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#obey me one shot
asmos-pet · 8 months ago
May I request some Dominant Mammon (nsfw) of him Marking MC for spending more time with someone else but him? they can be headcannons if you want. Its alright I ya don't wanna do it, or already wrote something similar.
I'm just a simp for the Greedy Demon :')
Tumblr media
Territorial by Nature (NSFW)
Mammon x F!Reader
summary: it doesn’t take much to send mammon into a rage that ends up resulting in a very, very territorial demon.
warnings: dirty talk, name-calling, and choking
word count: 900
It was the seventh day. The seventh time you came back to Mammon's room smelling like one of his brothers. Every night for one week, you'd returned to your boyfriend's late at night, crawling into bed with him, your natural smell smothered under layers upon layers of other demons' scents.
It made his skin itch - the way you nuzzled against his chest, oblivious to the fact that you overwhelming smelled of Lucifer. And the Avatar of Greed refused to simply just turn the other cheek this time. Not tonight. Not smelling like Lucifer.
The moment your body hit the bed, it was over for you. No matter what you had in mind, Mammon was now wrapping his arms around you, pulling you back into him and holding you tightly while he rubbed his body over yours. “Really?” He grunted in your ear, frustrated that Lucifer’s scent wasn’t fading. 
You had no idea what Mammon was on about, wriggling a bit in his arms but not being able to make your way free. “What are you talking about?”
The demon couldn’t help but growl, a low guttural sound. He refused to even say Lucifer’s name. No. Not when your attention belonged to him. You were his, and he was going to make sure everyone knew it by the time he was done with you tonight. “Take off your clothes.”
“Take them off!” He repeated his command, but didn’t wait for you to listen, hands releasing you only to start pulling at your clothes, trying to tug them off of you. “I’m fuckin’ serious, MC.”
Perhaps it was the severity of his tone, or perhaps it was the dangerous glint in his eyes - whatever it was, it convinced you to obey his orders, starting to undress yourself. “Okay, okay... Calm down.” When he realized you were stripping, his hands started working at his own clothes desperately.
That was his only response before his lips attached to you, sucking eagerly at your skin. Nails digging into your hips, the demon was almost primal in the way his mouth assaulted you, impatiently tearing your panties clean off because you weren’t being fast enough. “Mammon!”
Ignoring your shock, he continued to suck a beautiful array of bruises across your collarbones and breasts. The Avatar of Greed needed to smell you, feel you, mark you with bites so dark that no amount of makeup could cover it. “You’re mine.” He groaned against your skin, hand dipping in between your legs to rub over your slit. 
You were about to return the favor, but then you realized he was one step ahead of you - hand shoved down his boxers, already pumping it up and down his length. Craning to look behind you, all you could do was watch as he pleasured himself, removing his hand from between your thighs to lick your wetness off his fingers. 
When his hand returned, Mammon slipped in a finger, immediately followed by another, curling them roughly inside of you, not giving you any time to adjust. The pathetic, little whimper that fell from your lips was the last straw. 
In an instant, you were rolled onto your back, Mammon situating himself between your thighs, hand guiding his throbbing cock to right where it belonged. To your surprise, his horns had sprouted from his head, wings unfurling from his back. 
But nothing was more surprising than when he slammed into you, bottoming out immediately, burying himself as deep as he could go. With his hips flush against yours, the demon reached out and wrapped a hand around your throat, lowering himself until you two were forehead-to-forehead. “Say it. Say you’re mine.”
This time your whimper was much louder, a yelp almost as you felt your walls stretch to accommodate his impressive length. “Fuck! I’m- I’m yours.” You whined, eyes never straying from his.
“That’s fuckin’ right.” He groaned, one hand returning to grab your hip, holding you in place while he began thrusting into you at a savage pace. “You’re mine.” The hand around your neck squeezed tighter as if to emphasize his point. “You belong to me. Mmm- I’m the only one who can fuck your tight, little cunt like this, yeah?”
You couldn’t answer, your lungs far more concerned about getting oxygen than answering his question, yet you only laid your hand on top of his, daring him to keep it there. “Fuckin’ slut..” Mammon spat. He could feel your walls start to tense, eliciting another growl, his pace becoming more and more sporadic, more and more desperate to paint your walls in white.
“Pl-please...” You moaned. You were completely at his mercy, his body looming over yours and keeping you pressed into the bed. “I’m- I’m close..” Your hands were grasping at the sheets, fisting them tightly as if that would keep you from falling over the edge. 
Hips snapping into yours, all you could feel was his cock twitching inside of you before a wave of bliss wracked through your body, back arching in pleasure. Despite your screams, the demon continued plunging into you, pumping in his seed as far as it could go. 
Even after he finally pulled out, Mammon kept your lower body propped up, resuming his process of covering your body in lovebites while making sure every single drop of his cum stayed buried inside of you. 
Though, out of his frenzied state, there was one word he repeatedly whispered every so often.
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deru-shigaraki · 8 days ago
Belphegor x Beelzebub x reader (princes/peasant one shot)
You were poor. Dirt poor. You had nothing to your name but the clothes on your back and a necklace around your neck. It wasn't made with a golden chain it was just a piece of binder twine tied to you, only the sparkling silver charm making it look even somewhat decent. It wasn't worth anything of course, it was just something that you came across one day and you thought it was pretty. You considered it to be the most beautiful thing that you owned. Granted there wasn't a lot to compare it to. You lived in a very small house, in town next to the bakery. Your Aunt and uncle worked there with their two children. You were never allowed to help. Even though you were a teenager, they treated you like a unless baby, never letting you in the store, afraid you might mess something up. It didn't really bother you. They gave you food and a place to sleep, that was all you needed. As for entertainment, you found most of your hobbies out in the woods. Your uncle had warned you about getting too close to the castle. The Nobels were cruel and didn't take too kindly to peasants like you. However his words didn't affect you. The trees next to the castle weren't only prettier than the ones near your home, but some of them also grew apples and oranges. It was the only place to pick sweets. You never seen anyone else picking the fruit, probably because it wasn't allowed, like your uncle said. You thought about how it was actually pretty genius of you to come and sneak fruit in the middle of the day. If everyone was really as scared of the Nobels, then they wouldn't dare come and steal the fruit. So why would the trees be guarded? You were quick and quiet, taking what you wanted and then hiding somewhere off into the woods where no one would disturb you. Today you settled a little closer to the castle than you usually did. You wanted to eat your prizes and watch the birds that flew in and out of the castles garden. You wanted more than anything to go in there and see. You fantasized about what the flowers and plants would look like. Sadly the tall and thick hedge wall made that an impossible dream. You leaned against a tree, closing your eyes, full and ready for a nap. The birds were chirping and the shade was keeping you cool along with a soft breeze. You dozed off in a matter of seconds and would have stayed sleeping for hours if it wasn't for the lifting of your skirt. You're eyes shot open, your legs instinctively kicking. For good measure, you also hucked an apple at the creep in front of you. Once you calmed down, you noticed that it was a boy. He had his arms covering his head, scared of getting attacked by you. You scooted back against the tree, wrapping your arms around your knees glaring at him. When he lifted his head, you realized that he was clean, no dirt or dust covering his face. His ginger hair was washed and shiny, and his eyes were bright. A bit scared of her of course but he should have known better. He cleared his throat, about to speak. His voice was deep, you were guessing that he was a few years older than you. "I'm sorry, I thought you were sleeping..." He admitted. You stared at him in disbelief. He was kneeling on his knees, his hands fiddling with each other in his lap. You huffed. "That's not an excuse to be a pervert!" you snapped and the boy blushed, looking away from her. "I'm not a pervert, I just..." He trailed off, not finishing his sentence. You rolled your eyes. He was a pervert. You looked over him some more. Seeing his nice clothes, that seemed a bit too tight for his shoulders. He must have had some muscle. You questioned him some more. "What are you?" She asked and the boy glanced at her momentarily. "I'm a prince." He told you, but regardless of his fancy clothes you doubted that. "If you're a prince, then where is your crown?" You asked and he finally looked at you fully. "I don't get to wear mine, I'm clumsy. Barbatos says that I'd break it." he explained and you hummed in thought. "Barbatos being?" "My butler. He takes care of me and my brother." he told her and before you could ask, a few leaves from the tree above you started to fall next to you. "Brother?" You mumbled before a boy swung down, hanging from his legs, upside down like a bat. "Me!" he joked and laughed as you yelped in fright, crawling away. "Oh shoot, Beel grab her!" He shouted and before you knew it, the ginger boy had grabbed your ankles, pulling you back towards the two strangers. You squealed, not liking being handled like that. "Geez, she's really loud." The boy from the tree muttered, covering his ears. The one named Beel crawled over top of you, holding your wrist to the ground so you couldn't fight him. You struggled against him, feeling his crotch press against your ass. You feared the worse, screaming until he covered your mouth. "Please don't yell, you're gonna hurt our ears." He told you and you whined, wiggling underneath him as the other boy walked around the two of you. He kneeled down in front of you, slapping his brothers hand from you mouth. "Don't cover her face Beel, I wanna see her." He examined you, resting his fingers underneath your chin, lifting your head up. He smiled smugly, turning your head from side to side. You examined him right back, noticing how his hair was longer than the other boys, more messy. It was a dark black with white tips. it covered his face well but you could still see his handsome features. He let go of you and gave a look to his brother. "We should keep her, she's really cute." He told him. You blinked out of shock. "W-what?!" You stuttered. Beel stood up, picking you up too. You allowed him to lift you, but the second you got to your feet you bolted into the woods. Beel's jaw fell open. "Dammit Beel." His brother scoffed. "It's ok, let's go catch her." He patted his shoulder, reassuring him that it was just a mistake. You on the other hand were rushing through the trees, wanting to be as far away from those weirdos as possible. Your aunt and uncle were right. The Nobels were crazy, you learned your lesson. You forgot to watch where you were going, stumbling right over a drop off and plunging head first into a small creek. You splashed in the water getting fully emerged before coming back up to the surface. You gasped for breath, tears dripping down your face. You lifted your arms, seeing a few cuts and bruises from the rocks you landed on. You were pissed. Today would have been another perfect day, and if it wasn't for those boys you would have still been napping peacefully no problem. It wasn't fair. You were looking over your injuries when you felt your body getting lifted and dragged out of the creek. You flared your arms and kicked your legs but this Beel kid was strong. He hugged you close to his chest. "Beel don't let her go, she's too fast to chase, let's get her into the garden before dad returns. ------------You were shaking, your naked body fully exposed in the garden's fountain. Belphegor and Beelzebub were pouring in soap, rubbing shampoo and conditioner into your hair. You tried slapping their hands away but that only earned you a smack to the side of your head. You curled up into a little ball, insanely embhassased that they were treating you like an animal. Beel was the one cleaning your wounds, he was very gentle but you refused to appreciate the gesture. Belphegor was humming happily, grabbing a towel he had. "Alright, come, we better get inside before you catch a cold." You were pulled to you feet, Belphegor wrapping you up and cradling you in your arms. He held you bridal style, carrying you into the castle. You hid your face in his chest, scared and cold, hungry and stressed. You didn't trust the boys, they were aggressive and entitled. You weren't an object, even though you had give up on fighting them. If they really were princes then what would you be able to do about it? Beel walked by your side, he smiled at his brother. "She's kinda small, I bet she'd fit in your old cape, that would be adorable." He told him and Belphegor laughed. "What if we dress her up as a little knight? We could teach her to use swords and ride horses, that way she'd be able to come on hunts with us." He elaborated. Beel nodded, opening a door that you assumed was to their room. You felt a warm waft of air hit you as you entered the room. It smelled so unfamiliar. You had boy cousins of course, but their room never smelled this good. It was musky, manly, strong and hot. You felt a bit dizzy as Belphegor laid you on the bed. You rolled over onto your stomach, trying to avoid looking at him. When you face pressed against the soft pillow, you inhaled deeply. You felt like the pleasure would knock you out, you didn't even realized that Beel had crawled into bed next to you. Belphegor was looking through his drawers, trying to find clothes that would fit you. Belphegor approached the bed, giving your butt a light smack to catch your attention. "Up," He ordered and you whined, snuggling into the bed. Beel chuckled and lifted you up for his brother. "She's so light, like a little doll." He mumbled and Belphegor nodded, slipping the long sleeved, blue shirt over top of you. You huffed, swatting his hands away once you were less exposed. Beel grabbed your wrist to get you to stop. "No hitting." He scolded you, your head turning away from him, uncomfortable with him being so close. Beel took this to his advantage, his face pressing against your neck, making you squeal. Still, having a hold of your arms, he kept you still, nuzzling you affectionately. Belphegor smiling at your feeble attempts to fight him off. "What should we name her?" He asked his brother. You and Beel looked up at him, you in confusion and Beel in thought. He let go of you, allowing you a chance to crawl up further on the bed, sitting on the pillows and leaning against the headboard. Beel stared at you, and gave a small smile. "I like bunny. She's wild, soft, and..." His eyes trailed down your body, making you uncomfortable. Belphegor started to laugh. "Beel you're such a pervert." He joined you two on the be. Beel frowned at him. "I'm not...You don't know what I was gonna say." He complained and Belphegor chuckled, leaning his forehead against his brothers. "We are twins~I know everything that goes through your head, Just like you know what's going through mine." He purred and Beel smiled, and the two held each others hands. You mentally awed at the scene in front of you. "So...You two are twins?" You asked, your voice a little shaky. The boys looked pleased to hear you speak again. "Yes we are." Belphie smiled. Beel spoke up next. "Do you have siblings?" He asked and you shook your head. "I live with my aunt and uncle, but I have cousins that are sort of like my siblings." you told them and the boys nodded. Belphegor grinned. "That's good, so you're not going to be missed." He reached up to touch your leg and you kicked his hand away, glaring. "I will too be missed! The second my family notices I'm gone they will come and get me!" You yelled at them. Beel had a sad expression, looking to his brother from help. Belphie quirked an eyebrow. "As if, peasant. If they aren't your real parents then you'd be nothing but a burden to them, especially acting the way you do. Such a pig." He hissed. You were taken back by the cruel words. Beel stepped in, "No Belphie don't make her cry." He begged and You frowned at him. "I'm not crying." Belphegor rolled his eyes. "You can't let her walk all over you Beel, she's a pet, don't take her seriously." You crossed your arms angrily over your chest. "I'm not your pet, I'm going to wait here and be difficult until my uncle comes to find me." You sassed and Belphegor reached into his boot, pulling out of knife. The blade made a sharp sound as it brushed against it's holder. He pointed it at you, his eyes burning with seriousness. Meanwhile you and Beel were nearly shaking with nerves. Belphegor spoke. "You better hope they forget about you. If anyone tries to take you away, I'll murder them." He growled and you trembled, not liking how he was threatening you. Beel nibbled at his lip. "But, not her though right Belphie? Just the ones trying to steal her back?" He asked and Belphegor tucked away his knife. "Of course, I'd never hurt your bunny Beel." He told him and Beel smiled, grateful for his brother. The two shared a moment before their eyes landed back onto you. You felt tears well up in your eyes. Beel noticed this and reached for your hand. "Don't be upset Bunny, I promise you'll love it here." He assured but you only sniffled, wiping your face with the long sleeve of the shirt. Belphegor tilted his head at you curiously. "Have you ever kissed a boy, bunny?" He asked and you fiddled with Beel's hand nervously, shaking your head. Belphegor nodded, a small smile on his face as he leaned into you. Beel stopped him, for the first time glaring at his brother. "I want to be her first kiss!" He whined and Belphegor sighed. "Fine, how about a compromise?" Beel gave you a look before nodding at his bother. You struggled as each of them straddled one of your legs so you couldn't kick and each of them holding your hand so you wouldn't hit them. You couldn't get away, closing your eyes, not wanting to have your fist kiss be stolen from you. You whimpered as you felt two pairs of lips on you. Beel's first quick one on your cheek before joining his brothers on a side of your mouth. It wasn't intense, it was soft. Both of them were taking their time, pressing their lips against you softly, over and over again. You were getting a bit dizzy, Beel's hips beginning to rock against your thigh. You whined, snapping your head to the side to get them to stop. Beel growled, not wanting to stop. Belphegor placed a hand on his shoulder. "Easy Beel, she's ours now, we don't have to rush into anything." He reminded him, and Beel nodded. "I know." He mumbled and Belphegor leaned up against him. You were so taken back by the situation. It was scary, being around there two strangers, but it was also intriguing. You didn't know what was going to happen to you, but it couldn't be that bad....Right?
