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#obey me roleplay
ashxrsbeloveds8 hours ago
Marigold blushes timidly, knowing that Asmodeus had caught them in their way to their date. She decides to help Lucifer with it. "Kind of, but not kind of. We just have to be formal for this 'meeting'." She says, not stuttering as to not get caught again in the act of lying. She was an increadibly good liar because she always spoke naturally without giving in her lie.
"Hmm... alright then." Asmodeus pouts. "Well, the nights still young and it would be a shame to waste my time chit-chatting instead of partying. I'll get going now, toodles!~" he struts away, waving goodbye at his brother and Marigold. "Don't come home late." Lucifer reminds him. As Asmodeus' figure slowly fades away, he lets out a deep sigh. "We almost got caught." His face looked irritated, their plan was going smoothly and someone had to interrupt it.
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barbatos-the-loyal-butler10 hours ago
*the dove is now confused*
*he places the nest into a tree then places the dove into it*
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barbatos-the-loyal-butler11 hours ago
Owner of the blog
I normally rp as one oc here. But recently have thought about trying a new oc, would you be comfortable interacting with them? They're sweet
Of course! I'm happy to rp with any oc, if you want to send your ocs info just dm it to me.
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barbatos-the-loyal-butler11 hours ago
How do you get along with overly energetic, gross, loud, annoying children like Luke and Akar or whatever their names are when rats are way better?!
*he glares at them*
Insult my children again and you will end up dead like those vermin rats you hold so dear.
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barbatos-the-loyal-butler11 hours ago
Tumblr media
The consequence of her own action is... quite painful
That is why you should not do that.. I will get an ice pack to help her.
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barbatos-the-loyal-butler11 hours ago
Akar tilted her head. She still didn't fully believe him, but the thought was enough to make her smile a bit.
"Whatever you say, but the offer still stands."
She took another bite out of the fruit she'd be holding, still not fully realizing what this all meant. She perked off and exclaimed.
"Wait, dies that mean i get to put stuff in my room!?"
Before she excitedly ran off to the guest room she'd stayed at before
Do not worry, I will not be throwing you out.
*He smiles softly before nodding*
Of course you can, that room is yours to do whatever you wish.
*He gets up following her to the room, making sure she got to the right room and didn't get lost.*
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barbatos-the-loyal-butler11 hours ago
She's gonna do all kinds of menacing things like... give people cookies... and offer them unconditional love
Also plans to T-pose in the middle of Lucifer's office but you don't gotta worry about that!
*he chuckles softly*
How are any of those things anywhere close to menacing? Even the last one does not seem menacing at all.
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entitledgods17 hours ago
鈥淵ou could鈥檝e pretended. Thought I suppose such an answer should be expected even if bringing your sister is the biggest thing I could have done for you. Oh well.鈥 They shrugged seeming hung up on this instead of the fact they could literally die at any moment. They began pacing again and when they did that they were thinking long and hard. Often leading to explosive ideas they ignored Lucifer now continuing to exam the letter looking for something. Then they picked up the feather their back turned to Lucifer. 鈥淭his doesn鈥檛 make any sense. This is to brash even for you.鈥 What they did he hadn鈥檛 seen but the room filled up with Diavolo鈥檚 scent and another鈥檚. The human instantly began covering their face. 鈥淯gh! Curse that forsaken scent figured I鈥檇 be used to it by now. You can never get used to such a revolting stench.鈥 They threw the remains of the feather on the ground. 鈥淚 should be freaking out right now but I feel calm.鈥 The human suddenly sprawled out on the ground. 鈥淚 could die here right now. Let him win and be done with it.鈥 The prince had clearly done something. The human became delirious, they turned to Lucifer staring. 鈥淚鈥檝e done everything for you. How could you not want to show me an announce of anything?鈥 They seemed quite angry now as they cross their arms like a child. 鈥淢aybe it would be best to give it up! No snotty demon being mean. I鈥檇 have a kingdom and an angel who would be thankful I could get all the affection I want.鈥 The human giggled their gaze quite hazy however they could somewhat tell something was wrong. 鈥淗e鈥檚 smart stunting my thinking! This must be how he feels having an angel pet to show you affection. That could be what I鈥檝e needed all along! He鈥檚 searching oh he鈥檒l find us. Then I can have my kingdom with people who love me and you鈥檒l be taken and can go to loving him instead!鈥(An ending approaches indeed. The princey won鈥檛 let his favorite toy go so easy. Let鈥檚 have Lucifer work to get her back now after some inspiration I鈥檝e decided to embark on a more sadistic path! 馃挄 anon)
