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#obey me lord diavolo
thewritetofreespeech · 29 days ago
Could I request the Obey Me guys as well as the Now Dateables?
Perhaps M/C crawling into bed with them wanting to be held and to be touched.
Perhaps a little nsfw added in 🤤😉
note: this is the only imagine/scenario I will do for all 11 boys. cuz I’m a thirsty bitch. the rest of the time we will stick to the rules of HCs only.
Additionally, the plot has been changed slightly to ‘coming to their room at night’. Sorry. If you want NSFW stuff for a specific boy, based on the provided content, I’ll do it but 11 boys is too much even for my thirsty trappy ass.
Obey Me Boys + MC Crawling into Bed with Them
Lucifer sighed over his paper work. Would his turmoil never cease? 
Sometimes he felt like he had fallen into a lower level of the Devildom. Like the 13th circle of hell where the preferred torture method for lost souls was endless paperwork. A modern day Sisyphus, only instead of a boulder it was forms.
He heard the door to his room quietly click open & then close. He doesn’t look up from his paper work as he knew who it was. There was only one person, ok maybe two, who would come into his room this late at night without knocking. “What is it [Y/N]?”
“I was um...wait, you wear reading glasses?”
Lucifer frowned and looked up from his paper work now. “Magical reading glasses. For reading magical text.” They were required to read some of the magical scripts he was combing over. “What is it [Y/N]?”
The human squirmed a little when he asked again. Seeming to think over the answer, or more precisely how to explain it. “I couldn’t sleep.” They finally confess. “I was wondering if I could stay in here with you,’re busy.”
Lucifer arched a brow slightly, but then moved some of the papers he had completed to make space for them. “Come on. I won’t be much longer.”
[Y/N] smiled at him and scampered over. Crawling in under the silk sheets, and as close as possible to him with him on top of them as they could. “Thank you Lucifer.”
“Of course, my dearest one.” He replied with a soft smile, leaning down to kiss the top of their head before returning to his work. Renewed in his commitment to get this done so he could spend the night with [Y/N].
It was late. It was almost 3:00 in the morning by the time he got home, and it had been a shitty night.
Mammon had been at the casino. Gambling, drinking, dancing, the usual. His luck turned sour around 11:00 and, stupid Mammon, had spent the remaining four hours trying to turn it around. That of course didn’t work so now he was even more broke, defeated, and feeling like crap for his failure; regretting Lucifer finding out and making him feel worse. Fuck it had been the worst night.
He rounded the corner to his room and looked up in surprise to see [Y/N] at his door. “What are you doing here?” His voice seemed to surprise them too as they jumped a little before turning to him.
“Oh I was…coming to see if you wanted to hang out?”
“Hang out?” Mammon repeated with an arched brow. “Ya know it’s like 3:00 in the morning, right?”
“O-Oh…is it? I guess I miss read the time.” [Y/N] began to fidget, then muttered some apology about going back to their room.
The demon reached out and caught their hand before they could get far. “Hey, what’s wrong? Nobody comes out here in the middle of the night without a reason.” Or they were out super late like him.
[Y/N] looked down, then decided to tell the truth. “I couldn’t sleep. So I wanted to see you.”
Mammon blinked behind his shades. He hadn’t been expecting that. Now it was his turn to fidget as he realized out of all the people in the world, [Y/N] had chosen to come see him.
“Yeah well…of course ya’d come to the Great Mammon for help. I uh…guess you can stay in here with me tonight.”
He showered to get the smoke & stink of shame off before crawling into bed with [Y/N]. His little human already drifting off just being in his covers. Mammon wrapped his arms around them and held them close. Maybe it wasn’t the worst night after all.
Of course he was awake when [Y/N] came to his room. The latest install of Kenji Momotaro: Demon Slayer Warrior Prince had just been released that day, and Levi he been playing it since he had gotten his hands on it. He wouldn’t be sleeping for a while.
When he heard the knock on his door, initially missing it over the sound of his game and tunnel vision, Levi paused for the first time in hours to go see who it was. “[Y/N]-chan?”
“Can…I stay in here with you?” They asked. Catching Levi by surprise. “I can’t sleep in my room.”
The blunette blushed violently, and covered his face. “Y-Y-You….You want to sleep in here with me??”
“Is…that ok?” They asked cautiously. Seeming let down by his reaction.
“No. I mean! Yes! W-What I mean is, I’m not going to bed right now. I’m grinding through my new game so….you might not be happy in here.” Plus, his bed was a bathtub. Which was only comfortable to him.
“Oh. Well…I don’t want to mess up your game. If that’s more important to you.”
“That’s not what I meant!” Levi outburst. Then quickly covered his mouth in embarrassment. “I…I just don’t think you’ll get a lot of sleep in here. I only like my room after all.”
“I like your room.” If Levi turned any redder, he was going to get a nose bleed. “It’s dark, which is nice. Plus the aquariums are really soothing. And…you’re there. I just wanted to be around you since I couldn’t sleep, but I guess that’s silly.”
The demon had to cover his mouth again. This time over threat of nose bleed. He was so red from embarrassment, but also incredibly moved by [Y/N]’s words, that he quickly responded, “you can stay with me.”
He moved aside and let [Y/N] in. Leading them over to his game area where he laid out some plushies as a bed, and pulled out a blanket to cover them. “I-I-I…I’m gonna keep playing since I’m not tired. But I’ll put my headphones on so I don’t disturb you. Y-Y-You can lay down here and i-i-if you fall asleep I won’t mind.”
“Thanks Levi.” He had to gulp at the cute sleepy way they said his name, before they tucked in and he went back to his game.
He couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the game, with [Y/N] so close. Choosing to use his leg as a pillow. Eventually he gave up and leaned back against the edge of his tub, not daring to disturb them and actually getting a good night sleep as well.
There were few things that Asmo considered sacred. Love. Vitality. The Louis Vuitton spring collection.
But the one thing he considered sacred most of all, was his beauty sleep regiment.
The Avatar of Lust had a strict sleep schedule to give his body the best rejuvenation possible, and amplify his beauty. Everyone knew about it, and choose to leave Asmo alone; per his wishes.
Which was why it was so frustrating when his rest was disturbed by a knock at the door.
Asmo grumbled under his sleep mask at the light rapping that wouldn’t go away. Irritated by the noise, and now the worry lines whoever it was was putting into his forehead. He pushed his mask up to his hair line and got up out of bed towards the door. “What?!” He said in a not cute, very moody outburst when he opened it. Seeing [Y/N] standing there, startled by his ugly display. “Oh, [Y/N]-kun. It’s you.”
