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#obey me luficer
bumblebeezie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Back at it again with no sleep and memes. Won’t lie the Lucifer one got me when I was making it.
Nothing like staying up till 5 am and waking up at 7 am 😮‍💨✨
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nyxs-sins · a day ago
*trumpet noises
*A messenger gallops through the grand doors on a horse, carrying a scroll.
"Excuse me, your highness." they rolled open the scroll. "A request has arrived this morning. It's from Lady @candymeowz , and she's asking if you'd write headcanons for the brothers and/or dateables reacting to Mc sneaking up behind them and pouring ice down the back of their shirts. She mentioned that it's okay if you don't do it, as well as to have a good day."
*they bow down be4 disappearing into the night.
I stand, descending from my throne while motioning for one of my butlers to come forward.
“Have my scheduled rearranged for the day. I have something I must attend to.”
I whisk past them towards my grand study. Once there, I find a blank scroll and a well of ink, carefully pulling a quill out of one of the pockets in my dress.
“Now, let’s see here…”
Warning: A little NSFT on Asmo’s.
MC Puts Ice Down the Brother’s Backs
Slowly turns around to smirk at you.
You’ve messed up.
Because he doesn’t even glare at you, he just has that sadistic smirk on his face.
“That was very cold, MC.”
“How would you like it if I did that to you?”
“Actually now that I mention it, that’s not such a bad idea.”
He’ll tie you down to a chair with your back exposed and put ice down your shirt every hour on the hour until dinner.
Screams and grabs at the back of his shirt.
Dances around trying to get it out.
“What’re ya laughin’ for? Help me!”
But once he realizes it was YOU who put the ice down his shirt, it’s all over.
Now you are in the middle of an ice war, and he doesn’t want to lose.
Extra points if you get Satan or Lucifer.
Also screams and tries to run away.
But ultimately falls on the floor.
He’ll wiggle around trying to get it out, crying at how cold he is.
Eventually will just give up and go sit in his tank with Henry, pouting.
He won’t talk to you for the rest of the day.
He wakes you up at one am the next day by pouring a bucket of ice water on you.
He doesn’t feel it.
Either his body temperature is too hot and the ice just immediately evaporates,
Or it’s too cold and he doesn’t notice the difference.
He’ll still know you did it though, because he felt you tugging on his shirt.
Will most likely do it back depending on his mood.
“Oh, MC, I didn’t know you were into temperature play~”
He’s a bit upset that his clothes are wet now, but he won’t mind so long as he gets to tease you.
Next time (or if it’s your first time) you’re doing the forbidden tango with Asmo, he WILL incorporate ice cubes and hot wax, with your consent.
Otherwise, he will try to sneak up on you to slip ice down the back of your shirt.
He does it mainly if you haven’t been spending enough time with him.
Why would you want to put ice down his shirt?
Oh, it’s a prank? Can he do it to you?
Wait, why are you running away?
It takes him a moment (and some information from Belphie) for him to catch on.
Once he does, he doesn’t really care.
If it’s something that makes you happy he’ll participate.
But other than that he’s not interested.
You woke him up…
For this?
And you best be prepared to lose.
You will find ice everywhere.
Down your shirt, in your bed, your sock drawer.
No space you have ever occupied will escape Belphegor’s wrath and ice planting.
Guess you better think twice before waking him up like that again.
Especially if you ever want to have dry socks and shoes again.
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equestriagirl16 · a month ago
Obey me bois and their nightmares about you~
Tumblr media
I often see the concept of how these bois would fall prey to certain insecurities involving their sins and love for you. So let’s explore further into that through one of their more vulnerable states. Their dreams.
Warnings: angst, gore!!(specifically for Satan, Beel, and Belphie), cursing
Tumblr media
He would often wonder if his bouts of arrogance would ever have any lasting effects on you, like it had on others throughout the years
You were always so forgiving and understanding, but the possibility of you becoming more meek and sullen around him intruded his mind late at night after a mountain of paper work had been conquered and he fell into sleep before he knew it
He opens his eyes again, only to find he is in a darkened room, with him being seated on a high thrown and you below him kneeled on the ground head hanging low
“I’m sorry..”
“I’m sorry for questioning you, for speaking out of turn, for embarrassing you…”
Lucifer was confused and concerned, you sounded so distant and disheartened and he had no idea what for
“Lucifer..are you ashamed of me?”
His eyes widened at the question, you sounded like you were on the verge of tears
“No! Never! MC tell me what is-”
“I won’t ruin your image any more, I won’t insult your authority, I won’t test your patience, I won’t speak out of turn I won’t-”
You continued to ramble about the things you won’t do anymore as you rose to your feet and slowly turned to walk away in a zombie like state, to see you like this hurt Lucifer it scared him even
He doesn’t want you to be another sheep, he loves you as you are!
He reaches out to you only to find he’s tethered to the thrown, not being able to escape this cage and you walking away a broken soul by his hand
The guilt and fear of having done this to you dug a hole in his chest paining him to the point of snapping awake with a flinch
He’s thankful to realize it was only a dream and sighs as he leans back in his chair and pushes his hair out of his face. In the morning he’d be sure to be explicitly clear about how truly grateful he is for you, just as you are
You were his first human, he’s your first man and he holds that title as high on his list as ‘The Great Mammon!’
But sometimes he just can’t rap his head around how cool you can be, even when he’s prone to some…uncool habits
I mean cmon! The things he’s done for a quick buck! How can you just…forgive him so easily? Is there really not a single grudge bone in your whole body? No plots or anything? Even he can admit he deserves..some of it
But you’re still so kind, and can even be as mischievous as him! He just wonders when’s he gonna push that one button, when’s he gonna fuck up and really do something that makes you call it quits
He thinks real hard on these things sprawled out on his bed, so much to the point that he conks out almost instantly
When he wakes up again he’s standing in front of an alley next to a club, he turns and sees you hunched over your shoulders shaking as you whimper
“Hey MC! What’s wrong did someone do this to ya-
He’s scared by the violent shove you gave him as you whipped around
Is that what he did, no…no never, never that, never to you!
“Wh-No! MC I can get grimm from anywhere! How could I- w-why would I take from you?!”
“And you’re a goddamn liar.”
That last line you spat made him flinch as a pang of guilt stabbed through his stomach
“You’re a scumbag Mammon. Get out of my life.”
