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#obey me luke
books-and-catears · a day ago
"How long are you going to pretend?"
"...It's your fault!"
"For better and for worse."
"Please tell me, what hurts?"
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Tumblr media
Noone had ever seen Barbatos quite this angry before. Even the usually unfazed Lucifer was terrified at his core, it was obvious from how hard he was clenching his fist to stop it from trembling.
Lord Diavolo stood behind his butler. His eyes looked far from angry. They held disappointment instead. Lucifer couldn't bear to look at him either.
As for Mammon, Levi and Asmo - they'd already taken several steps back. "Barbatos... We..we can explain."
"Oh? Is that so? Kindly do let me hear what reason you possibly had for abducting one of our exchange students? That too one that is CONSIDERABLY younger?" Barbatos was louder than usual, his hands turning clawlike.
Of course. How could they forget?
Barbatos and Luke also formed a special bond just like the brothers had with MC. They might as well have hurt his own son.
"We just wanted to see MC! Please Barbatos..."
"...for more than a month, it felt like MC had vanished off altogether!"
"We just wanted to see them once! Just once we wanted to talk and..."
Their words and emotions overlapped. A wonderful show of how absolutely shattered you had left them. Barbatos gritted his teeth in annoyance.
"You want to see them so bad? Come with me, I'll show you." He suddenly turned deadly calm. He spun on his heel to lead the miserable trio upstairs into his chambers.
They passed by the kitchen on the way. They heard voices. Especially the voice they missed most of all.
"Solomon no! We don't use garlic in vanilla cake batter!" Luke squeaked.
"Are you sure about that? Trust me it might add a tangy twist to the taste!" Solomon said.
"You also put in onions with the poison apples and ghoulberries?!" Simeon exclaimed.
"Onions and apples have more in common than you think." Solomon stated.
"No Solomon not all ingredients go together! I can't believe a child is disciplining an old man." Your voice makes the demons stop in their tracks.
"MC please stop calling me that or else..." Solomon huffed. Simeon laughed heartily at that.
"Or else what?" You challenged him.
"Or else this!" Solomon's voice was followed by the clattering of some cutlery and your laughter.
"Ahhh! This isn't fair! Let go Solomon! Ahahhaa! Tickles too much...too much!" You try to speak between chuckles. And then Luke tries to defend you by tickling Solomon. And Simeon fumbles trying to record the whole thing on his phone.
"They happy..." Levi sighed longingly, holding his shirt in fistfuls.
"So none of my two masters need me anymore...?" Asmo's eyes grew teary as he stared at the closed door.
Mammon was silent. Only listening. Wanting to store this deep inside his memory. What are the chances he'd ever hear this laugh of yours again?
"Come along now." Barbatos cold tone was enough to get them to start walking again. It's almost as if he deliberately let them wait enough to agonise them by letting them hear your voice. Or maybe it was just coincidence. Maybe.
"This door right here. It's called the Memory Lane. Go straight and then downwards. You'll see your MC." He said, holding the door open.
They ventured inside, almost on their tip toes. Even though there was no to listen, noone to turn them away.
They heard sobbing as they began their descent. Soft at first, growing breathier and more muffled. Like someone hiding their sorrows in a pillow.
And then they saw it. The most painful sight they could imagine. It was you. Their very own MC. Curled up, with your knees pushed to your chest, your face hidden by your hands.
"I can't do this...I can't do this anymore. I'm hurts..everything hurts..." You wailed and then stopped, looking around you scared.
This was the first time they saw you cry. This is what their always helpful, cheerful, perfect MC really went through.
"Oh no.. can't be..too loud... they'll hear. They'll hear and then scream...I don't know what they'll do...I'm sorry, Diavolo. I'm doing my best I promise." You gasped for breath. You were tired from crying.
Mammon's body instinctively moved to hold you. "MC what hurts? What hurts MC, I'll fix it! Or I'll get Satan to fix it! MC tell me please- huh?"
And Asmo was right there holding you from behind. "Oh darling what's wrong?! I'm here, you can tell me! Don't cry so much, MC, you're so much prettier when you smile- what!"
Levi sat at the corner of your bed, his hand rose on his own, to rub your head. Like you used to do to him after tear-inducing animes. "MC...wait, why can't I touch you?"
None of them could. Their hands passed right through you. This was just your memory. And they were just ghosts.
You hiccuped and breathed. Your pained eyes were calmer now, drowsy, almost closed. Your voice was that of defeat.
"I think they all hate me. I try to save Mammon whenever I can... but all I've ever be is a stupid human. I thought Levi could be my new best friend...but he hates me to point of almost killing me. And pretty little Asmo...why would he care about me at all?"
Mammon's head throbbed with guilt as he fell to his knees. Levi covered his face in shame, keeling over. Asmo's eyes widened in horror.
"I'm going to die here, aren't I? I just hope I can free Belphie before this...I just want all the brothers together again. Beel would be so happy." You were smiling now. The saddest smile anyone had ever seen.
"And when they kill me, I hope it's quick. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. Would they be kind enough to do that...? Hahaha of course not. They're demons. Why do I forget? Why did I think they'd love me back?" Two gentle tears trailed down your cheeks.
Asmo was on the floor, screaming your name and trying to hold you helplessly. Levi was kneeling down, his forehead on the ground, muttering endless apologies. And Mammon gritted his teeth and cried. He promised to save you,to protect you. And look what he did instead.
"Satisfied now?" Barbatos snapped them back to his chambers before they knew it.
"Barbatos please, please let us-"
"Apologize to MC? Go ahead. They're in the garden with Satan." Barbatos nodded towards the garden outside his window. The three brothers were on their feet in seconds and rushing outdoors.
But they weren't ready for what they saw outside. Satan kneeled in front of a gravestone holding a bouquet of your favourite flowers. The you they saw in the chambers, the one they rushed here to hold, was already gone. They'd already let you die.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Raphael: What kind of report is this, Gabriel?!
Gabriel: It's a report about MC.
Raphael: Why would I need a report about them?!
Gabriel: Didn't you send me to spy MC because you've taken a liking on them? I almost got killed because of that.
Raphael: ...
Raphael: *feels guilty* Thank you for your efforts, Gabriel.
Raphael: Do you think we will be able to send more angels to observe RAD?
Gabriel: No. Unless if you want them to die an easy death—
Raphael: Gabriel, you look annoyed.
Gabriel: 'Cause I am.
Raphael: ...
Gabriel: ...
Luke: ...
MC: *has confiscated Gabriel's candy apple*
Gabriel: Give that back.
MC: Your teeth will get rotten.
Luke: Th-That's right, Gabriel!
Gabriel: *frowns a little* But I made it myself...
MC: Hmm... *takes a bite on it*
Luke: !!!
Gabriel: *eyes widened*
MC: Hmm... It's not even delectable. *smiles*
Luke: M-MC?!
Gabriel: ...
MC: Ah, that's a bit rude of me. Here, a honey-dipped rose.
Luke: Wha— I want one too!
MC: Here's yours. Strawberry-flavored.
Gabriel: Flowers cannot be eaten...