“Y-Yeah. Yeah it’s me. Sorry to wake you, I’ll just…go.”
“Wait [Y/N]! I’m sorry. If I had known it was you paying me a late night visit, I would have been much nicer and answered the door sooner.”
“Well I….couldn’t sleep so…-“Ahhhh~! You couldn’t sleep so you decided to come to me?? How naughty!”
[Y/N] frowned and turned to leave, but Asmo apologized quickly for being cheeky. “Did you want to stay with me tonight? That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?” He could tell he was right, but the human was second guessing themselves on coming here. “I promise I’ll behave. Really.”
[Y/N] seemed to trust them, and came into the room & into bed with Asmo. He was practically giddy with them being so close, but was true to his word and supplied no funny stuff for the evening. Just rest and cuddles.
In the morning, he couldn’t wait to tell his brothers how he slept with [Y/N] last night. Causing quite the intentional misunderstanding and ruckus over breakfast that day.
Satan was getting ready for bed. Pjs on, teeth brushed, uniform set out for tomorrow, and on his bed reading one last chapter of his latest book, when he heard the knock at the door.
At first he thought it was a branch hitting the glass of his window. But when he heard it again, he knew it was at his door, and had a very The Raven moment before he went to answer it.
“[Y/N]? What are you doing here? It’s so late.”
“I know, I know,” the replied, scratching the back of their head. “I just…I couldn’t sleep. I tried but I just couldn’t get to sleep, and wanted to see you.” They look up at him with big doe eyes and ask, “can I stay with you tonight?”
Of course, he couldn’t say no. Not with a look like that. Or more importantly, he’d never say no to [Y/N]. Satan offered them a soft smile and nodded before letting them in.
“What were you reading?” They asked, as the climbed into bed first. Watching Satan put his book away for them.
“Oh, just a new fiction series I found. Simeon recommended it to me.” He said as he climbed into bed as well.
“What’s it about?”
He told them the premise of the story, and eventually read aloud the first few chapters to them as they curled up beside him. Falling asleep soon after.
Satan smiled again, and put the book back away, before leaning down to kiss their forehead and curl in beside them. Ready for bed now.
It was pretty late when he heard the knock on the door. And a miracle he heard it at all.
Belphie was the sleeper out of the two of them, but Beel wasn’t exactly a light sleeper either. Between his workouts, large meals, and having to get up early for his morning workouts, the red head was usually dead to the world when his head hit the pillow. But, still, when he heard the quite knock on the door he woke up. 
If he were a thinker like Satan or the others, he would have thought that it was maybe their bond that woke him. Instead he just trudged half asleep towards the door to open it. “[Y/N]?”
“S-Sorry....” They apologize and look towards the ground as Beel looked at them curiously. “I knew you were asleep, but I still woke you up. I’m sorry.”
“Is something wrong?” Beel asked. A bit more awake now that he knew it was them and they seemed distressed. [Y/N] shrugged. “Did you have a bad dream?” 
They pause for a while, but then shrug again. He might not be a thinker like the others, but he was smart enough to know what that meant. He reached out to take their hand and pulled them into his room. Leading them over to his bed and pulling them onto it.
“Don’t worry. You can stay here.” Beel said, holding [Y/N] to his chest in a horizonal hug. “I’ll keep you safe. You don’t have to worry while I’m here. Go back to sleep.”
His words seem to do the trick, and [Y/N] feel back asleep. Beel stayed awake a little while longer. Combing his fingers through their hair, before he too fell back asleep.
He heard the conversation from the door, but didn’t bother getting up.
The only thing that could break through when he was asleep was Beel and [Y/N]’s voice. So hearing them both woke him up pretty quickly, although it seemed to be handled. 
He tried to go back to sleep after hearing you settle in, but it didn’t work. The usually lazy demon kept fidgeting in his sleep, trying to get comfortable, and even counting sheep to try and go back to dream land. Nothing worked. And he knew why.
Belphie got up out of bed, hugging his pillow to his chest, and walked over to the over bed across the room and kicked it. When Beel and [Y/N] looked up at him half asleep he demanded, “move over.” He couldn’t sleep know that [Y/N] was cuddling up with someone else and not him. Especially in the same room.
[Y/N] huffed in their sleep and laid back down, scooching closer to Beel to try and make space. Beel, on the other hand, smile sleepily up as his twin and properly moved over; back pressed against the wall with [Y/N] at his chest to give him as much space as possible.
Belphie smiled back at him, then dropped his pillow to climb in. Instantly falling asleep. Holding on to his twin and beloved [Y/N] for the rest of the night.
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Those were the words that Simeon tried to live by
He was just about to slip under the covers happily, when he heard a small knock at the door. It was so faint & small, that he assumed it was Luke needing something. So he quickly went over to answer it without putting his robe on.
“Oh…[Y/N]….” The angel said, feeling his cheeks heat up and clinching for his imaginary robe to cover his pjs, when he realized it was you. “What are you doing here?”
He didn’t mean in the Hall. You were stay in the other dorm for a while as an infestation of some icky, demon creepy crawly, that just loved to nibble on humans was dealt with in the House of Lamentation. Luke of course had been thrilled you were staying with them, insisting that the change be made permanent to keep you away from those rowdy demons. Simeon couldn’t really agree on the demon part, but he wouldn’t be disappointed if you stayed here more.
“I…couldn’t sleep,” you tell him. “New surroundings and all. I was…wondering if I could stay in your room?”
The angel seemed to bristle in surprise at your words. Taken aback, but also in the warm feeling that was spreading through his chest. God have mercy…..
“I don’t know if that would be appropriate.”
“Please?” [Y/N] beckoned. He had to gulp down the lump, and instantaneous urge to say yes, building in his throat. “I just don’t want to sleep alone. I keep thinking about those things in my room back at the dorm. And being around you is so comforting. Just for tonight? I’ll sleep on the couch and everything if that’s a problem.”
“I wouldn’t let you do that.” Simeon insisted. He would never let them sleep on the couch like some vagabond. “Well….alright. But just for tonight. And just because you’re feeling unsettled.” He doesn’t know who he was trying to convince more: them or himself.
He didn’t get much sleep that night. Tense, and trying to remain appropriate even is they slept next to him. But, in a way, it was the best night he had ever had.
He always stayed up late. The late to early morning hours were the best time for magic. The witching hour. He was knee deep into his research & spell casting when he heard the knock at the door.
