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#obey me mammon au
qshara · 8 hours ago
Five-year-old Satan: -grabs a energy gun- HA! -but Mammon plugs it with a carrot-
Mammon: You shouldn't play with guns
Satan, giving to him: Oh, okay
Mammon: Thank you! -hears the gun beeping, realizes it's about to overload and throws it back to the kid- Oh, uh, I just remembered- it's your birthday! Happy birthday!
Satan, throwing it to him: Eh...Merry Christmas!
Mammon, throwing it to him: It's not Christmas!
Satan, throwing it to him: Happy Hanuka!
-every time they talk they throw the overload gun at the other-
Mammon: ONE potato!
Satan: TWO potato!
Mammon: THREE potato!
Satan: FOUR!
Mammon: FIVE potato!
Satan: SIX potato!
Mammon: SEVEN potato, MORE!
Satan: MY
Mammon: MOTHER
Satan: TOLD
Mammon: ME
Satan: YOU
Mammon: ARE
Satan: IT
Mammon: HA! I WIN! -the gun explodes in his hands-
Lilo and Stitch AU in order?:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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the-waterfowls-egg · 11 hours ago
Au idea
The bros are human and Mc is the demon whose responcible for looking after them and making sure they don't die
Bit stressful looking after 7 humans all alone but ehh, I'm sure then can manage, Lord Diavolo seems to think so
Lilith's also alive cuz... reasons
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endeenderman · a day ago
Tumblr media
"ObeyMe!" Human Pet AU.
Warnings: mentions of feasting on human meat, some sexual mentions, torture and blood.
~Prologue/what you need to know~
This universe is different from the original ObeyMe! story, let's just say that there was never an exchange program or the whole unite the three realms thing, in this world humans are considered lower life force from demon and angels (and other creatures as well), those with low wealth were killed and their meat was sold to many markets in the Devildom, some humans where kept alive and sold as "pets" so some demons, they could either be adopted or bought, if a human was scene without it's owner than it would stay at the human "shelter" and if no one came to pick it up it would be killed within a weeks time, some humans where more valuable than others, those who came from a rich or famous bloodline made a good fortune when being sold and many wanted to breed their humans so they could sell their "pups", some where bought as companions, others as toys, for those lucky enough to get bought by a "nice" individual had a better life waiting for them in comparison to those for weren't. Some of the people that could afford a was the King of the Demons and the seven Lords of Hell, or those who stole them from their original owners only to be sold at a much higher price.
~House Of Lamentation~
The Prince of Hell had gotten a human for him as a troublesome...honestly he already had Cerberus and his six brothers he didn't need someone else to take care off!, if you haven't figured it out yet that human it you, welcome to the house of lamentation!, Lucifer has already provided you a black leather collar enjoy~, honestly not the best owner, works all day and you get stuck either in his room or in his office, heavy training!, you need to be trained asap!, if your behavior is good you might get rewarded with a few headpats, doesn't like you talking to you unless he gives you permission too, has bought you a small bed in his room for you to sleep on, surprising lets his brothers "play" with you.
We are getting a pet!?, hell ya!!!, honestly super excited about it, I mean have you seen how much good human breeds make in the market!?, Lucifer what kind of breed are they!?, gets moody when he gets told he can't sell you or breed you, his the type to call you to him only to push you away once you get close, okay so he can't sell you buuut no-one said anything about renting you am I right!?, teaches you a few tricks because hey! maybe you can do a street attraction idk...kind of gets attached to you though, yeah he aren't giving you away now not for ONE second!, Mammon please stop holding them like that they can't breath...
Already has Henry 2.0 he doesn't want another one, but then again he can dress you up like his game and anime characters!!! Gets very jealous if you're paying attention to anyone else but him, Levi they are not only yours remember?, learn how to share!, yeah right...doesn't let them in his room without a leash because he doesn't want them near his gaming set or figurines, tried taking you swimming once with him and almost drowned you...yeah we are not doing that again...
One of the few that is actually happy without a valued reason, buys you a LOT of toys to play with!, he wanted a cat but...hey its better than nothing I guess?...likes when you put your head on his lap when he read so he can pat your head, but only when he is in a good mood, if his in a bad mood then you will get to be his stress relief toy, lets just hope he doesn't injure you too bad, will heal you with spells once his calmed down and give you soft pets and wipe away any tears to make you more comfortable around him, might read to you to make you feel better.
He is thrilled!, so many clothes and accessories he can get for you!!!, takes lots if pictures with you, you get to accompany him to many playdates, it's good for you to interact with your own species once in a while but...they might be waiting for something more from you...he trains you to become his toy to play with, lots of tricks, his brothers find it disgusting for him to be sleeping with their pet but who cares!!!, his darling pet needs his affection and guidance!!!, many pretty collars and bows!!!
So he cant eat them?...their a pet?...a companion?...oh there are like Cerberus?...Beel likes Cerberus so he won't eat you just's you away most of the time honestly, slowly because somewhat of a friend to you, once he gets to like you back he will often feed you treats without Lucifers knowing of course...Beel how many times do I have to tell you?!, don't feed the human every few seconds you are going to spoil them!!!, but they look so's okay its only one bite right?, yeah one bite wouldn't hurt!~
One word for you...stay away...if he happens to walk into a room with you in it he will burn holes into your skull from his intense stare, his dislike for humans includes you unfortunately and its not easy to get him to like you, after how many weeks of pushing you away, kicking you of hurting you in general, weather that was in the physical world or the dream world, one day he was having trouble sleeping as his favourite pillow was damaged and Lucifer had gotten it to repair it, he pulled you next to him and rested his arms around you nesting his face in your neck inhaling your sweet scent which made him sleep almost instantly, congrats you're his new favourite pillow, always wants you next to him when he sleeps, surprisingly he enjoys brushing your hair for some reason.
