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Tumblr media
How is he so pretty…
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The boys Randomly Admiring Mc
Part 1: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi
Part 2: Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Part 3: Solomon, Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon
I started off with them just admiring Mcs body in a nonsexual way but lost track of the plot
- He wated to try out sculpting so he wanted Mc to be his muse.
-He admired each part of Mc's body. Everything he looked at reminded him more and more of the art he saw. He never understood admiring bodies, until he saw Mc.
-He occasionally stops and just stares. He gives small kisses on Mc's shoulder.
-"Even if I had all the artists in the world help me with this- nothing will ever capture your beauty."
- He constantly praises Mc. It would take all his might to not touch Mc. Every scar, stretchmark, everything Mc deemed as a flaw- Satan viewed them as words on a book. Those words read: perfect, beautiful, stunning, strong.
- He falls in love with Mc all over again. He notices hes not getting his sculpture done but how can he possibly finish when there is no one in either of the three realms that can even compete with the beauty Mc has.
- He gives up but continues to admire. "No book, no movie, not any form of literature could ever prepare me for the way I feel about you, the way I see you. A human who looks like an angel but has the strength of a demon" Satan decides to read a couple poems to Mc none of them feel right, that just means he would have to write his own.
-Mc was having a very bad day, they felt very insecure. They turned to Asmo for help.
-After class Mc heads to Asmo's room. Asmo ask Mc to trust him and that they can say stop any time. Asmo laid Mc down on his bed.
- "Now look up! Look how stunning you are. It's like looking up at stars." Asmo smiled planting a kiss on their cheek. Asmo undresses Mc starting with their shirt and pants, leaving them in their underwear.
-"Asmo.." Mc sighed. Asmo shook his head and walked away. He got rose pedals and threw them all over the bed. He admired Mc's body. It was perfect he wished Mc could see themself the way he sees them. Asmo knows whats beautiful and what isnt, Mc is the definition of beauty.
-"You're beautiful- You're the beauty standard. Every part of you is perfect. Every inch of you- gorgeous." Asmo looked up at the mirror. He would normally be staring at himself but how can he? His eyes are focused on Mc and Mc only.
-"I think no mirror could do you justice! Mc, if you could look at yourself through my eyes you would see exactly why I love you." Asmo cooed.
-"You are the most beautiful being, every bad thing you see in yourself is what I love the most about you. It's what makes you, you and I love you." Asmo hugged Mc.
-"You dont have to love yourself today but let me love you now and forever" Mc couldn’t help but smile.
-Mc and Beel decided to workout together. Beel was focused on Mc's form. Without thinking he started to stare at other parts of Mc. *Did they always have that mark there- its cute*
-Mc stared at Beel and that's when Beel noticed Mc's eyes. He wasn't the type to look at people's looks. He paid attention to behavior more. Staring into Mc's eyes he almost got lost in them. *Were their eyes always that mesmerizing* Beel questioned. Beel's face got hot as he realized how beautiful Mc is. He was hooked on their personality but now their looks have him in a trance.
-Mc waved their hand in Beels face. Beel grabbed Mc's hand and stared at them, he looked at their arms and shoulders. Beel placed a hand on their chin so they would look up at them.
-"When did you become this perfect? Why haven't I paid attention?" He placed a small kiss on their lips. He couldn’t help but take constant double takes. He feels bad for noticing their looks this late. He grabs Mc softly. He rubs their arms.
-"Did you know you look this amazing?" Beel was like a puppy finding something new. He got excited for even seeing a small smile on Mc's face. Their body was perfect to him.
-"Beel- I thought you wanted to get food" Mc questioned.
-"Not right now" Beel was no longer hungry for food. He wanted to over indulge in the beauty that was bestowed in front of him. Beel noticed how kind they are and always appreciated it but how could he never notic how physically perfect they are. Well he did but he noticed more details.
- Mc and Belphie took a nap together. Mc needed to get ready for school but couldn't get out of his grasp, once they did Belphie whined but cuddled his pillow. Mc decided to get ready, Mc assmued Belphie was asleep so they got changed. Belphie, was infact not sleeping. He stared at Mc as they got ready.
- He saw mc and their body he couldn’t help but smile. He's lucky that Mc is in his life. A human looks this perfect. Belphie started to pay attention to Mc's movements. They were trying to be as quiet as possible but dress as quickly as they could. Belphie admired their arms, and their side profile.
-*Are they sure they're a human.* Belphie thought. Mc stopped and stared at the mirror for a bit. He stared in awe. How much strength they have, how much courage they have. How even on bad days their smile is what made those days good. When the nights were cold their body was the thing that kept him warm.
