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#obey me model au
obey-me-angel-bros · 7 months ago
Michael cut his hair!?!?!? How short???
I suppose I could simply show you.
Follow me.
We were just about to have a meeting in the main hall-
Sir Michael, good morning.
One of the humans was asking about your recent haircut.
-Big Brother Lucy☀️
Tumblr media
Haven’t we agreed not to bring mortals into the Holy Palace after the “accident” that took place recently?
...At least a decade has passed since Mammon’s welcoming ceremony, sir.
-Big Brother Lucy☀️
Is that so...-
Excuse me, but our meeting is about to begin, could this conversation be postponed?
...of course, Sir Zadkiel.
It can be.
-Big Brother Lucy☀️
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coffeewithmilkoficial · 27 days ago
Single father
Tumblr media
Reader X Tattooist Single Father Sukuna Au without sorcerers and curses
A WARNING: Curses, misspellings and grammatical errors.
Note: You have seen the fanarts where Sukuna is with a baby Yuji, they are so beautiful that it was what inspired me to write this.
"As you know, your teacher will not be able to attend for an indefinite time, so that's why the teacher [Name] will be with you this time, " the principal spoke to the young children. "Be nice and welcome, teacher [Name] are under your care now. "
And after those words the principal left leaving [Name] alone with his class, the six-year-olds looked at their new teacher to begin introducing themselves one by one; the rest of her day was meeting the children as well as they meeting [Name] , she was working on her planning for the next day in the staff room when one of her classmates spoke.
"You must be the new one" said the woman who was now in front of her work table. "I'm Amanda I give third grade kids"
"I am [Name] " I speak smiling at him, she closed his notebook to continue later. "I will give the children first, since their old teacher took maternal disability"
"I wish you good luck [Name] , especially with that child ... " she commented, trying to remember the child's name. "Itadori, it's easy to recognize him with that salmon hair."
"Oh, but he has behaved well with me," [Name] said, remembering that the boy had good behavior. "Does he have problems with other children? Or is it that they are with their tutors? "
"It's somewhat complicated" I speak to look out the window and sigh. "It seems that again they forgot"
[Name] looked out the window looking at the child they were talking about, Yuji looked around looking for someone but he didn't move until he went to the swings to sit on one.
"His tutor usually forgets him despite having many complaints about the director, since at times she had to take him home," Amanda declared to shake her head. "No one has met Yuji's father because if they don't forget him a friend of his father will come to pick him up"
They both looked that an albino man had arrived that apparently called Yuji since he left with him, [Name] with this he knew that he had to work a little more with little Yuji and that he possibly had problems with the parents' meetings. .
Yuji was going to work when he cut his index finger with the paper, even though it was a small wound, too much blood came out that began to cause panic in Yuji's classmates who sat with him.
"Master Yuji is injured!" exclaimed a girl so that [Name] went with them
"Yuji let me see" [Name] spoke to which the boy looked at him showing his finger. "It's just a small cut"
[Name] took Yuji from his good hand to go to his desk, he opened one of the drawers to take out an alcohol spray, cotton and a box of band-aids with a child print to take out only one band.
"This may burn a little" she warned to spray alcohol spray on his finger. Yuji grunted at the sensation until he watched as [Name] cleaned with the cotton and placed the band on it.
"Thank you [Name]-sensei " Yuji spoke
"I'm not done yet, something else is missing" her declared to give him a kiss on his injured finger, this made the child blush a bit since no one had done that. "Ready now yes"
"Sensei, because I kiss Itadori's finger" a child spoke
"My mother did the same when she was little, over the years she explained to me that a kiss has the gift and power to heal anything" she replied to what many of her students made expressions of disgust although for their ages it was normal because they were also that that little answer intrigued them
And again [Name] looked at how his student Yuji was waiting for them to pick him up, she looked at the clock in the teachers' room to realize that they were about to close and one of his students was still there; she walked with his things to where the little one was.
"Yuji, will they come for you?" [Name] asked to which Yuji just shrugged his shoulders
"Papa and Uraume have a lot of work," he replied to get off the swing and grab his things. "Don't worry, I can go home."
"No Yuji" said [Name] , to smile at him. "I can't let you be alone, let's go I'll take you home"
Yuji just nodded to follow his teacher, the boy wondered why he was kind to him when his old teacher couldn't stand him because of his hyperactivity; I watch [Name] quickly adjust the back seats to tell him to get on, Yuji just obeyed looking at everything [Name] did .
"Well let's go home," [Name] spoke to look at him in the mirror. "Yuji, can you get me your notebook"
The boy nodded to take out his notebook and give it to [Name] , each student notebook had the address and contact of the tutor for emergencies; she read the address to put it on the car's gps and give him his notebook. [Name] followed the gps instructions until his cell phone started ringing, which I don't know since he was driving but his cell phone rang again, he looked for a place to park to answer the call.
"Sister I'm driving and you know I don't answer," [Name] spoke . "I also have something to do"
[Name] was about to plead when his sister asked him for an urgent favor, she looked at Yuji in the mirror to sigh and accept his sister's ending the call.
"Yuji we will take a break before I take you home" spoke [Name] to which the boy nodded
[Name] along with his student were in a commercial square since [Name] 's sister had to go to pick up certain valuable things at a store but she forgot that the delivery time was the same as one of their meetings. [Name] took Yuji to the food court, the boy only looked at the premises to decide that he wanted pizza so [Name] bought a medium for both of them.
"Yuji, what does your dad work for?" [Name] asked since he didn't know anything about Yuji's tutor unlike his other students
"Papa draws pictures on people's skin" replied the boy to eat his pizza
"Drawings ... You mean tattoos" spoke [Name] to which he nodded. "And your mom?"
"I have never met her" speak without taking importance, although for [Name] it was something shocking since I did not know
Yuji thanked for the food while [Name] just smiled at her, [Name] walked hand in hand with Yuji so as not to lose her since there were more people in the square due to the schedule since many students and workers left their work or school hours .
"Uraume!" Yuji exclaimed to get rid of [Name]
"YUJI!" [Name] yelled to run after the boy until he managed to catch up with him but Yuji was already holding a person
"You must be Yuji's teacher" said the person named Yuji to which [Name] nodded. "I am Uraume a friend of Yuji's father"
"Of course, you have gone to school for him" spoke [Name]
"His father is very busy so sometimes we can't get there for him" informed Uraume.
"OI, why are you taking so long" spoke a voice that approached them. "Ah, Yuji what are you doing ...
The man with hair similar to the boy's struck his forehead as he remembered that he hadn't gone to pick him up or send someone for the little boy, he looked at his friend Uraume who gave him a look before seeing [Name] .
"It's Yuji's teacher" Uraume announced to which the man nodded.
"Thanks for putting up with Yuji, I'm Sukuna" said the man to smile
"It's nice to meet you, Mr. Itadori," [Name] spoke with a bow. "I was going to take Yuji home but something unexpected happened so I brought the little one with me on a day of shopping and pizza, I was about to take him home when he ran out"
"We will take care of him now, thanks for taking care of him" Sukuna spoke to see Uraume and Yuji
[Name] said goodbye to the boy to tell him that he would see him spending the weekend, however when he got to his vehicle he realized that his little student's backpack was still there; he hit the steering wheel of his car looking at how late it was.
"Better tomorrow" mumble to start the vehicle
When [Name] arrived at her sister's house, she received her to thank her again for picking up her package; they both went to the kitchen where [Name] sat on a bench on the dining room island and watched as his sister pulled a sealed box out of the bag.
"And what were you busy with?" His sister spoke to which [Name] sighed.
"I was taking one of my students to his house," she replied, making her sister see her.
"Because? They are small children, the tutors should do that ”, he commented. "What bad parents"
“From what I know of other companions, this little boy only has his father; I even asked him and he told me about his mother he doesn't remember anything ”said [Name] taking an apple from the fruit bowl. "Besides, his father always forgets him, a friend of his usually picks him up on occasions"
"Perhaps the mother did not want to have anything to do with them and left it to her," said her sister to take out bags with crayons from the box.
"Today I met him at the mall," [Name] said and remember about the afternoon. "Him name was ... Sukuna I think"
"What!" her sister exclaimed to drop something which made [Name] see her. "Itadori Sukuna"
"Yes" I affirm [Name]
"You must be joking, he has no children" declared his sister to which [Name] stated that if for his student
"Besides, how is it to meet Sukuna?" asked [Name]
"He is well known for his work as a tattoo artist, they even say that he has had jobs as an actor or model, he was well known for a long time" replied his sister. "Over time he stopped hearing from him but before he was very popular"
"Tomorrow I'll go to house" commented [Name]
"Take me with you" said his sister with seal eyes
"I'll just hand over Yuji's backpack" she spoke but her sister kept looking at her like that. "Well just don't make a fool of me with my student"
Sukuna had arrived at his apartment with Yuji, the boy was sleeping resting his face on his father's neck and holding his hands to the fabric of his clothes so as not to fall.
"We're home," Sukuna muttered to go deeper into her apartment, leaving Yuji on the couch. "I need coffee"
He walked to the kitchen where he turned on the coffee maker, he looked at Yuji who was moving between his dreams as he tried to remember everything possible that I did today but he could only think about meeting Yuji's teacher; With his coffee ready on his way to the couch where he dropped to turn on the TV, he felt Yuji move again so he looked at him.
"Mom," Yuji mumbled in his sleep.
At these words Sukuna just looked at him, he knew that the boy was at that age to want to know about his mother and that he should spend more time with him because he was her son, even if he wanted to deny it, the boy was an exact copy of him.
"It is your son Sukuna" spoke woman. "You do not see that it is identical to you"
"I made it very clear to you that you were just a game" Sukuna replied to bring the cigar to her mouth.
"You can't leave me like this, I really don't know what to do" the woman murmured while crying. "My parents have driven me from home, I have nowhere to go"
"Well, close your legs next time" Sukuna spoke, releasing the smoke on the woman's face. "I made it very clear to you that it is not mine, I have always taken care of myself so go to the real father"
Sukuna left the coffee shop leaving the woman who tried to follow him until she crossed at a red pedestrian light and did not look at the car that was going to her; Sukuna looked at the street she just crossed to see all the people gathered, something in which she approached to see the woman on the ground but still clinging to the baby, she looked at the scene with horror while the cigarette she was carrying fell from her lips and she ran. to her to help her.
A part of him felt guilty but the other annoyed at having to take care of his son, he looked at Yuji who was still in his deep sleep while wondering what his life would be like if he had left the child in an orphanage.
"He would not exist" mused
The next day [Name] along with his sister were going to the Itadori apartment, when they arrived at the address they simply did not summarize because they were in a series of luxury apartments; both got out of the vehicle to enter the building.
"I can help you with something" asked the receptionist
"Ah, we are looking for the Itadori apartment" [Name] spoke to which the receptionist showed astonishment
"Are you sure of it?" I ask what they both nodded to. "It is department 301, but I need some identification and because of the visit"
"I've come to deliver something," [Name] said, pulling his ID out of his wallet. "Thank you miss, we can come in now"
The receptionist nodded to make some more notes and watch them go to the elevator, [Name's] sister pressed the number three on the elevator to make the doors close.
"I don't know how Mr. Itadori is going to take this" muttered [Name]
"Don't worry, you're just a teacher worried about her student," her sister replied.
"And you just come to gossip" he said looking at his sister with a smile
When they reached their destination [Name] knocked on the door only to see her little student who, when he saw her, called her name but when she passed her face to her backpack, she just laughed.
"Forget my backpack," Yuji declared. “ Come in [Name] -sensei and ...
"I'm Cornelia your sister" said [Name] 's sister to which Yuji nodded
"Yuji, what have I told you about opening the door to des ... oh, it's you" Sukuna spoke. "If it's a complaint about the brat, I thought I would do that at school"
"No, Yuji has been very good" defended [Name] to lift the boy's backpack. "I forgot to give you this yesterday."
Sukuna was about to walk to her but she never noticed that Yuji's toy car which stepped on and due to the friction it moved causing Sukuna to fall on her back, [Name] seeing him fall like a potato sack, he quickly entered the apartment to go to Sukuna.
"Are you OK? Stay there I'll bring ice ” [Name] spoke to get up but Sukuna grabbed her by the arm which made her turn him sharply making her fall on him.
"Oh little boy don't look at this" said Cornelia covering Yuji's eyes
After that shameful reunion Sukuna used to go to school for Yuji, something that the other teachers began to miss, they even sensed that he only did it for [Name] although they did not know that both had already had some encounters; Yuji understood what was happening and he loved [Name] too much since he did not scold him like his former teacher but was always pampering him.
"Sensei my birthday is coming" Yuji spoke to which [Name] looked at him while he finished qualifying, it was late already and Yuji was still in school
"Seriously?" asked [Name] to which the boy nodded with a smile
"Can we go out for pizza like when I take it away?" He asked, [Name] looked at him while wondering if he had things to do.
"You still haven't told me well when is your birthday" replied [Name]
"I'll ask papa" he declared to which [Name] nodded
While the boy watched [Name] continue doing his things, a knock on the door of the room caught their attention, Sukuna was standing at the door with his typical black jeans, white shirt with black jacket; [Name] I close my eyes to see him before saying something since little Yuji ran to him telling him that he had invited [Name] to his birthday.
"But brat, your birthday is Sunday and [Name] doesn't work " Sukuna said making Yuji pout. "Unless he wants to go home to spend time with you"
And as if those words were magic for the child, he ran to [Name] to beg him to come to his birthday, [Name] just sighing to tell him that I won't miss it to; For the following days Yuji was reminding his sensei not to forget his birthday, he had invited other of his classmates but most of them refused to go which made [Name] a little thoughtful about it since most of the His students' parents did not know Yuji's tutor.
"Are you really going like this?" Cornelia asked looking at her sister. "I really think you won the lottery with him"
"Cornelia we don't have anything," [Name] replied to take the gift box. "He is only the father of my student"
"Yes of course and I am Mrs. Claus" sarcastically argued his sister
[Name] arrived at the Itadori apartment when the little Yuji received her with a huge hug since he thought he would not go, they both entered the apartment where he looked at Sukuna who was carrying a glass for [Name] .
"I thought your sister would come" Sukuna said but [Name] denied it
"She is busy with her partner, although I have already told her that that woman only hurts her" she replied to which Sukuna was amazed by the sexual orientation of [Name's] sister
" [Name] let me put this on you " Yuji said to show her the little party hat and see Sukuna. "You shouldn't take it off"
"It's annoying brat" Sukuna replied
"Yuji take your gift" spoke [Name] handing the box to which the boy took it
"Can I open it?" he asked while looking at [Name] who nodded
Yuji opened the box to see a toy he wanted as well as an orange sweatshirt, thanked [Name] for her gift while hugging her; It was only the three of them in the small apartment of the Itadori and for the first time in a long time Sukuna noticed how lively the place was.
"Uraume is late," Sukuna muttered.
"I thought you would not come" spoke [Name]
"He has to come, he's the one in charge of Yuji's cake. I asked him" he replied.
[Name] played with Yuji while Sukuna sent messages to Uraume which were not being answered, he watched [Name] and his son play to realize what his son was missing as well as him in his life.
"Welcome home" [Name] said smiling at Sukuna while Yuji was by his side.
"You're late dad"
She blinked once, twice and three times to get out of that trance where she was in a kind of desired reality, that was what she wanted and Sukuna was looking for someone she could love and reciprocate but also someone who loved her son.
"Is something wrong Sukuna?" asked Uraume who was in front of him
"No, I just ..." he said to shut up. "Where were you?"
Uraume entered the apartment with the cake and it was when [Name] and Yuji stopped playing to go to the kitchen following Uraume, Yuji made [Name] sit next to him while Uraume uncovered the cake; They turned off the lights to sing the mornings for Yuji and make him make his wish.
"And will you tell me what you wanted, brat?" Sukuna asked
"It's secret if I say it, it won't be fulfilled," Yuji reproached, sticking out his tongue.
"You ... little brat" alleged Sukuna
"Sukuna enough, Yuji you must not fight with the adults" declared [Name]
"Do not mess woman" said Sukuna
"Don't talk to sensei like that" Yuji spoke
Father and son had started a little discussion until Uraume asked [Name] to accompany him to the living room leaving the two of them alone in the kitchen, Uraume looked at his friend and his friend's son to see [Name] .
"I hope we get along well [Name] " Uraume commented since he had never noticed his friend like that or Yuji
It was already late when Yuji fell asleep, [Name] was helping Sukuna clean her apartment; Sukuna glanced at [Name] to gather her courage, so I turned to look at her.
"Hey," he muttered for her to look at him. "These last few days I have had a good time with you and Yuji"
"I've also had a good time with you two" declared [Name] to smile at him.
" [Name] ... " he said to hit his mouth with his hand for what he would say
"Are you OK?" I question [Name] to see him with narrowed eyes. "What do you not want to say?"
"It's kind of silly" declare
"Say it, it sure is important to you" spoke [Name]
Sukuna looked at her for a moment to organize her thoughts and if it was a good idea to tell her what she felt and thought so she only took a deep breath to tell her quickly and only once.
"I think I like [Name] "
"What?" [Name] asked  making Sukuna growl
"Listen carefully, I won't say it again," he declared. "I like you"
"I know, I heard you the first time" replied [Name]
"Then why did you make me repeat it?" Sukuna asked
"To annoy you," [Name] said smiling. "I like you to"
"So can I go out with me?" ask
[Name] nodded to get closer to him, although they only looked at each other, they both wanted to kiss but couldn't.
"If you're going to kiss, do it now" Yuji said rubbing his eyes as they both looked at him. "Can I call you mom now?"
[Name] looked at Sukuna to smile and walk to Yuji to carry him in his arms giving him kisses on his cheeks, Sukuna only looked at them until he joined them to tickle them; Sukuna took [Name] in his arms to take them to the room and drop them on the mattress, Yuji just laughed while [Name] did not understand what was happening until he felt Sukuna's arms around her waist and bring her closer to him if not It was because Yuji had gotten in between them.
"My wish came true" Yuji said drowsily
"May I ask what you asked for?" Asked [Name]
"That you were my mom and that we be family" he murmured to close his eyes falling asleep again
"Good night Yuji" said [Name] kissing his forehead
"So we are a family now" Sukuna spoke to smile at [Name] . "I think I better say this too [Name] ... I love you "
"I love you too Sukuna" declared [Name]
"Let's just rest for today" Sukuna said to hug [Name] and Yuji
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whattodowithace · a month ago
Bonnie and Clyde (Jun)
Tumblr media
Title: Bonnie and Clyde
Pairing: Reader x Jun (ACE)
Genre: Spice/historic criminals AU
Word Count: 1602
Writer: Kpopmadness (Ju)
Summary: Bonnie and Clyde have been dead for a year. But when two of their biggest fans follow in their footsteps and fall madly in love with each other, things get interesting.
A/N: Mentions of blood and people being shot. Minorly suggestive content.
Cold metal burns my hot skin as i hold the object with shaky fingers. I wasn't used to this, this way of handling things. But here i was, holding a pistol in my hands, the barrel pointed at a man on the floor with his face bruised and bloody from being beaten.
"Just shoot him, sweetheart." A singsong voice i had grown to love more than life itself whispers in my ear. His warm breath fanning across my exposed neck.
"He's no good to us now. He opened the safe for us and now we don't need him." The voice from behind me continues to whisper. His hand rubbing soft circles  into my lower back. Making a chill go up my spine.
"Sweetheart," The voice whispers, this time his lips are on the back of my neck, making goosebumps rise as my hands with the loaded gun continue to shake.
"You can do this." He whispers, pressing his lips against my skin gently. "You wanted to come with me so bad just a month ago. To make our names go down in history as the next Bonnie and Clyde. So can you prove that to me now?"
I gulp nervously, trying to steady my shaking body. Bonnie and Clyde were our roll models, of sorts. They had died a year ago. I hadn't met Jun yet, but their way of life somehow always seemed to draw me. I was pulled toward that lifestyle even though it was so, so wrong.
A month ago i had met Jun robbing a bank in my small home town. I had helped him escape, and like a fly drawn to a burning light i flew right to him. Falling head over heels for his dark eyes and sweet demeanor. He wanted to keep the legend of Bonnie and Clyde alive even though they were dead. He had followed their life closely, as had i.
But this, what he was asking me to do now wasn't something i had taken into consideration when i begged him to let me go with him. To travel with him, to become famous to the authorities and leave them chasing their tails,  to become rich off the fortunes of others.
"Prove to me you want this." Jun whispers to me again. "This, this is what separates us from normal thieves. The ability to grant life, and take it."
I take a deep breath and cock the gun, making Jun smirk behind me as he watched me aim. Jun was right. What good was it to be in this lifestyle if you weren't going to go all the way? Besides, this is what i wanted. I wanted this lifestyle, and i wanted Park Junhee.
"Shoot him." Jun whispers once more in my ear before i pull the trigger. The gunshot echoing through the small bank we had just robbed. My first kill taken, and my loyalty to Jun proven.
2  Months Later
I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear gently, looking at my reflection in the vintage mirror as i finished getting dressed in the hotel room we had been staying in. We never stayed anywhere for long. We had only stayed here because our plan to rob another bank hadn't worked out according to plan. We had to wait an extra day and hold up in this hotel room until the right time.
I had just finished putting on a pair of white lace gloves when the bedsheets behind me shift and move. A yawn coming from the person in the bed.
"Rise and shine." I say to Jun, who looks over at me, his eyes red from sleep and his hair messy.
He yawns and looks out the window beside him, sunlight streaming through. It was August and even though it was 7 in the morning the sun was already hot. Dust particles could be seen gently floating around the room when the sunlight caught them. Giving the world a hazy appearance.
"You should come back to bed and let me kiss you." Jun says, his voice gravely. A playful smirk tugging at his soft lips.
I stare at him through the mirror, my own lips quirking up in a smirk. "Now you know if i did that we would never leave this room. And that bank just a few blocks down wouldn't get its money stolen like we've been planning."
Jun chuckles, running a hand through his hair before standing up, letting the white sheets fall away revealing his bare chest in the golden light of the morning. A dark pair of undergarments covering his lower half.'He stumbles to my chair by the small vanity, placing his hand on my shoulders as he bends down to whisper in my ear.
"I love it when you talk like that." He whispers into my neck, kissing a line of drawn out kisses against my jaw. His lips dragging with each kiss. My head straining back to give him more access.
"I did learn from you." I whisper, my breath coming in sharp intakes as his hand trails down my arm but his lips trail up my neck to my ear.
"And you've learned well, sweetheart." He whispers as he bites my ear, making my whine. "But you're especially sexy when you talk about stealing like that."
I rise from my chair, now being eye level with Jun. I wrap my arms around his bare shoulders, his skin smooth to the touch. His hands rub gentle circles into my hips while he stared into my eyes.
"You’re far sexier though. Especially with how you look right now." I say as i run my hands up to his hair, making him tense and my smirk widen to his reaction.
Jun's eyes darken, his eyes holding a flame behind them that i had lit. He quickly pulls me closer to him only to toss me gently on the bed, the mattress bouncing beneath me.
