bent and turned; he was high in the air and there you were - no it wasn't you - it was Lilith. Lilith was falling down to the earth below. Blood ripped out of her throat as the glowing spear dug deep into her collar. He clung to Beelzebub, screaming and begging for him to go get their sister.
his attention snapped back to reality, your twin was charging towards him. Sobbing and raisin his fist. Belphegor just turned his gaze towards your unmoving body. Your corpse. You're dead.
Was this what Lilith looked like? Did you look that peaceful when she died?
(T/N) grabbed the demons collar, his anger rising seeing the blood splattered on his cheek.
belphegor sobbed as he thrashed. Trying to get to your body but your twin just kept him still; continuing to scream at him. It wasn't until Beel pulled his twin away from the Angry human that he stopped screaming.
Mammon was hugging your dead corpse, sobbing. He was covered in your blood; it was still warm. It felt as if you were still alive. Still warm. Still were still alive. You had to be.
Asmo was hugging Satan, clinging to the angry demon. Levithan was speechless meanwhile Lucifer hyperventilated. The eldest brother typing away on his phone, he had to fix this.
belphegor just hugged his brothers arm, being pulled back as he whimpered.
Your twin dropped to his knees, sobbing as he pounded by the demon twins feet. Demanding they bring you back. He begged and cried; he didn't care if you came back as a demon or any type of ghoul! Damn, he wished you'd come back as an angel - he just wanted you back!
"please..... please give them back...."
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kipkipkai · a month ago
Obey Me brothers with a short mc (like 5'0) with a high sterotypical loli voice? Im in need of some rep-
i didn’t do the voice since i didn’t rlly know how to like put that in but i rlly liked how this turned out <3
warnings: none just some cursing?
Lucifer would love how short and tiny you are compared to him
it would make him feel powerful and like he can protect you <33 which makes him practically BUST with pride
like when you can’t reach something on the top shelf and you have to ask him to get it <3 he just feels pride swell up in his chest
the minute you let someone else do something for you = ego deflated
mammon would at first be annoyed
because 1) he has to take care of this annoying human 2) said human is short as hell and is bound to get lost a shit ton in the crowd of tall as demons (were talking like 6-8’ because i think beels like 7’6 ??)
but after he gets like used to you he enjoys the way you have to rely on him so much to get high things and to guide you through the streets of the devildom
dont let anyone else get stuff from a high shelf or anything, that’s his job only😠 (if he finds out you let somebody else get something down he pouts for days)
leviathan LOVES IT
you’re like some of the anime characters he knows!! would make you cosplay esp as ruri-chans human form
loves to hold you and just keep like your pinky’s laced together (if not hand holding or anything he can be shy) when you go out once in a blue moon so he can “protect you” in a sense
it rlly fuels his ego to see how short and tiny you are to him (kinda hot ngl leviathan)
being the avatar of envy, if you let someone else like get stuff down for you or hold someone else sleeve while outside he will go back to saying he’s a useless otaku:(
satan is kind of indifferent to it
does find it cute if you have to ask him to get a book from a higher shelf for you tho
pls randomly jump on his back i think it would be so funny(he will either know it’s you or think it’s someone random and feel earth bubble up but when he realizes it’s you he just kinda scoffs and like makes you more comfy so you can stay like that)
you didn’t hear that from me tho🤨
asmodeus thinks you’re ADORABLE
you’re like a little dress up doll (i’m so sorry if you don’t like shopping he will drag you shopping with him and make you try on so much rip to u)
i feel like since he’s the smallest of the brothers and also the most feminine he doesnt get to feel like strong i guess ?? (i feel like bc he’s more “girly” ppl underestimate him a lot) but when he sees your smaller than him??