“Nonono WAIT-”
You screamed at a volume that pierced his ears and with that he jolts awake in a cold sweat. Relieved it was a dream as he pants, but the image never really leaving him for a while maybe he’d work up the courage to talk to you about it one of these days
It’s no real question where his worries lie with you, day in and day out he fears you’ll wise up and realize you could do better
Even with you constantly reassuring him that he’s perfect for you and how you’d never stop loving him, the thought always eats at him when his guard’s down
Jealousy is inevitable for him, but that doesn’t mean he likes it, you were the first person in forever to actually care about what he says let alone be interested
A mega fan like him he had to be dreaming! But in fact it was in his very dreams where he always sees the same scene unfold. You being swept away by someone cooler, someone stronger, someone more handsome, someone, ANYONE! And worst of all…
“God! Fucking finally, if I hear him ramble about another anime or some sh!t I’m gonna vomit.”
He stood there, frozen, watching you speak to another figure
“*sigh* like I tried, I really tried to humor him but who actually gives a damn! Maybe if he tried stepping out in sun the extra vitamins would actually help him catch a fuckin clue.”
“He must’ve loved finally being able to touch something else other than a body pillow though, how the hell can a demon lord be so pathetic it’s…disgusting.”
He watches you say the last line with a scowl. He was hurt deeply but he can’t move, can’t express any emotion, but if he could he thinks he might cry
Or maybe not as he’d figured you’d feel this way, isn’t it weird that even though he expected this seeing it actually happen makes him feel like he’s gonna shatter into pieces
And he does, his frozen form splits and cracks and falls to pieces onto the ground. It’s painful, but not as painful as watching you walk away with someone else, a huge smile forming on your face
His eyes slowly open, relief fills him as he sees it was a dream but it wasn’t enough to make the swirling in his gut go away, he thinks it’s a good time for another one of those 3am calls with you
Despite the calm nature he tries to uphold it’s only a testament that anger can come in many forms, it’s not always violent and neither does he want it to be, though he can admit sometimes it can become…blinding
But that’s only because he wishes to be heard, and hear him you do, and comfort and calm and talk and walk and read with him. He feels as though nothing can put him in a better mood and he’s forever grateful
However, in the back of his mind he’s still cautious of that beast, that unrelenting fearsome creature that only sees red and won’t think for a second before attacking whoever and whatever’s in front of him
And with you being his main outlet, he always thinks, what if he decides to no longer listen? What if in the Beauty and Beast the beast was never merciful?
He dozes off having read a bit of said tale for the thousandth time, and when he wakes it’s the same room but different, destroyed, messy, and in shambles
He rises from his chair wondering what could have happened until he hears a heavy and broken sobbing coming from behind a bookshelf, he recognizes it as you and rushes to your aid
But he turns the corner shocked and sickened as the image is worse than he could have ever imagined. You’re cut, gashed, bruised, swollen, beaten, bleeding, and what looked like the be a broken leg with the bone bloody and exposed
You scream and sob scurrying away from him only to cry out agonizingly having moved your injured leg too much
“MC y-you’re hurt don’t-”
“Please god noooo! I can’t-I can’t again, I *hic* fuck I d-didn’t mean to I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m-”
Satan was becoming overwhelmed by fear, disgust, worry, and rage, how could this happen?! He was right here! Who-
“Who did this to you..?”
You lower the hands you brought up to protect your face, which was now dark and expressionless
“You. Did.”
His eyes widen in shock, and with that blood gushes from your head as your eyes roll back and you fall to the ground like a rag doll
He lunges down to you on the floor and tries to heal you, but before he could start as he feels for a pulse there’s…nothing. He’s frozen, and numb, he did this to you, in the most painful way possible, he wanted to cry out but his voice won’t leave him. So he kneels there, hands stained with your blood as he cradled your head in them holding it to his own
“…I wouldn’t..I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t..I-”
He jolts awake from his sleep, book falling from his face, his first sight being Asmo who heard him mumbling and was concerned. He tells him it was just a bad dream a truth he was relieved by, a dream none the less that would still haunt him for sometime the only quell being your comfort
Beauty and grace will always be apart of his agenda, he strives for it and everyone only recognizes that
He can’t help that he’s so captivating and enchanting! Charming anyone that comes his way, even if their purposes are more sensual which was the majority
But you opened up a whole new world for him, you showed him a side of intimacy he’s almost forgotten and he craves it more than anything! You’ve shown him more precious things in life, and he wants nothing more than to show you that love and warmth back
You’re special to him truly, despite the countless number of others he’s encountered you stick out beautifully. He wants you to know that, he needs you to know that, the very thought of you thinking differently it just…
He fell gracefully into sleep pondering these things, when he opened his eyes again he was confused to find himself in a pink tinted void, he scanned around and when he turned he found you standing still
“Don’t touch me! I don’t know where those hands have been.”
He was shocked as you smacked away the arms he was about to embrace you with
“MC? Darling it’s me..”
“Yes. Asmodeus, the demon who runs into millions of other’s arms and beds.”
“You don’t love me.”
“Of course I do! Darling you’re my everything!”
“Is that what you say to get into people’s pants?”
Asmo was hurt by your comments, but became even more frightened seeing a crowd forming behind you. No faces or features, just a blurred bunch of dark people like figures
“Am I just another one of them Asmo?”
You ask more sincerely, looking him in the eye and backing towards the group slowly
“Another number…another name…another lay…another the crowd..”
You say the last line fading away slowly into the bunched blackness of the figures, reaching out a hand that’s the last to be merged with them
Asmo reaches out for the hand and grabs it with both of his own pulling at you desperately to free you from the blackness but you kept slipping in, he wasn’t strong enough, but he couldn’t let go, he wouldn’t
“Please don’t leave me MC…PLEASE!”
