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#obey me satan x reader
levuackermanz · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: headcanons of mc and the demon brothers watching mc’s favorite show from the human world
INCLUDES: lucifer x gn!reader, mammon x gn!reader, leviathan x gn!reader, satan x gn!reader, asmodeus x gn!reader, beelzebub x gn!reader, belphegor x gn!reader
SERIES: obey me
AUTHOR’S NOTE: i was watching hxh when i got this idea, but i’m not too sure if someone has already done this
Tumblr media
you politely asked (forced) him to watch your favorite show with you
he was hesitant at first - mainly because he didn’t want it to interfere with work and all
but eventually gave in when he saw the look of desperation on your face
while you watch you’re staring intensely at the tv, he’s trying to figure out how you managed to get a show from the human world to devildom
sometimes he’d make comments about what the characters are doing, and how diavolo would be disappointed if he saw
you just sat there like “wtf, why are you bringing up him right now???”
needless to say, he did enjoy spending time with you
his pride won’t let him admit it, but he’d totally watch another one of your favorite series from the human world with you
you had to bribe him with grimm because he refused to watch anything from the human world
once he got his money, the two of you cuddled on the couch while your favorite show played on the screen in front of you
he made so many side comments that you were starting to get annoyed
nevertheless, you were just happy that he had agreed to watch your show with you
you started swooning over your favorite character and he was getting jealous
but once you reassured him that your heart was only for him he got flustered (okay you tsundere)
“d-don’t go sayin’ stuff like that all of a sudden!”
then his narcissistic side would switch in
“of course ya saved your heart for the great mammon”
even with his stupid comments, you both truly enjoyed the quality time you got to spend together
he was more enthusiastic than you to watch your favorite show
i mean… he is an otaku
while the two of you watched, he would occasionally compare one of the female leads to ruri-chan
like it’s cute, but can you not?
“levi, please just watch the show”
one of your favorite characters made an appearance
he loved the smile on your face because of them (stop calling mc a normie levi!!)
you and him ended up falling for the same character, couple goals am i right?
after that you and him take turns choosing what show to watch
you asked him while he was rereading one of his books for the umpteenth time
he agreed without hesitation
which ultimately surprised you
as the two of you got comfortable on the couch, he was beginning to get a little bit apprehensive
remember, this man loves books, even though he may be open to watching a show, he’s probably nervous he won’t like it─he didn’t want to upset you
in the end he was really interested with the series
in fact, he asked if it had been made into a model somewhere in the human world
“satan you’re so cute”
next time you ask to watch another one of your favorite shows, he’s always up for it because if you like it, he’s sure he will too
honestly, he wasn’t looking forward to it
he’s the avatar of lust, he would much rather to something more… interesting
most of the time he would flirt with you while you’re trying to focus
besides that, he realized the show was beginning to intrigue him
something he was not expecting whatsoever
once the show was over he asked to bathe with you
which you said yes to because he watched your show with you
you thought he would try to make moves on you in the bath
but instead he talked about what he enjoyed and what he didn’t
“asmo─i honestly didn’t think you were paying attention”
“i wasn’t at first, but darling you’re just too cute! i had to watch it for you~”
he came prepared
you saw him walking into your bedroom with his arms full of snacks
that probably wouldn’t save him from his hunger any time soon
so now you and him sat on the couch surrounded by food (not that you were complaining)
midway through the show, half of the snacks were gone
but you weren’t upset
whatever made him happy was all you cared about
“do you want?” he asked you with a mouth full of snacks
you smiled, shook your head no, and continued watching
when everything finished he went down to the kitchen to get more food while you took a nap
he’d ask to watch another show with you again one day
half way through and he was asleep in your lap
you combed your fingers through his hair which relaxed him even more
when he woke up the show was over and he felt bad because you two were supposed to watch it together and you were so excited
he apologized a lot though, and promised to make it up to you
which he did
he attempted to stay up one night to watch the series and tell you about it the next day
after cleaning up the dining hall you went to your bedroom to see him asleep on the couch
your favorite show playing in the background
you found his little antic cute
cuddling up against his chest, the two of you fell fast asleep together
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hey-its-spades · 4 hours ago
Lucifer curses mc to a spot in front of diavolos castle. They can't move ,their angry as fuck,and they really need to use the bathroom.
They get creative and call satan,knowing full damn well that he's down to defy Lucifer any chance he gets.
Mc asks for a chisel,a shovel, and satan's fucking absurd demon strength. The two then cut the stone tiles mc was standing on in a perfect shape,satan picks up mc and they just go about like normal and get coffee or whatever. Just mc has a stone platform that they cant step off of and satan is princess carrying them from place to place.
In mc's defense they never left that spot.
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saeyoungchoismaid · 4 hours ago
5 with satan? 💚
5. morning kisses
I definitely think that Satan is HUGE on giving you morning kisses. If he wakes up before you, he will cover every inch of uncovered skin until your eyes finally flutter open. “Good morning, beautiful,” he’ll whisper with a soft smile and lean forward to give you a kiss. If you wake up before him though, please please PLEASE wake this man up with kisses. It’s the best way for him to wake up, in his humble opinion
Kisses Ask Game
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faded-euphoria · 5 hours ago
Satan: *blah blah blah* ... And that is how you solve that problem
MC: I like your funny words magic man, but can you say that in english please?
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its-sunnybunny · 8 hours ago
Imagines with different MCs
Putting on Be My Baby on Lucifer's record player and getting him to give you a massage.
Forcing Mammon to meet your Muslim mum who asks him if he has enough money to get you mahr.
Teaching Levi about your culture and watching those murder videos at 3 am because you guys are bored.
Teaching Satan how you channel your anger issues and you teaching him how to do traditional African dances.
Asmo and you opening up to each other about struggles and protesting with him.
Beel doing small things to help you with self-confidence and doing SingKing karaoke with each other.
Belphie laying on your thick thighs because he thinks they are comfortable to sleep on.
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obeymefictionwriting · 10 hours ago
Brothers Comforting MC After A Hard Day
POV: MC had a really, REALLY hard day. Too much work, too many noisy and annoying classmates, too much unwanted attention... But finally, you are home.
Was passing by your room to ask about the classes but noticed the expression on your face.
Enters the room without even asking and sits on the bed near you.
You just lean on him and start sobbing slightly.
~INTERNALLY PANICS~ because you are crying!
Has no clue what to do or to say so just holds you until you feel a bit better.
Also brings you water and a sweet treat.
Asks why exactly you felt that way. Maybe there was a certain somebody who affected your mood?
*mental note: talk to your classmates in privacy*
Lifts you up in his arms and brings you to his bedroom. He doesn’t want to leave you in your room alone.
Bursts into your room to ask to borrow some cash but stops immediately as he sees you crying.
Awkwardly pats you on the back but feels like it’s not enough.
*to hell with it*
Hugs you as tight as he can and kisses you on the head.
Shooes Levi and Asmo away as they were peeking behind the door.
As you calm down a bit, asks what’s wrong and won’t stop until he gets an answer. Also, with names, preferably.
“Hey, why don’t we go out and brighten up a bit?”
Melts inside as you smile timidly.
He just wanted to play some games and eat popcorn and watch anime when you started sobbing all of a sudden. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!
Frantically remembers all anime scenes where the heroine was upset.
His panic is almost tangible.
Oh wait, he knows what to do. Because he was feeling sad so many times in his life.
He carefully lifts you up and puts you in his bathtub bed.
He also places tons of cushions and pillows all around you.
“See, it worked! You are smiling! Now, wait just a bit! Henry, you better watch them!”
Hurries to the kitchen and returns back with a mug full of Devilish Hot Chocolate.
“It’s okay, games are going nowhere. Wanna tell me what’s wrong?”
You two were about to go for a walk but you seem to be late. So he goes to your room to check on you.
Oh no, why are you so upset? He becomes really worried seeing you sitting on the bed with such a sad expression.
“Hey, do you wanna tell me what’s wrong?”
Takes off his jacket and puts it on your shoulders. Also hugs you so you feel warmer and safer.
He is raging inside but does his best not to give himself away.
He’ll make sure though to talk to anyone who dared to upset you.
Also leaves you for a brief moment to heat up some milk with honey.
“Feeling better now? Want me to stay with you and read you a story?”
Storms into your room to show you his brand new look but... HEY! What’s all that about?!
Asmo looks so scary that for a moment, you actually forget why you were crying.
No, really. S C A R Y
“I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to upset you more! But you just tell me who made you upset!”
Will lift you up and carry you to his bathroom. 
Surprisingly, no naughty stuff. He’ll fill the bathtub with hot water instead and will add your favorite fragrances to the water.
“You soak right here and I’ll be back!”
Gets backs with a tray full of little cute cookies and cupcakes. Also, you see a bottle of wine.
“Close your eyes while I massage your head and let your troubles go away. I’ll take care of them”.
Bumps into you in the hall and is surprised to see you so sad.
“Huh? What happened?”
Instantly feels great worry because you are his family now and he loves you as much as he loves Belphie and other brothers. So of course, he cares!
Lifts you up and carries you to the kitchen.
Puts you on a chair and places a mug with tea in front of you.
“Tell me what’s wrong while I whip up something good for you”.
Just prepares your favorite comfort dish and listens to you talking.
Once done, puts a plate in front of you and kisses you lightly.
“Eat, please. We can then watch a movie or just lie together or do whatever you want”.
