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#obey me prompts
luminari-mc · a month ago
(Mammon x MC/Reader)
Prompt: "She doesn't compare to you. No one does.”
Genre: Angst, hurt(emotional)/comfort.
Pairing: GN!MC/Reader x Mammon
Summary: You and Mammon finally get to enjoy a well-deserving shopping trip just between the two of you. Just as you are about to hit the next shop, your attention is caught by an image advertised in the street.
Warnings: N/A
A/N: I wanted to try my hands at a prompt that is tagged as "fluff", but of course I ended up turning it into something angsty instead. But I like sad stuff, so that still works for me.
It wasn't often that you got to spend time with Mammon without having any of his brothers around to bother you. But you had made it very clear to them that these few hours after school would be spent with Mammon, and only him. And for today's trip, you two had decided to go shopping in one of the busiest streets in the Devildom.
Clothes and jewelry stores, malls- you had done them all. When most of this time had been spent doing window shopping, Mammon had still insisted on getting at least a few bags of purchased goods for each of you by the end of the day. After all, what was the point of going on a shopping trip, if you didn't end up emptying your bank account only to regret it later?
And so, thanks to the demon's wonderful influence, your arms had now several bags hanging off of them. There was a certain guilt still looming over your head as you realized way overboard you might have gotten with your purchases, but Mammon promised he would take care of any financial problems you could encounter in the near future because of that. You still wondered how he was going to manage it, him being Mammon and all...
"Damn, now THAT'S what I call a good haul! Look at ya!" The white-haired demon grinned as he watch you hop out of the store, the glass doors opening automatically at your presence to let you out. He placed his wrists on his hips as his own bags dangled in his hands. "What'cha got for yourself this time?"
"They actually had that jacket I saw in a magazine the other day!" The doors closed behind you as you showed the white bag which contained the jacket. "You were right, that store was amazing. I can't believe you never showed it to me before."
"Ha! Told ya the Great Mammon knew where the best treasures were! Consider it an exclusive info, because I ain't gonna share more if any of my brothers are around next time." Mammon turned around before flipping a few of his bags over his shoulder, as you instantly began to trot to get to his level.
"What? So all this time you knew about it and you didn't tell me? Just because Asmo comes with us sometimes?" You expressed shock, right before your eyebrows joined together. "Really, as if you couldn't have told me over text or something."
"And have you go without me?! Nah, ain't gonna happen- you'd just get lost and end up in the worst store possible." Mammon glanced your way, and you could only smirk at his poor excuse.
"Sure, you're right. I forgot that humans don't have the same flawless sense of orientation as demons do." Despite your obviously sarcastic tone, Mammon didn't seem to register it as he nodded at your words.
"Exactly! Even if I gave you the full address, who knows where you'd end up? I don't want ya to come and complain to me afterwards, so it's gotta be with me or nothin'."
Even as you rolled your eyes, you noticed Mammon's face slightly turning away from yours, probably to hide the extra shade of color that had appeared on his cheeks ever so discreetly. Even when he was in his usual tsundere mood, it was endearing to see how concerned he was for your safety. And just how badly he wanted to be alone with you.
"So, where to next?" You asked without really thinking, surprising yourself that even after your extensive purchasing, you still wanted to do more. Or maybe it was that you didn't want this date to end right away. The past few weeks had been nothing but the brothers interrupting each other when any of them found themselves alone with you, so getting to spend some alone time with one of them, especially with Mammon, deserved to be extended a bit more.
"Glad ya asked!" As if a battery had been plugged into him, the demon brandished his arm into the air, the bags swinging by his face and missing him by a few inches. "I got this whole place where they're sellin' tons of stuff for pretty cheap, but it's actually authentic branded things. See, they're actually sold to that one guy who then has to sell them to another guy, and..."
As you listened to Mammon explain how he was able to find "authentic stuff" (probably not that authentic, you were pretty sure about that) for less than a quarter of its original price, your eyes found themselves drifting to an impressive ad plastered on a building the two of you were walking by. Recognizing the habit of Majolish to put their models on display for everyone to see was pretty easy, but that wasn't what caught your eye in the moment.
What tuned Mammon down completely in your ears, were the models themselves. The second born, sitting on a stool with a ripped shirt and pants, a few accessories hanging off his neck and barely covering anything of his exposed chest. He looked serious, staring straight at the objective- and at you, while the light shined on him to completely capture his frame for the picture.
And sitting down in the middle of the shot, between his legs, was a female demon wearing a red leather dress, her head resting on top of Mammon's leg. The clawed hand dangling off his knee- covered in golden rings, seemed to taunt you, as well as the piercing yellow eyes she had. Saying she wasn't beautiful would be lying. In fact, she was absolutely stunning. A perfect model for a perfect shot. Just looking at her made you feel small, like a prey that was about to be devoured by a hungry beast, the longer you were looking at her.
But that's what demons were supposed to make you feel like, right?
"Hey!" Mammon called out from the distance he had put between the two of you since you had stopped walking beside him. "Yo, MC!"
Watching as you kept staring into nothing, Mammon rolled his shoulders with a furrowed brow before walking back toward you, his head tilting to the side as he noticed your dead expression.
"Huuh hello, Devildom to MC? In which realm did ya get lost this time?"
"They replaced it." The words that left your mouth were weak, almost too silent for him to hear. It's as if all of the energy you had had evaporated from your body in an instant.
"Huh?" Mammon grew a bit concerned at this sudden change. His eyes perked up at the ad you were looking at, as you continued.
"The shoot we did together." Finally, you spared yourself from the sight, your gaze dropping to the ground. "They already replaced it with another one."
As soon as Mammon understood why *this* ad in particular seemed to be upsetting you so much, his jaw was already clenching. He remembered the stars he had seen in your eyes the previous week when you saw yourself on the Majolish ad, posing beside him- a shoot opportunity you had gotten while accompanying him after RAD a few days prior. In the middle of his shoot, he practically didn't leave any choice to his agent and had insisted that you be included in the shots to promote one of the new pieces of jewelry the brand was planning to release in the upcoming months. Asmo, who was there to witness your reaction on that day the three of you went out, had even taken a hundred pictures or so of you posing in front of the ad.
Except that, the jewelry you had posed with, was now present on the new model posing alongside Mammon.
He had made sure to engrave that smile of yours in his head at the time, even going so far as to snap a picture of your face while you were too focused on Asmo to notice him. But now, there was absolutely no trace of that same happiness anymore.
