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#obey me mammon x reader angst
ashmiq · 10 hours ago
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❝ 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙘𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙜𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙢𝙚 𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙝𝙢𝙖, 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙮 𝙞'𝙢 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙜. ❞
Tumblr media
desc. : a series of angst one-shots based off of wilbur soot's album, ycgma. there's no actual plot nor will it always be related to the actual canon story of obey me, just a whole load of angst.
rating : sfw, some parts may include mature themes, but never anything sexual.
warnings : just angst. individual warnings will be added before every chapter
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༄ no taglist for this series, sorry!
Tumblr media
~ this series does not come in a certain order! feel free to start at any chapter as there are no actual plot points.
𖦹 jubilee line
𖦹 saline solution
𖦹 since i saw vienna
𖦹 losing face
𖦹 your (brother) was right
𖦹 la jolla
𖦹 i'm sorry.
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a/n.: hi so for those who followed for dwt/mcyt, so sorry but again, my smau is on hiatus for a while until my exams are over. if you're interested in the game obey me then pls take this series WHAHAHA 💀 genuinely won't really put much effort into this bc its more of a vent/brainrot thing so — yeah
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obeythebutler · 19 hours ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the bros (Maybe Dia and Barbs too) where Belphegor kills Mc later on, so Mc already the bros mate for like. Extra angst, because your brother killing your mate gotta fuckin hurt. Ye sure Mc getd brought back still but that shit still painful
I couldn't do the royals, please excuse~
Belphegor Kills The Brother's Mate, MC
His heart stopped on seeing MC's body thrown over the railing, and a sickening noise was heard as they fell down on the floor, with blood staining the marble.
He rushed forward, gently cradling their head with his blood-stained hands as he screamed for his brothers to come help. As he begged for MC to stay awake, he heard Belphegor laugh.
" A human for a mate? Sheesh. Lucifer, how much have you fallen?"
He had to hold back from attacking him there and then, as MC was still in his arms. But no matter how many pain incantations he chanted, applied pressure on the wounds, they,t-they-
Their body went still, and Lucifer had to hold back the tears that were threatning to fall as he got up, and shifted into his demon form, lunged at his brother in his crazed frenzy.
His dishevelled hair only added to his feral look as he pounces at Belphegor, whose eyes were wide in shock at his brothers sudden actions.
If there was one thing Belphegor should have known was to never take away a demon's mate.
Lucifer had to be held back by the rest of his brothers from attacking Belphegor, as he screamed curses at him, while Belphegor was crouched on the floor, frightened at his brother's rage.
Belphegor would not be forgiven so easily, not after what he had done, even if MC came back.
He immediately ran seeing his mate's body lying on the floor, with their arms and legs in sick, twisted positions.
Mammon begged for them to stay awake, pleaded for them to not leave him, to open their eyes as he howled for Lucifer to come. He took in Belphegor's laugh and mocking words as he stared at him in shock.
" A human as a mate? Mammon, you're truly a scumbag."
No matter how much he cried, MC's eyes won't open. They won't move. They were...dead. Dead by the hands of his youngest brother, whom he adored and doted upon.
Mammon wasn't a demon to lose his temper. But when he did....
His demon form came into being as he gently put down their body, and in his eyes was a crazed look, one which speaked death. He had to be forcibly pried away from banging Belphegor's head into the wall.
Even after his mate came back, they won't be allowed near Belphegor, no, he won't be able to trust his brother for a very long time.
Mammon's panicked screams were what made him get up in the middle of his game raid and run outside in a hurry, because Mammon never screamed in such...a panicked tone.
But when he got there...MC...his mate...blood....floor.... Belphegor laughing...!
He rushed forward, frantically trying to check their pulse, but nothing was felt...Behind him, Belphegor could be heard cackling.
" Really, Leviathan. Having a human as a mate?"
He wasn't going to summon Lotan and make him to do the job, oh no, he was going to dish out the consequences of Belphegor's actions himself.
His serpent tail was already out as he lashed at his brother, with his tail slowly coiling around Belphegor's neck, as he wheezed for air.
In his eyes was rage, as he merely looked on at the sight of Belphegor gasping and choking as the grip on his throat tightened.....
Leviathan had to be made to release his brother from his tail, as he stared at his pathetic, gasping form with fury.
Even after MC comes back, he won't trust them to be in the house without him by his side, Belphegor cannot be trusted anymore...
He was looking for MC when he heard the sickening sobs of his brothers in the hallway...fearing the worst he rushed towards them.
MC was lying on the floor, in a pool of their own blood as Mammon begged them to wake up, and Belphegor laughed, while the others either stared in shock or tore into Belphegor.
He rushed towards the body of his mate and frantic emerald eyes scanned their body, taking in the damage...a shaky hand came forward to feel their pulse, and when nothing was felt, retreated, only to turn into claws.
Satan seemed to be stuck in a daze as he coldly took input of his surroundings- his mate's body, his brothers panicked faces and Belphegor's laugh-
" Tsk tsk. A mere human as a mate. For someone who has a lot of knowledge, you're a fool."
He jumped at the youngest with a snarl as Belphegor barely ducked, and his claws tore into the stone wall as he tore into his brother, quite literally, intent on ripping out his organs and maiming him, because all he saw was red.
Satan had to be forcefully held back as he snarled at Belphegor, who was staring in shock.
Even after MC came back, he won't leave them alone for a single moment....his brothers can't be trusted any more....
He rushed out of his room, leaving behind the outfits be had planned for him and MC to wear, to the source of the commotion.
MC was lying there...lifeless...unmoving...bleeding as Mammon begged them to open their eyes, move, do Belphegor looked on, amused.
Asmodeus rushed forward in panic, and gently cradling MC's head pleaded for them to move, open their eyes as tears fell from his eyes.
But they weren't moving. Their body was littered with cuts, and their throat had bruises from where..from w-where Belphegor...
Asmodeus went quiet as he got up, the blood on his soles making imprints on the floor as he growled at Belphegor.
" A human? Tch, I thought you had standards, Asmodeus."
He lunged at Belphegor in his demon form, as his nails dug into his brother's neck, and Asmodeus laughed as he observed how Belphegor struggled to breathe. He deserved it.
He had to be ripped from Belphegor by his brothers, as Asmo, still in his feral state was intent on making him suffer.
Belphegor can't be trusted to be left alone with his mate any more...
He could smell stench of blood as he rushed forward towards the source of commotion, but all he saw was Mammon cradling MC's body, begging for them to wake up, and his brothers in disarray as they tore into Belphegor about his doing, who was laughing.
He doesn't know what he has done, hasn't he? He doesn't.
All Beelzebub could do was stare at his mate's body as he begged them to wake up, as tears fell from his face, all the while with Belphegor's laugh ringing in his ears.
It was pointed out by Asmodeus that MC was his mate, and Belphegor's laughter stopped. Beelzebub turned around to meet Belphegor's eyes.
Beel's face was covered in tears as his fist clenched, because even if he was his brother he killed his mate. But seeing MC's body fuelled his anger even more, and he sprang.
Blinded by anger, he was fully intent on destroying Belphegor, because he took his mate. He had to be restrained by his brothers as he broke down, crying.
Even after MC comes back, they can't be left alone with Belphegor, he's going to get a separate room for the time being.
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obeythebutler · 3 days ago
Your angst fics were so good😖. Could You possibly do a headcanon of the brothers and side characters. ( if not just the brothers) reacting to finding out that MCs S/O cheated on them. The one reacting has feeling for MC but never told them because they are in a relationship and MC’s S/O is one of the other characters. I know I explained that really bad so explain: Asmo reacts to rinsing out Solomon cheated on MC. Thank you!!!!
I wasn't able to do the side characters, please excuse me. Thank you so much, @obey-mes-treasure
He wanted to confess his feelings to MC for a long time, but never did, because you were already in love with Satan.
He wasn't the one to take away his happiness, and could only watch you two, as his heart crumbled inside.
But then he found that he was committing infidelity with a sucubbus, in the Royal Library. He has eyes everywhere.
A part of him smirks in delight, while another is angry at Satan, for betraying you. Best believe he will confront his brother and be harsh with his words.
And comfort MC at the same time. It's up to them to decide the outcome, but if you leave Satan, Lucifer will be understanding but a deep, dark part of him will be delighted.
Until you're ready, MC, he's going to be your shoulder for support.
He loved you, he still loves you, even after you went with Simeon. That angel. Something that Mammon was once.
It bites at him inside, the fact that you aren't with him, with someone else. But he can't do anything, as he lost the chance. Didn't confess first, and had to watch you fall in love with another.
It's his torture, which he gladly accepts.
But then he saw Simeon's loyalty to you wavering. The angel kissed another demon in the empty RAD classroom, and Mammon saw it all.
He isn't the one for confrontations, but he did confront Simeon after the ordeal was over. The angel was guilty, as he should be. But a picture of them two may or may not have reached you by anonymous means...
He is going to be right by your side throughout the bitter ordeal.
Until you're ready, he's going to wait patiently.
Even if he and Asmodeus are brothers, it's not fair that he gets the shorter end of the gene pool! Of course you would love Asmo, not a yucky otaku like him...
It makes him envious to watch you two. So much, that he prefers staying in his room and not come out for weeks.
But it was his fault that he didn't confess in time, wasn't it?
On a Friday night he saw a demon wander in Asmodeus's room, and it didn't take much to put two and two together. Asmo was cheating on you.
It saddens and makes him glad inside at the same time. Sad, because Asmo wasn't loyal to you, but hey, what can you expect from the Avatar of Lust? Glad, because the relationship might be torn now.
He will confront his brother with sharp words and a video of the demon may or may not have gone viral on one knows who took it...
He will be a solid shoulder of support for MC.
Rage threatens to spill over every time he sees you with Lucifer. Why would you have a part of Lucifer in the first place, when you could have the whole person?
But he holds it in, and clenches his fist whenever he sees you two. His love for you is still there, but it won't be reciprocated.
So he quietens himself and shuts up.
Until that day he saw Lucifer at one of the brothels in the dark corners of the city. Immediately, he put two and two together, and confronted his brother there and then, with malice in his eyes.
How dare he be disloyal to you?! How dare he!
You receive a picture of Lucifer engaging in promiscuous activities with a demon in the mail, the sender being unknown.
A dark part of him is glad, while another loathes it, that Lucifer cheated on you, while the other rejoices.
Until you are ready, he'll be a shoulder for you to lean on.
It ached him to see you with Solomon every day. Every single moment with him. Because he couldn't have your love.
It makes jealousy brew inside him, to see you two exchange kisses and cuddles, which should have been for him...! But Solomon is a friend, and you love Solomon, not him...
So he sucked it up and went back to being his usual flirty self until he noticed a particular scent on Solomon which wasn't yours. It was of another demon's. You were being betrayed.
It pains and makes another part of him glad, sad because Solomon has cheated, and a sadistic part happy. He confronts Solomon about his particular scent and it spills- he's seeing someone else.
He isn't the one to stay quiet, gossip will float about Solomon's illicit affair, and will reach you soon.
Asmodeus will be your source of comfort, until you find enough strength to recover.
It is a blow to the stomach to watch you and Belphegor. Almost like you took his heart out and shattered it into pieces.
You're in love with Belphegor, and he's in love with you, but Beel loves you too. But it's his fault he didn't confess earlier. So all he can do is watch with a smile, even if he crumbles inside.
But that day he noticed Belphegor go out at strange times, when he was usually asleep, and this piqued Beel's interest. It got so frequent that Beel followed him one time. And the sight he came across made his blood boil.
Belphegor was with someone else. Not you.
Beel swallowed the bitterness inside and sulked home. If Belphegor didn't confess to you about his cheating, Beel would confront Belphegor.
Which was sure to end in pain. You can't hide the fact that you're cheating on your partner for long, can you?
Guilt eventually will make him tell you the bitter truth.
And, he'll be your pillar of support while you try to sort out your relationship. Because, in the end, Beel wants to see you happy.
It makes him want to claw at his own heart, to see you and Diavolo so happy. Couldn't you have chosen someone else?! If not him, anyone else but him?!
As angry as he is, he doesn't let it show. Belphegor bottles it up as he watches, with regret brewing, that he didn't confess sooner. But it's too late now, and you're in love with Diavolo.
The days were bitter until he saw Diavolo with someone else, kissing the demon, like he used to do with you.
A part of him wants to go and spring up to him and give him a good slap to the face, but Belphegor has got common sense. The most appropriate move would be to take a picture, and send it to you.
As a tragedy it is, you have a right to know what your 'love' is doing behind your back.
So when Diavolo's deeds come to light, Belphegor will be by your side, your source of comfort.
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Imagine a Medieval  AU where Mammon is an orphaned petty thief...
and you’re a single aristocrat who catches him stealing your gold coins. But as you prepared to give punishment, you see his eyes full of defiance. Amused, you take him under your wing. You don’t have a spouse or a kid, so you teach him to become your successor. 
“You can stay here and die like a dog, or you can come with me and live.”
Through the years spent together, you become comfortable with each other as benefactor and beneficiary. Then you become friends.
And then you begin to notice the small things... 
You find him looking at you when he thinks you’re unaware. He doesn’t eat unless you’re there with him, and he doesn’t listen to anyone but you. 
“Is there something you want to talk about, Mammon?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes.”
“Wha--I was not! Who’d stare at you?”
You pretend not to know because you think it’s just a crush that’s going to fade with age.
But it doesn’t.
And then, one night, everything just changes.
Mammon is introduced into high society as your heir, but one thing leads to another and he’s no longer that petty thief you found on the streets. 
