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#obey me michael
harunayuuka20602 days ago
As much as i hate angsty or just things that make me emotional or sad(looking at you dark au鈥檚馃憖) can i order more adult!luke
Barbatos: I鈥檝e heard you did well in your seduction exam against Luke.聽
MC: I鈥檓 not really sure if I deserved to earn such a praise from the teacher. I just cried in front of him. *laughs*
Barbatos: *smiles* MC, you don鈥檛 have to pretend that you鈥檙e fine.聽
MC: ...
MC: That鈥檚 right...聽
Barbatos: I know that it might be difficult for you to forget him since you were great friends. But you have to remember that he鈥檚 not the same Luke you used to know.聽
MC: ...
MC: Barb...
MC: Have you... seen it in the future... that Luke and I would be like this?
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: *smiles* Yes. Your friendship has ended. And unfortunately, there was no way to turn it back to how it was supposed to be.
MC: O-Oh...聽
Barbatos: I apologize if I had made you disappointed.
MC: N-No! You just gave me an honest answer, Barb!
Barbatos: *chuckles*聽
MC: ...
Barbatos: *pats their head* You鈥檙e going to be fine, MC. Trust me.聽
MC: ...
MC: Okay. I trust you, Barb. *smiles*
Belphie: *sleeping in MC鈥檚 bed*聽
Levi: I thought he鈥檚 going to do an investigation? Why the hell he鈥檚 sleeping?!
Beel: Belphie told me that he was sensing a negative energy here.聽
Levi: Eh? In this room?聽
Levi: But this room is MC鈥檚. Are you telling me that MC is being surrounded by negative energy?
Belphie: *wakes up* Yes.聽
Levi: Great. You finally wake up. So, what did you find out?
Belphie: MC cried.聽
Beel and Levi: ...
Levi: If you鈥檙e talking about the seduction exam, we all have seen that.
Belphie: No. I鈥檓 talking about here. In this room. They cried.聽
Beel: *worried look* Does that mean MC was sad?
Belphie: Not just sadness, Beel. It鈥檚 something greater than that.
Levi: Could you stop beating around the bus?!
Belphie: *lies down again* I need to sleep more to find out.
Levi: You-!
Luke: *still remember how MC cried in front of him* They said it was just an act but...
Luke: Why did I feel pain in my chest?
....: Simple, Luke. Because you have hurt someone who is dear to you.聽
Luke: *eyes widened* M-Michael?
Michael: *waves his hand at him* Hello~. How鈥檚 my favorite angel?
MC: Dia? Barbatos told me that you were asking for my presence?
Diavolo: Yes. Thank you for coming.聽
MC: Is there a problem, Dia? You look quite exhausted.聽
Diavolo: *sigh* Yes. I鈥檓 in trouble, MC, and I need your help.
MC: For what, Dia?
Diavolo: You see, I have received an important invitation. And they are asking me to send you.
MC: But, where is it, Dia?
Diavolo: *smiles* I am sorry, but I cannot disclose the place to you. But you don鈥檛 have to worry. I will send Luke to accompany you in your journey.聽
MC: *shocked* What?
Diavolo: *chuckles* I know that you are going to like it if he鈥檚 with you. After all, you and him are very close to each other.
MC: ...
MC: Y-Yes... *forced themselves to smile*聽
Diavolo: Great. Tomorrow is your departure. And I have already told Barbatos to prepare everything. *smiles*聽
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s-prince3 days ago
Tumblr media
Here's my design for Michael! (this is a reupload just bc I wanted to)
I just love the idea of Michael exuding dilf energy (he also will not hesitate to tell embarrassing stories about Lucifer, mostly because he's still upset. Also he's basically Luke's dad)
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obeymekookie5 days ago
Obey Me! And who's older? Headcanon. (Because I'm confused.)
Satan. (A bit younger than Mammon.)
Asmodeus. (A little bit younger than Levi.)
Belphegor. (Around 1 second older than Beel.)
鈥 Others
Diavolo / Barbatos. (Same age but Barbatos being born a few months earlier.)
Michael. (A bit older than Lucifer.)
Simeon. (Around Lucifer's age.)
Mephistopheles. (A few months older than Satan.)
