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#obey me mammon x mc
lenimurtz · 11 hours ago
Mammon x Drunk! MC Comic
"Crow got your tongue?"
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Tumblr media
This is funnier in my head-
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heosphoro-s · a day ago
Middle of the Night - OM! Mammon
A/N: OKAY NOT TO BE K-POP ON MAIN BUT I KEEP THINKING ABOUT THIS SONG AND MAMMON SO HERE WE ARE. I didn’t want to make it angsty hehe so it’s another fun little fluff-whatever piece <3 
Rating: PG I guess? Some kissing.
The song is Middle of the Night - Monsta X
Nobody's ever done me like that
I thought I'd never ever need you
Now all I wanna do is see you
Mammon groaned turned his phone in his hands over and over again. The messaging app was open. He drafted message after message to send to MC only to delete the whole thing every time he typed something out.
You make me wanna run it all back
"Hey human. It's me, the Great Mammon!"
"You missin' me yet human?"
But he just can't seem to find the perfect thing to say. What should he say anyways? MC isn't THAT important to him, right? RIGHT?
Where you wanna go
Who you're taking home
'Cause I can't lose everything I know
I hate sleeping alone
I'm picking up the phone
But who, I don't wanna know
"How ya holdin' up?"
"We all miss ya here at the house y'know?"
"Not me, of course, ya know how clingy my brothers are. I just worry about them that's all."
"Hey MC"
'Cause I can never wait for the morning to rise
We're kissing in the car underneath of the night
You've got me
Mammon's face grew hot as his anxieties about MC's feelings towards him dissipated. He knocked furiously on the door while shouting to MC that it's HIM, THE GREAT MAMMON IS HERE.
And I'll be on the way in the middle of night
What if MC has someone else over right now. What if... that's why they didn't reply to me? What if I'm not- they don't want- what if this was a mistake.
Mammon's phone buzzed loudly in his pocket startling his thoughts. Mammon unlocked his phone and check the notification.
"M, you know what? I've been afraid to admit it to myself but I missed you. I wish I could just walk down the hall and see you like old times."
MC bolted to the front door and unlocked everything in record time to pull Mammon inside.
"MAMMON I HAVE NEIGHBORS. IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT." MC protested as they pulled Mammon inside.
And I'll be on the way in the middle of night
Mammon waited for a reply for all of 3 seconds before snapping his fingers and appearing at MC's front door. Mammon's hand hovered over the doorbell. He couldn't bring himself to ring it.
It's something in the way you've been running my mind
If you want me to stay for the rest of my life
Mammon's heart was beating so loud he could barely hear himself think. This is it. He was standing in front of them after so long. Everything from MC's frazzled look, their scent, their-
"M, you okay?"
MC's hands cupped Mammon's face and pulled him close to them. Time stopped as MC get closer and closer to Mammon's lips. The heat returned once again but this time they both feel it. They feel it in their faces, their heart, their stomach, and their-
MC's voice brought him back to reality. He took a small step forward to close the distance between them. His hands grabbing MC's own. He pressed gentle kisses all over their hands. His blue and gold eyes seems to bore into MC's very soul.
You've got me
"I haven't been okay until now." Mammon whispered.
And then their lips met.
Mammon's lips was the answer to MC's prayers. Warmth enveloped them both as MC parted their lips and Mammon eagerly deepened the kiss. MC's fingers intertwined themselves in Mammon's white locks, holding him in place for fear of him disappearing from their life again. They cling to each other desperately hoping this moment would never end. When they finally separated, MC was seeing stars from the breath that they didn't know they were hold.
"Breathe, babes, breathe. I'm here," Mammon said in their ear as he held them close. "What do you say we go for a drive? Like old times? I saw a nice '73 Chevelle downstairs." Mammon wiggled his eyebrows.
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rensphilia · a day ago
Hey saw that you were taking requests so may I get The demon bros with a M!Goth mc! Who has a love for plants! Ever sense coming to the devildom he's been introduced to so many new and DOWNRIGHT TERRIFYING kinds of plants.
The boys have noticed his collection and now every time mc is angry with them the bros are just like: "babe,if I buy you another plant will you stop being angry at me?"
Cue mc laughing maniacally whilst holding a giant man-eating plant and kissing it lovingly. "I think I'll name her seraphina 💚💚"
(I love plants so much úvú)if you get to this thysm if not have a good day ❤❤
Hi there! I got excited when I started thinking about which plants would/wouldn’t grow well in the Devildom, so I may have gotten a liiiiiittle off track on this one, but I hope you’ll like it anyways!
M!MC who LOVES plants
The main thing you was upset about when you first arrived in the Devildom was the fact that your plant collection was going to die. As a matter of fact, the demons were all rather surprised with how big of a fit this tiny human could pitch when he learned that he couldn't go back up to take care of his plants.
“Who's going to make sure that the soil is damp enough for Cici? She likes to feel like she's in a wet meadow, okay?” When they questioned you, you threw up his hands in exasperation. “It's obviously short for Cicuta Maculata! I can't be expected to say the whole mouthful every time I talk to her now, can I?”
Eventually, Barbatos stepped in, offering to visit the plants to put them in a time stasis spell until you returned. All of a sudden, you were a calm, quiet human again, peeking out from behind your hair as you accepted his generous offer. Mammon arrived shortly after that, and you began your life in the Devildom.
You were fascinated by the new plants the Devildom had to offer, and the first several books you purchased were all about the local flora (Lucifer did get after you for forgetting to buy your textbook for your Curses class). You were also surprised to find that while much of the plant life in the Devildom was new to you, there were a few varieties of human world plants that managed to grow here as well. You quickly learned that they were mostly of the deadly variety, and took extra special care when you found one and transplanted it into the collection you were growing at the House of Lamentation. Poor Mammon ended up having to follow you all over the Devildom forest as you sought out a particular plant that you had read grew nearby.
“What's this white one,” Mammon asked, pointing to two plants that looked a little like Baby's Breath.
“This is Tissi, and this is Cici 2.0,” you introduced him. Mammon leaned in and sniffed Cici 2.0, wrinkling his nose.
“Smells kinda like carrots,” he grumbled, “I thought flowers were supposed to smell sweet.”
“Cici 2.0 is a water hemlock,” you explained, “She's very toxic, and she likes to stay wet. Tissi is a white snakeroot. She's also poisonous, so make sure you don't mess with her!”
Mammon made a grumpy noise, moving away from the white flowers. “These ones are pretty. I bet Asmo'd like them.” He reached out as though to pick one, when you smacked his hand.
“Don't touch Ollie!” you ordered, planting your hands firmly on your hips.
Mammon held up his hands in surrender. “Geez, why d'ya care about flowers so much? Ya always wearin' all them dark colours, I thought ya wouldn't like stuff like this.”
“Flowers are the spark of colour that lights up my bleak world,” you retorted, moving Ollie's pot out of reach.
“Very poetic,” Satan's voice sounded behind you. You turned to face him, watching his amused gaze drift across your collection.
“Ah, Wolfsbane, just what I needed. MC, would you mind if I borrowed a small sprig? I promise not to hurt the plant.”
“Only if you prove your worth,” you responded, “Tell Acorn his true name.”
“Aconitum, of course,” Satan responded, carefully tweezing off a small piece of plant and tucking it into a small vial. “Good day, MC.”
“Oi, MC, are these rosary beads?” Mammon asked from behind you. He was bending down to pick up some of the peas that had fallen from the pods of your Abrus Precatorius.
“Careful, if they're scratched even a little, Abraham will poison you.” Mammon jerked away.
You shrugged and smiled. “That just seems to be what grows here. Look, you guys even have Brugmansia,” you pointed to the orange, flared flower. “People call it an Angel's Trumpet, since it's poisonous so if you eat it you'll hear the trumpets of the angels welcoming you to heaven.”
“Ridiculous,” Mammon grumbled.
“Well, maybe you'll like Donna better,” you shrugged, leading him to a plant with dull green leaves and shiny black berries. “She's called Deadly Nightshade, and since you guys seem to like drinking poison, you'll probably really like the sweet wine she can make.”
“Now you're talkin' my language!” Mammon rubbed his hands together, “Now, how much do ya think a bottle o' that stuff is worth?”
“Mammon!” you protested, “you can't sell Donna's wine! Beel gave her to me, we need to make the wine for the family!”
Mammon groaned out loud. “Ugggghhhh aren't your plants good for anything?”
“Well, maybe you'll like Ricky,” you smiled mischievously. You pointed to a plant in the corner, with broad green leaves that arched out like exploded fireworks.
“That kinda looks like weed.” Mammon edged towards it, trying to be subtle about his excitement.
“It does kinda look like weed.”
“Is it?”
“Hm, not telling. You've been rude today.”
“What?” Mammon whined, “Come on, ya gotta tell me!”
“Nope, not telling.”
“Fine, I'll just steal some of it then!” Mammon grabbed a leaf off the branch and dashed away.