-Staring at them made him feel safe. He started to slowly fall asleep. "I love you Mc, You're beautiful" was the last thing he muttered his last thought before going to sleep was Mc thats how he knew he will be sleeping well tonight. Mc is his dream come true and they are perfect to him in every way.
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Mammon: Do you think when butterflies are in love, they feel humans inside their stomach?
Asmo: Are you drunk already…?
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Tumblr media
I mean-
I am not wrong-
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Obey Me Headcannon M/C is their Child part 3(Leviathan)
(You have orange and (insert your eye color) gradient in this, rest is up to you. You least got to look like apart of the brothers 😙)
Prologue:You were born a cambion, your father is the grand admiral of hell's navy(somehow). You were always a bit shy, just a teensy weensy bit(unless you're shy irl then, I'm sorry you're somehow more shy). So when you came to the Devildom, the demons were surprised by your cambion ass.
Peacock motherfuker(Lucifer)
-How tf did Levi have a kid?
-Grandpa didn't know for a while until you were thrown into the beach by Mammon and didn't resurface for five fucking hours.
-Rickety joints had to dive in after you only to find you playing with LoTAn? wHAAT?! Wjejwjwj
-had a brain aneurysm and is currently unresponsive. Someone call his husband, Diavalo
-Was pretty pissed you didn't tell him, but how were you supposed to know? You didn't know Otaku bitch was your dad.
-Keeps a close eye on you
-You give him new stress lines because you're able to summon Lotan.
-You are a hardcore Otaku and you stay in your room, motherfuker has to drag you out while you claw at the ground screaming bloody murder.
-He loves you but you're getting on his NErVes
Goldie is my wife (Mammon)
Uh- well shit
You and Mammon don't get along in the beginning
You have the power of God and anime on your side, and he dare call you a lowly HUMAn? You're not even a full human
He still loves you and spoils you
(Main supplier of your merch to your favorite anime and manga but he denies it to this day)
He will listen to you rant for hours on end of you listen to him scheme
Don't tell Levi
100% tried to get you to summon Lotan to sell train.
Levi was pissed, Mammon was screaming. It was heaven
Daddy Otaku(Leviathan)
*intense panicking*
Probs passed out once or twice sis
Scared he'll do something wrong
Tries his best
Loves you
Immediately knew, how you ask? He could SENSE it. His Otaku senses are tingling
Worries about child support, how much does he have to pay-?
Loves you endlessly
Kinda sad he wasn't in your life when you were a baby
Tries his best now
Bonds over TSL and gaming
He teaches you everything he knows
You'll be a pro Otaku in about a day
Daddy issues (Satan)
Well, this was unexpected
Studies you
Wonders how much your similar to Levi
Prob uncle
Loves you
He reads to you sometimes
You both bond over manga and cat girls
Definitely cat girls
You got him into anime
Congratulations there are two otakus now
Levi's jealous
You're kid calls me Daddy too(Asmodeus)
So happy rn fr
Does your makup
You two cosplay together, Levi also jealous
Does an amazing job cosplaying
Goes to anime conventions with you to see all the people's costumes with you
Loves you
Coddles you
I'm running out of ideas
Protective uncle
Loves his nibling
Shares food with you, you both probably play videogames together
Call him normie I dare you, I fucking dare yo-
Treats you like glass cuz you're half human
Loves you unconditionally
Sleeps in the staricase(Harry Potter Belphegor)
You best hope and pray he knew before he choked you out like a whore in Sunday
Levi tried to kill him, Beel and Lucifer held Levi back
He felt so guilty afterwards, his dorky brother had a kid who he just killed, and now his brother is experiencing Lv. 100 depression. (I'm sorry-)
When you were brought to live again, he stayed away from you, even if you and Levi forgave him. It took Beel to get him to spend time with you again
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Goodnight story
Genre: Fluff
Characters: GN! MC + Luke
Universe: Obey Me!
Warnings: none
Summary: MC tells Luke another version of the Celestial war
Word Count: 906
As promised, you had gone to Purgatory Hall to spend a whole day with Luke.
You had a lot of fun baking pastries and watching cooking videos on DevilTube, but once it was time to sleep, the young angel "refused" to do so.
"MC, I can still stay awake! I am not tired!"
You had looked at him, sighing. You promised Simeon that you would go to sleep at an appropriate time to get up in time to go to school and you didn't want to disappoint the angel.
You sat inside the pillow fort you and Luke had built, bringing a hand under your chin, thoughtful.