Might make a part 2!, tell me what you guys think! <3
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qshara · 3 days ago
-MC's house is on fire and totally destroyed-
Solomon: Please don't do this...
Simeon, abou to go with six-year-old MC: I'm sorry, you know I have no choice
Solomon: NO! You're NOT taking them! If you take them, you will have to turn them into an angel! AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS FOR A HUMAN!
Simeon: You're making this harder than it needs to be...
Solomon: But you don't know what you're doing! They need to live as a human! They need me!
Simeon, points to the house: Is this what they need?! I'm sorry, but it's clear to me that you need them a lot more than they need you...
"A human must die to become an angel"
Lilo and Stitch AU: Here and here
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leviathans-watching · 4 days ago
the brothers at university
Tumblr media
lmao ik some ppl think rad is a uni and if you do that’s cool- this is just what i think the boys would be like at a human university
will likely become the basis for a larger and more cohesive hc/au
rated t | wc: .7k
cw: mentions of drinking/partying, typical college stuff, cursing
Tumblr media
head of the student council and is TA for more than one class (+is in multiple clubs)
overworks himself like a champ
whenever his brothers cause problems, he makes sure there’s a new donation made to the school in the family name
people will ask him if he’s okay and he just gives you this dead look and laughs. he’s not okay
has been RA before and while people thought he’d be an absolute buzzkill he was pretty chill as long as no one was causing trouble/putting people in danger
Tumblr media
is barely skating by in his classes
champion at beer-pong and is known as an epic party thrower- but watch your stuff around him bc he’s been rumored to have sticky fingers
that guy who doesn’t study at all until the night before of finals and pulls all nighters to study
you need to get fucked up? mammon’s the guy to go to, but he’ll also be a willing shoulder to cry on and has suspiciously good advice
has been seen scootering across campus in a pair of lacy shorts- asmo needed pants for his lab and he was the only one who could trade
Tumblr media
the guy who never seems to go to classes or leave his dorm room
you know that shit is nasty and cluttered, with empty monster cans overflowing the trash can
when he does drag his ass out of bed and to class, he’s in three-day-old sweatpants
makes a little extra money streaming, either by himself or with friends- he has a decent following and has missed tests to do 24 hr streams
hangs out with a small group of other gamers and has a great online network. everyone he hangs with speaks very highly of him & he tries to keep them separate from his brothers bc of obvious reasons
Tumblr media
bastard who looks way too put together at 8am classes and claims he doesn’t mind them
thank the lord if he shows up at your study group bc his notes are *chefs kiss*
always makes faces when people ask stupid questions
refuses to go to the campus starbucks bc he’s a tea purist and it’s irritating bc he’ll scoff at your drink & judge you for your order
he has a job in the library and helps categorize and shelve books
secretly helps his inner circle pirate textbooks
Tumblr media
joins the lgbtqia+ club/organization and becomes the go to guy if you’re questioning or want to come out to someone
also in the environment clubs? gives people disappointed looks when they don’t recycle/compost/terracycle
hopped on the vsco trend, as well as any other trend that presents himself, though is often a trendsetter himself
takes gender/sexuality/woman’s studies and refuses to be slut shamed or let others be slut shamed
is almost never in his room-whether he’s at the club, the newest campus cafe, or literally anywhere else, he tries to be out and about, documenting a lot of it
Tumblr media
definitely joins the “do you feel unsafe on campus? allow us to walk you” thing with the rest of the bros
frequents campus gym and makes all the guys hitting on girls just trying to work out stop
also makes ppl drink water at parties. sir, why are you so sweet??
is probably there for a sports scholarship or something, i’m thinking football, and is a crowd favorite
so many ppl like him and have confessed to him but he’s pretty oblivious and can’t really tell when it happens
Tumblr media
the kid who either sleeps through the entire class or never slows up yet always gets a perfect score on the exam
can be found sleeping all over campus (there’s probably an instagram hashtag dedicated to pictures of him sleeping and beel definitely follows it)
walks into the 24-starbucks and orders like 6 shots of expresso at like 3 am multiple times during exam week
sometimes picks up shifts at the indie music store and fits the aesthetic perfectly
doesn’t hang out with many people so when ppl see him with beel they’re a bit confused until they learn they’re twins
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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qshara · 4 days ago
Six-year-old MC, making a wish on a shooting star: It's me again. I need someone to be my friend...someone who won't run away. Maybe send me an angel!...The nicest angel you have
Five-year-old Satan: -evil laugh at the distance-
-Meanwhile, in Devildom-
Lucifer: What are you doing?
Mammon, looking at the portal to the human world: I can't find Satan..
Lucifer: And?
Mammon: The portal is open
Lucifer: Fuck
[ This is like...part of this au ? ]
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hemyx0520 · 4 days ago
"Police has been investigating the scene, most speculate it as a miscalculation from the Technician Team... Moving on, we report tha-" the reporter was cut off as She turned off the television.
Silence streched throughout the penthouse as she turned towards the man, who was sitting tensely on a high back lounge chair. He was leaning forward heavily, as his arm supported his weight as it rest on his knees. He's hand clenched into fists as his eyes burned with wrath.
"You can't ignore it any longer. You need to acknowledge tha-" She was cut off when the man abruptly stood up from his seat.
"Godamnit! I know! I..." he cut himself off, releasing out a frustrating breath.
