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#obey me pacts
empressarcana · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
😍 Beel, I’ve got you covered. I’ll make you the best cheeseburgers 🍔 for all eternity.
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wolfess19 · a month ago
What if Simeon, Luke and Solomon have their own Pact Marks?
(I may have used the wrong colors...oh well 🙄)
• Art by me
• I do not own the art used for reference - that's copyright of NTT Solmare
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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obey-mes-treasure · a month ago
Obey Me Pact Headcanons Part 1 (GN!MC)
, Warnings: Minimal Mentions of Death
  Pact marks hurt when they first appear, they feel like they are being burnt into the skin.
All pact masters all have their demon’s pact mark however, demons can choose whether or not to have a pact mark.
Most lesser demons choose to have a pact mark because it helps increase their power while stronger demons usually do not because they are already powerful and do not like the look of being marked by humans.
Pact masters can send signals through the pact. The signal often feels like feelings, they are usually to let the demon know that their pact master is in trouble or safe.
Demons feel the pain that their pact master is feeling if they are in danger. So, pain like a stubbed toe will not hurt the demon however, if the pact master is scared of spiders and they happen to hurt while seeing one then the demon will feel it.
Pacts with stronger demons will often give the pact master some kind of ability.
When a pact master dies the demon feels it, the stronger the bond between master and demon the more painful it is.
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harunayuuka2060 · a month ago
archangels under a pact with mc?
Pacts With Archangels
Luke: *sleeping on MC's lap*
Simeon: *his head resting on their shoulder*
MC: Ahh... My life existence as a bean bag. Two angels sleeping on me while I cannot move an inch.
MC and Raphael: *staring at each other*
MC: Why are you still staring at me?
Raphael: I should ask the same.
MC: ...
Raphael: ...
MC: Raphael, stop staring already.
Raphael: ... No.
MC: *being squeezed by Michael* Michael... How can I paint you a portrait if you're hugging me like this?
Michael: *goofy face* Forget the portrait. I just want to cuddle~.
MC: ...
MC: Okay. You have a problem with my skills. What is it?
Michael: *chuckle* Well... On my last portrait, you made me look like a monkey and it was still displayed in the corridor.
MC: ... *laughs* But that's your face!
Michael: *pouts* No... I'm cuter than that, MC. You're so mean...
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lorddiiavolo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
  When it comes down to Diavolo, making pacts with him, getting acquainted/familiar, touching his horns as we all know he’s not fond of - it has something to do with him more or less choosing the other person. ( Diavolo likes to dance around the idea of getting close but never really does - just teases.  Once in a while, flirting back but is he genuine about it - I don’t know. Likely to keep people at arms length despite being lonely. ) I also think it’s something definitely to do with status, that there is some significance to their horns - especially his as they’re embellished with gold at the tips, sort of like a crown.   With MC/other muses touching his horns compared to Barbatos or Lucifer, he’d consider it offensive.  In most cases, politely decline if it’s a first time - assuming it’s an accident but if it’s done on purpose, he’ll tell you directly how he’s not impressed by such behavior.  Get a lil angry, maybe, just a smidge.  But it’s a weird blur between him wanting casual interaction but he won’t let things like that be crossed, it can be so casual until they try touching his horns then it’s automatically shut down.    When he chooses someone, he’s basically giving them access to him.  He will make it known that he wants the other person, will requests touches in places he normally won’t let anyone touch ( specifically rarely seen tail/horns ).  And considering he’s a draconic demon, it’s just a kind of instinct that he has - like his possessions but we kind of already know how possessive he can get even if vaguely implied that he’s very much not fond of sharing that includes sharing himself. But when it comes to sharing himself it’s a series of things that play into it, intimacy issues, his image, status, fighting his own urge to not pull back even though he may want to. It’s important to him to not only have a good image but to keep people trusting in him, even if it’s a little. If he pulls back, that would give signs to hesitate.    That’s kind of why pacts are a big deal to Diavolo - especially since he has only 2 ( 3, counting Miya ) most trusted pacts that is Lucifer and Barbatos.  If they touched his horns, he wouldn’t take offense.  And considering the situation, he’d mess around back with them.  As to him, they’re on the same level - as petty or Ew as it might sound.  He is royalty.  And while he craves touch / intimacy / closeness - he does have an image to uphold.  Barbatos and Lucifer understand that so they aren’t one to just grab his horns or him, in general, in public just because they might want to.  Because they understand the boundaries of what’s acceptable and not acceptable in public and away from public.    But let it be known, once he chooses someone he doesn’t expect them to leave.  To him, he wants them by his side.  For better or for worse, and in that loyalty that he expects from them - he returns the favor by forming a pact.  He’s sworn to protect them, to fight for them, entrusting them with his abilities as they can ask anything of him and he’ll do it as it’s part of the pact.  Usually he’s the one calling shots in pacts but if he’s choosing someone, he’s giving them the opportunity to call shots too.  He trusts the other person’s judgement and their abilities.  Please do not let him down.
