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#obey me male mc
kitsune-oji · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Potions class is fun, especially if your lab partner likes to experiment 👀👀
(please open for better quality)
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dumplingwritings · 23 hours ago
Not So High and Mighty
Mammon x male!reader
W: Face fucking, mentions of cum eating, light hair pulling, praise, degrading, a single slap, sub!Mammon, dom!reader
Tumblr media
You leaned your head and back against the pillows. You watched the obedient  white haired demon in between your legs lick at your thighs. His long, hot tongue felt so good as it traced the insides of your thighs.
Each long lick sent a electric pulse of pleasure up your back, making your legs twitch or kick out. Your hand flew to his hair, and he hummed as you grabbed hold. He liked your hands in his hair when the two of you did things like this. It meant he was making you feel good. 
He gently bit down on your flesh, making you hiss and twitch in pleasure.
You lightly tugged on his hair. “You’ve been such a good boy tonight.”
He moaned against your skin as he nibbled on your thigh again. Praise always made him melt. 
“You want to stay my good boy, right Mammon?”
He nodded, licking around your hip bone. You roughly yanked on his hair, pulling him up to look you in the eyes. He moaned as you did, the pain went straight down to his cock. It twitched inside his soaked boxers. He wished you’d pull his hair again.
“Then suck me off already. Be a good whore and take it in your mouth.”
You let go, his lips wrapped around your cock without hesitation. You gasped loudly as his hot mouth inhaled the tip of your cock. His tongue licked circles all around your glans. A sound close to that of a shriek flew from your lips and echoed off the walls of Mammon’s room. 
Lucifer was going to be pissed in the morning. 
“More Mammon. I’m impatient tonight.”
He continued to lick around your head, completely ignoring your order.
Little slut.
You yanked on his hair again, and the moan sent vibrations down to the base of your cock. 
“Hey slut, I said more. Now be good and take more.”
Again, he ignored you. 
You growled, and forced his head away from your dick. You looked him in his lust-glazed eyes with an angry glare. 
“What’s the matter with you, huh? You were being so god for me before, now what’s your problem?”
He could only moan at the pain flaring from his scalp. His cock was twitching uncontrollably. You could feel it on your thigh. 
“Wow, do I really need to pull your hair like this just to make you obey me?”
You didn’t let him say a word, instead pulling him into a harsh kiss. You forced your tongue deep into his mouth. You could taste him... and yourself for that matter. 
You pulled apart and he was flushed and drooling.
“I could taste my dick on your tongue. I don’t think I mind the taste too much.” 
“Me neither.” He chuckled.
“Oh really? Then get back to sucking it.”
He almost gleefully took in your cock, but it wasn’t enough for you.
You gripped the back of his head and forced him down on your long length. He gagged and moaned, but took as much as he could handle like a good boy.
You roughly slapped his ass. His small cry was almost completely muffled by your penis.
“Damn, where’d the “great Mammon” go, huh? All I see is a desperate cock bitch.”
He moaned, louder, and was finally able to take in the rest of your length. His throat and mouth were so hot and good. It wouldn’t take you long to cum at this rate.
“God, fuck! Mammon, I’m close!”
That only seemed to urge him on. His head bobbed faster on your cock, and he was moaning as you squeezed and tugged his hair.
He was desperate to taste your cum. 
“You better not spill a single drop, little whore. And once I cum, be prepared. I’m gonna pound you all night.”
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spencerkeg · a day ago
Tumblr media
In this post I sketched a smaller version of my Henry design! Here’s a bigger ver because @jellophoid wanted to see my design🥺
I made it unnecessarily sparkly bc I could ❤️
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hey-its-spades · 2 days ago
Mc:" Lucifer?"
Lucifer:" yes,love?"
Mc:" are you ticklish?"
Lucifer:* angrily *" no"
Mc:* takes a step towards him and he moves back very quickly*
Lucifer:" MC STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!-" * starts race walking away*
Mc:* giving chase with the most mischievous smile* " COME HERE LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR-".
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hey-its-spades · 2 days ago
Satan,mammon, beel,Levi and mc having a sour gummy competition. Satan is trying to keep a straight face but is failing, mammon is crying bc it's so sour, levi and mc have tears in their eyes,they've lost all feelings in their mouth but their still going one sour gummy worm at a time. Beel is just sitting their like " lol you guys are weak" shoving fistfuls of sour gummy worms into his mouth.
