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#obey me mc

Ok so

Y’all know Skyrim?

Y’all know the amulet of Mara

Well imagine Mc gets one and wears it around

And as soon as Levi sees it on them

Just imagine he flips out with he face all red because he most definitely played the game and he most definitely knows what that necklace means

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My kind of ship dynamic lol

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So I saw this on twitter and tumblr and I wanted to hop on to it! It’s a fun little thing!

The Mc here is Valery, she/they. I’m romancing Mammon in my playthrough because he is a sweet baby boi and I do not take any criticism at this time X3

It’s fun to represent the relationships of everyone like this!

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MC: Truth or dare?

Levi: Truth.

MC: How many hours have you slept, this week?

Levi: Dare!

MC: Okay, go to sleep.

Levi: … I don’t like this game.

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I made some starting sheets for the 3 designs and named them! C (Danielle) was most popular among tumblr, Twitter and Instagram so she’ll be my primary Mc. These aren’t set in stone as I’m still trying to develop them, so these will probably change.

Here’s the blank template (not made by me):

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MC, after meeting Solomon
Do you trust him…?
I absolutely trust him.
He’s not some kind of maniac, right?
… I absolutely trust him.
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2nd-year Solomon had lost his pen and he was searching for it. 

1st-year MC saw it… but the rascal didn’t bother to find who the owner was even though the name “Solomon” was already marked on the pen.

When Solomon finally visited the room MC was in, he saw MC nibbling on the pen. And this dude fell for them because a cutie nibbling his pen? Yeah. That’s fucking destiny for him. 

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MC: Lucifer, can I have your hand?

Lucifer: *narrows his eyes at them* No.

MC: *laughs* I’m not going to eat it.

Lucifer: … Fine. *gives them his hand*

MC: *licks it*

Lucifer: *shivers* *yank his hand back* What the-

MC: *licks their lips* Hmm… You’re really delicious, Lucifer.

Lucifer: *face reddens in embarrassment*


Asmo: MC~! A kiss will do, please?

MC: Depends on the kiss.

Asmo: Torrid kissing.

MC: Do you want me to eat your tongue?

Asmo: *whines* 


Luke: *crying* That nasty demon has been bullying me.

MC: What does that demon look like?

Luke: *sees the demon* That’s him!

MC: *smiles* I’ll be back in a jiffy. *goes to the demon and drags them somewhere*

Luke: …

MC: *goes back at him after a few minutes* *with something red on their lips and neck*

Luke: MC… What’s that?

MC: Oh, this? Hot sauce.

Luke: Where’s the demon?

MC: Ahh… Well, he told me that he will never bother you again since he’s going to move tomorrow. *smiles*

Luke: *smiles* Thank you, MC! *about to hug them*

MC: Whoa whoa… You’re going to get dirty. Let me wash first. 

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Lucifer: Make sure you’re on time or I’ll slit your throats hahahhahahaha.

MC: You don’t have to fake laugh, we know you’re serious.

Lucifer: Good.

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Barbatos: *is sleeping on MC’s bed*

Lucifer: So… What exactly happened?

MC: I kissed him.

Asmo: Lucifer, your question is wrong. MC, how did you kiss Barbatos? *smiles*

MC: …

Beel: I’m the one who taught them so I supposed it was just a simple kiss. Right, MC?

MC: T-That was simple?

Beel: What do you mean?

Asmo: *starts laughing* Let me guess. You did French kiss on Barbatos!

MC: … Because that’s what written on the note Beel gave to me.

Beel: … I never gave a note to you, MC.

Asmo: *starts dancing*

Beel: …

MC: …

Beel: You’re dead to me, Asmo.

Lucifer: Anyway, that means Barbatos should be fine. He will wake up. 

Diavolo: *just arrived* *smiling* 

Lucifer: Diavolo, what are you smiling at?

Diavolo: Well, I have a good news.

MC: What good news?

Diavolo: Barbatos is pregnant.

MC: …

The brothers: …

Them: EHH?!!!!

MC: Wait… How could he be pregnant?! He’s a male!

Diavolo: MC, we don’t really need to have a uterus to get pregnant. 

Levi: Lol, Like Lucifer when it comes to Satan.

Satan: Shut up.

Belphie: So… Congrats? *laughs* 

MC: … 

Mammon: Wait… If Barbatos is pregnant with MC’s child… Does that mean… He’s our brother-in-law?

Lucifer: … Mammon. You really never fail to give me a nightmarish thought. 

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Uh… As far as I know, it’s GN. XD But anyways…


Diavolo’s father: How have you been my grandchild?

MC: Well, I’m surprisingly fine. How about you, my dear grandfather? When did you decide to wake up from your deep slumber?

Diavolo’s father: *chuckles* When I heard the news about you, I immediately have the urge to meet you, my grandchild.

MC: *frowns at him* You’re being too friendly, aren’t we?

Diavolo’s father: Why? Don’t you like my company?

MC: …

Diavolo’s father: MC, I hope you won’t be too harsh to your father.

MC: Right. Coming from someone who neglected him for so long.

Diavolo’s father: *chuckles* Haa… We do really share the same bloodline.

Diavolo: Father, are you done talking with MC?

Diavolo’s father: Yes. 

Diavolo: *smiles at MC* MC, come with me. I have already found the cartoon that you like. 

MC: … You’re not serious.

Diavolo: *laughs* Yes, I am. You must see Barbatos scream whenever he sees Jerry on the screen. 

MC: …

MC: *smiles* Alright. 

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MC: *looking at Beel with puppy eyes*

Beel: MC, you can’t eat sweets right now. 

MC: *sniffles* *pouts* No candy for MC?

Beel: …

Levi: Beel, maybe we can give them even just one?

Beel: No. It’s bad for their teeth.

MC: *looks at Levi* Levachan… Pwease… 

Levi: *gulps* W-Well… 

Beel: *gives him a warning look* 

Levi: *inhales* *gives MC one candy*

Beel: Levi.

MC: *eyes brightens* Thank you, Levachan! *extended their arms*

Levi: Huh? Do you want me to hug you?

MC: *nods* *giggles* 

Levi: *moves closer*

MC: *kisses his cheek*

Levi: *blushes*

MC: *smiles* *then runs away* 

Beel: You know I’m going to beat you up later, right?

Levi: *flower background* I don’t care. It’s totally worth it. 

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Solomon and Simeon: *who are in the same room as them*

Solomon: *raises an eyebrow* Wow. The audacity.

Simeon: *goes to check under their beds and behind the windows* Good. No demons. *laughs with a hint of irritation* Guess you have to bear with us tonight.

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Spoiler illustration for Lesson 45 finished!!! 🥳

Shōri: “Don’t worry, Lucifer! I’ll keep you safe!”


P.S. I decided to combine things that are not quite compatible 🤭 Because I am fan of the Disenchantment Netflix series and this is what I got!

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MC: You are all so handsome that my eye is hurting with brightness.

The boys: Aww~ Thank yo—

MC: *pops their glass eye* There… Much better.

The boys: *shrieks*

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If ya think about it...
I swear, if you say something idiotic I'm gonna-
the phrase "I ain't never seen two pretty best friends" doesn't technically imply the hotness and cuteness levels of the two best friends.
So... Two pretty best friends may not exist, but the concept of a hot best friend and a cute best friend does?
*points index finger at MC* Exactly!
What is life
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