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#obey me mamon
devildom-classics · 20 days ago
If you were to ever ask Mammon if there was ever a day the world ended for him, he wouldn’t tell the truth. The first lie that’d tumble from his lips would be that times Lucifer stole Goldie away from him or hid it away in an attempt to keep him from spending. After all, he’s the scummy, money-hungry, second born. What else were you expecting him to say?
At least, that’s what he first tells you. A few nights later, he slips into your room when he’s sure all his brothers are asleep or too deep into their nightly routine to interfere. In the darkness of your room with only the soft glow of candles to illuminate his face, he tells you his second lie, well half-lie. He tells you of how his world ended when his sister fell to earth, bloody and half dead, and of how his own body burned as he flew down after Lucifer and his brothers, leaving streaks of blood and broken feathers behind him.
You see his body lock up and his hands dig into the blankets that line your bed. His head hangs limply forward, leaving strands of hair to fall and form a white curtain around his eyes. It doesn’t stop you from seeing the tears roll down his cheeks and off his chin. You attempt to move closer to him, trying to give him some sort of comfort, but he refuses. He does so not out of anger or a dislike of your affection. He simply knows what it will do to him.
Mammon knows that the second you let him in your arms, the second that your skin touches his that he’ll finally tell the truth. He’ll finally admit that the day he thought his world ended was when he felt you die in his arms, watching your bloody and beaten body take its final breath while his brother laughed and laughed. It was the day his youngest brother snatched away the one person in the world and in his eternity that loved him without hesitation or regret.
Belphegor was right when he said Mammon looked like the world ended because it did. No one realizes that his world only fractured when Lilith died with his brothers making sure to keep the pieces together. He may have lost one sibling but he still had the love of the other 6. There was no other you, no replacement or second option.
You were...are the only unconditional love he’s ever known. The only one who didn’t want him for his magic or power. You are the one being that looked at him and said he was enough and that he deserved every bit of love you gave him. You helped pull his world back together after the millennium that it lay broken. But he can’t tell you that.
So if you ever asked Mammon if there was a time his world ended, he would lie because if he told the truth, then he’d have to admit that before you stepped out of the shadows, he was ready to kill his youngest brother if it meant he could follow after you.
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weebswrites · a month ago
Hellooooo!!! I come bearing angst! May I request an Obey me hc with the demon bros?
Okay so hear me out, the brothers are having an argument and it escalates quickly so they’re just loudly yelling at each other. The MC doesn’t like yelling or loud noises cause it reminds them of their parents arguing constantly when they were in the human realm. So maybe the MC just covers their ears, tightly shuts their eyes tears gathering at the corner, and just crouches there. How would the brothers react? If you end up writing this request, thanks! 💞
The Demon Bros Reacting to MC Experiencing Their Trauma Response
• He doesn't notice at first, it takes him a few seconds, but when he notices, he notices
• "MC?" he doesn't know what to do at first, so he kneels in front of you and places a hand gently on your knee
• You hesitate and look up at him, eyes already swollen from crying
• He picks you up and carries you to your room, holding you close to his chest
• Lays you down gently and holds you close to him, whispering apologies for having raised his voice around you and promises to never do it again
• I'm torn on whether he notices right away, or it takes him a long time to notice
• But I think he'd notice right away, since you and him are best friends, he's always aware of your feelings
• "MC? What're ya doin down there?"