Was passing by your room when he heard a strange noise. Is that... sobbing?
Frowns. Who dared make you upset?
Knocks but comes in without waiting for permission to enter.
Lifts your chin and looks you in the eyes, trying to understand what made you so sad.
Without a word, just hugs you tight and kisses you.
“It’s okay, don’t say anything for now. Just let your emotions out.”
“Want a nap or wanna watch a movie or something?”
Will casually ask you guiding questions to learn about anyone responsible for your bad mood.
Will also make sure it never happens again.
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algaedo · 11 hours ago
What About Our Story's Ending?
Warning: implied mention of loss, nightmares, angst, based off satan's UR card image, will not be the same as the cards story because I have not gotten it.
Only the flipping pages of books could be heard as Satan read in silence next to you. A soft smile on his face could fool anyone into mistaking the avatar of wrath for a docile house cat. The book in his hands said otherwise. The offending material was on how to get away with the pranks he and Belphegor played on their older brother Lucifer.
Admittedly you let it go. It's better that they're pranking him, rather than the much darker alternative. And though you could see why the two of them would hold such a grudge, you couldn't understand the outright hatred for family.
"Satan, dear, what would you do if something were to happen to Lucifer?" Your voice peaked his interest but his smile formed into a slight frown. It wasn't a question he had ever expected. What if something did happen to Lucifer?
"I saw him fall. In a nightmare." The book closed and was carefully placed to his side. He took a steadying breath before continuing. "I was falling as well. But he was right there. Right behind me, and I couldn't do anything. I couldn't save him MC."
The blonde demon paused and shut his eyes. His fist clenched as he fought back his emotions. "If anything happened to Lucifer, I don't know what I would do. I hate him but I don't want to lose him."
tbc maybe??
obey me masterlist
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giaourtopita · 13 hours ago
the brothers as a kpop boygroup
obey me and kpop have been my biggest hyperfixations and i just HAD to combine them. i was inspired by got7 and exo since they were (and still) are my favorite boygroups (there some some other groups i love as well but these 2 were my first and i have a weak spot for them). they're still brothers because i can't think of them as not brothers, their group is called sins because i feel like it's the right amount of catchy and corny for a kpop group name. enjoy!
warnings: no mc, fluff(?) idk tbh.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- leader, he's the most responsible. he looks after them both as a group leader and a brother. he's strict with the choreography even though he's not the best at dancing. he wants his group to be devildom's pride when it comes to music. he does the speeches after winning an award.
- lead vocalist, he practices extra hard because he's not naturally talented at singing like some of his brothers. he usually does the lower notes when harmonizing because of his voice.
- the group's unofficial visual, his fans want him to do more cfs but he doesn't like that. he might do a cf here and there but only if he likes what he's advertising. he prefers taking acting jobs instead of doing cfs. hates being the ending fairy but does it because he loves being praised.
- some of his favorite concepts to do would be voodoo doll by vixx, fantasia by monsta x and monster by exo.
Tumblr media
- main dancer, this man will not sit his ass down once they start the kpop random dance challenge. he can memorize a dance within a day and maybe also teach the opening to the rest of the members.
- main rapper, he takes the harder rap parts and i feel like if he likes the vibe of a song a lot he might even try to write his part himself.
- takes over as a leader if lucifer can't do it, he hates it and he kinda sucks at keeping them in line.
- visual, he does a lot of cfs and has walked on many fashion shows as a model.
- he would do VERY well in concepts like kokobop by exo, energetic by wanna one and her by block b.
Tumblr media
- lead vocalist, i know this kinda sounds like a stretch but hear me out, he has a lovely voice and really only started recognising his talent after singing anime openings.
- while he and his brothers were out singing karaoke, the rest of the brothers also liked his voice. he was very proud of himself that day.
- despite how shy he is, as a lead vocalist he and lucifer sing the bigger parts of the chorus. that's because levi is very confident in what he's good at.
- lead rapper, he does really well with rapping as well. after his brothers found out how good he is at singing they encouraged him to try rapping and he loved it!
- he usually also plays video games with fans as fanservice and streams a lot to interact with fans.
- concepts he'd be great at would be power by exo, mansae by seventeen and crown by txt.
Tumblr media
- lead vocalist, while vocalists are usually recognized for their high notes. satan's voice is incredibly stable, maybe too stable.
- while he's not the best at dancing and rapping his composing skills make up for it. he usually writes only for the group and his brothers' but every once in a while he writes something for someone else.
- he's reputation as a bookworm makes him perfect for advertising books but while he loves reading he only advertises books he likes as he thinks that making advertisements for books is basically giving book recommendations to his fans.
- he'd do amazing in concepts like movie by btob, love scenario by ikon and sherlock by shinee.
Tumblr media
- main vocalist, does the more difficult high notes especially. he's very praised for his sweet voice. due to the fact that he's also the lead dancer he has gained a great amount of stability in his singing.
- lead dancer, due to his experience at the clubs he gained a lot dancing experience. mammon had to help him get used to learning steps at the beginning but now he can do it himself.
- visual, he gets most of the cfs and a lot of the time companies seek for him to advertise them. sometimes he convinces said companies to do cfs with all his brothers.
- he gets a lot of modeling deals with mammon, and due to his connection with people and brands related to fashion, he partners with them and creates clothes and beauty products.
- he is usually the ending fairy and he loves it, he even thinks up cute moves and gestures to do for the fans.
- he favorite concepts to do would be like blood sweat and tears by bts, love shot by exo and shine by pentagon.
Tumblr media
- lead dancer, since he likes working out but is usually busy with group or solo events he started practicing his dancing mainly as a way to work out but he found that he actually really likes dancing especially if it's with his brothers.
- lead vocalist, while he's not as naturally talented as some of his brothers. he got help from satan to make his singing more stable.
- he gets a lot of cfs for gym equipment and sports clothes but a lot of the when he gets a cf he asks for his brothers to participate as well.
- he would love doing concepts like hard carry by got7, valkyrie by oneus and don't wanna cry by seventeen.
Tumblr media
- sub vocalist, he has a nice voice and can is fairly stable when it comes to notes but he doesn't want to get a lot lines, other than the fact that he doesn't like learning his lines he gets a little anxious when it comes to performing lines.
- sub rapper, usually he takes more rap parts than singing parts because he doesn't have to put as much effort as singing.
- he gets cfs for pillows and beds but really only does it when one of his brothers can accompany him because he usually ends up falling asleep on the set.
- he does very well in concepts like shine forever by monsta x, really really by winner and shangri la by vixx.
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devildomsexting · a day ago
Hihi! 🐈+ satan if u can!
Tumblr media
If you think I’m going to make a sleeping baby wake up just for you to get your rocks off then you’ve got another thing comin
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levisanimebabe · a day ago
request -> @anonymous | could I request the demon bros with a reader who only feels comfortable around Mammon, and becomes closed off and anxious when he isn't around them?
a/n: yes, of course! sorry this took so long but i hope you enjoy these hcs, hun!! ^-^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer would feel real sad but also dissapointed. Did he do something wrong? What did he do that made you feel more comfortable with his younger brother? What should he do to make you feel better around him?
The thought and questions would concern him a lot and he would most likely get stressed over it. How are you two supposed to talk if you don't even feel safe and get nervous around him?
He would do anything and everything to make you feel more comfortable around him. Giving you presents, cooking for you, and even giving you compliments from time to time.
I mean, he would try his absolute HARDEST to make you like him more and not be so nervous by his presence. After that, he only hopes that you'll feel safer around him
Tumblr media
Mammon would be glad that you feel comfortable with him and he also appreciates that a lot. But even though he won't admit it, he wants you to comfortable with his bros too.
I mean, you're literally living with all his brothers so it will be more difficult if you're so nervous and anxious around all of them but him
He knows you don't have the courage so he would (secretly) try to help you with your anxiousness with talking to his brothers
I don't think he would try to make it unnoticeable though
Tumblr media
Leviathan would literally act like he doesn't care since you're just a non-otaku normie but in truth, he does. A lot. He's bothered by it that he doesn't even have the energy to play his favorite games and watch his favorite animes
He feels like he's done something to make you like this he will literally be mad at himself and super guilty, even if he didn't do anything to you in the first place
He knows that he can barely do anything since you're always so introverted and closed off around him so he really doesn't know what to do
He is a bit sad and dissapointed but he hopes that you get more comfortable with him once you get to know him more
Tumblr media
Satan would be quite sad hearing that you're only comfortable with Mammon but he knows he can't do anything about it. It is your feelings and feelings that you control so he can't force you into being comfortable with him
He would still be as kind and respectable to you but when you're not comfortable, you are just not comfortable. He would never force anything on you and would always respect you
Again, he is quite sad about but overall, he knows he can't do anything to change your own feelings
Tumblr media
Asmodeus would probably say something like 'why wouldn't they be comfortable with a beauty like me?', trying to say it in a teasing tone. But Asmo would be very devastated to hear that sort of thing, seeing someone not being comfortable with him just makes him sad
Since you spend so much time with Mammon, he doesn't really know how to make you more confortable around him. He doesn't know what he's done but maybe it's for a reason he does not know about
Tumblr media
Beelzebub would be so devastated that he wouldn't even have a taste for food, even cheeseburgers. He doesn't want you to feel unsafe around. Even though he's a bit taller than you and stronger, he won't hurt you or make you feel any less safe
Just so you can feel safe around him, he won't eat as much and will even leave more food for you than usual. Overall, he just wamts you to be more comfortable with a lil softie like him
Tumblr media
Belphegor wouldn't get a wink of sleep for awhile. He's surprised that you don't feel comfortable around him and his brothers. Well, he killed you so that's understandable. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't feel guilty about it
He knows he can't change the way you feel so he won't push you or anything at all. He will still feel SO guilty about what he did and how your acting around him but like Satan, he hopes that you get more comfortable with him after a while
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moonsiechild · a day ago
Brothers reacting to MC hating them
"Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated."