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devildomqueen · a month ago
Lucifer Helps You Walk Cerberus
The first time Lucifer had asked you to walk Cerberus, you were certain you would die. You assumed it was a horrible punishment, and in the end, that’s exactly what it felt like.
Recently, however, Lucifer decided to come with you, so Cerberus did not drag you behind him as he ran freely, terrorizing the devildom streets.
You gripped the leash tightly as Lucifer strode beside you. The demons who passed you by had panicked looks on their faces until they saw Lucifer was with you.
Lucifer looked content and kept throwing glances your way, amused you seemed so panicked.
“So…if you’re coming with me anyway, why do I have to walk Cerberus?” You asked, your voice laced with anxiety.
He chuckled and patted your shoulder. “Because, I want him to get used to you.”
“So he doesn’t kill me?”
“No…well yes, but also so I can start teaching you to give him commands.”
You threw him a confused look, and he grinned.
“Having Cerberus as another being to protect you will greatly relieve my anxieties. I can have him watch you while I’m gone, and you can stop him from getting into trouble.”
“Wait…so who’s babysitting who?”
He laughed lightly and seemed to ponder the question seriously.
“Hm…I suppose it goes both ways. Both of you are capable of causing serious trouble, but unlike Cerberus, you need a bit more protection. Having command over a three-headed dog who breathes fire should deter anyone from even considering bringing you harm.”
“Who in their right mind would try to hurt me knowing you’d bring the wrath of hell upon them?”
“There are savage demons, you know. They are never in their right minds, so it’s just a precaution.”
“Here I thought walking Cerberus was just a punishment…” you mumbled.
“Oh? Do I have reason to punish you?” He asked with a sly grin.
You gave him an annoyed look, and he rubbed your back, assuring you he was teasing.
You rolled your eyes, and the two of you continued to walk him in peace…that is until he saw a rather large squirrel, and things went downhill from there.
“Uh oh…”
“Cerberus, don’t you dare—”
That day you learned what it felt like to fly.
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plush-rabbit · a month ago
Play With Me
Request: hii can i request an nsfw of Leviathan and fem s/o with forced feminization and humiliation ( levi receiving) ??
Warnings: Light Humiliation, Usage of a Strap
Word Count: 2K
A/N: Echo from Bad Dragon is what I’m referencing!! I hope you like it!! I’ve been in a big er- power move lately!! Shigaraki will get one too so Gamer Simps, yall are getting fed these next few days!!
You stand in Leviathan’s room, the blue hue against your skin making you glow. You look at the bathtub, a frown on your lips. You have enjoyed doing this ordeal on something softer but a gaming chair will suffice. You’re sure those are soft and made for comfort given how long people must sit in them. You fix your strap, the cock in your hand feeling firm. Shadows move under the closet door. In the fish tank, a lone orange fish blinks at you before swimming away. Your face burns, the thought of a beloved pet watching what you’re about to do making you slightly embarrassed. The thought floats away as soon as it comes when the door creaks and out steps a demon clad in pink and frills.
Leviathan steps out of the closet in a revealing maid outfit. Your smile thins, glee coursing through your veins as he tries to pull down on the frilly fabric that wraps around his waist is laced at the ends with white, two white stain bows that pinch at the waist and pull the fabric together. The frilling hardly covers the beginning of his bulge hidden in pink panties decorated with lace at the edges and a white satin bow in the front. His chest is covered by a lacy bralette, his soft pink nipples peeking through the lacy fabric. Around his neck is a frilly collar, scrunched against his neck. He stares at the floor, hands bunched around the frills as he starts to leak at the tip of his cock.
“Already wet and hard, huh Levi?” You jest, your steps coming closer to him, the ends of your heel clacking against the tile in his room. “Turn around for me, sweetheart.” He nods his head, his teeth sinking into his lower lip as he spins slowly, stopping until his bum is facing you. Against the tight underwear, a heart shape is pressed against the fabric. “Already prepped, I see.”
“Are you proud of me?” He asks, turning back around to face you, his steps coming closer to you. “I did a good job, right?” His smile is nervous, slowly becoming wide as he looks towards you for approval.
Your smile falls, a curl of your upper lip graces your features. You click your tongue in response, and roll your eyes. “So desperate for any amount of approval, hm?” You sigh, your shoulders slumping and gaze looking bored. “You reek of desperation, you filthy slut. Now hurry up and get on your knees.” He nods his head, walking closer to you until you stop him. “Ah, ah,” you lilt, wagging a finger in the air. “Crawl over to me. I want to see you work for my cock, okay?” You sit on Leviathan’s gaming chair, the leather cushioning your beck as you cross your legs.
The strap that rests is a soft blue and white mixed together. The tip is thick enough, the rest of the cock slowly expanding with a gentle curve and pushed against the lower base. A medial ring circles around the lower base, firm and expanding just before slimming down into a softer base. The strap circles around you, hugging at your hips as a smaller, and slender version of your cock rubs against your inner walls. You sit at his chair, barely able to contain your smile as Leviathan crawls towards you, his head held high as he keeps a heavy blush on his face.
“Beg for it,” you murmur when he rests at your feet.
“Please let me suck your cock. I’m gross and pervy and I need to have my throat filled with your cock. Please. I’m already leaking just by looking at it.” His voice cracks, a frown against his lips. He shifts his legs together, his hand going to clutch at the frills around his waist, his middle and ring finger extended to graze against the panties. You look down, his eyes glistening with tears and bottom lip trembling, and he gives you a look so pitiful it might have been cute if it weren’t on someone so disgusting. I’ll be good, I promise. I’ll be your dirty otaku if you let me.”
Satisfied enough, you nod your head and let out a sigh, you smile softening. “Get on your knees, Leviathan.” You lean against the back of the chair, your legs spreading as the strap bobs with the movement. Leviathan rises onto his knees, his warm breath against your inner thighs, his soft, dirty hands holding you tight at your thighs. The smaller toy moves inside of you, your walls conforming around the false cock, your face tightens, the soft curve of the cock hitting against your sweet spot. “You’re gonna suck my cock and you’re gonna make it good. Do you understand?” He nods his head, his tongue, a soft pink that fades into a darker blue, peeks out to wet his lips. You raise your leg, the point of your heel pressed against his shoulder. “I asked you a question, I expect an answer in response.” He mutters a quick yes under his breath, his face leaning closer to your cock. His pale skin is marked with red, an indent pressed against his shoulder.
His lips wet the head of the cock, the tip of it shining with spit. The soft blue and white cloud-like cock drips with his saliva. His cheeks are a deep red, tears filling his eyes only to spill out and curve past his cheeks. With each bob of his head, he gags, eyes filling with sweet tears as he buries himself into you. You’re sure that if you could feel the sensation of his mouth, that you’d be quick to release into his mouth but all you have for now is the slender cocktoy inside of you, rubbing so pitifully against your gummy walls. He presses himself close, cheeks flushed red and hands now moving to grip onto your thighs, his nails pressing into your skin and you’re too consumed by him to even care that he’s touching you. Even with the strap-on, he gives it his all, burying himself to the base of your cock, his cheeks hollowed and a hand slipping from your thigh to palm himself through the thin fabric of his panties.
“Okay,” you breathe out, a pool of saliva under your tongue, “get up and bend over.” You want as he rises, a tent in his underwear with the light pink now soiled by his own pre-ejaculate. He bends himself over his desk, his abdomen pressed against the edge of the desk, hands cushioned under his chin. Your hands trace over his hips, edging around the frills and lace and slowly pulling them off. The pink is now dark as it lines his cock. You press your lip against the base of his spine, his skin rising with goosebumps. Your name is muttered as your hands cusp his waits, grabbing at the hem of the underwear. His skin is pale, freckled with scales that begin to bud around his pubic area. He waits with bated breath, his hands curling and scraping against the desk. Amber eyes glance to the edge of the desk where it meets the wall, his figures watching him with an unblinking gaze as his underwear pools around his ankles. He looks away, raising his legs to step out of them carefully with his head lowered. He says something too low to be heard and he can’t be bothered to repeat himself.
You pull the heart plug out of him, his taint leaking with shining lube that spills out. Your hand curves over his bum, the fat of it soft under your palms. You’re quick to strike, hearing him yelp as red spreads around him. Your smile stretches thinner as your hand once again strikes him, red blooming across him as he whimpers, his legs tensing and muscles pulled taut. He counts under his breath, steadily and by the time he reaches twenty, his cock is erect, pressing against the desk as it dribbles out arousal.
You teeter at his rim, circling him with every breath, dipping a finger inside of him. It’s wet inside, thick, heavy cream that shines against your finger and he pushes himself out to you, a hand slipping to grab at his own rear. His nimble fingers press into the fat and he spreads himself. With only a loving touch against his wrist, you press your cock head against him and enter him slowly. You hiss as the toy inside of you rubs against your walls, edging deeper into you, pressed so firmly against your walls as the base of your toy presses deep inside of him. He coos, his back arching upwards and his hand faltering to the front of himself, wrapping around his cock and pumping it rapidly.
Your nails leave red crescents against his skin. He’s pitiful under you, needy and huffing like a bitch in heat. Your hands grip onto him tightly, brows furrowed and the creases deep. Sweat beads at your brow and despite his noises of pleasure, it still isn’t enough.
His head is pulled back, your hands knitted into his purple hair, pulling him backwards. He lets out a yelp- more out of shock rather than pain given how his lips almost upturn into a smile. “Are you actually enjoying this?” You spit out, slapping your hips into his rear, tightening your hold on his hair. Anger seeps into you, your words holding more poison. You aren’t sure if you’re angry out of embarrassment at the lack of true power that you have over him, or if it’s anger disguised as lust, so desperate to hear his moans that you’re willing to call him anything vile as long as he shows you his pleasure. “You’re fucking slut, Leviathan.” You curse at yourself. You’re unable to find anything truly original.
“More,” he gasps out, leaning forward, his hair pulled further. “More, please,” he says in a high pitched voice. “I’m a slut, just fuck me, please.” His hand pumps himself, the clicking in the room becoming sharper the longer he continues.