He was the missing prince of the country and now its soon-to-be king.
Mammon doesn’t want to leave, and a part of you doesn’t him to go, but you think of this kingdom, and you tell him to pack up.
“Why are you pushing me away?”
“I’m helping you do the right thing.”
“You don’t know that.”
“They don’t even know if I’m actually the prince. Why are you forcing me out?”
“Oh, I get it. Your little project to create the perfect heir got ruined and you want me out so you can find a better replacement, is that it?”
You part ways. He leaves in the gaudy carriage the royal palace sent him. 
You don’t talk. (Well, you tried during his coronation. But he ignored your congratulations and flirted with the country’s noble ladies.)
You don’t write letters.
You don’t tell him how much you miss him...
But one lazy Sunday afternoon, the same gaudy carriage wheels into your property.
Mammon steps out and you greet him politely, as one would regard any king. You invite him inside for tea and he just nods. A thick, invisible wall separated your hearts.
You spend the first thirty minutes together in pregnant silence. The tea is now cold and the sandwiches are soggy. 
But then, he finally speaks up, and in a voice that’s not too loud or too soft, he says, "They want me to take in the neighboring country’s princess.”
It’s no secret that the royal advisers are already begging him to marry for political reasons.
"So I've heard,” you answer like an outsider.
"I don't want to though."
"... I know."
"But I have to, and you agree."
You’re quiet for a moment, letting his words hang in the air before replying, “I do."
He gives you a wry smile. Then he spins around and looks out the balcony, strings of sunlight outline his figure. He has grown so much from the boy you caught stealing gold in the streets.
Mammon then speaks: "I live in a palace made of marble."
"I'm well aware."
"Solid marble, and it's decorated with all these fancy paintings, and the curtains covering the windows are supposed to be super expensive—"
"Your Highness, I—"
"—quiet, your king is talking." His tone is playful and you roll your eyes with equal lightheartedness.
"The palace is big and it's full of suck-ups who will lick my boots if I ask them to. Can you believe how ridiculous it sounds? I used to fight for scraps of stale bread but now I get to eat a whole turkey and no one gets to stop me.” He shakes his head. 
“I still remember those days... if I wanted a place to rest I’d have to find a customer and my bed always changed, but now I have my own bed with clean sheets that smell like lavender." His gaze is directed far away. "I live in a palace made of marble, and I thought I'd be happy. But I’m not.”
He turns to face you. There is no haughtiness in his expression, only a tiny, tired smile.
“I miss you,” he says, voice cracking. “I miss you so much that I can't even taste the turkey they prepare just for me, I can't sleep in my own bed because it's too big and too cold and too soft and ... you're not there to wish me 'good night.'” 
He takes a step towards you. “I can't bring myself to be thankful for my marble palace because it means giving up what I have with you."
"Your Highness—"
"Let's run away."
"Let's run away. I'll snatch as many gold coins as I can and we can run away together, like they do in those books love so much."
"If you do that, people will revolt."
"I love you. I want to be with you, more than I've ever wanted to live in a palace made of marble."
"I want to grow old with you, I want to see you with wrinkles and grey hair."
His voice pierces the air and you’re left with silence.
After a moment, breaks it again, "Don't stand there looking at me like you don't want to do this, because I know you, and I know you want me, too."
You look into his eyes, his beautiful eyes that are clear and honest and filled with nothing but love, and you lean in to kiss him. 
He tastes so good and sweet and you don’t ever want to come up for air. But you have to, and when you do, you brush your hand over his cheek.
“I want those things, believe me, I do. But I look at you and I see a good man, a man who cares more than he lets others see, a good man who steals bread so he can give them to the little boys and girls in the orphanage that is barely standing. I see a good man who can be a good king.”
“I want to stay by your side as your spouse, Mammon, but if I do that this country will be burned to the ground without the protection of its neighbor.” You pull back your hand. “I won’t make you choose between me and all the little boys and girls that need you...”
He whispers your name.
You push him away.
“Goodbye, Mammon.”
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obeythebutler · 6 days ago
I am here with a n g s t
But could you do the hc's for the brothers reaction to them pulling that "hide from Mc prank" but this time, when Mc comes home they're injured? Like Mc opens the door in a hurry, is like "of all the fuckin days none of em are home" and just rushes to their room and their arm is just ☆☆fucked up☆☆
PROLOGUE: The brothers decided to hide from MC for a day, as a prank. But they hadn't expected for this to happen....
Original request: A Prank Gone too Far
It had taken six pairs of puppy eyes for him to agree to join the prank, and now all they had to do was wait for MC to come home.
He won't admit it, but he was also curious as to what their reaction would be to finding out they all were missing.
Sound of footsteps could be heard, and Lucifer smirked in anticipation.
He hadn't expected for MC to come in with such a ghastly wound, the smell of blood already invading his nostrils. What happened, who did this to you-
Lucifer's already running to their room and almost rips the door off its hinges as his face is contorted into a worried one.
After their wound is dressed and bandaged, he will want to know how it happened, and if someone was the cause of it, Lucifer would ensure to give special treatment to the demon that dare harm MC...
And if it was an accident, he will reprimand them gently to inform him or his brothers if they are going out, or take him along.
Lucifer feels guilty, he wasn't there to protect them as he was indulged in childish pranks with his brothers. Never again, he promises himself, as he kisses your forehead.
He was excited to see MC's reaction to the elaborate prank, but they weren't home, and Mammon almost died of boredom while waiting.
As MC's scent drew closer and closer, Mammon rubbed his hands in excitement. that the smell of...blood?
Holy shit, MC, who did this to you, what happened-
He's already running to their room and kicks the door open to see them trying desperately to stop the bleeding. And Mammon starts panicking.
After their wound has been dressed and bandaged, he will quietly lean into the crook of their neck and hold them close, nor being able to admit they gave them quite a scare.
Give Mammon names, who did this to you-
If only he was there to protect them, their first man, and look, how he's fulfilling his role.
He's worried and guilty. Give him a hug, MC.
Satan's idea of such a prank was too good to refuse.
But he never expected MC to come in reeking of blood, and in Ruri-Chan's name is that a gash on their arm-
Levi doesn't know what to do. He rushes after them and can only babble out questions as his brothers treat MC's injuries.
Who did this to you, what happened, was it a demon or someone- Levi is now into full panic mode. But all he can do is watch with wide eyes.
Shakily, he asks them later if it was a demon that hurt them or an accident. Levi's guilty, if only he was there MC would have been okay..
He'll invite them to his room later to game with him, it's the least he can do after what all he's done. And the demon that dare hurt MC is Lotan's dinner now..
More of reason to not leave his don't too MC...
I wonder how MC would react to this prank..
MC wasn't at home when the brothers planned the prank, which was a good thing, more time to hide!
But Satan never expected MC to rush home reeking of blood and with a gash on their arm. Those looked like claws... he'll kill the filth that dare harm them...
His first instinct is to go and destroy the demon that dare harm them, and his brothers have to coax him into calming down and first taking care of the wounds.
Thanks to his human medical knowledge, the gash is taken care of properly, but his hands shake all the while...
If only, if only he was there, this wouldn't have happened. MC would have been safe, if not for his childish prank..
After everything has settled down, and when MC is asleep in his lap, they might just hear a faint apology from his lips that he's too embarrassed to say out loud.
Never again shall Satan let this happen.
This sure is a good prank....
He waited, until he heard footsteps and the faint smell...of blood? Only too see MC run in with blood drilling from their mutilated arm, and their expression of pain..
Asmo runs towards them in a flash, grabs their arm and shouts in horror.
All the while MC's wound is being bandaged he'll be by their side and wipe off any blood on their skin or clothes.
MC is going to be pampered after with an exclusive self-care session by Asmodeus himself. If MC looks closely, they might notice his watery eyes.
He was scared, he thought you would, you would- something he doesn't dare say out loud.
Next time, he's accompanying them wherever they go, and no excuses. It will take a while for Asmodeus to be back to his usual self again, but for now, he wants to hold MC in his arms.
It took him the promise of food to agree...
But as MC's footsteps could be heard...the faint smell of...blood too? The gash on their arm confirmed it....
As MC's arm was being healed, he gaped nervously at them while tears brewed in his wasn't supposed to go like this!
He brings them snacks to eat, even when he himself is hungry. They need to eat ! They're already fragile as it is!
Beel is now theit personal butler. Need food? Here ya go. Bored? Beel will entertain you. Hugs? Beel.
He feels guilty for not being there to protect them. If only he had gone with them, they wouldn't have been injured.
Late at night, when MC is in Beel's arms, they might notice that he's hugging them a bit too tight, and that there's a frown on his face.
Turning the tables on MC was an interesting idea, but it wasn't supposed to go like this....
He could smell blood before they came, and their arm was mutilated, with blood dripping on the floor..
No one had ever seen Belphegor wake up from his sleepiness so fast...
While MC's wounds were being healed, he was besides them, holding their hand gently with a worried frown.
If only he had gone with MC...the filth that dare harm them won't live to see another day.
He isn't really smooth with words, hence Belphegor will place his pillow besides them and nap with them.
MC might feel the wetness of his tears on their shirt as Belphegor cries silently, glad that they're alive.
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un-beel-lievable · 6 days ago
Pairing: Lucifer x GN!Reader (lightly implied affection for Mammon)
Genre: Angst
TW: Brief mention of mental abuse
This is just a drabble that started from an imaginary conversation in my head.
“The all-mighty Lucifer! Right? All-seeing, all-knowing... don’t tell me you don’t know when he’s hurting. Don’t you dare try to sit there and tell me that you don’t know that the terrible things you say have weight. Those terrible things you say, you ALL say about him, TO him. Because YOU, the oldest, the leader, the example say those horrific things, it makes everyone under you feel that they’re justified to say those disgusting things as well. Just the worst, nastiest insults I’ve ever heard spat. All the time! Every DAY! You couldn’t even begin to imagine what that does to someone’s psyche just after a few DAYS let alone a couple thousand MILLENNIA! You can’t fathom how that feels, right?”
Each word hits him like a stinging slap to the face. It takes quite a lot to wound him and you certainly are not holding anything back. You may have called him all-knowing but he truly didn’t anticipate this condemnation coming from you. His mild-mannered, temperate, tolerant MC.
“Oh but you’re not at fault here right? Because you’re perfect. Everyone loves you. And he deserves it for what he does, yeah? Don’t try to pretend you don’t see the cycle.
He acts out. You all berate him, so he uses the pain of his own family saying that he’s worthless to act out again. To stop hurting. Do you really think that low of my intelligence? Thinking I won’t be able see through you?”
Lucifer stares at you sternly. He has a quizzical look on his strikingly handsome features. At any other time you’d stop to admire God’s greatest creation...
“Do you honestly not understand what you’ve done to him? What you still do?? What makes you all better then him, huh? Why does only Mammon get that sort of treatment for being who he is? For acting on his sin? Why does Asmo not get called a low-life for sleeping around and breaking people’s hearts? Why is Beel not scum for making others go hungry? Why is Belphie not worthless for sitting around, doing nothing and sleeping all day? And why do you get a pass for being so goddamn arrogant all the time?”
Lucifer is now visibly fuming. You know he’s at his breaking point but you’re so deep into your tear-stained tirade that quite frankly you couldn’t care less to stop and think of what consequences might befall you if you continue. At this point you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. Your voice trembling and hoarse from the raw emotion flowing out of you.
“The Avatar of Pride huh? Hah, I think it’s so funny. Ironic,”
His eyes narrow dangerously,
“that you’re the most infamous, powerful demon in Hell with a holier-than-thou attitude! What makes you any different from your father?”
In a blind rage he’s changed into his demon form. The space between you mere inches as he grabs you by the jaw and digs his clawed fingers into your flesh. He’s breathing heavily out of his flared nostrils but he says nothing. Speechless, it seems, for the first time in his very long life. Unable to do anything but glare into the center of your eyes, the fire behind his own causing the garnet irises he possesses to glow. A groan bubbles up in the back of your throat from the sharp pain but you don’t dare break your harsh gaze. You’re in a stalemate, both of you knowing that his previous affection for you is the only thing stopping him from snapping your neck right here and now but neither willing to back down. Nothing happens for the longest time and for a split second a flash of fear washes over you. A cold sweat begins to form on your brow. Would he really do it? You scan his face of a sign that the Lucifer you know is still in there and you’re reassured as his face begins to relax, showing the tiny glimmer of sadness in his eyes. Beneath all of this he still loves you.
After what feels like an eon, he speaks. His voice sounds almost foreign to you. Quiet and shaky. Practically a whisper, yet full of pain.
“You assume I don’t sit and think about about the days in Eden? What became of my relationship with my first sibling? My baby brother? I know what I’VE become. What I’ve done... It’s my greatest regret.”
You nearly roll your eyes. What utter horseshit. If he regrets it so much he should do something about it instead of continually sweeping the constant abuse under the rug and passing it off as just “the way things are now”. You realize that he knew full well what toll this was taking on Mammon the whole time. Yet he sincerely believes that he isn’t able to do anything about it because of his sin of pride. His pride is what blinds him from seeing the truth. This is his fault. It’s time he owned up to it for once in his goddamn life. It’s time to wake up.
“Oh, you knew all along? So it didn’t take you 4.6 BILLION years to figure it out?!” You’re nearly screaming.
He digs his claws in further before releasing you immediately with tepid exhale at the sight of blood dripping down your chin.
What has he done? He made you bleed? Damn you, MC.