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Am I the only one who finds the way Solomon stands before dance battles kinda funny?
Tumblr media
look at this fucking boi  look at the way this soloman stands  i must be the only person who finds it funny like--
Tumblr media
“Ah yes, hello demons, maybe wanna...
Tumblr media
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cerealmonster15 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they... they fucked right?? This has been haunting me for days, they have to have hooked up at least once at some point ya?? Do we ever get lore on how they met and/or how they made a pact,,, and how did Solomon get in a pact with barbatos.... that one haunts me even more ,,,,
(If there’s actually answers to these in main story shh don’t tell me I’m still on lesson 14 shhhh)
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mammons-credit-card · 3 months ago
Pact headcanon
Whenever you command your demon boi it kinda works like how in inuyasha when kagame says "SIT BOY!" And of course inuyasha is forced to sit due to the necklace he wears (the necklace makes him sit on command right?? sorry its been awhile since I watched the anime lmfao)
For example;
Mammon: wh- *mouth magically shuts due to pact* mMMmMMpH!? (Translation: WHAT THE FUCK?!)
Tumblr media
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beelmzebub · 4 months ago
I saw a post that said "talk about your MC" and I accidentally made a whole ref on the spot so I'll make a separate post for that I guess! Anyway here's my MC:
My MC is my sona, so he has the same name as me.
His skin is around the same shade as Mammon's and his hair is normally black, but under ~certain circumstances~ it changes to a really bright red (often compared to the color of a tomato). I've been struggling a bit with drawing and coloring, but he looks something like this:
Tumblr media
His outfit consists of a black turtleneck croptop, a satin jacket, two belts, some jeans and a pair of boots (about as tall as Mammon's boots). He himself is actually pretty short, barely coming up to the height of Beel's chest.
Some fun facts about him!
-He's dating Beel and Belphie
-He is a proud member of the Anti-Lucifer League
-He is close with Little D. No. 2 (who he calls "Carlos")
-He often jokes about being a rat, so much so that Barbatos despises him (and actually chased him with a broom once)
-He did manage to make a pact with Satan because they agreed that Lucifer sucks (more on that in my story)
-He is not immune to Asmo's gaze
-He does not have a pact with Lucifer
-For every pact he's made, the pact symbol has appeared on the inside of his forearms. On his left arm, from his wrist to his elbow, it goes Mammon, Levi, Beel. Similarly, his right arm has Asmo, Satan, and Belphie.
-He sucks at magic
-In order to properly use a pact, he has to touch the symbol correlating to the brother he wants to command, and then give an order. Normally the symbols are black, but when using them they begin to glow white.
-Because his magic is so weak, he cannot use his pacts for too long, otherwise they start to take a toll on his body. This means that if he overdoes it, the pact symbol he is using will cause him to bleed.