She simply stood and stayed quiet. Letting him have his moment to apprehend his chaotic mind.
He walked over to the window and stared at the scene before him. The moon was already high up in the sky, indicating that's it's almost, or already, midnight. Despite it already being late, the city night lights made the scene breathtakingly beautiful.
But he couldn't enjoy such a scene, when a bigger problem has been weighing down on him at the back of his mind. He can't dismissed it, for it concerns his family and friends. His love ones.
He sigh, placing his arm on the glass and leaned forward. His arm supporting the weight of his upper body. Trying to calm himself down before he does something he regrets. He needs to think this through carefully.
He wished he had a cigarette right now.
"Any word from the higher ups?"
"They're currently looking into it. But they don't have to, as we both know who they are."
"They still have the guts to declare a fucking war against me." He said, slidding his clenched fist in the pockets of his hand. Trying to control himself from punching the glass.
"I'm surprised they are still active after the whole kidnapping shenanigan they caused 5 years ago." She crossed her arms. "We practically destroyed their empire."
"As it appears, not all of it." He bitterly hissed. "Seeing as they can still fight back."
"We have a higher chance that the board will assign us this mission. Seeing as we have the experience of already dealing those vermins." She said calmly with a hint of anger in her tone of voice. "We'll just wait for the board to confirm it."
"Good. Because whether the mission falls in our hands or not, I will be the one to end their pathetic, worthless lives."
He turned his head slightly to the side, turning his gaze from the scene, to the woman. He's eyes filled with burning hatred.
"This, I promise." He hissed. The blue hue glow from the city night light bounced from his eyes and form. It made his eye, that was staring right at hers, glowed in a hauntingly beautiful blue hue, his stare all the more intense and his demeanor intimidating, making him seem big.
She calmly stared back.
"Well then, no time like the present. What's the plan..
Tumblr media
This might be my last post before I get busy again
Before you ask....
No, I won't be creating a story because my time schedule is full😓😓
I'm about to graduate and start planning college. So I got my hands all tied up at the moment.
Maybe in the future, we shall see...
And also....
No this has nothing to do with the new event coming out😅😅
Funny story...
I made this fan art and thought of the short story last week because I get hit by inspirations and motivations randomly. Especially, the day after I wrote the AU. The moment I finished it, Obey Me! suddenly released a new event about them being a spy...
I was like "oh my gosh😱😱😱 I cAn SeE tHE fUtUre🤯🤯🤯🤯"
Just kidding hehe.
So yeah....
I enjoy creating this fan art because it brought peace in my mind. It's been circling inside my mind, ever since I posted the badass Mammon AU I wrote
I hope you like the short story. Something I wrote just to go along with the fan art🥰
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harunayuuka2060 · 5 days ago
Can we get some big bro mammon 🙏
Mammon: *carrying MC* Are you ready to get inside?
MC: *nods* Hm! Are we going to surprise them, Mammon? 
Mammon: Hmmmmm... What do you think?
MC: *determined face* I’m going to enter first!
Mammon: Eh? No! I’m going to enter first!
MC: I’m smaller! They will not see me!
Mammon: You’re cute! They’re going to notice you!
Lucifer: *comes out from the door* What the hell are you two fighting about?
Mammon and MC: AHHHHHHH!!!!
Lucifer: *unamused* Really?
Asmo: *pinching MC’s cheek* Waaah~ You became cuter, MC~!
MC: *makes squeaky noises*
Mammon: Oi! Stop doing that! You’re treating MC like a mochi!
Asmo: But they look like one~.
Mammon: *gets MC away from him* 
Asmo: *pouts* What’s wrong with you? I just want to play with them!
Mammon: *sits them on his lap and starts massaging their cheek* 
Beel, Levi, and Belphie: *sees MC’s face being stretched like a mochi* *starts laughing and taking pictures*
Satan: MC, how was your stay in Celestial Realm? Did you make friends there?
MC: *nods* Yes! Luke and Gabriel!
Satan: Luke and Gabriel, huh... *looks at Mammon with a smirk*
Mammon: What?
Satan: Are you okay with that? MC having two boyfriends?
Mammon: They’re just their friends, okay?! Right, MC?!
MC: *nods* No boyfriend policy from the Avatar of Greed!
Mammon: Yeah! That’s right! *ruffles MC’s hair* 
MC: *giggles* 
Satan: Let’s just see.
Mammon: Seriously, Satan! You mention about it one more time and I’m going to hi-
MC: *looking at him*
Mammon: I-I’m going to lift you high up in the air!
MC: Like a butterfly?
Mammon: Y-Yeah! Like a butterfly!
MC: I want to fly like a butterfly too, Mammon!
Satan: But only bad people fly like a butterfly.
MC: ...
MC: Then, do I need to be bad too?
Mammon: No! Never! Don’t! *pouts* Or I will going to be sad... 
MC: Okay! *smiles* I will just walk!
Mammon: *grins* How about you fly like a crow instead? Sounds good?
MC: *claps* Yes! Crows are cool!
Satan: *fanning Mammon* I know that felt good.
Mammon: *frowns at him*
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void-chickadee · 5 days ago
What drift cars the demon brothers would have (Initial D AU)
Okeeey, I’m redoing this, because my knowledge has increased and my opinions have changed. So here we go. 
Nissan Silvia S15
Tumblr media
I think Lucifer is a little more practical but still a bit flashy. I imagine him having a body kit very much like this one, maybe without a splitter on the front, he’d want an aggressive look for sure. S15s are hot, and the are amazing drift cars, it fits Luci quite well. 
