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#obey me scenarios
atsuvu · a day ago
sugar baby headcanons //mammon
Tumblr media
gn!reader x mammon
0.3k words
warnings: swearing, suggestive, mentions of gambling and driving
a/n: all my works are obey me help how do i write what people actually followed me for T-T
Tumblr media
mammon as a sugar baby is just. *chef’s kiss*
he would do nearly anything you ask for money or a present
clings to you like a koala, he will not leave your side
sometimes he’ll show you magazine scraps or drag you to a shop display when he sees something he wants
very whiny
but he loves walking around and showing off how nice the two of you look in your expensive clothes and also to rub your relationship in everyone’s faces
matching outfitssssss
if you tag along when he goes gambling he’ll try to make it seem like he’s the one with money you show him who’s boss later
bses puppy eyes. Way too effective
begs you to raise his allowance. pretty often too
he likes getting matching engraved jewelry. like with each other’s names on them?? So cute, he loves it
he gets so excited when you bring him as your plus one to fancy parties and galas and it boosts his ego
loves cars. he has several expensive, fancy cars but it’s okay because he looks so hot when he’s driving
he will also make sure you two have a huge ass house with all the nice, expensive amenities (and a big garage too. yknow. for the cars.)
will wipe his tears with dollar bills. he thinks he’s the shit
oh and he doesn’t have a job. he’s like. a househusband but he doesn’t do the chores because he hired a maid.
you spoil him way too much but how could you not?? like he’s such a good boy??
i think the main takeaway from this is that mammon will attempt to flex as if he’s the one making money so you just have to put him in his place sometimes <3 
interpret that however you like o.o
Tumblr media
atsuvu 2021. do not copy, claim, or repost.
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devildomwriter · 3 days ago
You Go To The Zoo: Mammon
"Oi! MC, come look at this thing!" You heard Mammon call and saw him waving frantically as you exited the restroom.
Had he left you there to look at something else before you even got out?
You'd invited Mammon to the grand reopening of the zoo. Today was free entry, so you knew he'd want to go even though it was so crowded.
You were in the Australia section, and Mammon was excitedly pointing as a Cassowary.
"The fuck is this thing?" He asked as you reached his side.
Several parents glared at him for his choice of words, but you ignored them as he stared at the bird in amazement.
"That's a cassowary. Named the most dangerous bird in the world, they can run up to fifty miles per hour, jump one meter in the air, and have talons twelve centimeters long. There are many records of it killing natives because it can easily tear you into tiny pieces and eviscerate your—"
"Shaddup!" He insisted and put his hand over your mouth.
"You're scarin' the kids," he scolded but was noticeably more afraid of this bird.
"Sure...the kids are scared," you said sarcastically, and he nodded and pulled you to the next exhibit.
"Okay, look, these guys aren't dangerous right," he asked nervously, pointing at the koalas. "Look how cute and fluffy they are!" He cooed and shoved past as many people as he could, staring at the koala in the tree.
His jaw dropped, and his eyes sparkled when he noticed something, "MC! It's got a baby; look at it!" He cheered and left his spot to drag you over to him.
You gave apologetic looks to everyone around you and tried calming your demon down but were equally charmed by the cute baby clinging to his mommy.
"Did you know that—"
Mammon stopped you before you could finish. "No, I don't know, and I'm sure I don't wanna know. Don't you dare ruin koalas for me!" He scolded, and after taking too many pictures and a few selfies, and a twenty-minute video of the koala chewing eucalyptus leaves, you finally moved on from the exhibit to the next one.
"Woah. Look at the size of that alligator." Mammon said, leaning in closer to the fence. "Where'd they get one that small?" He asked you, and you were incredibly confused until you recalled the horror that was alligators in the devildom.
"It's gotta be some kinda premie baby, right?" He asked you, and you laughed.
"Mammon, alligators don't get that big here. This one is done growing," you assured him, and he looked shocked and took a picture of the alligator, immediately posting it to his devilgram story.
"Wanna take a break and eat something?" You asked him, and he grinned and nodded.
"Don't worry, I'm paying," he smiled.
You ordered soft pretzels shaped like monkeys, and when the cashier asked for cash, Mammon gave them a blank stare.
"Hey, MC..." he trailed off.
"You forgot we don't use Grimm here?" You finished his sentence, and he nodded slowly.
You rolled your eyes and paid for the both of you, earning eternal thanks from Mammon.
"These are so good," Mammon said with a mouthful of food. "Where should we go next?"
You thought about it and grinned wickedly.
"How about the anaconda?"
"Hell, no!" He shot back, earning more glares from parents and a security guard.
He then noticed a chicken walking around freely.
"Huh? That a chicken?" He asked, confused.
"Yeah, this is a free-range area for birds," you explained, pointing out peafowls and peacocks.
He beamed and looked at the beautiful peacock feathers.
Before he opened his mouth, you shut him down, "Mammon; we will absolutely not be stealing any animals or animal parts while we're here. You can get a picture, and that's it," you ordered, and his shoulders slumped, but he shrugged and complied.
"Not even one feather?"
"If you can find a feather that's already fallen off and hide it in your jacket, then you can keep it," you sighed, and he handed you his pretzel and ran off like a kid as he began searching the ground for feathers receiving more confused stares from the crowd.
This was meant to be a date, but it felt more like babysitting.
One mom gave you a sympathetic look, and you shook your head and followed slowly after your demon, a small smile on your face when he excitedly held up a feather in the air, waving it around triumphantly.
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junirei · a day ago
Maybe shinobu kocho like mc with OM Brothers ???
The Brothers with a Shinobu Kocho-Like MC
Tumblr media
a/n: i'll admit this took quite awhile to write and it was certainly longer than i expected, i hope you enjoy!
summary: headcanons on how the brothers would feel and act with an MC like Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer
characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Beel, and Belphie
notes: GN! MC, spoilers on demon slayer, descriptions of death in mammon's part, descriptions of self-worth issues and death on satan's part, descriptions of violence on asmo's part, demons from demon slayer still exist but exist in Devildom, wisteria still has its effects on demons, some parts are significantly shorter than the others so im sorry about that
Tumblr media
When you first arrived he was immediately unnerved by the smile on your face
But after getting to know you a bit he came around.. Kinda
He liked that you were doing your schoolwork perfectly, matching Satan in academic knowledge
However, he doesn’t like how quiet you are, and how easily you can sneak into certain rooms
Your eyes seemed waay too dull to be normal, and you were always staring off into space with the eerie smile of yours
He was wary of you
He regrets telling you to not go into the attic, because he should know better that you would definitely go up in the attic
He knew you weren’t the best in physical work, having read on your file that you were generally weak for a human being
Was relieved to find out you had medical knowledge and can take care of yourself, but he couldn’t stop the feeling that there was something off about you, but he kept it on the down low, excusing it as you just being you
He never got close to you, really, you two were acquaintances and both of you didn’t plan on furthering it onto a friendship
His thoughts about you soured after you gained pact after pact with his brothers, what exactly were you planning?
Knew about your hatred towards demons after catching you in Purgatory Hall and talking to the Angels and Solomon more than anybody else, it was an easy deduction
Was fairly scared about the turnout of the program because of your bias towards demons, he regrets that he didn’t pick the student more carefully
Then, Levi barges into his study with no warning, and says that Mammon told him to tell Lucifer to follow you and Mammon to wherever you were going
Lucifer was confused about this, if you two were planning something obviously malicious, enough to rattle Levi’s tail that is, why tell Lucifer?
He sighs and makes a note to punish Mammon and maybe you if this turned out to be a waste of time, and he leaves the house
He glowered when he arrives in front of the casino Mammon frequented, but it soon turn to confusion when he realized Mammon was not exactly happy with the situation, when a demon with blond hair walks out with a smile equally fake and eerie as yours.
This incident was resolved soon after.
You and Lucifer still didn’t get along, with you being upset that the demon wasn’t executed, preferably by your hands, but Lucifer wasn’t exactly thrilled to execute a civilian demon without good cause and without Diavolo’s backing.
Life went on, with Lucifer still wary of you.
Then imagine Lucifer’s reaction to finding out your blood and organs were infused with wisteria poison.
Oh he definitely tried to sell your butterfly pin
He didn’t though, not after you put something in his food that made him throw up for hours on a time
Is definitely scared of you
He was often the target of your endless and borderline violent teasing, joining in with his brothers’ bullying
You also liked to threaten Mammon with telling Lucifer, even if you just say “I’m telling Lucifer!” when he was literally just eating some noodles he’d beg you not to, because he can’t really risk getting in trouble
So easy to say he tried to avoid you at all costs
After a few weeks of actual bonding time, he grows to kinda like you or something?
But he also didn’t like you that much because of how much you smile, and he HAS commented on your smile from time to time, asking if it was just your natural resting face or were you just THAT happy all the time?
He knew it wasn’t the latter one for sure, he raised Satan with his own hands, he knows what anger feels like even if it’s internalized
Tries his best to get you to actually give a real smile, to stop the kinda obvious facade you hold up
You sometimes tutor him in certain subjects after he was openly scolded for getting the lowest grades in the entire House of Lamentation, while you and Satan battled for first place
He asked you why you were tutoring him and you said to Spite Lucifer, just imagine, everyone expecting him to get bottom rank again, but what if in the next semester he manages to usurp all the other brothers and get higher grades than them? Imagine their reactions
This indeed happened and he has pictures of all his brothers’ reactions to his report card, he didn’t beat you and Satan though, that was near impossible
This was what brought you and Mammon closer, ngl
He realized he likes spiting his brothers and breaking free of what they usually called and names him as
He first learned about your extensive medical knowledge and skills after you came across him beat up on the side of the road after some demons jumped him
So now he usually goes to you for healthcare instead of the infirmary because if he went to the infirmary he’d likely just be scolded by Lucifer and given no care
But still even after this you ignore him and the others unless you were teasing them or if you were given no other choice than to talk to them, everyone in Devildom, except for the Purgatory Hall residents
And that was where it clicked for Mammon, you hated demons
Were you religious? Or did you just harbor a hate for his kind? He didn’t know
That until one night, he was out in a casino gambling again when he met another demon
The demon had pale blond hair, nearly silver, and an interesting pattern colored black on his scalp area. But what really intrigued Mammon was his rainbow colored eyes, that and his bushy eyebrows
He and the demon talked for awhile, and get along pretty nicely
Then the demon told him of his excursions in the human world, and of how he massacred hundreds, if not thousands, over the years he was alive
That set off red flags in Mammon’s mind, but in fear he kept quiet and listened
The demon had then described a young woman who he didn’t get to kill, but had instead died from injuries. She had long, straight black hair with brilliant lilac eyes and beauty that rivals his own
What caught Mammon’s attention was the accessories that adorned the beauty’s hair, pink and green butterfly pins that adorned each side of her head, capturing her symmetry.
And Mammon stopped breathing
He only knew one human with butterfly hair pins that captured the same design as the ones that demon had described, albeit in a different color palette
He made up an excuse quickly about Lucifer and getting home and bid his farewells
He immediately goes to your room, knowing that you’re always cooped up in their, and knocks frantically and without pause
You opened the door with a fake smile and ask what Mammon was doing and he asks if he can come in while rocking back and forth on his heels
“Ara ara Mammon! If you’re being hunted down by Lucifer I’d rather not be held an accomplice to your deeds!”