-His RAD uniform is identical to Belphie's (except actually buttoned up properly and he wears a red ascot instead of a blue tie)
-If he were allowed to work jobs (he isn't because the brothers say he's to weak) he'd like working at Majolish and The Fall
-He likes: good conversation and he dislikes: idiots
-He will do everything in his power to piss off Luci (including calling him Luci) but will stop immediately if he goes into his demon form
-He and Satan don't talk often unless they are discussing their theories on the latest episode of A Beacon In The Dark
-He has several nicknames: Chandler, Chance, Chan, and Chan-Chan
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princessozera · 5 months ago
Someone really should make an Obey Me OC that’s the grandchild/great grandchild of the kid who won a golden fiddle by out playing the Devil
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thalfox · 6 months ago
I have a theory that making deals with the brothers is very dangerous. They’re DEMONS, for one. The price of making a deal with a demon is usually your soul or something equally valuable right? I think just making casual agreements with them is ok but as soon as you call it a “deal” it turns into something a lot more important in demon culture (also you just implied you’re gonna use your soul as a bargaining chip)
So, the demon pacts in OM are the more unusual kind when we look at actual demonology. Essentially there are two kinds of pacts: unilateral, and a bilateral pact:
The pacts that MC makes are rare (unilateral), because they are given of free will. The demons have not been summoned to the human world and trapped within magic. They are free demons, who wish to protect MC.
A normal demon pact [bilateral] requires at least part of the human’s soul. This is what they mean by corruption.
- Obey Me: Seven Deadly Corruptions
A unilateral pact has no conditions, whereas a bilateral pact is a conditional arrangement, that hinges on the transaction of (part of) the human soul.
In many ways, a demon would view both pacts as extremely serious, but a unilateral pact is surely a far greater commitment.
Corrupting humans into handing over their souls is a demon's daily job, and those kind of deals are what is studied at RAD - the demons learn how to charm their summoner, to try and win them over so as to corrupt them to a greater degree.
Tumblr media
But agreeing to devote your service for nothing in return, is a huge commitment, and not something a demon would ever do lightly.
(Which is why I believe both Mammon and Levi had already decided to protect MC before they were "tricked" into making such a pact - in reality this commitment far exceeds what was being held over them, including Mammon's love of his credit card.)
In demonology, it is usually the case that a pact can be broken, but only by the human. This extends to bilateral pacts too, but amends must be made for anything gained due to the pact for it to be sufficiently broken.
In OM that doesn't seem to be the case, and the demons were quite upset by the notion that a pact could be broken, immediately reassuring MC that their bond would remain as strong as ever.
Incidentally, the pacts that Solomon made with his demons are not believed to be unilateral. It is highly probably that OM Solomon exchanged parts of his soul in order to gain at least some of his pacts, collectable upon his death.
But of course, he ended up immortal instead, which is one hell of a way to trick a demon 😱
Further reading:
Obey Me: Seven Deadly Corruptions
Obey Me: Pact Marks
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simping-hours-are-24-7 · 6 months ago
Pacts = Marriage?
[Scene: Mammon, Beelzebub, and MC are chilling in MC’s room. All three are on MC’s bed; Mammon curled into MC’s side definitely not cuddling, and both Beel and MC are watching random videos while Beel snacks.]
MC: ...Hey, when we made a pact, I pretty much offered up my soul to you guys right?
Mammon: *still tucked in MC’s side, but looking up at them* Not really. It’s more a contract than anythin’. But yeah, we’re essentially “soul-bound” until one of us breaks terms or ya die..
Beel: *nods* The conditions are usually equal on both ends, but sometimes not, like ours.
MC: Hmm, so in general, most pacts are held so both human and demon get something out of it and we’re connected by my soul, and until ‘death do us part?”
Mammon and Beel look at each other before nodding.
Mammon: Sounds ‘bout right.
MC: *smiles at them both* does that make you guys my husbands then?
*both Mammon and Beel blush brightly. Mammon sticks his face back into MC’s side to avoid eye contact.*
[My Vow to You Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]
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thevoidofshitposts · 6 months ago
Theory: Lucifer knows the Light rings location.