Your cunt leaks, dripping onto your inner thighs. Your other hand hooks into his mouth, brows furrowing as his teeth scratch the outside of your finger. “Third-fucking-powerful,” you hiss out, slamming into him. “All you are is a bitch in heat, begging and pushing your ass deeper onto my cock. You’re dressed in pink and frills-” your hips still, burying yourself deep into him, and you think you can feel his muscles twitching around you- “dressed like a whore and clenching on my cock like one.” He mumbles around your fingers, drool slipping past his lips and onto his chin. “How cute, you’ve resorted to babbling. Are you so desperate for cock that you’ve lost all sense of communication? Hm?” Your lip curls, your hips pulling out till the tip remains inside and you push back inside of him. “You’re pathetic Leviathan- so horrid that I’ll have to go and wash myself to rid myself of you and your stench but damn, you make for a good fuck.” You lean close to him, your breath faint against him. “Much better than the others, at least.” He goes rigid, his body tensing and he cries out your name- broken and full of cries. It’s repeated until it’s a whisper, your own name foreign to your ears.
You pull out of him, your face flushed and heart racing as you stare at the demon below you. He’s limp, legs spread as semen runs down his thigh. His taint gapes, and you frown. Your finger traces around the rim, ignoring his whines and the bucking of his hips.
“Next time,” you whisper, your finger edging into him, “I think I’ll get something to properly fill you.” Your finger edge back out, your hand gentle against the curve of his bum as you soothe the red skin. “How does that sound? Does that sound like something the princess might like?” He nods his head, turning slightly to look over at you. You give a curt nod. “All right-” your hand rests at the bottom of his back- “I’m going to go get you a snack, stay here, okay?” You step away from him to kiss at the front of his head, his hair sticking to his forehead and eyes heavy with exhaustion.
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equizona · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Shielding Embrace
Fandom: Obey Me!
Characters: Mammon
Format: Drabble
Warning(s): Mentions of abuse(?) Angst(with a happy ending), crying, swearing, calling Lucifer a stuck up little bitch, OOC.
Summary: MC is tired of hearing Mammon get picked on so often, by his own brothers no less. As the second-born demon has always protected them, they think it's their turn to protect him.
Note: I wrote this a while ago, since I'm tIRED of Mammon getting bullied all the time. He deserves better-
Tumblr media
"Diavolo, stop being such a scumbag Mammon-"
It wasn't uncommon that the brothers would call the second-born mean words. Scumbag was their favorite, along with dumb or stupid. You agreed that he didn't always make the best choices, but they were always so cruel about it. It never gave off the vibes that they were only joking either. It was like they meant every word.
You hated it with your whole being. Mammon had been the nicest to you, and he had been the one who had been there with you since the start, ever since Lucifer made him your 'guardian' in a way. He wasn't the best at showing his emotions, but you could tell he cared. Sometimes, it felt like he was the only one who cared.
You wanted to shout, or scream at them, for all the cruel things they would say to him. He deserved better than that. He was their brother, so why were they always so mean to him?
"MC? Are you okay?" You were forced out of your mind by Satan's annoyingly Loud question that brought the attention of everyone at the table to the two of you.
You remember when he tried to kill you. You remember when all of them tried to kill you. You remembered when Belphie actually killed you.
All those times never quite left your mind, and you could still feel the fear you felt in each of those situations. Mammon was the only one of them you felt completely comfortable with anymore, as he was the only one who never seemed to lose control and attempt to harm you.
You decided you wanted to stand up for him like he stood up for you all the time.
"Actually, no, I'm not. What's wrong with you guys?"
Satan's eye twitched, and it was oddly satisfying. You could see all of the brothers about to speak up about what you'd said, though you didn't give them that chance.
"I don't understand why all of you keep calling Mammon a scumbag. Is it because he's greedy? 'Cause if that is the case, then I want to remind you that greed is his sin. He's the avatar of greed. And I mean, why get mad about him for that? As far as I remember, all of you don't ever try to deny your sins."
You didn't feel satisfied just yet, so you decided to continue. You wanted to make them feel just as horrible as you assumed Mammon felt each time they threw those words at him.
"I mean, Lucifer is a stuck-up little bitch with too much pride and he can't ever seem to apologize or see that it's his fault no matter how obvious it is. Leviathan is constantly envious of everything to the point it can be fucking unbearable. Satan has extreme anger issues, and gets angry at the smallest things and Asmo is constantly flirting with people and usually not stopping until he's in their pants. And please, don't even get me started on Beel. Then of course, Belphie just seems to never bother lifting a finger to help anyone. But I never see anyone complaining about all of that, do I? It's not like any of you do anything to deny the sin you are assigned to, so why do you expect Mammon to do it, hmm?"
You raised your eyebrow in a judgemental way, just to add that extra spite. You could clearly see Mammon's shocked expression.
You preferred watching the reactions of the others more though. Beel looked guilty to some degree, Asmo looked offended, Levi and Belphie looked annoyed at the whole thing while Satan and Lucifer looked downright pissed.
You could see that Mammon was about to say something, probably about how he was okay and you should calm down, and Satan looked ready to snap and attack you, again. Though neither of them had the chance to react before Lucifer stood up while slamming his hands down on the table, glaring at you.
"Excuse me? Run that by me again, won't you?"
You'd normally apologize and leave the room to do something else, but you were tired with their bullshit and this just seemed like yet another way you could call them out on it.
So, you gathered up all of your courage and looked Lucifer straight in the eye, glaring at him as well, despite the fact you knew it would have little to no use.
"Or what? Are you going to try and kill me again? Because let me remind you that all of you have attacked me before, except Mammon. Oh, and of course, one of you actually managed to kill me. Remember that, Belphie?" You shot him a mean look, and at least he seemed to have some guilt over the situation.
"And you know, Lucifer probably would have killed me before as well, hadn't it been for Lord Diavolo. Oh, but you never quite did apologize for that, did you? You never apologized to Luke for attacking him either, did you? And it's because you have so much pride. Because you're so high and mighty and you can never do anything wrong, can you? Ah, but nobody ever tells you that, do they? Because they know it's the sin you represent and they know it's a part of who you are."
Lucifer blinked at you, shocked, and nobody else seemed like they were going to say anything either.
"Actually, in my opinion, I think Mammon is the least 'scummy' and 'lowlife' person in this room. And he somehow managed to be the one with the most control. Seriously, at this point I'm certain that you all only ever say those things to him because you all know you're the real lowlives and you're just too pathetic to admit it."
You didn't want to stay there anymore, and since they all seemed to shocked to say or do anything, you stood up and quickly made your way to your room, though it wasn't long until someone was knocking on your door.
"Uh, human..?"
Mammon's voice.
You almost wanted to cry. He didn't usually knock, he preferred to just barge in with his stupidly cheerful attitude that never failed to make you smile.
"You can come in."
You voiced it quietly, a small part of you hoping that he wouldn't hear you and just leave instead, but seconds after he opened the door and let himself in.
He didn't say anything as he sat down next to you on your bed though, most likely trying to figure out what he should say in a situation like this.
What you weren't expecting was to hear the sounds of sobbing.
Worriedly, you say up and moved next to him, concern filling your entire body as you gently put your arms around his shoulders and made him lean on your chest.
"Hey, hey, shh, are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?"
You tried to make your voice as gentle as possible. You weren't entirely sure what to do, but you never liked it when he was sad. His negative expressions and tears always layed heavy on your heart, so much that it was almost unbearable.
"Did- did you mea-mean it-?"
He stuttered out after a few minutes of you running your hand through his hair in an attempt to calm him down. You frowned, not entirely sure which part he was asking about.
"Which part are we talking about specifically?" You questioned him, though you made sure that your voice was soft.
"All of it." As soon as he answered your question, he got out of your embrace only to put his hands around your neck for a hug. You grinned, hugging him back.
"Of course I was. You're the one that's been there for me since I came here, and while I can agree that you don't always make the best decisions, they don't always make the best decisions either. They are your brothers, and they should never be saying things like that to you. Actually, from now on, each and every time they say something mean towards you, I want you to come to me so I can smother you in my love and affection."
Oh shit, fuck, did you just-
"Wait- like- uh- no- uhm- like in a-a, uh-"
He moved away from you, and you wondered if he regretted that considering how red his face was. You'd probably burn your hand if you touched his face at this point.
"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to say that again."
You gave him a patient smile, wanting him to feel comfortable. You were almost certain that he liked you back, since he wasn't exactly very good at hiding it, but you hadn't wanted to act on it before now incase you made him uncomfortable or that you were wrong.
Though his reaction only made you more certain.
He took a few moments to collect himself, before trying to speak up again, though he didn't seem able to look you in the eyes.
"Do, uh- do you mean like- like in a, uh, a rom-uhm.."
You inquired softly, and to your delight he nodded, still not looking at you.
This wasn't exactly a side of him you saw often, since he would usually try and deny anything, but you were happy about it.
You moved to hold his face in your hands, though he still refused to look you in the eyes.
"If you want to. I'm not sure how you feel, since nobody but you can be certain about that, but I know I like you, and wouldn't mind smothering your face in kisses each day."
Your tone was playful, be genuine. You felt his face heat up even more, if that was even possible. He changed the direction of his gaze to look directly into your eyes, and you felt like you would get lost in the ocean his eyes had.
He leaned forward for another hug, and you grinned, barely taking a single second to process it before you were moving your hands to hug him back.
"I like ya too."
You grinned even brighter, squeezing him tighter. You didn't ever want to leave his embrace, and while you knew that you would have to face both his brothers and the world later, it would be a lot easier with him by your side.
Tumblr media
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A happy ending?......What's that?
All of his friends right now are finally gone...You, The brothers, Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, and even Luke
He just stares at the sunset while reminiscing about all the fun times you guys had together
He laughs all alone
Missing all the fun
Missing all the comfort and warmth
Missing all the jokes
Missing everyone
Missing.... you
But wait-
Even after longer...
Maybe 5 thousands years after everyone is gone, he starts to lose the memories
The memories that he kept thinking about everyday
The memories that comforted him every cold and lonely nights
He can't!!
Those memories are the only things he had left
He desperately tries to get them back but nothing worked
He cried almost every night because of the memories that he can no longer remember
And then one night, while he's sitting all alone while staring at the moon, he truly, finally realized that
There's no such thing as a happy ending for him
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hallowxiu · 5 months ago
Mammon the Avatar of... Cats?
pairing: mammon x gn!mc
word count: 1.8k
summary:  Mammon isn't exactly known for making the best decisions, so it doesn't come as a surprise when you walk into Satan's room and find a cat sitting in a pile of Mammon's clothes.
Hands on your hips, you stare down at the man in front of you. “Mammon,” his name comes as a sigh that leaves your lips, “how did this happen?” Everything in the universe was shouting at you not to ask the demon, that you probably were better off not knowing, but since when did you listen to decent advice since moving into the House of Lamentation? 
Of course, Mammon didn’t answer you- well, it was more like he couldn’t answer you, because right at your feet was Mammon… as a cat. You press your lips together in a thin line, glancing down at the pile of his discarded clothes before darting your gaze around the room. “I feel like I’m in a Fruits Basket episode if I’m being honest.” Mammon didn’t know what you were talking about. You weren’t surprised. You bend down and scoop the white and gray cat into your arms. You were currently standing in Satan’s room, the whereabouts of the demon unknown. You chased the second oldest demon in here after he explained to you an idea of his that would surely go wrong. The goal was easy, as Mammon described it. He would “borrow” an ancient book of Satan’s and then sell it to an obsessed witch. You attempted to tell him why this was a bad idea, but he wasn’t having any of it. So you chased him in an attempt to stop him, but before you could do anything you witnessed the demon trip over one of the many books scattered on the floor, which then promptly turned him into a cat. The issue was, you tried getting Mammon to touch the same book that turned him into a cat, only for nothing to happen afterward. 
“It would seem that you’re stuck as a cat.” He meows in response and you huff quietly. You shift the cat in your arms, wrap the book up in Mammon’s discarded clothes so that you wouldn’t make contact with it, and leave the room with both in hand. “We should probably hunt down Satan, he might know how to turn you back. And since you can’t talk, I guess I’ll have to be the one to explain your situation.” Which might work to Mammon’s advantage as Satan did hold somewhat of a soft spot for you in comparison to his older brother. 
An hour has passed since Mammon transformed into a cat and you’ve had no luck in finding the fourth born. “I don’t remember him saying he had any kind of business today, but Satan can be elusive when he wants to be.” You look down to where Mammon’s trailing alongside you, having ditched the comfort of your arms only half an hour ago. You figured he was getting restless and pacing around would help ease him. “I wouldn’t worry too much about your predicament. Most of the curses and spells attached to his books only last a day or two at the most.” It was slightly disappointing that he couldn’t speak as a cat; it made things a little lonely. You could only imagine how frustrating it was for him. “Well, I suppose we’ll just have to find a way to pass the time until you shift back.” Abruptly, you turn on your heels to face Mammon. “I could brush your fur? Give you treats? Take you on a walk? What do cats like; honestly this would be much easier with Satan, he seems like the type to know what cats would like to do.” You tap your foot as you think to yourself, Mammon just gazing up at you in return. “You probably wouldn’t like any of that anyway.” A sigh leaves your lips and you find yourself walking down the hall once again. “Well, we should be okay as long as Lucifer doesn’t--”
“Lucifer doesn’t what?” You freeze in place, squeezing your eyes shut as you let out another sigh. Great, that’s just what you needed. 
