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#obey me luci x reader
tartagluvr · a day ago
you dumb motherfucker, i loved you.
(aka a lucifer thinkpiece i wrote back in december to vent)
warnings: none really, big words bc i love them, use of she/her pronouns because i wasn't fully detatched from them and im too lazy to rewrite all of them lolz. as always no beta. we die like lilith.
word count: 1.15k
Tumblr media
the concept of lucifer existing has always lit a fire behind my eyes.
a little girl untouched by sin finds comfort in a man fallen from grace. the headline you cannot look away from and wish to seek out the article for. let me give you the synopsis, in case you have missed it by chance.
'children know nothing of pain and sadness until it is introduced through familial relationships. if a child is to scrape their knees on concrete, they will not cry unless they hear their parents utter concern. pain is not given, it is taught and etched deeply. across our legs as we learn to ride a bike, across our arms as we learn to control emotion. and from then on, we do not actively seek out such harm. this little girl, as the story goes, did. in fairytales and whispers of folklore she has come to know of an angel- that ultimately fell from his highness. he fell all the way to a place of only fire and sin. and the little girl lit her own matches on the fires he fell to. in a tragic and unfortunate series of happenings, the sweet little girl fell for the man, the man who had also fallen.'
as life goes, there is not always an ending that we seek. there is no publicized follow up to give us an insight on where our dear girl is now. is she nurturing her own little girl, teaching her kin of the fallen angel? is she out there in the thick of the world, lost in tall trees?
allow me to spoil the story just this once. she's in hell.
our little girl, with too many sins to speak seeking refuge in her blood, is bickering with her beloved fallen angel.
we are far beyond the line of catching you up to speed, my dear reader. do proceed with an open mind.
the two often sparred verbally, it was just how the human and demon communicated it seemed. no brother in the house would dare to step in during these fragile moments, not wanting to become a tragedy in the aftermath of the category five hurricanes they spoke to life.
this particular disagreement had begun just as every other, yet was dangerously walking the line of being the final do all end all. our dear girl with dark fascinations is in the middle of finding out why they are called dark fascinations.
i must admit i have never seen a soul so blind to its own trauma. how do you sleep at night, the weighted blanket of your past pressing into your chest?
a push towards the cliff. just a slight, warm breeze pushing his chill farther. moving him as if she wants their contrasting temperatures to fraternize. she is well aware of his capability to push back, bracing herself for impact.
there is no scenario in which a human would possibly be able to grasp what i, the avatar of pride, have been through.
left not getting at what she intended, the girl sighs quite loudly. and so she pushes again. for he is squeezing her mind dry as if a ripe grape, and she refuses to become a demons wine. she will be damned before she succumbs.
there is a human, and she has been in your eyes this whole time. can't you see her?
being faced with laughter is not uncommon when you are in the presence of a demon. that does not make it any less unsightly, especially given the context of this latest talk. though many a time lucifer has laughed in the face of confrontation.
you are the human in question, i presume? i should apologize for laughing, it is not often i am so confounded.
words do not find our girl until a moment later. if lucifer wishes to dance, then she best put on her scuffed red heels and bow.
then tell me, from those glistening red eyes have you seen through me this entire year? have you truly no sight, your crimson corneas just exhibiting the flow of your blood?
she has grown in a home with everything placed before her; been given familial beings and sweet creatures to warm the comforter. there are faces in front of green eyes, with warmth and love. yet she spent the saved up love on people the likes of the demon before her. part of her succumbed to the greedy nature of his brother, growing hungrier for just one more taste of love each time it walked out the door. with every nail pressed deep into her distorted coffin, she was there. outstretching her scarred left hand to hold the nail steadier. the man before her would be a blind fool to have not seen the unfastened empathetic nature she holds.
ah, let me rephrase: the man before her is a blind fool.
let me put it this way, for your human concept of understanding to grasp it-
precisely say it. do you believe me to be a sheltered child? you've never been one to back down from a power show. so do not begin now.
why are you still pushing? do you not know of your own limits?
you are just that, a child. and i will not stand in this office and fight a child who has no knowledge of my words.
there is a child inside of me, you are not inexact with your words. but that child is utterly exasperated. you are not the man she spent years learning of, you are a fractured grenade of honor and loss.
as an aggrieved man would, lucifer strides towards her. for only a second of time- before turning his face and retreating to the ever so messy desk. long, pale fingers graze the dark wood before words leave his lips.
i admit that i may have let down many when i fell. but i do not see why i should distress myself that i let down one of billions of humans.
you should be so distressed that it brings you agony. she is knocking on your door, and begging for despondency.
and why so?
he speaks so effortlessly that his eyes do not catch their opposing states fusing together, the language exchanged setting them into motion. the hurricane has blinked open her eyes, unblurring hues of red and brown wood. and these two stand right in her line of vision.
because she loved you. i loved you, lucifer. and we have just concluded the book for good and all.
you may presume when a human and demon come into contiguity, the higher being has higher vigor. there is no chance in favor of the one who holds no true authority or sorcery.
my dear reader, learn to fight for the underdog. for she is the one exiting the room, leaving a vengeful storm in her wake.
her match has yet to be blown out.
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exchangestudentmicha · 3 months ago
The Brother’s Scenting Headcannons
Yeah yeah, I’m a little slut for the brothers having characteristics like scenting or other things like that, which means, expect more of it in the future
Warnings: none, very mild suggestion at most
Out of all the brothers, Lucifer is the most subtle with his scenting well, unless he doesn’t want to
Part of why he’s so subtle is because he’s usually just so busy. But to make up for that, he makes his scenting count
Mainly by running his hand over your pulse points, like by letting his fingers linger just a bit longer on your wrists, or by brushing your hair out of your face and maybe brushing his hand on your neck
He NEVER scents in public, he has an image to keep up after all
He and Satan have an ongoing scent war though
So watch out if Satan spends extra time with you
Lucifer might call you into his office and you might stay there for a while
This boi thinks he’s so slick when he’s trying to scent you spoilers, he’s not
His attempts to scent you are so painfully obvious. It’s honestly kinda adorable though
He’ll either try to brush off his scenting attempts as a way to help you (Under a veil of tsundere of course)
“I-Its kinda cold out here, huh? I-I guess you can borrow my jacket so that your weak little human self won’t freeze.” *amused MC noises* “Wha?! W-Why are you giggling like that?! I-I’m just making sure that you don’t freeze on me!” *BRIGHT RED*
*grabs you by the wrist* “D-Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m just doing this so you won’t get lost.”
Or he’ll just barge into your room like he always does and try to scent up your bed and stuff while hanging out with you
The only reason that he is subtle about scenting is because he’s too nervous to do it with you knowing he’s doing it
He would die if you figured out what he’s trying to do
That is, until his envy kicks in
If he even SUSPECTS that another demon is trying to scent you, you’re getting dragged to his room
And there you’ll stay for the rest of the day with him nuzzled up to you while his tail is wrapped around your body
He actually doesn’t scent you much unless he’s mad about something (and even then scenting you wasn’t the main goal)
But when he does scent you, WHOOOO BOI you’ll smell like him for like a week or two
But, he won’t drag you to his room like Levi, no, he has more class than that
Instead he’ll just steal everything you own and hoard it in his room (Ok maybe not much more class than Levi)
Your smell comforts him and helps calm him down, and due to that, he ends up inadvertently scenting you
The only reason he purposely scents you to mark you is to piss off Lucifer (Like I said he and Lucifer are in a scent war because of course they are)
He’s not even trying to be subtle with his scenting
He’ll just walk up to you, wrap his arms around you and then start nuzzling and nipping at your neck
Either that or he’ll just take you to his room to thoroughly scent you to his liking
By giving you some of his cologne and clothing for you to wear of course! What, did you think I meant something else?
(I mean, he does LOVE to scent you like that) but he also loves to scent you with his cologne and mark you with clothes that match his
Out of all the brothers Beel is the heaviest scenter
And that is all due to his incredible sense of smell
Thankfully though, he is also one of the sweetest in the way he does it
Hugs, cuddles, giving you his jacket, sharing food while you’re in his lap, you coming to sleep with him when he gets nightmares
It makes it painfully obvious to any demon in the area what he’s doing, but he doesn’t care
And he scents for the weirdest reasons too
Because he smells another demon on you, because he likes how you smell, you got food, he wants to comfort you, he wants attention, heck, sometimes he scents you purely because he likes how your shirt feels
He mainly scents you by napping with you, we all know it
And we all know that the stubborn cow man doesn’t really take a no for naps
Either you come nap with him, or he just naps on you, doesn’t matter the place or the time, he just lays on you or if you’re actually pretty busy he’ll just go nap in the attic or on your bed
The other way he scents you is by stealing your pillows, blankets, jackets, anything comfy that he can grab, don’t worry, it’ll appear again in a couple days, only now they smell like him
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imalivebarelystriving · a month ago
How the older brothers would react to you running up to them and giving them a tackle hug
I'm expecting absolutely no one to see this and if I change my mind and post it, oh well. this was written at literally 1 AM.
