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#obey me oc
trashy-corvian · a day ago
Tumblr media
Help, i made him hot by accident
Meet Hemlock ( angel name roughly means Verdant Chain Subdues The Holy), Fallen Angel who helped to create plant matter during the Creation
Now he's just vibing on Earth, tends to his garden and bakes.
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valpurgatory · a day ago
Tumblr media
Obey me wont give me a woman to smooch so what if I make them :)
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nyxs-sins · a day ago
Okay so, How do you think the Brothers (and Dateables if you want) would react to an S/o who already made a pact with a High ranking demon (not as high as them, but right below them) In the human world. And Like imagine The purge actually existing in the human realm, and During the entire Purge, S/o Is like Recording on a camera, Of Them Cracking light jokes, And While recording, you can see people getting hurt in the background. And s/o is like "why did the Chicken cross the road." cracking Jokes as if a Bus didn't Catch on fire while Zooming pass in the background. And before s/o can finish the Joke, The video ends with the loud sound of aerial Bombing taking place. And all this is on a little Tape she accidentally put in, instead of a movie. And s/o only replies with. "Oh, i forgot that happened." (Pm me if anything is wrong)
Not me using this prompt as an excuse to introduce my OC Thanatos-
Warnings: The Purge
Purge!MC Has a Pact with Thanatos
It wasn’t long after MC had arrived to the Devildom for a second time when the brothers started to realize something was off. MC had been jumpy all day, and kept rubbing the back of their neck. But no one said anything. They thought that if MC needed them, they’d approach them. It wasn’t until that night, in the group chat, that they figured out what was bothering MC. Instead of sending them some hilarious vines they recorded from the human world, they sent a video with… disturbing images. But what confused them more was to see MC sitting on the hood of a car, laughing along with a demon they recognized to be a Vice of Pride.
That’s one of his underlings.
Thanatos, he thinks.
What are you doing with Thanatos?
Or rather, what is Thanatos doing with you.
At first he’s slightly jealous concerned about you hanging out with a strange demon.
Then he found out you had a pact with Thanatos and he was jealous.
But he’s glad to know someone is keeping you safe while the humans slaughter themselves.
His first reaction was to panic about the chaos going on around you.
The second was jealousy that you were spending the Purge with another demon.
Like, what the heck MC! He’s you’re first!
He’s… not your first..?
“I thought we promised there be no more secrets between us.”
You better give him your debt/credit cards.
And love. All of your love an attention.
Take him shopping, it might work.
But yeah no you broke his heart. How dare you.
At first he thought it was staged.
It wasn’t.
He really thought it was funny until he learned it was all real.
MC??? Are you okay???
You aren’t leaving his room for a week.
Or more.
He’s also really jealous of that lesser demon.
Why would you want to hang out with that loser when you have him?
You know what, you get two months of being stuck in Levi’s room.
No you don’t have a choice.
But don’t worry, there are plenty of fun things you can do in there! 😇
Somewhere between Belphie and Mammon.
He loves the destruction, but…
He’s also very worried about you.
The jokes were great though! They made him snicker.
Still, would you like to come read and have tea with him?
He just wants to keep you close.
It looks like he didn’t even see Thanatos.
But in reality he’s planning his murder for being near you.
You have the seven deadly sins under your control, you don’t need him.
MC dear-
How did you not notice the flaming bus.
And the way the video ended, he thought you would’ve died had you not been in his room when you sent that.
Hugs onto you like his life depends on it.
He doesn’t want to think about his poor human going something so scary.
And why were you laughing?!
Is it a coping mechanism?
You’re getting a lot of TLC, and you won’t be able to escape until morning.
Maybe not even then.
Doesn’t get any of the jokes.
Doesn’t understand why there is another demon there laughing with you.
He knows the Purge has something to do with his twin but other than that he never paid much attention to it.
He’s really worried about you though.
He checks you over head to toe and gives you food.
You’ll also be required to sleep in his bed that night and he’ll sleep on the floor next to it.
No you don’t have a choice in the matter.
You might be able to convince him to sleep in the bed with you though.
You know, for extra protection purposes.
He’s cracking up.
He has tears in his eyes and his sides hurt.
Man cannot stop laughing.
He probably punctured a lung from laughing so hard.
He hates that you were in danger.
And he hated that demon even more but…
Look at all of that beautiful destruction in the background!
You know the Purge was his idea.
He had planted it into people’s dreams and look at how well it turned out!
He’s so proud of himself.
But he would prefer if you stayed with him, sleeping, during that time.
Immediately sought out Thanatos to thank him for protecting you.
Also warned him not to try anything on you.
You belong to him and only him.
After though he went to check in on you.
You ended up making him laugh but he still seemed a little nervous.
So much so you had to sleep with him in the castle that night.
And the night after.
And the following week.
He already knew about it.
Ever since you got close he would peek into your future a little to make sure you were safe.
He used his powers to bring Solomon to you so you’d have the added protection during that time.
Of course he asked for permission first but he was going to do it either way so Diavolo couldn’t really say no.