What could you come up with?
An idea had flashed in your mind; you would tell him a story.
"Luke, would you like to hear the story they tell us humans about the Celestial War?"
The young angel had looked at you with shining eyes and an intrigued look. After exclaiming a "Yes!" he jumped into the pillow fort and made himself comfortable to listen to the story.
"Do you promise me that we will go to sleep after the story?"
"I promise you, MC"
"So..." you had begun "In the human world, there is a legend that speaks of the war between the Archangel Michael and Lucifer"
Luke had approached you to listen better to you as soon as you had made Michael's name and you had smiled, continuing your story.
"On an island in the human world, the story of the Devil's Saddle is told, a rocky promontory that is so named for its curious horse saddle shape."
"But MC, why they talk about Diavolo if you say it was a story about Lucifer?"
You had laughed, confused in his own way. In the human world there was no difference between Lucifer and the Diavolo and so you explained to him the reason for that bizarre name given to the promontory.
"Here, it is said that once good and evil fought each other.
In fact, it is about God, his angels and his beloved who later became a demon: Lucifer."
Luke had murmured a 'tsk' when you said that Lucifer was God’s Favorite and you had tried to stay serious and not laugh.
"I was saying... It is said that that island had attracted Lucifer and his demons for its profound beauty so much so that he wanted to seize it, so God had sent the archangel Michael, with his heavenly militias, to drive Lucifer out with his followers."
You could see Luke watching you in silence, occasionally broken by a "what next?" "And what did Michael do next?"
"The battle was faced in the skies of that promontory, and it is said that the ruinous defeat of Lucifer led to two endings:
The first sees the saddle of Lucifer, unseated from his horse, fall into the waters of the gulf and petrify giving rise to the promontory, the other tells that during the fight Lucifer fell on the promontory giving it the characteristic shape from which it takes its name... although I think he threw Mammon towards the mainland in the grip of a nervous breakdown. Or Asmo. "
Luke had burst out laughing at hearing you say those things, and the image of Lucifer falling and banging his head or throwing away Mammon or Asmo in anger made you laugh too. Poor Mammon wouldn't have liked that part, and neither would Asmo.
"Another story sees God offering as a gift to his angels the possibility of living on Earth if they found a place full of peace and devoid of wickedness where they could settle.
Their research led them to an island free of war and devastation, perfect for living in peace and harmony.
Lucifer and his demons, then, decided to try to sow hatred and weeds among the heavenly creatures, failing miserably and unleashing a war that he would later lose.
Prey to anger Lucifer took the saddle of the horse from which he had been unseated and threw it into the gulf forming the promontory that will be baptized with the name of the Devil's Saddle. "
Luke, intrigued, had asked you if there were also the other brothers in the story and you had replied that most likely they were also present, perhaps there was also Simeon and even poor Levi.
Luke was however satisfied that his adored Michael had defeated Lucifer.
You had spent the rest of the evening talking about the history of the Celestial War and how those two versions didn't look alike at all. Luke had almost managed to get you to tell another story when a yawn on his part brought you back to reality; it was quite late by now.
"Luke, what did you promise me?"
The angel had snorted, getting comfortable to sleep and murmuring a 'and all right, I promised you' before closing his eyes.
You had put yourself next to him, taking a blanket for both of you.
"Thank you for the day, MC"
"Anytime, Luke"
"... tomorrow can you tell the story in front of the brothers? I want to see their faces!"
"You can count on it, Luke. I will tell them that the promontory actually took that shape because Beelzebub ate a piece of it or because Belphie crushed it during a nap."
"I can't wait to see their faces and Satan's for the lack of accuracy of the story"
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୨ ୧   ° 🍰 ⃘   ૮꒰ 。っ -。꒱ఎ : stn
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— like or rb if saving/using <3
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Mammon is so romantic!! 💖
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shiosblog · 2 days ago
Belial: Don’t get involve in their family issues
Mc, being lucifer, mammon and satan’s stress reliever, and everyone’s therapist: Did you just fucking tell me that now?!
Belial: You think taking care of diavolo for decades, training barbatos over 2 years and serving the former demon king is easy?
Luke: Why are they glaring at eachother?
Simeon: It’s a mom fight you don’t have to get involve, You’re just their child so its hard to understand of which one works harder
Luke: then why is belial hugging mc?
