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#obey me one master to rule them all
acedesigns · an hour ago
Bandages - Mammon X EDS!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: EDS stands for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It's a connective tissue disorder that often causes widespread hypermobility (double-jointed), dislocations, and lots of other crap. I have it and it sucks~ But when I was playing through lesson four, I was laughing since I am currently having major wrist issues that started with a major wrist sprain in 2019.
Warnings: Disability, chronic illness, injury
Word Count: 633
Beelzebub left your room in search of some food, leaving Mammon to awkwardly wrap the bandages around your wrist. You held in a slight laugh at how his hands trembled, but you couldn't help a small grin.
"This is nice," you whispered, not wanting to startle the avatar of greed.
Mammon peered up at you from behind his glasses. A light red dusted his cheeks. "Why the hell is this nice?" He busied himself with adjusting the bandages, but they were a tad too loose to actually compress your sprained wrist.
"I usually have to do this myself. It's nice having someone bandage it for me."
Mammon paused and the bandages unraveled off your wrist. He cursed and moved to start over. "What do you mean by that?" He swallowed a bubble of anxiety. Was someone hurting you in the human world?
"As far as humans go, my body's very weak. I'm always spraining my wrists, dislocating things, just getting hurt. It happens so often that I just do it myself and skip seeing a doctor. So having someone else do it for me is nice." You grinned at him causing the dusting of red to darken.
"If you do it all the time, how do you keep the bandages on?"
"They need to be a bit tighter."
"What if I hurt you? I'm strong, ya know?" He acted arrogantly, but there was concern underlying his voice.
"You should be able to fit your finger under the bandages. If you can't, it's too tight." Mammon hesitated. "I trust you."
Mammon snorted. "You're trustin' a demon?" You hummed in agreement. He shook his head and slowly started to wrap the bandages once more, tighter this time, just right. He tied the bandages and looked down at your wrist. A wide grin formed on his face. "How's that? My first time bandaging a wrist, I'm a natural huh?"
You laughed lightly and examined your wrist. "You sure are!" Slowly, you squeezed your fingers, testing your tendons and muscles. You winced at a pain that shot through your wrist.
Mammon swiftly grabbed your wrist to see if the bandage is too tight. "What's wrong? It's not too tight, is it?"
"No, no," you disagreed and shook your head. "My wrist just hurts, is all. It'll take a while for it to heal. You did a perfect job, Mammon."
Mammon leaned back and turned his head away from you out of embarrassment. "'Course I did." He glanced at your out of the corner of his eye. "Listen. I'll always bandage you sprains or whatever, ya know? Just come to me when you're hurt, okay? The same goes for when your life's in danger, I'm gonna be the one to save you, all right? Don't you forget that." He paused and a sly grin formed on his face. "...And if I can't manage to save ya, then make sure you die, got it?! I don't want no one else steppin' in and savin' you, alright?! It's me or no one, understand?!"
You sighed as he grew more animated in his promise. With a small grin, you nodded. "All right, got it."
He froze with a stunned look. "G-Good," he started to recover. "Jeez, you should always just agree with me like that." He stood from where he was kneeling on the floor and sat next to you on your bed. "Does it still hurt?"
You nodded your head. "A little. It'll hurt for a few days. I've had worse, though." He frowned at that. "Thank you, Mammon, for taking care of me." He looked away from you and grumbled to himself. Shaking your head, you fell into a comfortable silence. Only glancing at the demon every now and then, seeing that his blush had yet to die down.
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justmywriting1313 · an hour ago
Compliments (Beel x M/C) Part 1
Heyyyyyooo lovelies!!! Hope you guys are doing good!!💖💖💖
So this fic was a request by @beelzebaeby. She had requested this long long long ago and I am so sorry its taken so long to get this going but here we are. So you wanted something similar to “You are worth it!!” but with Beel. 
Its not exactly the same but the essential crux of it is that the M/C sometimes doesn't see their own worth and so the boys help her out!! In this case its Beel but if you guys want something similar with any of the other boys let me know and without further ado. 
Summary: you've always had a certain way with words which is great but when Beel sees you using it as a way of evading compliments and refusing to love yourself the big teddy bear gets concerned and feels the need for a sit down. 