— Coretta Scott King
But in this case, it's the other way around. No matter how much we try, there's always going to be something that you cannot love. Hate exists as much as love does, but seemingly it is never spread equally.
All the brothers love you, but it's to say that the feeling isn't mutual.
For each brother in question, there's no hiding it. Hatred can't be hidden from those who've seen and experienced it for centuries longer than you've been around. And we all have our breaking point with the people we despise.
You'll make it worse if you keep it in. Remember: misery loves company.
If you couldn't tell already, there's going to be angst.
He had noticed MC's view of him very early on. He knows that his presence isn't wanted; the room would get quiet without him asking for the silence; no matter what the amount of decency he displays does the tension in MC lessens. No matter what he says or how he speaks, he feels like he's coming across a teacher or a strict parent giving a lengthy lecture.
To yell out at Lucifer customarily either is a brave move or an idiot's worst mistake. When you yelled out, ejecting out your hatred against him, Lucifer didn't take it out on you. Much to the surprise of many, he lets you off easy.
"Very well, then."
It’s expected — everyone hates him, or at least, everyone has felt animosity towards him at some point. Satan, Belphagor, perhaps Mammon, it wouldn't be surprising if Diavolo hid his resentment of him when they had first met. He knew how intolerable he was to others.
He tries to move on and seem unbothered — he should be used to this by now — but it stings differently with MC. He knows exactly why they hated him. Perhaps he could change this circumstance of his, he has pondered many times but remained with an inconclusive answer. He wishes he could be better for MC, but it's not so easy to adapt when you already have so many other things about your plate.
It's a burden for him, just another one to carry upon his sore back.
It's natural for him to be hated.
Mammon was quick to pick up on MC's attitude towards him and he served attitude back.
It was like with his family: whatever they had to say about him or every time they dismissed him as a nuisance, he'd barked back, but it was more one-sided with MC. MC just provoked him with eye rolls, scoffs, and "whatever"s, but Mammon knew all too well what all of it meant.
Pushing you over the edge with his precarious confidence is what made him confirm his thoughts. Mammon already knew but he needed to hear it for himself. You should not be lying to both him and yourself.
"Okay... fine!! Be like that! Be like everyone else! I don't need you by my side anyways!"
His family and now this. He should have known better.
For once, he grew silent. For a long while, he wasn't his typical boisterous self, but he did eventually return to normal but only around others.
He no longer has anything to say around MC, nothing snarky, defensive, or in favor of anything. His job previously of looking after you, if it were anything before, it sure was non-existent now. He no longer wanted anything to do with MC, as he assumed they don't want anything to do with him.
He didn't need to associate with those who didn't care about him...
Levi frequently flickered between believing MC hated him and thinking it was just his paranoia. Levi is very indecisive like that.
He had often tested this theory out by inviting MC to watch anime or play video games, but MC would have always turned him down with excuses about studies and having to meet up with others, leaving him even more indecisive.
At some point, Levi just breaks and flat out asks the question, the uncertainty eating him up. Just as frank as he was with them, MC is frank in their answer with him.
"Please don't...."
His heart shatters on the spot.
Levi plunges into a swirl of self-hatred and goes even deeper into his isolation. He becomes even more of an outcast. His anime and the things in his room were truly all that he needed.
He should have never opened up so easily, he'd chide himself. He was so stupid to believe that someone— anyone would take an interest in him or anything at all that had to do with him.
No one could have liked him like that...
Satan took your spite as cockiness, and he played along with it. When you got annoyed, he'd push your buttons here and there. Your grimace he'd match with his smirk, he'd tease at your mood switches and find you extra adorable when you glare at him, but he would always leave you to yourself afterward.
He knows that you have your limits, however, he'll come to realize that he was unintentionally testing it.
Little by little, he starts to get quite concerned. He changes his advances to you but even at that, you still seem bothered, which worried him even more.
One day, in a way he hadn't expected, you just burst out at him on how you hated him.
"You better watch your mouth!"
He doesn't show it later, but he was greatly hurt on that day; he had deflected his usual behavior for you, and you were nothing but hostile, though the level of malice you did give was interpreted much worse than how it really was by Satan.
He becomes progressively passive-aggressive towards you. When appropriate, he's pleasant to you and treats you as normal as before, but once you were either alone together or once your back was turned, he's like a snake.
Satan feels like he's doing something; he's treating you the way he felt you've treated him. He always snickers silently after each time he encounters you, but also too often is left lingering with an underlying anger and resentment towards himself.
He doesn't like being mean to you, but at the same time, he just finds himself doing it over and over. It felt slightly justified.
His control over his sin loosens a little after your profession and often spikes whenever you're around.
You are the new Lucifer, now.
Asmo hardly notices. He mostly passes off MC's scowls and frowns as playing hard to get. How else could you oppose someone so irresistible?
Even when you say out loud that you hate him, he still misses the message.
"You hate me? Impossible!"
He couldn't believe it and doesn't for a while, till he starts slowly gathering together the pieces. He slowly realizes that those games you two were playing with each other were very one-sided.
His view of self turns pretty grim. His self-worth and esteem take a dip, something else he'd never imagine happening, much like someone possibly hating him. The high value he held himself up to sinks, but not on the outside. His fashion, his glamour, and his appearance flourish more than ever in presentation, but the passion behind it went missing.
He now thinks to himself: "Am I not as flawless as I thought I was?"
Beel easily picked up on MC's sour mood every time they showed it, but always took up as MC being hungry. He was well-aware that being upset was an effect of being hungry, that much he knew about humans and by another extension, knew about himself.
He thought he could have helped MC by sharing his food, but it didn't work, of course. His solution: more food.
He gets so worried about MC's wellbeing that he gets to the point where he offers to give MC all the food on his plate, but before that could be an occurring thing, that's when MC breaks it to him.
"Did... did I do something wrong?"
He reflects on all his past actions directly after and thinks up a way to make it up to MC. But the problem is: he isn't sure what he did wrong.
But he spends more time correcting himself than wondering.
Whatever it is, whatever he had done, he'll make it better. He works, bending his back over backward to win MC back.
He will change for you.
Like Asmo, Belph hardly notices. He'd nod off before he could catch anything discernible.
When he does get his taste of MC's bitterness, he passes off as MC just being in a mood. It'll pass eventually, he tells himself.
When MC does become honest with him, he turns on them almost immediately. There's a moment of shock, all his fatigue dashes away before he's filled with anger.
"Well, I hate you too! You and all humans alike!"
His hatred for humans seeps right back into him the more he processes what MC said to him.
His naps are longer, and when he's awake, he's utterly bitter all the while.
His mind just runs on a cycle of human hating from that point forward. Every nasty thing he's said previously about them, he says again. They are deplorable, selfish, useless, ruthless, disgusting, etc. They shouldn't exist. Humans are just awful.
But maybe the same could be said about himself?
Maybe this was his karma? For the way he has viewed humans for so long and how now he had fallen for one.
"I guess I deserve this..."
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leviathans-watching · a day ago
Tumblr media
revealing the truth that was buried inside
Tumblr media
a/n: sorry this took so long a) the words kept just coming and b) there's been some family stuff. thank you to all who've liked, replied, reblogged, and requested for a part two!! this one pretty much ties up this universe and has a happy ending! (title from reflections by misterwives)
this is part 2 to angry at all of the things i can't change, a request from @dexpairs-blog asking "Hi! If that's ok could i request MC not hiding their preference for Mammon (in general, not just romantic), and when they're asked why they say that they relate to him since at home they're treated the sale say his brothers treat him and want to make him feel loved."
wc: 3k | rated t | cross posted on ao3
mammon &/x gn!reader, mammon & his brothers, simeon & gn!reader
warnings: shown + referenced unhealthy family dynamics/relationships, cursing, fighting, mc had a bad home situation (not specific), mild violence (injuries and blood)
tags: hurt/comfort, fluff, mild angst, character exploration, happy ending, making up, protective reader
Tumblr media
Making sure you have the list of things Mammon wanted you to grab, you hesitate outside of the House of lamentation’s gate. Exhaling and straightening your shoulders, you shove it open, walking up to the front doors.
Quietly opening the door, you slip inside, ready to be gone as soon as possible. You were just there to grab stuff to bring back to Diavolo’s castle, nothing more, nothing less.
Maybe you could even slip by unnoticed?
Of course, luck wasn’t on your side.
Turning a corner, you crash right into Beel, who’s eyes widen. Quickly, you made the ‘shh’ motion, putting a finger over your lip.
“MC?” he asks in a whisper, looking like he couldn’t believe you were there. “What are you doing here? Are you coming back?”
Shaking your head, you sigh. While you weren't furious with Beel like you were with some of the other brothers. you couldn't deny the disappointment that rose inside of you when you saw him. While he really wasn’t one of the instigators, was sitting back and doing nothing really any better?