"The fuck?" The snarl that left him shook the walls of his throat. "That wasn't supposed to be advertised before another month! Why'd they have to take ours so soon?!"
"It's okay, Mammon." The demon stopped growling as his eyes lowered on the hand that was clutching his arm. "I mean... I'm not a model. Figures they wouldn't put it up for long... I-I mean, look at me. Seriously, who would want to see my face being exposed for longer than they can bare? It's hard to imagine. I wouldn't probably have sold their product anyway, so... it's okay."
The look on your face was devastating. Despite trying your best to smile, the tears pricking in your eyes were threatening to roll down your cheeks at any second. Mammon felt his heart being stabbed with a thousand invisible daggers, he couldn't bear to watch you feeling insulted in such a way.
His bags were immediately dropped onto the floor, the demon no longer caring for any of the fragile items he may have bought. His hands swung forward to cup your cheeks, forcing your face up to look at him straight in the eyes.
"Hey hey, MC. C'mon, look at me."
You did your best not to let your vision turn blurry because of the upcoming tears, and stared back at Mammon, your bottom lip trembling weakly.
"I don't care what anyone, model agents or not, can say- you'd sell a thousand more times than any fuckin' models out there, okay? In fact, you're worth even more than their stupid jewelry!"
His thumb quickly brushed away a tear from the corner of your eye as his other hand came to rest on your temple.
"They just put that one up there because that model is famous. They don't care about what's really beautiful, they just want to boast their popularity to the rest of the world." The blue of his eyes seemed to radiate the closer he moved towards you. "But I know what's beautiful. And her? She doesn't compare to you. No one does."
You could only look down in shame as his hands never left you, closing your eyes shut to let a couple tears out before Mammon grabbed a tissue from his pocket to dry your face. He patiently waited a few seconds for you to calm down, soothing you with slow caresses of your hair until your shoulders stopped shaking.
"I'm sorry..." you muttered, sniffling as you passed a wrist over your eyes. "I don't know why that upset me so much..."
"Ya got nothing to be sorry about." Mammon retrieved his hands from your head, only to grab the bags that were hanging off of your arms. He somehow manages to hold them alongside his own behind him, before wrapping the other arm around your shoulder.
"Hey, I'd call this a day. How about I prepare ya a bath when we're home? Courtesy of the Great Mammon."
You nodded, your lips arching into a smile as you grabbed the hand hanging off your shoulder. The day was cut too short for your liking, but you didn't feel up for any additional purchases, or to properly enjoy your outing anymore.
"Will you wash my hair?" You entertwined your fingers with his as he gave them a gentle squeeze.
"Pah, of course! Who else but me could do that?" He huffed through his nose, shaking his head at such an obvious question. Your laugh ringing in his ears gave him a brief moment of respite.
But the demon furrowed his brows as he lead you into your walk back home, keeping you snuggled at his side. Holding the bags in his left hand, his white nails sharply digged into his palm the more steps he took alongside you.
Making them cry? Such a big, big mistake. One thing was sure, Mammon wasn't about to let that one pass.
"But before that..." The hiss that escaped his throat went unnoticed by the two of you as your head rested against his shoulder.
"I'll have a few calls to make."
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oniondabawse · a month ago
Playing hide n’ seek with the OBEY ME characters
Is either the best or worst tagger, he’d play as if he’s hunting you down or leave the game to do some work and forget to notify everyone
The difficulty of him hiding would depend on the seeker
Claims he’s the best tagger, though that’s not true
Tries to cheat his way by saying the tagger didn’t use their entire palm to touch him so he not out, switch hiding spots, offer to snitch someone else’s hiding spot
Says he’s going to be bad at tagging, is actually good
He’s used to hiding in his room to avoid his brothers so it’d be just as easy especially if it’s a game
He’s relentless as a tagger, like a cat who spotted its prey
Likely hides in his room since it’s so messy and he can hide behind a pillar of books or in the library, though would come out of his hiding spot if he hears someone playing a cat audio
Doesn’t like to run since it’ll mess up his hair and probably make him sweaty, but he knows how to stalk upon someone
Tends to be the first one to get caught since he prefers seeking than hiding
He’s likely taken track, he knows how to catch up to anyone
Everyone uses his gluttony to their advantage to lure him out
When he’s not really into it he will take his sweet time finding everyone however when he’s eager he’s hunting down everyone
Best hider out of the brothers, whenever someone does manage to find him he’s asleep in wherever and whatever place and position he is, complains they took to long
His laughing from excitement alerts everyone where he is so they’ll move though he’s quick enough to get ya
Constantly trying to suppress a giggle whenever anyone passes his hiding spot but will be deathly silent if anyone looks at his direction
He’s already aware of where everyone is hiding though will set up a plan to catch everyone within a group to be more efficient
Hiding difficult would depend on the seeker and if they want a challenge
Sings little jingles from commercials and waits for a response to find someone
Is the person to hide behind the curtain constantly
Hates seeking because when most people see him they run as fast as they can away since his legs are too short to keep up
Manages to hide in any spot, rivals Belphagor for hiding champion title since he can fit in more spots and is harder to find or overlooked
Probably uses some spell to make it sound like he’s humming from 20 feet away though he’s standing right behind you
Everyone thinks he’s using a spell to go invisible though he just leaves without telling anyone then shows up a hour later asking why no one found him
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beels-burger-babe · 3 months ago
Imagine if Mc was married before going to Devildom, the bros are like "aight cool"
But Mc never told them WHO they were married to
It's Solomon. They've been married to Solomon this entire time, but both agreed to stay quiet to see how long it'd take the others to connect the dots
OH MY GOD OKAY OKAY OKAY I have seen headcanons for MC having already been in a relationship before they got sent to the devildom. I have seen head canons for MC getting married to Solomon. But now I want to see something of MC and Solomon being together before hand and when they arrive seperately at the devildom they're both just like "Well damn. I don't want to be away from my spouse for a year," BUT THEN THEY SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN AND THEY'RE KIND OF LIKE
Tumblr media
"WAIT A MINUTE! THAT'S MY BAE!" will add this to the list of things I need to write eventually
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v4mprs · 2 months ago
36 with satan? thank you :)
a/n; np! also sorry this is kinda long i just got a lot of ideas lol, hope u enjoy! 🕊
Pairing; Satan x GN!MC
Genre; Angst
Prompt; You cheated!