loves to just sit you inbetween his legs and set his chin on your head and do your nails <33
beelzebub is so scared he’s gonna hurt u :(
you’re just so small and he’s so tall and big he doesn’t want to accidentally like sit on u or something SJSJD
immediately promises to be your body guard and follows you around like a puppy but a strong one who will always make sure ur safe and not lost <33
if you do the thing where you hold onto like the end of his sleeve to not loose him in public he m e l t s
belphegor at first hates u either way💀
after the whole killing you thing and he starts to like you, he finds you to be the perfect irl teddy bear
if it’s time for his nap he’s automatically like yep cmere human i will now hold you captive in my arms for the next two hours (me next belphie please)
literally once he starts to like you he will want you by him 24/7 not letting you out of his sight, he just doesn’t want to risk losing you fr this time :(( (granted he killed you the first time but um)
will get you anything you need off of high places and if he can’t reach it then he’ll call beel in to get it
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arcadejohn127-9 · a month ago
Heyyy, I hope you’re doing ok! I love ur blog and I know we’re strangers who will possibly never meet but Recently, the little things have pushed me over the edge and close to an anxiety attack I presume but I’ve been using knitting and crochet to cope. It sounds weird Ik, but may u do the brothers and Undateables with an MC who does that and MC just ends up making so much stuff in one day that she gives it away to them. I’m so sorry if it’s weird, pls feel free to choose whether to do it or not but this blog has made me a little happier than before, thank you for reading and being here!
I actually use to do knitting, never finished anything and lost interest but it was really calming and fun. Couldn't keep my attention for long as it was very repetitive and got boring quickly but I always just genuinely enjoyed it despite that?
Stress knitting seems like the most wholesome way to handle anxiety and stress, it helps you focus on something else, you're being productive and having fun aswell as being safe! Though do be careful with the needles
And thank you for being here and supporting me, I'm glad I could make you feel even a little bit happier, a small amount of happiness is better than none! So thank you for making my night with how kind you are! Your habit and anxiety relief isn't weird at all, I don't see how it could be weird tbh
Sorry this took so long, I feel stupid now but I got really stumped on some of them on what to make but now I'm laughing at myself due to how obvious they were
You made him mug holders and now it's all he uses
"It's very useful, I'll take extra care of it - no need to worry."
He can handle the heat but he must use what you've made
You even made a massive sweater and socks for Cerberus
How you got his dogs measurements is beyond him but it was the most prominent things he uses from your biggest pile
But he was no fool, he knew you
He knew your habits and how you've grown more anxious
He isn't always the most available person with his emotions and with his schedule
But he was always willing to listen to your issues
You made him a money pouch - how could he not be happy??!!
He loves jingling it to hear all his latest 'finds'
What was even better you made him a sweater he got to wear for his modeling job and show off to Everyone
That article was an interesting find
"CHECK IT! everyone loved your sweater! I say we can make a bussiness with this."
But when you come handing him a large bag full of your latest projects he can't help but raise a brow
He's greedy, he loves being showered in gifts
But he knew you, he took note on your emotional
He got pouty but he hugged your shoulders
Reminding you that you can always come to him and he'll make you feel better
You made him knitted wrist support, for his long gaming sessions
He wears them pretty much everyday at this point
Not only are they comfortable and helpful
But you made them! Specifically for him! For him to use! YOU MADE IT!
Has bragged to his gaming friends about it one too many times
"My player 2 is obviously better than yours, does yours knit cute things for you? I thought so."
Also you made him a crotchet plush of his favourite animal crossing chatacter, he prefers the Devildom version of the game but he's a sucker for bright cute things
Anything he could he'd either put in on his desk or on his figure cupboards
But when you come in with a massive pile, strained smile he felt himself panic
You both have anxiety, you were comrades in it! So of course he knew how knitting was part of your coping mechanism
He felt annoyed and worried on why you weren't coming to him but quickly calmed himself down, when he saw he patted your head
Explaining you can always come to him because you're in this together
He definitely stole a line or two from his latest favourite media
Crotchet chair cat paw socks was his favourite out of the pile
"They're little paws..... I need these for all my furniture!"
His second favourite is the baggy sweater you knitted for him
He's going to cherish these gifts until he dies
Which could be never
Though even in death he'd be keeping what you've made him
Worried about the massive increase as he knows it's coping for your anxiety
He's read books about anxiety so he has a fair amount of knowledge on it
Insists you can always come to him when you're worried
He adored everything you made!
The sweater had little holes in them? He doesn't care and even smirks at the holes
"wanting to expose my beautiful skin~? I don't blame you."
Made a scarf? He'll wear that instead of his usual black one
Just knitted squares or unwearable things? Proudly shows off your work
Is concerned you've been so ridden with anxiety
He wants to help as much as he can, he has teas and bath scents for these kind of things
Just say the word and he'll bring all of it out
A crotchet layered burger he can take apart because it's velcro-ed together??!