“Um,” you turn around to face the eldest born who managed to sneak up behind you, “nothing.” You quickly scoop Mammon back up into your arms. Lucifer looks between you and Mammon a few times. 
“Why do you have a cat? Pets are forbidden here, I’ve told you that time and time again.” 
“This isn’t my pet.” 
“It certainly looks like one to me.” 
“Did Satan put you up to this again?” 
“What? No.” You shift uncomfortably under Lucifer’s intense gaze. It’s then that he glances at Mammon’s bundled up clothes under your arm that resemble the shape of a book. 
“It’s Mammon, isn’t it? The cat.” A nervous smile breaks out across your lips. “Let me guess,” the demon rakes his bored gaze over the cat that can’t seem to stand still in your arms, “the idiot tried to steal something from Satan’s room and tripped over a cursed book which then turned him into a cat. Is that correct?”
“That would be… correct.” You say carefully. You glance down at Mammon and mouth ‘sorry’. 
“Well, how fortunate for the two of you.” There’s a wicked smile that plays out on Lucifer’s face and you find yourself taking a step back. “I just happen to be an avid cat lover myself. I’m sure Satan wouldn’t mind me watching over him until he returns home to give him a… proper punishment.” You exchange a quick, horrified look with Mammon. “If you plan on running away with him, Satan might be forced to think that you were a part of Mammon’s idiotic plan as well. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” You were beginning to think that Lucifer had a little too much fun scaring his younger brother. And you, too. 
“It’s not worth it,” Belphegor says as he passes the three of you in the hall, Beelzebub in tow. “Don’t let Mammon drag you into trouble for something you had no part of.” Beelzebub nods thoughtfully along to his twin’s words. 
“We’re going out to get some food. Do you want to come with us?” Beelzebub offers but you quickly shake your head. Even though Mammon was in the wrong, you’d feel at least a little bad throwing him to the wolves. 
“Suit yourself.” Belphegor snorts as he and his brother disappear around the corner.
“Um… I actually thought of a punishment myself for Mammon.” You timidly speak up once looking over at the oldest brother. Lucifer raises an eyebrow at this though says nothing, silently prompting you to continue. “Er, I was going to, uh, bathe him. Cats hate water, you know. Plus he smells, I think it’s been a while since his last shower.” You quickly lean back when a paw shoots up towards your face. A chuckle leaves Lucifer’s lips.
“If that’s what you want, then go ahead. I’ll tell Satan that you gave him a proper punishment when he returns home, but don’t be surprised if that’s not good enough for him. He wasn’t exactly in the best of spirits when he left this morning.” 
“Hey, don’t get mad at me!” You shriek as you barely avoid Mammon’s claws. “You’re the one who got yourself into this mess! If I didn’t offer to give you a bath, who knows what Lucifer would be doing with you right now. I can promise this is a much better ending for you.” You test the running bath water, making sure that it wouldn’t be too hot for him. You knew as a demon he could handle drastic temperature changes, but you weren’t sure if being a cat changed any of that. Were Devildom cats any different from human realm cats? You’d have to ask Satan about that later. 
You quickly pick up Mammon before he can run out of the bathroom, and glanced between his face and the tub, wondering if he’d even let you place him in the water. “Are you going to let me put you in gently or am I going to have to toss you in?” His large blue eyes stare at you. “I’m going to put you in the water now… please behave.” You hated this. This was just as much of a punishment for you as it was for Mammon. You were never much of a cat person, and you’d never attempted to bath one before. You should have just left with Beelzebub and Belphegor when you had the chance. You carefully lower Mammon into the water, which, expectedly, went as well as you thought it would. He was flailing in your arms, claws digging into your skin, and just overall avoiding the bathwater. “Mammon! Don’t be so difficult!” When you do get him in the water it’s almost worse. Water is going everywhere as Mammon tries to scramble out of the tub, but only submerges himself further in the water the more he panics. “I should have brought thick gloves for this.” A sigh leaves you as you lean over and carefully hold Mammon up so that he doesn’t accidentally drown himself. “Pull yourself together, Mammon.” 
It was halfway through the bath that you ran into your second dilemma. “Do I use pet shampoo on you or human shampoo? Would that make your skin break out?” Mammon only stares at you with narrowed eyes. “Um… maybe just getting you wet is good enough for now.” Sporting a sheepish smile, you lift him out of the water so that you can dry him off. “That wasn’t so bad, right--”
Of course, this would be the moment that the spell chose to wear off. 
You’re surrounded by a white mist, and the cat you were once holding feels a lot less… like a cat. It’s when the mist finally clears out of the room that you’re faced with a stark naked Mammon who’s leaning halfway out of the tub with your hands hooked under his arms. The two of you stare at one another in silence before you both let out a blood-curdling scream, each of you desperately scrambling to put as much distance between the two of you as possible. 
“How did the punishment go?” Lucifer’s sipping on his coffee with a barely concealed coy smile. Belphegor is lazily applying colorful bandaids all over your arms to cover up the scratches Mammon gave you during the bath, the two of you sitting on the couch in the living room. Mammon’s on the opposite side of the room, crouched in the corner with his back facing the rest of the room, his red face hiding behind his hands. 
“I don’t want to talk about it.” You mutter out with wide eyes. 
“Hm? Talk about what?” It’s at that moment that Satan walks through the door with a puzzled expression on his face. “Oh my, why are you covered in bandaids?” 
“Funny you should ask.” Lucifer takes another sip of his hot drink before looking over to Mammon. “Maybe you should ask your idiot brother for more details.”
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arcadejohn127-9 · 5 months ago
I'm so sorry to the anon that requested this, I pressed post before Tumblr could save my final edit and I completely lost the ask and my work
I'll try to be more careful next time but I got so excited to show you all
Thank you all for making requests, rebloging, liking and commented on my posts! It means so much and I love how active you've been with my account
I cherish you all and hope to see you in my notifications again!
[prompt: Barbatos Getting jealous when a demon flirts with you/MC]
You were helping Barbatos with his weekly chores; going shopping for supplies and running errands.
Whilst the journey wasn't long the fast paced walk around the market and going in and out of shops was. You could feel your legs growing tired with each second; thankful for the winged boars assistants. They were much bigger and stronger than you so they were able to carry the majority whilst you were given the lightest bags to carry.
You groaned; feeling the back of your shoe rub against the back of your foot. Already feeling the stinging sensation - you should of brought a plaster.
Barbatos picked up on your soft hisses and mutters; coming towards you as he beckoned the rest of the helpers over.
"Do you mind sending these back to the castle? We'll handle the rest."
You didn't even get time to but in and say you were okay; the boars were already taking your bags and his, suddenly sprinting at a speed you couldn't believe.
"You didn't have to do that, I just need a plaster-" you felt embarassed you were the reason of fuss.
The demon grasped your hands, leading you to the nearest bench and gently sat you down.
"I shall go get one for you, don't worry, I won't be long."
And just like that he was gone! You were left alone waiting for him to come back.
What you didn't expect was a familiar face from class to appear; a demon you've helped with homework a few times. They walked into you, asking you why you were alone. You told them you had a blister and your friend has gone to get you a plaster. The demon pulled out a packet of plasters, a proud smile on their face.
Barbatos didn't expect you to have company whilst he was absent. Spotting a lower demon chatting to you casually whilst you were fiddling with the opening of a small box. The closer he got the more he could see what they were; plasters.
Rabid questions flew through his mind; who was this demon? How did they get to you before he did? Why were you smiling at them like that? What was your relationship?
He didn't want to feel jealous. He had no right to be but he was. He felt it boil in his stomach as he felt his gaze harden. He couldn't stand to see you so sweet and casual with someone else.
His jealousy only grew when he heard the obvious flirtatious remarks and suggestions of a 'platonic' date. You seemed oblivious to the demons intentions as you happily accepted and smiled at their comments.
Yes, you had to be oblivious. Why else would you happily accept this demons attraction?
Barbatos quickly came back to your side, announcing his arrival.
"Whoa! That's your friend?! You're friends with the royal butler?!"
The word friends stung at Barb's chest. Whilst he was very happy to be your friend he wanted more. It was odd to want something so intimate as a romantic connection. But you were perfect for him and he couldn't let you slip through his fingers.
"Yeah? His name is Barbatos, he's really good at what he does."
"Yes and I have a duty to fulfil so if you will leave us be, I'd greatly appreciate it."
The demon wanted to push their luck but shrunk under the intense glare of the butler. Only an idioit would try to push an upper demons buttons and lukcily, this demon wasn't stupid.
"See you in class, okay honey? I need to get going."
Barbatos felt the urged to snap the demon into a different timeline. Watching as you smiled and nodded, giving a small short wave.
"I apologize for taking so long, I see you have plasters."
"My classmate, the demon who was just here, gave them to me - already had some due to their friend being clusmy."
The butler didn't feel any less at ease from this discovery. The word 'honey' was leaving a sour taste in his mouth. He wanted you to be against such a pet name from Someone else. Perhaps, he should give you one?
"Hmmm...this brand isn't very good, they easily peel off, lukcily I got reliable ones." He waved them towards you, starting to get on one knee.
"I don't mind them being a cheap brand, as long as it lasts me this trip I'll be fine-"
"I insist you take my option, it'll be pointless to do otherwise."
He didn't mean for his annoyance to seep through his words. He didn't even notice he was glaring at you as he kneeled before you. You could only raise a brow at his sudden attitude change before finally realizing. Your mouth formed an 'O' as you started to feel laughter buzz in your throat.
You couldn't believe it. You couldn't believe it!
"Are you... jealous?"
"That would be ridiculous, I have no reason to."
He ignored your knowing look. Slipping off your shoe and placing your foot on his raised knee. Whilst you were laughing and getting excited from your discovery he was keep his head low. He was embarassed that he was so obvious.
"Whatever you say, Barbie or would you want a pet name? I noticed your glare."
You teased whilst he rolled down your sock half way, raising your foot slightly as he handed you a plaster from the pack he bought. You peeled off the little papers on it and handed it towards him.
"Ah, so you were aware the demon was flirting."
"of course, I just wanted to be polite, is that wrong? Huh, Darling?"
He went completely stiff, almost gripping your leg as he finished applying the plaster. He kept his head low and cleared his throat.
"if that's what you wish to call me then so be it."
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s8nluvr · a year ago
What if the boys went into MC's room and accidentally found MC's sex toy 😂
ooh a spicy one! let’s say the setting here is before anything romantic happens between MC and the brothers… also forgive me for making this kind of repetitive…
How the brothers react to finding MC’s sex toy:
slight NSFW and suggestive themes! proceed at your own risk
he didn’t plan on going to your room while you weren’t home, but something urgent came up and he needed to see your Devildom ID
he texted you about it first, and you had no choice but to let him go into your room, seeing as you were only going to come back in a few hours
you told him your ID was in one of your bedside drawers… but you should’ve been more specific
when he started looking through them, something small and red caught his eye
at first, lucifer didn’t realize what he was looking at, not expecting to find such a thing laying around in your room
then, his mouth formed into a smirk
if he didn’t know you better he would’ve thought you purposefully left the toy for him to see
if he’s in a teasing mood, he’ll ask you about it when you come back
mammon was rummaging through your stuff in hopes of finding something valuable to sell
at first, when he saw the glint of metal from the corner of his eye, he thought he hit jackpot
but soon enough, his expression morphed from a victorious one, to a mortified one
the shiny metal was not an expensive valuable like he’d thought, but a pair of handcuffs instead
even though he was alone in your room, he couldn’t help blushing like he was standing in front of a big audience, completely butt naked
lewd thoughts filled his mind immediately at the sight of the cuffs
he scurried out of your room, leaving everything behind
poor mammon couldn’t look you in the eye for several days without blushing
you and levi made plans to watch a TSL special in your room, but you were suddenly summoned to lucifer’s office, leaving the demon alone
he was starting to grow bored, not wanting to watch the special without you
he remembered lending you some of his manga, so he figured he’d might as well read it while waiting for you
but the problem was, he didn’t know where you kept it
so he started looking through your bedside drawers, which were the closest to him
did he find the manga? nope
what he found, though, was a small bullet vibrator
the demon quickly slammed the drawer shut and hurried back to where he was previously sitting, face now beet red
when you came back, he tried to act like nothing happened, but the blush on his face was still very much prominent
when you worriedly asked if he had a fever and pressed your hand to his forehead, he backed away from you, spluttering out some incoherent words
throughout the whole special, you couldn’t help but notice levi continuously shifting in his seat
satan would usually respect your privacy, but now he really needed to find the book he’d lent you the previous week
he knew you weren’t in your room, and he did feel slightly guilty for entering without your permission, but the need to find the book won him over
the book wasn’t on any of your shelves, so his next stop was your desk
the desk itself was a cluttered mess of papers and satan made a mental note to annoy you into cleaning up later
he found his book in no time, after opening the first drawer in your desk
however, a small box, which was under the book, piqued satan’s interest
what’s the harm in taking a quick glance inside?