“No! No, it’s not that, I want to talk to you in private, regarding your life in the human world, please?”
You raised your eyebrows and opened the door fully and closed it back up again, locking it, then you turned to Mammon, “What did you need to ask me that it needed to be in private? *Gasp* Mammon if you’re planning on confessing to me I’d have to turn you down,” You giggled while waving your hand in a shooing motion
Mammon’s face turned red in an instant and shook his head, “Did you have an older sister?”
The smile immediately got wiped from your face, “Excuse me?”
“Please just answer me.”
The smile was no longer on your face, instead replaced with an angry glare, you caught on with the past tense of the sentence. God it felt like he was having a staredown with Satan.
“..Why does it matter to you, hm?” “Did she wear two pink and green butterfly pins, MC. Did she have long black hair and lilac eyes?” He was repeating the sentences that the demon had told him in the casino.
With each word your head tilted more and more downwards, and the more your hands curled into fists. Mammon felt like dying right then and there but didn’t want to waste more time, when a few moments of silence pass, and you spoke.
“Yes, I did. Now, if you’re just telling me this to mess with me I’d suggest you get the fuck out of my room.” You paused, “And tell me how the hell you found out about this.”
“Was she killed by a demon?”
That was the last straw, apparently.
You marched right up to Mammon and grabbed the collar of his uniform, and with a flick of your sleeve, you had a blade right up to his neck, and the smile was no longer on your face, replaced with a cold fury.
“I think I met the demon who killed her.”
Blood fled from your face, and your grip goes limp and retreats back to your sides, Mammon kept talking. “I met the demon in the casino, and I think he’s still there. I can get Lucifer, Diavolo, or whoever else to deal with him if you want-”
You went to your desk, where a bunch of lab and medical things laid, and pulled a drawer, a burst of foul smelling flowers entered Mammon’s nostrils, it took half his willpower to not throw up in your room. Wisteria.
“Lead me to him.”
And with a doubtful mind, he did, but not before making up an excuse to change his shoes. He went to Levi’s room, knowing that Lucifer won’t open his door to Mammon, and the other brothers were either asleep or out of the house.
He told Levi to get Lucifer and follow the two of you after you and Mammon left the house, Levi groaned and asked why and he wasn’t going to cover for any prank you two were going to do but Mammon stopped him mid sentence, telling him that this was serious and he wasn’t joking. Get Lucifer to follow the two of you, he feels like something bad is going to happen. Levi, speechless, nods his head and Mammon leaves.
When Mammon and you were a few feet away from the House of Lamentation, he looked back, and saw Levi nodding at him from his window, and Lucifer’s shadow in the hallways as he went his way to the front door.
You arrived at the front of the casino, right on time as the demon left with an absentminded smile on his face.
“You.” Mammon got shivers down his spine hearing your voice as you said those words, the pure malice and venom would make anyone cower in fear, combined with the foul wisteria you carried, everyone had avoided you two.
The demon, Mammon remembers his name as Doma, looks almost confused at first, but after a moment, looked thrilled to see you, and tries to go in for a hug.
But you stopped him, pulling out a long blade with an odd shape from its sheath, and the wisteria’s smell got so strong he reckoned that it even reached the palace
He and Doma cringed, “Wisteria poison? That’s clever, I wonder how you even got it here! Your sister did seem like the smart type, heh.”
Without a second word, you lunged at him with bloodlust in the air.
Doma transforms.
Mammon transforms.
And Lucifer yells.
Within a split second, Mammon pushed you back from Doma, receiving the attack himself while Lucifer, also changed into his demon form, storms up to the both of you.
He snatches away the wisteria-filled sheath and blade you held, while you kicked and screamed at Mammon to let you go, and Doma was laughing, but not doing anything to bring harm. While he was indeed strong, he was no match against two of the strongest Avatars
“What do you think you’re doing? Do you not know how much shame you will bring to the program AND to Diavolo if word got out that you had killed a demon?!” Lucifer held an expression of anger and disappointment.
“Do you know how much pain it brought me when my sister’s killer is living his best life while I suffer?!”
That made Lucifer pause, and that was his biggest mistake
You snapped free of Mammon’s hold and snatched the blade- more like a needle- and jabbed it straight through Doma’s stomach, before you were knocked out by Lucifer.
Mammon stared on at shock, and from the amount of wisteria he had been exposed to, his memories became hazy, but he was still standing and present in the moment.
Things passed by like a blur, and he had been told that the demon, Doma, was given a harsh punishment and locked away for an indefinite and possibly infinite amount of time.
You and Mammon didn’t know what other things happened, only being told the news by Lucifer and Diavolo, and then scolded for harboring wisteria and attempting to harm a Devildom citizen, but was pardoned after a half-hour long back and forth with Lucifer
Your demeanor didn’t change, still teasing and faking a smile, but you were nicer to Mammon, and slightly more open to demons, but only by a small amount.
But you now trusted Mammon, something that Mammon treasures deeply.
Also didn’t like you, we seeing a pattern in all the demon bros lmao
But yeah, his reasons is because you’re a normie, you teased him for his interests, and you just seemed creepy
Your eyes mimicked those of the anime characters who’re broken and sad?? It worried him so fucking much but also very unnerving
Your voice was comforting, sure, but it was like you were voice acting, and it wasn’t really sincere
But he could seriously see you becoming VA if you put your mind to it
Then your constant “Ara ara”s
It was like something out of an anime and it always blessed Levi’s ears
If he had the courage, he’d give you a sheet of paper full of lines to recite out loud, and he’d simply pass out
You blinked at him with wide eyes, for once with no smile on your face, but after a quick minute it came back with a closed-eye smile and you ask Levi to show said anime to you
He did because you seemed interested in the plot and that was the first time you two watched an anime together
After the first episode ended, he looked at you to see your reaction and words cannot describe how scary you looked.
“H- uh. W-what did you.. Think?” He stammered while fiddling with his hands.
You turned to him, gripping the fabric of your pants, “Next episode, please!”
May Diavolo rest Levi’s soul in peace.
He did not even realize that the anime was too similar to your actual life and he was watching it in a third person’s perspective.
And your reaction to the anime? It was.. Weird to watch what was essentially your life but in another perspective
You two watched the entire season and was told that the next season was put on hold
You were not a fan of the anime, seeing the plot, but you can now say you watched it and have some criticisms about it, obviously biased criticisms but still.
Sometimes he would talk about his thoughts on the anime, what he thinks is going inside the protagonist’s head and some theories on some mysteries regarding the story
You liked listening to his ramblings and find yourself actually figuring out some of your internal problems through his ramblings
You and Levi actually get along pretty well, surprisingly
You both liked to tease Mammon, you actually listened to Levi’s rambling about some Anime even though you tease him quite a bit for his interests, and you also liked teasing Levi in general
The moment that cemented him as your friend was when you gave him a butterfly clip that matches your own with slight color variation, to tie his hair back, of course
He acted like a tsundere so you threatened to not give it to him if he didn’t like it and he grabbed it like it was a limited edition Ruri-chan figurine
Oh he did not like you at all
Saw through your facade so quickly he could hold a world record
He could feel your bubbling anger in the air when you first arrived at Devildom, and masked it with a smile an calm questions as to how you got here
But let’s just say that sometimes a person can hate the people who seem most like them
That and he didn’t like how you got along with Lucifer
Anyone who got along with Lucifer was a red flag for him
Confronted you soon after about your facade and the smile was immediately wiped off your face and staring soullessly into his eyes
“Ara ara! How did you find out that quickly? I thought I was doing a good job hiding it!” You laughed with no emotion behind it, scratching the back of your head where he can see the butterfly pin moving around a bit
“You’re still faking it even now, huh?” He sighed, shaking his head
“Do you have a problem with that?”
Looking back at you, he furrowed his brows to see you glaring at him
“I despise demons, you hear me? I do not want to be here, and I will only stay here for a few months before leaving, hm?”
And after that, you left and a sour taste was left on Satan’s tongue
You two never had a conversation deeper than small talk, and would often just say your good mornings and leave it at that
But sometimes you two would exchange insults, and soon those insults get directed to the brothers, specifically Lucifer
Oh my god you two liked to shit talk Lucifer so much
And eventually you got recruited into the Anti Lucifer League
And the League’s pranks got so much better with you around
And Lucifer doesn’t even know that you were the cause of all these new pranks! And he couldn’t even pin the blame on Satan and Belphegor because they had solid alibis
You two immediately became friends after you put dye in Lucifer’s shampoo
It didn’t change much but the tint of his hair was obviously wrong
It perplexed everyone he met
So far you two haven’t been caught yet and it was g r e a t
It was during the time where you got a hold of Demonus from Lucifer’s study as well as some human world alcoholic drinks
You two had just finished the grandest of pranks of all time, stealing and hiding away the RAD’s Library, and no I will not elaborate
So you two decided to celebrate this large feat and got drunk
That night was wild, from laughing you asses off on Lucifer’s reaction, the Brothers’ reactions, imagining Diavolo’s face
Then things started to somber and calm down when the bottles started to empty out
Then emotions came flooding out of the both of you
Satan laments his complex against Lucifer, and how exactly he was born, a being born out of pure anger in the worst time of all the brothers’ lives, and only Mammon was there to take care of him even when the second born was grieving
He laments on how much Mammon influenced him and he feels slight guilt creep up on his spine whenever the others would argue with Mammon, and how he himself just goes along with the flow
He despises Lucifer for turning away his brothers and focusing his attention all on Diavolo and work
He despises himself for essentially becoming Lilith’s replacement
He despises how much he and Lucifer are alike, and how much he wishes that he was born out of something other than His Rage.
You didn’t comment on his rant, and he didn’t want you to.
After a minute passed, you spoke.
“A demon killed my sister.”
He looks up at you with wide eyes, well that wasn’t what he expected
You were gripping the bottle of alcohol so tightly in your hands he thought it would shatter
“I didn’t see the demon because he fled, and my sister was dying in my arms. The demon didn’t even spare her a painless death, he wanted her to suffer.”
The grip tightened, “I want that demon to die by my hand, but I’m too weak.”
You started crying and the bottle burst in your hands with a loud shatter and your hand was bleeding
Since you two were in your room during this, you quickly got it patched up on your own
You and Satan ignored everyone who asked about why he came out of your room that morning and why your hand was bandaged up
Enough angst now lmao
After that night you two practically became best friends
And in an academic sense, you two were rivals
You jokingly gave Satan a yellow and green butterfly pin who wore it religiously for a couple of days
He still wears it from time to time, and is ready to threaten hellfire on those who make fun of the pin
Asmo was.. On the fence about you
For the most part, he knows that you’re very attractive, your eyes, your face shape, your hair, it all screamed Pretty Person
He likes to join you in teasing and shit talking others but will not bring you on a shopping trip
You made it quite clear but also very vague on your hatred towards him and his brothers
Which made him quite upset because How can someone hate him?? That?? Didn’t make sense to him at all??