Warning: Self loathing feelings, M/C getting beat up, Mentions of blood, horrible self esteem, unedited (let me know if there are more) 
You were good with words. It wasn’t a praise nor an insult, but an astute fact. You were quick witted and good with words. You knew how to use words to your advantage. Get out of what you needed to get out of or avoid what you needed to avoid. It didn’t hurt that you had the personality of an actual ray of sunshine and so you were good with people as well. Beel loved this. Beel loved it because, I mean you're so smart and you could always worm your way into a conversation to get Belphie and him out of trouble. You were so good with words you always managed to get everyone to side with you and you always managed to calm the raging storms that were the fights between the brothers. For someone like Beel who doesn't talk very often it amazed him how you managed to do this even when you knew none of the people you were talking to. There was a time when Mammon, Beel and you were out and a bunch of witches caught you, asking Mammon to pay the debts he owed. Without thinking you made friends with the witches, exchanged devilgrams and got everyone out of there… it was amazing. It amazed him how you painted a picture with your words and always managed to keep the spotlight of yourself. You had a way with words and people and it suited you but beel had also come to hate this because…  
You also had a cripplingly bad self esteem. Again not an accusation, nor, was it said in order to fish for praises but rather an astute fact that after spending time with you was indisputable. So much so it was a wonder how you were so chirpy and confident. It amazed Beel how often you smiled and put aside everything you were feeling when the words you thought about yourself were just so damaging. Honestly the extent of your self loathing was a tad bit terrifying and this here is exactly why Beel hated your talent with words. Because just as much as you used it to your advantages and strength your mind was very good at using those same words to make you feel so unbearably bad about yourself. 
It had taken Beel a while to learn about this side of you. He spent almost every waking second with you. Even more so when Belphie got possessive once leaving the attic and wanting to make up for the lost time. During all that time, Beel never realised the way you evaded praise as if it was a heart eating monster, the way you pulled away and curled in when people thought positively of you or the way you absorbed the insults people threw your way as if it was already a part of you. It was something that built up over time and once the realisation set in, it terrified him. It absolutely terrified Beel the words you thought about yourself or how quick you were to take blame for things that had nothing to do with you. It sometimes kept him up at night and made the pain of benign hungry worse when you usually dulled it. The problem with this was Beel had no way or idea on how to approach talking with you about this. How was he supposed to get you to open up and let you know he was there “Hi M/C, I notice you seem to hate yourself more than the average person, wanna talk about it?”... Yeah, Beel may not be great with emotions but he knew that wasn't the way to go. It sounded like something Mammon would blurt out and no matter how much he loved his brother, he wasn’t going to put his foot in his mouth in that bad a way when this was such an important conversation. 
To be honest Beel was surprised that none of the other boys had picked up on this and said anything to you. Surely Satan, whose so observant or Asmo, who is so in tune with his emotions or just more so than the others would have noticed something. Beel had tried all the other boys for advice on approaching someone on a topic that was sensitive but given all of them seemed to sometimes act emotionally stunted it was no use. Lucifer had  basically told Beel to discipline that person into talking. To sit that person down and just force them to talk and if being angry doesn't work to threaten punishment... Beel didn't think Lucifer technique to discipline Mammon would work. Mammon was even less helpful than Lucifer.
“Do what I do Beel and just ignore the problem and it outta go away ya know” 
...Yeah no thanks. Asmo’s idea was to seduce it out of the person and that had Beels cheeks burning red for a solid hour after. Belphie asked Beel if he wanted Belphie to visit this person in their dreams to figure it out which Beel decided would be a last resort. Levi and Satan were the only two who were even remotely helpful. Beel had been most upfront with Levi because it was no secret that Levi didn't like himself so Beel thought he could provide some actually useful information, 
“Hey Levi, if you were to talk to someone about their strong dislike for themselves how would you do it?”
“If you're trying to help me Beel its no use, I am a yucky otaku and i have accepted that role in full”
“...Ummm its not for you”
“Oh well, in that case, try to breach it slowly. If its sensitive and really bad then its probably due to childhood trauma you know. At some point someone made whoever this mysterious person is feel like they weren't good enough and it takes a long time to change that way of thinking. You need to be patient. Try doing something they like with them, and then lightly compliment them. When they rebuttal with something like ‘oh thanks but no’ or ‘like you need glasses’ then ask them why they do that? it might help them and since you're doing an activity thats enjoyable it will make them more likely to talk... “
“Thats not bad advice... thanks Levi”  
Satan said something similar when Beel went to him, 
“Put the person in a setting that makes them comfortable. Somewhere thats going to make them more likely to talk. For example, if I wanted to make Asmo talk, i’d take him shopping. For Belphegor, the planetarium. For myself the cat cafe... an environment thats soothing and will make someone more likely to share what they are thinking.”