• When you don't respond he realizes that you're crying, and sits beside you, crossing his legs In front of him
• Sits beside you with an arm around your shoulders until you're better, and begins telling you positive little stories to give your mind something else to focus on when you lean into his arms
• Notices right away, and swears he almost summons Lotan he's so concerned (no, I don't know what good flooding the entire HoL would do either. I just feel like he'd panic and suddenly: a flood)
• "MC? What is it, did I do something? It was the yelling, wasn't it. Fuck I'm so sorry MC. I'm here now, I'm calm. What can I do to help make it better" he runs a hand through your hair to get it away from your face, cooling you down
• You just sit there and focus on your breathing, reaching a hand out to hold his arm after a moment
• Has a talk with his brothers after and makes sure they all know not to argue too much around you
• He knew before that you were sensitive to yelling, so when he realized that he was yelling the feeling of regret that washes over him is something he's never experienced before
• He shoots whoever he was yelling with a glare so deathly they instantly leave, and Satan takes your face in his hands and looks at you intently
• "MC, I am so, so sorry. I knew you were sensitive to yelling, but I rose my voice around you. I betrayed your trust" he paused for a minute, using his thumb to wipe the stream of tears rolling down your cheek as he felt your body shake under his touch
• "What can I do" he asked, and the look in his eyes was so genuine you started crying more, out of appreciation for him
• Takes a moment to realize, but as soon as he does he puts it together
• After checking in with you and having you focus as much as you can on taking slow breaths, he picks you up and carries you to his bathroom
• Runs you a warm bath with your favorite soap and plays soft music to relax you (if you have a comfort playlist, he plays that)
• Spends the rest of the day and through the next morning making sure that you feel safe with him, and promising you that he'll be more aware moving forward
• Doesn't notice until he turns around, and then it's like his world crashes in around him
• Is at your side instantly, rubbing your arms gently and asking if you're okay
• He pulls you against his chest and holds you close to him, rocking you gently until you stop crying
• Makes sure you know how sorry he is and never raises his voice around you again
• He doesn't even really realize that he was yelling until he turns around and sees you in a ball on the floor
• "MC?" he didn't know what was wrong
• He walks over to you and reaches out to put a hand on your head, hesitating for a moment as to not make you feel worse, but when you look up at him with tears rolling down your cheeks he forgets all hesitation
• Brings you to bed with him and holds you closer than he ever has before
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k1b0s-soft-hands · a month ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
MC: If you don't shut up I will lick your white hair.
Mammon: What!?
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obeytempst · 2 months ago
what if gn!mc wants to hug the brothers because they are very thankful to them but they ask first to make sure they are comfortable with it?
Lucifer: At first he will be confused but then warm up to it offering a hug but only in private where his brothers aren’t around! He appreciates that you asked first before doing it because it is not guaranteed that he wouldn’t slam you to the ground out of instinct.
Mammon: Will at first deny it saying “Why would i want to hug a human?!” but if you show some sort of sad expression he will give into it and give you a short hug. Lowkey makes him tear up because somebody looks up to him. Will brag about it to his brothers.
Levi: Normie. ROFLMAO hugs are for normies. He’s going to be distant but it depends on how long you’ve known him. Will think you’re mocking him by saying you’re thankful for him and cry in his room. When you ask he kinda goes in for it for the first time but it’s more of a arm around your shoulder and a small pat. He will warm up to you eventually though so don’t worry!
Satan: Smug bastard. He would make sure you hug him in front of his brothers, especially Lucifer. Another one of the brothers who respects that you asked. He will often daydream about that day and ask for more hugs but discreetly.
Asmo: Yes. Right when you asked don’t be surprised when you’re suddenly tackled to the ground in a hug. He will not let go. You’ll end up just walking around the HOL with Asmo clinging onto you.
Beel: That made his day. He will definitely give you a literal bone crushing hug to the point you have to remind him to be a little more careful to not accidentally snap your spine. He will probably give you a piggy back also while he snacks. In this case he would share his chips.
Belphie: You can’t tell if he giggled or laughed. He would hug you but ends up falling asleep so you would probably have a clinging Belphie on your back. He appreciates the act and dreams about it a lot. Another one who makes sure to hug you in front of his brothers to make them jealous.
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Piñata (Seven brothers GN!MC)
Hello everyone! I saw this video of how they break a piñata in the USA and they compare it with Mexico and other countries, and omg I laughed so so so much about it you guys are so cute, so I thought “How would the demos brothers would react toward that?” Here I´ll leave you the video, and let´s start!!