First Gen Honda NSX 
Tumblr media
First, this is one of the hottest rear wheel drive cars ever made, so I really think Mamo would want one. And there is no doubt in my mind that this boy would drift some expensive ass car for no reason other than it’s expensive and pretty. TBH he’s probably not the typical drifter because he actually cares if it looks good and won’t tolerate his car being a shitbox. This one is black, but I KNOW that he would put a gold wrap on it. Or at least have some very over the top gold decals.  
Nissan 350Z Ruri-chan Itasha
Tumblr media
I meeeean, obviously he would put a ton of Ruri-chan decals on it, the Itasha part is obvious. But the 350 has a Levi feel, it’s has a lot of smooth lines and a cool shape/flow. 
Nissan 180SX
Tumblr media
Flip up headlights that he can make wink?? check
Pink chrome??? check 
Is this not the most Asmo car you’ve ever seen?? He would absolutely have a heart-shaped steering wheel and like sakura seat covers or some equally aesthetic shit. The 180 is already pretty glam in my opinion, but Asmo would glam the hell out of this car and I am here for it.   
Widebody RX-7 FC
Tumblr media
My favorite car for my favorite boy. Satan would absolutely go for a rotary engine because he is that bitch. Overall this is just a very cool car that can be a beast and it’s quite fitting for Satan. I think he would just kick ass in this thing. 
Toyota Crown
Tumblr media
4 door sedan feels kinda like the perfect size for Beel. He’d probably always take passengers out when he drifts. I also think he would slam it like this one, like having something so clean/lowered like that?? And the brown/gold combo also feels very Beel. 
 Toyota Levin AE86
Tumblr media
Yeah, it’s not the fastest but I think Belphie would love a Levin. He wouldn’t drive anything as big as a Crown, like Beel. An all black Levin Hachi would be totally reliable and Belphie would drive it like a pro. 
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Imagine a Medieval  AU where Mammon is an orphaned petty thief...
and you’re a single aristocrat who catches him stealing your gold coins. But as you prepared to give punishment, you see his eyes full of defiance. Amused, you take him under your wing. You don’t have a spouse or a kid, so you teach him to become your successor. 
“You can stay here and die like a dog, or you can come with me and live.”
Through the years spent together, you become comfortable with each other as benefactor and beneficiary. Then you become friends.
And then you begin to notice the small things... 
You find him looking at you when he thinks you’re unaware. He doesn’t eat unless you’re there with him, and he doesn’t listen to anyone but you. 
“Is there something you want to talk about, Mammon?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes.”
“Wha--I was not! Who’d stare at you?”
You pretend not to know because you think it’s just a crush that’s going to fade with age.
But it doesn’t.
And then, one night, everything just changes.
Mammon is introduced into high society as your heir, but one thing leads to another and he’s no longer that petty thief you found on the streets. 
He was the missing prince of the country and now its soon-to-be king.
Mammon doesn’t want to leave, and a part of you doesn’t him to go, but you think of this kingdom, and you tell him to pack up.
“Why are you pushing me away?”
“I’m helping you do the right thing.”
“You don’t know that.”
“They don’t even know if I’m actually the prince. Why are you forcing me out?”
“Oh, I get it. Your little project to create the perfect heir got ruined and you want me out so you can find a better replacement, is that it?”
You part ways. He leaves in the gaudy carriage the royal palace sent him. 
You don’t talk. (Well, you tried during his coronation. But he ignored your congratulations and flirted with the country’s noble ladies.)
You don’t write letters.
You don’t tell him how much you miss him...
But one lazy Sunday afternoon, the same gaudy carriage wheels into your property.
Mammon steps out and you greet him politely, as one would regard any king. You invite him inside for tea and he just nods. A thick, invisible wall separated your hearts.
You spend the first thirty minutes together in pregnant silence. The tea is now cold and the sandwiches are soggy. 
But then, he finally speaks up, and in a voice that’s not too loud or too soft, he says, "They want me to take in the neighboring country’s princess.”
It’s no secret that the royal advisers are already begging him to marry for political reasons.
"So I've heard,” you answer like an outsider.
"I don't want to though."
"... I know."
"But I have to, and you agree."
You’re quiet for a moment, letting his words hang in the air before replying, “I do."
He gives you a wry smile. Then he spins around and looks out the balcony, strings of sunlight outline his figure. He has grown so much from the boy you caught stealing gold in the streets.
Mammon then speaks: "I live in a palace made of marble."
"I'm well aware."
"Solid marble, and it's decorated with all these fancy paintings, and the curtains covering the windows are supposed to be super expensive—"
"Your Highness, I—"
"—quiet, your king is talking." His tone is playful and you roll your eyes with equal lightheartedness.
"The palace is big and it's full of suck-ups who will lick my boots if I ask them to. Can you believe how ridiculous it sounds? I used to fight for scraps of stale bread but now I get to eat a whole turkey and no one gets to stop me.” He shakes his head. 
“I still remember those days... if I wanted a place to rest I’d have to find a customer and my bed always changed, but now I have my own bed with clean sheets that smell like lavender." His gaze is directed far away. "I live in a palace made of marble, and I thought I'd be happy. But I’m not.”
He turns to face you. There is no haughtiness in his expression, only a tiny, tired smile.
“I miss you,” he says, voice cracking. “I miss you so much that I can't even taste the turkey they prepare just for me, I can't sleep in my own bed because it's too big and too cold and too soft and ... you're not there to wish me 'good night.'” 
He takes a step towards you. “I can't bring myself to be thankful for my marble palace because it means giving up what I have with you."
