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#obey me scenarios
apparentlyaswarmofbees · 9 months ago
Small Things to Imagine With The Seven Brothers and The Undatables
Honestly there are so many things I can write on this but I didn't want to repeat anything. I actually had a fun time comming up with ideas.
Late night tired hugs where you pay his office a visit and he buries himself on your chest, breathing deeply and hugging your waist firmly yet gently, letting his fingers travel up and down your spine. He is always reluctant to let go after fully charged.
Protectivelly tucking you under his wings while in demon form.
Affectionate forehead kisses as he holds your cheeks.
Lucifer unconsciously leaning into your touch as you caress his face, pushing back a few strands of hair out of his fluttering eyes.
Him gently pinching your cheek with the back of his fingers as he promises to take you out on a date later that night.
Lucifer's deep and steady breaths besides you as he sleeps on his bed, wrinckles and stress gone, making him look younger.
Firm and playfull hands grabbing your shoulders from behind as he rests his chin on top of your head. Look up and he will grin.
Knuckle kisses in hopes of giving you confort, a way of saying he will always be there for you whenever you need.
Double hugs as his wings slightly wrap around your legs for a few seconds as he firmly holds your waist at the same time.
Swinging your arms back and forth while holding hands.
Mammon sleeping on you as you both lay down on his couch, your hands on his scalp, his glasses hastly thrown on the side table, his arms losely wrapped around your middle.
Playing with each other's hands and fingers. His rings ending up on your own fingers, random thumb fights and lots of giggles.
Trying to distract each other as you both play footsies in the middle of a game battle.
Recieving sudden earlobe and cheek kisses as you watch him play.
Tail hugs. He always gives your waist a little squeeze before letting go.
Leviathan lending you his headphones to listen to whatever you want.
Tripping on air and bringing the other down too.
Interlocking pinkies.
Spending hours simply singing with each other without even beeing at a karaoke.
Early mornings at dawn, waking up around his arms to the soft noise of finger tapping on the phone before he puts his D.D.D. back down to go back to sleep.
Leviathan's squeals as you tickle him, bringing a mischiveous light to his eyes in response.
Having an entire conversation in cat noises and gestures.
Sitting on a bench together shoulder to shoulder and holding hands as Satan nuzzles his cheek on your head.
Sweet, gentle kisses on your temple.
The feeling of his hair between your fingers and the sight of him turning his head slightly up to look at you from his book as he lays on his back in between your legs.
Sudden feet tickles as you leave them unprotected with him at range. The shocked look on his face and the gasp as he quickly curls up his legs when you give him your revenge.
Dancing playfully and clumsly to only the sound of your held in laughs.
The boysterous laugh of Asmo after you surprise him by blowing on his belly.
Teasing nips at your ear after you tell him you guys need to get up.
The overflowing excitement as he grabs both your hands and moves them around as he pleases in between his daily tea spills.
The feeling of having your cheek poked by the toes of his feet when he wants your attention and you are too far away.
Bunny kisses.
Holding each other impossibly close, the loud noises of the club fades into the background as you stare into each others eyes filled with both hunger and limitless adoration.
Grabbing your hand and tucking it on his jacket's pocket, not letting go.
Giving him a bite of a sandwich and the sight of him craning his neck in attempt to snap the cheese.
Beel randomly taking pictures of you whenever he finds you attractive, leading to a picture of you taking a picture of him on your own D.D.D.
Sitting on his shoulders, his hands firmly holding onto your tighs as he gazes up to you with a smile as you give his hair a ruffle.
Surprise pecks on your fingers as you hand feed him.
Running around in circles as both of you try to whip each other with a towel after workout.
Flopping right on top of him as he is sleeping making him let out a small 'oof'.
Lazy pillow fights consisting on hitting each other only when they least expect.
Having Belphie's tail hit you in the face on purpose when he wants your attention.
Messing each other's hair at most unconventional times.
Loose back hugs that turn into a full bear hug as he presses his entire body on you.
Nose pinches.
Walking past you but not before leaving a sneaky peck on your lips.
Having random things be put on your head, ranging from hair clips to various types of crowns to a cup.
Wrapping you up with his cape and making a you-burrito.
Talking to him as he looks down at you from another floor entirely.
Solomon's concentrated face as he tries new spells, only breaking once his eyes flicks to you, the concentration lost now to make place to a smile.
Tickling your nose and ears with a feather.
Late night horror stories with Solomon shining a flashlight under his chin for dramatic effects.
Solomon making ridiculous poses as you try to take a picture of him off guard.
Gently tucking your hair behind your ears.
Nose boops.
Swaying side to side as he holds both your hands from behind with a back hug.
Sharing food with each other.
Late night pillow talks, Simeon leaning on his elbow, one of his hands caressing your shoulder. He looks at you lovingly as he tucks the covers higher up your shoulders before kissing you good night.
Having a light chat while sitting on his lap, Diavolo's arms resting losely around your waist as he keeps his gaze locked into yours.
Kisses given by him just where your heart rests.
Being scorted around with you holding onto his arm.
Tucking flowers everywhere on each other, behind ears, on the colar of a shirt, on a pocket, everywhere.
The feeling of his uncontroled smile as he gives you a big smooch on the cheek and the feeling of the same smile when you are the one giving it.
The soft carressing of his thumb as he craddles your hand with his own.
Playfully smearing food over your face while cooking together.
Drawing on your face whenever he has a pen and you are at drawable range.
Barbatos almost walking past by but turning back around as you call his attention, feeding him a sample of your food before he struts away again.
Holding your chin up with his gloved hand before leaning for a kiss.
Water fights while doing the dishes.
Doing that little dance where you shake your shoulders while leaning in and out with him.
(Head empty, I used my last braincell for this. It was screaming this idea at me for days now. I had to write it.)
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astaroth1357 · 8 months ago
Brothers Accidentally Make the MC Cry
Hello, this is the obligatory italics blurb that I have to put under my titles or else things look weird and it bothers me. Don’t mind the blurb. The blurb is a friend. (Though I could start writing pieces of a little story up here just to see if anyone even reads them… Hm…. Ideas, ideas...)
Warning: Angsty
If he were being honest, he’d say that a part of him had always feared this would happen...
Lucifer likes to tell himself that he’s invincible, but everyday stresses can get to him just like anybody else. And like other people, he may not always act his best when he’s dealing with a full plate…
The MC hadn’t meant to make his day harder when they told him that they accidentally broke a lamp. It was a genuine accident! But Lucifer was still dealing with the fallout from another one of Mammon’s failed schemes, Satan had cursed all of his ties again, and Beel had eaten every scrap of food in the House… for the second time that week...
In comparison to everything else, a broken lamp was quite minor, but for Lucifer it was just the last straw and, for just a moment, he lost control…
His palm slamming against his desk hard enough to snap its legs and send it crashing to the ground. He scarcely knew what kind of look he had on his face, but whatever it was, he had made his human jump back in shock...
Really, it was silly for them to assume that he had gotten that upset over a lamp, but he saw tears starting to gather in their eyes all the same as they stammered out a quiet apology… 
It felt like an ice spike to the heart. Damn his temper… He really ought to have been more careful with them after… well, everything he’d done before…
He was quick to go over to them, catching their face with his hand and giving them the most sincere apology he could muster while wiping away their tears… Overreactions aren’t becoming of him and he hated to cause them pain… 
He, of course, took care of the lamp himself as penance and on the surface that seemed to be it (but to anyone paying attention, he had softened up on the MC considerably for at least a week. They probably could have sworn in front of Diavolo and he’d let it slide, he felt that bad about it...)
“I’m sorry, MC, I shouldn't have reacted like that… You haven’t done anything wrong, I promise… Please, there’s no need to cry…”
Oh? What's that? His heart is now in a million pieces now...? Well, that seems fair…
He and the MC were out on one of his gambling nights and he was actually on a killer winning streak for once! Jackpots around every corner, he was rolling in it!
The MC had tried to convince him to just throw in the towel early, take his winnings while he had them and bail, but he wasn’t hearing any of it.
In hindsight, their insistence must have really shown how much the MC cared about him and wanted him to keep his earnings... but in the heat of the moment all he saw was someone trying to spoil his one night of fun.
To be fair to Mammon, it’s rather rare for him to lose control of his anger like he did. But when they tried to pull him away from the roulette table, he genuinely snarled at them and told them to get lost...!
Fortunately, he regretted his actions immediately after he saw the hurt in their eyes…
If their goal had been to get him to step away from the table, they achieved it. But only because he got up to pull them into a hug while stammering out apologies… Watching them actually shed tears hurt worse than any rope Lucifer had ever tied around him...
He spent the rest of the night away from the casino and trying to cheer up his human like his life depended on it... Seeing them in pain just tore him up that much.
"Ah, come on MC… I'm sorry, honest…! Please don't look at me like that, I'll do whatever ya want okay...? Just no more cryin…"
Now thinks he's the worst, literally the worst. Lower than lesser demon spit. Lower than Cerberus' shit. Lower than… well, you get the idea…
Levi can get very… intense when things involving his passions are brought up. This can be a fairly endearing quality… but it also means he gets disproportionately impassioned about seemingly minor things.
Levi ended up snapping at the MC when they let him over-sleep one day. This wasn’t unusual for them to do as Levi’s sleep schedule was notoriously shitty, but they shouldn't have done it that particular day…
An item he wanted on Akuzon was going to go live that morning and he had to be awake to participate in the bidding. He had mentioned it to the MC the day before, but he blew past it so quickly they didn’t actually remember…
He found out that he missed the bidding after he woke up and he was pissed. Genuinely enraged that they didn’t remember to wake him up to the point that he was shouting and baring his fangs! 
… Really it was not a good look and he should have known better.
The look of fear and the tears gathering in the MC’s eyes snapped him out of it like a hard slap to the face, and somehow, it stung even more than that would’ve... It wasn’t long before he was crying along with them, practically begging for forgiveness...
He made it up to them by having a private showing of their favorite movie using a projector in the Planetarium, cuddling with them under a blanket while still, occasionally, muttering apologies under his breath.
“M-MC…? MC don’t cry…!! Please don’t cry, I- I’m sorry!! I… MC… I’m so sorry…”
Like Lucifer, he always worried this would happen and he hated when it finally came to pass…
He’d spent all his life learning how to restrain his temper, but it’s not a perfect science. There are the occasional times where the heat of the moment gets the better of him and he does something he regrets…
The MC had walked in on him one morning while he was fuming about Beel leaving the fridge empty again. It hadn’t been the first time they’d seen him like this, but this time he was absolutely furious.
He had told Beel again and again and again to get his snacking under control or to, you know, get up early and get more food so the whole family wouldn’t spend the morning starving but noooo! Mr. I’m Hungry never thinks about anything but his own stomach and then leaves whoever’s on kitchen duty to pick up the slack like some dimwitted muscle-bound meathead and THEN-!!
When the MC tried to take his arm to calm him down, he jerked their hand away from him and roared right in their face. He may not be a lion, but the full sound of a pissed off demon could make humans have breakdowns all on its own…
Which was more or less what the MC began to do as he gripped their wrist, panicking while taking shallow, stuttered breaths…
Satan's anger left him swiftly and he let them go, only reaching out to touch them again when he tried to wipe the tears from their cheeks… He had to coo and beg for them to calm down, which was only so successful because he was fighting back tears himself… 
On a scale of 1-10 of the worse things his temper has ever done, he'd rank this a firm 200... He refused to touch them for about a week afterwards and it took a long time for him to trust himself again… He just didn't want to hurt them...
"MC?? MC…? M… Oh no… MC, I'm so sorry, I would never hurt you! I… I wouldn't dare… please believe me..."
Oh baby! Sweetheart! Love of his life!! No, please no… don't subject him to this…
MC and Asmo were out dancing and some witch came by to try and flatter him.
Now, Asmo is a flirt normally, but get a few drinks in him and well… Let's just say his love of attention overrides his better judgment far more often than it should and friends don't let friends go home with creepy witches.
When the MC told the witch to scram, Asmo was confused and, frankly, quite irritated. That lovely lady had been stroking his ego in all the right ways and his human just scared her off so rudely!
Under most situations, Asmo would have kept his cool better but the haze of Demonus made his tongue loose... which let the venom fly…
He couldn’t quite remember what he said. The words left his mouth so quickly that they slurred together on his clumsy tongue, but it must have been enough because the MC flinched away from him.
That hurt all on its own, but as he started to process the pain in their eyes… he had never sobered up so fast...
He had their cheeks cupped in his hands and were kissing away their tears within the instant. Though the loud music at the club should have drowned out his apologies, the MC could see it written all over his equally tearful face…
He pulled them into his arms and then out of the club shortly after, the fog of Demonus that plagued him just moments before had long left him and all he knew was that the MC needed to be brought home and cuddled… stat.
“M-MC…? I’m sorry was it something… did I…? I’m so sorry… Please don’t cry…!”
He really didn't mean to shout so loud… honest... 
Beel becomes a completely different person when he’s hungry. He’s not entirely to blame, as his hunger can get so intense, but he still can snap from time to time when he really doesn’t mean to…
It was right after one of his practices and Beel hadn’t gotten a chance to eat in a few hours by the time the MC came to grab him from RAD. That already had him in a bad mood, but practice hadn’t gone too well for him either… 
He honestly didn’t realize how sharply he snapped at the MC when they asked him how he was. The irritation and frustration of the day all hit him at once and he became much harsher towards them than he ever intended…
It must have been the shock of seeing ever-sweet Beel suddenly get so aggressive with them that startled them so. He saw a couple tears gathering in their eyes before they could hide them and his heart just sank…
The MC was picked up in a crushing bear hug before they even let out their first sniffle. Beel didn’t even have to say how sorry he was, they could feel it in every squeeze he gave them. All while he completely ignored the growling of his stomach...
Beel wouldn’t let them go until he was certain they’d forgiven him which, honestly, took a while. Mammon was the one to ask why he had carried them all the way back to the House like a baby but… well, he didn’t need to know, now did he?
“MC, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have shouted… Are you alright...?”
Stubborn boi is stubborn and trying really, really hard not to crack right now...
That's not going to last long.
Belphie can be a bit of a brat and since he's the baby of the family so he's used to getting his way. He and the MC don't argue a ton, but when they do, he always digs his heels in and refuses to budge an inch on anything.
So what started out as a simple disagreement on how often Belphie would flake out on his chores turned into a kick-the-door-down argument over how much his laziness left the MC to pick up the slack...