“I..saw the light on…” [Y/N] said when he opened the door. “Are you…going to bed soon?”
Solomon blinked for a moment, then looked down at his pocket watch. Oh, it was rather late. But….“No. I still have quite a bit of work to do.”
The other human sighed, then turned to leave from his door just as suddenly as they came. “Wait. What is it?” He asked, stopping them.
They turn, and seem to debate about answering before, “I couldn’t sleep and was thinking it might be nice to cuddle with you.” Solomon blinked again. In surprise this time. “Stupid, right?”
No, not stupid, he thought. It was just no on had ever asked to cuddle with him before. His body and cool demeanor might be misleading, but he was a very fierce sorcerer. Powerful, and awe inspiring. He had made cities tremble in his young days, and was powerful enough to independently bind one of the strongest demons in hell. Cuddles were not something that one usually thought of when it came to him.
He opened the door to let them in and said, “if you can’t sleep, I can make you a potion.” When that didn’t seem to go over well he corrected with, “or…I could lay down with you for a moment.”
The ‘moment’ turned into the whole evening, because the second his head hit the pillow, he instantly fell asleep. Lulled to dream land by his many late nights, and the warm embrace of [Y/N]. Perhaps there were better things than just getting research done.
He groaned in his sleep. Then rolled over on his side, immediately pulling [Y/N] in when he was in close proximity of them. It was a reflex at this point.
At first, he had tried to keep his distance from the human exchange student. No good would come from it, and it was inappropriate that the future King & patron of the program would be involved with one of the terrestrial candidates. But he couldn’t help it.
Their brightness. Their smile. Their hope for the program and just life won him over and now he couldn’t stand to be further apart from them than a second.
“It’s morning....”
Divaolo groaned and buried his head into the back of their neck. “Five more minutes...”
“We can’t. It’s morning.” [Y/N] insisted. Jutting their hips back against his front; which had the opposite effect of trying to get him out of bed. “If you don’t go, Barbatos will start looking for you. And if he teleports into my room it will be a whole thing.”
That certainly was a metaphoric splash of cold water.
The prince groaned again, and buried himself deeper for a second, before he compliantly agreed and got up. The little full bed in the student dorms joyful of his departure, as it squeaked happily as he tried to leave it.
“Can I come again tonight?” Diavolo asked, as he adjusted his ornate bed clothes. He never slept in them. Like most things in his life, they were all for show.
[Y/N] smiled at him from under their covers and said, “of course.”
His heart swelled at their smile and the promise of later. Surging forward he gave them an impassioned good morning kiss, and told them, “wait up for me.” Before he disappeared in a whirl of black smoke to his own bedroom.
It felt terribly cold now. But he only had to wait until tonight. That he could live for.
The work of a butler is never really done.
There were always things to do. More chores to complete. More tasks to do. Particularly in the life of the royal butler. But Barbatos never complained about his job. He was literally born for it, and took great pride in his work. No matter how small the task.
When he heard the small bell, harking a summons from on of the guest rooms, Barbatos stopped polishing the silver and immediately went upstairs to see what was needed. “You called, [Y/N]?” He asked upon arrival. Calm as ever, and ready to help. “How may I be of assistance?”
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you up here.” They apologized. “I just….couldn’t sleep.”
Barbatos chuckled a little with a soft smile. “No need to apologize, [Y/N]. You’re a guest here, and a friend of the young master.” As well as a dear person to him. “I’m happy to help with anything you need. Might I make you some soothing nightshade tea? That seems to do the trick for most people.”
“N-No. No I…I was wondering….if you’d just sit with me for a while.” The human looked down at the ornate bed spread. Picking at the embroidery in a nervous manner. “Til I fall back asleep?”
The demon smiled again, and came over to sit on the edge of the bed. Holding them in the most comfortable manner possible with him on top of the covers, and them under them. “That is a simple thing.” He told them softly. “Close your eyes. I shall stay with you until you are asleep, and make sure you are taken care of.”
“Thank you.” [Y/N] said lazily. Already closing their eyes and falling back asleep with him close.
The work of a butler was never really done. But this was a task he was happy to do.
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loversindevildom · a month ago
hello! I'm not that anon but thank you for the other period-related hcs, if it's okay, may I ask for the brothers' reactions to an MC who doesn't have painful ones, but bleeds A Lot and is terrified of getting communal/the brothers' stuff dirty? people with monster uteruses unite
((Definitely!! Currently on my period while writing this and felt it-
((Also would you look at that, the me is posting again-
The boys x MC with heavy flow
It all began when one of your worst nightmares came true.
You woke up early in the morning having bled all over his sheets.
You were panicking. Badly.
Lucifer was still sound asleep on his side of the bed, having noticed nothing.
Without thinking, you immediately get out of bed and go fast towards the wardrobe to grab some sheets.
You had no idea how you were going to change them without waking Lucifer up but one step at a time.
But he was already awake as soon as he felt you get off the bed. "MC?" He mumbled your name quietly before opening his eyes.
You wished a hole could open underneath your feet and the earth would swallow you. You also happened to be wearing white pijamas and so the blood was obvious all over you.
Lucifer had just woken up and was not thinking straight so his first thought was that someone attacked you or that another demon attempted to eat you and immediately rushed to you and pulled you in his arms. "Who?"
"Who hurt you?"
"no one... I'm so sorry!!" You cried in dispair and that's when Lucifer started understanding what was going on.
"It's your menstruation? I thought someone attacked you... It's alright. I'll go fill in the bath for you."
Thankfully you changed the sheets before he realized you got them dirty.
Or so you thought. In reality he had noticed but didn't want to embarass you.
He knew you were on your period.
You had told him the moment it came.
But it didn't matter to him much. He didn't know many things about it, only that you're in pain.
"Hey, come on, sit with me." He patted the couch beside him in his room.
He knew you were hurting and he wanted to cuddle you and watch some movies with you and spoil you with chocolate he stole from Beel.
When you shook your head in return, his heart shattered. "I'm not really in that mood."
"B-But! It's your favourite!"
"I'll just go to sleep."
"We can sleep together here."
You sighed and he felt the world twist. You didn't want him anymore? That's it? It was over?
"What did I do?"
"nothing! I just don't want to get blood all over your couch!"
"Ohh..." He felt relieved. That was all. Truth be told, this couch was pretty expensive but you were worth ten times that couch...