⚠️ WARNINGS! ; cheating, swearing
“You’re a cheater!”
Tumblr media
You and Satan have been dating for almost 2 months now and it was soon your 2 month anniversary. You guys decided to go to a new restaurant that just opened up near Hell’s kitchen, it has some of your favourite human dishes & Devildom dishes and you guys booked a seating for tomorrow. So you decided to go shopping to find a dress/suit for your date to look presentable, but then you ran into Asmodeus on the way out... “Hey MC! Where are you going?” he asks while smiling at you “I’m going to get a outfit for my 2 month anniversary with Satan.” “Ooh I was just going out too! May I go with you?” you then agree and you guys start to head out, while heading to the store you bump into your classmate; her name was Lisa and she had short red hair, a bit taller then you, soft pink eyes and was half human half demon & was close with Asmo as well” She smiled and waved at you and you waved back, Asmodeus was a little far ahead so the girl came up to you “Hey MC! How are you?” she says while walking beside you “I’m good! Tomorrow’s my two month anniversary with Satan.” you say politely and she nods her head “You’ll do great MC, your taste in fashion is amazing, he’s lucky to have you! Also i’ll walk you to the store since Asmo couldn’t wait for you.” “Thank you Lisa! I appreciate it.” You and Lisa finally catch up to Asmo and he starts telling you guys gossip about the newest rumor in school; A new witch was arrived and got really close to some of the brothers; her name was Issabelle she had long black-pink ombre hair, yellow eyes and a soft tan. Apparently Solomon and Lisa hated her, Lisa whispered when Asmo was in a trance staring at clothing “Don’t trust Issabelle, she’s a sneaky snake, and do NOT let her near Satan I think she grew a little crush on him. I honestly wanna punch her.” she says with a concerned face. “I’ll watch them, thank you Lisa.” You 3 then enter the clothing store and start looking, Isabelle helps you find a dress/suit that would suit you the best and Asmo chooses accessories that would go well with it. Then when you guys finally pay Lisa says the bills on her, then you guys go and grab a drink then head back home. “Bye MC! Good luck tomorrow text me if something happens i’ll be right there for you!” Lisa says while waving then heading back to her way home.
You go into your room to try the outfit and accessories on and look in the mirror to make sure it looks good “Damn i didn’t know this looked that good i’d probably date myself.” lmao sorry i had to- You then go and take a shower, and wash your hair after doing all that shopping made you worn out. After you finished showering you went to your room and plugged your phone in then, changed then went to Satan’s room. You just walked in because usually he doesn’t mind if its you that walks in but then you hear him on the phone “Haha gotta go their back now.” “Awww Satann~ pleaseee just a few minutes!” ... you stop in your tracks and he hangs up with a annoyed face then his expression softens when he looks at you “Hey MC! Wanna read this new book I got? It’s your favourite genre.” he says while patting beside him, you then go and sit in the spot and agree to read it. Soon you fell asleep in his lap and he decided to carry you to your room, he then you puts you down and places a kiss on your forehead “Goodnight kitten.” is the last thing he says before walking out and going to sleep himself. In the morning you wake up and remember todays the special day, you unplug your phone and put on headphones while listening to your favourite song, you proceed to get into your RAD uniform and brushing your hair and styling it. You head downstairs and sit down at the table relieved its finally Friday but then you remember its the exam day and you forgot to study “Well shit.. i’m dead.” you think to yourself as you place your headphones down and start to eat the breakfast Lucifer made for everyone. You then excuse yourself when your done and slip your shoes on then walk to RAD.. It’s strange because Satan usually walks with you but he’s not here this time. Maybe he’s just late.. but then from the side of your eyes you see him walking with a black-pink haired witch laughing and Satans smiling. Did he forget about me?.. Nono stop over thinking. Lisa runs up to you panting “Woaah you walk fast ahaha.. wait you look down are you alright?” she says while looking at you concerned “He ditched me to walk with that witch.” you point to Issabelle then Lisa follows to where your pointing “Ah I see so he decided to walk with someone stupid witch instead of his amazing girlfriend? That’s lame on him. Want me to talk to her? I can tell her to fuck off for you.” “Wait nono! Then she’ll know I saw them.. I don’t know what would happen if she found out.” you said looking to the ground and kicking a rock. “Todays your date right? I’m also going to the restaurant with my friend.” she says while patting your back hoping you feel a little relieved “Thank you Lisa!” you say smiling she then smiles back “Well i have Science right now see you later!” you guys part ways to your classes. Satan still hasn’t talked to me..
After the last class your finally free to walk home hopefully Satan will at least remember to walk home with you, but he’s no where to be seen. You wait near your locker and pull out your phone to text Lisa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sigh and turn your phone off then slip it back into your pocket of your RAD uniform then Lisa comes walking towards you. “Hey, let’s go now it’s getting super cold and you don’t wanna miss your date” she extends a hand to you to help you get up and you accept and she helps you off the ground “Alright, let’s go.” you guys leave RAD and start walking to HOL, you open the door and see the brothers in a group then you saw Satan run to his room “That’s suspicious.. anyways i have to go and get ready i’ll see you later! Text me if you need anything.” Lisa says and shuts the door then heads to her place. You walk up to the group of brothers and ask what happened and why did Satan run away. “He was getting ready for the date, you guys are leaving in 10 minutes remember?” Asmo says while looking at you with a smile. “Oh alright. I’ll go and get ready now bye guys.” they all say goodbyes as you return to your room to get ready. When you are finally done changing you put on some perfume/cologne and start heading to the entrance where you greet Satan in his emerald suit. “Hello kitten, you are looking stunning as always.” he says with a slight blush and smile “You look good yourself too Satan~” he laughs and you hold his hand on the way to the restaurant, it was quite a walk but it was worth it because it looked so fancy on the inside. You guys get your seats in a quiet corner of the restaurant and look at the menu. You guys talk about your day and how it went “It was good I just had to teach Isabelle some magic” Satan says while scratching the back of his head oh so it was a misunderstanding?.. The waitress lady then comes and takes your guys orders “I’ll have (fav food and drink) please.” you say while the lady notes it down then goes to the kitchen to prepare the food. Satans phone lights up and he picks it up “Sorry.. I need to use the washroom MC. I’ll be back soon.” he says while getting up. You saw a flash of a tan arm pulling Satan into the restroom. Am I seeing things?..