Beel took all this info and set a day he knew you were outside the house. He took that time to set up a painting day in your room. He got snacks that nearly killed him to not eat. He got painting supplies and drinks and even set up a movie. He knew your favourite space in the world was your own room. You had made the effort to make it the comfiest place possible. There was a reason Belphie loved to sleep in there or Satan loved to read. Beel knew you’d be happy talking in there. He even set candles all around the room. He even got Luke to bake some treats for the two of you though he didn't let Beel give it to him until he knew you were on your way home. Beel was very proud of himself. Beel knew this would help in getting you to talk but fate had other plans for the day when Luke called Beel. His voice clearly panicked, 
“Beelzebub come quickly, Its M/C. I found her in the alleyway close to RAD and I don’t think she can walk” 
The entire day that Beel spent planning and organising into a therapeutic little heaven, you ended up getting yourself into the exact situation he feared. You see all your self loathing and insecurities also made you incredibly self sacrificing making you put yourself in the way of harm. You say you don't do it purposely but somewhere deep down even you know that you put yourself in a position to get hurt cause you think you deserve it. Today was no different. You're part of the arts and culture committee in RAD. Something that you really enjoy being a part of. You and your friends were cleaning up the art room since your meeting had just finished. You offered to take the trash out. When you made your way into the alley where the trashcans were you saw a bunch of demons. You made sure to keep your distance. You knew to be careful not to get into trouble without the other boys around but of course that didn't happen. These demons were very clearly picking on a demon that was clearly younger and looked petrified as they shoved him around. You couldn't just stand by. So after disposing the trash you skipped your way over to them, you wanted to be pleasant but the minute they opened their mouths you knew that wouldn't be the case, 
“Hey there!! What do you guys think you’re doing?”
“Whatever we want, whats it to you huh? Fuck off bitch” 
“It is obviously something to me when you're clearly bullying him... he is like half your size! Why bother bullying someone so much smaller? At-least have the guts to take on someone your size”
There was complete and utter silence. You knew you had probably poked a really angry bear and were in for a beating but your self preservation skills were clearly lacking as you stood there with a righteous expression. This was one of the few time your words failed you and your anger took over. They dropped the little one to his feet and he wasted no time in getting the fuck out of there. You were now the one quaking in you shoes but you still kept a smile on your face trying hard to not let this get to you. 
“Who the  fuck do you think– oh you're the little human?” There was a split second of shock on his face before he was smirking clearly thinking he was getting away easy. “Ive been waiting for a chance to get you alone away from those arrogant idiots who prance around as the demon lords, to think they actually think something of themselves. Whats more they let a pansy little human prance around as if she owns the place” 
Your anger flared. No one insults your boys!!
“You call them arrogant, when you were bullying someone who wasn't even half your strength and thinking you were the strongest person ever do you not see the irony?... Also who else do you think should be the lords? A demon like you all words and no balls, even i’d make a better lord while being human. Also you call them idiots when your vocabulary seems to be just made up of cusses and the word ‘prance’ like please, Cerberus could talk circles around you” 
The demons face flared red with embarrassment as his friends hid their laughs behind coughs, 
“Who the fuck gave you the right to talk to me like that –” you cut him off “The same person who gave you the bloody audacity to dump your weight on a child and act like a dick... what does it make you feel strong huh? Feed your ego to beat up on children huh?”
You were about to throw another verbal blow when the demon finally raised his fist and punched you. You felt and heard the resounding crack of your nose bone breaking as your head swam with the jarring sensation. You didn't have much time to recuperate before he was grabbing your collar and slamming you against the brick wall. Your head gave a resounding bang. You winced as he screamed in your face. His fist was about to make another painful interaction with your face so you ducked. It was instinct. The one thing you hadn't done so far to piss him off and in doing so he made a whole in the wall behind you. You were pretty sure that was the last straw as he lunged for you again tackling you to the ground. You grunted when you made contact with the ground.  You tried to kick away from him but nothing worked as he settled his weight on your hips and waist. Hands gripping your collar as he threw punch after punch, either on your face or stomach screaming insult after insult, 
“You useless bitch! You have a mouth on you don’t you? Well i’ll show you what happens when you meddle with something that has nothing to do with you.” 
You cried out when one of the other demons painfully tugged your leg and pushed it uncomfortably, twisting the limb and making you cry out. You bought your hands up trying your best to protect your face as he continued to throw punch after punch. He then grabbed your hands and pinned them next to your face with one hand. The other coming to cover you mouth. He bought his face close to your ears,
“Scream bitch scream, lets see if those princes care enough about you to come and save you hmmmm lets wait and see shall we... mhmmm 1,2,3 see nothing, even they know you aren't worth more than the dirt beneath my feet.” 