It ended as all their barn burning arguments do, with demon-form Belphie sitting cross-legged on his bed refusing to look at them and the MC angrily pacing about the room until he cools off…
And then he heard it.
First a sniffle… and then a hiccup. Another sniffle then muffled whine…
Oh no… not this… Why are they crying…? They don't normally cry…
To his credit (or perhaps discredit), he managed to hold out for about two minutes before he finally glanced back at them. Seeing the MC wiping their tears all alone on the floor crumbled his resolve real quick.
The MC found themselves enveloped by Belphie's arms before they even noticed he got up. Naturally, he was pouting and trying to make it seem like "not a big deal or anything" but they could tell by the nervous twitch of his tail that he was hurting too…
Needless to say. Belphie started remembering his chores a lot more after that.
"Humans are so fragile… I didn't mean to make you cry, you know? I'll get things done just… Don't cry… please…"
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fanimesenseiwrites · 6 months ago
Things the MC would bring back to their demon bois from the mortal realm:
MC goes to second hand stores and vintage shops always on the look out for vinyl records that they think Lucifer would like.
Most of the time they try and bring back stuff he'd actually like, such as Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi
Once, they brought back Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and Lucifer wouldn't stop kissing them (once they were in the privacy of his room of course)
Sometimes the MC will bring back more modern music just because it makes them think of him
"I dunno, I just listen to Hozier and think of you"
Lucifer doesn't like all the modern music they bring back but he appreciates the sentiment just the same
Then there's the gag gifts...
Any kind of music that has a reference to the devil or Satan or hell is fair game
These gifts usually elicit an eye roll from the eldest brother but he keeps them all the same
This is why Lucifer owns a copy of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"
So when MC brings back a copy of Giuseppe Tartini's Violin Sonata in G minor, they're a little surprised at Lucifer's delighted reaction
"You know, I was the one who visited Tartini in his dreams."
MC's mind = blown.
"Also, this copy is cursed. I know you know how much I enjoy cursed vinyls."
"I- wait... What?!"
MC is very upset that they had a cursed vinyl in their possession this whole time
This boy loves stuff, and he loves MC, so he's gonna love any gift really
But MC knows he loves treasure and jewels and as much as they'd love to just bring him back nice watches and jewelery...
So MC settles for semi-precious stones instead
They always find fun and beautiful stones at museums and those metaphysical stores and they always pick out one that reminds them of Mammon
They're really nervous when they give him his first gift
"Hey, I got this for you and I know it's not fancy or expensive but I saw it and thought of you and I just wanted you to have it."
Mammon will love them until they die. He is really just so touched that MC thought of him. He'll try and play it cool though
He totally fails. MC won't tell him that though
MC brings him Lapis Lazuli and tells him it reminded them of his eyes and Mammon is now a puddle of lovesick goo on the floor
Mammon puts more shelves in his room dedicated to all the gifts MC gives him
One time MC brings him back some fool's gold in a teeny little jar on a chain, so that he can wear it
"Fool's gold? Why cuz I'm a fool?" Mammon asks with a roll of his eyes.
"What? No, cuz I'm a fool for you."
Mammon only love MC until they die? WRONG.
He's gonna love them forever now
He was gonna do that anyways
C'mon, this boy is easy. Anime/manga stuff and TSL. Need I say more?
At first he'll be suspicious of MC wanting to give him gifts, but once they've convinced him that they're doing it out of the kindness of their heart he's really touched
The first thing the MC brings him is a pen with a little Ruri-Chan on the end of it
"I know it's not much, but I just happened to see it and I knew you'd like it"
Like it??????
He's never seen anything like this in the Devildom and he doesn't think about the small stuff usually because he's too busy trying to get the big collectors edition items. So he actually really loves this.
MC continues to bring him cute small stuff like buttons and keychains and Levi loves them all.
His favorite item(s) that MC brought him is a pair of Lord of Shadows and Henry BFF enamel pins
He definitely tackle hugged MC when he got them
He gives the Lord of Shadows pin back to MC so they can each have one and show off their BFF status with them
MC loves going to second-hand bookstores to shop for Satan.
Satan also appreciates new books, but there's something special about how his face lights up when he finds something old or rare. Anything with a little bit of history to it.
Of course, finding rare books for not a lot of money is a rare event in itself
So a safe bet is to bring Satan non-fiction, the boy loves to learn
But he really loves it when MC puts thought into finding fiction books that he would like
"I just really feel like you'd like Dean Koontz so I brought you one of my favorites by him."
Satan loves those gifts the most because he can talk to MC about the books afterwards
Satan's absolute favourite gift is a leather bound copy of Arabian Nights though
"I was thinking we could read this one together"
"Like you read it to me and pretend to be Scheherazade?" Satan suggests.
MC is flustered at the connotation of the suggestion but agrees anyways
The time they spend together reading that story will forever be one of Satan's favorite memories
He's a little harder to shop for than the MC had originally imagined
They tried bringing him make-up and skin care, which Asmo always graciously accepted, but he never seemed super excited about the gifts
But what else is to be expected from the guy who already uses only the best products?
MC suddenly gets an idea when they send Asmo a selfie of them at the park
- OMG! You're so cute! And the background is pretty too!-
MC starts dressing up and going to nice and beautiful places just with the intention of taking pictures
Botanical Gardens, museums, downtown skylines, anything that would make for a good picture
MC goes full on aesthetic art hoe just for Asmo
Only the best pictures get sent to Asmo
Asmo is LIVING for the looks their MC is serving up
- You are absolutely STUNNING! I'm in awe at these AMAZING pictures-
MC makes a scrapbook of the best pictures to give to Asmo the next time they see him
Asmo loves it and keeps it on display in his room always
Also, Asmo definitely makes MC their personal photographer after seeing the wonderful shots they took
Obviously, the boy loves food. He's always down to try new snacks from the mortal realm.
But MC wonders if there's something better that they could bring him
One day MC is at GNC for supplements for themself when they notice the workout supplements and get an idea
They grab some fun flavored protein powder and some BCAAs and a really nice shaker bottle just for Beel
Beel is actually really excited to get these gifts!
The Devildom doesn't have fun flavors of protein powder and the shaker bottle is such a great idea!
MC always brings new flavors of protein back for Beel, doing their best to find the weirdest flavors for him to try
Beel's favorite is definitely Birthday Cake.
MC starts bringing him new stuff to try too, protein bars, recovery supplements, collagen, and superfoods shakes
Beel tries everything and tells MC what their favorites are
"I love the BCAAs, I just wish the Devildom had them..." *sad Beel noises*
MC may or may not talk to Diavolo about researching BCAAs and getting them produced and sold in the Devildom
The supplements MC brings actually help Beel with his workouts and to control his hunger (a little)
Beel actually gets hotter??? Who knew that was possible???
MC definitely takes advantage of Beel's new 8-pack 😏😏😏
What do you get the boy who only wants to sleep?
MC has gotten him stuffed animals and blankets and even a couple of nice pillows, but nothing seems to excite him
... but maybe that's just his personality??
It's not until MC accidentally leaves a sweater in the Devildom, that they figure it out
- You left your sweater down here- Belphie texts MC.
- Oh no, I'll just get when I come to visit y'all again-
- That's fine. I like having something that smells like you-
And the light bulb went off in MC's head.
Every time MC goes to visit they leave a shirt or sweater behind for Belphie, so that he can have something that smells like them.
Belphie loves how MC smells, its like a sweet dream all the time. It helps him sleep better when they're gone.
Belphie starts to complain when MC is gone longer than the item they left smells like them
(Which is every time)
So MC will start leaving Belphie more than one item, packing them in airtight bags so he can use them one after another until they return
Belphie can and will fight anyone who tries to take MC's clothing
"Mammon, you have two seconds to put that sweater back or I will kill you."
And Lucifer probably won't stop him
He's honestly the easiest to please.
He's so fascinated with any thing that humans do that he'll enjoy any gift from the human world.
MC's first gift to him is a rubber duck.
"The duck is wearing a crown so it made me think of you and I just thought it was cute."
"I love it! What's its purpose?"
"Uh... to float around in the bathtub with you and look cute?"
"Isn't that what you're for?"
Diavolo loves the rubber duck so much it gets his own silk pillow to rest on when it's not taking a bath with Diavolo.
MC brings him cute pens, and keychains sometimes bottles of wine if the bottle is cute.
"The bottle is shaped like a cat! Isn't that delightful?!"
MC's proudest moment was when they found a full and intact tea set at the thrift store
Diavolo immediately fell in love with it.
He insists on only using that set when having tea with MC
But his favorite gift will always be the rubber duck.
He'll insist that he doesn't need any gifts but that won't stop the MC.
MC is with him in the kitchen in the Demon Lord's Palace when they get an idea.
Barbatos works so hard, he deserves some things to make his life easier and liven up the bland kitchen
MC's first gift is a vegetable spiralizer.
"You use it to turn zucchini and squash and the like into noodles so that you can do fun stuff with vegetables!"
Barbatos accepts it graciously, but he'll probably never use it.
MC brings him spices from the mortal realm and Barbatos actually really loves those.
When MC brings him a food processor, he offers to cook for them right then and there
Despite all the weird gadgets MC ends up bringing him, and there are plenty out there, Barbatos's favorite is a ladle that looks like a stegosaurus.
It's far more whimsical than anything he would've ever picked out, and he'll never use it, but only because he's afraid of ruining it, not because he doesn't love it.
At some point, Barbatos does ask MC to stop bringing him kitchen gadgets
"Why? Do you not like them?" MC asks with a pout.
"I appreciate all of them, but I have everything I need when you're in the kitchen with me."
If MC wasn't already in love with him they are now
Smooth bastard just doesn't want anymore shit in his kitchen
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moemoemammon · a month ago
A silly lil request for the brothers! He and MC are out shopping when MC picks up two stuffed animals (like little goats for Lucifer, or cats for Satan) and says "look! It's us!" And then makes the stuffed animals kiss with a little smoochy noise <3
Look! It's Us!
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
YOU........ have no idea what you do to him.
Lucifer may be cold and the epitome of perfection, but somehow yoh always manage to crawl under his skin. He's hopelessly vulnerable to you.
So when he takes you on your outing and watches you call for his attention, just for you to press the faces of two stuffed animals together...
You're trying to kill him, aren't you? He's annoyed with how cute you are. You'll be the death of him. He literally has to cover his face because he can't look at you right now.
".....................Hand those to me. I'll buy them, so we can match. Don't stare at me."
It takes him two whole seconds to process what you're implying, and now you've got him acting a fool in public.
The man nearly trips over the display behind him, effectively knocking stuff over and scrambling to pick it all up
He's dropping stuff and cursing for a good couple of minutes before he composes himself and runs his fingers through his hair like none of that ever happened.
But now he's gotta pull you off to the side, because what're you THINKING?! Warn him next time!!!
"What're ya playin' at, huh?? Ya tryin' to get my attention or somethin'?! Cuz if that's it... all ya had to do as say somethin'. If you're lookin' for a kiss, I'll just give ya one, damn it..."
You sent a moe moe kyun beam straight to his heart!! There's no way he could withstand such a devastating attack!
You've practically got this man on his knees from the sheer power of your cuteness. Be proud knowing you've managed to topple the mighty Leviathan. You have bragging rights.
But he manages to collect himself despite being cherry red, and grabs one of the stuffed animals from you. Before you can question it, he presses the toy's face against the one you're holding.
"...aaaAAA I CAN'T STAND IT!! How can one human be so cute?! Your cuteness almost rival's Ruri-chan's!! Do you understand how messed up that is?!?! Take responsibility!! L-Let's buy these!"
Cute things are Satan's weakness, and cute gestures from you are the one thing in this world that can kill him.
So when he turns around to find you pressing two adorable cat plus he's together in a kiss, he nearly goes into cardiac arrest
He's gripping his chest and a nearby shelf for dear life, asking you to give him a second to recover. That second turns into minutes and you're honestly wondering if he's ok at this point
Satan assures you that he is, but there's no way in hell he's leaving without buying the store's entire stock of those kitten plushes. Probably using the toys as an excuse to keep you from noticing how flustered he is ehem ehem-
"Gah... those things are way too dangerous, especially in your hands....Are there more? I'm buying them right away. Three each should be fine, right? No, you're right. We should buy more than that, just in case."
How on EARTH can someone be so DARLING?! There's no one in all the nine circles that could POSSIBLE be as cute as you! Well, aside from himself of course-
He's already cupping your cheeks, and you can't even protest before he's peppering your face in little kisses all over until you're thoroughly coated in vanilla cupcake lip balm.
Seriously, you're going to kill him! You're so cute, he could just eat you up!! Of course you'd wanna kiss him, but to think you'd go with such an innocent gesture...!
"MCCCCC!!! You know I can't hold back when you're like this!! I love yooou~!!! But sweetheart, if you wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask~! Come let me love you~!"
That alone made Beel's mouth fall open, the bite of donut he just took not falling out of his mouth
You broke him. He's staring at you, probably making you wonder if you did something weird, but once he snaps back into reality he finds he's not so hungry anymore.
In fact, he's forgotten all about his snack, setting the donuts aside please don't do that in a store and chooses to take the toys from you. Why? To make room for when he leans in and kisses you.
"..That's what you wanted, right? A kiss? If you would've told me, I would've done it right away. But... those stuffed animals are cute. Let's buy them. I'll get some for the others, too."
Belphie isn't the type to like going to cutesy stores like this, but he has to admit that the stuffed animals are super soft.
He picks up a stuffed cow intent on showing it to you, when he spots you with two identical toys, pressing them into a kiss. Boy suddenly finds himself squeezing the hell out of that cow,,,,,,....
Has the nerve to back you against a wall likes he's scary or something, despite that embarrassed look on his face. He's hoping you can't see his blush behind his emo bangs
".....Doing something cute like that to get my attention isn't fair, MC. Let's buy those and go home. I can't kiss you in public, now can I?"
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astaroth1357 · 9 months ago
Brothers React to the MC Looking at Them Lovingly
This is a personal experiment. This is the very first time I've written one of these with a goal in mind, "Make them fall in love all over again." It's a tall order. I hope I succeeded. 🙏 Special thanks to @a-chaotic-dumbass for picking the mood for this one!
We all know that look. The one where one person stares at another like they just realized they're the only thing in the universe and they're in fucking awe of it. The kind of look that tells you they're utterly enthralled by that other person and just can't get enough of their presence. That look. Yeah, the brothers just got that look out of the MC.