15 minutes pass and you decide to check it out and make sure you weren’t seeing things. As soon as you opened the door you regretted it.. there was Isabelle with Satan in a full out make up session, her hands around his neck, and his hands around her waist while they were kissing. “Satan are you fucking serious?!” you yell at him with tears in your eyes, he goes wide eyed and pushes Isabelle off of him while she has a full on smirk on her face “Kitten it’s nit what it looks like..” he says trying to look innocent “Don’t ever call me that again not after you cheated.” You then leave the washroom and run out the restaurant crying earning a few stares from lower demons. You bump into Lisa on the way back and she looks down at you then her eyes go wide “M-MC?! What happened? Who hurt you!” she says while kneeling down and putting her hands on your shoulders “H-he cheated..” you say while more tears fall from your eyes, her eyes looked like they had rage in them. “..I’ll deal with that girl. Just stay here you can have my sweater since its getting cold stay with my friend his name is Haru.” then two dark red wings pop out of her back and her dark ram horns sprout out of her head while she turns to the restaurant in rage. “Hey you look down are you alright? Lisa told me about you and you seem really nice, just know that he doesn’t deserve you.” Haru says while looking down at you; he was quite stunning himself he had dark red fluffy hair, purple-blue eyes, and quite tall. “I’m not that alright right now.” “Well soon you’ll be alright i think i know what Lisa’s doing.” he says while laughing. Lisa then runs towards you and hugs you “Don’t worry i teached that witch a lesson she wont be near you anytime soon for now wanna have a sleepover at my place with me and Haru?” You agree and tell the others about the situation and they aren’t so happy with Satan. You had a fun sleepover at Lisa’s house and watched movies all night, now you mostly hang out with Lisa and Haru and the brothers and other exchange students just not Satan. Satan always looked at you with guilt and regret for what he lost someone so amazing over a stupid witch..
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akuzonprime · 2 months ago
[4:27 PM] "So what... is this the end for us?" Satan had asked you a few moments ago. The silence that used to be so comfortable now rings in his ears. There's so much left to say, so many things left unsaid, hanging in the tense air, but the silence goes on.
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lucisheart · 5 months ago
13 on the kisses list ft. Diavolo please!!!
#13 - Frustrated Kiss
Tumblr media
This is the third day in a row. Three days of dry messages, no call backs, and barely a word said in passing. It is starting to drive you absolutely crazy, and it isn’t helping that you’re currently wildly pacing the length of your bedroom. Did I do something to upset him? You shake your head to yourself, Diavolo is direct with you he wouldn’t just avoid you if something happened to upset him. What is it then? Oh god hes going to break up with me... 
Sighing you sit at your vanity, fiddling with your hair and trying to hold back the tears welling in your eyes. Looking at your reddening eyes, you decide enough is enough. It’s too frustrating to sit alone and agonize over his actions so why not just go and ask him? Getting out of your RAD uniform, you decide that something on the nicer side of casual is best. Sure, you were upset and a little hurt but you’ll be damned in you’re walking into this looking disheveled and near tears. 
The walk over is nerve-wracking. So is the idea that his molten gold eyes could look at you with anything other than joy and love, it makes the pit forming in your stomach that much deeper. The looming castle is before you and its now or never. Diavolo is in his study, unsurprisingly. Upon seeing his unexpected visitor is you, a tired smile paints his features. 
“MC, I wasn’t expecting-”
You cut him off, grabbing handfuls of his dress shirt and pressing a charged kiss to his lips. Pouring out all of your frustrations and anxiety, you nip at his bottom lip then quickly soothe it with a swipe of your tongue. Letting out a low chuckle Diavolo wraps his arms around you in a firm hug, burying his face in the juncture of your neck and shoulder. 
How silly, working yourself up when clearly he’s just had a few particularly exhausting days in a row. “Sorry, I just haven’t seen you the past few days and I... Was getting a little worked up.” Admitting it out loud makes you feel ridiculous now. You can feel your face getting warm. 
“I apologize for worrying you, MC. Just know I plan to more than make up for indirectly neglecting you these last days.” As he lazily drags his teeth across the skin over your erratic pulse it isn’t hard for your mind and heart to forgive and forget these last few days. 
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sketch-guardian · 7 months ago
Okay, I'm a bit late for this comic, but it was REALLY hard and I tried my best, so please have mercy🙈 the dialogues, at least for the first part, are inspired by a prompt made by @datpeachygirl , so please go check them out! (I hope you enjoy✨All the characters belong to Obey Me, while Camy is my MC)
The moral of this story is: don't insult italian food, especially if MC is italian
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can translate this like: "How can I calm down after such bullshit god fucking dammit-" I think
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
P.S: this is the first time I draw all of them, since I usually draw only Mammon and Levi
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who-ever-said-i-was-nice · 2 months ago
congratulations on 200 followers!! i was wondering if you could do prompt 15 with lucifer?? :0
if not, that’s alright! thanks in advance and congrats again!! <3
Thank you so much! Do to personal reasons I could not write it myself. But enjoy this story from my best friend😁
Lucifer promt 15 I need you
01.07.2021 written by Ahmanet, @ahmanetsmultifandom , to help one of my best friends 💕
Hope you like xxx 
Today is another one of those days when nothing goes as planned for Lucifer. Well, did it ever? Mammon has once again provided a particularly large bill for the jewellery purchase which has been sent directly to Lucifer. 
Diavolo had better things to do and wanted to go karaoke singing with Levi, leaving Lucifer to do all the work.
 And now Lucifer is sitting here at 0.30AM Alone in his study. Bent over all Mammon's bills and all the RAD paperwork Lucifer now has to countersign for Diavolo.
 You didn't really notice any of this and were too busy trying to contain the chaos at dinner and keep all the demons at bay. Lucifer has your utmost respect for keeping his brothers in check without much effort, unlike you. 
You're a bit annoyed and at your wits' end. Nobody listens to you and you spent the last 30 minutes explaining to Asmo that washing dishes doesn't harm his skin and it doesn't break fingernails. He should finally man up and do his job.
 You told Mammon and Satan to clean the dining room - but of course it backfired and the dining room now looks worse than ever. 
You are only grateful that at least the twins did their job and disposed of the rubbish properly.