[The brothers are invited to a Mc cousin´s party, the child it´s 9 years old and they need to cross the last and most dangerous road of them all. The piñata…]
He is sitting in next to Mc, and his brothers, when an aunt of Mc came running into them, asking nicely if they could help her, as the avatar of pride, Lucifer said “Sure How shall I help you ma’am?”  
After listening to Mc´s aunt he hesitates about the idea of pulling the rope that connected the piñata to the ceiling. Mc, just laugh at him, and stayed close to Lucifer so they could explain how he needed to move the piñata.
“So, you want me to pull the rope and let it go, so the children can´t break it?” he smiles when Mc nodded at him with a big smile. “And they need to jump?” again another smile.
He is the uncle that makes it hard for everyone and tease them until they break the piñata. But while he was making his job as perfect as he could, the piñata started to leak some candies, and even if one child was there hitting the piñata, others would enter the territory and sneak out the candy. He was amazed, they were fearless little devils.
When Mc disappeared of his side, he saw them with the broom stick ready to beat de “s” out of it. And they did, he only saw how the children started to push each other, bite each other, and the environment became a war environment, with the MC on the ground protecting their candy as they life were meant to be.
He enjoyed looking to that picture and he swear, he even saw a stronger demon around the candies, that was Mc.
He stayed with his younger brothers; he was staring at the weird looking piñata. Trying to reveal “Who was that character?!” When they lift the piñata, he had tons of Flash Backs.
He decided to stayed next to one of Mc´s aunt, and a small child scold him, that if he didn´t sang the song he won´t get any chance of hitting the piñata, and that meant “No candies for him.”
“Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino, ya le disté uno, ya le diste dos, ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabó!” After that explanation he started to get excited, he is like a child, so he is happy while everyone is singing, they can´t tell him that he looks childish, because everyone is singing!
He gets along with the children, and they love him. After the first whole that the piñata got, and after watching every kid wanting to take the candy that flew out he started to write down every single one of the movements they did, so he could imitate them in the devildom.
He got his turn of hitting the piñata, Lucifer didn´t made it easy but he did broke it, and he swears, it was hell in life, his friends attack him for some candy, Mc bite him so they could pass through him, and the candy that felt into his head hurt more than any of Lucifer´s punishment.
He ended up with only a “Pica fresa”. But it was worth it. He fought a kid for it, and he won! He kept that candy as his treasure, for eternity.
Poor baby stayed with Mc´s young female cousins that likes Ruri-chan. And with Mc´s otaku cousins, he is at home, or that´s what he thinks, until the greatest Ruri-chan fan took his hand and with puppy eyes asked him if he could accompany her to the piñata. He said yes.
It was like a videogame! He felt like the Lord of Shadow, and his crew, even his Henry was there for him (aka: Mc) and the adventure just started. Or so that thought.
He was embarrassed while singing, and he even envy Mammon for being so free, he was with his crew, until… Until the catastrophe, his small friend ran into the war field just for a candy, and she wasn´t even hit by the person beating the crap out of the piñata. She was a true hero!
Mc´s little cousin gave Levi the candy she got, and he almost cry in the place, but the lord of Shadow wouldn´t cry in front of his crew, so he kept his tears for him. (When he returned to his room he teared and cried a lot.)
As general of the demon army demon, he had seen tons of bloody and ugly scenarios from war. But the one in front of him was the scarier scenario he could admire in his entire life; it even gave him nightmares after seeing that.
His little friend was punching and hitting someone, Mc pushed that little girl and he saw how they were fighting for candies. It was worst than war, and when it ended the fearless little girl went to see him and with a big smile, he saw… She lost a tooth.  Levi baby got traumatize after that.
He was with the philosophies uncles that each family has, you know, the one that can make an opinion out of everything and anything and they ruin the mood. Yep, he was with those uncles.
Until the uncles stand up and told him that it was war time, he thought they will murder each other and boy was hi in. He was getting excited when he saw the broom stick, he could punch Lucifer and nobody would ask him questions, this was the most satisfied day of his existing.