Simeon: Wait wha-
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Tumblr media
Yandere confirmed
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ramenfingers · a month ago
lucifer flicking your forehead when you start blowing bubbles into your drink at mealtimes because “it’s improper” and “you’ll set a bad example for my brothers.”
mammon looking horrified when you burp a little at the table. it’s not because he thinks it’s gross, but because lucifer ties him to the ceiling whenever he does.
leviathan glaring at you when you put your feet on his chair and keep him from getting up. you don’t notice, and he is getting a little more irritated by the second because he wants seconds before beel gets to his fifths.
satan kicking your shins and trying so hard not to laugh when you bring up an inappropriate topic at dinner. you just keep going and he just keeps chortling when everyone else looks so done with you. lucifer is rubbing his temples. you‘re in for it later, mc.
asmo playfully smacking your arm when you start complaining about school. it’s funny, because he‘s acting all cute while the rest of the table looks very worried as lucifer stares you down.
beel vigorously shaking his head when you eat too fast. he can’t blame you, but mc please youre going to get in trouble!
belphie trying to shake you awake when youre nodding off at lunch. if lucifer catches you, who knows what he‘ll do.
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shiverss-s · a day ago
The boys Randomly Admiring Mc
Part 1: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi
Part 2: Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Part 3: Solomon, Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon
I started off with them just admiring Mcs body in a nonsexual way but lost track of the plot
- Mc and Solomon were on a date they both laid down on the ground. Solomon got up to grab something and He looks down at a smiling Mc.
- They looked stunning. Mc wore atire for warmer weather as they were sun bathing. They looked as if they were in a painting. Solomon smiled and took a picture of Mc. Later on in the night Solomon laid in bed. He grabbed his phone and looked at the photo he took of Mc. The way their eyes were captured in the light. The way they laid was graceful. He could stare at this photo forever and would not regret it.
- He fell in love, he waited so long for this feeling and the feeling gets stronger everytime he sees Mc. Their arms that held him, their body that he wanted to kiss all over.
-They are a work of art and that art he wants to cherish. He smiled at his phone.
-He sets that photo as his lockscreen. No spell could amount to their beauty. He was in a trance and he did not mind it at all.
-He was just happy to be with the one he loves. Even if he looks away from the photo he will always have that memory inside his head. That beauty is unforgettable.
- Diavolo was always observant of Mc, their presence made his heart feel full even in the loneliest of days. The two took a walk in the moonlight. He watched as Mc would drag him to random parts of the park. He's honestly like a school girl when it comes to Mc. Mc made him feel loved. Mc made him feel at peace maybe because Mc was his peace.
-He always reminds Mc of their beauty every single morning right before his workout he would text Mc and if he could he would find Mc to tell them in person. He loves the way Mc does everything, breathes, smiles, laughs, oh yheir laugh made him melt he would do anything to hear it.
-He held Mc's arm to stop and look at them. The moonlight hit their face perfectly they looked like a dream. He pulled them into a hug and kissed them on the cheek.
-All Diavolo wanted to do was hug them and never let go. Their body warmed his as he embraced them. He let go and stared once more. He couldnt help but to look at Mc all over. He would constantly keep track of what parts of their body Mc was insecure about. Mc trusted Diavolo with all their insecurities and Diavolo would never let Mc down. He would cherish Mc with all of his heart.
-The two sat on a patch of grass, he cuddled Mc as the two laid down. "You're beautiful" Mc couldn’t gelp but blush a bit. That small blush made Diavolo grin like an idiot. He felt so close to Mc.
-"Mc you shine brighter than the moon, the sun, and all of the stars. You're dependable and amazing and most importantly you are like royalty in my eyes. Nothing will ever be as important as you" Diavolo kissed Mc's hand.
- Mc and Barbatos had tea together, he was not one to express emotion as they were but something about Mc made him appreciate the present and past.
-Barbatos always pays attention too the small details about Mc, like when they laugh they cover their mouth or hide their face. He wish they didn't, his heart skips a beat when he sees Mc express joy. Barb knew how Mc looked with- or without clothes on. He saw them as beautiful no matter what.
-He loved the way Mc would grab things or the way Mc would hug him. He wanted to hold them. He wanted nothing but for them to be cared for. He just wants them to be happy. Everyday it takes all of his might to not think of himself and ask Mc to do things for him but Mc still manages to do things for him wothout asking.
-"Thank you for being you" Barbatos thanked Mc. Mc was shocked at the sudden thanks.
-"You seem to know what to do and when to do it. Its as if you can read minds." Barbatos placed a hand on their face. He rubbed his thumb on their upper cheek. He admired their beautiful face, from their eyes that spoke stories of their own to their lips that were inviting for a kiss. He kissed them on the lips and pulled them on to his lap.