well… the demon soon understood his mistake
inside the box was a small yellow vibrator and satan almost laughed at how cute it looked
still, he knew he saw something he shouldn’t have, so the demon closed the box and left your room, making it seem like he was never there
he desired to tease you, but he knew how unethical it’d be, seeing as he did violate your privacy
so, he decided to bring it up only when the two of you got close enough to feel comfortable talking about such things
you guys were hanging out in your room, when asmo decided to go into the bathroom
he wanted to see what kind of skincare products you used, so he started looking through your cabinets
bad asmo. you can’t do that
when he took your bottle of perfume, interested in the brand, something fell from behind it
asmo isn’t a stranger to sex toys in the slightest, so he quickly recognized your little friend
he felt joy and sadness fill his body at the same time
joy, because of your newfound naughty side and sadness, because why wouldn’t you just come to him if you wanted to get off :(
he puts the toy back and comes out, a teasing smile now dancing on his face
“oh, MC ~”
beel was just innocently trying to find some food
he didn’t mean to look through your stuff… he really didn’t… but the hunger was getting the best of him and he knew you had a secret stash of candy hidden somewhere
a small box, which was placed in the deepest corner under your bed, caught his eye and the demon had to stop himself from almost drooling on your floor
he excitedly grabbed the box and opened the lid, expecting to find some sweets, only coming face to face with something entirely different
beel blinked once. then twice
he wasn’t stupid. he knew what sex toys are
he suddenly started feeling incredibly bad for going through your stuff, so the demon placed the small box back under your bed and left the room, trying to shake the guilt that came from invading your privacy
though, he couldn’t help the naughty thoughts that were now spinning inside his head
if you wanted to get off, you could always come to him. it’d be a win-win situation - you’d be satisfied and he wouldn’t be hungry anymore
you were at RAD and he missed you, so he decided it’d be a good idea to take a nap in your bed
when he went to lift up your covers, however, something fell from under the sheets
belphie furrowed his eyebrows, picking up the mysterious object
then realization hit him like a ton of bricks
he quickly dropped the vibrator back on your bed, mouth inaudibly opening and closing from the shock of finding something so intimate just laying around
let’s just say, he wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore
he sent you a quick text, asking you when you’d be back from school
then he went to take a cold shower
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thevioletwitch999 · 3 months ago
➻ Your Name in Ink
Tumblr media
✦ pairing(s): mammon x gn!reader.
✦ word count: 1.2k.
✦ format: drabble, one-shot.
✦ synopsis: you get a little something to surprise Mammon.
✦ warnings: sfw.
✦ genre: tooth-rotting fluff.
✦ notes: aaa I finally came back from the dead. I thought this idea was really cute and I just had to write about it for my fave boy, I’m also sorry if he’s a lil ooc, I haven’t written him in forever, I hope u guys like it and if u could like, maybe, perhaps reblog/comment and/or leave a like it’d really make my day, thank u. 👉🏻👈🏻🥺
✦ ask box  →  rules before requesting  →  masterlist  →  wips
Tumblr media
“He’s going to love this,” you thought with a smile on your face, all the while stroking the tender spot on your hip through the bandage.
You had been contemplating getting a tattoo for a while now, and when you saw that there was a tattoo parlor in the same plaza that you and Asmodeus always got your nails done, you immediately decided to book an appointment the moment you got home.
“You know I appreciate romanticism in all forms, truly, I do–” the amber-eyed man sitting in front in front of you began, swirling his iced latte with his straw before gesturing towards your new tat with his chin–”but did you really have to get his name on your body? Mine would look way better, don’t you agree, darling?”
“If I blew Mammon off to get a tattoo of your name, I don’t even want to think about what he’d do,” you laughed, taking a sip of your own coffee. You’d sacrificed time with your boyfriend to get this tattoo, under the false pretense that you were going to be running errands all day, and he was not happy about it, especially when he heard that Asmodeus was going with you, and insisted on coming along. Thankfully, Lucifer had come to the (not so?) rescue, and told Mammon that he wouldn’t be going anywhere until he cleaned up the mess he and Leviathan made in the common room after the former cheated in a game of cards.
“Please, the worst he’d do is sulk in his room until you pulled him out, you know he can never stay mad at you,” Asmo rolled his eyes, and you couldn’t help but grin at the adorable thought of Mammon pouting away in the corner. He really was a big baby sometimes, but that’s precisely why you loved him.
When the two of you left the café, the sun had started to go down, and your phone was bombarded with messages from the man in question. He’d been blowing it up since you’d arrived at the parlor, and you ended up having to put it on silent so you and Asmodeus could enjoy your café outing in peace.
Scrolling through the multitude of messages, you felt bad for ignoring him, but you knew it’d all be worth it when you saw the look on his face after showing him your new design.
“I’ll be home soon!! Sorry for not texting, but I have a surprise for you, look forward to it! :) I love you!!” you sent him.
His response came not even a full minute later.
“This had BETTER be worth it, I’m not gonna forgive ya so easily for ignorin’ me all day!”
“..and I guess I love ya too, but you’re going to make this up to me later! Don’t forget it!”
You found it incredibly sweet that no matter how mad he was at you, he always made sure to say “I love you” back, even if it was accompanied by a spam of angry emojis, just like now.
“I won’t,” you mumbled to yourself, putting your phone back in your pocket with a soft smile. You couldn’t wait to get home.
As you’d expected, Mammon was right on the doorstep waiting to give the both of you an earful when you returned.
“Listen, when I text ya, you’d better respond within five--no, two minutes! Don’t go ghostin’ me like that, makin’ me think something happened,” he said, his creased eyebrows making lines form on his forehead.
“Aww, was someone worried about me?” you teased, prodding at his chest with your finger.
“Pff, as if! Worried, me? That’s crazy! Nonsensical, even!” 
“When you say it like that, it doesn’t sound that convincing, you know?” Asmodeus sighed. “Besides, they were with yours truly, so there was no possibility of something harming them,” he said with a wink, draping his arm over you.
“Oi! Hands off!” Mammon smacked his younger brother’s hands away from you. “They ain’t yours!”
“So clingy!” Asmo gasped, clutching onto his assailed hand, “Well, no matter, I’ll leave you guys to have some fun, don’t get too carried away now, ‘kay?” he waved to the both of you before heading inside.
“You’ve got a lot of explainin’ to do,” Mammon jabbed his finger at your forehead.
“I know, I know, let’s go to my room, shall we?”
Once you both got situated in your bedroom, you’d made sure to give him the answers he was looking for.
“So you’re tellin’ me you weren’t doin’ errands today? You got a tattoo?” Mammon digested your words. “Why’d ya need to lie to me about that?”
“It has to do with your surprise,” you smiled at him. “Pull up my shirt and take off the bandage, Mammon.”
Once he’d done as you told him, his mouth fell agape; there, on the left side of your hip, was his name, plastered in black italic letters.
“Do you like it?” you asked him, eager to hear his response.
“Dummy..of course I like it..” he said quietly under his breath, just barely loud enough for you to hear. He lightly stroked the reddened spot with his fingers, causing you to flinch.
“Sorry, did I hurt ya?”
“No, it just stings a little,” you reassured him, “so you’re really happy with it?”
He nodded, “I mean, it’s no surprise that you’d want the Great Mammon’s name on ya, seeing as I’m a renown man and all that, but I can’t deny it makes me happy,” a sheepish grin spread across his face. “What made ya decide to get it?”
“I wanted a piece of you with me wherever I went,” you told him, a glimmer of fondness in your eyes as you stroked his cheekbone with your thumb, “so even if I’m somewhere far away, like the human world, you’ll always be with me.”
A dust of pink coated his cheeks, turning a deeper hue with each word that left your lips, and you could’ve sworn you saw his eyes becoming glassy before his gaze left yours. He clicked his tongue, and before you could ask what was wrong, he took you into his arms.
“What about when I miss ya, then? What’ll I do?” he sullenly buried his face into your shoulder, making you giggle at the ticklish sensation.
“We have our chocolate lizards,” you informed him while running your fingers through his hair, “but if that’s not enough for you, maybe you’ll just have to get a tattoo of my name, too.”
He stiffened in your arms, before pulling back and squeezing your shoulders.
“T-Then it’s settled then! I’m making an appointment as soon as we wake up tomorrow!”
You had to admit, you weren’t expecting him to take your suggestion seriously, “Mammon, I was joking! You don’t really have to–”
“Nope! I’ve already made up my mind, ya can’t stop me!” He toothily smiled at you, before pulling you into bed with him. “But until then, ya gotta make up for neglecting me the entire day and let me cuddle ya, no objections.”
“I wouldn’t, anyway,” you laughed as he nuzzled his face into your tattoo, feeling nothing but love and adoration for the man who held a place in both your heart and now on your body.
Tumblr media
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beelsjuicytitties · 7 months ago
Hunted for Sport
Now to do a complete 180 from my Mammon fic, here is predator/prey Lucifer! this is suuuuuper self indulgent bc i was looking for stuff to read, but nothing was really scratchin the itch yknow? so i wrote this at like 5am
Warnings: NSFW, DUB-CON
Pairing: Lucifer x GN!MC
Words: 2339
Tags: Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Gender-Neutral Main Character (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Dubious Consent, Implied Consent, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Aftercare, Primal, Predator/Prey, Blood Kink, Blood Drinking, S&M, Injury, Fear Play, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Biting, Kissing, Dark, Rough Sex, Not Beta Read, Sleepy Cuddles, Bubble Bath, Edgeplay, Smut, Possessive Sex
Summary: Please make sure to read the tags before reading! Hunted and fucked in the forest by Lucifer, followed by fluffy aftercare because he has class
Note: Like my last one, this is also on my ao3 which is linked in my bio!
  Fear. It was all you could feel as you ran through the forest outside the House of Lamentation. Your chest heaved and your lungs were already starting to burn. ‘How long has it been?’ You managed to think, had it been hours? Or merely minutes? The pain in your ankle pulled you from your thoughts as you crashed to the ground. You curled into yourself as coughs wracked your body, the wind having been knocked out. Your ankle throbbed and you could feel dull stinging from almost every inch of exposed skin, scratches from the foliage marring your skin. 
  That's when you heard him. His sonorous voice filled your ears as he sang, your brain too foggy to make out the words. The sound grew as his almost casual steps grew closer. ‘Gotta run, gotta escape’ You repeated the thought in your head as you struggled in the underbrush, sucking in a breath as you forced yourself to your feet. You kept moving forward, after all, what else could you do? Give in? No. No matter how nice it might seem to just give in, to surrender and finally be at rest you couldn’t keep yourself from limping on. The pain in your ankle was getting unbearable, aggravated by your desperate attempt at survival. Your vision was getting hazy, and your blood was rushing in your ears, and yet, you could still hear him sing. It was like he was all around you, his voice swirling around and pressing into you. 
  “Y/n.” Directly behind you. You whip yourself around and hiss, not a good idea as your ankle screams. “Look at you,” Lucifer regarded you, “how pitiful.” Tears were streaming down your face as you backed away slightly. Lucifer matched your movements, keeping the short distance between the two of you the same. You were hyperventilating, your heart was racing, your eyes flicked about quickly, looking for a weakness, a chance to escape, anything. Alas, no such opportunity provided itself, as he quickly closed the gap and grabbed your chin with a gloved hand, forcing you to look directly into his eyes. Hunger, amusement, and arousal swirled in his crimson eyes as he gave you a much too gentle smile. Lucifer leaned forward, his lips brushing against your ear. “You’re not even worth my effort.” His voice was essentially a growl, low and sharp sounding in your ear. “Why don’t you keep running?”
  Before you even had the chance to register his words, you were on the forest floor once again. Lucifer had pushed you there. You stared up at him for what felt like forever, he was standing over you, his hands casually resting in his front pockets. “What are you waiting for? Run.” You snapped back to reality. He was letting you go? That didn’t seem right, but you weren't about to wait around and question it. You once again clambered to your feet and took flight, ducking under branches and barreling through bushes. He had started singing again. How far could you go? How much farther would you need to go? Your mind raced as you free your shirt that had caught on a branch. It didn’t matter, you would keep going, you would make it. ‘Dear god let me make it.’ But no god could hear you. 
  You realized this as you ran headfirst into Lucifer, he wrapped an arm tightly around your waist and clasped a hand around one of your wrists. He was in his demon form at this point, sharp horns protruding from his hair, soft wings fluttering against his back. His grip was tight, like he was trying to squeeze the life from you just like this. “Tsk tsk little lamb, running right into the waiting arms of the one chasing you? I had expected better.” You struggled weakly, your body beginning to give up. Every muscle in your body was weary, unable to do anything against the demon that hadn’t even broken a sweat. He buried his face in your neck with a deep laugh. “You know you can’t go on, don’t you lamb?” He took a deep breath in, filling his lungs with your scent. “Just give into me.” His breath was somehow cold against your flushed skin, and your knees gave in, causing you to slump in his grip. Another laugh rumbled his chest, this time much more wicked. “Wonderful.”
  You suddenly felt a sharp pain in your neck, your tired brain taking a few moments to realize Lucifer had bitten into you. A choked whimper escaped your lips. Blood trickled down from where his mouth still sat, the metallic taste filling his mouth, causing him to let out a moan. It was a shallow bite, not something you could bleed out from. He greedily lapped and sucked at your neck as the bleeding began to slow. His hand released your wrist, opting to instead explore your thigh, hips, and ass. He squeezed hard on your ass, earning another whimper from you. He swiftly turned you around and pushed you to the ground, your knees, chest, and face all making contact with the hard ground. Lucifer pressed himself against you, grinding slightly against you as he growled in your ear, “You. Are. Mine.” His words filled your mind, repeating over and over.”
