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linpunny · 10 hours ago
Passing of the cloak
A/N I had a conversation with @sevensins-stuff about a dream I had of Solomon and sorcerer MC. From what I do remember from that dream Solomon had helped MC create a staff, like many masters do for their apprentices but he had also gifted them a cloak exactly the same as his. 
Warnings: None
Word count:667
Solomon had invited you to the Sorcerer Society today and you weren’t quite sure why. He said it was urgent but like always he was cryptic and kept you in the dark, leaving you anxious and unsure of his true intentions. You stepped off the double decker bus and sighed as you turned to the left and saw the cobble stone building with the blue pointed roofs where the secret of the sorcerers was hiding in plain sight. The humans walked past completely unaware of what was behind the doors of the ordinary looking building or the secrets that were hidden away within its walls.
You mumbled excuse me a few times as you made your way into the crowd, blending in like always but you didn’t walk the same path as everyone else around you. The path you walked was not one that many could see or even fathom. The existence of demons and other worldly beings was now clear as day, their presence now a part of your very being. Your soul intertwined with theirs and the world they lived in. A path you couldn’t share with anyone else but the brothers, their magic and yours were finally one. The faint glow of the seven stars from the crest on the back of your hand reminded you that now you were finally a full sorcerer who passed the seven trails and were approved for a license.
Yet you still had your humanity even though you walked beside demons and being part of the human world was proof of that. Soon you had spotted Solomon in all his glory standing out in the crowd. His white hair looked silver under the shine of the early morning sun, his grey eyes hiding something from you as he waved at you from afar. Walking over to him he greeted you, smiling as bright as the sun and full of optimism. 
“Good Morning MC! I don’t usually get to see you awake so early.” He laughed teasing you. “Let us hurry inside. I have something for you.” Before you could question what he meant he grabbed you by the arm and rushed you inside.
“Solomon! I don’t like surprises.” Your voice was monotone as you let him lead you around the headquarters.
“I thought you did? When you get a gift from the brothers you always have such a sweet smile.” Solomon laughed again his voice pleasant and soft like always.
“I don’t like surprises from you! Every time you have a surprise that means trouble for me.” You frowned this time and rolled your eyes waiting for what you thought would be another task or whim that Solomon had thought of.
Instead he presented you with a white box with a red ribbon tied neatly into a bow. You faced him fully and smiled not sure what to say.
“It’s a present. We’ve already crafted your staff. This is something to signify our relationship as sorcerers together in the society. This proves I was your master. It creates a kinship between us…one that is no longer Master and apprentice but rather that of equals. Please open it.” He gestured with his hand for you to continue.
You pulled a side of the ribbon and it unraveled the bow, opening the box. There was a cloak neatly folded into a square nestled underneath some decorative paper. Solomon grabbed for the box as you pulled the cloak out admiring the details. It mirrored that of his cloak. From the gold embroidered along the sleeves all the way down to the starry sky like pattern that faded from black to blue.
“Solomon….I don’t know what to say…this is…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence, but he finished it for you, “It’s the passing of the cloak. And I’m proud to say your now a full-fledged sorcerer. Congratulations MC. I’m looking forward to working with you as equals now protecting the human realm and representing humanity in The Devildom.”
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belphie-milk · 5 days ago
I can't believe people just go into other's asks box and mention fucked up shit super casually?
You can't fucking assume that everyone is totally cool discussing dark subjects like holy fuck...
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obeymeangst-blog · 6 days ago
I don't know if someone else did this theory but guys GUYS....!!!!!???
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cxffin · 9 days ago
Obey Me! Asks
What job(s) would be your specialty? (What job location(s) would you sparkle for in the Jobs app?)
What item(s) would be your favorite(s) in Surprise Guest?
Do you keep screenshots of the game? If so, do you have a favorite?
Who is on your home screen right now?
Favorite Devilgram?
Favorite card art?
Favorite character song?
Favorite horn shape?
Wings or tails?
What song would be your D.D.D.'s ringtone?
What would your D.D.D.'s lockscreen image be?
If you had to wear one of the in-game outfits, which one would it be?