“No, I’m just grabbing some stuff from Mammon and I’s rooms.” Continuing down the hall towards your room, you feel his footsteps steadily behind you.
“I see.” He’s quiet for a moment. “I’m gonna be honest, I’m kind of at a loss here.”
Tone sharp, you respond “Kind of at a loss of what to do or of what you did wrong?”
“What to do now!” Hastily clarifying, Beel waves his hands. “I know what I did wrong. I’ve known for a while. I just… didn’t know how to stop or stop it.”
Looking back at him, you see the genuine guilt in his eyes. But then again, it’s not you he should be directing his guilt towards. “I don’t really care, Beel. I’m not the one you should be telling this to.”
Entering your room, you start getting your things together, quickly throwing some changes of clothes into a bag. Beel hesitates in the doorway.
“I know that,” he finally says. “And I’m not good with words, but I did my best to get this down, so please, considering giving this to Mammon.”
He’s holding out a folded piece of paper. A letter, probably. You take it, gently sliding it into your pocket.
“Don’t expect everything to be okay immediately,” you warn.
“I know.” Beel’s voice is surprisingly strong. “But I’m willing to give him as much time as it takes.”
Handing Mammon the letter from Beel, you flop down on one of the numerous plush couches in the room you’re in.
“What’s this?” he asks, sitting down beside you.
“It’s from Beel,” you say, watching him carefully. He stiffens slightly, but opens it anyway, carefully unfolding the paper.
His eyes scan the page slowly, and vaguely you wonder what Beel had penned down. He finishes reading and clutches the letter in his lap, eyes misty. You watch quietly, not passing any judgment.
“You okay?” you eventually ask, and Mammon nods.
“It’s his, uh, apology. Surprisingly articulate, if I do say so myself.” Mammon turns the letter over in his hands. “I actually feel a bit better, reading it. He really owned up to his role in all of this.”
“Well, that’s good,” you venture. It’s been a couple of weeks since you had gotten in touch with Diavolo, who, as promised, dealt with the situation quickly and openly, not allowing them any excuses. Since then, a few of them have tried to reach out, sending gifts or leaving voicemails, though this was the first fully formed, fleshed-out apology either of you had seen.
Asmo was trying, in his own way, sending gifts almost daily, a myriad of things he had picked out, obviously with Mammon in mind. Levi had reached out a few times as well, leaving a few texts here and there, but all of them were sent late at night when he wasn’t likely to get a reply.
None of them had tried to see you or Mammon in person.
Belphie, Satan, and Lucifer had yet to reach out, though you thought Lucifer’s lack of a response probably hurt the worst. Try as he might, Mammon was painfully see-through.
Switching the topic, you challenge Mammon to a game, grabbing the controllers from where they sit.
“So Belphegor still hasn’t said anything?” Simeon asks, growing at you from over the floral patterned tea set. “That’s unlike him.”
“Yeah,” you say wryly, remember how willing he was to face things head-on. “I hope he does something soon.”
“If I were to warrant a guess, I’d say he’s ashamed. Think about it, this is his second big mess-up since you arrived down here,” Simeon delicately says, making you snort.
“He should be ashamed. Mammon’s got a big heart, which is probably the only thing that kept him from being fucked up. Belphie’s got an attitude and needs to learn a few things about the real world, namely that he’s going to have to face repercussions for being a little bitch.”
Simeon nods sagely. “I agree. Beel’s protected him a little bit too much.”
“Yeah,” you say. “Anyway, how are you and Luke? I feel like I haven’t been able to catch up with you guys lately?”
“We’ve been well. Solomon, not so much. Asmo’s been dragging him out every day in his search to get Mammon the perfect thing. He comes back every night exhausted.” Simeon’s lips quirk up slightly. “Though that does mean he’s causing a lot less trouble.”
Chuckling, you can't help but picture Solomon walking through the door, bone tired. “That sounds like him. The less time he has on his hands, the better.”
Continuing your conversation, you don’t see the flash of yellow-blonde hair stop briefly by the window before moving on.
“Like, am I just s’posed to forgive them?” Mammon asks one night, lying next to you in bed. “I’m not angry, really, but it feels wrong to just let them all back in my life like nothin’ happened.”
“I think that’s really something only you can decide,” you tell him, rolling over to see his face. “Though I have to admit, watching them sweat for once in their life is kind of nice.”
Mammon smiled softly. “Yeah. All the gifts are kinda nice, I’m not gonna lie. But,” he paused. “I miss them. And I want it to go back to normal but I don’t know how to do that.”
“Maybe start small,” you advise. “Go out with Beel for lunch. Game with Levi. Something that’s comfortable for both of you but also lets you start reconnecting. Of course, don’t feel pressured to do this just because you think you should, or because I told you to. Make sure you’re okay with this in your heart.”
Mammon nods. “That sounds nice. I think I’ll try that.”
Neither of you mention Lucifer.
“So, how’s everything been?” Diavolo asks, settling down in a chair across the table.
“Well, Mammon’s hanging out with Satan at the moment. I think they’re going gambling, so that outta be nice,” you reply, looking up from lunch.
Diavolo smiles. “I’m sure that’s all well and good, but I’m asking about you. How have you been? Having to suddenly cut the brothers like that can’t have been easy; you were all fairly close, even considering the… circumstances.”
You sigh. “Well, it hasn’t been great, but it’s worth it. Sometimes distance is needed. And anyway, I’ve been hanging out with a few of them lately, as they work to make it up to Mammon.”
“I just want to make sure you know you’re allowed to take as much time as you need as well. And that you’re not defined by Mammon’s relationships with the others even as much as it may feel like that, since you’re so staunchly on Mammon’s side.”
“I know that. I’ve been texting with Levi, Asmo, and Beel quite a bit, and we’re tentatively trying to hang out as a group soon. It’s nice, I’ll admit, to be able to hang out with them again, but it’s still a little weird as we’re all on our best behavior.”
“I’d sure hope so,” Diavolo says with a little hum. “Heard anything from Belphegor or Lucifer yet?”
Winching, you shake your head. “No. I’d imagine it’s going to take some other catalyst for Lucifer to reach out, and for Belphie, I have no idea.”
“Lucifer’s pride is quite strong, though his demonic nature doesn't excuse his behavior, so I know he struggles to admit he’s wrong. He’ll come around. He cares, deeply, but isn’t good at expressing or even remembering that.” Looking down at the table with a small frown, Diavolo continues. “I’ve talked to him some and I can tell he’s struggling. I can only hope he makes the right decision before it’s too late.”
So many responsibilities and expectations, all put onto Lucifer, most of them coming from himself. He, like Mammon, was forced to grow up too fast, something that undoubtedly stunted some of his emotional growth.
You couldn't really find it in your heart to be that sympathetic, though. Not remembering Mammon’s unshed tears, his clenched fists.
“What’s that?” you ask, gravitating to the mouth of an alley. You could faintly hear the sounds of scuffling, as well as some pained groans. “Someone could be in trouble!”
“Not my problem,” Mammon shrugs, hands in his pockets. You fixed him with a glare. Rolling his eyes, Mammon changes his tune. “Fine, fine, I’ll check it out. Stay behind me so you don't get hurt.”
Following Mammon into the alley, you head towards the noise, wondering what you’d find.
Wou weren’t ready for the sight of Belphie getting the shit kicked out of him by a pack of older demons. Mammon’s in motion in an instant, hardly seeming to think about what he was doing.
“Hey! What the hell are ya doin’?” Mammon shouts, grabbing all of their attention. “Get off of him!”
“Dude, that’s Mammon!” One of them hisses, stepping back.
“So?” The leader challenges. “He’s weak. Not fit to bear the title of ‘Avatar of Greed.’”
You watch Mammon’s lip curl, but before he can say anything, Belphie manages to speak. “That’s not true! He’s technically the third most powerful demon down here, do you really want to fuck with him?”
The leader whips his head towards Belphie. “Shut up or I’ll-”
“You’ll what?” Mammon asks, voice dangerously low. “Touch him and die.”
A few of the others back off, quickly moving away as Mammon advances. The leader starts to move, but before he can go anywhere, Mammon is on top of him, eyes glowing gold.
You let him bat the crap out of the demon for a while. The others have all ran away, disappearing quickly. Cowards, the lot of them.
Once it looks like Mammon might accidentally kill the guy, you grab his attention, gently pulling him away from the guy, who tries to crawl away, dragging himself across the ground.
“You better run!” Mammon spits. “If I see you again it’ll be the last time anyone sees you! And that’s a promise! You go after my brother, you go against me!”
The guy manages to get out of the alley, stumbling his way down the street. It’s quiet save for the sound of Mammon’s ragged breaths.
“Why?” Belphie asks, voice breaking. “Why’d you help me after all I did?”
Mammon scrubs a hand over his face. “What, you thought I’d just walk away and let them do whatever to ya?”
“I deserve it.” Belphie looks down, wiping a bit of blood off of his cheek. You realize he’s crying, tears sliding down his face.
“The hell are ya talking about?”
Belphie shakes his head, more tears welling up.
Sighing, Mammon helps his little brother up. “Seriously? You think a few harsh words mean you should get physically assaulted? That’s dramatic, even for you.”
Belphie clutches Mammon’s jacket. “You always let me get away with stuff too easily! It wasn’t just a few harsh words, I was bullying you! And you know it, so don’t try to minimize the situation!”