MC the meddling human strikes again. Sticking their nose in business millions of years in the making, thinking a few angry words of passion would resolve it all. How childish. How naïve. HOW FOOLISH. You got him all riled up and he made you bleed. Made you hurt. All because you can’t keep your goddamned curiosity to yourself.
This is your fault MC!
No... he knows that isn’t true. How is any of this your fault? He is his own being. No one can control him, which is something he tries to make very clear at any given time by constantly daring those around him to try and do so. All you were doing was standing up for his little brother. Something he should have been doing all along...
There he goes again...blaming someone else for his mistakes. How could he be so stupid? This is exactly what you were talking about wasn’t it? Not taking responsibility for what’s being done to Mammon. Not being able to admit that HE is the one at fault. The one to blame. He looks away from you, ashamed. Of what specifically he can’t say. He is ashamed for a myriad of reasons. One of the more pressing ones being the fact that you’re wiping blood off of your cheek because of him.
You sit on the floor staring at the blood on your fingertips and let out a sigh.
“I need this you know...”
The small air of playfulness in your voice causes Lucifer to look down to you, in confusion. You’re already looking at him with what appears to be a weak smile. Your eyes meet. You look away once more.
“Not ALL of it but I happened to like this particular ounce of blood being INSIDE my body.” You joke half-heartedly.
He tries to get a read on the emotion in your voice since your face is no help. His brain is cycling through nearly every emotion he can think of but it’s complicated. He can’t figure it out. You no longer seem angry, but something else. It’s now silent.
Were you scared, maybe?
Perhaps you were sad?
You let out a little huff of a laugh that breaks the silence.
You shake your head seemingly able to hear his inner dialogue.
He thinks that finally he’s honed in on it. Was it disgust? Yes that must be it. You were disgusted with his behavior. You were disgusted with HIM.
You stand on feeble legs with purpose as you lock eyes with him one last time before turning to leave without another word.
Ah, there it is...not digust, but
Which was so much worse...
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obeythebutler · 7 days ago
Hello! Could you write "immortality is a curse" with Mammon or Lucifer, please?🥺
Like, they realize their human won't be here forever and will pass away someday?
Mammon never knew something as simple as a mere date could make him cry.
Time was of little to no meaning to beings like him. Hell, Leviathan didn't talk to him for half a century when he broke one of his figurines.
But for humans, half a century meant that their end was near.
Mammon realized this while planning the celebrations for your upcoming birthday. It had been perhaps two, or maybe three years since you had come to the Devildom, and it was a long time for a human, but for Mammon, a blink of an eye.
It's a harsh fact, a bitter epiphany.
His human is...human, and humans die.
Time with you is limited.
His human will die one day, and Mammon will have to watch, watch as you fade away.
You're selfish. You're going to go away and leave him alone at your grave.
Who will now comfort him after his nightmares ?
Defend him from the insults he faces every day ?
Who will love him ?
In the end, he'll be left sobbing. You'll be a bittersweet memory, something that will haunt him in his dreams, make him wake up with tears down his face.
If only he could live and die as a mortal.
If only he was human.
Immortality is a curse. If he could, he'd trade it for a mortal life.
But Father is cruel, and fate is against him. In the end, he'll be left alone with memories of you, the spot next to his bed will be empty one day- the hands that run through his hair will stop one day.
He is greedy for time with you, something that is slipping out of his grasp like sand.
He wishes he could die with you.
Mammon covers his mouth with his hand to ensure the sound of broken sobs doesn't reach and wake you up.
You're peacefully asleep in his lap, with a blissful expression, something that will stop one day.
Immortality is a curse, Greed is painfully reminded that day.
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obeythebutler · 8 days ago
Includes prompts and angst scenarios. The main Masterlist is here.
Satan and it should have been me...
Solomon and Immortality is a curse
Mammon and Immortality is a curse
The brothers and Fate is Cruel
Belphegor and It's for the best
Belphegor and his feelings
Belphegor and mortality
Lucifer and It should have been me
Lucifer and Come back to me..
Simeon and Impatient to Love
Lucifer and Don't go, please.
Beelzebub and Time was slipping through his hands like sand
Barbatos and To love would be to commit sacrilege
Diavolo and Time is slipping through his hands like sand
Luke and Why did you fall, Simeon?
Satan and Epoch
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obeythebutler · 15 days ago
I know your request are closed but imagine MC whos always active in chat even if their back in the human world, but one day she went silent for a week. The bros and datetables thought that MC is just busy with human world stuff. Weeks turned into months of MC being silent so one of the bros visited MC but they found out that MC's dead months ago. (The bros will probably feel MC's death through their pact idk but yeah angst)
They are filled with regret, why didn't they visit MC when the messages stopped coming? Did they get so involved in their own lives that they forgot MC? They forgot.
If only they had reached earlier, they might have at least been able to attend her funeral. Say the last goodbyes. But that can't happen now.
The brothers content themselves with placing flowers upon your grave, and say their last words, until they collapse themselves.
They forgot.
They lost two.
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obeythebutler · 16 days ago
For the angst prompts could I have Lucifer and 'it should have been me'?
Lucifer likes to humour himself by imagining if things were to be different.
Late nights, locked up in his study with empty bottles of Demonus littering his desk, with his legs crossed over his desk, tie loosened and a sombre expression.
Between swings of the intoxicating beverage, Lucifer likes to imagine if it was the other way around.
It should have been him who held your hand, he wishes as he remembers how you intertwined your fingers with his and smiled while taking a stroll in the Devildom Royal Garden.
The moon gave you an ethereal glow, and he should have told you that you looked especially charming that night.
It should have been him, who visited you during random times of the day, just like his brothers. But he was too prideful to admit he was seeking attention and affection.
You always came to see him with a kettle of tea and snacks in one hand, as you chatted about his brothers antics and asked about his well-being.
It should have been him, who joked around with his brothers more often, perhaps run his hands through Belphegor's hair as he slept or gave Mammon a hug.
You changed his brothers for the better, with your love and care. It should have been him, who did. He is the head of the family, after all. But he was always too uptight, too strict, too stoic to show he cared.
It should have been me who died, Lucifer wishes as he kneels besides your grave, and watches the raindrops fall on your headstone.
It should have been him who met his end so quickly. Not you.
Lucifer takes another swing from the bottle and wipes away the tears.
Perhaps he should humour himself a bit more.
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obeythebutler · 16 days ago
"Fate is cruel" - MC dies to something totally mundane/circumstances out of anyone's control, ie. the plague or some violence after they return to the human world, and the brothers react to them having no way of bringing them back or stopping it T-T
Mortals say fate is unavoidable. That it is outside one's control, that whatever happens to one is fate. Just fate, no other explanation. No matter how much you run from it, try to change it or deny it, fate catches up. Perhaps, it is better to sometimes just give up and accept fate, whether it be written in blood or gold.
But the demon brothers refuse.
They've always been stubborn, been the one to battle against fate, to not accept it, to fight tooth and nail if they have decided to not accept their kismet. Just like how they fought against their sister's fate in the Celestial War, and where did it lead them?
To hell. To the Devildom.
But the brothers refuse to accept fate, even after tending to the bruises and cuts, scars and nightmares, they refuse to bow to Fate.
But sometimes they have no choice other than to wrung their hands and accept it with a bitter taste in their mouths. Just like now.
Belphegor hasn't slept since the last week, sleep refuses to come to him, for someone who can doze off in three minutes, it's ironic. To see the Avatar Of Sloth pace around the room is a strange sight.
"I'm sorry, but they are no more. The wounds were too deep."
They're lying, MC is somewhere, they're playing a prank on him, they must be hiding in the shadows, waiting to jump at him and laugh at his surprise-
But no one comes.
Fate took away his sister, took away his once beloved brother and replaced him with something unlike him, and now it took away you.
In a corner, Beelzebub kneels on the floor, staring at something, holding the thing in his hands like a baby, while tears drip from his eyes.
A photo-frame, with three happy faces- you,him and Belphegor.
Someone came and killed you in the dead of the night and Beelzebub wasn't there to save you. You bled out.
The only remainder of your existence is that picture, one which Beel will protect till the end of his life.
Fate took Lilith and you away.
Asmodeus stares absentmindedly at his reflection in the mirror. On any other day, he would have spent hours gazing and admiring himself, but right now Asmodeus grits his teethm
You died, and he wasn't there, no one was there to comfort or save you. You died alone.
He let you die, Asmodeus snarls as he looks into his eyes, and picking up the bedside lamp hurls it at his face, and the mirror shatters.
Fate took his family away from him. Twice.
Satan roars as he tears away at another ancient pamphlet. A corner of the Royal Library has already been decimated by none other than a wrathful demon.
His bloodshot eyes scan each and every piece of tiny text carefully, as the image of your dead body rushed to his mind.
It was a murder, they said. Someone came and killed you, and left.
Left you dying, bleeding, crying. Left you alone.
Satan clenches his fist with such a force that blood stains the paper, but he pays no heed. There had to be a way, you won't dare leave him- he won't accept this fate-
Fate made him hate his own existence. Fate made him lose you.
Leviathan stares at the screen of the monitor, which says Game Over in big, bold letters. A lost level would have made him pound his fists in frustration but this time, he just sits there, unmoving, as a tear falls from a single eye.
It was the game you two had played before you left for the human world again. He had saved the game data so you both could continue where you left off, but it can't happen now, can it?
You were killed, and he wasn't there.
You are dead, and while the rest of his brothers are desperately trying to bring you back, to cope with your loss, all he does is sit and play video games.
How pathetic, he was pathetic when you lived and still pathetic when you died.
Fate made him lose his sister. Fate made him like this. Fate made him lose you.
Mammon sobs as he clenches the fabric of a shirt in his trembling hands. It's yours, you left it accidently in his room and jokingly told Mammon to keep it, to remember you.
That joke turned into reality. You're gone. Dead. Away from him.
Someone came and killed you, and he wasn't there, your first man, to protect you. You must have been calling out for him in your final moments, and he wasn't there- being the scum he is, he never was.
Fate made him lose his sister, lose a part of his elder brother, lose you twice.
Lucifer weeps as he surveys the damage he did to his room. The furniture is in disarray, with the bed broken and bottles of expensive wine spilled, everything is broken except....except that picture on the wall.
It's a picture of you, that Lucifer had gotten painted, as you were family now, he had said.
You're gone, someone came and killed you.
Lucifer made the filth suffer with his own hands, and gave him a fate even worse then eternity in Purgatory. But he could choose others fate. Not his own. Not his own fate, written in blood.
You can't come back, Barbatos had explained on seeing Lucifer's pain hidden behind his cold demeanor. You can't come back, you won't come back, Lucifer refuses to accept it as he stares at your portrait.
Fate made him lose his sister. Fate made him lose a part of himself. Fate made him lose a part of his brothers. Fate made him...lose you.
Fate is cruel, is a lesson the brothers will eventually have to learn, whether by tears or by force.
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xxx-darling-xxx · 17 days ago
[ Lucifer x Fem! Mc ]
The days seemed to slip by much faster than what was anticipated. Time seemed like such a nonsensical thing when you were in love but somehow it catches up to you one way or another. Lucifer never thought that a human would capture his heart in the way MC did. The way her eyes glimmered with excitement when she talked about her dreams and interests; to the prideful avatar it was truly admirable.
Now standing a few feet apart from her with his brothers by the council hall doors watching and waiting for their beloved MC's departure; Lucifer could finally feel the dawning of time weigh on his shoulders. A gloved hand held MC's smaller one as steady as Lucifer could force himself to stay. It would be a hit to his pride if his brothers witnessed him break here and now. Lord Diavolo did not need to see his right hand shatter like cheap glass by mere emotions alone.
Lucifer gently cupped MC's face and pressed a small kiss to her forehead knowing that this was quite possibly the last time he'd see her. MC didn't seem to notice how many tears her dear Luci held back in order to comfort her before she returned home. With a happy and bittersweet smile MC thanked the brothers and Diavolo for her time in the Devildom and the many adventures she had gone on even if not all of them were the greatest.
To Lucifer; MC gave a gentle squeeze to his hands. A parting message between them something that they only understood. A final 'I love you.' Lucifer returned the gesture and felt his heart start to break; if only he knew that it would've hurt this much then he would have spent more time with MC and a little less on everything else. Soon Lucifer would stand by himself with his hand still stretched out enough as if he was holding MC's. She was gone, transported back to the human world back to her normal life.
Perhaps someday far far away they would reunite again and Lucifer would feel the emptiness in his heart be filled with the warmth that once was there. Until then the avatar of pride would hide away the pain, silently cry and yearn for his lover long after his brothers had gone to sleep. Being alone was for the best no matter how he hated it.
After MC; Lucifer learned to be more conscious of time because there never seemed to be enough. This is what he gets for being in love and letting time slip by as easily as it had.
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animeangsteng · 18 days ago
Obey me! Demon brothers accidentally killing their s/o
Gender neutral Angst Ps: this was long because I worked on it for months (except for Beel and Belphie. Theirs are short). Don’t get used to it.