"Don't you wear that pad thing you talked about?" After you nodded he added. "Then it's fine. Get your stupid pretty human ass here now. You don't wanna miss the beginning."
He wanted you two to cosplay today.
You had been planning to go to that convention for months.
The day had arrived and he had excitedly changed into his costume only for you to come out and say you're not going.
And he's ???? So confused ????
He thought you wanted this as much as he did.
Did you fake your interest?
"look, Levi, I'm sorry. I was really looking forward to the con but I got my period today."
Ohhhhhhh it was because of that thing. That was a relief.
"it's fine! The con is a week long, we'll go by the end of it. And we can wear the costumes inside and cuddle!"
The idea horrified you.
"NO!" The costumes were amazing and Levi had paid of them. You couldn't ruin it.
"why?" He was confused again.
"I'll get blood all over it. I always get things dirty. You should keep me away from your stuff." After all you knew how much he valued his merch.
Leviathan rolled his eyes and walked over to you. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you down with him. He wrapped a TSL blanket over you and proceeded to play games with you all night.
After all, you were more valuable than all these together.
You two had visited Devildom's public library to get a book he had ordered for you.
He had seen how fascinated you were as soon as you heard it came out and immediately ordered it for you.
You were looking around the shelves with him while the staff was going to bring you your book when you felt an intense pain on your lower parts.
Looking down you realized blood was leaking everywhere.
Panicking, not sure what to do you hid behind a bookshelf.
Satan panicked as soon as he realized you were gone.
What if another demon had fetched you and eaten you?
"MC?" He called out your name. Once, twice, thrice...
"Here..." You said in embarrassement. You had the idea of using a jacket to cover the mess in your pants. But you had accidentally grabbed his...
When he finds you he was relieved. "There you are, I was worried..." Then he scanned you. "My jacket looks good on you."
You weren't sure how to tell him, so you continued and went all the day back to the house of Lamentation when you immediately put it in the washing machine.
Of course, he had noticed. You had been dripping on the floor.
But being aware this was a normal thing, he decided not to embarass you and make a big deal out of it.
You were screwed.
You were seriously screwed and not in the good way.
This had been a lesson to you to always keep in mind when your period was coming.
Because the one time you had forgotten, you had wore Asmo's clothes to sleep.
He told you you could use them whenever you wanted.
It made him very happy to see you wearing his clothes and it made you feel very comfortable so why not?
This was the reason not to.
Because waking up that morning, you had gotten blood all over his clothes.
Your exclaim and panic woke him up, but he was too focused on your face to notice the blood at first.
"What happened, my love? Are you okay?"
"I'm so sorry, Asmo!!"
It took him a few seconds but then he realized exactly what you were talking about. He took a deep breath. This was a disaster, but you didn't do it on purpose.
"It's fine. It's your time of the month? Come on we should get you changed. Wanna run a bath together? I can give you a massage too." He winked as he got up to get the water running. He prefered to focus on you than his ruined clothing.
And this, my friends, is called love.
You were always careful when it was your time of the month not to get anything dirty. Always.
However, the unfortunate day had arrived.
You were in his bed, playing on your DDD while Beel was picking up some food from the kitchen.
And then it happened. The major pain. And you realized you had been bleeding all over his sheets. You should change them before Beel-
Speak of the devil....
Beel walked in happily and let the food down on the tray next to the bed. As he leaned down to put them there he noticed the blood and frowned.
You were scared you had disgusted him.
"are you hurting too badly? I'll bring you some medicine."
Cause he's that sweet.
Yes I will say this every single time I write about this one;
He's busy.
So even if you do get blood in his stuff you'll certainly have time to clean it.
However, fate isn't very nice...
When Diavolo is in his study, he likes to work with you sitting on his lap.
When you felt the sharp pain in your stomach you immediately jumped off his lap and fell on the floor.
"MC? What happened!? Are you okay?" He asked worrily.
You didn't answer him, instead you run towards the bathroom.
Yes, you didn't get anything on him but it was big a jumpscare itself.
Diavolo knocked on your door once. "Dear? What happened?"
"nothing! It's fine, my period just came!"
He was silent for a bit. You thought he left but as soon as you opened the door he was standing right there and he hugged you. "I see... Come on, let's go back. I promise we'll cuddle when Im done."
"I'll get blood all over you!" You argued back.
In response he picked you up and walked back to his chair where he made you sit on him again.
Simeon is such a sweetheart.
He probably has already noted your circle on his calendar.
He remembers when it's that time of the month always.
Usually, so do you.
You had miscalculated this time. You thought it was due for next week and so you had wore a nice white dress for your date with Simeon.
He wasn't sure what to say. He thought you looked gorgeous in that one but...
"Sweetheart, are you sure? I love the way the dress looks at you but I don't want you to feel bad if it gets dirty."
You were so confused. "What?"
"You said you avoid wearing white when it's that time of the month... Unless you're late? Oh my lord, are you late?" His eyes were shining and that's when you realized what he meant.
"shit! No I am not! Wait here!" You rushed back into your room to get changed and indeed found blood between your legs.
You couldn't find yourself feeling bad tho.
All you could thinking about was the way Simeon's eyes had shined at the thought of being a father.
As a human like yourself, he treats it much more normal than the others do.
He doesn't treat you any different then really, unless you're in pain.
Then you're getting backrubs.
You were sitting on the couch with him and he was telling you a story about how he first formed a pact.
When he was finished you felt the need to go to the bathroom.
Then you noticed the red stain in your pants.
Shit that was a lot of blood. Had you gotten it on the chair too?
Thankfully, when you returned it was gone.
And thankfully, Solomon knew magic to clean it quicker.
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hoesoflamentation · 7 days ago
K!nktober 2021: Breed me like you mean it. | Diavolo x AFAB!MC | 18+
Tumblr media
Prompt: Breeding k!nk
Pairing: Diavolo x AFAB!MC
Warnings: Dark themes, unprotected s3x (no condom, no birth control), mating press, heavy dubcon, heat, demon form, breeding k!nk, restriction of movement (pinned wrists), face slapping, mention of pregnancy, primal s3x, strong language
A/N: hello, b*tches (affectionate)! i'm back from my mini break and badder than ever. seriously, like, i have no idea where this dark content™ came from, but the thought of primal!dia is making me absolutely f*cking FERAL. anyways, you've been warned. hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
"Mm, MC, I can't take it anymore," Diavolo moaned into their neck, thrusting roughly inside of them. "I'm gonna cum."