You hummed to yourself, carefully pruning Ricky's leaves. You had always wondered what would happen if someone mistook Ricinus Communis for cannabis. You supposed you were about to find out.
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moemammon · 2 days ago
I live for the idea of MC and Mammon just doing dumb best friend stuff
Something funny happens in class, and literally all MC has to do is look at Mammon and he just bursts out laughing and gets in trouble
MC just takes off running down the hall so Mammon starts running too, and now they're both just running as fast as they can and fucking cackling for no reason until one of them almost slips and now neither of them can breathe because they're laughing so hard-
MC sitting in a shopping cart while Mammon keeps handing them things to add to the ever growing pile that's slowly burying them alive
MC and Mammon locking eyes at the dinner table, and now they're having a staring contest while everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on
MC: Right, Mammon?
Mammon, who doesn't know what the fuck is happening: Yeah
Mammon and MC having their picnic ruined because a wasp comes a little too close and they both immediately got up to run
Sitting in silence on the couch, legs draped over one another while they scroll through their phones and show each other stupid videos and memes
MC dares Mammon to jump as high as he can on his bed and he promptly breaks the frame, so now they have to explain to Lucifer what happened
Pointing to an ugly creature/monster in a movie and saying "that's you"
Mammon showing MC a picture of Lucifer's face zoomed in REALLY close and trying his damndest not to laugh because "SHH LUCIFER IS RIGHT THERE SHH-"
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cosmic-uwucle · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
{ I've always wanted to try opening a much more fandom centered YCH, and so here we go! Please do know that the rest of the brothers are coming, I'm just pushing them out by 2 for now, but you guys are free to reserve because slots will be limited!}
💖 Price List 💖
☆ 1 YCH - $5
☆ 3 YCH bundle -$12 { save $3 }
☆ 7 YCH bundle -$30 { save $5 }
🌟 Mode of Payment: 🌟
- Paypal
🕺 Rules! 💃
- I accept any character human or non human ☆
- Poses are allowed to be changed at some extent~
- Accessories are customizable as well!
- 3 slots per YCH!
- Please give me about 7 days to complete each, this can also vary depending on the queue!
- For any other inquries, please message me!!
{Thats all for now, hope you guys enjoy and keep an eye out for the others soon!!}
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positivelypuntastic · 4 days ago
Chapters: 2/? Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me! Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Lucifer (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Satan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Asmodeus (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Asmodeus & Solomon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) & Original Female Character(s), Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Diavolo (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Simeon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s) Characters: Lucifer (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Satan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Asmodeus (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Diavolo (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Barbatos (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Simeon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Solomon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Luke (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Original Female Character(s) Additional Tags: Friendship, Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Eventual Romance, Eventual Sex, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Childhood Friends, Slow Burn, Awkward Flirting, Awkward Conversations, Jealousy, Misunderstandings, Song Lyrics, Sarcasm, Humor, Attempt at Humor, Harems, Future Explicit, Possibly Unrequited Love, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Pop Culture
When an unusual interference brings not just one, but two exchange students into the Devildom, Lucifer begins to wonder if he and Diavolo had perhaps bitten off more than they could chew. An origin story of sorts for two original MCs. Named main characters. LuciferxMain Character, LeviathanxMain Character. Much fluff and slow burns, with a little smidge of angst and unrequited love. Spoilers for future chapters. More warnings inside.
Hello hello! My bestfriend I are up to no good again and we started a new fic, Tag-Team! Hope y’all can check it out, as it is the most recent out of all of our fics  Do drop us a comment, so we may know any of your thoughts/feelings about it! Or if you have any more suggestions, let us know through the comments! We’d love to hear from you. 💜
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cosmic-uwucle · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Finally did a proper cell shading ish drawing for my BB Rikumin and my fav brother, ☆ Mammon ☆
This is a test on some simpler coloring too haha but hope yall like it YwY
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thewritetofreespeech · 8 days ago
hello!! i've made a request before but this idea came in my brain and i heard your requests were open. So ive seen a lot of fics of the brothers saving mc, but what about mc kinda of saving the brothers, i mean like badass sword fighting style. Just like a stereotypical disney prince saves a princess mc kinda saves the brothers from getting killed by a lesser demon with a sword and just being badass (and sword) and the bros find it hot (weak humans? never heard of them)
*spongebob narrator voice* 400 years lat’er..... So sorry this took so long! I genuinely don’t know why I couldn’t get it done. When I actually tried, I got it done in like 2 days. My only excuse is that I’m a horrible trash munny >.<
Obey me Boys + Power Princess MC
It offends him that this creature, this being not fit to lick the soles of his boots, would raise their hand to him. The attack was not even what upset him, but just the gall. The utter stupidity of this decision to throw one’s life away. The fact that they had attacked with you around only made him wish to end that pathetic life that much sooner.
“Step back [Y/N]. I’ll deal with this quic—” Lucifer cut himself off when you rushed forward. A bright shining sword in your hand as you lunged. Slashing through the demon, who wailed and instantly turned to dust & ash. “What on Earth was that?”
“Oh. It’s my sword.” You reply nonchalantly. Turning around to show it to him. “It’s a holy arc sword, or something. I can summon it from my bracelet whenever I need it. Cool to know it actually works in a pinch.”
“And where did you get such a magical artifact?” Lucifer asked. Perplexed beyond reason, but trying not to show it.
“Lord Diavolo gave it to me when I first got here.” The demon arched a brow. Lord Diavolo? “It would be really irresponsible of him to just let a human wander around hell without some kind of weapon.”
He paused for a moment. Trying to piece all of what you had just said together. Then he just chuckled. “Yes, I suppose it would be.” And here he thought that he had been the only one protecting you. When all along you could do it yourself.
His hand reached out to pat your head fondly. His breast swelling with pride. “I’ll have to thank him for giving you such a thoughtful, practical gift. We’ll also have to add sword play to your lesson plans. I’d be more than happy to be your tutor.
‘Shit!’ Mammon mentally cursed as he was hit again.
This wasn’t the first time he’d been rough up outside a club. Given his lifestyle, and his gambling track record, he’d been pummeled by a few bouncers in his life. With his immense power, he could easily take them; if he tried. But then he would be banned from the club, and ever other, and that was something he couldn’t handle over the humiliation of being beat up by these clowns. He needed this. It was all he had.
So, he took his beatings from lesser demons when they came around. He’d only wished they’d picked a different night to get their ‘payment’ back since you were supposed to be here soon.
“Come on guys. Don’t ya think you’ve had enough?”
“We’ll tell you when we’ve had enough!” One demon sneered at him, before kicking a man while he was down. Classy. “You owe us. And we’re gonna get back every cent you owe out of your hide!”
The demon reared his foot back to kick him again, and Mammon mentally sighed. Preparing himself for the kick and really being over this since it began. But….no kick came.
The demon let out a loud grunt over the sound of a metal ‘wack’ before the two, even lesser goons beside him suffer the same fate and they all slump to the ground. “Mammon! Are you ok?!”
The silver haired demon looked up at you in shock. The light from the street lamp causing a halo to form around you, highlighting your worried face as you brandished a rusty pipe like some great sword. “Yeah…I’m fine….”
“You don’t look fine! You’re all beat up!” He just sat there as you dropped the pipe and dropped down to him. Fretting over him as you looked him over. He couldn’t hear what you were saying over the beating sound of his heart in his ears.
No one had ever tried to help him before.
Mammon lifted his arms and wrapped them around you. “Mammon? What—“Let’s get out of here.” He interrupted as he hugged you. Standing up, and helping you to your feet, after a moment to walk out of the alley. “I don’t want to be here anymore. I wanna go somewhere with you.”
“But….I thought you wanted to go out tonight. Play cards. You said you were feeling lucky?”
He couldn’t tell if that was a jab or not, but replied, “well clearly I was wrong.” Though despite his bumps and bruises, he did still feel pretty lucky right not. “I just want to get out of here. I don’t need this anymore.” You both decide to head home to help Mammon nurse his wounds. He never went back to that club, or really any club, after that night.
“Levi….I don’t think this is such a good idea.”
“Nonsense!” Levi quipped in response to your perfectly reasonable, concerned feelings. “It’s just a little further. Besides, I want to see Henry 1! I’ve missed him a ton recently, and want to make sure he remembers me.” It had broken his heart to discover his poor, lost serpent had been down here, all alone, this whole time. So he made an effort to see him every now and then.
“Yeah but…isn’t this still like super-secret for Lord Diavolo’s family and stuff? What if there’s like booby traps and stuff?”
“Come on! There weren’t any booby traps or anything before. Why would he when he has Henry to keep it…..” Levi trailed off as both of you were ingulfed by a long, dark shadow. A low hissing sound growing louder as a gold, stripped serpent towered over you with a menacing glare. “That’s not Henry.”
The snake hissed loudly with bared fangs and an open mouth, and you both scream and run to get away from it.
The serpent of course chased you. Easily able to keep up, and only loosing you when the two of you duck into a narrow corridor. Levi turned around to say something to you, but you were gone. His immediate thought was that the stranger snake had gotten you, and it was all his fault, and he would never see you again!