The dude was tired
He just told off Mammon for doing dumb shit again
and then suddenly
human running towards him
so his brain is just trying to recover from being frustrated and there's a human running to him at full speed
so what did he do
he opened his arms and caught you, of course
you should expect nothing less from the avatar of pride 😉
for a moment he's like "wtf human what are you doing"
then it kicks in like "oh this is affection. it's nice. I like."
but of course he'll never admit it
and yeah he's gonna lightly scold you for running into his arms without giving a warning.
"It seems you're getting a little too comfortable with me, hm? as much as I enjoy having you in my arms, I'd rather you ask me next time instead of running at me."
If you even manage to surprise him that would be impressive
no joke, this man is literally grabbing onto you for dear life at every given moment.
so if you do catch him off guard and just run at him, congrats!
Mammon has very fast reflexes, so he opens his arms just as you run at him, and you almost topple him over
so he goes from
"error. Mammon.exe has stopped working due to overheating. please try again later."
and of course he gets all red and tsundere-ish
but if you try to pull away he won't let you
congrats you're stuck with Mammon for the rest of the day
"O-oi! Human! W-what were ya tryna do, r-running into my arms like that... O-of course you'd wanna to tackle hug the Great Mammon! I'M NOT BLUSHING ITS JUST WARM IN HERE."
how did you even find him outside of his room???
I mean, you could try in his room but considering all the clutter in there...
so in the rare case of him being out of his room, that's when you strike
I'd like to say he'd catch you gracefully, like in a scene of an anime, but knowing him... poor otaku boy doesn't have the strength or reflexes for that
instead, you run straight into him and you both end up on the floor
and he gets redder than Mammon, if that's even possible
like I swear Levi straight up invented a new shade of red
he starts stuttering and the only way you can understand him is if you learn Morse code.
you thought the y/n in Wattpad fanfics stuttered a lot? check out Levi, who can barely form a sentence!
"I- You- wha- how- no- huh????"
and once he gets over it, he starts rambling about how it looked like a scene from an anime you guys watched.
"W-what you did... it was like what the main character did to their love interest on 'The Day I Thought I Was Going To Be Graduating From College But Then A Storm Came And I Got Struck By Lightning And Got Brought To A Different Dimension And Then Was Introduced To A Deity And I'm Now Her Apprentice Can Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On???'!"
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Lucifer: I love you so much.
Y/n: love you too.
Lucifer: This is real.
Y/n: I know.
Lucifer: You're my wife.
Y/n: And you're mine husband.
Lucifer: You married me in front of people.
Y/n: I know. I was there.
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hobin-gnoblin · 9 days ago
(Silly goofy quirky 🤪)
Lucifer: Has his own personal Keurig that Diavolo gifted him on his 1st Birthday in Devildom.
Mammon: Part of the Mile high club. Sneaks in to Levi's room when he's asleep and will watch the aquarium until he gets the munchies.
Leviathan: Is awake the entire time Mammon is there. Too scared to get up since Mammon gets into verbal fights daily with Henry.
Satan: Has a hanging cat poster that says, "Hang in There!" One of his prized possessions.
Asmodeus: Has a clusterf*ck of chapsticks hidden in every nook and cranny of the HoL.
Beelzebub: He has a stash of Fruit Gushers underneath his bed.
Belphie: Is the provider of said fruit gushers. Aww brotherly love ;)
Solomon: Will scream at the performing Magical at a children's party. He doesn't approve of their blashpheming schemes.
Simeon: Watches Reality TV and texts Micheal the latest tea.
Luke: Cropdusted Mammon once during a group project. When everyone asked who farted, Luke pointed at Mammon saying it was him. Everyone believed him.
Barbs: Keeps Jolly Ranchers in his pocket. He likes the Watermelon kind.
Diavolo: Wakes up at 5 o clock every morning and starts singing. He records himself doing so and sends it to Lucifer.
Henry the fish: Is the Zodiac Killer.
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obeymefictionwriting · 4 months ago
Texts You’d Receive from Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Running 10 min late. Wait for me in my room, no clothes on. I’m bringing Demonius & sweets. Love you.”
Mammon: “Heeeeeeeey where u at?? Bring noodles plz, i’m in ur room. And guess what I’m wearin’?? :PPPPP”
Leviathan: “U wanna watch anime for 24 hours straight? JK lol, miss you. Call me when you get back from school.”
Satan: “Hey kitten, I miss you. Want to go out tonight? And then we can do something interesting ;) Kisses.”
Asmodeus: “Check this out! *15 attached files* Which one looks best on me? Help me choose pleeeease!! Oh and I got ya this! *27 attached files* UH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YA”
Beelzebub: “Hey, meet me after practice? I miss you lots. We can then go eat someplace nice. My treat, love.”
Belphegor: “Where r u? Wake me up when you arrive, please. Oh, and can you grab coffee too? Kiss.”
Solomon: “Hey, want to check out this new store with me? They have enchanted jewelry and I really think some of it would suit you so much ;) Missing you, baby.”
Simeon: “I miss you. Please come see me in the Purgatory Hall. I’ve prepared a small surprise for you :) xxxx”
Barbatos: “We spent the whole morning together yet it’s nearly not enough for me. Can I see you again tonight? Love you, my dear”.
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 29 days ago
Headcanons of Lucifer, Mammon, Simeon, & Diavolo reacting (separately) when MC tells him that they feel safe wrapped up in his wings? 👀👉👈
This might be simple but i'll try to still keep it funny/cute 😳
Tumblr media
- "im glad you feel like that"
- in reality he is quite surprised that you feel like that about his wings
- sure they are pretty and they are big and all but usually you'd be scared of seeing him in this form
- you however, not only arent scared hut also feel safe wrapped around his wings, and he really doesnt know how to show his appreciation of knowing this
- if you are lucky enough you just might see him blush a bit, however if he were to get flustered he'd hide his face from you
- "well of course you do! Its the great Mammon himself that is letting you near his wings right now"
- mammon your tsundereness is showing🙄
- is obviously going to get all flustered by your words, its freaking Mammon we're talking about
- he will pull you closer while giving you some lazy excuse to do just that, whether its raining or whatever he just wants you to be even closer to him now
- if your intimacy is high enough with him he might even let you touch his wings or he'll keep you under his arm too or similar
- "aww, im glad you feel that way MC"
- is so touched by your comment and ends up feeling all lovey- dovey because of it
- he will pull your closer and hold you near him, this can either be to just hold your hand, to a hug to maybe a kiss if you two are close enough but even then i like to think Simeon finds holding hands the ultimate form of intimacy for him idk
- everytime he can now he will wrap you around his wings and he will keep you closer to him
- angels are usually beings that should show safety and guideness and similar stuff so pretty much he is doing his roll right and he feels so happy about it
- *happy diavolo noises*
- yeah no when Diavolo goes into his demon form you know someone is about to get slapped to a whole other dimension, so (just like luci) he feels really glad you think otherwise
- "im so happy to know that MC, you have no idea how much that means to me"
- big strong prince will lift you closer to him as he hears you say that you like being wrapped around his wings
- now he'll be clingier than ever and will take any chance he gets to wrap himself around you more, with or without the wings, if he can make you feel safe by being wrapped around you then he will stay wrapped around you
- you are not getting out of this one easily
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alyssatjuhhh · 2 months ago
Solomon: "Can you summon Lucifer?"
MC: "Sure."
*MC clears throat*
Lucifer appearing out of no where: "Where is he!"
Solomon: "I meant by using the pact, but okay.."
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Śćéńáŕíó 1:1
Mc: If I asked you for a hug, would you give it to me?
Lucifer: Sure.
Mc: If I asked you for a kiss, would you give it to me?
Lucifer: Sure.
Mc: If I asked you for a castle, would you give it to me?
Lucifer: Sure.
Mammon:*enters the room* Luci-
Mammon: What are you doing?
Mc: Luci's mostly asleep and I'm asking for stuff.
Mammon: Ooh, I want to ask! Lucifer can I have your credit card?
Lucifer: No!
Mammon:*sobbing* Even when he is asleep he won't give me money.