At that plea he gasps awake, sitting upright and panting trying to still his breath, he sighs thankful it was just a dream but unfortunately he doesn’t think he’ll be able to catch up on the rest of his beauty sleep. Perhaps he could spend the rest of the night being productive and planning a much needed date, ya know what how about a weekend-he..really needs to see you
He would have to admit there’s not too much at stake when it comes to your relationship, with proper prep his hunger can be easily taken care of
But everybody makes mistakes, things get eaten, food runs out, and Beel just gets..well hungry. He doesn’t mean for said hunger to take over but the feeling can just be so overwhelming, like an itch he needs to scratch, or a pain that grows worse and worse it’s enough to drive anyone crazy
You’ve seen a good deal of the worst of it, the outbursts and desperation, but in the end it was always handled and you were there to deal with the aftermath. He has no idea how he used to get by without you, sometimes your kindness was enough to calm him until his next meal
But other times he wonders, he worries, what if one day you’re there but the foods not? He’d demolished any possible idea of ever hurting you, but how long can your comfort and presence truly keep him at bay? How much can you really help at the end of the day?
A late night thought he has while gnawing on some fruit snacks before forcing himself to relax and sleep it away, he wakes up again, chewing on something
He figures it to be the fruit snacks he had a faint memory of eating on earlier, but something was off, the taste was raw and musky unlike anything he’s ever had before, was this meat? It ‘was’ red and red and red and…
He looks down and freezes at what he only recognizes to be entrails and intestines gripped in his hands, blood and other fluids coating his forearms, he slowly spits out what was in his mouth onto the floor which is now an unrecognizable lump of mashed organs
Beel throws down the contents in his hands and begins to gag heavily, but nothing will come out. The air is filled with a horrible odor, and he covers his face to shield himself from it, but not before a familiar sent whiffs past him
He slowly rises to his feet and sees a table, with a body sliced open. Practically empty and mangled like it was feasted upon, he looks on scanning it. He’s seen some things before so while it was troubling he braved looking on. There was something so familiar about it…
He eventually made his way to the other side where the head was. It was hanging over the end so he couldn’t see, but when he does shock and anguish filled his body as his legs gave out. It was you, your face, still, pale, lifeless
As he breakdowns on the ground and he grabs your face with shaky hands, bringing it close to his own whimpering and repeating his mantra
Through his pants he looks up at you with utter confusion and fear on his face
You say weakly and hoarse, Beel’s only response to this is his heart pounding in his chest, breath becoming quicker to the point the shock wakes him up as he practically lunges out his bed
Belphie wakes up for a moment and mumbles asking if he’s ok, he says yes, Belphie asks if it was a bad dream, he says yes again. Belphie rises from his bed and trots over to Beel, offering a pillow and an ear if he needs someone to listen. Beel explains, Belphie gives some input, the main being that Beel doesn’t give himself or MC nearly enough credit for how strong they are and what they can conquer together
Even Belphie can admit the initial shock he felt at your forgiveness and acceptance towards him, you truly are a one of a kind human and that’s not just because of your connection to Lilith
He has to say he..enjoys your company, despite both your past he actually feels like he has someone around who gets him, and he’s glad you helped him and his brothers stand on mutual grounds again
He could lean on you, he could trust you, he even loved you, he did. He never wanted to hurt you again. Even if your relationship didn’t progress the way it did, you just weren’t deserving of such pain
You’ve provided him with a comfort he hasn’t felt for a long time even after all he did, he’s sworn to protect you. He’d owe that to more than just you, but having you around to listen to him talk about the stars, provide extra body heat during naps, or just simply be there. Even if he doesn’t always show it he appreciates it more than you could ever know
He really hopes you feel just as safe around him, that he could ever manage to provide a fraction of that comfort you give him, he really hopes that…you mean it when you say you’re not scared
It’s not hard for him to drift off within seconds of thinking on this, but strangely enough he’s awake again in the attic space no less. He’s so groggy he can barely even tell what else is going on until he here’s a voice
“…..I’m sorry…”
He whips his head around recognizing your voice but is horrified to see the full source. His arm was empaled through your chest, blood gushing and oozing around it and out of your injury, you were lifted off the ground clutching weakly onto the arm blood dripping from your mouth as well
Belphie began to panic face going pale but to top everything off, in his palm out the other side of your body, he had your heart in a death grip. It was still pounding..
“…I’m sorry….”
Belphie snatches his attention back to your face, your head hung low and your grip grew tighter nails digging into his arm as he winced
“..I’m sorry, im sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry-”
You kept mumbling that mantra, Belphie was confused and scarred at an utter loss of what to do. He wanted to say something, anything, but he couldn’t, couldn’t think, couldn’t understand
Before he could have another second to process you grabbed his arm tighter than ever
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t be what you wanted.”
You ripped his arm out your body, and stood on your feet. Belphie slowly looks at his bloodied limb and the heart that still pumped in his palm. He then looks at you, you lifted your head and did the same, you smile, cough blood, and fall to the ground with a thud
Belphie stood there, confused, horrified, shocked, disgusted. Frozen. He did it again…how…he shook his head back and forth trying desperately to deny the situation. The heart pumped loud in his palm, he could hear it, he listened to it. Did he do this? Was this your plan? Did you both but…wh-
At the utter confusion he snapped himself awake. Of course it was a dream he thought, a very vivid dream, but still just a dream. He would never, he wouldn’t. He calms himself down, and remembers he feel asleep in the planetarium. Maybe he should plan another sleepover with MC here, they…he could use the company
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maok-8a · a month ago
Family picture day. There is a myth that each millenium the seven rulers of Devildom actually manage to take a family picture without a murder involved.
Open image for quality.
Tumblr media
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jamstar135 · 2 months ago
My interpretation on the Obey Me! Bother's demon forms.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Feel like I could have done better on some of them and might redo them in the future.
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kimarisgundam · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Compilation of all the art I did for the release of the Obey Me unit song!
Omg all the songs were so good >_<!!
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nyxs-sins · 15 hours ago
can i request the bros+undateables reacting to shipping wars about them (dialuci, asmo and solomon, and everyone else) and them with mc,,just everyone in the devildom arguing about whos ship is better,,,anyways, have a nice day/night
Characters React to Shipping Wars
MC what have you done this time?
Don’t ship him with anyone.
Why would anyone ship him with Mammon?
Well not birth brothers but THAT DOESN’T MATTER.
Please don’t ship him with Diavolo.
Diavolo is his master, not love interest.
He does love the Lucifer x MC ship though.
He’s quite proud when he sees that one.
And punishes his brothers when he sees MC shipped with anyone else.
All in all, not a fan of shipping.
Is weirded out by all of the ships.