"Jun," I murmur as he settles his weight on me. "We need to leave soon."
Jun kisses my mouth deeply, stealing my breath. His arms on either side of my head, caging me in.
"It can wait an hour." He whispers darkly as he starts kissing me passionately until my lips are raw.
"Our demands are simple." Jun shouts into the large bank, his gun drawn along with my own. Several people are scattered on the ground with their hands above their heads. Their bodies trembling and eyes dilated.
"Nobody move, stay quiet, and no one gets hurt." Jun says. His bottom lip going between his teeth as he bit back a smile. I knew this is something he loved. The sense of control and power that came with taking from others like this. This, this is what he, what we both, lived for in a twisted way.
"Open the safe." I order the nearest teller. A overweight man white thinning white hair and thin glasses framing his face. His face turned whiter than a sheet with the gun trained on his temple.
I flick my gun toward the safe, beckoning him to move. He obeys and with shaky fingers unlocks the doors. The heavy safe door creaking open revealing mountainous stacks of cash inside.
I gleam at Jun, who winks at me and strolls over to my side. Two large black bags slung over his shoulder to carry the cash in.
The teller opens his mouth and shakily says, "If...if you could let us go... the authorities will..."
Jun lets out a annoyed sigh beside me and cocks his pistol before shooting the man. The people around him letting out sharp gasps and cries as they shrink away from his bleeding body.
I give Jun a sideways glance. He loads another bullet into the gun before shoving it in the back of his pants.
"I did say to be quiet." He murmurs as he steps inside the safe. I smirk at his back as i follow him inside.
We had just finished loading the last bag full when i hear the familiar sound of cop sirens in the distance.
"It's time to go." I tell him, taking his arm.
Jun nods, making a final sweep of the room before taking my hand in his. Leading us out to our get away car.
"Thank you all for your business." Jun calls over his shoulder as we exit the building.
I slide in the front seat beside Jun quickly. The cash quickly getting thrown in the backseat. Jun throws the car in drive as we speed away from the town. The sound of cop sirens following us in the distance. We turn down several gravel roads, the road twisting and curving as we sped away.
We continue like this for an hour before Jun takes his foot off the gas. Positive we weren't being pursued.  Jun glances to the backseat at the stash of cash before looking over at me. A wide smile on his face.
"I love you, sweetheart." He says as he takes my hand in his and places a gentle kiss on it. Making me smile.
"You're always so helpful." He adds, giving me another glance.
I smile at him, our twisted love one of my favorite things. "And you're always so handsome during a robbery."
Jun chuckles kissing my hand again. His smile makes me smile and lace my fingers through his own. We weren't a normal couple, we knew it. But i didn't i didn't want our love any other way. Because i was his Bonnie, and he was my Clyde.
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akanothere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is originally one of twenty-four prompts on Lofter/ Weibo. Glad to be a part of this BokuAka campaign! Loads of talented arts and stories make my blood boilsssss HEY HEY HEYYYYYYYYY!
I did these art for the campaign but feel like gotta write a bit to finish it up hahahaha
【Birds of Prey Valentine’s Limited|14:00】 Absolute Order
The Command Tower and War Horse
Sentinel AU
Sentinel Bokuto X Guide Akaashi
WARNING: mention of death/ corpse/ violent acts/ sex
“Akaashi,” the Sentinel pressed the end to his mouth and exhaled, “that was lit. To crush his head during a BJ? Seriously?”
Akaashi was rolling his cigarette, eyeing the corpse which lied between his thighs. It looked exactly like Bokuto.
“Damn Akaashiiiiiiiiii, will you kill me too if I give you a mouth?” Bokuto stared at the dead body, sounded slightly upset, “Was this asshole a better kisser than me?”
“....No.” Akaashi secretly rolled his eye. He knew Bokuto was in his no.28 depressed mode again. He continued:
“The enemy chose to make a clone for a reason, Bokuto-San.” He licked the paper to seal the cigar, “Thinking I would fall for this trap? Yes they might be right, how can I say no to Bokuto. However, I guess,” he began to light the tip of the freshly rolled cigar,
“They never know Bokuto-san is a possessive person, do they?” Akaashi looked at the mess on the bed, “What’s the key to the task? Obedience, cigarettes and fool.”
“Being honest with you Akaashi,” Bokuto squeezed his eye, acting sheepishly, “you looked hot when you two having 69. I nearly got a hard-on.”
“So that means Bokuto-san you enjoy watching me getting along with other man? Should I do that again?”
“Ye... wait WHAT NO! Of course no Keiji! You’re mine!” Bokuto protested, “that’s why it was a nearly boner. You can only be in bed screaming my name when I pound you into the mattress senselessly till you throat hurts——“
“E...e...enough Bokuto-san,” Akaashi blushed.
“Oya-oya? Wasn’t that right though? You get sore throat everytime after sex.” Bokuto chuckles, “by the way Keiji, did you accept the mouth service just to irritate me? Or did you really liked it?”
“I think Bokuto-san you are the one who knows the best. I will need to pretend I fell for the trap, so you can come finish him at the back.”
“That wasn’t a model answer, Akaashi...” he pouted, “you should show me how much you love me now.”
“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi threw cigarette butts into the ashtray, “we just kissed in front of this corpse. I think that’s enough show-off for you today.”
“but I would love to obey you all night long if you kindly get over it now.”
“No buts, in a mission, I’m the one who is in charge.” Akaashi wrapped his hand around Bokuto’s neck, purred into his ear,
“but I would love to obey you all night long if you kindly get over it now.”
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In this modern au, Nesta is a model, running late on one of her shoots, so Cassian goes to pick her up.
Also, this was an uneditted and quick fanfic. I hope you guys enjoy. I know I haven’t posted in a while, but school is kicking my ass.
Waring: Contains content not suitable for some readers, read at your own risk.
Tumblr media
Cassian shoved his hands into his pockets as he made his way to the studio, worried when Nesta hadn’t answered his texts. She was supposed to be done an hour ago, and while he knew she probably wouldn’t want him in her work place, he just needed to make sure she hadn’t been kidnapped.
The lady at the desk smiled when he entered. “Are you here for a shoot?”
Cassian blushed. “No--well. I’m here for my girlfriend. Nesta Archeron.” 
“Oh.” She perked up, her smile widening into a grin. “She’s right this way.”
He tensed. He’d been allowed to pick her up from the lobby, but never been offered to see her while she worked. He followed the woman to a plain white door, walking past her when she opened it for him.
The first thing he saw were the cameras. Posed around the room, some even on the ceiling. Three photographers walked around the scene, snapping pictures and chatting animatedly.
Then his eyes fell on the bed.
Nesta lay there, her face serene, wearing a tangle of dusty pink lingerie, a transparent sheet draped over her body. She tilted her chin up, moving at the photographers’ commands, her back arched in a way that shot blood straight to his groin.
“That’s it. Good. Remember, tongue  behind your teeth. Yes. Just like that.” A photographer moved in front of Cassian, blocking his view. “Alright, sit up for me, doll. One leg down. Perfect. Stunning.”
As she moved into position, Nesta’s eyes caught Cassian’s and widened. “Cass!”
He offered a weak smile as all eyes turned to him, waving awkwardly. “The front desk lady told me to come in here.”
Nesta blushed madly beneath her makeup, holding the sheet to her chest. “Fucking Clare.”
“Do you want us to kick him out?” one of the photographers asked, a short, stout woman Cassian recognized as Nesta’s friend, Emerie.
“No, I mean— What time is it?”
“Quarter after six,” Cassian answered, shoving his hands into his pockets. “You didn’t tell me you were doing boudoir photos.” He slowly grinned. “Is this my valentine's present?”
“Good, god, no. The other model was sick and offered me the shoot. Stop. Stop smiling like that. I should have texted you.”
The other two photographers were studying him now, whispered to each other. Cassian ignored them. “I don’t mind this outcome. You look absolutely breathtaking, sweetheart.”
She looked away, twisting the sheet in her hands. “I— I should be done soon. Right, Simon?”
Simon, presumably, glanced between them. “Actually, you’ve got quite a fine specimen here. We could do some couples pictures too. We have outfits that would fit him.”
“What?” Nesta snapped at the same time Cassian answered, “Sure.”
She glared at him and he blew her a kiss. 
Simon said, “It would be significantly less awkward with him than with a stranger. Plus, that extra chemistry shows up on camera. You know we already had a shoot planned, so why not now?”
Nesta worked her jaw in a way Cassian immediately recognized. She was thinking. Perhaps a little too hard. “I mean… if he’s okay with it.”
Cassian grinned and in an instant, he was ushered out and filed into a dressing room by Simon. A bundle of clothes were shoved into his hands. “Put these on. Nothing else.” 
“Uh, alright.”
After he was gone, Cassian stripped down, discovering the finest pair of silk boxers he’d ever seen. With that was a pair of black slacks and suspenders.
No shirt.
He shouldn’t have been surprised, but he was.
It took only a half an hour to do his makeup and hair before he rejoined Nesta. She’d changed too— into a deep red version of what she’d been wearing before. It stole the air from his lungs.
So it began.
Cassian stood at the foot of the bed, crossing his arms while she looked up at him, her hair in perfect waves around her shoulders. 
“Do what comes naturally,” Simon said as the cameras started snapping.
Cassian put a knee on the mattress, leaning forward as she crawled towards him. Rising up on her knees, she put a hand on his chest, drawing him in, close enough for a kiss.
“Are you comfortable?” she asked, her breath a warm rush across his lips. 
He nodded as that hand trailed down, gripping his belt. He fell forward at her tug, bracing his arms on either side of her head. Leaning in, he brushed his mouth across hers, running a hand over her thigh to tug it around his waist.
“Perfect. Yes.” A camera clicked as he shifted, kissing her throat in the way he knew she loved. 
Her gasp came too soft for anyone else to hear, for his ears alone. 
He lowered himself onto an elbow, brushing a stray hair from her face. “I love you so much.”
She smiled, showing off those dazzling teeth. “I love you too.”
He took her mouth, quickly forgetting that anyone else was in the room until one of the photographers hissed.
“Too much tongue. Die it down.”
Cassian lifted his head, tempted to snarl, but Nesta pulled him back down. “Act a little rougher.”
She nodded, eyes wide. 
“What the fuck is this even for?” he muttered, but obeyed.
Gripping her hair, he forced her body to mold more into his, kissing the junction between neck and shoulder. 
“Get into his lap. I want some upright shots,” Simon ordered.
Cassian slid back to his knees and Nesta moved gracefully to straddle him. “Hand in my hair again,” she whispered onto his throat.
His hand gliding back into those caramel locks he loved so much. He twisted the bulk of her hair around a fist, pulling her head back so he could look into those storm eyes. He gripped her ass in his other hand, tugging her closer so their centers lined up. Silently, he was grateful for the sleeve the dresser had given him, otherwise he supposed she’d get an inkling on how much he really would have prefered to be alone. 
“Good. Good. Brilliant.”
And so it went.
Cassian scrubbed his face as he sat at his desk, trying and failing to focus on the screen before him. He blew out a breath, leaning his chair on the back two legs.
“Nesta?” he called, lifting his head when he heard the door to his apartment open. He felt vaguely like a dog as he rose to go find her, but he’d take anything at this point to get him away from his desk.
He found her standing just inside the apartment, pushing the door shut with her heel as she flipped through a manilla folder.
“What’s that?” he asked innocently, doing his best not to peer over her shoulder.
She snapped the folder shut and grinned at him. It took the breath straight from his lungs. “It’s your Valentine’s present.”
“Valentine’s isn’t for a few more days.” Fuck, or was he wrong? Had he really lost track of the days?
“I know.” She walked past him into the kitchen. “But it came early. Unless you want to wait…?”
“Hell, no.” He quickly caught up to her, catching her around the waist. Pressing a kiss to her neck, he asked innocently, “Can I see?”
She nodded, handing the folder over to him. “Sit down first.”
He obeyed, plopping on the worn couch. Opening the folder, he almost dropped it.
It was from the photo shoot they’d done a few weeks ago. He’d thought it was for a magazine, but… “You little terror.”
Her grin widened and he only got a flash of it before he returned to the photos. Flipping through them, he tried to keep his breathing even. Here was the first one. A shot of Nesta crawling across the bed to him, her ass a perfect curve against the white curtains in the background.
Another with her draped out beneath him, their mouths locked together.
One of her on her knees before him, a hand on his thigh. Her lashes were swept up, lips parted slightly.
“Do you like them?” Nesta asked, drawing his eyes to her. She was biting her lip, almost… nervous?
Cassian couldn’t breathe. “I love them.” He turned to the next one. Nesta was forward on his lap, her head tilted back thanks to his hand on her throat. His other hand was between her thighs, the moment almost too indecent to be caught on camera. If only she had known how painfully hard he’d been then.
“Sweetheart, these are… I don’t have words.” He set the folder aside.
“There are more—” Nesta started to say.
“Come here.” He tugged on her waist, pulling her into his lap. Cupping her face, he couldn’t help the grin tugging at his lips. “You had this planned all along, didn’t you?”
She nodded, blush high on her cheek bones. “A few of them were for the magazine, but most were for you.”
“Show me your favorite.” He handed the folder to her.
She blushed harder as she took it, chewing on that damned lip. After a few moments, she plucked a photo. “Here.”
He looked at the photo. It was more innocent than the rest, just a shot of their hands, fingers entwined against the sheet with a hint on her hair in the background. 
“Beautiful,” he whispered, kissing the back of her hand as he once again set the pictures aside.
He lifted her, marching them to the bedroom. 
She let out a laugh. “Aren’t you going to look at the rest?”
“Later. For now, I have other plans.”
Her lips parted in a silent O.
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nicka-nell · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2
Pairing: Suna x reader, Atsumu x reader x Osamu, Kita x reader, mention of Akaashi. Words: 9.630 Warning: noncon!/dubcon, 18+, mafia-au, degradation/humiliation, choking, breath play, gun play, knife play, hitting, anal, oral, rough sex, lack of prep, pet name, unprotected sex, hair pulling, mention of blood, smoking, marking/biting, spitting, rape, kind of heavy language, breeding? 
Summary: You’re an excellent spy, loyal to your boss. But this time you can’t listen to him. This one time, you are acting against his command and are now exactly where you are. Pinned to the ground, passed back and forth between four men who want nothing more than to hear their little songbird sing.
Tumblr media
“I’ll be alright, Keiji. I’ll be back soon.” You try to convince Akaashi, your boss and lover, while you cuddle up to his naked upper body, wrapped in your duvet. Because you intend to make yourself useful. Doing the job of a spy and spying on the men of the piercing foxes.
After all, one of their men had killed one of yours. It wouldn’t be right to let this group get away. But Akaashi shakes his head again, taking your tender hand firmly into his large one. 
“Listen, my love, what happened wasn’t good. But acting rashly is just as bad. Bokuto and I are already working on a strategy. If necessary, we will make use of our alliance with the black cats. But a well thought-out plan takes time Y/n. So please forget your idea of proving you’re a spy and watching these men. I know you’re just trying to help me.” 
His voice is gentle, his smile only softly heard through the darkness, while you now feel his breath on your hand. He gently brings your fingers to his lips, kissing every one of them before brushing your back of the hand and turning in your direction.
“These men act only maliciously. You know what they’d do to a beautiful woman like you? Promise me you won’t do anything stupid. I’d never be able to forgive myself if they lay a finger on you, my love.” He whispers to you as he caresses your cheek and waits for your promise.
You are glad that the light is out, that Akaashi can’t see your sulking face, but then nods only with a consenting sound. You hear his relieved smile, feel his warmth on your lips before he holds you tighter against his own body and scratches your head that you fall asleep. “I love you, Y/n.” 
Akaashi has always been lucky enough to fall asleep quickly, but perhaps that was his biggest misfortune today. Because as you are sure, that he will no longer open his eyes. You sneak as quietly as possible out of your shared bed, step with your body into the cold of the room, leave his loving warmth, before you pack your things and set you on the road to these disgusting men.
One last time you walk up to the bed, easily see his peaceful, angelic face through the bright moon, before you brush over his cheek and give him a last kiss on the lips. “I’m sorry, my beautiful angel.” 
You breathe with a trembling voice and tears in your eyes, as it hurts to know to leave him alone and in some way betray him. Not keeping his word, and that he probably panicked about not having you around tomorrow morning. That he despairs. But it had to be, and you’d only be away for one night, anyway.
At least, that’s what you thought. Because you’re a spy. A very good one. So, what should happen to you?
“Really cute, this little one here. Too bad she’s got a gash on her head now.”, “Huh? Are you kidding me? You gave her the wound with your gun, you moron.”  
These voices, they’re so unknown. And… What about your body? It moves, your head sways back and forth, your legs touch the ground, yet you don’t have the feeling of moving from your own strength.
The voices are shrill in your ears. Pain, make your head pounce. No, it’s not only that. Your vision blurred, yet you smell this familiar metallic smell, the smell of blood. The one man had said something about a wound. Are you hurt? Are these your people who saved you? No, you don’t know the voices.
“Where am I?” You mumble softly to yourself as you try to raise your head. But the two men halt. “Well, look who woke up, the little miss ‘I’m trying to sneak in here’!” The one from your right side smirk near your ear and automatically makes you lift your head in its direction.
“Tsumu, that’s really a stupid name for a spy.” Now you hear another voice to your left. A blond-colored man and a gray-colored man, both look alike. Now you realize where you are, and your blood freezes to ice.
Even you know the infamous Miya twins. They are ruthless, act fast, are a perfect team, almost as if they share a brain, which controls their bodies at the same time. Both are the two that you first imagine when you think of the piercing foxes. They radiate the presence, the appearance in the outside world, while the other members behave silently and inconspicuously.
Only now do you notice they hold you to your hands, your arms lying over their shoulders to support you. The blonde, Atsumu, holds your bag in his hands, the bag with your equipment. The other, Osamu, only holds a gun with his free hand to make sure you do nothing stupid.
“Did Tsumu erase your memories or are you just being stupid right now? I think you know exactly where we are and for sure you’re smart enough to know what’s behind that door. I hope for you that you are a talkative songbird, otherwise this will not be a pleasant stay for you here.”
Bored, Osamu’s gaze sweeps away from your face, straightens his head forward again and moves together with Atsumu. Only your legs do not want to. You stretch them out abruptly to signal to the two men that you do not go without resisting through this door.
“Who would have thought I’d like you better unconscious. Don’t be a stupid doll and come on!” Hisses the gray-haired one as he flips the trigger of the gun and holds it in your direction.
Almost like in a movie, your neck hair straightens up, a shudder flows over your spine and wants to show you that you are in a danger zone. That you are in trouble, powerless, and that you should obey when your life is important to you. Although your mind tells you not to give up, your body fools you, becomes weak and sets you in motion.
“Thehe, you’ve got your little doll under control, Samu.” Says Atsumu teasingly when he looks at his twin, who just rolls his eyes annoyed and opens the door in front of you. It is difficult to open, robust, and gives off a slight creak as you step in and the two men close the door without letting go of you for a moment.
“Look what we found, boss.” Smirks Atsumu proudly. The entire room smells of cigarette smoke, of ash, which probably flows through the slowly burning wood of the fireplace into your nose.
The smell of strict perfume, as well as the thick air that floats in this room, almost make you vomit. In all this turmoil, you forget the two people who cut off their conversation when the three of you entered the room unasked.
Now you too realize that it is these two figures that make the air so thick. Scary, dark, dominant, violent. Their eyes truly match their name. Because they almost pierce you. The one green and wild, the others golden yellow and full of pride. Suna Rintarou and Kita Shinsuke.
While the dark-haired one at your sight just hisses in disgust, the other man observes you. “We found her outside the building. Looks like that little chick was spying on us, huh?” Atsumu grins proudly as his eyes wander in your direction just a bit to study your gaze.
But you don’t make a face. Somehow you’ll make it out of here, you just can’t show weakness. Because once you show them how scared you really are right now, it’s over. “Step forward, come here, little beauty.” 
Displeased, you shake your head, try to suppress your loud heartbeat and avoid his bored look. Yet, a few seconds pass before Kita leans against his massive wooden table, lays his leg over the other and positions his arms casually at the edge of the table for support. He hates to have to repeat himself when he had given his order clearly enough.
“Didn’t you hear him? You should step forward, songbird.” Almost bored, Osamu’s voice bounces onto your skin from behind before you feel a throbbing pain in your knee pit, and how a hand pushes you forward.
The rough carpet scratches your skin, hurts your fists as you try to keep your pain-filled groan under your lips. You can’t show emotions. Not now, not until you’re out of here. 
Through the push you are now on all your fours, right in front of Kita’s black patent leather shoes, which shine as if they are freshly polished. You still don’t lift your head, look at the ground, as you watch out of the corner of your eye Kita’s swaying leg. How it slowly stops to wriggle as he lets it slide down from his other leg.
Both of his feet now touch the ground again. They reflect your face blurred, as one foot rises and the cold leather touches your chin. The smell of shoe soap and leather is almost penetrating in your nose, unpleasant and disgusting.
Your head shakes, as you try to balance the pressure his foot exerts to make you look up with your chin, but Kita is stronger.
You keep telling yourself that you’re not allowed to show your feelings, but you can’t hide the hatred in your eyes from Kita. He knows that look too well. All his opponents look at him like that, full of hate, full of fear because they know exactly what to expect. But his opponents were never pretty like a model from a glossy magazine.
His manly scent comes closer to you, as does his face, as he bends a bit forward to examine you better. Yet he looks down on you as if you were just a stupid, naïve woman to him. “She can only be a spy of Akaashi, this owl. He is the only one among us who accepts women into his inner circle. But women don’t belong in this business, don’t they, my little beauty?”
His bitter words meet your skin, while a freezing shudder runs along your spine. Kita’s cool fingertips touch your warm skin, just like the sparkling silver on your neck. With a proud smile, his thumb outlines the small silver A on your chain, while his lips form the name of Akaashi.
But again, you don’t answer him, dodge your body and show him your pure hate. Also Kita straightens up his upper body, looks away from you for a moment, up to his men before his look grazes yours again. “It’s almost sad that Akaashi uses such a pretty doll. But I bet you’d look even prettier with tears in your eyes.” 
Briefly you have the feeling to recognize how his corners of the mouth move a little upward before he stares at you again seriously. “Anyway, why are you here?” He wants to know, but you’re not even thinking about giving him an answer now.
However, this seems to provoke his fellow, because now Suna, who was leaning against the table with his arms folded, now turns up, while he had looked at the scenario in peace. His patience is over as he walks towards you and holds his weapon against your temple.
You often had a gun in your hand, only you never had the opening of that cold metal on your head. Quietly you whimper to yourself as your body twitches and your eyes instinctively close. “Answer, when someone asks you something, Princess! Otherwise, the contents of your pretty face will be on the wall!”
No, you can’t be weak now. Pull yourself together, you’re strong, and you know you’re going to get out of here. With your teeth pressed together, you clench your hands to fists before you look up at the man who held his gun to your head earlier and spit in dislike at his feet.