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exchangestudentmicha · a month ago
The Brothers with a Dullahan S/O
Any folklore or mythology buffs please don’t kill me for wrong info, I tried to get some things accurate but I also love some things from like anime or stories that aren’t really accurate to folklore
Dude found out when you were protecting Beel and Luke
He smacked you in the head… and it came flying off…
You weren’t exactly amused afterwards and tried to chew him out, he… wasn’t responding however…
Give him a second he’s rebooting
He’s so disappointed with himself afterwards for not realizing that you’re not human earlier
He also asked why you never corrected anyone about your true nature, which you proceeded to tell him that it was too fun pretending to be human
Well… at least he doesn’t have to worry about your safety
Boi straight up fainted when Lucifer knocked your head off
Y’all had to drag him out of the underground tomb
He woke up on the couch thinking it was a dream, he quickly learned it wasn’t
“Man, I had the weirdest dream… Lucifer got mad and your head came off…”
You proceeded to take you head off to show him it wasn’t a dream, and he proceeded to wake everyone in the Devildom up with his ear piercing scream
In hindsight you might’ve traumatized him by doing that, because even after Lucifer came in and yelled at him for screaming at like 11 at night, he was still shaking
“Y-Your h-h-head! W-What the hell?!” Poor man was as white as his hair
You explained to him that you’re actually not a human, but instead a type of fae called a dullahan
It didn’t stop his shaking, but he’s glad that your beheading doesn’t actually hurt you
He thinks its frickin AWESOME
Also he’s pulled up at least like 8 characters from anime that you could cosplay as
“We have to cosplay as the main duo from ‘How do I tell my roommate that I’m a dullahan without stealing his soul’ I already have the outfits made!”
(Also he’s low-key jealous that you can actually style your hair for cosplays without having your arms die from holding them up for literal hours)
You may have to correct him about certain things concerning dullahans since all the information he has about them is from anime
Because he keeps asking if you can summon a giant fiery claymore like that one dullahan in an anime he saw and you keep having to tell him that no you can’t
Prepare for the questions, he’s never met a dullahan after all
“So, do you actually have a horse? What about a spine whip? Can you really kill someone by calling their name?”
Thankfully you didn’t mind answering his questions and told him that yes, you do have a horse, they’re a sweetheart, no you don’t have a spine whip but your dad does, and yes, you can do that but you choose not to
“…So you won’t do it to Lucifer?”
You unfortunately told him no
But you did say that he could put your head in random places to scare the shit out of people
Lucifer was not expecting a head to greet him from the cabinet when he made his coffee the next day
“Hey does that mean that you could give me a long range blow-“ [THIS HAS BEEN CENSORED DUE TO THIS BEING A NON LEWD FIC]
You of course smacked him for that comment, and sigh at his creativity for all things lewd
“I’m kidding! I’m kidding sorta please don’t smack my face!”
Asmo also falls into the category of being jealous that you can do your hair without your arms dying
But, he finds it pretty cool that you’re a dullahan. You wouldn’t be the first fae he’s slept with, but definitely the first dullahan
Save the child!
The first thing he did when his first saw your head come off was covered Luke’s eyes
The second thing he did, after everything calmed down and Lucifer finished rebooting, was ask if the flame at the base of your neck could actually burn things
You told him that it could if you wanted it to, and he responded by pulling out a bag of marshmallows and asked if you wanted smores (And that it would probably help Luke since he was still lowkey shaking from the whole Lucifer beheading you incident)
You of course said yes and y’all spent the rest of the afternoon eatings mores and getting Luke used to the fact that you weren’t human, and could in fact remove your head without getting hurt
His discovery was an interesting one
He went to choke you… And your head popped off…
He’s never been more confused in his life
At first he was convinced that humans were weaker than he remembered and that he decapitated you with his bare hands
But then your disembodied head TALKED
You’ve never seen someone bluescreen so hard before
He was so caught off guard that when you asked for your head back he did so without question
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coffeerecords · 18 days ago
➾ in which he makes it his priority to take care of you during your period. 
wordcount: 4.1k+ | genre: fluff, comfort, established relationship au, soft and coddler boyfriend!lucifer to soothe the soul (this is a self-indulgent fic) | pairing: lucifer x fem!reader | rating: pg-15 | tw: cramps, mentions of drug (painkiller), luci can’t catch a break, reader has mood swings and is sensitive, swear words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sudden cramp on your lower abdomen has you clutching your stomach as you quickly stumble to the couch near the fireplace. You have predicted that Mother Nature will visit you soon and make all the necessary preparations. Still, you didn’t expect her to come with this pain.
Cold sweat trickles down your spine, and a whimper passes your lips, trying to even your erratic breathing and relax your body. Your painkiller is in your room—which feels like miles away considering how big House of Lamentation is and your fading strength to walk or even stand. Slowly, you focus on the crackles of the flame and the heat it’s giving out—anything other than the pain in your lower abdomen as you lose count of the time laying on the couch.
Sleep nearly claims you when the library door swings open, and familiar heavy footsteps draw closer to where you are. Your demon boyfriend calls your name, and you let out a weak noise as a response. Then the footsteps fall into a faster pace. Lucifer rushes to your side, kneeling on your level. His usual composure is long gone as he notices your sickly complexion. Lucifer had taken off one of his gloves, placing his hand on your forehead to check your temperature.
“What happened?” He questions. “You were fine when I left, and now—”
“It’s my period,” you manage to say, sitting up slowly with Lucifer helping you. “I need my painkillers in my room.”
“Alright.” He steadies you on your feet. “I’ll carry you.”
You shake your head. “I’m fine—” Your knees give out the moment you stand, prompting the man to catch you in his arms. “—or not.”
Lucifer shoots you an unamused look. “Clearly, you’re not. Let me carry you.” You nod as he wraps one arm around your back and the other behind your knees. He adds, “Wrap your arm around my neck, love. It’ll be easier that way.”
You murmur a quiet ‘okay’, looping an arm around his neck while your other hand clutches his shoulder. Breathing in your lover’s familiar scent, you relax into his hold as he carries you out of the library. Another jolt of pain courses through you as you groan. Lucifer stiffens, steps faltering while he glances at you. “Did I do something wrong?”
You shake your head, letting out a shaky breath. “It just comes and goes. Don’t worry.”
“How can I not?” Lucifer mutters, clutching you tighter to him and walks faster.
“That’s not the way to my room,” you point out when Lucifer turns toward the opposite direction of your room.
“You’re sleeping in my room tonight,” he states, reaching his room. With a flick of his finger, his door magically opens and closes after he enters. Lucifer lays you on his bed carefully and puts the blanket over you. “Where did you put your painkiller?”
“It’s in a small bag, along with all my other necessities,” you mention. “I put it on top of my dressing table.”
“Alright, I’ll go get it.” He places a brief kiss on your forehead. “Hang in there, okay?”
The tenderness in his voice and gaze would have melted you on the spot if you weren’t so focused on your cramps. But you wait for him, nonetheless. It didn’t take long for Lucifer to come back to his room with a glass of water and your small bag.
“Is this it?” He questions, handing you the bag after you manage to sit up.
“Yeah, thank you.” You quickly fish out the bottle of painkiller and take a pill into your mouth, washing it down with the water Lucifer brought.
Lucifer takes the glass and the bottle away from your hands, placing them on the bedside table carefully before sitting down on the bed. “Feel better now?”
A smile appears on your face as you nod. “It shouldn’t be that painful soon, thanks to you.”
“I’d do anything to help you,” Lucifer chuckles, standing up. “Now, you should rest. I’ll be here if you need anything.”
“Wait, you’re not going to bed?”
He shakes his head. “Still got a couple of reports to deal with. I’ll join you when I’m finished.”
“Do you…” You begin, uncertainty in your gaze.
“Hmm?” Lucifer sits back down, staring at you in concern. “Does it still hurt? Do you need anything else?”
“D-Do you mind holding me until I fall asleep?” you stutter out the question.
Lucifer’s heart skips a beat, looking at you being utterly adorable. And of course, who is he to refuse you?
“Of course, my love,” he smiles gently, joining you under the covers. “Come here.” He gathers you in his arms, rubbing your back soothingly into the night. And not long after, you drift off into a peaceful slumber.
Tumblr media
Mammon lets out a yawn as he enters House of Lamentation, exhausted from spending the whole night in the casino. As if on cue, his stomach rumbles, so he decides to stop by the kitchen for a bit. Gingerly, he looks around the hallway, ensuring it’s empty before he rushes to the kitchen. He knows that he’d be dead by his older brother’s hands if he’s found out.
Releasing a relieved sigh and a hand splayed on his chest, he leans against the doorframe until he notices a boiling pot on the stove. “Beel?”
There are rustlings behind the kitchen counter. And the white-haired demon freezes in his spot as the figure stands up, making himself known. Mammon’s jaw drops. “Lucifer?!”
“You’re finally back, Mammon,” Lucifer states, shooting him an unamused look. “I should have known it was you who sneaked out last night.”
Cold sweat breaks out of Mammon’s body as he stares at his older brother. This is it. Goodbye, Goldie. Goodbye, world.
Lucifer lets out a deep sigh and rubs his temple briefly, turning back to the stove. “I will have to deal with you later.”
Wait, later—? Lucifer never delays punishment. He would have cast a hex on Mammon or strung him up from the ceiling. And— Hold on. Is Lucifer wearing an apron? Mammon gapes, still processing the sight. There the eldest brother stands with an apron, and he’s cooking?