If you were on an event reward card, what event would it be for? (can be a new idea or a pre-existing event)
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spicycatt · 11 days ago
Oh fuck who do you have for newspaper club I gotta know????
i put this in drafts and 4GOT im sorry lol but anyway
um so. so basically. in obey me! theres a newspaper club and theres like very little mention of it and idk if theyve added more texts but at the beginning u get texts from the club and 2 of those convos have to do with the president of the club, mephistopheles who, during a vote for most popular students or w/e, falsified some of the votes to land himself in the top 10, and on a separate occasion makes funney stickers of lucifer and diavolo and sends them 2 the entire school, and they Say his demotion from club president has nothing to do w that little incident but like sure jan,
so i decided i want more stupid newspaper club shenanigans, and made my personal interpretation of mephistopheles along with a handful of other characters, naamah, jezebel, crocell, baphomet and astaroth, who is also mentioned in the top 10 most popular students after mephistopheles and mammon are disqualified but thats as canon as that got
i made mephi sorta like. hot popular + class clown kinda guy idk how 2 use words but hes very look at me im so cool and funney, but he always gets himself in trouble bc of his Infinite hubris and overconfidence. hes also into photography fun fact
naamah is the mandatory manic pixie dream girl bc every oc bunch i make has 2 have one or my brain will grow mold, but shes like. popular mean girl flavored, shes very me me me pay attention to ME im so hot. she and mephi are childhood bffls and at one point they tried dating cuz theyre so close but they realized that a) theyre just rlly good friends, kind of like siblings really, and b) naamahs a ✨lesbian✨
jezebel is. an enigma, shes the only one in the group who was formerly a human fun fact. she also has like. at RAD, w the uniform on, shed give the impression of being all strict and serious bc she doesnt emote very much and is very ✨Mysterious✨. she tells a Lot of lies but no matter how outlandish they are theres no telling when shes lying or not bc she has a lot of wild Real experiences too, so when she says theres an sd card stuck in her brain theres a 50/50 chance of it being true
crocell. is the most tame, hes the token nerd who wears glasses and is good at math and although hes kind of the backbone of the club, hes a total pushover and kind of a crybaby so most of its just everyone bullyin him and bossing him around, eventually though there stops being any malice or indifference towards him and he reluctantly becomes the mom friend. hes the nicest demon youll ever meet and the gang often wonder why hes not an angel (derogatory)
astaroth is like. if there werent already an established student council, shed be the president, shes That flavor of anime girl. shes the class rep and like the talented athletic smart hot girl, but a total drag cuz shes a stickler for rules n stuff and our Main Characters are the bimbo brigade with the tolerance capacity for only 1 nerd so no thanks.
baphomet is like. kind of astaroth's best (and only real) friend but also kind of her assistant?? theyre mostly just in it for kicks like on the sidelines here to watch the shitshow and secretly blogs abt it to like an unexpectedly huge audience the whole time bc the "story" is framed kinda like a reality show, to astaroths infinite dismay and and naamah and mephi's doubly infinite joy
ive drawn them but not a lot bc i daydream abt the things i wanna draw excessively instead of actually doing it bc im a FOOL i have a lotta wips related 2 this
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devilsmutt · 21 days ago
hey take this obey me compatibility test i stole from my tl and rb with your top 3 results!
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thechavanator · 28 days ago
Self-Indulgent OM! Bullshit
i was gonna let this man have some dignity but then ned streamed what happens if you hit on him during the games event and I couldn’t resist. Sorry, buddy.
as stated prior this was supposed to be done probably yesterday except a) snekday and b) tsuzuru so out of
Set during the castle party thing during lesson.....7 I wanna say? I WISH i had put more Mammon and Levi in because i do love them but Levi is very hard to make cooperate in this environment and I feel like Mammon would have either been jealous or wildly out of character.
Contains: Entirely too much (questionably-described) dancing, many allusions to the thing in lesson 6 and the author’s current dislike of Lucifer (sorry...), a Lot of profanity because it’s me, asmo being a lovable shithead, brief mentions of horny (as asmo tends to encourage), SO much fucking dumbassery these two are idiots, the author dumping all their uwus on best boy-
“Chel. Come dance with me. Now.”
This would be miserable regardless, but to add insult to injury, Lucifer’s parading around in his demon form (like the rest of them, sure, but Chel doesn’t have a problem with the rest of them). Sure, he may have apologized (as much as Chel is reluctant to believe it, and regardless of his honesty, what the fuck, Lucifer), but one apology doesn’t erase the fact that the last time Chel saw his stupid demon form, they nearly died. And would have actually died, if it weren’t for Diavolo’s intervention.