  You felt his weight pull off of you, before he ripped what was left of your top off, leaving you cold and shivering. Lucifer pulled his gloves off, and threw them to the side. He raked his claws down your back, small crimson beads forming along the bright burning scratched he left behind. His hands reached the waistband of your bottoms, and he swiftly rid you of them along with your underwear. He let out a deep growl as he kneaded your ass, staring hungrily down at your fully exposed body. Suddenly, you could feel his mouth on your ass, his tongue skillfully swirling and prodding the tight hole. He tongued your ass with vigor, claws digging into your ass cheeks as his grip tightened. Small moans began to fall from your mouth, just loud enough that he could hear them. He pulled back much to your.. Disappointment? Surely, you couldn’t be disappointed that he had stopped rimming you.
  You heard the pop of a lid, followed by a cold, wet finger rubbing against your ass. Had he brought lube? Huh. Lucifer began to press his finger into you, easily slipping the whole finger in. He wiggled the finger inside you for a moment, before he began to push a second finger into you. This finger was met with slight resistance, taking a tiny bit longer to fit inside you. Once both fingers were full inside, he began to scissor them, opening and stretching you out. He pushed them in and out as well, curling his fingers as he went. Your legs were shaking, and your sex was dripping from the stimulation. He hummed as he added a third finger, really making sure to prepare you for what was next. 
  Just as you felt you could take no more, Lucifer pulled his fingers from you. You whined and your ass was gaping slightly from the loss of his fingers. “Oh?” his voice was filled with amusement. “Could it be that you’re wanting this?” He chuckled, which was shortly followed by the sound of a zipper. His thick cock rubbed between your ass cheeks, he drizzled more lube across the top of his cock as the bottom got coated by what was already on your ass. “I can’t wait any longer.” You felt the head of his cock press against your ass, and quickly pop in, eliciting a moan from you, and a deep groan from him. He pressed deeper, stretching and filling you more than you could’ve imagined. 
  As he bottomed out, he placed a hand against your back, and his other hand on your hip. “F-fuck,” he swore as he pulled back slowly, before quickly snapping his hips foreward. He began to set a pace, not very fast, but his thrusts were rough, pushing you forward each time. His claws dug into your skin as he quickened, letting his moans and groans fall freely. His hand shifted from your hip to your sex, long fingers moving defltly and driving you insane. You were close and he could tell. “Are you going to cum?” he panted out. “What a filthy slut, going to cum out here in the woods.” His fingers and thrusts pushed you over the edge, and you let out a strangled moan that was on the verge of sounding like a scream. As your orgasm wracked your body, causing you to shake all over, you tightened on Lucifer's cock, basically sucking him in. 
  Lucifer did not let up, his fingers continued working your sex, his thrusts remained as quick and rough as they had been. The sensation was overwhelming, your vision was spotty and it was all you could do to manage to breath. He followed close behind you, groaning as he released his cum deep into your ass. His thrusts continued though, slightly more erratic, but not slowing down. “You really think im -mng- finished with you?” He leaned over your back and kissed at your neck. “As if.” He pulled out of you momentarily, and flipped you onto your back. He swiftly reinserted himself and leaned over you. He rested on his forearms, framing your head as he caught your mouth in his. He thrust slowly now, grinding himself into you as he messily kissed you. You weakly wrapped your arms around his neck, and kissed back. “Mmhh, what a sweet little lamb you are,” he purred between kisses.
  He kept going like this, slowly fucking you, almost passionately. Alternating between kissing your mouth, cheeks, neck, ears, anywhere he could reach. It was almost as if you were making love in his bed at home, the way he treated you now. You could feel yourself grow closer to orgasm again, and you clamped down on his cock. He smiled against your skin upon feeling this. “Close again, little lamb?” his voice was still rough in your ears, but there was a small hint of sweetness to it. “I’m close too.” You tangled a hand into his hair at those words, running your nails against his scalp and tugging gently. He shifted his weight to support himself with one arm, and slid a hand between the two of you to rub against your sex once more.
  His thrusts quicked slightly as his orgasm built, and he gently moaned your name in your ear. “I want you to cum with me lamb, fuck I’m so close.” You weakly moaned his name in response, your voice thick in your throat. He suddenly thrust hard into you, and filled you once more with his cum. The warm feeling combined with his fingers pushed you over for the second time, you continually moaned out his name as you rode out your orgasm. Your breaths began to slow as he brought his hand up to your mouth. You opened your mouth and cleaned yourself from his hand. He caressed your cheek with his now cleaned hand. “Such a good lamb for me.”
  He pulled himself from you, zipping his softening cock back into his pants. He helped you sit up and kissed you sweetly, before wrapping you up in his coat and picking you up. “Let’s get you home, hm?” He whispered as you settled into his arms, head resting on his chest. You nodded and closed your eyes as the two of you walked in a warm silence to the House of Lamentation. Before you knew it, you had reached his room. He gently set you on his bed. “I’ll run a bath.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, before retreating to his private bathroom. You sighed happily, cuddling into his coat and breathing in his scent. It wasn’t long before sweet floral scents began wafting from the bathroom. Lucifer emerged from the bathroom with a first aid kit. “Time to clean up lamb.” You begrudgingly shed his coat, moving as he instructed to give him better access to the various scrapes, cuts, and bite marks. He whispered praise as he cleaned you up with an antiseptic, peppering in plenty of ‘I love you’s.
  He gets to your ankle and you winced. You really managed to do a number on that one. He had used a small amount of magic on the larger of the cuts, but he used more on your ankle. The swelling immediately reduced, and the pain lessened and dulled. “Thank you love,” you managed to croak, your voice not quite ready to be used much. He kissed your nose. 
  “Of course, now, I think the bath is ready.” With that, he picked you up once more, carrying you into the bathroom and helping you into the warm bubble bath he had prepared. He quickly shed his own clothes, and slipped in the tub behind you, wrapping his arms around you. You lean back into him, resting your head against his shoulder. The two of you stay like this, holding each other as he hummed gently. As you felt the water start to cool, you took turns washing the other, gently cleaning off your skin, and massaging your hair. Once you were both clean, Lucifer helped you out of the tub, wrapping a fluffy towel around your shoulders. He drained the tub as you worked on toweling off, he followed suit once he was finished with the tub.
  Now dry, Lucifer returned to tending to your wounds. Applying ointments and bandages, then gently wrapping your ankle. He let out a yawn, and laughed lightly at himself. “Time for bed it seems.” You nodded, giving a yawn yourself. You shimmy under the covers, Lucifer laid himself next to you and wrapped his arms around you. “Good night lamb, sweet dreams.” He kissed you once more, before you both drifted off to sleep.
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pr1mr0ses · 8 months ago
Barbatos’ Confession (Barbatos x GN! Reader)
Notes: requests are open! other part;
this for the "other story"
Today was one of those days where you can hang out with the ever-so-busy butler. Well, they were suddenly so frequent, not that you cared, you liked his company. He invites you to tend the garden with him, and of course, you agreed to. You pack your gardening clothes, as well as a few snacks and necessities; and you’re ready to go! After you tell the brothers, you mean. They’ve been acting strange and somewhat two dimensional the past days, around when Barbatos started to hang-out with you, if your memory serves you correct. Maybe, tell him about it?
You arrive at the royal palace, as the other maids and butlers politely welcome you as they call on Barbatos, since you are now a regular inside Diavolo’s palace. “Hey Barb!” you happily greet him, while he bows and replies with, “Welcome to the palace again, MC. I hope I wasn’t bothering you.” 
He guides you to the gardens, where all beautiful flowers reside— more beautiful than the ones in House of Lamentation. Multiple devildom-native flowers can be seen inside; one of them being the infamous Mirage Flower that Diavolo himself stole. “Oh, I remember those!” you point at the rainbow petaled flowers. “They’ve repopulated now, didn’t they? I’m so glad!” you continued as you stare at them full of awe. He chuckles a bit, “I’m still sorry for letting Lord Diavolo steal them, though. I was so busy, I never noticed.” 
You shook your head no, “well, don’t worry about it! I got to hang out with the brothers, after all, so it got really fun.” Barbatos smiles, “Well, MC, what about me? Do you like hanging out with me?”
“Of-” your character starts, but Barbatos cuts them off. “Not your pre-written character, [Y/N]. I said you. The reader, the player, the one reading this… story of sorts. I barely care about the one in front of me, it’s not you, after all.” he pushes your character out of the way, to look at you. Yes, you, you amazing piece of shit. “I wonder how you would really be like, MC. Not some cheap imitation of you residing here. I want you.”
The background starts to fade to black, the only thing that doesn’t change is Barbatos. “[Y/N], look, I.. I sadly know about the reality— well, my reality at least. I am nothing but a character in some dating simulator, let alone, a non romanceable side character.” he starts. Barbatos looks at his side, “You know, darling, I really wish I was real.” he stares at his gloved hand, “The feeling of your ‘canon’ fate decided by some authors you’ll never get to see, being re-written in multiple ways by fanfiction creators, being written in the most horrid ways possible, by other creators, appearing in multiple ways drawn by an artist, it’s quite scary.” He closes his hands, as if he was closing off his thoughts. 
“To think that my likes and dislikes are predetermined by someone who isn’t me..” he sighs. “What about you, darling? What do you like to do? What are your beliefs? Your favorite songs? Dishes? Sexual orientation? Your dislikes? Likes?” he looks at what he could guess would be ‘you.’ Albeit, you’re very blurry to him. “I wish I had somewhat of a freewill like you, [Y/N]. I wish to be real like you.”
He messes his hair up, “I’m not even sure if my feelings for you are true. But, I like to think that they are.. Unlike the so-called dateables, I am not even programmed to love you, yet here I am. I know, probably, like every other game, the player gets burned out; therefore I.. want to spend time with you, [Y/N].”
“The only thing that makes me happy is thinking about my love for you. I know, I’m in another dimension, but, then again, my love for you can be reached in a different world— in a different reality.” he reaches his hand out to your screen, “does it hurt to wish? Because, I wish I can be real for you [Y/N]. How many sleepless nights do I have to endure? How many loops do I have to take?” his tears started to fall, as he didn’t want things to be like this.
“[Y/N], dear, can you stay for us? For me? I’m scared that one day, you’d stop playing, stop caring… once I let go of you, will you fly away like the butterflies do? I want to endlessly runaway with you. Will I become unnoticed like tiny dust floating in the air?”
“I wonder if our story together.. will it be as beautiful as I hope?”
“And how many sleepless nights do I have to spend, [Y/N]? How long do I have to wait to see you?” he cries as he fades away into the dark. “I- I guess I’ll be ready to let go.”
Tell me, reader. How long does he have to wait?
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kiraris-gf · 5 months ago
Hi! Hope you are doing well😙 I don't know if this is angst but its pretty sad. Could you do the Obey Me characters with an MC whose long time pet just died? Could be headcanons or just a whole piece with them. Thank you!~
a/n: i wrote for one of the characters because i felt like i got too repetitive anyways:( hope it’s okay and that you’re doing well<3
“y/n, are you there?” the otaku is standing outside your bedroom door with a concerned look on his face
you hadn’t shown up to your weekly game session and when he walked into lucifer while looking around for you he was to say the least shocked when he was told what happened
your pet, who had even warmed the stone cold oldest brother’s heart warm up enough to let them live with you in the dorm, had sadly passed away earlier that evening
it was hard to figure out what to say, he can’t even imagine what he would feel if all the dishes die
so he knocked again and leaned on the door before letting out a sad sigh, it certainly did not feel good hearing your sobs through the door
“we don’t have to talk, but it’ll probably feel better if you get to see someone. we can play next week and just lay still and rest. or we can talk.” he blushes, it feels hard to get the right words out
he doesn’t want to upset you, and says with an even calmer voice “whatever you want”
and his shoulders feel slightly lighter when you push the door open and let him in, clinging to him and letting your tears wet his shirt
atleast he can hold you
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weebswrites · a month ago
Dreams to Reality
Prompt: You’re on stage having the performance of your life, the crowd’s roars filling your ears as you sing into the microphone. But wait, those aren’t screams from the crowd - they’re screams from Mammon! You wake up from your dream and bolt to the noise only to run into Lucifer, and at the same moment you both realize you’re pantsless
Submitted by: @melomaniac7 <3 
“Get it, let it, roll!” you sing into the mic (yes you’re singing bts i’m army and will not pass the opportunity to plug butter), fist in the air as you look into the sea of people. Their cheers fill your ears as you catch your breath, then looking to your bandmate
“They love it!” he gives you his famous smile and a thumbs up and you return the gesture, high off the adrenaline of performing
You turn back to the crowd, hearing a high pitched noise cut through the cheers, and a sense of panic fills your body. What was that? Did someone in the audience get hurt? Your eyes frantically scan the mass of people, but the next thing you know you’re sitting up in bed. You hear the scream again and start running without a second thought, recognizing Mammon’s scream and assuming that Lucifer was punishing him again
You’re running down the hallway when suddenly you bump into Lucifer, apparently not the cause of his brother’s anguish, and skid to a stop
“Lucifer, sorry. Do you know what’s wrong with Mammon?” you ask, but your eyes are focused on his face
You watch as his eyes trail down your body, then quickly snapping back to meet yours. That’s when you felt a cold breeze on your thighs and the realization that you hadn’t put pants on after waking up sets in
You both blush, and Lucifer hides his cheeks in his hand
“No, I don’t” he responded as he quickly walked out of the room, eyes locked in front of him as to not humiliate you any more than you already were
You sprinted back to your room and threw on the first pair of shorts that you saw. Of all the demons that could have accidentally seen you in your underwear, at least Lucifer wouldn’t tease you in front of his brothers about it (but he absolutely will tease you about it alone)
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fellulahh · a year ago
The moment he realises he loves MC (ALL CHARACTERS WOO)
When he catches MC with somebody he feels intimidated by (Diavolo or Simeon) and for the first time ever he feels a sense of jealousy. His pride becomes vulnerable as he feels himself growing protective over the human, not wanting to see her with anybody other than him.