Mammon says nothing, just soothing Belphie, letting him stain his jacket with tears. You stay back, silent.
“I’m sorry.” Belphie finally pulls back, voice thick. “I’m sorry for everything. Every rude comment, every mean joke. I’m sorry I haven’t apologized before this. I should have, I know, but I couldn't;t find a way to do it. I didn’t know how to approach you. I couldn't stand the thought of you not forgiving me.”
“Oh, Belphie,” Mammon’s voice is soft. “Of course I’d forgive you. How could I not?”
“I was worried,” Belphie admits. “I’ve already screwed up in big ways, bigger than anyone else, and I was worried I’d fucked everything up for good this time.”
“We’re family, Belphie,” Mammon insists, and you look away. “I’m always gonna be there to save yer ass when you get in trouble. I’m always gonna protect ya. You are my littlest brother, you know.”
Belphie nods slowly, still holding onto Mammon.
“Now c’mon,” Mammon says. “Let’s get ya cleaned up.”
“I’m glad you and Belphegor made up,” you say, and Mammon looks over, perhaps sensing something in your voice. “You’re amazing- the way you jumped in to help, no hesitation.”
“I was just doin’ what anyone would,” Mammon tries, and when you don’t respond, his brow furrows. Crouching down so he can look into your eyes, Mammon scans your face. “Is everythin’ all right?”
“I guess I’m just thinking about my family a little bit,” you admit, and Mammon sinks all the way down, making himself comfortable. He motions for you to continue, so you do, thoughts making themselves known. “Like, what if I were still in the human realm? Would we have made up? Or would things be the same?”
Taking your hand, Mammon works to find the words to say. “Well,” he falters. “I don’t really think there’s a way to know for sure. And I know we can’t hope to replace yer real family, but I’d like to think us down here, even the angels, we’re your family too.”
“I mean, of course you are,” you say. “But sometimes I just wonder…”
“I know.” Mammon’s gaze is far away, and your reminded he lived a whole life in the celestial realm before he came down here. He’s experienced things you can’t even begin to imagine. “And as long as you don’t obsess, it’s not a bad thing. Ya just have to remember you deserve more than them.”
“I know,” you promise, squeezing his hand. “I know.”
A knock sounds on the door, starting you both.
“Pardon the intrusion,” Barbatos says, gently opening the door. “But Mammon, you’ve got a caller.”
“Is it Belphie?” Mammon asks. Barbatos shakes his head.
“Nope, Lucifer.”
Mammon freezes, and you detach yourself from him kindly, squeezing his shoulder. “Go talk to him, if you feel ready. I’ll wait here, to give you privacy.”
After a moment, Mammon nods, rising, following Barbatos out the door and out of your sight.
“Lucifer,” Mammon greets, seeing him in the doorway. A tidal wave of hurt, or fear, or something rises in him instinctually, but he pushes it back, taking a few steps forward.
“Mammon,” Lucifer breathes. It’s apparent, even at a glance, that he has not been doing well. There are worse bags than normal under his eyes and his shoulders are so tense it looks like he’s trying to turn himself inside out. “I’m sorry.”
Even though he expected it, it’s still a shock to hear Lucifer apologize.
Drawing up some of his indignation, his anger, Mammon responds “Is that all? Have you come here to cross this off of your to-do list?” It’s harsh, but hey, Mammon figures Lucifer deserves it.
“No, please,” Lucifer lurches forward, reaching out before seeming to catch himself. “Please, listen to me. I know I don’t deserve to stand here before you, not after all I’ve done, but please, at least let me apologize fully.”
Crossing his arms, the action grounding him, Mammon raises an eyebrow.
“My actions over the past centuries have been inexcusable. When we fell I had to make so many sacrifices, not to say that the rest of you didn’t, and I suppose you seemed like the best outlet for all of my anger at the time. I truly believe I had good intentions in the beginning but over time, it all twisted, warping into constant criticism and cruelty. You’ve been nothing but a great brother even when none of us deserve it, as shown by today’s events, and we have taken your kindness and all that is still good in your heart and exploited it, using it as a weakness.” Lucifer pauses, breathing heavily. “It was unforgivable of me to constantly hold your sin against you when none of the others ever received the same treatment for indulging in theirs, including me. I can only hope that you can find it within yourself to if not forgive me, then at least accept my apology. If you can’t I’ll remove myself from the premises and not bother you again.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Mammon interrupts, holding up his hands. “Who said anything about a permanent cut-off? I don’t want that!” Overwhelmed, Mammon braves a glance over at Lucifer, who’s standing there, so defeated.
“Thank you,” Lucifer says, relief crystal clear in his tone. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you. Anything. I’m sorry that I made you feel like it would ever be otherwise. You’re my blood and I love you more than you could know.”
You sit down, pulling out a chair between Mammon and Diavolo. Levi’s across from you, and on his sides sit Lucifer and Solomon. It’s the first, well, family gathering you’ve had since you first went to Diavolo, and you can’t lie, it’s fairly awkward.
“Here,” Solomon says, passing around a dish. “It’s a new recipe of mine. You’ve got to try it!”
You all look at each other, then laugh, the tension easing slightly. Mammon’s hand finds your under the table, and as he talks with Beel, Asmo, Belphie, and Satan, you look over at Lucifer, who’s watching his family so tenderly, so openly, you can’t help but know in your heart things’ll be better.
They already are.
Tumblr media
tagging: @roseytoesy @yn-is-my-middle-name @heyadelaney
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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Saw your requests were open! If you're ok with nsfw could you do hc for mcs first time with the brothers? Thank you!
tried to keep it as gn!reader as possible. also if anyone wants to argue about ‘hime-sama’ I know at least 3 dudes that want to be called princess. will not argue on the gn validity of people being called princess.
Obey me Brothers + First time with MC (Headcanon)
Proud to be chosen as your first.
When you tell him he would be a little surprised by your announcement, but obviously what other choice was there.
He would want to make your first time very special
He would take you out to a romantic dinner at Ristorante Six
Have flowers and champagne waiting for you in his room when you return
You are his beloved [Y/N]. More precious to him than any treasure he could think of
He would lay you down on the bed and slowly undress you
Savoring every moment and new patch of skin
He would try to be gentle, but would get a little rough with his thrusts at the end when he’s about to cum
Would apologize if he hurt you in anyway after
When you’re done, he would pour the two final glasses of champagne for you to enjoy in bed in front of a roaring fire
You would sleep in his room for the night, and he would proactively begin plans to have all your stuff moved into his room by the end of the week
You’re not getting away from him ever now
Acts super cocky and proud
“Of course you would come to your First Man.”
In reality, he’s terrified
He’s obviously had sex before. But taking someone’s virginity is a big deal
Plus it’
He doesn’t want to screw this up like he does everything else
Would bring you back to his room and lay you down on his bed
He’s nearly about to cum just seeing you there. Waiting for him.
Would take his time with you
Afraid this might be the only time he gets to be with you. What if you never want to see him again after this and abandon him??
Asks if you’re alright a lot with every new thing he tries
Wants you to be on top so he can see you. And makes sure you cum at least once before he does.
Would want to hold you through the night. Plays it off like ‘silly humans are sentimental like that’ kind of thing.
So we’re talking about after he faints right? Cause clearly he faints.
Shocked, to say the least, that you’ve picked a crummy otaku to be your first
You could do so much better!
The only reason he would do it is that he can’t stand the idea of you being with someone else
He’s the Avatar of Envy for a reason. And jealousy and pettiness drives results
More nervous about it probably than you are
His primary sexual experience has been in VR or 2D
Not that he hasn’t done it before.....
Clumsy, but tries really hard
You’re his beautiful, wonderful Hime-sama. He wants to cherish you as much as he does his figurines
Treats you just as delicately too
Over very quickly, which he’s embarrassed about, but promises to be better in the future
Then nearly dies of embarrassment again because he’s just committed himself to doing it again with you.
Flattered, of course. And a little flustered.
He’s surprised you just....asked him like that
Would need some time to plan something to make your first time special
Reading up on best ways to do it for a first timer. Getting all the other books out of his bed. Finding a sonnet or two.
You’re his wonderful [Y/N]. The light of his world. You deserve to know that he wants you for more than just your body.
He’d be very careful with stripping you down. Folding your clothes along the way
He is nervous though
This isn’t his first time. But when he’s not in total control of his emotions they can get....out of hand
He’s terrified he’ll snap out of passion and hurt you
Things do get a little rough, but nothing you can’t handle. Mostly hickies and bite marks. 
He may have gotten a little carried away with the idea of ‘you were his and his alone now’ and felt the need for the entire world to know it
Insist that you stay with him, and offers to get you some cookies or tea after as part of your after care.
Wants you to sleep in his pajama top. Do so at your own risk.
Ecstatic beyond belief that you’ve come to him
And you’ve come to the right place
Obviously Asmo has the most sexual experience. So obviously he has the most experience dealing with virgins
The nerves. The jitteriness. The mild discomfort. He’s a pro at handling all that
Would want it planned our special for you
You’re his adorable [Y/N]. Nothing but the best for you.
Would plan a whole, sensual evening with candles, massage oil, matching silk pjs from Majolish
He’d want you to be relaxed. But he also wants to take his time.
Will have you writhing in pleasure before he enters you
He goes slow. One, not to hurt you, but two to savor the moment.