Shit, they gotta find an out.
“Oh, uh…wouldn’t it be weird if it was just you and me out there with a bunch of random demons?” they ask, forcing a giggle. “I’d really prefer if there were more people I knew dancing, too…”
Beel frowns, bless him. “I’m not the best dancer…”
A-ha! An opening. Chel could fucking kiss him, if they weren’t terrified of messing up a pretty nice friendship, and also if he weren’t ungodly tall. (Curse their tiny body.) “In that case…” They bow, briefly transforming the ballroom into their own stage slash classroom, if only in atmosphere. “I took classes back in the human world, so I can show each of you how to! Besides, it’s unfair for Lucifer to keep me to himself for the whole night.” They stick their tongue out at said demon while he isn’t looking, earning a stifled laugh from Satan.
“I suppose this is agreeable,” Lucifer relents, laying a hand on Chel’s waist moments before they wriggle out of his grasp.
“On my terms,” they tell him, a smug little sing-song tone to their voice that they know is pissing him off. And yet, he sighs, laying a hand on their shoulder and accepting his fate regardless. Amazing. Maybe this man is a bottom after all.
The conversation—the entire point of his bizarre need to dance with them in the first place—mostly goes in one ear and out the other. Yet another threat to their life should they cause problems for Diavolo, which would have been concerning if this wasn’t the fifth time he’d told them this, and also if their fingers weren’t inches away from his feathers. (They decide not to risk death this time.)
Solomon, by the grace of the Demon King or whoever the hell they pray to down here, cuts in. Chel graciously offers him the chance to lead, considering he seems to know what he’s doing (and isn’t Lucifer). The conversation turns to pacts and magic, and before they really know what’s happening, they’re sent spinning into Satan with Solomon’s magical power now flowing through them.
“Wait, do you know how to dance, actually?” they ask, and at his surprisingly-timid no, they place a hand on his waist. “Alright, just try to follow my lead. Right foot back first…”
He’s a quick study, because of course he is; Chel doesn’t know terribly much about him yet, but they do know that he’s incredibly studious, so it makes sense that he’d pick up quickly on this. They even manage to spin him, once!
And so, on and on it goes, from partner to partner, helping those in need of teaching and simply enjoying themself with the more practiced dancers in the room. Talking about baking with Luke (and about their favorite demon, of course), learning a bit more about interrealm politics from Diavolo, Barbatos and Simeon, watching Mammon stammer through a waltz, and even managing to peel Levi out from wherever he was hiding…it’s more fun than Chel has had in a while, really. For all the shit the Devildom’s put them through in a month and a half, it’s moments like this that iron home that, really, it’s not all that bad.
“Well, dear,” Asmo purrs, suddenly far too close to Chel for comfort, “I do hope you’ve saved a dance for me.”
They roll their eyes. “Duh. I intend on dancing with everyone here.”
“And yet you’ve yet to dance with my darling little brother?” He feigns a gasp as he takes their hand, head motioning towards a certain gluttony demon.
Ah, fuck, can Asmo tell that they’d left Beel for last to make sure that they had the most time with him? Shit, make up a cover story… “I figured he’d benefit from watching everyone else, first. He did say he wasn’t good at it…” (Not a lie, technically; he probably would, though Chel likes to think they know Beel well enough to assume that he’s probably just doing The Thing again.)
Asmo smirks at them in return. “It’s no use hiding these things from a lust demon, you know.”
They blink, practically feeling the color drain from their face. “Wh—what are you talking about? We’re friends,” they whisper, desperately trying to focus on their steps. “And keep it down! I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea—”
“So you’re saying you don’t want to climb him like a tree, hm?”
“No!” …Okay, if they’re really being honest with themself, that’s not quite the truth. (How they managed to survive that final night in his room was known only to god.) “Well, I mean, yes, but that’s not the point. I’d just rather not risk a friendship by being a lovestruck dumbass. It’s fine, I’ve managed before, I’ll do it again.”