It's like a real burger!
He tries not to bite or chew on it but it has happened before
Would feel awful if he accidentally ripped it
"I love it, are you going to make more?"
Didn't expect for you to actually make more
As time went on he learned that it helps you calm down from anxiety
So he especially didn't expect you to come in with a massive bag full of your latest creation's
He immediately got worried
You wanted to show them off to distract your mind but he just grabbed your head
Gently moving it so you looked at him
He told you he wants to help and he'll be there for you, no matter what and no matter when
You made him w blanket - you know how young children are normally seen with baby blankets? Just always carrying them around
Yeah that's him
"You can't make me take it off Lucifer-! This is MY gift from (Y/N) and I'm going to make sure everyone sees it!"
Always showing off the blanket you made him by carrying it around or having it wrapped around him
He loves it! He also loves the pillow covers you made! It helps spice up his pillow collection
But you can't hide your anxiety from him, he goes out of his way to give people it
And soon he found out how kitting was a coping mechanism
He felt a little special you were making him things because it calmed you down but also worried about your mental health
The concern RISED when you were in the attic, placing and organising the big pile you had
He hugged you and flopped onto the bed
Telling you that he'll look after you and you can tell him what's wrong, stress naps are always welcomed with him
Didn't expect to find such a huge pile of new stuff in his room
He saw mug holders and mits
Horn warmers
And his favourite- a shawl with tassels, he immediately wrapped it around him and refused to take it off
He's going to wear this everywhere no matter his outfit
"Barbatos can be strict but I'll wear this no matter what, if I even see a spec of dirty on it I'll make sure to get it cleaned with delicate care."
But then it hit him, you become more active with your hobby when you become anxious
He immediately got to you, asking you if you're okay
He's ready to charge your whole class schedule if he has to
You crocheted desserts and he never felt so much warmth and love in his heart
Almost collapsed from sweetness when he found a knitted pair of gloves in the big pile of your creation's
Appreciates the gifts alot
"these are marvelous, I look forward to see what else you make."
Brings you calming teas as a thank you, understanding your anxiety must be high
Offers a shoulder to cry on and happy to take time out of his schedule to listen to your worries
He asks you to teach him so he can make things like you
He wants to repay you for all the things you've given him
Has a whole room dedicated to everything you've ever made and given him
Whenever he has guests he likes to take them to check out your creations
"Come and admire my collection, My apprentice made these, aren't they neat?"
The potion sacks you've made are extremely useful
Aswell as the coldrain mat
Can sense your anxious energy in the newest creation's and gets concerned
He'll invite you over to talk about what's wrong
Let's you to take your time incase you're comfortable to talk
His favourite amongst the massive pile was a cute crotchet octopus
It was nicely stuffed and felt so nice to rest his head on
Others that peaked his fancy were the long wrist warmers you made, the way you made it made it look like lace
Aswell as a shawl and the very well made bag to store his books in
"You're so thoughtful, I'll treasure them all."
But he noticed just how worked up you've been and knew your anxious habits
Sat you down for tea to ask what how you're feeling and if could help
Also offers to be a guardian angel and make sure you don't get so anxious
If he can he'll wear an entire outfit made out of your knitting
Is in awe how much you gave him
Almost died with Happiest when you knitted him a new hat
The crotchet wings you made just made him bounce with joy
He loves everything!!!
"I'm going to wear everything you've made and carry the little crochet puppy with me everywhere! I promise I'll take good care of him!"
Though will always check in on you
Once he's learned you do it more or only when you're really anxious he'll want to do everything he can to help
Has looked up guides on how to help people with their anxiety and panic attacks
He's going to be your guardian angel!
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myworldisforme · a month ago
Not sure if anyone has posted this before but can we just appreciate how Obey Me has new phone calls for your second birthday with them 🥲🥲
Tumblr media
Also these dumb little signatures are adorable (especially Mammon writing stupid above Lucifers and Asmo leaving a kiss 🤣)
Tumblr media
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
Pregnant Mc! Part 2
( Asmodeus, Satan, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Belphagor )
Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust
This man, was there to get you the pregnancy test, as soon as you missed your monthly. Was there when you took it and was holding you as you cried, screamed, whatever you needed.
