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#obey me mc
boozye · 2 days ago
yaaaa! big brother Dani :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(third background taken from the game)
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absolutepokemontrash · 2 days ago
I saw you did a 5foot mc for the obey me brothers can you plz do one for the undateabuls if you dont mind
🌸- anon
Yeeees, yes I can!
Hhhhhhh- Small MC-
(Side Characters)
Monsterfuckers and people with size kinks come get y’all juice
Wait- where’s the human- oh they’re down there, hello human! Welcome to the Devildom!
I headcanon that Diavolo’s at least 6’6-6’7 so… he may have to crouch a little, or get MC a stool.
But boy howdy- why are humans so small???? So cute???? So easy to hold??????
In the event that MC gives this touch-starved giant demon a hug, he’s picking them up and squeezing them like they’re a stuffed animal.
If MC needs to get things off of shelves? Don’t worry, he’s got this!
Also hand size comparisons are a must, MC has baby hands that are just perfect for holding, we ask that MC give Dia the honour.
Separate height headcanon. Diavolo’s demon form is bordering eight feet tall. So if MC ever would like to wreak vengeance on all who have used them as an arm wrest, they should call Diavolo and ask to sit on his shoulders.
MC’s below a average height didn’t really phase the butler at first, he’d been alive far too long to not have met short humans.
When he truly took notice to how short MC really was, was when the two were cooking together.
MC was really straining to reach up to grab a mixing bowl from one of the cabinets. At first Barb just chuckled and went over to help… until MC accidentally tipped the entire stack of bowls over and it was going to fall on top of them.
Super-Barbatos to the rescue! With one hand he picks up MC and moves them out of the way, and with the other hand, he catches the falling bowls.
Yay! Crisis averted! Back to cooking!
All in all, Barbatos doesn’t mind MC’s height to much, he’s used to short people, look at his Angel-son.
Though, he does like to hug MC from behind and rest his head on top of their’s. It just makes him happy ^.^
First thought? Wow, humans are smaller than I remember. Second thought? Ah. Time to tease.
You may be thinking, “APT! Our good Christian Angel with amazing shoulders would never!” And I’m here to tell you that you are dead wrong.
He teases so lightly that 40% of the time, MC can’t even tell that they’re being made fun of until hours after the interaction.
It’s all out of love though. Simeon adores every inch of MC. How few inches there are though-
Simeon is also loves it when MC sits on his lap. He just needs his cuddle quota met!
Since all his friends are tall, if Simeon wants to write a short character that isn’t a child, he goes to MC for help.
“So what’s it like down there? Describe it to me.” “Well I really want to kick you in the shins and I am the perfect height for that.”
Oh this fucking guy-
Solomon’s tall by human standards and he’s not going to miss out on teasing MC.
If MC needs something that Solomon has, he’ll stretch out his arms and hold it out of reach. This is MC’s cue to climb him like a tree and claw the item out of his grasp.
I guarantee that Solomon has offered to cast a spell on MC to temporarily enhance their height. And yes, it did give everyone heart attacks when MC was suddenly able to look them in the eye.
Solomon is the type to randomly scoop up MC into a bridal carry, he totally learned it from Asmo.
He has 100% gotten MC and Luke a step stool for their respective birthdays. No, he’s not sorry, and the real presents were much nicer, both MC and Luke liked them ^^.
“Why is the human taller than me 🥺?”
Luke is just a little bit shorter than MC and it’s mildly infuriating to him. But at the same time, short solidarity.
At one point after being used as an armrest, Luke asks MC if he can stand on their shoulders so the two of them can form the ULTIMATE TALL PERSON.
It doesn’t work out 90% of the time and Luke falls over. He’s okay tho. (Usually)
Still, it’s nice to have someone else who understands the struggle, but I don’t think that means Luke wouldn’t *try* to tease MC. Like if he sees Solomon hold something out of reach, he might try to do it too. Since MC’s taller, they can just pluck whatever Luke’s holding right out of his widdle baby hands.
Luke promises that when he gets big and tall he’s never going to tease MC for their height! He won’t become the villain! He’ll even get things off shelves for them. He’s practicing for that eventuality by carrying around a step stool.
MC should give him head pats while he’s shorter than them! While there’s still time!