Saw that as a red flag and would really ignore you most of the time
Loves your butterfly hair clip though, he once asked where you got it and you just smiled at him and ignored his question
So imagine his anger to see not only Satan, but also LEVI of all people wearing butterfly clips just like yours
Immediate distaste for you
Then he found out you hanged out with Solomon MORE than the other brothers and just
Convinced Solomon to summon him the next time the two of you hangout and Solomon did as he was asked
Asmo was summoned in the middle of you drawing Solomon’s blood and he nearly shrieked
Solomon did the timing on purpose
You calmly look at Solomon and with the needle still in your hand you looked quite threatening even in the face of a demon and a powerful sorcerer
You could literally insert air into Solomon’s bloodstream and have a low chance of being caught in medical malpractice
So Asmo’s plans of hanging out with you through Solomon didn’t turn out that well and he was instead subjected to hours long of medical and magical interrogation, specifically about how Solomon achieved his immortality, if his blood runs different than the average human, if his body had catered itself for magic, stuff like that
It was Solomon’s turn to interrogate you now, and frankly, Asmo was getting bored, but he had nothing else to do because he specifically cleared his day in favor of trying to get closer to you
“Is it true that you altered your body by absorbing high concentrations of wisteria poison?”
Now that caught Asmo’s attention
He visibly perked up and looked towards you, finally looking away from his D.D.D
You didn’t pay any attention to him, of course, and answered with a straight face and ever present smile, “Yes. Last I checked, it successfully merged with my body’s cell structures, from my blood to my internal organs!” You seemed way too happy with this
Asmo felt his jaw dropped at this information as he really thought about it, wisteria was merged within you and he doesn’t even know how concentrated it is.
You could kill a demon if one were to have eaten you-
You could possible kill Beel if he went that far
Was your hatred towards his brothers that large you had infused yourself with wisteria that only a few hold knowledge that it can potentially kill a demon?
Wait, the poison wouldn’t be too potent if you had just started infusing yourself from the start of your stay in Devildom
Were you infusing yourself with the poison long before you even knew of Devildom? Why did you modify your body to such an extent before even meeting them? Unless.. You had already met a demon before
That would explain your hatred towards demons, but Asmo couldn’t help but feel irritated that that hatred was directed to him and his brothers, they probably had no relations to the demon that left a bad taste in your mouth, so why take it out on them?
He could only sigh and continue listening on at yours and Solomon’s conversation, only perking up at mentions of Wisteria or any of his brothers or some things regarding pacts
Then after a couple of days, Asmo learnt the news of you meeting the demon who left a bad taste in your mouth
And then he found out what exactly the demon had done.
He had decided to visit the perpetrator of your demeanor personally and see what the fuss was all about, then he was met with a horribly attractive young man with the most fascinating eyes
Eyes that would have captivated him, if he weren’t the Avatar of Lust, that is.
Oh how Asmo was tempted to gauge out those pretty irises and somehow make them eye contacts or jewelry, the pretty, vibrant colors screamed, “Take Me!” to him
News later surfaced that the captured demon’s eyes, were indeed, gouged out and was horribly mutilated to the point that it would take several months to heal
Everyone was, frankly, shocked at the news, and thought who would do such a thing, first the blame went on to you but Satan said that you were with him the entire day and didn’t exactly have the time or knowledge to get down to the dungeons
Satan glanced at Asmo, happily eating away at his dinner, and Asmo didn’t look back.
And if Mammon were to happen see a pair of rainbow eyes in Asmo’s drawer, he certainly didn’t comment on it.
When he first met you the first thing he really thought about were your eyes
They were glazed, pupil-less, and kind of insect like
But then came the weird scent you had on you
It certainly wasn’t perfume nor cologne, it was just.. Lingering on you, and the smell would get even more potent whenever you were to accidentally bleed, whether it be from a papercut or accidentally cutting yourself while cooking
The smell was… foul at worst and confusing at best.
Then he learned that the odd smell was wisteria, and he wondered, why did you reek of the flowering plant? And was he the only one who caught the scent? Maybe it was because of his keen sense of smell that he caught on that your body composition isn’t that of normal human being’s
For the first off, you were quite short for your age, then your weird insect eyes, then to your odd and passive aggressive personality, and then to your weird scent
But besides that, he was on the neutral about you, he liked your food so that was an extra point for him
Didn’t really like it when you tease the others so much, but only goes with it because it generally seemed armless and no one was making a fuss
You and Luke got along nicely, you seemed to favor the Purgatory Hall members more than your own housemates and that did put Beel down for quite awhile
You and Beel got along as acquaintances pretty well, but you didn’t like it when he first said that you looked like a nice afternoon snack, and it took quite a while for you to get over that comment
Because of your physical weakness and vertical challenge, Beel kinda felt bad but also more protective over you, but he does know of your speed and agility and praises and compliments you on those
He was going to grab a midnight snack when he overheard Levi telling Lucifer something, and Lucifer promptly leaving the house
Beel followed after, quite curious as to what happened. Was Mammon in trouble again? And in what kind of trouble exactly? He heard Levi mention Mammon so it must involve his brother someway or another
What he didn’t expect was to see you stabbing another demon with the wisteria smell so strong he nearly puked
The smile on your face that may have fooled Beel once too many times was long gone, now replaced with an expressive rage as you shrieked obscenities on the demon, and Lucifer had knocked you out short after
He didn’t know what exactly made you fly into a rage like that, but he knows that it was something that had to do with the blond demon, he reeked of foul smell and distant human blood, it left distaste in Beel’s mouth
He escaped and ran back to the House of Lamentation before he got caught eavesdropping on the incident
He learned of what exactly happened a few days after alongside his other brothers, and a different pit grew into Beel’s stomach- or was this his heart? When he learned of your sister’s fate
He felt sympathetic- empathetic, because you had to face pain with your older sister dying in your arms, hearing her last words and feeling her body go limp and cold-
It was too much reminiscent of LIlith for him
So from then on, he tried to look after you and bond with you, even if it was met with silence.
He wanted to be there for you, even if neither of you knew how to express it properly.
When you first met in the attic, you did not fall for Belphegor’s lies
And Belphie also did not fall for your all smiles and kindness facade.
It was a mutual dislike, and from the get go, you asked why he was lying to you
You did not give him the time and attention he needed nor did you know that getting all the brothers’ pacts would release him from the attic
You just collected pacts to say Fuck You Lucifer
Low and behold, you accidentally released Belphie from his attic
And he was both angry and impressed by you, more on because you did the thing he wanted you to do without him even asking you
After the whole ordeal, you and Belphie were not on good terms
Your hatred towards demons increased with his sudden addition in the family, but you gained his pact so you can order him to leave you alone all time any time
Belphie didn’t bother to try and get close to you either, I mean, he tried, no, he did actually kill you, and most people don’t really react so well to people who murdered them
The only way you and Belphie get along is in the Anti Lucifer League, but other than that, you avoid him like the plague
When word got out that you nearly murdered another demon his mind immediately went to ask Why, at first thinking that you finally snapped and had enough of Devildom
And then Lucifer explained, with your consent, that the demon you attempted unalive on was a demon who often frequented the human world for less than nice reasons that went regretfully unnoticed by Diavolo for a couple of millenia. And the demon had fatally wounded your sister and she had died in your arms
So that was where your hatred of demons came from
But a thought peaked into his mind, why were you blaming them for something a demon completely unrelated had done?
Then he was hit with his hypocrisy
He had no room to judge you for your hatred of demons, when it was the exact same reason he hated humans in the first place
He has.. A lot of introspection to do before trying to pursue a friendship with you
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satans-kitty-says-meow · 16 hours ago
Obey me headcanons
{Feat Dateables. MC is reader insert.}
Previous part  ◄••❀••► { Brothers }
A/N - Inspired by this post by @dicetheroll . Thank you for the piece. It was really amazing! TvT.  @ikevampharem​ here’s the continuation.
Word count – 628
Warnings – Suggestive content. 
Genre – crack, suggestive.
Scenario - One of your spells goes really wrong but you have no idea of the consequences. So, you don’t pay any attention to it.
The effects only kick in when it’s time for dinner and you are completely out of it. So, you enter the room, your vision blurry and your steps uncertain.
You mistake his lap for a chair and hear a sharp gasp behind you. You look at him hazily and grin.
One word escapes your lips.
Tumblr media
Oohhh oohhhh new human world tradition.
You somehow get him to wrap his arms around you. He is so excited to learn and you’re more than willing to teach him.~
The brothers vociferously complain about it. Lucifer and Barbatos’ pleas fall on deaf ears.
You draw circles on his chest, “Maybe we should go back to your room? I can tell you the next parts there.”
He is just too glad to pick you up bridal style and leave the others shaking where they stand.
If you can’t walk for the rest of the month, they will know what happened.
When you gain some privacy, you ask him to take his shirt off. Then you say excitedly, “Ooohhhh choke me between those mommy milkers. Please~”
His sheets are ruined, thanks to you.
It was just your drool, you dirty minded human!
He is as stoic as ever so you try to rub yourself against him to rile him up.
You nib at his jaw a bit but his expression doesn’t change.
You sigh longingly as you run a hand down his face, “Oh Barbatos you should have a little more fun.”
There is no way you can know he saw this moment mistakenly when he was checking the future for official purposes. He had come prepared.
You can never know that he is internally screeching like your sleep paralysis demon.
He lets you go in front of everyone but be assured that there will be consequences when you return to normal.
He waits for the spell to lose effect before he makes his move.
There is a soft knock on your door and when you open it, you feel yourself pressed against a wall.
You whisper in shock, “W-Who?”
He smirks, “Why of course, it’s daddy. Or have you forgotten MC?”
It’s not proper!
You should be kneeling to Father, not to daddy. Oops-
You look at him and smirk, “I don’t want to be lectured by the angel with sinful shoulders. You are the reason angels fall!”
You wrap your arms around his neck, “You need to take responsibility for your actions! Can you look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want this as much as I do? Don’t think I can’t feel something rising and I know something tells me it ain’t holy.”
He tries to speak, “M-MC, this is just what angels wear.”
“Oh yeah? Maybe you should all sit together and discuss your dress code before telling me what I should call you… also if you’re having the meeting, invite me. More sinful body parts for me. Hehe~”
Him - “What?”
You - “What?”
If you had to go to hell, you would do so in style.
Lucifer died midway. He’s tossing and turning in his grave, trying to rise before Simeon’s peepee. Let’s see who wins.
Oh what do we have here? A naughty little human~
He smirks pleasantly. The brothers complain that it’s his fault and Lucifer will punish his appropriately.
No, no Lucifer. The one who’s gonna punish is Daddy. Smirk.
He fakes taking offence! They can be assured that if he knew this was going to happen, he would have asked you to perform the spell a lot earlier.
They dare think he will wait to hear such lustful things from your lips?
You coo, “Sol, show me your wand. Your real one!”
He raises an eyebrow seductively, “Maybe we should go somewhere private? I can even let you… touch it or play with it”
You giggle, “Hai! Sensei~”
He picks you up, “Be a good pet okay?”
Asmo shed a fake tear. Oh the kids do grow, don’t they?
While the brothers are busy trying to stop him, Asmo waves his hand furiously at the two of you, “I am free to join you guys!”
Tumblr media
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princessgoma · a day ago
Obey Me Scenarios
.・゜-: ✧ :--: ✧ :-゜・.
The brothers hate MC
⚠: (Possibly) Emotional abuse
⚠: This could also change your image on the brothers so please do not interact with it if you would not like that. And, none of the things in this post are what the brothers feel about you, it is simply just a scenario
(Lesson 16 Spoilers!!)