Like in slow motion you see how the vein on his forehead forms, his eyes widen, and how he looks at you full of anger. How his finger moves to the trigger at the weapon and how he is about to release it to kill you.
Your body is numb, does not move. Your heart is beating so loud it hurts your ears. It cries out to you to get up, to move, that you are in danger, but still your body does not act as you want. 
Just as you want to form the words “I’m sorry, Akaashi,” you see from the corner of your eye how a hand reaches for Suna’s weapon, lays down on it and pushes his hand down. How Kita’s back blocks your view of Suna’s green eyes and protects your whimpering form.
Emotionless, he turns to you, looks down as he reaches out his hand to signal you to stand up. “Come on, get up or I won’t stop Suna from shooting you next time.” Again, his voice is as cold as a robot’s, but unlike before, you nod and get up without accepting his helping hand. 
Yet he grabs your wrist, pulls your still slightly trembling body towards him and stares at you with his brown yellow eyes. His breath is on your lips, just a few steps separate you.
From the near you see his long eyelashes, how pretty they actually are and how ironic it is that such angelic eyes belong to a demon like him. A feeling of dislike spreads in you again as his fingertips wander over your cheek, but his gaze continues to captivate you.
“Women shouldn’t be treated badly, at least as long as they obey. You know that, right? Since I’m an honorable man, I’ll give you one last chance. Be my beautiful songbird.” Although his voice is only silent in your ears, calm and clear to understand, it just makes your complete body feel fear.
You know it’s better to tell what you want here, that you should gather information. But what’s going to happen then? They wouldn’t just let you go, and you can’t betray Akaashi a second time. He’ll probably be disappointed in you by now that you didn’t listen to him. You couldn’t bear letting him down one more time.
Kita realizes that you remain stubborn, and he has to admit that he finds it very admirable how much you think of your boss. Many would be afraid for their lives, simply tell everything, sing like a nightingale. But you seem to do everything you can to keep Akaashi out of all this. Almost as if you were acting on your own.
“You know what happens if you don’t talk? Do you know where you are? We’re not as nice as Akaashi. If you don’t tell us what you want here, we’ll beat you, humiliate you, have our fun with you like wild animals before we tie you up and use you as a vent of aggression until you’re not good enough for us and we kill you.”
You feel the grip on your chin getting stronger and stronger, his body leaning towards you and his bright hair brushing your skin. You can’t get out of here. “Akaashi really seems to be a real man of torture when he sends you, his pretty toy, here even though he knows all that. But if you talk, you’ll make it out of here, beauty.”
It would be better to tell him everything, but for what price? He said you’d make it out of here, but he didn’t mention if you could make it out alive or if they might even torture you. No, you have to stay strong.
You tightly pinch your lips, frown furiously, and give him an unambiguous understanding of how little you allow him and his talk to influence yourself. “What a shame, I guess that was your last chance.”
He clicks with his tongue before the pressure on your chin fades away and he moves one step backwards. He quickly regains control of his brief outburst of feelings when he looks at the two twins, who stare at him sort of irritated.
“Come here, hold her.” He commands them, and they won’t let it be said one more time. Because even before you can turn your eyes from the twins back to Kita, Atsumu already holds you from behind, while Osamu makes sure that you can’t kick with your legs around you.
You squirm, try to free yourself from their grips looking back and forth between them, before you look again at Kita, who is watching you seriously. His gaze wanders to Suna. Kita doesn’t have to tell him anything, because Suna is already nodding, as if he had received his silent Command and will now carry it out.
Until just now he had looked bored, had small eyes, only a thin slit as a mouth that had shown no emotions. But at every step he goes towards you, you see this arrogant smirk, almost as if he wants to laugh at you in your situation now.
Only when he stands before you do you realize that something silver is sparkling in his hand. No gun, it’s a knife. The fear of being stabbed comes up inside you, you try to move harder, but the Miya brothers hold you tighter than before.
You don’t want to show them your tears now that your life is at stake, so you just close your eyes. “Forgive me, Akaashi.” You whisper, but the knife does not pierce into your skin, no you only hear how it shoves the fine fabric of your clothes, how it tears and your bare skin kisses the warm room air.
Suddenly you open your eyes, feel your top torn open by the knife which slide down your arms and how Suna now holds the knife to your pants. His face is only a nose tip away from yours. His smile is still arrogant, now also mocking. 
“You don’t really think we’re gonna kill you without having our fun, do you? How naïve, princess.”, “No…” You whimper, but your pants are already cut open, piece by piece the torn fabric lands on the floor, until you stand only in your slip in front of the four men.
They even ripped off your bra. Staring at your breasts like raw meat. But just when you expect him to rip your panties off, he turns around, sits down in an armchair next to the fireplace and leans his head bored in his hand. 
“You two found her, so you two are the first, which may have fun with her. Good work, Osamu, Atsumu.” Says Kita calmly, before he also sits down at his desk again, and looks at the scenario while leaning back in his chair.
As the blond’s face shines more and more, a broad smirk stands out on the face of his brother, who holds your legs and with his face comes ever closer to your bare flesh. “Don’t touch me, you mutt!” You shriek, but freeze as something cold, sharp presses against your neck.
“Now stop fighting back, you’d be better off relaxing and loosening your muscles, if you know what I mean, doll.” Atsumu whispers in your ear while Osamu’s hair grazes your thigh. You notice how your eyes get warm, how your body trembles uncontrollably and does not stop while you close your eyes to suppress your tears.
Forgive me for Akaashi.
You feel Osamu’s thick fingers pressing against the fine lace fabric of your panty as they outline every line of these embroidered roses and drift to your middle. Directly you sense like you have to vomit when his fingers go along your folds to your entrance. How he can’t resist his proud smirk and plays with the edge of your panties.
“Who’d have thought, your boss was such a softy? Bright innocent lace underwear decorated with roses. So cute. Don’t you want to look at them again before I tear them apart, huh?” 
But your body is numb, unable to move, and Osamu is not even waiting for an answer. The fine fabric tears in his hands before it lands dull on the ground. “What a cute pussy, I don’t know if I just want to finger you or eat you out.” He whispers eagerly before he drills his fingers into your tender flesh as his nose tip touches your sensitive skin.
“No… please stop!” He drowns your bitterly sniffing voice out by a loud slap on your walls, which makes you startle. “It’s too late to beg now, doll.” You hear his grin that bounces like many small needles on your skin before you feel his wet lips, teeth and tongue on your body.
The knot in your neck is getting heavier and in vain you try to squeeze your legs but stops by his broad stature. “Let me taste you and your sweet juice.” He whispers as his tongue moves along your walls before using his fingers to force them inside you, regardless of whether or not you’re wet.
“Ah no!” You scream at the unbearable pain. His fingers feel like sandpaper, rough, thick and coarse. They are way too big for your dry inner, and for the first time you wonder if it was really better not to tell them why you are here.
His fingers quickly move out and back in, curling up in you, exploring your inside, while his tongue sucks your core, his vibrating voice unintentionally making you wet slowly. You’re just squeezing your lips together, won’t allow yourself to make a sound. 
Just that Osamu doesn’t like it at all. Because he can’t enjoy your delicious body, your slowly gleaming juice on his fingers, if you suppress your sweet sighs. “I’ll get you to cry, doll.” His bored voice glides towards you, and you hear his body moving away, how he gets up but at the same time you hear a belt, how the buckle, and a zipper opens and the fabric of his pants roams loudly along his legs.
“Put the knife down and lift her up, spread her legs for me so I can have a better view of Akaashi’s girl and her little pussy.” He speaks to his brother while he holds his already stiff cock in his hand, strokes it and waits for his brother to lift you up.
“Yeah… Hurry, my dick finally wants to get out of those pants!” Grumbles Atsumu, who takes the knife from your neck for a moment, but does not let it go. You think about moving in those seconds, running away, but Atsumu’s arms already wrap around your legs and lift you, your bare back pressed to the silk fabric of his shirt while he holds the knife to your body again.
Forgive me, Akaashi.
“Open your eyes, little doll.” You hear Osamu’s deep voice, feel his wet fingers on your lips, which still wrapped in your own juice. With much force, he shovels them against your lips, separating them before he pushes his fingers into your entrance. Your big eyes look at him in horror, full of fear, as Osamu had hoped.
This look makes his cock twitch, become even harder than it already is. With his wide smirk, he claps his cock against your walls several times, while watching your expressions. “Tell me, do you want my cock, little doll?” 
Disgusted, you try to tighten your muscles, prevent him from penetrating you, but Osamu already presses his tip against your hole. “Don’t be stupid and relax.” He murmurs as he grabs you by your hip and presses his entire length into you with full force.
You cry up, try to move again, but you won’t make it. His dick is too big, too massive for your not sufficiently wet entrance. It literally presses against your walls, makes you feel all its contours, and drills so deeply into you that your womb feels like it’s being ripped. “No, stop!” But he does not hear you whimpering.
Groaning, he leans forward, tastes your neck, while his words disappear, mumbling beneath his sloppy kisses. “Damn, you’re so tight, either Akaashi doesn’t fuck you enough, or he really has a little dick, huh?” 
He presses your body more against the other Miya brother, who is at the end with his patience and wants to be released from the throbbing pain in his pants. “Now hurry, you moron! You’re not the only one allowed to play with her!” Complains Atsumu, who only gets a dark look from his brother.
He takes you out of Atsumu’s grip, holds you to his own body and deepens his thrusts once more. “Nggh…” A squeezed moan escapes your lips as you try to cover them with your hands, which only makes the gray-haired grin.
“If you can’t wait, use her other hole. She has two, idiot!” He snaps bored with his tongue, which, however, causes his brother to pull his pants and wander towards you. “Wait, wait, no! I don’t want this!” You cry again, but Atsumu is already behind you, looking eagerly at his hard cock while you only follow the sparkling thread that lands on his member and moistens it.
“Oh, this is your first time, eh?” He grins mischievously before he kisses the other side of your neck. You don’t know what to do. You are overwhelmed by Osamus kissing on your neck and shoulder, his hands on your hip, his thick cock that keeps thrusting aggressively and wildly into you.
But also of Atsumu’s softer lips, which have settled on the other side of your neck. His hand playing impatiently with your nipple and his tip, which he presses against your hole with his other hand, while both of their bodies embrace you tightly.
“Ahhh nh! St... op...” You scream again, notice how your tears fight their way out and run down your cheeks as Atsumu pushes into you. How both brothers use you like a sex toy. “Shit, you’re fucking tight.” He grunts weepy and presses his other hand on your other breast, kneading it while his thrusts get faster and faster.
“Haah!” You can no longer suppress your voice, you can no longer hold your crying for you, now that you feel the power of both men in you, how you notice how their cocks squeeze into you and are rhythmically out of tune. One is thicker, more aggressive and faster, the other is longer, deeper and slower.
They move your body as if it were just a flyweight, causing your abdomen to burn like the fire in the fireplace and giving you to understand that the pain you feel now will last for a long time.
But you also feel how this friction in you, the rubbing of your three bodies and their touches, trigger a completely unique feeling. A feeling that makes you dislike yourself, because it is no other than pure desire.
“Shit, shit, I’m coming!” You hear Atsumu, who is with his eyes closed behind you. You are on the one hand happy about his words, as you hope that it will be over soon, but on the other hand you don’t want him to fill you.
To Atsumu’s astonishment, his brother makes no silly remarks about the fact that he is about to come and looks over to him. Strained, he looks into your eyes, the drops of sweat fall slowly from his temple, while his cheekbones stick out, thereby he clenches his teeth and even is about to fill you with his sperm.
“Are you looking forward to being filled by us? To paint your holes white? Shit babe, we’re coming now! Fill you! Shit, you’d have to see your face, you look so hot with those teary eyes and your hate-filled look, so sexy.”
Atsumu playfully nibbles on your earlobe while he enjoys your quiet words, begging him not to come inside you. But it’s too late for that, because you feel the two of them enter deeper into you one last time, strengthening their grip around your body and how something warm fills your inner.
Their cocks both twitch in you, continue to move, almost as if they want to play it safe that as much of the sperm remains in you as possible. Their breath bounces on your body from all sides, you even feel Atsumu’s fast heartbeat on your back.
In shame, you want to look away from the two of them, don’t want them to look at you, touch you or be inside you any longer. Just the look Osamu had hoped for. Mockingly, he pulls your face up with his hand, looks deep into your glassy eyes, before he licks his lips and wants to bend over to you. But just before his lips can hit yours, Kita’s voice interrupts him.
“That’s enough, if you’re done with her, it’s Suna’s turn. Suna, you’re my best man, so have fun with her, maybe you can make her sing. Isn’t she the type of girl you like anyway?” Echoes Kita’s voice through the room while he is still watching the situation, leaning in his chair and placing his arms on the armrests.
You have the feeling that Osamu’s bored look seems almost annoyed when he looks back at you and pulls his cock out of you. A mixture of his sperm and the little of your juice runs along his length, connecting you both with a thin thread that quickly tears and lands on the ground.
Atsumu groans before he too carefully pulls his member out of you and places you on the ground. Quickly you try to get up, run away from the two men, but notice how your legs tingle, are numb from the position you were in earlier.
Trembling, you look to the side where Osamu and Atsumu sit down on a sofa and first light a cigarette, pay you no more attention before your gaze wanders to Suna. Tired, with thin eyes, he sits on the chair, has only opened his fly and pumps his cock while he smokes his cigarette.
“Crawl over here.” His voice is as bored just like his gaze. But you wouldn’t even move towards him if your legs weren’t just numb. Your abdomen still hurts from the twins, you still feel bad and you don’t want to be used again.
“Didn’t you hear? I said, crawl, over, here, slut!” He now repeats irritated, but you only shake your head. That’s enough to get Osamu to stand up again, grab you by your hair and go towards Suna with the cigarette clamped between his lips, throw you in front of him and sit on the sofa again wordlessly.
His gaze is now even darker, full of rage now that you have not listened to him again. Who do you think you are? Just ignore him, think you’re better. And yet you’re the one sitting in tears, afraid in front of his legs.
One last time he inhales the tobacco taste of his cigarette before he flicks the butt into the fire and bends forward to you. Just to blow the disgusting ash-smelling cigarette smoke into your face.
Without touching you, he inspects your face, has to admit that Kita was right, because you are his type. Just the kind of woman he likes to see groaning on his cock. “Say, are you Akaashi’s favorite bitch? Are you the one fucking the poor little boy to sleep?” He laughs mockingly. 
How dare he talk about Akaashi like that? He does not know how strong Akaashi really is. Suna is a pile of misery compared to Akaashi. He doesn’t have the right to talk about your boss and lover like that.
Now you’re the one who can’t control your anger, show it openly, and spit in Suna’s face. His eyes get big, shocked. They look at you before they get thin again and give you a forceful slap that brings your body down before he wipes the spit out of his face.
You want to put your hand on your face, on the pounding spot, on your lip that bursts when he hits you, which spread a metallic taste in your mouth that makes you choke. But Suna prevents you, positions himself with all his weight on your body, nails your legs with his own and pins your hands over your head on the ground.
“Your fucking princess-like way is getting on my nerves.” He hisses annoyed, before he gets his gun out of the holster which sticks around his chest and holds it against your chin. “What do you think happens now, eh? You spit on me like a stupid bitch and think I’m gonna let you go? Shit, I should torture you, disfigure your pretty face until your beloved shit Akaashi doesn’t want you anymore. Get you pregnant again and again, bitch. But no, I have other plans for you, you know what these are, princess?” 
What are these plans? He’s told enough that’ll put your pulse on alert. So what’s worse than what he just told you? You don’t answer him. He already expected that you would not open your mouth, and yet he knows that deeds bring more than words.
Slowly, the cold metal in his hands wanders along your neck, down to your chest, pressing the opening against your nipple, before his weapon moves down even further, makes your stomach twitch, and finally comes to rest on your walls.
His gaze follows his movements like a cat staring at a mouse, but looks back into your hateful face as he pushes the gun over your clit, placing the opening against your entrance. It’s still covered with Osamu’s sperm, yet you feel the cold metal and hope that he will take it from you quickly.
But instead of taking the gun from your skin, he pushes the opening into your entrance, which makes you scream out loud. “No, stop it, it’s disgusting, stop it!”, “Tzk… Are you begging now?” He interrupts your whining and pushes the weapon deeper and deeper into you. It moves inside your walls, so that the damp sounds from your entrance rings through the room and make your trembling, crying sound even more beautiful.
Pure disgust is spreading inside you, at least that’s what you think. Because your gaze changes when you suddenly realize that there is also another feeling attached to this disgust. Because somehow this feeling of fear excites you.
Oh, please forgive me, Akaashi.
You shape the words silently as you push your pelvis a bit upwards and bite your lip to suppress your moans. Suna notices this tiny movement of your body, must immediately grin now that he knows that you seem to like it.
His cock twitches alone at the thought of what a needy slut you are, which likes such dirty games. Who would have thought that this little princess could gain so much more interest for him?
His look frightens you, but it also makes your body feel strange. To shiver and get wet. Your complete body is burning, but it’s probably just the blazing fire next to you. His deep giggling forces another wave of unwanted desire in you before he pulls the gun out of your damp entrance.
It shimmers in his hands, covered with Osamu’s sperm and your juice. Just like Suna, you watch at it, follow his movements and thus also the weapon that comes closer to your mouth. The cold metal is now warm and moist on your lips, trying to get inside.
“Come on, open your mouth. I want you to lick my gun clean. Use your needy tongue and show everyone what you’ve shown me. That you’re a fucking naughty bitch getting wet with my gun.” 
It was a mistake to let your feelings run wild. It wasn’t right to show him you liked it. Shaking your head, you try to take the gun off your lips, somehow detach yourself from him, but he only lets go of your arms, instead holds your nose shut and presses his gun again to your mouth.
Panicking, you try to take his hand off your nose, in vain. Because he’s too strong for you. Instead, you keep trying to hold your air until you can no longer neglect the stabbing pain in your lungs and automatically open your mouth.
Suna reacts at lightning speed, puts the pistol in your mouth and pins your arms back together above your head. “Suck it, clean it up, make it look like new, and don’t make me angry!” His raspy voice bounces on your skin while his yellowish green eyes pin you to the ground almost as much as his body. 
You hesitate at first, you no longer want this gun in your mouth, but he presses it deeper against your palate and you automatically start sucking on it. You always have to suppress your choking, with this metallic taste getting stronger and stronger in your mouth, with this salty taste of the sperm of the man who had abused you like a bitch before.
New tears are forming in your eyes, new tears that make you understand you are nothing more than a prisoner. “Kita was so right when he said you’d look even better with tears in your eyes.” He grins proudly and drags the gun out of your mouth.
Unlike before, it shines clean, only covered by your saliva, which makes Suna smile arrogantly. “It’s about time you got a little reward for your excellent work, huh, Princess?” He laughs, before he pushes the pistol away toward Osamu and Atsumu, so that you do not come up with a stupid idea, before his now free hand wanders back to your entrance.
You almost suck his two fingers in, so wet is your entrance. With ease, he pushes a third finger into it, bends it in you to look for the spongy spot. “Ah!” For the first time you groan softly when he hits that spot, and Suna has to grin broadly.
“Yeah? Is that what you want, princess? Do you want to come on my fingers?” Disgusted you try to look at him but your look is anything but angry, rather willing and excited. “No…” You say, but your eager voice deceives you.
“No, eh? Sounds different. And your dripping pussy also says something completely different, you almost squeeze my fingers, little bitch. So stop lying and come for me, princess.” You can’t even answer him before he moves his fingers quickly inside you, uses his thumb to place it on your clit and rub it roughly, while his fingers skillfully inside you, make your body tremble.
You feel your entire body cheating on you, an incredible wave of passion spreading in you, making you tremble and releasing your muscles against your will. “Aah... fuck!” Your mouth loosens and your cry finds its way out of your throat. Your whole body is feverish, your vision blurred, while your pelvis willingly dances on Sunas fingers to better enjoy your orgasm.
Forgive me, Akaashi, my love.
“Just like that, princess. Show everyone how dirty you actually are!” You hear his throaty voice before he pulls his fingers out of you and rises himself before he licks your juices from his fingers.
Was that everything? Did he get away from you because he’s done with you? Did you possibly misjudged him? Hesitantly you try to get up on all fours to crawl towards the exit, but you were wrong. Because Suna’s arms will get you back into his clutches faster than you want.
“Where are you going, princess?” His smoky voice echoes in your ears, making your heart ring in fear. Your body is too weak to defend itself as your back lands on the rough carpet on which you were just lying seconds ago, Suna again above you, his eyes dead serious as before.
“I’m sorry, I-I-”, “You what!?” He yells at you sharply before he straightens his upper body. His belt rubs over the fine fabric of his trousers as he pulls it through his trouser loops and rattles the belt in his hands.
Full of horror, you pinch your eyes, place your hands over your face to protect, but the hit you expect does not come. Questioning you look up between the gap of your fingers to Suna, who now holds the belt casually in his hand, pumps his dick with the other one. Oh, not again…
“Please, I don’t want to…” But Suna has no patience for your whining. “Be quiet.” He hisses bored and now you hear the smacking as the belt lands on your chest, makes it pounding and highlights an unpleasant pain. “Ah no!” This throbbing pain makes you forget what Suna was really up to.
’Cause he rubs his cock against your dripping folds before he presses it into you. Even though Osamu fucked you before, you’re still tight. Makes it hard for Suna to enjoy all of this for longer than a few minutes.
But even if it’s only a few minutes for him, it’s supposed to feel like forever to you. He briefly twists his face, because your walls still squeeze his cock together through your orgasm. “Shit, Akaashi seems to rarely fuck you, you’re still so fucking tight.” He licks his lip, petting the reddened part of your chest with his fingers, where his belt had struck your skin earlier.
Filled with hunger, he bends over to you, pushes harder into you as his lips nibble your reddened skin, playfully bite your nipple and elicit another moan. “Nggh!” Your cry excites him so much that he runs sloppily across your chest with his wet tongue, up to your neck, still ball deep in your wet cunt.
“Fuck, you’re a good bitch.” He whispers throaty before he drills his sharp canines into your neck, licks your blood, as he’s watching you lift your neck, tilting your head backwards, and once more groaning at the bittersweet pain in your flesh.
“You taste so good!” His words kiss your ears before he straightens up and pushes your pelvis further to his member. Unlike Osamu’s, his cock feels so much harsher, thicker, longer and even more aggressive, and presses his thick vein against your walls with every push. He shows you no mercy. Hits your womb every time and make your eyes roll backwards. He’s going to tear you apart.
But even though it hurts, it feels so good. Even though you want him to stop, you want him to keep going. You don’t know what to think anymore.
Suna’s hand, which played earlier with your nipple, now also finds its way to your neck, nuzzles the spot he had just bitten, where now a small drop of blood runs out. But his loving touch only lasts a short time, because his other fingers finds it way around your slim neck, begin to wrap them around and tie it together.