Last longer than all the others because he’s ‘trained’ for this
Aftercare king! More backrubs and delicious warm floral bath
Costume change into matching, soft fuzzy pajamas before bed
Surprised you’ve asked him. And a little embarrassed.
He’s not good with emotional things. Intimate things.
Of course he’s had sex before. Being a super star athlete he gets a lot of offers to. But it’s different with you.
It’s not just about sex or pleasure with you. You’re his wonderful [Y/N]
He wants to do right by you
He’s also concerned about his size and strength
It’s an issue for demons he’s taken to bed with. Much less a human.
The last thing he ever wants to do is hurt you, or do something stupid that would get you hurt
Would want you to take the lead. 
Yes, it’s your first time, and he’ll help you, but he’d feel more comfortable if you were in charge
Wants you to sit on his lap and do it that way. More controlled. Lots of kissing. 
Kissing you is his second favorite thing to do with his mouth.
Wraps his big warm body around you to hold you close. Soft little puppy wants to do it again when you wake up.
Like....did you really mean to ask him? Or was this just an interesting fact conversation you were having?
When he realizes that you aren’t joking, he gets kind of flustered and plays with his hair
“You shouldn’t just tell me things like that [Y/N]. It makes me want to do bad things to you.”
He won’t, of course. Not unless you ask him.
He’d take you up to the attic so you can be alone.
Just the two of you and the stars
He would want it to be dark because he’s not the most confident about his body
Come on. Have you seen Beel? They clearly traded brains for brawn here.
He might be a little shit at time, but he’s very serious about you
He wants you to feel good. To feel good together.
Maybe if you like it then you’ll keep coming back to him and never leave and forget all his stupid brothers and just be with him
A boy can dream
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obeymematches · a day ago
Yo. How about dad Lucifer, dad Satan,dad Diabolo and dad Levi?
anon i love your mind<3 had so much fun writing this, i tried to keep it short & simple but i failed :(
Dad Lucifer, Satan, Diavolo, and Levi (GN MC btw)
I did something like this for him in this post already, but to highlight some stuff:
Answering kids’ questions about life can be rough, you know? I feel like sometimes he’d answer w/ some complete bs on purpose. (which, according to him encourages critical thinking of the world and it teaches how you shouldn’t trust just anyone. don’t buy.)
I think teenagers don’t like him for several reasons (being bossy, thinking he’s better than anyone, etc.) which leaves him surprised, mostly, but he only really cares if he is the parent.
Regardless of what the kids think he’d still love them though. Like he might complain and all but at the end he loves his kid and if he has to he can go the extra mile for them. 
Also I think he doesn’t spend as much time with them as he’d want to so that is one problem to be solved. You know he is very family oriented but he is also busy all the time - this can make kids think he doesn’t care about them at all, or worst, they might think he doesn’t even love them...
I think when both of you are busy / out on a date he’d trust uncle Mammon to do his babysitting duty.
This goes without saying but anyways, I think we can all agree that he’d be a strict parent, like if the poor kid gets a B they are getting punished, unless they have a good reason in their defense. Also they have to help with chores obviously. 
As much as he’d like to be different than his father, some of his ways he just can’t help. I think he wouldn’t reply with nonsense as often, but sometimes he definitely does it on purpose.
Spends much more time with them thus they have a better bond. They can and will team up against you for example when you need to decide what to have for dinner. But also they always surprise you on your Bday as a team.
I think he’d prepare them for domestic life, as in teaching them how to change a light bulb, how to cook/bake and very simple DIY stuff. (like putting on a shelf) (also how and what to recycle, how not to waste food, etc) Makes them pay close attention to their emotions and helps them gain control.
Though he also wants them to refine their intellectuality so he’d urge them to get higher education. This will probably cause problems if the kid doesn’t want it though, so you might have to step in.
Dad puns / jokes all day.
I feel like he’d be the dad who embarrasses his kids at like. grocery stores (or public in general), mainly because of his sense of fashion.
ah..imagine kids running up to him in a fit after they fell and hurt their knees or something... oh no he has to be so gentle now... (also. very quick to figure out the trick of “if you pretend you didn’t see they’ll just move on”)
I think he’d make a fun dad despite not knowing so much about parenting. That is why he is insecure and not so sure about it at first, but I think he’d have it in him to be a great dad. (makes mistakes sometimes though)
Every weekend you go somewhere with the family, a zoo, an amusement park, the beach, sledding, maybe just fishing. His kids love him so much and want to do everything with him all the time (and so does him). When they are babies he gets himself this baby carrier and might even take them to work sometimes. No need to feel jealous though, they get to spend time with you too when he is busy on the week days.
I feel like he’d spoil them so much though, something he just can’t help. I mean he doesn’t want to be like his father was to him, obviously. (also like... as they are royals... how are they supposed to not be spoiled...)
I think the main lessons he’d teach them is honesty and learning to balance work and free time. Also as he is probably the first pacifist prince / king in history he’d want his kids to continue on this road, but obviously he can only do so much about that.
As he is strong he’d do so much physical play with them when they are still very young, like playing airplanes, spinning them, etc. On that note, he is the best to keep up with their energy levels, playing tag, etc. Depending on the number of kids he might get tired at some point, but 1-3 kids he can handle perfectly fine.
 Oh on that note, in case he has multiple kids he is the best dad at teaching them how to get over their sibling-rivalry. Listen since he is an only child this would be a very foreign concept & it worries him more than anything to see his kids fight each other. Must find a solution to this!!
Hmm I not sure if he’d really want kids, but if you manage to convince him he’d make a conscious father.
Does his best not to embarrass them but he might fail at that sometimes.
Unlike Diavolo, he’d much rather quiet, stay-in weekends. Sometimes visiting a body of water is fine though (imagine him teaching them how to swim aaa). Or if his kid preforms something at a school event he is there to see and take a video!!!! even if he is the only parent at the event!!!!
Can’t handle rebellious phases at all though. Gets very emotional.
Similar to Satan, he’d team up with his kids to surprise you on special days. Obviously him and his kids have a special bond since they always play video games together. (You included of course!!!!!)
Playing Devil Kart so often and sometimes he lets his kid win, all fun and games until the kid(s) gets better at it than him...
The main lessons he’d teach them is to be passionate, go all in, and not to be afraid to like whatever they do. If he learns his kid loves something he makes them a personalized birthday cake in that theme.
Would continue cosplaying but obviously now he includes his kid(s) as well!! can’t get over how adorable the little overall is which he made for them.
In case you manage to have him leave his room, maybe to go to the playground or on a trek or something, he is a very well prepared parent (that’s why you might have to wait for him before you go), ready to carry the heaviest backpack if needed (do it for the team✊), full of sandwiches and water bottles.
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thenextchapter22 · a day ago
Angel of the Three Realms
PART 7!!
Description: You were an Angel who went to the human world to escape punishment for loving Lucifer only to be brought back into his life, this time in the Devildom where you pretend to be human.
In this chapter: Everything is perfect, even with your love still a secret, and being home with everyone and flying is all you could ask for...
Tags: Unrequited Love, Fluff, Angst, WIP
Pairing(s): Lucifer/Reader
Word Count: 2.3k
Link to my AO3: Click Here
Authors Note: Guys, this is the second to last chapter :( Thank you to all those who kept reading, I’m really happy you liked this work. Please enjoy~
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six
You had the most magical time just simply being with the brothers. Not doing anything special, only talking in your room, tossing popcorn at each other and snuggling. They were always so warm, and you’d never turn away a hug.
But eventually they had to go to their own thing, so that left you some time alone. Mostly with your thoughts, which strayed here and there as you stretched on your bed. Thankfully they had put it back to the way it was before the spell to make it larger.
School was on temporary break per Lord Diavolo’s orders (and although he didn’t say it directly, you knew it was because of you, and he wanted you to have some time off).
There was a knock on the door again. But this time, someone else spoke out on the other side.
“May I come in?” Lucifer called out.
You stood up quick and straightened out your clothes, fixing your hair. It had a slight curl to it from Asmo’s braiding. Lucifer at your door was a rare thing indeed, plus you wanted to look presentable after having popcorn thrown at you.
Letting him inside, he glanced around at the slight mess that still remained. Stray blankets, the TV was still moved from its spot, and some chairs had been pushed away to make room for the larger bed that had been there.
He turned back to you, and said, “I had stopped by earlier, but heard you all having so much fun I didn’t want to ruin it all.”
You blinked in surprise. “Oh, you could have joined us, you know.”
He waved his gloved hand dismissively. “No, you needed time with them. They needed time with you.”
Biting your lip, you had to ask. “Did you… hear anything we said?”
His lips quirked a bit but he didn’t not smile. “If you’re referring to you speaking about Michael, then, yes, I happened to hear it.”
So you eavesdropped, you wanted to say, but instead you pushed that away. It probably wasn’t on purpose.
“I hope its okay I told them about Michael… I don’t want to keep any more secrets.”
“Of course, dove, I had planned on telling them myself.”
You shivered at the nickname that flew so easily from his lips, and nodded, your hair bouncing. “Good, I’m glad.”
You watched his gaze flicker to your shoulders before he sighed. “I don’t want to upset you but I feel like we should talk about everything that’s happened.”
“Oh! Uh, okay. Do you want to sit then?” you gestured to the table. “I can make us some tea really fast.”
He did sit, but shook his head. “The tea isn’t needed. Let’s just talk.”