MC: Oh, who told you? Flowers have a natural sweet taste in them. Especially roses.
Gabriel: Still, I don't like to eat flowers.
MC: You're quite stubborn. Unless you eat that, I will be confiscating every candy apples that you are going to make in the future.
Gabriel: ...
Luke: Um... MC... Th-That's going to be too much for Gabriel...
Barbatos: How's your observation?
MC: They're surprisingly careful this time.
Barbatos: But what are you trying to see in the kitchen?
MC: Something caught my eye earlier. Ah, here it is. The passion flower.
Barbatos: What? Who dared to place that here?
MC: Hmm... *smiles* It's an invitation.
Barbatos: To where?
MC: His Highness's chambers.
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: *frowns* Is he inviting you to sleep with him?
MC: Of course not. It's a different person.
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midnightsunnyday · a day ago
More headcanons involving the royals and purgatory hall:
Diavolo's cooking skills are literally the opposite of Solomon's. While Solomon cooks food that looks delicious but tastes horrible, Diavolo cooks food that looks horrible but tastes delicious. Once Diavolo teamed up with Solomon and created a dish that was so incomprehensible that it drove the person who tasted it mad. Because of this, Diavolo and Solomon are not only barred from attempting to cook anything within the castle without supervision, but forbidden from giving MC their food (thankfully, MC got better).
Speaking of Solomon, he isn't just known as "the world's greatest sorcerer." When he isn't spending hours in solitude learning new spells, he also likes to engage in activities that make him feel a bit...closer to his humanity. That's why he's also secondarily known, at least amongst his 8th grade class, as "the greatest history teacher of all time." The other teachers are low key jealous of him, not only for his unearthly knowledge but his charming personality.
Barbatos enjoys spoken word poetry and even participates from time to time. In fact, he's won several slam poetry competitions, with fans referring to him as "The Butler with the Barz." Barbatos, while flattered, is a bit embarrassed by it, especially now that Diavolo, having come across his poetry, has become his biggest supporter.
At one point, Luke had asked Asmodeus for a makeover, his reasoning being that he desperately wanted to grow out of his "cute phase" and "look cooler." However, he only managed to make himself even more adorable, as it was obvious his new style was an almost exact copy of Mammon's (even Mammon teared up a little seeing it).
Simeon occasionally attends a biker meet up in secret. He loves the sense of freedom it gives him as well as the beauty of the open road. At first, some of the bikers believed he might ruin their street cred, yet over time have grown a soft spot for the strange yet magnetic newcomer. They also appreciate his ability to mediate, as he's broken up more fights than he's started, as well as the cupcakes he brings every meeting. And while he isn't the baddest biker of them all, there's no denying that he looks amazing in a leather jacket.
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I love your latest headcanon set so much and I just have to ask, can you do that enigmatic non-human MC with the side characters as well? If you can, thanks!- -🍓
Will do good friend :)
Part 1 with the brothers -> here
Continuation non-human MC
- he was sure you were human, after all you looked human and its not uncommon for humans to have little backstory or to try and erase the ones they had but you just didnt do it for him. He deadass looked at lucifer when you arrived if he had picked the right human or not.
- he has rarely ever made a mistake and he knows that people's lives vary but if thats the case then... why is it so unsettiling to be near by you? Diavolo rarely hates other people but he definetely does not like the energy you give to him
- with help of barbatos and lucifer (and anyone else who'd like to lend a hand) they will all sit down and discover who... or what you are, afterall he is the prince of demons and a mistake like this, if messed with the wrong people, could ruin his plans for the exchange program and... probably even his life
- this man could see the past and the future but not your non-human ass??? Well clearly something isnt right here
- after taking a moment to figure out why he didnt realize sooner that something wasnt right here he will do what he does best, serve lord diavolo and, in this particular case, help him figure out what you really are
- he'll also keep an eye on you, he is quite afraid of you, surprising for a demon like him but true. If you even try to lay a hand on diavolo then he will return to you death itself... and thats if its even posible because he is too afraid to use his powers and discover your real past, even more he how to stop you
- the poor angels... they arent able to just hate someone without knowing them, yeah sure Luke has his issues with demons but you... you are different
- simeon REFUSES to let you be near the baby angel no matter the situation, and that is shocking for someone like him. If he somehow had the balls to do so the luke will totally throw a fit and even cry for him to change his mind
- Luke would rather be babysitted by lucifer or diavolo themselves than you, and reasonably so
- the more they can avoid you for the remainer of the program the better...
- he could tell inmediately that something wasnt right with you, he has lived for a good while and has definetely seem some shite to know when someone is really human or not, Diavolo can count on his help without a doubt
- the wizard fella could hex you, or do some kind of spell on you to figure out what you are better, but his guts tell him to just avoid you
- wow the whole gang is actually friendlier to him than to you now! What kind of timeline is this!?
- seriously though, the fact that the everyone prefers being near him than near you is a big bad sign, (not that the cast didnt like solomon but there are moments where its clear they werent fans of being near him either)
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daydreamer749 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer…did you want to make fun of my darling little nephew just because you are stressed?! WHAAAAAAAT?!!!!
Tumblr media
I’m glad that Simeon was able to recognize that would not be a good idea. Still...the rage I felt from reading that...would be very on par with Satan’s wrath for sure. I would totally ignore Lucifer out of spite over this and then go hang out with Luke. Please tell me I am not the only one who has this sense of wanting to protect Luke because he is a the child that has suffered enough?
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Mc: I just want someone to take me out
Solomon: with a gun or on a date
Asmo: a date? I'll go on a date
Mc: don't know suprise me
Mammon: Noooo
Levi: oh hell, please decide date
Lucifer: oh dear lord
Satan: *dieing of laughter*
belphie: *weezing*
Beel: is mc okay
Simeon: welp I can offer counseling
Luke: is mc okay
Barbatos: luke I'm sure she will be
Diavolo: *enjoying the choas*
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lorkai · 2 days ago
🖼 Request: Can I request the brothers and (maybe the now datables-) with a mc who has a kinda resting bitch face but is really sweet and very innocent :D? AN: I KNOW! I said I would post part two next week but I was pretty excited. So here we are! In case you don’t have read the first part, here’s the link. Again thanks for requesting :) anon! Feel free to request something else anythime!
He doesn't know much about humans, despite having read some very interesting books that were written by human men and women. But that doesn't mean Diavolo will ask you right away if you're angry or unhappy about something, instead he wants to know more about you, to know what you like and don't like,and how he can make your stay in Devildom enjoyable. And you can bet he's going to do everything he can to make you smile and laugh so hard that your belly is going to hurt like hell and you're going to cry.
Diavolo has this influence on people. And when he knows that expression on your face is unintentional, he'll probably laugh a lot and be interested in why people have a resting bitch face. Yes, he will ask a lot of questions. No, he won't be able to keep an expression as closed and disinterested as you and he tried.
He knows what it is. He has a pact with Solomon and has probably heard the term from the sorcerer, although he finds it amusing how a simple facial expression can make someone unapproachable and frightening. But he better than anyone knows how much you have a sweet and innocent personality, as you really are, after all he was able to see through your eyes, known as the window of the soul, and all he saw there was strength and sweetness.
