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hoesoflamentation · 2 days ago
dear fellow smut writers, i love you but…
the CERVIX is the lower part of the uterus that extends into the vagina. it is a donut shaped nub with a teeny hole for blood to come out of during your period. hitting it is pleasurable for some but can also be painful or uncomfortable for many. also, ain’t no dick gonna fit in that hole or push past the cervix. it would literally be going into your uterus at that point.
the G-SPOT is a rough spot on the upper wall of the vagina, a couple inches deep. it feels kinda like the texture of a walnut. stimulating it feels good for a lotta people, and might even make some of y’all squirt.
please learn the difference 😭 am begging you.
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hisvillainess · 2 months ago
ohhhhh thirst you say
how about or favorite demon king Daivolo and size kink.... hehehe
(psa I hope you know who this is)
i'm going to add Beel to this too because i want to and no one can stop me. you're so silly for sending it off anon haha love you.
𖤐 ───── 𝐬𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤! ───── 𖤐
𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙. switch!diavolo, beel, gn!reader
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. size kink, oral (m receiving), deepthroating kinda, mentions of topping/domming diavolo, mating press position with diavolo, 765 words, no explicit mentions of readers body type besides being smaller than them, minors do not interact
𝖆/𝖓. they're big, beefy and their backs must hurt from carrying the biggest cocks in DevilDom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 𖤐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖔
Poor Diavolo. He’s so clueless about his size that he doesn’t even know how much his cock is splitting you open. Even after lots of foreplay, beads of sweat will roll down his temple as he gently tries to push the tip in, slowly stretching you out while it’s coated in lube just so it can fit you. It’s so thick and heavy that it almost feels like your first time and the Prince shudders from the warmth of your walls squeezing his length. It hugs him so tight that you’re practically milking him and turning him into a sensitive mess — even with shallow thrusts. Diavolo initially takes it slow so he doesn’t hurt you but after his whole dick is completely inside you, he can’t promise he won’t go feral. Once pain turns into pleasure, he won’t hesitate to put you in a mating press. He’ll tower over you and have your knees pressed against your chest. He’s so close to you that can even feel the muscles on his thighs tense up as he’s pounding you, making the bed shake mercilessly. Both of you would be whimpering and moaning, fucking each other into pure bliss. He doesn’t even notice how you struggle to hold onto something — anything — because his large frame is going at you so hard that you need to grip onto something for stability; otherwise you’d just flail like a limp doll if you didn’t. Your hands are either bunched into fists in the sheets or they’re prettily decorating his neck as you hold on for dear life. Sometimes he helps you by firmly pressing your elbows into the mattress to hold you in place; his grip will never falter and you’ll be quivering until the moment you cum. He’s the switchiest of switches so let’s not forget when you top/dom him. You basically fuck yourself dumb on his cock, making him a whining baby while he desperately bucks his hips just to have more of you. It’s exhilarating for him to see someone smaller than him taking control of his large self — he relishes his power taken away from him in exchange for immense pleasure. The way you take the lead can turn even the big, scary Demon Prince into a needy sub. He almost sees the size difference as a challenge and he loves that you can overlook that. Diavolo didn’t even know he had a size kink until he started craving your touch in these ways. If he’s chatting to you in front of others, one look at your body will send him visions of the two of you ruining each other. He might just have to take you somewhere private and deal with those thoughts his way — most likely against a wall or on his desk. 
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 (𝖈𝖜. oral ((m receiving)), deepthroating kinda)
Beel is precious. He knew he had a size kink the moment you struggled to give him head. Your lips were only halfway down his shaft and tears were already pooling in your eyes. He was worried about hurting you but those thoughts instantly left his mind when drool began bubbling at the corners of your mouth because you were trying so hard to deepthroat him. The slobbering made his dick immensely wet; he could have busted a nut just from feeling you struggle down his shaft. It was kind of like an awakening for him — an ‘ah, I get it now’ type of thing. Your hands hugged the base of his cock as you started bobbing your head and Beel tossed his head back as he simultaneously pushed yours down. He fucked your mouth slowly while suppressing the loudest groan. “Fuckkk— you feel so good.”  His cock felt so big in your mouth, he just wanted to push it in even more. He loved seeing your eyes widen, your cheeks hollowed and tear-stained because you were doing your best to suck it. He truly felt bad but to him, you looked so adorable trying to endure the burning in your cheek as it adjusted to his size.  He loved it when he popped it out of your mouth and saw the size of it compared to your head — so thick and veiny. With his hand wrapped around his girth, he used the pressure in his thumb to gently tap the swollen head of his cock on your tongue, drawing strings of saliva from your taste buds. Beel may be a sweetheart but you know how he is when he wants something so don’t underestimate how dirty he can be ESPECIALLY when you’re on your knees for him. 
Tumblr media
© Hisvillainess — all rights reserved. please do not modify, claim or repost.
tags: @babydai @thesimphouse
if you’re interested, apply to my taglist HERE ♥️
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minteyeddevil · 6 months ago
Fem!mc cockwarming the bros?? Please?? 🥺
(AGDJDKGSJSH. Sure, love! I can do that for you! For the sake of the writing, they have already established relationships with fem!MC, though I will probably write this from the perspective of reader to make it easier on me :’))
Will tag as fem!mc and fem!reader for anyone who doesn't want to see it in tag.
When you bring up the idea of trying out cockwarming on him, he is a little hesitant
When would be the best time to try it out, considering he is such a damn busy demon all the time?
Of course; crawl into his lap when he is buried in paper work and push his cock into your cunt, keeping him company as he goes over his documents
He would never openly admit how addicting it feels to have your wet walls clench around him when he stuffs you so full
But you pick up on that addiction when he politely asks you to join him in his study to ‘keep him company’
He’s even gotten brave enough to ask you into his office at RAD, locking the door securely behind you as he pulls you to straddle his lap behind his desk
He also loves having his cock buried deeply in your cunt when you lay together, spooning in bed
He’ll tease your clit and make you cum around him, but stay firmly inside until you both fall asleep
Waking up to himself fully hard once again inside you seems to be a perfect start to his busy day
“O-of course you’d want to please the Great Mammon like that! I bet you’d make a n-nice cockwarmer for me, human!”
Almost cums instantly the first time you climb on his lap and bury his cock in your tight heat
Lots of groaning and moaning coming from him, and this demon can not sit still
He’s rutting and rolling his hips underneath you, whining for you to start moving
He loves to have you straddle him in his beloved car, either in the front seat or the backseat; where ever he can get you tight against him
Cuddling and cockwarming when in bed together; he’ll play with your clit while he holds you close and whisper sweetly in your ear until he feels your walls fluttering around his shaft
Will always leave you stuffed with his cock after he cums inside you; he wants to keep as much of his cum in your cunt as he can
He’s a sputtering mess when you first suggest that you try it on him; but he definitely doesn’t say no
He quickly becomes addicted to the feeling, and will sometimes whine to you that he needs your attention ‘in that way’
Loves having you pinned in his tub-bed, his cock buried to the hilt inside you as he press down on top of you
Something about having your wet cunt wrapped around his cock while he is streaming gives him a boost and he seems to play much better
(no cam of course, he doesn’t want anyone getting to see you like this; for his eyes only)
If you make yourself cum around him while he is gaming and he feels your walls tighten and milk him, he will drop the control immediately and begin to fuck you against his desk
Watching hentai together while you cockwarm him is also something he really enjoys doing; especially if you tell him that you want him to do what they are doing on screen to you
He genuinely welcomes the idea of being his cockwarmer, especially if you do so while he is sitting and reading
Typical of him, I know, but it’s literally one of his favorite past times, so having you warm his lap just makes it ten times better
He develops the habit of having you cockwarm him when he is pent up and angry
He will pull your body against his and ram his cock into you without much prep or warning, and make you stay snug against him until his rage has subsides
Will give you lots of loving attention after the fact, and worship your cunt as long as it takes to make you feel better
Would have you sitting on his lap and his cock snug inside you while somewhere in the HoL, just to risk the chance that Lucifer might walk by
It makes his cock throb inside you knowing he is doing something so risky with you that could piss his brother off
He can’t contain his excitement when you bring up that you really want to be his cockwarmer
Believe me, you will be spending most of your free time in his lap, even if you are not cockwarming him; he just wants you there all the time now
Lots of tub baths with you on his lap, his cock nestled in your folds as he helps bathe you
He one time did a make-up tutorial with you in his lap, his cock to the hilt while he put make up on you and described what he was doing without a single tremor in his voice
You were wiggling against him, pretending the make-up brushes tickled, but the glint in your eye only made his cock harder inside you
Not opposed to having you cockwarm him in public; sitting on a school bench, your skirt covering what you two are doing while you sit on him
Might even try and do so on movie night if he can get a good spot and a blanket to cover the both of you with
He isn’t too sure how he feels about cockwarming until you actually do it to him
After that point, he wants your cunt around his cock as often as he can get it
He secretly enjoyed watching you struggle to take his full length inside you, your cunt stretching widely and your little gasp and moans only making him harder
If he’s munching away at snacks in his room, be ready to be snug in his lap and fed snacks right along with him
He loves having you straddle him and feel his cock twitch and flex inside you when he is working out
Though he usually only records his work outs for comparison and training purposes, he has also record you sitting on his cock once or twice
Loves to make you cum as much as he can because he really gets off to how tight your walls squeeze around him when you do
The idea of cockwarming was originally brought up by him, the lazy-ass demon
He enjoys being the big spoon with your back against his chest, his cock filling you up to the hilt
He only tightens his grip on you if you decide to squirm or try to get any friction to stimulate you
So. Much. Teasing.
He will draw lazy, barely-there circles around your clit, making you clench around his shaft, and nip and suck at your neck and shoulders to get you mewling for him
When he’s had his fill of your begging, he’ll pinch and work your clit til you cum hard around his cock, and won’t stop until you’re overstimulated into another orgasm
He enjoys making you cum again and again on his cock until he feels himself soaked in your slick that he can move inside you with ease and not have to put too much work into it
Expect to be his cockwarmer through almost the entire night as well if he has you all to himself while hiding in the attic
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rulaien · a month ago
yooooo babe. can I request a scenario where the bros and side characters always thought that they're quiet during smex but when M! Mc fucks them dumb they're literally SCREAMING?
The brothers realized they a loud
Tumblr media
Notes: I won't be doing the side characters(sorry) due to that a lot :') so I hope you understand and am very sorry if my English is bad and once again short.
Gender: male
Kinks involved; Handjob, fake fuck/blowjob, begging, dacryphilia, sound record, etc (a lot.)
At first, he thinks he was quiet in sex
Usually, he can handle overestimate but this time...
He was ashamed(in a good way) that he can be so loud and especially begging you to fuck him over!
The way he was loud in the house and the counsel room and someone hears him?
He is humiliated but the way that he is and let down his pride? He can't argue that it nice :)
Okay hear me out, he didn't expect that at all.
He always thought that he was just quiet but turns out of events...
That time you put a sound record
He was a mess honestly lol
He quite gives a big reaction to you
Another blushing mess, he the first while second mammon
He knows he is loud and all but didn't expect that at all
He doesn't know whether or not that is a good thing— Wait IS THAT CONSIDER A NORMIE—
His mind is flustered and some "NO IM NOT A NORMIE—" or etc
He is— Honestly, I don't even know what his reaction is—
I would say flustered boy but isn't much the level to levi and mammon—
And shocked too
But maybe he will be extra louder if you call him a kitty👀👀👀🍵🍵🍵
How do I say this?... Ah right,
He be moaning shamelessly and telling you how you making him feel good even though you fucked his throat
He even loves you more if you are a virgin and innocent(Shushs— I know y'all ain't innocent)
His cock be stained in his pants if you continue again to face fuck him after you cum again<3
Flustered baby but not in Levi and Mammon level once again
He doesn't care if he was loud or not as long he felt your cum inside of him<3
He doesn't know why his other brothers seem embarrassed by that???
Sweet boy be confused ???
Again shameless but not the level to asmo— since I doubt his sex drive that high just average—
He doesn't have that much reaction to it rather he much happy since everyone gonna know that you and him did the deed
Wait- is he also loud if he is sleeping while you fucked him?—
Tumblr media
A/N: this is bad— I hate it, I didn't put much effort for this—
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books-and-catears · 4 months ago
I love how you wrote my asks! Thanks so much for doing them! I wanted to request something for the brother's separately where MC is already together with them. The brothers mention a kink they are into and MC says they'll think about trying it. Then a week later during a student council meeting with Diavolo, MC holds their hand under the table and leans over and whispers to them "My heart, tonight lets do what you mentioned a few days ago."
OwO. Alrighty then, hop on 18+ folks. The Spice Train is about to leave the station.
Warning: N/S/F/W. Minors don't worry the Fluff and Angst Trains will be arriving soon, please don't board this one okay?