The ONLY ship he is okay with is Mammon x MC.
And even then he won’t admit it.
He will help Asmo get a bigger fan base and support his brother’s writings.
In secret, of course.
He can’t afford to have Asmo find out and spill the beans.
Because he’s a tsundere.
He will occasionally read Mammon x MC fan fictions though.
And write them.
Of course no one would want to be shipped with a gross shut in Otaku like him.
Oh what’s this?
Leviathan x MC?
He is the captain and he will go down with his ship.
Brags about it.
But gets jealous when other ships are mentioned.
Man has been reading fan fictions and ships since he was two because he already cleared out the library.
Satan x Lucifer? No.
Satan x Anyone? No.
Satan x MC? N-
Oh wait that one isn’t too bad.
Like his older brothers, he doesn’t like MC being shipped with someone that isn’t him.
But unlike his brothers, he’s a big fan of the DiaLuci ship.
Because it annoys Lucifer.
He LOVES ships.
Doesn’t matter which one it is, he loves it.
Asmo x Solomon? Yes.
Asmo x MC? Give him more!
Asmo x Satan? What? Satan’s hot. ‘Sides, they aren’t blood related.
Just don’t ship him with Mammon or Levi.
But anything else he’s good with.
He’s third in command of shipping (after MC and Solomon).
He’s already been traumatized by fan fictions.
No shipping wars.
Locks himself in the kitchen with Belphie for a week.
Okay but he likes the Beel x MC ship.
And the Beel x MC x Belphie.
But that’s it.
Beel x Belphie? Um… they’re twins..?
He’s not a fan of shipping because it takes energy.
But he will help Satan spread the DiaLuci ship for obvious reasons.
Because it annoys Lucifer.
He loves the Belphie x MC and the Belphie x MC x Beel ships too.
Belphie x Satan..? No.
Belphie x Beel? No.
Belphie x MC x Satan? Satan is the only other brother Belphie would be willing to share MC with.
Oh? What’s this?
Shipping wars?
Sounds fun!
Is curious so he researched it.
His favorites are DiaLuci, Diavolo x MC, and Diavolo x MC x Lucifer.
Though the last one is iffy.
He would never share MC with Barbatos.
He also doesn’t want to be shipped with Barbatos.
Barbatos is his Butler.
He gets put in a ban from shipping because it’s distracting him from his work.
Here we go again…
My Lord please stop.
My Lord you have paperwork to do.
My Lord, I doubt Lord Lucifer would want to read your fan fiction of the two of you.
No My Lord, I don’t think adding MC would help.
My Lord-
He needs a break.
And a nap.
He’s getting stress lines.
Second in command and MC’s right hand man.
The two will conquer the Devildom with their shenanigans.
Diavolo will never know what hit him.
He refuses to allow anyone to know what his opinions are on the ships.
His favorites are Asmo x Solomon x Barbatos and Solomon x MC but you didn’t hear hat from me.
What’s shipping?
Kinda how he and Barbatos are shipped?
But in a grander scale.
You’d think, as a writer, he’d know.
He probably did, he just didn’t expect to be shipped with other people.
How does he feel about shipping?
He will admit to being fond of Simeon x MC though.
Just, no.
He doesn’t like being shipped with anyone.
He doesn’t want to be shipped with anyone.
He WILL tell MC he doesn’t like it and then watch as MC collects Satan to go kick some butt.
He likes his brother relationship with Mammon.
And his relationship with MC as their brother/child/friend/et cetera.
But don’t SHIP him with anyone.
At it again!
First cosplay, then fan fiction, and now shipping.
Your empire spread far and wide, corrupting the minds of many.
And many just let you.
You love most (or all) of the ships.
But you’ll never say which is or favorite.
Or which one you want to see burn.
But you are the one that got the entirety of the Devildom into shipping.
Will burn the world down if they find the writers of Luke x Anyone.
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b3lph3g0r · a month ago
Lucifer’s House of Lamentation Rules
Tumblr media
synopsis: A list of rules Lucifer enforced upon the House of Lamentation to ensure the safety of the human exchange student (and to make his family function little better <3).
pairing: N/A
genre: fluff ig?
note: i’m here to give you your monthly post, see you all next month /j
Tumblr media
1. No demon (or human) should be caught roaming the halls after 10:45pm on a school night. At 10:30pm, any remaining demons (or humans) still in the common areas of the building should retire to their own room for the night.
2. All chores should be completed to absolute perfection, any demon caught slacking on their assigned job will be punished severely.
3. Before going to bed, all windows in the House of Lamentation must be locked in safety of the human exchange student.
4. When leaving the House of Lamentation by yourself, ensure the front door is locked — each resident should have their own set of house keys.
5. Breakfast should be prepared by 7:30am every morning, failure to do so (without proper reason) will result in punishment.
6. If at any time during the night Beelzebub is caught walking towards the kitchen area, sedate him with a snack and escort him back to his bedroom. Groceries are expensive.
7. Any humans or weak willed demons should not touch Lucifer’s record collection, if you find yourself cursed it is nobodies problem but your own.
8. Do not bring (human) life-threatening items home. They will be confiscated at once.
9. Do not bring outside demons home, especially not ones that are not well acquainted with Lucifer.
10. Any demon found sleeping on the floor of a hallway or room should will be dragged back to their room. Do not fall asleep in inconvenient places.
11. Furries animals that are not Cerberus are banned from the House of Lamentation, any demon found with such an animal will have it confiscated.
12. Any demon aware of Lord Diavolo’s visitations should inform every other resident of the House of Lamentation so that they can prepare.
13. Any demon leaving the House of Lamentation should inform Lucifer, to make safety adamant.
14. When visiting, Solomon is not allowed in the kitchen. Do not allow Solomon in the kitchen.
15. No demon or human should venture into the House of Lamentation’s underground tombs alone.
16. Do not bother Lucifer after 9pm. If you have a problem, that is your own issue.
17. If you order something from Akuzon, collect your package when it arrives. Otherwise, don’t complain when somebody else stakes claim to it.
18. Cerberus is to be properly groomed once per week, no humans are allowed near Cerberus alone.
19. Lock all valuables away safely, demons with grubby hands who are caught with missing items will be strung from the ceiling.
20. No human or demon should assist others when they have been strung from the ceiling. Demons must carry out their punishment until it is finished.