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Headcanons of Lucifer, Mammon, Simeon, & Diavolo reacting (separately) when MC tells him that they feel safe wrapped up in his wings? 👀👉👈
This might be simple but i'll try to still keep it funny/cute 😳
Tumblr media
- "im glad you feel like that"
- in reality he is quite surprised that you feel like that about his wings
- sure they are pretty and they are big and all but usually you'd be scared of seeing him in this form
- you however, not only arent scared hut also feel safe wrapped around his wings, and he really doesnt know how to show his appreciation of knowing this
- if you are lucky enough you just might see him blush a bit, however if he were to get flustered he'd hide his face from you
- "well of course you do! Its the great Mammon himself that is letting you near his wings right now"
- mammon your tsundereness is showing🙄
- is obviously going to get all flustered by your words, its freaking Mammon we're talking about
- he will pull you closer while giving you some lazy excuse to do just that, whether its raining or whatever he just wants you to be even closer to him now
- if your intimacy is high enough with him he might even let you touch his wings or he'll keep you under his arm too or similar
- "aww, im glad you feel that way MC"
- is so touched by your comment and ends up feeling all lovey- dovey because of it
- he will pull your closer and hold you near him, this can either be to just hold your hand, to a hug to maybe a kiss if you two are close enough but even then i like to think Simeon finds holding hands the ultimate form of intimacy for him idk
- everytime he can now he will wrap you around his wings and he will keep you closer to him
- angels are usually beings that should show safety and guideness and similar stuff so pretty much he is doing his roll right and he feels so happy about it
- *happy diavolo noises*
- yeah no when Diavolo goes into his demon form you know someone is about to get slapped to a whole other dimension, so (just like luci) he feels really glad you think otherwise
- "im so happy to know that MC, you have no idea how much that means to me"
- big strong prince will lift you closer to him as he hears you say that you like being wrapped around his wings
- now he'll be clingier than ever and will take any chance he gets to wrap himself around you more, with or without the wings, if he can make you feel safe by being wrapped around you then he will stay wrapped around you
- you are not getting out of this one easily
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"The demon brothers as teachers" Obey me! Headcanons
I wanted to do the second part of my kinks headcanons with the side characters, but I've been writing too much smut lately so here's something chill.
A history teacher,
He's very strict, that's for sure, the whole class is silent when he walks in,
Gives the worst punishments; you were chewing gum during his lesson? now everyone has to write a short test because of you... thanks,
Don't even try to find his tests on the internet, he creates them himself and for every class separately,
One day students (who didn't know him very well) played a prank on him by adding salt to his coffee, he quickly found out who it was, and let's say; they had a pretty rough high school because of that incident...
He's the type of teacher everyone hates but appreciates later in life because they remember the majority of the stuff he taught them,
Also, he kinda gets away with being so mean because he's hot.
A math teacher,
The exact opposite from Lucifer, he's so chill, it's like coming to a class of one of your bros,
Students ADORE him, for sure gets some presents from them from time to time,
Believe it or not, he's good at math and could be a good mentor, it's just that he doesn't care much about his job,
Often shows up late for class,
It's easy to convince him to give a better grade,
Because everyone is scared of Lucifer, they go to Mammon so he can talk to him on behalf of the students (it rarely works anyway),
Let's be honest, tho his lessons are fun, no one will be a mathlete after they finish high school with him as their teacher...
A computer science teacher,
Probably has prerecorded videos of the topics so he doesn't actually have to talk in front of the class,
Gives exercises to do based on the instructional videos and that's it, no interaction whatsoever,
He's pretty chill and grades on the benefit of students,
Sometimes chats with his class about video games or anime, everybody likes that about him,
When he has some free time, he likes to organize video games tournaments for his students (no one has ever beat him yet).
A literature teacher,
He's the middle ground between Lucifer and Mammon, he doesn't let his students walk all over him but he's also not terrifying,
Is very good at explaining and is able to make even the most boring topics fascinating by sharing some fun facts and things he had read,
He's easily distracted and strayed from the subject, it mostly happens when someone mentions cats,
His tests are really hard tho and he rarely argues with the students about their grades,
You don't want to get on his nerves, believe me,
Students know that he and Lucifer are rivals and often bet who would win in a fight.
An art teacher,
He's the most loved out of all the professors, knows how to charm his students, many of them have a crush on him,
He's very chill, rarely assigns any graded work, he does it when he musts,
To be honest, sometimes he spends the whole lesson talking about himself instead of teaching,
Loves to chit-chat and knows all the gossip, probably too invested in his student's personal life,
Even if he's not very strict and frightening like Lucifer, he manages to keep his class organized (they just like him so much, they don't want to cause trouble for him).
A PE teacher,
He gets the job done and doesn't slack off,
He's a softball and his students often use it; skipping his class because of "an important club meeting", going to the infirmary because someone "doesn't feel so well", etc.