His claws dug into their thighs as he held their spread legs open in a deep mating press. MC had been gripping his horns for leverage, but their hold weakened as their heart skipped a beat in panic.
"Dia, no, stop," they pleaded breathlessly.
"I don't know if I can, baby," Diavolo cooed sweetly, his fangs brushing against their collarbone. "Your pussy's too good."
"I'm not on birth control," MC protested. "You're gonna get me pregnant."
They had hoped to frighten Diavolo just enough that he would slow down and think rationally. For any human male, the word pregnancy usually killed the mood pretty quickly.
But Lord Diavolo wasn't human.
This fact became readily apparent when their words had the opposite effect on the demon prince: Diavolo's heat had ramped up his natural urges, and they could feel his cock twitch longingly inside of them when they uttered the phrase.
"Oh, no, darling," Diavolo growled playfully "You really shouldn't have said that."
MC whimpered, squirming as they tried to wriggle out from under him. But their struggle only made Lord Diavolo more eager to rut. With his iron grip locked around their wrists, they were reduced to prey at the mercy of a fierce predator.
Diavolo recognized the hopelessness of their fight with a sadistic smirk. "You silly human. Don't forget who you belong to."
Staring deep into Diavolo's amber eyes, MC's cheeks burned hot with a mixture of rage and arousal. Even as their logical side revolted in anger, something primal inside them instinctively craved him.
They were terrified and furious, but they couldn't deny it: they wanted him to fill them with every last drop of his seed, consequences be damned.
"You're mine," Diavolo growled. "This body belongs to me. And I'll use you however I damn well please."
MC whined helplessly as Diavolo shifted his weight forward. Their ankles hooked around his neck as he plunged his length deeper inside of them, filling the room with the sound of his balls slapping their soaked skin.
He moved to grasp both their wrists in one hand, slipping the other between them so his thumb could brush against their swollen clit as their bodies rocked together.
"I want to hear you say it," Diavolo prompted, glaring at them expectantly. "Tell me who you belong to."
At first, MC could not respond. They were overwhelmed by the plethora of stimulation consuming them: Diavolo's rhythmic touch; his forceful fucking; their hands pinned overhead.
But when MC said nothing, Diavolo yanked his hand away from their clit, eliciting a disappointed whimper.
He slapped MC across the face, hard enough to leave a mark. Their cheek stung, but their pussy clenched eagerly around him at the sensation.
"Who owns you?" he hissed. "Tell me."
"You do!" MC gasped, tears welling in their eyes as Diavolo's head pounded their most sensitive spot.
Satisfied, Diavolo's chest rumbled, his pace growing frenetic as he frantically chased his release. His pelvis ground into their clit while the bed creaked beneath them.
MC raked their fingernails down his bare back, their anxiety long forgotten as the pleasure in their core built up like a pressure cooker. Instinctively, their hips rolled into his every thrust, their drenched walls effortlessly swallowing the entire length of his cock.
Diavolo held them down by their hips, face buried in their neck as he groaned, "Fuck, MC, I'm cumming!"
All inhibitions lost, MC whined desperately as stars filled their vision. Before they knew what they were saying, they started to ramble:
"Yes, Dia, yes! Come on, baby, fuck your cum into me. Breed me like you mean it."
Tumblr media
taglist: @everyday-girl9041-blog @bunna-does-stuff @obey-me-tho @lucigirl-katie
(dm me if you would like to be added!)
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bumblebeezie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Did you miss my shitty memes that I made with -1000 sleep lol
I won’t lie I was wheezing like the 90s toaster oven my grandma owns while making the last two. I miss photoshop but at least I got Picsart for editing lol.
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lxlxpt1 · 9 days ago
|MC&CGGL| Prologue!
MC and their chaotic guardian angel ghost Lilith!
Characters: Lilith. mention of: Diavolo, Belphegor, MC.
Genre: Comedy.
Word count: 653
CW/TW: (human) Lilith dies, Reader uses they/them pronouns, Reader is referred as 'MC'.
There will be no romantic relationships with the brothers, mainly bc Lilith is playing an active role in MC's life in the devildom and forming a kinda familiar bond with them
Ghost in this AU function similarly to ghost in Toilet bound Hanako kun
[Possible spoilers to Hanako kun] you either can see them because your family can see them or bc you're going to die soon
For the sake of the AU, MC's family has a history of witches and sorcerers
Demons can't see ghosts, bc they can't die naturally, so…
Tumblr media
Ok so, imagine human!Lilith in her last moments, dying peacefully surrounded by her family, and finally getting ready to go to the afterlife
Oh lord
She was an angel
Not only that
But she caused a literal war
And not only that
She had six (6) brothers who probably think she died during the war
As she starts panicking, she notices the change in her surroundings, wait a minute…
She knows this place! This is where she fell after she got shot!
How did she end up here? Well, it doesn't matter, first she needs to find her family first
She knows they're in the devildom because of her last memories, and it's not been more than one hundred years so there could not be that many changes (yk, immortal beings and their perception of time)
In her way to the HoL, she is smart enough to notice that no one is noticing her, therefore she deduces that she's a ghost
After she dies as a human and regains her memories from her previous life, Lilith is now a Ghost in the Devildom! Yay!
But her family it's a disaster and her brothers don't know how to properly mourn! Not so yay!
Worst of all, they don't have therapy yet! Take back all those yays!
Well, at least they have each other, and would you look at that, they also have a new baby brother, hi there little Satan 👋😊
It was tough, but after millions of years, her family it's slowly getting better and getting use to their new life
As well as Lilith herself, who is now the ghost of the HoL, she also had her time trying to heal of the trauma she got during the war, as well as the guilt of triggering the war that separated her family
Nothing could possibly go wrong—
Lord Diavolo wants to do an exchange program.
With the celestial realm.
Diavolo, dear, did you not notice how much trauma they all have??
Well, at least the humans will compensate a little, right??
Belphie, what's up with that face?
Why are you so against it?
*Ghostly smacks her bro*
Look, Lilith really really really loves her brother, she and Belphie were attached to the hip during their celestial realm times
But she knows what happened, if there is someone to blame it's her fault for doing something she knew was off-limits as an angel
And if he wants someone to blame directly for her dead, those were the angels who shot her
And as much as Belphie is her beloved brother, Lilith would not let him ruin this exchange program nor would she let him destroy the realm they both used to love so much
And so, the plan “stop Belphie” begins
The plan has three simple steps: 1. bring one of her descendants to Devildom, 2. Use them to make Belphie change his mind, 3. Take Belphie out of the attic and reunite her family again
Now, Lilith knows it would be difficult, and that's why she searches for the optimal option of her family tree. And that's how she found MC.
