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Canon facts about (general) MC
Based off what is said (and occasionally shown) in chats, events, Devilgrams and the Main Story
• They're driven and determined
• They're kind
• They're curious and nosy
• They're blunt
• They're stubborn
• They have no self-preservation
• They're more reserved around people they don't know and become more open and snarky the closer they get
• Once comfortable they have a somewhat "fiery" personality with a cute side
• They have a tendency to space out and it makes them look airheaded
• They have small ears
• They lose weight during each stint in the human world
• They like going through fashion magazines even if they don't buy the items in them
• They can use a sword (probably well considering Lucifer taught them and he wouldn't accept anything less than perfect)
• They can use a bow and arrow
• They don't have a stable job in the human world
• They're above the legal drinking age (though this age can change depending on the country)
• They're hard working
• They study a lot but their grades aren't always high and seem to fluctuate a lot
• They can sing well. When singing duets with Levi their singing can reach the same perfect score as Asmo singing solo or the twins dueting
• They can cook well (both human and devildom food)
• They can draw
• They can dance
• Their "paws" animal is a sheep/ram
• They can use magic (types of magic they can use link)
• They're not the best at video games despite playing them a lot
• They can't lie well (but they create a spell that lets them do so)
• They're fairly optimistic
• They like to read
• They seem to be able to tear up on command
• They wear accessories - they constantly wear two rings in the main storyline and get/wear other rings, necklaces and an ear cuff in the Devilgrams
• They have an insignia on the back of their hand, consisting of 7 stars representing the virtues showing that they are a licensed sorcerer
• They have big eyes/can give really good puppy dog eyes
• They like tea
• They can eat Devildom & Celestial Realm food with no problem (despite them apparently being harmful/inedible to humans)
• They have a lot of stamina/energy
• Not good at stitching
• Good/lucky at gambling
• They have nice handwriting
• Asmo's Charm doesn't work on them
• Their soul is shiny (despite all the things they've done that aren't exactly "pure")
• In S1 Lucifer put a spell on the attic to stop humans from seeing its door (which was why he willingly let MC use the TSL album to distract him - hoping that they'd climb the stairs, see nothing up there and stop pressing the issue). Obviously it didn't work on MC***
• They played a part in encouraging the brothers towards their Sins when they were still angels
• They've been with the brothers long before any of them met because their life/soul Candle was always next to the brothers' Candles
• They're technically stronger than Death itself - Punishment for breaking The Reaper's rules was death. Even the brothers weren't supposed to be powerful enough to overturn those punishments. MC was able to unconsciously counter all of them and make them harmless transformation curses instead
• The LIs aren't the only ones romantically/sexually attracted to MC. A large number of other citizens in the Devildom also want to sleep with them
• They modelled in a photoshoot with Mammon
• They occasionally wear suits
• They are not easily phased by things and tend to remain calm even in high stakes situations
• They are highly adaptable to new situations
• They don't lose their temper often but they have a pretty mean glare
• They can imitate Lucifer's voice when he's mad well enough to fool both Mammon & Beel
• They're strong enough to kick down Levi's locked door
Tumblr media
• They also seem to really like pudding
• They're warm
• They frequently share a room with Mammon, enough so that he's kept his toothbrush & charger in their room
*** I compiled screenshots of this part and other parts from all 4 seasons that heavily point towards MC not being human:
MC Very Obviously Not Being Human
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Tumblr media
style/pose was inspired from 'メーベル' song
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Om! Headcanons I think about at like 3 a.m.
Simeon talks in his sleep. Like, almost every night. The topics range from spoilers for his next TSL book (Levi found that the hard way) to how Micheal terrifies him. Solomon has a video of his late-night rambles, and it's honestly endearing to see the angel babble away in his sleep.
The brothers learnt not to steal from Mammon the hard way. Once Levi, fed up with his brother's stealing and selling of his items decided to take revenge on him by selling a wooden bead bracelet he found in the second-born's bedroom, not knowing that it was given to him by Lilith after one of her Human Realm visits. It was one of the very few times that Mammon transformed into his demon form in rage and had to be held back by both Lucifer and Beel.
Dia adores butterflies ever since Barbatos took him to a butterfly garden in the Human Realm. The young prince did try to recreate it, but unfortunately, the Devildom butterflies were a little too cannibalistic for his taste.
Barbatos doesn't really like people in his kitchen when he's cooking or baking. The only exceptions to this particular thing are MC, Diavolo and Luke.
MC gets hounded by demons to make pacts with them after it is leaked that their magic is stronger than even Solomon. Now, based on their personality they either revel in the attention or shy away from it, but this makes Lucifer put in 'security measures'. And by that I mean he had at least one of his brothers around MC or in their vicinity at all times. All of them are extremely territorial and do not appreciate lower demons coming up to MC to make pacts with them.