He can't seem to just like you
He doesn't know why, but he feels like you're just the same as Mammon, or maybe even worse
He's more frustrated when you would get into loads of trouble and make more work for him
He say those "Why can't you just act normal for once?" Or "Why can't you just stay still?"
He can't help but not enjoy your company, if you have a loud, chaotic personality, expect him to hate you more
Lucifer will only cooperate with you when he needs to
He'll only text you when he gets a request on what your thoughts of the exchange program from Diavolo and expects you to answer that you "like" it so much
He will also just not listen to you, he will but he won't be interested at all
He'll scoff at whatever you're talking about, he'll love to see that smile go upside down when he shows discomfort towards you
He doesn't want to be with you, he regrets picking you for the exchange program and he wishes that be would've chosen the other hundreds of people
Lucifer will give you punishments that are more horrible than Mammon's, of course, he wouldn't hang you or anything, but he'll give you things like writing an essay on how your behavior was violating the demons around you
He'll even give you those punishments where you would sit on the ground in his room and have your arms straight above your head for 2 hours straight
But one night, when Lucifer was pulling an all nighters again, he heard a small knock on the door
He just answered with a "come in", not caring who was behind that door
When you walked in, he groaned and asked you why you're still awake at this time
You said that you just felt thirsty when you saw that his room was lit up
You placed down a cup of tea and took your leave without anything else
He never really had enough time to thank you, but he drank all of it
The next morning, he awkwardly thanked you for last night and when you smiled widely at him, he felt a little better about you, even smiling a little bit at you for the first time
He swear, he NEVER wanted to babysit a fly like you
He wishes that you'll just get eaten one day and die somewhere for all he cares
But he can't, because you getting in trouble would equal to him dealing with your shitty actions
You're a pain, no, even worse than just a pain in the ass
He will not help you, he could careless if you can't find your classes or find your way back to House Of Lamentation
Even though he get insulted everyday, he can find the perfect way to know how to insult you
He'll insult everything you do, your actions, humor, and how poor you are even though you might have more grimm
Obviously, he would never listen, he'll visibly roll his eyes and just walk away
If you follow him, he'll yell at you to stop being like a fucking fly that he kills all the time
He will sometimes go into your room and steal your grimm without him telling you
Yes, this greedy boy will just take your grimm and NOT tell you, what do you think a thief would do when they steal?
He also hates the pact so damn much, he wished that he just let his precious goldie freeze a little bit longer
But suddenly, you never attended the events, you didn't come to get breakfast or dinner often like you usually did
You didn't come to the meeting too, but at least you came to RAD
You never greeted him like usual nor did you even wave at him
He doesn't know why he's bothered with you not coming out of your room, perhaps maybe he misses your presence?
He will NEVER hang out with a normie
Yuck, sure, he's a yucky otaku, but you're more worse than him
Levi only asked for your help because he needed to by the special edition Hana Ruri-chan event that was going on for limited edition!
If you talk to him when he's out of the room, he'll scrunch his nose and walk away, don't follow him
He'll push you away or out of the way if you're in his way when he walking
He doesn't care at all about you, you're just some human that exists in the world
He has better things to mind about than rather try to socialize with somebody like you
He might not be good with words, but when he's irritated, he will just say things that in his brain
If you wanted to play games with him, he'll never let you touch anything in his room
He'll threaten you that if you touch anything, he'll kill you right here with his own hands
Don't even think about touching any of his figurines, he'll get so mad that he'll make you suffer the rest of the year
But he will not hurt you because he knows the exchange program and if anything happened to you, he's dead
He won't even let you come in his room, he'll say you're wrong for all the TSL quiz while everybody else could enter
Until one day when you bought him a new game that you saw on Akuzon, you decided that you'll gift him something
So, you bought it and when it arrived, you handed it him saying it's a gift for him
Levi at first didn't really take it since it's from a normie like you, but he decided to at least give it a try
He ended up really liking it and told you that the game that you gave wasn't so bad
A human like you would be a waste of his time
Don't even get him started, he never liked you ever since the beginning
He just thinks you're plain stupid, even more idiotic than his cats that he plays with
Someone like you, reading his precious books? He would never let you even lay a hand on his books
He'll insult you, but not directly, he'll mostly threaten you if you ever get involved with him
Will ignore you if you try to talk to him with your big mouth, he'll hope that you'll shut up forever
His brothers are louder, but he finds you even louder, he literally hates it when you talk to him while he reads his books
He wants to be in peace, can't you realize that he has a displeased expression on his face?
Sometimes, he would even walk out of the room if you come near him or even enter
Satan will be more observant than rather be more like Mammon, who's loud and straight off insult you
It'll be rare for him to actually call you things and say little mistakes that you've done
If you cry in front of him, he'll just glare at you and walk away, like he ever would care about someone like you
He would have a pleased expression on his face when he sees you fail to interact with any of the other brothers
He thinks you're pathetic for even thinking that you could even have at least one of the brothers around your finger
Until one day, outside HOL, he saw you petting something on the ground and went out to see what you were petting, perhaps a kitten?
His guess was right, he saw you petting the kitten as he saw tears fall down your cheeks
You hugged the cat like your life depended on it
He short of felt weird in his heart that day, why was he feeling this way?
Was it because he wanted to pet the kitten but he couldn't... Or was it because of your tears?
He will never let you even lay a eye on him
Seriously, your eyes should cherish his beauty for as long as you live
He's frustrated, his charms won't work, you seem even more chaotic than Mammon to him and the fact that you don't even appreciate his beauty just pisses him off
He'll try to be nice at first, but he'll eventually start turning upside down
He'll insult your appreance, your outfits and how your skin might be horrible
Oh, you're insecure of your body? He'll tell you horrible things
You're chubby? He'll call you a fat bitch who needs to start losing weight
You have acne? He'll point how your little red bumps on your face makes you so fucking ugly with them
You have big thighs? He will point out how you look like a whore if you wear skirts or short pants
Not only your insecurities, he'll point out your outfits that you might wear
He'll insult your fashion senses and the way you dress when it's not the RAD outfit
Asmo will purposely ruin your outfit, if you have a white shirt or clothing on, he'll "accidentally" spill his drink to you, sarcastically apologizing that he didn't mean it
If you ask him to paint your nails like how he does for his brothers, he'll agree but purposely make mistakes like mixing up color that just does not go together or coloring on your skin
He loves seeing your unpleased stare at your nails as you sighed heavily
Even though he likes your frowns, he can't help but feel weird in his stomach when he saw your dull reactions to his insults
You had a straight face when he was insulting your body like usual and the way you stared at his eyes made him feel more horrible
He starts to ask himself why he hates you, he's sure you never did anything to him, maybe it's because he's a demon and you're a human?
He doesn't understand you at all
He just doesn't get why you try so hard to get his brothers to like you when he think you already know they won't
He watched you from the distance, he never really hated you at the start, but you were constantly nagging him with lots of questions
He also hated how you just couldn't seem to get serious in a conversation, always cracking a joke when its not the time
He doesn't hate you as much as his brothers do, but he also doesn't like you, he's not "okay" with you either
If Beel would be honest, he hates that you reminded him of Lilith, he hates how you're even similar when he didn't even know that you're a descendant of his beloved sister
He started feeling this when you ruffled his hair lightly as a way to show that he did a good job
But the thing is that Lilith used to always do that to him, she would always pat or ruffle his hair
He quickly slapped your hand away and had a digusted expression on his face, seeing you frown in concern
He walked away and ignored you ever since, he could feel the pain again, the way his sister's wings could pierced
He never really said anything except for taking your food during mealtime, he can't help himself though
If you wanted to work out in the gym, he'll get out or just ignore that you're even in there
But he would feel bad when his brothers neglect you, watching it kind of hurts his heart as he would try his best to not think of his sister when he's with you
He hated humans ever since he was stuck in the attic, so he wouldn't be surprised that he would also hate you
He sees you as just a small bug that decided to live in a house and die in a few days
He could lie and will because he doesn't care whether you believe him or not
He also doesn't even feel grateful that you helped him get out of the attic, he'll rather stay there forever than interacting with you
He'll blame you for all the things that goes wrong in his life, even going far as blaming his sister's death to you
And he knows it's wrong, but he can't help it when you're just following around like a puppy and being annoying
He's glad he didn't need to be with you for an entire year, it would've been torture to him
He'll "smoothly" tell you how he wished that you would've been just dead frequently
He would enjoy your tears fall down your cheeks, he thinks its a show that he can just watch as he saw you fall down in agony
But he doesn't get why his brothers wouldn't be able to just watch you cry, especially his twin
Of course, he knows that his twin only helped you out of pity, he still doesn't know why he would just come and help you feel better
But he doesn't really say anything, he kind of just wonders in his head
He'll also just leave you behind, he'll cut in every time you try talking since he finds you talking annoying, he can't even sleep
Until he realized your tired eyes, he saw black circles under your eyes and a bit of redness too
He wanted to say something about it, but held back as he doesn't know what exactly was going on with you
Were you crying all night? Why does he even care?
A/N: OUCH, haha, I regret writing this ☹️ but I still hope you (somehow) enjoyed this headcanon! And also, you're beautiful/handsome and amazing, okay? Don't listen to anybody telling you otherwise, never let anybody just insult your body, insecurities, and just being yourself! Remember, you have to be odd to be unique ❤
Stay safe :)
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A Binding Love
WORDS: 1100+
SUMMARY: As if they thought Asmo was gonna just lay there and take it.....
WARNINGS: bondage, breath play, slight degradation kink, switch dom
“Wwwwwhhh….[Y/N-N-N-N]! Not so tight~!” Asmo playfully whined as you tightened the cords on his wrist.
“What? I thought you liked it tight?” You both share a cheeky, double entendre grin as you finish up binding him.
“You’re getting pretty good at this.” Asmo complimented. As if he were complimenting you on a new hair style, or pencil sketch you did, rather than tying him up for sex play with silken scarves to his headboard. He wriggled his limbs a bit, both arms & legs, to show he couldn’t get out with a soft smile.
“Well, we’ve had a lot of practice.” You reply and, now satisfied with your work, sit astride him across his stomach to look down at him. “Shall we begin?”
“Yes please~ ♡!” The demon agrees with a bright grin, before you lean down to kiss him.
Soft, at first. Because Asmo likes to be treated like the delicate flower he pretended to be. At least in the beginning.
Then your teeth nip at his bottom lip in a sharp nip. To which he whines. Then you know he is ready for more.
“Goodness. This hard already just from kissing?” You ask as you look down and she his cock already standing at attention before you. “You’ll really get hard over anything won’t you?”
“That’s not true.” Asmo huffed. He likes, but hates this part. The berating & teasing makes him harder; as he is usually so beloved no one is ever mean to him. On the other hand, no on really likes to be teased.
“Yes it is. You’ll fuck just about anything that will move. Maybe even somethings that won’t move. I bet you’d fuck a garden hose if it would give you an orgasm.” The demon wriggled in his bindings. Literally trying to fight off your barbs. “I bet I’m not the only one you’re fucking now. How many people at school tie you up like this? How many of your pact holders suck you off in exchange for your power?”
“Nobody! No one!” He was struggling more, but the binds hold fast. They were enchanted; by the most brilliant sorcerer the both of you know. They would hold fast as long as you wanted, and Asmo is on the point of beautiful tears from his eyes and cock as you berate him. “I don’t sleep with anyone else but you now. For women. You’re the only girl for me and I can barely stand to consider anyone else anymore.” For a demon like Asmodeus that was basically celibacy.