The demon scooted back and even though you tried to pull away he held your hands down as he continued,
“Keep crying honey, you aren’t making any friends. If anything you're getting me going. Should I cut open that shirt and see if there’s anything worth getting off too? See whats got all those men hooked? Fucking whore”
This was going too far and you knew it. You were about to summon Mammon or Beel as you wiggled your hands to your mark when everything around you froze... quite literally froze in a purple light. You thought you were going slightly dizzy with everything going on, so you just closed your eyes and let the blackness take over.
Okay so this is the first part for this this fic. I know its short compared to the usual but thats because again I really wanted to post something. The next fic will be longer and involve Beel taking care of M/C. As always please lmk if you guys like this and request and reblog!!! :) 💖
Btw lmk if you guys like the new formatting 
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rulerofthefrogs · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Have a bit of Mammon content, as a treat
(Reblogs Appreciated)
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i44tsushi · 5 hours ago
satan (obey me) users please!!
hello there, anon!! thank you for your request <3
here are your users! hopefully, at least one is to your liking!! :D
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i44tsushi · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for some of the users with numbers + “TEARS0FSATAN”, that’s the number 0, not an uppercase O!! :D
p.s. sorry that most of them are uppercase!!
Tumblr media
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sintheyokai · 7 hours ago
Meeee, writing something for Obey Me? Shocking yes but an idea popped in my head regarding my OC, Arabella Roun, and I simply had to write it because it's the first time I've ever had a full script in my head (again shocking, especially from a writers point of view). I value your time, so this story will be in two parts, the first of which will be under the cut:
[Part 2]
No Father of Mine (Part 1)
**for additional information, Arabella is originally French living with her found family in Mexico and she's multilingual. Translated French will be italicized and translated Spanish will be bolded, unless presumed otherwise. This is pre-Belphrelease.
Arabella is many things- an assassin, an actress, a spy, all of which require a mask she's worn since childhood. All of which, as she learned in her previous home, require a heart of stone. Because of this, Arabella does not see herself as kind, unworthy of praise where praise is due. Despite these thoughts, however, she is determined to pay off Mammon's debt, even if it means dragging in others to do so. While doing so, the topic of a name comes up, which brings along other, uncomfortable topics.
"Mammon, exactly how much do you owe those witches?"
It was a very sudden question Arabella brought up at dinner, pulling out a notebook and pen from her bag. She received many stares from the six avatars that watched over her, even Leviathan has paused his game to stare in disbelief.
"Bella baby, you DO know what you just asked for, right?"
"I do, Asmodeus, and I am fully prepared for an answer."
Mammon grimaced, scratching the back of his head as the numbers churned in his mind.
"Severalllll billion Grimm I think? I couldn't give you an exact number."
Arabella made a nose in the back of her throat, "Very well. But it is below the trillion mark?"
Mammon nodded. He knew that much. Conversation thought to be over, the lords continued to eat. But Arabella was not quite done yet.
"Do you know how much that would be in human change?"
Several distressed sounds were heard.
"Why are ya so damn interested in my debt!?"
"If a normie like you has that much money, I'm eating my headphones."
Lucifer finally silenced the whole table.
"I understand you and Mammon are very close to each other, Arabella," he started, "But the thought that you could pay off his debt is ludicrous, and will teach him not-"
"With all due respect, Lord Lucifer, I've earned quite a lot of money doing my human world job," Arabella interrupted, "If you will not answer my question then I will ask another: how much Grimm is equal to a human dollar?"
"Bout 500." Of course Mammon would know that instantly. She nodded at him and began to write in her notebook- 500 Grimm= 1 dollar; Trillion Grimm= ??? dollars.
Asmo looked like he was about to faint, "Arabella, our sweet little human, you can't be serious! You say you have a lot of money but this is Mammon we're talking about, you shouldn't spoil him like this!"
"It is because of his debt that they hold power over him, is that not correct?"
The room became silent. Arabella continued.
"Now, I do not know where lines are drawn in terms of morality here - how far people must go before someone finally says enough is enough. But where I draw my line is when you have people who hold themselves higher than they really are, and they flaunt it for all the world to see. Even worse are those who think that no one will challenge them, then abuse their power further when someone finally does. If these witches want money I will give them that money. But I will not let them hold that much power over a lord of Hell and do nothing when they laugh in his face."