Luke. (Baby)
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mogmoe6 days ago
Tumblr media
thinking about some angles聽
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harunayuuka20606 days ago
Can... can we get some more logical!MC?? I really wanna know what happens next! 馃憠馃憟
Barbatos: To be or not to be a bat demon. What is your choice?
MC: Why are you even asking me?! You have already turned me into one!
Barbatos: *chuckles* Yes. But what I鈥檓 asking you if you like this form or if you prefer being a fox.
Barbatos: Either way, you look stunning.
MC: *frowns* You don鈥檛 get the point here, Barbatos.
MC: Why, in freaking hell, I still have a tail?聽
Barbatos: *smiles* During the ceremony, I鈥檓 going to intertwine mine with yours.
MC: ...
MC: Now that makes sense.聽
Lucifer: Wait. What do you mean聽鈥淢C agreed.鈥? What鈥檚 going on?
Diavolo: MC had expressed that they would wish to be married and be together with Barbatos because they were already tired with all this聽鈥渂ullshit鈥 going on.
Satan, Belphie, and Beel: *sulking at the corner*聽
Mammon: But how about their parents? Do they even know?
Diavolo: Actually they鈥檙e here. They are waiting in the reception.
Diavolo: And Lucifer, MC is asking if you want to be their best man.聽
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer: *sigh* Yes. I would be there.聽
Levi: But how about the demon king?
Diavolo: ...
Diavolo: He is the officiant.
Simeon: What do you mean that you cannot do anything about it, Michael?!聽
Michael: As I鈥檝e told you, MC will be tied with the demon of time. If only Raphael didn鈥檛 rush, MC鈥檚 future will be different.
Raphael: ...
Raphael: But I鈥檝e seen it. MC is my bride.
Michael: Was. MC was your bride. Not until you decided to kiss their soul and change them into a fox.
Michael: Do you even know what you did?
Michael: You almost made MC someone who can be compared to father.聽
Raphael: ...
Simeon: What?
Michael: MC was almost made into a god. *smiles* But I鈥檓 relieved that they chose to marry that demon butler instead.聽
Eundae: State your vows.
MC: I don鈥檛 have one.
Barbatos: *chuckles* Do you want to skip the whole聽鈥渧ow鈥 thing and go straight in sealing it?
MC: I don鈥檛 really have a problem with that.
Barbatos: *eyes widened*聽
Eundae: *chuckles* Haa... Now I鈥檓 getting jealous. I should have steal you when I had the chance.
Barbatos: *glares at the king*聽
MC: Your Highness... Why are you even the officiante to begin with?
Eundae: Looking for opportunities.
Barbatos: Don鈥檛 consider my bride as one of them.
MC: *mutters* This is the most stressful day that I will ever have.
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definatelyanangel8 days ago
Everyone considers Michael to be rather elegant, when in reality...
Fledgling Lucifer: brother! Have you heard of this esteemed instrument of the humans? It is called a violin! Only the most aristocratic gentlemen play it 馃槍 so I thought you would too!
Michael, internally: why would I bother with such a thing...
Michael: of course! Just give me a moment, and I'll bring one for you.
Lucifer: 馃槉馃槉馃槃
Michael, internally: yes, that is why.
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hypertonicplague8 days ago
Tumblr media
Saw a couple ppl post their hc Michael design so I decided to post mine too 馃憠馃徏馃憟馃徏
Gonna doodle him again later w more body jewelry n sashes n shit lol
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harunayuuka20608 days ago
I hopw you have an amazing day... I was also wondering, what happens next with Admiral Levi?
Levi: *hasn鈥檛 done anything for the whole day*
Satan: *enters his office* Admiral, Commander is asking you to sign this- *sees the stacks of papers on the floor* ...
Satan: You haven鈥檛 signed any of them?
Levi: I鈥檓 not in the mood.
Satan: *sigh* When MC was here, all of the paperwork would be done by noon.聽
Satan: You鈥檙e kind of useless when it comes to public affairs.
Levi: Because this is not my job.
Satan: Yes, it isn鈥檛. It鈥檚 MC鈥檚. And you鈥檙e stupid for allowing the Celestial Force to take them.
Levi: *clicks his tongue* I鈥檓 done talking with you.
Satan: Right. If you will let me, admiral, I will take those documents away.聽
Levi: ...