When he came to the end of the corridor, walking out like a man on death row instead of running, he looked up to see the snake in front of him. Clearly angered by having to chase him. Levi didn’t care. He wanted to die if anything happened to you. He’d rather die than live one moment without you.
Prepared to accept his fate, the demon didn’t move when the snake unhinged his jaw to eat him in one gulp. Only for a sharp spike to thrust out from his mouth a moment later. A strange, hissing gasp escaping it before it slumped down in a lifeless heap on the floor. “[Y/N]!”
“Jesus! Not to put too fine a pin on it, but this place is literally a maze. One minute I’m next to you, and the next I’m in some armory on the other side of the hall 50 feet away. Are you alright Levi?”
The demon scrambled up the snake corpse to stand next to you and wrapped his arms tight around your being. “[Y/N]! I was so scared! I thought this Henry imposter got you, and you were dead, and I couldn’t think of anything!”
“I’m really ok Levi.” You assure him, as he wept into your shoulder. “Do you still want to see the real Henry? I think I spotted where he actually is when I was running back with the spear?” Levi nodded into your shoulder. Still not prepared to let you go.
Satan always tried to be a reasonable man.
He hated being referred to as ‘The Demon of Wrath’. It wasn’t his wrath that had caused him to be born. And he wasn’t any angrier than his brothers, so why did he have to be labeled the ‘bad seed’? So he always tried to be level headed. Calm. Patient. But there were somethings he just could not abide. Like the boorish behavior of someone talking loudly in the library.
“Excuse me,” the blonde said, attempting to remain calm, as he came over to the rude demon two tables over, “could you please keep it down? This is a library.”
“Yeah. I know what it is.” He quipped back rather snippily. “What are you? The librarian?”
“No. Just a fellow book lover.” Satan replied. Grinding his teeth now. “And one who can follow the rules and basic social decorum of keeping my conversations to myself in a place like this.”
“Are you calling me stupid?!”
“No. I’m calling you uncouth. A word meaning undignified, and without manners.”
“Why you!”
The demon rose to his feet, towering over Satan now that he was standing. Not that it mattered. Height was not an immediate representation of strength. Look at Belphie. His younger, shorter brother could level a whole city with a flick of his wrist. Satan could easily dispatch of his imbecile without even breaking a sweat.
He never got the chance though, as just after he stood the demon let out a grunt and slumped to the floor; with you standing behind him on his depleted chair with a book in your hand like you had just pulled it from The Stone. “Bet you’re glad I think Kindles are dumb now.”
Satan had to right himself on what he was seeing, and then frowned at you. “I never said that, and get down.” He insisted. Offering you his hand to get down. You hop down with ease and set your weapon book on the table. “Honestly, I could have handled him without resorting to violence or cheap theatrics.”
“Cheap?? This book was very expensive.” You insist, and Satan had to scoff.
“Be that as it may, please do not use books for more than their intended purpose. I appreciate the assist, but I can’t have you hurting yourself or fine literature in the future.”
“You’re such a buzz kill sometimes Satan…..”
Asmo always loved going to the club. The dancing. The energy. The pulsing music. The people.
Well…usually the people. Some people, usually bro-dude demons, just couldn’t take a hint that ‘no’ meant ‘no’.
“Come on Asmo! Why are you being so stingy?!”
“I’m not being ‘stingy’,” Asmo replied with a frown marring his beautiful face. “I’m just not interested.”
“You were interested last time.” His pursuer replied. Like that somehow gave automatic permission that things would happen again.
“That was a long time ago.” The dusk haired blonde replied. Sipping his cocktail and looking thoughtful across the spacious VIP lounge over to you.
Yes, things had certainly changed. Once where it would take a whole room of people and attention to make him content, these days all he wanted was you. Just you sparing a moment to look at him made his heart feel incredibly full. He had come here to have a fun night out with you, but it seemed no matter where he went his beauty was always causing problems.
The lesser demon frowned, then looked towards the direction Asmo was looking to land on you. “Shoot, just bring them along with us.”
“Excuse me?” Asmo asked. Beautiful expression turning Ignatius as he sat down his drink.
“Bring them along. I’ve never had sex with a human. But there must be something to it if you’re willing to do them. Not that I suppose that takes much….”
At that, Asmo leapt from his chair and grabbing the brute by the collar. He wasn’t normally one for violence. He wasn’t like his dull brothers. But he couldn’t let a slight like that against you slide. “Take it back!”
The two demon’s scuffle. Clearing out the VIP lounge as everyone ran. Scared that they might transform at any moment and literally tear each other apart. Asmo somehow ended up on his back, a position that usually didn’t bother him, as the other reared back to punch him in the face.
Or, at least he would have if he didn’t start convulsing and fall on the ground a moment later.
“Asmo! Are you ok?!”
The Lust Demon looked at you for a moment. Then delicately covered his mouth with both hands. Returning to normal. “[Y/N]! You saved me!!”
“Yeah. This little thing packs a punch.” You replied. Holding out your little pink taser from She-Sword from your clutch. “I couldn’t let this jerk hurt your beautiful face.”
“No one is more beautiful than you my fierce warrior queen!” He praised. Basking in the moment for only a second before you both scamper off before security came.
You both might be beautiful, but you didn’t want to end up on the evening news.
“I want to take up kendo.” Beel announced to you one day. Out of the blue. “I’ve been looking for ways to add variety to my workout. I came across this video on kendo and thought it would be fun.”
Of course, Beel knew you had practiced kendo in the past at school. So he might have also been looking for fitness activities for you to do together. In any case, he really liked seeing you in your little workout outfit. It was super cute.
He also liked you showing him the basics of kendo; stance, footing, basic strike movement. When he felt he had gotten the hang of it, Beel jovially asked for a sparring match with you.
“I don’t know….”
“Come on [Y/N], sparring with someone is the best way to learn fighting.” He reasoned. “Besides, I’m not gonna hurt you.”
“I’m not worried about that….” He heard you mutter under your breath, but thought that he must have imagined it as you squared off.
Standing across from you in the arena, something changed. The hair on the back of Beel’s neck stood up. Not in the excited way that it normally did when he saw you. But something more….primal. His grip tightened a little more as he realized he might have to get a little serious with you.
It was all for nothing though as the match was over just as soon as it started.
The shinai went flying out of his hands, landing across the room just as Beel landed on his butt. His backside throbbing as his bell was rung clear as day. He rubbed his head as he looked up at you. “I may have forgotten to mention that I was three-time national kendo champ all through school.”
The demon looked up at you with a shiny, sparkly gaze only until now reserved for delicious food. “Teach me sensei!”
He hated being out. He wanted to go home.
Being outside in the sun, with all these…..people was hell to him. Belphie would rather be home, in actual hell, with his blanket and pillow and quiet, rather than ‘top side’ with you for the whole afternoon. Not that it was you or anything. You were the only bright star on this miserable day. He’d be damned if he’d let one of his brothers spend the day with you when he could.
“Belphie, do you want an ice cream? Maybe that will help with the heat?”
He wanted to say that the only thing that would help him was getting the hell out of here. But, he bit his tongue. The demon knew how important this was to you to come ‘home’ now & then and he didn’t want to ruin it for you. So he just nodded and asked, “strawberry please.”
He sat in the shade as he watched you go over to the ice cream truck alone. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe he was just a hopeless shut in. Like Levi, only worse. He just wanted humans so much that being around them was making him crankier than normal today.
“Geez, get a look at that side show over there.”
Belphie looked up from his daze at the human who was a few yards away from him. Snickering and staring with his friends in a voice that a regular human wouldn’t be able to hear. “If you have something to say, then say it, you chicken shit fuck.” Again, he was very cranky.
The human was obviously taken aback at being heard and then called out like that. “What did you say to me?!” He yelled, once he got his bearings on the situation, and took a ‘threatening’ step forward to see if he would repeat it.
“I said ‘If you have something to say, then say it, you chicken shit fuck’.” Of course he repeated it. “Don’t mutter something under your breath like a coward. Say it like a man, or keep your gross mouth shut.” This was why he hated humans. No spine.
Well, metaphorical spine. If he kept this up, Belphie was gonna prove that he had a spine when he ripped it out and made him wear it as a neck tie.
“You little fuck--!” Belphie, of course, didn’t move when he stomped closer. Not that he needed to, because he was stopped in his tracks rather abruptly when you stepped between then. Holding a knife from your pocket.
“I suggest you get out of here, before the only ‘side show’ around here is your knife swallowing act pal.” The man seemed to frozen for a moment as he tried to process if you were serious. Then his flight instincts kicked in and he took off running with his friends across the park. “Gosh, I think I’ve been spending to much time with you guys. I never would have done anything like this before.” You said after a sigh, then turned back to Belphie.
“My hero.” He cheered softly, in his typical tired voice but still with a soft smile. Seeming extremely proud of the bad influence he was on you.
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thickthighs89 · 9 days ago
MC, Get Some SLEEP!