Tumblr media
It was during one of your late night music sessions that he first brought it up. You were curled up in his lap, eyes closed and fidgeting with the sleeves of his coat.
You looked so fragile and vulnerable in his arms, he could hardly control his thoughts. How can you allow yourself to be this defenseless in front of him? And then you dare tease him? You whimper amd moan at every touch of his, a slave to his charisma - and yet you dare urge him further?
He looked at his red gloved hands and your hand enclosed within them. Red was such a pretty color on you. He imagined you all tied in his bed with red velvet ropes, pretending to want to break free all the while pleading him to touch you, while he takes his time, sipping his tea, palming your legs with one hand and watching you squirm in all your glory....
"Lucifer?" Your voice breaks his thoughts. "Haha you spaced out pretty bad. What are you thinking of, hmm? Your face is completely red."
He composed himself. Even though you both had been dating for a while now, he was still embarrassed about his innermost desires. He didn't want to scare you off.
"Come on Lucifer, I know you're hiding something!" You said promptly standing up.
He sighed. Well you're adamant as hell, there's no winning against you.
"I was thinking how lovely you'd look in ropes, MC. Tied to the bed and calling me master." Lucifer said, running his thumb over your wrist.
"You have a BDSM kink? Well should have seen that coming. Okay then, I'll think about it...Master." You teased and left the room.
Great. You just gave him a boner on the way out.
Around a week later, while Diavolo was meeting was barely ten minutes in, you lean towards him and whisper when noone is looking.
"I think I'm ready to submit to you like you asked, Master."
Lucifer banged his hand a little too hard on the table in excitement, startling everyone. "Ah I apologize. It was a bratty little insect."
He squeezed your thigh underneath the table as punishment for making him restless for the rest of the meeting. And you sure as hell are getting dragged and used mercilessly once you're out of there.
Mammon was leaning on your shoulder as you were explaining the class notes you had taken for him that day. And everytime he nodded or got a question right, you'd rub his hair and nuzzle against his cheek. It was thing you did for him even before you started dating.
It always drove him CRAZY.
You thought it was adorable and cooed at him jokingly while giving him headrubs, "Baby boy, you're so cute you know that?"
And now his cheeks grew red hot and his imagination ran haywire. He glanced over his bed and pictured you entangled with him, pressing kisses on his cheeks and lips, your hands pulling him down at his hair while he thrust into you over and over while you praised him and held him close...
"Mammon? Are you running a fever? Your face feels too warm.." You said, checking his temple and neck for symptoms. Every touch from you made him crave more.
"No it's nothing! You worry too much, ya stupid MC!" He says, hiding his face in your chest. "Also that make sure you rub and pull at my hair.. in bed...and call me that..."
You sat there confused for a minute before you understood what he meant. " you perhaps have a kink? Maybe something regarding praise and being pampered and loved in bed...?" You chuckle, squeezing his cheeks.
Why did this stupid human know so much about him?!! Not that he's complaining!!
"Yeah maybe so what?! You don't wanna do it, don't do it!" He pouts.
You laugh, "I'll consider it and think it over , my baby." You kiss him deeply and he's a mess for you.
After a week or so, in the middle of Diavolo's meeting, Mammon was almost half asleep, barely listening to what was going on. That's when you reached over and pulled at his ear,
"Baby boy, now is not the time to sleep."
Mammon's shot awake and he let out a little yelp. "MC!"
"Oh look you're awake now! I'll reward you tonight for it, okay my good boy?" You hinted. After that point he was restless, constantly grabbing at your hips all day long.
He could barely wait till night, but your reward made it worth the agony he faced all day.
Leviathan sometimes couldn't even believe you were dating him. Sometimes he'd just get distracted mid game, suddenly realizing that you have your arms linked with his and that your his partner now. And he'd randomly combust.
He especially lost it when you did cosplays. Even the simplest cosplays or the bad imitations of his favourite characters would have him drooling.
So the day you entered his room in a full fledged Ruri Chan cosplay, he yelped out loud and grabbed a bunch of pillows to hide his crotch.
"Damnit Levi, forget that Ruri Chan pillow already. The real Ruri is here now." You joked as you crawled into his lap. His jaw dropped, his nose looked like it was about to burst with blood.
"M-MC...MC, MC, you're too close. Are you trying to kill me??! I can't handle! I can't handle this moeness please, MC!" He pleaded.
"Why is that Levi? Did I get you excited? Just by wearing a simple costume? Oh you little pervert...rurin" You teased, sitting down on his lap.
His head was overwhelmed with thoughts about his tail wrapping around you and holding you down while he stripped you slowly and lose himself in every crook and crevice of your body. And you moaning and calling him a nasty pervert as he thrust into you over and over, his tail and hands groping at your body.
When he didn't say anything for a while, you understood he meant it. "Oh this your fetish? Did I unlock something?"
He hid his face with his hands, but still nodded. You laughed at how cute he was.
"Alright then...I'll think about how to grant your 'secret' wishes...rurin" You chuckled before you left.
Around a week later, while Diavolo's meeting was on and he was trying his best not to be distracted by the Ruri Chan cap you were wearing today, you decided to have more fun with him.
"Great Lord of Shadows, I wonder if you wanted these?" You said, slipping a pair of your spare panties into his open palm.
Levi almost squeaked like a mouse, his whole body trembling in excitement. His fist tightened around the cloth as he hurriedly stuffed it into his pockets. This is just like that hentai he was reading two nights ago!
"M-M-MC! What are you-"
"I'm Henry. Who's this MC now? My my, who knew you are so fickle? Just one of us isn't enough for you? Well you are so cute, I suppose I can indulge you this once, Lord of Perverts." You wink at him after you finish your little roleplay.
Oh were you expecting a bottom Levi after this? Oh no. You have awakened the Great Admiral of the Navy of Hell. And by the grip of his hands and his tail already swishing around impatiently, you know things are going to get rough pretty fast.
Satan is a demon of rather particular interests. And another thing about him is that he has VIVID imagination.
So anytime you curl up in his lap while reading together, or if you choose to sit near his feet while he tutors you before exams, he pictures you sitting there with a collar around your neck, cat ears on top your head and a tail swishing in excitement. And his pants would suddenly feel too tight at the these thoughts.
He was a master of controlling emotions and yet here you were toying with them so easily. Especially since you had now developed a habit for meowing near his ear at any point of the day. And of course you were his partner, he couldn't resist your cuteness.
"Satan Nya!" You pounced on him out of the blue right after he woke up after an afternoon nap.
The way you were on your knees, your thighs on each side and arms clutching at his chest just amplified his fetish.
"What if I wasn't awake enough to catch you, kitten? You could have seriously hurt yourself." He scolded holding you close.
And that moment he wanted to punish you. You were a bratty little kitten and he would put a leash on you and press you up against his bookshelf, making you cry out his name as he roughly thrust his fingers inside you.
"'re hard. Down there." You said trying to sit up on his lap.
Fuck. He imagined it too hard and now all the blood had rushed down there. He tried to flip the situation around onto you.
"Yeah, and I don't see you trying to move away, kitten." He teased, palming your hips.
"Yeah that's the point." You teased back before leaving "...bratty little kitties turn you on don't they? Well maybe I'll let you teach me how to behave...Master."
You ran out before he could catch you. And his door stayed shut till dinner time. All that was heard were heavy breathing noises and groans.
You were planning to tease him during Diavolo's meeting but job was already half done when he saw you walk in with a tail and a bell attached to it. You even wore a collar with a name tag.
He spit out the milkshake he was drinking making a mess all over himself and started coughing out apologies.
"Don't worry I'll help clean it up..." You offer cheerfully and bend down help clean up. In the middle of it all, you place yourself between his legs looking up at him playfully. "...and I also want to play with you today, master."
"MC... You better be prepared for your consequences." He said with a reddened face and gritted teeth.
Rest assured, you did not come out of his room for the next two days. You were glad Satan had picked the weekend.
IS THERE ANY KINK THIS DEMON DOESN'T HAVE?? The correct answer is no. And you learn that within two months of dating him.
It seemed almost everything about you turned him on. And the thing that turned out to be his kink was completely unexpected.
You were holding him snugly in his arms, running your hairs softly through his gorgeous hair, peppering kisses on his face. And strangely he wasn't even handsy with you. His hands were still on your waist, holding you close while his lips were on your cheeks.
"Oh Asmo I love you so much... You sweet and gentle thing." You said smiling and coddling him. But that had a very unforseen reaction. Shimmery tears emerged from his eyes, falling on your shoulder.
"MC..." Asmo managed to croak out, his grip growing more needy.
"ASMO!? Baby what's wrong?!" You grew panicked. He only tried to regulate his breathing, holding back his cries. You hurriedly tried to kiss his tears away.
Seeing you worry made him smile and fall deeper into you. "I'm sorry MC... I just.. I can't remember the time anyone held me like this...Demons are rather rough you know..."
"Oh Asmo..." You cupped his face and kissed his forehead. "I won't hurt you ever. You can trust me."
You were so kind and gentle to him, it made him lose control. He wanted so bad to just lay you down and spoil you. Slowly stripping you and caressing and kissing every inch of your skin. He'd have you begging and singing his name by the time he was done with you.
He was planning to hold these feelings in but his body betrayed him. Buried deep between your thighs, his member grew. And you grew wary of him.
"Does this pleasure you Asmo? Does this softness do things to you? Is this what you really like?" You said, running fingers up and down his chest. He bit his lip and nodded, his fingers digging into your back.
A week later, you held his hand under the table as Diavolo and Lucifer discussed the budget cuts. It was a thing you both loved to do.
You sneakily decided to run a single finger up and down the back of his hands, tracing his veins, trying to reach up his sleeves.
His breath hitched and he smiled smugly, "That eager to please me, MC? Ah you're so earnest, I cannot resist."
And after you drove him crazy, it was his turn to steal your mind and sanity. And he took all of it.
Beel was the just the most pure and gentle demon you'd met in Devildom. How can one not fall for this absolute unit of a himbo?
When you both started dating, it mostly eating out at both of your favourite places, then working out together in the morning to remain healthy and lots and lots of cuddles.
Kink is not something you expected from him..but alas there it was. You found out rather unceremoniously when you accidentally exploded a whole bottle of whipped cream on yourself. His mouth watered at the very sight of you.
He eyed you up and down hungrily, practically ravishing you with his relentless stare. He wanted to pin you down and lick you clean. He remembered each time he licked your fingers clean after you fed him dessert. He swears everything tastes better when he's eating it off your skin.
"Beelie, you look so hungry. Is there something you want? I can make it after I clean up." You ask.
"If you're offering like that... I'd like to have you MC. Don't bother with the shower yet I'll clean you up." He said inching closer, his tall frame towering over you.
With one quick lift, you were up on the counter, with him licking at your face and collarbones. You giggled at the sensation of his hair. "That tickles Beelie, slow down. I'll make sure to prepare a better meal of myself next time." That only sped him up.
The week after that, during Diavolo's meeting you decided to spill Beel's favourite soda all over yourself. The berry lemon fragrance was too strong for anyone to ignore; so it did wonders on Beel and his strong sense of smell.
"MC did you spill the soda on yourself? Here I'll help." He was already grabbing tissues and napkins to help you wipe as much as he could.
You even felt silly for teasing him like this. You were sheepishly walking back to your room when he appeared out of nowhere and dragged you to the showers.
Oh he was teased. And he was eager to show it.
Two words : Somnophilia and Corruption. He adores your sleeping face. He loves how you are completely at his mercy, unaware of how he wants to defile you completely.
And when you hold his hand and nuzzle into him, he loves how innocent and open you look. He feels himself grow down under just watching your chest rise and fall against him, your heartbeat under his palms. But of course he never pushed it beyond relationship permissible norms.
Oh but how much he wanted to. Sliding his hands on your warm skin and teasing you in your sleep. Make you whine and beg for things that you don't even know he's doing to you. He'd corrupt you inside out, making sure every part of you is tainted by him.
"Belphie..." You whine at him for attention on one night. "Closer.. please... I'm still cold."
"Don't blame for what I might do MC. I can't hold back if you keep being this needy. It's already hard keeping my hands to myself when I watch you sleep."
"You want touch me don't you?," You smiled cheekily, "When I'm asleep? You want have me all to yourself don't you?"
"So you're allowing me, MC?", Belphie said, slipping his hands into your pajamas. You nibbled at his nose and pushed yourself away. "Hmm maybe someday..."
Belphie was dozing off at Diavolo's meeting as usual when you tilted your head towards him and looked at him with your cutesy tired eyes.
"Can I nap on you for a while?" You ask as you lay your head on his shoulder."You can do whatever you want to me."
He stiffened at the contact and your words. You sure are bold today MC, careful he might use that against you.
After the meeting was done, there was not another word from him. The next thing you know you were in the planetarium with him, bouncing on his lap, making you see double the stars that were in the sky.