"Your Highness—"
"Let's run away."
"Let's run away. I'll snatch as many gold coins as I can and we can run away together, like they do in those books love so much."
"If you do that, people will revolt."
"I love you. I want to be with you, more than I've ever wanted to live in a palace made of marble."
"I want to grow old with you, I want to see you with wrinkles and grey hair."
His voice pierces the air and you’re left with silence.
After a moment, breaks it again, "Don't stand there looking at me like you don't want to do this, because I know you, and I know you want me, too."
You look into his eyes, his beautiful eyes that are clear and honest and filled with nothing but love, and you lean in to kiss him. 
He tastes so good and sweet and you don’t ever want to come up for air. But you have to, and when you do, you brush your hand over his cheek.
“I want those things, believe me, I do. But I look at you and I see a good man, a man who cares more than he lets others see, a good man who steals bread so he can give them to the little boys and girls in the orphanage that is barely standing. I see a good man who can be a good king.”
“I want to stay by your side as your spouse, Mammon, but if I do that this country will be burned to the ground without the protection of its neighbor.” You pull back your hand. “I won’t make you choose between me and all the little boys and girls that need you...”
He whispers your name.
You push him away.
“Goodbye, Mammon.”
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getlitaesthetic · 6 days ago
Dialuci threesomes are great, but it's the rose gold and Pumpkin Spice Latte of threesomes: sure they're great, and who doesn't love it? But it's baaaaasic! Now Dark AU Mammon and Lucifer threesomes? *chef kiss* RIP, MC! F for respects.
Oooh, I’m intrigued. They have VERY different taste in MC’s, how would they reconcile it? It would certainly be hot, and very messy, if they managed it...
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getlitaesthetic · 6 days ago
I know we’ve covered asmo but how do the other brothers feel bimboification and hypnokink👀 I feel like Satan would like it but I don’t really know about the others. Lucifer I think wouldn’t like bimboification as much (I feel like he’d be more into having an intellectual mc because he can still control them even though they’re really smart and that would boost his ego) and I feel like mammon doesn’t really care enough about the MC’s intellect to have an opinion either way
Lucifer: X
Mammon: X
Leviathan: X
Satan: X
Asmodeus: O
Beelzebub: X
Belphegor: X
Simeon: X
Solomon: O
Diavolo: X
Barbatos: X
Some of the children of the dark do as well, but most of the demons are either neutral about it or actively prefer some intelligence.
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djdealylox · 6 days ago
Obey Me: Adventures of Catan
An Obey Me AU Story
Warning: phone during class
Chapter 6: Thrift shopping for clothes
Throughout the day Levi was still in his room and as for Catan, he was still starring at Henry. Levi wonders why he keeps staring at Henry 2.0 but he didn't mind as long as he gets to play video games without anyone bothering him. This felt a little nice. Just an average day in Levi's room, except now he has a little friend there.
-In RAD-
RAD was the same as always as most of the brothers had to attend to class and work. Many of the other demons would just chat and hang out before the bell rings. As it did the brothers would have to be in class learning about spells and magic. Belphie however, sneaks out of class to the special spot of the school to relax and sleep. He does get in trouble for diching school but he keeps doing it anyways. It is his special place that none of his brothers can find him.
Satan was in class like he always is, although he can't stop thinking about Catan. He finally gets to keep a pet but is Catan even a pet to begin with? He also wonders why Lucifer would let him keep a pet after many years of him saying that he will not have a pet. Somehow he thinks that's Lucifer felt pity for him. Satan smirked knowing he made Lucifer feel bad that he let him have a pet. After being distracted he knew that he needed to get to work before he misses anything.
Asmo which was in the same class as Satan, had his phone underneath the desk looking for cute pictures of clothes. He giggled while looking for more pictures. Satan looked around to see Asmo on his phone. Satan got pissed as he knew Asmo will get in trouble. Asmo was sitting there happily sending the pictures to Levi.
(Asmo) I like the first one but I think the third picture will look cute on him.
(Levi) I am not making all 25 of these outfits for just one cat.
(Asmo) He is not just a cat! He is an adorable looking cat. Plus I need them done by tomorrow
(Levi) What?! Why tomorrow?
(Asmo) Because I want to take pictures of him and post them on social media.
(Levi) No way I'm not doing that, you can just buy some clothes yourself. You're good at getting clothes anyways.
(Asmo) How rude! You promised to make clothes for Catan
Asmo angerly texted Levi. How dare he refuse to make clothes. Levi promised that he will make clothes for Catan. Why is he refusing now?
"Asmo, stop texting we are in class..."
Satam whispered.
"Oop, sorry"
Asmo whispered back and quickly put his phone away before he got caught. Satan looked back at his own notes as he wonders if Catan will be alright.
As the teachers kept talking and talking while writing stuff on the board, the bell finally rang. Everyone got up and packed their stuff to leave. Satan had already put all of his books and notebooks away neatly in his backpack. He was about to walk away but then Asmo stopped him.
"Satan, do you want to go shopping with me?"
Asmo smiled at Satan.
Satan began to walk.
"Why not!"
Asmo ran to follow Satan as he began to leave him.
"Look I was texting Levi and he said that he is refusing to make clothing for Catan so now I have to go shopping, but I don't know what to buy and I need your opinion please help me!"
Asmo begged Satan to come with. No wonder Asmo was texting during class.
"All I did was sent him 25 pictures. I don't know why he has to act all mean and ungrateful"
Asmo crosses his hands.
"Yea I wonder why..."
Satan though, agreed to go shopping with Asmo after school.