What in the Devildom— Mammon rubs his eyes just in case it was merely a figment of his imagination.
Lucifer is still dressed in his black dress shirt—sleeves rolled up—and his usual slacks with a black apron tied around his neck and waist. A brilliant plan crosses Mammon’s mind as he takes out his D.D.D to snap a picture secretly as the eldest busies himself around the kitchen. Because there’s no way in hell he’ll miss this opportunity to use this as blackmail. Wait, or maybe he can sell this for more Grimms.
Surprisingly, Mammon captures the moment easily and without Lucifer noticing...which is odd. Usually, Lucifer would have seen any attempt of his picture being taken and have Mammon in a death grip instantly.
“There are some leftovers in the pot.” Lucifer’s voice snaps Mammon out of his daze as he quickly hides his phone. “You can grab a bowl if you’d like.”
Speechless, Mammon stares at his brother with his jaw hanging open. Lucifer pays no mind as he quickly unties his apron and puts a steaming bowl of soup on a tray before leaving the kitchen with it, seemingly in a hurry.
Mammon wonders to himself, Did Lucifer just cook and share it with me? Is this the end of the world?
His gaze briefly drops to the discarded apron and then rechecks his phone for the picture he took. His brows furrow in confusion at the sight of a serene smile on Lucifer’s face as he was cooking.
Are we all gonna die soon?
Lucifer strides to his room as fast as he can and is careful enough not to spill the content of the bowl in his hold. Once he reaches his room, he enters quietly to not startle the sleeping figure on his bed. The raven-haired demon sets the tray on the coffee table before he sits on the side of his bed, turning his body to look at you. With a soft smile on his lips, he gently weaves his fingers through your hair. Slowly, his touch rouses you into consciousness.
“Breakfast is ready,” he says softly. “It’s not good to keep your stomach empty for so long when you’re in this state.”
You nod, and he helps you sit against the headboard, placing pillows behind you. Then he reaches for the tray and sets it on your lap. Your sleepy eyes widen at the bowl of soup.
“Did you make this?” you ask, clearly astonished.
“Mhmm,” he nods, barely stifling his amused smile at your cute reaction. “I’ve learned a thing or two from Barbatos.”
You thank him for the meal, lifting the wooden spoon from the tray to start eating. Once you’ve tasted his cooking, you let out a happy hum. “I didn’t know you could cook,” you giggle. “You surprised me.”
Lucifer looks at you fondly, watching you consume every last drop of the soup until a satisfied sigh passes your lips.
“I think I feel much better,” you smile. “Way better than last night. Thanks for taking care of me.”
“Don’t mention it.” He presses his lips on your forehead before taking away the tray. “I’ll always take care of you. And you do not need to be embarrassed to ask for help, alright? You surprised me last night.”
A sheepish smile adorns your lips as you recall what happened last night. With concern evident on his face, Lucifer asks, “Does it get that bad?”
“The first days are almost always the worst for me,” you sigh, making a move to climb out of bed.
“And where do you think you’re going?” Lucifer stops you.
“Uh, class?”
“I have made sure you have the day off today.”
He makes you sit back on the bed. “You’re resting. And you can borrow Satan’s notes to catch up on today’s lessons.”
His tone leaves no room for argument, so you acquiesce. He brings up his hand to caress your head affectionately and adds, “Let me know when your next one starts. I’ll ensure that you will have everything you need.”
“You don’t have to,” you murmur.
The raven-haired man leans in, cupping your cheek and kisses your forehead. “But I want to.”
You let out a quiet ‘okay’, heart thundering against your chest at the tenderness your boyfriend is displaying. Then your gaze falls on the glass table—papers scattered and stacked all over it. “Did you work on those reports here all night?”
Lucifer nods. “Yes, I didn’t want to leave you alone after last night.”
Your cheeks gradually feel hotter under his loving gaze, touched by his thoughtfulness. “You just have to make me fall harder for you, don’t you?”
His ruby eyes widen at your bold statement, mind going blank as his cheeks turn red. Turning his gaze away, he clears his throat. “W-Well, I did promise to protect and cherish you.”
You recall the time when he asked you out (which, honestly, sounds more like a marriage proposal rather than a simple confession because your demon lover didn’t know the difference). Smiling, you lean forward, kissing him on the cheek. “That you did.”
Tumblr media
“You know I don’t mind carrying you.”
“Luci, I told you I’m fine,” you chuckle, looping your left arm through his right. “It’s not that bad now.”
A concerned look passes his gaze as his left hand engulfs your hand on his arm. “Take it easy, alright? Tell me if it gets too much—”
You lean up, shutting him up with a kiss on his lips. “I will, babe.”
He blinks, cheeks turning red as he looks away and continues to walk towards the dining room. The brothers are already there, seemingly interested in something on Mammon’s phone (except Beel, who’s solely focused on his meal). But they quickly disperse when you both appear in the dining room.
“____! Are you okay?” Asmodeus asks, approaches you with his arms wide open. “The day’s been boring without you!”
However, Lucifer blocks his way, preventing him from wrapping his arms around you. Asmo pouts, “You’re being really mean, Lucifer. I haven’t seen ____ all day, and she seems fine! I need affection!”
“Why don’t I give you affection instead?” Lucifer smiles, but not the gentle kind he’s been giving you all day. His grip on Asmo’s shoulder tightens, signalling as a warning to not push his buttons further.
The Avatar of Lust relents, sighing in defeat. You must not feel that well considering how protective Lucifer is now. So, he steps away towards the dining table, but not before sending you a flirty wink. “Fine, fine~ But you owe me cuddles when you’re well again, ____.”
You nod almost too enthusiastically to Lucifer’s dismay. Does he not give you enough cuddles? He may seem like the type to not like physical affection, but Lucifer swears that is not the case. At least, not when it comes to you. He’d love to give you all the hugs and cuddles you need and want.
Sighing mentally, he pulls one of the empty chairs and beckons you to sit before he settles on the chair beside yours. That act does not go unnoticed by his brothers, as he can already feel their stunned glances. Lucifer plans to ignore them until Mammon opens his big mouth.
“Since when did ya actin’ all gentle around ____, Lucifer? I thought ya hate doing that kind of stuff.”
Perhaps, he has been too lenient on his brother’s aggravating behaviour. Not to mention, he hasn’t punished the Avatar of Greed yet for sneaking out during school night. But before Lucifer can act, his D.D.D. rings and Diavolo’s name appear on the screen.
“I must take this,” Lucifer announces, sending a glare to Mammon before looking at you with his softened gaze. “I’ll be back, love. This shouldn’t take too long.” You nod slowly, and Lucifer pats your head briefly. Standing up from his seat, he turns to his brothers with a glare. “Do not stir up any trouble.”
And with that, he leaves the dining room.
“Tch, it’s always those words coming out of him,” Mammon grumbles. “It’s not like I want to get into trouble. Trouble always finds me.”
Leviathan—who’s sitting across from you—sighs exasperatedly. “That’s because you’re not smart enough to avoid it.”
“Oi! Take back what ya said!”
Belphegor shakes his head at your side as Levi and Mammon continue to argue. “Is it so hard to have a peaceful meal for once?”
“I don’t think that’s possible,” Satan remarks. “Especially when one is a complete idiot.”
Overhearing Satan’s comment, Mammon turns to him. “Look who’s talking—”
Satan cuts him off, “For Diavolo’s sake, swallow before you talk. You’re disgusting.”
“You sound just like Lucifer,” Mammon shoots back.
“What did you say?”
“This is not going well,” Asmo giggles, taking out his D.D.D to capture the moment.
“I said—”
“I’m going to end you!” Satan glowers with a murderous glare.
Everyone thought Lucifer had come back from his office. But that’s not the case as you blink, surprised at your own outburst. You clear your throat, “I mean, let us stop arguing and just eat instead.”
“Like hell I am—”
“Mammon...” You say with a sickly sweet voice and an eerie smile. The brothers glance at each other warily. “Should I use the pact on you, instead?”
Seemingly to sense your darkening mood, Satan regains his composure and stuffs a piece of meat inside the white-haired demon’s mouth. “It’s time to just eat.”
Dinner goes smoothly afterwards, and Lucifer is still not back. Usually, it’s his presence that keeps his brothers under control. And without him…
“Mammon, get your hands off,” Levi hisses, eyes narrowing in annoyance. His arm outstretched to reach for the last slice of spicy rainbow pizza, which Mammon coincidentally is reaching for as well.
“I’m older!” Mammon shoots back. “So, I should get the last piece!”
“A scumbag! That’s what you are,” Levi growls. “After selling my new RPG game. This is the least you can do.”
So much for a peaceful dinner…
Your shoulders droop in defeat when his familiar footsteps echo through the hall. Not long after, Lucifer emerges through the dining-room door, looking unfazed at the sight of his brothers arguing.  