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i6kittis · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: DOM!Mammon x F!MC
warnings: drinking, smoking, thigh riding, afab receiving , slight degradation, slight public, rough sex, no protection, car sex
notes: sorry this was short! it’s really late here, and i almost forgot to write this lmao, but i hope you liked it!
Tumblr media
It was after a party, that both of you had gotten drunk out of your mind. You were both in Mammon’s convertible. Currently you were sat on the Avatar Of Greed’s lap, with him smoking and rubbing your thighs, dangerously close to your already wet sex.
He puffs smoke, whispering into your ear “Show daddy how good ya could ride his thigh, then I may give ya what ya want.” He slowly makes you fall back a bit where you are on the edge of his thigh, moaning a bit as his knee edges your clit.
“Go on princess.”
You nod shyly, slowly rocking yourself on his thighs, getting some friction. He grunts, holding your waist as he bounces his legs making you moan. You could see his painfully hard erection slowly growing harder and harder with each moan that falls from your pretty mouth.
You get faster, and faster as you feel your close to your orgasm. The more you go faster, the louder your moans slowly get. He was wearing black jeans, which made you get as much friction as desired. You’re eyes slowly roll to the back of your head as you moan one final time before you cum.
“Good job princess, now ya need to satisfy me.”
He unbuckled his jeans, and his big, hard member is already leaking from pre-cum. His leather jacket is open, with no shirt underneath showing his perfectly sculpted 6 pack.
He then leans in biting your ear before lifting your skirt up, pushing your wet panties to the side before undoing the buttons of your button-up shirt revealing your laced bra. He then picks you up by your waist before putting you down on his member, slowly stretching you out.
He grunts as your velvety walls wrap perfectly around his dick. He then takes another puff of smoke before blowing it near your ear, his hot breath also hitting your ear. Mammon takes your bra off then sucking on your firm nipple, as his other hand is layed on your waist bouncing you slowly up and down.
“Hngh.. Mammon, your so big.. can’t take it for much longer.”
He then lets go of your nipple with a pop before chuckling “Ya gonna have to take it, because this is gonna last all night!”
You moan as his thrusts meet with each of your bounces, hitting all the right spots each time. Mammon gives you the cigarette for you to take a puff, which you do and puff it out, leaning on him and puffing it out on his neck.
He then starts to pick up the pace, as one of his hands go down to your swollen bud rolling it in circles, making shivers of pleasure run down your spine.
The only sound you can hear is his faded music, skin slapping against another and both of your sweet grunts/moans.
You arch your back as his soft lips latch back onto your firm nipples, sucking them as his tongue circles the center of them. He circles your swollen bud faster, and faster as you both reach your high.
His thrusts, and your bounces come to a halt as he slams into you one more time grunting, spilling his hot seed into your overworked cunt. You then cum not too much after his release. Your legs start to shake from all the stimulation.
“You’re such a good slut, I can’t wait for the other rounds.”
Tumblr media
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saeyoungchoismaid · a month ago
Fifty Shades of Red
Pairing: Lucifer x f!reader Genre: smut Warnings: Impact play, sensory deprivation, overstim (giving), praise, unprotected sex, dom/sub themes, use of pet names (good girl, sir, master), a split second of degradation cause I’m a filthy wh0re who can’t help herself Summary: A certain someone has their eye on you and once you sign yourself over to him, there’s no going back. Word Count: 4.1k words A/N: I had this thought at like 4am right before I fell asleep. Lucifer is a Mr. Grey and you can’t convince me otherwise. I really wanted to focus on the contract scene, so I added a bit of it here. I hope you enjoy!!
Day 8 of Kinktober
Tumblr media
The following are the terms of a binding contract between The Dominant, Lucifer, and The Submissive, ________.
The fundamental purpose of this contract is to allow The Submissive to safely explore her sensuality and limits. The Dominant and The Submissive agree and acknowledge that all that occurs under the terms of this contract will be consensual, confidential, and subject to the agreed limits and safety procedures set out in this contract.❞
You stop there and take a deep breath, trying to gather your thoughts. Are you actually considering this right now? Apparently so since you’re holding the stick stack of papers in hand, triple checking that your door is locked so that your roommate won’t walk in and find you with the contract in hand. You can only imagine how that conversation would go. 
‘Uh, (Y/n)? What is that?’
‘Huh? Oh, this old thing? This is just the sexual contract that will bind me to this guy I met a couple of weeks ago who basically wants to own me. What’s for dinner?’
Ha, yeah. Fat chance. 
You inhale deeply and let it all go in one breath before starting to read the very long contract once more. 
The Submissive will not enter into sexual relations with anyone other than The Dominant.
The Submissive will obey any instruction given by The Dominant. She will do so eagerly and without hesitation.
The Submissive may not touch The Dominant without his expressed permission to do so. 
The Submissive shall always conduct herself in a respectful manner to The Dominant, and shall only address him as sir, master or other such titles as The Dominant may direct. 
The Submissive will agree to any sexual activity deemed fit and pleasurable by The Dominant. Accepting those activities outlined in soft limits. 5.1 List of Hard Limits: _________________________________________________________________ 5.2 List of Soft Limits: _________________________________________________________________
The safe word “Green” will be used to bring the attention of The Dominant that The Submissive is okay to move forward. 
The safe word “Yellow” will be used to bring the attention of The Dominant that The Submissive is close to her limit. 
The safe word “Red” will be used to bring the attention of The Dominant and his actions will cease completely and immediately.
The Submissive will not drink to excess, smoke, take recreational drugs, or put her person at any unnecessary risk.
The Submissive will eat regularly to maintain her health and well-being.
Punishment Will Be Given For The Following Offenses:
Incorrectly addressing The Dominant
Achieving orgasm without consent
Any other punishable offense as dictated
The Dominant may flog, spank, whip, or corporally punish The Submissive as he sees fit for purposes of discipline or for his personal enjoyment.
Does The Submissive consent to being constrained? Check: ☐ yes ☐ no - Rope - Handcuffs - Rope - Tape - Other
Does The Submissive consent to being blindfolded? Check: ☐ yes ☐ no - Blindfold - Tie - Clothing - Other
Does The Submissive consent to being gagged? Check: ☐ yes ☐ no - Ball Gag - Clothing  - Fingers - Genitals - Other
Does The Submissive consent to the use of sex toys? - Vibrators  - Dildos - Nipple Clamps - Genital Clamps - Other
How much pain is The Submissive willing to experience on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being none and with 10 being as much as The Dominant wants? ______
This contract is valid from ________________ until this date ________________, and at that, it may be renewed or renegotiated if The Dominant and/or The Submissive is of that interest.
I offer my consent of submission to __________________ under the terms stated above on this, the ______ day of ___________ in the year . x___________ (Signature of The Submissive)
I offer my acceptance of submission by _________________ under the terms stated above on this, the _____ day of __________ in the year . x___________ (Signature of The Dominant) ❞
Once you’ve reached the end, you close the papers and drop them onto your bedside table before curling up in a ball under your covers. You’re not sure if you can handle this. It all seems so much. 
Tumblr media
You can barely lift your eyes to meet his, finding that it’s suddenly much warmer in this room than it was when you first entered. “Ms. (L/n).”
“Hm?” you reply, finally bringing your eyes up to meet his. You nibble on your lip as his eyes stare into yours, his gaze feeling heavy and lustful.
“Let’s begin, shall we?” he asks, a hint of a smirk on his lips. You clear your throat and nod your head, looking down at the contract before you. 
“Right. Um, page two, section ‘duties of servitude,’ rule two.” You pause to allow him time to flip to the second page and find the part you’re referring to. “The Submissive will obey any instruction given by The Dominant. She will do so eagerly and without hesitation.”
“I don’t like the wording of this. Any instruction?”
“Yes,” he repeats but changes its meaning. 
“Yeah, no. I’ll listen until I hear something I don’t like,” you reply, naming your terms for that rule. You’re surprised when you see him smile. 
“Of course,” he says as he writes something down onto the contract, “What’s next?” 
You nod and then continue on. “Page four, section ‘punishment,’ under ‘forms of punishments,’ I wanted to discuss some of them.”
“With you,” he says once he’s where you are.
“Find anal fisting,” a pause, “and strike it out.” He glances at you before you watch his pen slide through the two words. “Strikeout vaginal fisting too.” He’s the one to pause now.
“Are you sure?”
You almost cackle at the question. “Yes, I’m quite sure.” He hums and then strikes through those two words now. “Go to page five, section ‘submissive’s consent,’ question 1. Remove ‘tape.’”
“Consider it gone,” Lucifer replies smoothly.
“Under the same section, please lose ‘genital clamps’ on number 4.”
You continue like this for a while, removing things that you didn’t like, discussing things you didn’t understand, and coming to an agreement on parts that weren’t a hard no but weren’t a complete yes either. When you both finish, you set down your pens and stare at each other.
“Also on page two, you wanted me to list my hard and soft limits, and I did,” you remember, unsure if he wants to hear them. 
“Great. I will keep your copy of the contract to edit both of the contracts to your specifications. I will memorize it and then we will both sign at the bottom.” 
You nod your head and break eye contact, letting him break the silence. “Am I allowed to say that I’m glad that we came to an agreement?” You smile at this, feeling your face flush a bit. 
“Yes, you are. I’m glad too,” you say softly, absentmindedly picking up your pen and starting to doodle on the contract. “I guess I should get going before it gets too dark,” you say as you start to gather up your things. 
“You’re leaving?” he asks, making you pause and look up at him again. You find his hands fiddling with the pen, spinning it over and over and over again. 
“Um, yes. Our meeting is finished, is it not?” 
“Maybe our business meeting but I’d like to have a meeting of different sorts,” he replies, his usual smirk suddenly growing. You clear your throat before speaking. 
“And that meeting would be...” you ask and then trail off, allowing him to fill in the blanks.
“Of the sexual kind,” he practically purrs. 
Your eyes flit away at this, your heart skipping a beat. “I don’t know if ‘sexual meetings’ are a thing,” you say playfully, trying to calm yourself down. 
“Oh, but they are. Especially in this house,” he says, his hands slowly setting his pen down. You swallow thickly and press your thighs together, your gut churning at the idea of letting him have his way with you right now.
“Well, as I said, I must leave,” you say quickly and go to stand once more. 
“Your body says otherwise though,” he informs, leaning back in his seat and placing his hands on the armrests. His eyes skim over you before looking through the glass table to your legs. “Your legs, for instance. The way you’re pressing your thighs together under the table tells me you’re getting aroused.” 
You glance down at your legs before quickly moving them a bit apart just to spite him, being mindful not to spread them too far. “And your breathing,” he calls, gathering your attention again, “it’s getting quicker.”
You lick your lips and turn your head away from him, starting to chew on your bottom lip. You barely know this guy and he’s reading you like an open book. Your eyes find him again when he moves, his hands coming up to start loosening his tie. 
“Let’s say I did stay,” you start softly, flickering your eyes up from his hands at his tie to his face before going back down, “what would happen?” 
His hands continue to work off his tie as he replies to you. “First, I’d help you out of that tight, little dress of yours that I know you wore just to get to me.” He pauses to slip the tie completely off, rubbing the material as he then continues, “And I would be pleased to discover that you’re naked underneath.” 
He drops his tie to the table as he eyes you up, seeming to be waiting for a response. “Really?” is all the response you can give, your thighs finding their way back to each other again. He glances at the action and chuckles darkly. 
“Yes, really.” A pause. “Mm, then I would bend you over,” he informs, licking his lips as his eyes wander your figure once more. 
“Right here?” you ask as you place your hand onto the clear glass table. 
“Yes,” he replies without hesitation, looking at the hand on the cool surface of the table before trailing his eyes up your arm and to your revealed cleavage. 
There’s a long pause after that, the sexual tension thick in the air. Who are you to leave after hearing all of that and knowing just how wet you are right now? 
“So? What are you waiting for?” you challenge, a smirk stretching across your lips as you raise your brow up at him. At your sassy tone, he’s up and by your side in a second. He tugs you up by your arm and has you bent over the table just like he said he would before you can even blink. 
He doesn’t waste any time hiking up the hem of your dress to reveal your ass, grunting when he finds a thong there instead of nothing. “Naughty girl,” he coos before giving your ass a harsh smack, the sound reverberating in the practically empty room. You cry out and go up on your toes, making your back arch to bring your ass up higher. “Not naughty enough though,” he adds with another hit, referring to the fact that you were indeed not naked underneath your dress. 
You moan at his suggestive words, placing your palms flat onto the table and watching as your breath fogs up the clear glass surface. “Now, just what should I do with you, hm? The possibilities are endless,” he coos teasingly. 
“Fuck me. Please,” you beg without a moment of hesitance, wanting him to touch your dripping cunt already. He chuckles darkly, leaning over your bent figure to press his chest to your back. 