Tumblr media
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plungerswritting · 25 days ago
Demon Brothers with a Sick!MC
Warnings: General Illness Mentioned,
Tumblr media
Doesn't understand how you got sick even though your immune system is probably hella weak from the lack of sun down there
He doesn't really know what he's doing
Sure he read up on a few human sickness before the exchange program
But he only knows the deadly ones
So he literally thinks your dieing
Keeps you in his room at all times and provides everything for you
Plays your favorite music even if he doesn't like it
Brings you your favorite meals (he thinks it'll be your last)
And prepares himself for the paperwork that will be your death
And when you get better he's all like
He thought you were dieing
You had symptoms of a CAD
You have to explain to him that it was probably just your weak immune system and that you only need some vitamins
Is grateful you're not dead, but is still confused how your body just attacks itself like that
Tumblr media
"Why is you face leaking?" "Its called a runny nose Mammon, and im sick" "hUh?"
Straight up takes you to Solomon and is like "Fix them"
He literally just gives you vitamins and tells mammon to make you some soup
He somehow ruins the soup
So he makes you cup noodles instead
He has you tucked in his bed watching TV
When you sit up to try and feed yourself he's like
"No <3"
And feeds you himself
"My human, my responsibility"
Which ig includes feeding you sometimes
When you start to get better you have to give him credit for taking care of you or he will be upset
Tumblr media
Haha the normie got sick
Make sound of you until he realizes you can't do anything without getting exhausted
Tries to be cute and all bubbly about getting to take care of his sick friend that could maybe become more
Until he realizes taking care of you also means rubbing your back as you spew vomit into the toilet
Literally thought that all he'd have to do was cuddle and make/feed you soup
Not clean up your tissue messy because you have a snot nose
He's upset
He thought this was gonna be cutsie and nice tending to you
Giving you a little ice pack
Tucking you in
Maybe kiss your forehead
But no
0/10 don't get sick again
Tumblr media
Finally someone that knows what he's doing
Has read enough books to know its not serious/deadly
Can immediately tell you're sick even before you can
He's v observant
And know what he's doing
You're not sick for long
But he lowkey wishes you were sick for longer so he could ask more questions about human sickness
"So your body is identifying a threat, and making you sick in order to get rid of it?" "Yes Satan"
"Your skin becomes raw after rubbing it so much?" "Yes Satan"
"You feel cold, but I should keep you from being too warm?" "Yes Satan"
He bothers you with a bunch of questions but takes v v good care of you
Tumblr media
Literally quarantines you
He's not willing to help lmao
But when he sees that your literally miserable he pampers you
From a distance
3 feet apart
Hes not catching whatever it is you have
He will however, make you look like a catch
Stuffy red nose and allHe unintentionally taking care of you
Okay maybe doing your nails and makeup isn't helping but putting and ice pack on your head while he rubbs you face with one of those rolly things
He'll probably take pity and peck you cheek or forehead
You do actually get better a lot faster because he has a humidifier and that helps greatly
Tumblr media
Immediately goes to Solomon and Satan asking why your not okay
Gets told your sick and that it'll take some time for you to be better
Goes to each of his brothers and asks for advice
buys a bunch of warm foods in hope it'll help with your sore throat
Wants you to take warm shower to help with you stuffy nose
borrows Asmo's humidifier for a good week just to help you
He's trying so hard give him credit
You end up getting better pretty quick with him because he listens and does what you say
Like give him some basic info on what's going on and he's on it
So the book Satan lent him on human Sickness really helped
Tumblr media
Literally doesn't care LMAO
More cuddles for him
Doesn't help you get better and literally only complains that you're leaving a mess with all this tissues
Gets Beel to do all the work
Which I mean, he does it gladly but like
Yeah he does nothing and just let's you get better on your own
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midnightsunnyday · a month ago
The Brothers Go To Bath & Body Works
A/N: because I was bored and like headcanons where the brothers are in ordinary situations doing ordinary things, yet because of their nature and ignorance of human culture, get in all types of trouble. Definitely counts as a crack post.
Lucifer: for horrid's sake it's like Asmodeus and Mammon's bathrooms exploded.
Satan: for once I have to agree with you. This place is a bit...assaulting.
Leviathan: ugh. This is just like that anime I watched: My Partner Tricked Me Into Going Shopping And Now I'm Stuck Watching Them Make Horrible Financial Decisions!
MC: that sounds way too contrived to be a real show.
Satan: furthermore, are we really about to spend an hour shopping for candles?
MC: no, I'm about to spend an hour shopping for candles. You all can wait outside *sighs* At least Asmo gets it.
Asmodeus: such splendor! Such rapture! I mean just look at it: the colors! The scents! The mini hand sanitizers! Oooh, and is that a sale? Buy three get two free, you say?
Lucifer, scanning the shelves: and what is this absurdity?  Pumpkin pecan, pumpkin apple, vanilla pumpkin, pumpkin clove, cinnamon pumpkin, caramel pumpkin...just what is it with you humans and your obsession with pumpkins?
MC: hey, don't judge my culture. Pumpkin scented and flavored products are an annual mortal tradition.
Lucifer: a tradition that should be banned, clearly.
Mammon: humans sure are strange though. I mean, why have an entire store dedicated to something so lame?
Satan: well, candles can be used for many purposes, but for most humans they're not only therapeutic, but romantic. In fact, it's customary for human lovers to light a multitude of candles around their dwelling to draw in their mate.
Mammon: to draw in their mate, huh? Ya don't say...
*loud clanging noises*
MC: Mammon...why are you scooping an entire row of candles into your shopping bag?
Mammon: oi, what are ya the candle police? Don't worry about it.
Salesperson: just so you know, all our three wick candles are--
Mammon: --buy three get two free. Yeah, yeah, we read the sign!
Belphegor: hey, which scent do you think smells better on me?
MC: *sniffs* ooh, I really like the lavender one.
Belphegor: good, then that's the one I'll buy. That way, when we finish taking our naps together, you'll smell me all over your sheets. And your clothes. And your pillows. And the rest of your room.
MC: sounds very...Pavlovian. Just no leashes or collars, please. 
Belphegor: I think you might have me confused with Lucifer...and possibly Satan.
Asmodeus: Satan dear, please tell me you aren't going to buy that just because it has a cat on it?