By also having an involuntary resting bitch face Barbatos always reminds you to smile, if that's a problem for you. After all, he knows how annoying it can be for people to always talk about your expression, but if you like the effect you have on people then he will let you act as you please.
He knows what it is. He knows and he's having the time of his life, watching how the demons are afraid of you and how some of them run away when they see you. Solomon thinks this is all so ironic, but he's definitely watching you closely so nothing bad can happen to you. Because eventually the demons will stop running and screaming, they'll try to take advantage of your sweet, innocent personality and Solomon won't let that happen. After all, humans get together. And you're just too adorable for him to let anyone else but him make fun of you.
And although he knows your resting bitch face is involuntary he will try to make you smile and laugh with his stories. He has good stories, you know? Mainly about the first time he made Barbatos taste his food and if that doesn't make you laugh then he's running out of options.
Judging people is very wrong. But again it's not like he's judging you, you're certainly like a fresh, refreshing breeze compared to Solomon, always so mischievous, or the brothers who are always so expressive and vocal. He knows that in time you'll feel comfortable enough to act like yourself instead of having that expression on your face, after all it's not like you're in Devildom willingly. Simeon still can't believe that the brothers and the royals just thought it would be a good idea to open a portal without first telling you about the exchange program.
Anyway, Simeon is always looking to understand you and make you comfortable. He accepts you with or without your resting bitch face and, by the way, he will probably write a stoic character in one of his books and that character will be based on you. He really thinks that's a funny concept, you see.
The poor Chihuahua is shaking with fear every time he sees you. I mean, you always seem to be angry or uninterested in what other people are saying or doing. And Luke also notices how you look at everyone with those eyes that look like you're judging every action someone does and every thing someone says. It's hard for him to be around you, but he's trying to see the good in you just like Simeon told him and instructed him to do. Everyone has a good side after all and he knows it. And he's an angel, he serves under Michael, so it's his job to accept you and try to understand you, even if he's scared.
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charmingkuroo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mammon’s Team
Tumblr media
synopsis: tired of his brothers looking down on him, Mammon starts his own club called “Principal’s Advisory.” Similar to the ASB of the school, his club helps out the school and events. A situation happens where a competitive school steals Luke and both ASB & Principal’s Advisory try to come up with plans to get him back. This event truly tested Mammon’s ability to care for someone
genre: mostly angst. a bit of fluff between the relationship that Mammon has with the people in his club
things to know: fem!reader. horrible Lucifer. reader is a demon that attends the school, they’re a good friend of Mammon’s and was incredibly happy when he mentioned his club
inspired by: Penguins of Madagascar (the scene where the north wind and the penguins make plans to get Private back)
masterlist <3
Tumblr media
Both pairs of binoculars looked over the guarding students, walking around making sure that things were running smoothly for their plan.
“Satan,” Lucifer’s whispered voice came on his headset, “What do you see?”
Satan rolled his eyes, annoyed with his brother’s voice before pressing onto the head piece, “My count is 30 hostiles.”
“31.” Y/n corrected.
Satan looked over at her with an eyebrow raised.
“Just because those two are fighting, doesn’t mean they count as one, you idiot.” She explained, pointing over towards the two students pushing each other to the ground.
“Why you little-” Satan glared.
“Watch your tone and language, Satan.” Simeon glared at him.
“Y/n, Simeon, calm down.” Mammon sighed before taking the pair of binoculars from her.
He looked through them sadly, “Poor Luke.”
“Alone, helpless in the belly of that beast.”
“We’ve faced some long odds before, Mammon. But these look like the longest and the oddest.” Y/n chimed into his statement.
“If we’re gonna pull this off, we’ll need a diversion.” Simeon chimed in as well.
‘Deactivating school camouflage.’
“Sh! Will you be quiet?!” Lucifer angrily whispered.
“Listen, Lucifer.” Mammon began.
“Leviathan!” Lucifer turned towards him and activated the camouflage again.
“You were supposed to lock them in the ASB room!”
“Don’t you hologram me!” Mammon yelled, turning it off again.
“I tried but y/n’s an expert otaku, Lucifer! And I tried using otaku strategies. So it’s otakually useless!” Levi complained, shaking his hands in Lucifer’s face.
Lucifer growled and slapped his hand on his forehead.
“All right, brother. If you won’t work with us, you better work for us,” Mammon demanded, “Our plan requires a diversion.”
“I give the orders around here. As much as it pains me, I need you to act as OUR diversion for OUR operation, understood?”
“Hell no, this is OUR plan. And it requires YOU to cause a diversion.”
“You idiots!” Satan exclaimed, hitting both of his brothers on the heads.
“Why don’t we take a vote instead of you both acting as if we’ll just go with whatever either of you want.”
“That’s a great idea, Satan. Stop yelling at each other. It’s starting to give me a headache.” Beel complained, setting his weapon down beside Levi.
“Fine. But only because Beel’s getting a headache.” Mammon walked over to the sand.
He grabbed a stick before starting to draw the boat in the sand as a visual.
“First, we need to dih-vert the students in the front away from the ship so we have enough time to get in. Once we manage to do that, we’ll have access to the inside and be able to stop Dave before he can go forward with his plan. Because we don’t know much about how many students he has, we’ll need to improvise on some of our actions inside. The plan effects all of the people that Dave kidnapped, not only Luke. We have to progress with caution and destroy Dave’s machine before he has the chance to ruin other schools.”
Mammon got back up, proud of his plan while Y/n and Simeon cheerfully clapped in the back.
“That was great, Mammon. I really like your plan.” Simeon complimented him.
“I agree! You always have the best plans.” Y/n gushed.
The others looked bored before Lucifer laughed.
“You couldn’t even come up with a real plan?”
“The hell is that supposed to mean?” Mammon asked with a glare.
“Beel, dim the lights. Levi, glasses.”
Beel smashed the fire, causing it to quickly die out while Levi threw three pairs of glasses towards Y/n, Simeon, and Mammon. Lucifer threw a piece of metal on the floor after putting his own glasses on. The little metal then turned on, creating a digital force field around the two groups.
“My apologies. Had to rush a bit. The schematic’s a little crude.” Lucifer embarrassingly rubbed his neck.
“Where is that music coming from?” Mammon whispered, adventure music playing around the force field as Levi smirked happily at his idea of it.
“Alright! At 2150, Mammon, Y/n, and Simeon die-vert the students away from their posts.” He pulled a digital building from the plan and enlarged it.
“At 2200, Levi breaches the hull with a swarm of self-guided nano-charges.” A digital Levi threw the bombs at the door of the building.
“I call them wet kabooms.” Levi proudly announced with stars in his eyes.
“Don’t call them that, Levi.” Lucifer sighed.
“They’re my bombs. I call them what I want.” Levi rolled his eyes.
“At 2202, knock knock,” Lucifer started up again.
“Who’s there?” Beel joined in, adoring the digitalized versions of them breaking through the building.
“RAD’s ASB.” Lucifer smirked.
“RAD’s ASB who?” Beel continued.