But he saw the piñata, and thought that the song was a type of incantation so the children could have a power up. He really focused on the song and we might say that he sings it every time he needs strength.
After watching the suicidal kids (nick name that he chose for them) he wanted to try it, and he did, he got a “Paleta payaso” and damn he was rejoicing, he even show off in front of Lucifer.
He smiled when he saw the entire war scene, he laughed at it, after that he understood why Mc was so reckless and fearless, apparently chasing the death is obligatory curriculum in the country. Now that one mystery was solved, he could rest that night.
He just loved the idea of beating something, and got excited when he was told that he could beat the piñata, he might or might not had let go the broom stick towards Lucifer, but we would never know.
On the contrary of Satan, Asmo stayed with the aunts of Mc, you know, the one that live for drama and gossip. He was so happy there listening to the ladies and gasping everyone in a while, he was surprised that humans couldn´t have many partners at the same time and that the prettiest aunt got a divorce.
When the aunts started to move quickly, he wanted to be part of that too! So, he followed all the aunts of Mc, and saw how they took their precious children and talked to them firmly, so he dragged his Mc and took their hands with his and stayed there for a moment.
For Mc, that action only bring them memories of how their mother would scold them before the piñata, that made them a little nervous. And even if they wanted to ask about it, Asmo was already gone.
Asmo saw everything with shock, he swears that he saw Lucifer sweating, and that meant problems and panic for him and his brothers, he wanted to hug Mc, so they could comfort him but he saw them kicking a small child. So, he didn’t get close them.
Mc gave him a bubble gum and they left with a big bag full of candy, while Beel carry them in his shoulder… WAS THAT A TEETH IN THE BAG?! MC WAIT, WAIT!!!
He gets worried about the mental stability of Mc.
Baby boy is having a panic attack, baby boy needs hugs and kisses and attention. He is the one that eats, and eats a lot in the Taquiza so when he saw every single dish he was the happiest demon alive, he drank with Mc´s uncles and ate with Mc grandmothers, and they don´t tell him his a glutton, they serve him more and more food. Because… “Mijo, tas muy flaquito, toma otro plato, come bien.”
He stays with the children and they play, Mammon and Beel are the greatest friends the kids have, Mc´s cousins are begging them to marry one of them, no matter who really, they just want a cool cousin in the family. He is a happy baby boy while he is playing with them.
Until everything became a war field, children were screaming, the older ones were laughing, he just wanted some candy, but when a five-year-old push him for the candies he just got depressed and wondered… What king of food those children were eating? Does he needed to call child service?!
After he was pushed down into the ground, Belphie tried to take a nap over him.
He reacted and gently moved his twin, he needed to save Mc, those children were a danger for every living thing in the planet, but oh surprise when he saw his MC pushing, screaming, biting, and kicking the children just for candy.
Low key, he feels proud of the human, but he needs to save the small ones, so he carried Mc in his shoulder, while they were laughing with their bag full of candies and a tooth.  Baby boy got a Dulcero Instead.
The one recording the massacre, he is having the time of his life, he can know more about Mc and punch Lucifer. The adults can have a piñata too?! REALLY?! Satan give me the stick I´ll beat the f out of Lucifer.
He is enjoying the party, and he adored the party even more with the scene. He is so happy that they made him came into this. He is happy until he saw a five-year-old pushing Beel, no one bully his twin, but also… “I need to call social service?! Are this even children?! They knock down a demon like Beel!!”
Trying to calm down during the adult piñata, just like Satan he “accidently” slipped the broom stick towards Lucifer while hitting the piñata. He took a mental note about not messing around Mc, not only they broke the piñata, but they also broke the broom stick.
After his turn, he wanted to sleep so he tried to get over his twin, Beel move him so he could save Mc.
Enjoyed watching Mc in a war mood, they were so cute angry, he needed to record that for prosperity, “Satan come look at this! Lucifer is sweating cold!”