Asmo rolls his eyes (rude), whispering, “I suspect that won’t be nearly as much of a problem as you believe it to be,” before letting them go and sauntering off towards Solomon. (No offense to Asmo, but Chel suspects that he doesn’t worry much about ruining friendships.) Which leaves…
They rush over towards Beel (who’s still on the sidelines, looking terribly nervous), holding out their hand. “Are you really not a good dancer, or are you just being modest?” Their preferred word choice would be closer to self-deprecating, all things considered, but they make a point of being gentle with him—considering that it appears his brothers don’t—and unfortunately that includes not calling him out on being particularly rude to himself.
He almost shrinks into himself, which is both a) kind of impressive considering that he is the tallest person in the room and b) incredibly sad. (It’s a look that really doesn’t belong on him, and it makes their heart hurt. Good lord, they spent a week or two in his room and just fell head over heels, huh?) “I just take up a lot of space. I’ve stepped on a few people’s toes…”
Chel has never been more thankful that their ballroom dance teacher insisted on making his students alternate roles. They have experience leading taller folks around far more crowded spaces. (Not that being taller than Chel is a terribly impressive feat.) “Then let me take the lead,” they tell him, hand still outstretched. “It’ll be fine, trust me. I like to think I’m a pretty good teacher.”
He still looks hesitant, but ultimately takes their hand, following them out onto the floor. Chel is all-too-mindful of Asmo’s eyes on them; seriously, they almost prefer him hitting on them. (Almost.)
“Okay, left hand on my shoulder,” they mumble, resting their right hand on his waist, taking great care to avoid his wings. (They probably aren’t fragile, but Chel never got around to asking, and they’d really rather not risk hurting him. The poor thing nearly died last week—theoretically, anyway.) “I can count, if that makes you less worried about running into anyone?”  
Beel nods, eyes aimed anywhere but at them as he—very delicately, fucking adorable—rests his hand on their shoulder. (He’s being quieter than normal, which is…a bit concerning. Maybe he just feels out of his element?)
They count under their breath, lightly squeezing the hand still clasped in their own as they take their first step. He’s doing fine, as far as they can tell (not a good dancer their ass, they knew he was doing The Thing again), so before long they drop the counts entirely, as a test. Which he passes, because of course he does. He’s perfect.
“Hey, uh,” they begin, desperate to break the vaguely-uncomfortable silence now hanging over the ballroom, “have you been…doing okay? Now that you’re rooming by yourself again, I mean.”
He actually manages to meet their eyes this time. “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s…quiet, but that’s how it was when Belphie was here, anyway.”
Oh, they really do regret not being able to tell him where Belphie actually is, but the inevitable fight with Lucifer—not that Lucifer doesn’t deserve it, seriously, what the fuck was that whole thing in the mausoleum—would probably not be a good idea until they can make pacts with everyone.
“Right,” they mumble in reply. “And the nightmares?”
His lack of response and refusal to look them in the eye tells them everything they need to know.
They squeeze his hand again. “Hey, you know you can come over if they’re bugging you, right?” They smile at him, (hopefully) reassuringly. “I don’t mind. Being left alone with your thoughts can be…upsetting.” (They make a point of not telling the brothers about their particular (metaphorical) demons—they only told Belphie about their fear of drowning because he asked, and it was only fair because he told them about how he’d gotten locked up in the attic in the first place—but they figure it’s safe to say that they have their own issues.) “Plus, I really wouldn’t mind another sleepover!”
Beel doesn’t respond to that either, presumably focused on getting the steps right. (Fair, if he really doesn’t think he’s that good at it.) Chel’s not in the mood to push it—when are they ever, really?—so they let their offer go unanswered. They know he’ll take them up on it, or at least they’re pretty sure of it. For now, they simply enjoy themself as much as they can. Which is to say…
Well, it’s not that they’re not enjoying themselves (they are very much enjoying themself) but they’re all too aware of the rather close proximity to their friend, who they have a very big crush on. They’re pretty sure their heart is pounding. Fuck, can he tell?
They look up at him to check only to find that his face is bright fucking red.
“Shit, are you okay?” The hand on his waist drops. Is he sick? Do demons get sick? God, they really should have done more research. “Okay, come on, let’s sit you down.”
“No, I’m fine,” he protests, and yet he lets them tug him off the dance floor and into a chair.