You notice how you can no longer get air, how the slapping of skin to skin echoes through the room and Suna’s eyes look at you emotionlessly. Panic forms in your face, fear that he won’t let go, which makes Suna smirk.
He thrusts now even harder, while your lungs are already burning and your vision is getting dark. Suna realizes how your hands don’t resist as much. That they weaken. He loves the power he has over you.
That look you gave him. He above you, his cock shimmering in your cunt that looks like a mess through your mix of cum. Your tender body moving up and down on the rough carpet, your breasts bouncing every time and your face that reflects so much fear and at the same time so much pleasure. 
He knows you’re his. That you like what he’s doing to you, and that he’s the one that’s going to make you crawl around sore for days.
He can no longer control himself, notices how his strokes become more and more sloppy and looks with a proud grin into your weak, crying face before he comes in you, with a barely audible groan. His hands slowly loosen from your neck, while his dick still lingers in you as he watches deep into your eyes.
“Remember those eyes. You’ll see them your complete life when I get you pregnant and your bastard has my eyes.” He breathes huskily to you while he pulls his member out of you and won’t let himself be disturbed by the fact that your juice and his sperm stick to his dick when he pulls up his shorts and pants and sits down on the armchair without comment.
Like the brothers, he lights a cigarette, looks at your used, broken body. On your pulsating entrance, which rhythmically now also tries to squeeze out his thick sperm. Too bad you’re so cute. Huddled on the floor, coughing, trying to breathe in the air you were missing.
None of the men move. Everybody’s just looking at you, and how you’re trying to crawl to your clothes. Only a few steps are missing from your clothes, or rather, the fabric that is still left, when two cold arms grab you and Kita’s voice tickles your ears.
“Where do you think you’re going? The best always comes at the end.” You’d forgotten about him. Lost sight of him by not making a sound. But his voice is freezing. You’re afraid he’s worse than Suna.
Trembling, you close your eyes, asking yourself why you got up earlier. However, Kita only lifts you up, places you on his table, so that your legs dangle left and right of his body. Attentively he looks at your marks that Suna has given you, in your anxious face before his thumb caresses your lips.
You’re confused, trying to open your mouth when you feel his lips on yours. Osamu had already tried to kiss you, only Kita had interrupted this attempt. Suna had noticed exactly that Kita wanted your lips only for himself and had not even tried to enjoy how you taste. How soft your lips are. Because your mouth is only for the boss.
His lips are unexpectedly soft, warm, and also the kiss is anything but coarse. Almost like a kiss from your beloved Akaashi. 
“You cleaned up Suna’s gun so well, get on your knees and show me if you’re capable of handling my dick like that. Don’t get any ideas, beauty. Everyone here has a gun and won’t hesitate to turn it against your pretty skull. You understand?” He asks calmly, without emotion, as he caresses your cheek and sticks a strand of hair behind your ears.
A quiet devil who slowly kills his victim, you think. But you know he’s right, and since you’ve already got three of the men behind you, you’re sure there won’t be anything else. Nodding, you slide down from his table, opening his belt with shaky hands, before pulling down his pants and freeing his big bulge in his shorts.
His full length almost jumps towards you, the first drops of pre-cum form on its tip, while his eyes watch yours in all tranquility. “Start!” Again you nod, swallow once before you take his member in your hands.
I’m so sorry, Akaashi. Please forgive me. 
You have to think of Akaashi that he’s probably still sleeping in your shared bed, think you’re still with him. About the fact that he won’t find out you’re missing for several hours. It’s probably going to take him a couple of hours to get you out of here. Hours? Or maybe even days… Or will he be so disappointed, so angry that he has already forgotten you?
“Hey beauty!” Gets you Kita’s voice back, who’s burying his hand in your hair. “Do you need some help?” He asks you rhetorically, because he already presses you with his hands against his cock. Makes you choke when his tip touches the end of your neck.
You support your hands against his thighs so that he cannot enter so deep, but that does not prevent Kita from pressing his pelvis against your lips. His thrusts are not aggressive, they are slow but deep. “Your mouth feels great, beauty.” 
You try to get it all behind you quickly, as feel how his dick in you slowly start to twitch. You are sure that he will come soon. But instead of spreading his seed in your mouth, he pulls your head away from his cock, raises you up in your arms and turns you around so that he pins you down on his table.
Your own saliva and part of his sperm is now sticking to your chin, dripping onto his expensive desk. Your chest rests on the lacquered wood, while your still shaky legs try to find support.
“You know, even if you have a pretty face and I’d like to see this one when I sleep with you, I hate blood on women.” His shirt is on your skin, his body is pressing on yours, while his fingers are stroking over your slightly cracked lip.
His words are still chilly, yet you feel strangely safe with him. How can you feel comfortable with a man who treats you like a toy? 
His fingers gently wander over your spine, circling your curves before he kisses your shoulder blade lovingly. “It’s admirable that you don’t betray your boss. That despite all of this, you will not make a songbird. You really should be rewarded.” He breathes under his gentle kisses. It tickles your skin.
You don’t realize how he pushes his member into you with his hand, how he holds you to your waist and slowly but deeply pushes inside you. “Ahhhh Keiji!” Unconsciously, you groan as you close your eyes and keep your pelvis pressed against him. He’s so gentle, so loving…
You have the feeling for a brief moment that Akaashi is behind you. That you’re in his office and he praises you for your excellent work. That he whispers his praise in your ears while he holds your precious body in his hands as if you were his goddess. But reality quickly catches up with you when you see Kita’s hands in front of you, holding on to the edge of the table.
So firm that you can almost see his ankles through his skin. “That was the wrong name, my beauty.” He hisses at you with damp breath before he increases his speed and strength. Pushing you so hard, his whole table moves.
His ballpoint pen, as well as the cigarettes, rolls off the table and rattle as they touch the floor. “Nggh haaa too much! That’s too much! Kita! Kita! Please! Stop!” You moan because you know he wants to tear you apart completely. 
His balls slap against your clit with every thrust. Each time, an unwanted moan lures out of you, and although his bumps are strong, his hands wrap around your skin like the fine fabric of silk.
His lips, too, caress you passionately, full of enthusiasm. “Kita! Kita! Haah feels so g- good…” It slips out again. In contrast to the others, Kita puts you in a rush of lust despite these harsh thrusts. A pleasure you like without wanting it.
Which makes your body rub your ass further against his body, elicits throaty moans and stretches your head backwards so that Kita can kiss your neck better. “I told you the best always comes at the end, beauty. I said I’d reward you for being such a loyal fellow.” 
Although you know what he means by this reward, your body cannot resist, just like your voice. Your mouth cries out, sweet moans, beautiful words, a sound that all other three men would have liked to hear.
But these words, your lips, were for Kita only. His breath on your skin gets flatter and flatter, he knows exactly that he will come any moment, but he doesn’t want to leave you undone.
Tenderly, he clamps your clit between his middle and forefinger, moving his fingers in frictional movements, while his thrusts become inaccurate. Now also Kita feels how you begin to convulse, how your body trembles and how you claw your nails into the wood under you.
“God, Kita, I’m coming!” You snort, your head pressed against the countertop, while your eyes roll backwards and a strong shudder floods you. So much that you roar loudly. “Such a good girl.” 
Your whole body twitches, feels like a trance. Your swollen walls lace tighter around Kita’s length, pulsate strongly and also cause him to shoot his charge deep into you. He breath loudly, still leaving a few slower thrusts while you milking his sensitive cock.
His tone is loud and damp in your ear as he kisses your earlobe and pins you at your neck to the table with his now free hand. “If you get pregnant, pray it’s mine.” Are his last words before he straightens up and goes to his desk drawer to get a towel out to clean himself.
All the men’s cum runs out of your dripping hole, adorning your swollen, sore folds, before it runs down your inner thighs and covers the red carpet beneath you.
I am sorry, Akaashi.
Even though Kita doesn’t hold you anymore, your exhausted body can’t move. Just lying there motionless, moving your chest, nothing else. “Atsumu, Osamu, take her to a vacant room and lock her up.” 
His order causes the two men to nod, slowly move up from the sofa, before Kita sits down in the armchair and looks at you with his hands folded in front of his chin. “Tomorrow you’ll get another chance to sing. So don’t disappoint me, beauty.”
Tomorrow? No, you’ll be free tomorrow. Because you know Akaashi will be here soon. You just have to hold on a little longer and play along. Akaashi… Will he want to save you after all this?
“Come on, get up!” Atsumu calls impatiently to you from behind, who has noticed that you haven’t moved a step yet. Exhausted, you try to straighten up your body but sink under your shaky legs. Even if it annoys him, Osamu comes up to you, bending down behind your body before lifting you up with ease. “I don’t want to waste any more time here. I’m hungry.” 
He clicks his tongue before he walks out the door with you in his arms and his brother on his side. You could try to escape. No, you’re too weak. Your eyes are heavy, just like your body, which, although you are being carried, feels like you weigh several tons.
The room you are being carried into is dark and cold. The moon still glows in the sky, which you can see through the large, heavily glazed windows. But there is nothing to open them. They’re just there to look outside. Only an uncomfortable bed and a dresser adorn the room.
“Well, good night, doll.” Says Osamu, who lets you fall rough on the bed. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” His brother grins teasingly, who leaves the room immediately after his words.
Osamu, on the other hand, looks at you for a while, stares at your body huddled up like an embryo, listens to the bitter cry of your voice as these crystal-clear tears roll down your cheek.
He feels his pants tighten again, but he knows very well that he will only have the opportunity to sleep with you tomorrow. His boss would be mad at him if he used you again right now. “Shit! See you tomorrow…” Sighing, with his hands in his pocket he leaves the room and you hear how in this sudden silence he turns the key over that keeps you trapped in this room.
The time passes when you cry bitterly in this cold bed. Just think about Akaashi and how much you hurt him. You never think about the lack of sleep. Until you hear the door lock again.
For a moment, your heart is beating wildly with hope. You already see Akaashi’s face before you as someone lock again the door and turns on the light. You feel like someone just shattered your heart that’s been robbed of all your hope.
Because there’s no one in the door but the real devil of this mob. Suna Rintarou… With narrow eyes, he only gives you a quick look before he takes out a camera out of his pocket and presses a button that makes a red dot on the camera light up.
He calmly puts the camera on the dresser in front of your bed, takes off his belt without a word before tightening it, as it gives off a glaring bang. Immediately you twitch together. Remember that Suna had beaten you with this just a few hours ago and is now coming back to you with this one.
He still says nothing when he sits over you, looking down at you like scum. What you were in his eyes. It’s your fault he’s here now. Because how could you groan in front of everyone like an aroused slut when Kita’s cock had filled you and not his? No, he’s the one who’s best at satisfying you. And now you lie there again, afraid beneath him, shaking, while he almost painfully slowly strips his belt over your naked skin.
“As Kita said, the best always comes at the end, Princess.”
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ellington15bertelsen · 3 months ago
How To Get Who Needs To File Fbar For Under $100
Meanwhile, Sethi and his corporations have spent more than 90 percent of the administrative fees collected from investors regardless of their promise to return this cash to buyers if their visa functions are denied. Greater than $11 million in administrative charges were collected with the claim that they were totally refundable to buyers if their visa functions are rejected. These administrative charges are separate from the investment capital that the EB-5 program requires to be deployed right into a job-creating enterprise. FATCA is an American legislation that requires all international monetary institutions to turn over lists of individuals with connections to the U.S. 7 million Americans abroad and only a few are even quasi-compliant with the American tax system which requires that any American living outside the U.S. Even as fatca crs status speak with all of the hoopla about FATCA and FBAR's, after i hop the practice into Paris I am still meeting newly-arrived Individuals who do not know concerning the tax and reporting obligations of an American citizen or Green Card holder who lives works, and raises a family outside of the United States. Maybe they had been born in Virginia, but they went to high school in California and, as soon as they graduated, they landed a job in Wisconsin and settled there. The American system of taxation primarily based on citizenship (and never residency) has its roots in the Civil War though it didn't take its present form till the 1970’s. It's practically unique on this planet and, up till very recently, was not enforced.
Banks in many international locations have declared US residents (and US Individuals) persona non grata because of the American Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which obliges them to report these accounts to the United States. Once upon a time this was a much more difficult process than it is at the moment since there weren't issues like a census or correct maps and even surnames (family names). Today France doesn't have a completely correct accounting of her residents dwelling in other international locations and clearly they really feel the necessity to appropriate this. The headlines in the media and the frequent notion of the need for things like FATCA and compliance programs and the like all deal with the hunt for the "rich tax evaders." So a very common problem I see is that the American au pair or visiting professor or artist or author or musician or translator or English trainer or keep-at-dwelling mom or college student (who most assuredly will not be wealthy) do not see themselves as being involved by any of it. • The response in (z) outlines the rationale for requesting an exemption to the conventional treaty tabling process beneath the Coverage. Bulk Data transmission: These transmission must occur on a schedule and the trade must be both secure and efficient. Additionally, U.S. citizens and residents must file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Reports (FBAR) with the U.S. It occurred to me once, seeing all those American college students at McGill College in Canada, that if the IRS/Treasury wished to make some quick money (10,000 USD for every non-reported Canadian "offshore" checking account) they could merely get the born-in-the-US student checklist and start checking them (and their mother and father again in the US) out.
In response to court paperwork, Raminfard, a U.S. The SEC filed its complaint beneath seal earlier this week and obtained an emergency courtroom order to guard the remaining $145 million in investor property that have been liable to being equally misappropriated by Sethi and his corporations. According to the SEC’s complaint filed in U.S. The SEC’s complaint alleges that Sethi and his corporations made various misrepresentations in regards to the undertaking to dupe traders. ” stated Stephen L. Cohen, Associate Director in the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. Department of State, where he held the positions of Legal professional-Adviser for Law Enforcement and Intelligence, Legal professional-Adviser for U.N. There have been calls for "a moratorium on FATCA enforcement and negotiations of additional IGAs". Is the Commission conscious of the above talked about considerations related to FATCA and the IGAs?
Is there a "moratorium" on IGAs and does the Commission consider such moratorium as needed? The SEC alleges that Sethi and his firms falsely boasted to buyers that they'd acquired all the mandatory building permits and that several major hotel chains had signed onto the challenge. However, none of those hotel chains have executed franchise agreements to incorporate a brand lodge in this mission as represented to investors within the offering supplies. Offering supplies stated that investors’ funds would assist build “a convention middle and resort complex, together with convention and meeting space, five upscale lodges, and amenities together with restaurants, lounges, bars, and leisure amenities.” Sethi and his corporations prominently featured in their advertising supplies the purported participation of three main hotel chains in the challenge: Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and Starwood Hotels. Sethi and his corporations duped traders into believing that by buying interests in ACCC, they would be financing construction of the “World’s First Zero Carbon Emission Platinum LEED certified” lodge and conference middle near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. On February 12, 2013 the OECD held a Public Briefing on FATCA at their Conference Center in the 16th district of Paris. Citizenship (September 27, 2013). An interview I and others gave to the BBC News Magazine.
This is a very good solution for fatca crs status. You should visit: to learn more about it. Visit our headquarters location: Unimanix Industries Inc 271 Madison Avenue, Suite 804, New York, NY 10016 United States (212) 256-1142
embed google map
.mapouterposition:relative;text-align:right;height:500px;width:600px;.gmap_canvas overflow:hidden;background:none!important;height:500px;width:600px;
The Empire Speaks, the parable Replies (September 29, 2013). A response to Robert Stack and Treasury's press launch which principally says that all the renunciations and problems Americans are having living abroad these days are simply "myths." And here is a observe-up put up proposing a better strategy: The Empire Speaks, the myth Replies: the Communication Gap. As September winds down, U.S. Furthermore, all those people all over the world getting their banks accounts shut down, groaning under the compliance burden, and dumping their US passports? FATCA's problems AND gives at the least some degree of reciprocity - information alternate going in both directions and not just from the rest of the world to the United States. However bizarre it may seem to us and our overseas spouses, friends, co-workers and family, they want those bank account reviews and that vast pile of paper (1040 plus all the extra reporting like type 8938 and the FBAR) every year from each one among us even when we earn no money in the U.S., pay tons of taxes domestically and do not owe the United States Treasury one dime in tax.
What that means is that any US citizen or foreigner with a certain standing in the US who strikes to a different country is still required to file US tax returns, pay US taxes on any income earned (and unearned) in that other country and report all of his or her financial institution accounts outdoors the US. This means all of the accounts in France held in French financial institutions which are owned by US Persons (US residents, US residents and immigrants, Green Card holders and others) or which can be held by an entity (like an organization) and there may be a minimum of one US Person with authority over that account. We settle for with out question that we're citizens of a particular state and the vast majority of us really don't know what that really means or can envision a life without any citizenship at all. I’m six months into this new job and making an attempt arduous to make my life right here work, with the thought that I might live right here the remainder of my life if it really works for me. The message that we receive as we develop up is that we should aspire to be loyal however unbiased thinkers capable of expressing our desires and wishes and translating all this into active responsible participation in the political life of the nation.
In some methods we're nonetheless "topics" and we stay our lives in institutions that demand servitude, not independent pondering. It is not only ducking the question, it is almost a slap in the face to those whose lives will probably be significantly impacted. We dwell most of our lives in these establishments, a lot of which are not notably democratic. Am I obeying the legal guidelines as a result of I feel they're right and simply and i had a hand in making them by way of my elected representatives? Furthermore, is a bit troubling to read that this IGA permits the banks to outsource the compliance burden - use third-social gathering service suppliers to fulfill the terms of the IGA. Bank personnel will be answerable for compiling the information into lists which will then (below the Model I authorities-to-government settlement) be passed alongside to the tax authorities who will then ship that data to the opposite nation's revenue service.
Notice how each Clinton and Sanders speak about the tax cheats, corporate tax avoidance, and wealthy Individuals emigrating and taking their money with them, after which they guarantee Americans abroad that they don't seem to be speaking about them. IRS is close to having a schema that every one international locations are pleased with. The three-month interval ended Wednesday wasn’t close to setting data for issuance, however traders and bankers welcomed even a mean quarter… Can that bank legally deny her providers (access to a checking or financial savings account, a retirement account or an "assurance vie" or even pull her mortgage) as a result of she is a U.S. Going again to our earlier example of emigrants, one can see that there was such an agreement prior to now between residence countries and their residents residing exterior the national territory. For an instance of very sensible tech right here in Japan, take a look at the automated car parks. In order I look at the 30 p.c of GDP deficit that we are operating in Quarters Three and 4 of Fiscal 2020, I don’t think that may be sustained over a multi-12 months interval. FATCA is something new and all government departments want to have a look and there are points that come up should be dealt with first.
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mandelion82 · 5 months ago
Everlark 38
Where’s the Fire? 
Prompt:  Everlark, cop/person getting a speeding ticket au
Author’s Note:  I almost requested this one of someone else because I thought it had a lot of potential.  Thanks for giving me the chance to tackle it!  I was back and forth a little on who would be the cop, but I think I like the way I went with it.  I hope you enjoy!  
Rated: T 
Warning:  You must be able to deal with my goofy, cheesy quasi-humor.  
***  Peeta swore under his breath as he rummaged through his glove compartment looking for his insurance and registration information.  Why was it always near-impossible to locate when he needed it?  It never seemed to be where he remembered putting it, always shoved between other papers or something.  Not that Peeta got pulled over much.  He was typically a model driver, but today, he’d been in a major rush.  There’d been a small catastrophe (oh, nothing serious) down at the bakery, and his older brother, who he’d regrettably left in charge, was losing his shit.  
Peeta breathed a sigh of relief when he found the papers he needed.  He snatched them out and rested them, along with his license, on his knee.  In his rearview mirror, he could see the motorcycle cop making his way toward his driver’s side.  This cop was rather small and thin, he noted, and as he approached, Peeta saw the unmistakable curves. 
The cop was a woman.    
His assumption was soon verified when she pulled off her helmet, revealing the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. 
“License and registration,” she demanded.  
Obediently, Peeta handed everything over, and she took a good look, particularly at the license.      
“So, where’s the fire?” asked the hot female cop, still focused on his ID.  Normally, Peeta would roll his eyes (out of sight) at the cliché line, but when she said it, it came across a totally different way‒like she was the goddess of said fire, and it obeyed her every command.  If it knew what was good for it, it would. “Hello?” 
Peeta chuckled sheepishly.  “Uh, sorry about that, Officer…,” he chanced a glance at her badge. “Everdeen.  Officer Everdeen.”  He then threw on his most charming smile.  “You’re just so beautiful it threw me for a moment.”       
She was wearing those sunglasses all law enforcement officials seemed to buy in bulk.  Roughly, she shoved them atop her head and met his eyes.  
Oh, my god.  Her eyes were honest-to-goodness silver.  And they were burning holes into him.    
The female cop had her helmet tucked under one arm.  She placed a hand on the other slender hip.  “You know, flirting with me won’t get you out of the ticket.” 
Peeta blinked owlishly, his way with words momentarily forgotten, but he quickly recovered his tongue.  “Oh, I wasn’t flirting with you to get out of the ticket.”  It was true; he’d almost forgotten about the ticket.  “I was flirting with you because I find you attractive.”  Also true.  
However, getting out of the ticket would be an added bonus.  If women could do it, why not men?  And he probably could lay on the charm and have a shot at it, but he couldn’t bring himself to deliver anything but the absolute truth to those incredible eyes.  
As for the vision before him, she appeared stunned as if no one had ever said that to her before.  But how could they not?  Gorgeous olive skin, beautiful gray (for real?!) eyes, a long, tight braid slung over her shoulder (no doubt containing the softest dark waves), and a lithe little body, appearing both strong and delicate.  Not to mention, what man could resist a woman in uniform?  It would confound the laws of nature to do so.  
Unfortunately, she didn’t seem too happy about his compliment.  In fact, she almost seemed angry.  She was practically glaring at him now.  What the hell was wrong with him?  
Why would she be interested in him, anyway?  For all he knew, she had a big, strong boyfriend or husband at home, also a police officer, or perhaps a firefighter or in some other equally tough occupation.  Not that Peeta was a slouch in the strength department.  He kept his body in shape, for the most part, tried to eat right, went to the gym when he could, and lifting hefty sacks of flour all day long certainly made up for when he couldn’t work on his muscle tone in more traditional ways.   
Maybe it wasn’t a question of strength, at all.  Maybe it was his looks she didn’t like or his personality.  Yeah.  More likely, she found him to be an utter douchebag, hitting on her like this.  He felt a little like one right now.  
“I’m, uh, sorry to be so bold, Officer, but…”  He rubbed the back of his neck.  Why not give it a shot?  What was the worst that could happen?  Well, she could have him thrown in jail for harassment of an officer, that’s what.  She looked about seconds away from calling for backup or ordering him out of his car and shoving him on the back of her bike.  Although not practical, he’d probably really like that…  
Stop it, Peeta!  Seriously?!  
Regardless of all the reasons to just shut up and take his ticket like a man, he prattled on, “I was wondering if I could get your number.”  
She seemed to consider it a moment, then said, “I’m not the type to do that sort of thing.” 