Chapter: Mammon
It's 10pm. Final exams are coming up and you promised to help Mammon with a late night study session. Just as you two are finishing up, Mammon let's out a *yawn*.
"Oi! Ay-uh MC, ain't ya getting tired?" Mammon glances over at you.
Barely even looking up from your textbook, "Mmm no, not really. Why do you ask?"
"It's starting to get late, ya know if ya want... you can crash here... in my room tonight," he stretches his arms up above his head. "I think I'm actually going to start getting ready for bed."
"Oh, that's ok... I think I'm just going to go back to my room and keep studying. I can't sleep anyway," you start to gather up your belongings.
"Wha? Whaddya mean ya can't sleep?" Mammon has a slightly worried look on his face.
"I just... I don't know," you shrug your shoulders and stand up. "It takes me hours to fall asleep sometimes. I mean eventually I fall asleep, but even when I do it's not for very long."
Mammon walks over to you, caressing your cheek with his hand. "Can't have my human restless. Here, let me show ya what I do when I can't sleep. Works everytime!!"
He walks over to the ladder that leads up to his bed and climbs up almost to the top. Hooking both of his legs over one of the bars he hangs himself upside down from them. "I-uh, I may have gotten this idea from, well... I got experience..."
He places his arms behind his head and starts to slowly pull himself up, "Ya see? You just do crunches like...this... and you'll... tire... ya'self time!"
You watch Mammon do several upside down crunches, "I'm getting tired just watching you!" You giggle slightly to yourself as you walk over to him. "I think maybe if you help me, I might be able to get some sleep tonight," you place a kiss to his cheek and step back as he falls to the floor.
"Heh-ya, yeah....yeah! I can do that! Here, let me help ya up on the bars..."
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obeymematches · 9 days ago
I woke up and chose to be angsty ✨. pls don't be angry 🥺
💔 and 💧 with mammon? thank you uwu ❤️❤️
>:( it’s ok anon <3 
EMOJI ASKS 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO (500 followers celebration)
💔— What could their partner do that would absolutely break their heart?
This goes without saying but cheating would absolutely crush him. 
He doesn’t take ghosting well. I think he’d take a break-up hard but if you ghost him before it’s officially over he’s never going to be the same again
If you just once join in with his brothers making fun of him, either when he is right there or behind his back, doesn’t really matter. He thought u were frens:( 
💧— Random angst headcanon
Even if you break his heart he’s not able to completely cut you off and would stay in contact with you, even if it hurts him. 
Unless you change your number & move homes, he’s going to find a way to talk to you again.
If you get with someone else he openly hopes you break up with the other person & chose him instead still. It is very hard for him to completely move on. 
He feels like you were a soul mate to him and he just can’t let you be a stranger to him again
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obeymematches · 9 days ago
💝💘💋 For Mammon if you dont mind ;v;
of course i don’t <3
EMOJI ASKS 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO (500 followers celebration)
💝— What are their best qualities as a partner?
He is incredibly loyal to you no matter what. He wouldn’t turn against you even if someone paid him to do so. Yes he loves you more than money you can’t change my mind
He can turn into your best friend easily, which means he always knows how to cheer you up, what you like, what you don’t, etc, 
He’d let/make you enjoy life to the fullest with him by your side, literally just do whatever the heck you want. He’s got your back. Not a single reason to worry about! 
💘— What was one of the first things that attracted them to their partner?
You accessories, probably. 
Also he loved you since the first time he made you laugh. It is a sight he could never forget! what did you do to him human!!
💋— What are their kisses like?
already answered here! 
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obeymematches · 9 days ago
💌&💋 + Mammon? <3
hii thanks for sending in a request <3
EMOJI ASKS 2 (/500 followers celebration)
💌— What kind of love notes/messages do they leave their partner?
It would be a cheesy line of a romantic song you showed him, which randomly got stuck on his mind.
Or a line from your song, you know the one. You always sing this song to each other.
I feel like he’d be the kind to leave you some money with it so you can go & spend it however you want, but the amount of money he gives you might be a bit questionable,,
💋— What are their kisses like?
Very passionate. Hands and arms all over you, holding you too close yet never close enough at the same time. Always wants you closer to him than physically possible.
Doesn’t give you much room to breathe and usually his kisses last long. (unless he is in a hurry)
He likes to bite and suck your lips just so they get red and swollen! 
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angelictrl · 11 days ago
Would it be alright to requests Mammon, Levi and Beel reacting to an MC who they asked money from, and MC being the type not to say no, decided to give them the last of their grimm which was about 10 grimm and some crumpled up candy wrappers cause they dont have any money for lunch 🥺
aww, poor mc, you can have my grimm <3 🥺
lunch was coming up at RAD and he was walking you to the cafeteria, huffing about how he should be getting paid for his services as your bodyguard.
what he didn't expect was for you to actually oblige after you sighed from your internal debate with yourself over not being able to say no to him </3
"kinda" excited and nearly starts bouncing up and down like a little kid on christmas only to realize you're just as broke as him.
he most certainly takes this opportunity to rope you into another scheme to get rich fast, so be prepared, mc.
quick, mc, lend him a few grimm! he needs to get this miniature limited edition ruri-chan figure from this capsule machine!!
finally gets the figure, but ends up feeling bad afterwards when he realizes that was all you had on you.
treats you to lunch at the maid cafe nearby <3
"s-shut up, normie! it's not 'cause i like you or anything, i'm just returning the favor!"
ran out of snacks at RAD and didn't have any grimm on him atm to get snacks from the vending machine.
seriously debated unhinging his jaw and eating the whole machine instead.
turns to you with puppy eyes while pointing to the vending machine
"i-i'm hungry, mc... 🥺"
and how could you say no to that?
was also probably the one that left you with empty candy wrappers
definently feels bad afterwards.
takes you out later to a buffet <3
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sushiferr · 11 days ago
A/N: His song was literally all I heard in October, I won’t lie to you.
Tumblr media
Mammon was the first person to enter a pact with MC and he could still remember when he was put with the job of taking care of her. He made sure to do that, with a few slip-ups, but it was fine. She was just a human after all, she wouldn’t have a big impact on his life.
He couldn’t have been more wrong.
Looking after her, she became the main character in his life; every single motion to come his way made him flustered. He tried to pass it off as if it was fake, that he was yawning or something like that, anything but admit that MC had had a much bigger effect on him than what he had expected. Maybe that was the reason why he wanted a sign from her so badly. Something that would tell him if she felt the same things for him as he did for her. 
But he wouldn’t admit it to himself whenever he thought about this. He kept trying to say that he just wanted to see if she cared about him, that was it. It was clear that even to himself, he wouldn’t admit that he was completely in love with her. 
Whenever he left her back at the House of Lamentation to go somewhere else, it was mainly to gamble and his thoughts always went back to her and what she was doing. The idea that his brothers were trying to get closer to him made him bristle. He saw them as rivals for her love, but that was it. All he wanted from her was her approval, that was it. The way he’d get that was by showing that he wasn’t a complete compulsive gambler and better than what she thought of him. 
She was the only one for him, the only one that wouldn’t tease him mercilessly and take him into her arms. Once he went back home and endured his brothers’ mocking words and went straight to MC’s room. Closing the door behind him, he looked up at her with sad eyes and it was clear what he was saying. 
“Come here.” MC would say with her arms out, ready to hold him. With his ear pressed to her heart, he closed his eyes, her touch on his hair making him sleepy. It was something unfamiliar. He wondered if it was just pity for him and maybe she actually liked someone else. But when he thought about that, it just made him want to hold her tighter. It was true, he was truly crazy for her.
Levi had once talked his ear off about this romance anime that seemed super realistic to his situation. MC was the main character and he was her love interest, or so he hoped. The love interest in the anime wanted a sign that the main character loved him and he decided that he’d wait as long as it took. 
“Hey MC, can you come to my room tonight? There’s something that Levi told me to watch and I wanted to watch it with you.” He told MC in the cafeteria and she nodded with a smile. He sauntered off, but his heart was racing in his chest.
That night, his brothers were pestering MC at dinner and he clenched his fists under the table before standing up and gesturing at MC to follow him. They made it to his room and sat down on his sofa, turning the tv on. “Just to make it clear, Levi forced me to watch this, I didn’t want to.” He was lying to himself and it was clear that she knew it too. 
“Well, I’m watching it with you, so I’m sure it’ll be fun.” A smile on her face and that easily made him flustered.
Before they knew it, she was in his arms and he was subconsciously stroking her hair. “Wow, the love interest is so blind, she’s literally giving him hints that she likes him and now he’s just turning away. Can you believe that?”
MC was shaking in his arms and he looked down at her in confusion. “He kind of reminds me of you, Mammon.”
He blinked. “What?”
“You see your brothers as rivals a lot of the time and you’re really protective. But whenever I tell you something that might closely relate to feelings, you try and get away from it. I’ve been dropping signs for the longest time and somehow, you seem to not see them.” 