She noticed Mammon slightly tearing up, and she almost smiled. She didn't, instead turning her attention back to her notebook, "Now please allow me to work."
The permission given was silence.
"So if 500 is 1 then it's reasonable to assume 5000 is ten... right?" Arabella was muttering to herself.
The sudden switch in languages nearly sent the table into a frenzy once more, especially Asmodeus.
"1000 is two, two times five, 1000 times five... Yeah yeah okay that's 5000. How many 0s is a trillion again?"
"Oh DARLING you speak Fre-" Asmo tried to squeal before Arabella covered his mouth.
"Trying to count. It's much easier in my native language. So a trillion is... A million iiiis- six. So a billion is nine, meaning a trillion is twelve zeroes. Twelve, twelve, Quetzalcoatl please save me."
"Oi, how many languages do ya spe-"
"Several, Mammon, and if no one is eating please get out so I can concentrate."
The room stayed quiet from then on.
"A trillion is twelve zeroes... Wait." she paused, "What the hell all I needed was a trillion divided by 500, fuck. Okay so that's.. gods above what is that." She pulled out her D.D.D., quickly typing the numbers into her calculator
"What I'm getting is that I would need 2 billion to pay off your debt." she directed towards Mammon writing the number down in her notebook, "And that's if I did this correctly."
"I'nt tha a lo'?" Bell asked, mouth bulging with the others' unfinished plates.
"Well yes," Arabella said, "But with a little contribution from my other family members and friends, this could actually be paid off. If I spent all the money I have currently saved, aside from money used solely for donations to charities and money set aside for familial business, that would take a chunk out of such a large number in itself. The remainder would be about 1.5 billion."
"As impressed as I am with your determination on this matter," Attention turned to the eldest brother, "I'm concerned as to where you got all this money."
"My job pays high depending on how well the end result is. And my squad produces very good end results, Lord Lucifer." She turned to Mammon.
"Mammon, what nationalities are these witches? I'm aware there are three, but remind me where they come from."
The demon clicked his tongue "One is from Romania, one's from Japan, and the last one's from France."
"Alright, so 2 billion divide by three.. that's going to be uneven." She typed the numbers, keeping in a strangled chuckle. "66,666,666.67 dollars per witch. How ironic. Okay so converting that means..." she typed a few more numbers, "270,700,010.21 lei for Romania, 7,312,366,949.56 yen for Japan, and 55,022,751.91 euros for France. Provided I didn't mistype anything."
Arabella stood up, "Very well then! I'm going to make a phone call to a few family members, a few friends of mine, and we'll get this sorted."
Notebook with these calculations in hand, she walked to the common room, unaware of the six lords following her all the way.
And that is Part 1! I will post the second part within a day of posting this at the same time, so keep an eye out if you want, please reblog if you can, it’d be really appreciated, and send me feedback if you feel like it too.
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wrathymcwrathface · 17 hours ago
𝑀𝒶𝓂𝓂𝑜𝓃, 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒜𝓋𝒶𝓉𝒶𝓇 𝑜𝒻 𝒢𝓇𝑒𝑒𝒹, a playlist made by my MC.
Belphegors playlist x
A 20 song playlist (excluding the pandora link since they dont have anything for the obey me songs lol) made by me (my mc obviously). This playlist is different from others yall may have heard, but sometimes its better to go in with an open mind. Thanks to @error-code-606​ and @absoluteyeet​ for assisting me with this.
Links are below the photo, along with the song names. This will be posted to my ao3 and wattpad as well, as well as my instagram. I don’t own the photo used in this post or the music.
Tumblr media
Links to the playlists:
1. Carl Barker - Dance Gavin Dance 2. idfc - blackbear 3. Tokyo Drifting - Glass Animals 4. DOA - I Prevail 5. Panini - Lil Nas X 6. Second Best - Issues 7. Silence - Khalid 8. Teachers Pet - Melanie Martinez 9. Heat Waves - Glass Animals 10. Yes! - KYLE 11. Tapping Out - Issues 12. Stingray Affliction - Issues 13. iSpy - KYLE 14. Deadly Conversations - Issues 15. Motorbike - Leon Bridges 16. Falling - Trevor Daniel 17. Mindreader - A Day to Remember 18. Hours - Soupandreas & Iverrness 19. Paralyzed - Marshmello 20. Are You Ready?
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obeymesideblog · 17 hours ago
Beelzebub: You want me to flex and make all the buttons pop off my shirt?
MC: Yes! You can do that?
Beelzebub: The challenge is keeping the buttons on.