Let's warm some cold hearts, everybody.
Lucifer was always beautiful. Always has been, as an angel or a demon.
A morning star is one that outshines all the rest. It stands out when the other stars have dimmed, holding onto its luster in defiance of the sun. 
There couldn't be a truer title for Lucifer to have. Not the horrors of war nor the fires of Hell could tarnish his radiance in any way…
But there were moments, like right then, where the MC caught a glimpse of a different sort of Lucifer.
His brothers would often only see the uptight Lucifer, the practiced visage of perfection that he tried so hard to keep up… 
But after a long day, when he thinks he's alone, he retires to his room to listen to his music and the difference is astonishing.
There's something so entrancingly calm about him… How the light of the fireplace flickers and dances across his alabaster skin to the subtle slouch of his posture. His face no longer marred by creases of stress and frustration… 
And his expression is so pure… So tranquil and at peace… Beauty without effort. A shine that can't be ignored. A morning star, in the truest sense of the word…
It took awhile for Lucifer to see the MC leaning against his doorframe.
They were staring at him with the oddest look… Smiling like they were enraptured by something, but he didn't have a clue why. He was just sitting there…
So, naturally, he turned to suspicion.
"Am I really that amusing…?"
Frankly, he wasn’t prepared for the little laugh they let out in response.
"Mm? No, no... I'm just always so amazed by you, is all. I'll leave you to your music..."
Having thoroughly ruined the mood, the MC then turned to leave. But Lucifer was already upon them before they could step away, wrapping his arms around their waist and letting contented hum escape his chest.
"Going so soon…?"
Apparently he appreciated the compliment.
He didn't have to do it.
When Belphie bumped into one of the House's vases, shattering it against the tile, he didn’t have to take the fall for it.
It wasn’t connected to him at all. He could have stayed quiet and no one would have pointed a finger at him for once.
But he did.
When Mammon set his phone down on the table, MC knew instantly that he had lied in the chat.
He was with them the entire day, he didn't have the time to accidentally break a vase. He hadn't even gone down that hallway all day...
But he said something anyway.
And he didn't even look fazed. He didn't turn towards them seeking approval nor did he look irritated that Belphie didn't speak up. He didn't curse at himself for doing something so self-sacrificing either...
When Mammon leaned back into the cushion of his couch, the MC saw something truly remarkable on his face… A smile. A small one, sure, but relaxed… 
Assured in his own actions. Confident in his choice and accepting the consequences… undeserved, and likely thankless, they may be.
A genuine, serene smile…
Mammon wasn't sure what he expected to see when he turned to the MC. Probably confusion or disbelief that he, the Great Mammon, could be so selfless.
Definitely not the awed, lovestruck look he got...
"G-gah!" He panicked slightly and pressed himself back against the armrest of the couch in shock. "Wh-... What'cha lookin at me like that for??"
When the MC didn't answer after a few seconds and just kept staring, he honestly didn't know what to do. Were they broken or something??
"Oi, MC! I asked ya wh-Hey wait a minute!!"
He made a noise between a yelp and a shout when the MC leapt forward and latched their arms onto him. What had gotten into them??
"U-uh… MC? MC?? Damnit MC, answer me already!! Or at least stop squeezin so tight!!... MC!!!"
To anyone else, it was just Levi being Levi.
He had finished a new episode of his latest animated obsession and he had to share it with someone. Anyone would do, but the MC was always willing to lend an ear.
Something about Levi really changes when he talks about his passions… It's like he comes alive in a whole new way.
He speaks at a mile-a-minute, but that's because he's so excited the words fly from his mouth. 
Some part of him is always bouncing, be it his leg or body. Sometimes even his tail will swish and curl behind him like an ecstatic puppy. And his eyes… 
Citrine pools that glimmer and dilate from the exhilaration of it all. It's his little world and anyone can see he's thrilled to be sharing it. 
You'd never know he was shy. You'd never think he'd look down himself. You'd never guess that he hid himself away… Why would someone so full of passion and life ever want to? Some things are just too beautiful to keep hidden...
Levi had only gotten six minutes into his latest rant before he finally registered how the MC was staring at him…
This man has seen enough shoujo to know what that look means and it shut him up sooo quick. If anyone else were in the room they would have seen a beet-red Levi desperately trying to hide his face.
"M-MC…! S-top staring at me like that…!!"
"Like what~?" 
He didn't have to look at them to hear the teasing lilt in their voice.
"MC…" He peeked out from behind his fingers to see them still staring and covered himself up more vigorously. "Stoooop…!!!"
But secretly? He wished they'd never stop. His cheeks may have been red from embarrassment, but his heart was trying to hammer its way out of his chest to hug them itself. Hell, he'd have happily given it over to them if they'd asked…
Please just let those loving eyes be for him and him alone...
Soft isn't exactly a word anybody would use to describe Satan, least of all himself.
His anger was quick to spark, his strength was nothing to scoff at, and even his smiles were nothing but plastic for nearly all of his existence…
The MC learned surprisingly quick that there was one thing that could bypass all of the hidden ferocity to Satan's personality. Something that could make him melt like butter in the summer sun…
Satan had always looked a little cute when he was reading. He was easily at his most expressive when engrossed in a thrilling story or deeply intrigued by something he found between the pages of a book…
But watching Satan read about cats, as he was right then, was really something else entirely.
Maybe it was the way his emerald eyes would sparkle or the lopsided grin he just couldn't hide as he would scan the pages about the playful habits of Bengals or the relaxed nature of Ragdolls…
Maybe it was the sheer impassioned dedication he took the subject, pouring countless hours into collecting and memorizing every fact he could from their diets to coat maintenance.
Or maybe it was the sheer fact that anytime he saw a picture of kitty in-print he looked like a besotted schoolgirl drawing hearts around her crush in a teen magazine.
Really, who's to say? But to the MC, it was proof that under all that anger, there was a tender, loving center even for the smallest, softest creatures…
Satan automatically snapped his book closed when he saw MC watching him from behind a bookshelves. Caught red-handed…
He knows exactly how he looks when he's doing his research internally squealing over cat pictures so he tries to do so in private...
He was about to sputter out a defensive explanation but then he registered their face…
He'd seen that look described in stories, romance novels mostly, but he'd rarely seen it in action… and never once leveled at him with such intensity…
Not to be cliche, but frankly his heart skipped a beat.
Satan forgot about his book briefly and got up to close the distance between them, tilting their chin up to keep their eyes on him.
"Like something that you see, Kitten?"
"You could say that…"
He laughed at their attempt to play coy, but let it slide just this once… Easy to do with them looking at him so amorously.
Asmo is a very popular demon. Someone so free ought to know quite a lot of people, after all.
And, of course, he had plenty of fans. He made DevilTube videos, hosted radio shows, fashion designed, and even modeled.
So it wasn't very surprising when a young demoness stopped him while he and the MC were out shopping. It wasn’t the first time he had been asked to sign autographs, but this meeting… it was different.
It was clear to them both that this girl was shy. Though she held out the paper, her eyes stayed firmly on the ground and she stumbled on her question… She likely a fan from afar, but everything about her seemed meek… unassuming.
Most people would have just gave the autograph then went on with their day. The interaction could have taken five seconds at most… but not Asmo.
He asked her name… where she was from, how she was feeling, her favorite foods, outfits, makeup, you name it. All with investment.
It was amazing to watch the shy young woman slowly open up, getting more bright and cheerful with each passing question until it evolved into a healthy conversation.
When their little meeting finally wrapped up, he gave her back the paper (now signed) but also fished out a bottle of perfume from among the mountains of bags he was carrying. He gave it to her and wouldn't hear anything to the contrary, he could always buy another.
None of his brothers ever gave Asmo enough credit for his giving nature… even if he had his own way of going about it. Though he cared so much about image and his ability to shine, he never hesitated to make sure that the people around him shined too...
Asmo waved to the fan as she scampered away and was about to  apologize to the MC when he saw their face…
The man knows this look well. He's seen it a billion times, though it was particularly cute coming from them.
"Awww MC! Taken by my beauty are you~?"
He was about ready to kiss their cheek when they responded.
"No, not your looks, Asmo… with you."
… Oh.
It was very rare to see Asmo speechless, but for a few seconds his mind seemed to take in their words… letting them fully sink in before his heart utterly melting.
Oh MC… His sweet MC!!
Asmo ended up dropping the rest of his bags just so he could properly litter his human in nuzzles and kisses, the both of them humming and giggling in delight despite their shameless PDA.
Of course it would be his MC to see that part in himself… Who else would take the time?
Food is a precious resource to Beel. For him, it's a lifeline. A good meal could save him from the brink of starvation…
But that still doesn't make him incapable of sharing from time to time.
He and the MC were walking back to the House after getting takeout from Hell's Kitchen. Beel hadn't even waited until they left the restaurant to start eating his share, spilling the smell of fresh food into the air around them…
Things were going fine on their route back until they heard whimpering behind them…
A hellhound puppy, not quite old enough to bear its fangs, seemingly followed them as they were walking… It looked like it had been out for some time and eyed their food with hungry eyes, but weak posture. Who knows when it last had a meal?
The MC was about to tug at Beel's sleeve and say something, but their demon was ahead of them this time.
A casual observer might have gawked at the sight of Gluttony kneeling down to offer such a lowly creature a sandwich. But the MC knew better. When you spend your whole life hungry, nobody more than you understands that kind of pain in someone else. 
This reaction wasn't out of character for Beel, it was elementary.
And when the puppy finished its meal and covered Beel's cheeks with appreciative licks, he just laughed and scratched behind its ears. Amethyst eyes looking more relieved at its health than disappointed he lost some of his lunch...
Food was Beel's lifeline, but kindness is what made him who he was…
When the pup finally scampered off, Beel looked over at the MC to tell them it'd be alright and saw their face…
He wasn't really sure what they were staring at… Did he have something between his teeth again?
"MC? Are you okay...?"
They laughed at him for some reason but pulled him in for a hug so they must have meant well.
"You're so sweet, Beel…"
Beel's never one to refuse a compliment so he just hugged them back, beaming.
"Thank you, MC…"
To say that Belphegor tended to be on the melancholic side would be an understatement… It wasn’t that he was incapable of expressing joy, it was just harder for him to do than most. Not helped, of course, by his tendency to keep his true feelings vague and hard to pinpoint.
But on those rare occasions where he was overjoyed… Belphie could really be something special…
The MC and Belphie were attending one of Beel's games and it was a tight one… Both teams had spent most of it tied and Beel's team was running out of time to overtake that slim margin.
Belphie had always been a supporter of his twin's athletics, but this time it was tense even for him. He kept on the edge of his seat and didn't even nod off during the breaks like he normally would… The MC could just tell how nervous he was for Beel…
But right as the time was about to run out, Beel made a last minute score and sure, the whole field erupted, but Belphie? Belphie hollered.
The normally sleepy and mellow demon was on his feet in an instant and practically shredding his vocal chords in excitement. If his tail had been out, it would have been beating against the bleachers like a war-drum. And his expression?
Belphie's smile is said to stop hearts for a reason. When he puts his all into a grin it's almost like he ascends to Heaven once more, as pure as an angel's choir and as warm as a summer's breeze… Nothing in his eyes but pride and adoration for his beloved twin brother.
Truly, a heartwarming sight to behold…
Belphie didn't calm down until the rest of the crowd settled and was about to point out Beel's skill to the MC when he noticed their face.
… oh no… Why do they look so sappy…?
"You really love your brother, don't you?"
Belphie quickly hid his thoughts behind an irritated frown and plopped back down in his seat… but that didn't shield them from seeing his pink cheeks.
"Of course I do. What kind of question is that?"
He debated just joining Beel on the field to hide his embarrassment when he heard them snicker back.
"Yeah, you're right… Don't mind me."
Oh he minded. He minded a lot that he let his carefully veiled image slip like that. But thinking back to that smile on their face…?
Maybe being a little open wasn't so bad after all...
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joonie-beanie · a year ago
The Demon Brothers + their reaction to you having a nightmare
[The Undateables Reactions]
Is surprised to hear a knock at his door a little past one AM. He’s still up going over documents for RAD, and doesn’t bother looking up
“Come in,” he says simply, too tired to be mad at whoever is interrupting him at this late hour
He hears the door open, but no one greets him. After a moment, he finally looks up and finds you standing there--shyly clinging to the door frame
You’re dressed in your pajamas, bottom lip caught between your teeth
Lucifer is immediately concerned, all of his attention shifting to you.
It’s not like you haven’t paid him late night visits before to check on him when he’s working, but this time something is clearly amiss.
“Y/N, come here.” He holds out a hand, beckoning you closer, and you finally enter his room--the door clicking closed behind you.
Once at his side, Lucifer takes your hand and presses to his feet. He hooks his other hand gently beneath your chin--flashing you a tender smile as you meet his eyes.
“What’s wrong?”
“’s stupid,” you mumble, but when Lucifer only stares patiently.
You sigh and continue. “I had a nightmare...”
Knowing you, Lucifer bets that you’re feeling childish for seeking him out, but he cannot blame you. As powerful as he is, it’s not like he hasn’t been afflicted by bad dreams.
“Would you care to stay with me, tonight?”
You glance up at him, and he sees the relief in your gaze. Nodding--too shaken up to think about saying no to company--and lean into him, and Lucifer immediately sweeps you off to his bed.
“Sleep,” he speaks against your hair, pressing a kiss to your head, and you nod. With Lucifer nearby, you’re not scared to go back to sleep.
You spend the night safely in his arms--with his warmth on your back--and no more nightmares plague you.
Happens to pass by the library at 5am, because man that was a long ass night at the club, and sees you huddled by the fireplace.
He immediately pauses because’s Saturday. Why the fuck are you awake at 5am?
“Oi,” he greets as he walks into the room, catching your attention.
He can tell that you’ve barely slept--dark circles beginning to form under your eyes.
“Why the hell are you up?”
You muster up a small smile, your legs still tucked to your chest. You’ve managed to drape yourself in a soft blanket, and Mammon can only guess that you’ve been here for a while.
“I, um...had a bad dream.”
Mammon frowns, not liking that your brain decided to make you scared for no good reason.
Is it possible to fight a brain?
“How long ya been up for?”
“Since 1,” you admit, laughing softly. You’re exhausted.
Despite being a little hungover, Mammon can’t stand for this. It’s only 5AM--you’ve still got a chance at getting some good sleep! After all, it’s the weekend!