Lucifer (736 words) It was just a moment. He had to work just like always but that day he was especially mad because of some issue with the House expenses. He was striving to understand who to punish when Y/n entered. -Hey... do you need help?- she asked shyly. -No- he answered without even looking at her. Did they really have to annoy him now? -You can’t do everything on you own. Are you sure you don’t want help? At least stop for a while otherwise your head will explode- she tried to coax him. -I said no. Get out, Y/n. I have work to do- Nothing, eh? Y/n went out and made a quick call. -Diavolo? May I have a chat with you? I’m concerned about Lucifer- -Sure- After a while y/n went back in the study and took the papers Lucifer was working. With a smile they put there a cup of coffee. -Let me go back to work. Now- he said pissed off. Usually he’d be thankful but that day he wanted to finish work and sleep for a few hours. Mammon already had bugged him enough, together with Levi’s whines. -You have to relax. You can’t work anymore- y/n said trying to massage his shoulders. -I can’t? I’m a demon, not a mere human! Now let me go work!- he shouted, mad at her. Y/n shivered a bit but, believing he’d never hurt them, stood up and replied bravely: -It doesn’t matter. I’m not gonna allow you to kill yourself with work! Just like you wouldn’t let me do it!- It really was just a second. Lucifer lost it and went into his demon form. He pushed with strength Y/n so that he could go get his papers back. They hit the library and books fell on them. The moment Lucifer realised what he had done he ran to them. Blood was painting the books crimson red. And he could do nothing about it. Y/n’s eyes became vague and suddenly they weren’t alive anymore. Dead. God must have been kidding him, right? It was just a joke. He hoped Y/n’d get up in few seconds, laughing at him. Hitting him. Hating him. Shouting. No. That silence wasn’t meant to be. Yet there it was. It filled the room. And Lucifer’s heart. He called his brothers, the angels, Solomon, Diavolo, Barbatos... someone had to be able to do something, right? And he did what he never thought possible. He kneeled and prayed God, stripping himself of his pride. One miracle. One last miracle. A wish. How ironic. He was always wishing for the same things. To save someone he loved. And like always the answer never arrived. Desperation filled him. Anger. Sadness. Memories. He killed the love of his life with his own hands. Monster. That was the right term. He still felt their body being throw with a strength even demons would have trouble dealing with. Frail. Humans were so weak. He always told them but he really never considered it. They stood up so sure. He had promised he’d protect them forever. But he hurt them himself. Was he a liar? Or were they too trustful? Despite the presence of his brothers and all the others he cried. He cried and called y/n’s name non-stop. -I’m not going to work anymore, darling. I’ll just stay with you. Please. You’re mine, remember? You said you’d be mine forever. You caught my heart and now you’re leaving me? Just like this?- A funeral? Never. He didn’t want to give up y/n. Not her too. He kept her under a conservation spell in his room. She seemed so peaceful, cleaned up and in pose. He promised it, didn’t he? He’d never let go. He told her she was his prisoner. But right now he was struggling move on. No. More like he was struggling to not crumble. He kept working on new ways to bring her back. He left his job as Diavolo’s right hand man so that he could focus on his brothers and that. Then why he had yet to find anything? He refused to surrender. He was able to bring her back. He had to. He only wanted to be theirs. No one else was worth it. They had to take responsibility for catching a demon’s heart. He was their prisoner. Forever.
Mammon (605 words) -It will be great!- he said. Great? That was anything but great. Mammon longed for money, we know. -Trust the Great Mammon!- he comforted them. Great his ass! He had one job to do. Not hurt them. A witch had challenged him to a competition for money. And of course he accepted it. He just had to destroy some stuffed animals. Nothing hard. Right? Wrong. He destroyed them and won the money. But it didn’t matter. Y/n was there to cheer fro him. He went into his demon form and started destroying stuffed animals, with a smile on his face. I mean... destroying was kinda his speciality plus he got payed for it. He finished the last one with so much strength that small pieces of it flew around like bullets. On the moment he didn’t realise and happily took the money. But then he saw red. Too much red. Y/n was on the ground. Their skin was pierced by what he had just destroyed. He threw away the money and ran by his s/o’s side. But it was too late. Y/n’s eyes were already empty and soulless. His smile with no happiness behind it. They could almost pass for another stuffed animal. If not... that they were Y/n. He called his brothers. He didn’t know what to do. -Dontcha kid me! Stop trying to fool the Great Mammon! C’mon! Get up!- he shouted, shaking Y/n’s body. -Yer not allowed to die! Yer mine! I’m your first demon! Dontcha dare leave me here alone!- he kept going on. Lucifer and the others had get him away by force. He wouldn’t move. He didn’t want to be apart from them. Although deep down he knew they were gone already. Because of him. His heart felt numb. Idiot. Scumbag. Good-for-nothing. Y/n always reassured him he wasn’t any of it, most of the time. Would they say the same, looking how things turned? He should have been more careful. He wanted that money. His mind couldn’t care about anything else. And Y/n died. Even faster than his money. He organised a fast but rich funeral. The fastest it is, the least it will hurt, right? Oh no. He couldn’t see straight because of the tears in his eyes. He wanted to shout. He wanted to get their body out of the coffin. He wanted to be in that coffin instead. He wanted to beg Y/n come back. But would Y/n hear him? Meters underground, would his pleas reach their silent heart? He filled their grave and coffin with all the precious things he could find. Maybe this would make up for what he did. Were they happy? Did they forgive him? It was his fault Y/n died. If only he had more self-control. If only he was smarter. If only he was more caring. Maybe if he died they both would be happier. Maybe they’d be together. Yet he knew it didn’t work that way. He then started craving for money that always ended on their grave. Did he really deserve to be happy? Still he kept earning and wasting it, wishing for his mind to be emptied of guilt and painful memories. But no amount of money and gold would fill the void he felt. No amount of money would be able to buy her back from Death. And he couldn’t go on on his own. Not after what he’d done. Not after what he lived with them. Y/n was the only key to his heart. And now they were gone. Forever.
Leviathan (589 words) Leviathan saw Y/n with another man. And then he couldn’t see anything anymore. Really? A mere human actually dared betray him? It surely wasn’t happening! Not to him! The Third strongest demon of the Seven Rulers of Devildom! And when he came to confront Y/n he lost his temper. -Levi, I was just asking him about homework!- they tried to explain. -Of course you’d go to him and not a yucky otaku such as myself- he mumbled. -That’s not it!- they comforted him. And Levi then started shouting about how much better the others were. About how Y/n should just leave him. And that quickly escalated. With his demonic tail he hit them in an angry tic, passing through his beloved’s abdomen. He made it disappear in a second and he ran to their side. A hole, a bloody hole, stood in the middle of his beloved’s abdomen. Y/n was almost gone. They looks looked at him and then life left their body. Leviathan had his gaze fixed in his reflection in his lover’s eyes. -Please. You’re my player two! You can’t leave me!- he cried. He kept pleading. And pleading. And pleading until he had no more voice to waste. And he cried. But who could he turn the blame on? The men who made him jealous? Y/n? Of course not, after all it was their body the one lying there lifeless. He only had himself to blame. His weakness, since he wasn’t able to heal them. His strength, since it was what killed them. His lack of self-control, which caused him to lose his cool and hurt them. Him. He was the only reason Y/n was that. And he deserved this. He was just a yucky otaku, unworthy of being happy! Unable to restrain himself! He killed the only one who’d ever love someone like him! Even Mammon was better than him! It was just right for him to always be alone! Still why did he had to ruin them too? Why!? Leviathan destroyed big part of his merchandise collection. What was the meaning of having it, if he couldn’t share it? But regret came. He destroyed what they both used to love. Was it the right thing to do? Yet it didn’t make the heartache go away. That guilt. That rage. That sadness. How could he live when Y/n was dead? He didn’t even go to the funerals. Was he even worthy of it? Would Y/n wish for his presence? Probably no, at least in his mind. Who’d ever want their own killer at their funeral? Especially someone like him. Holed in his room he never left, mumbling incomprehensible pleads, one moment asking for them to come back and the other begging for forgiveness. Seeing his own face disgusted him, almost as much as seeing his demon form. And that same tail that killed his beloved. Maybe that was it. Maybe Y/n‘d be happy with his death. But it really wasn’t right. He had to pay for what he’d done. Yes. He’d beg for forgiveness and suffer for what he’d done. It was just right. It was just right for someone like him to suffer. He deserved it. He was useless. He was a recluse. He wasn’t worthy of them. He had to realise it, sooner or later. And unfortunately he had realised too late. But while pleading and recalling those painful memories a question, amongst the others, came up: “Will my prayers reach you?”
Satan (610 words) Was it surprising, for him to lose his temper? Of course not. After all he was the Avatar of Anger! What was he mad about, again? He really couldn’t remember. All he knew was that it had something to do with Lucifer. It always had something to do with him. He remember he was so mad he turned into his demon form. He was so angry at them! And seconds after Y/n fell on the ground. His tail had strangled them quickly. Satan turned human and looked at them, shocked. He knew they were already dead. They were too pale. Too lifeless. Just like he was too angry to realise he was killing the one he loved. And he could have probably realised that too, if only he was more self-composed. Self-control. He had trained himself for that for centuries. He knew how dangerous his anger could be. He knew how violent he could become. He knew it and he always thought he could control his instincts. He thought he could not be the anger monster everyone feared. He thought he could protect Y/n. He thought he could stop himself from hurting them. Instead he killed them. Centuries spent trying not to hurt anyone unless necessary... wasted like this. What could he do? There must have been a spell to reverse this! But there wasn’t. No spell could bring the dead back. And in particular no spell they would have approved. He called their name many many times, shouting and begging for forgiveness. But nothing worked. He was no fool: no matter how many times he pleaded he couldn’t have Y/n back. He killed them. And there was no amount of begging that could change that. Satan knew there were at least five stages of grief and he knew that at the end acceptance would come but he didn’t want it to. He didn’t want to accept Y/n’s death. He knew already they were dead. It didn’t take that much fro him to pass to the easiest stage: anger. He was so angry! At himself! At Lucifer, who was the reason they argued! At God, who controlled the twisted fate his beloved met! At the world! And he smashed anything he could get his hands on. His dear books. His bed. Anything, to vent out the anger that was the cause and the consequence of Y/n’s dead. For a second he came to be mad at them too. Why were they so stubborn!? If only they had left him alone! But then the anger and hate directed again against himself. He did it. He killed them! And everything reminded him that. Those cats they both used to cherish. The books they used to read together. The cursed pens they used to give to Lucifer. It all reminded him of what he’d done. But he would have fixed it. He had to. Of course, he couldn’t leave them there while he looked for the solution. So he created a mausoleum for his lover, made of his own magic. There they could rest while he looked for a solution. Satan would go there when distressed, filled with guilt and regret. He told them about how sorry he was. But through the glass no one was listening. -You know, Y/n? I love you. And I didn’t really realise until I lost you... how poor I was at saying those words- He looked anywhere and no one was excluded. He had to have the way to bring Y/n back. He couldn’t live without them. And he couldn’t die with the guilt of having killed them.
Asmodeus (868 words) He was excessively narcissistic?! He had to understand there are people just as beautiful as him, although in other ways?! He had hoped Y/n was kidding. How foolish! He knew there were many ways to be beautiful but of course: he was the most beautiful of all, no matter how you looked at him! How could anyone not love him?! But they just didn’t stop trying explain this. And when he was starting doubting he had to do something. So he tried explain his point of view to his s/o. They had to agree, right? Instead they stood in his positions! And it really was just question of seconds. He didn’t even realise he went into his demon form until it happened. In a fit of anger he threw his little table, the one with all the bottles of perfume, against his beloved one. And they were crushed by it. The sound of the broken bottles brought Asmodeus back. Some ended up on the floor, others were crashed between Y/n’s body and the table. Asmodeus quickly turned human again and kneeled by Y/n’s side. Blood and glass fragments were under their crushed body. He pushed the table away with strength, destroying it against the wall, and looked at their bloody abdomen. -No, no, no!- he said quickly. Y/n kept mumbling pained nothings. -It hurts, Asmo- they kept mumbling softly, tears in their eyes. Asmodeus started crying too, unable to touch anything. He wasn’t as knowledgable in medicine as the others but he knew they were going to die. And there was nothing he could do. His perfumes alone weren’t that dangerous and neither the glasses in Y/n’s body. But the mixture of demonic perfume was lethal for humans. And he could do nothing. He’d never felt so useless. Seeing the pained eyes of his beloved he knew what to do. If he had done nothing they would have died slowly and painfully. He couldn’t let them die in agony. He couldn’t see their pained expression anymore. He didn’t know if he did it for love or for guilt but it didn’t really matter. Asmodeus tried focus and looked in his lover’s eyes: -Look at me, darling. Please! Just focus on me, love-. He kept Y/n focused on him as his power creeped in. He could only soothe their pain with his power but that was the least he could do. He had to be strong. He couldn’t really let them see him ugly, could he? They had to see him beautiful. Strong. Not the broken demon he was going to be without them. And so he kept them charmed, eyes fixed on him, until they breathed for the last time. And so he crumbled. Under the pressure. Under the sadness. Under the guilt. Under the regret. He thought his tears would end, sooner or later. But they didn’t. The tears ran over his face as he regretted not being enough. Not being strong enough. Not being able to control himself well. The world had to love him, right? He was the most beautiful, how couldn’t it? So why was fate so cruel, to him? To the loveliest of the demons!? But he still couldn’t blame Y/n, in case they wanted to hate them. He killed them, after all. His stupid whims killed them. Was it really important, though? They only wanted him to become a better demon: why couldn’t he just try understand? Was the thought of not being perfect too much to handle for him? But given what he had done he really wasn’t perfect. Not even an inch. He was a monster. Only a monster would kill his own lover. He strived for perfection. Why didn’t he just settle down for what he had? His life was so perfect in that imperfection! Why couldn’t he just do that?! And when the time came for Y/n’s body to get buried he couldn’t let go. He couldn’t let them leave forever. Or at least not what was left of them. He put them under a conservation spell. So that he could keep them as beautiful as always. He kept making their make up. Covering up what he did. But it didn’t work. His heart had already turned cold. Empty. He was sad. Scared. He couldn’t handle that loneliness. He really couldn’t. He thought being warmed by someone would chase that freezing cold. He had hoped it. But it didn’t work. No matter how many succubi he slept with. No matter how exciting it was. No matter how much he would have once enjoyed it. It wasn’t as nice and warming as before. He could barely get excited anymore about anything. He still took care of himself, so that if Y/n was to wake up again they’d only see the beautiful Asmodeus, but it didn’t bring him happiness anymore. He was broken. And after every day and night spent with others he’d go back to Y/n, telling them about what he had done. Begging them to forgive him for betraying them. Recalling all the past beautiful memories. Asking them to come back. To warm his world once again.