He was taken aback by their reaction, suddenly self conscious as he realized that he was not dealing with Diavolo. This human would demand different things from him and he didn't have the same luxury of boundaries. They didn't just want to be able to touch him, they wanted him to touch them. It was an odd sentiment, but he complied. Kneeling next to them on the floor, he pressed his front against them, laying on top of them. His lower wings spread across them, acting as a sort of blanket covering the two, while he used his top pair of wings to shield their face from the smell of the room. He dug his nose into their neck, doing his best to come across as passive and affectionate as he could for them. No... You're right. It was wrong of me to react that way. I'm incredibly grateful for everything you're doing for my sister and I, really. You're risking quite a lot and I should have... I am glad to be at your service in return. He squeezed their arm lightly, waiting for their response. He had put himself in a very vulnerable position, and while he would accept any reaction from them, that didn't mean that this couldn't go very badly for him.
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entitledgods17 hours ago
*Yan Luci please. 馃憖 after being kidnapped please and thank you. 鉂わ笍*
鈥淲hile I鈥檓 kinda coming to terms with never going back to the human realm I still wanna go outside and be in the sun from time to time... please I鈥檒l do anything you want to just go outside for a bit. I鈥檒l sit on my knees as you work for hours on end. Just for a bit I won鈥檛 stray I鈥檒l even let you handcuff me to you as we walk.鈥 Try鈥檚 to give him their best puppy eyes to get him to agree. 鈥淧lease I鈥檝e been so good recently.鈥 - 鈽狅笍 Anon (the only way I think that this would ever happen is if they were close to being broken. Btw I love your stuff.)
While I wouldn't mind taking you outside, through the garden perhaps, you do realize there still won't be a sun, don't you? The pills you take in the morning are almost all just to make up for that fact... If you think I would even consider taking you to the human realm for a walk then do think again. I digress. We can't do anything like that today, my schedule is packed at the moment.
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entitledgods17 hours ago
*they giggles softly when seeing him all bundled up in the blanket, placing the pancakes down as they move to sit and cuddle up next to him *
I'm glad you slept well my angel... I love you so much...
*they move, pulling him into a deep kiss smirking slightly *
Hm... your adorable when all embarrassed~ Now come on! I made these pancakes myself, so go ahead and eat up
He resisted the urge to push them away when they kissed him, shivers running down his back. But... He was right. It wasn't as jarring this time as it had been during the first two kisses, he had been expecting it after all. Besides, he could eat something now after going so long without food. Alright... Th-thank you for breakfast... These pancakes taste kind of... Odd? What did you put in them...?
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entitledgods17 hours ago
"Run away and you'll face the consequences," they hissed, pinching his wrists hard before letting them drop. "Walk next to me and smile. Act natural," they told him, a glare sent in his direction. "Good boy. Now then, let's go." - 馃珢
O-okay! Thank you! He smiled, relieved that they let go and seemed to have calmed down somewhat. You were really scaring me there for a second... I'm not going to run off, you know. Where would I even go without you? Ah... Permanently, anyway... He looked away and blushed as they called him a good boy, but decided that this was something else he should be staying quiet about.
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entitledgods17 hours ago
Oh sweetheart..
Thier tone reflected one taking pity on a pet. The human reached into the bag and took out a treat they'd prepared in advance. It looked wonderful, but any demon would be ae to detect the poison they'd baked into it. The poison wouldn't kill, not even granting any ill effects asside from one. It was going to hurt. Half a dose was enough to drive even Lucifer himself to tears. They smirked at Beels expression as he realized.