Satan, blushing: of course not. I was just...looking, is all.
Leviathan: you know, you're kinda behaving like an otaku who wants to buy all the latest merch of their favorite character.
Asmodeus: so like you, then?
Leviathan: hey! Otaku are a proud people who fuel their hobbies with the upmost passion and dedication. There's no shame in it.
Asmodeus: whatever you say, brother ~
Salesperson: just so you know, that's our limited edition Halloween scent, which is only around for the holidays.
Satan: hmm...
Salesperson, wearing a cheeky grin: we also have cat shaped plug ins.
Satan: where?
Asmodeus: now wait just a--
Salesperson: --did I also mention that we're having a sale on all our bath products?
Asmodeus: on all the bath products, you say?
Leviathan, rolling his eyes: normies.
Salesperson: excuse me, sir?
Lucifer, sighing: if you're attempting to sell me something, then I rather hear the quick version.
Salesperson: it's just that you seem a bit...tense. Do you happen to suffer from stress? If so, I can show you a few items in our aromatherapy collection.
*Lucifer, gazing over at Leviathan and Mammon*
Mammon: ok, ok, on the count of three. One, two...three!
*Leviathan and Mammon shrieking in pain as they spritz body mist into each other's eyes*
Lucifer: ...I'm listening.
Belphegor: hey guys, I don't think it was a good idea to bring Beel in here.
Lucifer: meaning....
Beelzebub, holding two candles and mumbling to himself: this one says banana walnut muffin and this one says warm apple pie, but it's not a muffin and that's not a pie, but it smells like one, but I can't eat it, but it's named after food, but it's not food...*falls to his knees* it's not food.
Leviathan: uh...
Beelzebub, in a trance like state: it's not food. It's not food. It's not food.
Satan: well, this doesn't look good.
Mammon, placing a hand on Beelzebub's shoulder: hey, little bro. You ok?
Beelzebub: so...the time for retribution has come? Such an ironic fate, being made to roam this chamber which torments me with scents familiar, yet unable to satiate. For centuries I've scourged the lands, devouring flesh to still the pain that naws at my being. Cursed to eat without gain. Without joy. Forever crowned as the sin of gluttony, a crown in which I sometimes find too heavy to bear. For some, I was once a god, for others a mere pest. Even so, I find myself in a hell not of my own creation, but one in which I rightfully deserve.
MC: um, Beel? I love you, but you're freaking everyone out.
Beelzebub, looking up at MC with empty eyes: ah, the mortal to whom I am bound. Tell me, are you here to guide me towards salvation? Or are you too like these wondering souls, searching for nourishment in that which is fleeting? However, I advise you make your decision with haste, as soon I will no longer be able to tell friend from prey.
MC: ...we really need to get him some food.
Mammon, helping Beelzebub to his feet: ok, time to go, buddy.
Asmodeus: how about we get you some McDonald's. Do you like McDonald's, Beel?
Beelzebub: immortality is a curse. The only true salvation lies in oblivion.
Asmodeus: ...he wants McDonald's.
*at the food court*
Asmodeus: still, I can't believe I ended up purchasing several bags worth of lotions, candles, and body sprays *shivers* such an insidious place. I love it!
Lucifer: admittedly, this pillow mist is very soothing. Though may I suggest that next time we go somewhere less...traumatizing?
Satan, staring down into his bag full of cat shaped plug ins: *sighs* agreed.
Mammon and Leviathan, holding a cup of ice to their eyes: definitely.
MC: I just wanted us all to go shopping. How was I suppose to know scented candles would make Beel suffer an existential breakdown?
Lucifer: speaking of which, how are you feeling, Beel?
Beelzebub, stuffing his face: cheeseburgers and nuggets are my favorite food from McDonald's.
Lucifer: that's nice Beel.
Leviathan: well, that problem solved itself.
Mammon: but man, what a day. All this shopping sure gave me quite the workout *stretches his arm over MC* I think I'm just gonna head home, light a bunch of candles around my dwelling, let MC walk in and ya know...see what happens.
MC: *sighs* This is exactly the reason why I shop online.
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yukieyy · a month ago
{ Obey me x fem Mc}
{Replaced Mc Au}
TW: body insecurity, mentions of self harm, mentions of body measurements, insults. Foul language.
Genre: Fluff, angst
Part 4
Part 3 → ♡
{ I kinda went overboard with the part with Beel. You'll understand when you read it, this one is kinda long }
{A/n: You're beautiful! Don't let anyone says any different alright?💕 And thank you for loving this}
Songs : ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ & (灬º‿º灬)♡
Another month breeze by, if Ayla wasn't here, you and Solomon would be back in the Human Realm. But since Diavolo added her, you have to stay another year, to "help her go through her year"
' yeah, like she couldn't handle herself better'
You were studying all night, without sleeo or food. Just water and a few crackers and pieces of carrots. You yawned a little but then your alarm went off.
"4.00 a.m, let's go'
You put on your tracksuit and put in your wireless earphones and sneaked out of your room silently. Managing to close the main door, you ran out.
Just like that, you went a for a jog. It's very dangerous, any lower level demon could come and attack you at any moment but you don't care. You need to do this, you have to. You're need to lose weight.
Your jog came to a halt when your stomach stung and started rumbling making you crouch down and hugged yourself tight to ease the pain. Hissing in pain, you bit your lips to not make any sound,
Taking a deep breath, the pain finally gone,
You picked yourself up again and stared running, picking up your pace and ran back home as it was close to the brothers waking up time. Sneaking back in, you immediately hopped in the shower.
You curse yourself when you forgot your towel outside, stepping outside naked, you reach for your towel on the bed, but noticed how you were standing in front of your full body mirror. You slowly turned your body to the mirror.
You look at your naked body in the mirror, frowning at each stretch marks, grabbing the excess fat on your sides,
Your toes moved as your heart clenched, you raise your arm, ' yup they still flap, like a fucking bird'
Your eyes went down to the scale in front of the mirror,you stepped on it.
'50...50?! wasn't it 49.5 yesterday?!'
You frantically looked for your diary, indeed it was 49.5 yesterday.
You glared at the crackers. Grabbing them, you threw them in the trash. You put on your uniform and packed your bag. Took a deep breath and walked out.