Overall he's really liked,
Likes to spend lunch breaks with his students,
If someone has a personal problem, he's the first teacher they will go to for advice or comfort,
One time his students left some food near the stuff room because they didn't want to exercise, he didn't show up; as expected, and Belphie had to step in and punish these students for playing such pranks.
A geography teacher,
Let's be honest, he sleeps on his own lessons most of the time or at least shows up late because he took a nap,
Talks really slow and makes everyone doze off,
Can be really mean when someone pisses him off or if he's having a bad day; expect a sudden test,
Often stands up for Beel when his students take advantage of him,
Doesn't give any homework, he thinks it's unnecessary and he wouldn't want to collect and grade it anyway,
It's hard to notice at the first glance but he really cares about the students, will definitely stand up for them against Lucifer,
He also really likes listening to them trash-talking him and often joins in,
Most of the time people just skip his classes and go home.
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Lucifer: Okay. Rule number 1, do not go off on your own. Rule number 2, if you do go off on your own, do not go in the woods. Rule number 3, if you do go into the woods, never, ever, EVER make out in the woods, or you will DIE in the woods…
Lucifer: Where’s Mc and Asmodeus?
Mammon: Breaking rules 1, 2 and 3.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Satan: *wakes up*
MC: *doing skin care routine on his face*
Satan: MC...?
MC: Morning. *smiles*
Satan: Why do I smell like strawberry?
MC: I put a strawberry-scented mask on you earlier. *massaging his cheeks a little*
Satan: *realizes something* *pouts*
MC: *laughs*
Satan: You're treating me like a baby again.
MC: Because you're my baby.
Satan: Don't. Or I'll give you a baby.
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sockgin92 · 2 days ago
//🔞suggestive content//
How to get your demon to your room 101 🏃😈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(just some spicy content after those kids friendly spam)
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strawberrycream-art · a day ago
A question for Mammon: Would you kiss Maddi if were given as a dare? Or would you rather smack Levi in the back of the head with a pillow?
Tumblr media
Levi: "You do realize you're leaving him spoilt for choice here? And why that second option??"
The demon brothers and Madi are answering questions!
Ask event info post (please note that the period to send in questions has ended!)
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[At Mc's funeral]
Solomon: Look, can I have a moment alone with them?
[Everyone leaves]
Solomon to Mc: Alright listen fucker I know you are not actually dead.
Mc: *opens eyes* yEAH NO SHIT!
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boozye · a day ago
You must be exhausted babysitting your kids, here have a coffee ☕️ , extra cream no sugar, I even poured a nice flower art on top, would you like a sandwich with that? (I’ve been paying attention)
Tumblr media
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limonnazul · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
fellow boba enthusiast spits tapioca balls at demons, more at seven
drawing done for @moemoemammon​‘s YCH!!
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 2 days ago
Hello!! I love your writing! ❤️ Can I request a Brothers and side characters react to MC who is a famous Voice Actor.
Stay Safe and Take care!
I was actually already planning on writing something that involved this exact scenario 😁😁
Also thanks for the kind words!!
Tumblr media
- he was just passing by your room when he then heard a sniff coming from inside
- he of course gets concerned and decides to check on you, however as he grabs the doorknob he is stopped by your voice
- "i cant believe you.. after everything we have been through, youre just going to through me aside?"
- it sounds like... a breakup? But who could the future corpse be!?
- he enters the room as he hears cries come from the other side only to find you sitting on a chair and talking through a microphone that you got while being down in the devildom
- yep, this exchange program isnt going to stop you, there is work to be done!
- "MC what are you doing and who are you talking to?" He asks confused by your lack of sadness.
- you explain to him that you are voice acting
- now he is slightly embarrassed for interupting your recording
- he finds you to be a very good actor considering he actually thought you were breaking up with someone
- The avatar of greed was heading to your room for help, what exactly is this help for is up to our imagination
- however he stops infront of your door when he hears some weird noises coming from your room
- *donald duck noises*
-" what is that? ... omg what is that!?"
- he enters your room extremely confused but also a little bit scared, what if it was a ghost or something that shouldnt be in there?
- instead its just you makin impression through a microphone for some comic you are dubbing
- "wait... MC... that wasnt you was it??" He is so confused but also fascinated
- will ask for more impressions and will want you to say certain stuff in certain voices
- he had tried texting you to head to his room to play a game he just got but seeing you wouldnt answer he decided to go check
- what he proceeds to hear as he gets closer to your room is the voice of the one and only ruri-chan
- he ♡lovingly♡ kicks the door with pure violence as his ears cant believe it and for the most part he is dissapointed
- he caught you voice dubbing a ruri-chan comic
- while it isnt ruri-chan he does find amusing how good of an impression you can do of the character and he will totally ask you to do more of it
- he will also want you to read every single text manga that he owns since its just such good acting and he can feel the emotions when you read what the characters say
- the fellow was just heading to your room to get back a book he borrowed to you when he hears you talking.
