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#obey me otome

Thank you to the Obey Me! creators for such lovely gifts on my birthday! (Just the standard gifts you get devil points, energy, etc etc.)

I absolutely LOVED all the calls with the demon brothers you get on your birthday! They’re all so precious! (> w <)

2 notes

Not to be too political about video game characters BUT Satan would be the most progressive of the Boys. You might say, oh, well what about Asmo? And you would be fair to say that EXCEPT

since when does Asmo truly listen to anyone besides MC

in conversation with the average person, asmo’s going to talk about kinks, not political inclinations

no way would he care enough to regularly educate himself on human class struggles or more complex matters like subconscious bias

Lucifer would be educated, yes, but he doesn’t exactly radiate empathy

and the other Boys would be supportive of what MC believes in but would they be educated? No. They are himbos.

simping may make me biased, but I think Satan would be the best blend of educated and empathetic

70 notes

My dumbass finally learned how to look at your friends list on Obey Me.

I legit had 50+ friend requests. Oops.

7 notes

Wait why is there hearts when you ignore him 🥺🥺 🥺

Is he just happy to be around MC???

9 notes

Why is Lord Diavolo so easy to gain intimacy points with??

Like, there is so little I can do to make him not like me??

I think I’ve gotten a perfect score every time I’ve interacted with him after two days of figuring out the game??

I’m not even trying at this point, and he’s halfway through level 8!

38 notes

Imagine levi’s hair is a wig and his real hair is black underneath

17 notes