You look confused.. allow me to explain. I want to see every part of you Beel. I want to see you at your highest joys, and in horrible pain.. It brings us so much closer. Tethered even.. It's intimate. The antidote is with me ofcourse, and I'd never let my Darling suffer too long. I want to see your relief aswell.
They moved closer, sitting on Beelzebub's lap, pressing the poisoned treat to Beels lips.
Now open up dear, this will make things so much easier.
He whimpered as he looked at the treat. It wouldn't be the first time he's had that particular poison, several people had used it to keep him off of their food before. Even Lucifer had used it on him a short while after their fall, in hopes that it would curve his appetite. It didn't, obviously. It had just hurt. He made it up to him in time, though. The fact that the human he had grown an obsession for wanted to make him eat it... He didn't know how to feel exactly, but if it was them, he would take any pain. Wincing and closing his eyes, he slowly opened his mouth and accepted the poisoned good.
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entitledgods17 hours ago
The witch took the humans attention being so bold as to tug at the humans hand around the his waist. With that drink of courage she began to slur out in a scolding manner how improper it was of someone from such a low ranked species to act so coyly with the butler. She also alluded to the fact that they were much closer announcing it in a pompous tone. 鈥淥h is that so? Barbatos hadn鈥檛 told me he had such friends.鈥 The human looked up at Barbatos with such a wickedness in their eyes. 鈥淚 knew he had to be hiding something from me I just didn鈥檛 know what.鈥 The witch fed into the humans delusion and that was quite a dangerous thing. Paired up with the fact that they were so cocky they had the nerve to shove their drink in the humans face and tell them to go do something useful. The human took the drink they looked as if they were going to do something malicious with it. But weirdly enough they settled for walking off coming back with a new drink only this time they tripped and got it all over her. 鈥淥h I鈥檓 terribly sorry! How utterly stupid of us humans! Here let me get that for you.鈥 The human sounded so apologetic as they managed to untangle the witch from the butler and press tissues to her dress. 鈥淚t was such a nice dress to, my apologies. A move only a stupid human would make. Allow me to help you get changed into something else to show you how truly sorry I am?鈥 The witch in her drunken haze held her hand and snapped at the human telling them that鈥檚 exactly what they鈥檙e gonna do. They grabbed the witches hand and smirked in the butlers direction. 鈥淟et us both go alone where I can show you how very sorry I am.鈥 Barbatos could feel holes being burned into his skull a clear indication that he was doing a horrid job. The human was quick to drag the witch off alone to do who knows what with. He鈥檇 better move quickly or her life expectancy would plummet. The two were far ahead when the butler did decide what he鈥檇 do. (Couldn鈥檛 resist one of my favorites. Especially not with how you good you write him. I鈥檓 glad to have peaked your interest! 馃挄 anon)
He panicked as he ran after the two, pulling out his D.D.D. to text Diavolo at the same time, but before he could send a message he already received one telling him to manage the situation himself. Right... No back up. The witch was his responsibility tonight after all. A bead of sweat ran down his neck as he considered just how many people were watching him blunder around as if it was his first year of service. This wasn't like him, but it was such an impossible situation... At least, if the human was taking the witch somewhere private, he wouldn't have to worry about diavolo or the guests watching his every move. Catching up with the two after having exited the ball room, he grabbed onto the human's arm. Please... Don't hurt her. I'll do whatever you ask of me later in return, right now even. But... If she's harmed, the prince will... He won't stand for it. I'm already in the deep end for her dress being ruined... He didn't have to worry about offending the witch without Diavolo being here to watch. He could easily wipe her memory if he really felt it necessary. With that in mind, he held the human, pressing his forehead into their shoulder, an attempt to pacify them. She means nothing to me, I swear to you...