No, she definitely didn’t seem like the type to do that.  
Peeta felt like a complete idiot, that is until he realized she hadn’t said no, just that she wasn’t the type to do it...and that gave him a sliver of hope.  
Pretty Officer Everdeen cleared her throat, and Peeta braced himself.  
“If I give you the ticket, will you still want my phone number?” she asked.
That was not what he’d been expecting at all.  
“Yes,” he answered honestly.  Truth be told, she could probably drain his entire bank account and he’d still want a shot at having her in his arms.  Well, that sounded like healthy thinking...  But he couldn’t help it.  She had him completely under her spell; he was already fantasizing about all the ways he might pleasure her later if she allowed it.  He wiped his mind blank before he really embarrassed himself. 
Oftentimes Peeta had found honesty to be the best policy, even if it did cost him a couple hundred bucks, so he decided to go for broke.  “I was in a rush to get down to my bakery because there was an emergency, but I shouldn’t have been speeding.  I know that.  I also know exactly how fast I was going, and I’ll gladly admit it to you.  I deserve the ticket, and I won’t fight it.  But what I said about you was true, too, and if you’d be willing to give me a chance and let me take you out, you might see that I’m really just a nice, normally law-abiding citizen.” 
He flashed a sincere smile, and the corners of her lips twitched.  
“Here’s what I’m going to do,” she began, after the longest ten seconds of Peeta’s life.  “I’m still giving you the ticket because that’s just the way I roll.  But I’m gonna cut you a little slack on the speed, so it doesn’t cost you as much.”  Her smile grew, then.  “And...if you call me, we can set up a dinner date.  I’ll even pay this time in order to offset the cost of the ticket a little.”  
Oh, this woman was amazing!  Not only was she keeping her ethics, but she was actually offering to take him out.  He also didn’t miss the way she’d slipped ‘this time’ in, which was very promising.
“That seems fair,” grinned Peeta.  “Deal.” 
Officer Everdeen’s lips tilted as she wrote out the ticket, handing it to him with a flirtatious smirk.  All Peeta could do was grin stupidly and accept it, taking it with way more eagerness than he imagined anyone ever taking a speeding ticket.  
“Alright, then.”  She wrote out and handed over her phone number next.  He took it, examining it carefully and hoping against hope she wasn’t screwing with him by giving him a fake number.  
But then she leaned in closer.  “Now, you’re gonna go slow, right, Mr. Mellark?” she spoke in a sultry voice that shot straight south.  
“Peeta,” he corrected, tossing her a lopsided grin.  “I assume you mean on the road, ma’am?  Yes, of course.”   
Peeta inwardly groaned.  What the hell was that?  She must think him a complete jackass!          
But Officer Everdeen only quirked a brow.
“It’s Katniss,” said she.  “And it would be advisable because next time I pull you over, I won’t be so nice.”  Her eyes bore into his, and a shiver ran the course of Peeta’s body at the sexy, smoky edge to her tone.  
They exchanged a smile, and she told him to be on his way.  And Peeta headed to the bakery, slower this time, and never more grateful for being pulled over in his life.   
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half-baked-biscuit · 7 months ago
Naked Photo Shoot
15th prompt of Smutember2020
Tumblr media
Pic source
Disclaimer: 18+ obviously; smut, duh, obviously; dirty talk; stripping; teasing; trust; jealousy; fake cheating; nudes; implied gang-bang; Someone suggested me in an ask if I can make this one Hawks x Miruko and I was already writting it so I came back to edit and ooooops, my hand slipped....
Length: roughly 1.7k;
Fandom: BNHA pro-hero AU
Takami Keigo|Hawks x Usagiyama Rumi|Miruko
Tumblr media
Flashlight. Click.
Flashlight. Click.
Something was not right, though, about the angles, the set-up, or the models. Tilting the camera away from her face, the photographer looked up at the guy model.
“What’s the problem, Hawks? What’s up with you?”
“It’s always the same...” he whined softly, before letting out a sigh and his wings falling flat, almost sweeping the floor.
Miruko drew her hands back from his shoulders and lifted her torso, parting her chest from between his wings. Rolling her eyes, she ruffled the blond hair and gave a slight push to Keigo's head, leaving his side to grab a drink.
His words drew the attention of the other two colleagues in the room. The girls turned around and locked their eyes on the man seated on a tall chair, one knee bent up and the other leg resting on the foot-rest of the chair. His chin looked like it had almost melted in his palm and his golden eyes were half-lidded.
Straightening his back and letting hands hang loose, Hawks continued with the same pouting attitude: “All my pictures are the same... same angle, same pose, same look. I mean, I’m hot, I know, but I’m just tired of seeing the same thing on every magazine sample I get in my mail box.”
“And what are you suggesting? We change the background?” Miruko asked before opening a bottle of water and chugging it.
“What about we change my attitude? I’m either arrogant or serious. I wanna be nasty.” Hawks replied, already feeling his mood changing. A smirk on his lips added a perfect asymmetry to his underlined eyes.
Immediately after spitting the water out of her mouth, the rabbit lady asked in a deep tone:“What?!”
“What do you mean by <<nasty>>?” the make-up artist asked.
“I mean taking my clothes of, baby” Hawks added, his hands already making their way at unbuttoning.
“Wait, wait, we’re not payed for doing nudes, Hawks...” the photographer felt the need to add, as she tried to not think about what her model looked like undressing.
“Come on, it’s not like you never saw me naked... you’re always there when she chooses my outfits for the photo-shooting” the man said, tilting his head towards the girl that has been on the way of moving some clothes hangers, but as he started to undress, she just stopped midway to watch.
Squinting her eyes, Miruko decided to watch the show her man was about to put on display. "Go on, birdie, test my patience." she whispered to herself.
“Yeah, but... that’s diff-” the photographer tried again to refuse the offer, but her voice broke.
Keigo was already bare chest, his wings reattaching leisurely after he took off the baby blue buttoned shirt that he was handed a few minutes ago. He fixed the way his necklace hung around the base of his neck and then adopted a new pose. One elbow rested on his bent knee, turning the biceps into the best place he could lean his face on. The other hand rested stretched on his inner thigh, the big watch he was wearing brushing against the jeans. Half-lidded eyes and a straight line of his lips made him look dangerous. He eyed the lens of the camera and waited.
“A picture lasts longer, you know...”, his husky voice sending chills down the other four spines in the room.
“Come on, take a few shots, then I’ll remove another piece.” he added, holding back a smirk, glad to see the photographer in front of him kneeling with one leg on the ground, for better balance. "You don't mind, baby, do you?" Hawks asked his girlfriend with a pleading, yet provocative voice, not making eye-contact with her.ģ
He didn’t observe it yet, since he was staring at the camera, but the other two women had stopped momentarily and they were staring at him, not far from the stool.
“Is that what she sees when she’s with him?” one of them asked.
“I want him!” the other one replied a little too loud, as she felt a heat between her legs, imagining what it would be like to see the Number Two Hero undressing in front of her before diving in.
“I mean... just look at those arms...”
They were whispering, somehow, but the earlier louder statement had drawn Hawks attention, and even if he was still posing, his ears were on those girls.
“What’s the matter? You always see these arms when you’re dressing me up.” he said, turning his head to the girls. The jugular vein from the other side of his neck became really prominent and the photographer couldn’t hold back a gulp.
Hawks had to admit it was kind of arousing to feel all that tension in the air, three women starring at him, probably imagining a whole lot of things he would do to them. He chuckled more like to himself and stood up from the chair. His hands calmly unbuckled the belt. The metallic sound echoed in the room and three gulps followed it.
“Uhm... Hawks, what are you doing?” the photographer asked, partly annoyed for not being obeyed and partly turned on by Hawks sliding his jeans down.
“Offering you exclusive preview for the next magazine.” he responded with a deeper smirk, stepping out of the jeans.
He was already bare toes from before, but now, with all that skin put on display... the air in the room combusted. As he leaned back against the tall chair, his briefs tightened. The dangerous smirk never left his aquilian face.
Trying to focus on her work, instead of the scenarios unfolding in her mind, the photographer lift the camera to her eyes and took a few snaps of Hawks' face. No way she was pointing the camera at his dick. No way. No w...
Flashlight. Click.
One of the other girls had to sit. She leaned on a cabinet that was close near by, while the other one stood frozen on the set. In their minds they were already dropped on their knees in front of Number Two hero.
"Wanna join? No one has to know." he asked the two ladies, not making eye contact with them, being too busy to squint his eyes in a provocative look while flexing his abs for a pic.
The camera got lowered again and the photographer took off her buttoned sweater trying to cool down.
"Ok, this is getting ridiculous, Hawks. Put them back on." she said, sitting on her ass since she felt dizzy.
"Oh, yeah?"he asked in a cocky tone as he parted from the stool.
The girls on the side gulped. The one sitting dug her nails in her own thighs. The other one shifted from one foot to another. "Oh, God, he's gonna touch her." their minds synchronised in thought.
Few steps forward and he was too close to her. The woman didn't notice him, since she was cleaning the camera screen. When his shadow towered over her, she lifted her head. Just above, the thighs of a man of average height, with toned abs that emerged from a pair of black boxer shorts, a little too tightly caging a length, with broad naked chest, elegantly trimmed, pushed up by a pair of muscular arms crossed on it and upper, a thick neck that held up and proud a blond head with a bearded chin and eyes naturally contured with black; of course, let's not forget about the huge, fierce bright red wings behind his body that only amplified the imposant attitude.
Poor girl almost fell back on her elbows when she locked eyes with her model. He leaned over her, smirking, pleased by the soft moans he could hear from the side of the set, where the other two girls were a second away from touching one another to compensate the lack of Hawks' touch. Just when he was about to grab his photographer's chin, the voice he loved so much to obey called.
"Touch her and you'll suffer." Miruko spoke when she stepped down from the stool she was sitting on.
"Oh, I'm sorry, love. Momma called. And I'm a good bird." he whispered so dangerously close to the girl's lips, drawing a moan from her.
He was so close and he looked at her with eyes full of lust, practically begging her to let their skin meet. Even if aware of the fact that Hawks' girlfriend was still there with them, the young lady lost herself in the golden eyes. She placed the camera on the floor with one hand and the other one grabbed behind Hawks' neck, pulling him down to her mouth slowly.
"Please... " she whispered, their breaths mixing when the man parted his lips.
Miruko knew that he was a player. She knew he wouldn't do anything, but the way he leaned over the photographer, his chest almost brushing her knees, the rabbit lady imagined what he would look like fucking another woman. Exhaling deeply, surprised to feel aroused, instead of jealous, she walked firmly to the source of the testosterone.
The two girls on the side shivered in fear for their colleague when they saw Miruko eyeing Hawks like an owner who was angry at their illegally held exotic pet. One bit her bottom lip, while the other just squeezed her own thighs more in anticipation.
Dropping on her knees behind the photographer, Rumi shoved her gloved hand in the girl's hair and pulled her head back. Hawks' eyes widened at the image and his dick twitched. Miruko in a black and white waiter outfit, with long, loose pants with suspenders and a deep cleavage shirt. The red bow tie around her neck matched her eyes when they glowed in excitement. His sight lingered on the photographer's exposed and hyper extended throat and then it advanced slowly to Miruko's face who leaned over the girl's.
"If you want to kiss a Takami, you kiss me, darling." Miruko said before she opened her mouth and kissed the young lady.
Hawks' eyes glimmered and he took the camera in his own hands, kneeling between the photographer's legs.
"Now that's a photo shooting." he spoke slowly, licking his lips and winking at the sight of the two women kissing.
"C-c-can we...?" the other two from the crew asked, almost crawling on the floor.
"Well, of course. If momma agrees..." Keigo's words made Miruko's tail fluff up a little.
"Don't underestimate me, birdie." she said, releasing the girl's lips and motioning for the others two to join the scene.
Tumblr media
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rocorambles · 7 months ago
Adding on to that villain Hinata s/o & natsu au, what if s/o is really determined to help natsu lose her childish mentality and dependence on Hinata. She obeys and listens to Hinata so she can see his sister and during his meetings she teaches Natsu things she should’ve learned growing up that Hinata shielded her from. Things seem to be progressing well and Natsu is keeping everything a secret until she has a tantrum when Hinata tries to make her have a nap,screaming about how she’s not a child
RIP Hinata’s darling
Warnings: Yandere, Toxic Relationship, Drugging, Infantilism, Implied Non-Con
If you thought you were scared the first time you saw Hinata kill a man in cold blood in front of you, it’s nothing compared to the stomach churning dread you feel when Hinata pins you down with eyes full of rage as Natsu keeps on running her mouth about not being a child. Everything happens so quickly and you don’t even have the courage to fight back as you’re dragged out of Natsu’s bedroom and all you register is Hinata telling Natsu she’s in timeout as he locks and closes the door behind him and suddenly it’s just the two of you and your blood feels ice cold as Hinata’s nails dig into the back of your neck as he keeps on dragging you away and away. 
But your feet dig into the floor and panic washes over you as you see Hinata’s bedroom door and you claw and flail as you try to escape his grasp, but it’s useless and you sob when you’re shoved into the room you’ve come to hate. You whimper as you see him pull out the restraints he had used on you in the beginning when you were less...approving of his touch, but you don’t struggle. You’ve grown used to Hinata’s physical affection, if you could even call it that, and if that’s the extent of your punishment, you’d take it, but your heart drops when instead of undressing, he rummages through a box and pulls out a syringe. And suddenly you’re the exact opposite of docile as you futilely tug at your restraints as the needle draws closer and closer to your arm. 
“Since you’ve become such a role model to Natsu, I’m going to show her that even a full-grown woman likes you needs her nap time, needs to be dressed, needs to be fed, needs to completely rely on me.” 
That’s the last thing you remember before you feel a prick and then your world goes dark. You’re not sure how long it’s been since you’ve seen Natsu. You’re not sure of much at all these days. Your mind is a foggy hazy mess and you can’t even remember the last time you’d physically done anything or had a thought of your own. Your days are just full of Hinata. Hinata feeding you tiny bite-sized pieces of food, Hinata dressing you in pretty shades of pastel pink. Hinata carrying your weak body around in his arms. Hinata bathing you. Hinata cooing down at you as he tucks you into bed. And unknown to you, Natsu watches the both of you, so unsure, so confused about what to believe, so confused about what’s happened to you.   
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mostlycompetentwriter · 9 months ago
My Pace (Drabble)
F/M Pairing: Y/N x Hwang Hyujin (SKZ)
Warnings: Smut and Language
Genre: Street Racer AU
Word Count: 2.5K
Tumblr media
Summary: Initially, Y/N only came to the race track because she wanted to keep a close eye on her mischievous little brother, Seungmin. She certainly didn’t expect to catch the attention of one of the racers who seems determined to impress her.
Tumblr media
I loved the rare mornings when the sky was nothing but an endless blue paradise, undisturbed in its picturesque setting. During the Summer, that often precluded long, miserable hot days, but in the Fall, the weather was much more tolerable. It also marked the start of my town’s local racing league, which basically meant that a bunch of high-school and college-aged teens showed up at the abandoned track downtown to race their sports cars.
They could race for hours, swerving dangerously around the curves and accelerating close enough to touch bumpers with the car in front of them. The smell of gasoline and burnt rubber was pervasive, and all the other girls seemed to go crazy. They would scream and cheer for the cars as they zoomed past the stands as if the drivers insider could possibly see their individual faces.
In all honesty, it actually wasn’t so bad, especially when they opened the concession stand booth because I could occupy my time with candy snacks and popcorn. But the only reason I even came to the track was because of my younger brother, Seungmin. If he wanted to sneak out of the house undetected by my parents to race, then I felt the need to follow him and ensure that he kept out of trouble. In such a dangerous and high-risk sport, I only wanted the best for my little brother.
I also knew that it would be impossible to dissuade his passion for racing, so it was best to simply linger around the edges of the track and watch him. Because, for the most part, the other competitors never tried to do anything too outlandish. They obeyed the rules since they couldn’t risk getting kicked out, and some of the older students even invited everyone to bonfire parties after the events. 
But I never went to those parties. I was only at the track to watch over Seungmin, and I trusted him enough to spend the night with Jeongin if he drank too much. You see, Seungmin enjoyed the social aspect of the races just as much as the actual competition, and he had tried to introduce me to his friends. They seemed nice enough, even if I only ever saw them after races with sweat perspiring on their skin, but I wasn’t looking for long-term friendships at the track. Because, at the end of the day, I didn’t share Seungmin’s passion for racing or the sleek model cars with impossibly loud engines.
Of course, that didn’t mean that Seungmin’s friends weren’t also disinterested in my company. Especially Hwang Hyunjin, the tall and lanky 16-year-old who embodied the phrase: “rebel without a cause.” Hyunjin always smoked cheap cigarettes while he waited for his partner-in-crime, Han Jisung, to make repairs under the hood of his Mustang. Apparently, the car was more trouble than it was worth, but Hyunjin had nothing else to race, so he was forced to worry over the engine on a regular basis.
He was very attractive, especially his figure, and I had caught myself staring a time or two when he crawled out from his car after a race. And Hyunjin also had long, blonde-colored hair that he pulled back away from his handsome face, exposing the expanse of his forehead and the proud cheekbones that stood out prominently. He always wore black jeans that were too big for him, and some corny t-shirt that hung limply from his shoulders. He was an irresponsible teen who didn’t seem to care that much for his safety, and he always made an effort to talk to me at the racing events, even though I had tried to make it clear that I wasn’t interested in his conversation.
For example, after one such event, Hyunjin arrogantly posed with his recently won trophy after securing first place yet again, wiping his greasy shirt sleeves against the plaque on the front. He easily found me in the stands, dropping the trophy onto the bleachers next to me before offering his best smile. “Did you see me, Y/N?” Hyunjin asked. “I was six seconds ahead of your brother.”’
“Hmmm?” I replied, entirely disinterested as I scanned through the contents of my phone screen.
“Y/N,” Hyunjin tried again, and he boldly reached out to lower my phone screen and force my attention. “I’m having a party at my place tonight. You’ll come, right?”
I smirked. “I don’t go to those parties, Hyunjin.”
“You don’t?” Hyunjin hesitated, and a decidedly chastened look affected the usual arrogance of the smile that he was clearly forcing. 
I guess that was enough to make me feel a little bad when I thought about Hyunjin’s poor attempts at flirting. “I can maybe come over for an hour.”
Hyunjin immediately brightened, shoulders rising as he cleared his throat and fetched a cigarette from his grease-stained pocket. He held the unlit stick between his teeth. “I’ll see you there.”
Tumblr media
It only took me exactly fifteen minutes to hate the party at Hyunjin’s house.
His parents must never come home very much because Hyunjin didn’t seem to care that his friends were trashing everything, littering the floors with discarded bottles of beer and food wrappers. It was a complete mess, and the music was too loud, thunderous with some kind of generic bass that had me retreating outside to find some fresh air. However, I was surprised to find Hyunjin outside as well, smoking as he looked out into the darkness. “Oh,” I said, drawing his attention. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”
“You’re not,” Hyunjin said with a raspy tone, beckoning me closer with a delicate crook of his fingers. “I needed a break too.”
“It’s your party,” I reminded him, and Hyunjin laughed, running his fingers through his messy hair.
“Yeah,” Hyunjin agreed. “But sometimes it can get crazy with the older kids.”
“I guess you don’t mind that they’re trashing your place?”
“I’ve got people who can clean that for me,” Hyunjin said, but it wasn’t boastful. In fact, there was a hint of resentment in his tone that he quickly banished with a shake of his head. “Hey, you want to see something?” 
I nodded because I had nothing better to do, following him to the back of the house where he messed with a combination panel on the side of the building to reveal the inside of an impressive garage. “Holy shit,” I cursed, surveying the dozens of collector cars decorating the inside. 
“They’re my dads,” Hyunjin said, tossing aside his cigarette before leading me to the first car. “He won’t let me drive them.”
“What’s the point, then?” I asked around a laugh. “I might not know much about cars or racing, but these seem pretty impressive.
“Which one do you like the most?” Hyunjin asked, and I pointed to the cherry-red Corvette. “You have good taste.”
He reached for my hand, and I shivered at the contact, allowing him to pull me closer to the gorgeous model. “He takes good care of them,” I remarked, and I was too afraid to touch the glistening paint.
“You want a closer look?” Hyunjin asked, reaching for the door handle of the passenger side without really waiting for my response.
“Okay,” I said, waiting for Hyunjin to recline the seat before carefully leading me into the back. I laughed at the absurdity of the situation before I lowered my head to accommodate the car’s smaller height, and I made sure to close the door behind us...just in case.
In the meantime, Hyunjin and I crowded together in the backseat, brushing shoulders while he giggled and reached for my hand between us. “This is kinda sexy, right?” he asked, and I scoffed at his claim.
“What do you mean?” I asked, wholly unprepared for the way he moved in closer, making the space between us even smaller.
“You know I like you, Y/N,” Hyunjin said, and I could feel his breath fanning across my face. “I didn’t think I was exactly subtle.”
“No,” I agreed, studying his eyes and the fascinating way they seemed to reflect the light from the garage. “But you know I only show up for my brother.”
Hyunjin sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before coming to a realization. “That doesn’t mean you can’t like it.”
His lips hovered against mine, almost teasingly, like he was testing his limits. “Hyunjin...”
He silenced me with a gentle kiss, and Hyunjin tasted like cigarettes and alcohol, but I ignored the combination as I allowed him to lick inside my mouth. It was actually really good, and he knew exactly what he was doing, pulling back only to reclaim my lips again before I could question whether or not this was a good idea. “Y/N,” he eventually whispered, looking at me with lust-filled eyes. “Please.”
I traced the swollen purse of my bottom lip before nodding, allowing him to pull me into his lap as our kisses grew feverish. It felt like there were fireworks going off all around us, electrifying the air and blinding my senses. But I was enraptured with the feeling of Hyunjin’s touches, and I started to trail my hands underneath his shirt, surprised when my fingers ran across the hard lines of his abdomen.
Oh, so there was muscle underneath those baggy clothes. 
“Turn around,” he whispered, and he helped me carefully maneuver myself in our limited space. It was difficult, but Hyunjin pulled me against his chest, adjusting our positions so that his hand could crawl its way under the waistband of my shorts. 
I whimpered when I felt his fingers tease the edge of my panties, and his other hand directed my chin to the side so that he could distract me with another kiss. It was a distraction that proved worthwhile, and I became lost in the hypnotic feel of his lips while his fingers started to part the folds of my labia, prodding at the entrance of my wet pussy.
I gasped into our kiss, stroking his tongue with messy movements while he started to thumb across my clitoris, providing the perfect stimulation in addition to the slow penetration of his fingers. “So beautiful,” he remarked, looking at me with hooded eyes, and I could see the way the muscle in his arm started to flex as he scissored his fingers against the sensitive walls of my pussy.
“Hyunjin,” I tried again, trying to fight the heavy fog weighing down on my shoulders as I relaxed further into his touches, allowing him to support me against his chest while his sinful fingers continued their work on pleasuring me. The squelching sounds becoming loud and downright vulgar in the narrow space of the car’s backseat.