“RAD’s ASB who doesn’t have time for knock knock jokes because we’re too busy, taking down Dave.”
The digital plan began to show the other steps of the plan.
“At 2209, mission accomplished.” The digital plan showed Lucifer walking away from an explosion with Dave being dragged behind him.
“See that? There’s a huge explosion and I just keep on walking.”
The piece of metal closed itself up and Lucifer picked it up with ease.
“Woohoo! Way to go, Lucifer.” Levi cheered, obviously proud of the plan they made.
“That’s RAD’s ASB, sucker!”
Satan rolled his eyes before softly clapping.
Beel happily smiled, clapping as well, “Nicely done.”
Mammon glared angrily, “Oh please, your plan requires immediate attention towards your post! Dave would get you the minute you go up to him just assuming that you can catch him that easily!”
“Oh. And you, you… you certainly know a good plan — I mean, your operation in the human realm allowed Dave to escape with.. your boy.” Lucifer was obviously trying to strike a nerve.
Mammon’s eyes widened. His expression turned to one filled with sadness and distress.
“I’ve never lost a member of my team. It must feel.. awful.” Lucifer sarcastically frowned.
“Can’t imagine the guilt, the regret, the feeling that, uh, I don’t know, that… it should have been you.” He crossed his arms, a stern expression on his face as if he needed to be right in this situation.
Mammon turned away and looked towards the school. An image of Luke in distress made him feel so horrible.
“…All for Principal’s Advisory’s plan?” Satan broke the silence.
Y/n and Simeon quickly raised their hands, angry at the fact that Lucifer would even try to upset his younger brother the way that he did.
“…All for ASB’s plan?”
Satan, Levi, Beel, and Lucifer all put their hands up. Mammon slowly put his hand up as well, shocking even his big brother.
“His…his is better.” Mammon whispered, his voice filled with such sadness.
“What?” Y/n’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe Mammon would ever agree to such a ridiculous plan.
Simeon’s eyes widened as well, “Mammon?”
Mammon held in his tears, his pained expression still painted clearly on his face, “..I’m sorry, guys, but I can’t lead you this time.”
“But,” Y/n slowly walked forward, “We’re a team, and… and you’re our Mammon, Mammon.”
“We don’t… we don’t need these guys.” Simeon tried to convince him as well.
“No, Simeon and Y/n, but Luke does.”
“I think… this time we leave it to the professionals.”
“But, Mammon!—” Mammon quickly grabbed y/n’s wrists, making her pained expression turn even sadder.
“It’s settled,” Mammon quickly replied, “We take our orders from Lucifer now.”
“Mammon, please!—” Simeon tried as well.
“That’s an order, Simeon!”
Simeon slowly nodded before standing by y/n’s side again. He grabbed her left hand, giving it a little squeeze to make her feel better. Mammon turned away and walked closer to the edge of the hill.
He sighed sadly, “All right, Lucifer… what’s the diversion?”
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tartagluvr · a day ago
the 'undateables' mitski songs
does anyone still call them the undateables anymore? am i that much of a vet omswd 'demon brother mitski songs' did well so i decided i wanted to write more! luke's of course will be platonic and about a sibling type bond, don't be wierd. this piece will not include barbatos, as even though i've played for over a year i do not fully understand his character and how to correctly portray him. my apologies!
warnings: fluff in all parts except diavolo. his is the only one with pure angst. no beta we die like chp16
word count: 5.2k
'demon brothers' here!
Tumblr media
diavolo; last words of a shooting star
you learned from movies how love ought to be / and you'd say you love me and look in my eyes / but i know, through mine you were looking in yours
"my love, i am so sorry to have to cancel our date tonight. lucifer needs some assistance with paperwork regarding yours and solomons stay here."
for the third date night in a row, you have been put on the broken and tired back burner. for lucifer.
you can't fully bring yourself to blame your lover, he is the lord ruling hell after all. it wouldn't be fair to expect him to be yours all day every day. and when you really think on it, diavolo has not yet ever had a lover in his life. you are his first of everything in a romantic sense. so you've been telling yourself for months he is just not used to this, it is a craft he has yet to have tried his hand at. you just know he can be the perfect lover with a few housekeeping rules.
but it was starting to slowly, surely, chip away at your heart. and your heart was holding your love for diavolo inside, hanging on for dear life as the icepick swings.
with some semblance of confidence mixed with asmodeus hyping you up, you decide to go to castle and face him im person.
of course you put on your best outfit, do up your hair how you like, and spray on your favorite devildom scent.
its not too far of a walk, and you quite enjoy the cold breeze hitting your body. it gives you time to calm down, rationalize how you wish to speak with him. you could've easily asked one of the brothers to fly you over- but this was your task and yours alone. only you can walk through the glass barefoot while trying to sweep it.
entrance to the castle is easy, there aren't any security checkpoints or stops. just the large coded gate, and the glorious front entrance. getting inside takes no more than thirty seconds of your time.
time being wasted spent on a never present lover
barbatos greets you kindly in the foyer, apologizing on diavolos half for his buisness and lack of presence. but you stand your ground, a light smile gracing your wind beat cheeks.
he may be busy, but he can stop for a moment. just one single moment in which you can pretend everything is okay. and only then may he return to being distant.
it isn't as if you are unlovable, you know that much. your demon housemates had to shoo away multiple low level demons and succubi the first few weeks you had been here. it boosted your confidence in the beginning, but as that all stopped and you took real notice of diavolo- the confidence left.
so now here you stand, breathing in and out deeply at his office door. and you knock.
"come in," can be heard through the thick wooden door. so you enter, and are obviously not who he expected to walk in.
"mc? why have you come all the way here? did my text not send..." the man quickly brings out his d.d.d to genuinely check if his text sent. you make eye contact with lucifer, and just from the look in your eyes alone he says he will be excusing himself for a moment.
as he walks past you, your shoulders brush. and a whisper falls into your ear.
"make this worth it."
it boosts you further to know lucifer is supporting you in this. for a second you wonder if lucifer had ever scolded diavolo for how he treated you. but that is quickly brushed off as you approach his neatly tidied desk.
"i did, get your text that is. i came in person to give my reply."
diavolo laughs. he assumes you are joking around, you always were a little playful and he loved that about you.
well diavolo, you assumed wrongly.
"i don't think i can do this any longer."
he perches his head on the palm of his hand, looking up at you in confusion.
"diavolo, do you know what it means to be in love with someone?"
you do not speak harshly, even faced with the man who has all but abandoned you. he looks perplexed, seemingly thinking over your question. and he has a 'lightbulb' moment, eyes widening and looking into yours happily.
"love is to spend time with someone and never be tired of them!"
you want to say ding ding winner you got it right- but he doesn't see how contradicting what he thinks and what he does are.
"then do you love lucifer?"
diavolo lets out another classic one of his laughs, head thrown back against his chair. it was a serious question, but you know you can't be straightforward with his personality. he will always take it as a joke. hm, you pause in thought. maybe thats it, maybe he thinks this relationship is a joke.