Ask who the baby daddy is?
You! A one night stand ! mc!!!! Naughty!
Ask if you want them to know ?
If not welp THIS man will tell everyone He is your baby daddy (honestly no one would even doubt it )
If so he goes with you to tell him.
If baby daddy declines this man will be an outcast in all 3 realms and never getting laid again or even touched.
If so Asmodeus is the frost to let them know you are not into him but will happy set him up with a friend if baby daddy wants to.
This kid going to be styling and spoiled.
Totally there for all your needs and emotions.
Going to lamaze classes
Gets you cute maternity clothes.
Self care days for you and him.
100% sure he would take selfies with you so everyone would know your progress.
Wants to name the child after the top clothes lines.
Once that kid comes out, that child going to be the STAR of Asmos fans.
Going to have the sass just like his adopted dad.
If you marry this man this kid going to become one hell of a smooth talker.
No Asmo the baby cannot go clubbing.
This child will know everyone and everything by the time they are 4.
Satan: Avatar of Wrath
Found out when you told him, you had missed your study session to go to the doctors and felt you should tell him as you were now 3 weeks along.
Ask who the baby daddy is ( kinda spicy it was not him)
One Night stand !!!!! Oh this boy just gave you a smirk as he thinks of you in the throws of passion.
Gives you all the maternity books you need.
Does research on you, curious boi has questions.
Buys this child any book they want.
If you choose to tell baby daddy and want to know who he is Satan will hunt him down.
Baby daddy will die if he declines.
If he accepts makes it understood you only want a parent relationship.
He thought he could be angry but damn your mood swings scare him.
There to help you through the pain of delivery.
That child will come out knowing how to fight.
Satan there for all the tantrums.
No one can beat up this kid if they tried.
Teaches the child everything they want to know.
You end up with him. This many already has the adoption papers.
I feel like he would want the kid to be named something from a book
This child will have a kitten ( Fuck lucifer)
This child will probably end up hitting someone cause they thought it was the best idea.
No sweetie don't be like daddy.
Leviathan: Avatar of Envy
This man found out, one day because you threw up from smelling his anime themed food he made you two.
Jealous of this bitch for getting to sleep with you and get you knocked up.
Oh a one night stand? Damn... Wishes it was him.
Will ask if you want to know them and let them know.
If so you have to give him reassurance you are his, but want the best for your baby.
If baby daddy accepts this man will ( with some talking) share.
If not this man just summoned Lothan.
Buys this kid every game system one existence.
No you cannot name the baby Ruri ...
Or Henry...
The one to faint was soon as Mc goes into labor.
The one who helps watch the baby at night when mom is tired.
Plays family approved games with child.
Will accept anything the child is into.
Finds it funny when the kid ask why they don't have a tail like him?
If you marry this man.
You three are the cosplay family.
Definitely has gotten in trouble with that kid for an all night game session.
Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony
You told this man when you two got close, feeling he would support you after he told you about his nightmares.
He will be super protective of you more now following you around like a body gaurd.
Need a body pillow this your man.
Will understand your cravings, finds it scary when you start getting hangry.
Will carry you if your feet swell to much.
Super gentle with you so he does not hurt you.
Ask if baby daddy knows.
Oh he doesn't do you want him to?
Goes with you to tell him once you let Lucifer find out who it is.
If baby daddy declines, Beel will eat him.
If accepts super chill about co parenting as long as baby daddy knows his place.
No Food names for the baby.
Will ask to eat the placenta.
Fliesyou to the hospital !
Will not leave you at any moment.
First to hold this baby ( sorry the other brothers are not going first because this man took you to the hospital)
Has to be told to share the baby.
End up with him this man is prepared to be a dad.
Will feed this child anything it out down food boundaries soon.
Will support the kid in everything.
Super gentle with this child.
This child may try to see if they can out eat their dad ( mom come get him)
Belphagor: Avatar of Sloth.
You actually told him, when you met in the attic, but after you had the child and died you were hesitant for Belphie to meet them or the baby daddy but when he won your heart after many many talks you let them meet officially.
He regrets everything he did as soon as he meet the baby.
Promises to never hurt you or another human again.
This child is forever under his protection.