“Come to bed with me,” he mumbles--his cheeks pink as he sheepishly rubs at his neck. “I’ll make sure no more bad dreams come your way...”
Your eyes widen in surprise, but after a moment, you press to your feet and Mammon is quick to take your hand.
He sheepishly leads you to his room, grumbling about how he doesn’t necessarily care about you and your dreams until the moment his head hits the pillow on his bed.
Then he finally shuts up.
By the time you both wake up that day--snuggled together beneath Mammon’s sheets--it’s already afternoon.
He’s a light sleeper--so he jumps awake the moment his door clicks open
Startled, he flings himself into a seated position--wide eyes sliding to look at the door
When he sees you standing there, his brain pauses. He figured it would be Mammon trying to break in and steal his stuff.
“I...,” you can see how you’d made him jump, and immediately feel horrible. “Sorry, I can just--”
You start to back out into the hall, and Levi quickly reaches out his hand as if to stop you.
“No! N-No, you can stay. I surprised me.”
Nodding, you step back into his room, and he regards you curiously. You...seem a
“Are you okay?” he finally asks, sitting cross-legged in the tub as he stares at you. You avoid his gaze.
Levi is suddenly reminded of one of his shoujo games, but he pushes that thought to the back of his head.
“I had a nightmare, and...I don’t know, I guess I just ended”
The demon tries to ignore the way his heart goes doki doki. Luckily, he’s more concerned for you than he is flustered over your comment.
“I-I can stay here, if you want.” His eyes fall to the mess of pillows and blankets in his tub. “I don’t know if it will be weird, since this is the only bed, but...”
You smile at him, and he can see the remnants of fear etched into your face. “As long as you’re ok with it.”
Levi nods, and within seconds, you’ve climbed into the tub.
Levi decides to sleep with his back to you (because how much space is he supposed to give you?? Will you be bothered with him so close?? He’s not prepared for this kind of situation at 3am!!)
However, by the time morning rolls around, he’s managed to entangle his limbs with your own--his arms around your waist, and his tail slung securely over your hip.
If you notice his clinginess in your sleep, you clearly don’t mind. 
Legitimately opens his door the moment you intend to knock--and you both startle
As you drop your hand to your side and struggle to find your words, Satan regards you with scrutiny
Satan, for one, is confused and concerned at your appearance. It’s nearly 2am. He’d gotten wrapped up in reading, but you have no reason to be up this late.
“Is everything okay?” he ends up asking when you don’t speak. 
When you look up at him, your eyes are like that of a scared puppy dog, and he feels something tug at his heart.
“I...had a nightmare. I saw the light on under your door, and...”
You glance to the side, and Satan suddenly understands why you’re acting all guilty. However, it’s not like you’re imposing.
“Why don’t you come in?” he asks with a smile, hoping to ease some of your worries. “I’m not much company, but I’d be more than happy to be in yours.”
At his words, and tiny smile lights up your face, and he sees a bit of the remnants of fear dissipate from your eyes.
“Thank you, Satan.”
Once inside, he invites you to take the bed--letting you know that if you fall asleep, it’s no big deal.
You’re determined to not fall asleep and hog his bed, but...after about half an hour, Satan looks up from his book and finds you passed out beneath the covers.
Breathing a laugh, he closes his book, and moves to the edge of the bed--regarding you for a moment. Then, he carefully maneuvers himself to join you--one hand moving to wrap around your waist.
He feels your body relax against him and, for once, Satan feels at peace as well.
Is walking to his room one night when he passes your door and hears a little strangled cry from inside
Immediately concerned, he knocks on your door, and enters your room when he doesn’t get a response.
He finds you in bed, thrashing around. Your eyes are squeezed closed--sweat beading on your brow--and he knows you’re having a nightmare.
“Y/N--wake up,” he gently rocks your shoulder back and forth--reaching out to hold you when you shoot awake--chest heaving.
Once you realize it’s him--the Avatar of Lust hugging you softly and cooing reassurances into your ear--you instantly cling to him
As you ground yourself, Asmo seats himself on your bed and curls you into his lap--his hand petting against your hair as you calm down.
“Asmo, I...” your weak voice breaches the silence after a few minutes, and Asmodeus can hear the unsaid plea in your voice.
“Would it be okay if I stayed with you tonight?” he questions sweetly, asking so that you don’t have to. “I just don’t feel right leaving you alone.”
“Sure,” you respond with a nod and smile, and Asmo dedicates himself to putting you back to bed.
He tucks you in and brushes your hair out of your eyes, and when you grab his shirt--seeking more comfort--he curls up in front of you so your forehead and knees knock together
Between your bodies, he slots his fingers against yours.
“If you have anymore bad dreams, I’ll fight them, okay? Pretty humans having bad dreams is not allowed!”
That gets you giggling, and he presses a sweet kiss between your brows.
“Now~ No more thinking, just sleeping.”
And, as if his words are magic, you’re out within minutes.
Of course, Asmodeus stays with you--snuggled in bed--the entire night.
Some days, his stomach wakes him up in search of a 3AM snack, and today is one of those days.
Dressed in his pajamas and still half asleep, he makes his way to the kitchen--pausing in surprise when he sees someone sat on the kitchen counter.
After a moment, he realizes that it’s you--nursing a glass a water, and staring blankly at the wall.
Beel frowns with worry. “Y/N?”
His voice startles you out of your thoughts--quite literally causing you to gasp, and jump. Your head whips towards him, fear in your eyes, and you lift to press a hand against your heart when you realize it’s only him.
“Are you okay?” he immediately asks, making his way to your side. It’s clear that something is wrong.
He gingerly raises his large hand to cup one of your cheeks, his heart cracking a little when you instinctively flinch away. Thankfully, after a second, you sigh into his touch--your hand lifting to cover his.
“I had a bad dream.”
Beel nods in understanding, because he knows how shitty it can be when your brain plagues you with a nightmare. 
“Here,” he walks over to the fridge, and pulls out a tub of ice cream--snatching two spoons from the cupboard on his way back to you. “This will help.”
You giggle, leaning against him and taking a spoon when he hops up on the counter beside you.
Since Beel’s appetite is much bigger, he gets a little lost in devouring the dessert. He’s not sure how much time has passed, but at some point, he pauses and looks over to find that you’re asleep against his shoulder.
Carefully, he leans over and curls you into his strong arms--making his way back towards his bedroom. 
Tonight, you’re saying with him. He’s sure he’ll keep the bad dreams from coming back (and besides, he just really wants to hold you).
Since Belphie’s sleeping schedule is basically ass-backwards, he tends to go to bed just after his brothers and you have left for RAD.
He’s used to having the house to himself--complete peace and quiet--so when he walks past the lounge and finds you tucked into a chair near the fireplace, he pauses.
You’re nursing a mug of coffee between your palms--dark bags hanging beneath your eyes.
“Why are you here?” he asks, walking up beside you. His first question was honestly “why do you look like shit”, but that seems a little mean. Especially considering you...unfortunately look like shit.
“I had a nightmare, and couldn’t get back to sleep,” you sigh, not turning to look at him. “I’ve been up since 2.”
“You should have come and found me,” he blinks. “You know I’m up that late.”
“Yeah, but...,” you fingers curl tighter around the mug. “It just a stupid dream. I didn’t want to be a bother...”
Belphie frowns. He wants you to be able to rely on him--to let him be there for you when you need someone.
You pause as he grabs the mug from your hand and sets it aside.
“C’mon,” he says, grabbing your wrist and tugging you to your feet. He slots his fingers through your own, gripping tightly, and you glance up at him as he starts leading you through the halls.
“I’m going to bed anyway, so sleep with me. You need rest.”
“But--I was planning on going to RAD later--”
“Taking care of yourself is more important.” His words leave no room for argument, and you fall silent. Moments later, you find yourself beneath the warm sheets of Belphie’s bed--his arms wrapped tightly around your middle.
“Is this okay?” he mumbles, and you nod--your eyelids already drooping. Within minutes, you’re fast asleep, and Belphie joins you soon after.
He’s right, sleep (especially when it’s in his arms) is way better than school.
[The Undateables Reactions]
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apparentlyaswarmofbees · 8 months ago
EVEN MORE Small Things to Imagine With The Brothers and Undatables
Because I got in a good mood after listening to 'My Narrow Road' from Ito Kashitaro. I recomend! it’s good!
The way he squints challengely at you when you spot a single paper plane on the corner of his office that looks suspisciously like a document.
The ultimate betrayal as he nudges the back of your knees with his own consequently making you almost lose balance.
The concentrated furrow of his brows upon his closed eyes as he tests the sounds of an old violin, big eyelashes slowly fluttering open as he gives a satisfied smile.
Present him a plushie and enjoy the sight as he takes a final look at his documents and any lost messages before going to bed, all the while keeping said plushie confortably sitting on his leg, his fingers absentmindely rubbing the soft texture every once in a while
The casualness as you fix each other's clothes and accessories, your hands unwrinkling his collar, his fiddling with your own. Expect to have any long sleeves you wear suddenly be folded up whenever you guys sit near each other.
The teasing peek of skin from his belly and hips as his shirt rolls up just enough when he stretches his arms up with a very long, and slightly exagerated, yawn.
Having him laying on his arms on your middle, the adorable scrunch of his face, rubbing it on his arms as he tries to wipe off the growing smile on his lips when you give his nose an affectionate and gentle pinch.
Peeking from behind a tree and having him chase you around in circles until either of you decide to just to grab onto the other forcefully.
Tying his bangs in a cute little ponytail on the top of his head and watching as he refuses to undo it with pride for the entire day if the tie used was Ruri-Chan themed.
Making voices with him in front of a fan on a hot day, and watching as he starts to make more and more different voices and references the more confortable he gets.
Watching as Henry follows his owner's movements as he wanders back and forth in front of the big aquarium in a rant.
Hugging him close and playing with his hair as he burries his entire face on your shoulder and squeezing you closer with his arms each passing minute until he finally relaxes.
Challenging each other to read the most ridiculous crack fics in the most dramatic poet voice manageable and watching as he struggles to keep his composure.
The ridiculously serious and concentrated frown on his face as he tries to make a perfect ketchup cat on the top of an omelette and the ridiculously cute proud smirk on his lips as his eyes shine brightly at his successfull creation.
Talking to him about a show he has already watched and the undoubtedly excited fidgeding of his body as he struggles both to not spoil you of anything and to not give you omnious comments about what you should expect next.
Alternativelly, his coninuous gaze as he tries to read into every single detail on your facial expressions in a curious attempt to see if it gives out what he should expect to happen next on a show you have watched and recomended to him.
The sight of him humming along to a tune with an absentminded smile as he paints his toe nails. There are clips in his hair to keep his bangs away from his eyes, toe separators on his feet and definetelly a few stains on his hands.
The way he looks in your direction with a wrigling brow as he flips his scarf dramatically over his shoulder in front of a store's one sided mirror.
Sharing a candied apple and watching as he smiles, small pieces of candy still stuck on and off his lips, giddy at both the idea of sharing it with you and the sweet taste of the lovely treat.
The happy twirl he gives as he shows off to you the new outfit he bought, clapping excitedly after having you do the same to him, possibly with the help of his own hand, spinning you smoothly almost like in a dance.
Kissing the very tip of his nose and watching as the corners of his mouth squishes his reddening cheeks as he smiles so hard to the point he may not even be able to keep his eyes open anymore.
The almost bratty but adorable pout he gives when you deny him a sample of the still in process of making food before he proceeds to basically glue himself to your back, his head resting on your shoulders or head, expectant eyes watching as you move.
The sight of his hunk figure crouching down in front of a flower bed, his careful fingers giving the flowers a series soft and gentle nudges and touches, his face devoid of expression as he pays attention to every single detail. He nods, his face now carrying a satisfied smile. They were healthy.
Having him gladly and happily bend his head down to your height as you reach your hands into his hair, giving him a well deserved head pat.
Hanging up a blanket on top of a very throughly organized nest of pillows and stuffed animals in the dark, snuggling to him shoulder to shoulder, a flashlight in one hand, Grimm Fairy Tales on the other.
Watching as he succumbs himself to the rule of kittens as he lays down on the floor, giving a free pass for the small felines to climb and snuggle into his face, neck and body all they wanted.
Whispering ridiculous things right into each other's ears in an attempt to make the other laugh out loud in the worst places and situations.
Curling with him under a big blanket on a cold day, each with their own mug of hot chocolate. The adorable sight of a very obvious cream moustache that has made it's place on the sleepy demon's face.
Taking Use of the closeness of your boddies while cuddling as an opportunity to tickle the hell out of him and watching as he struggles to decide if he should focus on getting out of your betraying hold or if he should keep on blocking your wriggling hands that keep reaching for his most sensitive spots.
Going on a small trip to the human world and somehow ending the day laughing your hearts out as you ride a two seats bike, that came equipped with two very nostalgic bells, together.
Sitting together with your backs touching, the immortal sorcerer closing his eyes, you being able to feel his every breath as he inhales and exhales, his body relaxing and melting into your presence alone.
Taking part of his shenanigans in the kitchen, feeding each other surprisingly edible samples, a happy smile never once leaving his face.
Having your feet on top of his or his on top of yours as you both give in an attempt at slow dancing, his chuckles reverberating between your touching bodies, the vibrations leaving behind a small and giddy tingle on your skin.
Having him sit on the floor in front of you, your fingers combing through his dark hair and his body becoming more and more slouched as you attempt to style the silky strands into a braid.
Hands linked in the air for balance as each of you walk alongside an abandoned rail trail together, both of you aware, almost sheepishly, of how cheesy said action in fact was.
Sitting side by side on top of a tree branch, his fingers softly holding onto yours as both of you gaze into the distance, a gentle breeze swaying your clothes as the two of you enjoy a moment of confortable silence.
Teaching him various types dances and styles, his beautiful laugh echoing through the walls as he both succeeds and fumbles in his gestures, bright eyes attently paying attention and mimicking your every movement.
Going to the carnival together, watching as the prince of hell almost bounces on his feet from attraction to attraction, all the while while wearing a cute animal eared headband he completelly refused to take off until he stepped inside his own castle.
Introducing him to the human world "magicians", his face morphing through a chain of expressions as he watches in wonderous amazement tricks ranging from simple card tricks to making things desappear, reapear and multiply.
Kissing each other all over the face, little smoochy noises getting mixed with a fit of giggles as both of you were set on not leaving a single patch of skin unkissed, even thought the two of you were now smiling too hard to even do it properly.