Having angel blood on one side of their family and witches and sorcerers in the other, MC was the best of the best, and although they don't know how to use magic, the potential is there, and it's not like Lilith was going to leave them alone
Now the only thing Lilith needs is to make sure everything is ready by the time MC arrives to the Devildom, she makes Lucifer choose MC, and starts preparing herself to assist MC the best she can
She memorizes every part of the house, explore every part of RAD and the Demon lord’s castle, she studies her brothers, their likings, disliking and their habits
And so, the faithful day arrives...
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diavolosthots · 6 months ago
Idk if you’ve done this cuz you have a lot of amazing content but how would the undates react to a S/O that babies them and is just very affectionate overall
Haven't done it for the undateables I dont think lol so here it is!
THE UNDATEABLES reacting to MC babying them
Barbatos stopped babying him years ago and he always gets sad. The most he may get is his regular glass of warm milk before bedtime and only because he made that a nightly rule and Barbatos HAS to follow it. So, to actually get attention, and love (and get away with shit) is the highlight of his life and he’s soaking ALL of it up. Careful MC, he’s figuring out your weaknesses in order to get exactly what he wants. Borderline manipulation? Guilt tripping? Oh absolutely. Better give him one more kiss and hold him while he falls asleep or he will cry. 
He finds it… odd and strangely comforting. Odd because he’s a demon that’s literally as old as your entire bloodline and he knows more than you ever will, why are you treating him like a baby? On the other hand, after a long day of dealing with diavolo of work, he does appreciate the attention. Do some chores for/with him. Make him dinner. Rub his back. Draw him a bath. Try to ‘protect’ him from dangers… it’s cute. It’s comforting. It reminds him of his baby days which were oh so long ago. Also please take care of any and all rats, thanks. 
Angels are caregivers anyway. They love to comfort and help each other out and they love it even more if their affection and efforts get returned, so baby him all you want. He’s soaking literally all of it up to the brim, but also expect that he’s going to do the same to you and that *may* cause a conflict. “It’s your turn to relax and let me do literally everything” “ no it’s your turn” “MC I’m not arguing with you” “I’m not either sit down.” and it either gets worse or both of you just cuddle up and nothing gets ever done. Who knows. Depends on the day. 
Luke (platonic):
Listen here he’s a BRAT. Once he figures out you baby him because you WANT to and that, in your eyes, he could do no harm and nothing wrong, boy oh boy you’re in for a ride. Solomon and him are literally the worst with this and I highly discourage you to do this, but whatever. He’s now got you wrapped around his pinky and for an angel, his guilt tripping tactics are on fleek. Simeon taught him but don’t tell anyone, just pat his head some more and coo him to sleep, away from the bad demons.
As mentioned above, he’s right there with Luke, although he has days where he prefers to just be treated normally, if that makes sense. He soaks it up, absolutely, but when he needs or wants a serious conversation, don’t come at him with the “awe that’s alright mon-mon… c’mere. Let MC help you.” Absolutely not. Also he knows he needs that kick in the ass sometimes so don’t make this a …. 24/7 type of deal. Also set him straight and call him out on his bullshit, he admires that more than you seeing the baby in him all the time (although he is baby. Big baby.). 
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fanimesenseiwrites · 7 months ago
It's 3 am and I can't stop thinking about touch starved Diavolo...
Because you know he's gotta be.
He's gotta keep up appearances as crown prince of the Devildom, so he can't be as touchy feely as he wants to be.
But you can see it in how he's always the last the pull away from a handshake, in how he reaches out to the brothers when talking to them, but pulls away at the last second.
He even does it to you. He'll reach out for your hand but pull away and ball his hands into fists before he grabs it.
You wouldn't mind him touching you, you would really like it actually, but you know he won't let himself do it in public.
One day, you go to visit him in his school office during lunch with a plan in mind.
"Come in!" Diavolo calls from the other side of the door after you knock on it.
You walk in and see Lucifer and Barbatos in there with the prince.
"Oh... hey..." you were already nervous, but now its worse that Diavolo's not alone.
Diavolo smiles brightly at you. "MC, to what do I owe the pleasure?"
You blush and stammer, while trying to think of something to say that will hopefully get the other two to leave.
Barbatos already knows, of course, and he will leave on his own, taking Lucifer with him. "We'll leave you two to talk, my lord."
Once they're both gone, Diavolo prompts you again: "Is everything alright, MC?"
"I could ask you the same thing," you say as you walk over to his side of the desk.
"Hm?" He seems confused as he turns his chair to face you.
You don't say anything as you cradle his face in your hands.
He blushes. "Oh..."
"I... I can tell how badly you want to touch someone, how badly you want to be touched," you tell him as you start to stroke his cheeks with either of your thumbs.
"Oh." He places his hands on your hips.
You smile sympathetically as you run your hands into his hair.
He tugs on your hips gently, wanting you closer.
You take the hint and sit in his lap, straddling his legs.
He closes his eyes and hums happily as you run your hands through his hair and down his neck and shoulders.
You watch him relax more and more as you continue to sweetly touch and caress him, and you can't help but to mentally praise yourself for having such a great idea.
After several minutes of enjoying your tactile comfort, Diavolo wraps his arms around you and pulls you close for a hug. "Thank you, MC."
You return the hug and lay your head on his shoulder. "You're welcome. I'm happy to help."
"... Can we make this a regular occurrence?" Diavolo asks softly.
You grin even though he can't see it. "Yeah, I'd like that."
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thewritetofreespeech · 12 days ago
May I please request Mc going to the demon brothers/ and new dateables, tugging on their sleeve, and asks them to go home in a whimper. And that's when the brothers smell blood and realize Mc was attacked by a demon at Diavolo's party. Thank you♡♡♡
Let’s just pretend that anyone would be getting out of that ballroom alive if MC was injured by another demon. In order to make it a little bit more ‘believable’ of a prompt I’m going to alter it to ‘MC cut themselves on accident with a glasses, and the smell of blood is starting to attract other demons’. Hope this works for you!
Obey me Boys + Injured MC at a party
He senses your distress before he smells the blood, and immediately quakes on the inside at the scent of it.
He’s ashamed of himself for letting his demon side get excited about it, but knows he’ll be able to control himself
It’s the others he’s not convinced of
Quickly whisks you away, coupled with a menacing aura for anyone who should come close, so you are safe. Urging you to be more careful next time.