“Enough, the both of you,” Lucifer sighs, sitting on the empty seat beside you. “You can cut it in half and share—”
“No!” They both exclaim before setting their eyes back on each other in a heated glare as they tug the pizza in opposite directions.
“Stop copying me!”
“No, you stop copying me—”
Lucifer lets out another deep sigh before he turns to you. “Did I miss anything?”
He did research earlier on periods to gain more insights and avoid what happened last night from ever happening again. Turns out, during their periods, humans may get more sensitive and have mood swings. But so far, everything seems fine with you. Your cramps no longer bother you as much. Plus, Lucifer did coddle you throughout the day—even skipping today’s morning meeting with Diavolo—which you seem to appreciate.
You shake your head, mumbling a quiet ‘no’. Suddenly, shocked gasps echo through the room, and a slice of pizza finds itself on your face, then sliding down to your shirt.
“It’s his fault!” Mammon and Levi say in unison.
Lucifer stares in shock momentarily before he glares at his two brothers, anger rising quickly. “You two—”
“My favourite shirt…” you mumble quietly, peeling the pizza off your shirt.
Oh, no…
Tears well up in your eyes as you stare down at your ruined shirt. The anger in him dwindles as fast as it appears. Lucifer tilts your chin to look into his eyes. “Sweetheart, I’ll get something to clean you up with, okay? Everything’s gonna be okay.”
You nod hesitantly, and Lucifer smiles comfortingly at you. Standing up from his seat again, he turns to his brother with a scowl. “You both will be on kitchen duty for the whole month.”
“O-Oi, ____… You alright?” Mammon stammers as Lucifer heads to the kitchen. Then there’s a realisation in Mammon’s gaze when he regards you. Somehow, you’re emitting this unusual, scary aura and your gaze glints dangerously like something that should not be trifled with.
Levi pinches him and whispers, “Of course, she’s not! It’s The Favourite Shirt.”
Satan—who is watching the whole fiasco in amusement—merely clicks his tongue. “Mammon, show her the picture.”
“What picture?”
“You’re such an idiot,” Satan huffs, grabbing Mammon’s phone on the dining table.
“That’s mine—”
“Shut up,” Satan cuts him off, unlocking the phone quickly. Then he turns to you, “Here. Don’t… Cry?”
You look into the screen he’s showing, and the urge to wring Mammon and Levi by their necks ebbs away. Your gaze lights up at the picture of Lucifer. He’s preparing a meal in his black button-up shirt and slacks with an apron tied around his waist and neck, looking picture-perfect as ever.
“Wow! He looks very handsome, doesn’t he?” Asmo comments, moving towards your side, placing a comforting touch on your shoulder. “No one can get him to voluntarily cook for them!”
Leviathan—knowing what’s good for him—chimes in, “Consider it as payment for your ruined shirt, normie!”
Taking Mammon’s phone in your hands, you let your gaze stay on the picture for a while before sending it to yourself and delete it from his phone immediately.
“Oi! Why did ya delete it?!” Mammon whines. “I was gonna sell—”
“Like I’d let anyone else see that,” you cut him off with that smile, shutting him up. “Consider this as your payment for ruining my favourite shirt. Or would you rather I use the pact?”
Levi nods rapidly in agreement, happy that his best friend no longer wants to throttle him. When Mammon is about to argue, Levi elbows him hard in the ribs to stop him from worsening the situation. Mammon groans in pain and relents, “A-Alright.”
Tumblr media
You are humming to yourself, focused on your D.D.D under the covers when Lucifer exits from the bathroom, freshly showered. As he throws a towel over his head, he sits on the side of the bed, and you place your D.D.D aside. Without exchanging words, you straddle Lucifer’s lap, and his arms wrap themselves around your waist. Ruby eyes watch you fondly as you focus on drying his hair.
“You’re in a good mood.” He muses. “What are you thinking about?”
He raises a brow at your blunt answer. “What about me?”
You falter momentarily, and the towel covers Lucifer’s curious stare from you. Enveloping your hands in his, Lucifer brings down the towel from his head. “Did I really not miss anything during dinner?”
Lucifer adds, “Come to think of it, Mammon and Levi insisted that they have repaid for your shirt earlier. What exactly did you do to them?”
Such a keen observation…
“They gave me a gift…” you start, growing fidgety under his intense gaze.
How do you tell him that his brother took a picture of him—looking handsome as hell, might you add—cooking in the kitchen and totally unaware about it?
Lucifer never liked being caught unaware after all.
“A gift? I don’t recall seeing anything new from Mammon’s purchase history.”
“It’s… It’s not something that can be bought with money,” you explain carefully.
A look of surprise flashed in his ruby eyes. “Now I’m even more curious about what it is.”
“Uh… It’s nothing important, really.” You make an attempt to climb off his lap, but he holds you still there.
“Nothing important and something that can’t be bought with money?”
“Luci,” you whine. “Let me go to sleep. It’s been a long day.”
“Not until you tell me.” He keeps one arm around you while the other holds your chin to have you look at him. “Can’t you tell your… boyfriend what’s gotten you so tight-lipped? What is it, sweetheart?”
Leave it to him to use that nickname against you. He knows how it renders you weak in the knees and your usually strong will to crumble.
“Fine, fine!” Huffing, you climb off his lap and grab your D.D.D. “But promise me, you won’t do anything to it, and you’ll let me keep it.”
He grins, nodding in agreement. But his expression morphs quickly, lips pursing when you show him your new home screen. “Is that me? When did you take this?”
“It wasn’t me,” you clarify. “Mammon took it this morning when he saw you in the kitchen. He said he wanted to sell it—” A sigh passes Lucifer’s lips. “—but I made sure I deleted it from his phone completely. So, I’m the only one who has this.”
“So, that’s what all the fuss is about,” Lucifer chuckles.
“I overheard you not wanting anyone to see something, even threatening Mammon with the pact.” Lucifer drapes his towel on a chair and beckons you to his arms. “All that for my picture?”
“It’s you doing something domestic,” you mention, laying on his chest under the covers. “And it’s not every day to see the Avatar of Pride preparing a meal.”
“It’s a meal not just for anyone.”
“I know,” you grin, staring up at him. “Who knew that Pridy McPrideface would spoil his girlfriend, huh?”
“Is this what I get for treating you the whole day?” Lucifer huffs at the familiar nickname from his brothers.
Him waking you up this morning, making your favourite soup, and staying with you the whole day is a pleasant surprise. He even insisted on giving you cuddles in bed as he went through his papers. To say you are happy would be an understatement. You are overjoyed. It’s not a common sight for your demon boyfriend to coddle you blatantly. And when you see the picture of him in the kitchen, your heart just melts.
You lift your upper body to look him in the eye, leaning in. “This is your reward—” And you place a kiss on his lips. “—only for my Pridy McPrideface.”
A smirk curls upon his lips after you pull away. “You need more than one kiss to satisfy me.” Then without waiting for your response, he lays you on your back and hovers over you with a teasing grin.
You pull him closer, cradling his face between your hands. “Fine by me.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 6 months ago
Mc: I will now torture you!
Lucifer: Oh,really?
Mc: I think you are sweet and beautiful.
Lucifer: wait....
Mc: you deserve to be cared for as much as you care for others!
Lucifer: no... please!
Mc: your feelings and needs are valid and deserve to be heard!
Lucifer: *fighting back tears* I need a safeword!
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lucisheart · a month ago
Self indulgent smut I wrote at 4 AM because I couldn't sleep let's just pretend luci sucks at hiding his jealousy
genre: smut ft. Lucifer x F!MC
warnings: minors dni
wc: 2.1 k
Tumblr media
Lucifer is overwhelmingly jealous of your relationship with Solomon. That much is quite painfully obvious to everyone around you both. He envies the seemingly effortless closeness between you two. Envies the way your saccharine smile and glittering laughter seem to be reserved for him. And he desires you primarily for the same reason, because he does.
You're not blind, you know this. It would be impossible not to know, but you're absolutely convinced that he must want you for more than that. For more than a body, more than a mind, even more than the sum of your parts. Lucifer, Avatar of Pride, must want you for you.
But all of that isn't worth focusing on now, not when everything is so hazy and his hands are roaming all over you, possessive determination clear in the way he was pushing you into the mattress. Lucifer's kisses are rough and oh so hungry. At your slight gasp his tongue is quick to push it's way into your mouth, exploring as if he was memorizing even the shape of your teeth. Your breathing is shallow, pinned beneath him as you are, but you still try to whimper out your desperation.
What sounds more like a growl travels from deep within his chest, and he adjusts his weight above you as his arms snake around you, pulling you even closer. Tilting your head back, you feel your hair tangling against the plush material of his sheets, meeting his ravenous kiss even as you struggle for breath. You can't help but notice how perfectly your bodies fit together, contouring against one another as if you were made for him, while your fingers flutter uselessly at your side pinned as you are.