Introducing him to fruit carving and watching as it slowly becomes like a new hobby for him. The buttler's posture and face turning into something almost fondly relaxed as he skillfully turns various types of fruits into beautiful shapes of objects, animals and flowers.
Giving each other an almost smirk like smile as you Link your arms together, the two of you bringing your respective glasses to your lips before drinking from the liquid at the same time.
Convincing him to try out scented candles, watching as he judges each option throughly, his expressions going through slight, almost unseen changes as he closes his eyes momentarily so he focuses solely on his senses of smell.
Gloved protective hands craddling your head onto his shoulder and firmly holding onto your back, the flicker of an almost sorrowfull expression threatening to break through his usual deadpan demanor gone unseen as he, strangely, hopes for his presence to be of enough confort.
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astaroth1357 · 12 months ago
Demon Brothers React to MC Getting Kidnapped by Lesser Demons.
Watch out for minor first half spoilers!!
Kicking himself because he has to find out through Mammon that the MC is missing and he didn’t notice their absence himself.
The second the alarm gets raised he gets into a state somewhere between coldly rational and extraordinarily furious. 
Definitely still level-headed enough to rally and organize his brothers for a search party but there's nothing but seething rage just rolling off of him the entire time. Probably-could-have-made-another-Satan type rage.
How well he keeps his composure will be based entirely on how long the MC is MIA. The first hour or so will be mostly put together but past that he'll start to slowly unravel as the panic takes hold.
At one point he even gets snippy with Diavolo over the phone and that's when you KNOW that he's reaching meltdown mode.
If he's the first to find the MC, his #1 priority is to get them away from whatever scum grabbed them and take them to the closest safe place he can find. He'd scoop them up so fast they won't even know where he came from, just whoosh! How'd I get on this roof??
Only once they're out of harm’s way will he circle back and deal with their kidnappers personally. You better be sure any damage done to his human will be reflected a thousandfold back onto their attackers. Probably coming back to the MC with some blood on him and is not going to care.
Relieved to have the MC back but restricts them from going out alone after a certain time now for their own good. If they need something that badly, they can come to him.
Also strings Mammon up by his toes that night for losing them in the first place.
"By the time Cerberus gets to you, I'll be sure you're only my table scraps…"
The first to notice that the MC was being oddly quiet (thank their father for his text spamming habit) then found their stuff scattered and abandoned at RAD.
Told Lucifer right away and, oh boy, he is a mess: talking a mile a minute, punctuating his sentences with expletives, on the verge of tears, whole nine yards.
He left his human alone for what?? Like five minutes, if even, to go to the library and get themselves kidnapped?! What kind of guardian is he?!?
Already searching the place top-to-bottom without being told where to go or what to do.
He actually ends up a strange inverse of Lucifer. While Lucifer will start panicking more over time, Mammon will start panicking less as his fear escalates to all out anger. Give it a few hours and he’s not even going to be able to keep his demon form under control anymore.
You know this boy is legging it across the entire Devildom himself waving around some kind of hand-drawn "Have You Seen This Human?" flyer looking for any leads at all.
If he were to find the MC first, his first action would probably be to plant his foot right in the face of whoever took them. Hard. Then repeat until their skull’s a caved-in mess on floor. No mercy this time, just pure protective rage.
Following the fight, you'd think he was just reunited with his lost puppy. Lots of crying, hugging, and blubbering out apologies even when the rest of his brothers show up.
Would pretty much be glued to the MC's hip for at least a week afterward and makes more of a point to hang off of them in public now. They're his human after all, can't have anyone else getting the idea of pulling a stunt like that again.
"MC!! What'd ya go runnin' off for?? We're goin' home after I take out this trash, got it!!"
Wouldn't really want to believe it at first because it just feels too unreal, like, the same thing happened to Henry in Episode 86 of TSL when he was kidnapped by enemies of the Lord of Fools and it was up to his true friend to track him down…
Suddenly remembers that Henry was also tortured while he was taken and that really sets in the panic.
Unsure of how to help at first because he knows he's just a useless shut-in but Belphie of all people is the one to remind him that he does have one big advantage over his brothers: a fucking navy.
In an act of surprising backbone, he more or less demands a full fleet of ships from Diavolo and (honestly to his shock) he gets exactly that to comb the Devil’s Sea while looking for MC. Lotan even helps out!
If he were to be the first to find the MC (presuming they are indeed on a boat or something cause 🤷‍♀️) those kidnappers really shouldn't have challenged the third strongest brother in his natural element, eh? Those who aren't automatically lashed in the face or flung overboard by his tail get hung by the leg over the edge of the ship for Lotan to pick off one by one.
Sails back to shore with MC booming with pride that he of all people finally got to be their hero! Will literally be so happy if MC ever brings it up again, doesn't matter how much time has passed.
Things would settle back to normal pretty quickly after that, but he now checks up on the MC a lot more often and will even leave his room for them if they need to go somewhere and don't want to go alone. Can't have this turning into a rerun, you know?
"You hurt my only friend… So drown."
One guess how the Avatar of Wrath took the news. It's not swimmingly.
Unless your definition of "swimmingly" is a murderous rampage of toppling furniture, breaking windows, and swearing to curse right about anything that moves, in which case aptly put. 
He gets stuck in an anger-induced tantrum for a bit before finally getting snapped back into coherent thought by Belphie and putting those mystery novels of his to good use. Smart boi takes second to Lucifer himself in the search, suggesting good locations for his brothers scout based on what clues they have to go on.
Of course, he's not content to just to call orders from the sidelines and is out searching himself like he's on the goddamn warpath. Doors? Who needs doors? If anything the hole I made in your wall is more efficient.
Should he be the first to find the MC he would coolly and methodically subdue any kidnapper he can get his hands on, release his human, and bring them home as soon as possible. They've been through quite enough today and don't need to see anything he's got planned for the bastards later.
But the second that Diavolo puts them in the castle dungeon, you best bet that Henry 1.0 is going to the LEAST of their worries. Who's ever wanted to play a life or death game of hide and seek with a giant snake and the incarnation of Wrath itself? First one caught gets the "quick" death! Any volunteers?
Might give the MC a mild scolding for going out when they shouldn't have but otherwise is just happy to see them back and safe. May act extra soft towards them for a couple days, just until the nerves of the situation finally wear off.
"Don't mistake this for mercy. I assure you, I don't know the meaning of the word."
Highkey freaking out, like, almost as hysterical as Mammon when he hears the news. 
Being the Avatar of Lust, he of course knows there's a whole lot of creeps out there in the world and he is utterly terrified that his poor MC has fallen victim to one at that moment.
For once, all thoughts of himself and his looks are out the window. What? It's past 2am and MC is still gone? I can stay up another hour! Dry shampoo and a washcloth counts as a shower, right? Who the fuck cares, where's MC?? Somebody find them already!!
Pools his contact list with Satan's and starts reaching out across the whole Devildom asking for people to be on the lookout and offer tips. Also begs Solomon to use his magic to help in the search (which he's more than happy to do anyway because he cares about the MC too)
If he were to find MC first it'd be one of those rare cases where he'd be seen really truly enraged. No cute banter, no playful flirting, just telling those worthless scum-vats exactly where they belong and exactly how he's going to put them there. Is it any surprise that he's also madsick with a whip?
Crazy relieved that MC is free, but now it's on them to help him clean up and get back to his prettiest self. I mean, he worried himself half to death while they were gone! All this dirt and sweat going to take three, no four, bathes to fully clean off!! Best hop to it~♡
"Touch them one more time and I'm going to set fire to whatever landfill trash like you crawls out of!!"
It can't be happening. It honestly can't be happening. First he loses Lilith and now MC?? He can't lose two. He. Can't. Lose. Two.
Pretty much the mantra going through his head as he tears the Devildom apart with his bare hands. 
It's 1000x worse than how he gets when he's hungry because at least then he might stop when he finally gets fed. Now it's either find MC or wait until he collapses from exhaustion and hope he doesn’t leave the whole realm a smoldering crater before he gets that far.
There's no reasoning with him either, the best the brothers can do is steer him in a direction and let him loose.
If he found MC first he probably wouldn't even realize it for a bit, he'd just keep attacking whatever or whoever is in front of him on his path of blind destruction. It'd take the MC literally flinging themselves at him or throwing their arms around him to snap him out of it but then it's back to sweetheart Beel.
Hugs ensue. Really tight hugs. Probably a few tears and apologies too (even if it’s not really his fault at all). 
Woe to anyone who tries going for the MC once he’s sure he has them because they WILL be broken then eaten. He’ll encourage his human not to look, but some things just have to be done.
Would absolutely carry MC back home and refuse to put them down until the others force him to. The floor may as well be lava planning on taking them away from him too.
Wouldn't care as much about personal vengeance as his brothers as long as MC is safe. He'll trust that his family will more than punish the kidnappers (though chances are he already took a chunk or two out of a few of them during his rampage anyway).
Protective instincts up by 100 after this, though Belphie usually steps in and eases him back a bit when he's about to get suffocating. MC never travels without a buddy now, ever. He just can't risk it.
"MC, I-I'm sorry… I just couldn’t lose you too…"
Keeps the coolest head of all the brothers on the outside, but there's a cold fury building up in those eyes.
Pretty much takes charge of whipping everyone back into gear with a combination stinging remarks and heavy duty guilt tripping. May not be the nicest method, but it's effective. 
"Asmo, grow a freaking spine and do something useful for a change! Mammon, this your fault to start with so you ought to be breaking your ass to find them! Satan, watching you is getting embarrassing, pull yourself together and think like you're good at it!"
His harshest criticisms get saved for Lucifer (big shock) but he only dishes them out when he sees his older brother really losing his grip or teetering on losing hope. If the “mighty firstborn” can’t keep it together then why should they even listen to him in the first place?
When he's not administering "motivation," he's keeping tabs on Beel's progression through the Devildom and trying to minimize the damage there. He's the only one that can get through to him long enough to change his course if necessary.
If he were to find the MC first, well, unlike Satan he doesn't have the forethought to save the torture for later. It's happening right here, right now, and you better bet that being the last born doesn't stop him from being a force to be reckoned with.
Waits with the MC for his brothers to catch up to them and deal with any stragglers. May cuddle with them and look like he's trying to take a nap in the meantime, but in truth he's still very alert, on edge, and ready to absolutely wreck shit if anything gets too close to them.
Though it doesn't look like his lazy ass goes through the same protective streak as his brothers, he's a lot quicker to try and convince the MC to stay home now. No out and about=less chance of getting nabbed. Plus he keeps his favorite pillow, win-win. 😏
"What about your worthless lives makes you think you deserve my mercy??"
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joonie-beanie · a year ago
The OM! Boys + their reaction to you walking into the room naked
Tumblr media
My HC for this may be slightly different than the tiktok challenge (I assume that’s what you’re referring to), but hopefully you still enjoy!
(MC/Reader is GN)
Tumblr media
He doesn’t bother looking up when you step into his study--too absorbed in his current work. He needs to read through the proposal on his desk and have the signed papers to Diavolo by morning, and it’s already nearing midnight.
“Hmm?” He doesn’t give you his attention, at first. He’s used to you coming to check on him when it gets late, pestering him about coming to bed and getting some much needed shut-eye. “I’ll join you shortly. I need to finish up here.”
“Lucifer,” you try again, tone a little annoyed. He pauses at that, not used to hearing you upset. He sets his pen down with a sigh--gloved hand combing through his dark hair.
“Yes, Y/N, what--,” his voice cuts off as his gaze finally finds you. You’re leaning against the doorframe to the room, arms hugged in front of you, and a playful look in your eyes.
There’s not a shred of clothing on your body.
Seeing that you have his attention, you don’t bother saying anything. Simply watch his reaction--loving the way his crimson eyes widen in shock.
However, it doesn’t take him long to recover. He presses to his feet, and steps around the wooden desk, a handsome grin on his lips.
As he approaches you, his demon form materializes without warning.
“You’re lucky that I could use a break,” he tells you, hooking a finger beneath your chin and forcing you to face him. There’s a sadistic glint in his gaze, one that has you swallowing the saliva pooling in your mouth. 
“But don’t think I’ll be kind. As much as I’m thrilled to see you present yourself to me like this, next time, you need to be patient. Now--,” his wings flutter, and you gasp as he cages you against the door. His fingers curl around your throat.
“Prepare yourself.”
He’s in the middle of looking up “get rich quick” schemes on his DDD when you enter his room without knocking.
“Oh~” he greets lazily, not bothering to turn away from his current task. He knows it’s you, because you’d messaged him earlier, asking if he was free, and alone.
He had assumed that you just wanted to spend some one-on-one time with The Great Mammon, and who could blame you? 
“Mammon,” you call, a purr to your voice that makes the Avatar of Greed pause. Turning away from his DDD, he looks over and sees you leaning over his pool table, with your palms pressed against the edge of the wooden surface. 
You’re...stark naked.
He can’t see your ahem nether region thanks to the height of the table, but he can see the tops of your hips, and there’s a very clear lack of underwear.
“Wh--!” his hand flies to cover his mouth, a brilliant blush blooming on his face. “Where are your clothes?!”
You blink innocently. “I figured you might like this type of surprise. But if I’m wrong~”
You fake a disappointed sigh, turning and acting like you’re going to exit his room. 
Immediately Mammon is on his feet and vaulting over the pool table (quite literally). His arms wrap around your torso, hugging you protectively back against his chest. You can already feel that he’s semi-hard as his pelvis rubs against your ass.
“I...of course I like it,” he mumbles, pressing a soft kiss to your neck. “Ya just surprised me, is all…”
You giggle, lifting a hand to pet through his hair. “Would you like me to stay, then?”
His arms wrap tighter around you, teeth nipping at the skin of your throat. “As if I would let ya go anywhere looking like this, silly’re staying here tonight.”
When you excuse yourself in the middle of the game the two of you are playing, saying something about needing the bathroom, Levi doesn’t think much of it.
His attention is solely on the screen of his computer, concentration through the roof as he completes the boss battle without your help (he really hadn’t needed your aid, anyway. He just loved spending time with you in person, and in game.)
Levi is in the middle of picking up all the rewards the boss had dropped following its defeat, so he doesn’t notice you return to the room.
Blinking, the Avatar of Envy glances over his shoulder, hearing your voice behind him. The moment he catches sight of naked body, his brain short circuits. 
With a surprised yelp, he instinctively swivels in his chair to face you, but his headphones catch--yanking his head back, and effectively making a mess of everything as the taut cord shoves an army of gingerly placed figurines from atop his desk.