After that, he tried to have a piñata every once in a while, so all the brothers could start to practice the art of stealing candies and beating the crap out of small children. In their defense, it was worth it.
Let´s learn some Spanish. 
Piñata: Game that consists of hanging a clay or cardboard container, usually full of sweets or fruits, at a certain distance from the ground, to break it with sticks
Taquiza: A taquiza is a traditional Mexican banquet. Everything that you can put in a tortilla goes there. (Rice, mole, slits with cream etc.)
Dulcero: Bag full of candies.
Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino, ya le disté uno, ya le diste dos, ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabó!:
Paleta payaso: A marshmallow lolipo cover with chocolate and a face of gummie.
Pica fresa: Strawberry gummi covered in tamarindo.
Mijo, tas muy flaquito, toma otro plato, come bien.”: My son, you are so skinny, here, have another plate. 
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obeymematches · 4 months ago
I don't know if anyone asked this ones yet, but...
🎇💘🔍 for Mammon and Belphegor, please?
ok, sure! <3
🎇 Are the feelings they have like a whirlwind or are they able to keep it under control?
Let’s say that as long as he doesn’t know you like him too he is able to have it some-what under control. 
When he learns that you love him back though it’s a different story. Even if he tries to have himself under control he can’t help but end up being teased by the others. 
💘 Do they take the time to learn more about their crush by talking/asking or observing?
Well he is not the observer type at all. Anything he knows about you is either because you told him or he asked you about it. 
He is very talkative so it’s not a big deal for him. 
Mammon is good at picking up on your different moods but as far as observing goes that’s pretty much it. 
🔍 Do they ask for advice or just deal with their crush on their own?
girl imagine him asking for advice from anyone... yeah that is never going to happen unless he wants to be teased for the next century. 
He loves his siblings but he is just not that close to them? Also he is known to be the one who trusts his gut the most & he has the confidence to act accordingly, so why would he not? 
🎇 Are the feelings they have like a whirlwind or are they able to keep it under control?
Listen I don’t think he has much control over his feelings. He might be a bit annoyed if his s/o happens to be a human because. You know his history with humans. He gets over that really quickly though. In general he just lets it happen, you know. 
💘 Do they take the time to learn more about their crush by talking/asking or observing?
He is more of an observer tbh. If he isn’t sure or wants to know something quickly he is going to ask about it but that’s not usual. 
Belphie loves to see the joy on your face when you look at your favourite thing in the world and your voice is just so calming to listen to, you know? pls don’t take it personally if he happens to drift off to dreamland while you gush about your interests. (he can still hear you so go on!!!)
🔍 Do they ask for advice or just deal with their crush on their own?
For a long time he is going to deal with it alone. The only person who he is going to tell about it is Beelzebub, obviously.  
Beel is a pretty safe choice to ask advice from but his wisdom is always going to revolve around food. So you know who Belphie got the idea from if he asks you out to get food ;) 
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zibijilptelemieu · 13 days ago
Pure White Feathers
((This is based on an RP my friend, smug_ass_kid and myself are doing on Instagram!))
Mammon kept struggling, he struggled as hard as he could. His soul called forth the very demon spirit of greed. The conscious manifestation of his sin. The small black and gold spirit of greed appeared and started to do it's best to fight off the purity that was trying to painfully cleanse Mammon. The small spirits of the other sins also manifested from all of the concerned brothers, trying their best to aide the sin of greed in protecting the avatar of greed. Within minutes... something struck the spirit blob of greed, and the small entity started to burn to a crisp, letting out a tiny yowl.
Mammon had been choking on white feathers for long minutes now. His brothers all shouting over him in concern, and anger, and worry. 
The world was so blurred.. but it was so bright....
If not from the pain that was produced by that blessed weapon being stabbed right through his heart not even an hour ago... he would have called the world beautiful.
After tiring struggles, and drowning in the contents of his own body- crimson painting his mouth, chin, and chest- he disappeared in a flash of fog, and light sparkles, leaving behind a few blooded feathers- and the ashes of the small demon spirit of greed. 