- however he is a bit confused at first since he heard some kind of narrator voice
- when he enters he finds you reading out a certain text while recording it on a microphone
- he is quite surprised actually, you almost confused him
- now he wants you to read to him everytime you two are reading together, not only is it you who is reading it but its also in an incredible voice
- just wanted to spend some quality alone time with you, now he is listening to you read the script for your job and wow is he impressed
- "MC, i need to hear every single voice you can do, i wanna know what you can do"
- loves your talents without a doubt
- is probably also trying to figure out your sex voice
- sorry thats all i can think about asmo i dont see much with him...
- big boy was hoping you'd accompany him for a snack
- as he arrivee to your bedroom he heard your voice read out some kind of monologue, the only issue is that it was done in a very silly voice
- he finds it unnerving since perhaps it could be a skinwalker or shapshifter trying to steal yuur identity
- this man, knowing full well that something is off, barges into your room to discover the source
- it is you, but he is still going to probably lift you up and shake you until you confess your identity theft crimes
- when you explain to him that you were just acting he puts you down
- couldve been much worse to be honest
- he might just keep a close eye at you for the rest of the day... just to make sure...
- he was heading to your room for a nap, your bed is comfy for him so.
- When he grabs the doorknob however he is stopped by an unfamiliar voice
- you should be inside right? Then who is this poor excuse of a chainsaw then?
- he opens the door carefully to find you reading the script you needed to read while youre in the call thata recording
- he waves at you and lays down on your bed, just listening, he finds it fun how you can do that funky voice
- once you finish he asks about it and so you explain thay you were just acting out a part that needed to be done.
- will fall asleep to you doing dumb impressions of characters probably
- after barging into the HoL to pick you up to go hang out, he catches you finishing a monologue that you needed to read and record.
- was a bit unsettled by the unrecognizable voice however, so of course he is going to break into your room ready to confront whatever fool was in your room
- is surprised to see you there pressing pause to the recording audio
- oop
- you'll have to explain to him what voice acting is because i doubt he knows
- you'll also have to act out every single character and impression you have done in your life because he is now curious
- "this is so fascinating! Who wouldve known you could change your voice like that?"
- will 100% ask you to teach him
- is fascinated when he finds out
- you were just entertaining luke with some cartoon impressions when he walked in, and he loves it
- the ability to both recreat classic voices while also being able to create new ones calls hia attention
- will join in to see what else you can do and will totally ask you to redo certain voices just because it catches him so offguard with your appearance
- will love to watch you teach luke
- kind of knew already but it still catches him offguard sometimes
- who knows, if you managed to do diavolo's voice right, and do it in the right scenario, you might just pull out a great prank on him
- will join the prince and you as you teach diavolo how to do certain impressions
- finds it both funny and weird at once
- like i just said, if you have enough expierence you might manage to trick some people
- otherwise doesnt really mind it
- its fun to listen you do certain voices
- teach him
- he was going to ask you to help him out with a spell but instead caught you doing a narrator voice and now he wants to do it
- oh the possiblities that you have given him if you accept to teach him
- the inner jokes will be great considering he too is a human, adding the fact that you can do voices? Oh the memes...
- have fun confusing literally everyone
- (sorry i cant come up with more for solomon xd)
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Mc, dramatically: It’s out of my hands, Lucifer. The winds of fate have blown on my destiny.
Mc: But I will never forget you. You are the love of my life.
Mammon, cleaning their throat: Ahem.
Mc: As are you.
Asmo: Ahem.
Mc: And you. And-
Simeon: [is literally just sitting there]
Mc: Oh, I don’t know you, but I’d like to.
Lucifer: Mc!
Mc: I gotta go!
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harunayuuka2060 · a day ago
Luke: I'm upset. *pouts*
MC: Wh-Why?
Luke: I want you to spend time with me but you're too busy with the brothers.
Luke: I thought you said I'm your only child! *cute angry angel face*
Luke: You don't love me anymore!
MC: *struck by an invisible lightning*
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strawberrycream-art · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
You've heard of Strawberry Cow Belphie, now get ready for...
// song used: "Lemon Boy" (Cavetown) cover by Chloe Moriondo
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