“Fuck you? I think I can manage that,” he hums, pulling back off of you as he trails a gloved hand down your hips and to your ass. Without a warning, he brings his hand down with a sharp crack, making your body jolt slightly as you let out a hiss. “Mm, I was hoping you wouldn’t remove spanking off the list of impact play. God, I could smack this ass all day if you’d let me.” You whimper at the filth leaving his mouth and only get louder when he spanks you again. “Unfortunately for us though, we do not have all day. I have another meeting to attend in two hours.” 
With that said, you hear him start to undo his belt. The sound of it clinking is loud enough to fill up the silent room, other than your heavy breathing. When he finishes with that, he undoes the button and zipper of his slacks before reaching into his boxers to pull out his hardened cock. “Mm, maybe we should spice things up a little more, hm?” he asks, his deep voice rumbling behind you as he rubs the dripping head along your clothed cunt.
You gasp when he tugs you up a bit by your hair, a hiss leaving you at the sting of it. When he lets your hair go, you remain up in which he praises you for. You lick your lips and press them together in anticipation when he slips his tie over your eyes, his deft fingers tying it into a knot at the back of your head. You let out a shrill shriek when he slaps your ass right after that, it feeling more powerful this time now that you can’t rely on your vision to help you, and your other senses are now heightened. His hand on your ass travels up to the hem of your panties, a smirk coming to his face as he lightly lets them snap back against your hip. He then pulls them down at an achingly slow pace, a groan escaping him when a string of your arousal stretches with the pull of the panties before snapping and falling to your thigh. 
“God, you’re already so wet for me. You’re that hungry for my cock, hm? Think you can take it all for me like a good girl since your body is practically begging for it then?” he purrs, arching his hips forward to rub his cock’s bare head against your smooth cunt. 
“Yes,” you stutter out, “I can. Please. Give it to me,” you keen, trying oh so eagerly to push back against him to get some friction. He chuckles again just like he did before, almost taunting you with the sound. 
“Aright, alright. Don’t be so impatient. I thought you said you’d be a good girl for me.” Despite his warning, he gives you a reprieve by sliping the head past your hole. You groan at his size, your gummy walls fluttering around him as he keeps pushing deeper inside of you. He groans right along with you, watching your hole swallow him deeper and deeper. “Yeah, that’s right. Take my cock, baby. Take it all.” 
When he finally pushes into the base, he comes to a standstill. By now your body is shaking from the pleasure of finally being filled, the slight sting of being stretched out like this adding to the pleasure and he can’t help but grin at the fact that it’s from his doing. You’re trying so hard to please him. “You’re doing so good, love. Keep it up and I’ll reward you,” he promises, kissing the back of your shoulder. You only moan and nod your head in response. Normally, he wouldn’t have let you get away with that, staying silent like this, but it’s your first time with him, so he’ll let it pass. Besides, you really are doing a fantastic job at taking him. Maybe even too good of a job. He wonders if you decided to prep yourself before coming here in case things got interesting…
He smirks at the idea, pulling almost completely out of you before shoving himself back deep inside. A gravelly moan escapes you, your legs shaking with the effort of staying up on your tippy-toes. “You like that, baby? You like feeling me fill you up with my cock? Want me to go faster?” he taunts, licking his lips as he watches your spine curve more from going up on your toes. 
“Yes! God, yes! Please, Lucifer!” Ah, you slipped up again. You aren’t allowed to call him by his name during such activities. Mm, you’re such a pretty thing though, with the way you’re squeezing his dick and moaning like a pornstar. Guess he’ll let that slide too then. 
You’re confused by what he means until you remember the code system from the contract. “Green!” you immediately shout, wanting him to hurry up and go faster. 
He instantly picks up the pace, the sound from his hips slapping against your ass is downright obscene. Your cheeks sting from the power behind his thrusts, but it only aids in adding to your pleasure. He starts mumbling more praises about your body and though your lust idled mind can’t process all of the words that leave his lips, they only cause you to draw nearer to your orgasm. 
And that’s when it finally washes over you. The pleasure that had been racking up throughout the evening crashes into you at full force, and you can only hold on for dear life as your body shakes and writhes in delight, your moans crescendoing in a sinful melody. He doesn’t even care that his servants will hear you. If anything, he wants them to know what he’s doing to you. To hear the beautiful sounds that draw out of you, and to know that they won’t be able to do so much as to even touch you. You’re his, even if it’s just for the agreement on paper, you became his when you wrote your name away to him in the means of pleasure. And he’ll be sure to give it to you, time and time again.
Despite your sweet pussy clinging onto him from your orgasm, he avoids his own impending orgasm to keep going. He wants to make you cum until you’re overstimulated to the point where all you can remember is his name and the sexual gratification only he can provide. Your body starts shaking more as you start coming down from your high, sweat starting to glisten on your skin. 
“Luci-” you try to speak, your voice becoming shaky, though you’re unable to finish your words as Lucifer spanks you, causing you to let out a mewl instead. 
“You are to refer to me as Master or Sir. Do you understand me?” You clench your hands around the edge of the table, your tears welling up in your eyes behind his tie.
“Yes, sir!” you moan, your eyes starting to roll back in your head when he goes even faster. “Master, please slow down. I can’t take anymore,” you plead breathlessly, feeling your clit throb and your walls squeeze him sporadically. You’ve never been so stimulated before. He laughs cruelly behind you, his hands moving to your hips to get a better grip on them to slam you back against him with each thrust. 
“I will do no such thing. You will cum for me again like the good girl I know you are. You agreed in our contract that I’m allowed to do this. If you really wish to put an end to this you know what to say. Color?”
You whimper at his words, knowing he’s right. You could say red right now and end this, but, deep down, despite your quivering legs, watery eyes, aching clit, and puffy cunt, you want this. You want him. You want to please him, make him feel good, make him cum. 
“Green,” you stutter out and, you can’t see it because of your blindfold, but he smiles evilly. 
“I knew my dumb whore was putting up a front. You can lie and play pretend all you want, but I know this pussy wants to milk me dry,” he growls, emphasizing each word with a snap of his hips against your ass. You can only moan and whimper in response, your cheek dropping to the table as you take his brutal, mouthwatering actions. Spit starts to dribble out of the corner of your mouth, pooling on the clear surface from your brain going dead, repeating the words so full, so full, so full over and over again. You’re not sure if you actually speak the words into existence or not, but it’s the only thing your fucked out brain can provide you with while in this state. 
You scream when he suddenly loops his arm around your waist and begins relentlessly rubbing your sensitive clit in fast circles. Your body practically vibrates with the sheer force of the orgasm he forces out of you, the over-stimulation making your body more sensitive and your orgasm even more powerful. With your pussy suffocating him the way it is, he can’t hold back his load even if he wanted to. He swiftly pulls out of you and quickly pumps himself to completion, his head tossing back as he covers your ass and lower back with his seed. When the last of his cum spurts out, he rests his hands beside your body. 
He pants while he stares down at you, silently assessing your body and how you’re doing as he tries to catch his breath. You aren’t on your tippy-toes anymore, but your body is still shaking. He hums and begins placing kisses along your back, up to your shoulders, and finishing with your neck. “You did so well for me, love. I’m so proud of you,” he praises, reaching up to undo the tie to grant your vision back. When the tie comes loose and reveals your eyes, he bites his lip when he sees tears beading your lashes together.
Fuck. He didn’t think he’d like the sight of you crying this much.
“How are you feeling? Does anything hurt?” he asks you softly, gently running his hands over your back and rubbing any places that have marks. You hum and smile at his concern, discovering that you like this side of him. He’s so attentive to you and your needs. 
“I’m fine. Mind helping me stand though?” you reply with an airy laugh, blinking your eyes to clear up your vision and finding that he’s smiling at you. He returns the chuckle as he pulls away from you, resituating himself into his boxers and fixing his appearance a bit before reaching over to a box of tissues that had been knocked off the table earlier to clean up the mess he made on you. Tossing the used tissues in a small metal trash bin, he slides your panties back up your legs, and tugs your dress down from its bunched up position around your waist, before helping you stand up straight. As soon as you try to stand up, your legs quickly give out from under you and you have to hold onto him to make sure you don’t fall. He smirks at how helpless you are, liking the idea of you having to depend on him. 
“Would you care to stay a bit longer to rest and properly clean up?” he offers, already starting to lead you out of the office where you two had your meeting. You look out the window as you ponder his offer, making a list of pros and cons of not leaving right now. 
You honestly couldn’t think of one single con that would come from staying here. 
“Wait, what about your meeting? Isn’t that starting soon?” You ask, remembering his other priorities. 
“I can always reschedule, besides I think making sure you’re well taken care of is more important,” he replies with a gentle smile, one that you hadn’t expected seeing from him and your heart swells unexpectedly. You have a feeling that he doesn’t let just anyone see that smile. 
“Then…do you have a bath tub I can use?” 
“Well, I have six you can choose from.”
From what you could tell, signing that contract was probably one of the best decisions you have ever made.
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belphieslilcow · 19 days ago
welp i sent @teeth-farie a thing about the obey me bros going into heat and needing to get desperately bred so now my brain is Requiring me to make a post about it!!
the bros have cunts in this and mc has a dick, though you can interpret as a bio one, some magical transformation, or one of those squirting dildos
(cw for piss stuff on satan's part)
lucifer just absolutely Forbids them from going out and having a partner cause he ain't helping raise any kids so they deal with it alone (until mc that is lol) so it's all their first times being fucked like this and oh man
lucifer tends to take some kind of suppressant because of how busy he is, it doesn't stop it fully, but he's able to work without ruining his pants with how wet he gets, he Swears he can handle it and won't give into his instincts every single time, even when he's knuckle deep in himself at his desk moaning like a camgirl
you won't hear lucifer beg like he does when he desperately wants to be filled with your cum, with his disheveled hair and the way he keeps drooling with his tongue out, he looks like he's straight out of one of levi's hentai mangas
mammon is has quite the collection of sex toys from how needy he gets during his heat, suction cup dildos he can put anywhere in his room when he gets needy, clamps for those oh so sensitive nipples of his, and plenty of vibrators that end up covered in his slick by the end of his heat, hell he'd impulsive buy a fuck machine if he could afford it
he kinda forgets to tell you about his heat the first time it happens, so walking in his room to find him stuffing both holes with vibrating cocks as he wails about how he needs more is quite the sight to behold
he is greed after all, he wants all your cum and he wants it everywhere, in every hole he's got and when you're resting he'll plug himself up just so he can make sure he keeps it all inside himself
levi is definitely third in line for having the most sex toys behind asmo and mammon, though his are more like tentacle dildos and those ovipos toys, coupled with his ridiculous hentai collection, he's got enough material to last for quite a while, it's never enough for him though
he's totally fucked himself with his tail many many times before, he knows exactly where all his sweet spots are and will shyly tell you exactly where he wants you to ram your cock, he's still shameful of being a pervert during his heat, but will be much more open to all his fantasies, he wants you to bully him, shame him for being such a closet pervert and that you need to breed him good as punishment for being so dirty, he'll cum just from the words alone
though he needs a lot more praise and gentle treatment when it starts to end or he'll go though a very intense sub drop and period of self hatred, so please tell this little slimy pervert how much you love him <3
satan lovers with a petplay kink, come get y'all juice, he's basically in permanent kitty mode and Will give himself cat ears and a tail with magic, since his animal is a mammal, i think he's one of the bros that gets affect by heats the most, he'll rub his dripping cunt across anything in his room (thankfully he's smart enough to clean his books off the floor before his heat hits him)
also will 100% be down for omorashi stuff, he thinks of it as marking your territory and claiming him which he ADORES, smart boy wants to be fucked dumb tbh, cunt stuffed, covered in piss, just wanting to be yours
asmo really isn't that different when he's in his heat, since he can't get a partner before now he gets so so whiny and needy though, squirting dildos can only hold a lust demon off for so long before he needs to get stuffed
he has a bullet vibrator attached to his throbbing clit the entire time, and totally livestreams himself seeing how many orgasms he can have before he passes out, he usually not a fan of the idea of messing up his figure with a baby, but during this time? he's begging for it
beel doesn't pay much attention to sexual stuff outside of his heat, so suddenly having another kind of insatiable hunger is hard for him, when he's not shoving his big fingers in himself, he's shoving fries down his gullet
he's got a huge oral fixation so he'll need to suck you off, though he doesn't own any sex toys, so you'll need to bring a dildo so his cunt doesn't get too lonely, man has no gag reflex so facefuck this himbo til your hearts content <3
belphie has a love hate relationship with his heat, he usually forgets about it until he wakes up desperately humping one of his pillows, since he's a cow boy, therefore more mammalian than most of his brothers, he has such an intense heat, he loves how good he feels when he overstimulates himself and gets his blanket soaked with his squirting, but hates how hard it is to sleep
his iron grip comes in handy as he holds you as you roughly breed him, he LOVES the mating press during this time and he's so sensitive that if you rub his clit while hitting his g spot? he'll deadass start crying because of how good he feels, he sleeps for like 3 days straight after his heat because of how worn out he is
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kitsune-oji · 2 months ago
hey there! do you have any headcanons for where the brothers and dateables (minus Luke, of course), like to leave hickies and love marks on their s/o? 💕
The Boys like to leave Marks
I haven't!! I've seen other ppl do this but it always included a Mc who tried to hide it or got embarrassed about it? Which I don't understand? Like if someone where to give me hickies and marks I'd walk around Proud, like look I got a partner! Hah!