-"Let's just relax for today" Barbatos wanted to spen the day with Mc. Taking a day off is worth it if he gets to spend it with the one he loves.
- Mc and Simeon decided to do some yoga together to destress. Simeon just wanted to spend time with Mc. Simeon stopped to take a sip of water. He admired Mc as the entered the tree pose. He saw how focused they were it was cute. They were struggling to keep balance so Simeon stood behind them.
-He quickly held on to their waist supporting them. Hes strong so it doesnt matter how hard they would fall. He was falling for them harder anyway. Simeon pulled Mc down so they both sat on the floor. He kissed their shoulder and rubbed their shoulders.
-"You did amazing" He hummed. The way their skin felt on his hands made him smile a bit. To feel warmth coming from them made him smile. He's been wanting alone time with Mc and was happy he got it. He stared at their side profile and it was beautiful to him. The curve on their nose. The way their chin perfectly fits their face but most importantly, its Mc's side profile. He would love it regardless.
-Mc laid back and Simeon rested his head on their shoulder. He hugged Mc's waist keeping them close. Simeon loved how he was able to physically feel Mc's breathing. Mc was the reason he could finally relax. He kissed Mc on the cheek. He always admired how strong they are.
- He can only imagine how hard human problems might be but he would never want Mc to go through it alone. How did he manage to meet someone as amazing as Mc. No one in the three realms combined could be as perfect as Mc.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
When his greed takes over…
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waylonwrites · 2 months ago
Could I request a headcanon of the reactions of the demon bros + Diavolo to MC telling them "your arms feel safe" please?
Awww this is so soft! I love soft and sweet!
Obey me x reader (Brothers + Diavolo)
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Small harassment warning in Beel's part, demons harassing MC and bad-mouthing our big teddy bear
MC is gender-neutral unless otherwise requested
Your Arms Feel Safe
The two of you were in his room.
He was catching up on some paperwork that he hadn't finished earlier in the day while you sat on his bed scrolling on your D.D.D.
The time ticked by quietly, not much being said between you two.
You didn't mind, though.
It was easy to sit in silence with Lucifer. Just being in the same room as him was pleasant.
But you were feeling a little blue.
Homesickness hit you every so often and it hit you hard.
It was hard being in the Devildom, away from the world you knew for your entire life.
You missed home.
Sometimes you felt uneasy in the Devildom.
Even after months of living there because of the program, you would find yourself wishing you could just do things the way you would before.
It wasn't safe to just take walks like you wanted to because there was no telling if a demon would try to lay hands on you in order to eat you.
There was one thing that made you feel safe. That made you feel like everything was okay and that this was home.
You got off the bed and walked over to Lucifer's desk, tapping on his shoulder to get him to turn your way.
"Yes, MC? I'm a little bit busy, I promise I'll be done soon-"
You slid into his lap and wrapped your arms around him. His arms quickly followed suit.
"You're feeling unhappy again, aren't you?"
"Just missing home," you mumbled.
He rubbed your back lightly, pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
"Your arms feel safe."
His heart skipped a beat and he held you tighter.
"Then stay here as long as you like."
You guys were in your room watching movies.
The usual weekend activity you did with your boyfriend in the evenings.
It was hard to get movie time with just the two of you because the others loved to interrupt.
But you managed to have this time for just the two of you.
It was nice.
Except the Mammon wanted to prove his bravery and watch the latest Devildom horror movie.
Both of you were scared shitless the entire time.
"I-I'll protect ya, MC! I'm the Great MamMON!' His voice rose to a shriek when the next scare happened onscreen.
You spent most of the movie hiding your faces and comforting each other, to be honest.
You tried to calm down by watching some stupid chick flicks after the horror movie was over.
You couldn't get over how freaky the first movie was though.
All the blood and the jump scares, the tension that was built.
It was better than most human world horror movies, that was for sure.
It hadn't been predictable and that was what had gotten under your skin.
You two were laying in bed a few hours later, Mammon finally dozing off.
You still felt afraid. You just couldn't shake it.
So you snuggled as close to your boyfriend as you could and manually wrapped his arms around your body.
He opened his eyes, looking at you in the dark.
"What's the matter?" He yawned, rubbing circles beneath his fingers onto your back.
"Your arms feel safe," you said softly.
"The movie still botherin' ya, huh? Don't worry, the Great Mammon will keep you safe through the night."
Levi sat in his usual spot in his gaming chair, eyes fixed on his monitors as he played one of his newest games.
You lay in the bathtub up against his pillows, playing a mobile game he had gotten you hooked on.