Talking wasn’t as easy as he made it seem. But you did sit opposite him at the little brown wooden table, and crossed your ankles and folded your hands under your chin. “All right, shoot.”
He smirked. “So eloquent.”
You winked. “Always.”
Really, you just wanted to ease the tension in the room. It was too stuffy and a bit suffocating. You were nervous for his questioning, like he was a detective asking you, a criminal, if you had done the murder.
Lucifer didn’t look at you for a moment, instead stared at the table, tapping his fingers on the edge. Then he stopped, and looked up at you with intensity in those gorgeous eyes. “I can’t apologize enough for how stupid I was to not see you when you first came here. Despite the spell, even so.”
You frowned. “Oh, Luci—”
He kept going. “But I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me. I need to know. Why did you leave? What happened to make you leave?”
You knew the question would come. Still you were not prepared for it. “I just… it’s hard to say why. There were lots of reason.” Lies. Only one: him.
He always saw right through you. Narrowing eyes spoke of that. “You’re not being truthful with me.”
“I know, I’m sorry.”
He paused. His tone seemed lighter next he spoke, “Did you at least have a happy life?”
That was just like the brothers’ question. “I did…mostly.”
“Hm. Tell me more. I want to hear about your life, what I missed.”
“You do?” you whispered.
“Of course. Unless you don’t want to tell me. You’ve changed so much since I last saw you.”
“In a good way, or bad?”
He chuckled. “A bit of both, I think.”
You smiled. “Okay.” You thought about everything you’d been through, and decided to start off with a high note. “There was a stretch of years where I lived in a small town by the sea. Everyone knew everyone, and there was kindness all around. My favorite thing to do was fly over the water in the moonlight. The ocean breeze and the smell of salt air was amazing.” You inhaled like you were there, and he gently reached out and brushed his fingers over your cheek. You held in a whimper. “I had to leave at one point, when the kids started to become adults and I stayed the same as I was.”
“That must’ve been difficult to do over and over. Establish relationships and then leave.”
You nodded, and sighed. “It had to be done…”
“I do have to wonder… why you didn’t become Human once your arrival on the surface world. You have no Halo but you do have wings, and celestial magic… It’s against all that Heaven stood for.”
You had wondered it yourself many times. But then you had other things to worry about, like your pretend human life. Evolving with them, learning and teaching, building relationship and ending them many times over. It was fun and fantastic and everything you never had dreamed of when you first left. So, only for a few short moments did you ponder that question Lucifer asked, and replied back.
“I did wonder but… I wouldn’t be able to find any answers. I had too much to do.”
Lucifer smiled. “I’m proud of you.”
Your heart clenched. “You—you are?”
“I am. You’ve done amazing things in your life. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. Losing all these years with you…” He frowned. “I will admit thinking about how much time I’ve spent here, with my memories of you gone… That I didn’t have the strength to break free.”
“You couldn’t have known,”
“While that’s true, I still hate it.”
“And so, now that I have you here with me, I will make the best of it. We will together.”
Together. Just not the way you wanted.
Perhaps, in time, maybe some years in the future, you would be brave enough to finally speak up. But right now wasn’t the best time. Or you could just be a true coward to your own feelings. You had a stray thought of ‘what it this was hurting Lucifer more than telling him would be?’
“I promise you, my dear, if I were to ever see Michael again…” And Lucifer’s forehead glowed where his black triangle usually lay, dark clouds forming the shape but not fully changing him. “…I’ll kill him.”
Life was back to normal. Only, it was better. Truth was out, and a freedom of the soul with it. You were truly able to be you, at least in the way you looked. Sure, your wings were still tucked away but you knew they weren’t a secret to be hidden away anymore.
The first day you were told you could fly again, you shot out of bed that very morning and, after breakfast, ran to the courtyard. It was a beautiful Devildom day, no clouds, not too hot or cold, and the winds were just right.
“She’s gonna fly! Everyone, come and see her wings!” Mammon shouted.
There was the sound of a stampede and before you knew it, the entirety of the House of Lamentation was there, and Purgatory Hall even somehow ended up.
You were very nervous. It had been months since you’d flown. But you knew it was going to be as easy as getting back on a bicycle as the humans say.
“Go on, dearie, we know you’re going to be beautiful. Spread your wings and fly~” Asmo shouted.
You grinned at him, and heard everyone else shout out words of encouragement. It was honestly really sweet. Luke was jumping up and down, waving his arms. He hadn’t gotten wings yet so he was super excited.
Satan didn’t have wings so he wasn’t as cheery, but he still gave you a soft smile and told you to go for it.
Then, lastly, you heard Lucifer speak. He wasn’t shouting like the others, but your focused hearing caught his words. “Fly, just as you used to: with passion.”
So with that, you changed, wings sprouting out like fireworks of white bursting open, and like a rocket you shot up into the sky. There was cheering and screaming, but as you went higher, soaring around the clear skies, you could only hear the wind rushing in your ears, and your heart pounding. The pure delight in flying never would leave you.
The sky wasn’t just yours for long. You looked to your left and saw Asmodeus’ bat wings flapping as he twirled in circles. He looked majestic, and you saw he had his hair pinned back with clips. He winked and flew a bit lower, and you laughed.
Mammon flew past you in a burst of speed, the back winds hitting you hard but you steadied yourself. “Hey, slow down!” you teased.
He stuck out his tongue from in front of you, and circled you once. “No way, you’re so slow,” he shouted with a stupid grin before speeding ahead.
You laughed at them. This was so much fun. You shut your eyes for a moment, feeling the wind in your face, rustling your hair. Your wings ached gloriously. The tickling of it against your feathers. It was pure magic.
“Always with your head in the clouds.”
You saw Lucifer then, full form, four wings dark and incredible behind him. His hair looked perfect in the wind, and he eased up next to your right and kept pace.
“I know,” you said with a smile. “I do my best thinking here.”
“Well, then, next time a test comes up, please go flying first.”
You laughed. “All right, but only if you come with me?”
He smiled. “Of course, dove.”
You hummed. You moved away a bit, and twirled once, giggling, and found his gaze softened. “Why did you call me that? You used to when I was younger, and you also did when I first came here. I don’t know why, when you were under that spell…”
He slowed his speed a bit until he stopped, and you had to circle back to meet him. The two of you thousands of feet above the Devildom ground, floating in the air.
“It’s quite the conundrum isn’t it?” He paused. “Memories don’t just vanish. These spells can’t remove a memory, only cloak it, and hide it away. So it’s always there, somewhere in your mind, waiting to resurface again.”
You frowned. He was sort of right. It was like when you worked as a temp nurse in a hospital, and the coma patients eventually got their memory back with time and patience.
Suddenly, Lucifer smiled at you, like a Morningstar of darkness. “I suppose a part of me just… couldn’t forget you.”
What? Your wings fumbled a bit in astonishment, and he reached out to grab at your upper arms. There was a large frown on his face and his brow was furrowed. “Steady. You’re stronger now but I think it’s time to head back down.”
You said nothing, only let him lead you both to the ground. Everyone gathered around and you were brought out of your head to them patting your arms and saying how amazing you were.
A part of you was still stuck on what just was said, but you pulled yourself together. “Thanks everyone! I want to fly with all of you soon.”
You looked at Satan, who was frowning. He sighed. So you walked to him and took his hand. He blushed. “The two of us can do something else, or if you want I can take you flying?”
He shook his head. “No thank you. I’m not a fan of… heights…” He smiled. “But I appreciate it.”
Belphie made a soft noise. “I want extra naps on your lap as compensation.”
You chuckled. “Easily done, Belphie.”
Levi frowned from beside Satan. “What about me?”
You took his hand next, to which he panicked externally and internally, and said the same thing to him.
Levi stuttered a bit, “W-w-well we can go swimming instead. I know a lake that’s perfect this time of year where you can rent tube floats nearby and there’s a really cool waterfall that makes rainbows.”
You nodded. “Sounds perfect. Speaking of water, I’m thirsty so I’m going to grab a drink.”
Leaving them behind, you went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water, downed it, and exhaled. You placed your hands on the marble countertop and scrunched your nose while you thought.
‘a part of me just… couldn’t forget you.’
Did Lucifer love you? As more than a… friend? Was it possible? Those words seemed to have an underlying meaning to them, you were almost positive. Because if he did love you, he would say so, right? He was Pride, but wouldn’t love overcome that tenfold?
You laughed aloud, and shook your head. “I’m an idiot. Of course he doesn’t.”
Still, those words echoed in your head all day and night, even appearing in your dreams. Haunting or teasing, you were not sure.
But when you woke up to a new family, you shoved that part away. You had to put the past where it belonged: the past. You were home, Michael could not get you here, and you were safe to live your life as you chose. And you chose to live it to the fullest.
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beelfeels · 2 days ago
Metal Baby → Satan OM! Headcanon
Hey, hi, hello. It’s been awhile. 
While I was going for a walk tonight I was listening to Bring Me The Horizon and had a thought. Also I took a compatibility quiz and it said I matched 100% with Satan, and now that I think about it.... Satan could definitely be our covert emo boy.
Genre: Just pure Angst. I mean, it’s Satan. (Warning: brief mention of death)
It’s pretty lengthy. Sorry. If you read all of it, then I’d like to humbly ask for your hand in marriage pls.