As well as six sobbing siblings and many distraught friends. 
The world really was beautiful... even if... it was cruel.
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incorrect-obeyme · 11 months ago
Satan: Pass me a napkin.
Mammon: Aw, is my younger brother's arm broken?
Satan: Yours is about to be.
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obeyme-memesnmore · 6 months ago
Mammon cupping his mouth: EVERYTIME IM IN DA STREET I HEAR-
The murder of crows outside the house: CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW!
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densetu-wolfenius · 3 months ago
"Criminal" chat from "Water Panic?!"Card
If you choose the first options "I'm innocent" and "Let's all go next time"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you choose the second options "You caught us" and "What if he is?!"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The rest of the chat doesn't really change despite the options, still I put then separately for easier reading. This chat was from that overtly lighted/saturated Mammon card where both him and the MC goes to the carnival in town and get wet from head to toe. The devilgram ia pretty funny maybe I post some part from it later.
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kitasritual · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
short series: MHA x OM
the reader is a third year, ( 18 ); who is preventing midoriya and bakugo from falling into another dimension, from a certain villain who has that quirk
angst, slight gore.
part two
“ LOOK OUT! “ the h/c girl roared out as she tried to take the villain out — her eyes blackening out with red veins around the pupil just pure out of anger.
nobody saw her actual quirk before but it seemed almost similar to a ghoul from an particular anime. midoriya’s his mouth was agape at how strong the girl before him and bakugo was. that until the villain saw an opening — making a portal resulting to y/n fall into it but not without taking the villain with her — using her “ kagune “.
“ you are pissing me off “ the girl growled, at the same time seeing a stone-like platform to land on — smashing the villain into the ground with great power. her blood colored kagune was definitely not something to underestimate.
the sound of coughed up blood ringed through both of their ears, the villain really got hit hard. but it didn’t stop him to keep smirking at the soon-to-be heroine. “ such a tragic “ unexpectedly using his quirk to get a spear-like weapon out of his portal — immediately throwing into y/n’s direction, who was at also attacking with her kagune.
it happened way too fast, even to the point to not realising what just happened. the villain was defeated but escaped last-minute with his last breath to his own world — leaving the h/c girl behind with the weapon that got through her stomach.
well it was fun while it lasted.
chuckling darkly to herself, causing to spurt a little bit blood out of her mouth. y/n swore she heard footsteps coming but couldn’t care less, she was dying anyways.
unknown to her, a certain white-haired man saw everything happen. he was supposedly to gamble with some lesser demons so get some grimm, so he could pay his debts.
but ofcourse all plans changed thanks to a fight that occurred out of nowhere, making the avatar of greed look with a baffled expression — what was that green-like portal? who are those people? humans with such powers exist? he couldn’t stop those endless questions going through his head.
mammon decided to hide himself behind the wall around the corner, not because he was partly scared but also of the curiosity creeping. he was observing the situation, he somehow couldn’t take his eyes off of the h/c girl with full black eyes with red veins in it.
what kind of creature is that? AND WHAT IS THAT DUDE DOING?!
a quiet gasp escaped from the second oldest’s mouth, the result of the fight was definitely not what he expected. he immediately rushed to the woman who was almost bleeding to death.
she’s human?
shaking the thought off, knowing that wasn’t important now, the priority being that he needed to save her — picking the injured woman in bride-style to get her to a medic, if there’s one in the devildom.
part two
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4am-obey-me-thoughts · 5 months ago
So small but so cherished. He holds on to them. Collects them in a library of thought. For one day, coming later than sooner he so often hoped, there would come a day he could make no more. Time is a commodity. Real and moving faster than he's ever cared to notice. 
He wants all of it with you. As much as he can, for as long as he can make it. So he will spend the day with you. All the days he can offer. For each moment turns to memory. And one day that is all to remain.