Satan and Lucifer are surprisingly more cuddly and loving with each other when they are drunk. Asmo has a video of a drunk Lucifer and Satan holding each other and crying with watching a compilation of kittens being cute. He has been sworn to secrecy by both brothers.
Belphie has an old elephant plushie that was given to him by Lucifer when he was young and wouldn't go to sleep. It's stashed between piles of clothes in his closet, but on especially bad nights, when his thoughts and self-doubts keep him up, he cuddles it to sleep.
Lilith used to bring lots of souvenirs from the Human Realm for all of her brothers, and each one cherishes whatever she brought for them. For Lucifer, it was a book, Mammon was given a wooden bead bracelet that she threaded herself, Levi got a set of paints made from seashells, Asmo was given the hand mirror that he always keeps on himself. Beel and Belphie have the most amount of gifts from Lilith.
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Tumblr media
Got cyberbullied into this please send help..
The prophecy has been fulfilled
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Mammon: Hey. *hugging MC from behind*
MC: What?
Mammon: Pay me.
MC: Pay you for what?
Mammon: Those kisses and that steamy loving I gave you yesterday. *pouts*
MC: ...
MC: You didn't check your account?
Mammon: No? Wait. You gave me some?!
MC: Uh...yes? You were acting suspicious so I guessed you just hit the limit of your goldie.
Mammon: *teary puppy eyes* MC—Ack!
MC: *has pushed his face away* Stop. Too cringy.
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Tumblr media
Remember: It’s okay to fail
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Tumblr media
Match made in hell
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Hello, may I have some headcanons on how Luke, Simon, Mammon and Belphie react if Mc just fucking DESTROYED a demon for attacking Luke.
Yes I can!
MC Destroys a Demon for Attacking Luke
(Mammon, Belphegor, Simeon, Luke)
Warnings: Graphic violence, cussing, Belphie being horny
“And what do we have here? A little angel, all alone.”
A demon towers over Luke, horns twisting over his head and wings unfurled to cage the little angel from running around him.
“What do you want from me?”
“Oh, come on man, leave the tiny dog alone.” Another demon speaks from behind the first, his voice indifferent.
“I just want to have a little fun is all~” The first demon says, reaching towards Luke.
“Just who do you think you are?”
Mammon had been in the middle of expanding one of his great money catching schemes to MC when they suddenly ran off.
“Hey! Where do ya think you’re going?”
Mammon chased after them, but what he saw when he got there surprised him.
One of the demons laid bloodied on the ground, his head smashed in.
MC stood with a pipe in hand, beating the dying body of the second demon, blood splattered over their face.
Then he saw Luke, cowering in the corner, covering his ears and squeezing his eyes shut.
“Hey, Luke..” Mammon kneels next to Luke, positioning his body so the young angel couldn’t see the gory mess behind him.
Luke slowly opens his eyes, and upon seeing Mammon, throws his arms around s his neck, crying into his shoulder.
“What do you say we get you back to Simeon, yeah?”
With Luke in his arms, he quickly rushes past the two bodies and fuming human.
Once he was sure they were away from the bodies, and Luke was okay with it, he turned into his demon form and flew Luke home.
Simeon was very surprised when Mammon landed on their front door carrying a sleeping angel, exhausted from crying.
Belphie had been walking with Mammon and MC when MC ran off, laughing at Mammon’s expression.
“Maybe they got tired of your pointless schemes.”
Follows them anyways out of curiosity, but much slower.
He actually runs into Mammon, who was carrying Luke.
When Mammon hurriedly tells him what happened and points him in the direction of MC, he picks up the pace.
When he gets to the alley, he’s in his demon form, but the two are already did.
“You killed them with a lead pipe?”
When MC nods, he grins.
“That’s hot as fuck.”
He pulls the angry human close, leaning down and licking some of the splattered blood off of their face.
“Damn, now I’m hard. What do you say we go home and have some fun? We can report this to Diavolo tomorrow.”
At first, all he could do was stare at Mammon, holding a sleeping Luke, as the demon walked in and then took Luke to bed.
“What happened?!” He hissed once Luke was safely in bed and they had left the room.
He watched as Mammon turned back into his human form, and then asked his question again.
He was… he didn’t know. He didn’t know what to think or how to feel.
Luke was attacked, and he wasn’t there to save him.
He felt guilty.
But also surprised at the graphic damage MC did to the demons.
“MC did that? With a lead pipe? How?”
Mammon didn’t know the answer, but they both assumed either they had cast some sort of spell or drank some potion.
Maybe Solomon was involved with their newly-discovered strength?
He sent MC a text asking to meet up with them the next day to properly thank them, and then waved goodbye to Mammon.
After that, he went to Luke’s room and stayed in their.