This took so long, I'm sorry for the wait ':) I really hope you like my hcs on this *insert that dancing parrot here*
Warnings: sexually suggestive, marking, mentions of kinks (like impact play)
You might not think so when you think of this composed butler but he loves marking you for everyone to see
Of course he values his privacy but you awaken a Greed in him that makes him want to have you and show off that you're his
Depending on your own preferences, this may include rope marks or marks from impact play, even if other people most likely won't be seeing those in particular
If you're not up for those, he's more than happy to just give you hickies though he'd likely do so regardless
This man is pride much like Lucifer and one thing he's most proud of is you
Having you walk around with visible marks, showing everyone you're together and most importantly that he managed to aquire your affections? Yes, please
He likes to be more hands on and I mean that literally. Hickies will definitely be a thing but considering Dia can forget his strength in the heat of passion, you're likely to end up with a few handshaped bruises
He will apologise profusely if you aren't ok with it and offer to heal it but if you don't mind, it's just another think showcasing your intimacy
Dia will still offer a potion to countereffect any pain they may cause however
So many bite marks. Just, everywhere you let him
Beel loves to taste you, your skin and hear you gasping when he bites down. Even if your not being sexually intimate, he will sometimes just want to bite you.
If that excites you? Don't worry, Beel is more than happy to take responsibility for that
Next to the bite marks are hickies because just biting down all the time is boring and if there are a few hand shaped bruises, he will apologise a lot.
He doesn't want to hurt you more than you like, after all and he will be sure to help you heal up everything you don't want to stay
As an angel, you might have thought that Simeon would like to be more subtle about the more intimate side of your relationship but you couldn't be further from the truth
Simeon doesn't give in to Lust when he is with you, he loves you and gives to you, which in turn is not a sin, is it?
So why should he try to hide it?
Rather, let everyone know what an amazing partner he has by showing how close you let him. Close enough to leave all kinds of marks on your skin
He prefers means that aren't painful, so you mostly just get hickies but if you want more than that, you can try to rile him up enough for bite marks and scratches
This boy is torn over what he wants
On one hand, such marks are good for your skin at all but on the other?
It's just so incredibly hot, seeing you marked by him all over, proof of your intimacy with him
It makes him want to go again when he sees them and really, when he practically painted you like a canvas, he wants to see his work
Gives praise for days and he'll tell you to do a little twirl as well
He's not picky at all but prefers hickies because they bloom so beautifully on your skin and scratching you with his nails because the lines look so nice and his nails are perfect for it
Greedy greedy boy likes staking his claim any time he can
Will get off on the thought of you being his and tell you about it too
Hand in hand with Levi's sin, Mammon gets jealous easily but if you let him visibly mark you and walk around showing it off, he'll be proud and silently boast about it
He's too shy to boast loudly in this case, after all
Enjoys bite marks and hickies equally
For Levi, his sin plays a big role in this as well
Seeing you walking around with markings he gave you is reassuring to him, no matter how much they fluster him as well
And well, if it excites him to see the aftermath of being so intimate with you, no one has to know, right?
He's a fan of impact play, especially using his tail. At least when he isn't holding onto one or more of your limbs with it
At first he's a bit scared he won't be any good at giving you hickies so he bites more but he learns fast, so no problems there after a while
Belphie is possessive to a fault and likes the thought of everyone seeing how he staked his claim on you
Even if you're just cuddling, he will go for a few more hickies on your neck, making sure you're never without them if you let him
While Belphie will bite down gladly as well, his enjoyment of that doesn't hold a candle to his twin's
Still, you might have to tell him to tone it down a bit. He will be a little brat and pout about it but listen to you anyway
While Lucifer likes to be private in most matters, especially his private life, he is also incredibly proud to call you his
And he wants to show it too
The man likes to think he's being tasteful by not doing too much, at least where others would normally see.
Anywhere you're usually covered, he sees as free range and if you're up for it, he will decorate it with a plethora of means
Impact play is a big favorite of his, right up there with claiming bites
While Satan generally enjoys being rough sometimes, as a healthy way of letting of steam, he also likes other ways of claiming you his
With a collar or chocker around your neck, be it only when you're together, playing or all the time as a new accessory for you, any marks around your neck have a clean line cut through them
He loves seeing it and being reminded of your intimate times together, often going to tease you about it quietly when he's in the mood
He's a fan of biting as well, though he loves the idea of hickies since he thinks it's romantic
This man is the furthest thing from shy, having lived for so long has isolated him from many such societal norms
Not to mention his history as a king with many many wives and concubines, no matter how long ago that was
His closest sin is Lust but he's also proud of you for many reasons and showing how close you are strokes his ego
Solomon likes to mark you in places and ways you won't notice it until someone points it out, just to tease you
The back of your neck is always good for that, for example
Next to the hickies he can get away with without you notice, Solomon is a big friend of being experimental
So, if you have anything you wanna try, he will want to try it out with you at least once
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strawberry-panda-milk · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Touch Me
Mammon tastes sweet on your tongue.
The bed is messy, soaked in his tears and come from his last few orgasms. His strong tanned thighs are littered in hickeys, muscles twitching in your hold until you push his hips down against the bed.
You pull your mouth off of his cock, relishing in the sound of his moans and sobs.
“Ple- please!”
“Please what, baby?” You keep stroking his cock, even as his hips move away from you.
“Please! I'm a good boy, I'll- I'll be good, but no moree...”
His face is damp, curls sticking to his forehead and eyes glassy. Tears spill down his cheeks and into his hair as he cries out at the pleasure. It's all he can think about, the sweet pressure of your hand on his dick, the way you tongue at his slit as if you don't already have him wrapped around your finger.
“I know you're good, puppy. But just a few more okay?”
He's sobbing harder at that, nearly screaming when you position yourself on top of him and sink down so slowly on his cock.
It was going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
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baalism · 4 months ago
The dateables' kinks: Simeon
🔞 cw voyeurism
· I said it once and will say it again, he's a closet freak, and Simeon's thing is corruption on the receiving end.
· Don't get me wrong, his looks and demeanor are deceiving and he very well could be the one doing the corruption. But what really appeals to Simeon is the idea of risking it all for pleasure, to give you power over him and jeopardize his status, his holiness and reason of being for it, and show you you are worth the fall.
· And of course it doesn't takes sex to make an angel fall, it takes utter depravity, but he'll dare you try it. Go ahead, he's putting his body at your disposition: satisfy your curiosity and fuck him yourself. Try ruining him so much that he'll be put to shame in the celestial realm.
· He'll do it all with a strange mix of humilliation and praise.
· Oh and Simeon can be so sweet when he wants to though! Using his innocent image to lure you in, 'Won't you show me how to do this? I'd learn better from you' as he strokes himself and presses his cock to your lips, a blushing, panting mess himself. Would cum down your throat without a warning other than his moans, then bite his lip and beg for your forgiveness...
· But he can be cruel too, his praise and encouragement filthy. Oh you are that eager and for what, to get fucked numb, until you can't think straight? You really are unrepentant... But you should be thankful he's letting you do this to him. Aren't you enjoying yourself a little too much? Who would have known you would stoop so low so as to want to corrupt an angel, but he'll give it to you, since you are so desperate.
· And on him he likes it too, tell him either just how good he is, how much you love him and want to make him feel good for once, or how much of a whore he is for letting you use him like this, fucking his mouth so Simeon can't utter a word. How he's not seeing the gates of heaven again after you're done with him.
· That is also just to say he loves gagging on anything and everything and to make you gag on him as well, of course. A bit on hand with his oral fixation.
· But what Simeon really enjoys too is frottage and dry humping as an actual act rather than foreplay. Something about you grinding against him without giving him a break, covering his mouth with a hand so he can not utter a single moan and so get caught by Solomon in the other room or one of the brothers in HoL? Making him helplessly cum in his pants not even using your hands? He's lost in it.
· Also, he feels super awful about it, but Simeon is a bit of a voyeur and an exhibitionist too.
· You see him so coy, so proper and well behaved... While he wouldn't really act on his desire unless he knows you consent and are into it, that doesn't mean he's not thinking about it often. The mere idea of watching you unaware as you touch yourself to thoughts of him, or even doing a thing as simple as taking a shower can get him hard in a matter of instants.
· On the other hand (no pun), not that there would ever be a chance for it, but he can't stop fantasizing about you catching him jerking off or fucking himself with your name in his lips; whether you'd just watch and encourage, or belittle and humilliate him a little, doesn't matter.
· It's only about the forbidden aspect of it all, getting exposed doing every thing he can not do or act upon. A repressed angel is indeed repressed.
· And last this is pretty much a given, but Simeon is all about vicarphilia and dirty talk; he is a wordsmith, and with that innocent face of his he'll talk not dirty, but downright nasty to you.
· Not much of a sexting person though unfortunately, unless you're up to typo ridden messages such as
Tumblr media
· All that being said, if there is something he enjoys more than talking himself, that is listening. Go ahead, be descriptive and very specific with him and tell him all about your hottest escapade, or what you like the most and how you like done to you. Use your words wisely, maybe gently run a foot up his calf or put a hand to his thigh and Simeon will be hard in no time, struggling to keep a single pure thought in his head.
· Not having had much experience himself, he'd live vicariously through your vivid recounts and be so eager to try some of the things you speak about by himself, with you that is.
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hoesoflamentation · a month ago
K!nktober 2021: Breed me like you mean it. | Diavolo x AFAB!MC | 18+
Tumblr media
Prompt: Breeding k!nk
Pairing: Diavolo x AFAB!MC
Warnings: Dark themes, unprotected s3x (no condom, no birth control), mating press, heavy dubcon, heat, demon form, breeding k!nk, restriction of movement (pinned wrists), face slapping, mention of pregnancy, primal s3x, strong language
A/N: hello, b*tches (affectionate)! i'm back from my mini break and badder than ever. seriously, like, i have no idea where this dark content™ came from, but the thought of primal!dia is making me absolutely f*cking FERAL. anyways, you've been warned. hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
"Mm, MC, I can't take it anymore," Diavolo moaned into their neck, thrusting roughly inside of them. "I'm gonna cum."
His claws dug into their thighs as he held their spread legs open in a deep mating press. MC had been gripping his horns for leverage, but their hold weakened as their heart skipped a beat in panic.
"Dia, no, stop," they pleaded breathlessly.
"I don't know if I can, baby," Diavolo cooed sweetly, his fangs brushing against their collarbone. "Your pussy's too good."
"I'm not on birth control," MC protested. "You're gonna get me pregnant."
They had hoped to frighten Diavolo just enough that he would slow down and think rationally. For any human male, the word pregnancy usually killed the mood pretty quickly.
But Lord Diavolo wasn't human.
This fact became readily apparent when their words had the opposite effect on the demon prince: Diavolo's heat had ramped up his natural urges, and they could feel his cock twitch longingly inside of them when they uttered the phrase.
"Oh, no, darling," Diavolo growled playfully "You really shouldn't have said that."
MC whimpered, squirming as they tried to wriggle out from under him. But their struggle only made Lord Diavolo more eager to rut. With his iron grip locked around their wrists, they were reduced to prey at the mercy of a fierce predator.
Diavolo recognized the hopelessness of their fight with a sadistic smirk. "You silly human. Don't forget who you belong to."
Staring deep into Diavolo's amber eyes, MC's cheeks burned hot with a mixture of rage and arousal. Even as their logical side revolted in anger, something primal inside them instinctively craved him.
They were terrified and furious, but they couldn't deny it: they wanted him to fill them with every last drop of his seed, consequences be damned.
"You're mine," Diavolo growled. "This body belongs to me. And I'll use you however I damn well please."
MC whined helplessly as Diavolo shifted his weight forward. Their ankles hooked around his neck as he plunged his length deeper inside of them, filling the room with the sound of his balls slapping their soaked skin.
He moved to grasp both their wrists in one hand, slipping the other between them so his thumb could brush against their swollen clit as their bodies rocked together.
"I want to hear you say it," Diavolo prompted, glaring at them expectantly. "Tell me who you belong to."
At first, MC could not respond. They were overwhelmed by the plethora of stimulation consuming them: Diavolo's rhythmic touch; his forceful fucking; their hands pinned overhead.