Beelzebub (353 words) Why? Why!? Why did it always happen to him? He wasn’t able to save Lilith and now... he had killed his s/o himself. He was so mad at them. No. Not mad. He was hungry. He was always hungry but there was no more food. Yet he was still hungry. The others went buy it. But he wasn’t enough patient. He started destroying things. And they got caught up in the middle of it. Y/n tried to calm him down. And... He didn’t even know how but the next thing he saw was them. Lying on the floor. Dead. He didn’t even know how. Or when. But he saw them dead and that made him get back in control of his own body. He tried help them. He wasn’t good with magic. And he could do nothing. He called his twin. Lucifer. Mammon. Leviathan. Satan. Asmodeus. But none of them came. Or at least none of them came in time. They were dead. He just stayed there. Crying silently. Mumbling their name just like one would pray. -Could you just come back? Please, Y/n. I can’t lose you too- But they didn’t answer his prayer. And he didn’t feel his usual hunger anymore. He just felt that huge pain. That guilt. That regret. That void. He tried to go on. But he didn’t want to. No matter how hard he tried to force himself to eat it didn’t work. It was just tasteless. Their funeral ended fast. He didn’t even see it. He was just there. He’s mind wondering if he’d ever see them again. Wishing that. But he knew he wouldn’t. He let them go. He forced them to go. He killed them. He killed Y/n. And they weren’t coming back. He needed them. He didn’t care if he couldn’t eat. What was the point in eating and staying alive without them!? They fulfilled him. And without them nothing was left of him. Just broken pieces that couldn’t be fixed. -A look at me and you should understand, Y/n. I can’t bear it anymore. I need you-
Belphegor (359 words) Twice. He killed them twice. Really? Was God fucking kidding him? Was he really so much fun to be toyed with? God really had to let him rebuild his fucking life to then destroy it himself again!? He wanted to go to sleep. And it really wasn’t that new. But Y/n wanted him to be a bit more active. So he tried. But being awake made him so irritable. And pissed. So when they did one little thing wrong... he snapped. Like a beast he had killed them. No control was left in him until they were dead. And he was there. Standing on their dead body. It really was a deja vu, wasn’t it? At that time they came back with that cute time trick of them. Surely this time it would be the same, wouldn’t it? No? Why not? Belphegor knew too well why not. But he didn’t want to accept it. His human was just pranking him, right? What was it? A little revenge for the time he killed them? Well... he was sorry so why didn’t they get up? Why didn’t their heart beat? No. He wouldn’t let it end like this. Not again. He would have made God pay for the twisted plot he created! And so Belphegor tried to make his way to the Celestial Realm to kill God. Or at least hurt him. His brothers held him off. He tried make them understand it was necessary. That he had to avenge Y/n. But maybe his lover wouldn’t have wanted him tu hurt others. And that brought him back to his first idea. It was his fault. He killed them. And even though it was God’s plan it was him who played along. So he locked himself up. He begged his brothers to. And he started sleeping. Every time he dreamt of them. Of the happy moments they shared. So every time he wished to not wake up. Why waking up in a world where they weren’t there? In a world where his guilt and pain would soffocate him? He could just live in his dreams with Y/n. Happy. Forever.
Anime: Angst kinda wrote it too long. Still it was nice. Heartbreakingly nice. I don’t really know him so I had to look up for him online.
Angst: I got carried away. A lot. Sorry. Not sorry.
Eng: (n.f.Anime and Angst: we’re not letting her read it. No way)
MAMMON Anime: I don’t know him but I pity him. Angst made his piece so... short.
Angst: He got it short. I didn’t mean it. I kinda like him. But he got what he got. And btw: I’ve got nothing to say about the stuffed animals. I just felt like putting them in this.
Eng: (n.f.Anime and Angst: we’re not letting her read it. No way)
LEVIATHAN Anime: Even shorter! Poor him! Is Angst going to make it shorter as we go on? (n.f.A: probably)
Angst: Short. And here I thought he’d be the longest. Poor him. Just kidding. He deserves it.
Eng: (n.f.Anime and Angst: we’re not letting her read it. No way)
SATAN Anime: I really pity him. I mean... why? Angst is such a sadist!
Angst: Well... it wasn’t that short, was it? I liked it. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the “book tainted with blood” line but I guess it was still pretty nice.
Eng: (n.f.Anime and Angst: we’re not letting her read it. No way)
ASMODEUS Anime: He really is a modest one, huh? Anyway I feel bad for him. Even though he still got a bit lost. I wouldn’t have... distracted myself like that.
Angst: I just love him so much! So I had to make him heartbreakingly sad, you know?
Eng: (n.f.Anime and Angst: we’re not letting her read it. No way)
BEELZEBUB Anime: He didn’t deserve it. Poor him! I mean... at least he asked for help so... just... poor him!
Angst: He’s an angel. A demonic angel. I couldn’t hurt him that much. So sorry not sorry but that’s all you get! You know... I have a heart too. I think. Maybe.
Eng: (n.f.Anime and Angst: we’re not letting her read it. No way)
BELPHEGOR Anime: Poor him too! He had to experience that twice! And the ending! Why? Poor him!
Angst: I’d say I have no excuses for this one but... I have. I have four. 1. I pity him. 2. I didn’t know what to write 3. I don’t particularly like him 4. I wanted to make his piece like his twin’s
Eng: (n.f.Anime and Angst: we’re not letting her read it. No way)
Top 3 Angsty
Anime: 1. Asmodeus 2. Lucifer 3. Leviathan
Angst: 1. Asmodeus 2. Belphegor 3. Lucifer
Top 3 Pity Anime: 1. Satan 2. Belphegor 3. Beelzebub
Angst: I don’t feel pity. No pity for anyone.
I had this in mind for a while, now. So... here it is! I kinda hope it will be a sample of how I write.
When I’m inspired.
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frogecstacy · 21 days ago
Just gotten into the obey me Fandom. But I can safely say that if Mc (or us) told mammon a lot of complements, acted sweet towards him, listen when he's down and say "you know mammon if it was for me I would want us to run away together so it would be the two of us and you wouldn't have to listen to your brothers bullshit about you. You're perfect how you are in my eyes" he would just. Like die like I think hell be like 'yep I'm marrying this human. This one is mine'
Omg yes I love Mammon so much he makes my heart 😍🥰
He is precious. And while I love the brothers, in some situations I agree Mammon’s takes to much of their bullshit
Mammon deciding he wants to marry MC
You and Mammon were always close but to say that little gap didn’t even exist when you guys started dating, quickly close.
Mammon was falling for you more and more each day.
You and Mammon had been having lunch together and he was telling you about how he planned to sneak into the Fall’s VIP section with you. You always liked listening to his ideas, however you guys only went through with half the ideas. But what the hell you guys could dream.
You were eating your lunch and Mammon was basically talking his mouth off until he heard Lucifer’s oh so famous call “MAMMON!!” Mammon felt a firm hand land on his shoulder and you both looked up at the angry first born.
Mammon was dragged away by Lucifer, watching your boyfriend always looking so scared made your heart clench but you would comfort him later.
During the rest of RAD you had not seen Mammon and you were a little worried. Asmo and Belphie has decided to walk you home with as Mammon usually did so. You weren’t really listening to what Asmo was talking about until you heard him say “Can you believe Mammon, he used Lucifer’s credit card again!” Belphie nodding, saying “ I know he’s quite the embarrassment of an older brother. Will he ever learned?” You always hated listening to the crap they gave Mammon, he was so much more than what they thought of him.
Asmo usually liked flirting with you and was often to handsy to Mammons comfort, but today you weren’t having it either. Asmo wrapped an arm around your waist and said “You deserve someone better than Mammon. Don’t you get tired of his antics? Darling any of us could do better.” (Sorry Asmo stans idk why Asmo is my go to bad guy. I love him i do i just see him being an accident ass sometimes)
You three had now arrived home and Asmo’s lingering touch was getting annoying so detached his arm from your waist and said “I love Mammon the way he is. Now if you excuse me I have to go.”
Hurrying to your room to get changed and drop your stuff off. After getting into your casual attire you headed to Mammon’s room hoping he was finished being yelled at. When slowly entering Mammon’s you could hear him sniffling, he heard you when your foot creaked on the wood and he quickly whipped his eyes and put on a fake smile. You hated when he put up this stupid mask of fake confidence. “You alright Mammon?” “Of course I’m alright, I’m The Great Mammon. If I wanted to I could've told Lucifer to buzz off.” Mammon voice was still shaky but he was trying to recover quickly. 
You slowly walked over to where he was sitting on his bed, cupping his cheek it now felt like an instinct for him to lean into your touch. Without even thinking you leaned into him and kissed his lips, his cheeks, his forehead, and the tip of his nose. Before he protest saying he needed a warning you cut him off saying “I love you Mammon. Your so handsome. I love your schemes and how you always include and make it fun.” You kissed his forehead for thinking of his ideas. “I love how cute you look when compliment me or when you blush.” You kissed his cheek. “I love the way you talk and how your voice sounds. Your are always making me feel better.” You kissed his lips again, a little more tenderly and kissed back a little more needy, whining into the kiss. 
“And you know Mammon if it wasn’t for this exchange program and if it would be up to me, I would want us to runaway together so it would just be the two of us and you wouldn’t have to listen your brother’s bullshit. You’re perfect just the way you are in my eyes.”
Mammon was frozen, eyes wide in shock and slightly tearing up. Nobody had ever said such heartfelt words to him. In that moment he knew he would marry. The only human he’ll ever know who could bring such happiness to his heart. 
He leaned into your neck trying to cover his face, wrapping his arms around your waist and squeezing you so hard you thought you couldn't breath. Mammon was gripping your shirt and he crying into your shoulders, mumbling “I love you MC, I love you more than anyone else. Never forget that!”
You held him for awhile until you lifted his head up to you and said “Why don’t we go cuddle and then find a way to get some real cash.” Mammon was smiling again and already bouncing back. 
When you two were lying down Mammon looked at you seriously said “I love you MC.” You smiled and kissed lips as your way of returning the gesture.
He knew in those moments that he was going to put a ring on your finger one day, because there is no way in hell that he’s going to put a cheap ring on his most prized treasure.
I’m sorry writing is taking me so long. I’ve just been tired but I will try to get back into my routine.
Hope y’all like this
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obeythebutler · 25 days ago
So angst request time so imagine mc who is like a spy that knew they will go to devildom .They are very cunning person so if a plan fails there's another one behind so they were sent to devildom to bring devildom down so mc pretended to love the demon bros using them as puppets to finish their work faster so when they founded about mc finished they mission and disappeared
They should have known from the start to not trust a human.
A human who was scared, vulnerable and too curious for their own good. A human who wore many masks. If only the demons had known the malice behind that mask...
But the truth was out now. The package sitting on their desk confirmed it all. With an angel's stamp, it reeked of holiness. And the contents inside were macabre. An empty flask and a letter....
Lucifer should have known to never let his guard down, not fall in love with that human. Not give in to their acts of vulnerability and temptation, give in to love.
He was humiliated. Twice.
When he fell from the Celestial Realm, and when he found out he was a mere puppet in their nefarious plan.
He was too vulnerable. Shouldn't have let the human too close. Not let them in his bed, in his house, in his heart. Should not have fallen for their acts.
Yet he fell. Hook, line and sinker.
Mammon should have kept his distance, not reveal that he was someone who needed affection and comforting words, not those spat upon him by his brothers.
The human whispered to him honeyed, empty words of love. Yet he believed them.
He was too gullible. Shouldn't have let the human close. Shouldn't have protected them with his life. He shouldn't have....loved.
But he did.
Leviathan should have kept the human out from his room. Not let them in.
The human took interest in his hobbies, assured him he wasn't a worthless shut-in. Played games with him, kissed him, loved him.
The word sits bitter on his tongue. The human didn't love him, instead used him.
And he let them.
Satan should have kept on his masks, kept on his false acts, not throw them away one by one.
The human crawled their way into his heart, pet cats with him, read books with him, cradled his face in their hands and kissed him.
He was used. After all, Satan was nothing but wrath, and for a while he thought that he was something else, too.
But the human proved him wrong.
Asmodeus should have kicked out the human after a night in his bed. Not let them visit, again and again. Not get attached.
The human told him he was loved too, and not merely lusted after. Dried his tears and washed his hair. Went shopping with him. Cuddled him.
And they used him - as a puppet, as a mere object for lust.
And he let them.
Beelzebub should have ignored the human, not comforted their tears after a nightmare, not fed them his own precious food.
The human hugged him close when he dreamt of Lilith, cooked him food and kissed him. Told him he was loved by them.
He was used. Used as a tool for his own family's destruction.
And yet he allowed it.
Belphegor should have killed them the second time, and ensured they stayed dead, not let the human visit and sleep with him.
The human always slept with him, clung to him, forgave him for what he did. They kissed him and let him rest his head on their lap.