Let’s really take a minute to unpack this one. Or not, no worries I’ve been thinking about this for the last hour. I feel like for the most part Satan handles his wrathful nature pretty well (repeat: for the most part). I believe it’s probably the constant curiosity and chase for knowledge that kind of kindles his fire, you know? Save for the times when someone simply says the wrong thing--Leviathan I’m looking at you--and he starts chucking the nearest object at the culprit. Reading books and petting cats is great, but I don’t think that’s the only thing he does to keep himself calm and collected throughout the day. I forget if it’s canon in OM! But some other characteristics of Satan (that I can recall) has him as being super tidy and well kept. Everything has to be in it’s place or he’ll lose it.
It’s almost like Lucifer took this role since he’s so busy kissing Diavolo’s as- I mean, with all his responsibilities. He definitely has more of this image than Satan does imo.
But anyway, let’s just say that Satan does have other means of letting out his anger or just focusing on other things to get his mind off of his own irritation. I can definitely see him huddling up in his room (or anywhere really), grabbing some speakers or headphones and listening to rock, or heavy metal, maybe screamo if he’s feeling it. I’m thinking of that one tiktok vid where the person walks into their room, slams their door, and the music starts blaring from inside. 
He'd feel like he can get his feelings out without causing as much of a mess. He can flail his hands and headbang to his heart’s content, and he’s all worn out. I feel like all the unique faces he'd make while doing this would be restricted to his room, and when they hear the music blaring the brothers know not to bother him. Seeing that Satan has the tendency to lash out at others and throw things, the others probably wouldn’t even complain if the music was too loud, or his yelling got annoying. They all know that it’s one of the better options.
Imagine one day Satan is walking back to the House of Lamentation and takes the scenic route home. He wants to seek out one of those cute kittens he keeps seeing by one of the garden fountains. Today just wasn’t his day and he’s actually looking forward to spotting it, hopefully giving it a nice pat or two on the head. It makes him feel good, and after having a bit of a long day it was the perfect thing to get his spirits back up. He even bought a small treat for it.
Unfortunately for him, the cute little kitty was nowhere to be found. Satan even circled around the fountain a few times to be sure, but no, it was nowhere in sight. 
A sullen Satan walks into the house with his tail tucked between his legs. He walks into the kitchen to grab a snack before retreating to his room, and to no surprise see’s Beelzebub scoffing down a spoonful of food. While he’s there he might as well ask:
“Hey, Beel. Have you seen a small kitten around any of the gardens near RAD?”
“Huh?” Beel stops for a moment, his brows furrowed in thought. “Oh the small brown one?”
“Yeah. That one. I haven’t seen it in a while.”
“A demon found it a few days ago laying in the grass. It was already dead-”
Both of the brothers halt abruptly at a loud snap echoing off the kitchen walls. Satan peeks down to see one of the wooden spoons broken under his fingers. A stinging red imprint leaving a mark across his palm.
Beelzebub gulped. “Satan? Are you okay?” 
Satan gives a curt nod with a clear scowl on his face. The day was just as soiled as ever. The only thing he could think of doing now was retreating straight to his room. He struts with haste down the long halls. His throat closing up with every step he took. What if something cruel was done to that poor kitten? Who’d do such a thing? Somewhere amidst his thoughts he passes by MC who offered a welcoming smile in his direction. He had completely missed it. Tunnel vision growing narrow as he neared his room and slammed his door closed. 
MC turns on their heels following Satan’s steps to his door. Only to stumble at the deafening deep yell Satan has released from within the depths of his room. No sooner did MC start to hear the familiar intro to a song they’d heard in the human world: Teardrops by Bring Me The Horizon. The sound was muffled by the walls, but it was surely the song they were thinking of. 
OR in an alternate scenario MC is having a really terrible day, or is really upset about something and suddenly Satan is messaging them a ready made playlist of songs that helps him get his anger out. Titled: “Songs to Scream To”
OR OR a scenario where Satan is sitting somewhere outside with a book in hand, and earbuds hidden behind his hair. When MC tries to speak to him, they aren’t aware of this until they sit beside him and notice them peaking through the blonde. They pluck one of the buds out and insert it into their own ears to hear a BABYMETAL or ONE OK ROCK song blaring through. They look back at Satan’s expression to see he looks as calm as a cucumber while the music’s tempo continues to pick up.
Imagine catching Satan listening to A Trophy Fathers Trophy Son or Four Corners and Two Sides by Sleeping With Sirens in front of Lucifer. 
I’m screeching 
More Rockstar Satan pls. Our bedroom metal baby.
That is all.
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May I please headcanons for Beel, Belphie and Satan reacting that their butt dialed them a song saying that she loves them please?
I think you mean buddy... if you meand butt ask this request again XD
Tumblr media
You had been trying to find a suitable moment to acknowledge your feelings for Belphie.
But the right moment just didn’t seem to be coming.
So you decided to write him a lullaby that you sing to him before he falls asleep and acknowledge your feelings.
The melody of the song is soothing and you sing it to him while gently stroking his hair.
Belphie takes a moment to figure out the message of the song as he is already half asleep
But when he internalizes the message you can be sure he is 100% awake.
He will give you a gentle kiss and admit that he loves you too.
After that, Belphie hugs you and you fall asleep together
Tumblr media
You want to confess your feelings to Satan but you want it to be a special and memorable moment.
It took you a long time to find a good idea before you realized you were writing the song.
Satan might have guessed something because he saw you reading a lot of books related to making and composing a song.
It was classical music.
You can be sure that Satan recorded your beautiful song.
And you can be sure that he will play the recording at maximum volume whenever Lucifer tries to do paperwork.
Tumblr media
You and Beel were baking together.
You had written him a love song that you accidentally started humming in the middle of baking.
You didn’t notice that Beel had stopped baking and stayed to listen to the words of your song.
He blushed hard.
You only realized you were humming the love song you made when Beel hugged you from behind and said that he loves you too.
You can be sure that after that, your face was also fiery red.
Too bad you were so focused on each other you didn’t notice how the cake you baked together burned in the oven.
R.I.P Mr/miss cake 2021-2021
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hey-its-spades · 2 days ago
Okay so
I have been in the om! Fandom for a few months, and the more we learn abt the celestial realm the more excited I get abt it.
It's an entirely different culture just like hell.
This being said, whenever I think abt the celestial realm my brain thinks back to certain stages and levels out of bayonetta 1-2.
More specifically the gates of paradiso, the garden of light, and sigrid city of deja vu.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like straight up the floating islands,beautiful ruins and architecture, and gold aesthetic hits different.
It might just be me but I've been a die hard bayonetta fan since day 1 of playing it. Obey me! Swd has made my love for the level design and art for it even more. When I think of the celestial realm I think of these level stages.
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diavolosthots · 2 days ago
This is a special fanfic going out to all my haters and the people that think they have some type of power over fanfic writers:
✨suck my coochie dick you cute little leeches✨
Warning: crack smut
I'm not even gonna bother with a gif let me know what you guys think of our little nerd boi.
He was just the nerd. The weirdo with the books and big glasses that make you question twice whether there’s a set of eyes behind those glasses or if it’s just a goldfish blowing bubbles straight into your nostrils everytime he speaks. Sometimes he’d take off those glasses and you’d see something akin to a viper’s eyes, glowing in the dark and staring straight into your soul. The whole act of it had your soul on fire, though, and you found yourself drawn to him. Nevermind his beast form that doesn’t quite match the rest of his being, his essence. There was just something animalistic, something that caught your wimpy human brain off guard and made him follow you blindly, and God he loved it. 
He loved how easy it was to get you to follow him, anywhere really. He could flick his tail toward your dripping waterfall and make you cum in your pants right now, and you’d still be on your knees with your tongue sticking out, drooling on his second-hand italian vegan-bison-leather shoes. It makes him laugh too “what even are you? You look like moldy food. Maybe I can make you look a little tastier.” He was chuckling as he said it, his viper eyes narrowing and a long, dragon-like tongue darted out to lick it’s way inside your nostrils, reaching all the way to your brain and stimulating it’s slimy surface. You moaned out in ecstasy, reaching your hands toward his pants to pull out his massive schlong, easily the size of a calf’s leg, which ended up slapping your cheek and leaving a thick imprint on your dirty skin. 
“P-please… nerd boi. Let me taste your book-slobber.” By now your arousal had pushed through your pants, leaving a nice imprint on the fabric but his schlong whipped right through it, tearing the piece of clothing and slamming you into the ground. His wet tongue pulled out of your nostrils and wiped over your face as his sling buried itself inside your hole. Your eagerness made it so easy too and he was laughing as you slammed yourself down on him. By now, his massive length was stuck in between your insides and twisted your organs so sweetly that you could ignore the blood dripping out. Just a little more. 
“Ahhh! Nerd Boi!!” His giant load of nerd cum had filled up your insides, replacing the flow of blood as his long dragon-like tongue pushed into your mouth and down your throat, pulling the sweet ropes of cum back up so you could taste it. “That’s it. You’re my sweet little cumdumpster. Take my nerd sperm and become the lead incubator for my nerd army!!!” You barely comprehend what he was saying as his cum oozes out of your pores, leaving you in a mess of nerd-boi-cum while your body shook and begged for more. He was still cumming inside you, your belly expanding with his thick seed as spawns emerged from his nerd-boi seed. You are forever the nerd incubator, bound to ner boi for life and the only thing you can think of is that long tongue down your throat and his viper eyes as he rips your organs apart in with swift movements of his giant schlong.
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