He invited you over to tea to talk about it and even cracks a small smile at the jokes.
Still, even though he can dictate whether you live or die in future Purges, he’d rather you stay at the castle with him.
Honestly he’s laughing at the jokes.
He was glad he had found you when he did, he got a kick out of it.
It was actually surprising how much he enjoyed himself.
He was also glad to be there to keep you safe, seeing as you aren’t immortal.
Honestly the Purge kinda bores him.
Someone tried to kill him once but…
It didn’t work.
He would sometimes participate in the Purge but after the first few they became meaningless to him.
Much like everything else seems to be.
Tried to take Luke’s phone away but he was too late.
Tries to comfort the young angel.
Calls you begging to come over.
He and Luke are both very worried for you.
They had completely ignored the jokes, focusing solely on the danger you had been in.
“MC, darling, why don’t you just come live up in the Celestial Realm with us? It’ll be safer.”
He’s relieved that isn’t an everyday occurrence but he still dislikes it.
A lot.
But how you can spend all of your New Year’s week in Heaven so…
He only saw part of the video because Simeon snatched his phone away, but he saw enough.
Why are you laughing and joking with that demon when the world is literally burning down around you?
Wants you to leave the human world and just live in the Celestial Realm where it is safe.
Seriously, what is wrong with you humans?!
He was a little surprised when you sent him the video, but he got a kick out of it.
But then he had to quickly put his phone up because he’s supposed to be guarding the gates to the Demon Lord’s Castle.
He was even more surprised when Diavolo himself came to thank him for protecting you during the Purge.
He didn’t..?
He kinda just showed up and laughed with you.
Okay, he did use some of his magic to veer others away from you but shh…
Of course that didn’t work on Solomon though, seeing as he’s in a pact with him too.
If only he could get Nyx to form a pact with him.
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amor-immortalem · a day ago
Can I Stay Up Here With You Forever ch. 13
Warnings: nothing, just fluff
Taglist: @mediocredetective @it-hurts-when-i-blink @ima-simp-uwu @luckyauthourlampnight
After dinner was finished and the dishes taken care of, the pair settled down on the couch. They exchanged stories of their childhoods some good, some bad.
“So what was your mother like?” Arella asked.
She’d always been curious about the angels that the brothers would consider their mothers- if they’d even had one at all. She’ll admit she didn’t really know how exactly all that worked for them.
“Well, for angels, the term ‘Mother,’ doesn’t really exist. There are female angels that carry us until we’re ready ta be born but usually that’s all the relationship we get with ‘em. Baby angels are cared for by a set team of about 30 guardian Angels in the Royal Nursery.” The demon explains, “I think both Lucifer and I were the only two that had any kind of continuing interactions with our Mothers since they were in charge of it all. I know Levi’s just straight up dipped after she recovered some from the birthing process- Asmo’s too. I don’t really know much ‘bout the twins’ and Lilith’s since I was already trainin’ under Micheal at the time… but ta answer yer question, she was great. When my time in the nursery was up, I threw a fit ‘bout leavin’ her since I knew I probly wasn’t gonna see ‘er ever again. Guess ya could call me a Mama’s boy...”
“That’s kind of sad- being taken from a parental figure you love.” The human frowns. “I feel bad for you.”
“Yeah, it sucked. Michael was great about it though.” Mammon smiles at the memory, “Always told me if I was diligent in my trainin’ he’d take me to go see her as a reward. ‘N then as I got older, he’d cover for me when I’d sneak off during afternoon prayer to go see ‘er. ‘N then Father got a hold of me.”
“Not good?”
“I got a scoldin’, that was just ‘bout it.That was really the first time I’d had any type of interaction with the guy.The old man wasn’t really the type ta dish out physical punishments like that. He just told me ta make sure I didn’t do it again.”
“I mean, I guess that’s the best outcome you could get.” Arella moves to rest her head on his chest. Taking a deep breath as she relaxed a little more into him.
He hugs her a little tighter. “Ya doin’ alright?”
“Yeah,” she smiles, “just thinking about how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you in my life.”
Mammon laughs softly at that as he runs his fingers through her hair. “How is it that ya always know what I’m thinking? Honestly, I think I used up a majority of the rest of my good luck when I met you…”
“Well, Satan does always say that we share a braincell so that could explain it.”
“Yeah, sure sounds like it.” He smiled, “Anyway, I think we should start talkin’ about baby names. He’s gotta have one eventually…”
“Yeah,” she nods, “It’s only a couple of months until he arrives. We should probably start work on turning one of the spare rooms into a temporary nursery as well but that can wait a bit longer...”
“I can start on that tomorrow for ya. You go back ta work on Monday, right? Or are ya already on leave?
“Thank you, and yeah, as much as I wish I could stay home with you all day, I have to go back to work Monday morning I still have a few weeks before I can take Maternity leave. They’re letting me take eight weeks before and eight afterwards. Next Monday, I have my twenty-four-week scan. She sees me every two weeks or so just to make sure nothing’s going wrong for me or our son.”