"i do love lucifer yes, he is my right hand man. and so i end up spending a lot of time with him, by proxy of his job."
you find yourself nodding, it does make sense that he would connect his concept of love to lucifer always being there. but he still just doesn't understand the weight of this conversation.
"so then," you sigh, taking a step forward. "why have you chosen to date me? wouldn't you rather lucifer, going by your personal concept of love?"
diavolo hesitates.
and though this conversation will continue on, that was all the answer you needed.
"have i been an unsightly lover to you, dear?"
diavolo goes silent again. it seems when he is right on the verge of understanding you, he takes four steps backwards.
"do you still love me then?"
you do not hesitate. "yes, i do."
diavolo purses his lips together, eyebrows knitted. once again he has the look of 'let me logically think this through' but the words that come out are rarely true logic.
"then we can continue, yes?"
"no," you whisper as you read that there truly is no sparkle in his eyes when they meet yours. lucifer walks back in from behind, and you see the sparkle appear as diavolo looks towards him with a smile.
"no, we cant."
simeon; your best american girl
you're the sun / you've never seen the night / but you hear its song from the morning birds / well i'm not the moon / i'm not even a star
sweet, loving, angelic simeon. the angel with dark hair and tanned skin. the least expected guess of who you would have fallen for.
the brothers are far too cocky, all betting on themselves.
but all it really took for you to fall was to see his smile once. and from that day forward, you would do anything to see it again. you are chasing happiness in the shape of an angel.
but you cannot have that happiness, as you do not deserve it. you are a sinner, and that is all simeon will ever see you as.
on one outing to the celestial realm, you had worn your prettiest outfit to hopefully get a compliment from your beloved angel. what you didn't expect was for simeon's angel friends to give you the exact opposite.
not only did they criticize your appearance, they attacked the ideals you hold. that demons can change, demons can be good. one in particular told you that you shant visit again because you have the scent of demons on you.
embarassed to hell and back (quite literally) you only stopped by where luke was playing with friends to tell him you had to go.
the boy was sad you couldn't stay and play, his small angel friends sad as well. they had been so excited to meet luke's cool big sibling! but you didn't want the older angels to scold the children for being around you- so you excused yourself and called diavolo.
you stand now in a beautiful field far from the center of the celestial realm, far from the angels all seeing eyes. but diavolo wasn't answering, meaning you probably couldn't come back for a bit longer. typically even someone like lucifer needed permission from diavolo to travel between realms. and if diavolo isn't picking up, then theres no point going to lucifer first.
so in a poor attempt to kill time, you begin to walk the field. beautiful vibrant flowers litter the grass, and you pick a few small ones you like to stick in your hair. when you look in the camera of your d.d.d you laugh out loud at how crazy you look.
a powerful pact holding human is in the celestial realm, sticking flowers in their hair. you never know what you're going to see when traveling realms.
bringing the phone up in front of you again, you begin to adjust the flowers so they go across the top of your head like a crown. like a halo
when you turn your head to the side is when you get the absolute jumpscare of your life behind you in the camera, nearly falling over. simeon had seen you from the castle as you walked out, and came to see why you hadn't stopped by yet.
"my dear, those flowers look lovely in your hair."
formal as ever. simeon always knows how to make you blush, like a school kid with a crush on their seatmate.
"its not a sin to pick celestial realm flowers, is it? maybe i should've checked beforehand."
you flash him a smile, gaining his laughter in return. "it is not a sin, as we are constantly giving back to the earth when we take."
his eloquence does not fall on deaf ears. you turn your head to hide the pink blossoming across your cheeks, and spot a beautiful group of blue flowers.
quickly you bend down, picking four or five before turning to solomon.
"my dearest simeon, care to match with me?"
simeon takes the small flowers from your outstretched hands, thanking you for them as if you grew them yourself. he attempts sticking them in his hair but they fall each time.
"ah, may i help..?" you started off confident, but the second those words left your lips you curled into yourself. thinking that you are dirty, you shouldn't touch him. you will taint his purity with even just the slightest of touch, that would prove how filthy you were.
"you do seem an expert, have a go at it."
his approval was all you needed to smile again, perpetually falling over and over everytime he speaks in your direction.
you carefully take the flowers from him, careful to not squish the delicate petals. once all sorted out in your hand, you step on your tippy toes and begin using your free hand to wedge the flower stems into his hair. subconsciously, the tip of your tongue is poking out of your mouth as you focus.
simeon smiles at the sight, thinking to himself how lovely you look today.
with one flower left to stick in his hair, you go to place it in the center of his head. up on your toes you go once again, but falter for a moment. right as you shake, his gloved hands grab your sides to keep you in place. you want to scream, you want to keep your composure. very contrasting wants; you go with a poor attempt of the second.
his warm hands do not leave your side until you announce you are done, and step off of your toes.
"how do i look, mc?" simeon asks quite playfully, striking a pose. quickly you pull your d.d.d back out, telling him you will take a picture to show him.
he strikes a second pose, holding his arms above his head in a heart shape. there is the widest and most stunning grin spread across his face. he truly looks like he isn't real. like a prince you would see in a picture book.
snapping back to reality you laugh looking at the photos taken. with a giggly 'what?' he comes to lean over you and see as well. the sun is glaring onto the screen from his angle, so he gently uses his hand to cover the screen from above.
once simeon finally sees the image, he is laughing along with you.
"i can't believe you talked me into this so easily. you really are magical for just a human."
for some reason, those words resonate with you. but not in a good way.
he's absolutely right- you are just a human. and here he is, the most incredible angel, a heart bigger than all the realms combined. maybe the others were right, you do not deserve him.
"would you care to take one of us both, love?"
simeons sweet voice brings you back down, your head snapping up to look at him. his face is so close you could count his eyelashes if you wished to. when you forget that he had asked a question, he poses another, as he sits down in the grass.
"where did you go?"
you know fully well what he means, and the look of concern on his face makes you want to cry. delicately forming the sentence in your head, you speak. "you're the sun, simeon."
the tanned angel gives you another one of his bright smiles, hand reaching up to grab yours and sit you down beside him. as he sits facing forwards, you sit facing him from the side.
"i mean it, simeon. you're the sun. everything about you is warm, kind. you give life and purpose to the people you meet."
simeon seems perplexed by this sudden compliment shower, half of his smile showing.
"and what would that make you? my moon? the one who is always guarding the darkness and making sure the people they love have light in dark times?"
you shake your head quickly, slightly embarrassed he would even compare you to something so beautiful.
"no, i'm not the moon. simeon, i-" you hesitate. why do you hesitate?
"yes love?"
curse this angel for always knowing how to get you spilling everything out.
"i'm not even a star. i just, simply am."
simeon hums, sounded disappointed in your words. if only you could see yourself through his eyes, for just one single second. then, perhaps, you would understand why he has fallen so infatuated with you in such a short amount of time.
he pushes off his hands that were propping him up in the grass, and locks his fingers under your knees. for a second you go to protest but fall silent as he lays your legs across his lap, pulling you closer in. you two are sat so closely you could rest your head on his broad shoulder if you wished to.