 Stressed out, you stand in the kitchen preparing coffee for Lucifer and some snacks. He didn't show up for dinner, you're a little worried and want to check on him right away. 
When the coffee is ready, you pour it into a cup, put it on a tray and arrange the snacks for Lucifer on it.
" I'll be right back"
 you say as you leave the kitchen with the tray in your hands
" Yo, human, I'll make sure everyone does their job here. "
You hear Mammon shouting at you and you already know that there will be total chaos as soon as you are back
"Lucifer Darling?" 
you arrived at his door and knocked softly. 
- No response. 
You sigh and approach quietly. Lucifer doesn't seem to notice you. He sits tensely at his desk with papers lying all around him . You walk over to him, put the tray down and hug Lucifer from behind. You wrap your arms around his neck
 "s/o? "
Lucifer startles and turns his face to the side to get a better look at you
" hey "
you grin. Lucifer smiles slightly. Wraps his arm around your middle and pulls you onto his lap
" I've made you coffee and snacks "
you point to the tray as Lucifer pulls you onto his lap
" I thought you could use a little pick-me-up"
now you smile too and press a kiss to Lucifer's cheek
" what have I done to deserve you. "
Lucifer looks briefly at the tray and then back at you. He holds you close but still gently. He breathes in your sweet scent deeply
" Lucifer you have to eat and drink. You always want me to be well and I want you to be well too" 
you say sternly and look at him firmly
" I thank you s/o" 
Lucifer's red eyes look deep into yours. He lifts your chin with his index finger and kisses your lips tenderly 
"this work just won't end"
 Lucifer whispers softly and you snuggle closer to him at the words 
"well the main thing is that Dia has fun with Levi"
 you laugh briefly
 "Lord Diavolo" 
Lucifer answers you immediately reprovingly
You roll your eyes briefly, 
"now please eat and drink. I made it especially for you"
 you push aside some papers on the table and pull out the tray
 "coffee the way you like it and sandwiches with all the goodies"
 you try to stand up so Lucifer can drink and eat better but his arms wrap tighter around your middle
 "Lucifer? "
 your face turns to his questioningly 
" don't go, I need you "
 Lucifer whispers to you and you could swear his cheeks would blush for a moment
 " but you have to eat and you can't do that with me on your lap and besides I have to make sure Asmo finally does the dishes and Mammon and Satan clean the dining room properly " 
you sigh at your own words 
" I think they can manage fine on their own. They'll hardly be able to make a bigger mess than usual"
 Lucifer's words make you shudder. He's right! it couldn't be worse but you don't want to see demons hanging from the ceiling in the morning just because no one did their job properly as you didn't pay attention 
"stay with me, I need you. Stay with me and keep me company s/o" 
Lucifer whispers in your neck. Kisses it softly and buries his face in it 
"alright, but you will have to eat Lucifer. No excuses" 
you nod and agree to Lucifer's words and then start to giggle as it tickles what Lucifer is doing. And so you spend the night on Lucifer's lap, making sure he eats and not caring about the chaos in the kitchen and dining room. At some point you  fall asleep  in Lucifer's lap. He then put you in his bed and followed when he had done all the work. Lucifer never found his work as pleasant as that night. Your presence gives him strength and power. But he would never say it aloud
Have you
found any spelling mistakes or did I express something wrong in English? Congratulations keep them ☺ ~ Ahmanet 
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luminari-mc · 9 days ago
Can i request “I’m not leaving. Ever.” with leviathan and gn mc
Red Alert! Emotional Support Demon Required
Prompt: “I’m not leaving. Ever.”
Genre: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Gn!MC/Reader x Leviathan
Summary: You and Levi were supposed to do an anime marathon tonight, but for some reason, you never show up at his room.
Warnings: Feelings of depression.
A/N: I recently played further into season 3 and absolutely loved Leviathan in it (I didn't even know it was possible to love him more!). I wanted to write something that shows that sometimes, this shy bean of a demon knows what to do when his Henry is feeling down.
He had been waiting for this day for weeks.
Ever since the release date of I Thought I'd Like Working As A Butler, But My Boss Turned Out To Be My Best Friend, And Now I'm Feeling Super Conflicted But Also Kind Of Into It So Please Send Help? had been confirmed on the forums, Levi had planned out the biggest marathon for newly released animes for the both of you. First, he had brought enough sodas and snacks to last the entire night. Second, he had made an entire list of the animes you and him were going to watch in order from most hyped and talked about, and finally, you two would be reviewing your favorites and talk more in depth about your favorite stories, characters and plot points! He just couldn't wait- this was going to be so cool!
Except that, as the time of your meeting in his room approached more and more, Levi grew anxious. He started shifting in his seat on the floor, the countdown for the first episode on his TV's screen kept dropping and yet, you still weren't sitted by his side. The broadcast was about to start, but there was no way he'd let you miss out on the first few seconds, whatever the reason for your absence was. And so the demon got up from his seat on the floor, and left the comfort of his room to walk to your own.
Levi's knocks were weak against your door, before the demon shyly cracked it open to peek inside your bedroom. "M-MC..?"
Your room was entirely plunged into darkness, save for the tree's dim lights, much to Levi's surprise who was expecting to perhaps see you in the middle of preparing yourself to go meet him in his room. With hesitation, he pushed the door to step inside, looking around the room as his eyes adjusted to the darkness.
"MC? Are you in there...?" He looked around, a bit worried. You hadn't gone out with one of his brothers since dinner and ditched him, right?
His tensed expression was however quickly eased upon seeing your frame laid down in bed, hidden by your thick blanket. You were facing the wall, so he couldn't tell if you had accidentally fallen asleep or not- something that was harder to tell given how silent you were despite his presence in your room.
"Y-You awake? Working As A Butler is going to start soon..." Levi approached the bed with timid steps, tilting his head to the side as he awaited an answer from you while fiddling with his fingers.
"Oh..." A weak sound of surprise fell out of your lips. "Sorry Levi, I... I'm not feeling very good right now. I don't think I can watch anime with you tonight."
Levi's hopes were crushed in an instant, as his mouth hung open in disbelief.
"Wh-What? But... why?! We planned everything out together, and you even said this morning how excited you were to see it. I don't understand..."
Levi's worries quickly turned against him like sharp knives. "Did-- Did I do something wrong?"
"It's not you, I just..." He watched as you brought the blanket above your shoulder. "I'm just feeling... really down. I don't know why, it's just... one of those days."