As they left, Mammon was laying against the wall waiting for Beel to arrive from practice.
"He better not be late, I have stuff to do"
Mammon grumbled to himself. He finally saw the tall orange hair demon in the distance. He looks like he is looking for someone so Mammon got up from the wall and walked towards him.
"What are ya lookin for Beel?"
"I can't find Belphie anywhere, he promised that he didn't cut class this time"
"He probably fell asleep somewhere, I'll help ya find him"
Both Mammon and Beel were out looking for Belphie in the RAD. They search at almost all the places that he might be at. As for Lucifer, he already knows where one of his brothers are hinding.
-In The Devildom Street-
It was quite chilly outside in the Devildom. As some of the brothers were still at school, Asmo and Satan decided to go shopping.
They were walking around looking at the many stores and glancing at what they had in store through the glass. Some stores had special candy, stuff animals, and special niknaks.
Asmo patted on Satan's shoulder to get Satan's attention. He pointed at a store that he thought would be a good place to check out. Satan looked at the store Asmo pointed out and saw how it is a thrift store. Satan expected Asmo to pick some fancy store with designer clothes but this is a perfect place to find clothes. As Asmo walked towards the store, satan followed behind him.
They had many polo shirts, jeans, jackets, and hats in the store. The two brothers were still in their RAD Uniforms since they just got out from school. Asmo, even though he was the one to suggest buying clothes for Catan, was looking through the racks to buy something for himself. Satan looked through many clothes but none had caught his eye. He looked through many shirts and pants but they seem to not fit well with how he imagin Catan to be in.
Satan only wanted at least one pair of clothes so that he won't have to worry about buying more. Asmo in the other hand found many clothes that he picked himself to wear. He thought that since most of the clothes cool vintage, it will definitely blow up on devilgram. Asmo glanced around to find a fitting room and quickly picked up the mountain full of clothes to the fitting room around the back.
Satan looked up from the rack and disappointingly watched Asmodeus walked to the back. He rolled his eyes until his eyes wandered and found a light brown sweater with a special tag on it. He looked at the tag that read.
"Warning: Magical/been cursed"
He got curious and picked up the sweater to ask about the tag to the person behind the register.
"Hello, what does this warning mean? It is true that this sweater is cursed?"
"Ah, this sweater has been given from a former Wich. They said that they put a curse in this sweater which let's the user wear it comfortably no matter what size they are"
Satan was intrigued, a sweater that can be worn no matter if you are small or tall. This is perfect, Catan can have this sweater even if he got older. Satan check the price which was only 200 Grimm.
"I will buy it, please"
Satan said.
"Of course let me get this ready for you"
The demon took the sweater and began to bring his order. As Satan waited and took his money from his pocket, Asmo walked out of the fitting room. He wore a pink shirt with brown dress pants. He also had a vest that matches the whole outfit.
"Satan, how do I look?"
Asmo asked Satan in a cute voice as he was making a pose to show off.
"You are buying that with your own money."
Satan said as he gave money to the demon working in the store and picked up the sweater.
"Everyone will just love this cute outfit, even so thing like this just makes me so beautiful"
Asmo talked to himself. Satan simply waited for Asmo to finish with his own shopping spree. It took about half a hour then they finally left the store to go home. Satan had only one back while Asmo looked like he went to 5 different stores. They both walked around chatting for a bit as they were getting back to the house.
I apologize if this took a while to make. I'm also thankful that people enjoy this story so far. I hope that you humans have a wonderful day thank you. 💖 (^_^)
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qshara · 7 days ago
-Five-year-old Satan and Mammon fighting and destroying the house-
Six-year-old MC, on the phone: Hello? Simeon? Demons are attacking my house
Lucifer: No, no, no! No demons!
MC: They want my friend!
Lucifer: There's no need to alert the angels! -take away the phone- Everything's under control!
Simeon: MC, who was that?
Satan: -evil laugh-
MC: Oh, god, Satan found the chainsaw
Simeon: MC! Don't hang...!
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beels-burger-babe · 8 days ago
There and Back Again pt. 1
TW: Spoilers for Lesson 16, Mentions of Murder and Violence, Trauma, and Panic Attacks/PTSD
Summary: What if MC hadn’t been seen by everyone after watching their death and went back to their original time line?? 
PT. 2, PT. 3, PT. 4
You could barely recognize the doorway opening under your shaking hands as you stumbled out of one time line and into the next.
 All you could hear was the maddening sounds of Belphegor’s laugh barely over powering the agonizing cries of Mammon’s screams. 
All you could see was your own dead, mutilated corpse, laying broken and drained in Mammon’s trembling arms, as his brothers watched in a mix of shock, horror, confusion, and disbelief. 
All you could feel was sharp claws piercing your skin as a strong, crushing, tail gripped your throat with a fatal hold as warm blood trickled from your mouth. 
All you could taste and smell was the thick iron of that very same blood lingering on your tongue and over whelming their senses. 
A hand landed on your shoulder. 
Without even recognizing it, you shouted and had quickly thrown yourself back several feet. Your mind began spiraling back to Belphegore smiling at you with friendly, trusting, eyes as he opened his arms to you for an embrace. 
"You're so stupid that I can't help but laugh. Don't blame me for tricking you, blame yourself for falling for it."
You sharply gasped as reality slammed back against you and forced your focus on the teal haired figure in front you; your chest still heaving with labored breaths. 
Barbatos kneeled in front of you with his brow furrowed in concern. “MC? Are you with me? Are you alright?” 