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spencerkeg · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This ones very sketchy because i lost all will to work on it lol-
But as promised!! MAMMON WEAKNESS TIME! Mammon has,,, many weakness haha. He’s v easy to fluster and please💛
The main one displayed here is Couple outfits!! Or matching in general! It feeds into that possessive side of him. It’s all the more appealing to him if you do it without him asking you to! Whether intentional or otherwise- it makes him super happy 💛💛💛
He also loves when his partner starts to take after him! Maybe in terms of speech, maybe in how they dress, maybe even in foods they like! He loves having mutual interests with his partner and he loves having something just between the two of you 💛
The last thing I have to note that I didn’t highlight here is- jewelry! No shit that this man loves shiny things- BUT ON HIS PARTNER? he’s going to lose it!! He also just loves the jingle from hearing his partner walk. Satisfying and makes him feel a bit safer, being able to hear u approach. He scares easily lol
Anyway I love him… look at these cute himbo
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xxblueravenxx · 3 days ago
incorrect quotes #11
gender neutral reader 
Mc: Why aren’t you sleeping? Belphie: I’m to busy plotting your murder to sleep, Mc. Mc: Belphie: ...The nightmares. Mc: *wrapping their arms around Belphie * Awwww, sweetie-
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xxblueravenxx · 3 days ago
Incorrect quotes #10
Gender neutral reader
Mammon: I'm a firm believer in "if you're going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly."
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 4 days ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
MC: If you don't shut up I will lick your white hair.
Mammon: What!?
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the-devils-girl94 · 4 days ago
Just A Thought #32 would the Brothers and Dateables react if their Male S/O proposed to them?
A fun scenario would be Male MC got to propose first but the others had the exact idea to do the same thing. Just got surprised when MC went first.
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 4 days ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
Part: Levi.
MC: Here's your daily reminder that South America is still not a country!
Mammon: MC, even I'm not this stupid...
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hey-its-spades · 4 days ago
Satan ,jokingly: "Oh great and powerful mc, Tell us your secrets"
Mc: *eating a sandwich * "I saved a picture of that time when I made asmo laugh so hard milk came out his nose."
Asmo: *RECORD SCRATCH* " you what-"
Belphie: " oh shit-"
Mc:* takes another bite* "And one where mammon threw a spider on him and he freaked out"
Mammon:" oh yeah I remember that"
Lucifer:" oh yes,that was a fiasco "
Asmo:* concerned * " mc ,darling,sweetie, Delete those -"
Mc:* leaning away from the avatar of lust for strictly safety reasons *"I also have many of him mid-fall which are just great."
Asmo: * getting up from the table* "mc,I swear to diavolo DELETE THOSE NOW"
Lucifer:" EXCUSE ME-"
Mc:* SHRIEK-LAUGHING whilst running circles around Lucifer* " OH FUK-"
Asmo:* demon screeching *
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xxblueravenxx · 4 days ago
incorrect qutes #8
gender neutral reader
Lucifer : So, Levi is no longer allowed to take the trash out at night. Mc: Why? Lucifer: Because I've caught them trying to train raccoons to fight five times in a row. Levi, arms crossed and pouting: You'll be thanking me when the third raccoon battalion saves your ass.
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xxblueravenxx · 4 days ago
Incorrect quotes #7
gender neutral reader
Mammon: Maybe the true treasure was friendship all along. But I hope not, because I can’t spend friendship on new stuff
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xxblueravenxx · 4 days ago
Incorrect quotes #6
gender neutral reader 
Lucifer: What doesn't kill me better start running, because now I'm fucking pissed.
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hey-its-spades · 5 days ago
Levi: * sitting at a table across from mc, he's wearing a tie over his normal clothes. He looks through some papers * "Thank you for meeting with me. Now I've gone over your qualifications and I got to say I'm pretty impressed."
Levi:* puts the papers down lookin deadass at mc in a serious tone* "but tell me in three words why should I pick you for the position of my best friend/ romantic interest?"
Mc:* nods, starts writing something down on a piece of paper ,then slides it towards levi* " I think this should sum everything up"
The paper:
- likes anime
- attention starved
- cuddle me plz
Levi: * blushing hella hard, voice cracking* " YOuR HIReD"
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kitsune-oji · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
He's happy to see you, will you come swim with him?
(please open for better quality)
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 6 days ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
Part: Idk
MC: Mammon I'm disowning you.
Mammon: Not if I disown you first.
MC: You can't disown someone who's already disowned themselves.
Mammon: What the fuck does that mean-
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