"Oh..." His eyes wandered around the room aimlessly, trying to think of something to say. He perfectly knew what it was like to have the blues for no reason whatsoever, but he'd be lying if seeing you in this state didn't hurt him.
"Sorry Levi." You hid yourself even more with the blanket. "Could you maybe leave-"
"I-I don't want you to be alone." He exclaimed through wobbly lips, his cheeks turning pink as he took a step closer to the bed. He knew too well what it was like, keeping to yourself and let the bad thoughts rot inside your brain. But as much as he had a tendency to do that to himself, he wasn't about to let you experience the same.
"I'm sad too sometimes, and in those moments, I know it's best to have someone with you to... share the pain."
He marked a pause, your figure keeping still in the bed, with no reaction to his words. Levi gulped, and as if his body had grown a conscience of its own, he placed a knee on the mattress before laying down near you, wrapping an arm around you. Even with the thickness of the covers, you were able to sense the warmth of his chest against your back. This attention- it only urged the tears you had fought against to show up even more.
"Levi, please, I'm fine, you can just go-"
"N-No!" Levi closed his eyes shut, his face red hot from how bold he was being. "Y-You're always there for me when I'm being harsh on myself, always dealing with my rantings even though I'm a shut-in who's only found one true friend in his life. So n-no, I won't let my best friend be sad and alone in the dark." He hugged your frame tighter, planting his face against your back as his tone softened.
"I'm not leaving. Ever."
Levi kept still, the color of his cheeks unchanging as he suddenly felt your hand pulling out from under the covers, to place itself on his own. As he heard you silently sniffling, your shoulders starting to tremble against him, he had to admit how glad he was that he couldn't see your face right now. Otherwise, it probably would have made him cry, too.
"I'll stay here until you're not sad anymore, okay?" He offered. You squeezed his hand a bit more as a response.
"What about the anime... ?"
Levi closed his eyes as he shook his head, ever so glad he could be there to shield you against the darkness of your thoughts.
"It can wait. You'll always be more important anyway."
Taglist: @the-wilted-amaryllis, @amistytown (to be added to the general taglist, send me a DM, an ask, or reply to this post!)
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oniondabawse · 3 days ago
Attending an Autumn Equinox ball with the OBEY ME characters
-I forgot to post this yesterday, I also didn’t have enough time to do everyone else-
Prompt: Diavolo heard that in the human realm that humans sometimes hold festivals or grand parties whenever the earth shifted its axis the change the weather known as Summer Equinox and Autumn Solstice, he held a ball to join the human celebration
Scolding Diavolo for putting a ball together in such short notice within the week of you telling him and he’s also making sure his brothers don’t act a fool. Until he sees you
“Astounding…” the word reverberates in his head when he sees you entering from the grand double doors, his attention distracted by your appearance allowing whomever he was scolding to slip away
It’s there and then that Lucifer pledges to himself to have your first and last dance with him. He swiftly makes his way over ignoring all the other people who wished to speak to him
Though as he tries to pass through the crowd of people who wish to speak to him, one of his younger brothers snags you away before he could even greet you
Not deterred by this, Lucifer catches you by the hand and pulls you to the dance before the brother catches wind you’re gone. You’re surprised to be snatched away without a single look or word. You open your mouth to speak but Lucifer puts his hand on the small of your back and sways with you
“Y/N, you look ravishing tonight. The way your suit/dress compliments your figure and how the chandler light makes you glow in its light.” Lucifer says, he’s fixated on you as if you’re the only ones in the ballroom
Then rest of the night is very Cinderella-esc, though when the clock strikes midnight you continue to dance with your Prince Charming
He’s doing is regular routine whenever he visits the demon lord’s castle, scope out all the valuable things and see what are easy steals. He eyes a candle labra on the desert table, it seems to be made out of actual gold, he looks up to make sure no one is watching him before catching your eyes then seeing you making your way over
There’s a slight panic as he acts as if he wasn’t doing anything wrong and dusts his suit before you stand before him. “Human, you clean up nicely.” He says with a small cough and slight tinge of red to his cheeks
“You should’ve gotten here sooner, making the Great Mammon waiting. Can you believe that? A demon as powerful as me waiting for my- I mean a human, disgraceful.” Mammon says, acting pouty since originally you two were supposed to arrive together but you took longer than expected and told Mammon to go on without you
Soon the two of you are dancing and drinking some Demonus, the two of you joking and partying along everyone. That’s until the DJ takes a break to play some slow songs and soon enough the two of you are surrounded by couples slow dancing together
“Hey, it’s crowded here. What do you say we get some fresh air?” Mammon says, his face turned away from you as he offers his hand though you can see the blush tint on his ears as you accept his hand and he walks out to the garden
The two of you walk a bit aways and chat before sitting on a bench. The fresh cold air blowing through your hair, the noice inside the castle barely audible from how far you two are
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weebery-leebery · 8 months ago
Brothers reaction to walking in on MC dancing alone in their room
Lucifer: Definitely watches for a bit, finding it DEEPLY amusing, before he makes his presence known. if MC is jumpy and screams, it will make it that much more amusing to him. He will apologize for frightening them though!
Mammon: If MC is wearing headphones, he just yells really loudly to get their attention, and gets all happy seeing them look embarrassed. If they're listening to their music out loud, he'll try and join in.
Leviathan: He finds it pretty funny, but tries to keep quiet and leave you to it. he knows it can be embarrassing being caught like this. If he gets caught trying to leave though he'll get blushy very quick about it all!
Satan: He will merely stand back and watch, waiting to be noticed. it does not matter how long it takes, he'll be patient. once you notice him, he'll tease you mercilessly, talking about how cute you were in your own little world.
Asmodeus: His phone? Out. Pictures? Taken! If you begin singing to yourself or the music is playing aloud? He is DEFINITELY taking a video. You won't know he was there until you get a notification on your D.D.D and see yourself in the House of Lamentation Group chat. And then the entirety of the Devildom hears your scream.
Beelzebub: well... we all know Beel is just a little bit of a himbo. He may find it funny but he'll interrupt you pretty quickly, perhaps to ask you if you have any snacks he can have, "lucifer put a curse on the kitchen door again...". His carefree demeanor towards it will lend itself into you getting over your embarrassment quickly.