No, Beel will not come and give you breakfast anymore. Lucifer made sure he won't and made sure you knew he won't.
" From now on Mc, if I ever heard or seen any of my brothers run errands for you that you can easily do yourself, you're getting a punishment," Lucifer said as you stood in the middle of his office.
"Okay, I'm sorry.." You replied.
"Go, and you better be studying. I don't want you going out today," Lucifer said.
You nodded
You shook your head at the bitter memory. You pat your own head and said " you'll be okay ,"
"Wow Ayla!! That's amazing!! Can you do that again?!" Luke excitedly exclaimed.
Ayla smiled and do it again. It was a collaborative class as some if the teachers were in a meeting.
So, here we are, the entire two class, amaze at her skills of making small fireworks on the table right in front of them.
You just sat on the back of the class, looking from afar. You looked for the spell she was casting in a book and accidentally chanted it wrong, making the book caught on fire.
"Oh shit"
Everyone turned to you when they smell something burning.
"Wait that's a wooden table!"
"Mc! What did you do!" Ayla shouted before grabbing her water bottle and pouring water on it.
"I'm sorry! I didn't know what spell that was,"You explained.
" And you still chanted it?! Are you trying to kill us?!" Ayla shouted, earning a few support from the other demons.
"I'm genuinely sorry, it's won't happen again, I swear," Mc explained.
"What happened?" Solomon asked as he walked into the class, he just went to the toilet with Simeon.
"Dumb girl set a spell book on fire," someone told Solomon.
"Dumb girl?" Simeon asked.
"yeah that, that useless being there," the guy pointed to you.
"Mc?! You okay?" Solomon ran and grabbed your shoulders. You nodded.
"Solomon? The last thing you should be worried about is her, she set a book on fire and left it on a wooden table! ," Ayla exclaimed.
"Enough Ayla! We're in hell for fuck's sake who cares about a little fire?!" Solomon snapped and glares at her.
"May I know what the commotion is about here? The meeting room is two door away. Why are you making a fuss," Lucifer said from the door.
Everyone went quiet. Lucifer scanned the room, his eyes landed on Solomon holding you, Ayla in front of him and Simeon besides Luke.
His gaze hardens, eyes glowing red and everyone could see his magic flowing in black smoked behind him,. Indicating that he's angry, very angry.
"Mc. I hope it's not you that started this chaos?" Lucifer asked.
"Ayla was the one who shouted so no? It's not me," You said.
"No, you clearly started this,Lucifer, she chanted a spell, setting a book of fire, then just left it burning on the table, just staring at it! I just scolded her because she did something wrong, is that wrong of me?," Ayla said to Lucifer.
Lucifer sighed. " Come here, Mc,"
You hesitated and unconsciously gripped Solomon's arm a little tight.
"Mc." Lucifer called again, this time in a warning tone,
"Don't make me come inside and grab you. You don't want that," Lucifer said again.
"I'm scared," mumbled under your breath, accidentally letting Solomon hear you.
"Okay that's it"
Lucifer stormed into the class, grabbed you by the back of your neck and dragged you out not giving Solomon a chance to grab you.
"Lucifer! Be gentle! She's a human!" Simeon shouted as he watched you get dragged away.
Before you knew it tears already started streaming down your face as his grip were starting to hurt, you reached behind and hold his hand,
"L-Lucifer, it hurts" you said softly.
"Oh it hurts?" He said in a mocking manner. Opening a door to an empty classroom. Throwing you inside.
"You should've thought about that when you set that book on fire. What if the class burn down?! Are you gonna be responsible for the demons?! For Ayla?! Are you?!"
'so it's still about Ayla huh'
"i swear it was an accident! I was just reading the spell Ayla was using, I didn't know saying it wrong could led to that!"
Lucifer ran his hand on his face, "you of all people should know your skills are nowhere near Ayla's. Stop trying to copy her! You can't do it! Just accept that she's better before you kill all of us!," Lucifer shouted.
You froze. Speechless. You could feel your heart tearing apart even more, with the exhaustion if not sleeping, your mind just gave up on finding the words to defend yourself.
"Now you are gonna stay here until I say you can leave. " Lucifer said ,
"Wait what? No I'm not staying here-
Lucifer lifted his hand up and put a spell on you, causing you to lose your voice. Lucifer glared at you,
"I regret ever choosing you."
Then, he slammed the door, locking it manually and even putting a barrier that only he could open.
You bang on the door, but got pushed back by the force and fell down. You sat down and tears started falling again. You don't know how to get out, you can't shout, your D.D.D was in your bag in your class, and it's not like you can call out the brothers using the pact, you don't know how to do that properly even if you do you doubt they can break the barrier.
So you hugged yourself and continued to cry. Alone .
Hours went by, you woke up to the sudden coldness,
'when did I fell asleep?'
You looked outside and saw a bat. A bat will never came out unless it midnight here. That's the only way to differentiate day and night.
Your eyes widen, you opened your mouth to speak. But nothing came out. You panicked. What were you gonna do? This room is always empty. It was one of the unused class.
You paced back and forth and knocked on the door. Only to be hit by the same force. You went to the window and opened it. You looked down, 'third floor, it's kinda high, but I'm not gonna die,'
Without hesitation, you jumped down, twisting your ankle, Hissing in pain, you limped your way back.
And you ran into another crisis, you can't go inside without them noticing you. You can't climb up using the trees now, with the state of your legs.
You took slow and cautious step into the house, slowly going to your room.
" Where were you?" You heard a voice called.
You turned slowly and saw it was Lucifer.
'he... forgot?'
"Ayla made Human Food today, and you were out? Did you have fun sneaking out with Solomon? Where did you even go? The club?"
You frowned 'this is too far' you opened your mouth, and no sound came out.
"What? Did you got curse or something? Good. That'll make you quiet. I'm tired of your behaviour now. Go to bed"
You grabbed his arm when he turned back. He snapped his hand away and glared.
You pointed at him, then pointed at your throat.
"No , I'm not gonna help you lift the curse, goodluck with that,"
And off he went
You watched him with sad eyes. You went in your room, writing down on a paper,
'can you lift this spell so I can talk again?'
And went to Levi's room. You knocked, knowing he's up.
"Go away mc!"
'how did he ? '
You kept knocking, "Mc! Stop it!".