Perhaps you should have waited for him to get his new wireless headphones from Akuzon before attempting this trend with him…
“Oh dear,” you sigh, an embarrassed blush spreading on your face as you survey the damage you’ve done. Levi is the same color as a tomato, his wide orange gaze shifting between your naked body, and the ceiling. Like if he stares at you too long, he’ll self-destruct.
“I’m sorry,” you say after a moment, sighing. “I thought surprising you might have been fun, but…”
Your voice trails off, a shiver raking up your spine as you feel something slick curl around your ankle. When you look down, you note it’s Levi’s tail. His demon form has materialized without you realizing. 
“No, i-it’s fine…,” you see him swallow harshly, his tail continuing to wind up your leg. He tugs you forward, closer to him. His hands hover near your waist, his eyes soaking in the sight of you. You can see a tent beginning to form in his pants. “Can I touch you?”
You nod, and in the next beat, he’s all over you.
Per usual, he’s engrossed in a novel, so he doesn’t notice your disappearance behind a particularly large stack of books. Nor does he hear the sound of you shedding your clothes. 
Thankfully, he can’t miss the sound of his name falling from your lips.
He turns his gaze away from the book, pausing when he sees you standing a few feet in front of him, completely nude. 
His eyebrows raise high on his forehead, grin tugging at his lips. Silently, he moves to place the book face-down on the arm of the chair.
His obvious satisfaction at your surprise has you unable to stop yourself from smiling.
“Like what you see?”
“You could say that.”
He presses to his feet and makes his way towards you--emerald eyes soaking in every inch of your revealed skin. When he finally reaches your side, his hands immediately reach out to grip your waist. His fingers give you a gentle squeeze.
“Is there some special occasion I should know about?” he asks, chuckling. You shake your head, reaching up to cup his face. His smile widens at the action, gaze falling to your lips.
“No occasion. I just wanted to see how you would react.”
“And is my reaction what you were hoping for?”
You lean in, connecting your lips with his. “Mhm~”
The two of you share a few kisses, before Satan is backing you into one of the many bookshelves, his knee slotting between your legs. 
He leans in, mouth hot against your ear.
“Getting the full experience of my reaction may take a few hours, just so you know.”
The Avatar of Lust has never heard of the human world challenge, same as his brothers, but he’s always more than open to seeing you naked, that’s for sure!
So, when you excuse yourself in the middle of your study-session--returning a minute later, and calling out his name so playfully--he’s thrilled at what he finds.
“Ooo~! Look at you!” He starts fanning himself, leaning back in his chair as he regards you with rapt attention. His honey colored eyes drag from the top of your head, all the way down to your feet, and back again.
“Will you turn for me?” He asks, biting his lip. You’re tempted to roll your eyes, but do as he asks--slowly rotating yourself so he’s able to see every inch of your nude skin. 
“Gosh, you should absolutely do this more often.” There’s a slight groan to his voice, a show of his satisfaction at your bold present.
“If I did, I have the feeling I’d never leave your room,” you respond with a laugh. Asmo jumps to his feet, making his way to your side. His fingertips roam over the skin of your arms, and he leans in to kiss you.
“Did you want to continue our study-session like this, or should I clear the bed?”
You smile against him. “I’ll leave that up to you.”
Asmo giggles, and before you know it, he has detached himself from you. He works quickly to clear his mattress of any notebooks, and loose papers.
“Shame on you for tempting me like this, when I’ve got a test coming up soon,” he scolds you, but there’s no real anger in his voice. Once the bed has been cleared, Asmo crawls atop the plush sheets and settles on his side, staring at you with a mischievous glint in his eyes. 
He beckons you with a roll of his finger. “Come here, darling.”
And you’d be a fool to disobey the Avatar of Lust’s command.
He has invited you over to watch his favorite cooking show, but you’d left during the commercial break to go and grab some snacks (the ones he had already prepared long gone--filling his stomach).
It only takes you a few minutes to return, but since the program has started up again on the TV screen, Beel doesn’t bother looking up at the sound of the door opening.
“Y/N, hurry, they’re finishing up the dish,” he says, mouth practically watering. You silently make your way to his bed, dropping the snacks beside him. He mindlessly reaches for a bag of chips, attention still on the TV.
“Beel,” you finally speak. For the first time since your return, his purple eyes shift to look at you.
What he finds has the chip between his lips falling onto the sheets--his newly opened snack forgotten about. His adam’s apple bobs against his throat as he swallows, and you squeal in surprise as he suddenly reaches out--dragging you into him. 
You end up straddling his lap, one of his large hands gripping your waist, while the other moves to cradle the back of your head.
Just like that, his favorite program is forgotten about. 
“Itadakimasu,” he grumbles, mouth connecting with your shoulder.
He doesn’t question your lack of clothing--doesn’t need to know the reasoning for your current actions.
All he knows is that you taste better than his snacks, and are more entertaining than the cooking program.
Besides, he can catch the rerun later.
You decide to surprise him while attempting to wake him up from a nap.
After entering his room, you carefully shed your clothes, and then approach the side of his bed. He’s thoroughly snuggled beneath the covers, just his eyes, and messy hair peeking out from beneath the piles of blankets.
“Belphie,” you call out quietly, shaking his shoulder.
He groans, pulling away from your hand. His eyes don’t open, his groggy brain not ready to be awake yet.
“5 more minutes.”
You breathe a laugh, posing a hand on your hip. “Belphie, look at me.”
Despite not wanting to be awake, the Avatar of Sloth begrudgingly cracks his eyes open. His gaze falls on you, and you can see his eyes widen ever so slightly--the cogs in his brain beginning to move.
He stares at you for a few long seconds, eyes trailing the length of your naked body.
“Hehe~,” he extends his arms, the covers folding down as he reaches out and makes a grabbing motion at you, revealing the grin on his face.
You laugh, but nonetheless step forward into his waiting hands. Immediately he’s tugging you onto the bed beside him.
“Can you start waking me up like this from now on?” he asks, folding your head beneath his chin. His fingertips roam across back, settling near your waist.
“I have a feeling that if I do, we won’t ever actually get out of bed.”
He chuckles at your words, mouth moving to your ear. His teeth tug at your earlobe, and you can’t help but shiver.
“Hopefully that’s not an issue, because I don’t plan on letting you go now that you’re here.”
Despite being a magically inclined human, Solomon is a human nonetheless, so he’s aware of the tiktok challenge.
However, he never actually expects anyone to do it to him.
You’re chilling in his room at Purgatory Hall when he excuses himself to go and fetch a beverage. When he returns, he finds you right where you had been when he’d left--lounging atop his bed, on your stomach--but all of your clothes have disappeared.
For a half second, he wonders if he’d forgotten about a spell he’d cast on you as a prank. However, judging by the teasing grin on your face, and the glint in your eyes, your clothes have disappeared of your own volition.
Then, he remembers the tiktok trend.
“My apologies for not rushing to jump your bones like many of the men do in those videos.”
He walks over and calmly places the coffee mug in his hand on the nightstand. The bed dips a moment later as he moves to join you on the mattress.
However, rather than settle down beside you, he grips your shoulder and rolls you onto your back. Solomon then leans over you, caging you in as he lowers himself just inches from your face.
“While I may not have reacted like you expected, I’m more than happy to give you the same outcome.”
You grin up at him. “Which is?”
He smiles mischievously, his fingertips moving to dance across your ribs. You can feel magic buzzing on his skin.
“I think you know.”
Nothing can prepare Simeon for the moment he swivels around at his desk--his name falling from your lips, and beckoning his attention.
You’re over for a study date, and had excused yourself to the restroom for a moment. 
“Yes, Y/N--?” his voice catches when he spots you there--standing in the doorway to his bathroom in all of your glory. 
The Angel’s heart feels like it may beat straight out of his chest, his mind momentarily blue-screening as he stares at you.
“Wow,” he eventually breathes, raising a gloved hand to cover his blushing face. Despite obviously being flustered, his gaze still roams across you--only his mouth and cheeks hidden from view.
“Despite being a celestial, you’re truly the angel among the two of us.”
That gets you blushing, your arms hugging at your sides. Seeing you turn pink at his words has Simeon feeling a bit bolder, and he presses to his feet, moving to join you.
His arms wrap around you, pulling you into a tight hug, and he presses a kiss to your forehead.
“You’re so beautiful.”
“No you,” you mumble in response, pouting up at him, and wondering how he’d managed to turn the tables on you so easily. Simeon only laughs, leaning in to connect your lips. 
“Thank you...shall we move to the bed?”
“Yes, please.”
Diavolo had been informed by Barbatos at the end of the student council meeting that you were waiting in his office for him.
Without a second thought, he had left to find you--assuming you wanted to talk about sometime in private with him. Which, honestly, he didn’t mind in the least, considering you were always good company.
However, the last thing he expects to find when he steps into his office is you, sitting behind his desk, in his oversized leather chair...completely nude.
You fold your hands onto the wood, smiling at him. 
“Good evening.”
There’s a playful glint in your eye, one that has Diavolo’s initial shock wearing off quickly--replaced with amused interest instead.
Closing the door behind him, the Demon Prince slowly makes his way around the desk.
“Is there something you need to tell me about?”
“Oh, no, I just wanted to surprise you,” you giggle, gasping when Diavolo suddenly reaches out and secures your waist.
He lifts you out of the black chair, seating you on his desk, and stepping between your spread legs. A blush dusts your cheeks, eyes widening as his grip slides down to your hips--his handsome face just inches from yours.
“Well, I certainly enjoy this type of surprise.” Diavolo grips your chin with his fingers, and guides you into a soft kiss.
“Perhaps you should surprise me like this after school hours more often.”
While staying the weekend at the Demon Lord’s Castle, you volunteer to get up early and help the royal butler prepare breakfast. It’s a large job, considering the brothers, and other exchange students are staying over as well.
“Good morning, Barbatos,” you greet, stepping into the spacious kitchen. The butler, standing in front of the stove, takes a moment before turning to address you.
“Good morn--,” he begins, but pauses when he sees your state of dress. Or, rather, undress, considering you’re wearing absolutely nothing.
A light blush dusts his cheeks, and he coughs to clear his throat. 
“Have you misplaced your clothing? It’s not wise to cook in such a state.”
“I just wanted to see your reaction,” you respond with a laugh, stepping further into the room. He notices that your clothes are bundled in your arms. 
“Well, perhaps it is a good way to start the day off,” he comments, smiling as his eyes roam over your figure. 
Then, he’s moving away, walking to the edge of the kitchen to retrieve something you can’t quite see. When he returns to your side, you note that he’s holding a plain, white apron.
“I hardly mind such a sight to accompany the breakfast preparation, but I’d prefer if you not injure yourself.”
He slides the neck of the apron over your head, and then moves to your back--tightly securing the ties. You shiver when his gloved hand traces the length of your spine.
He smiles charmingly at the reaction.
“Shall we get to work?”
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apparentlyaswarmofbees · 8 months ago
Photos The Brothers Would Have of You on Their D.D.D.
Is this a way to indulge myself in one of my favorite hobbies without needing to take out my camera? Yes, yes it is.
Warning: one(?) uncensored swear word lol
This man is sneaky.
He doesn't have much time to take too many pictures if you, but believe me when I say that at least 50% of the pictures were taken without you noticing he ever did before he showed them to you.
You think he would have only aesthetic pictures of you, right? Well, there are, but there is also like, 2 pictures in a row of you and his brothers in face mask chilling in the common room's floor while playing cards, which is followed right after to a picture of you drooling on something before he woke you up.
Sometimes he asks for you to "look this way" before taking a pic.
If you ask why he will simply reply that you looked too stunning to not keep it forever as a memory in the form of a picture.
If he asks for a selfie, he will most likely let you sit on his lap, his cheek touching your head slightly as he leans onto you. The result image will have him looking extremelly soft.
This dork has so many different vibes of pictures he takes of you.
Some of them is of your concentrated face as you try to solve a puzzle in a mobile game, others of you smiling and laughing heartedly, others of you doing silly stuff for him, such as trying to balance a spoon on your nose or doing the duck mouth with chips.
Of course, there are a few selfies with you, they can be silly with you guys using some cursed filter or they can be slightly more romantic with him giving you a surprise kiss.
It ends with him accidentally taking many pictures at once, and when you look at them, you can watch the amazing progression of him going red and his phone slipping out of his grip in the final picture.
He has so many pictures of you on his D.D.D.
A pic of you raging at a game here, one of you staring at Henry there, a selfie of both of you in cosplay doing a pose every once in a while.
There is a picture of you slipping on the last step downstairs, one of you drooling on something too, some of you giving his brothers a very done stare.
The rarest of them all are the normal selfies of both of you. When he doesn't have a cosplay on he feels extremelly self conscious. The result pic will be adorable, his face may be a little stiff and his cheeks a bit too red for his own comfort, but the giddy shine in his eyes says a lot more about what he is feeling than he ever could without stuttering
Another sneaky asshole.
Of course, he has pictures of you playing with cats. Honestly there is probably one of those for every 5 other type of pictures he takes of you.
In which one of those types will be different levels of you drooling on something once again, sneezing, scrunching your face after eating something really sour, and, of course, the many expressions you make while reading a book he has already read as he tries to deduct which part you were exactly at by using only said expressions as reference.
The selfies of the both of you definetelly has kitty filters every once in a while, but many of them are actually just with this wrath demon being cute, specially when he lets you plop your chin on the top of his head while hugging him from behind, the result pic has him looking so smiley.
Where does he get so many memory space on his D.D.D. and where can I get it..?
Selfies of both of you are everywhere.
Pouting, with animal filters, kissy faces, squishing your cheeks together, simply staring at each other, sharing food, kisses, and a lot more other types of pictures.
Along with those selfies, he will also have some pictures of you alone. Sometimes he will tell you to look over in his direction before asking you to "smile~!"
Which has most likelly lead to many pictures of you doing everything else with your facial muscles except smiling. But it always brings one to his face instead, so it's hard to not give in and smile anyways in the end.
On a previous headcanon of mine I have said Beel takes pictures of you with his D.D.D. whenever he finds you attractive.
So far so good right? Only the term 'attractive' to him is very broad.
So his gallery has both aesthetic pictures of you (and some selfies with him) such as after his games, on gym clothes and with cerberus, and some cursed pictures such as of you scarfing down a whole baguette into your mouth, having an insane bed hair and of course, drooling on something.