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entitledgods17 hours ago
*An hour later, Mammon runs into the house out of breath and making a beeline for mc's room. As he's on his way, he runs right into Lucifer, and stops as he remembers that mc was going to talk to Lucifer after he found them in Mammon's bed*
"Lucifer... You're the reason mc told me to stay away, aren't you? What the hell did you say to them you manipulative jerk?"
-馃惞 anon
What I said is between me and them. You no longer have any business with that human, brother. It doesn't matter why. Perhaps, I should remind you just how much I could use against you if it came down to it? How much grimm do you owe me, exactly? Half the grimm in the devildom, at this point. Certainly enough that I could go to Diavolo right now and tell him I wish for you to pay me back, and do you really think you would be able to raise all that money yourself within a strict deadline? Brother, I could have your soul erased if I wanted, but I wouldn't ever go so far... I would make your life a worse hell than you have ever heard of. Is that human worth it? Is going against this one simple order, to stay as far away from them as possible, really worth the trouble?
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entitledgods17 hours ago
It's.. nothing.. I'm just kinda sleepy. It's been a long day. *They bit their lip and slowly wrapped their arms around him* Will you please read to me now?
He smiled as they wrapped around him, and he continued to scratch the soft fur of their ears. Alright, I can't say no to that, now can I? Lets begin, then... He read from the book, not registering a single word coming from his lips. He's read this book already, anyway. He instead focused entirely on their breathing and how warm they felt pressed against him like this. It wasn't long before their eyes drooped and they fell unconscious. Ah, my kitten... So vulnerable like this, aren't you? 鈥 I'll keep you safe, sweet pet.
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entitledgods17 hours ago
(I don't remember whether or not the anon with the yan barb and dia had an emoji but damn did that make me see the appeal of having those two as yanderes. Yan Barb and Dia, reader is having one of their usual tea parties with Dia where Barbs is also watching.) So yeah that's how my life at the HoL has been so far. But umm *fidgets* uhh, hypothetically, hypothetically, what would you say if I said that I had a crush on Lucifer? -馃搱
They were immediately struck with differing reactions, one of pure joy, and one of resigned despair.
Diavolo That would be wonderful! Ah, perhaps I could use you as a bit of a middle-ground with him? I'd love to share with him... I'd love to be with him at all, really. I'm sure he likes you, so this would be the perfect opportunity to finally get something from him!
Barbatos Well... Yes, I'm sure my Lord is right... The avatar of pride does seem to harbor some feelings of affection for you. Ah, this makes things so much more complicated, though, doesn't it... There's nothing I can do, I suppose. If you would like to pursue him with Lord Diavolo's permission, then so be it...
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entitledgods17 hours ago
Sa-Satan... I know I let you pick a random movie, but... Why did you have to choose a horror movie? *Subconsciously scoots closer to Satan* Have I- have I never mentioned how much I hate horror? *Scary music gets more intense, grabs on Satan's arm, half hiding behind the blankets as the protagonist explores the abandoned house* I don't wan-AAAAAH! *Clinging to his arms for dear life, hides face while shuddering in fear* ... Can't -can't we watch another show?馃尮
Hahaha! Why did I choose this movie? Isn't it obvious? Just look at how wonderful your reactions are! This is incredibly enjoyable! I haven't had this much fun in a long while! He continues laughing as they grab tighter onto him, but wraps his arm around their shoulder to offer some comfort. You're adorable. I suppose we can watch something more calming, but... Only after this movie is done, alright? Or maybe we shouldn't if it means you will huddle against me for protection all night?