Satan: *before leaving the office* Are you not even missing, MC? It鈥檚 already been two weeks since they went there.
Levi: And I haven鈥檛 been receiving any intel from them yet. I wonder if they鈥檙e just enjoying themselves in that place.
Satan: *scoffs* I can鈥檛 understand you. Bye.聽
Levi: ...
Levi: Maybe I should sneak in...
MC: *still thinking about the image they have seen on the frame*聽
Simeon: *leans closer* MC? Is there something on your mind? You look quite serious. *smiles*聽
MC: *not looking at him* I have seen something weird. Do you know the blank frame on the - *looks up* *notices that his face is close to them*
Simeon: Blank frame?
MC: *quickly turn their head away* Yes. A blank frame.聽
Simeon: Well, I know what it is but... I鈥檓 not sure either why it is there. Only Lieutenant General Michael knows its use.
MC: ...
MC: Does it involve spying the enemy?
Simeon: *laughs* How straightforward. I don鈥檛 think so.
Simeon: If we were able to use that to spy on Hell鈥檚 Navy, then we would know your every move and next attacks.
MC: I see...
Simeon: *his expression becomes serious all of a sudden* But MC, you mentioned that you have seen something weird. I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 not just the blank frame-
MC: That鈥檚 only it. I found it weird because it was hanging on the wall even though it doesn鈥檛 have anything on it.
Simeon: *laughs* If you say so.聽
Raphael: Hmm? MC? You鈥檙e on cooking duty today?
MC: Yes. Your lieutenant general asked me to cook for him.
Raphael: *leans on the counter* Why would you follow his orders? Let him starve.
MC: *frowns a little* Is that how you always treat your superior?
Raphael: He鈥檚 not even acting one.
MC: *laughs*
Raphael: What?
MC: Nothing. You were so aloof before and even get offended when someone disrespects him.聽
Raphael: I have two sides of me.聽
MC: And those are?
Raphael: The side I show to everyone...
Raphael: *stares at their eyes* And the side I only show to you.
MC: *is taken aback a little* *averted their gaze* Ah...
Raphael: *smiles* I might be disturbing you. Though, don鈥檛 make that idiot鈥檚 food too delicious.聽
*In Michael鈥檚 office*聽
Michael: *claps his hands* Yay! My food is here! Thank you, MC!
MC: You are welcome. *about to walk away*
Michael: Where are you going?
MC: I鈥檓 leaving so you can eat in peace.
Michael: No~! You stay~! I don鈥檛 like eating alone!
MC: *frowns* What are you? A child?
Michael: *clears his throat* Well, do I look like one?
MC: ...
MC: You know that鈥檚 an insult, right?
Michael: *laughs*聽
Michael: *stands up and pulls a chair* Eat with me.聽
MC: No-
Michael: *puppy eyes* Pwease?
MC: ...
MC: *takes the seat* I鈥檓 just going to stay.
Michael: Oh~. So you want to watch me eating?
Michael: That鈥檚 fine with me.
Michael: But you might fall for me~. *winks*
MC: *frowns* No. You don鈥檛 have to worry.
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onehoneybeel10 days ago
Angelic ranks?
Angel jobs? Types? IDK?馃し鈥嶁檧锔
Hey guys! I was, you know, thinking about how im very inactive right now because im currently writing all the other stuff before i start posting and taking in requests again
But i wanted to post a little something for you to read? And i remembered this draft in my notes that i already had planned to post but i hadn't! 鉁
I think there are different angel classes, based on what type of duties they follow, and they get said class assigned after a certain age.
I haven't thought a lot about it so maybe you'll find them a bit meh but i like what i came up with so far and if you have any ideas or suggestions on this topic I'll be glad to hear them!馃グ
First i think theres a hierarchy and a class system, for the hierarchy:
Seraph: God's most trusted and personal angels,they are basically the council of angels that takes the most decisions and God's Councils
Following the seraphim are the principalities, archangels and such, this is more the hierarchy then a class of angels and so this are not exactly inside my headcanons yet, they have a lot more of information that i need to go through to understand this particular classification!
As for the classes of angels that I envision:
Soldiers: This are the most prominent class along with Diplomats, they are in charge of guarding the realm and fighting if it's necessary. Michael is a great example.