This child never has one bad dream in their life.
If baby daddy declines to accept and is still alive somehow, well Belphie now keeps them up with nightmares at night driving them insane.
If baby daddy accepts he's super territorial of the child.
If you marry him.
He lets EVERYONE know that this is his family.
Family nap times with uncle Beel is a norm.
This child has a cow onesie.
This child is the only thing besides you that could wake him, and not anger him.
No insomnia for this kid unless they hanging with uncle Levi.
No Belphie the child's name CANNOT be sleep related names.
Will want to name them after a constellation.
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flowerchildwritings · a month ago
The Talk / Gn Mc!
What if a Mc has to explain what ovulation in humans are to the boys? Like maybe demons have heat but they don't know humans ovulate.
I thought to use a Gn MC that has a monthly and ovulates but is Gender Neutral in identity. The reason? Because it is not only cis women who can experience this.
You were about to start your monthly, yet you were a week away. You felt your hormones making your body sensitive and everyone in the house could tell something was off.
The boys got worried taking you to the castle as you smelled of alluring pheromones even the angels were curious to what was happening.
You were trying not to laugh once you figures out why they were all worried. You could see Solomon, Asmodeus, and Barbatos trying not to snicker so you pulled them into a private room and came back to the others with a white board and markers and began to explain about Human Ovulation, periods, sex, and etc.
Honestly he would of been, more confused why his dad made you guys so complicated.
Had figured this is what was happening, but did not understand how it worked for humans.
Made sure to order anything you needed for next year.
Takes notes during the lesson, for the next exchange student so he can be prepared.
The most mature about it.
This man sure, heard about it from witches...but thought they were messing with him.
Kind of scared of humans now.
Wait? You bleed for how long ? And DONT DIE ?
Super clingy boi when you start ovulating so other demons don't try to mess with you.
Definitely steals your underwear when your ovulating.
This man fainted as soon as you brought out the diagram of a vagina.
Sees it like a weird human thing.
Wait humans shed?! During their what ?! Bitch are you a snake ?!
Your skin also sheds *cue Leviathan calling you snakey snek now*
Brings you all the pillows you need for your cycle.
Steals your clothes when you ovulate to um...yeah..
Has only read about this?
Apologizes for the whole period thing (0.0)
He said he's sorry!!!
Makes notes to never give anyone an apple again.
Researches you and sends you cat pictures when your feeling sad due to your monthly.
Brings your teas to help the pain and bloating.
He helping teach the class !!
Would be the expert in this field.
Helps you with your acne, makes you baths, gives you healthy sweets.
Loves the human pheromones smell
Club member number 3 of stealing your underwear.
Super protective of you when your on your cycle and ovulating. Bitch this is his sin he is not letting any other demon touch you at your natural sexual peek.
He's happy he learns that no you are not in pain.
This talk actually makes him not hungry anymore.
Why do human pheromones smell like food ?
Gives you any sweets you need and protects you while your ovulating .
He is asleep through most of it.
Gives you all the pillows and blankets you need.
Becomes your body pillow
Club member 4 of stealing your clothes when you ovulate.
Gives you stuffed animals when your really tender to the touch.
Makes sure you sleep good on your cycle.
The extras
He thought his dad was evil, but damn did sky daddy have to go this hard?
Kind of terrified of how people can go through this.
Let's you have any days off incase your ovulation smell is too strong, or a bad cycle.
Is super into learning this because he likes understanding human.
Let's you borrow barbatos if you need someone to help with the pain.
He helping teach the class also makes you any tea or stuff you need for your cycle.
Helping teach the class
Makes you potions to ease any pains or hormones levels.
Makes you potions that help keep your scent away.
Also offers to make you a potion to stop them completely and not harm you.
Laughs because he honestly thought demons and angels knew.
Is a little shit when you two have to explain that people can sync up periods comparing you to a bluetooth device setting.
He was surprised, grossed out, and understood why the humans having to go through this cursed at big sky daddy.
Super attentive towards your needs.
Makes you anything you need, and even heals your body if you are cramping to bad.
Like Asmodeus gives you any type of self care you need.
Let's you stay in his room if the demons are being to much.
Has so many questions!!!!
Simeon covers his ears through some parts.
Makes you all the baked goods.
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