Chel hums contemplatively as they hold the back of their hand to his forehead; he feels vaguely warm? Without thinking much about it, they remove a hand and press a kiss there instead. (Wait, shit, is that weird? Can they play it off as platonic?)
They realize all too suddenly that they don’t know shit about Normal Demon Temperatures. And on top of that, his face is getting redder, which is honestly impressive considering it was already pretty red…
“Okay, um, I’m gonna get you something to eat, and maybe flag someone down to figure out if you’re actually sick…” They bolt for the kitchen, electing to ignore Asmo’s giggle fit. Yeah, okay, they’re being obvious, no need to mock them for it.
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meenah-chan · a month ago
Now there was a full audience, and his opportunity vanished just as quickly as it appeared. Telling in front of not only his brothers, but also the future King of Devildom. His goal was to not let his words stutter anywhere in his confession, and doing them right there was a sure way to make that happen.
Only glancing up for a split second he caught you looking at him from across the table, hurrying to gulp down the substance before the two of you could lock eyes. Peeking behind the floral centerpiece, you watched as he drank glass after glass of Demonus, by the time dinner was served he’d had at least 4 glasses. As many times you sat at this dinner table, not once have you seen him drink this much.
And you weren’t the only one that noticed...
Lucifer had also noticed this, growing just as concerned. He placed a hand on Leviathan's shoulder as he caught him reaching for the bottle for the 6th time that night.
“Is there something wrong my dear brother?” he inquired
Levi just looked at him, not even knowing how to respond to the question.
How was he to tell his elder brother that he had fallen in love with the human exchange that just so happened to be leaving his arms tomorrow morning
“I think you’ve had enough demonus for tonight, if you want we can talk later" Lucifer tells him.
“No, just one more” Leviathan said to himself
He tried so desperately to break the bottle free from the eldest brother's grasp, only his hold was strong.
Lucifer did not want to make a scene here, especially in front of Diavolo
“I don’t think you want to defy my orders Leviathan, now let go before you embarrass me in front of Diavolo”
Levi’s grip tightened around the neck of the bottle, trying to pry his brother’s fingers off, but with no luck. Letting it slip from his fingers, falling into Lucifer’s hand. It took him all the strength he had to hold back his demon form, and from quarreling with his older brother
You cunningly watched everything that happened from across the table, peeking out the corner of your eye as you chatted with Simeon about his gift.
Part of you wanted to cry, assuming that you were the one that caused the whole problem. Asking in your mind “is it something I did or said to him?”
Though you worked to keep your spirits up, at least until later on in the evening.
The effects of the demonus deepened, by now his problem was far away from his mind, but so was the confidence he had been hoping to obtain from this.
The evening dreaded on, and by the time dinner was over you found Leviathan rushing off to his room.
You quietly slip away from the group, going up to your own now empty room. Shutting the door and carefully taking a seat on the side of the bed.
- I haven't finished editing it yet or reading it over :/
I— what should I do, I wanna cry 😭😭
This is really amazing! This is so well written, I feel a bit ashamed of my fics. I don't feel it being a draft at all 😭💖💖
This could actually be a stand alone snippets (if you want a lot of angst and feels 😭)
Please don't fall asleep bibi Levi, I'm begging you ಥ_ಥ
Also caring papa luci UwU 💖
P.S. I was wondering if it's alright to reblog your first snippet from Ley's? I wanna reblog it but I want to have your permission first
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beelspillowpet · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She does not wanna be drawn so here-
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diavolosthots · a month ago
Friendly reminder that the best gift you can give a writer/artists are reblogs and comments
Likes are great too but honestly? I love waking up and seeing comments on my stuff. Its awesome. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I'm doing it right. I always check the tags in reblogs too!
And guys, likes mean a lot too. You're already reading it, and if you like it, why not double tap to make a writer's/artist's day? It means the world to us and takes less than 3 seconds on your end.
It lets us know we're doing something right.
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flashycerulean · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The seventh born is cheeky and cunning.
Speaking of cheeky and cunning there are going to be two parts to this! I wanted to experiment with making Widgets, so as you can see I've started some~ Make sure to come back so you can grab them once I'm done.
Putting that aside, feel free to use and reblog! Make sure you click in and save to get good quality~ Again sorry for putting Beel off 🥺
Organized Edits 💤
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