Diplomats: They are in charge of handling most of the social disputes and coming up with solutions, as well as be the link of communication between normal angels and the Seraphim. Lucifer used to be one of them.
Healers: Pretty self explanatory, this are the doctors for everyone, they go through arduous training in all types of healing under the guidance of Raphael.
Educators: The wisest of angels are given the chance to teach the new generations on all subjects that matter to the celestial realm, had he been an angel Satan would have been an educator.
Strategists: This is a division of the soldier work, they are in charge of creating any and all plans of action in case of a number of different situations, Leviathan used to be a strategist.
Guards: Another division of the soldiers, they keep the peace in the celestial realm and guard the palace's entrance as well as function as bodyguards. Beelzebub was a guard on the celestial realm.
Caretakers: The caretakers are given little groups of baby cherubs to bring them up and rise them correctly, they work along side the Educators. Lillith was a caretaker while she was alive.
Guardian angels: A sub category of caretakers, guardian angels shouldn't be confused with celestial guards. They are assigned to a number of people in the human world so they can supervise and look for them, bringing reports to the seraphim.
Cherubs: any angel under the restriction age (15 years old in angel years) who aren't assigned a rank, like Luke.
So for the characters i didn't mention:
I think Mammon would be a Soldier or a guard, because of his physical abilities that we know of!
Asmo i think is a healer, he was under healer training under Raphael's care but he did skip a lot.
Belphie I can see as either a strategist (because we know for sure how cunning he is) or a caretaker along Lillith, more because of her than because of the kids (but he is really gentle with beel so he could be great with kid's anyway idk)
And Simeon could probably fit as a Diplomat like Lucifer (which would explain why both of them did a lot of stuff for Michael instead of with Michael) or as a healer too, but im more inclined for the first. Or if you like mischief Simeon we could also say he was a strategist
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harunayuuka206011 days ago
This came to my head randomly like everything- the brothers or the datetables asking criminal!mc to help them and mc telling them that they have connections or people who owe mc that can help them and out of curiosity they ask mc how many connections they have mc tells them 鈥渁s deep as the underworld and as high as the celestial realm鈥 one of the people who owe mc is michelle(is that right?) :v
I'm going to change it a little bit.
Michael: *puts down a picture of a church and its address on MC's desk*
MC: *looks at him* What do you want me to do with this? *while waving the picture in their hand*
Michael: I've heard that you are good in these kind of things. I want you to investigate the disappearances of teenage women and why is that church involved.
MC: Hmm... *leans on their chair* *smiles* How much are you going to pay me?
Michael: H-Huh? D-Don't you do it for free?
MC: Tch. Tch. Tch. No, you don't understand how my business work. When someone calls through my hotline and in the verge of danger, that's when my services are free.
MC: In your case, you went here. Only asking me to conduct an investigation.
MC: Which is not the line of my job.
MC: If I don't get to kill the target, then you have to pay.
Michael: I don't have money with me right now...
Michael: But I really want you to help me in solving this case.
MC: *stands up and looks at Michael* I can give you a discount.
MC: One kiss and I'll do the job.
Michael: W-What?
MC: I'm not forcing you.
Michael: ...
Michael: Fine...
MC: *pulls him close and kisses him*
Michael: *face reddens*
MC: Since it's a discount, you will have to compromise.
MC: Whatever I see in this church, it will be my own judgment whether to kill the target or not.
Michael: ... Do what you want.
MC: *laughs* That's more I like it.
MC: *points a gun to a so-called priest who is r*ping teenage girls who goes to his fake church*
The fake priest: A-Are y-you not afraid of the god's judgment? Y-You want to hurt one of his chosen ones?!
MC: *leans closer to him* Oho~? Chosen one? You? Tell me, who's god are you referring to?
The fake priest: The one above鈥
MC: *puts the gun to his mouth* *laughs* How ironic. There's this angel who asked me to check what is going on in this place. Do you think he knows you?
The fake priest: W-W-What are you t-talking about?
MC: *touches the man's face* *has an ecstatic expression* Haa... It's been a long time since I killed someone like you.
MC: I should have brought a knife so I could carve out your face.
MC: But my client is being merciful. Maybe I'll just cut your dick and feed it to the wolves.
The fake priest: *cries in despair* No... No... Please...
MC: *smiles* Goodbye.