"i think you are the moon, mc. who has made you to believe you are not? those other angels luke told me of?"
christ on a stick luke and his love for you never fails. even though he may be younger and shorter, he always fights for you. even when you feel you deserve nothing except for him to walk away.
"they aren't worthy of this title, that i know to be true now."
"my moon, i am just telling the truth. if they are to speak badly of someone i love i should be angry, no?"
now you really did lean into his shoulder, hiding your red face from his eyes. and as the cheeky boy he is, he knew what he was doing. with this new opportunity, your head against his shoulder. he wraps an arm around you. it feels like simeon could pull you right into him if he wanted, you are that close.
"so. huh. you love me?"
and simeon laughs loud. "out of all the words i spoke, those three words are all you heard? all i said was that you are someone i lo-"
this time around you cut simeon off with a squeal, lightly hitting your hand on his chest.
"i'm just playing, my moon. but i meant those words, that is true. what else must i do to prove it?"
lifting your head back up, you see the sparkle in his eye and smile. in turn, he raises his eyebrows and smiles, as if to say 'what?'. you bring your head back down to lay on his shoulder, warmed more now from the sun.
"you are my sun, simeon."
"yes, i picked up on that part dear." another hit to his chest that brings out his melodic laugh.
"and you are my moon, always and forever."
and of course, you two did end up taking photos together with your flower halos.
luke; goodbye, my danish sweetheart
and i don't blame you / if you want to / bury me in your memories, i'm not the girl i out to be
luke, despite being a sweet young angelic being, has experienced quite the amount of otherworldly feelings. for a bit of time now, he has come to know the feeling of anxiety festering in his bones. the fear of failure, of not being as good of an angel as simeon.
lord above, that boy idolizes simeon like no other.
he also has recently been introduced to another idol, another seemingly perfect person he wishes he could be.
that person, being you.
even in simple things like baking- something he enjoys immensely- he just feels a sort of emptiness. he can share his cookies with you, with simeon, even with solomon. but his un-angel-like feelings were baked into them instead of love, and he fears poisoning someone else with this horrible sickness he must have contracted.
luke tells himself he must just be sick, that is what is happening. something malicious must have been given to him, maybe by one of the demon brothers. he does find himself crying a lot easier from their words now, so the paranoia holds reason. to him, at least.
and of course, he doesn't dare tell michael or any of the archangels about this. what if they cast him out? tell him that he is not a true angel because of this sickness?
on one particularly bad day, you show up to rescue him.
luke is sat in the very far last stall of the school's bathroom, knees to his chest as he cries to himself.
he had started to feel the sick feeling overtake him whilst some low level demons threw jabs out at him, and it was too much to handle. too many voices, too many people, too many hateful eyes.
and as fate works, one of his idols came to save him.
you came waltzing into the bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. (just a note, if you identify as afab lets say you walked into the mens on accident!) luke heard the footsteps and curled further into himself, his sniffles reaching your ears.
"hello? hey, you okay?"
poor luke nearly screamed when he realized it was you. how could he let you see him like this? he will just infect you-
"luke sweets, i can see your shoes. can i come in?"
drat. you always did point out his 'twinkle toes' as you named them. he doesn't want to get you sick, so he just tells you flat out.
it takes a second before you reply, and luke thinks you might have left him all alone again.
"what hurts? i really don't mind getting sick."
how could he explain this rationally. because his head was hurting, but not the headache kind. his throat felt tight, like someone were squeezing him. and his chest was on fire, making him truly believe someone fed him a poison.
"if you don't answer i'll crawl under, you know i'm kind of crazy." luke had to stifle a laugh through his soft sniffles. slowly, he rose and unlocked the door. though he was looking everywhere else but at you.
"okay big boy, lets sit down," you happily enter the large stall, plopping down and patting the ground next to you. hesitantly, luke sits back down.
"so. what hurts?" luke shrugs his shoulders. you give him a playful push, looking to his eyes for an answer still.
luke tries his best to explain the story of how he thinks someone poisoned him, and that he was afraid he was going to have his wings taken from him. a deep deep frown sets on your face as he speaks.
"sweets, i don't think you are sick." luke goes to speak but you stop him. "no no, listen. i don't think you are poisoned, i think you are experiencing some serious anxiety. you know what that is?" luke nods, telling you that no angel he ever met had 'anxiety'. so he has concluded he must be a fake, and he is so embarassed that you now know his secret. that he doesn't blame you if you want to go to the brothers and make fun of him.
"hey, look at me. you're okay. you are the most kind and lovely angel i've ever met. even kinder than simeon!" luke wants to defend simeon, but realizes you must be just joking around.
"do you want me to tell simeon about this? i think he can help, him and i can be like 'lukes personal protectors'. how does that sound, hm?"
the tears start to well up in the small angels eyes again. "i don't want simeon to think i'm broken. that i'm not the angel i'm supposed to be."
instead of verbally telling him how wrong he is, you pull him closer and hug him tight. his adorable little hat falls off making you both laugh a little- but you are just relieve luke can still find humor in things.
if you or simeon had let this go on any longer, you feared luke would begin self destructing and end up doing actions he would regret.
"so i can talk to simeon right? you can be there too, so he can hear it from you sweets."
luke sighs exaggeratedly, but nods his head.
"do you want to go back to class?"
"fine by me. lets go play in the town!"
solomon; texas reznikoff
but i've been everywhere and it's not what i want / i want to be still with you
[ let me expose myself first this piece is inspired by a love poem i wrote for a girlfriend once, because she loved ferris wheels </3 ]
loving solomon is to board the carnival ferris wheel.
each cart is painted a beautiful color, differing throughout. sometimes the ferris wheel may be slow, and stop at the top of the sky. sometimes the ferris wheel goes so fast it seems to end before you even saw the sky.
somedays the ferris wheel was out of order, and didn't come back in service for weeks.
the long waits are what began to wear you down the most. you could see him- but only for a few hours a week maximum. you could call him, but only at certain times where his wifi would work well enough to hear you.
'you have reached the voicemail box of solomon the coolest sorcerer ever, please leave a message after the beep'.
it had been a month since you even bothered to leave a message. what would be the reason? for him to listen to three days later when his phone finally gets service?
with a heavy weight sigh, you throw yourself on your bed. checking your d.d.d, you see that asmodeus posted a selfie with solomon an hour previously. and that was how you usually found out where he was, considering he moved so much he stopped telling you.
the d.d.d slips from your hands, as they now move to rub at your cheeks. you didn't have any way to numb the pain, no way to fill the hole in your chest. a perfectly shaped circle i your chest etched permanently by a tall sorcerer.
but then you remembered alcohol exists. and that sounds bloody amazing right now.
you put on your favorite pop songs, went to the kitchen, and grabbed a fancy glass to put wine in. no one is around to judge how tall you may fill the glass, so you fill it well.
dancing around your room now, you stop for a second to change clothes. if you are going to have a night of self love, you want to at least look your best. the fanciest (dress or suit) is pulled from your messy closet, and you beam at it. it's perfect for the occasion, you can consider this a date with yourself. and it was well needed.