He was awake most of the night, but his body wouldn’t let him stay up the whole night and he fell asleep next to Luke’s bed.
He was going to have a cramp in his neck from falling asleep in a chair.
When Luke heard MC’s voice, he didn’t know if he was grateful or even more scared.
What could a human do against two demons?
Turns out, a lot.
MC had told him to close his eyes and cover his ears, but he couldn’t help but peek.
He wish he didn’t.
He loves MC, he truly does.
But now he’s also scared of them.
He knows they’d never hurt him, but the thought of seeing them so angry…
He started to cry.
He was relieved when he saw Mammon.
So much so he fell asleep in his arms flying back to Purgatory.
At least there’s some demons he could trust…
Not that he’s ever admit it.
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Mc: *yawns*
Asmo: Yeah, being that pretty must be tiring.
Mc: Then you must be exhausted.
Solomon: Will you two shut up? Some of us are lonely.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warm up sketch turned shitpost
Headcanon: Demons hate the cold. They can tolerate it at best and die from it at worst. Temperature tolerance depends on the power level and the biology of the demon in question. From most to least: Diavolo- he's a fucking furnace by himself. Cold? He doesn't know her
Satan, Belphegor- tolerance of the average human. Mammon- if it's not windy he can bear it Barbatos,Lucifer- acts like a hot shit but actually uses the warming spell Mephistopheles, Leviathan- French army in Russia, 1812 Asmodeus, Beelzebub- Put them in the cold and i'm calling the Devildom cops on you for a murder attempt
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MC Very Obviously Not Being Human
1. Hard Lesson 14-13
Tumblr media
2. Normal 27-3
Tumblr media
There's a split second after this that's impossible to get a screenshot of, when Simeon calls MC and Solomon smiles and tells MC their director is calling and then his smile falls and his text box vanishes and he's on screen a second too long and he gets this considering look
3. Lessons 35 to 36
MC very literally beats Death.
The Reaper's punishment for breaking their rules was fatal and even the brothers wouldn't have been able to override them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
MC is however able to unconsciously turn those punishments into harmless easily reversible transformation curses
4. Normal Lesson 52-A
Tumblr media
5. Normal Lesson 52-5
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
6. Normal Lesson 65-6
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So what's my theory?
Lilith was never fully human. She may have had a body of a human but she still had the soul and ,buried deep inside, the magic of an Angel (you could even argue that she had the magic of an Angel-Demon hybrid because she died after she Fell so she was no longer fully an Angel but before she got to transform into a Demon)
OM! may pick and choose what parts of irl myth they use for their characters BUT all their characters that are based of an irl mythological/religious figure has at least one characteristic connecting them to their namesake. Lilith in some of the most common irl stories is the mother of demons/monsters
Canon Facts About (General) MC
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mc: I don't think we can mansplain or manipulate our way out of this-
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lostparadise-found · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If I get baby pictures of the brothers, then I will in return share a picture of a little Evie.
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Tumblr media
Raffle Prize for @demonbestie ⭐💛
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zac-n · a day ago
Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
*MC and Mammon both received a sign from Barbatos that they would be returning to their own timeline*
Younger MC: *understanding that Mammon has to go* *but couldn't hide their sad expression*
Mammon: Hey... Cheer up. We're going to meet again in future. You know that, right?
Younger MC: *nods*
Mammon: ...
Mammon: *breathes in* *takes off his sunglasses* *and makes them wear it*
Mammon: *pats their head*
Younger MC: *tries to hold back their tears*
Mammon: See you later. *beams*
Angel Mammon: Are you going back?
MC: Yes...
Angel Mammon: ...
Angel Mammon: *plucks out a single feather from his wings and hands it to them*
MC: Mammon—
Angel Mammon: Please keep this. *smiles* I want you to remember the me in Celestial Realm.
MC: *eyes widened* Are you aware that—
Angel Mammon: *nods* But it's okay. It doesn't matter if I changed, because now...
Angel Mammon: I'm pretty sure that you'll be there to support me.
MC: Mammon—
Angel Mammon: *giving them a hug* See you soon, MC.
MC: *hugging him back* Yes... See you soon... Mammon.
Barbatos: *smiles* Both of you arrived safely.
MC and Mammon: *holding each other's hand*
Barbatos: And it looks like you finally made up. I'm glad.
MC: *has Mammon's feather as their earring* *and his sunglasses on their head*
Mammon: Yeah. Even though they gave me nothing. *pouts*
MC: Not my fault I was empty-handed.
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Tumblr media
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kibu-me · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Enemy from the other side of the room.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🔥it’s about drive 🚗it’s about power⚡️we stay hungry🍴we devour😋😡
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(SNATCHES TSL OUT OF SIMEONS HANDS) what do we have here...  😈 
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