“Is that why you’re so hard?” You ask. Leaning back from him to straddle yourself high over his pelvis. Your apex poised over his manhood, that leapt off his stomach to try and meet you. “Not that you want to fuck, but want to fuck me so bad?” His perfect white teeth bite at his bottom lip as you roll your hips over his cock. Able to feel the heat between your two sexes like an actual wall. “Feel my wet cunt around your cock. Feel me ride you until my legs give out. Scratch that pretty white skin with my nails until you bleed for me.”
“Fuck [Y/N]! Just give it to me!”
“Not very pretty words, Asmo.”
You reach down between you and hold him as you sink down on his cock. His words might not be pretty, but the urgency in his voice clear, and you both moan in relief when you’re finally joined.
You make good on your promise and ride him wildly. His cock is thinner, but long. Perfect for stabbing those parts deep inside you that a normal man might not reach and make you see stars. Asmo’s cries are just as beautiful and lusty as he is. He doesn’t talk much during sex, giving in instead to primary sounds, so it’s the one time he is quiet. You supply the conversation instead.
“Yeah. You like that Asmo? Does my pussy feel good? Fuck your cock reaches me so deep. I can feel it in my gut! I’m so glad this cock belongs to me. You belong to me Asmo.”
Suddenly you feel something slither past your leg. Then coil up your back until it was around your throat. Realizing, only the moment after it’s locked in place, that it was his tail.
“Sorry, my love.” Asmo said. Not sounding or looking sorry at all. “Who do I belong to?”
The tail at your throat tightens, silencing whatever now lost reply you would have said to him, and you shiver in delight.
You can still breath, but it’s hard. Every struggle to catch your breath as you ride him makes you light headed in a way a rollercoaster might. The ups and downs stealing the breath from your lungs. Coupling with the dizzying feeling of who was really in control. Asmo is your prisoner. He can’t move. But now he literally had you by the throat. Encouraging you with his hold to continue to ride his cock. A thing you want to do, desperately, but is not fully your own choice anymore.
If you could hear your pussy over the gasps of your breath and rush of blood in your ears from being choked, you could hear how wet it was as it slapped against Asmo’s pelvis with every thrust.
It doesn’t take long for you to cum. Completely lost for air now as your body goes taunt in an orgasm. Your head tilted up and mind just clear enough to see yourselves on the mirror above his bed. Fuck you were pretty, like he always said.
Asmo wasn’t far behind you. Cumming with a delicate whimper as he quivered at your thighs. His tail slipped loose. Caressing you as it went away again, and you collapse on the demon. Spent, and literally trying to catch your breath.
“That was amazing darling.” He said, after a moment. Kissing and caressing the top you your head with his cheek. “You’re amazing. I could stay like this forever. Although…..” He didn’t have to say it. You were already lifting your hand and, with a sharp snap, the silken cords release on their own and fall away. Letting him immediately wrap his arms around you. Gods bless Solomon.
“Shall we go again in a moment?”
“A moment?” You ask. Lifting your head. “You’re already ready to go again.”
“With you? Always.” He replied and gave you a soft kiss. “I’m the demon of lust. You’re bound to me. And that takes responsibility. But, if you’re tired, I can take the lead this time.”
“You’re insatiable.”
“And you’re irresistible my love~”
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kulemii · 2 days ago
vanilla smut?
alright folks, here's the deal:
i realize that kinky, sort of intense niche smut is very common and popular in this fandom which is completely fine and if you write it or read it, that's your prerogative. It's an observation, not a judgement. when the mood strikes and a particular writer and character is involved, i, too, dabble.
however, it's not always my cup of tea and sometime the language used can feel a little intense for me when i'm not in the mood for that particular thing.
majority of the time, when i'm actively searching for smut, i am looking for things that are, for lack of a better phrase, vanilla, in nature.
i'm sure these feelings aren't unique to me.
it's unfair (and quite frankly rude) to demand other writers to make content that is more suitable to my tastes, especially considering how difficult it can be to write smut (especially for newer writers and/or those who don't have much real world experience with sex to draw from), and these writers seem comfortable with their niche and i love that for them.
i say all that to say, kinkier smut is clearly popular within the community and but vanilla smut is my wheelhouse.
i'm not an imagines blog, i don't take requests but if i do write stuff i tend to post on my writing blog (@kulemiwrites).
so i'd like to know if you guys would be interested in female readerxOM vanilla smut? reply or send your responses to my ask box @kulemii
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certified-sloth · 21 hours ago
"Why were you with him?" The 2nd-born stared at you straight in the eyes.
This wasn't supposed to be new to you but the look in his eyes were enough to make the situation seem different.
He doesn't have the right to restrict you from being with other people but this is the avatar of greed we're talking about.
"Why are you so worked up about this?" You asked him.
"That was supposed to be me! Ya can't just ask me WHY i'm like this! I'm your first! I was supposed to be the one to escort you inside the party! And ya can dance with the others after I do my job! Not the new exchange students, not my brothers, not even the future king of Devildom!" He snapped.
You looked at him taken aback, before he froze and looked away with tears in his eyes.
"You already said yes..." he muttered under his breath, but you still heard.
It shouldn't have been a big deal, but it most definitely was for Mammon.
It was already hard to spend time with you after so many people have come to like you.
Every moment his brothers or anyone else have taken a liking to you, he fears that he would've been replaced and that you don't need him anymore.
He took pride in being your first pact, and the fact that he was there for you before others did.
But the way that you went ahead in the party with someone else, instead of him, it hurt him.
You already agreed that he would escort you to Diavolo's party, he wouldn't even stop you from dancing with others! why didn't you let him take your hand to bring you inside even just for a moment?
He frowns and leaves the room before you could even explain yourself to him.
The thought of you not needing him is painful. He was already reminded everyday that he was worthless.
Walking outside, a crow flew over to him as he cried.
"Stupid..." he insulted himself, not minding the crow making advances to try and cheer him up.
Wiping his tears, he sighs and looks into the endless darkness of nothing.
"I don't want you to replace me... but maybe I don't give you the happiness you need..."
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hisvillainess · 2 months ago
Have you done demon brothers and how they eat you out headcanons or face sitting ? If not, that could be something to write about. Don’t feel bad, the only UR card I have is asmo lol.
𖤐 ── 𝖍𝖔𝖜 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖞 𝖊𝖆𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖔𝖚𝖙 ── 𖤐
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. demon brothers x fem!bodied reader, lots and lots of cunnilingus, levi’s tail, mentions of edging, mentions of overstimulation, minors absolutely do not interact or i will bite. roughly 350 words for each brother.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖤐 𝖑𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗
Lucifer’s the kind of man that’ll eat you out lovingly and does it for himself as much as he does it for you. He kisses your cunt, licks it, laps up your essence in all possible ways, and likes to watch every reaction that comes out of you. He carefully circles your clit with his tongue, casting it in every crevice, and gives you the occasional mmm. The way you unravel for him makes his dick incredibly hard and he’s most likely pumping his cock while he tastes you. He’s so persistent and determined to make you cum. He takes note of each sigh, choked moan, muscle clench and remembers it for next time. You don’t know how but he just gets better and better each time. He would absolutely eat you out in his office. He’d have your legs wide open, hanging off the edge of his desk as he devours his favourite pussy. Bonus adrenaline points if there are people just outside his door who might hear you moan. The way you taste is delicious, irresistible, and has a devastating effect on the man. He secretly (or not so secretly) loves how you cream on his face, the way your juices coat his mouth, and how it drips down to his chin. He feels so filthy but it’s that same filthiness that fuels that fire to keep him going. He constantly thinks about those moments just before you reach your orgasm, the way you tighten up, and the lewd squelching sounds that come from your pussy. When he can’t have you, it’s those memories that are concreted in his mind when he’s jerking off to you. You will also never forget the telltale grin he always has on his face after you cum, indicating that the Avatar of Pride has done his job. (Extra: Lucifer won’t be opposed to face-sitting but he enjoys the view of the ‘traditional’ position more. When you do face-sit him though, you can bet that his hands are firmly jiggling and squeezing your ass to help ‘balance’ you).
𖤐 𝖒𝖆𝖒𝖒𝖔𝖓
Mammon LOVES when you face-sit him. He loves eating you out in general and does it almost every time you guys fuck but face-sitting EXCITES him. Mammon is down to be called your personal seat and having his head be framed by your knees is the perfect way for him to worship your body. He encourages you to slide your cunt up and down the bottom half of his face and he loves your little whines whenever your clit hits the tip of his nose. Mammon eats you impatiently, greedily, messily. God, he just can’t have enough of you. He’ll eat you so good that you won’t even be able to balance yourself because of how weak you get. Your hands would be ghosting whatever is in front of you, struggling to grab onto anything in an attempt to not collapse on top of him. One of his arms is always wrapped around one thigh to steady you while the other arm is down below, stroking his own cock. He desperately starts bucking his cock into his fists once he knows you’re close to cumming because he wants to cum with you and his grunts vibrate all the way up to your pussy. He’s also the King of tongue-fucking. Mammon doesn’t give a shit about the mess. He craves the way your gummy walls hug his tongue and just wants more and more. He loves the way your hands instinctively travel up to your plushy breasts to squeeze them as he does so, it’s such a turn-on for him even though he wishes he could be the one doing that instead. His abs are painted with his thick cum when you shudder and lose control over his face. (Extra: he’ll also give little pecks on your inner thighs just before lowering your hips after you’re both done).
𖤐 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓 (𝖈𝖜. overstimulation, his tail lol)
If you think Levi won’t use his tail to his advantage when he eats you out, you’re so wrong. He might be a little flustered when you guys do it for the first time but I know he’s played and read enough erotic games and manga to know what he’s doing. He’ll sit you in his gaming chair, snake his tail around your waist to hold you down, leaving just enough room for the tip of his tail to fall down and occupy your clit, while his mouth is taking care of your entrance. Your legs are propped over his shoulders and he’s got your juices leaking onto the base of his chair. His mouth is coated with so much of your viscous slick that some of the blue light from his room is reflected on it. His eyes are tightly shut, too focused on pleasing his MC, and too concentrated to think about the tight bulge in his pants (yes he would eat you out while he’s fully clothed). His tail is quite sensitive so Levi himself would be moaning from the friction. Levi basically dives into your pussy, he moves his face left and right and your folds completely engulf him. His mouth and tail move erratically in sync so you’ll most likely cum quickly. There’s a lot of overstimulation and you can barely move because he’s holding you in place. When you cum, he gets bold — he doesn’t stop. He means to be gentle with you but when you come undone so beautifully for him, he can’t help himself. Your thighs are basically hugging him at this point and he could cum untouched just because of this. Your body would convulse from the overwhelming amount of pleasure. You’ll start seeing stars, tears will form at the corners of your eyes and you’d be a panting mess. Yet he’ll still have the audacity to ask you, “Did I do okay?” (Extra: He kisses you right after so you can get a taste of yourself).