Belphegor: like Asmo, he probably will take photos or video. But these are for his personal collection, for when he's feeling lonely and wishes you were next to him, these will make do. Then he'll ask you to turn the music down or stop stomping around because it's keeping him awake.
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astaroth1357 · 6 months ago
17 + Mammon? If inspiration hits of course, writers block is a bitch and I hope it passes soon
Thank you, I do too... 😅
B17- Mammon: "You care about yourself, don't you?"
They always do this…
Not everybody can notice it because they don't see them every day, but Mammon does. Between school, magic, and keeping up with his brothers the MC just runs themselves ragged…
Though Mammon can claim to be a lot of things: greedy, selfish, and possessive just to name a few- nurturing isn’t exactly one of them. It’s just not his style. He can certainly be caring, but feeling constant worry for someone else is new territory for him…
So was it any wonder that his attempts to take care of his human could be a little abrasive at times?
"Mammon, please let go… I need to go study."
"Mammon, let go of my leg…!"
"No can do."
The MC knows Mammon can be clingy, but this was getting ridiculous… All they wanted to do was go to the RAD library and there he was, practically shackling himself to their ankle like a toddler! Sure, it’s getting pretty late and they haven't been feeling well all day, but that didn't change anything! The world doesn't stop when you're feeling a little sick...
"MC, ya can't be going out like that! Ya look like shit!"
Hearing that, the MC tries to hide their exhausted face behind their hand so he can’t see it.
"I said I'll be fine, didn’t I…?"
The MC feels Mammon's grip on their ankle suddenly tighten before he starts to get up… pulling their leg out from under them in the process. Soon enough, he's holding them upside down like some kind of prize catch with their tired body too weak to even squirm.
"M-Mammon! Put me down…!!"
"Nuh-uh. Your goin' to bed, ya hear?"
"I said I'm fiiiinne-!!"
He apparently doesn't want to keep them upside down for long, tossing them up a bit so he can catch them in a bridal carry. The MC instinctively grabs onto his collar for support before they, to their surprise, find Mammon's blue eyes looking down at them with frustrated confusion…
"Why ya gotta be like this, MC…? Ya care about yourself, doncha?"
Whether they respond or not, Mammon starts to march them off to their bedroom… fully intent on making them rest for the night even if he has to tie them up to do so. Maybe he’s just a little nurturing after all...
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mxvladdy · 6 months ago
I can't stress enough 'wows' in tve way you write along with the fact that it's you first few posts (i think? Pls correct me) can you do luci mammon and satan with a reader who takes naps bc of overthinking? They just tug their sleeves and shot them a tired look, while looking down shying away. Also, have a nice day and take the time to be yourself!
Aw thanks fam! I am fairly new to posting my works, I tried twice before this with two different writing blogs but I deleted them both bc I felt discouraged. I’m older now and I feel a lot better about my writing, so third time the charm and all that lol! I’m so glad you like my writing! I know I need some work on grammar and expanding my vocabulary.  
This was a super cute prompt ;.; I hope I did it justice!
He is a mix of jealous and pissed. He wishes he could fall asleep so easily when he gets inundated with too many things at once. But also- just don’t do that? Where were your manners?
He starts noticing your little peculiarity in class. Specifically that you tend to nod off in advance alchemy and rune scripting. You were being so studious, jotting down notes, ask great questions. Next thing he knows you're out like a light.
He is shocked for a moment before he will wake you up. Your wide doe-eyed frown does nothing to him. JK his hearts clench at your wounded look.
He makes the other brothers report to him about your behavior and odd sleep habit. Were you ill? Was this just something humans did? Devils, was Belphie rubbing off on you?
They all say the same thing. One moment you are working hard or talking to them about a topic you are passionate about, and the next you are yawning hard enough to pop your jaw and shyly asking to lay down.
Well-he can’t have that.
If you are going to fall asleep around anyone it’s going to be him.
He sets up remedial lessons with you after dinner to make up for the work slept through. You sit by him at his long ornate desk while he tutors you on what you missed.
You weren't having any problems,  you even finished a few pages. He is proud and then-
“I can almost hear those gears slowing my dear.” Lucifer interrupts himself mid-explanation of Zosimos of Panopolis and Maria the Prophetess's theories of alchemy in human medicine.
You jerk awake and turn to him blinking owlishly. "Yeah, I just need to lay down." You admit.
Lucifer eyes you critically. This was sudden, were you ill? You had been fine moments ago, bright-eyed and enthusiastic. He cups your face, turning it from side to side. "So suddenly? We haven't even discussed the properties of mercury yet." You hum letting your eyes droop. He was always so warm.
"Hour nap break? Please?" His stern gaze softens at how your nose scrunches up cutely as you yawn.
“Very well.” He relents letting you slick over to his couch. You flop over face first with a grunt of satisfaction. You toss and turn for a while, moving his pillows around unsatisfied.
“Luci-” You call in defeat. He ignores you at first. If you wanted to nap fine, he would get some work done in the meantime. “Luci~” You say again. You could see his brow twitching. “Lu-”
“My dear,” He shoots you a withering look. “You are treading a thin line. If you have the energy to call for me you have the energy to study.” You say nothing at his brisk tone, instead of opening your arms to him to join you. “You tempt me.” He purrs hiding his smile behind his paperwork.
“Learned from the best.” Lucifer shakes his head laughing at your smug reply. He glances over you to his grandfather clock. Hmmm-perhaps he could spare a few minutes. He rises elegantly discarding his tie and waistcoat to his abandoned chair. Running a hand through his hair he snorts at your little whistle.
“Move.” He commands. You shake your head patting your belly. “I will crush you.” He laughs but lays over you regardless.
“Good-you’re warm.” You say muffled in his shirt. Wrapping your arms around his middle you drift off. Lucifer holds you close, running a still gloved hand up and down your side. Perhaps he should bring out some more complex topics next time. If this was the outcome-
He noticed you get drowsy before in class. Your cute little head jerks as you nod off, hands rubbing at your face as you fight to stay awake before giving in to the need to sleep. It was adorable- not that he was watching you because of that! He was just doing his job of looking out for you
Ye-that was all.
Honestly, he thought you were just like him. He never cared for the books being forced on him in class. Boring useless crap in his opinion. He much rather sleep through a lecture on stats too.
Now books on photography? That's where it's at. He has a legitimate passion for it.
He likes being behind the camera just as much as he likes being in front of it. Though he doesn't snap photos often.