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entitledgods17 hours ago
(Part 1) Mammon woke up with a start. His vision was blurry and his surroundings were unsettling. This definitely wasn't his room, and didn't seem familiar to anywhere in the House of Lamentation. He tried to bring his hands up to rub back his vision, but found that there was something metal holding him back. Chains? His mind immediately drove itself into a state of panic. Where was he? What happened to him? What about his brothers? He started to struggle against his binds in a-馃搱
(Part 2) He began to struggle against his binds in a futile attempt to escape. "Good morning, love! Are those chains to tight on you, maybe if you're good for me then I could take them off of you?" He heard a familiar voice say, it sounded to similar to MC? He focused his vision on them, smiling sweetly at him as they caressed his face. Their other hand holding a book they were just reading. He now realized that in addition to being chained, he was collared too, a leash leading to MC's hand.馃搱 (This is getting long, pt. 3) "Come on baby, look at me." They said, tugging on the leash so that Mammon would be forced to look at them. "I don't suggest struggling in those, you won't be able to escape them and the more you struggle, the more power they'll drain from you. But, as I said before, I could always take them off if you behave for me." Their voice was soft and kind, yet it still held some sort of hidden threat that managed to scare the avatar of greed.-馃搱 (yan MC, darling mam)
Wh... What's going on? Th-this is a really weird prank, okay? I-I don't know what you're trying to do or what reaction you're trying to g-get out of me, but it's not going to work! I-I'm just fine, right now! He tested the strength of the chains, realizing instantly that they were telling the truth as he felt a wave of dizziness fall over him. Th-these chains are... Kind of a lot for a prank... Aren't they...?
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entitledgods17 hours ago
(Yan Luci) Lucifer, c-could you help me be more confident? The others have been making comments on how I seem to have no self esteem, and I see it too. So please help me?-馃搱
Confidence isn't something you can just have, you must earn a right to it. I'll admit, you are rather down about yourself, moreso than you should be, but you won't get so far by just acknowledging what you've done up until now. It is a good thing you came to me, I already have the solution in mind to give you purpose in this world. Purpose at my side, at doing everything well and knowing you've done well when a treat lands in your mouth. If you want to be more than you are now, I know you will accept. Won't you?
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entitledgods17 hours ago
(Pt. 1)Today was the day that MC would turn 22. The day that they would recieve the initials of their soulmate on their wrist. A day they were both dreading and excited for. It had seemed that their friends at RAD were also anxious to see what would be written on their wrist. With all that has happened in their life, they were somewhat expecting the initials to be of one of the people they had met at RAD. "1, 2, 3!" They revealed the writing on their wrist. Surprised to see the initials of -馃搱
(Pt. 2, soulmate au) They revealed their wrist, surprised to see the initials of their childhood best friend. The one who had convinced them to accept the invitation to the exchange program in the first place. The one they left behind. Mc was both mentally cursing themselves and mentally squealing with joy. On one hand, they were sure that their soulmate would actually be the one for them, as they had heard countless horror stories of soulmates doing horrendous things to the ones -馃搱 (Pt. 3 soulmate au why are my good ideas so long?) That this universe decided was right for them. But on the other hand, they had practically abandoned them when they left for RAD. This was their fault, they should have guessed that being in different realms would prevent communication. They had to find some way to get in touch, maybe they could ask Solomon? Except they hadn't thought about how their new friends would think about this new development (yan Solomon, Belph, Simeon, Luci & Satan)-馃搱
Solomon You want my advice? Well... I would suggest that they probably aren't the one for you. Just think about it, they cast you aside, didn't they? They were the one who told you to leave. It sounds more like they wanted to be as far away from you as humanely possible.
Simeon As pessimistic as that is, he's right. Besides, even if they are your soulmate, there's no rush to be with them as soon as possible, is there? You should stay with us here for now, enjoy our company. All that matters is that we care for you, isn't that right?
Satan I was worried something like this would happen. I'll be honest... I'm quite pissed that my initials didn't show... I was sure that us being so close meant something. Have there ever been incidents of humans who had the wrong initials? Because I'll say we've found the first one.
Belphegor I agree. Something must have gone wrong because we're demons and you're a human. Surely at least one of us is your true soulmate. Whatever, it doesn't matter, I guess. But you're not going back to the human realm to see them, got it? We need you here.
Lucifer Don't be unreasonable, now. Of all the humans in the world we could have picked, we picked you, and we all see you so dearly. You're ours, see? Fate brought us together, to think your soulmate is a random human is ridiculous. You're staying here. That's my final word on this.
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