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designatedbreadbox · 21 hours ago
Making the headcanon right now that Satan woulf absolutely play the song Fly Me To The Moon by Count Basie and Frank Sinatra during a date.
He'd look at you, extending a hand with a soft look as the song plays. A beautiful fruit tray is arranged, along with fitting wine and delivious cake. He's a hopeless romantic for a demon representing Wrath, so he's totally go all out.
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plaguebeel · 21 hours ago
What the brothers hugs are like. 
Lucifer’s hugs are private. He is not the biggest fan of PDA and would much rather hug you when the two of you are alone. Not to say he never hugs you in public, he just prefers to do it while alone.
His public hugs are loose, soft and partially side hugs.
His private hugs are still gentle but have a lot more ‘unf’ to them. It will be a full on embrace where he loosely grabs you and lingers there for a few seconds longer then he probably should. They’re very relaxing and comforting.
If you're a big fan of affection, he’ll hug you in accomplishment for doing well on your tasks, getting good grades, not encouraging his brothers stupid behavior, etc.
This man's hugs are peak desperation. They are grabby, needy, clumsy, tight and protective. His hugs feel like a kid who got lost in a store, was convinced he would never see his parents again, but just found them and this was their passionate embrace.
He’s almost constantly trying to give you side hugs in public to let others know to fuck off, and a little bit because he just wants to be close to you. Always giving excuses to touch and hug you till you ask him to stop twice.
Loses his shit with pride when you initiate hugs. Will rub it in the face of anyone around.
Very much a hugger when it comes to cuddling, and he cuddles a lot. His hugs are more loose/normal when cuddling until you try and leave, then he’ll tackle you to get you to stay.
He could barely touch you, much less hug you for a very long time. It took him a lot of working up to do. The first hugs were shaky, clingy, limp and awkward. It was almost more of a ‘I’m grabbing you so you don’t leave’ kind of situation then a hug.
Eventually as the two of you grew more comfortable being in each other's space they became less shaky. Not no shaking, just less. He prefers to bury his face into your shoulder/head while hugging to avoid eye contact.
He liked to have his hair patted/pet your hair while hugging. He saw it in anime, tried it out and ended up enjoying it.
Once he grows even more comfortable, he’ll use hugs to compliment you about how cute you are being. “Moe Moe~!”
 Satan has versatile hugs. I mean everyone's hugs depend on the situation, but Satan’s in particular have a wide range.
 His hugs tend to be short and light. Not the most loving, but not unloving.
 He does like hugging while cuddling, as long as he can still see his book. His cuddle hugs last longer and are significantly more tender. They almost always involve petting.
 He’s also not the biggest fan of hugging in public, he’d much rather hold your hand.
 That is, until he finds out Lucifer gets angry or jealous when the two of you hug. He’ll ramp up the hugging to ten. Very touchy, loud positive words of affirmation to draw attention to the situation, etc.
 Like Satan, Asmodeus has versatile hugs, but in a different way. He’s good at reading your mood and knowing what kind of hug you need in the moment.
 He prefers affectionate, cuddly hugs with a kiss added in. They are velvety and make you feel trusted, a similar feeling to drinking nighttime tea in your favorite sleepy place.
 His hugs are toned down while casually cuddling, but still just as loving. They’re more loose and display an equal understanding of trust between the two of you.
 He will not tone down the intensity of his hugging for the public unless you express discomfort with it. This man is not ashamed to let everyone know he loves you. 
 His hugs involve a lot of kisses and while he’s normally good at reading you, you will have to ask him to stop if you don’t want any.
At first his hugs were gentle because he was scared of hurting you. They were full body, but it felt more like his arms were draped around you then squeezing you.
 Eventually after he realized he could give you tight hugs without breaking you, they became a lot more bearish. They’re still gentle (for him), but it's also tight and a true full body experience. 
 He liked to hug you from behind and pick you up, which frequently pops your back in a very satisfying way.
 A lot of his hugs are surprise hugs. He’ll see you in the hallway at RAD and get so excited he has to run up and give you a big hug.
 If you're dating or okay with platonic kisses, almost all his hugs will have head/forehead kisses. Smell is very important to him and if he’s not kissing you in his hugs he's probably smelling you
 Belpahgor’s hugs are possessive. They include less squeezing and more clinging then hugging. 
 The only time his hugs aren’t clingy is when the two of you are laying down together, and then they’re only not clingy half the time. His non-needy hugs while laying down with you involve a lot of nuzzling and gentle squeezes.
 His needy hugs while laying down are entirely for the purpose of keeping you laying down. He doesn't want you to get up and ruin his blanket fort. 