Immediate feeling is alarmed.
‘Oh my God, Oh my God, they’re hurt!’ racing through his mind as he tries to get a look at your hand and fix it.
Coupled with a panic of trying to keep everyone away from you, like a guard dog.
May actually growl at anyone who comes close before he takes you to the bathroom to clean up.
Has to steel himself when you show him your hand, because the sight of RL blood makes him nauseous.
Of course he’s worried about you. You’re hurt and need medical attention right away!
Gets some cocktail napkins to cover your hand and ushers you away
Feels bad that he’s happy to leave the party. He wanted to leave, but not like this!!
Paging Dr. Satan. Dr. Satan to the ballroom please.
Immediately goes into WebMD mode of trying to access the damage to your hand. Laceration depth. Possible tendon damage. Blood loss.
It’s not until he looked up that he noticed the other demon’s encroaching, with murderous intent in their eyes. Jokes on them.
Instantly shifts into full demon mode, wrathful intent & all, to scare them all back while he tended to you.
Oh no! Your precious, beautiful hand! Whatever shall we do!
Does the most gentlemanly thing possible and takes out a handkerchief to act as a bandage for your wound. Embroidered silk be damned.
Of course he notices the attention you’ve caused. Asmo has always had a sixth-sense for being watched, and not always for the better.
Keeps the conversation between the two of you light & cheerful as he gently ushers you out. So you aren’t alarmed.
Panic, panic, panic, panic. But on the inside.
On the outside he just picks you up and carries you away to safety.
He has to get you out of here, and to a doctor, picking you up is the fastest way to do both things.
No one comes near either of you. The smell of your blood might be driving them crazy, but no demon was crazy enough to openly attack the mountain of monster that was Beel. Aside from being picked up, it’s the least eventful.
Panic, panic, panic, panic. But on the outside.
Lashes out; at you for getting hurt, at any demon who comes near you, at the glass for cutting your hand. He’s just scared.
Seeing you hurt reminds him how fragile you are, and that scares him.
Refuses to leave your side, and begrudgingly lets Lucifer tend to your injury because he actually knows what he’s doing, but doesn’t like it.
Knows that this can go very badly, very quickly with this many demons around. But tries not to show it.
Showing alarm would only cause panic. Which would only make it worse. So he just pretend laughs about how clumsy you are.
Casts a spell to instantly heal your wound. And a protective barrier for good measure.
Makes an excuse to leave the party to ‘keep you away from more violent glassware’ when in reality he wants to get you out of the situation as quickly as possible.
Oh no! You’re hurt! What happened?! Why are you bleeding?! Did someone hurt you?!
Spouts off a million questions in his worry for you, and quickly takes you somewhere to get cleaned up & seek help.
Activate guardian angel mode as he’ll keep you safe no matter what. Everyone forgets he fought in the Celestial War too.
Calms down after he sees your cut is only superficial and begs you to be more careful in the future. His poor heart can’t take it.
Ever vigilant, he hears the glass break before you even come up to him. It’s actually Barbatos who comes to you.
Knowing that the fresh smell of blood could cause a frenzy, and more importantly put you in danger, he whisks you away to a private room where you can be alone.
He tends to your wound gently, with slow words of support over the broken glass, and encouragement to be more careful in the future.
Kisses the top of your hand when finished as he still knelt before you.
The party is immediately over
He doesn’t care how important it is. You’re hurt, and nothing is more important than that.
Takes you away while letting Barbatos clear out the guests. Worried over your cut as he’d never seen you bleed before.
Will be by your side for several days after to make sure you’re ok; no matter how minor it may be.
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 7 months ago
Diavolo: If We get together you will be the Queen
Mc: Nahhh
Lucifer: We can get married, and you can have all of the money I have and the benefits that come with my position of power.
Mc: It shouldn’t…..but that arouses me.
Lucifer: …..Do you like it?
Mc: Yeah… finance to me.
Lucifer: *sensually whispers* We won’t ever be in debt.
Mc: Mmmm, more.
Lucifer: You won’t have to work.
Mc: God yes
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vagabondreamer · 5 months ago
New datables headcanons for mc where the datables end up drinking a truth serum or just a potion of nonstop talking
Sorry for being away for a while! 
New dateables + Luke drink a truth serum
Lord Diavolo
- He already talks a lot in general, but now he’s spewing whatever comes to mind.
- “I’ve always wondered how it is to be a human!”
- “I wish we spent more time together.”
- The look on his face is one of horror; he’s never been in a situation like this.
- If MC was sinister they could ask him ANYTHING and he’d have to answer. He’s royalty - he knows everything that’s going on in his kingdom; there’s bound to be juicy secrets.
- Barbatos would definitely step in before anything like that ever happened. 
- Nope. Nope. Nope.
- Barbatos is too smart and powerful to accidently drink anything like this. I simply don’t see it happening. 
- HOWEVER, if he was forced to - like through a pact (*cough cough* Solomon *cough*) then he’d run away as far as possible.
- He has SO many secrets. There’s no way in hell he’s letting anyone hear what he knows.
- “I miss Lucifer.”
- It’s the first thing that stumbles out of his mouth, but he isn’t ashamed, just surprised he said it aloud.
- “MC, I wish I could be with you.”
- As an angel, he knows he shouldn’t have feelings of attraction to you - he’s always tried to stay neutral with you.
- He definitely has secrets, but mostly because his angel status doesn’t allow him to be as free as he wants to be. 
- He’d be willing to tell you anything without a truth serum.
- Probably brought this upon himself. This is what he gets for mixing whatever potions together.
- Another shady boy.
- “MC I think you’re more powerful than me.”
- He’d never admit that without some influence.
- When he figures out he’s taken a truth serum, he secludes himself until he finds a cure/it runs out.
- He’s immortal - he knows things that could start wars or end them.
- He’s also not stupid, doesn’t matter if you don’t have bad intentions, you’re not going near him. 
- And once it wears off, he’d tell you he didn’t mean a thing he said.
- “You’re my favorite human!”
- It takes a while for you both to notice he’s taken a truth serum.
- He’s a good boy, he always tells the truth!
- “I think Simeon has feelings for you.”
- Simeon steps in and takes him away.