That’s when he realized. Leviathan specifically told him about this anime so that Mammon could watch it and come to his senses. His eye twitched. That was a smart move, he had to admit it. “So....?”
“Mammon, I like you and I have for the longest time.”
With a slow smile spreading across his face, he held onto her tighter. There was the sign he had been looking for. Now he could say with pride that she was the only one for him. “ you too.” 
The confession made him feel giddy and they kept holding onto each other as they watched the show, finally at peace in each other’s arms.
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thickthighs89 · 13 days ago
Mammon fluff? Just anything comforting you’d like to write about this sweet guy & a gender neutral MC please
This is based off one of the "texts" Mammon sends MC. So I'm sorry if this is a mini spoiler for you but it was cute and I couldn't pass it up.
Tumblr media
Mammon x GN!Reader
Mammon slams open the door to the house. He's completely drenched head to toe. His socks inside his shoes make that squishing sound as he makes his way up the stairs to his bathroom where you said you'd be waiting for him.
Opening the door to his room, he immediately starts shedding his sopping wet clothing. Kicking his shoes off in the corner, throwing his socks randomly about the room. Basically trips getting his pants down below his knees as he walks the rest of the way out of them. Just a trail of wet, cold clothes spread across the floor as he finally makes it to his bathroom door.
As promised, there you are, running the bath water. Facing away from the door, you add the lavender oil, reaching your hand into the water to make sure it's the perfect temperature. You hear the knob twist behind you.
"Water's ready Mammon," you turn the handle shutting off the water.
Mammon steps into the tub, fully submerging himself into the steamy bath and closing his eyes. "That's my human! This water is perfect!"
"Glad the Great Mammon approves," you giggle as you turn around and grab some shampoo off the shelf.
"Oi! What are you doing!?" Mammon fidgets slightly as he feels your legs wrap around his chest as you sit yourself behind him on the edge of the tub.
"Making sure my demon has clean hair," running your fingers through his hair, you lather up the shampoo giving him a nice scalp massage.
"Y-your demon?" a blush graces his cheeks as he leans back towards you. "Y-yea! That's r-right! That um, heh, that feels uh, really nice...."
Mammon relaxes more, feeling your hands glide through his hair, down his neck and across his shoulders. You grab a loofah and start washing his back. Taking your time making your way around to his chest.
His eyes flutter open, taking his hand and reaching up to cup your cheek, "I'm happy you're my human." Mammon gently guides your face down, meeting his lips against yours.
I hope this was acceptable for you anon! Sorry it took so long!
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blog-lady-vi · 14 days ago
Mammon in Obey Me! Anime trailer
That’s it
That’s everything I wanted to say
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meenah-chan · 16 days ago
A Smear of Blood
A Mammon x F! MC fanfiction
Genre: Angst
1.38k words
Trigger Warning: Lots of blood, mention of death & violence. Read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You two were just sleeping together in your room. It's the same old night. Yet for some reason, when he woke up that day, the one beside him is not you, but a smear of blood.
Everytime he wokes up he will usually see you still asleep in his arms. Or sometimes you staring at his sleeping face, which never fails to send his visage into flaring.
But that morning is different. The space beside him is empty.
He shouldn't be thinking of it as you may only be doing your business in the bathroom.
But no...
That morning is different. When he lifted the blanket covering him and the space beside him, an ample amount of blood, as large as his two stretched palms, spreads across the sheet.
His mind went blank for a second. He froze, sitting on his spot as if time went on a total halt. His own blood drains from his face. And in an instant, everything came back, rushing through his veins. Thousands of thoughts he never wished to have invaded his senses.
Did something happened last night? Did someone attacked her? Is it a grudge towards his human? No, there's no way that's possible. She's way too kind for anyone to held any ill intent towards herself. Is it because she is a rare, appetizing human? Or maybe the monster want to settle past misdeed he committed and chose to attack the most important person in his life?
No, he should have felt any danger if that's the case... Or... Could he?
Mammon is one of the strongest in the Devildom. He also have been alive for who knows how long. He barely experienced some lesser demons attack him in his sleep, much less in the House of Lamentation.
No. No one aimed for his head in his own abode. Entering the den of the most monstrous beasts in the Devildom is a suicide for any assassins to test their luck.
It doesn't make sense! It doesn't...
Yet... That blood... That metallic scent invading his sense smell right now... He'd be dumb if he could ever forget such scent. He knew it so well. Why does he knew it so well? Of course he...
The image of that day flashed through his mind and he never knew his heart would sink deeper than it already has. The image of her lifeless body in his arms, soaked with her own blood and bruises. Limp. Breathless. Cold. Too cold. With her lifelessly gentle eyes staring at his useless self, who couldn't do anything to protect her. It's too late. His tears and screams won't bring what she have lost.
His loss. He lost her once already and swears he'll protect her this time around. He'll protect her with his life. He'll... Protect her?
A lightning strucks his system as he force his stiff limbs to motion. He wants to scream but a lump in his throat blocks all the sound he want to gouge out.
He flails out of the bed. He reach for the knob only for it to move a few feet away from him and his hand.
When he raised his unfocused eyes to the person who opened the door, he gasps for air he didn't knew he's been holding.
"Ahh. You're... Awake." His human peeked inside the room for a second. "And you saw that..." She sighed.
But the demon stood there motionless. He scans her with his eyes for any visible wound and blood stains. Any trace of blood on her. Yet he saw nothing but her sweaty self gasping for air, holding what seems to be a comforter.
"...mon... Mammon? You don't look so good." A touch of her warm fingertips is enough to push his last button to tears, which he did. "M–Mammon?! W–Wha, H–Hey!" Tears streams down like falls on his cheeks to the back of her hands as she held his face.
"What... the hell..." They both melted to their knees as Mammon start sobbing. "Hey, Mammo—" her palms slid past his slippery wet cheeks as he pulls her to tight embrace.
"'Ya idiot... human... Ye're killin' me." He whimpered in a muffled voice, face buried on the crook of her neck.
His words snapped all the dots connected in her head of what is actually happening. It probably is because of that incident. The day she died... or atleast her other self. It was a sight, to see herself bathing in a pool of blood, as if it was a different person. It was a sight, really. But it was not the one that sparked her emotion. It was the demon that held her so tight as if she'll slipped away from his grasp. It was Mammon.
She couldn't really comprehend what happened when she was attacked by the youngest brother. She was stranggled, passed out and woke up under the staircase.
It never left a mark on her. She held no ill will towards him. But as the demon with the strongest bond with her, Mammon, was so devastated that time. He cling onto her. He wail with his futile pleads for her to hang on. To not die.
Seeing him like that made her regret the event she have no way of ever predicting. The event she have no control of.
The only thing she could do is to protect him from the ghost of the past. She have to give reassurance to the second oldest— her first demon.
So she hugged him back as firm as he did, caressing his hair lovingly. "There, there... I'm here. Everything's going to be alright."
He squeeze her tighter she could hardly breathe. But even if it's hard, she let him because right now, she could finally feel the grip her other self felt that time. She's be lying if she said she didn't felt a hint of jealousy oozing out within her that time. "Don't you dare leave me like that ever again."
"I won't. I'll be with you as long as it takes. This won't happen again."
She gave him featherlight kisses that soothes his pain. A gentle yet firm embrace to gave him assurance and warmth. And within a few moments, Mammon pulled himself back, his eyes and cheeks dusted with shades of red.
"But wait... Are you really not hurt or something?" The white-haired demon close his eyes as she wipes his tears with her thumb.
"You wanna check with your own eyes?" She smirks and wiggle her brows at him, earning a darker flush on his tan face.
"Then what the hell's with the sheet? That isn't your blood, right?" Now it's her turn to blush.
"Uh... Can we just forget that..." Azure orbs glare through her soul. "... or maybe not." She nervously laugh while evading the piercing looks towards her.
"Ugh... This is embarrassing. How should I put this..." She scratch her nape as she search for the right words. "Well, it is mine." Mammon's eyes widen and without hesitation, he lift her shirt and frantically check her torso.
"H–Hey! Sto– Wait! I'm not hurt! That time of the month just came a bit too early is all!" She hastily pulled the hem of her shirt off his grip and down.
"W–What time?" He stares at her, confusion and worry evident on his expression.
"I'm on my period, okay. I woke up with it staining the covers. I panicked and run out after changing to search for a replacement. And yeah, I was late." She pat the sheet on her side. "You saw it before I arrive." She look down to hide her flustered face.
"... Seriously..." Mammon's forehead drops to her shoulder.
After a few seconds, he cups her face and face her to him. "Why'd'ya have ta hide it? And from the Great Mammon? Really?"
"Well, it's embarrassing you know..." She pouts.
"Like hell it's embarrassing. It's normal. It's a part of being a woman. If somethin' like this happen, don't hesitate to ask for the Great Mammon's help... Well it's not like I'm worried or anything. I just wanna help ya. Ye're my human after all." He squishes her face as he grin from ear to ear tinted with pink.
"Yes, my tsundere demon." She also smiled like he did as she held the hands on her cheeks.