“Who is lookin’ after ya, by the way?” Mammon looks down at her with a curious expression. “You can’t really go to a human doctor seein’ as this ain’t really yer run of the mill pregnancy...  The doc’ll freak out when they catch the boy in his demon form...”
“I’ve been seeing this witch that Solomon found for me. He says she’s been around for quite some time and can offer the best prenatal care available. Her name’s Milli- or at least that’s what she told me I could call her.”
“You wouldn’t happen ta mean Matilda Schumacher would ya?”
“Yeah... why? Do you know her?”
“Yeah... We were good friends- still talk over text sometimes too. Milli’s probably the only witch I know that I don’t actually owe money to and am on good terms with. But she’s gonna be mad at me.”
“Why’s that?” Now Arella’s interest was piqued.
“Not anything ya really need ta be worried about. I borrowed a special deck of cards from ‘er and kept forgettin’ ta give ‘em back to ‘er each time I saw her. It’s been like 2000 years... told me next time I forget ‘em at home she’d curse me, but honestly I think it was just a joke... I hope.”
Arella laughed at that. “I don’t think she’d hold it against you this time since you weren’t aware that you were going to run into her. But what was so special about that deck of cards?”
“They were a cheat deck that I was especially interested in. It’s the deck that I always play with when we’re at school- not that I really need the help to begin with- they're cursed in a way that assures your opponent always has a losing hand.”
“Oh... wait a minute we always play with that deck, don’t we. Is that why I can’t ever beat you?” Arella puffed out her cheeks, “I can’t believe you’d cheat against me.”
“No, no don’t get upset. I use a legitimate deck when I play against you. I’m not that cruel, you’re just shit at hiding your tells.”
“And yet you still love me anyway.” he smiled smugly.
“Anyway, I think that deck is actually in your school blazer’s pocket. You know, the one you wore when I first summoned you up here.”
“Really?” He asked, “Here, lemme up and I’ll go check.”
Arella sat up and scooted over, allowing Mammon to go look for the deck. While he was gone, Arella got a text on her phone from Milli letting her know she wanted to see her tomorrow.
“Well speak of the devil...” She murmured as she responded with an ‘ok’ and put the phone away.
“Yeah, they’re there,” Mammon confirms with a shout from upstairs.
“Good.” Arella calls back, “Hey, Honey, Mili wants to see me tomorrow.”
“What for?” The white-haired demon makes his way down the stairs.
“Solomon- the ever-helpful person he is- probably called her and let her know that my fatigue is worsening. We should get to bed- it's pretty late... guess the baby name conversation will have to wait until tomorrow. We kind of got into too many tangents, didn’t we.”
“You could say that again,” He smiles and he lifts her up in his arms, carrying her bridal style.
“You know, I can walk right, Love.
“Yeah, I know but I’d rather carry you.” He gives her a peck to the cheek as he takes her up to their bedroom.
To be continued...
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boxbusiness · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some Addy origins~ >>”
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og3-sk · 5 months ago
OM event doodles
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This event didn't go how i thought it'd go.
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artoyoo · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Carry me like a princess~”
Ever since I’ve watched episode 5 of the anime, Ive never been the same…
The anime gave me Princess Asmo, there was no possible way I wouldn’t be filled with Asmo brainrot.
Tumblr media
Current goal: Become strong enough to carry Asmo. I’m halfway there, I think I already got the back muscles for it
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trashy-corvian · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Limited slots available
Will do: MC's x Character, OC's, ships, poly, gore, body horror, suggestive
Won't do: explicit NS/FW, child ships, hate
Additional character +50%
DM me or shoot me a mail if you're interested! Additional info under the cut
Payment is made upfront. I will send you an invoice upon accepting the terms of your commission. (I will need to ask for your email address to send it.)
Or, if it's more convenient to you, you can pay through my kofi
If you commissioned me
you are free to repost/crop/alter the image as long as credit is given to me or my signature can be seen
do not use the image for any commercial use(printing/reselling it)
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sourluci · a month ago
Tumblr media
Second day in Devildom and Lucifer walks in on Sour while they're doing their little ritual 🧍🏻‍♀️ Yeah no one needs to worry about their grades since Sour is already a witch. Lucifer had no knowledge prior to this exchange.
pls don't repost my art, reblogs are appreciated 💖
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waltnut · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
(ObeyMe MC! And Fan Kid)
Proud mother of daughter who participates in the Devildom Trials of Strength every year. (Is that a thing? No, but thought it might be a fun idea.)
Danielle & Alora
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kireiscorner · 5 months ago
I can't believe its canon Luci and Levi think MC would be hot with glasses lol
Tumblr media
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boxbusiness · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Addy story continues~
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infernaltear · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wanted to wait with this one until I finish my ff, but I'm writing it so slowly, that maybe I'll draw something new that will fit even better ^^
I did a little experiment here, because for the first time I was coloring on the sketch :D
Hope you like it :3
Edit: I love my autocorrect >.<
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