 He gives a lot of side hugs that just lead to him sleeping on your shoulder.
 He does sometimes hug you just to make his brothers jealous. 
 Just like Beel, if you're okay with platonic kisses or dating, a lot of his hugs will have sloppy cheek kisses. But you have to be careful because he could just be trying to bite you.
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shadowsevilfish · 23 hours ago
Random thought for ObeyMe, but...
I've always had this personal belief that the jewelry that Diavolo wears is actually a depiction of his true form.
Tumblr media
The wings match, the red matches, and it even looks like one of the fucked up depictions of "angels". So if angels had feathered wings, of course devils would have the opposite, but look just as crazy.
Well this decorative piece certainly stands for something.
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cats-artandsuchblog · 23 hours ago
Poke <3
Tumblr media
Bruh I'm really hoping that I can get Simeon's SSR card from this event, but I've done 2 10x pulls and I still haven't gotten it :(
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simpgal · a day ago
Belphie why are you so cute?! It should be illegal to be this cute 🥰
Tumblr media
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simpgal · a day ago
Solomon I literally will die for u 😇
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A.N :: Part Two of my "Going back home for a week" headcanons for the brothers. These headcanons are written under the assumption that you (MC) now lives with the boy of your choice and want to go back home for a bit.
(Fandoms I am willing to write for are the description of my blog —OM being my main focus— and if you have any question or inquiries do no hesitate to ask my inbox is open for all) ❤️
Tumblr media
Before you go — His initial thought when you told him you decided to go back to the human world was honestly "nice a lovers vacation", he loved the human world and it was not rare of him to take you on impromptu dates there for just a day but you two had never really took an actual vacation up there together and he thought it was the time to do so. When you told him you actually thought about going up all alone to see your family and spend some quality time as it has been quite a long time since you last visited.
He understands he truly does. But do not expect him to not be stubborn about it. His work is entirely casted aside (much to Barbatos' dismay) just so he can follow you around the room like a puppy begging you to take him along with you.
He won't give up. He really won't, until the very last second, as he kisses you goodbye he'll still mutter against your lips that his suitcase is waiting behind a tree and he can still accompany you if you want.
While you're gone — Barbatos is normally always pestering him about his bad habit of procrastinating. Well it is now even worse. Diavolo just won't work, he spends his days on his D.D.D waiting for you to write back to him, sending you pictures of himself or the piles of paperworks waiting to be filled on his desk.
All he talks about is you. To the point Lucifer is almost begging you to come back, he can't take any more of your lovesick boyfriend that is clearly in withdrawal right now.
When you come back — His procrastination is no more. Which is, for a big part, all thanks to Barbatos who, tired of seeing things pile up on his desk ended threatening nicely suggesting that if his paperworks were not done by the time you came back he would not be allowed to welcome you back at the portal. Needless to say his work was done in a minute.
When you're finally here he just won't let go. He quite literally sweeps you off your feet in such an effortless way you're once again reminded of his impressive demonic strength and carries you back to the castle himself all the while asking about how was your trip.
Tumblr media
Before you go — He was actually the one who suggested you to take a vacation. A event was coming to the Devildom very soon and he knew he would be swept up by work, even more than usual, during the preparations so your time together would decrease greatly during that period.
Do not take this a him trying to send you away however. It is actually all a clever plan from him. Barbatos has a very demanding job and you know his butler duties are of utmost importance to him but since you two had started dating he began to feel a bit frustrated at not being able to spend as much time as he wants with you. That's why everytime he has the time he likes to spend some time with you and that's also why he sends you away when he knows he won't have time to spend relaxing in your company so that when his busy schedule finally settles down you'll be here to be with him.
While you're gone — He refuses to say it loud but having you away has made him distracted. Him who normally never makes any mistakes is now having difficulty doing tasks he has been doing for years. He has been putting too much sugar in Lord Diavolo's tea, he forgot about bringing him dessert during lunch and he has been caught many times spacing out in the corridors of the castle.
And while Diavolo is absolutely delighted to see his butler in such a rare lovesick state, Barbatos on other hand is beating himself up over all of these mistakes. He has always been on top of his game when it came to being Diavolo's butler and two days without you and look at him loosing his mind.
When you come back — On the day that you're supposed to come back, Barbatos is unusually restless. You couldn't be coming back any faster.
The poor man is beside himself hand trembling with anticipation, waiting so eagerly to come back safe to so he can finally come back to his senses instead of being that shameful mess of a butler.