When MC does something for him (even if it’s something tiny like bringing him a hot chocolate in bed when he’s feeling down) and it suddenly strikes him that she always goes out of her way for him. He’s never felt anyone care for him before in such a way and he begins to realise how lost he would be without her.
He suddenly feels something snap in his mind when he’s messaging the house chat about how excited he is for an upcoming convention and the only person who shows interest is MC even though she’s not fussed by it herself. It’s always MC showing interest in his passions and he’s never appreciated anything so much in his life.
When he’s discussing his conflict to her over his past (obviously he never descended with the other 6 brothers and has always felt like he doesn’t belong) and MC listens to him and shows a great deal of empathy that he’s never felt before. He’s completely infatuated with how emotionally intelligent she is.
When he’s scrolling through his profile on Devilgram and suddenly realises that slowly over time, his selfies became less frequent and suddenly photos of him and MC became more recurrent (and the photos of her are actually his favourites). He’s never loved someone more than himself.
When somebody casually points out that he hasn’t eaten the entire contents of the kitchen in a while and he realises it’s because his mind has been on MC and not food. His cravings are no longer for snacks but instead they’re for her affection. She seems to be curing his gluttony.
When she agrees to sleep in his bed with him one night after he asks her nervously. It’s the first time that he really feels like she has forgave him for what he’d done. Despite his actions that he’d regret for the rest of his life, MC has grown to trust him. He’s never felt so overwhelmed with emotion.
When he finds himself pondering over the thought of getting married and making an heir for the throne (something he’s never really thought about while being the Prince before) and then he twigs that MC triggered all of this new desire to settle down.
When he sees MC taking care of Luke after the demons mocked him as usual. Even though they’re much more powerful than her, she’s not afraid to stand up to them for the little angel. Simeon finds himself pining over her motherly characteristics.
He’s so used to running around, serving other people that when MC asks him if he needs anything he practically implodes. He’s never had someone care about what he wants before and he finds it overwhelmingly refreshing to know somebody is thinking about his needs.
When him and MC are laughing over a prank they just pulled on the demons. He’s never met another human so daring; he realises just how intrigued he is by her and adores the fact that she’s completely wild.
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equizona · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Forbid me to Fall
Fandom: Obey Me!
Character: Simeon
Extra: Drabble
Warning(s): Angst, mentions of death, mentions of war? Hinted toxicity(?)
Summary: Simeon knows, he knows better than anyone that falling is nothing but suffering, but they make it hard not to.
Note: So, this is just a short thing I wrote after realizing that Simeon can't actually be with MC, since we all know what happened to Lilith.
Tumblr media
Simeon knew. God, he knew. Better than anyone else even. He had been there. He had watched Lilith get thrown out of the Celestial realm for the very sin he feared he was close to committing.
He'd watched his dear friend get thrown out for siding with her. He'd watched so many of the people he considered his family get thrown out, damned to either fall victim to death, or give into the sin they were raised to hate, simply because one angel had fallen in love with a human.
That was what they were meant to do though, wasn't it? They were meant to protect, and cherish all life, including humans.
So why was it so bad to love one?
And why, why did he have to be the one who would be next to fall?
He wanted to deny it. An angel, falling for a human. It was against the ground law of the Celestial realm, and he knew, he knew so much better than the rest.
Because now he had fallen. Fallen for the grace and kindness of one of them.
He cursed the exchange student program for making him have to suffer this fate. If he'd never been sent down here, he would have never met them.
Did he truly want that?
Their presence, their kindness, just everything about them made him feel so much better. He felt more at home with them then he had ever done in the Celestial realm.
He could gaze into their eyes for the rest of eternity, and he would, if given the chance.
But, he would never be given that chance. After all, humans were mortal. Unlike demons, or angels, they did not last forever. They came and went, and maybe that was the beautiful thing about their kind.
But, he knew better than anyone, that he had committed a horrible crime by falling for their charm. It was against everything he was meant to be, everything he was created to be.
So, lest he fall any further, he would hide those feelings away. He'd hide them in the deepest corner of his being, praying that none of his brothers or sisters found out.
Praying that his father never found out.
Praying that they never found out.
Because if even by the small chance they'd return his feelings, he would not be able to stop himself from giving in. Giving into both them, and sin.
And he truly doubted he would survive the other option of them finding out. After all, he could feel a part of him die simply imagining it.
Yes, hiding it would be better. After all, falling was a sin, in either ways, and they were mortal, so it could never be anyway.
Maybe, no matter how small he knew the chance was, if they ever got incarnated as an angel, he'd do his best to win their affections.
He could only pray and hope, keeping faith as he hid those feelings as far away as he could.
He couldn't afford to fall, neither from grace or for them. No matter how much he craved to do so when he met their gaze.
Tumblr media
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Your last chapter of his new story
"The world is a book, wanna read it together? Cause I want to be with you until my last page," you joyfully said while looking at Satan
A distant memory of you suddenly flashed into his brain which made Satan chuckle, "That's what you wanted. But apparently, we can't have all nice things. Though it's hard to admit, sometimes there are a few people who gotta finish the journey by themselves, with or without the other..... And it seems like I'm one of those few people," A solemn tear fell down his cheek; his body looked calm compared to how tangled his mind was.
Fiddling with the still-present thorns on the rose's stem, he closes his eyes as he tried to remember what you looked like before it happened.
He could remember your beautiful eyes filled with genuine excitement and joy everytime you flipped a page of the book together with him, reading every word and every chapter in perfect synchronization. He could remember the way you laughed when you both came across funny times, the way you held back you tears to look strong in the face of problems, and the way your emotions conveyed of nothing but pure adoration for him.
For a demon like him. You loved so much. The realization itself made him choke on a sob.
You were so beautiful, but they took you away from him.
The pastor finally said that it's time to bury your body which made his tears felt like water river escaping a dam, "I guess it's time for me to enter a new world, I had fun in your magical library," the sobbing demon murmured while kissing a red rose before throwing it away on top of your casket.
✿*。*゚+✿*。*゚+✿*。*゚✿*。✿*。*゚+✿*。*゚+✿*。*゚✿*。*。✿ *。*゚+✿*。*゚+✿*。*
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hallowxiu · 7 months ago
A Humanistic Fascination
pairing: human!mammon/demon!gn!mc
word count: 3.6k
summary: After your sister Lilith died, you wondered what attracted her to humans in the first place. Your answer comes in the form of a white-haired human named Mammon.
a/n: well this was fun! I kind of want to turn this into a series where mammon is the human selected for the exchange program, but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested. Just let me know; I’m friendly, I don’t bite!! :)
Ever since the day Lilith died and you fell, you had an undying curiosity of humans. You wanted to know what it was about them that drew your sister in so much, a thirst where she was willing to risk and leave everything behind. While your brother Belphegor distanced himself from the humans he once adored, you had done the opposite. Before you and your brothers fell, you didn’t much care for humans. You didn’t dislike them, but you also didn’t like them either. Lilith and Belphegor were always the two to marvel at the creatures down below.
You wanted to know if you missed something. Maybe you didn’t see something the other two had. While your youngest brother now despised them, you wanted to see what drew him in in the first place. Humans had been somewhat of a touchy subject in the House of Lamentation. The obvious reason was Belphegor; anything human related would set him off and it wasn’t a pretty sight. However, the obvious shift in the room whenever humans were brought up was hard to miss.
As the second eldest, you had a bit of a responsibility placed on your shoulders to be a good role model, especially now that the brothers were lost and grieving. Recently, Lord Diavolo had suggested an exchange program where angels and humans would come to the Devildom to learn about the culture in an attempt to join the three realms and have peace. You thought enough time had passed since falling for the brothers to at least consider the idea, but Belphegor had a meltdown and Lucifer nearly locked him up over it. You also noticed a hesitance in your older brother as well. That being said, you wanted to make things easier for everyone. You made sure to help Lucifer with his paperwork so he could get at least some level of sleep, you kept Satan company whenever he felt lonely, you tried to understand all the lingo Leviathan had a tendency to throw out, you tried new foods with Beelzebub (as Belphegor wanted time alone more and more these days…), and you went shopping with Asmodeus every now and then. Belphegor was a different case; he was isolating himself more than Leviathan and you could barely get through to your younger brother. A part of you was hoping that by figuring out more about humans, that you’d somehow be able to get closer with your brother. It was a long shot, and you weren’t even sure it would work, but it was all you had. Even Beelzebub was having a hard time with him these days.
And that’s how you ended up in the human realm. Although you were trying to be a good role model, you did have to sneak away every now and then. Lucifer would never approve of you going to the human realm alone, he had become especially protective of you since falling. You couldn’t blame him; you knew he harbored a lot of blame for the way things ended with Lilith so you tried to be as understanding as you possibly could. That being said, you tried. You still needed to do some things for yourself, and this was one of them. You figured if Lord Diavolo really did plan on hosting an exchange program, growing accustomed to humans and their respective realm would do you some good. For the most part, you stayed hidden in the shadows. When your brothers would travel, like Asmodeus or Satan, they liked to be seen by humans. Never in their demon form (although Satan did lose his temper on that one trip; you try not to delve into that), but they liked to be acknowledged. You were closer to Leviathan in the sense that you liked to blend in with the humans rather than stand out. Unwanted attention might get you into trouble, and the last thing you needed was Lucifer chewing you out about being reckless.
Your eyes narrowed as you observed the streets, taking in the mannerisms of the humans walking by. You were in a busy city and it was mid-December with plenty of human holiday traditions popping up. The hustle and bustle of the city were appealing to you and you could see why so many humans marveled at cities and longed to live there. You were walking through the crowd, hands stuffed in the pockets of your coat despite not being even a bit cold. You wanted to fit in though, so you tried to match everyone else. You noticed how everyone was too busy to look at one another; people rushing by too focused on their everyday lives. At the moment, you couldn’t tell what your two siblings found so appealing about humans. They seemed a little selfish if anything.
And, although ironic enough, you were too busy thinking to yourself to notice others around you, which led you straight into slamming into the chest of someone. “Oi, what the hell-- why don’t ya watch where you’re goin’?” The first thing you noticed was the accent. It was odd, and it certainly didn’t seem to match those of the people surrounding you. The second thing you noticed was the harsh attitude from the mere human you stumbled into. The audacity of some of these humans never failed to amaze you-- oh shit.
You blink several times as you look in front of you, a head of white fluffy hair taking up most of your vision. You still weren’t used to all the interesting colors humans picked to wear, despite the Devildom being filled to the brim with demons who also had some... unique tastes. Hair aside, he was absolutely stunning. You couldn’t find yourself able to look away-- was he also a demon? Did he put you under some kind of spell? Of course, you wouldn’t be surprised to see another demon lurking about, but still--
“Hello? Are ya deaf or somethin’? Ya can’t just go runnin’ into people and then stare at them with these bug eyes. It’s a bit weird, ya know.” Oh, right.
“Uh… sorry?” Not exactly what you planned on saying.
“Yeah…” The man looks at you with a raised eyebrow before clearing his throat and looking away. “Well, I’m in a bit of a rush, so I can’t just stand here all day. Just make sure ya don’t continue to slam into people. Not all of them are as nice as me.” He gives you a wink with that final line and you try to ignore the heat that’s building up in your face. Nice my ass, you can’t help but think. And nearly just as quick as he popped into your life, he vanished. You’re impressed with how fast these humans are; maybe you don’t give them enough credit.
“And where were you?” You were hoping to go unnoticed, but as your luck would have it, of course, Lucifer would catch you the second you walked through the front door. You weren’t a great liar and you both knew this, so you needed to play your cards right. You doubt he’d be happy to know you’ve been running around unsupervised in another realm.
“You smell like human food.” Beelzebub is quick to point out as he walks into the living room. “Did you bring some human food? Are you going to share?” The red-headed demon is looking at you with a hopeful face and had he not just indirectly ratted you out, you’d probably feel bad for not having any food on you.
“I don’t have any food.” You put it simply and your brother pouts in response. Lucifer, however, is looking at you with a very intense gaze.
“And would you care to explain why you would smell like human food at all?” His arms are crossed over his chest and his foot is tapping against the polished floor. Yeah, you were definitely busted. “And why do you reek of cheap cologne? Were you out with a man?”