"Are you mine?" he whispers against the hollow of your throat, but not giving you any time to answer before his lips are devouring yours once again. A frustrated groan bubbles past your lips, you want so badly to force his jeweled ruby eyes to yours and insist that no matter how the sorcerer treats you, you only want to be his.
In this position though you can only speak through your body, so you arch against him as much as possible, feeling him pressing into you as you try to grind your hips against him.
"Lucifer ah-" you begin again, voice melting to a whine as he begins moving down your body. Your breathing is still shallow as he places teasing kisses against your jaw, throat, and collarbone. His frantic hands come to the neck of your shirt, a gasp leaving your lips as he pulls on it for better access to your neck.
"You're mine, only mine." It comes between stinging nips at your collarbone, leaving you panting and imagining the purple blossoms that will surely appear in the morning. His growls are fierce and thick against your skin, his tongue lapping at the bruised areas to sooth you before moving to decorate a new spot.
"Yes, I'm yours," your voice is breathless as you stare up at the ceiling, your eyes fluttering shut.
"I want you MC." He groans, and it's clear he's going to have you.
Sitting up, he straddles your hips before yanking your shirt up. You come up on your elbows to make it easier, letting him pull your shirt over your head. One hand comes to hold yours over your head, barring you from working at the buttons of his black silk shirt.
"You can't imagine all the ways I've dreamed of having you. I want you on this bed, on the couch, hell on the dining room table. Wherever I can have you." His eyes narrow on you, forehead coming to rest against yours and forcing you to meet his ruby gaze while he works at the buttons.
A whimper leaves you as he uses the shirt to lightly tie your hands together.
"I want you helpless while I take you over and over. I want you to sob and cry my name while I fuck you. And then cry when I do it again and again." The gutteral quality of his voice has you hypnotized, lips parted in silent surprise while your pussy throbs.
Face now flushed you raise your head again, eagerly trying to meet him. Eager for more, but his head comes to rest at the juncture of your neck and shoulders while his hand moves down to the waistband of your pants. Slipping his fingers past the fabric his head raises, eyes meeting yours, as his fingers find your pussy, already slick with arousal and you gasp his name. A mean glint comes into his eyes while his thumb presses against your clit.
"Please Lucifer-" the words catch in your throat, your voice already hoarse.
Smirking he presses more firmly, making your hips squirm as you pant. "You can be more convincing than that, MC."
Your voice slips into a high keen as his thumb begins moving faster, but you force your eyes open to hold contact with him.
"Please, please touch me. Lucifer please, I'm all yours oh- just take me! I need you!" your voice was rising into a shrill babble as he withdrew his hand, fumbling with the waist of your pants. He pushes them down your thighs and you spread your legs completely apart.
Moaning, his name's falls from your lips again as his knuckles brush against you.
"Please," you whisper again.
Suddenly two fingers are pushing past your entrance, before he begins moving almost painfully slow. You roll your hips against his hand impatiently, and his fingers steadily become faster. It feels like lightning running against your skin, body jolting at the building pleasure with each curl of his fingers.
He pushes his fingers even deeper inside you, as your mouth drops open in a wordless cry. You feel yourself start to ache and clench around them, building heat in your abdomen.
You moan brazenly as he fucks you with his fingers, desperately trying to rise yourself up to capture his lips. Lucifer keeps just out of your limited range, a self satisfied smirk gracing his features. "You're going to cum on my fingers, aren't you MC?".
Your so close, and you've managed to twist your hands free from the flimsy binding. Your hands find his, pushing down and bringing him deeper inside you. Undeterred, his fingers curl inside you at a restless pace as your orgasm builds. You bite your lip to keep from crying out his name.
"No, I want to hear you," Lucifer growls out.
Your eyes flutter shut as your jaw drops open, the sharp cry of his name accompanying the frantic buck of your hips against his hand. Lucifer pulls you closer towards him, fingers never stilling inside you even while you ride out your orgasm.
It feels sore whenever he does pull out of you, while you grasp weakly at the sheets as the high comes down.
"That wasn't enough, I said I wanted to hear you MC," he states while pulling you up against him before maneuvering you to straddle him. One of his hands tangles in your hair, the other tight around your waist as your hips begin moving over him. You can feel his erection as your thighs brush against his cock, making you grind down harder involuntarily. Your hands push flat against his chest as you use him for leverage, rocking back and forth while the arousal builds inside you again.
"I'll scream for you if you want, Lucifer," you say, a breathless promise as he grins up at you wickedly.
"You will."
You shiver against his touch as his fingers come to unclasp your bra, hands moving up your chest as the straps fall against your shoulders. He gently massages, thumbs coming to your nipples before his index fingers brush against them in light pinches that has your back forming that delicious arch again.
Your hands are still pressed against his chest and you sigh loudly, a sound that gets cut off as he grabs you roughly, pressing his lips to yours again. His hands creep up, and you feel one against your throat as you move your tongue against his. His thumb brushes against your pulse as he breaks the kiss to move down again, moving over the sore bites he left earlier.
"I want you," he says again.
Through your labored breathing you nod, moving your hands down to tug at his pants before finding the fastening to open them. As you help free him of the last of his clothes, Lucifer is quick to pin you beneath him once again.
Taking one of your hands he fixes you with that impassable gaze while wrapping it around his cock. Slowly, you stroke him in a steady pattern as his hands press on your hips, fingers digging in painfully.
You feel your heartbeat rise in your throat as you guide him towards your pussy. Lucifer smirks, moving his hips. He's teasing your entrance, too shallow to be satisfying. You whimper as the head of his cock comes forward, pushing you open. Your muscles tense, a grimace painting your face before giving way to feeling satisfyingly full as he gives a single hard thrust to fill you completely.
It's too sudden, causing you to yelp his name as his grin widens. Black and white hair falls into your face as he stretches your sore pussy, pushing back into your throbbing heat. Your legs come to wrap tightly around his waist.
Lucifers hand finds purchase at your throat, and you lean your head to the side giving him access. A noise that was almost ecstatic leaves him as he wraps his hand around your neck. You choke almost immediately, the thrum of your pulse hightened throughout your body now. The side of your face rubs against the sheets in time with his thrusts. Pressure builds simultaneously alongside the jolts of pleasure with every thrust of his hips as Lucifer fucks you.
Every stroke of his cock takes you higher, getting you more strung out as his hips move into you again and again. He fixes you with an intense gaze before gritting out "Can he fuck you like this? Huh?".
Letting go of your neck Lucifer leaves you gasping for air, blood rushing back through your veins making you dizzy. He pulls your knees higher, legs over his shoulders as he sinks even further into you.
Your gasping as he pounds into you, holding onto your calves like an anchor as he fucks you almost punishingly. He's hard and fast and merciless, teeth gritted as your body wordlessly encourages him, building your climax.
Letting go with one hand, he finds your neck again, causing your vision to blur slightly making you lose sight of his heated expression. You can barely hear yourself, breaths gurgled and squeezed out of you with each push of his cock. You can feel him hitting your sweet spot as his skin slaps against yours. White hot ripples pulse in time with your heartbeat throughout your body, and your eyes roll back while Lucifer keeps fucking you through your staticy vision.
In a second the pressure on your throat is gone, leaving you heaving and nearly coughing. Your skin feels feverish, your body limp, and it's all you can do to slur our his name.
"Come again, cum for me."
The pleasure instantly makes your muscles seize, and you feel yourself clenching around him as Lucifer continues pounding into you erratically. It's unbearable, coming the second time, your body is strung out on oxygen deprived pleasure and your head pounds. It's only the weight of his body over you that keeps you grounded through it.
Lucifer is right behind you, thrusting so hard that you nearly see the static behind your eyes again. In moments he nearly completely collapses against your chest, just as boneless as you feel while his cum spreads hot inside you.
You feel raw and aching as he pulls out of you, rolling to his side before sitting up. His deep breaths make you jealous, lungs still burning. You want to speak, but all that comes out is a pathetic whine.
"Get up," you hear, "I'm going to fuck you until I've had my fill, my love. I told you, you can't even imagine all the ways I've wanted you."
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obeymefictionwriting · 3 months ago
Can I request head cannons of the Brothers reacting to an Mc that looks really good in glasses? They normally wear contacts but every now and then, they’ll pull out their glasses while working or reading. They just never told the Bros they wear glasses since it didn’t seem that important because they wear contacts so often
When he enters your room and you look up at him, he is surprised because something seems off but he can't figure out what it is.
Oh, the glasses. Wow. They really suit you.
"I never knew you are wearing glasses but they make you look really classy, you know".
Is excited about your glasses because it's one more thing you can bond over.
Thinks about how well you two look together when wearing glasses (the Avatar of Pride, duh).
"Maybe you want to go shopping and we can buy a few more pairs for you?"