But when MC said nothing, Diavolo yanked his hand away from their clit, eliciting a disappointed whimper.
He slapped MC across the face, hard enough to leave a mark. Their cheek stung, but their pussy clenched eagerly around him at the sensation.
"Who owns you?" he hissed. "Tell me."
"You do!" MC gasped, tears welling in their eyes as Diavolo's head pounded their most sensitive spot.
Satisfied, Diavolo's chest rumbled, his pace growing frenetic as he frantically chased his release. His pelvis ground into their clit while the bed creaked beneath them.
MC raked their fingernails down his bare back, their anxiety long forgotten as the pleasure in their core built up like a pressure cooker. Instinctively, their hips rolled into his every thrust, their drenched walls effortlessly swallowing the entire length of his cock.
Diavolo held them down by their hips, face buried in their neck as he groaned, "Fuck, MC, I'm cumming!"
All inhibitions lost, MC whined desperately as stars filled their vision. Before they knew what they were saying, they started to ramble:
"Yes, Dia, yes! Come on, baby, fuck your cum into me. Breed me like you mean it."
Tumblr media
taglist: @everyday-girl9041-blog @bunna-does-stuff @obey-me-tho @lucigirl-katie
(dm me if you would like to be added!)
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hisvillainess · 2 months ago
If requests are open? How about an MC that, while during sex, reaches up their back but grabs onto their wings instead. Possibly pulling on them while riding out an orgasm? Beel, Asmo, Mammon, Lucifer and Diavolo or whichever you feel like doing!
Ps. Love from the King of Clubs
𖤐 ─ 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖔 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖎𝖗 𝖜𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘! ─ 𖤐
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙. lucifer, mammon, asmo, gn!reader
𝖘𝖞𝖓𝖔𝖕𝖘𝖎𝖘. holding onto their wings as you ride out your high
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. pwp, cursing, breeding, rough sex, might be a little ooc, around 450-550 words for each brother, overstimulation ish, minors do not interact
𝖆/𝖓. sorry I didn’t do beel and diavolo, I had already done them in a previous hc! even though I worked on this for the longest time I feel like it’s a little mediocre but I tried my best!! thank you @babydai for beta-ing this for me. please enjoy ❦
𝖒𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙 || 𝖙𝖆𝖌𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖤐 𝖑𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 (𝖈𝖜. breeding, cursing)
After an irritating week of endless paperwork, he didn’t hesitate to summon his demon form in order to fully fuck out all the pent-up stress on you.
It had been a long and frivolous night of you bouncing on his cock, thin layers of sweat coated your bodies as it glistened under the dim bedroom light. Lucifer sat up against his white headboard, eyes painted blood red with both arms wrapped around your waist.
The sound of tangled bedsheets ruffled through his room as he mindlessly slammed you up and down his shaft. “MC…” his voice was gravelly, almost whisper-like.
You could feel your impending orgasm nearing; the wetness between your legs sloshed on his pistoning length and each time your ass slapped against his thighs, your grip on his shoulders became more unstable. “...fuck,” he cursed under his breath— not something he does often but was enough to let you how much he had been painfully lusting for you the whole week. 
He was getting close; he stopped sinking you down his cock and instead, held you in place to fuck into you at an aggressively rigid pace. Your mind began fogging from the intensity while the power of his strokes rippled through you. Your whole body shook after each jagged thrust and before you could even cry out his name, he hissed and nipped his lower lip.
His mighty movements were sending you both into overdrive and you felt the tip of his cock hit your sweet spot relentlessly. “I’m close-” you whimpered. You tossed your head back and in the midst of your euphoria, your hands unknowingly shifted to his wings which had been waving in sync with his body.
Your fingertips panned the crevices of each feather and the strange tingling sensation from your touch had goosebumps spreading over the expanse of his skin. “I-I’m… going to cum if you keep your hands there,” he gulped, blood rushing straight to his already throbbing cock. 
He contorted his face from sheer ecstasy when you began grinding down his length and with the last roll of your hips, you inevitably reached your high — your grip on his wings tightened, causing the Avatar of Pride to wince. You pulled the soft boning of his feathers with you through each aftershock of your orgasm and mind-numbingly shuddered on him. You cum calling his name but your eyes were too far rolled back to even notice Lucifer bearing his fanged grin, clenching his teeth so hard they could break.
It was that final touch of yours that sent him over the edge; his pace turned brutal and soon with a telltale slap of his skin against yours, his hips stiffened under you — spurts of white cum coated your inner walls and a throaty groan escaped from the Avatar’s lips. His nails that were embedded in your skin held you down in place and you felt him twitch inside you, filling you up so much that some of it was already surging down his shaft. He raised his hips to defeatedly unload whatever he had left inside of you and following a sigh, his demon form slowly dissipated.
His chest rose up and down as he tried to catch his breath and his palm left your waist to languidly cup your jaw. “If you dare use my wings against me, there will be consequences,” he uttered breathlessly, pulling you in for a forehead kiss as a sign to let you know he was only half-joking. You smirked before looking him in the eyes, “I can’t promise anything.”
𖤐 𝖒𝖆𝖒𝖒𝖔𝖓 (𝖈𝖜. cursing, overstimulation-ish, rough sex, ‘baby’ as a pet name)
“Hold on tight, would ya?” Mammon spat as he pounded you against the wall. Your legs around his waist became weak as you tried to endure the pleasure pooling in your gut but you felt yourself slip from his grasp, “...I can’t. It’s too much-”
It wasn’t often that you had gotten him so aroused that he’d be rutting into you in demon form but here the Avatar of Greed was in all his glory — horns perked, wings floating with a glowing pair of gold eyes peering upon you.
“I said hold on tight. This is what ya wanted, right?” He scolded. 
His movements were juvenile and became even more vigorous which caused your back to thump against the wall every time he buried his whole cock inside of you. Holding you like this gave him some kind of power trip since you looked so small — so helpless — everything about it was so lewd and vulgar.
His shaft was coated with so much of your slick that it even trickled down to his balls which you could feel bouncing against your skin. You used the last of your energy to properly adjust your legs around his waist and you reached for the blade of his wings that had been quietly fanning behind him. He grunted at the contact but placed a light peck on the side of your jaw as he held the underside of your knees to keep you up.
He bucked into you obsessively, worries of his brothers hearing you guys from their rooms obviously long gone. You bit your lip to suppress a squeal but regrettably, you couldn’t hold back any longer. “Shit… I’m… gonna cum s-soon,” you barely managed to let out as the Avatar pounded you through each syllable. You crane your neck into the wall, pulling his wings towards you as you try to take in the neverending rocking of his hips. “Then cum all over my cock—shit,” cutting himself off. “I know ya want to,” he huffed haughty and proud.
Hot moisture consumed your messy hole and you didn’t have any time to think before your entire body tensed up. It might have been because you were fucked out of your mind but something about him just made you succumb to him so easily. You were perfect like this — being his little cum dump — but he was lost in you just as much as you were. “Yeah that’s right, cum for me— fuck you feel so good,” he breathed, capturing your lips in a deep kiss.
You arched your back when his length completely disappeared in you and your nails dug into his wings to compensate for the overwhelming orgasm that washed over. You clenched around him, shaking uncontrollably as your mind clouded. His grasp never faltered as he watched you drown on his erection and waited until the fiery burning in your legs cooled to a warm smolder. After finally catching your breath, you thought it was over but the way Mammon began slowly dragging cock against your sensitive velvety walls again said otherwise.
“It’s my turn, baby,” he announced as he picked up your limp body, dick still hard and lingering inside you.
That’s right, you thought. He hasn’t came yet.
“Ya gonna have to hold on for a bit longer, ya hear me?” he says, voice drugged with mischief when he started making his way towards the bed.
𖤐 𝖆𝖘𝖒𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖚𝖘 (𝖈𝖜. cursing, ‘baby’ and ‘darling’ as a pet name)
Missionary is always Asmo’s go-to position. Whether you were on top or bottom, he loved having a clear view of your face and seeing how you react instantly to his gentle strokes.
This time, you looked so sweet under him. You moaned tenderly when he slid his cock between your velvety walls and earned a giggle from the Avatar of Lust as your hands traveled to his tousled hair, “You know you look so pretty like this,” he winked.
It was ironic that he was calling you pretty when he was arching over you in his demon form. His raven wings flapped lightly above him, sending an occasional little breeze to your face and the orbs between his lidded eyes gleamed like the sunset. It was like he was doing this purpose, cursing you into a realm of eternal bliss. With the way his hips were cracking against yours, you would say you were almost there.
He faux pouts, mocking a sense of innocence when he sees that you had gone silent but it couldn’t be helped when your mind had been splattered white— only focusing on the spectacular beast between your legs. You lift your hips to chase his retreating cock and mutter, “Oh shit— I think I'm gonna-” but the Avatar brings a finger to your lips to hush you. “I know, I know,” he cooed, “Just let it happen.”
Your pupils were blown wide when he began picking up the pace; the pillow he had thoughtfully placed under your back earlier helped with the angle and the head of his cock was reaching deeper than you could ever imagine. Your bodies rocked in sync which caused his wings to flutter freely, almost inviting you to the thrill of his touch. Your fingertips left his hair and made way to the jagged edges of his wings and he gave you a look that could only be interpreted as oh you’re so naughty ♡︎.
His antics made sex with him unpredictable and frankly, that’s what made him so desirable— that’s why it made you so needy. You continue to greedily buck your hips into his pelvis, craving more friction than you already had and your knees started to cave. You groaned his name through parted lips and Asmo slipped out a “yes mmhmm” under his breath, to guide his darling through their high.
His fringe bounced with every thrust and your thumbs fondled with the curved tips of his wings causing it to flare up out of excitement. He tilted your jaw to make sure your eyes were on him and he began bottoming you out at an unforgiving pace. When the pleasure bubbling in your gut became too much, you lost yourself to his cock— quivering and spurring on from his penetration. “Oh baby-” he whined when felt your walls clamping around him, “I’ll never get tired of this.”
Tumblr media
© Hisvillainess — all rights reserved. please do not modify, claim or repost.
𝖙𝖆𝖌𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙: @dreamscape-mp3 @katsukis-sad-angel @the-mourning-stars @babydai @alexandraioann4 @souielle @alix-mei @lucisheart @agent-bee @takemitchy420 @gojo-hoe @instabull @NOPENOONESHOME @scfftyy @wholesomeangelluke @INSOMNIACHOX @mks-lyn Please let me know if you want to be removed! BOLDED = I couldn’t tag you
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minteyeddevil · a month ago
Request: brothers plus dateables react to somophillia (sleep sex). Consensual of course. Like would they like it? What is their favorite thing they like to have done to them?
(Gotta always include that consent! :) Thanks for the request, sis! These ended up being kind of short, but I hope they came out to your liking!)
Warnings of course for somnophilia, so do not read under the cut if this makes you uncomfortable!
Tumblr media
Honestly, MC is super lucky if they ever catch him actually asleep enough to try anything on him, so he is usually the one doing things to MC. He loves to go down on them while they sleep because their body gives honest reactions and they don't hold back their noises when he does so. Also slow and sensual sex, their back to his chest while he enters them; he loves how they sigh his name and roll their hips against him in their sleep. He tends to leave himself tucked deep inside them when he decides to allow himself to sleep, reveling in how they twitch around him and groan at his girth when they wake up.
If MC is lucky enough to catch him asleep, he enjoys being woken up to them riding him, or giving him head; though honestly he far more enjoys them riding him. It's one of the few times he allows them to have control since he is in such a sleepy state and wants to enjoy watching them.
He loves to be woken up with lazy and sleepy sex with MC. Them just snug on his lap, laying on his chest while slowly riding him; pure bliss for this demon. He also really enjoys waking up to having his cock sucked too. Seeing their head under the blanket bobbing up and down, knowing exactly what they are doing can sometimes make him cum right on the spot.
He also enjoys lazy afternoon naps that lead to dry humping between the two of them in their sleep, and eventually lead to them sleepily making out and having clothed sex on his bed. He loves when they get to have those kind of days (especially if they skipped class at RAD to just spend time with each other, lol).
Of course he is a giving demon for MC as well. Will lovingly wake them up by going down on them or climb right on top of them and slip his cock into their sensitive hole while they sleep and his fucking them wakes them up from the wet dream they were having about him.
He will usually wake MC up and ask their permission to touch or even fuck them if they are sleeping, because he wants to always make sure it’s okay before doing anything to them. If they give the go ahead, he is all over them, kissing and biting and even using his tail to get them off in their sleep, and even hopes they are dreaming about him while doing so. He likes to get them on their belly and take them from behind slowly and roughly, hoping it will wake them up so they can go for a few more rounds, lol.
