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The side charecters!

 would get me something super expensive to show his love for me! he would understand understand if i got nervous even touching it but say that i dont have to worry about breaking it and he wouldnt be mad

He would be working that day 😥 but he would prepare a dinner for when he got off shift the night before! and would get me some flowers from the royal garden (he bribed the gardener)

he would treat me to some tea and pastries and a quiet day in, reading to me as we relax in his room cuddling type beat, oh and would gift me some holy treats that i can eat for days

would almost for get my birthday and panic make a cool potion for me (hes very hold and his brain gets foggy lol) a potion of luck is probs his go to and would make a joke about HIM getting lucky that night lol

completely platonic this one obviously, would bake me a cake and even try his hand at an ice cream cake cause he knows thats my favorite!

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Imagine MC kissing the boys when they want them to shut up.

Lucifer was definitely in the middle of a lecture. He won’t be happy about being interrupted at first, but just keep kissing him, he’ll gladly reciprocate.

You love Mammon but hearing him go on about how great he is all the time gets to be tedious. He’ll be flustered at first, but he’s not letting you go after that first kiss.

Levi’s passion is really endearing but he will talk for hours… he might also be passed out for hours after you kiss him to shut him up lol.

Depending on what Satan is talking about determines the reaction you’ll get. If he’s being serious, don’t interrupt unless you have a death wish. If he’s just been going on about cats for too long or something, he’ll be happy to receive affection.

You know what’s about to happen if you interrupt Asmo with a kiss… “If you wanted attention, all you had to do was say so!”

You’re more likely to have to kiss Beel to get him to stop eating than to stop talking. But he’ll be happy to kiss back, you taste sweeter than any dessert anyways.

If Belphie is awake, and ranting, it’s probably about Lucifer or maybe Diavolo. Just kiss him and tell him to go to sleep, he’ll happily oblige.

Barbatos doesn’t talk so much, but if he does it’s about something he actually knows a lot about. He’s telling you about different teas when you suddenly just wanna kiss him. He’ll kiss back, but he does get the hint and will just make you tea instead of continuing to talk about it.

Diavolo could ask you questions about the human world for days. Do not test this theory. Just kiss him, he’ll be glad to make out instead.

Solomon has been trying to explain some magical theory to you for a couple hours, you’re starting to fall asleep. So obviously you should kiss him to stay awake. He’s glad to kiss back, but he’ll continue his lecture later.

Simeon has been bouncing new story ideas off you for a while and has gotten himself really anxious about it. Kissing the angel is like hitting the reset button. “Oh… You’re right. I should take a breath and calm down.”

Luke is upset that Beel ate a cake he made and the rant has turned from being about Beel and the cake to all demons. Kiss the top of his head and offer to help him make a new cake and he’ll be right as rain.

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Teen MC: A warning call. When you hear it, just run. Run as fast as you can and don’t look back. 

Luke: … Is it scary?

Teen MC: Very. 

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They’ve been talking about Michael way too much lately and it obvious that he’s is gonna appear at some point of the game or play a big role on it, and honestly I only wish they dont make a redemption arc of him or something like that, nor a “good and pure” angel, I hope they portray him differently

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Mammon: *enters MC’s room, carrying tray of food* MC, Luke said to give this to you- *sees her talking with Medussa’s ghost* Wha-

MC: *smiles* Hello there, Mammon. 

Medussa: *glares at him* 

Mammon: *gulps* D-Did I disturb your chat?

MC: Not really… But Medussa doesn’t like guys. 

Medussa: *hisses* I hate them. 

MC: My… Don’t be such a killjoy. 

Mammon: Umm… I’ll just put the desserts here… *sets down the tray* I’ll be going now. 

MC: Mammon.

Mammon: *looks at her* Y-Yes?

MC: Don’t mind Medussa here. 

Medussa: *hissing at Mammon* 


MC: *walking in broad daylight wearing their usual gothic Victorian gown* *even with a matching laced black umbrella* 

Luke: MC… People are staring at us…

MC: They are just admiring my beauty, Luke.

Luke: *eyes widened* 

MC: *smiles at Luke* Won’t you agree?


Random succubus: Witch. 

MC: *smirks* Are you praising me? Thank you. 

Random succubus: *glares at her* *walks out*

Asmo: MC, dear. Are you not even scared? 

MC: Hmm? Should I?

Asmo: *worried* That succubus might harm you.

MC: What? Like trying to seduce me in my sleep? Oh Asmodeus… She will need more than her aphrodisiac to charm me. *smiles*

Asmo: …

Asmo: *laughs* You’re impressive as always. 