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obeytempst · 2 months ago
Um hello, my I request the demon brothers reacting to an Mc who’s afraid to make the first move when wanting to date maybe from low self esteem ether from a past romantic relationship or just life? I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable and if it does I apologize in advance
I kinda was like “this would be good to write their individual responses and reactions.” and don’t worry this stuff doesn’t make me uncomfortable lol
Lucifer: He would notice it right away and would subtly make more of the moves and would be the first to confess. “MC i can’t see how you’re feeling, you’re not very good at hiding how you feel but it’s alright.” He will most likely help you gain the confidence back.
Mammon: He wouldn’t notice at all and you being distance because of it will make him think he did something wrong so don’t be surprised if he comes out of nowhere saying “sorry” “MC.... Well uh- y’know since i’m the great mammon and you’re just a human i’ll help you! So count on me only!!”
Leviathan: At first when he finds out he’s that you also have a low self esteem. Because you’re henry, thee henry! His best friend!! “I know how that feels... but together we can over come this!!”
Satan: The first thing he would want to do was an analysis but he stooped himself because he knew that would be weird. He would probably look at human psychology books.
Asmodeus: Self hate is something he will probably never understand. He would be confused because of your low self esteem because he thinks you’re gorgeous. He will definitely do you makeup and spend a day trying to make you feel better.
Beelzebub: Huh? He’s sort of awkward when it comes to stuff like this so the most he can do if literally crush you in a bear hug. “Usually when i’m sad i want to eat something. Do you want something to eat also?”
Belphie: Is terrible in comforting anyone who isn’t Beel so he will let you take a nap with him while you talk about your problems.
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gtpgrima · 9 months ago
Could I request some headcannons for Lucifer, Mammon, and Satan, where its like breeding season hits them suddenly but they're stuck out in public with mc.(Hope this cool, I couldn't find any rules)
It's cool, anon! ♥️ I definitely have to rewrite the rules, haha.
It's breeding season, eh? I've never written something like this before so I'm not sure what I can offer to you.
I hope I don't disappoint. *nervous sweat*
4th chosen request for "200 followers celebration"!
It's breeding season!
Tumblr media
I don't think he'll let himself be bothered by the sudden urge to mate in the middle of the street (whichever place it may be).
Considering his killer self-control in all aspects of life? Nah.
MC most probably won't notice at all, unless they have superhuman senses; or they can somehow tell the slightest arch of his eyebrow like the most observant detective, that's really the only possible indication for their naked eye.
However, he'll be more talkative, touchy here and there and more inclined to sniff MC's erogenous zones such as the nape or collarbones. Even in his gravest despair it'll look appropriate in public.
MC's oblivious about the catastrophe waiting for them at home. Haha, good luck!
I'd like to think he's got more self-control than he lets on, come on now? He's not always an annoyingly tsundere, blushy mess!
Okay, maybe he'll suddenly yelp as if some fishbone got stuck in his throat or his behind has been impaled by a spear - let's think of all the possibilities that could make him release a high-pitched noise.
But after that though? He's suddenly as composed as ever, it's like the holy spirit possessed him; he'd drag MC out from wherever they were atm and proceed to calmly walk down the street.
Take note: CALMLY.
That's only until he finds a secluded alley or the some fishy bathroom stall that he'd unleash the beast and take all of them until he's satiated.
Ah, he's a tricky one. It's either he he goes all out in the nearest cubicle or he'd restrain himself until they get home.
Either way, what bliss; MC's in for the wildest ride of their life. They can tell immediately what's in his mind one look at his narrowing eyes.
They'll have no problems following him wherever he wants to go, be it the cafe restroom or his room at the House of Lamentation?
They're casually strolling down the street as if nothing lecherous will go down as soon as they set foot in their destination.
It's honestly quite easy with him. He doesn't beat around the bush.