You and Levi often found yourselves sitting together, doing your own things, and enjoying the time spent in each other's presence.
It was the norm for you.
If you weren't doing that then you were snuggled up (his face bright red at first) watching anime or reading manga together.
You didn't mind most of your time being spent inside. It was nice and rather peaceful.
Especially in his aquatic themed room where you could watch the aquarium wall for hours, transfixed on the movement.
Levi wasn't the biggest person for being touched. He had his moments, but he had a hard time with physical contact.
He wasn't used to it.
But sometimes you just needed to be held.
You had told Levi this before and his response had been:
"Don't go to anyone else for this! I-I'll hold you anytime you want!"
It had been a big step forward in his confidence to say the least.
You dropped your D.D.D. with a sigh, having gotten bored with the game.
You were craving physical contact.
You climbed out of the bathtub and walked over to Levi. You gently tapped his shoulder.
"Give me a sec, MC, I'm almost done with this level!"
You were willing to wait. Interrupting him in the middle of a game where he could lose if he got distracted wasn't the best idea.
So you stood there, watching his screens, until he got to a point where he could save and pause.
"What's up?" He spun his chair to face you and you took the chance to sit in his lap, straddling him, with your face against his neck.
"I-is something w-wrong?" He stammered.
"No," you muttered softly. "Your arms just feel safe. I wanna stay here for a while."
"Okay," he choked out before fully wrapping his arms around you. "W-we can stay like this for a while."
It wasn't uncommon for Satan to read to you in his room.
You two would sit together in his library of a bedroom, under dim lighting with some tea, and he'd read for a while.
You loved listening to his voice.
You told him time and time again that he should narrate audiobooks as a career. He'd get to read and other people would get to enjoy the same thing you did.
This was often met with the same response.
"I could, but this is our special time. I want this to be just for us. No one else."
You felt beyond honored that he wanted to read to you and only you.
Your current book was a suspenseful novel. It was a murder mystery, one of Satan's personal favorites.
The details were beyond intense.
Satan loved mystery novels, especially murder mysteries, so you were getting good at putting the pieces together to make your own guesses for who the killers were.
This one had you stumped.
It was actually a bit freaky, too.
Satan often would use magic to aid in his storytelling. He wanted the atmosphere to be perfect.
It was why the lighting was so important, too.
You were curled up on the couch in his room next to him, eyes fixed on your boyfriend as he continued to read to you.
But you couldn't take it anymore!
This book was getting way too intense to listen to without some form of security.
You knew just what to do.
When Satan paused for dramatic effect, you crawled over and sat in his lap, your head resting against his shoulder.
"Are you afraid? We're almost done, I promise."
"It's getting really creepy! I wanna keep going, your arms just feel so safe."
He blushed a bright pink and cleared his throat.
"Stay there if you want, just don't read ahead of me, okay? I want the ending to be a surprise for you." He kissed your head and settled in to continue reading.
It had been one hell of a day.
You had the worst day at RAD.
It all started with you waking up late and missing breakfast. So you were in a rush to even get to RAD to begin with.
You got to classes, barely on time, and realized you had forgotten your homework.
Certain professors were nice enough to let you turn it in the next day, but one of them insisted you had to stay after school and rewrite everything you had written at home to turn in.
You had barely gotten to see Asmodeus at all. He had tried to stop you a few times, but you were in such a right state that you only gave him brief kisses before continuing on in a haze.
Needless to say, you had a bad day.
Asmodeus had noticed it the first time he saw you that morning.
You weren't happy to see him, you barely acknowledged him beyond a brief kiss to his cheek. Not even on his lips! He had worn brand new lip gloss just for you!
So, he had a plan.
You stumbled home after your detention, your feet aching and your head pounding.
You would have gone to your room had a certain demon boyfriend of yours not swept you away to his before you could protest.
"Asmo, babe, I'm really tired-"
"I know, darling. I can see that. I'm going to help you unwind. You need it!
He had prepared you an incredible bath and helped you into it. He washed your body for you so you didn't have to lift a finger. Not even to do your hair!
He rubbed your down with relaxing lavender lotion after your bath. Your body felt ten times lighter by the time he was done.
You were prepared to go back to your room when he laid down next to you and pulled you into his arms.
"You're staying with me tonight, my darling. I'll make sure you have the best sleep and a better day tomorrow."
You snuggled in closer and smiled for what felt like one of the first times that day.
"I feel so safe in your arms, Asmo."
He smiled and kissed your head. "I'm glad. I try my best for you, darling."