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…I’m out of captions for this one, you’ll have to get creative.

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I decided to do the Obey Me! Shall We Date? sort of questionnaire that @obeyme-confessions posted! Feel free to fill in the blanks yourselves as well! ✨


Originally posted by harujkookie

1. Favorite brother?

My favorite brother, by a long shot, has to be my baby Mammon. I wouldn’t change that for the world. He reminds me of my boyfriend in the best ways possible, and his very cute looks are always a plus!

2. Least favorite brother?

My least favorite brother, no offense to their stans, has to be Beelzebub. I know he’s a cute little cinnamon roll and really sweet, he’s just my least preferred compared to the rest of them! Don’t worry, he’s still adorable!

3. Favorite minor character?

My favorite “minor” character is Simeon. He’s just so pleasant to be around and is absolutely gorgeous.

4. Least favorite minor character?

I’d have to say Luke out of all of them. If we had more one on one interaction with him that might change, but I really just don’t know enough about him to put him any higher than the others.

5. Which brother would you be if you embodied a deadly sin?

I would most likely be a mix of Levi and Belphie, but moreso Belphie considering I spend a lot of time oversleeping.

6. Favorite demon form?

Mammon may be my favorite brother, but my favorite demon form probably has to go to Diavolo for just how extravagant it is!

7. Favorite event thus far?

I have only been around for so many events, so if I had to pick a favorite so far, it would have to be the current circus one. It gives me The Greatest Showman vibes and picuring my character in Mammon’s arms doing the aerial stunts sends my heart fluttering! I also like how it mocks the beginning of the game and stuff.

8. Favorite casual outfit?

Hmmmm… for my favorite casual outfit, Levi’s outfit takes the cake! It’s something I would wear myself, and I love his headphones!

9. Who is your main team?

My top two are most always Asmo and Lucifer, and the third spot always switches between Mammon and Beel. I’m trying to get the new Diavolo up just as high because his UR+ animation is a blessing!

10. Level?

My level at the moment is 74!

11. Favorite BGM?

Bonds! I love the noise due to it usually meaning a romantic or wholesome encounter is about to occur! I almost have it unlocked, just need some more pink skulls!

12. Homescreen demon?

My homescreen is usually filled by Mammon, but I have my other baby Simeon on there for now!

13. Favorite wallpaper?

I don’t have it quite yet, but when I do get it, it will be Mammon’s room or the Celestial Realm!

14. Strongest card?

Asmo’s UR+ “Snowy Bliss” card, no devil flower unlock, level 101.

15. A UR/UR+ you have always wanted?

The one UR+ I’m dying to get my hands on is Levi’s UR+ “Trick Quest” card with the witch animation. It’s just so cute, I’m sad I wasn’t in the fandom yet at the time!

16. A SSR you have always wanted?

I’ve always wanted is Mammon’s SSR “Mammon the Butler” since I love that outfit so much!

17. How many cards do you have?

I have 224 demon cards and 84 memory cards currently!

18. Highest intimacy level?

My highest intimacy level is with Mammon at just under level 15, with Kucifer right on his tail.

19. Lowest intimacy level?

My lowest intimacy level is with Solomon, who I just got to level 8.

20. Favorite devilgram?

I really love Simeon’s “Time to Paint” SSR story! Considering I like art, having Simeon as a model would be a DREAM!

Bonus: Favorite overall in-game outfit?

For me, it has to be a tie between Lucifer’s human world outfit and Mammon’s Arabian outfit!

What are your responses? Have fun with the prompt! I would love to see other users’ game viewpoints and preferences compared to my own! 😈

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MC: Today I saw Luke scream “BAD DOG!” At a goose, and honestly I can’t stop thinking about it…

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giving the Obey Me boys piercings


(long post, keep reading under the cut)

Lucifer - fake piercing

We all know this demon wouldn’t be thrilled at the idea of getting a piercing, and I can’t see him comitting to a hole in his body. However, he finds out about clip earrings and he sometimes wears a long one on his left ear, Howl Pendragon style.

Mammon - snakebite piercing

He already has his ears pierced, so Mammon wanted to go for a bolder one. Uses his cocky smile even more now. Chews on it while gambling or when he’s bored. Constantly thinking about how it would feel if someone gently bited it while making out. 

Leviathan - tongue piercing

Got it after one of his anime girlies said she loved it. At first he hated how difficult it was to eat and spoke weird for a week. Now he rolls it in his mouth while he’s focused on games. Wears funny ones, with pills or dices as decorations. Loves to show it in selfies.

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