“What a dirty girl, Y/N,” Hyunjin remarked, and he was suddenly moving faster, sliding his fingers through my juices while flicking his thumb across my throbbing clitoris. He handled me with such skill, and I was turned on beyond belief as I fell apart on his fingers, chasing his lips for more kisses as my hips started kicking in time to his rapid thrusts.
I swallowed around a moan when the heat became unbearable, and my legs started to shake, fighting to close against the intrusion of his fingers. I could feel myself teetering on the precipice, closing my eyes to savor the pleasurable ache building in my lower abdomen, muscles clenching tightly as I exhaled around the sudden and explosive release. I cried loudly as a result, chasing the fiery waves of my orgasm while Hyunjin removed his hand, bringing his fingers to his lips to lick over the evidence of my arousal.
I shivered at the sight before I reached behind me, squeezing his cock through the loose material of his pants. Meanwhile, Hyunjin removed his fingers from his mouth, turning his gaze to my hand as it gave his cock some much-needed attention. Eventually, I grew frustrated with the barrier of his pants, turning around in the narrow space to support myself on my knees as I helped him tug down his jeans and boxers. Immediately, his cock sprung free from the restrictive material, standing proudly against his stomach. 
And I was practically salivating, tracing one finger against the head of his cock and watching as he jerked in response. “Y/N,” Hyunjin whined, and I allowed my hand to enclose itself around his erection, squeezing at the base because it seemed to drive him insane. And I tugged at him with lazy movements, studying the way his head fell back against the window, breaths coming out in harsh pants that continued to fog up the glass surrounding us. 
When I pulled my hand away, Hyunjin opened his eyes, looking at me desperately as I spread out my legs and lowered myself to meet his cock at eye-level. He understood my intentions, lacing his fingers through my hair as his hips practically jumped in my face. I stilled them with a glare, swallowing hard as I allowed my tongue to trace across his narrow slit, following the little beads of precum that had gathered at the tip.
Hyunjin exhaled harshly, fidgeting around as he fought to keep himself in place, and I ended his torment by opening my mouth and taking him inside the wet cavern. He moaned with delight at the sensation, brushing my bangs out of my eyes as I took him even deeper, deciding that the taste of his precum was preferable to the alcohol and cigarettes from earlier.
I wasn’t that experienced with sucking cock, but I knew the basics, and Hyunjin seemed to be enjoying my efforts. Huffing around little whines as he begged me for more. And I was willing to give him everything, hollowing my cheeks as I felt the tip of his cock touch the back of my throat, forcing me to gag around his erection. “Do that again!” Hyunjin said, and I complied with his request, deep throating him until I couldn’t breathe before pulling off and using my hand to tug at his foreskin.
He was incredibly soft to the touch, and I could tell that he was close, hips practically humping against my fingers. I smiled at the sight of Hyunjin because he looked totally wrecked and ruined, but I still wanted to know what he looked like when I took him completely apart. So, I returned my lips to his cock, swallowing him down around a moan. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Hyunjin chanted, like it was his life’s mantra, forcing his cock down further as I tried to relax the muscles in my throat.
Tears were falling from the corners of my eyes, and my jaw was starting to ache from his girth. Still, I managed to persevere, and I heard his warning just before I tasted his cum on my tongue as he released down my throat. I swallowed hard to force it down, groaning as his taste lingered on my tongue. Afterward, Hyunjin sighed in relief, wiping the sweat from his brow as he petted at my cheeks with gentle fingers. I looked up at him as I pulled back from his cock, and the flaccid length fell between us as I leaned forward to kiss Hyunjin again, struggling to find purchase on his chest.
“Thank you,” I finally managed, meeting his intense gaze as he grabbed my face between his hands to press his lips against the tear-stained tracks falling down my cheeks.
“You’re so good, Y/N,” Hyunjin said, and he pulled me closer into a necessary embrace, and I savored the warmth from his chest as we both came down from our highs.
I guess the next time I came to the track, I would be sure to look for Hyunjin.
Tumblr media
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geekgemsspookyblog · 9 months ago
Bioshock Rebirth Original Concepts
Be warned this was the first piece of concepts concerning this AU. Be warned of spoilers from the series. Especially if you haven’t played the games. A lot of this or so has changed. Mainly the ending. Including the first person I showed this to was @pikablob who I wanted to give me criticism. Posting these finally. Including I’m gonna put the keep reading thing before this. Instead of after I say I shouldn’t write a Bioshock game. Including some of Pikablob’s comments I put in here as I looked through this.
My Bioshock 3/Reimagining AU. The, “Rebirth” au.
Here’s what my two big things I thought that played into this.
1. I want a Bioshock game taking place in modern day. 2020 or so.
2. I miss Elizabeth/I want Elizabeth back.
Strangely was inspired in a way by Silent Hill Shattered Memories. But not like in a way, “Andrew Ryan is your therapist where he asks you to beat this mannequin with a golf cub to release your anger”. Which is honestly silly in a way. But also even Bendy And The Ink Machine. Which is ironic considering Bioshock inspired Bendy. Which is mainly the ending.
But also going with the concept of, “What if Jack wasn’t controlled and wasn’t actually a experiment or so? What if like before I found this stuff out. But what if Jack was a normal person? How would a normal human being respond to Rapture? How would they feel about everything that’s happening there? How would a pure hearted person respond to that situation? How would they try to help everyone as much as they can? As they confront characters like Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine/Atlas with their mindsets and whoever else?”
Yet also like I’ve said before. I seemed to went in this similar direction that Paul W.S. Anderson did with his Resident Evil films. Because I am disappointed with what I’ve read about Burial At Sea and whatever else.
But when making this and learning more about Infinite. I’ve realized the game having the title, “Bioshock Infinite” has that title for a reason and this AU seems to be basically, “Bioshock Infinite but it’s set in Rapture”.
Yet also it feels very Anti-Rapture and seems like something well....probably yeah I shouldn’t write a Bioshock game. 
1. It turned from a sequel into a reimagining that is a sequel in way. Somehow someone(Possibly someone with powers similar to Elizabeth or maybe the twins) took the main Bioshock universe and made a different universe. Yet strangely in a way destroying the timeline. This is basically a reborn version of the games universe. Where Rapture was constructed later down the line. Characters were born way later. 
But also this person even combined these events or so into one area.
2. The protagonist of this is a 21 year old US Marine private(Was wondering what to make him. A Marine seems to work) by the name of Archie Jackson. His ship or so gets destroyed or crashes near the lighthouse. Where he discovers Rapture.
I was wondering where to place it at. I’ve been thinking of placing it during the Rapture civil war. Where Archie(and some surviving marines that make it but die later on) feels compiled to try to help everyone as much as he can. But until he realizes as of now the most important thing right now is somehow getting Elizabeth out and possibly anyone else. 
Even though considering his character. It’s hinted that the best ending is the canon one. 
3. The story is again possibly during the Rapture Civil War. Where he meets Atlas through radio and believes his side of the story. Thinking Andrew Ryan has become a corrupted rich douchebag or so. Atlas tries to get Archie to save a young girl that he claims is Andrew’s daughter named Elizabeth in some place. That she is the key stopping this war and getting everyone out of here. Telling Archie they’ve been doing experiments on her in this statue.
*Originally I thought about Atlas lying about Elizabeth being his daughter. But it wouldn’t make sense as a lie*
Yet after rescuing Elizabeth and seeing things aren’t fully correct or so. Especially when Andrew slowly realizes Atlas is Frank. Where he tells Archie to call Atlas by his real name Frank. When Archie calls Atlas that or asks him if that’s his real name. Atlas is surprised but tries to shrug it off. But Atlas decides to brand Archie as a traitor and realizes Atlas is just Frank. 
Where he rescues Elizabeth from the resistance because Frank was gonna use her for his own selfish reasons. Now Archie against both sides. Andrew’s forces and Atlas’s forces. But also with maybe a new version of the Songbird chasing him and Elizabeth. He tries so hard to get Elizabeth out of there. But also the possibility of the little sisters when meeting Tenenbaum early on. Including not just to escape, but to tell the world of the existence of Rapture so it can be stopped or destroyed.
Yet during his journey. He comes across other characters. Including Andrew and Frank and calling bullshit on their mindsets. Yet they also question him as well. Archie wants to kill them. While I could make this a choice. But he doesn’t kill them because what’s the point anyway. Including them saying, “You think killing me is gonna solve any issues?”
4. While I haven’t fully thought about the ending. Yet it’s cheap and this is where it was inspired by Bendy. After some how Archie and Elizabeth get out. The events of the story restart. Where Archie before his ship crashes or so meets a friend(Most likely played by Matpat). His friend makes a comment about a circle of how it goes round and round. Whatever other talk they have. Archie is mainly confused about it. But it’s basically a hint at, “He just told Archie he’s gonna be in a cycle. He’s gonna go through these events over and over again”. 
With his friends last comment to him as a weird and sick callback to the phrase, “Would you kindly” as he asks Archie to maybe check on something. Which he does and he thinks his friend is asking nicely. It’s not mind control. But it’s a sick callback to the story of the first game. Where Archie ends at the start.
This reveals his friend or so is putting the events of Rapture through some loop for his own sick amusement or so. Thus it’s rebirth over and over again. Connecting to the theme of the first game of, “A man chooses. A slave obeys”. But it goes like this.
That you make all the choices you want. Even if all of those choices are the purest or the best decisions which are the most likely canon ones. Everyone gets to choose what they do.
But everyone, including Elizabeth, Andrew, Frank, Delta, Booker, everyone and especially Archie. They are all slaves in a cycle for someone’s possible sick amusement. Which is strangely tragic. Including with the next point making it worse.
5. Everyone except Archie has memories or so in a way of their main game universe counterparts. Andrew remembers getting beaten to death by Jack in Bioshock 1. Elizabeth remembers dying in Burial At Sea and going through multiple timelines with her father. Frank remembers tricking Jack and using all of the Adam to transform himself. Delta remembers the events of Bioshock 2. Everyone has memories in a way of their main game universe counterpart.
Even the Big Daddies remember a bit as well. Where they go to routes that their Little Sisters are confused of what they are going that route. Because they remember going to the route. Or even knowing when a Splicer pops up to attack. Even the Songbird remembers a little where Archie and Elizabeth will hide in a place.
But these are all vague memories. They feel like dreams and they sometimes feel the aftermath of some of the pain. But they don’t know if it’s real. So they question their own sanity. But what confuses them more they feel like they’ve been in this situation before. They feel like they were born earlier in history. This feels like Deja Vu but they don’t know what to believe.
Until they slowly realize Archie never existed in the main games universe. Even though their is the possibility of him remembering some stuff. He is prone to not remember most of it. But the idea is characters are thinking in a way, “Archie never existed. We are stuck in a possible cycle. But Archie is the one because of his newness to Rapture some what drives the cycle to keep going. Archie wasn't mean to exist”. Yet Archie doesn’t know this and so it’s not exactly his fault. He just wants to take Elizabeth to Paris and survive these events. Will admit the wasn’t meant to exist part sounds harsh.
6. The reason Elizabeth is here because while it’s not fully developed yet. Their is the possibility that someone(Possibly Andrew but maybe most likely Frank) murdered Comstock and took Elizabeth, took some of the designs for Columbia, and applied them to Rapture. With the possibility of using Elizabeth as a means for science. Or even use her to build or power Rapture. But I’m not sure about that.
But it paints Andrew as a hypocrite in a way that while Rapture was all, “No gods or kings. Only men”. But he has a girl that can open tears in a place that defies all logic that will make people question reality itself. 
7. Archie is in a way a self insert. But he’s meant to represent the audience in a way of how would normal human beings react to Rapture. Even though I can make the option a avatar. But I’m keeping it as a guy no offense.
Another thing in this universe. Archie is actually the birth son of Jack in this universe. Where(This doesn’t make sense) the first game in a way some what happened. But Jack was never controlled. He was put out in the real world had five adopted daughters, and his age speed slowed down actually. 
There are hints to this where Archie talks about having 5 sisters that are the reason how he acts today. Telling Elizabeth they were basically his role models along with his dad. Including saying his dad is in his 40′s or so. But he looks like in his 50′s. 
Alluding to the fact Jack in this universe is his dad. What’s the biggest giveaway is Archie’s last name means, “Son of Jack”. 
Now I’m thinking because Archie existed. There is the possibility Frank could of used Jack to rescue Elizabeth(Which would be strangely intense). But instead Archie was the one that went to Rapture. Basically changing the events because Archie never went to Rapture. Thus(But also started by his friend) starting the loop that everyone is trapped in. 
8. I was wondering what to do with Booker because he tells his wife of what he did.. Two ideas were 2 after his wife leaves him after he sells Elizabeth/Anna to Comstock, Booker kills himself because of guilt. 2 is where after that he tries to become a better person despite of what he did. Maybe working for Frank or so.
But after trying to come up with a main bodyguard/agent for Andrew. A Hunk like character. I thought about combing that with Booker. Booker in this universe is Andrew Ryan’s main bodyguard and one to lead Andrew’s other soldiers. 
Booker after his wife leaves him basically disregards life. Becoming a lacky to Andrew in a way. Not caring who he hurts and just goes with what Andrew says. He doesn’t know Elizabeth is his daughter until later in the game. 
In a way he becomes the thug Elizabeth calls him in Bioshock Infinite. With him trying to chase down Archie and Elizabeth.
9. There are characters possibly from all three games. Such as Andrew, Frank, Tenenbaum, Elizabeth, Subject Delta, Booker, Sinclair, Sander, and possibly some others. But I haven’t put much thought into some of the characters roles. Including the idea of what you told me about the twins. I haven’t put them in this yet. 
10. A follow up/sequel idea was the idea of maybe Subject Delta or Jack will be the ones to break the cycle. Thus ending what Archie’s friend has been doing. Yet I’ve been thinking(Mainly for humorous reasons) it should be this universe’s Jack. After he finds out his son is stuck in a cycle in Rapture. Including possibly remembers his true origin.
Jack basically becomes a force of nature you don’t wanna fuck with. As he goes to Rapture to save his son, Elizabeth, and maybe anyone trapped in Rapture that wants to get out. 
He becomes that buff dog meme I made of Jack where he’s like maybe to one of his daughter, “Sweetie....get me one of my finest sweaters please” and just becomes the Doomguy as he literally DECIMATES Rapture. Because he’s the OG of Rapture considering the game’s original story. But now he’s older and he doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Especially towards Andrew and Frank because I’m gonna be funny, he just despises those two and just wants to save his son. 
Jack is all like, “I want my son back. I am not giving a fuck anymore. Because FUCK your city, FUCK your ideologies, FUCK everything about this place”. Been thinking he has facial hair face or something while wearing a nice sweater. But he is SO DONE. Because the phrase, “Would you kindly” most likely doesn’t work on him anymore.
Edit because of a response to this by my good friend. It’s very likely the cycle part will be recycled. This is also because there was no real ending planned and I wanted to make this story more deeper until he told me it’s basically cheap angst like Burial At Sea. But also this cycle being sequel bait.
“Okay so mostly I really like it! I think Archie is an interesting character and the idea of him being Jack's son is really neat! Considering all the dimensional shenanigans it's not bad that Bioshock 1 sort-of still happened but Frank and Andrew are alive - maybe they got pulled in from another universe (similar to what happened to Elizabeth?)”
“The only thing I really don't like is the cycle - partially cause that's the one thing I hate about Bendy's storyline and partially cause I hate stories without some kind of happy ending, but that's subjective (it's an opinion) - it doesn't mean the idea is bad it just means I really don't like it”
“My other problem is the idea that someone created this universe to mess with - there is sort-of precident to this with the Lutece Twins but they don't make universes they just mess with them - like I wouldn't mind if someone found a universe where rapture was still around in modern day, and transported Andrew, Frank, Elizabeth and the others to it, but this mysterious person making that universe from scratch feels off”
“But yeah overall I really like the idea!“ 
“The thing is I think the opposite - having a cycle of suffering is just cheap angst IMO And one key thing is that only Bioshock Infinite has a cycle *cycle And that cycle got broken in the game”
“Burial at Sea wasn’t part of a cycle it was just similarly full of cheap angst”
“Like if you want to do it as everything happens over and over again and it’s all depressing that’s not inherently bad But personally I hate it”
“Yeah Andrew isn’t evil at all - he’s definitely wrong and misguided but he’s doing what he thinks is right And I just really wanna see Archie Take Elizabeth to Paris (and also save the little sisters and stuff)”
“Yeah I mean the idea of rapture being known is an interesting AU Especially in the modern world” - Pikablob,
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promisesox · 9 months ago
Simon Says (M) - Taeyong
Tumblr media
➢ description - a little game of simon says with the infamous hottie in the whole campus who’s known for his fuckboy ways 
➢ pairing - fuckboyunistudent!taeyong x reader
➢ rated - m | 18+ | NSFW | taeyong thirst | fuckboi alert 
➢ genre - SMUT | college!au | fuckboy 
➢ word count - 3.125k 
➢ warnings - SMUT | NSFW | 18+ | unprotected intercourse | too much dirty talk | an old children’s game turned into naughty shameful sex | college setting | teasing | fuckboy!taeyong 
Tumblr media
You waited unbearably patient for him to give the command. In that growing dark room, the sun began to set from the outside dorm window. You probably should’ve headed back to your dorm like a good girl striving to be a model student, but somewhere along the lines you convinced yourself this project was much more important to finish up. 
Though you probably weren’t going to anyway. 
Taeyong was famously known as the ‘hottie’ on campus grounds, girls lining up to have a chance with him. The newcomers were poorly mistaken if they thought Taeyong would settle down in a committed relationship for that ‘c’ word was not in his vocabulary. So it was more than a surprise when he actually took an interest in you. 
You blamed it on your seats being next to each other in biology class, and probably when he started to notice your significant knack for note-taking. The way he would peek over your shoulder and make a noise of acknowledgement to the way you filled your pages with information in neat organization. You knew you had become his target of insistent teasing as he quickly tried to befriend you. Whether it was in the school library during your study session or if you were out with your friends he never failed to make sure you noticed him even when you tried to ignore him. He would call out your name when you passed by, be it on student grounds or outside of campus. You even started earning attention from his posse, including that infamous basketball hunk Johnny. It was quite amusing to you as your name started to swirl around that you and Taeyong were possibly a thing but you knew better. You reminded yourself it was all for earning himself a passing grade in your shared class, you knew better that Taeyong the hot star of the university didn’t commit to anyone.  
Honestly you couldn’t pinpoint exactly how you got to this point but that wasn’t important to you at all. You would be lying if you dared say you weren’t attracted to Taeyong though you did hide it well up to this point. You kept your cool around him and acted uninterested, trying not to get your hopes up over him. But now that the two of you were in a room together without any prying eyes or ears, the growing anticipation to lose yourself with him only grew stronger. 
He cocked his head to the side, his jaw going slack as a sinful smirk started playing in his pink lips. Your eyes drank him in, in this dark room as the orange sunset peeked through the slit of the dark curtains. The light fell over his form in rectangles, accented parts that your eyes caught. His thighs, his loosely clasped hands between them, the tan of his smooth neck to the light of his brown eyes staring at you hungrily.  
“So that’s what you’re good at, huh?”
You couldn’t tell when it got to this point but you knew it was from Taeyong’s insistent teasing and pushing your buttons. Somewhere along working on the project you let your mouth free to challenge him back, matching his wits for the first time to his surprise. You ended up blurting your knowledge of his player acts, not hiding what you knew about him. He scoffed at your rambles, laughing at the different accusations about him that was heard all over the school. 
It was definitely a humbling experience when he turned the wooden chair you sat in to face him on the bed, faces mere inches away from each other as his eyes bore into yours. He gave a taste of your medicine back at you, voicing his thoughts about you that consisted of being a goody two shoes and how attracted he was to you. 
“Maybe it’s the legs or the hips, or maybe when I imagine those pretty little lips on mine.” 
You knew you were probably a blushing mess in front of him with how hot your face was burning, but you refused to let go of the teasing comments that had you in this position of feeling like you were losing to him. You grabbed the chance when he commented on how you were hard of hearing due to you ignoring him all those other times, telling him the things you were good at all the while challenging him back with the things you found attractive about him.   
 “I listen very well.” 
So here you were, with him in the wooden chair and you standing with your fingers tangled together waiting faithfully for the command you promised to obey. 
“Simon says on your knees.”
Your eyes glazed over with excitement at the call of the game being started before you instantly dropped to your knees. You sat back on the balls of your heels as you watched the smile on his face grow larger, his tongue poking out to slowly swipe over his upper lip. 
“Come here.”
He almost had you before your nails were sinking into the skin of your thighs when you realized those two little words didn’t come before the command. Taeyong seemed to realize the mistake as well as his eyebrows raised and his mouth curled into an ‘o’ before he chuckled and sat up more comfortably in his chair. 
“Simon says come here.”   
The corner of your lips turned up into a small grin before you were leaning forward getting on all fours before you were crawling over to his legs. You kept your eyes on his never breaking focus as you reached his thighs that were spreading open for you. Instead you were reaching up, planting your hands on his thighs as they strengthened under your hold as you pushed yourself up and climbed onto his lap.  
“I didn’t say get on me.” Taeyong laughed, though his hands wrapped around your body appreciatively.   
“Simon only said to come here. He didn’t specify where. Unless Simon wants me to get off?”
His eyes observed you with awe before his mouth was turning into an impressed smile. “Simon says kiss me.”
You paused your movement as the command made your body freeze over, surprise written in your features. He took notice of this, his smile quickly fading as his eyes softened under your gaze and his voice lowered, “If you want. You don’t have to.”
You raised a hand to his face, your thumb carefully touching over his lips as you dragged it over his bottom lip. You leaned in capturing his bottom lip between your own when your thumb moved, tasting the soft flesh as you kissed him. You quickly grew intoxicated to the taste of him, to the feel of being on top and dominating the kiss. It occurred to you in the back of your mind that you were really doing this with an infamous hottie of the school but you couldn’t deny that over time Taeyong has made quite an impression on you. Despite all the teasing and reminders to yourself that he only took an interest in you to support his grade you have enjoyed his company. You were starting to enjoy being with him.  
“Simon says grind on me.” he rasped against your lips as you continued to take control. You began the roll of your hips over his before he shifted underneath you so you were grinding against the right spot. You continued to kiss him and grind against the forming bulge underneath as his hands wandered over your body. Sneaky fingers found their way underneath your clothing touching against your hot skin and warming you up even more.   
It wasn’t too long before your tongues were introduced to each other, dancing together as you released a soft moan into his mouth. It seemed to encourage him to move, standing up from the wooden chair with a tight clutch of your thighs in his hands as you wrapped your arms around his neck tightly. You let out a squeal in his hold before he silenced it with his mouth over yours. You felt your body slide down against his as he moved and deposited you on the bed next to the desk. You bounced on the bed with a breath leaving your body, watching Taeyong put a knee on the mattress beside you as his hands moved to remove his t-shirt.  