𖤐 𝖘𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖓 (𝖈𝖜. edging, ‘baby’ as a pet name)
Don’t even get me started with Satan. He’ll offer to eat you, play nice and do an INCREDIBLE job at it but he won’t hand it over to you that easily. It’ll be one and a half hours into it and you would have almost came twice. Once from his slender fingers and the other time from his wondrous tongue. Emphasis on almost. Both times he rudely came to a sudden stop, causing you to tremor out of frustration. He’ll lightly tap your desperate pussy with his hand and will be quite amused at how eager you are and praise you for being so good. He’ll press one thigh into the mattress while he makes his face comfortable between your legs, peppering you with kisses and love bites before lapping you up once again. He takes note of the nervous hitching in your voice when he begins and considers letting you cum this time. He’ll dip his tongue in your slit and his nose would be rubbing up against all the right places. He’d make use of his agile fingers and have his thumb playing with your sweet spot. He’ll specifically focus his tongue underneath the hood of your clit because he knows that spot drives you wild. The way he takes you in is deliberate and slow so he is quite the sadist for reeling you in at such an excruciating pace. He eats you so good, it’s grabbing-onto-the-bedsheets kind of good, whining-through-clenched-teeth kind of good, he eats you until there-are-no-thoughts-in-your-head-besides-him kind of good — all while he’s simultaneously fingering you. You’ll be moaning his name as if it’s the only word you know in your vocabulary and he will never forget your little yelps when he sucks hard on your clit. “You can cum, baby,” he’ll permit and you’ll obediently do so. (Extra: Sometimes he looks up to try and meet your gaze but you’re too caught up in your own pleasure to notice he’s looking at you).
𖤐 𝖆𝖘𝖒𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖚𝖘 (𝖈𝖜. ‘love’ and ‘sweetheart’ as a pet name)
Asmo is playful when it comes to eating you out. He’ll have you sit up against his headboard and pillows while he lays in the nude in front of you. When you look down at his nude body and see the aesthetic of his room, you can’t help but think about how much this reminds you of one of those old, beautiful oil paintings. If he sees your wandering eyes, he’ll furrow his brows and say “Hey… Focus on me, sweetheart,” through wet and reddened lips. Asmo takes you in with kitten licks, he enjoys taking his time with you. His tongue moves quickly but precisely and he hums joyously while doing so. He’ll shower you in compliments and tell you how much he appreciates your body; the heat of his hot breath against your cunt will send tingles up your spine. He knows how to make you melt as much as he knows how to make you cum. He’s so into it that it isn’t just your arousal that’s building up. The more you call out his name, the more you whimper and run your hands through his hair has him grinding his erection against the bedsheets, making a small pool of precum on the bed. Sometimes he’d wear red lipstick so you can see the mess that you made on his face. He’ll tell you that he’s never felt so pretty and it’s all because of you. He’ll occasionally bite the flesh on your thigh and kiss it right after. Asmo will make it known that you’re completely his from how evidently possessive he is even though you two are alone. He’ll bring your legs in to wrap them tighter around his head and mutter “Mine… Mine…” between each little suck and lick. The best thing is that Asmo will hold hands with you as he talks you through your high. “That’s it… Keep going, love,” he’ll coo into your pussy, his words almost muffled at this point. He’ll tell you how much his heart is racing from being able to explore you so intimately. (Extra: When he’s extra horny, sometimes he’ll really cum just from rutting into the bed).
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 (𝖈𝖜. small mention of food play)
It’s an understatement to say Beel eats you good. I think everybody knows it at his point because I mean, he’s the Avatar of Gluttony. Beel eats your pussy like it’s his god-given right and that’s because it basically is. It doesn’t matter where you are, what position you’re in, he’d happily drown in your weeping core. He’s gentle with you though, unlike Mammon or Satan. He appreciates the act the same way he appreciates food. He likes to savour your sweet taste, feasts on you like it’s his last supper, and he thrives on your little mewls. He licks your clit the same way he makes out with you — slow and sensual. He might even nibble on it if he’s feeling daring. He’d effortlessly lift you up and put you in different positions. He will give you a light spank on your butt if he’s eating it from the back and pushes your cheeks together with both hands so they hug his face. If you’re sitting on his face, he’ll pull you down if you’re too far. He’d rather you sit on it than just hover aimlessly; the weight on his face makes his cock twitch so much. Sometimes he’ll guide your hand to his hair so you can lightly tug on it which earns you a delicious groan that vibrates up your pussy. He’s another one that closes his eyes in sheer concentration and pleasure when he devours you and his arms are usually tightly hooked around your thighs. Sometimes you can even feel his muscle tense since he’s got you in such a tight grip. “So good..” he’ll mumble before diving back in. “I could do this forever.” Beel would eat you anywhere if you tempted him, you’ve definitely done it on the kitchen counter. The only time he really goes feral is when food is involved so hide your whip cream and chocolate sauce unless you want demon form Beel feasting on you for hours. (Extra: he asks you if he can take pictures of you after he’s done because eating you out is mind-blowing for HIM and he wants to remember it).
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖕𝖍𝖊𝖌𝖔𝖗
Belphie gets downright nasty with you. He loves to 69. He’ll loop his arms around your thighs, spread your cheeks apart with both hands, and use every part of his face to rub against your soaked pussy. He’d use his tongue, lips, chin, and nose to give you all the friction you need, making you moan while you’re choking on his cock. Your moans would vibrate down his shaft and you’ll hear constant gasps and pretty whines escaping lips. He may slip in a finger or two while he’s at it or rubs your clit which causes you to completely pop off his dick, arch your back, and call for his name. If he isn’t doing that, he’s literally eating your ass. Most times, you would 69 while he’s laying down (as one normally would) but there have been a few times that you’ve done it while he was sat on a chair. The angle helps you deepthroat his cock better but he cums a little too quickly so he’d rather not. If he’s eating you out in the traditional position, he’ll spread your folds open with his fingers and spit on your clit as a way to begin your heated session. He’d tease you with featherlight flicks of his tongue and giggles when you bite back a potential scream since the only sound you’re able to let out are strangled noises. The thought of his brothers hearing you is thrilling to him because he just wants everyone to know that you’re having a good time. The tip of his fringe is always trickling with your essence and he jokes about how he knows he’s done a good job if he sees that his hair is wet. He finds eating you out quite therapeutic because he gets to lay there and enjoy you to himself. He also likes when you lead him, when grab onto his hair and guide the direction he licks and when you praise him for hitting the right spot. More often than not, he would get wet dreams about you pressing his head down as you reach your sweet release. (Extra: he also likes to use the palm of his hand and slide it up it down your pussy. He thinks it’s cute when you’re desperately rolling your hips towards him).
Tumblr media
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ryoscloset · 28 days ago
one bed - Obey Me!
Characters: brothers
If the situation hadn’t been sprung on him so suddenly, he would have made sure to have an extra bed for you. But it's now too late for that. 
Tries to be incredibly mature about everything. 
Gives you the option to sleep on the floor. 
secretly happy when you say you’d rather sleep with him.
Makes (slightly awkward) conversation to distract himself from the fact that there's a very attractive person in his bed. 
Oh God. now you’re laying on his chest?
If he can make it through tonight without making a stupid comment then he’ll definitely be buying another bed for you.
… unless you prefer sleeping with him, then maybe he’ll learn to deal with it.
When he found out you needed a room to stay in, he was very persistent that you sleep in his room. 
He didn’t think about the fact that he didn’t have another bed for you, but that's no problem for The Great Mammon! You can just sleep in his bed with him. 
If you try and get closer to him he’ll tell you to stop being annoying.
But he’ll also pull you closer and refuse to let go.
Don't overthink it! It’s just because you’re his human, that’s all!
Asks if it’s alright to kiss your forehead, in a completely platonic way of course.. Definitely nothing else..
Tries to convince you to sleep in someone else's room.
Its not that he doesn’t want you or anything! .. he just doesn’t think you’ll be comfortable in his bed.
Keeps you up almost all night watching anime.
When he realises you fell asleep, he does his best to tuck you in.
Sleeps in his gaming chair because he forgot to ask if it's okay to sleep with you.
Doesn’t mind the idea until he actually has to lay in bed with you. 
Offers to read you a book until you fall asleep. 
Normally he can keep his composure, but having you so close to him is making it a bit more difficult. 
Stutters every few pages while he's reading. 
Keeps reading out loud for a while even after he knows you’re asleep, just in case you wake up.
Super excited you’re staying with him!
Keeps you up later than intended by gossiping and talking about makeup.
Basically clings onto you when you decide it's time to sleep.
Messes with your hair and flirts with you when you’re both trying to fall asleep.
Ends up taking pictures of you while you’re sleeping because of how cute you look.
You’ll definitely wake up to him sleeping on top of you.
Hes already slept in the same room with you before so he doesn’t think this will be any different.
He was wrong.
Blames any blush on his face on being hungry, even if it doesn’t completely make sense.
Makes sure it's okay with you to cuddle. 
Wakes you up in the middle of the night to see if you want food.
Sees you as an extra comfy pillow.
Doesn’t think it’ll be a big deal until he has a dream about you and wakes up due to it.
Plays it off as a night terror and holds onto you for the rest of the night.
He’s spoiled now and will want to sleep with you more often.
Okay I know this was more of a ‘you sleep in their room’ kind of thing, but I figured its fine. If anyone’s interested I might do individual fanfics for each of the brothers in a more traditional ‘there's only one bed’ scenario. That might work out better xD
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moemoemammon · 2 months ago
Brothers reaction to MC suddenly holding their hands to compare the size difference uwuwuwu
Hand Size Comparison
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
As always, he asks for your company while he’s busy with his endless amounts of paperwork. You watch him scribble away and the knot on his brow starts becoming tighter and tighter, but you’re more focused on the old man’s hands.
They’re gripped around his feather quill, and you decide they’d look much better gripping your hand, so you take Lucifer’s hand and watch his eyes go wide
Casually pull that glove off and his hands are hella cold but big. Long fingers gently close around yours once he gets used to the contact, and his grip feels weary.
His skin is a little dry, and fingertips slightly calloused from gripping pens and flipping papers. The red of his nails makes his skin look even paler to you.
“Your hands are quite warm, MC. Taking off my glove like that, and in the middle of my work, too... Were you that desperate for my attention? Or maybe you noticed how tired I am, and you’re comforting me? Either way, I’m happy to take a break and spend my time with you.”
He’s in the middle of scrolling away on his D.D.D., so you make better use of his hands and grab it into yours. Naturally Mammon nearly has a heart attack.
Gets all grumbly and ""annoyed"" with you, saying this and that about how you’ve gotta warn a guy before you go grabbing his hand, but makes no actual effort to pull away from you.
Warm hands and kinda soft, and bigger than you expected. His nails are nearly trimmed and painted, but you know that’s thanks to Asmo. 
His grip closes around your hand and it feels nearly impossible to pull away, despite how careful he’s being not to hurt you. Leave it to the Avatar of Greed to have a grip game this strong-
“What’re ya lookin’ at my hands like that for? If ya wanted to hold em, y-ya just gotta say somethin’. And you’re only allowed to hold MY hand, got it?”
His hands only know one thing, and it’s gaming. Eons of clicking away at buttons and abusing joysticks makes for quick hands. Not quick enough to get away from yours, though.
You grab his hand while he’s got his eyes on the latest episode of Ruri Hana, and Levi almost ascends to heaven right then and there.
It’s covered in light callouses, and his fingers are slender and long, knuckles prominent. It’s still larger than yours though, and cracks when he flexes it.
Clammy hands don’t even attempt to close around yours. He’s too focused on trying to figure out what you’re doing!