Glasses on you turn him on but shhh - it's a secret.
"Where did they come from?!"
He reacts like that because he is really stunned but is too shy to admit that.
"Well, they kinda look good. I dunno, don't ask me, I'm not a nerd!"
Will start considering if he needs a pair too.
Like, he always has his sunglasses on, but hey - real glasses look good as well!
Maybe he can even look as suave as Lucifer... Maybe he can STEAL his glasses!
"Brb I have sum things to do!"
Oh wow. Wow.
You totally look like one of his favorite anime characters with these glasses on!
Will quickly scribble something on the paper and hand it to you.
"Can you maybe say this out loud?"
Of course, it's his favorite line from that anime character.
*melts inside*
"Can you maybe wear them more often?"
Will definitely hold your hand and touch you more often than he usually does.
"Well, look at you!"
He is melting inside but won't show it... for now.
"You look stunning. They suit you so much".
Be sure that he is imagining all sort of nasty things in his head.
"Wanna study in the library together after classes?"
And no, he doesn't intend to study /hehe
"Why don't you wear them more often?"
"Huuuh? You wearing glasses? How cute is that!"
"Maybe I can buy a matching pair!"
"Wanna know a secret? I have glasses too!"
Yup, that's the truth. When he is alone in his room, he often uses reading glasses but doesn't show it.
But now that he knows you wear them too, he will be more open as well!
"Sweetheart, you inspire me to rediscover myself".
"I didn't want to be compared to Lucifer so I didn't wear the, that's why".
The ultimate supportive/admiring boyfriend!
At first, he doesn't even notice because you always look beautiful and these are minor details.
Only after some time, he realizes there is something new in the way you look.
Oh, the glasses! Wow. They look so...natural on you.
"MC, I really like your glasses".
He will ask you to go shopping for more glasses with him.
"These look like candy. They are perfect for you. I'm buying them".
From now on, will ask you to read all small captions in cafeterias to learn whether there are any special deals or discounts.
He will pretend he didn't notice anything just to see your reaction.
Will also secretly observe you and he must admit, these glasses suit you really well.
In fact, they make him feel all sorts of feels.
Will grab you in his arms and whisper "I love how these glasses look on you" in your ear.
"Not that I care much though".
Maybe he should buy a pair too? He can also make impressions of Lucifer and to think about that, it can be a perfect prank...
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · a month ago
Scenario- MC is a single parent, had to bring their kid with them to the devildom. One night, the kid wakes up from a nightmare, and decides they need to wake up their favorite demon and drag him back to protect them and their parent.
MC's kid brings their favorite demon back with them after a nightmare
(This idea is adorable ♡♡♡)
Tumblr media
The idea of a human child in the devildom was concerning for all of the brothers, it was obvious that they would end up being overprotective of your both pretty quickly.
However how would they react to your kid waking them up and dragging them to your room?
- sleep isnt an option for lucifer
- the kid will end up finding him awake still working in his room
- even though you can see that luci is dead tired he wont go to sleep until he finishes all this paperwork
- *yawn* "oh hello child, why are you awake?"
- "i had a bad dream.."
- "oh really?"
- it would take a bit of begging for the kid to manage to drag lucifer to your room but once he does, everyone will be deep asleep
- you would be caught offguard by lucifer having your kid sleep between you two but he says that it's ok so no need to worry
- "MC im more than glad than to accompany you two in these situations, no need to worry about it"
- " i needed to sleep anyways"
- "wha-what.. kid what the hell are you doing here? What do you want? Cant you see how late it is??"
- he wont be happy with being awoken by your kid while sleeping, but honestly who would?
- "i had a nightmare, it was scary and um..."
- "oh! You want the GREAT MAMMON to protect you from the bad dreams?"
- he will gladly accompany you and youre child to your room to sleep with
- you wake up by mammon wrapping himself to you and your kid
- the next morning when you try to say sorry about the disturbance he shows off his quality tsundere act
- "yeah whatever its not like i care about you and your kid or something"
- "seriously MC keep that thing on a leash or something like-"
- your kid catches levi rewatching TSL since he couldnt sleep either
- after watching an episode or two with levi, the kid finally asks him to join you two in bed
- "y-you want me to sleep with you two? But why?"
- "i had a scary dream"
- flustered nervous boy
- will join you two in bed but wont try to touch neither of you as to not bother you two
- it's like that once scene from that one anime where-
- when you wake up you'll find them both playing games on his phone on the floor next to the bed
- when you try to explain yourself to him and say sorry for having the kid drag him here to your room he'll just panic and say it was no issue
- "oh jajaja it was nothing really-" *nervous mode activated*
- he was still awake when the kid entered his room
- after your kid swims through the sea of books that cover satan's floor he asks the demon boy to sleep with you two
- "why dont i read you a bedtime story instead to get rid of the spooky dreams?"
- "cant you do both?"
- you wake up by satan reading your kid a children's book so that he can fall asleep
- i doubt he'd be the best with kids but he'd also try hard enough for situations like these
- "oh MC dont worry about last night i was just being a good friend to the kid"
- *wakes up annoyed*
- "wha.. why is this lost sassy child in my room??"
- yeah no, if you think asmodeus would be good with kids then my boy you are WRONG (at least to me)
- but that's fine he'll probably grow attached to it (or not)
- after the kid explains to asmo that he had a nightmare he will see why he is here and he will be more than glad to sleep with yo- i mean him AND you
- its him trying to flirt with you while the kid finally falls asleep that wakes you up
- "hey... hey gorgeous wake up its the love of your life here"
- will accept your apology for what happened but will, just like mammon, end up asking you to get a leash for your kid
- "i'd give you one but mine arent for children MC"
- "asmo i swear to fu-"
- definetely the most understandable out of then all
- will happily share the bed with you two
- "a bad dream you say? Sure i'll sleep with you two"
- prepare to be spooned by the gentle giant... and to be spooned on the other side if belphie ends up joining you three
- you might also end up waking up to neither beel nor the kid in bed since they both decided to get ahead and have breakfast first
- "dont worry about last night MC, i've been in similar situations before"
- angry sleepy noises
- "what do you f**king want kid? Cant you see its like 2am?"
- will literally fall asleep again as your kid explains what happened
- if you thought belphegor likes kids then your wrong too
- there is no way your kid would manage to drag him to your room, literally its imposible
- not even lucifer can do it without struggling what makes you think that some toddler could?
- you'll most likely wake up alone only to find your kid next to belphie in his bed
- or your kid will drag YOU to his bed
- either way belphie refuses to get up from his sleeping
- " MC look i accept the apology but im not doing this ever again please keepthat thing on a leash or something-"
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fficway · 5 months ago
I had to put this somewhere as this has been living rent free in my head for the past week, so here it is:
Obey Me Brothers, and Their Preferred Sexual Positions/Kinks!
🔞 Minors DNI 🔞
This is written as headcannons and MC is Gender Neutral!
Firstly, Lucifer is definitely a switch.
He's a dominant person normally, but during Guest Appearances he enjoys when MC whips him, AND he's always willing to call MC "Master" when it comes up
Next, when everyone was sucked into Levi's game, Lucifer skipped classes because Diavolo wasn't in that world and he enjoyed the freedom
SO!! This makes me think he has fantasies of slacking off from his work as he pleasures you 👀
Specifically: it gives him a rush knowing that he's purposely not working just to fuck you, with the possibility of getting caught any time!
If you fuck in his office, he's the dom, no question!
He is still a work driven demon, so it would take some time pushing his buttons to get him to that point of abandoning his responsibilities
You do so by teasing him or by playing the sexy aloof card to get him almost drooling
If you fail, the worst that would happen is he would dismiss you from his office and punish you later in the bedroom when he's finished.
But if you succeed...
Your prize (punishment) will be Lucifer's favorite position:
You splayed across his desk, papers scattered everywhere as he rails you!
He'll first lock the door to give you a "proper lecture," and the look in his eye would make your lovely areas heat with excitement
He'll have you bent over his desk, pounding into you while lecturing you
Throwing in some degradation and spanking as he pleases (and it pleases you)
He loves to hear you get loud with his name on your tongue. He wants everyone in the House of Lamentation to KNOW your his, and being fucked good in his office.
Its also a dare for anyone to try to interrupt the two of you and reap the consequences
I repeat: Purposely slacking off from his work to rail you is such a rush for him
Of course, he also enjoys being pleasured from you under his desk as he works too ;)
For the Bedroom: I think Lucifer would def have a bondage kink (you or him wearing it, it doesn't matter to him!)
He is responsible with the after care as well!
It's literally a character trait of his that he's greedy. I mean, he IS the Avatar of Greed!
He's also a Tsundere who gets flustered easily!
So, Mammon always wants more of everything! You give him a kiss on the cheek, he'll want one on the mouth.
"How do you expect that to be enough to satisfy the great Mammon! That isn't nearly enough" (of course he says this with a blush as his Tsundere self can't just ASK for another kiss!)