Belphegor should have known humans were a pest that should have been killed.
But he let the pest infest his family.
The demons should have known, to never trust the human. Yet they did, and they have to face the consequences.
Because now the sky was falling.
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obeythebutler · 25 days ago
Yay finally request are open so I wanted the demom bro reaction to mc who has Realty warping powers and is super op that they could bring back lilith
I wrote it as MC actually bringing back Lilith because even if they could, it was their decision, their choice of altering reality. Bringing back Lilith or not, it's MC's decision at the end.
That's a powerful ability you have there, MC. On par, or perhaps even greater than Barbatos.
They can choose between realities...that means they can even have him or his brothers dead. And even take over the monarchy.
He's scared and wary of them first...but as time passes and he and MC grow closer, he comes to respect their ability, and trusts them to use it judiciously. But, then he remembers that they could bring...Lilith.
He misses her. Lucifer has made peace with her demise, knowing she lived a happy life as a human....but the possibility haunts him..
Until one day he wakes up to Lilith stroking his hair...Lucifer broke down there and then..
He doesn't know whom to hug first, Lilith or MC.
Scary MC.
Beware, now Mammon's going to try to stay on their good side. They can choose their reality, hell, a snap of the fingers, and he could be wiped out.
He pretty much walks on eggshells around them for a good while...but as they two grow closer he realizes MC uses their powers judiciously.
Mammon has more than once begged them to choose a reality where he keeps winning at casino's and poker. But MC said no....ugh..
But then he realizes that they could bring the dead back..bring back Lilith...her sister..but it's their decision to make..
Until he steps out of his room only to find Lilith in the living room, enjoying tea with his brothers and MC.
He hugs Lilith and MC so much.
Wooooahhhh, just like that anime! MC is an overpowered character !
He doesn't want to do anything to piss them off, hence he maintains his distance. But as they two grow close he realizes that they use their ability only when needed.
He may or may not have subtly(not so subtly) hinted at releasing new TSL episodes quickly or ensuring he wins his matches in the games he play.
But then the fact hits him. Bring back the dead, bring back...Lilith. Levi's shocked and torn..
He falls out of the bathtub on seeing that Lilith has brought him some snacks..So MC did it....
That's a wonderful ability to have, MC. Care to let me research on it?
He's taken aback and in awe of their abilities. Satan has, more than once, considered experimenting on them, not that MC doesn't let him...
Satan wants to know the different realities that exist, and often asks MC about them.
But then he realizes, they can bring back the dead. Bring back what his brothers loved, bring back Lilith. He wonders about her, how she looked, how she was as a person, what was in her that made her so loved by his brothers...
He walks into the common room one day only to see Lilith hugging his brothers feverishly...
Another Barbatos at hand, don't we?
He was a bit surprised at their ability, but doesn't hold it in high regard. The only thing he wants is for MC to choose realities where he has great skin, which he already has.
He often asks them before signing up for modelling shoots or before going clubbing, what outcome is in store for him?
But then the fact hits him, they can bring back Lilith. His dead sister.
Asmodeus is confused...Lilith...her..back to life..But would she want to come back ?
Until the day he sees Lilith emerge from the portal created by MC...He hugs them and cries while clinging to them both...
Reality warping? Cool.
He's chill with their ability, as long as they don't harm his family or those close to him. Awfully similar to Barbatos, aren't they?
He was confused as to why they choose a reality where they were harmed by Belphegor..they merely smiled and said everything was for a reason...
The real possibility of their ability hits him when he dreams about Lilith. They could...bring back Lilith....would they ?
He's conflicted..would Lilith want to come back too? Would MC want to ?
He remains in dilemma until the day he sees Lilith appear in his bedroom...the hugs Lilith and MC got that day were not even countable...
Reality warping? Wake me up later.
He got to know about their ability after he killed them...and questioned as to why they let themselves die by his hand....they didn't reply, merely flashed him a smile..
He wants to know of a reality where he can sleep for as long as he wants and not have to wake up to perform essential tasks for living....Get up and take a bath Belphegor..
When he realizes they can bring back Lilith he's the most troubled by it....they could, but would Lilith want to ? To ask for one more miracle would be sacrilege....
But when he wakes up to the scene of Lilith stroking his hair...he starts crying there and then...
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obeythebutler · 26 days ago
Could you do hc's for the bros where Mc is "killed" by Belphie, but like. The moment they're in Mammon's hands they're like "holy shit I did not think that'd actually work" and like basically, Mc did an opossum and only pretended to die
Belphegor had his grip around your neck, and was laughing in your face. All your pathetic humans hands could do was claw uselessly at his.
Slowly, but surely, you were suffocating. A bit longer and you would die. The only logical thing that seemed to occur was to play dead. Hold your breath and stop your clawing. Otherwise you would die.
Although it was hard to suppress the urge to take in a big gulp of air, but if you didn't, you would die, surely.
So you let your hands fall to your sides as you closed your eyes, and went still.
Belphegor laughed.
Oh, how you wanted to punch him. He released his hold on your neck and let you fall to the floor with a thump. Any harder, and you might have suffered from a concussion.
Dragging your body with his tail, Belphegor went down the stairs. And gave you one final push as you rolled down. Pretending was hard, you wanted to clutch your head in pain and at the same time take a shoe and hit Belphegor with it.
Mammon's screams were the first thing you heard when you rolled to the bottom. You could feel approaching footsteps, and registered gentle hands around your head as he put you on his lap. That felt...nice.
" MC, oh no, please wake up. P-please." Mammon begged you to open you eyes and you wanted to sit up and grab him in a hug. The rest of the brothers could be heard running along, with Lucifer screaming at Belphegor, who was cackling like a madman.
Okay, if you don't open your eyes now they're going to bury you alive thinking you're dead.
So, with a grunt, you sit up straight.
All eyes are on you.
" ..MC-C ?" Mammon shakes his head while whispering these words at you.
" I did not think that would work, but holy shit, that worked."
He was angry, fuming at Belphegor, for what he had done. Killed MC. His MC. But when he saw them sit up straight he froze.
He ran towards them to make sure they were okay. So they played dead. Clever thinking, MC. He really wants to hug them right now but the situation doesn't allow him.
But Belphegor must pay for what he tried to do...
What?.... H-how? Their body had rolled down the stairs..
He immediately grabs MC in a tight hug as he weeps into their neck. They almost died...and he, h-he wasn't there...
Mammon is glad MC is alive. He keeps hugging them close, refusing to let go.
MC was
Leviathan has gone still, unable to do anything as he watched Mammon cradling their body. But then they sat up straight...
Questions later, hugs first. He might connect it later to an anime trope he saw, after the mood is light.
They should have died by now due to the lack of oxygen...but they sat up straight...played dead..
Part of him wants to tear into Belphegor and the other wants to hug MC...
If Satan had checked their vitals he would have immediately found out they were playing dead.
He saw them in Mammon's arms as he cried, and Asmodeus wanted to cry too..
But then they sat up straight..move aside Mammon, I want to hug them too...
He's glad they're alive...and also angry at Belphegor for what he did...
He felt sick to his stomach on seeing MC's body..and anger and sadness at what Belphegor had done...
But then they sat up straight....he doesn't know whether to hug them or tear into Belphegor...
He's glad you're alive, and wants to hug them too right now...
How in the seven layers...?!
He assumed they were dead, as they didn't make a sound or even flinch as he dragged them down the stairs...
He jumps at them again, he'll kill them again, and make sure they stay dead this time, but are stopped by Lucifer and Beelzebub.
But, clever thinking, MC.
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obeythebutler · 27 days ago
Hello I am totally new to your blog, I really liked your writing thank you for all your effort. I saw the requests are open again,
Can I request for brothers+ Diavolo(if possible otherwise only brother will be fine too) where F!mc dies & brothers thought they will never get their lover back but mc comes back(kinda reborn type) as demon to their S/o.
I’m glad you like my writing, thank you so much!! Is fic writing my style?
Sweet Reunion ( Brothers + Diavolo x Fem! MC)
They should have known better.
Known better than to stroll in the Devildom forest with a human.
It all happened so fast, that they couldn't get there in time. Couldn't save MC.
MC had wandered a bit too deep in the forest, and strayed from the brothers.Enchanted into following a fairy, and walked straight into the jaws of death. The Red Snake, local to the Devildom. By the time MC was able to scream, the venom already had spread through her body and done its macabre work.
When the brothers reached the sight, all they found was MC's body, with a snake bite on the ankle.
She was buried in the Devildom itself. At least, this way they could visit MC's grave, at least have her body there.
MC may have left the mortal plane,but what about those left behind ?
Lucifer keeps blaming himself.
If he had kept a closer eye on her, if only he had not indulged himself in his surroundings, this, this wouldn't have happened. MC would have been here, right by his side,watching him work with a tired yawn, and chide him on his sleep schedule.
And then fall asleep against him, with her head on his shoulders. It is, it was a comforting weight, to feel her alive and breathing.
But her space now is empty. Quiet. Abandoned.
Lucifer can't cry.
He's the pillar, the head of the family. If he crumbles, the others will too. He needs to keep himself together, if only for the sake of his brothers, even if he breaks inside.
Lucifer wipes off the tear stains on the paper, and resumes working.
Mammon drowns.
Mammon drowns in guilt and sorrow. He was her protector, her first man, one who'd sworn to keep her safe from harm, boasted about it and look, look how he fulfilled his role.
If only he had grabbed MC's hand tighter and not stared at his phone screen, browsing casino's in the Devildom. In his greed, he lost the one thing that was the most valuable to him. Mammon could bathe in all the world's gold, but that still wouldn't bring him any happiness now.
Countless nights were spent bargaining and fighting with witches in dark alleyways. Even they turned him away, pitying him. Their words were still etched into his useless brain, that the dead can't be brought back.
Mammon clings to MC's shirt, and weeps.
Leviathan falls.
He falls into the pit of despair and loneliness. What kind of a demon was he, who couldn't even protect his MC?! He was too focused on listening to music through his headphones, that he didn't notice her footsteps as she walked away, away from him to her end.
If only he had paid more focus to his surroundings, not caught up in some fantasy world, MC would have been here. Gaming with him as he laughed at their amateur skills, and guided her on how to play.
But MC isn’t here here, is she ?
The monitor lies shattered on the ground as Leviathan curls into a ball and sobs.
Satan refuses to believe MC has died.
They were all so happy walking through the forest for a change, away from the chaos of the city. MC had showed him a flower, a rare one, and he smiled, before returning to his map, trying to locate the spot where a special herb was found, which would have been useful in a potion of his.
If only he had put away that damn map and asked her where she was going, MC would have been here. But she isn’t.
No, she couldn't, she can't, she won't dare to leave him. This mantra chants in his mind as he flips through a book about soul bartering, and a ray of hope presents itself. He begins to read aloud.
"Soul bartering" he begins,
"Can only be done between demons."
Satan roars, and the book is ripped in two, joining countless others in a pile on the floor.
Asmodeus visits her grave often.
He brings along fresh flowers every day, and places them gently on MC's grave as he talks to her. About a fragrance or flower that reminds him of her, or a stuffed toy. Asmodeus tries to be happy, because that is what MC would have wanted, she'd wipe away his tears and embrace him tightly, kissing his forehead.
But on some visits he falls to his knees and cries. Screams into the skies, cursing his Father, cursing himself, cursing fate.
He looks a mess now. Unwashed hair and tear-stains on his cheeks. His charm and glow is gone, all that remains is a broken soul.
Asmodeus places new flowers, forget-me-nots on her grave, and falls on the wet earth, his knees betraying him as he wails.
Beelzebub is a broken shell.
He was his family's protector, he who'd face danger in the blink of the eye if it meant shielding his family, protecting them.
But he failed. Twice.
First Lilith, and then MC.
He lost two. Two important people in his life. He let himself lose two. If only he had grabbed her tightly and refused to let go, and not kept munching on that meat. Too focused in his gluttony, that he failed to notice her walking away from him for eternity.
The half-eaten plate of food in front of him left by Lucifer lies there, and the growing pain in his stomach gives Beelzebub a tiny bit of satisfaction. This was his way of punishing himself.
But, when he finally gives in and takes a bite of the meal, he spits it out and throws away the plate. Beelzebub whimpers.
Belphegor doesn't consider life to be worth living anymore.
Life without MC is meaningless. Without her, Belphegor is nothing. Just a lazy, useless brat. He sleeps the days away, hoping to escape the cruel reality. But sometimes, sleep tortures him too. Belphegor dreams of her, and those nights he wakes up with tears streaming down his cheeks.
If only he stayed awake and grabbed onto her, clutched her close, and not dozed off on Beel's shoulders, she would have been here. Peacefully sleeping with him and laughing when he ticked her.
MC would have been alive.
Belphegor doesn't realize he is screaming until Beelzebub hugs him tightly, and they both weep.
Diavolo's shoulders feel heavy.
It isn't his first time seeing death. He had seen countless die, empires fall and structures crumble. Death didn't affect him much.
So why does it now ?
Everyone around him is in sorrow, and so is he, the Prince of Devildom. He had seen the reports Lucifer sent to him after they were completed, tear-stained and littered with ink-blotches. Lucifer had even asked for more tasks to fulfill.
But Diavolo couldn't comply. For the sake of his friend's health. For the sake of Lucifer and his family. And also because he didn't have any more tasks or reports to give, because he was already drowning himself in them.
His MC is gone. Gone, ripped away from him, forever.
When he got to know of her death, he had fallen quiet. On seeing her dead body Diavolo ordered for her to be buried in the Devildom, with no regard to expense.