Well at least that's what he told himself but the first thing he did when you passed the doors of the Demon Lord's Castle is not go back to work, no, he came over to you and hugged you very hard.
Tumblr media
Before you go — Simeon is very understanding. He knew it would not be fair of him to tell you to stay after you spent so long without seeing your family. But that certainly doesn't prevent him from being sad about it. After all, as most couples at the beginnings of their relationship do, all you have been doing you had been doing it together so the thought of being separated for the first time was almost heartbreaking to the angel.
He is very careful about making sure you're packing the right things, even going as far as putting some stuff he thought you might need into your luggage himself. He baked heart-shaped cookies as well as angel-shaped one for the trip, and he even baked more just so you can share of his cooking with your family when you arrives (which by the way was definitely an obvious attempt to win their favor before he even gets to meet them).
When it's time to say goodbye, he hugs you very hard and makes you promise you'll be very careful and come back to him in one piece. He even actually considered sending Luke undercover to make sure you arrive safely however decided to not do it when he realized he would then be worried about two people.
While you're gone — He feels lonely for sure, however to anyone who meets him for the first time he would seem quite normal. He works as usual, smile and laugh with everyone as he does normally. Really to the naked eye Simeon is feeling fine.
The only thing that seem different in him is that, for someone who's definitely not tech-savvy, he seems to spend an awful lot of time on his phone. What is he doing on there ? Well quite simple. He is basically live-texting his day, telling you about people he met, sending you stolen pictures of Luke, telling you he misses you, etc.
He isn't really awaiting for an answer, he already knows you're reading all of his texts and smiling before your phone, not to mention you'll tell him all about your thoughts during your usual nighttime call.
When you come back — To say Simeon is excited about your return is an understatement, in fact he has spent his entire morning preparing a feast just for the two of you.
He arrives in advance at your meeting spot and as soon as he saw you emerge he jogs up to meet you and spin you around, kissing your forehead lovingly as he tells you about how much he had missed you the last few days.
Tumblr media
Before you go —Solomon is actually quite good with it. After you two have the advantage to live in the same world so while the distance is big it could have been much worse. Not to mention, Solomon is actually quite understanding of your need to meet with your family, maybe an effect of the fact that he, as an immortal human, has most certainly outlived his whatever family he had by now.
He does joke around a bit asking you if he can tag along and you actually thought about it until he laughed and kissed you temple before saying it was not necessary, even though he did appreciate you considering it.
You might want to keep him away from your luggages however, as he, eager to help, seems to enjoy putting objects that are as bulky as they are unnecessary inside them happily telling you might need them during your trip.e
You might want to keep him away from your luggages however, as he, eager to help, seems to enjoy putting objects that are as bulky as they are unnecessary inside them happily telling you might need them during your trip.
While you're gone — He is bored out of his mind. Has life always been this boring without you? He couldn't recall. Normally you two would talk a lot or work on your magic, go on dates or just hang out at home, etc.. You would laugh together.
Solomon had never really realized how boring his life could be when you were not around. He tried to concentrate other things, he tried to work a little but to no avail his mind just run back to the thoughts of you, he tried summoning Asmodeus to have some company but the way he immediately asked where you were made him almost depressed.
He ends up spending his time out wandering around the city, checking his phone every now and then to see if there are any news of you.
When you come back — Having been bored out of his mind for an entire week you bet that Solomon is in advance to pick you up from the airport/station. As soon as he meets your eyes he opens up his arms and waits for you to come and hug him.
Casually takes you on a date with him, doesn't care about your luggage in the slightest, if he has to carry it all the way he will. Right now all he needs is to spend some time with you.
Tumblr media
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its-sunnybunny · a day ago
Introducing 'Mani
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer and her ( Keep in mind this pic crew wasn't the most diverse, so as a background story, this was made in winter, and 'Mani wasn't getting her sun lol)
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grey-eyed-menace · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ubuyashiki Sora, age fifteen, at dinner with her siblings. Two years before her events of the Obey Me! game proper.
Nagisa took her picture for a family tree project in the middle of eating because he was dead set on capturing each of his family members in their 'Natural Habitat', the little shit.
A year later, shortly after Nagisa came out, she was included in a slideshow he made during Pride with the tagline 'Disaster Demi'.
Sora's still not entirely sure if she should be pissed off or fondly exasperated because of it.
Tumblr media
Sora if she didn't suffer from albinism!
Anyway, next up, if time is willing, and I don't get distracted, will be a full line up of the Ubuyashiki Family, the Shibata cousins, and the parents, Takeru and Ushio!
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