Levi is not the heaviest sleeper, and tends to get woken up easily, so it’s rather hard for MC to do anything back to him. The moment his cock is in their mouth, he is awake and whimpering for them to continue and make him cum. He especially loves when they dry hump each other in their sleep because it tends to lead to super sleepy sex between the two of them as well.
Satan is quite the opposite of his brother and tends to be quite the heavy sleeper, so MC can take the advantage of the situation and ride him to oblivion, making him cum hard in his sleep. He will usually wake up right after he has hit his orgasm, and take MC on for another round, lol. They also tend to slip his cock between their thighs and tease themselves with it until they can cum on him, sometimes waking him up right after to let him know what they were doing to rile him up.
When MC is the one sleeping, he loves to grope at their chest with their back to his own chest, his other hand at their sex, teasing them relentlessly until they are a whimpering mess in their sleep. His cock usually nestled between their thighs and against their sex, he thigh fucks them until he makes a complete mess of them that way. Will usually finger them until they also wake up from the intense orgasm that he gives them.
Asmo doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to MC wanting to do things to him in his sleep. He has a habit of pretending to be asleep while they touch and play with him, and he exaggerates his moans and whimpers for them especially so they feel they are succeeding in getting him off both there and in his dreams, lol. He loves the feel of their hands and mouth on his cock especially, and tends to be unable to control his hips, humping up into their mouth with his eyes closed, pretending to be asleep.
Oh, when MC is asleep and he has free reign, he tends to use toys on them more than anything, and masturbate while watching. He of course will climb on top and fuck them himself eventually, but something about watching them while they sleep and have a toy buried deep inside of them making them cum just gets him hard as a rock.
With Beel, there is a lot of dry humping. He wraps his arms tightly around MC and holds them close, his cock nestled against their bottom and he just ruts away at them until he cums in his shorts. He enjoys the warmth of their body against his, though he doesn’t really like entering them without them being awake. It takes quite a while to get him to feel like it’s okay to do so with them. The furthest he went was putting his naked cock between their thighs and fucking away there, cumming hard on their night bottoms.
MC loves to roll him on top of them when he his asleep, and work their way to his cock and slide it inside while he is smothering them. The feel of his heavy body on top and his heavy cock inside is amazing, and he tends to wrap around them in his sleep as well, rutting his hips as he has a wet dream about fucking MC.
Belphie has the ability to put MC to sleep and keep them asleep, so he can do all and as much as he wants to them (within the realm of their previously given consent of course!). He can mouth fuck them and thigh fuck them into oblivion, bend them over the side of the bed and rail into them as much as he likes, everything. And he really enjoys being able to do so, making a complete mess of them when he does. Of course he will let them actually get some real sleep after all is said and done, but sometimes he leaves them in his cum just for the sake of seeing them in that state. (Will eventually help them clean up as well, of course.)
MC also has permission to do as they wish in return to him when he is sleeping, considering he sleeps incredibly deep when it takes him over. They can make him cum several times over before he finally wakes up, a sweaty and shaky mess from the number of orgasms he has had thanks to them. Oral and riding are usually his favorites for MC to do to him, and he always enjoys waking up to see them sitting on top of him.
Dia would be in the same boat as Lucifer, considering he is always staying up late just as well, doing needed paperwork for RAD. He is usually the one who finds MC asleep first, and crawls into bed with them to kiss on them and lovingly touch everywhere he can in hopes he doesn’t wake them. He will take them carefully from the side, slipping his cock between their thighs and find their tight hole and slip right in. Slow and sensual is the way he likes it and will make sure he doesn’t wake them while he takes his time.
MC has the best chance of taking care of him in the early morning before he has to get ready to go to RAD. Wake him up with some head or a nice riding session and he is happy and beaming, ready to take on the day. Sleepy and slow sex is favorite though, so if they wake him up in the middle of their ministrations, he will take over, pull them underneath him and do as he wishes with them until he has to leave.
Another demon who rarely sleeps, so MC is the one who gets to get taken care of. He loves to give them oral while they sleep, his tail finding their hole and teasing it while he does so, gently and carefully as to not wake them. Also truly enjoys missionary with them when he can climb on top of them and have his way with them. He super careful to make sure they stay asleep this way especially so their senses can be heightened and they can feel everything deeply.
Barbatos is also a light sleeper, so trying to pull anything on him tends to be almost impossible; but sometimes he will humor MC and let himself stay asleep or at least rest while they take care of him. He truly enjoys oral in the morning, slow and sensual, or when they rut their bottom against his cock to indicate they want him to take them right there and then.
This angel tends to be too pure for the Devildom; he doesn’t really do much to MC when they are asleep except a little bit of touching and kissing, and on occasion hump them from behind until he falls asleep. He has many a wet dream about doing all kinds of things to MC, but he never really wishes to act out on them; but believe me, MC will do so for him when he brings up his dreams to them.
They will make sure he is deep asleep before straddling his lap and riding him hard, sometimes waking him up with a start since they get carried away. Love to wake him up in the morning with oral and on occasion pull him on top of them and let his cock rut against their sex as well. They love the little sighs and moans that escape him when he is asleep and they are doing things to him.
Though he is constantly on his toes and aware of his surroundings at all times, Solomon is actually quite the deep sleeper; so MC has the advantage of being able to please him fully in his sleep. They enjoy making him cum a few times before he wakes up, a smirk on his face as he is ready to take over and give them some enjoyment right back. They usually rely on oral for him, making him cum that way, before just using their hand and watching.
He loves to hold MC against his chest and rut against their thighs and sex, his tip making contact with all the right spots to make them see stars. Tends to kiss them and try to make out with them in their sleep, even if it’s messy and sloppy; he loves it. Will also go down on them as much as he can until they wake up and bury their fingers in his white hair, keening for him to do more.
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rulaien · 3 months ago
Bonjour,could I request a scenario where you catch lucifer masterbating and pathetically moaning your name- so you decide to fuck him then and there <33333
How pathetic
Tumblr media
Gender: male!mc
Kinks involved: jerking off, dildo, mention public sex, mention rough sex, etc
Notes: My friend, this is amazing. THANK YOU— and also sorry if this is short-
He cusses out after fantasizing about you fucking him in a public place telling him not to moan out loudly and knowing full well he doesn't moan quietly especially since you are being rough to him.
Oh how much he hates it when his lust consumed him instead of his pride, he supposes to be the Avatar Of Pride the firstborn, the morningstar not some needy horn dog!
Well now he is thanks to you but he can't complain that it is good— fuck his budge is showing, he needs some relief now.
Laying down now on his bed, bared naked showing his cock is fully hard. "God damn it..." Muttered under his breath as he starts jerking off with his hand. "Oh fuckkkk- if only you here now mc,,," he breathed out a moan going faster with his pace.
"Mmmmm~ Aah- please- Mc! I need you, need you- please," he whines begging for you to fuck him until he a mess little doll slut.
"PleasePleasePlease I need you mc!—" He whines feeling his climax is close- "Woah there luci, you must be desperate for me to the point you masturbated just because of me" smirking while he widens his eyes in shock thinking he did lock the door!
"Fuckkkk,,,- just fuck me please!-" he begs eyeing you his most lidded eyes you ever since but you can't say that it a turn on.
"Well since you been jerking off yourself and not your hole," you walk towards him and took out something from your bag, showing it a dildo! "Use this to loosen up your hole, certainly it can help you~" you chuckled and bring him to his knee on the floor.
"Come on, show me how much you needed me pet~" you chuckled as he starts to lower himself on the dildo "Oh" fuck, he forgot how much he didn't get used fucking himself on the sex toy.
"Ah- Fuck~" he moaned out riding on the toy feeling humiliated that a mere human can make him a slut.
"Stop" you command him whining himself that he was near his climax and need to cum badly
"Well then, hope you don't mind going all-nighter cause your leg won't be supporting you~" he gulped.
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otakusheep15 · a month ago
Breeding - Diavolo (Kinktober day 8)
I had a really hard time settling on if Dia would top or bottom, but I eventually decided that top made more sense (I may write another fic of him bottoming later tho lol)
CW: top Diavolo, bottom mc, gn mc, breeding, Dia being horny on main
Really, you should have expected this by now. It was so obvious from the day you met him, and yet you just couldn’t ever seem to piece it together. Until now, obviously. Of course Diavolo of all demons would have a breeding kink. It just made sense logically. Now, whether his kink stems from his status as a royal remains unknown, but that question doesn’t seem relevant right now. Now when Dia is currently balls deep inside of you, cumming inside of you for the millionth time tonight. 
Okay, maybe not millionth, but it’s been so many at this point. And there was absolutely no way for you to keep track. You had been long gone by this point and could barely speak coherently, let alone think about how long it’s been since you two started. Before you’re even finished recovering from your most recent orgasm, Diavolo starts to move again. 
The sensation you feel borders on painful, but in the most delightful way. Every part of you was sensitive, all of your nerves alight with pleasure. Cum was leaking out you and onto the bed sheets, but neither of you cared about the mess being made. Both of you were too absorbed in each other to even notice quite honestly. 
His pace was rough and hard, a complete 180 from his usually gentle self. Throughout the night, he’d been whispering to you about how much he wanted to breed you, to see your stomach swelling with an heir to his throne. Whether or not you could get pregnant didn’t matter to him, he just wanted to stuff you full and breed you over and over until all you can think about is him. 
And that’s exactly what’s happening. You cum again, chanting his name in broken parts. The tightening of your hole around his cock pushes him over the edge as well, filling you up even more. It’s clear that even his stamina has drained all the way down. His breathing is staggered and his chest is heaving. You might even be able to see beads of sweat forming on his brow if you weren’t ready to pass out on the spot.
Diavolo notices your condition, his senses finally coming back to him. First, he makes sure he didn’t leave any major damage to your body. You both know how rough he can be, and there’s always a chance something went wrong. Luckily, nothing seems out of the ordinary, so he carefully lifts you up and carries you to his bathroom to wash you off. He’s tempted to bathe with you, but that would take much too long, and he knows you just want to be in bed.
After a much needed wipe down, the two of you are back in his bed, snuggles up like you were at the beginning of this endeavor.  You were pressed tightly into his chest as his arms wrapped around you. From here, you could really feel how large he is compared to you, not that you minded it one bit. The warmth from his body helped lull you to sleep even faster, and you smiled as you drifted off into sleep. 
I’m not a simp for Dia or anything, but I would let his wreck me if he wanted tbh. Anyway, I’ve been super tired these past couple days, so sorry if my work isn’t all that high quality right now. 
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levis-little-nuggie · 6 months ago
hi! i just saw the post about requests and could you write some fluffy sex headcanons with the brothers? we don't really see stuff like that so i thought i'd ask
Bless you nonny for the request 💜💜 this uh, turned out a lot longer than I had anticipated, probably because I haven't written anything in a good while 😅
Asmo and Belphie will have their own posts 💜
Nsft, obviously, so everything is under the Read More. I made the reader as gender neutral and inclusive as I could. Please let me know if at any point, I was exclusive.
Fluffy Sex Headcanons of the Demon Brothers
(minus Asmo and Belphie)
This man will top or bottom solely dependent upon what you want. Sex with him is moreso about pleasing his partner than just getting off. His preferences are fine tuned to your desires and your body’s limits. Lucifer’s sin feeds off of the immense pride a lover feels when they know you and your body better than you do
He may act cold and aloof in public and in front of others, coming off as stoic and arrogant, but it’s a completely different story behind closed doors.
However you want him, he’ll comply. You’ve done the impossible and captured his heart.  Don’t let this old man and his brown shoes fool you, he’ll drown you in passion.
He’ll gladly play the Dom role, but he’ll also gladly be your sub as well.
If you’re into BDSM and prefer him to Dom, you can expect an intensive aftercare routine that would rival Asmo’s. It’s not that he doesn’t like hurting you or pushing you to your limits, he just wants to reward you for being so good for him and wants to remind you how much he loves you.
If you’re into BDSM and prefer to Dom yourself, go crazy! While you would be capable of marking and bruising his skin, you can’t physically hurt or break him beyond light scratches. He can break out of whatever restraints you put him, even if they are demon-grade. You would need actual spells to diminish his strength to put him on par with a lower-class demon if you wanted him to actually feel any real pain, but if it’s what you want, he’ll do it. Expect a conversation beforehand about what you want and how he can do that for you. He wants there to be clear communication so he knows how best to serve you in the moments to come.
Sure the sex is fantastic, but he’ll show you how much he loves you in the tender moments after. The afterglow is his favorite part, both of you basking in the remnants of pleasure coursing through you, the physical numbness, and the swell of feel-good chemicals swirling through your bodies. This is when he’ll hold you closest, pepper your skin with kisses unable to stop himself, he’ll play with your hair if you have it, his eyes will be bright, his smile will be unrestrained. He may even start humming a long-forgotten lullaby or your favorite song as he rests his head against your chest, hearing your heartbeat in blissful content until one of you decides it’s time to get cleaned up.