“Okay dad, calm down.” You put your hands up in submission. “I was not out with a man, I bumped into one on accident.” More like body slammed into one, but he didn’t need the details. “Maybe he had some human food on him, I don’t know why else I’d smell like it.”
“Must have slammed into him pretty hard to smell that strongly of humans. Unless, of course, the man you crossed paths with was a human.” You swallow thickly under Lucifer’s watchful eye. Damn, you really couldn’t get anything past that man.
“I don’t know why a human would be in the Devildom.”
“Yeah, I don’t know why either.” Lucifer’s looking even more annoyed now. Maybe you shouldn’t have said that. You might have just walked into a trap. “Unless of course…”
“Well, look, maybe he was in the human realm and had a bit of a snack. Maybe he chomped on some humans, I don’t know what you want me to tell you. I can’t keep track of every demon I happen to bump into, but next time I run into one I’ll be sure to take some notes and interview them just in case you don’t like how I smell when I come back home.”
“Watch how you talk to me.” Lucifer was getting a little worked up, but to be fair, so were you. You didn’t mean to be so defensive, but when dealing with someone as investigative as Lucifer, could you really be blamed?
“Well, this was fun and all,” you fake a yawn, “but I’m actually quite tired now. Think I’ll go to bed. Catch some shut-eye. Speaking of,” you point an accusing finger at the eldest, “you should too. All this lack of sleep is what makes you so grumpy.”
“Yes,” he deadpans, “I’m sure it’s the lack of sleep that has me like this.”
Okay, so maybe you had a bit of a problem. Not a big problem, but a problem nonetheless. It had been exactly two days since your first and last outing to the human realm. You had a good time overall, but a certain white-haired boy grabbed your attention and refused to let go. The problem? You knew nothing about him. All you knew was that he had an interesting accent and that he maybe lived in a city. At the very least, he had business in the city. If you still haven’t guessed, your problem is that you can’t get this kid out of your head. You didn’t plan on traveling back to the human realm so soon, but well, life happens and here you are. Right back in the same city as two days ago.
It was still as busy as last time, with people shoving their way down the streets, bags in hands and eyes glued to phone screens. It would be impossible to spot him in this crowd, so you’d have to snoop around. Was this really something you were proud of? No, but you were a demon and you let it justify the odd things you indulged in.
You made your way down a sidewalk, hands stuffed in the pockets of your coat once again as you kept a watchful eye out. Your eyes landed on a small restaurant that was tucked away in a corner and the smell caught your attention. Having temporarily forgotten your mission, and instead thinking of picking up some food for Beelzebub, you made your way towards the restaurant. Pushing the door open, you heard a bell above you ring, alerting your presence to the workers.
“Good afternoon.” A cheerful woman says from behind the counter, currently in the middle of taking an order from a customer. You nod your head in response, debating internally whether or not bringing Beelzebub back food would be worth the scolding from Lucifer as yes, you would essentially be ratting yourself out. You could probably get Beelzebub to swear silence in turn for the food though. As you weigh the pros and cons in your head, you hear a familiar voice come from behind you which makes you freeze in place.
“Eh? What are ya doin’ here? Ya followin’ me or somethin’?” You knew the man was probably joking, but uh… yes. Well, you were at the start, technically, but as luck would have it you just happened to bump into him again, so technically you didn’t stalk him and technically you didn’t track him down. So, no, you were not creepy.
“Yes.” You deadpan, and the white-haired man looks puzzled for a minute before erupting into laughter.
“You’re funny.” He gives you a firm pat on the back as he walks by, and that’s when you take in his appearance. He was wearing an apron, so you could assume he was a waiter for the restaurant. Wow, weren’t you the luckiest demon on this planet? Your eyes scan his uniform, looking for a name tag. Your eyebrow quirks in amusement when you read the word ‘Mammon’. Did his parents hate him? Why would they name a child that? What next? Was his middle name Lucifer too?
“Your name is Mammon.” You deadpan once again.
“Yes.” He replies, a bit of a pout on his lips. You assume he gets comments on his name all the time. You wonder why he hasn’t legally changed it; humans have a process for that, don’t they? They love to change everything.
“It’s nice.” You weren’t lying. As a demon, you did appreciate names on humans that derived from your kind. Although definitely taboo for humans, it was always fascinating to you to see that some humans actually did walk around with demon names.
“Eh? Really?” He’s looking at you with wide eyes again before a dopey smile forms on his lips as the two of you stand chatting by the entrance. “I don’t get that a lot. Are you from around here? I haven’t seen ya much. Have ya been here before?”
“I’m new to the area.” It wasn’t really a lie. “So I’ve just been exploring the area, trying to take everything in. I thought this place smelled good so I came here. I wasn’t expecting to see you.” But it did make things easier. Now that you had a name to a face, maybe you’d be able to get him out of your head.
“So that’s the excuse you’re goin’ with, yeah?” There’s a playful grin on his lips before he leads you to a table. “Just sit tight, I’ll be the one takin’ your order, so glance over the menu, okay?” You can only nod in response as he’s gone almost immediately after. Well, Lucifer would definitely notice your scent now. Nothing about you smelled like a demon; in fact, you’re sure you smelled more human at this point than anything else.
Your eyes follow Mammon’s figure as he disappears into the back, doing who knows what. Cheap cologne, you remember Lucifer bringing that up the other day. You didn’t think Mammon smelled like cheap cologne, he actually smelled quite nice.
You decided to bring your attention to the menu placed on the table in front of you as you found yourself getting too distracted and you didn’t want to risk looking like an actual stalker (although that’s already up in the air) when Mammon comes back. Your eyebrow quirked as you looked over the food. So it’s a café type of place? How cute, you can’t help but think to yourself. You weren’t too hungry, but the longer you stayed there the longer you’d be able to see Mammon. You could always bring it back to Beelzebub.
“Decide on anythin’ yet?” He asks, startling you out of your thoughts. Why didn’t you sense his arrival? You give him a confused look when he places a mug down in front of you. “What? Ya look like a hot chocolate kind of… person?” You stifle a laugh at his odd attempt to address you.
“I do like hot chocolate.” Was it hot in here or was it just you? You cup your hands around the mug and try not to look up at the white-haired man in fear of staring at him like a creep.
“Of course. My intuition is never wrong.” He gives you a wink, which you happen to look up just in time to catch, and low and behold your face is beet red. Just your luck. “So? What do ya want?”
“What do I want?” You choke out and Mammon looks at you with another raised eyebrow.
“Yeah, what do ya want to eat?” Duh.
“U-Uh, yeah, this!” In a panic, you quickly point at a random spot on the menu, to which Mammon bends down to examine it.
“So you’re big on sweets, yeah? I like chocolate too, but that’s a lot even for me.” He has a toothy grin on his face and you quickly look down to see just what exactly it was that you picked out. A chocolate cake drizzled in chocolate sauce served with a side of chocolate wafers. Yeah, that wouldn’t have been your pick if you had actually paid attention, but it is what it is.
“It’s because I’m so sweet.” Yeah, you hated that the second it left your mouth. Mammon, however, seemed to like it as he blurted out a laugh.
“I can’t say that I disagree.” He looks thoughtful for a moment before shifting on his feet. “I’m about to go on break, would ya mind if I sat with ya?” And cue your cheeks heating up again. You just hoped it wasn’t too noticeable.
“Sure, yeah, I don’t mind.” You’re scratching at the back of your neck shyly as you look around the mostly empty restaurant.
“Cool!” Your face is buried in your hands once the man leaves, a shaky sigh leaving you. Did he want to sit with you? You didn’t know if you should consider yourself lucky or unlucky at this point.
At least ten minutes went by before Mammon joined you at your table, the man pulling out his phone as he sat in the empty seat. He was clearly excited to be on break, the man rambling about his day and all the annoying customers he had to deal with. You listen silently as you pick at your cake. You had forced yourself to eat half of it before he joined you, not wanting to look like you didn’t like it and have the white-haired boy ask you questions regarding it. You were still unsure how to feel about his company, but a part of you felt lighter than before.
“What time do you work until?” You found yourself asking and you shyly glanced over at the other.
“I close.” There’s a pout on his lips and you find yourself smiling. “Kinda sucks, but the pay is alright. Better than nothin’ anyway, especially with the holidays comin’ up and all.” He’s playing with his fingers as he glances down at his phone. Was he waiting for something? Maybe he had a partner and he was waiting for them to text him back. For some reason, that thought makes you frown. “Ah, actually,” there’s a sheepish smile on his lips and his cheeks are turning a pretty shade of red, “I was wonderin’ if I could actually get your number.” He’s scratching at the back of his neck and you feel your heart skip several beats in response. He wanted your number? Your number? Him? Your expression must have startled him as the man across from you started stammering out an excuse. “Ah, but, actually-- if it’s too invasive, I didn’t mean anythin’ like that-- I swear, oh god.”
“It’s okay, don’t worry.” You were beyond grateful, but there was only one teenie tiny issue. “I don’t have a phone.” Well, a human phone that is. You had a perfectly working D.D.D, but nothing that could interact with the human realm. Mammon looks slightly dejected and you know that he doesn’t buy your excuse. You weren’t surprised, a lot of humans seemed to have phones in this era. Living without one seemed to be impossible for them. And, as if the universe wanted to punish you for flirting with a human that was so beneath you, your D.D.D immediately goes off.
Your face pales as you just stare in horror at Mammon. He looks slightly annoyed, though you can tell he’s trying to play it off. That had to sting. “Look, it’s cool. Ya don’t owe me any explanations if ya don’t want me havin’ your number.” He checks his phone once again, the silence in the air suffocating you. “Ya should probably answer that, don’t ya think?” Yeah, he was definitely annoyed with you. You clumsily grab your D.D.D from your pocket, nearly dropping it in the process. You swear under your breath when seeing it’s Lucifer. You wonder what the odds were of him finding out you were in the human realm.
“I uh, I have to go.”
“Important call?” There was bitterness just barely contained in his voice. How did things go so wrong so fast?
“I’m sorry.” You say lamely before leaving all the human currency you had on the table and darted out the doors of the restaurant. God, you’d never be able to show your face in the human realm again. That embarrassment would last for centuries, you were sure of it.
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arcadejohn127-9 · 5 months ago
Hello! Can i request something with Belphie where the reader has a nightmare late at night and just silently walks to beel and belphies room and gets in bed with belphie but he doesnt wake up till later and realizes the readers there and gets happy? i love your fluff drabbles btw!
Thank you so much! I'm so happy you decided to request!
Long fingers dragged along your skin, grabbing you at every second. The burning light behind you was blistering your skin. A sharp stinging sensation running up your spine as you tried to get away but no matter how hard you tried; you couldn't. Running was all in slow motion.
Why couldn't your legs move?! Why wouldn't they go faster?! Please go faster!
You begged and begged to escape but the thousands of hands dragged you closer to the light. Whispers of a million voices screeching in your ears.
It was too loud. Too slow. Too fast. Everything was horribly wrong! Please! Someone! Help me!
You thought you were screaming but your lips were sealed tight.
The light engulfed your body; wrapping you into a deathly grip as you felt the hands claw at your skin. Suddenly-
"ah-!" you panted, startling yourself awake.
You rolled over in your bed, trying to focus on the darkness of your room but even that didn't feel safe. Your mind played tricks on your eyes; believing the blanket of black over your room was but the many hands in your dream.
A frown grew bigger on your face. It seems you weren't going to get any sleep anytime soon. You sighed, shoving the blanket off you despite your mind screaming danger. After flipping on your lamp you felt slightly more at ease.
You needed sleep. You wanted a dream not a nightmare.
Your body moved without thinking, grabbing a thin blanket and made it into a makeshift cape. Your legs lead you out of your room and towards the twins bedroom; you felt compelled. You knew you'd feel safe there.
Trying to be as silent as possible, you slowly opened their bedroom door. Wincing at the small creak. You padded in, scanning each side. Beezlebub was chewing on his pillow as he loudly snored meanwhile belphegor was in a blanket mountain silent. You were happy to see soft lights of the sun and moon dancing across the ceiling. Stars sparkled across the walls as the nightlight on the table let out a soft chime.
You could feel yourself already relax. Shuffling over to the avatar of sloth's bed, you stealthily crawled in. Hiding under the blankets and pillows. You were face to face with the sleeping demon; his cheek squished against his favourite pillow. He was also so cute when he was peaceful. So innocent.
As if sensing your presence arms wrapped around you causing you to stiffen up. Flashes of your nightmare sparking fear but when you looked at the demons peaceful expression you knew you were safe. You let him embrace you; hiding your face into his chest as your arms curled into themselves.
Belphegor finally stirred. Eyes fluttering open, he grumbled to himself as he realize he was awake. He snuggled closer to the soft pillow in his hold but went rigid when he felt hot breath fanning his chest. He looked down to see your sleeping figure. Latching yourself to him; your snores muffled due to your position.
He didn't even realize his demon form appeared until he felt his tail thump against the bed. Blood quickly rushed to his cheeks as his tail wouldn't stop thumping. He couldn't deny he was happy to wake up to such a surprise.
Belphie snuggled his face into your hair trying to mentally calm himself as his tail only grew more aggressively happy. A wide smile on his face as he cherished how soft and comfortable you felt against him.
But the joyful buzz only continued. Making his drift back to sleep with a smile on his face.
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