MC: *opens a room where they see all the teenage girls who have gone missing* *all bound and naked*
One of the girls: Who are you...
MC: *smiles* Just a psycho who happened to find this place. Anyways, mind putting your clothes on?
MC: My client will go and fetch you and return you to your families.
The girl: Wh-What happened to the priest?
MC: He's dead. *laughs*
Simeon: ...
Simeon: Michael never told me about this.
MC: Because it's confidential~.
Simeon: ... Have you had a relationship with him?
MC: Hmmmmmm... I'm not really sure thoooooough... *laughs*
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harunayuuka206014 days ago
Are the angels part of the Admiral Levi AU? If they are then could I request some content with them in the AU.
Levi: MC, the Celestial Force are coming to have a joint meeting with us. I want you to welcome them at the entrance.
MC: *salutes* Yes, Admiral!
Levi: And鈥
Levi: *stern expression* If they are being suspicious, you are free to subdue them.
MC: *eyes widened* Admiral...
Levi: They are still enemies and this is an order.
Lucifer: It's surprising that your admiral asked you to do this task.
MC: *smiles* I feel that he has put his trust in me, Commander.
Lucifer: *chuckles* Anyway, I will send Mammon to accompany you.
MC: How many are we expecting?
Lucifer: Three. Two captains and a Lieutenant General.
MC: Huh? Why would a lieutenant general be here?
Lucifer: They proposed for a peace treaty.
MC: And do you believe them, Commander?
Lucifer: Of course not. If they're taking us for a fool, we can just kill them. Am I right?
MC: *nods* Yes, Commander!
Raphael, Michael, and Simeon: *at the entrance*
Simeon: They have sent a message that a Navy Secretary will be welcoming us.
Raphael: I see no one.
Michael: Hmm. Nope. There they are.
*sees Mammon and MC*
Mammon and MC: *salutes* Welcome!
Michael: My, my~ I thought it was just the navy secretary. But I also see the infamous Captain Mammon.
Mammon: I'm just here to accompany MC. And I'm warning you, you do anything funny and it will be your last breath.
Raphael: *about to unleash his sword*
Michael: Raphael, stop that.
Raphael: Tch. *straightens his posture* My apologies. I am Captain Raphael. On my right is Captain Simeon. And in front of you is Lieutenant General Michael.
MC: *bows a little without breaking eye contact* I welcome you again on our ship, Lieutenant General.
Michael: *smiles* Thank you.
Asmo: *irritated expression* Why does MC have to serve them?
Beel: Admiral Levi's orders.
Belphie: The meeting is about to start. Let's go inside.
Asmo: But how about MC? And why does that Captain Simeon still not entering the office?
Beel: Apparently, that guy is ordered by his lieutenant general to keep an eye on MC.
Asmo: Tch!
Belphie: You don't have to worry. MC knows how to fight.
Belphie: *glances at MC*
MC: *sees him and nods*
Simeon: Seems like the higher ranks trusted you for this kind of matter.
MC: ...
Simeon: *sigh* I wished Raphael would do the same.
MC: ...
Simeon: *smiles* What drink do you like?
MC: Coffee.
Simeon: *laughs* You're cautious. I like it.
Simeon: I think you have heard that we've come here for a peace treaty.
Simeon: Since our soldiers were mostly killed in battle.
Simeon: And that thanks to Admiral Levi who knows every tactics.
MC: ...
Simeon: What is your favorite food?
MC: Roast chicken.
Simeon: *nods* I see. I'm a good cook by the way.
MC: ...
Simeon: Would you want to go with me some other time?
MC: That is not possible, Captain.
Simeon: Hmm... Are you already taken? Married?
MC: ...
Simeon: Ah... It doesn't matter. You are still my type.
MC: *glares at him*
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harunayuuka206014 days ago
Michael: Are you not feeling guilty?
MC: Guilty for what?
Michael: You haven't given me bebe time.
Michael: Am I not important to you anymore?
Michael: *ugly crying*
MC: ...
MC: Wait here a second. I will buy you milk.
Michael: That's not the bebe time I'm talking about!
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obeythebutler17 days ago
Impatient to Love
Simeon x GN! Reader
Patience is a virtue.