It's Ayla, so that's why. You sighed and went to Mammon's room. You knocked on his door, he opened it.
"Oh it's you, what do you want?" He said with a frown.
You showed him the paper,
"Sorry mc, my skill sucks just like you. Gotta ask someone else," He said and slammed the door to your face.
You huffed before going to Satan's room, you raised your hand to knock but stopped when you heard him talk.
" Don't you think Mc is weird these days? Like she was always weird but she's especially weird once Ayla arrived," Satam said.
"Well yeah, she was never really the type of people i like, I don't know much, maybe she's jealous?" That's Asmo's voice,
Satan laughed, "yeah maybe, I mean, Ayla is amazing. Who wouldn't? She and Solomon should've been the chosen ones before to be honest".
"I know. What was our brother thinking when he suggested Mc to Diavolo?," Asmo replied.
You gripped the note tightly and went back your room.
' She was always weird'
' she's not really the type of people I like '
'she should've been the chosen one'
'maybe she's jealous?'
Tears started to flow again as you walked to your room slowly.
You looked up on instinct, forgetting that you were crying.
Beel was standing in front of your door, holding a container that probably contain food.
Your tears streamed harder. He ran up to you cupping your cheek,
"What's wrong? Why are you in this state? Why are you crying?" He asked as he wiped your tears.
You didn't say anything, well, not like you can anyway.
Beel grabbed your hand and dragged you to your room. He sat you down on the bed and set the container down on your table. That's when he caught the bright colored crumpled note in your hand, he kneeled in front of you and took the note.
He took it and read it.
"Let me try,"
After a few tries Beel broke it. He smiled, "can you talk now? "
You opened your mouth, "yeah" it came out a little raspy but you can.
"Who did this? Did someone attack you? That's why you weren't in your room all night? Tell me, Lucifer can chase them away" He asked with a frown.
You quickly shook your head.
"Don't tell him. Beel, you should go back, Lucifer will get mad again at us if he saw you here.," You said softly while holding his hands
Beel shook his head, he grabbed the container and opened it. It was a porridge.
"Not until I see you eat," He said scooping up some into a spoon and brought it to your lips.
' don't '
' you just gained weight don't do it '
' It's midnight! You know eating this late is destructive Mc!'
With a pain look in your eyes, you turned your head away. Beel set the spoon down. He set the container down and got on the bed beside you.
Without a word, he hugged you. Just like that, Another round of tears immediately started. He turned you body so you'll face him and hugged you properly, you face in his chest, while his hand stroked your hair.
"That must've been scary right? Getting attacked when you were alone, why wasn't Mammon with you? He was supposed to take care of you,"
You didn't answer, you just continue crying into his chest, he never stopped stroking your hair and and your back.
"Can I see your foot now? You were limping," He said, you nodded slowly,
He moved the porridge away and got on his knees again, he took off your socks and threw them away,
'great Mc, he's disgusted.'
Beel grabbed it and pressed slowly,
"Ow, ow beel that hurt" you hissed in pain.
"Oh sorry, Looks like it sprained, did you fell when you were running away?" Beel asked as he got up to wet some towel to wipe your foot.
"Yeah.." your heart clenched as guilt set in once you spit the lie.
" I wish I was there to chase them away," Beel said softly
You smiled a little, "it's okay, at least I'm still alive,"
He smiled back, taking your foot again and wiped it down, "that's true. Mc, I'm gonna run and get some ice for this, so you can change while I'm out, oh and please don't throw this porridge away, I'll eat them if You don't want to" he said .
You nodded and got up slowly with his help,
"I'll be back as soon as I can okay?" Be said and ran out,
You walked slowly and took out a night dress and walked to the bathroom to wash up a little and change. By the time you came out, Beel was, preparing your bed?
"Beel what are you doing?" You asked with a chuckle.
"I figured you'd need some help getting into bed so here I prepared it for you, sit down,"
You giggled and sat down while smiling ,he just stared at you, "what?" You asked.
"Nothing, I just felt like I been a while since I saw you smiling like that, I barely see you these days." He said sadly,
You pat his head, "I'm sorry Beel, I'm a little busy,"
He sighed and started wrapping up your foot with a bandage "i know, Lucifer was telling you to raise your grade that's why you are studying most of the time right? " You nodded.
" Don't push yourself too hard, mc. Your grades are getting better, and I can see that you're losing weight," Beel said while putting the Ice pack he made on your foot.
You smiled when he said that, "really?"
"Yes. And I don't like it.", You frowned, " why?"
"I don't know what you're trying to achieve Mc, but, I just... don't like it when you skip meals and losing weight this fast, I'm worried, " Beel said looking straight into your eyes, telling you that he's being serious.
You just hugged him, "I'll try and eat more okay? I promise," He returned the hug, "okay,"
When he broke the hug, he said, "you know Mc, everyone said Ayla is an amazing cook and yeah I agree her food taste amazing-
'no. Please stop talking about her '
"At dinner tonight I suddenly craved for potato stew. So I asked Ayla to make it. She did and yeah it was good-
'stop. Beel please stop.'
"But it wasn't enough, there was something off, and then I realized that, it was you who made it for me first, so it didn't satisfy me. That's when I realized, you never cook for us anymore ever since Ayla started cooking, " Beel said sadly.
"I'm sorry, I just never thought of doing it again, since you guys love her cooking so much," you said.
"I don't know about my brothers but mc, please cook for me again, I miss it. I miss you. I want to walk to class with you again. Please don't disappear silently again," Beel said, his eyes watering .
Your tears fell, 'and here I thought every single one of them hates me now'
You nodded "I will, I promise, I will. Let's go to class together tomorrow okay?"
Beel smiled, "okay! After I heal your foot though, now eat that, I'm not leaving before you finish that"
You hugged him.
'maybe. Just maybe I can fix this. I almost died bringing this family together, I can fix it this time too'
Someone really need to wash your mouth out with soap.
To Be Continued
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scarybees · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i be forgettin these two have beef wit each other 😭😭 also messy wip of lucifer bonkin em 😭💕💕💕
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bumblebeezie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Did you miss my shitty memes that I made with -1000 sleep lol
I won’t lie I was wheezing like the 90s toaster oven my grandma owns while making the last two. I miss photoshop but at least I got Picsart for editing lol.
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