now dressed to the nines, you resume your playlist and move around to the beat. the wine tastes almost better when you're drinking it alone, your (dress or suit) fitting perfectly for once.
feeling playful, you grab your phone and quickly take some pictures. one is a classic selfie, wine glass in frame. the next is a full body shot in the mirror to show off your outfit. and the final is a timer set photo where you stood posing against your wall, wine glass raised as if to say 'cheers'.
quickly you went to post them, to show everyone how well you were doing. and to show how amazing you looked, obviously.
the caption took a bit of thinking, but you finally settled on 'cheers to date nights with yourself' with a few heart emojis. confident in your photos and figure, you didn't hesitate to click post.
and then the phone was put back down, music back all the way up as you waltzed with yourself.
for once, you were thankful you had decided to reside in a smaller town where the houses are a bit far from each other. you wouldn't have to worry about noise complaints, yelling neighbors, any distractions.
this was your damn night and nothing could ruin it.
and by nothing, i mean solomon calling no more than five minutes after you put the phone down.
immediately you froze, staring down. you wondered why the music didn't stop playing the call, and only then did you realize you had taken and posted the pictures with your d.d.d. not your iphone. not on instagram. oh lord.
you scrambled to pick up your ringing d.d.d, catching it just as it was about to end. as you said hello over the line to your distant lover, you saw some rain begin to lightly dust your window.
"mc, where are you?"
it was definitely the alcohol that caused you to scoff. who is he to ask that right now?
"home, alone. hows the devildom?"
solomon does not speak for a moment. it seems he is trying to gather his words carefully.
"how much have you had to drink?" he sounds cautious, and it almost pisses you off more. "i don't know, don't really care. i'm having fun!"
solomon sighs. his end of the line goes strange for a second, and you call out another 'hello?'
"i'm still here, sorry. damned d.d.d does that a lot when i-" solomon cuts his sentence off. and unfortunately for him, you weren't drunk enough to ignore that. not even close enough.
"when you what?" solomon is silent.
you hear a deep breath from the other line, cutting through the silence. and then, the sound of rain.
"can you please let me in? it's colder than hell out here love."
before you have time to think, your body reacts and you drop the wine glass. it shatters almost beautifully, like a star exploding in the night sky. and then you really truly register the words your lover has spoken.
without care you toss the d.d.d onto the couch as you all but run to the front door. a part of you is afraid you're about to wake up, this is is a wine induced dream. but after a moment, you open the door.
and in all his beautiful glory, there stands your beloved sorcerer. albeit a little wet from the rain, but still the most ethereal creature you've ever seen.
and then you remember you're mad at him.
leaving him at the open door, you walk back into the living room and begin cleaning up all the glass shards. a few had hit your feet pretty hard, but you didn't feel them or take notice at all.
solomon eventually comes into the room as well, immediately racing over and taking the broom and pan.
"please go sit on the couch. your feet," he gestures down with his head. "they're bleeding. give me a moment to pick this up."
and in a wierd, very solomon way, he casts a spell to pick up all of the shards and sends them to the trashcan in the kitchen.
"right, where do we keep medical here love?"
"you would know if you were ever home." you don't even give poor boy a second to breathe.
but he takes your anger in stride, knowing he somewhat deserves it. so he turns to the bedroom, and emerges a few minutes later with a first aid kit. he instructs you to turn so you are sitting against the arm rest, to let him clean your feet easier. neither of you say a word until he is done pulling out shards, and bandaging up cuts.
"i'm sorry, dove. i've been a horrible lover to you."
you want to retort. oh god above, you want to yell at him with every ounce of your soul. but you also want to cry. because its been two months since you last saw him in person. and now, in this mess of a night, he has to see you like this.
solomon is surprised though when you do start crying. he comes to your side, crouching down to hold you by your shoulders.
"mc, please look at me. i'm so sorry. i'm here now and that won't take back all the times i wasn't. but i'm here now."
rather abruptly you wrap yourself around him, arms over his shoulders and a hand in his damp hair.
"i thought you would never come back. that you enjoy traveling more than," a pause to sniffle. "being with me." solomon is quick as ever to hush you and hold you tighter. he wishes there was a spell to fix this, a magic to make you happy again. but that is not what you want, that's what he wants.
"listen dove, i've been everywhere. name a place and i've been there before, but thats not what i want."
you lift your head enough to look him in the eyes as you speak softly. "then what is it that you want?"
solomon doesn't hesistate.
"i want to be still with you."
solomon seems to stop hesitating from then on, by that i mean cancelling all of his plans for the next three months to be still with you.
the ferris wheel is finally back in maintenance, and his eyes are promising that it will never break down ever again.
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"How long are going to pretend?"
"...It's your fault!"
"For Better And For Worse..."
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I've tried to tag everyone who asked, if I missed out please let me know. I'm so sorry I'm too scatterbrained to keep up sometimes you know hehe :')
Tumblr media
A month had passed since any of the brothers had seen you. And the angels and the wizard seemed too busy to answer questions about you.
"Is MC sick? They don't usually miss classes like this. I recently read some books on human sickness and I have some potions to help-" Satan caught up to Solomon in the library.
"They're fine. We're taking notes and we all study together at home. Diavolo has been notified." Solomon replied stiffly. He placed a book on the check out counter. Satan recognised it.
"That... that's MC's comfort book isn't it? I've seen them reading it when they're upset. Please Solomon, what's wrong with them? I'm sure I can help." Satan was begging at this point.
"Then stay away and stop asking about them." Solomon snapped walking out with the book.
Diavolo and Barbatos were being equally stand offish. It had been three days since Lucifer had received any paperwork to do. He wasn't even called to the castle anymore. And when he did try to go there himself, Barbatos sent him away.
"Young Master isn't in his right state of mind to converse unless it's regarding absolutely necessary business."
"Has MC come by at all?" Lucifer ventured.
Barbatos's face turned grim. "Hardly. Young Master doesn't like how often the castle stays silent now."
So he paced around the room, empty bottles of Demonus spilling over in secret corners. He heard his brothers shouting in the corridor again. He slumped onto his chair, his palm pressed against his forehead.
He had forgotten what the house was like before you arrived. He wanted his peace back. He wanted you back.
Beel often visited the fridge during the times you used to guard it. He'd fall to his knees, the absence of your form stopping him was too much.
"I'm sorry, MC... I'm sorry, I failed you..." Beel whispered in tired whispers. Asmo's words hit him deeper than he thought.
You were the only person who needed saving. Somehow how he made the wrong choice. Again.
Belphie tossed and turned. He could no longer sleep in the same room with his twin. Funny how after years of yearning to be back in this room, he no longer wanted it. Just because you left.
He was often found fast asleep leaning on the attic door. He recalled you falling asleep right there some nights, and that memory is the only thing that brought him peace.
"Luke, psst, Luke! Here boy!" Mammon grabbed and cornered Luke in a desolate classroom at RAD. Levi and Asmo shut the door, locking the four of them inside.
"What the hell are you demons planning?! Let me out!" Luke stepped back in fear. There was a crazed look in all of their eyes and Luke hadn't been in their presence without Simeon.