His home screen is a selfie with both of you squishing each other's face with your hands.
This little shit.
First off, of course he has a personal collection of the many stages of bed hair and sleeping faces you have. And yes, of you drooling too.
A personal collection of blurry pics of you tripping, jumping in the air as he puts his cold feet on your hips, and many of you sneezing.
And of course, the personal collection of zoomed in pictures of the many expressions you make, varying from dead inside to one of the widest of smiles you can make.
The selfies with him are, suprisingly, the most normal. Surprise kisses, laying heads on each other's shoulders, and of him laying on you. In which both of you got double chin on.
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astaroth1357 · 10 months ago
Demonic Pregnancy (But It Makes the MC… Problematic)
Okay, so hear me out. I know the prevailing idea is that a human getting pregnant with a supernatural kid would sap their strength and what not… But what if the opposite happened? So basically, getting pregnant by the brothers would make the MC physically stronger, but more susceptible to their sin… Oh this is going to be fun. 😈
Trigger Warning: Pregnancy
First noticed something was up when the MC came into his office to bring him coffee and casually ripped the door of its hinges… with one hand… by the handle…
He didn’t even have time to be mad about it because he was already frantically texting Diavolo and Barbs that there was something very wrong with the human. They’re not supposed to do that.
Meanwhile MC is in the background marveling at the newly freed door in their hand… They hadn’t even thought about it! Is this what having power is like?? Are they actually dangerous now??? Better not let it go to their head…
*it is totally going to go to their head*
Lucifer learns two things pretty quickly, (1) The human is pregnant with his child and (2) They’ve just been given access to a whole lot of power and they’re mind is set on one thing: Domination.
The next nine months for him are spent practically having to leash the MC or else they’ll go out to pick fights with anything that moves to prove their “superiority”… His brothers and even Diavolo included!
It wouldn’t be so bad if their body wasn’t still very human and very breakable… and also they’re PREGNANT, so please STOP!!
This baby, honestly, could not come fast enough… Good thing demons don’t develop grey hairs… Poor guy…
Noticed something was up when they were chatting out at RAD and they dodged a stray ball from Beel. 
They dodged a ball. From Beel. And he throws at, like, Mach 7 speed… And it didn’t even look hard!
… But being the dumbass that he is, he just thought they had gotten a lot better at their magic. It was Lucifer who saw something wasn’t right when the MC was actually holding their own against Mammon and Beel in a race.
Was thrilled by the news at first but then quickly learned that he must have infected them with Greed somehow…
They wouldn’t stop begging for new stuff! Sometimes for him or the baby, but mostly just whatever struck their fancy the second that they saw it.
He’d try to tell them no but then they’d look all sad or whine about hard it was to be pregnant and how they couldn’t do things like tie their shoes or stand for long periods of time or…
(Never mind the fact that they could bench-press Beel if they wanted to, no no, that didn’t matter.)
His nine months were pretty much spent pandering to Lucifer and Levi for more loans to keep his MC happy… and praying they’d snap out of it after the baby finally came because he CANNOT keep paying for their crap…! 😥
MC and Levi playing games in his room and one of their online matches got particularly heated… The MC may or may not be prone to gamer rage, but that night they got so frustrated that they snapped his controller in half like a toothpick…
They were too busy trying to frantically apologize to take notice of their sheer strength, but HE did. And he was thrilled!!
Like, sure, it sucks that he’d have to buy a new controller but that was So. Cool. Their strength was like something out of a shonen!! He was honestly fanboying too hard to question, “Wait a minute, how did they even get that strong??” The MC later went to Lucifer themselves to get it all got sorted out (really Levi was no help whatsoever) and man was he shocked by the news…
Though he was even more shocked by the sudden spike of jealousy that they seemed to exhibit afterward… Like, extreme “You better not leave my sight” level jealousy… 😣
One the one hand, he’s kind of into it because being alone with the MC is all he’s ever wanted!… but on the other hand, dude really wants some space… 
He tolerates the next nine months for three reasons: (1) He does honestly love the MC, (2) Watching them break (other people’s) stuff and fight demons with their bare hands will never stop being cool, and (3) He’s somewhat afraid of what they’d do if he tried to leave so…  😥
Let’s hope the effects are temporary…
Found out something was wrong when he and the MC went to the park. He saw an old acquaintance of his and left to go say hi but came back to find that the MC had uprooted an entire park bench to squash a nosy lesser demon…
Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, he’d ever read about humans told him that they were capable of that!
Figuring this has some kind of magic origin, he doesn’t bring them to Lucifer but to their resident human sorcerer instead, Solomon…
…and THAT bright idea ended up getting the MC magic tag-along throughout their pregnancy since Solomon wanted to make "a few” observations, the lying bastard… 🙄
Even more unfortunate though, is that the introduction of Wrath into their system also gave the MC an utterly monstrous temper which didn’t help their newfound strength at all…
Poor Satan gets saddled with caring for what amounts to a hair-triggered glass cannon… (though really it’s less protecting them from the world and the world from them 😣).
Needless to say, he’s lost quite a few bookcases over the next several months…
It was another night with Asmo, so another night out clubbing. He and MC were together for most of the time, but they had left him briefly to get another round of drinks… and somehow got dragging into a straight up brawl in the process.
And they WON…
Asmo brought them right to Lucifer after that. Like, he loves you sweetie, but there were like ten lesser demons there and no way a little human like yourself could pull that off without something being up.
Oh he was overjoyed by the news, but the real test was yet to come… Who would give out first? The Avatar of Lust or a very, very, astronomically horny MC…?
In truth, no one in the House ever wants to talk about what happened for those next nine months ever again… The things they saw… The things they heard… Filthy, filthy things….. 😖
And more broken beds than anyone could care to count…
Let’s just say that they’re all happy the MC was already pregnant, otherwise they’d be dealing with a LOT more demon babies running around… What a hellscape that would be…
The MC was helping him move some of his weights between rooms. They were only supposed to carry the lighter ones (which really weren’t that light) but they were carrying them so easily that the two got suspicious… They tried to lift one of his heaviest barbells and, to their amazement, they picked it up even easier than he could!
They both just kind of stared at each other for a few seconds before calmly agreeing to go find Lucifer. This probably wasn’t normal…
What pregnancy even was had to be explained to Beel since he doesn’t really understand humans and he only needed one thing confirmed…
So, they’re eating for two now?
And boy did they act like it! The MC’s appetite practically tripled as the months went on and he did his best to keep up for them. He even missed a meal or two for the first time in his life because he was so preoccupied making sure his MC had enough to eat… 😣
Their tastes also got weirder as time went on… At one point they asked for Solomon’s cooking which nearly had him “Nope-ing” out of the relationship right there. He stuck through it to make them happy, but he couldn’t watch them eat it… Even he has his limits, MC… 😟🤢
Wants the baby to come out already if for no other reason than he can finally go back to being the biggest eater of the House again. Having to work around two is a nightmare for everyone…
Would you believe he straight up didn’t know for weeks?
Like, they told him they were pregnant a while ago but all the pregnancy seemed to do was make them really sleepy…
Combine their naps with how often he’s dead to the world and it just never got brought up. 🤷‍♀️
That was until the day it was his turn to vacuum the common room and the MC was resting on the couch…
“MC, can you move? I need to get under there.”
“Hm? Oh, sure. Let me help.”
They then proceeded to get up and lift the couch with one hand like they were Beel or something!
He was, perhaps, slightly miffed that they didn’t think it was necessary to mention they had gotten a butt ton stronger for like a month, but you know…
Belphie has probably the easiest time managing his MC anyway because ALL they want to do is sleep. At most he just has to take on the responsibility to remind them to eat and move around a little.
Lucky bastard always gets off easy… 😖
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mammonology · a year ago
Sweater weather ⟨Mammon, Leviathan and Satan⟩
Tumblr media
—Where Mammon, Leviathan and Satan's S/O walks around the house with only their hoodie and underwear 😌
—WC; 515
—A/N; The reader is gender neutral!~ and beware it's a lil smutty~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➷His first thought was 'They look good in my clothes~' but then !! You're not wearing any pants! And you're walking around with his brothers around?!
➷Not on his watch 😌 will push you into his room, his eyes will go everywhere cause he doesn't know where to look
❝Ooh, Mammon you're blushing really hard~❞
➷His blush isn't the only thing that's hard, if y'know what I mean ;)
❝S-Stupid! Why aren't ya wearing pants?! And to make it worse you're wearing my sweater!❞
➷You'd look at him with pouty lips and he'll just m e l t, his breathing gets heavier as he starts walking closer to you, you panic, since when did he flip his switch??
❝Come on Mammon, I thought it'd just be a cute idea to wear to sweater❞
➷He'd practically growl into your ears
❝Real cute to tease me huh? Take it off, it looks better that way❞
Tumblr media
➷Do you know what you're doing to this man?! Please if you want to save his nose from bleeding wear something underneath!!
➷Will stutter a lot!!
❝You want me to suffer cause you lost at Mario Kart last night, I–I will not succumb!❞
➷Will sneak glances whenever you walk around the living room, but when one of his brother's see, it's over.
➷He'll be grabbing your arm and dragging you to his room, he'd sit you on his lap as his face his buried on your chest
❝This view, it's mine only..❞
➷He'll rub his hands up and down your thighs while his blush is still evident
➷It may or may not end in steamy hot sex but you can decided whether or not to provoke him, but if you do he'll be extra rough, maybe some hair pulling, orgasm denial and dirty talk
❝H–Haah you should really see your face right now, it's clouded with lust. Am I really fucking you that good?❞
➷A WHOLE new side of Levi, but damn are you really complaining. 100% will do it again
Tumblr media
➷You were wearing his green vest sweater thing and just white lacy underwear underneath when you pranced to his study room
➷He didn't even look up when you entered, so when he did let's just say he was surprised, he places his book down on the desk as he motions you to come closer to him
➷He'll sit you on top of his desk, practically eye-fucking you, you're eye candy to him okay?
❝You walked all the way down to my room with only this on? Tell me, did anyone else see❞
➷Your answer doesn't matter, either way he'll punish you for tempting a demon like him
❝If you think I'll go easy on you darling, you're wrong, bend over the desk for me❞
➷He will definitely keep his sweater on while he hits it from the back, tugging back at your hair as he whispers
❝Try not to dirty my sweater darling, thought I.. must ah, admit it looks great on you,❞
➷Yeah try this stunt again and let's see how much you'll get away with.
Tumblr media
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3rdgymbros · a year ago
Tumblr media
brothers x gender neutral! child! reader
in which the the newest exchange student to the devildom is a lot younger than expected . . .
inspired by this ask from @pridymcprideface​
Tumblr media
when you show up to the devildom as the newest exchange student, you’re understandably confused and scared, tears welling up in your eyes. everyone is also taken aback; they’d anticipated a much older student, and you’re a surprising, but not unwelcome sight. you’re immediately whisked off to the hall of lamentation, where you’ll be staying for the year.
you’re introduced to the rest of the brothers, and after interacting with them, you find yourself hoping that maybe the year won’t be so bad after all –
Tumblr media
───── ❝ lucifer ❞ ─────
he takes you along with him to student council meetings. diavolo enjoys having you around, and he will sneak you packets of snacks and cookies under the table. lucifer sighs, but lets it slide, claiming that you won’t be able to talk as much when you’re eating. privately, he finds the way your cheeks puff out when you eat cute.
you keep him company when he does his paperwork. a frown will mar your forehead as you pretend to do your own work; but you’re really just drawing on scraps of spare paper with your crayons.
you’ve fallen asleep in his lap more than once.
part of his office is now filled with your toys. plush animals, bricks, plastic figurines . . . you’re probably the most spoiled child in the devildom. lucifer can’t count the number of times he’s seen mammon trip over one of your block towers, but the sight never fails to make him snicker behind a gloved hand.
Tumblr media
───── ❝ mammon ❞ ─────
surprisingly, mammon’s actually competent with kids. he’s helped to raise his younger siblings, and he’s got centuries of experience under his belt.
have a scraped knee? he’s already whisking you off to the kitchen in search of the first-aid box. after bandaging your knee, and blowing on it like a stereotypical mom, you’re sent back out to do battle once more.
you have the great mammon wrapped around your little finger. you’re the only one he’s willing to spend money on; and that says a lot. all you have to do is present him with a quivering lower lip and wide, wet eyes, and you have him eating out of the palm of your hand.
you don’t abuse this. much.
mammon still hides behind you and uses you as a shield whenever lucifer so much as flares up.
Tumblr media
───── ❝ levi ❞ ─────
as fervently as he denies it, you steal his heart when you complement henry. levi leaves his room for a second to scuttle to the bathroom, and you’re curious as ever, peeking your head into the open door to see a room backlit with blue lights.
levi returns to find your face pressed to the glass of the aquarium, watching henry swim about. you immediately pepper him with questions, so many, that the poor boy is overwhelmed. he doesn’t have the heart to turn you down when you ask if you can come back tomorrow.
family-friendly anime marathons are common with him, but levi is always careful to keep to your imposed bedtime, personally bringing you back to your room whenever it gets too late.
the boy died the first time you fell asleep, curled up in his lap like a little cat.
whenever you hang out with levi, you bring juice boxes and snack packs in your little backpack of supplies, and his heart always melts when you offer to share them with him.
Tumblr media
───── ❝ satan ❞ ─────
satan is pretty much your personal tutor. he teaches you lessons about devildom history, and manages to dumb the information down enough that you can understand them. wonder of wonders, you’re even engaged, hanging on his every word with wide eyes, always eager for more.
you’re probably one of the few people who can successfully calm him down. his eyes can be glowing with bright green flames, he can be out for blood in his demon form, but you’ll tug on the hem of his shirt and reach up to hold his hand, and he’ll calm down instantly.
the brothers all come to tuck you in at night, but you like it best when it’s satan’s turn. you’ll pick out a book from his room, and he’ll read to you until you fall asleep. he’ll change his voice to match the characters in the book, and he can’t bring himself to turn down your sleepy request for ‘just one more story, please!’ as you stare up at him with lidded eyes.
satan also may or may not have found a new use for his cat toys; by using them to entertain you.