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bavrenilia · 11 months ago
꒰obey me brothers replying to "i want a baby" texts꒱
undateables version! ☆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cafedanslanuit · 11 months ago
hi !! in light of the new beach event is it okay if i request the brothers + mc who’s super insecure about her body (especially around other girls) and isn’t comfortable at all wearing a swimsuit or anything ?? also if it’s not too much could you try to keep it as weight-neutral as possible, i’m underweight and every reaction in any fandom always takes a neutral question to the reader being chubby or whatever sjosnfks i sound stupid and greedy i know but,,,,,thank you in advance🤍🤍
You definitely don’t sound stupid or greedy! <3
Tumblr media
He’s really proud to have to as his s/o, so he couldn’t care less about your weight.
He does notice you are incredibly uncomfortable when they’re all talking about the beach.
He offers to buy you a swimsuit (because he only wants the best of the best for u)
Then you explain you have one, but you're just a little bit uncomfortable to be seen wearing it.
He will have a swimsuit made especially for you. If you want it to have shorts, you got it. You want sleeves? You got it.
You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it, babes. 
Tumblr media
We all know this man is a S I M P
Underweight, overweight, he just loves you the way you are. Truly.
So when you change you a swimsuit he gets a glimpse before you put a beach kimono on.
He’s dead
You’ve killed him.
He’s just going to be blushing the whole day, thinking of that 0.5 second he saw you in a swimsuit.
At first he’s glad no one else can see you like that he’s a greedy mf
But then he notices you’re not your cheerful self, so he makes an effort to compliment you without passing out.
He’s just so enamoured, he’s trying his best.
Tumblr media
He did think it was strange when you were wearing an oversized t-shirt over your swimsuit when you entered the ocean.
But then he realized it was one of his anime t-shirts that he had left at your room
Levi.exe has stopped working
He thought it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. It was a mix of innocence mixed with wet t-shirts sexiness.
He’s an expert swimmer, so he’ll love to spend time with you in the ocean.
You end up having so much fun you end up forgetting how insecure you were feeling at first.
Tumblr media
If you want to skip changing into a swimsuit and stay with him on the sand while he reads, he’s more than thrilled.
He does wonder if you would feel more comfortable with a swimsuit with all the heat.
He asks and you end up confessing you didn’t feel comfortable with wearing a bikini in front of everyone.
Satan fails to understand. He thinks you’re the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen in his life.
But he does try to understand.
He gives you a hard kiss that leaves you dizzy for a couple of seconds before he pulls away with a slight blush on his cheeks.
He’s not good with words, but he’ll try his best to make you understand how much he likes you.
Tumblr media
He would pick out a swimsuit especially for your body type
You didn’t think you would look great in them? Bzzz, wrong. Asmo’s fashion sense to the rescue.
He couldn’t keep his hands to himself, not in a lewd way, but just grabbing your hand, touching your waist and playing with your hair.
He’ll insist on taking selfies just using your best angles and then send them to you before posting them so you can realize how good you actually look
Tumblr media
He just… doesn’t understand?
He thinks of swimsuits as a thing you have to use to be at the beach.
“Sure, you can think that when you are the fittest out of all your brothers,” you laugh without thinking.
Now you’re both blushing.
He will get you a pair of shorts for you to wear over your swimsuit if that makes you feel more comfortable.
He will also try and get your mind out of it by carrying you on his shoulders both in the ocean and on the sand. His hand is always grabbing yours, stroking the back of your hand with his thumb every chance he gets.
Tumblr media
Okay, brace yourself because he’s going to talk it out with you, but he’s going to get so so so flustered while doing it.
So it’s mostly him telling you how good you look while he grabs your hips
i swear this is a sfw headcanon
But that was a really good motivational talk, though.
He does buy you a beach kimono to make you feel more comfortable.
And he falls a bit more in love with you when you fall asleep on the sand and use the same kimono as a blanket.
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kitsumahou · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s 1 AM and here i am listening to Fallen Angel feat Aimee B wondering why i stopped drawing girls. And there it is, my female version of Yuki because my bi heart loves girls and boys equally. Heaven, please sing for me a song of life Heaven, save me in my dreams tonight Someday these wings will perish in your sight Night and day, i call for you.
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