No matter how long the day has been, the amount of hours he’s put into all that damn paperwork, he’ll always make time to pamper you after sex. If you prefer to shower alone, he’ll let you go first and have the bed ready with new, clean sheets and clean towels set out for you when you’re done. Prefer to sleep with pajamas? He has a drawer dedicated to your favorite things along with some new ones he bought for you.
Ah yes, the tsundere. The dumbass in the streets, dumbass in the sheets. The one who has more hair-brained ideas than he does fingers and toes in one week. One of the greatest banes of Lucifer’s existence.
His push and pull personality might have you questioning the validity of his feelings, but I believe that Mammon wouldn’t be partaking in fluffy sex at all unless he was absolutely smitten.
With how his brothers treat him, he’s reluctant to open his heart to you and fully accept that at some point, you won’t start insulting him either. However, equipped with the sin of greed, Mammon’s completely helpless when you compliment and reassure him. 
His standoffish attitude is a front, a feeble attempt to keep up his reputation as “The Great Mammon,” but he’s got himself wrapped around your finger before he even realizes it and that facade would melt away instantly at your smallest of smiles, a kiss on his cheek or back of his hand, a surprise compliment, anything that makes his heart skip a beat. 
Of the brothers, he has one of the weakest composers around you mainly because he’s also one of the horniest. 
Sex with Mammon can be rushed;  a quickie between classes, a broken composure that has him feeling dehydrated for you, a clash of tongues and teech and a burning desire that encompasses both of you until you find release.
However, the sweetest and fluffiest sex with Mammon would be when either of you are feeling emotionally vulnerable. 
He’ll treat you like you’re the greatest treasure to have ever existed in all three realms, with a delicacy as if you’re fragile because he knows he can be careless and reckless. He’ll be in his head a lot making sure he’s taking care of you, that you feel good, doing his damndest to keep you satisfied so there’s no room in your heart to doubt him. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep that sparkle in your eye when you look at him, to never lose you and never have to experience the day you realize his brothers have been right all along. 
And I mean he’ll do whatever and however. Any wish is his command, but you’ll have more work cut out for you if you suggest the both of you participating in a threesome or more. He wants you all to himself, it’s his greed, but it’s your reassurance and validation that will have him like putty in your hand. 
He’s more than okay with both of you falling asleep in your mess, but more often than not, he’ll wait until you’ve dozed off to clean up. In these moments, he takes the time to worship every inch of your skin, like polishing a priceless jewel. His intentions are pure, most of the time, he just likes to wait till you’re asleep so there’s no chance for you to tease him about it. It also allows his greed to soak up your peaceful expression, the way your body reaches out to him after he’s finished cleaning and comes back to curl up next to you. 
There’s a secret photo album hidden on his phone filled with pictures of the both of you like this, your lashes against your cheeks, your freckles or sun spots, any blemishes or scars that he’s covered in kisses countless of times, your hand in his and vice versa, memories of how sweet and tender your love is, filled with emotions he struggles to put into words. 
It all depends how you play your cards with this one. Teasing him is easy and it’ll get him all flustered, but pair that with his raging horniness and you’ll be walking a fine line between a Dom or sub Levi.
However, if it’s fluffy and sweet sex you want, treat him gently and he’ll return the favor. It’ll take a bit of time and effort to get here, on both your parts, but if you’re willing to put in the work, he’ll make it worth it. Like Mammon, this means sex will be its fluffiest when either both of you or one of you is emotionally vulnerable.
We’ve recently been blessed by the devs on a cannon description of his tail, confirming that it is snake-like with scales. This also means, however, that his tail is sensitive to touch and he has full control of its movements. During a more sweet intimacy, he likes to wrap his tail around a limb, your arm or your leg. It’s only when he’s in Dom or sub mode that he likes to use his tail in a more active manner.
It’s important for him, whether he realizes it or not, that during these moments, that he’s the one touching you, not his tail. If you ask him to use his tail too much during sex, he’ll start to think that you’re only with him because of his tail.
He’ll want to see you even though his room is dimly lit. He also knows his tub bed might not be the most comfortable so he’ll invest in a mattress to put on the floor by the tank, and a few fluffy blankets, from the Ruri-chan line of course, to keep you warm and comfortable so you’ll never want to leave his room, just like him.
He prefers any position that has the two of you lying together, with your face in clear view because he can’t get enough of the faces you make because of the pleasure he’s responsible for making you feel. He’ll be more focused on your voice, your body language, your reactions to reassure him he’s doing something right.
To see your naked skin kissed with the reflection of the water from the tank is his favorite part. He actually got a nosebleed the first time he saw you like that. 
Sex with the otaku is a learning experience that requires patience and repetitive reassurance. He’s certain that no one could ever love him, and it’s going to cost a lot of mental energy, and it can be disheartening at times where it seems he’s not made any progress in loving himself at all, but you’ll both also have an opportunity to create something truly beautiful between the two of you. Falling in love with your best friend, and having your feelings returned with all their heart is one of the most beautiful things to ever experience.
I like to imagine that Satan is akin to that tiger DILF in Zootopia looking at his tablet while on the train, you know, the one who looks like he’ll take good care of you? Listen, during one of his Devilgram stories, the man pitches a tent (like an actual tent, not a boner you guys) and makes both of you cups of hot chocolate. You can pry this hc out of my cold, dead hands.
Sex with Satan is actually more often fluffy and sweet than anyone would assume because he’s the Avatar of Wrath. Just like all the other brothers, Satan is more than his sin. That being said, Satan is still CEO of Angry Sex™ but he’s also more intune to his own feelings than the rest of his brothers. 
It’s after his more violent fits of rage that he’s seeking your comfort. It’s difficult for him to come down from his wrath; the worse the fit is, the more broken and twisted he feels. He didn’t like coming to you at first because he knows how mentally draining it can be for a human to deal with someone like that, but you’ve insisted in your endearing and stubborn way that he can and needs to rely on you more. You threatened to find all the sources proving your point for the success of any relationship and he eventually gave in, accepting your kindness and your love.
In turn, he provides you with an arsenal of reading material and spells you can arm yourself with for a plethora of reasons; mainly self-defense against demons, a history of successful and failed attempts to prank Lucifer, as well as guides for subjects in class to help you study.
Unlike his previous brothers, sex with Satan is more about the pleasure you both feel. Of course he’ll still be mindful of your pleasure, but he can also get lost in his own desire. No matter how far gone he is, you know that the moment you utter the safeword, he’ll stop immediately and assess the situation. The safeword is actually a simple spell that he’d found when you two started getting more intimate.
On days he’s feeling extra playful, he’ll dress up for you; a collar with a bell, cat ears, a butt plug with a tail attached. He loves to be your little kitty cat, and will practically foam at the mouth if you ever dressed up like a slutty cat for him, but this doesn’t lead to fluffy smut times.
While he has no issues with PDA, Satan reserves his more soft and fluffy side for when you two are totally alone. He’s proactive in looking up cute date ideas and is the type to go all out turning his bed or his floor into a nest of pillows and blankets, cups of tea, hot chocolate, coffee, whatever you prefer, a variety of little snacks, and turn his wall into a projection screen to watch old-fashioned black and white romance movies. 
For Satan, it’s the moments leading up to the sweet intimacy filled with love and adoration that are his favorites. Being the reason your face brightens, tears of happiness well in the corner of your eyes, the way your smile makes his heart stutters, Satan loves showing you how much you mean to him mainly because he knows he’s not the best with words. He could recite any poem of strings of song lyrics, but he believes actions speak louder than words.
He actually prefers for you to have control in these moments; there’s less of a chance he could hurt you and it’s another way to prove his love. He’ll only ever bottom for you. He was reluctant at first, but it’s like you opened his eyes to a whole new world he didn’t know about. He still likes to act like he's a cat and you're his mouse, but he also likes it when you take over and make him bow to your whim. You've gained his trust as well as his heart and he believes that the power dynamic in a relationship should be balanced.
During the most intimate moments, either right after sex or waking up together in the morning after sleeping in, you'll both enter this Cat Speak mode. One of you will start, just a cute little "mrow?" and you'll go back and forth entertaining a semblance of a conversation but without saying anything. There's no actual conversation happening, it's just the two of you making cat noises at each other, giggling and riding the high of this special intimacy specially reserved for these moments of bliss.
Let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10 your sex with the sixth-born will be fluffy and sweet. He’s like the personified version of a golden retriever. He loves you and has the instinct to want to take care of you. You’re such a small, delicate human, and his brothers love you too so when you’re in Beel’s care, he makes sure you’re satisfied more than just sexually. 
Anything you’re willing to give him, he’ll accept wholeheartedly expressing his love and gratitude in the form of huge grins, hugs, a hearty chuckle, and peppering kisses across your face. 
Even though he’s not as sexually active as some of his brothers, once you get this big guy started, be prepared to cancel any plans you have for the rest of the day… and also the day after just to be safe. He has the most energy and will keep going until he’s had you against every solid surface in his room, minus Belphie’s furniture of course. Regardless of your size or how you look, he’ll make you feel weightless as he carries you around the room effortlessly
He loves the way you taste, gliding his tongue over your skin like you’re an ice-cream cone that never melts, he’s actually growled a number of times when you tried pulling yourself away from him. His eyes had turned shades darker than normal before you snapped him out of it. He would apologize profusely and kill the mood so as to make sure he’s in the right headspace and you’re okay. 
This has only happened a few times, but he still loves to taste every inch of you whenever he has you all to himself. He leaves you covered in hickeys and love bites and even though he’ll apologize, you know he feels absolutely no shame in his brother’s reactions to seeing you covered the next day. 
His favorite part is helping you ride out your orgasm with his mouth. He knows he’s more skilled with his mouth anyway and just, the man cannot get enough of you or your taste. Depending on where he’s at when you orgasm, if he’s close, he’ll paint your skin in his release, and then clean up the mess and drag you in for snuggles. If he’s not quite there yet, he’ll assess your energy levels and wait until you’re ready to go again or keep going, depending on who topped or bottomed. He’s all about consent and wants to join you when you’re fully blissed out regardless if he’s finished or not (meaning he’ll deny his own release in order to lie with you).
Aftercare comes almost second nature to him. He’s already carrying you to the bathroom and soaking you off in the shower before you realize it. The warm water and his large hands invade your senses and he urges you to let go, to let him take care of you and it’s like a dream. His calloused hands offer a sort of comforting roughness that keeps you grounded. If you want shower sex, you’ll have to initiate it.
Actually, that’s pretty accurate for Beel. You want sex? You’re either going to have to initiate it or tell him straight out. Poor guy does not take hints well as he is very oblivious.
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2many-art · 4 months ago
Dang I’m so behind what I posted on twitter that I still haven’t show you guys the doodle I made for my 500 followers
Tumblr media
You can find full version (beware for monster pp) on my twitter (@/2manyhusbandos1) but you’ll have to skim through my pinned post because it is a bit far away now (check the milestone doodles category)
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amorous-faerie · 28 days ago
Luci's confident and dominating act only works if you let it. Tell him you're participating in No Nut November, watch him die.
He'll think you're joking at first, but when he realizes you're serious he will just brush it off as nonsense. You wouldn't last anyway. He'll try to get amusement out of it by teasing you to get you all riled up, but things go south when he realizes his advances aren't making you budge.
the more he tries to tease you the more he wants you.
successfully hides his increasing desire but the lack of release makes him crankier and no one except you knows why
have your fun for the month of November because the second it turns December midnight his fun will begin
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delta-obeyme · 8 months ago
since you said to send you horny asks.... i am a literal SLUT for levi omg i just wanna overstimulate the shit outta him. i just wanna suck his dick and milk him dry, tell him that he's such a good boy for me and shower him with praise until he can't do anything other than cry and say that he “can't take it anymore”. it's what he deserves <3
i bet he's so sensitive too lmao that just makes it more fun
Oh HELL YEAH that's what I'm talkin about 👀
At a particularly loud whimper from Levi, you look up. He's a mess in the most beautiful way -- face flushed, mouth lolling open and tear streaks running down his crimson cheeks, both new and old.
"I-I can't- I can't take it-" his voice comes out a stuttered gasp.
In response, you curl your fingers inside him, hitting his prostate. A choked sound escapes him, like the air was punched out of him.
Loosening your jaw, you bring your head up, his dick leaving the warmth of your mouth with a pop. You lick your lips.
"So good for me." You purr. You can feel him tense around your fingers at the praise. "One more for me, baby boy. I know you can do it." You punctuate it with another curl of your fingers.
You continue, whispering sweet praise into his ear, his babbled breathy nonsense a beautiful song. His breathing quickens, body tensing, as you mercilessly hit that spot inside him. With a loud whine he cums, streaks of white painting his already cum covered abdomen.
"See? I knew you could do it. Such a good boy for me."
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