He doesn't need more beratement from his brothers than he already gets. Sides, he just feels like they would look down at this like everything else he does.
He'll share his hobby with you though. You at least seem interested in it. He'll show you his collection of vintage to high-tech cameras and talk your ear off about the makes, models, and features.
You nod along and ask questions from time to time, smiling along with Mammon while he prattles on about color theory next to you on the floor.
He was just getting to Auguste Lumiére when he feels a gentle bump on his shoulder.
"O-oi!" Mammon starts, shaking his shoulder to rouse you. You look up at him, blinking the sleep from your eyes. "Was...was I that boring?" He deflates a little, all previous excitement gone in a flash. You had seemed so interested...
"What? Oh, no. No Mammon I'm sorry. It's really all fascinating," You grab for his sleeve so he couldn't run away. "It was just a lot of information all at once. I just got a bit overwhelmed."
"So you fall asleep?" He raises a brow not believing you for a second. Who falls asleep when something is interesting? He'll admit he's fallen asleep while listening to Levi talk about a new anime or Asmo with a make-up release.  But that's because it had been boring. "Is that like a human thing?"
You shrug snuggling closer. "I don't know- but it's a me thing. Give me five? I'd love to hear you talk more about your collection, promise."
Mammon glows scarlet at your words. "Of course you do!" He puffs out his chest excitedly. “I got great taste.” You nod into his shirt before drifting off again. He tilts his head slightly to look at you chuckling internally when your breathing and heartbeat slow down. Damn, out in seconds. Well, better get comfortable.
Uncrossing his long legs he picks up the camera he had been showing you. The old Polaroid lens reflects his face back at him. He remembered the day Land had debuted this marvel of engineering. He just had had to get his hands on one. It was useless now, he had much better quality cameras than this old thing, but he remembered you reminiscing about your human friends and their portable camera. Would you take some pictures with him too? He would take one now, but the sound of the flash would definitely wake you up.
He fiddles with it for a few more minutes, opening and closing the film canister and checking for any parts that needed fixing as he waits. You stir at his side a few minutes later with a little mew of satisfaction. Mammon hears your joints creak and pop as you stretch. "Morning." He says sarcastically, earning himself a light punch to his shoulder. "Ready to continue?"
You nod eagerly, perky and aware. At least for the moment.
He didn't really notice at first the pattern of your behavior.
You would come over for book club. Which was really just him reading his current novel and you picking something at random to gain a little random knowledge.
You would find a comfortable position on his bed, curl up nice and small and read. Then after a bit yawn and start to snooze.
He first thought it was the atmosphere of his room. It was quiet, warm, and the sound of flickering candles and the rustle of paper sometimes caused him to doze too.
But when it starts happening outside of class he notices.
Hmmm….this is new.
He looks it up in his human anatomy books and finds nothing.
He's not particularly worried about you per se. You always bounce back quickly after a quick snooze.
Then you start dozing when he is talking… >:(
Like his brother/dad he is a little miffed at first but then your behavior reminds him a cat and he loves you 10x harder now
Satan stops in his pacing of the back gardens. His book of poetry hanging limply in his hand. He had been reciting some of the most fascinating lines of work from Lord Byron's later works and wanted a human's perspective. He had thought you were interested. You never complained before when he asked you out here. Perhaps you were just being polite all those times before. Anything to soothe wrath. He snaps his book shut sharply, take some perverse satisfaction in the way you start out of your light sleep at the noise.
"Why'd you stop?" You ask wiping at your face.
"No point talking to someone that doesn't wish to listen." He snaps tersely.
"Oh-Satan, no I was listening. just got to be so much so fast." You flush. “You had some great points going, I just needed a minute.” He watches your eyes grow heavy again, and it dawns on him.
"Do you just sleep when overwhelmed?" He asks incredulously. In all his years with humans, this was new. You shrug making grabby hands for him to move closer. He scoffs but moves into your space. You grab at the hem of his shirt and pull him down to sit next to you. He goes willingly getting comfortable by your side. You eye his lap longingly, hands clutching around his coat sleeve. “Fine-” He rolls his eyes. “Come here you odd thing.” You smile in triumph and crawl into his lap. Once settled you nuzzle into his warm chest.
“Wake me up in ten? I want to hear more about your conversations with Byron.”
“I’ll hold you to it.” He kisses the top of your forehead, opening his book to read again with one hand. You hum at his soft kiss, returning it sleepily with one of your own before passing out again. Ten minutes go by in an instant and Satan looks down at your peaceful face. He smiles to himself, perhaps he’ll let you sleep for a little while longer. You’d need it for his next point.  
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beels-burger-babe · 3 months ago
OOO canonly speaking.. how long do you think it'd take the demon brothers to get over mc not choosing them (note; this doesn't mean they'd move on yk),for me personally I feel like they'd never really fully get over it, they'd might have some flings to fill the void of mc tho
I love you SO MUCH YES. You are correct, once again. There is no way the brothers would just move on or get over MC choosing someone else right away. I think all of them, with time, will eventually continue being friends with MC except for possibly Levi (cause, you know, Envy. Though if he worked hard enough and with enough time he would potentially try being just friends). But your right. MC is extremely important to all of them for so many reasons. For one of them not to have MC in the way they thought they would would be so hard for them. And every single one of them would give into their sin to fill the void. Lucifer would probably become colder and do everything he can to prove to you that he never needed you anyways Mammon would start going to casinos and gamble every single night. As a result he'd end up in more pacts with witches, and his toxic cycle of demander and supplier/abuser would begin once again. I already kinda touched on Levi, but he would hide in his room even more than he already does. The one person he opened up to enough to give them his heart, and they didn't feel the same way. Satan would be angry, but he wouldn't show it to MC, I don't think. Honestly? For some reason, I can kind of see him joining a fight club? Or doing something rebellious. Something that lets him get his wrath out without you being none the wiser of his pain. Asmodeus would be party and drinking every night and have an endless supply of lovers to fill the empty place on his bed where he always thought you would lay with him. Beel either would eat even more or would stop eating entirely Belphie either wouldn't sleep at all, for he'd be haunted with dreams of what could've been, or he'd never wake up, wanting to live in those dreams instead of reality. And yeah. That's my thought on this
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devildomfairy · 8 months ago
Obey Me prompt: MC somehow has transformed into a rat while at Diavolo’s castle. Then, Barbatos happens to see them...
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