Tumblr media
───── ❝ asmo ❞ ─────
in the time since you’ve known asmo, your wardrobe has more than doubled. he always brings you along on his shopping trips, and the two of you always end up returning home weighed down with numerous shopping bags.
you also ended up buying your favourite stuffed animal during one of your shopping trips with asmo.
asmo finds child-sized clothing absolutely adorable. whatever outfit he buys, he’ll make sure to find something matching for you as well, so that the two of you can have coordinated outfits when you head out together.
he’ll also take you for spa days. you know those packages where kids can be pampered alongside with their parents? he’ll purchase one of those and spend the whole day with you, getting makeovers and getting pampered from head to toe.
asmo is also more than happy to come to your imaginary tea parties. he’ll pull out his best outfit and treats you like a princess the entire afternoon as he sips from a plastic teacup. beel can be expected to make an appearance if you bring real sweets to the tea party.
asmo is very touchy-feely with you. not that you mind. you’re more than happy to be picked up for a cuddle and a kiss to the cheek, and you always come running up to him with a pout if he’s forgotten to give you your daily dose of love.
Tumblr media
───── ❝ beel ❞ ─────
best big brother ever.
beel gives the best piggy-back rides. perched atop his shoulders, it feels as though you’re flying, and you can see the whole world down below. you laugh and laugh, but you’re never afraid of falling, because beel will always keep you safe.
his hugs are the best. he just radiates warmth, and it’s like hugging your very own teddy bear.
you’ve got him wrapped around your finger as well.
he’s the most likely to sneak you food before dinner. he knows what it’s like to be hungry, and he doesn’t want to see you hungry. so it’s with a finger pressed to his lips that he secretly passes you a bit of biscuit, or a chocolate bar to tide you over until it’s time to eat.
going out for food with beel is common as well. he’ll bring you to all his favourite restaurants, and if the two of you can’t decide what to eat, you’ll end up ordering half the menu, and sharing whatever you order. the food always tastes yummier this way.
Tumblr media
───── ❝ belphie ❞ ─────
nap times are reserved solely for the avatar of sloth. predictably, his favourite activity to do with you is napping. you don’t complain on the days that the brothers have worn you out. you’ll retreat to his bedroom and curl up with him on his bed, snoozing until it’s time for dinner.
you’re also fairly mischievous; whenever belphie ignores your pleas to play in favour of catching ten more minutes of shut-eye, you’ll find asmo’s makeup kit and practice your makeup skills on his face.
if you ever get nightmares, your go-to person is belphie. his bedroom walls are plastered with glow-in-the-dark decals, and he always seems to instantly rouse to wakefulness when you wake him with a tremor in your voice. he’ll lift you onto his bed and wrap you under mounds of blankets, until you’re swimming in fabric. he’ll pat at your head and hum mindlessly until you fall asleep again. the nightmares never bother you when you’re curled up with belphie.
another of his favourite activities to do with you would be to take you to the planetarium to star gaze. he’ll spread out a blanket, along with a hellfire-baked chocolate cake that he’s stolen from the kitchen, and the two of you will spend a quiet evening watching the stars. you’ll have naming competitions as well; whoever comes up with the more ridiculous names and stories is the winner.
Tumblr media
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moemoemammon · a month ago
Getting used to having your fight or flight response triggered by Lucifer's ridiculously loud sneezes.
Never having to go grab your card to make an online purchase because Mammon has the front and back memorized by heart.
Levi promising to let you win the next round, then going absolutely apeshit on you anyway because he's a liar who refuses to lose.
Regularly walking on Satan putting on a full face of cat makeup and then passively threatening you to keep quiet about it.
Catching a rarely seen, early morning Asmo who looks an absolute MESS, and you're not sure if it was him or some kinda hobgoblin impersonating him.
Having to accept the harsh reality that any scented candle you bring into the house will have a bite taken out of it because of Beel.
Learning to keep your door closed at night because Belphie has a tendency to sleepwalk to your room and stand in the doorway.
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astaroth1357 · 7 months ago
Ok but like, what if MC's fandom starts to make ships with MC and the guys. Just think about the ship wars, the fancams, the fanarts, the absolute CHAOS when the brothers find out. It would be even worse if they start shipping MC with the undatables, one day everything is normal and the next day there are ship wars fighting over MC x Barbatos vs MC x Solomon (who are both very smug about it)
The MC's Fanclub are… Shippers?!
Perhaps… The italics blurb has been fulfilling its greater purpose all along…? Perhaps in its state of existential angst, it has in fact developed a plot of its own… An arc of introspection and self-discovery in which its own longing for purpose has forged a meaningful identity… It now has… a story…
As if they couldn't get any MORE frustrating…
He's not an otaku. He's not a part of ship culture. He's not even sure why anyone would care about who dates who around this school, but apparently it's a big deal to some people...
He only became aware of their interest in him and the MC's relationship through some very… subtle clues…
Like the groups that would follow them around in the hallways with their phones out.
Or the multitude of fan rumors about their relationship that Satan spams him with from time to time just to irritate him.
"MC refused hug from Luci in halls today!! Are they bout breakup??? 🥺"
"Tots got pic of kiss today!! Relationship upgrade??"
It only got worse after he found out the MC gets shipped out a loooooot….
If he had to pick his least favorite ship, it'd be MC x Mammon. He can kind of see it with any of his other brothers (admittedly, Levi is also a little mystifying) but the idea of them ending up with Mammon makes his skin crawl...
He once found a drawing of the MC and Mammon in an… explicit position in one of the classrooms and he was so disgusted that he wouldn’t even touch it. He just set fire to the paper outright. Disgusting...
Shipping, eh…? More money making opportunities!
Has some passing idea of what shipping is from Levi and, from what he knows of it, shippers eat cutesy couples stuff right up!! If all he's got to do to make bank is to look all couple-y around the MC then sounds like a win-win to him!
He'll happily pose for a photo or two (paid in advance) of him throwing his arm around the MC or something. Want him to hold their hand? Sure thing!
But since this is still Mammon we're talking about, the second MC actually starts getting into any of it he'll still turn into a blushy, stuttery mess...
For WEEKS the headline picture on so many of their fans' blogs was an image of him turning beet red while the MC kissed him on the cheek. (A fan really got their money's worth there... 😏)
Though he doesn’t exactly like the MC getting shipped with other people, he'll still totally sell pictures of any of them together. He almost paid off an entire credit card with the money he got from the t-shirt sales of the MC and Satan!
If he had to point to one ship he doesn't like it's either MC x Asmo or MC x Levi. His opinion, but Asmo won't treat them right and they could do waaay better than a shut-in. Like him. Ship the MC with just the Great Mammon, got it?
… Lowkey super active in the MC shipping community but is a self-shipper to the extreme.
Like, he never uses his real name on anything (and would probably die from embarrassment if anyone ever found out) but a lot of their fans probably know a couple of his aliases.
He does everything from mod forums, runs a couple blogs, even anonymously posts his own work of him and MC that are totally not his secret fantasy dates or AU versions of themselves, shaddup.
It’s a lot easier for him to keep his involvement secret because he’s hardly at RAD, but the few times he does show up he tries to keep an eye out for anybody prowling for pictures so he can get in a good pose and save the image later.
Mind you, his version of a “good pose” rarely gets more spicy than linking pinkies, but even then he’s still lit up a Christmas Tree throughout.
Naturally, he’s also not a big fan of any ships that aren’t just him and MC and he can find a reason to be jealous at almost anything. But he keeps a special corner of hate for MC x Mammon and MC x Diavolo. Like, the first one doesn’t even need an explanation but MC x Diavolo?? Really??? Do those two even talk?? (please, please, please make sure they never actually talk because a guy like him versus literal royalty? He’d lose MC for sure….!! 😫)
He hates to actually agree with Lucifer on something, but their fans are starting to get out of hand...
Knows what shipping is in concept, he may have done it once or twice to characters in his books, but he was kind of surprised how it could evolve into such a… group activity?
He was pretty quick to pick up that the MC’s fans had a bit more interest in them together than they did when they both were apart…
I mean, those hideous shirts that Mammon was pedaling were kind of a dead giveaway…
Considering he finds their fanclub all rather annoying, even without their bizarre interest in his love life, when they started actively meddling with him and the MC he was ready to smash some heads.
No. He will not stop for pictures. No. What things they do together is none of your business. No. He has zero interest in seeing your explicit fanart and if you don’t start running that will be the last question you ever ask.
He DOES, however, appreciate the cringy “annoy Lucifer” ammo. They could keep that up for a lifetime... 😏
He doesn’t have a least favorite ship because he doesn’t care about any of this, leave him alone. (That’s a lie, it’s MC x Lucifer. He pokes fun at Lucifer, but he can’t stand it either. Big shock, I know 🙄).
Oh he is shamelessly a part of the community, are you kidding?? 
He could practically call “Shipping the MC” one of his favorite pastimes. He’ll openly gossip with their fanclub about who they’ve been with, who they’re seeing, who’s got a chance, etc… He lives for this shit!
He’s the only person who knows that Levi is also in the community and what his aliases are (not because he told him, but because Levi’s not as subtle as he thinks he is… Who else would call themselves “SupremeRuri666” and speak mostly in outdated chat lingo?) but he doesn’t out him because he thinks his very obvious crush is kind of cute. 
Plus, Levi needs the outlet waaaay more than him…
Doesn’t stop him from constantly trolling him and getting into arguments over who the MC would be better with though (the two are “virtual nemeses” as far as Levi is concerned).
Appreciates all forms of expression that comes out of the community (especially the saucy kind 😏) and will happily feed into his own shippers without a care in the world.
Truthfully, Asmo will say that there isn’t a ship he doesn’t like but if someone mentions one that he thinks is kind of “eh,” he’ll just add himself into the mix. “Oh, you like MC x Barbatos? Well how about Asmo x MC x Barbatos? That sounds loads more interesting doesn’t it??”
Oh, Beel… Sweet, sweet Beel… Beel doesn’t even know what their club is doing…
Because Beel has a reputation of being pretty protective of MC - and against the fanclub in general - the club keeps a healthy distance… but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to sneak in some picture or make a SHITLOAD of fanwork about them.
Between classes and practice Beel is a busy guy, so sometimes he just doesn’t notice that there’s people hiding behind trees when he’s out with MC. 
Honestly, his complete ignorance of it all makes it even cuter because when he acts sweet, it’s not just for the camera. That’s the real deal.
Mammon was the one who eventually let it slip that there was even shipping happening and Beel was… kind of creeped out because isn’t this stalking? But also kind of weirdly happy(?) that MC x Beel was so popular… Very conflicted boy here.
He never actually acknowledges the community, though, and just keeps on being Beel (which still gave the fans more than enough material so all’s well that ends well?)
Beel genuinely doesn’t have a least favorite ship (because he believes the best ship is whoever makes the MC happy) but his second favorite under himself is probably MC x Belphie. They look very cute together...  😊
Ride or die, Beel x MC x Belphie. 
Just kidding (kind of), Belphie isn’t into the shipping but if asked he’d be pretty okay with that one.
His campaign against the MC’s fanclub and their attention stealing ways means that he found out about their shipping thing only slightly ahead of Beel when Mammon was trying to get pictures of them napping together…
Honestly, he couldn’t care less if a bunch of weirdos were weirdly invested in their relationship, but he’s not about to let Mammon just make a quick Grimm off of it. Belphie makes sure that he gives him NOTHING to work with. 
Since Mammon is the main dealer, the shippers in both the MC fanclub and Belphie fanclub aren’t nearly as well fed and pretty desperate for anything... You best believe he plays that to his advantage (because it’s okay if he does. He’s not Mammon).
Really helps that MC x Belphie is legitimately a very cute looking couple, carried by Belphie’s cuteness alone if nothing else. Add an adorable MC and you reach levels so cute it could actually melt people into puddles of goo... They could be a registered weapon.
Least favorite MC ships are any that don’t involve him or Beel. Any others may as well just not exist, he won’t even acknowledge them. MC x Who? Yeah, that’s what he thought.
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duxastaroth · 11 months ago
Hcs for pics the brothers have saved of MC on their DDD?
i thought of the sweetwest and dirtyest things at the same time anon JDASIOJFA i hope this is what you imagined!
pictures last longer | obey me
brothers x reader, separately
fluff and some minor smut too
Tumblr media
he’s got all that attitude and stuff but he’s a softie really;
he’d have a cute picture of you set as his lockscreen;
it would be a photo of you laughing or smiling, not knowing he was taking a picture;
something that he can look at and feel warm and fuzzy inside because he just adores you so much;
maybe a picture of your sleeping face;
it’s a bummer that he can’t see your sleeping often because well when you’re asleep he’s asleep too right next to you so... y’know;
so one day he took a picture of your peaceful and cute sleeping face;
he set it as his lockscreen so that everytime he looks at his phone he sees you so peaceful and happy it makes him happy too;
beel’s lockscreen is a combo of the things he loves most: food, belphie and of course, you;
it’s a picture of you and belphie sitting right next to each other with a bunch of snacks around you, from a movie night the three of you shared;
his phone’s gallery though is your domain;
he has a bunch of pictures of you, be it smiling, watching tv, reading, anything, he just really loves to look at you being you;
a picture of you all dressed up;
not that he doesn’t think you’re beautiful always but this time in particular he thought you looked perfect;
it’s you in a stunning outfit, all dolled up, pink cheeks and a shy smile, trying to pose for his picture;
your shy, but yet still radiant, smile made it all better and it always gives him motivation to face another day when he picks up his phone and sees his locksceen;
lucifer didin’t set a photo of you as his lockscreen but only because the photo was a bit revealing and he’s the only one who can see you like that;
his favorite photo of you on his phone’s gallery is one of you in your sleeping gown;
a pink silky fabric that hugges all your curves perfectly and giving your position, sitting on his bed, it rode up, showing off your pretty thighs;
he looks at that picture when he’s stressed with rad business or his brothers and looking at it reminds him to keep calm because you’re at home just waiting for him to arrive;
a picture of you in a cute maid dress or some other costumy stuff;
levi loves to dress you up and buy cute costumes for you both to wear together at cons;
you’re both in the picture as it is a selfie, levi has his free arm around your shoulder and you’re in a cute matching outfits, wide smiles on your faces;
it’s set as his lockscreen for all of his devices, levi loves to see it everywhere, it reminds him that even if he feels like an outsider and a weirdo it doesn’t matter because you’re there, beside him;
asmo takes pictures of you non stop;
his lockscreen would be a cute one, you all dressed up in a pretty outfit that he picked out for you himself;
he would organize your pictures in folders because he has just so so many;
his favorites though are the ones of you dressed only in your lingerie, posing for him, he looks at those all the time to get him through the day, imagining doing all kinds of stuff to you when he gets home;
a/n: this was a very nice idea and i had lots of fun writing!
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