We know from the Opening of act 2 (ch20+) that something Clearly goes wrong with the ritual Solomons currently working on (almost too excitedly)  or Solomon is going to try to Force Mc,or Mc has to, to do something with the night dagger that involves stabbing “Him” (reaper probably).  Solomon is the only other person other then the reaper that can use the dagger according to what we learned in this chapter so why would he be handing it to the MC ? 
But I don't think the Ring would be teased like that for no reason. Also Solomon has a ring just like it which is interesting but not as important atm. The light ring fell with Lucifer and was “lost” during the celestial war, meaning it could be picked up. Simeon goes awful quiet when Its brought up and the texts we are presented with even some what support the idea that there is clearly something going on around that is not quite right due to the amount of research Solomons doing. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Before he was interrupted Simeon looks shook. But Thats besides the point. After Its brought up he has nothing to say at all. You think the guy who was lucifers former best friend would have commentary? Lucifer’s amnesia came on in such a way where he has some memories, just no context for them, also we are seeing the lucIfer That is like how he was when he was an Angel :. Meaning he may be able to think things out from back then and be able to recover the ring in this state. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Barbatos makes a comment to Lucifer to the effect of who’s side will you pick in previous chapters. This seems unnecessary now with the current developments seems a bit off, unless Lucifer remembers something when his memory comes back he was not meant to or angle like Lucifer starts being a pain and starts rebellion #2. This verson of Lucifer seems salty and kind of adorkable and would and HAS fought people in the past. He still rembers some of himself but not much, i think he will recover some memories about lillith and then the ring possibly. 
Cause...the devs like to rip our hearts out like the pact severing this isn't giving me enough anxiety Im gonna rage quit possibly if they go through with that for a while if that's the case cause my heart can't take it.
Its the only explanation i can come up with. They were kinda casting Solomon as the villian for a while with the whole sketchy thing and him getting jealous over our Lucifer pact at one point around lesson 16 but he seems like he's actually trying to help? 
So the memory loss is either A) a shitty over used plot hole cover so the devs can give us sad things and distraction fluff or B) there for a reason. Hear me out.  I THINK the ring may also be in the reapers hands possibly or recovered by the celestial realm. If Mc’s connection to the “ring” is gone solomon would go back to being the strongest human sorcerer, but I don't think he's going to become a  antagonist sketchy as he is, he's also a soft boi who wants to help\not die by random acts of nature and it is stated that Solomon is only doing this as a last resort basically. So There is that being a thing which sketchy as he is, doesn't seem false.  Diavolo seems like he's feeling super guilty over all this (Barb wants to throw hands with mammon ) and even says there is no other option,  the better option would be to find the ring,  because in a since he gets what he wants the tree rems uniting through mc technically, but Theres no other option they think.... But if Im correct that either the reaper has it ( he's a hoarder from the sounds of it ) or Simeon (surprise bad guy?), or the ring can be recovered. Then barbs comment would make more since.
Now Solomon may also be trying to cut MC off from there power from less pure reasons too, since he seems a little to egar to go through with this plan and is already kinda moving towards it before even TRYING TO FIND THE RING.  Like get a metal detector smh. The fact that THATS the first thing he goes towards in the repers cave is really bad don’t get me wrong, and giving him THE LITTERAL DEMON MURDER WEAPON was really stupid so there could be bad, but so far Solomons playing it like he's helpful. Could be because umm mc is causing world ending like events  but.. Could be wanting to get more power .. Like 72 demons isn't enough but what ever as long as he doesn't try to take advantage of Lucifer or anyone while there in an amnesia like state were good. *eyes on Solomons sketchy ass*
( Even though he may use mc’s power to Kill the reaper and get out of his game thing with it possibly. )
Not sure about hard mode yet haven't seen anything on it but i hope it helps clear something up.  
( Also why is luke looking after a unconscious person hes ten, also I think Lucifer may have given the ring as a parting gift  to someone but in a salty here take your stupid ring sorta way by the current Lucifers salty attitude or something possibly Barbatos knows where it is and we gotta kill Barb or dia or who knows but i have no evidence of that at all my evidence here is craptoo but ive never done a theory thing before so im just spewing thoughts tbh)
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