You were at a Fangol game of Beel's.
You wanted to cheer him on the best you could.
Having you there with him was the best support he could ever have, honestly.
He felt even more motivated to do a great job and win when you were watching him.
Beel was probably the most impressive player on his team, too. You were in awe as you watched him play.
His team won, naturally, and he ran up to give you a kiss.
"I gotta go get a shower. Wait right here for me? Then we can go to Hell's Kitchen for victory food!" He smiled happily and kissed you one more time before running off to the locker room.
You sat on the bottom bleacher, thinking about how you were going to best shower your demon in praise and affection for winning his game when you heard voices.
"The human's quite attractive. I can't believe they're dating someone like that big oaf."
"I know, they'd be better off with us."
Two demons were purposefully talking loud enough near you for you to hear and you scoffed.
"Beel's not an oaf. So shut your mouth."
"Aw, the little human's standing up for the food-loving brick wall. He's probably as smart as one, too."
Come with us, little human. We can show you a better time than he ever could."
One of them grabbed your wrist and made an attempt to pull you along behind him when
"Don't touch MC," Beel said, his hand now squeezing the demon's wrist. You were positive you heard bones cracking as the demon in question shrieked in pain.
"If I ever see you bothering them again, I'll do a lot worse than that."
You rubbed your own wrist, scratches adorning your flesh from the demon's sharp claws.
"I'm sorry, MC. I took too long. Are you okay?" Beel asked, kissing your wrist gently. He then scooped you up in his arms and held you there, starting to walk.
"I am now, Beel. Your arms feel safe to me."
The two of you were napping up in the attic.
It was ironic that the place Belphie had been locked up in was now his get-away place when he wanted peace and quiet. Especially with you.
The only person who would usually bother the two of you was never a bother at all. That was Beelzebub. He was always welcome.
Belphie was sleeping peacefully amidst the blankets and pillows.
You, on the other hand, were not.
You bolted straight up from your spot in bed, sweat on your face.
You'd had a nightmare.
You really couldn't remember all of the details, but it still felt like something was grabbing your ankles. All you remembered was that sensation and the feeling of being dragged away.
Belphie was laying in bed beside you in his demon form. He often took it when he napped, showing he felt secure. His tail flicked about lazily.
"Just a bad dream," you muttered.
You wanted to try and go back to sleep, but you had a bad feeling that you'd only end up back in the dream.
Maybe you needed to go downstairs and get some water. That was sure to help put your mind at ease, right?
"That's the third nightmare this week," you heard his voice sound.
"I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"
"Yes, but that's not the point. You've had three nightmares this week. You know you can talk to me about them."
He sat up and took your hands, rubbing your knuckles gently with his thumbs.
"I can't really remember any details. I just know something is dragging me away."
He sighed and pulled you against his chest before laying both of you down.
"You don't have to know what they're about. I can help you with your nightmares."
You made a curious noise but only buried your face against his chest.
"I can use my power to give you better dreams. You won't have any bad dreams so long as I know about it."
You smiled a bit and squeezed your boyfriend, who flicked your back lightly with his tail.
"I feel safer already because I'm in your arms."
"...go back to sleep, silly. I'll protect you from the nightmares."
There wasn't a whole lot that you were afraid of.
It was hard to be scared of anything when you had been pulled into literal hell for an entire year and were now back for a second time.
The things that once made you freak out seemed silly to be afraid of because of the things you had seen and gone through.
But there was still something.
"Ah!!" You screamed at the booming sound of thunder.
Storms. You hated them. If it was just rain then you were fine. You liked the rain. It was the thunder and lightning that scared you.
Something about the crashing, crackling, and booming sounds made you beyond scared.
Such a silly thing to be afraid of when you were dating a literal demon prince, right?
"Hey," Diavolo called as he ran into your shared bedroom. "What's wrong, dear? Is something the matter?"
You were wrapped up in blankets, covering your ears with a pillow.
The thunder sounded against and you made a strangled squeaking sound.
"My dear, are you afraid of the thunder?"
You merely nodded in response, peeking up at him from your spot on the bed.
He smiled a little bit and sat down.
"Come here, okay?" He opened his arms to you and you gladly took the invitation.
You felt much safer in his arms even with the storm raging outside.
"It's okay to be scared. You know how Barbatos is with rats, after all. Is there anything I can do to help?"
"Can you stay with me?" You asked, feeling rather small.
He chuckled lightly and kissed your head.
"I think I can manage that. But I meant is there anything I can do to make you feel less afraid or safer?"
"You already are, Dia."