"Huh?! Who're ya callin–" he protested, only to be silenced with a peck on the tip of his nose.
"I love you, my Great Mammon."
I was too hyped yesterday I just finished 2 fanfics. That OM! anime announcement left me on edge.
And to anyone waiting for my series Quintessence, I'm on it hahaha 😅😂 I'm torn between two twist and still can't decide but I'll surely post it as soon as I finished it. Please bear with me for the last 2 chapters.
P. S. To anyone who watch BL Romance and haven't seen Given yet, I highly recommend it! A real tear-jerker with amazing plot and masterpiece songs 😭💖💖 I won't go with details but there's something really unique with it and you wont regret watching it sksksk 😚😚
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o-pandora-o · 17 days ago
Baker MC: April Fool's Special
Baker MC strikes again! Fooling the Demon Brothers in April Fool's by their realistic cake. How would they react?
Note: I would like to apologize beforehand, some of the brothers turned out to be boring rather than funny. I will try to edit this when I have the time.
[No image was available for this]
Background: You planned this with the Anti-Lucifer squad. You hid all his pen in his room leaving a suspicious "pen" that looks like the pen he usually use. Satan put a powerful spell on the pen, removing its sweet scent to avoid the suspicion. You put a hidden camera to see his reaction.
Luci daddy came home tired from all the things he'd done in RAD.
He still have some paper works to finish, he put the paper works in the table and sat on his chair.
Ya'll saw him eyeing the "pen"
He picked up the pen and was gonna start writing until he glared at the camera and crushed the pen.
It was a chocolate and strawberry cake
He licked the strawberry (the filling of the pen) that splattered near his mouth, made a grin, glared at the camera and said "Run."
You all ran for your lives, spreading inside the House of Lamentation
Did you succeed in running : Nope
Did you three hang from the ceiling: Yes
Ya'll saw him smirk and laugh like a madman afterwards
Lucifer took a picture of you three hanging from the ceiling and sent it in the group with Diavolo.
Ofc ya'll didn't knew, you were hanging from the ceiling
Levi made it a meme and posted it on Devilgram AND gave Lucifer and Diavolo a printed copy
April Fool's to you
Tumblr media
Credits to: The BakeKing
It was your turn in making dinner and Mammon kept bugging you if he can help.
"No Mammon" you kept on saying but he was still bugging you.
You weren't really mad at Mammon (honestly you thought it's funny), but to make things interesting...
"I SAID NO MAMMON" you shouted at him.
"LOOK WHERE YER CUTTING HU--AAAAHHHH!!!" You cut your hand and blood was running.
"MCCCCCCCC YOUR HAND" yes I can see Mammon He screamed loud enough that it can be heard at Diavolo's castle.
Glad you two are alone in the House of Lamentation though
You were wearing a long sleeved jacket and the "cake" was your hand; it was like a lava cake, instead of chocolate it was darkened and smoothened strawberry puree.
You glared at him and blamed him
Poor boi was crying, kept apologizing, and saying the lines of "I'm sorry", "I'm so dead", and "Let's take ya to the hospital".
He shitted on his pants and kept panicking poor boi
It was hilarious tho
He was crying and you couldn't hide the laughter
"Oi! Did someone hit ya in the head? WHY ARE YA LAUGHING YER HAND WAS CU-" and he he saw that the interior of the so called "hand" was made out of strawberry and strawberry puree.
"April Fool's Mammon!" you told him as you finally reveal your real hand.
"MC! Why did ya prank me?! It wasn't a good prank! I thought you-" You shushed him while you gave him a small bag of grimm.
"Is it for me? Are ya sure ya ain't pranking me this time?"
"Yeah, now buy what you want to buy, I will just go to my room for a while" you replied.
Cue you teleporting
It was a bag full of gold-coated chocolate that looks (and is heavy) like a bag of grimm.
The next few days you see Mammon pouting and murmuring things about you.
You felt bad so you left grimm on the floor of his room every time you were near it
Tumblr media
Credits to: The BakeKing
On April 1st, Levi was required to go to the school for academic purposes, so you took this chance to play a lil prank on him.
When Levi was away, you hid all the items that he usually use: computer, consoles, Azuki-tan pillow, and some Ruri-chan figures.
And you took time to make realistic cake that are very similar to those you hid.
When he was almost home, you placed all the realistic cake on his room.
You were supposed to go on a raid with him when he comes home
Cue him coming home and going to his room
You visited the him in his room, panic reflecting off his face.
"Levi, is there something wrong?" you asked
"Ah, it's this computer, it doesn't open! And it seems I'm kind of making a dent on it too. It's so weirdddddd" he said
He got a bit forceful and his finger created a hole on the computer
"Eh? Cake? Mc did you do this? Lmao"
You hand him a note that says "Look for the cakes, the location of the real ones lie at the last treasured cake"
"Oh boy mc a scavenger hunt, its like the new anime I was watching 'My fiancée is a criminal mastermind that kept giving me clues to find the missing items and bodies to make myself famous' " I'm really sorry I really suck at names
So he proceeds with finding all the cakes, and he got all the real things for his room however...
" MC where is my limited edition Ruri-chan that is dressed like a succubus?"
"It's there, it was with the other Ruri-chan figures" you said as you were looking at the figures that he was holding
Turns out Mammon saw all the goods on your room, and took the chance to get one since he knows it wasn't yours.
April fool's? I guess.
Tumblr media
Credits to: SideSurf Cake Studio
You were helping him in his cooking duty today.
You requested that both of you make human food because apparently you "missed the taste" of the cuisine.
So you took care of the usual ingredients of the cuisine: vegetables, onion, garlic, meat and etc.
He didn't know or did he that you secretly placed realistic cake counterparts of it.
When it was cooking time, he selected the cake counterparts (this boi might be smart but you were from the human world so he thought it was correct).
He started cutting an onion, to his dismay he saw a soft chocolate interior.
"Huh? That can't be right, I believe onions should either have violet, yellowish, or whitish hue inside"
"Hmmm yeah, let me try this one" you said as you grabbed another onion and proceed to cut it
"Hm, this one is the right one, I wonder what happened to that" you said
"Hm, anyways I will proceed in cutting the rest"
Bottom-line all he cut was cake and what you cut the real one
"Satan, maybe you were cursed? All the ingredients that you touched turned into cake" you said as you were preparing to take the meal to the dining area.
"I suppose that is the case, however... "
"Hm?" you said as you were supposed to bring the meal outside.
"However I have outsmarted you MC, I knew it was you who made those realistic mini cakes" he said as he took a bite of the onion cake while grinning smugly
Smart boi #2
"I-uhhh No it was not- Hey wait a min! If you knew why did you continue to make me believe you were fooled!" you replied
"April Fool's MC~, if I didn't do that I wouldn't have  extra time to spend with you" he said as he got out patting your head
Satan, you slick son of a bish
Tumblr media
Credits to: Etsy
This guy is late for school
Did you plan to make him late? Yes No
Cue flashback: you ruined his beauty sleep 3 times which resulted in kicking you out of his room and made him wake up late
Well even though he is late, he would still do his morning routine without rush
Priorities ✨
You put a small camera on top of his cabinet to see his reaction
After hours of bathing he sat down to his dresser
He grabbed his toner and when he squeezed it lightly it nothing came out
"Ehhh? That's weird, I could've sworn this is the new toner I bought" he squeezed it more and the toner was destroyed revealing a squished vanilla cake
He sighed and said "MC did it again"
He tried looking and poking all of his makeup just to make sure it's not mini cakes
10/10 are all mini cakes
He saw a note that said "In the drawer lies the real make up hehe April Fool's day!"
When he came to RAD, he was already late for 4 hours
"MC when I said I wanted Makeup mini cakes, I wanted it for my birthday! Not today!"
Is disappointed at you
Will frown and pout when he pass by at you during school
Well you feel bad at pranking him so you treat him at an exclusive spa
Tumblr media
Credits to: The Custom Cake Shop
I mean Bell eats everything, so is there even use?
Beel had the whole day working out
Since he didn't have much money (not that you persuaded him to bring less, no-) his only option is to go home and eat
During the time he was working out, you made different flavored cakes and pastries into dishes. You made a ton of (chocolate-strawberry cake into) cheeseburger, (cheesecake) devildom sushi, cake turned into slushy (the container can be eaten too), plates can also be eaten, etc.
Well you made Beel drool, he didn't waste time so he sat down and took a bite of the cheeseburger
He was slightly shocked because it was sweet rather than savory
But that didn't stop his hunger
It was about 10 mins till he finished what you have created in 12 hours (and more)
"MC all you made was really delicious, now I want something salty to eat...Let's eat dinner!" he said as he dragged you to eat
April fools to you
After that whenever you gave him something to eat/drink (like a glass of slushy or something) he would try to also eat the container
Poor kitchenware and Luci's budget
[No image was available for this]
This boi knows
Smartboi #3
You gave him a pillow that is the same as the pillow he usually carries
He didn't really say anything about it, but he knows for a fact that it is cake
He slept on it
Your hard work in making it realistic,, he slept on it
You came back to his room and you wait for him to wake up
"Mcccccc, this is so fluffy like my favorite pillowww, but it's not really a good way to prank someone, but on the other hand it's really convenient...."he said as he yawns and signals you to come to his bed
He took a bite of the errrr pillow and said" This is really good, like the last time you made a toilet paper, but you know what else is good?"
