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#obey me one master to rule them all

Obey me Httyd Au

Hc Dragon names

These are just my headcanons I suck ass at naming so if you have better names please share

Lucifer’s StormCutter


Mammon’s Deadly Nadder


Leviathan’s Scauldron

Trench ♀️( also goes by Henry III)

Asmo’s Snaptrapper

Vinethorn♀️ ( each head has its own nickname by Asmo)

Satan’s Triple Stryke


Beelzebub’s Rumblehorn


Belphegor’s Sentinel


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Hey hey!~•.☆ I feel like Mammon would be the most chaotic. 💀💀

The Mario Bros. takin’ of Babey Satan!

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Obey me Httyd AU

The younger brothers

Part 1 here

These are just my headcanons you guys can do what you want with them😊

Asmo= Snaptrapper

  • These dragons are extremely deadly
  • Like a flower reproduce a sweet scent that draws their prey in for an ambush attack
  • Snaptrappers are beautiful peaceful and calm at first but they’re actually Fierce and aggressive
  • With Asmo’s charm ability and this dragons irresistible scent, I feel like these two would make a deadly combination.
  • The dragon has excellent camouflage
  • Now Snaptrappers may not be nimble flyers, their strengths are stealth, and flexibility.
  • They can also spit a strong acid that can melt through metal

Satan= Triple Stryke

  • Stopping at no cost to destroy their opponents. These dragons are beasts
  • They’re very aerodynamic, extremely fast, incredible endurance and high intelligence. Hot Firepower and don’t forget to tails.
  • Despite all of this you dragons are very grateful, they will stop at nothing to express their gratitude and respect for anyone. If shown mercy and kindness the dragons will respect I will protect you till the day you die.
  • Extremely difficult to train however any clicking on clanging noise to make it easier.
  • ( Satan using a clicker)
  • Satan’s Triple Stryke respects all the brothers however Satan always comes first.

Beelzebub= Rumblehorn

  • It’s kind of obvious, Rumble horns are from the tracker class and then follow the faintest and sent anywhere for miles.
  • Now you might be saying okay if they can track food, it’s kind of more than that. Beelzebub’s dragon can also track his brothers.
  • Beel wants to protect his brothers and if one goes missing his dragon will be happy to help.
  • Rumblehorns are heavy-hitters They have missile like fire balls. They’re extremely intelligent an incredibly fast on land and in the sky. Charging like a rhinoceros into their enemies.
  • They can be stubborn and don’t enjoy being told what to do. However I see that Beel’s Rumblehorn admirers the fact that Beel cares so much about his family.

Belphegor= Sentinel

Vague spoiler for chapter 16?

  • These dragons are blind however they’re overly developed senses makes up for the loss of sight.
  • They’re very good guard dragons their Instinct guard is so strong that they will send it to guard and protect that area
  • These dragons are extremely intelligent
  • These dragons are capable of remaining Motionless like statues for days maybe even weeks.
  • The Firepower is normal but they have other tricks up their sleeve. They have downdraft Wind blasts that are strong enough to knock dragons out of the air.
  • And they have sonic screeches that can disorient dragons and put out fire their fires.
  • They have tough skin they can resist powerful attacks and show no injury to teeth or spikes even when launched at high speeds.

You know all those statues around the house of lamentation. One of them is probably Belphie’s Sentinel lol.

  • The brother is probably knew that belphegor’s Dragon would say to player as a threat so his Dragon so I could see Lucifer enchanting the Dragon into a long hibernation I can only activate when Belphegor is unlocked out of the attic.

Bonus: Mc = any dragon/Lightfury

This one is purely based on headcanons and scenarios but of course y'all can replace the Lightfury with any dragon you want🤚🏼😌

  • I can see Mc’s Dragon can be just as reckless and wild as their Rider.
  • And to Lucifer’s dislike, out maneuvering his Cloudjumper
  • And in the Lightfury’s case turning invisible to boot.
  • I can imagine your rider outfit has the shedded scales of your dragon of choice
  • Let’s be honest the MC can be friends with anything at this point if they can control 7 murder demons at once 🤣
  • The brothers’ dragons seems to like MC and their dragon
  • However Mc’s dragon seems to be cautious of them

Especially the ones that tried to kill them

If you want more of this Au you feel free to ask I have a lot of headcanons!

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MC: Aww, some child drew a funny-looking giraffe

Lucifer: There aren’t any children here

Mammon: {Clenching his jaw} it’s an alpaca

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5 year old MC

MC : They all look badass until I ask a question.

Barbatos : What question?

MC : Where do babies come from?

Barbatos : :)

MC : They all look confused and nervous while trying to answer

Barbatos : Did you get an answer?

MC : Lucifer said they come from Akuzon. But the other thing I know is that Lucifer went to bed then one day woke up pregnant so I’m not sure they come from Akuzon…

Barbatos : Maybe they come from Akuzon’s VIP membership.

MC : True!

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MC : I did not agree to this. Change the song

Mammon : *working out*

Mammon : Baby shark is a great song for this so shaddup! No complainin!

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Catboy Brothers!

Story: They’re now catboys because Satan wanted to turn Lucifer into a cat but not only did it backfire, but it partialy worked. Now everyone has the tendencies of a cat as well as the ears and tail. A bigger problem is how they know how stupid they look but don’t really care about that right now. They just want head pats and kisses is that too much to ask? Chaos ensues and no one is safe. keep Diavolo away from Lucifer-

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belphie: Remember, Kevin McCallister could have phoned the police at any time. He was a child who had accidentally been left alone. One call and he would have been safe, but it was never about saftey. He was hunting those men. He wanted them to die. It was for fun. He enjoyed it.

mc: Kevin is the real villian in Home Alone.

mc: The movie establishes that the phone lines to the house are down, that’s also why nobody is able to call Kevin at home. The movie also establishes that all of his neighbors are out of town which is why he couldn’t borrow their phones. The movie ALSO BEGINS by introducing the main antagonist as a “police officer” which is why Kevin doesn’t trust the cops. I’m so tired of the ignorance. The slander.

belphie: FINALLY we’ve reached the time of year for Home Alone discourse.

mammon: Why do you remember so much about Home Alone?

mc: Kevin inspires me.

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levi: Do you have anything to tell me?

mc: I do not.

levi: Okay but, your horoscope said that you’re keeping secrets so like, I don’t know, I don’t wanna call you a liar, but the stars don’t lie, so…

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Mammon: hey Mc do you Ligma?

Mc: ligma?

Mammon: Ligma Balls

Mc: I will murder you

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Mc: do you ever get so annoyed at everything that you start to get pissed off at even little things like a spoon clinking against a bowl or sounds of people talking.

Satan: I think it’s called sensory overload. It’s really common in people with anxiety.

Lucifer: It can also be a result of sleep deprivation, stress, or ever dehydration!!

Mc: thanks I thought I was just being a bitch.

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