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property-of-diavolo · 25 days ago
prince’s nightmare
second DTIYS winner, @marymaryroo​’s request was some Diavolo angst inspired by my devildom gothic shorts. I’ve really wanted to do something dark like this again so this was really fun!
tw: blood, nightmare scenario, inability to speak/move, biting
Diavolo was searching for you. There was a masquerade ball in the castle and he was looking forward to seeing you specifically. The room was oddly silent. When he found the brothers, each one could only shrug in response to his question. Where’s MC? As he made his way back to the throne, the demon king was there.
“Father. You’re back.” He said, unsure of what to make of him appearing with no notice.
“I wanted to return to the throne.” The demon king replied, standing. “Come, meet my new pet.” Diavolo’s father led him out of the ballroom through empty hallways. It was more of a maze than he remembered. They came upon a room with a heavy metal door that Diavolo had no memory of.
“How long has this been here?” Diavolo asked. Something was off.
“This is my wing of the house, my son. No one else has access.” His voice echoed as if three voices spoke at once. He slowly opened the door, behind it was a large room. It looked like the photos you were showing him of churches, except the stained glass was all red. Someone was in the place of the altar with heavy chains binding your neck, wrists, and ankles to the floor. “Look at this human that wandered down here.” He grinned. As the king led Diavolo down the aisle, he finally recognized the human as you.
“MC…” Diavolo whispered, his eyes frozen on your form. You were naked, shivering, and disheveled as your empty eyes drifted upward. Your mouth moved, he read your lips as if to call his name but the sound didn’t come out. Blood dripped from your mouth. You repeated the motion and more blood spilled. 
The demon king sauntered over to you but Diavolo was frozen in place. His fingers traced over your shoulder as he positioned himself behind you. “This human claims to love you, son.” He said as you continued to mouth Diavolo’s name. Blood dripped down your body and it began pooling on the floor. “Do they know I am their king?” The demon king brought his face to your neck. Diavolo was paralyzed, he could only watch as his father sunk his teeth into you. You did not react, your empty eyes trained on Diavolo as the smell of your blood filled the room.
You had stopped moving your mouth. Blood was gushing from the demon king’s bite covering you in a veil of red. Diavolo’s father bit harder and you widened your eyes, finally breaking eye contact with Diavolo. Finally, you spoke. “Anything for you, my King.” You brought your chained wrist to his head, weaving your fingers into his hair to encourage him to continue. Diavolo’s heart shattered witnessing you give yourself to him. He watched the strange intimacy between you in horror.
Diavolo finally tried to speak. He couldn’t open his mouth. He tried to move at all but his body would not budge. He felt beads of sweat drip down his head, fear of losing you sinking in deep. No, you were being taken from him. By his own father. 
Diavolo’s father pulled away from you, his mouth covered in your blood. Your wounds weren’t even visible through the blood pouring out of you. “I love you, my King.” You whispered, lovingly watching him wipe the blood from his chin before you passed out on the cold ground. The demon king chuckled.
Diavolo jerked forward, the laughter echoing in his head. He looked around. He was in bed. He was covered in sweat, but he was fine. He could hear the crickets through his open window and glanced at his alarm clock. 3am. He texted Lucifer, knowing the eldest was probably the only one still awake.
Diavolo: How’s MC? 
Lucifer: It’s 3am, my Lord.
Diavolo: Please just check.
Lucifer: They’re fine. Asleep in bed.
Diavolo: You would know if something happened to them, right?
Lucifer: What’s wrong?
Diavolo: Just a nightmare. Never mind. Get some sleep.
Diavolo couldn’t stop thinking about that nightmare. The image of his father sinking his teeth into you played over and over in his head. His heart broke as your words echoed through his mind. Anything for you, My King… He was not able to get any more sleep that night.
The next day at school, Diavolo found you immediately. “MC!” He said, a little frantic. He immediately put his hand on your shoulder where he watched his father bite you, trying to feel if there was anything amiss. It felt fine. Normal. “Uh- how did you sleep?” He realized quickly he was acting a little odd.
“Great, actually. Like a baby.” You chuckled. “How about you?” You asked, noticing the bags under his eyes. 
“... Fine.” He said, dropping his hand to his side. “See you in class.” He quickly walked away, leaving you and the brother you came to school with confused at his odd behavior. 
Diavolo’s mind remained on his dream all day. He had been avoiding you, afraid he was getting too close to you. He knew his father would never approve of a human lover, especially if he intended to marry you. You’d been telling him about human world weddings lately and he couldn’t help but picture the two of you at the altar together. His heart had fluttered at the idea at the time but now it just filled him with anxiety. He pictured your body covered in blood once again. He pictured his father’s lips drenched in your blood.
The final bell rang and he shook the thoughts out of his head. He made his way to the student council room, dread sinking in at the thought of seeing you again. He ran the council as he usually did and after dismissal you walked over to him.
“Hey, Diavolo.” You said after telling the brothers you’d catch up with them later. “Is something wrong?” 
Of course you noticed. Of course you cared. You were so sweet and thoughtful… Diavolo’s heart broke at the thought of pushing you away. “Why do you ask?” He plastered on his princely grin. 
“You just seem out of it today.” Your fingers brushed his arm but he quickly pulled away.
“I assure you nothing is wrong.” His tone was icy and his smile disappeared. He didn’t really intend to be so cold but his exhaustion didn’t allow him the usual control of his emotions.
“Dia…” You said and his eyes narrowed.
“Lord Diavolo.” He corrected you.
“... Lucifer mentioned you had a nightmare.” You said as he packed up his things. “Did I… hurt you?” 
“MC.” His voice was sure and steady but his heart was falling apart. “I will be king one day and I can’t have my constituents thinking I favor humans. We have gotten too close.” He walked to the door.
“Diavolo, wait-” You grabbed his arm and he paused.
“Lord Diavolo.” He growled, holding back his emotions as he broke away from you.
“I love you...” You whispered, hoping he’d stop. Hoping he’d let you in. Hoping he’d let you make it better, whatever it was.
“It would be better if you didn’t.” His voice was still a low growl. He walked away and you let him, tears stinging your eyes. 
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saeyoungchoismaid · a month ago
[4:05 pm]
Prince Diavolo runs after you in the sunflower field, starting to become winded from all the running you two were doing.
“Try to keep up, pretty boy!” you call to him playfully over your shoulder. He grins at your words, pushing himself to run faster to catch up to you.
When he reaches you, he wraps his arms around your waist and spins you around. Your laughter makes his heart flutter, grinning like a fool at the sound of it.
He slowly sets you down to face him, keeping his arms wrapped around you. He then gently kisses you, making both of your hearts race for a different reason other than all of the running you two had done.
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