“Simon says touch.”
You didn’t hesitate to let a hand reach up, fingers dragging up his warm, soft skin as you took notice of the dips between his abs. You brought your bottom lip into your mouth as your mind raced with thoughts of having a taste before he was leaning down to kiss you again. 
You mewled into the kiss, your eyes fluttering close as you let your hands continue to wander over his body. The sound of lips and breaths mingling together filled the room as your thoughts ran wild with how badly you realized you wanted Taeyong. You tried to focus on taking it slow but you wanted nothing more than for Taeyong to shove his hot cock into your drenching hole that was begging for attention. 
Your hand traveled down to the bulge in his sweatpants, cupping it in your hand and giving it a squeeze before massaging it in your palm. He emitted a growl deep in his throat before he straightened up, tearing his lips off of yours as you kept your hand on his clothed groin.    
You leaned up on an elbow as you watched his fingers quickly tangle with the strings of his sweats before he was taking out the meaty flesh you were waiting for. Your face turned up in surprise, staring at the package that was bigger than what you had expected. 
You sat up before shifting over onto your hands and knees on the bed, coming forward as you released a hot breath against the red hot tip of his dick. You didn’t hesitate to bring it into your mouth, hearing the sharp intake and release of a shaky breath above you. You let your tongue swirl around the head, lathering up saliva in your mouth before taking more of him into your mouth. He bucked into your mouth when you swallowed, hissing as you felt fingers in your hair and your mouth formed into a difficult smile. He moved his hips, pushing his length in and out of your mouth as it created a shameful, squelching sound.   
“Suck it, baby.” he commanded, voice deep and low. Your jaw remained slack as he continued to slowly fuck your throat. “Baby girl.”
You moved your head back, his dick sliding out your mouth as you swallowed back the forming pain in your throat. “You didn’t say simon sa-”
“I said suuck.” he whined, carefully grabbing your head as he guided his dick back into your mouth. You relented to his plea, hollowing your cheeks as you began to suck him off. His groans and growls came more fervently, encouraging hands against the back of your head as he moved his hips ever so slightly.
You let him work your mouth as you pleased yourself with your fingers, almost ashamed with the mess you made in your panties underneath your skirt. It was a while before he was pulling away from you, leaving an ache in both places of your mouth and nether regions.
He climbed onto the bed, his dick swinging against his thighs before he was falling back onto the mattress with hands on your body to guide you along. 
“Simon says get on top.” He growled, strong grip on your arms to help you as you realized how weak your legs had become. You climbed over his hips as he pushed the band of his sweats down more before his fingers were reaching underneath your skirt. You thanked the darkness in the room to hide the two shades redder in your face, knowing he was staring up at you with an amused look on his face. 
You felt the tip of his fingers dip into your pool, swirling around your entrance as you bit down on your lip though you were unable to stop your indecent sound of want. 
A hand on your face guided your attention onto him, his brown eyes deep in a lustful spell but he kept them firm enough to ask you for your permission. “Do you want this?”  
You pressed your lips into a line before your hands were grabbing the ends of your shirt to raise it over your head, displaying the black lace bralette for his eyes to see. You shook your hair back before leaning forward, the look in your eyes growing darker before nodding your head in confirmation.  
You sank down onto his length when your panties were moved to the side, your mouth falling open as you released a strained moan from the stretch. Your wetness served as a lube for you to get him inside you, your thighs shaking as your body fell over him from the pressure. Insistent hushes and kisses against the side of your face relaxed you along with his hands rubbing your backside comfortingly. You took a moment to adjust to his size, thinking once again that damn he was bigger than what you expected.  
You raised your body a bit, looking back as you began to grind your hips to experiment the feel. It proved delicious friction that you wanted more of, beginning to bob your hips up and down over him. 
The both of you joined in a song of pleasure, his length sliding in and out of you as you rode him tirelessly. His hands slid over your thighs and ass, gripping appreciatively in all the areas you needed him to. The feeling between your legs spread over your body, putting you in a euphoric trance as your eyes rolled back and your mouth formed a smile.  
“Simon says faster.” you heard his voice rasp, encouraging words in your ear as you hummed back and sped up your pace. Taeyong kissed along your neck and breast, sucking red patched wherever he could reach as he smacked an ass cheek when he wanted you to go faster. 
He shifted underneath you, your mouth slacking even more when Taeyong began to fuck up into. His hips smacked into your inner thighs as his hands gripped them tightly to bring you down harder every time he came up.  
“Simon says bounce this fucking ass.” he growled into your ear before breathing out shameful talk of how good you felt gripping around his length, how he could feel you were drenching him and the bed. You started to become a crying mess, the effort of riding him and the pleasure that he was bringing you made the incoming of your unfortunate end. You didn’t want this stop, you didn’t want him to stop fucking you as you fingernails dug into the skin of his arms. He continued to breath against your ear, spewing dirty words and noises signaling his own end was coming near. 
A hand trailed up your backside to rake into your hair, grabbing it in a tight fistful before his other hand moved underneath your skirt and panties between your bouncing ass cheeks to press his middle finger against your butthole. 
“Taeyong says cum all over his fat dick.”
The action brought out incoherent noises from your mouth, your voice raising an octave higher as you choked on the pleasure. You used the last bit of energy in your thighs and hips to fuck yourself on top of him, your release coming over you in waves as you cried his name.  
You didn’t get the chance to relax after you came, your body being forcefully raised off of his dick as he brought you forward, the hand in your hair quickly disappearing so he could wrap it around his cock before he was spurting his release with the sound of his moans and smacks of his skin. 
You breathed heavily above him, wanting nothing more than to fall on top of him as you heard the last of his release with a  “Oh, fuck yess” in your ear. You breathed against each other before you were littering soft kisses against his face, hoping to hide your embarrassment that he still had his finger against your butthole.  
He finally moved after what felt like a calming century, his hands moving along your body to guide you into the space next to him on the bed. He adjusted his sweats over his bottom half as you did with your own clothes before you felt a heavy arm slip between your arm and waist. You laid still, eyes training on his features in the dark before you realized he was planning on sleeping like this.  
You giggled softly, your hands trailing over his hot skin to cup his face, placing a kiss on his lips that you wanted to do if it was your only chance. “We have to get up. Clean the bed at least before your roommate comes.”
“You really believe all those things about me?”
Your movements halted as the words were uttered into that quiet space. You thought it over between giving him an answer and as to why he even cared to ask. You were at a loss of what to say, not knowing if it was safe for you to be honest with your own feelings. “Well...” 
The arm on your waist tightened to bring you closer, his lips pressing kisses against your lips the same way you had done earlier. A comforting scratch against your back made you settle into his embrace more as you listened to him sigh. 
“I won’t force you into anything with me. And what we did can be a secret between us.” His deep voice explained to you, a kiss on your forehead lingered by his lips as he mouthed the words on your skin. “But I would like for you to take a chance with me if you’re interested.” 
You remained silent, your heart racing in your chest as the unbelievable thought finally broke through in your head. Taeyong was actually asking you to take a chance at a relationship with him. 
Your thoughts were broken through when you felt him move, raising himself on the bed as he climbed over you. “Take some time to think about it, but I still have some work to do.” 
“W-what?” you questioned, your hands clasping onto him as he moved his body down on yours, a smile playing on his lips as his tired eyes stared up into yours. 
“I’ll be eating pussy next.”
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hana-mira · 9 months ago
Not sure if I'm gonna keep my whole watermark thing tbh but I don't want anyone stealing anything ✌🏼🙃
Also might start an obey me smau but I need ideas for that so if anyone has any lmk 😂😂
The LI (Love interest) will most likely be Mammon, Satan, Beel, or Levi. ✨🤷🏽‍♀️
Mammon with like a model or TikTok famous demon bros au, that maybe Mc who will also be TikTok famous, and loves dueting the boys TikTok's and then mammon notices them and asks to make TikTok's together maybe. 👉🏼👈🏼
Satan maybe something to do with a library maybe him helping Mc reach for a book and eventually keep seeing eachother around the devildom and become friends, then ofc more than friends. 💕
Beel definitely something to do with food, maybe a yt mukbang channel that Mc has that Beel is a huge fan of. 🤤
Possibly Levi. I feel like that would be a good yt gamer au. 🎮🥺
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opbackgrounds · 10 months ago
Oooh can you do a post on the tenryubito?
So I feel like this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I pity the Celestial Dragons. 
That isn’t to say that they aren’t all (mostly) abhorrently evil megalomaniacs with  an institutionally enforced god complex who treat the torture of human(oids) with the same blasé disregard as a kid pulling the wings off of a fly, but there’s a part of me that just finds them pathetic. The Celesital Dragons are a group of people who have the world as their silver platter, yet are so small-minded and infantile they literally trap themselves in a tiny bubbles because they’re too scared to breathe the same air as the so-called lesser races.
There was a time when I didn’t think much of the Celestial Dragons because I thought that Oda’s exaggerated storytelling had gone one step too far. They were too cartoonishly evil to be believable—nothing but a bunch of mustache-twirling villains too ridiculous to be taken seriously—and though I found Luffy punching one in the face very cathartic I wasn’t terribly invested in the World Nobility as a worldbuilding element. 
But if there’s something I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older, it’s that there is a depressingly-large number of cartoonishly evil people who through no merit of their own find themselves wielding enormous amounts of power, and the Celestial Dragons are more realistic than I ever thought possible. 
The Dragons are One Piece’s exploration of the idea that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Eight hundred years is a ridiculously long time to be in control of a single territory, let alone an organization as massive as the World Government. To put it in perspective a little, eight hundred years ago was when the Magna Carta was signed. Even real-world dynasties tend to have major fluctuations in power over the course of generations, but It seems that the World Government—and by extension the Celestial Dragons—have for eight centuries kept an iron hold over what they consider theirs. 
Which just happens to be everything. 
The actual origins of the CD tie into series lore and will probably play a big part in Robin learning about the True History, but I fall in the camp that believes that they originated on the moon because 1) they’re the Celestial Dragons 2) there’s gotta be some significance to Enel’s cover story, and 3) Oda clearly modeled their hairstyles and clothing off of the King and Queen of the Moon from the movie The Adventures of Baron Muchausen
Tumblr media
Which, if true, makes them a foreign imperialistic force that used military might and a totalitarian regime that specializes in censorship and terror in order to turn the One Piece world into a giant colony while presenting itself as an egalitarian, unifying coalition where no single ruler is fit to sit on the Empty Throne. 
And to think, there are some people who don’t think One Piece is political.
What’s really fascinating is that most of the rank and file Celestial Dragons don’t seem to realize their own history. Their traditional enemy has become a bedtime story used to scare children, and they’re too preoccupied in their petty games and pleasures to even notice that they’re not really the most powerful people in the world. It’s like their freedom to commit atrocities is the world’s worst example of bread and circuses, because as long as their attention is held by the shiny new slave or fixated on bringing in another tribute then they can’t use their immense power to actually do anything, and for the most part they’re too stupid to realize they’re being used. 
Granted, I’m doing a lot of guesswork here, but we don’t really know where Im and his giant pointy crown fits into all this, or how aware the average Celestial Dragon is of his existence. Is he a world noble? Are the Elder Stars? I personally don’t think the latter are, but is it possible that there’s an even more secret and exclusive group within one of the most secretive and exclusive groups on the planet? And what in the world does the straw hat locked in a freezer have to do with any of it? Was that the treasure Doflamingo used to blackmail the Celestial Dragons into submission, and if so, who did he parlay with during his negotiations? Because I can’t see idiots like Saint Charlos or Mysogard before his character development giving two shits about any of it. Was it CP0, and if so, how much do they understand about the man who sits on the Empty Throne?
What I’m trying to say here, is that there’s a whole lot we don’t know. 
What isn’t guesswork is how little the Celestial Dragons understand about the real world, and this is where I go back to feeling sorry for them. Even the best-intentioned noble we’ve seen so far (Homing) has no idea of what it is to be “human”. 
Tumblr media
This mansion is just...comfortable. It’s a downgrade. It’s how Homing thinks normal people live, and he thinks he can just plop his family out in the real world and live a quiet, normal life without blowback from a population that has suffered terribly at the Celestial Dragons hands. His ignorance and naivety, while well-intentioned, is staggering.
Because remember, slavery is technically illegal within the World Government.  Only criminals and people from nations not affiliated can be taken to auction. What initially seems like a kindness turns out to be sending pigs to the slaughter, because what nation wouldn’t react the way this one did once they found out the truth?
Tumblr media
Because what the WG (and by extension the CD) have done is punish nations who don’t kowtow to their power in order to fulfill the demand for slaves. Even the bit about criminals is terrifying when this is a world where for some it’s a crime to even be born, to say nothing about the Celestial Dragon’s refusal to obey their own laws if it means they can get what they want, when they want it. 
The whole Homing situation puts a different spin on Doflamingo’s speech during the Marineford War. People who have only known peace can’t understand those who have only known war, and that lack of understanding is what ultimately led to his undoing. 
That’s not to say that the Celestial Dragons are incapable of change on an individual level. One Piece is, ultimately, a very optimistic series, so while I was initially surprised that Saint Mysogard returned during the Reverie chapters as a good guy, upon later reflection it made sense with the points Oda was trying to make during the Fishman Island arc—that if different groups can try to understand one another, they can get along. 
But it took an extraordinary event in almost being killed by his own former slaves and an extraordinary diplomat in Queen Otohime to change the mind of one (1) Celestial Dragon, and it doesn’t look like Saint Mysogard has been able to bring anyone else around to his point of view in the 10 years since he realized he was, in fact, human. And when feel like you’re due everything because you’re a god, why would you want to lower yourself to the position of a lessor being?
 The Celestial Dragons are trained from birth to think of other human(oid) beings as less than animals, where sadism and torture aren’t only encouraged, but celebrated. The system has corrupted to the point where there’s no incentive to change and no oversight to prevent the abuse of power, and with the ability to call the admirals on anyone who pisses them off the average person has no hope of fighting back. It’s difficult to guess how noble the progenitors of the current Celestial Dragons were, but judging by what we know of the Void Century we can guess not very. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine them starting out as the mustache-twirling villains as we see in the current day. The only difference between the Nefertitis and the other kings was one man’s choice to stay with his people. In an alternate universe Vivi could have been a Celestial Dragon.
Now there’s an AU idea.
At the end of the day, the Celestial Dragons play an important role within the One Piece universe, but they are not, by themselves, important to Luffy. He hates their guts and enjoys punching them in the face, but he’s a pirate, not a Revolutionary. The future for One Piece is delightfully opaque, and it’s hard for me to see how the Natural Enemy of God ends up tearing the system to the ground. Will the Straw Hats end up going to space? I don’t know, but there are a lot of people who think it’s at least a possibility.
I personally find them at their most interesting when they’re playing the part of the outside influencer. The Celestial Dragons have only been the direct opponents to the Straw Hats a handful of times, but they’ve played a direct role in the lives of so many other characters—both heroic and villainous—that without them the series could not exist as it currently does. 
And that’s the power of good worldbuilding. I don’t need Luffy to face off against Im to be satisfied with the series. In fact, he was brought in so late that I’ll be a little disappointed if he ends up as the final boss fight. I’m okay with the Revolutionary Army storming Mariejois off-screen, because while those are important players and major chess pieces, that’s never been where Luffy’s focus has been. He’s the man who’s going to become the Pirate King, and until the Celestial Dragons somehow get in the way of that dream he’s not going to bother with them. This lack of focus allows the inherent darkness of the Celestial Dragons not to overshadow the more lighthearted, whimsical aspects of the series. They explore certain themes that are important to One Piece, but the story doesn’t dwell in the mire, and I think it’s all the stronger for it. . 
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starrynightlys · 10 months ago
Hi, can i have an erwin x reader angst? Levi heads straight to Sina after the Beast Titan fiasco and the other scouts follow because wth is Levi doing. They arrive at this pretty house and a kid just came running out to greet Levi. Turns out, this is where Erwin's wife and son lives. The remaining scouts were happy to meet them but they hoped it was under different circumstances. Levi had to break the news to reader and it's just angsty and stuff. This is actually my friend's idea lol. Thanks!
I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you; a Erwin x reader x Levi au.
Tumblr media
Warning: Character’s death / Genre: Angst.
Word count: 1k+.
The sky itself seemed to mourn. Dark, clouds crying more and more as the time goes by. Their watery eyes couldn’t deal with the loss, exploding with both rage and sadness. As soon as she saw him through the window, she knew. She knew he wouldn’t come back, this time. Despite all the prayers, the hopes and the promises. She knew the day would come. She prepared herself for that day, well, at least, that’s what she thought. Salty tears slowly started to dig in the pale cheeks of yours, as an angel looking little boy slams the door open, running outside towards the devastated Captain. His little arms were wiggling, laughing happily at the sight of his “uncle” as he loved to call him. But as soon as his sparkling eyes met Levi’s, the child instantly stopped running and giggling. No word was needed, in this moment. Desperate, not able to say anything, the powerful man fell on his knees, his legs suddenly feeling too weak to carry on. 
Behind him, the scouts were just petrified : This little man was a mini Erwin. Same ocean eyes, same sandy hair, the same determined look on his angelic face. He was so young, yet had to face a terrible fate. Had to go through the death of his very own father. The only man he has ever looked up to. His role model, his mother’s only lover. The child slowly walked towards Levi, his arms finding their way around his neck. And for the first time since what may look like forever, he collapsed. Tears running down his face as he brings the kid closer to him, the strong and independent captain gives up.
How could he look at you, now that he was gone ? Now that he failed to keep his promise ? Now that you were left all alone with your child ? He would do everything to help you and make sure you don’t need anything. But do you want him in your life, now that he failed you ? Disappointment and pain couldn’t leave his face as he finally let go.
“It’s okay, Levi... It’s okay,” you whisper through your tears, standing right in front of the man who saved your life so many times. But he couldn’t help but stare at the ground, too ashamed to give you a simple look. 
He thought he would be strong enough. For him, for you. For Erwin’s child. But damn, he was so wrong. As soon as he saw you both, his heart broke down in a million pieces. You slowly kneel in front of the man still holding on your child as if his life depends on it. As if it was Erwin. The sight of him looking so vulnerable and heart broken left you speechless for some minutes, before you finally gather all the courage you had left to speak up.
“He’s finally at peace, now... He’s not suffering anymore, he can rest as much as he needs,” your hands reaches to Levi’s wet cheek, as your son slowly steps aside to give you some more space. Finally, his eyes meet yours, empty and guilt devouring his soul.
“(Y/N), I am so sorry... I should have done something. I should have-” he couldn’t finish his sentence, as the knot in his throat tightens. He felt terrible. You were the one losing your husband, the man of your life. Yet he was the one crying. 
A slight smile stretches your lips as your hands caresses his cheek, the blond kid running to the rest of the scout so he could introduce himself. He was such a wonderful little human being. He would proudly tell them he was Erwin’s son, rising his fist to his chest to salute them. Of course the team was a bit taken aback, but gave him a salute too, along with a slight bow. This simple thing made Vasilios laugh : Because that was what his name was, after all. What a wonderful name, for such a special little guy. With royal blood, the protector. It was all Erwin’s idea, and you couldn’t help but fell in love with this god-given name.
“Vasilios, please prepare a bath for Levi, mh ? Hot water, alright ?” you demand, your eyes locking with your son’s as he nods in approval. The little boy happily shakes his hand towards the scouts as a simple goodbye before storming into the house to obey.
A simple look was enough, and his team understood it was their time to leave. They stood still, saluting you with all the respect they could ever show, before turning around.
“(Y/N), you should just slap me. I couldn’t even keep him alive. I couldn’t protect him.” Levi sighs as you help him stand on his feet. You whisper a “shh” so he could stop saying all of those non sense stuffs, silently sobbing. You had your son, you had him. And even if your only relief was to know Erwin was peacefully asleep, you couldn’t help but feel numb and exhausted. By marrying him, you always knew he’d die on the field. He’d die for the humanity’s sake. He’d die so you and your son could get the privilege to live a brand new and safer life. You wouldn’t be thankful enough, for all the sacrifices he made. Yet, a small part of you felt at ease. Erwin wouldn’t suffer anymore. He wouldn’t have to go through more deaths, more disappointments, more sadness. He deserved to rest, he deserved to go. More than anyone.
“I made a promise to him.” he confesses, as you slowly remove his jacket from his injured shoulders. You just gave him an interrogative look, giving him the permission to continue.
“I will take care of you both. I know I’m not a good person, I know I don’t even deserve to be close to you... But I have to do this. For him, for you. I won’t leave you by yourself, (Y/N),” his determination was back, his steely eyes falling on your painfully marked face. Yet, you couldn’t help but give him a warm small, nodding at his words. You didn’t care about how dirty he was at the moment. You didn’t care about anything. You melt in his arms, as he hugs yo tightly, the tip of his nose brushing your silky hair. 
You know it will be hard. You will suffer, you will go through a lot. But you won’t be sad forever. One day, the pain will go away. And one day, you will feel what it’s like to be happy again. You have your son, you have Levi. This is all you ever needed to go on. Erwin wanted you to be strong : He wanted you to go on, to fight for the truth. Erwin was, and will always be in your heart. He will always be there with you, forever.
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marshmallowprotection · 10 months ago
Okay, hear me out. AU where MC is stuck in the time loop when they first step into the apartment. It’s 11 days after the end of which the loop resets. If they try to avoid getting into the RFA, the loop resets the next day, and they have to start over. So, MC is stuck going through each route until they’re on the 11th day of Saeyoung’s route. With a bittersweet expression go to sleep. They wake up in the next day - not the first, and just start crying
Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. 
Does the MC live through every ending? Do they try to fight it and wind up going through every good and bad life they will live with the members of the RFA? Do they see the worst in people and the best in people that they love? Do they grow numb to things and not even look at their phone as they type the same phrases over and over? 
How long is their time repeating itself?
I’ve toyed with this concept before a lot before but if you want the maximum pain amount then consider that they cannot rest until they’ve complete everything to one hundred percent. They don’t know that whatsoever and it will be very hard to live so many lives in that way. 
I imagine if they wake after Seven’s ending, and get through the Secret Ends, they will do nothing but cry. Cry because they don’t know if things will go back to those eleven days but they clutch tightly to this timeline they’re living and pray that they can keep living this time. 
Oh, and this reminds me of another AU that I’ve thought of. Is the MC that we play really some nameless model for us to put ourselves in? What if the MC is aware of their place in the game? What if they know that it doesn’t matter who they love, the player will pick their fate for them every. single. time. What if the MC is bitter about it?
But has no choice but to obey their code. 
What if their ploy to get back at the player is to reverse their places? What if they can leave the game and trap the player inside? See how they feel about living a life they don’t control. That’s dark, but I’m in a headspace with Isekai right now, you know. 
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thelazystrawberryboi · a year ago
Syd. (I was called Syd the Squid a lot I don't know how or why that ever became a thing.)
Real name
Sydney. (My dad spelt my name wrong for the first 14 years of my life. Not even kidding I had so many things signed as Sidney even though HE named me after the place in Australia)
Favorite musicians
Paramore and Ghost!