The fairies were terminated the next day.
The spot on his bed lies empty, where MC would have slept. Her plush toy lies on the same spot, having never been moved since they died.
The teacup in his hand breaks, effectively staining the papers on his desk.
" W-what is happening?! " Mammon shrieks as he struggles to balance himself. The House of Lamentation is shaking violently, and its inhabitants are in a state of disarray.
" An earthquake ? " Leviathan squawks as he holds onto the pillar in the living room for support. The shaking is getting even more violent, and it's hard to maintain balance.
" There haven't been earthquakes in the Devildom since a thousand years." Satan, ever the knowledgeable is as confused as the others, and is barely maintaining his composure.
Asmodeus is hugging the chair in hopes of not falling while Belphegor is clinging to Beelzebub, who is as bewildered as the others.
" Come quick ! " Lucifer's footsteps are rushed, and the ruffling of feathers is heard. The brothers immediately turn into their demon forms, because an earthquake and a disheveled Lucifer in his demon form never meant a good thing.
" What h-happened? Did a curse or spell malfunction, or is Cerebrus throwing a tantrum?"
Belphegor spits outs the words as he clings to Beel's shoulders. They all are running towards the underground labyrinth. Everyone is equally confused and perplexed.
" The sigil is the source. " Lucifer whispers the words as he opens the giant door to the tomb, and flies ahead with a sweep of his wings, leading the others. The sigil was present in the House for as long as the brothers could remember, and it was an object of fascination at first, for that particular sigil was not found in any book or manuscript.
Lord Diavolo and Barbatos are standing there, both in their demon forms. Diavolo's brows are furrowed as he tries to decipher the mystery of the shaking sigil on the floor, while Barbatos merely looks on.
" Is it- " " Hush."
Leviathan is silenced by Asmodeus as they look on in anticipation of what is to happen next.
The ground violently shakes, and for a moment they have to hold themselves to stay still, and not fall.
The sigil bleeds ichor.
Collective gasps are heard from the demons. Something-someone is coming.
" Barbatos, what is...happening ?" Mammon asks on behalf of all the others, who have the same query in mind. The butler in question merely flashes a smile, with a crystal clear message- be patient.
The sigil breaks open, and from the pool of ichor out steps a familiar figure, but with horns and wings.
" MC...."
Lucifer can't believe his eyes when he sees MC emerge from the pool of ichor. She has horns on her head, and onyx black wings similar to his. She has been turned into a demon, one of his kind.
He doesn't realize the he's been standing still as a rock until MC runs towards him, and embraces him tightly. Lucifer blinks, and then hugs her even tighter, afraid of what will happen if he lets go.
Their wings hide them both from the outside world.
" You're never l-leaving me again, never." His voice cracks at the end, and his eyes brim with tears.
" Never, I promise."
Lucifer cries for the first time in front of MC as he touches her face, unable to believe she's real and here, with him, forever until the end of time.
Mammon's knees give way as he falls to the floor on seeing MC. She returned, returned to him, to remain forever with him. MC's a demon now, but that won't change his love for her.
" You came back, y-you came back.." Mammon stutters as he speaks, barely able to hold himself from jumping onto her, to touch her, assure himself that MC is real and here.
She grabs his face in her hands, and Mammon bursts into tears, not minding his brothers or the Prince watching.
Leviathan stares in shock as MC steps out from the sigil. Even as the others flock to her, he remains there, gaping in disbelief.
" You..." Leviathan points a finger at MC as he speaks. " Y-You were dead.I..I saw you t-there..I-" He falls to the floor as he sobs, clutching at his hair. MC runs towards him and envelopes him in her arms, as he weeps.
" I'm here. And I am not leaving. Never. "
Her wings circle around him protectively, and he cries harder. Never again shall he leave MC.
Words fail Satan for the first time in his life. MC was dead, the books said so themselves! Yet, here they were, alive and a demon.
" H-how ?" Satan manages to choke out the words as he looks on, with amazement.
" How did you?.." MC hugs him tightly, and Satan buries his face in her neck.
" Miracle." Satan was never the one to believe in miracles, but now he's glad.
He clutches MC tighter, as he weeps.
Asmodeus runs towards MC the fastest, and tackles them to the ground.
" I, I thought you.." Asmodeus wails as he buries himself in her neck, the lump in his throat making it hard to speak. Her wings encircle them both.
" I heard it all. Heard how you told me that rose suits me, and I remember those forget-me-nots you kept at my grave. I remember you ..c-crying."
The dam bursts as they both wail, glad they found each other again.
Beelzebub and MC rush towards each other and Beel captures them in a hug, with a smile that had disappeared ever since MC died, and for a moment the world around them disappears.
" Y-you are a-alive." Beel's hands are all over them, as he assures himself that MC is really with him. Forever. Beelzebub will never let her go.
" I'll stay here with you. Forever." And Beel hugs her even tighter.
Belphegor thinks it's a cruel dream.
His mind often loved to torture him, giving him dreams of MC only for them to be wiped away when he woke up. He's afraid that you will disappear again. So he closes his eyes, and begs himself to wake up.
But when MC's hands are on him, he slowly opens his eyes, and carefully, cautiously, touches her cheek. On realizing that she isn't going to disappear, he buries his face into her neck and cries. Hard.
Diavolo is shocked.
Never in his life has he thought that fate would be so kind as to bring back his happiness.
When MC comes sprinting towards him, he relents, and leaving his royal status behind hugs her.
" I missed you so, so much."
" I missed you too."
The words are whispered, and their wings cover them both, and MC can feel tears on the place where Diavolo buries his face in the crook of her neck.
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obeythebutler · 27 days ago
Yayyy requests are open!
So can I request for a scenario where brothers say something harsh to mc (they didn't mean it ) and mc stomps out of the house angrily to only get deadly injured (not dead pls XD, my bois have already suffered) and brothers realise they shouldn't take their s/o for granted & take care of them (tysm for all your hardwork, I love your writing. Please skip the request if you feel uncomfortable with it, take care of yourself ~ ♡ )
My dear, lovely anon, you have no idea how much I love requests like these. I wrote them in hcs, hope they are all right. Breaking down the brothers, and building them up. Angst with comfort is my cup of tea. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Also take care of yourself too~
Summary: After a painful incident, the brothers realize they shouldn't take MC for granted.
Lucifer really, really shouldn't have said those words.
It was something very insignificant to fight about. A meeting with Lord Diavolo like any other day, and Lucifer expected everyone to be on time, but the MC arrived late. That was the first offense...
MC had stayed back after the meeting to spend time with him, but he gave them the cold shoulder. On getting to know the reason for his behaviour, they laughed and muttered how Lord Diavolo could wait for a while..You shouldn't have done that, MC...
Both argued for a long time...and harsh words were dare they disrespect Lord Diavolo?!...Lucifer nitpicked their every mistake, every single flaw, which led to MC storming out of the room.
That was an hour ago. MC hadn't come back or responded to any of his texts or calls. Nor his brothers. He was worried sick. Were they okay?...What if...something had happened to them?....But then he got a call from Mammon, and heard him say those dreaded words...
That was all that was needed for Lucifer to fly through the window, shattering the glass. When he reached the location told by Mammon, his stomach sank.
Asmodeus was cradling MC in his arms while Solomon chanted some spells-healing spells, as his hand on MC's stomach began to glow.
That was twenty four hours ago. MC now lay on their bed, deep in sleep. The cuts had healed, but it would take time for their physical body to catch up, Solomon had explained.
Lucifer sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the MC's sleeping form.
He is filled with guilt. If he hadn't let his pride get in the way and say those bitter words to MC,it wouldn't have happened. MC would have been okay. He reminisces how they brought him tea when he overworked himself, and how they stayed awake at ungodly hours waiting for him to come to bed..
Never,and never again shall he let his pride come between him and MC. Never again shall he take MC for granted.
When MC wakes up,they will be faced with Lucifer gently holding their hand while apologizing and...are those....tears stains on his cheek?
Mammon should really be more careful with what he says and does when drunk.
It was a night at the casino, and Mammon was on a winning streak. The thrill that came with winning had him intoxicated and addicted for more. But his concerned,worrywart MC pleaded with him to go home with his claims. But noooo, watch and see MC, how the Great Mammon wins!
It escalated to the point that MC left in a huff, and Mammon resumed. But when he got a call from Lucifer asking the whereabouts of MC Mammon froze.
He looked everywhere. The casino, the restrooms, the alleyways, until he saw their slumped form on the ground. Mammon rushed forward, with frantic cries of begging to wake up. They didn't, and slumped even more on his shoulder. In his panic, he called Lucifer.
Mammon wearily sat on the chair next to MC's bed in the hospital. The medication they were administered ensured that they would stay asleep for a good five hours. He had not slept since the last few days, since MC....
His brothers brutally tore into him for leaving MC alone, calling him all sorts of names, hell, they were ready to attack him, but Mammon looked guilty, too guilty. A fitting punishment was decided, and Mammon whole-heartedly agreed with it, but first, let MC recover...please..
If he had not been so careless to leave them alone, had not let his greed consume him.Look what it yielded him. He failed to protect them.
He remembers how MC defended him from his brother's insults, how they cradled his head and assured him they loved him. And pain was what he gave in return...Never again, Mammon swears, never again shall he let this happen.
When MC wakes up, they will see a crying Mammon babbling and apologizing at their feet.
Envy makes people do dangerous things...
MC was spending too much time with his brothers and not him. First they misses their weekly anime binging session, and then a DevilCraft gaming night.
When he questioned their whereabouts, they meekly replied that they were with one of his brothers.Mammon,Satan,Asmo,Beel- everyone but him
So the next time MC enters his room, they're met with a jealous and cross Levi. He had told them quite harshly to go back to his brothers, that they would never want to spend time with someone like him...and MC's blatant refusal at his claims angered him even more.
Harsh, unloving words were exchanged as MC ran out of his room, leaving Leviathan to drown in his own pool of envy and pity.
But MC didn't come back after hours.And Leviathan got to know about this when he hear the commotion in the common room, and went to see the cause. Guilt and panic striked his heart..
Satan was desperately trying to use a spell to heal MC's wound on their midriff, while the rest of the brothers looked on in panic.
MC now lay in their room, sleeping soundly.Thank goodness for Satan's knowledge on healing spells...otherwise MC would.....Levi cradles his head in his hands as he whimpers.
MC gave him confidence and assurance when he had none, genuinely took interest in his hobbies, and loved him. And look what he did....Never again shall he let his envy come in between their relationship...
When MC wakes up, they will see Levi sleeping on the edge of their bed, and a Henry plushie besides them. And WHEN he himself wakes up, Levi will be apologizing faster than MC can comprehend them.
Satan is wrath.
Under all that knowledge and love for cats, lies untamed wrath. Satan tries his best to control, to prevent himself from harming others. But wrath lets itself loose a lot of times....
In hindsight, MC should have known better than to arrange Satan's books in his room. He's fiercely protective of his books and manuscripts, and it's an admirable quality of his, but when the others start tripping over the sheer amount of books in his room, and his refusal to arrange them...
MC arranged them all painstakingly, to see Satan's smile at their hard work. But they were met with an angry scowl. Satan attacked them with words, and MC bit back too. Neither backed down, and in the end MC stormed out, angrily cursing.
That was three hours ago.MC still hadn't come back and Satan was old with worry. At last, determined he set out to look for them and apologize for his rash behaviour. But they weren't in their room, nor in the house.
Satan frantically searched everywhere, at last finding them bleeding in an empty classroom. Wrath overtook his mind for a moment and he wanted to rip the attackers heart out. But with presence of mind he took MC straight to Simeon.
The angel hurriedly healed them with his magic, and gave them a potion to make them sleep, let their mind catch up. Satan now sat in their room, with his hands pulling at his hair.
His brothers were furious on knowing the reason behind MC leaving the house in a hurry, and ready to make Satan pay. And he didn't deny their punishment, rather accepted it whole-heartedly.
His mind is filled with guilt and regret.If only he hadn't shouted at MC those cruel words....they were only trying to clean his mess of a room, and had painstakingly organized his books in order...and he....
Never again, never again shall his wrath make him hurt MC..He swears on his life.
When MC wakes up, they will see a kitty plushie on their table and a red-eyed Satan apologizing.
Lust and the need for the spotlights to be on him all the time led to where he is now...
Asmodeus goes clubbing regularly, and sometimes gets home late to a very angry Lucifer. This time, MC went along with him. They were having a wonderful time,but a succubus got particularly close to Asmodeus and MC told them to be off...How dare they?!
Poor,poor MC just wanted Asmodeus to come home, but a fight escalated..and MC stormed out of the club,leaving behind their DDD.
Asmo followed after them, but be couldn't find them..They, t-hey weren't anywhere .....he was on the verge of screaming for MC, but then heard whimpering from an abandoned building. He rushed forward and the sight there made his heart stop. MC, clutching an arm in pain, which was twisted at an odd angle, and the cuts on their legs...
He calls for his brothers, as picking them up wasn't a safe option without giving MC pain. While waiting, he gently cradled MC in his arms, while begging them to stay awake...please...stay awake for a little bit longer...
Asmodeus now looked at their form on the bed. If it wasn't for Solomon, MC would have....would have....the thought makes his heart sink and eyes water..
He is drowned by guilt. If only he hadn't fought with MC, call them such nasty names...all they wanted was for Asmodeus to stay safe....And look what he did. This was his fault.
Never,never and never again shall he let his narcissism and sin get in the way of him and MC.