He gave you a confused look and you sat up a bit to wrap your arms around him.
"I feel safer in your arms. I feel like I can handle most anything."
He felt his cheeks warm and he held you even tighter.
"Then I'll never let you go if I don't have to. I'll be right here keeping you safe."
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marblesmind · 18 days ago
Devildom citizens will be like: Yeah this is our government, it’s run by a himbo fueled by idealism, a tired wine aunt, a gambling addict, an otaku who is in charge of the entire navy, a really angry bitch who’s attempting murder every half hour, a dude who just REALLY wants to fuck, himbo 2.0 and an emo who got locked in the attic for calling the government stupid.
Oh yeah there’s also some random sheep and they’re currently the only thing keeping the monarchy from collapsing in on itself and when they leave at the end of the year everything is gonna go to shit, they also might be dating all of the demons mentioned above.
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momokotuharumaki · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cinematic parallels
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solitarysnowwhite · 6 days ago
MC, teaching the new exchange students: Okay, what's the first rule?
Raphael: Do not wake up Belphegor before 12 if you want to live.
MC: Second rule?
Thirteen: If Lucifer or Barbatos tell you no, go to Diavolo.
Lucifer, shouting from a distance: wHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THEM?!?!?
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mawwart · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You know that trick shot thing where you look in a mirror n shoot? Yeah Asmo’s not doin that he’s just staring at himself he’s just that good lmao
(Please ignore how I obviously gave up doing a background bc my back hurt)
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onetoomanyfandomfixations · 18 days ago
Obey Me Brothers w MC Who Uses Pet Names Without Thinking
If you have the balls to start calling this demon pet names from the get-go I bow to thee
A brave soldier you are
It irks him endlessly if you aren’t close
But once you are? It’s just habit.
Will do the same to you.
But if it’s over excessive (e.g. light of my life, reason of being);
“what do you want”
Ngl he does Love those ones though, strokes his ego Massively
Will Not let anyone else call him such names
Favourites are ye olde ones like dearest and my love
Bb will be so flustered
He will do Anything and Everything to get you to call him something cute
He basically worships you
His primary love language is words of affirmation but thats for a different post
“baby can you pass me the controller?”
Damn Right he’s your baby!!
Will occasionally call you cute nicknames, but you have to catch him when he’s feeling confident
But for the most part, you’re just his human, or some variation of your name
Gets upset when you use ‘his’ pet name on others.
He’s your baby okay >:(
Does Not Cope
Doesn’t think you’re talking to him, no matter how long he’s known you
He’ll never get used to it okay
And he would Die before he called you anything
But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t adore it when you call him pet names
Call him beautiful. I dare you.
Watch the colour drain from his face and then watch it come back in a bright red 0.002 seconds later
I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually fainted the first time tbh
Also gets upset when you use ‘his’ pet name on someone else
But instead of getting grumpy like Mammon, he’s just sad
Pls reassure him :(
Catches him off guard
But he thinks it’s cute
He doesn’t necessarily understand it, but he finds it endearing
Will match your energy
“Excuse me honey”
But Will Not let it escalate to Anything vaguely romantic until he gets verbal consent
King behaviour 💕
You called him an angel once, as an offhanded thanks
He didn’t know whether to glare or laugh
Someone to match his energy!
Ngl he thinks that you’re flirting at first
But he’s fine when you explain that you’re not
He finds it kind of refreshing that y’all can call each other cute shit w/o accidentally falling in love
((I hc that he feels guilty whenever he rejects anyone that genuinely falls in love w him, instead of just infatuated))
Y’all use Every pet name under the sun
Darling, babe, wifey/hubby, lovely, you name it
Sometimes you get into competitions to see who can come up with the most disgustingly affectionate nicknames
Will ironically call you shnookums
He can’t stop now, send help
Ngl it confuses him
Like it’s nice and all, but what 😀
“Aww thanks Beel, you’re such a peach!”
What does that mean
Now he wants a peach
What do you mean there aren’t any in the house
Now you gotta go shopping with him
Doesn’t call you nicknames unless you explicitly ask him to, and then pick one out
Just,, doesn’t get it
why though
why call people nice things when you can simply be a nuisance
Doesn’t get it, but in the opposite way that Beel doesn’t get it
But he feels special when u call him a pet name
Strokes his ego, similar to another certain brother of his
Not that he’d ever admit it
“Hey bubba, how was your nap?”
But he will never do the same
Alas, he is but a Bastard
Probably insults you in return (but lovingly)
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mistressjolie911 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Send a private message to mistress
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