My love for you jk
" Hm?" you replied
" This!" he said as he began tickling your sides
You fight him back and tickle his sides when you had the chance
It ended of as you two were panting and laughing in bed
Poor cake pillow forgotten
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dragonsareourfuture · 17 days ago
Mammon/GN!Reader — Safe
⚠️Warnings: emotional distress (caused by Lucifer) and swearing. If you are sensitive to these, please do not go further.
Sometimes I get fed up with how the brothers, mainly Lucifer, treat Mammon. I hate the “punishments” Lucifer gives him and how it’s just brushed off. I desperately want to hold the poor man when it becomes too much for him, so here’s possibly the most serious Obey Me oneshot I’ve ever written to help me cope with not being able to do just that. Begins as angst and evolves into fluff.
You feel terrible, but there is really nothing you can do but clean up the pieces.
Another night, another sleep interrupted by shouts echoing off the corridors of the House of Lamentation. You wish Lucifer would dial it back at least some nights. Hell knows that you’re not the only one whose sleep schedule is suffering just so he can punish his younger brother — then again, only half of the inhabitants of the house actually have a sleep schedule. Curse this entire house for its innate ability to let sound travel so fucking easily.
You groan, rolling to the other side of the bed in a feeble attempt to distance your body from the noise at least a little. It, unsurprisingly, does nothing and you can still hear the incessant booms of Lucifer’s thunderous voice. A pang of guilt bubbles in your chest. How could you be complaining when poor Mammon is the one who has to endure it all? It just doesn’t sit right with you, especially knowing that if you interfered you might have the slightest possibility of putting a stop to the ill treatment of the second born.
Even so, you can’t exactly blame yourself for being wary. Lucifer has tried to kill you on multiple occasions for doing just the thing you are contemplating. You figure you can let yourself off the hook for that one, just this once.
Miraculously, that one conclusion fails to ease that feeling of uneasiness lingering in your stomach. Fists clench around your pillowcase, nose digging into your soft mattress, your patience wears thinner by the second. Your limbs even twitch in an attempt begin rising and deal with the situation after all — but then the noises cease.
The room sounds eerily quiet. Not even the air conditioning is blasting anymore. You yawn, wondering if your ears had just popped. They had not. You snap your fingers. You can hear that just fine. So, you’re not going deaf. Okay, that’s a good sign, at least. You sit up and gaze around the pitch darkness of your bedroom. Nothing stirs — inside the room, that is.
Outside, however, you can hear the distant clomp of footsteps growing closer to your sealed bedroom door. You know who it is immediately, not bothering to lay back down and attempt to sleep, not even considering it. You sit up, feet hitting the floor soon after as you pad your way over to the door. You swing it open just as the footsteps stop right outside your room.
Mammon stands, fist held up in the air as if he was just about to knock on the polished wood. He blinks a couple of times, and you notice the gentle shine to his eyes and eyelids.
“Ya said that I could come...if I needed anything,” the demon croaks. All power that he ever seemed to hold over you had vanished all too suddenly and, rather than relishing in the feeling, all you can do is nod and step aside to allow him passage into your room.
“Of course, come on in,” you say delicately. The last thing you want is to be too coddling, for he might sense that as a personal threat and duck out. But you allow your instinct to care for him shine through with your soft tone. He apparently doesn’t feel that you are babying him too much, as he trudges through your threshold like a defeated puppy. It sincerely breaks your heart.
“I want you to know that you’re welcome to stop by any time you need to,” You had told him earlier that week.
The intrusive demon had never used your welcome for anything besides barging in to hang out at any and all hours, but now, with this clear predicament weighing down on him as heavy as the earth, you feel deeply touched that your words actually got through to him back then. He felt that he could trust you, which is why he is here now and not sulking in his room as he used to do after a particularly brutal scolding.
You shut the door behind him as he makes his entry, watching carefully as he shuffles around your room as if confused on what to do next. His hesitant nature directly contrasts how he would usually waltz in and make himself comfortable. You contemplate locking the door. It would be completely counterproductive if Lucifer or one of the other brothers forced their way in and made the situation way worse. But, at the same time, you would hate to make him feel uneasy, like you’re trapping him in with no way out. You opt to keep the door unlocked.
You pay close attention to Mammon’s features now, shrouded by the dark, sure, but you can make them out almost perfectly. You like to look at his face — it’s pretty, and you don’t bother to keep yourself from doing so. As a result, you can see all his ticks no matter how difficult it may be from the angle, lighting, etcetera. He often scrunches up his nose when he’s irritated, or on he verge of tears. So, seeing his nose twitch as he looks around your room is no surprise to you.
You step closer to his shifting form, and Mammon seems to get even more uncomfortable, so you move back. You rest your arms at your sides, making their positions known so that he won’t fret about the possibility of you hitting him by surprise. You would never, you know this, but Mammon isn’t aware that loved ones shouldn’t ‘lay down the law’ as harshly as Lucifer does.
“Do you want to talk about it?” You ask slowly, keeping your voice steady and calm.
Mammon’s hands slide into the pockets of his jeans. He shakes his head, the snowy white fringe covering his eyes shaking along with the movements. You nod, understanding his silence. Understanding that if he so much as opened his mouth to answer, a sob might find its way through instead. Even though he trusts you, you suspect that The Great Mammon isn’t keen on letting his human see him in tears.
“Mams, I won’t judge you if you cry. We all have to let off some steam every once in a while,” you reason, voice straining to keep from pleading but failing as your emotions get the better of you. “I love you all the same.”
Mammon hides his face from you, but the telltale sign of his shoulders bouncing up and down tell you that you need to step in. Your hands brush against his shoulders and he jolts. Though a shock runs through your heart at the sight, you simply have to make sure he knows that you’re there for him. You’re not going to let him cry alone in your bedroom when you’re right there beside him. Your grip becomes a bit more forceful now, only enough to turn the Avatar of Greed around by his broad shoulder and pull him close to your body.
With the contact, Mammon feels free to let go completely. Sobs wrack his entire body as you hold him steady. The intensity of them startled you but not as much as the volume. His head is buried in your shoulder, right next to your ear and you are spared no shout nor whine that comes out of the demon’s mouth. This combined with his heavy weight pressing you down tells you that it’s time to change positions.
You gently nudge Mammon into standing up straight, leading him by his hands to your bed, still warm with your body heat from when you had tried to hunker down earlier. He wastes no time at all in pulling you down with him, arms locked tight around your waist while his tear-stained face nuzzles itself into your chest. It’ll leave stains, but you couldn’t care less at the moment. Instead you marvel at how much pent-up emotions Mammon let sit stewing in his head before now. Clear sorrow, evident by the tears now soaking into your night shirt. Anger and desperation, demonstrated by how tightly he clamps around your body, though you can tell he is still somehow holding back, determined not to crush you even in this fit of pure, raw emotion. And all of this caused by a family member. It’s enough to make you seethe, but revenge for Mammon’s sake is not the focus. Right now, his comfort and consolation is all you need to worry about.
You rake your hands through Mammon’s head of ivory hair, brushing it out with your fingers and noting the softness. You plant a frenzy of kisses atop his head, the last one lingering before you lean close to his ear. “That’s it, let it all’re alright now...I’m here.”
Your demon’s cries have, at the very least, calmed a smidge. He shakes less in your grasp but his head remains pressed flush against your chest. You take it upon yourself to ease him further, the hand that held his back sliding down and slipping beneath his ebony-colored shirt. You trace the curve of his spine, relishing in the way it feels against your fingers. He’s more slim than the majority of his brothers, and you absolutely adore it. You get to the dip of Mammon’s lower back and your fingertips nearly move on their own to run over the dimples back there. Warm breath spreads over your chest as the demon cradled in your arms lets out something delightfully close to a laugh.
Your lips quirk upwards in a smile at your accomplishment. Mammon has calmed down enough to where low whines and wheezes are all he emits now. These eventually transform into hums, then snores. You keep Mammon’s face pressed against you — you grew to appreciate his radiating body heat in that area — but moved his mouth and nose away to be sure he wouldn’t suffocate.
Before lying back and drifting off yourself, you wipe some of the excess tears from his cheek and under his eyelids, pressing the gentlest kiss you can produce onto his tanned cheek. Mammon’s eyes only crinkle for a second before his features flatten again with the tranquility of sleep.
Opting to get some sleep of your own, you rest your head finally to your pillow, huffing a great sigh with the contact. As sleep pulls you in, you silently curse the monster that could do this to your baby, dreaming up the most vile plots for your revenge during your outwardly peaceful slumber. But that could be handled another day, preferably whenever Lucifer least expects it.