When MC wakes up, they will see Asmodeus gently cradling their face as he weeps..and for the first time...his hair and makeup is mess.
Beelzebub never,ever gets angry at people for small reasons. He nevers lets that happen. But if it does happen, he apologizes immediately.
But his hunger gets in the way sometimes...
It was the fifth time this week that the fridge was clean of its contents, and the groceries brought for making dinner consumed by Beel already.It was frustrating....cook one dish and get to the next, only to see the first one devoured already.
MC politely asked Beel to slow down on the eating, but all he did was continue eating his roast, blissfully unaware and too consumed by hunger. Needless to say, a fight ensued, where Beel kept munching on his food and MC did the talking. They eventually stormed out, leaving Beel, who planned to make it up to them later.
He waited for them to come back, by they didn't.nit had been an hour since they had left, and weren't picking up his or his brothers calls...what if something happened to them..
The thought of it made him storm out of the house to look for them, after informing Belphegor to keep searching. He looked everywhere,Madam Screams, Hells Kitchen, The Mausoleum...
He found them in the park. Thank Beel's sense of smell that he found them..unconscious and bleeding from a stab wound...Beel flew home with MC, and shouted at this brothers to do something-please.....he can't lose
Thankfully, Satan was trained in first-aid for humans. MC now slept peacefully in their room, the stab wound having been stitched and bandaged. Beel stood besides them with his head hung low.
This is what his gluttony yielded him, if only he had put down his damned food and apologized...this wouldn't have happened.MC showered him in love, and this is what he gave in return...never,never again.
When MC wakes up they will see a gigantic pile of snacks and a tear-stricken Beelzebub, who is holding himself back from hugging them and apologizing till his throat bleeds raw.
What was an adorable habit of his turned into a cause for argument....
Belphegor often cuddles MC close to himself while sleeping, and refuses to let them leave sometimes, which is a real problem when the MC has somewhere to go....
This is what happened.MC got late for RAD, and the teacher scolded them harshly. When they got back, Belphegor immediately enclosed them in his grip, ready to sleep and cuddle again. But,this time, MC brushed him off and chided him for this behaviour of his...
And Belphegor wasn't the one to hold back. He was as stubborn as bull, and being the youngest, used to getting his way. The two fought for a long time, until MC ran from the room, and Belphegor sank bank into bed. But sleep didn't come to him.
All thoughts of his were about the argument they. Eventually, Belphegor waited for their call, but it did not come. What came was Beelzebub into their room, screaming about something happening to MC...and Belphegor ran past him to the noise downstairs.
What he saw made him fall to his knees. MC was gravely injured, with a gash on their forehead and a nasty wound on their shoulder. Lucifer was on a call with Diavolo, asking him to send a human world healer immediately, as the others crowded around MC in dismay. Not a-again..
Belphegor slinked into his chair besides MC's bed. MC had been saved, but it would take time for them to recover.
Looking at them, Belphegor felt guilt strike his heart.nMC had been kind and loving towards him. They had forgiven him, despite his actions. Covered schoolwork for him. Comforted him when he had nightmares..And this is what he did.
Never again, Belphegor resolves, never again shall he let his entitlement and sloth come in the way of their relationship.
When MC wakes up, they'll be met with a nervous Belphegor,with tear stains on his cheeks.
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arcadejohn127-9 · 28 days ago
Hello!1st I wanted to say i love your blog its *chefs kiss*,and 2nd could I request (i dont know if this is in someway triggering or not so i apologize) a MC who doesnt believe the brothers can love them 'cause they despise themself and they are so set on (?) with that mindset that the brothers cant convince them otherwise,but MC themself wants to feel loved they...just cant...and they just breakdown saying they arent special and when the brothers meet other humans they will realise that MC is nothing,that they are a horrible being and they will leave them for somebody better,does that make sense I dont wanna go too deep into it(totaaaaally not self projecting)I am so sorry if this is a sensitive topic,feel free to ignore this ask,this has been eating me out for weeks so I just wanted to seek some comfort.Once again your blog is great and dont overwork yourself, take care! :D 🤍
I've definitely been there and even now, I still have these fears. Growing out of these Insecurities and feelings are hard even if you work hard to be as confident as you can. One day it'll happen but until then you just gotta keep reminding yourself that you're worth the world
Also tip, please don't rely on others for self worth - people can be cruel or simply just unpredictable. Not all but until you see every colour of a person you don't know. If you depend on someone else to give you worth and make you feel good then that'll start a very unhealthy cycle for yourself
I hate this phase "love yourself before you love others" because you don't need to, you can find healthy and happy relationships whilst insecure. But I think what it really means is; get self worth before you love another. Make sure you don't do yourself damage by giving you Someone who does the bare minimum or will sometimes make you feel good but is usually a dick.
You can find love but that love can be wrong if you don't pay attention to the red flags. Don't let your insecurities drag you into unhealthy relationships.
Because you are stunning, worth it and loveable. You're Someone people can look up to or admire even if it's for something simple like your humour.
Also thank you, I'll be sure to not overwork myself, make sure you don't pressure yourself too hard about work or your hobbies. Hobbies are all about fun!
Warning: self loathing, depressive themes, angst
You could stand it.
Your eyes traveled along the gifts and trinkets that were in your room. Each one gifted to you by a powerful demon; a demon you live with.
You couldn't stand it.
You could get it; why would someone like that every like you? You weren't special and yet Everyone insisted that you were. You're not the key. Not anything Diavolo wants or expects. Definitely not what the brothers want.
You had to scoff. The brothers only like you because of Lilith, if you were related then they'd never see you as anything but some human. Lilith dragged you here, she made sure you came here and for what? To be always told you're going to be some big thing; someone to destroy hatred and help bring together three realms.
Do they not realize how much pressure that is??!!!! And the how are you even going to do that?! You're magic is unpredictable and useless - it perfectly reflects you.
You whimpered at your own thoughts. The word useless stinging at your heart; it was almost if a knife lodged itself into your chest. Constantly stabbing the word useless into it.
You were useless. They need to find someone who can actually live up to their expectations. Just a good for nothing human....why do they even like you?
You looked back at the gifts, your watery stare turning into a hateful glare.
The question was burning inside your head. You couldn't understand; what did he see in you? You're not special! You're not anything anyone wants you to be and you're just being forced on a pedestal you didn't make!
Why did he always look at you the way he does? Like you actually mean something. Why does he smile so softly when you enter the room?
Why would he be like that when you KNOW that as soon as he meets another human, he'll be running after them without hesitation. Everyone was so much more attractive than you and better than you - you couldn't get why he loved you. Why- no how?! You weren't good enough for him!
No matter how many times he says I love you or compliments you it leaves such a bitter disgusting taste in your mouth. You're so horrible you can't even let people be nice to you - it's all a lie anyway. No one could love you. Never. No one!
You were useless! Disgusting! You weren't even attractive! You weren't loveable! You're a horrible person who looks just as horrible as they are. How can they look at you like that?! How can they stand you?! You're nothing!
You don't get it!
Why?! Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why Why why why-!
A scream ripped itself out of your throat. Tears streaming down your face as you clutched your head. Your body curled into itself, shaking and trembling as you choked on your sobs. You coughed through it as you tried to breath but the tears kept coming. Drowning you as you desperately tried to breath under their weight.
The pain was unbelievable. You felt like your head was on fire. You could barely even make out the figure standing at your door. Whoever they were, they scooped you up from the floor and rubbed circles into your arms. You clutched to them for dear life as you cried.
Somewhere in your brain you could tell who it was and it only made you cry harder. Shame filling your lungs as you tried to escape their caring embrace.
"No-! Stop it! I'm nothing! I'm useless-! Let me go-!! Why- why won't you leave me alone?! I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! LET ME DIE-!"
were you dying? You felt like it. The ache was painful; your chest growing tighter and tighter. You pounded on their chest, demanding they let you be the useless thing that you are alone.
He forced back his tears
Just rubbing circles into your skin as he held you
To think you were this Insecure despite being the nicest person who knew
You were Better than him and don't let pride stop you - you were amazing
"not good enough for me? What made you believe that...? You're perfect for me, you complete me."
You denied his claims, sobbing as you listed your insecurities
"Your insecurities don't define you, you're so much more than that - I wouldn't of picked you to be my love if I didn't think you'd be adequate."
He wasn't sure if you were still listening but he pushed past his doubts
Adjusting you in his embrace
"I- I'm not sure if I'm comforting you....I'm not good at being the gentle hand, I want you to see how I see you - you're kind, charming and always keeping me in awe, you mean so much to me, I'll trade anything I could just to see you smile - I love you."
There can only be one self loathing idioit in this relationship
He refuses to let you feel like how he has
His forced confidence - you could easily see through it - anyone could
But you were the only one who then actually helped him feel better when you did see through it
He let a few tears stray, holding you close
"did someone say something to you? I don't forgive 'em for ever making ya this upset, I'm not letting you feel like this."
You shook your head, muttering that he should let you
"why should I? You're my favourite person and you've only made me happy - so let me make you happy! You're the only person who's ever treated me the way ya treat me and I won't let you hate yourself!"
He hugged you even tighter, squeezing you as he hid his face in your shoulder
"you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, okay? You always know how to make me feel better and it's my turn to make you feel better but you gotta listen to me! I lo-love you! The great Mammon loves you so badly that he just wants to kiss you every day! You're amazing and I won't forgive ya if you let yourself keep going on like this, let me support you.... please...I don't want you to go."
He couldn't get it
He's always been jealous of your personality and ability to make others feel good
His envy makes him despise himself - so seeing you be the same, he couldn't take it
He gave you one big squeeze
"d-don't be stupid! You're the best thing that's come into my life - even better than ruri-chan!"
You didn't believe him, he was obessed with that character
"but it's true-! If I could I'd get loads of merchandise of you too because you're my favourite person! You're just like the protagonists I read about."
His face was beat red but he was determined to make you feel better
"You're Henry, you are brave and kind, always trying your best even if that best isn't up to your own or others standards, you Inspire me! I've thought about of making a series about others can feel just as happy as I do when I see you, you make me feel less insecure and like I actually mean something - why can I do to make you feel the same? You mean everything to me! I really like you....I like-like you-! I LOVE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! Let me make you feel how you make me feel because then you'll see just how amazing you are!"
Did someone makes you feel like this or was it just your own thoughts?
If it isn't the latter he'll need to find out who's hurt you
But right now, he hugged you tighter and cradled your head
He couldn't stand to see and hear you so destressed
"did I do something to make you feel like this? I'm so sorry if I did, I don't always realize when I come off rude or hateful- I could never hate you."
You held him tight, telling him to stop
"but I need to fix it if I've hurt you and if it wasn't me then whoever did needs to keep quiet, you don't deserve these feelings."
You huffed, trying to not cry more
He gave your Shoulder a small squeeze
"you're more than enough for me, you're so good to me - sometimes I wonder if I'm good enough for you, you're always so patient with me and don't make me feel like I'm some unthinking beast, you don't think I'm lying when I be genuine and that makes me love you - I do love you - you make me feel good and I want to do the same for you, you're beyond good and I'll always be happy with the person you are and can become because I know you can do so much and always bring positivity even in the darkest times."
He's crying too
He hated of being seen as insecure
He only wanted confidence
Seeing you sob and beat on yourself like this only reminded him of his most private moments
He held you even closer, rocking you gently
"No, dear, I love you too much to let you feel like this, you're amazing to me and I think you're better than even myself, you're my number 1."
You shook your head, telling him he's lying
"I'm not, why would I lie? You're the sweetest person I know, you don't see me as some sex object - you make me feel real and happy - so so happy."
He kissed the top of your head, hiding his tear streaked face
"I want you to be deserve it, you've got only so long to live and I'm so scared that you're going to hate yourself even until you die, I don't want that! You're beautiful amazing and I could never ask for anyone better! Please- just let's work on our confidence together...okay? You're so wonderful, don't let yourself become so hateful."
He's absolutely broken
How didn't he realize you felt this bad about yourself??
He didn't even realize he was crying aswell, just holding you close as his mind screamed at him
"did something make you feel like this? It hurts to hear you say these things."
You shook your head before nodding, muttering you just won't talk anymore
"I didn't mean that, I always want you to be open with me and if not me, atleast one of my brother's."
He picked you up, placing you in a more comfortable position and held you close to his chest
"I love you, it took me awhile to realize that but I do, you make me feel full and happy - like I just ate a big buffet of warm cakes and dishes, I'm always warm when I'm with you, I don't believe you're not good enough - you're kind to me and never judge me for eating, you help me with working out but most importantly, you fixed my family and brought my twin back, I don't know how to make you see how much that means to me and I don't want you to feel bad about yourself when you're always the best person in the room - you're really great."
"just let me die"
Those words hurt him so bad
He was like that, he demanded to be left to Rot with his own self loathing when Lilith died
He pulled you close to his chest as he grabbed your shoulder
"You're not allowed to feel like this, you've done nothing to feel this much hatred towards yourself."
You told him he was wrong, crying harder
"when am I wrong? I- okay, I can be wrong but I'm not wrong about you, you're my favourite person which means I love you and I don't let my favourite people sit and cry."
He cuddled you, nuzzling his cheek against yours
"You saved me and I will never able to make it up to you, I've hurt you and I hate it- I hate that I'm a reason you get scared, don't ever let yourself rot away, when my brother's just leave me to sleep I always feel so much dread - that I'm being left to die in my bed and will never get to see their faces again - I'll never be able to see your face again....I wouldn't be able to take it.....seeing you everyday makes me want to leave my bed and always make sure you smile, let me make you smile again."
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