It's what Simeon has been told, it's what he told Luke when he was getting too cranky, wanting to rush home while on a merry shopping trip, looking for ingredients for his newest recipe.
It's what cherubs have been told, children have been told, humans and angels alike have been told.
But Simeon is running out of patience. As embarrassing is it for him to say, he's getting impatient. Not impatient while waiting for an idea to strike so that he could write nor while waiting for a letter to arrive, Simeon is impatient while waiting for the day he could finally love you.
Love isn't a sin.
Love is thrown at the brink of a hat in the Celestial Realm where it is found in abundance.
Loving a human is forbidden.
Ever since the day part of his family fell, loving a human became sacrilege. But love knows no bounds, does it ?
A part of him is tempted to go to Michael or Father, and present his case. But Simeon knows what their response will be.
He will be made to wear those dreaded bangles again, as Michael likes to say, to correct his behaviour, to prevent him from doing something that would lead to severe action. Simeon knows what 'severe action' means.
It is falling.
Simeon grits his teeth.
How long, how long, how long- until he can say those three words to you ?
He wants nothing more to confess his love and protect you. He knows you are safe with the brothers, who care for you deeply. Those demons care for you to hell and back. Simeon does too.
All he wants is to love and be loved. It isn't too much to ask for, is it ?
The burning itch starts troubling Simeon.
Standing at the ledge, Simeon stares down.
Fluffy clouds and the blue sky which change colours according to the time. Something he will never see again if he jumps.
All he will see would be night. Inky black night.
It won't be so bad, would it be ?
He has seen the transformation his brothers have undergone. As impious and perverse they look, they have power and freedom to do what is forbidden in the Celestial Realm.
But Simeon doesn't want power. He wants freedom. Just freedom to love you.
So what if his angelic wings which radiated light and purity turn black ?
So what if the the golden, shining halo on his head cracks and blasphemous horns replace its place ?
So what if the little ornaments he wears melted and burn his skin, leaving behind charred scars ?
So what if...he falls?
You will be at the end .
But his wings are precious to him, something that have been earned after centuries of hard work.
But the halo on his head is a declaration of his angelic heritage.
But the ornaments on his body are gifted to him by dear friends.
Simeon's angelic status are cherished by him, that he is one of the high-ranking angels, that he is Luke's guardian angel.
Will Luke be able to take care of himself, guide himself through the right path, without Simeon ?
Will Simeon see the Sun again if he falls ? The vivid colours which changed according to the time, the description of which he had written in his books, will he see it again ?
Will Simeon be able to pray again ? It is a habit formed thousands of years ago, to pray to Father to guide him on the right path and forgive his sins. Father was revered by angels and humans alike.
Will Simeon be revered or feared ?
Michael rushes forward, but it is too late.
All that remains are a few white feathers which slowly drift on the wet earth.
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moonartz12318 days ago
What everyone's opinion on michael? From what we heard about him
To me
Idk he gives me a vibe of "he seem perfect and honest on the outside but on the inside he's a different person" Basically two faced.
Like for e.g the tv show Lucifer Michael has managed to manipulate god that well that he is the ONLY one allowed to see and let alone talk to god, basically Michael tells god whats best for him, Michael in the show powers is basically "fear" He will use that against you.
Now with the om version of Michael idk whats about him but he gives me that vibe. Just the little things luke says about him are off??? Like they dont make sense.
Luke said smt alone the lines of "Michael was the one that punished Lucifer and his brothers that made them fall, they must of done smt terrible"
Sounds off doesn't it?
God was the one that punished Lucifer and his brothers not Michael and noticed he didn't say "lilith", Lucifer fell bc he did it out of love the brothers didn't have to fall but they followed Lucifer bc of love, and ofc Lucifer wasn't happy with god either way, But luke doesn't know that, which makes me believe he lies and manipulate the actual truth
Oh and him staring at the portraits where the brothers used to be in the celestial realm that whole thing felt off as well but idk why馃槗
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definatelyanangel20 days ago
Michael when he heard talk of Lucifer potentially visiting the Celestial Realm:
Tumblr media
Michael when Lucifer refuses:
Tumblr media
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definatelyanangel20 days ago
Tumblr media
Some elaboration on the relationship between Arbor (@pinepickled-om's MC) and I. (Pictures from Baydews on picrew and twitter)
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