“This is way too much stimulation, MC! I’m gonna need a warning- no, a WEEK’S notice before you do that! Th-there’s no way I’m even at the skill level that’ll let me do this sort of thing, and- Huh? Wait, don’t let go just yet-!”
Flipping through the pages of a book and barely notices when you grab his hand, until he attempts to turn it again and finds he?? can’t??
oh. O H. Satan’s not normally one to be flustered but that caught him off guard. His eyes are a little wide, but he doesn’t attempt to pull back. He’s more interested in the way you’re studying his hand without a word, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t kinda like it.
His fingertips are rough from ages spent trailing along book pages. Hands are kinda smaller and his fingers are shorter than you expected now that you compare, but they’re nearly hot to the touch and tightly close around yours.
He gives you and affectionate squeeze and a gentle smile. You know how dangerous those hands could be, so isn’t it funny how careful they are with yours? He’s had plenty of practice handling things with care, since his favorite novels are the oldest ones.
“I don’t mind if you hold my hand like this. I only need one to turn pages with, right? You did surprise me though, but I’m not upset. This is nice.”
He’s painting your nails when you decide to lace your fingers into his. Asmo doesn’t mind the intimacy, but couldn’t you do this once your nails dry? He’ll be annoyed if anything gets smudged!
But that mild panic melts away when he sees how delicately you’re handling him, like his hand is some sort of prized jewel. Even his hands are beautiful, right? He’s so glad you’ve noticed~!
His hands are soft and smooth, warm and careful. More slender than you expected, so they look dainty and fragile. 
There’s not a single flaw you can detect, from his carefully manicured fingers to knuckles free of hair. 
“There’s much more I can do with these hands, you know? As nice as it is to have you look at them, I’d much rather show you what I can use them for~!” 
Right hand is reserved specifically for eating, so you choose to take the left. He never minds holding your hand, so his cheeks are a little rosy and his eating has slowed.
Sticky hands, but big and warm. Feels like a hug when his closes around yours. His palms are a little rough from his exercise and fangol practice. 
His grip is always oh so gentle, like he might hurt you should he squeeze a little tighter. You can appreciate that though, since you don’t doubt it’d be easy for him to pop your bones like bubble wrap.
His hands may be a little clumsy, and detail work isn’t his forte. You know when he’s been up to something by the bandages that cover his fingers.
“Mm? Is there something on my hands? I forgot to grab a napkin, so I’m sorry if they’re sticky. But... I like this. Holding your hand while I eat makes everything taste better.”
If he can’t cling to you like a demon koala while he naps, hand holding is a must. No you don’t have a choice in the matter, sorry.
You trace little patterns against his palm, handling his hand gently while you flip it back and forth, looking it over. It feels ticklish and makes him squirm.
Baby hands for a baby man. His hands are narrow and thin, fingers slender while his skin soft and clammy. Warm too, from always being balled into fists while he sleeps, or clenching onto something.
It’s funny to think that these hands were used to kill you, considering how delicate they feel. But his tight grip is nearly impossible to pull away from, and sometimes it hurts a little. He eases up when he realizes that though, and it reminds you of how desperate he always is to keep you close.
“Sorry, am I squeezing again? I guess I got a little carried away. I just have a feeling that someone might come in at any second, and I don’t want them to steal you away. But you’ll stay here anyway, right?”
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devildomwriter · 2 days ago
You Go To The Zoo: Satan
"Big kitties. Big kitties. Big kitties." Satan silently chanted under his breath, only loud enough for you to hear.
You'd brought him to the zoo as a date idea without realizing all his focus would be on the big kitties and not you.
He held your hand tightly as he pulled you behind him. "Where?" He muttered, looking at the signs.
"There's a map, you know-" you told him, and he smiled and ran to the sign getting one for you.
Normally Satan acted in a reserved and calm manner on dates, so to see him literally sprinting around was a surprise and very out of character for him.
You enjoyed seeing this new side of him even though you weren't getting much of his attention.
He studied the map and found the spot you were currently located, and traced his finger along the path to where the Lion exhibit was.
"Big kitty," he said quietly, assuming you wouldn't have heard him.
He blushed when you started laughing, and he cleared his throat, trying to seem more sophisticated as he usually was.
"Yes. Very big kitty, let's go to the very big kitty," you teased, and he pulled you behind him, blushing furiously as you sped walked to the lion exhibit.
Satan looked for an opening in the crowd, trying to find a place he'd be able to stand in front of the glass fence.
He gave a fierce glare at a few teens, and it scared them enough they quickly moved, and Satan pulled you by his side to take their place.
He looked into the large pit and admired the male lion lazing in the sun by the pond.
It gave a lazy roar, and people snapped pictures of it. Satan realized he didn't have his phone out and patted his pockets. You handed him his D.D.D., and he opened the camera to record the lions.
After spending the first hour watching the lions, he pulled you to the Tiger exhibit and then the Leopards, then the Jaguar, then the Lynx, and that's how most of the day went.
You didn't mind waiting around looking at the big cats.
You loved big cats too, and you especially loved the face Satan was making as he watched them. You got a few secret recordings of him cooing at the big cats and decided not to use it as blackmail so that you'd get another opportunity to come to the zoo with him.
Things were going well until you reached the cheetah exhibit, and Satan stiffened.
You realized the problem immediately as well.
Out of all the big cats, the cheetahs had the least space and a pond. Cheetahs didn't like ponds, and they had no room to run.
He scowled, and you grimaced at the sight.
"This is why I don't like zoos," you mumbled. "I love seeing the animals...but it's just depressing seeing this...."
"Even the foxes..." he mumbled. "Even the foxes had more room, and they're tiny!" He roared and got the crowd's attention.
"Oh no." You panicked and grabbed his arm.
"I cannot stand for this. Do you see how little space they have!"
"Hey, I'm mad too, okay! Let's send a petition or something," your urged and forcefully pulled him away to the eating area where he was still fuming.
He was so red you theorized you could boil on egg atop his head.
"Heeeey...." You called to him softly as you sat next to him. His arms were folded, and he was glaring into the distance, scaring people.
You weren't sure what he was mumbling under his breath, but it was Latin and probably some form of curse.
After fanning his head and buying him an ice cream, he started to calm down.
"Sorry..." he mumbled, "I ruined this day for us, didn't I?"
You shook your head, and he was immediately relieved and slouched a little while eating, able to relax a bit more now.
"We were both thinking it." You agreed, and he nodded.
"How about we start a protest as our next date?" He asked, grinning mischievously.
"Cheetah exhibit?"
"How's 12:00 PM, Friday?"
"Works for me."
"Alright, we'll get the signs ready when we get home."
"Sounds like a date."
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mythsofkairos · a month ago
Tumblr media
scenario: In the aftermath of one of Anti-Lucifer League’s pranks gone right, MC helps Lucifer clean up and calm down. And maybe gets a little too close for everyone’s liking...
[ includes: fluff, crack, jealousy ]
[ A/N: So this was inspired by ‘Mammon, You Bastard!’ post on the profile of @moemoemammon​. I really enjoyed it and wanted to create a Lucifer version because we all know he’s one of the horniest most touch-starved of them all. It might not be as good as the original post, but I tried! Also, the art above belongs to @weaselmcdiesel​. ]
Tumblr media
Feeling a little brave that day, Satan and Belphie decided to sabotage Lucifer’s favourite ink pen that he uses to write minutes from council meetings. He was seated in the common room, basking in the unusual silence that he definitely wasn’t complaining about as he tried to get some paperwork done. They watched from behind the wall in absolute glee as the black ink sprayed out of the pen all over the eldest brother’s face. Now they simply had to hide before Lucifer could get his hands on them.
That was, until you walked in from the kitchen with a tray of refreshments and his favourite coffee.
Your astonished eyes were wide as you took in the fuming demon form that looked even more intimidating in the sunset hue from the furnace flames, clearly not having expected it. What was even more out of place was the black smear all across his handsome face. It immediately clicked in your head that it was another one of you-know-who’s pranks, and you set down the tray with a defeated sigh.
Now, Belphegor and Satan could’ve made a run for it. However, they were concerned about your safety. Lucifer in his demon form was a juggernaut of destruction, and you were all but a puny helpless human who could be crushed in the blink of an eye. But maybe they should’ve escaped, for they had clearly underestimated the power you held over the eldest.
Moving closer to him carefully, you raised your hands in front of you as a sign of friendliness. His onyx eyes that were burning with the fiery rage of a billion embers seemed to dull at the sight of your form. Slowly, his humongous midnight black wings lowered down and his gloved fists unclenched at his sides. Taking the chance to step closer, you placed your palms on his clothed chest, lowering your voice to a gentle whisper. “It’s alright, Luci. It’s no harm done.”
His frustrated huff indicated that he clearly disagreed, but he made no move to stop you from pushing him down on the couch. His gaze diverted to the spoiled papers next to him, and he could only fling them on the coffee table with a displeased grimace. “I swear one of these days I―”
The beginning of his rant was interrupted with your finger on his lips. He could only stare up at your radiant smile as you pulled out a napkin and wiped his face. “Shh. Like I said, no harm done. Don’t stress yourself out anymore.” You booped his nose with the cloth. “Can’t have you getting any more wrinkles, now can I?”
Lucifer’s wings subconsciously engulfed you into a protective embrace, causing you to shift closer to him. Satan and Belphegor watched with unhinged jaws as you shamelessly coddled the Morningstar, giggling and occasionally carding your fingers through his hair. Lucifer looked at blissful ease too with his arms around your waist, perhaps the most they had seen him in a while. 
Unfortunately, the brothers decided to assemble around the spot at the same time...
Tumblr media
He was going to ask Lucifer for Goldie, but instead walked in on this...
Seen those old train engines blow steam off? Yeah, perfect visual representation of Mammon right now
How could you, MC?! When your first man is right here?!
Fingers through hair? That’s a form of affection only reserved for him, MC!
He’s scared of Lucifer, but that doesn’t mean he’s going down without a fight
Would’ve marched straight to you two if Satan and Belphie hadn’t pulled him to the side and clamped his mouth shut
Probably will give you the cold shoulder the next time you two are alone, but starts whining and complaining as soon as you ask him what’s wrong
He’s just insecure and scared that his crush partner in crime will leave him, so don’t give him a hard time
Tumblr media
He just wanted fish chips from the kitchen, why did fate have to deal him this hand?
Of course, he’s not jealous. Why would he be jealous?
It’s just his Henry indulging in PDA with his elder brother. Nothing to get jealous about
He’s seething on the inside, and at the same time really hurt
He wants to be the one who looks at you and holds you like that
But since he has always been such a wuss, it’s only fair that someone better than him would make a move right?
After all, anyone is better than a shut-in otaku
Let’s just say, you won’t be going to game nights or conventions with him any time soon
Tumblr media
He wanted to annoy the living shit out of Lucifer, not this...
It’s not the first time his pranks have backfired, but this was definitely not anticipated
The scene in front of him was like one of his romance novels, except now he hates the sight of it
He really should have thought this through
Right now he has to stop himself from crushing the wall he’s been gripping a little too hard
Why does that old geezer out of all demons get coddled by you?
You’re definitely getting kabedoned against a bookshelf the next time you visit his jealous ass
Tumblr media
He was looking for MC to show her the latest collection he had designed for Majolish, and
My my, quite the predicament we have here~
Asmo isn’t the one to get jealous over affection, but it’s different when it comes to you
He feels a lot bit left out, so he tries to make some joke or comment about the position Lucifer and you were in
Essentially butchering Anti-Lucifer League’s plan to remain incognito
Now he has a very irritated Lucifer looming over him...