Favorite sports team
Lol no
Other blogs
Just this one. I joined Tumblr because of Obey Me! I've thought about doing asks or something for the Brothers and Abel.
Do I get asks
I got one and it made me cry cause they were so nice.
How many blogs I follow
35 but I thought I followed more.
Tumblr crushes
I haven't been here too long. I love the Obey me daycare au and the genderbent au. I really like the person's blog who tagged me and I really like seeing people’s OC and MC. (I don't really know how to answer this without seeming weird I'm sorry.)
Lucky number
I'm an extremely middle ground in terms of luck. I've never really noticed anything lucky number wise. Maybe 20?
What am I wearing
An old school dungeons and dragons shirt I found and batman pants. Though when in public I normally wear all black.
Dream vacation
A place with lots of water. I love swimming and feeling like a merfolk or something. I never really minded were I'm at just as long as I'm not alone.
Dream car
Never had a model in mind. Just an aesthetic. Dark red seats, purple lights, and pitch black with red pearlescent coat.
Favorite food
I'm a huge slut for pizza. I like fruits and sushi too.
Favorite drink
Any fruit juice, Coffee (I would like to open a coffee shop irl but I don't have the confidence to open one.) Pina coladas.
So um... Strange story. I played the flute for years in middle school but I never knew how to play. The teacher didn't care at all and I was too shy to ask for help so I ended up faking how to play the flute for years. I just mimicked the people’s fingers and looked busy. I went to several concerts and never knew how to play. I'm extremely embrassed and ashamed of this. Get this, I passed with an A everytime. (I don't UnDerSTand HoW it WAs PoSsiBle)
I took 2 years of french and 2 years of spanish where I'm from its not mandatory to learn a second language. I tried to learn it I really did but the only thing I remember are colors and greeting.
Celebrity crushes
Matt Mercer counts right?
@lord-diavolo-is-watching tagged me which was really nice of her.
I'm not sure who to tag... whomever wants to I guess I like learning about new people.
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elareine · a year ago
batlantern model au
Here you go!
Bruce Wayne prided himself on his agency, The Dark Knight Presents. It was his baby, the one thing he built from the ground and could be rightfully called ‘his.’
A veteran model himself, he’d specialized in people who brought more to the table than their measurements. Everyone who worked here had become one of his kids, in a way, from Dick Grayson, their best-selling male model, to Tim Drake, who preferred to work behind the cameras. Then there were Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain (always racing for the title of ‘Queen of Sportswear Ads’), Harper Row (definitely more punk), Barbara Gordon (elegant and the best at faking ‘cold and regal’), Jason Todd (the man for all those cowboy jeans ads), Damian Wayne (rocking a suit) and Duke Thomas (quirky or sophisticated—a face for everything and everyone.) TDKP could offer something to every photographer or company that came asking.
(Bruce made it a policy to send Jason whenever someone asked for ‘young, waif-ish, barely legal if you know what I mean.’ For some reason, those clients still ended up paying. Bruce had no idea how Jason persuaded them, and he’d like to keep it that way.)
Yes, all in all, Bruce had his life together, and he liked it very much.
If it wasn’t for fucking Hal Jordan.
Literally. Bruce did not swear (much). He should not have fucked Hal Jordan.
They’d done shoots together, way back then. Apparently, photographers liked the ‘way their dynamics and opposing styles played off each other.’ Which meant that they had disliked each other on sight.
Hal was… everything Bruce was not. A player, an egoist, someone who flirted with the camera and kept it shallow. Modeling at its worst. And he got Bruce’s goat like no one else ever did, always riling him up, making fun of everything Bruce loved until Bruce had no choice but to bite back.
Hal had always looked weirdly pleased when that happened. Bruce tried not to think about how he’d recently found out that Hal liked it when Bruce bit, literally.
It was just one night. It shouldn’t have mattered much. Not even when they were doing a shoot like this, one of only four Bruce had agreed to this year, because it was for a good cause and because his friend Clark had personally asked him to.
He was suspecting ulterior motives there now.
“Stand closer,” the photographer said. Hal obeyed with an alacrity Bruce had seldom seen from him, inching forward until they were mere inches apart, looking at each other. The tension felt thick enough to cut.
Bruce was an honest enough man to admit that Hal being shirtless wasn’t helping.  
“Okay, that’s nice and intense. Now dial that down. I want intimacy.”
Immediately, Hal’s head tipped back, his eyes going half-lidded and heated. It was a come-fuck-me look, and Bruce had seen him turn it on so many people before, but only ever once on him. Not to be outdone, he let his own expression melt into something more private, tilting his head just so, inching closer until nothing was separating them but a breath… just like that night, when Hal had moved in and suddenly everything had been heat passion want you yes yes always yes—
“Jeez guys, that’s a bit much. We’re doing a charity calendar here, but not the naked kind.”
They sprang back. Bruce read his own embarrassment in the on Hal’s neck. Hal wouldn’t be Hal, though, if he let a little thing like shame stop him. “Hey, so… I saw a rather large broom closet on the way in. How about it?”
Bruce had to fight to keep his expression sober; if he didn’t, the photographer would surely scold them again. “I think that can be arranged. Once we’re done here,” he added severely, “not on a break.”
He was going to spring for a hotel room, though. His kids would never let him hear the end of it if he was caught in a broom closet.
Besides. Bruce was thinking he might like to take his time, this time. Once might not be enough.
“Guys, I’m serious, stop it with the bedroom eyes!”
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okimargarvez · a year ago
Original title: Submission.
Prompt: alternative for S12, Luke wants the tech girl and he gets her.
Warning: really smut, Luke OOC.
Genre: angst, romantic, erotic.
Characters: Penelope Garcia, Luke Alvez, BAU team, Roxy.
Pairings: Garvez.
Note: long (6 chapters).
Legend: 💏 💑😈👻.
Song mentioned: none.
Submission masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapter 6: Final revolt
 But his smile turns into an ambiguous, weird expression, anything but sweet as the tone used by the woman to declare her feelings for the first time. And the thing that most scares Penelope, is the fact of not experiencing any kind of fear or anxiety, while she is watching him change before her eyes. As in a perfectly successful magic trick. Luke lets his gaze flow freely over that body which he has finally been able to possess entirely. The pleasure had been worth the wait. She does nothing to hide herself, she doesn’t slip under the blankets, even if her skin is covered with tiny dots. She's cold. More outside or inside? He is certainly going to add ice around her heart. He can't help it. -You enjoy calling me Newbie in front of the team, huh?- he grabs her chin in a not very delicate way, while stopping on the threshold of really hurting her. He forces her to look at him, to hold his gaze. -You like to make them believe that you are the one who holds the knife.- he continues, with the same tone full of malice and complacency. -You like to play, provoke, but you are a terrible liar.- Penelope remains silent, and her big eyes never linger in other areas below the neck. -The others think I'm the one who has lost his mind. And that you are the one who commands.- with a sudden move he is again above her, his hips rubbing against hers, creating friction. -But we are the only ones that know the truth, am I right?- Penelope tries to keep her mind clear, able to conduct a conversation, even if it is not an easy task. She just wants to close her eyes and let Luke do what he wants to do to her. Nothing more.
Instead she keeps them wide open and flaunts a security she doesn't possess at all. -And would you like to let others know?- she asks, caressing that muscular arm, almost hairless (but she can't imagine him getting waxed, so he must be so au naturel), whose power she has been able to experiment many times on herself.
Supporting himself only on his arms, the man makes his forefinger go back and forth in a gesture of denial, in front of her nose, as is done with disobedient children. -No.- a slight pause, while he lets himself go completely on her, crushing her with all his weight. Penelope doesn’t hold back a moan, clearly of pleasure. She even rolls her eyes, bites her lower lip. -I don't care about their conjectures about our relationship.- he adds after what seems like a century, making her spread her legs at the same time.
She obeys diligently, but never takes her eyes off the male ones, and her expression is serious. -Then, what would you like?- Luke runs his fingers along her legs, almost tickling her, but in any case she wouldn't be able to stop him. He brushes her inner thighs several times. But the presence of another part of his body precisely there is enough to turn on all the receptors of the woman.
-I'm happy that you asked it.- now he is playing with her lips, the upper ones, and it is much more erotic than if he had did the same with the lower ones... for the way she indulges him every infinitesimal gesture. -I have a question for you too.- he makes her half-open her lips, models them as if they were made of a highly malleable material, barely touches them, slips a finger inside her mouth and watches her sucks it, wrapping it in the warmth of her palate and caressing it with her tongue. -Do you think there has ever been something romantic between the two of us?- he takes it out, to allow her to respond, and looks at her with a waiting but not worried expression.
Her words are quite similar to what Luke had imagined. -Well, yes, those roses, and the dance and what you always tell me, that I am your ray of sunshine...- she is angry, but now she is seriously shaking, under his body, it is like being in a hot tub, or during a low-magnitude earthquake.
He partially pulls himself up. -Why, are these are proofs of my love, for you?- he doesn't give her time to even think. With a single push he slides inside her again. -Wrong.- he smugly contemplates her face whitening as she seems not able to breath. He is definitely her oxygen. The air she breathes, without which she could not live. It is an immense power, and it could even frighten him, if it were not that it is a fantastic feeling. -It was just a way to conquer you even on that level.- he doesn't move, he just stays inside her, who in turn doesn't dare to do anything other than raise and lower her chest of what little is granted to her, in order to not  die asphyxiated. -Do you think domination over your body is enough for me? No, of course not.- he makes fun of her breasts with simulated disinterest. -I have to own and control every part of you. Body, mind and above all the heart.- the woman's cardiac organ starts to gallop as during the last lap at the racecourse, hearing this phrase. Luke may not be aware of this, but this carries clear implications. She may not be a profiler, but as she said, she has frequented several for too long. -And do you know why I did all this?- he pulls back and then returns to the starting point. Penelope emits a stifled groan, while her walls adapt again to the foreign object. -To show you how childish and unjust your attempt to hate me was.- now it is truly impossible being able to stay focused on what he is saying. His every move is spot on, he plays her body like a violin, his fingers are millions of bows. -I got you in every way and you can never be with another man again without thinking about me, what we did, what I pushed you to do.- he alternates a sentence with a series of short thrusts, with intensity variable, with the precise purpose of confusing her more. -At your true inclinations, because you have always wanted someone to take responsibility for deciding for you.- she nods, but it is difficult to understand if she is approving his words or just expressing her pleasure gesturally. -I gave you what you didn't have the courage to ask.- a more rough and violent thrust than the others, which makes her shout. -So remember, Penelope: wherever you go, you will remain mine.- after this last sentence, he comes out of her. He sits on the bed to retrieve his clothes.
Penelope observes his still bare back, the fantastic color of his skin, like a tasty cappuccino that is like a drug, the reflection of the moon that in turn cannot help caressing him. -Where should I go? Are you breaking up with me?- facing her own fears, she grabs him by the arm, forcing him to turn again in her direction. -Do you want to get rid of me?- no answer, but he has stopped dressing. -At least have the courage to clearly admit it, you who showed yourself always as the tough guy!- she gives him a push, her face red with anger, and she decides to imitate him. She hasn't the time not even to wear a clean pair of panties, she feels caught by an arm just below the breast, and dragged against a still bare chest. She looks up to meet Luke's. It is her turn to smile almost wickedly. -Oh, you got hurt, huh?- she caresses his cheek, but without any trace of sweetness. -I ruined your plans.- she uses a ridiculous, childish, teasing tone. He should feel offended by this insubordination, but, first, he is too fascinated by everything that comes out of her mouth (and not only from there, but forget it), and, second, it is precisely her rebellious part that makes the goal more gratyfying. -Did you expect me to run away in tears or throw myself at your feet, begging you to give me some more time?- maybe yes, he must admit that he supposed it, even if not only that. Such a weak woman could never have had this devastating effect on him. -Well, I feel sorry for you, you won't have this luck. You will have to look me in the eyes as you shatter my heart.- she touches the point of his chest where Luke's organ is located, causing him a bit of pain with her finger nail directly in the flesh. -And yes, you were half right.- she doesn't take her eyes off his, but droplets shine like diamonds on her eyelashes. She smiles, a little sad. -As you see, I'm crying. I am not ashamed of it.- and she has no reason, because the tears haven’t a negative effect, on the contrary, her pain assumes an immense dignity. -Because I, unlike you, I do not deny what I said.- she takes him firmly by the shoulders. -I love you, Luke Alvez. It's definitely the worst thing I could have done, but I'm in love with you.- hearing it for the second time is even more wonderful than the first. -I feel sorry for you if you don't have the courage to face your feelings.- Luke grimaces, unable to bear the thought that she might feel sorry for him or any other non-positive feeling. -If the problem is that you simply got tired of me and you want to change your toy... just tell me and I'll leave you alone.- her arms are crossed, covering her breasts. -I have endured your games, your jealousy, everything.- she reminds him, with only a partially reproachful tone. -And I can't deny that I liked what we did... but you forgot a very important aspect of the equation.- she gets out of bed and reassembles herself, leaving him on hold, not caring if he's looking at her or not. Acting as if he didn't exist. So, when she finally wears her own soft and comfortable pajamas, she looks at him again. -I am not the classic who likes to submit. As you said, I'm usually the one who handles the situation.- Luke's only wearing his underwear. -And whatever I allowed you to do... it was because I wanted it too.- she doesn't imagine that he can nod so quickly.
-You don't understand that that's exactly what I've always said?- he asks her, but it's actually a rhetorical question. -Without your implicit approval, I could never have done anything.- only with his eyes he makes her lie down and sneaks his fingers inside her pants and her panties, tickling her and enjoying immensely in making her dirty again, now that she felt clean and pure as a lamb. -I am as dominant as you are submissive. I never experienced such a situation with another woman. And there won't be another one after you.- she lets him play, being silent, for a little while, allowing him slide entirely inside her again, allowing him empty himself while she says her name and clings to his hair; she allows him to stay there for a few more seconds without moving. And finally, she allows him sleep next to her, without knowing what the future holds for them.
 But she draws up the plan while getting dressed the next morning. When she woke up there was nobody in her bed next to her. Only the outline of the male body. Not a note, nothing. But Luke can't really believe that Penelope didn't realize that the dynamic of their relationship has changed. He didn't deny when she claimed he was scared of his feelings. He found no better solution than to take her wildly, as if to underline what he had made her understand. She belonged to him, she would always belong to him, even if he didn’t love her with the same intensity.
Bullshit, a bunch of bullshit. Luke had opened with her in those few months more than anyone else in the past ten years, except for his best friend, and the mere fact that she knew of Phil's existence was evidence to support her thesis.
And she has no intention of losing him. Because she doesn't give a damn about what he wants from her, how many other apparently humiliating things he will force her to do... they are all attempts to escape the real question. Penelope has never been a truly confident person, despite her clothes and ways of doing things, but this time she is one hundred percent certain. Agent Alvez is in love with her, no less than she, in fact. But he kept his heart in a safe for too long, so much so that he himself has lost the combination to access it. Not bad, since she is the best living hacker.
As she leaves the house and gets into the car, the plan has become consolidated in her mind. There is only one way to force him to wake up, to make him understand what they cannot lose. And it is repaying him exactly with the same coin.
 Luke arrives at BAU with a slight delay, compared to his standards. Just like every morning he sits at his desk, arranging the files and at the same time rearranging his ideas. Needless to add who is the main protagonist of his thoughts. When he opens the drawer, however, he almost jumps.
There is a pink note. But before the sight, the sense of smell is activated. A perfume that he knows perfectly penetrates his nostrils, and he knows that it will remain there for a long time, it does not matter how many corpses he will examine closely during the day, how many coffees he will be able to drink. He grabs it, opens it and almost can't believe his eyes.
It was you who said that ours was only a game of manipulation... Well, in the next few days you will discover that it is an activity that two can play.
 Penelope lives up to her "promise". She doesn’t wait too much time before take the first real move, effectively identifiable as such. They are in a club, at dinner, the whole team present. Rossi offers. His daughter phoned him and announced that he will soon become a grandfather again. The BAU founder immediately expressed his desire to share this joy with his other, unofficial, family. And here, they are celebrating.
The atmosphere is relaxed, fun. Penelope is seated precisely in front of him, but she practically doesn’t speak to him, nor does her eyes ever brush the male ones. Instead, she chats amiably with Spencer, on her right, and Emily, on the left. Luke struggles to focus on something else, to divert his attention. Nothing in the topics she deals with seems to concern him or have anything to do with her threat.
Then, here's her move. Fifty shades of grey or any other erotic movie, that of course he doesn't know, they couldn't have done better. It actually looks like a scene from a red-light novel. Unreal. One of her forks, which she didn't even need, falls on the floor with a jingle. She bends to look for it, then with a giggle and the fire that burns in her eyes (he is not a visionary, he is sure of it), she says she cannot reach it. And to complete her mission, she goes completely under the table.
Less than a second later, Luke feels the zipper of his jeans lower slowly, practically without making any noise. And her not too hot hands caress him. He does not take long to assume the solidity desired by her. He literally holds his breath when something rougher flows along his length, up to the tip, where she leaves a kiss. And then he is literally sucked in for about fifteen seconds of pure pleasure. Ecstasy.
She settles him, sitting again and, showing her fork triumphantly, smiles in the most innocent way there is.
But she doesn't allow him to forget. Each of her subsequent actions, however minimal and apparently casual, each of her sentences, is aimed at making him remember what she had the courage to do, and how easy it was to make him come. It's his problem if he was dirty. He will have to find an explanation. She stayed so little time under that table that nobody, not even JJ, had the slightest suspicion.
 In the evening, if there are no cases, they have sex, satisfying each other's frustrations, but without speaking, not even a word. Absolute silence. But they stay at one of their places, sometimes even clinging to each other. There are mornings in which they open their eyes to the new day and there is only one animal to greet them, others in which they are instead another pair of eyes, before they separate anyway. They never go to work aboard the same car, to the detriment of the fight against pollution.
Every single time Luke is present, Penelope bends over, it doesn't matter that there are other people too; it will be enough to highlight her necklines, her perfectly curvy backside. Nor does it matter the fact that he already got her, he seen her naked, that he knows every mole on her chest, that he knows how to draw (based only on memory) the zigzagging of her scar on the heart. No, all this is of little importance, because the only thing he can think of, and she knows it well, is that he wants her at that precise moment, immediately. He would like to drag her into her office and enter inside her, surrounded by millions of computer eyes, in the light of the screens only; or inside the elevator. On the terrace, on his desk, in the discussion room. Everywhere. Anytime. Instead he merely provokes her in turn, making her feel the concrete effect of her actions, rubbing it on her butt, on her legs, placing himself on purpose always behind her when they are discussing something standing. And despite being surrounded by profilers, they are skilled enough not to get caught, neither of them. Not even once.
There is another game that she loves to play, and it is to bring back to his mind the first evening when she really challenged him, randomly sucking on any small object he comes across, especially pens, some with strange shapes, decidedly phallic and even during case discussions. This of course doesn’t affect the work performance of either of them.
Luke, on the other hand, even if he is not a playboy, decides to act in this way only to make her jealous. He enjoys and has an orgasm only to hear her describe the annoyance that he caused her. He flirts with other women (innocently, without deluding anyone), he also dances with them, but his eyes never left the ones of the blonde who in turn stares at him.
It's a dangerous game, and they're probably going too far.
The moment of surrender comes as unexpected as anything else between them. At the end of the party that she organized to celebrate Emily, the new chief of the unit, and at the same time wish the best to Hotch and Jack, wherever they are. It was certainly one of the few times that neither of them wanted to play. The atmosphere was too warm to ignite another type of flame. And it is a stupid hug that cannot even be called such, that makes her collapse. She gets on his car. -That's enough.- she says, and he reads the rest of the sentence in her eyes. Immediately he paints a smile on his lips. Too complicated to understand whether of happiness, malice or anything else.
-Do you give up? I won.- he simply decrees. Penelope shrugs. The others are already gone, but even if it wasn't so, it wouldn't matter much.
-Whatever, if for you was a race...- then she shakes her head. -We could have been something special, if you weren't a heap of insecurity in muscular format.- having said that, she sets off in the direction of Esther, hoping that this time it won't betray her, as had happened on their first evening. Without which they would not be in this situation. Did it happen for a reason? She wonders as she walks, without looking back.
Luke grabs her by the wrist and twirls her in his direction. -I am a heap of ..?- he challenges her to repeat it, and of course, she accepts.
-Yes, do you think your attitude masked it?- she gets rid of him. -No. And I don't want to deny anymore.- and nor play. Is it really worth to suffer the pains of hell only with the awareness that she will have him inside her body and inside her bed almost every night? Without having anything else? -I love you, Luke Alvez and if this scares you, it's your problem. Good evening.- she tries to start walking again, but he can't let her.
-No, wait.- and it's his turn to collapse. He collapses, as well as the walls that the man had erected around him, with a thunderous noise. -I've never been in love before.- now he is naked, like his soul, in front of her. -I don't know how it works. I didn't want that to happen to me, however.- he fears that with this last sentence may have screwed everything up. He is a master at destroying his joy.
But she doesn’t give him such satisfaction. -Me neither. With you, then!- she adds.
-You are right, I'm afraid. I don't know what I can offer you, apart from sex, which in parentheses was an activity that I hadn't practiced since before the war.- excellent information to continue to aspire to a chance with her. -Before you I was like a virgin.- always better. But he can do even worse. -A relationship would have hindered me.- he looks away. -But this place... This team... You... You are changing me.- maybe it sounds like an accusation.
But she takes it as a compliment. -I was in the same situation for a long time.- she admits, blushing a pinch. -That's why you blew me away. And then, let's face it... You are too hottie to not collapse at your feet.- she smiles.
But he doesn't feel like joking. -I don't notice it.- he whispers only.
Penelope nods. -I know, now.- she takes his hand, big, and caresses it. -But it's not just for your physical appearance. And part of what you told me is true. I enjoyed letting you head the game.- she looks him in the eye. -Have no responsibility, for once. Abandon myself completely to you. It is an erotic thought even without having sex.- he grabs her hips, dragging her against him.
-Yes, that's exactly how it is.- she says, in a ravenous tone, sexy to die for. -But I've never been a dominant type before.- he reminds her, with eyes that pierce.
-And I am not the one who lets herself be submissive. There must be something between us... That shorts the circuit.- he nods, taking her face in his hands.
-You upset my every mental scheme. I know only this.- and that he wants to kiss her.
-It's okay for me to continue like this, between the sheets. But in real life...- she squeezes him to the point of causing him pain. -I want an equal relationship. That's right, I didn't say I would like to, but that I want to. I think, I am convinced I deserve it.- she forces herself to say.
-Yes, and you're right. You deserve it.- those are not tears, that glitter on the sides of his eyes, they cannot be. -You deserve everything. But I...- she gently silences him.
-Yes, you are able to give me all this, to make me happy as I will make you happy. We are two catastrophes but we can create something sublime, together.-
And this is the end. Thanks for the reading ^^
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