You wake up before Mammon’s eyes ever begin to crack open. Your position had changed slightly over the course of the night, but most factors still remain the same. Your demon’s face is now in the crook of your neck, steady and cool breaths fanning over your skin, making you shiver. His arm is draped over your stomach as you lay on your back, the other arm tucked underneath him. You want to pull it out from under him — the pins and needles should be bad when he wakes — but you’re determined to let him sleep longer after the night he just had.
Your goal is met, and you lay with him for what feels like a few more hours. You aren’t completely conscious, fading in and out of the realm of sleep every few minutes it seems. Noises begin to sound off outside your bedroom — doors opening and closing, footsteps on the staircase, and eventual chatter from the first floor. People are starting their days like nothing ever happened.
You hope it isn’t the noise that stirs Mammon from his heavy slumber. His eyebrows furrow and a light groan seeps past his parted lips. His head shakes, as if his sleepy self is wondering why his movements are so restricted. If that is the case, you loosen your hold around him. After a few seconds, the Avatar of Greed’s snowy white eyelashes flutter against your neck as his eyes force themselves open.
You pull away to greet him with your smiling face. “Morning, sunshine,” you say, voice coming out in less than a mere whisper as your throat is still rough from sleep.
Mammon’s features flood with realization, an alarmingly dark blush spreading across his nose and cheeks, some even reaching his ears and neck. You wish you could wake up to this face every single day.
“M-m-mornin’...” he tries, stuffing his face in your pillow in an attempt to quell the blood rushing to his face. Your chuckle at this action only makes it worse.
“Everyone’s getting up right about now,” you tell him, your hands finding their way up to his incredibly soft head of hair, twirling a couple strands around your index finger as you speak, “Do you want me to go make you some breakfast and bring it up here for you?”
“Gah!” Mammon jolts, eyes losing their sleepiness immediately to stare at you in disbelief. “Y-y-you’d do that!?”
“Of course!” You pull your torso off the bed, accentuating your declaration, and leaning on your elbows for support. “I’m not gonna make you go down there and face your brothers if you’re not comfortable with it.”
“Oh...yeah...yeah, that sounds real nice. T-the Great Mammon appreciates your service!”
You jokingly roll your eyes, heaving your body all the way up to start dressing yourself. “I’m sure he does.” You halt all movements when pressure suddenly builds around your wrist, constricting and pulling you back before you can stand.
You look back, a worried-looking Mammon staring at you with wide eyes and upturned brows. He seems to catch himself, hanging his head a bit and sinking into the bedsheets. “B-before you do you think you can stay a bit longer?”
You are about to comply with Mammon’s request, positively falling victim to the pleading look he shoots you, when a loud rumble breaks the brief silence. Mammon whines and clutches his stomach, concealing his face with your sheets.
“How about I get you some breakfast, then I’ll come back and we can cuddle all morning. Does that sound good?”
Your demon peeks an eye out from under the covers, white hair bobbing up and down in an affirmative nod. You smile, getting up and slipping on some shorts to go with your nightshirt. You make it to the door, hand on the handle when you turn to ask your sleepy demon a question.
“So, did you have anything in mind? You’ve got your spicy noodles—“
“Wait! I’m saving those! It’s my last cup and Lucifer says we’re not going to the store in a week! Not...ya know, not that I’m scared of him!” He perks up, sheets cascading down his torso.
“I can always make a quick run to the store. Lucifer’s words aren’t law.”
Mammon looks hesitant. He shakes his head and grabs at the sheets to pull them back up his body. “No, no, I’ll take a sandwich. Beel bought some Melancholy berry jam the other day and hasn’t eaten it all yet. Some of that with peanut butter would be great...”
“Not a problem. Oh, and do you want toasted bread?”
Mammon hugs your pillow. You suspect he’s getting weirded out by being asked all of these questions about his own preferences. Not a lot of demons seem to take them into account on a regular basis, after all. “U-um, that sounds good... and ... ugh, never mind!”
“What is it?”
He struggles with his words for a moment before asking, rather rushed, “Could you cut off the crusts, too?”
You have to brace yourself on the door handle to not collapse at how incredibly adorable that request is. Nevertheless, you can tell he is embarrassed and decide not to tease him too much. That could be done later, when he isn’t in such a vulnerable state of mind. You nod, chirping a quick ‘Sure, sweetheart’ before exiting and closing the door behind you.
Heading downstairs feels like squaring up for a fight. Deep down you know you can’t do much, Mammon would be crushed if you got in trouble with Lucifer for his sake, but you won’t be pleasant, either. You cringe at yourself, unable to handle the empty threats you seem to have in abundance inside your brain.
You can’t give most of the brothers the cold shoulder, that much you know. It wasn’t them that forced Mammon to tears the previous night with nothing but their words and whatever other hells Mammon was forced to endure. No, only Lucifer deserves your passive aggressive wrath today.
Luckily for you, there are only a few of the brothers remaining in the kitchen instead of waiting at the table already, one of those few being Lucifer himself who stands against the counter with a mug of coffee pressed to his lips. Satan and Beel are present as well, Beel rummaging through the pantry and fridge while Satan watches with what looks like mild amusement.
“Morning,” you greet the two younger brothers, going out of your way to make as little eye contact with Lucifer as possible. Whether he picks up on this, you can’t tell, but you can sense the change in atmosphere as you open the fridge and dig around for the jam Mammon wants.
“(Name). Is something wrong?” A deep voice inquires and, as you deduct that voice to be Beel’s, you look over your shoulder, offering a smile.
“Can’t possibly imagine why there’d be something wrong.” Wrong with you at least.
“Are you sure? You,” Satan inquires, as curious and considerate as ever.
You head over to the pantry, now with the jam in hand, and search for the peanut butter. A soft ‘ah!’ escapes you as your hand closes around the jar as well as a loaf of bread and you make your way over to the cutting board.
“I’m cool,” you deadpan. The younger brothers remain silent after you hear them shift a bit.
You begin to prepare the sandwich, daring not to turn around when the sound of footsteps approaching you invades your ears. All too suddenly there is a looming presence behind you, peering over your shoulder and radiating the most intense energy you’ve ever felt.
“What.” You say. It is not a question, but a demand. You still do not meet the eldest brother’s eyes.
You hear fabric shift and body heat warm your skin as Lucifer leans down to speak quietly enough so that his brother’s can’t hear. “It is for his own good. He will never learn if he is not properly disciplined.”
Your blood begins to boil. You raise your voice to him, completely disregarding Lucifer’s attempts to keep his brothers out of the situation as you do. “You know you can ‘properly discipline’ him without hurting him, right? What kind of brother are you?”
You leave it at that, throwing the rest of the sandwich together quickly before storming out of there. But stop in your tracks and stare down at the sandwich with defeated eyes. You forgot to cut off the crusts, dammit!
So, throwing your opportunity for a badass exit out the window, you march right back into the kitchen, tear open a drawer to grab a knife, and chop every single crust from the bread — all while the three brothers stare at you in both confusion and awe.
As you go to leave again, Satan finds the will to speak up. “Where are you going?”
“To my room.” You hold up the now crust-less sandwich. “The Great Mammon’s gotta eat.”
“But it’s your turn to make breakfast for everyone!” Beel whines, clutching at his stomach helplessly.
Again, you pause. Your fight leaves you and you approach the gentle giant upon seeing him look at you with such sorrow. You know how important food is to him.
“I’ll call for delivery from Hell’s Kitchen. Just round up everyone’s order and text it to me. Is that okay?”
Beelzebub nods enthusiastically and you pat his head, then turn on your heel to head back up to your room. You feel eyes on you as you walk away and, if you weren’t so fired up right now, you might take that as a compliment. But you know it’s Lucifer. You know it’s him even as the presence behind you follows you out into the hallway.
“I don’t like being followed.” You state in a bored tone.
“You don’t have to treat him like a child, you know. He can take care of himself.”
“I don’t want to let him take care of himself. I’m gonna be there for him when his brothers are being assholes.”
Lucifer looks taken aback. You don’t curse at them, you just don’t. Unless you’re joking, you never speak ill to them no matter what. And you didn’t to Beel or Satan. Even in your fired state you calmed enough to treat them as you normally would, with kindness and compassion. It is him you have the grudge against right now, and Lucifer’s brain can’t seem to accept or handle the fact that this is because of your protectiveness over his younger sibling.
“You won’t be here forever, you know.” Lucifer knows he crossed a line, but he can’t seem to stop himself. “He will need to fight his own battles eventually.”
“How about you give him less battles to fight, hmm?”
Lucifer seems to have nothing left to say. Taking his silence as an invitation to leave, you do just that and start up the stairs to your bedroom.
“Oh, and by the way,” you begin, stopping midway up the staircase to address the short circuiting demon you left in the hallway, “I may not be in this world as long as you guys will, but if you even touch him after I’m gone, my ghost will fuck you up.”
You make your final leave, Mammon’s breakfast in hand and a smile lining your face as you prepare to greet your greedy little demon.
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