Has he told you how hot you look when you’re mad, Lucifer?
Tumblr media
He had been resting in his room after a long morning of Fangol practice
Feeling hungry, he decided to search the kitchen for breakfast leftovers
Perhaps if he had stayed put a little longer, he wouldn’t have walked in on this...
Froze in his tracks and deadass stared at you two
He felt uneasy watching you two being so openly affectionate like you were with him
But you looked so happy and so did his brother, and he didn’t have the heart to interrupt bless this golden child’s heart
Unlike a certain someone
He quickly disappeared into the kitchen, diverting his attention to food instead
But somehow he was a little less hungry than before
Ugh come here you big baby let me hug you
Tumblr media
That’s it, he’s out
Why did it have to turn out like this? Because karma is a bitch Belphs
Like and unlike Levi, he was burnt crisp inside and out
Narrow-eyed glare that could drill holes into rock
And he saw the sad look in his twin’s eye he’s ready to commit homicide now
Would’ve jumped in to tear you two apart himself if he wasn’t occupied holding Mammon down
And then Asmo came along―
Definitely snuggles next to you extra hard the next time you two doze off in the planetarium
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Hello!! Your hcs and writing are so awesome, and since I’ve had this on my mind for a while I thought I’d ask away lol
So, Obey me, right? Imagine actually going to hell and meeting the brothers, before promptly being threatened and killed? I’d be scared for my life. Every waking moment would be spent fearing for my safety. I’d especially despise Lucifer and never trust Belphie again.
Anyways, how do you think the brothers would react to mc being scared of the brothers and being around them? :)
Obey Me Spoilers! for like everything
OKAY BUT SAME. Like I feel like as a fandom we don't talk about how scary that would be. Like I love the boys but if I was actually there I would never trust them with all the stuff they pull. 
The way you flinch when you are around him hurts his pride
But he has tried to kill you more than once and even almost broke your hand during a dance
I honestly think he is too prideful to admit he was in the wrong and tries to go about his day as normal
however its hard to fake normalcy when you actively do anything in your power to avoid him
Has tried to invite you to do things as an attempt to patch things up but stopped trying when all your responses were always no
it stresses him out because when Diavolo asks how you like being in the house of Lamentation you always say that you dislike it
This makes Diavolo very displeased and causes him to remind Lucifer that he can’t afford any bumps in the exchange program.
He only interacts with you when he absolutely has to
Honestly I feel like he would be one that you would be less afraid of
I feel like he understands the situation and does anything he can to make you less scared
like walks you to all your classes, sits next to you at every meal, etc.
He’s very hurt by it but he understands why you’re afraid
I mean his brothers have tried to kill you
He feels guilty. He was supposed to be your first man, he was supposed to protect you
stops his comments about how you’re just a human
He will do anything you ask
he definitely buys you gifts to compensate
You need space? you got it. You need a drink but Lucifer is in the kitchen? He’s running to go grab it for you.
Does what he can to make you feel safe
He almost killed you because you beat him in a TSL quiz
He hardly comes around because he’s wallowing in self pity
He beats himself up over his actions
He never interacts with you and stays in his room
he only roams around when he knows you’re asleep so that he won’t run into you
Absolute self-loathing 
throws himself deeper into his anime and games
he lost his Henry and he will always regret it
He essentially tried to use you to make Lucifer mad
He then got mad when you first told him you weren’t going to make a pact with him and he flipped out
He’s the avatar of wrath and you were placed on the receiving end 
he notices how you nervously glance at him when you are both in the library
he finds himself having to reread pages as he can’t focus on the words in front of him
he’s ashamed of stooping to that level of petty and ruining your relationship
he tries to show you cat themed things in attempt to get you to view him as less threatening
Tries to overcompensate by being too nice
He tries to get you to go on outings with him
in his eyes he is perfect so he doesn’t understand why you don’t want to be around him
He is overbearing about it and gets huffy with you
You try your best to avoid him but its near impossible
he pretty much forces you to interact with him
he constantly questions why you are skittish around him and his brothers
he’s never satisfied with your explanations for him
you definitely avoid him because he is usually with Belphie
He’s absolutely heart broken. He so desperately wants you, him, and Belphie to be friends but he understands the damage that Belphie did
He tries to be friendly and invites you out to eat
he savors the times you say yes and understands when you say no
Him, Mammon, and Asmo are the ones you are the least afraid of
whenever Belphie is asleep, Beel hesitantly hovers around you if you’ll allow him
he tries his best to make you comfortable with his presence
You don’t have to even talk or acknowledge him, he just wants you to let him be around you
You have every right to be scared of him
You have every right to hate him for what he did and he understands it
He quite literally strangled you to death
He literally does not deserve your friendship or forgiveness 
He does his best to keep away from you
He hates himself for what he did but he can’t undo his actions
Anytime the two of you end up in a room together it always ends with one of you immediately leaving
He’s apologized countless times but the words fall on deaf ears
He knows he destroyed any chance of a friendship
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sketch-guardian · 2 months ago
I have the feeling that Mammon wouldn't be too happy about a MC with insomnia,because:
(1) It's bad for his human health! Humans need sleep and as their first, it's his job to make sure they get enough of it! (He just worries a lot when he sees MC tired,but he would never admit such a thing-)
(2) who is he supposed to cuddle in bed if his human isn't there?! He gets lonely, you know? (Again,he would find another excuse to make MC sleep in his bed rather than confessing the truth,something like: "Humans get cold at night,right? Well doncha worry! Why? Because I will let ya stay in my warm room since I'm that great and generous!")
Here is for example a quick demonstration sketch of how Mammon gets Camy(MC),who has a fucked up sleep schedule, to sleep:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The only way to make sure Camy sleeps is basically trapping her to the bed(just because she doesn't want to risk waking Mammon up-). Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this silly sketch🙈have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!✨
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missyvetteart · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Post workout Lucifer
I got this inspo after a heavy workout session yesterday. Imagine going to the gym with Lucy and you catch him shirtless 😳
(Please don't repost without my permission~)
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rulaien · a month ago
yooooo babe. can I request a scenario where the bros and side characters always thought that they're quiet during smex but when M! Mc fucks them dumb they're literally SCREAMING?
The brothers realized they a loud
Tumblr media
Notes: I won't be doing the side characters(sorry) due to that a lot :') so I hope you understand and am very sorry if my English is bad and once again short.
Gender: male
Kinks involved; Handjob, fake fuck/blowjob, begging, dacryphilia, sound record, etc (a lot.)
At first, he thinks he was quiet in sex
Usually, he can handle overestimate but this time...
He was ashamed(in a good way) that he can be so loud and especially begging you to fuck him over!
The way he was loud in the house and the counsel room and someone hears him?
He is humiliated but the way that he is and let down his pride? He can't argue that it nice :)
Okay hear me out, he didn't expect that at all.
He always thought that he was just quiet but turns out of events...
That time you put a sound record
He was a mess honestly lol
He quite gives a big reaction to you
Another blushing mess, he the first while second mammon
He knows he is loud and all but didn't expect that at all
He doesn't know whether or not that is a good thing— Wait IS THAT CONSIDER A NORMIE—
His mind is flustered and some "NO IM NOT A NORMIE—" or etc
He is— Honestly, I don't even know what his reaction is—
I would say flustered boy but isn't much the level to levi and mammon—
And shocked too
But maybe he will be extra louder if you call him a kitty👀👀👀🍵🍵🍵
How do I say this?... Ah right,
He be moaning shamelessly and telling you how you making him feel good even though you fucked his throat
He even loves you more if you are a virgin and innocent(Shushs— I know y'all ain't innocent)
His cock be stained in his pants if you continue again to face fuck him after you cum again<3
Flustered baby but not in Levi and Mammon level once again
He doesn't care if he was loud or not as long he felt your cum inside of him<3
He doesn't know why his other brothers seem embarrassed by that???
Sweet boy be confused ???
Again shameless but not the level to asmo— since I doubt his sex drive that high just average—
He doesn't have that much reaction to it rather he much happy since everyone gonna know that you and him did the deed
Wait- is he also loud if he is sleeping while you fucked him?—
Tumblr media
A/N: this is bad— I hate it, I didn't put much effort for this—
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mammonswhore · 2 months ago
Dumb Shit That Happens When you Live with Seven Demons Morons (part 2)
Levi and Mammon yelling at each other from their respective rooms waking up everyone.
Lucifer watching a K-Drama on his phome because he doesn't want anyone to know.
Satan bringing cats to his room and asking Asmo to help him to dress them.
Asmo and Levi having skincare afternoons. They do masks,peel offs,they also use jade rollers while they shit talk about people.
Asmodeus and Leviathan are the Kings of Gossip™
Beel and Levi walking into the kitchen at the same time,looking at each other and silently agreein. "Don't tell Lucifer"
Belphie flipping off his brothers when they fight for a spot in your bed because he's been there the whole day and he won't move.
Simeon and Luke walking out of the house and going inside again because as soon as they left everyone started yelling at each other.
Barbatos not wanting to go the HoL because he knows Beel will ask him for something to eat.
He doesn't mind that much tho,Beel is his favorite brother after all.
Finding wholes in the walls almost everywhere. These walls are not strong enough for demon strength sometimes.
Diavolo kidnapping MC to have them tell him everything about humans.
Watching Scooby Doo with Diavolo,Beel and Mammon because they would love the characters who resemble their personalities.
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certified-sloth · a day ago
I have a present for the Lucifer stans...
The 1st-born had been pacing back-and-forth in front of your door, thinking of how to explain himself to you.
Cerberus watches his owner walking around restlessly.
The demon of pride had been thinking of a way to apologize to you for forgetting about your trip to the human world.
He heard a low growl from his side to see Cerberus giving him a judgmental look. The demon dog then placed it's paw beside your door to urge Lucifer to talk to you.
The eldest worries if you were asleep and if he is bothering you from having a well-deserved rest.
Composing himself, he gently yet firmly knocks on your door. It took a few moments before you had opened your door for him.
"MC, I-" he pauses, unsure of how to explain himself. There are times Lucifer would miss your scheduled quality time, but he makes up for it the very moment he receives free time.
So it's rare for you to see him in front of your room with a distressed look.
"If you're planning to apologize for forgetting our date, I don't mind. It's a bit strange for you to show up and apologize like this." You went ahead before him.
He stares at you with a frown. "my work has been doubled compared to last month, I had assumed that I haven't been paying much attention to you lately."
Shaking your head, your hand went to touch his cheek in comfort as the oldest failed to notice how he leaned into your warmth more.
"How about I help you? Cerberus can feel your stress." You pointed out.
Just before he could decline, you had already closed the door behind you and made your way to his study.
Of course Lucifer would have been angry and feel incompetent of how you brushed off his look of disagreement.
"Just think that you're making it up to me. We work through your papers together and spend time like that for the meantime." You assured, showing the 1st-born that you were not going to take no as an answer.
He sighs in defeat before you latched yourself on his arm, walking with him, checking if he's well enough to keep working.
You'd prefer to spend time with him where he could at least relax even for a while, but having to help him with his workload isn't entirely bad either.
It's a nice change of pace.
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