You blinked at the butler, taking several deep breaths as you grounded yourself back to the present. You swallowed down the panic constricting your throat and attempted to put up a small smile. 
“I-I’m okay, I think,” one of your hands subconsciously began to rub over your neck as you winced.
Barbatos’s eyes narrowed on the movement as he glanced back the door MC had stumbled out of only seconds earlier. Time travel was difficult, even for those with experience, but it didn’t usually warrant this much distress. He looked at you questioningly. “Did everything go alright? Did you find out who opened the attic?” 
Your breath hitched as images of a certain Avatar of Sloth flickered through your mind and tears welled in your eyes; you shakily nodded. 
The butler’s expression gave away the slightest trace of concern and shock at the sight of your teary eyes. The look on your face held such a haunted gaze that he felt tempted to go straight through the door you had only just emerged from and find out what happened himself; but there were more important matters to be dealt with first. 
 Barbatos awkwardly cleared his throat. “I believe that I am not the best equipped to help you at the time being,” he confessed, rising to his feet. He stuck out his hand to help you, causing you to flinch and Barbatos to frown. “Come. We should get back to the others; they have been quite worried about you.”
As you were lead out to the gardens where the brothers were, you could pick up on the sound of bickering - typical for the demon brothers though, you supposed. However, above all the other voices, one slightly accented voice reached your ears.
“Mammon.” Without a warning, you took off towards the gardens, leaving a confused and concerned Barbatos in your wake. 
Finally breaking out into the cool, night air, your eyes instantly caught sight of the pacing, white haired demon. Tears filled your eyes once more as the echoes of his screams filled your head. There was no hesitance as you began to move towards him, “Mammon!”
At the sound of your voice, tight and wet with suppressed sobs, Mammon instantly snapped his attention to you. His body relaxed as he finally saw you back with them, seemingly unharmed, and frowned as he moved toward you. “Oi! What took you so long? You can’t just keep THE Great Mammon waiting around like that all day you know?” 
Despite his words, Mammon’s arms were already open, waiting to hold you and embrace you, and suddenly you weren’t looking at Mammon, the demon who you knew would do anything to protect you and who cares for you no matter what he says. Instead Belphegore, your murderer, your traitor, your killer, stood smiling at you. 
A horrified shriek spilled out of your lips before you could even register it and you scrambled back away from him, tumbling onto the ground. 
Belphie tilted his head, his smile growing as he took several steps towards you, causing you to crawl back away from him. 
“No! Get away from me!” You shouted as you squeezed your eyes shut, not wanting to see the pure pleasure in his eyes from causing you pain once more. 
“Wha- Whoa! MC?! What are ya takin’ about?” the panic and confusion in the voice, that obviously did not belong to a genocidal maniac, brought you back to the present once more, as you blinked up at a very concerned Mammon; Satan, Levi, and Asmodeus beginning to gather behind him.  
You shivered on the ground as you tried to catch you breath and gather yourself, but were failing miserably as laughter filled your ears once more. Satan frowned from behind Mammon and took slow steps towards you. “MC, can you name me 5 things that you see?” 
Blood. Hands. Purple eyes gleaming with hatred and ecstasy. Mammon with the most broken expression you’ve ever seen. Your corpse laying mangled and disfigured in his arms. 
“Stars,” you choked out instead as you gripped tightly on the grass beneath you. “Satan, Mammon, Asmo and Levi,” you felt a part of you relax knowing that they were here now; surely they’d protect you from-  “Th-The lake” You whimpered squeezing your eyes shut as you tried to shake your head free of the lingering nightmares that clung to you, but their grip was too strong. “Gazebo,” you were crying again. You knew it; you could feel the tears running down your cheeks, like the blood that flowed out of you as Belphie-
“One more MC. Open your eyes. Focus on what’s around you. You’re doing good,” Satan encouraged softly kneeling near, but not touching, the distressed human. 
You gently opened your eyes and looked around, spotting a seemingly worried Diavolo, Lucifer and Barbatos make their way over  to you from the castle. You could faintly here Lucifer talking with the other brothers.
“What happened? We heard a scream. Why is-”
Asmodeus quickly shushed his older brother glaring at him as he gestured to you. 
“Come on MC,” Satan pleaded, his blue eyes now pooling with worry. “Stay with us. What can you hear?” 
You finally whispered out to Satan. “Lucifer. Lucifer’s here too.” 
He smiled softly at you. “Good, now can you name four things you can hear?”
You tensed and whined as the sound of that stupid stupid laugh filled your ears once more. Bones snapping. Your body smacking against the floor. Mammon screaming- oh god- his cries-
“Y-You,” you began shakily. You tried to focus on what was around you. “M-Mammon,” Screaming, crying, sobbing, pleading for you to hold on- “pacing,” you interrupted your on spiraling thoughts, glancing over at the demon in question, “pacing and muttering to himself”. 
Mammon looked anxiously over at you, stopping for a moment as your eyes met and he processed what you said. The demon flushed and scowled, but seemed to know better than to say anything at this exact moment. 
“That’s good MC. Keep going.” Satan gently instructed, tearing your focus back to the exercise. With a shaky breath, you listened. 
“W-Water,” you mumbled. The fact that you were outside and not in the hall bleeding out seemed to be coming more and more real. “A-And wind. We’re outside. Not inside. N-Not...Not...” You trailed off closing your eyes again as your brain wandered back the Hall of Lamentation. 