"We- we don't mean any harm! We just have a request please Luke!" Levi's fingers and eyes twitched unaturally. "Just take us to MC, won't you?"
Luke's wings flared like his temper. "Absolutely not! None of you are allowed near MC! They don't want to see you!"
Asmo's fingers snaked in Luke's hair. "You should just tell us honestly Luke, we would prefer not to... force you. But that might set off MC even more. Ugh, it's ridiculous how they would rather stay with a pipsqueak like you instead of us!"
Luke pried off Asmo's hands and managed to bang on the door hard enough before Levi and Mammon pulled him away again.
"Okay okay how about this. You can't take us to MC, but it's no problem if MC comes here willingly, don't ya agree?" Mammon sneered. "You just gotta sit here quietly and wait till MC comes to get ya!"
Levi didn't like this sound of this. "This feels like kidnapping! Mammon, was this really part of the plan?! I don't think MC will-"
The door Levi locked broke open with a loud BANG.
"Come on, Luke, let's go home." Your voice was like lemonade on a sunny day to them. They watched wide eyed as you stood there with your arms open for the little angel.
"MC, run! They've gotten crazier than before!" Luke rushed headfirst into your open arms.
"M-MC! You're really here!" "Oh my darling, MC it's been too long!" Levi and Asmo were already inching closer, when Mammon yanked them back and rushed forward instead.
"I knew it, human. I knew ya would come for the little mutt." Mammon's voice was unstable and giddy as he reached to embrace you.
"Stay back, demon." The cold command fell from your lips and down he went on his knees. Mammmon looked up horrified. Your eyes looked like someone had scooped away all the light from it.
"Luke, honey, Simeon is waiting by the staircase for you. Why don't you go to him? I'll be there soon." You reassured the angel and watched him leave.
"As for you three, how fucking dare you to use a child to get to me?! What the fuck were you expecting?!" You shook your head, your fists trembling with rage, by your sides.
"On second thought, I should have let Simeon deal with you instead."
"But you didn't, MC." Asmo perked up. "You came yourself, didn't you? Just like always?"
"You still care, MC! We know you do!" Levi chimed in too, "You're my best friend still I know!'
"Stay back down, you worms." The two of then kneeled in seconds. "Pretending everything is fine never works out. I learnt it the hard way."
"Wait no MC, we aren't-"
"MC, Luke wants to leave with you. Are you done?" Simeon's voice was marked by overwhelming rage. The only reason he didn't act out was you and Luke.
They watched in silent agony as Simeon put his arm around you, glancing back at them slightly. Things were changing rapidly. The brothers needed to keep up.
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MC: *being surrounded by the archangels* Forgive me for my incompetence. I didn't know there would be a lot of guests. I shouldn't have let all of you stay in such a small room.
Raphael: It isn't needed. We're here to take you.
MC: *smiles* Did I do something wrong?
Raphael: *blushes* *looks away* N-No! We only have something to ask you.
MC: I see. Please excuse me for a moment. I don't think this attire will suit the place we're going to.
Luke: *forces his way in to the room* MC! What's going on?! *runs to hug them*
Raphael: Luke, you shouldn't be here. Get out now.
Luke: No! Why are you taking MC with you?!
MC: *pats his head* It's okay, Luke. They're only inviting me to a simple banquet.
Luke: B-But they are-
MC: I won't be in trouble. *smiles kindly to him*
Luke: MC...
MC: *standing in front of a graveyard* *chuckles*
Raphael: ...
MC: *stops from laughing then looks at him* There's a job you're hoping for me to do, doesn't it?
Raphael: It seems that you knew already.
MC: Yes. That's why it wasn't necessary for you to bring some of the archangels.
Raphael: Then I deeply apologize for that.
MC: So what do you want to ask of me?
Raphael: ...
Raphael: I want you to kill someone.
MC: That's given. I mean to ask is who?
Raphael: ...
Raphael: The child of Lilith. Your counterpart.
MC: Ah... That is such a fascinating request. Please elaborate it more. *smiles*
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Broken Trust: Barbatos POV 💔Diavolo x Child Bride MC 💔
Barbatos was silently doing his usual chores one morning when he accidentally stepped into a certain room.
A room where his memories came into plain though those incidents were taking place right in that moment.
A room where a little girl sat down and simply looked out the windows, beautiful burnished gold doe eyes full of wonder.
Yet.... they held....pain.... and he couldn't help her escape from the cold floors and even colder halls of the castle.
He once brought tea to her room, and she'd asked him to stay, "only five minutes...please?"
He'd complied with her request, answering any questions she had.
Not one to admit anything, but he truly enjoyed their little conversation time.
So he took it onto himself to help her adjust to the new environment, being careful to keep her away from the prying eyes of Diavolo's many lovers who had intentions to harm the child.
"Barbatos, is it all right if I went to the library? I don't want to let you run behind your schedule," she was now 12, and had gained some confidence and was quite a brilliant young lady.
"Yes, Miss Esshra," he'd smile at her on seeing a bright smile being returned to him.
"How many times have I said to drop all formalities?" A playful pout, and a fake frown.
"....Esshra..." a chuckle, a ruffling of her hair.
"That's better," a cheeky grin, followed by her footsteps receding towards the library.
He shook his head, then turned to complete the task at hand.
And soon, she was 14, a teenager. Wise for her age, yet, patient enough to wait for the fate of her marriage.
He was well aware of the strained relationship between her and Diavolo, yet he decided to let everything unravel.
He'd seen how much Diavolo resented her, the young prince forcing her to see his lovers drag him off to who knows where, yet she remained calm.
It wasn't until they were divorced that he felt... broken, oddly enough.
He'd missed her bright smiles, their conversations, her thirst for knowledge.
He missed that warmth she often exuded whenever he was around.
And so, he decided to wait until she returned to the Devildom....if she will.
Current Day: Diavolo's castle
It had been a few months since she'd returned to the Devildom, but the revelation of her family background was extremely shocking.
She was the daughter of Shiva and Kali, both gods of Destruction. She was the third god with such power. Yet her patience and wisdom often came into play more often.
She'd grown up to be a wise woman, and extremely beautiful.... and it was only then he realized.... there had been a certain feeling in his cold, dead chest after she'd been sent away 10 years ago.
And those feelings were quite....intense at this point... he wasn't sure if it was simply infatuation or if he actually had feelings for her.
Only fate will tell.
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saorikuhara39 · 5 months ago
Obey Me! Illustrators イラスト集
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Those listed are working for NTT Solmare, and thus they stay anonymous. (I know the one from GMS might be from the illustrator named 'kujira'...)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Those listed have Twitter handles, so you might want to check them out.
Tumblr media
The unknown illustrator just showcased more artwork recently, so no Beel yet.
Tumblr media
Some illustrators only drew a few artworks, or just drew during the early stages of the game.
Tumblr media
Finally, the hoodie collection is just an extra bonus as they are harder to obtain and I think they look very cool.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<artist: _kaichuu│_kaichuu>
permission to post was granted by the artist.
editing and reposting in any platform (FB, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc) are prohibited. please kindly like and retweet their arts on Twitter and Instagram.
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