So you give him a kiss on the lips.
Then another.
Then some tongue action.
Then his kisses will wander to your neck.
"More. I want all of you MC. Every inch. I want you to be mine"
HOWEVER! He would never push you to do anything you don't want to do or aren't ready for!!
Now going onto his favorite position 😏
Its canon that he likes to have things easily without having to work, so he'd love it if you ride him from on top!
He loves where he can see as much of you as possible! He wants to take all of you in!
Mammon is very vocal about what he wants from you during your sexy time!
As for his bedroom talk, his tsundere self would normally beat around the bush when he's trying to be honest, but once he's in an intimate position with you, he'd be showering you with all of the secret thoughts and feelings he has of you that he'd normally hide!
His hands would wander every inch as he'd praise your body
He would kiss you where he could and tell you about how much he adores you
When you talk to him, he'd definitely have a praise kink!
Being lectured by his brothers all the time just gets frustrating to him, and even if it were consensual, he wouldn't prefer being degraded sexually because this is the moment when he's the most honest and vulnerable with you
(Though I'm not saying he wouldn't like it every now and then 👀)
If you told him how great he is, and how amazing he makes you feel, he would be THRILLED
He wants you to feel as amazing as you are
He would be vocal through the entire thing, but as for volume, even though he normally has a loud mouth, he'd probably keep it down as he wouldn't want Lucifer interrupting you two 😂
Mammon on top would definitely bring out his true demon form, and he'd get more bossy with telling you what "more" he wants from you ;)
Of course he would push for aftercare in the most tsundere way
"You probably can't walk after I made you feel so good, so let me get what you need to clean up" (Face RED)
He loves cuddles and for you to fall asleep on his chest :3
(He also totally drools in his sleep!)
This Otaku would totally be into role playing xD
Would have you dress as one of his favorite characters (if you're willing)
At first he'd be so out of it trying to comprehend if this blessing of you in front of him is real life or not before ending up too nervous to do much at first.
So, you end up with a foreplay reward system as he plays his video games to comfortably ease into it!
The more he wins, the more action he gets ;D
From kissing, to groping, to giving him a blow job as he plays his games until he can't take it
Which leads to his favorite:
Shower Sex!
As Leviathan, the aquatic demon, he'd feel most comfortable (and feel like you have more privacy)
To him it feels like he gets to be closer to you
He loves to be able to touch you all over as you fuck
This boy is LOUD!!
(This is canon, we all know this xD)
As for vocal kinks, this Otaku would probably love it if you used allusions to his favorite games in some sexy way
"Like Ezio, I'm great from behind and above"
"I know my way around the cleft of dimension, want me to show you?"
"Are you up for a little tactical insertion?"
He'd also love skinny dipping and fucking you in pools and lakes too for sure! ;3
You can clean up easily in the shower afterwards!
Cuddles!!! (You replace his body pillow! What a privilege!)
It is no question this man has a LOT of experience
He loves it every which way and more!
He's all for the Vanilla but LIVES for the kinky stuff
Praise kink to the GODS!
As long as you're admiring him, he is happy!
He doesn't need a scene set to get to business, he's ready to go anytime!
Which is why its more than likely his favorite sex is Public Sex.
He loves to share with the world the art of sex and the beauty that is the two of you in intercourse!
This of course would depend on your comfort! If you wanted to keep your sexual encounters private, he would oblige!
He's a pleaser!!
He loves admiration, and he loves sex, so as long as you're happy with how he's fucking you, and you're vocal about it, he is pleased himself!
Position-wise, I think whatever is your favorite is what he'd be ready and willing to do!
Basically any and every kink he loves, and is more than willing to be the top or bottom!
He can go for MANY rounds!
((@mogmoe drew their headcanon for what the brothers' tongues would look like while in their full demon forms and gave Asmo tentacle tongue so do with that as you will ;3))
(Sorry this seems kinda vague but I mean anything you can think of he's probably already done it and more, and enjoys every bit of it!)
With how this man wants to be seen as an individual and not just a prior part of Lucifer, he wants to be SEEN during sex!
He's a dom! He can blush and act shy and all normally, but in the bedroom he is totally dominant!
Would definitely have some hot angry sex with you given his temper!
Pushing you up against a wall and fucking you stupid
Splay you across his book clad floor or toss you on the bed to rail you
But you always have to be looking at him!
"Who's the one fucking you right now?"
Loves hearing you say his name!
He'll kiss you every time just to taste his name coming off of your tongue
He also reads a ton of books, so this man has read his fair share about how to pleasure his partner properly ;)
No matter if you're on the bed or against the wall, you have to stay wrapped around him!
He wants to know how much you want him!
He'll deny you your orgasm to make you beg him and say his name
He'll eventually let you have your relief and loves if you'll hold him close as you do
Sweet forehead kisses after you both finish as he praises you
Proper aftercare! Whatever you need, he's sweetly obliging
He'll love to fall asleep in your arms! :)
First of all, this man almost never stops eating
He'll give you plenty of affection, but he'll usually be stuffing his mouth or snacking as he does.
But he's not neglectful! It's just his nature as the Avatar of Gluttony that he's always hungry!
So you play into this so that he enjoys the process as you get him in the mood 👀
Using whatever treat you like to eat, you eat it in front of him, but only have the smallest portion possible (for example, maybe just two or three pieces of candy)
Of course he'll ask for a piece, so that's when you'll hit him with "Oh I'm sorry Beel, but that was the last one"
Before he has a chance to get sad about it (or you can wait until he pouts since he's adorable) you offer to share the last piece
Naturally he'll want to share it
But its already in your mouth ;)
He'll shyly kiss you to get a taste of the treat off your lips
"So soft"
He'll kiss you again, but this time with a flick of his tongue
He'll make another remark, but this time about the taste of the treat
"I want to taste more"
Cue the tongue action!
If the treat is still in your mouth, prepare to fight to keep it
If it isn't still in your mouth, he'll explore every inch to taste what's left of it
This man uses his mouth muscles to eat pounds of food every day, so he is a fantastic kisser!
He'll get so invested in the taste of you that he forgets about the treat altogether
This is where it gets steamy 😏
He wants his mouth everywhere
On your neck
Your chest
Your shoulders
Your stomach
There's not much sex talk from him because his mouth is always busy on you, but he makes plenty of comments to compliment you and your body!
Eventually, he'll want to taste the best parts of you 😏
His favorite: having his mouth on your nether regions ;)
He'll get so invested that he'll accidentally transform into his true demon form
((@mogmoe 's headcanon for Beel's tongue while in his true form was large like the size of a cow's tongue, so I'm playing off that!))
If you're a person with a vagina, his large tongue will be pumping in and out to taste every inch of your walls/If you're a person with a penis, he'll suck you like a popsicle to get your juices, and you know he can deep throat with no issue
If you like getting your ass eaten, he'll do that too
All the while you hold onto his horns like handle bars as he works his magic tongue and mouth
He doesn't have a preference for how you talk during sex, but if you praise him, it would definitely make him happy and encourage him to do more for you!
If you want to get him off too, he definitely loves 69ing!!
It feels to him as if you're both sharing a meal together, but in a more special and intimate way!
Afterwards, he would be super sleepy. He'd pull you close and be like a very large teddy bear cuddling up to you.
(Though he would wake up later for some midnight snacks!)
I can already tell you now: Lazy Fucking!
This man loves to cuddle as much as possible!
He'll sleep with his head in your lap, he'll fall asleep on your shoulder, he'll spoon you (little or big, it doesn't matter to him!)
If he wants to get steamy after waking up with his head in your lap, he'll start to work with his mouth as his face is already down there
If he wakes up with his head on your shoulder, he'll start lazily kissing along your neck
During cuddling, his hands will mindlessly wander. He may reach back to get handsy if he's the little spoon. Or he might grind on you a little while kissing your neck from behind if he's the big spoon.
But his favorite: lazily fucking you from behind
Laying on top of you, his chest pressed to your back, his hand intertwined with yours, all as his dick slowly pumps in and out of you
He would whisper sweet praises to you, maybe tell you about what he dreamed while he was asleep!
His other hand would help to assist with your pleasure.
He probably would be too tired for aftercare, but for you he's always willing to do it!
Of course more cuddling will follow!
I dont know if it's obvious but I'm still kinda new to Obey Me! I'm in chapter/lesson 13, so if some of these seem OOC, please let me know! This is my first time publishing headcanons, or rather any of my writing in general, so let me know what you think!
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Mc: *sad that lucifers hurt and currently unconscious*
Mammon: don't worry mc
Mc: huh?
Mammon: that stuck up, rule abiding, square. Will be fine. Something like this can totally kill him. But his a pain in the behind so he'll be fine
Lucifer: *finally waking up to mammon last comment* What was that Mammon
Mammon: no-nothing
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