“No, Henry, come on!” Your eyes snapped open at the sound of Leviathan’s voice. You hadn’t even noticed that he had gotten so close to you and Satan. He kneeled there staring at you with the most serious expression you’ve ever seen on his face. If you were more coherent at the moment, you’d probably have remembered that he often suffered from his own panic and anxiety attacks; Hell, you’d even walked him through some of them. A small gleam of determination, understanding, and empathy shone through his amber eyes as he reached out and placed a hand on yours. “You’re almost past this level, MC. You can do it. Name three things you can feel.”
You’re gaze focused in on the feather light grip that he had on your hand. Levi’s touch was different. Belphegor’s was rough, tight, constricting as he choked you with his claws slicing through your delicate skin. Levi’s was none of that. You noticed a slight tremor in his hand as it carefully hovered over yours. The skin was smoother with only slight callouses along the bed of his palm from frequent contact with his game controllers. There was no hatred or malice in the touch; only love and concern.
“H-Hands,” you finally managed to whisper out. “Good hands. Soft. N-Not hurting me,” a small, choked sob came from your lips. You were too distracted trying to calm down to notice the reaction your words had merited.
While Levi blushed at you calling something about him “good”, the others tensed in anger and dread at the implication that someone had hurt you earlier this evening. 
You continued. “Grass.” You could feel it, cool, soft, and damp, beneath you. So unlike the hard and harsh unforgiving floor of the hall. The memory caused you to flinch before your found your ground again. “A-And...A-And clothes. I guess.”
Satan nodded, taking charge once more. “Almost there, MC. You’re doing amazing. Just focus on us. Can you name two things you can smell?” 
Blood. It painted your face and invaded your nostrils and mouth. The heavy scent of iron filled every ounce of you, as you slowly felt colder and colder and heavier and heavier, and-
You yelped as a hand wrapped around your shoulder and pulled you close to a solid, but lean chest. A sweet, dainty scent of roses filled your lungs as you whined and weakly fought against the grip. “You’re alright, darling.” Asmodeus purred, gently and carefully petting your arm. He didn’t dare hold you too tight or too close right now, but he cradled you loosely in his lap. “Breathe deeply. Tell Satan and Levi, what you smell. We’re all right here with you. You’re okay.” 
A shiver ran down your spine, but the contrast between the nauseating scent of iron and the pleasant fragrant of Asmo’s perfume was too different to deny, and you found yourself grounded once more. “Roses a-and vanilla.” You whispered.
The chest behind you rumbled softly as soft hands caressed your arms. “Very good, dear. It’s a new perfume you know? Bought it at Majolish with you last week. Remember?” 
You nodded weakly, beginning to relax slightly as you leaned back against his chest. “You dragged me out of class b-because you insisted I needed s-something nice to remind me o-of yo-you.”
Asmodeus hummed, smiling softly as he placed a faint kiss on the top of your head. Even Mammon couldn’t bring himself to be particularly upset at the action as it caused you to relax even more and calm. “That’s right. You looked so darling in some of those outfits you tried on. I do wish you would’ve let me buy them for you.”
“Use your money for you,” you half-heartedly argued, finally resting your head against his shoulder. 
Levi cleared his throat beside the two of you, drawing the attention to him and Satan once more. “MC, just one more thing, okay, then you can go back to cuddling Asmo o-or whatever.” He huffed in slight envy before Satan elbowed him in the gut, causing Asmo to chuckle behind you. The otaku glared at his younger brothers before meeting your eyes once more. “Name something you can taste.” 
You could feel the tears dripping from your eyes collect near the corners of your mouth and linger on your tongue. “Salt.” You replied and then took a deep breath, slumping exhaustedly against Asmodeus. “I can taste salt from the tears.” You blushed slightly, only now realizing that you had just broken down in front of the brothers and wiped at your face. “S-Sorry. I didn’t mean to freak you guys out like that.” 
You received no response, just a tight squeeze on your shoulder from Asmo, silently reminding you that he and the others would be by your side no matter what, and for the time being, that was all you needed. 
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beelze-bae · 9 days ago
EoB: Mammon - The Avatar of Pride
Tumblr media
(Exchange of Burden info post) (Moodboard made by me!)
The head of the family is none other than our First Man, Mammon! With Pride as his new sin, he takes to leadership like a bird to flight -- and the family is almost better for it. He's approachable, affable, but absolutely not a man to be crossed. As the right hand of Prince Barbatos, he's got a lot to deal with both inside the RAD and out.
His Greedy love for gambling has softened into a love of sport, playing card games, chess, and dice with his brothers whenever he needs a chance to unwind. Beating them fluffs up his Pride, and a challenge is made all the sweeter with victory.
He hasn't shaken his love for the finer things in life, but he's able to enjoy them in moderation. Quality overrides quantity, and his room is filled with art pieces and lavish purchases, resembling more of a royal's quarters than a magpie's nest.
The most common offense he deals with is lesser demons underestimating him--and that's how he likes it. Instead of bottling his emotions, he filters them out in measured doses, and takes care to delegate matters that he would lose control over to the brothers that would handle them the best. Visibly he's not as intimidating as Belphegor or Leviathan, but when the switch flips, he'll show that he's the First for a reason, and that his brothers, while frightening, all answer to him. Most demons are well aware that ending up on Diavolo's dinner menu is a merciful end if the family is crossed.
He is the stable and responsible foil to Barbatos' apathetic rule, and while his brothers are more chaotic and bloodthirsty than the rest of the student body, he takes a lot of pride in the people they're growing to become, and the seat of power all seven of them hold over the Devildom itself. He loves his family fiercely, shamelessly making sure that everything they've built and worked for will keep them on top.
*Mammon* / Leviathan / Asmodeus / Satan / Diavolo / Beelzebub / Belphegor
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