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#obey me scenarios

Honestly? I love this. I think about this often but I guess I hadn’t written it because I feel like everyone already has their own HCs about this…

Something is wrong.

You can’t tell what, but you can feel the shift in the air even from your room.

You walk out into the hallway and you can hear yelling. You follow it into the common room.

There you find Satan in his demonic form yelling at Mammon and Levi and posturing threateningly.

While you’re not surprised that Mammon and Levi are the focus of Satan’s rage, you do feel like Satan seems even angrier than you’ve ever seen him before.

You see Satan rear his arm back, as though he’s getting ready to strike his brothers, and know you have to intervene.

“Satan!” You call out as you dash forward to grab his arm.

He whips around to see the person who would dare to touch him as well as knock them loose. He’s mortified when he sees its you he’s knocked to the ground.

“MC!” He kneels down next to you. “I’m so sorry…”

You’re not really hurt, so you sit up and shrug it off. “I think you need a break.”

He only nods as he helps you back to your feet. You can tell by the look on his face that he feels bad for knocking you over.

You grab one of his hands and take him to your room.

You close and lock the door behind you before looking at Satan.

He won’t look at you as he fidgets with his boa nervously.

You walk over to him and stroke his cheek with one of your hands. “How about I tell you a story?”

He glances at you, then nods.

You let go of his face so that you can go and sit on your bed.

Satan follows after you, absolutely pitiful in the time between you letting go of his face and him sitting next to you on your bed.

You smile slightly as you reach up to stroke his horns. “… if you get rid of these you can lay on me.”

You’ve barely finished your sentence by the time Satan has changed back to his human form.

You wrap your arms around him and pull him close before starting your story.

You’ve told it to him a hundred times but it’s his favorite; daring sword fights, far off places, a prince in disguise, how could Satan not love this story? Besides, it never fails to calm him down.

Though Satan would argue that it’s actually you that calms him down.

Regardless, Satan isn’t trying to kill his brothers anymore and isn’t that what really matters?

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I’m good! Thank you for asking! I hope you’re well too. It makes me really happy to hear that you enjoy my writing. I’m glad that you asked for this because as soon as I read it I got ideas.

So I ended up splitting them up because Simeon’s got so long and angsty, it just felt like his deserved to be on its own.

MC Grooms Simeon

You’re baking with Luke at Purgatory Hall when Simeon walks in. Even though you can’t immediately see him, you can already tell something is off.

“Simeon? Is that you?!” Luke calls.

There’s no answer besides a soft thud, so you both go to into the foyer to check.

You both stop in your tracks, shocked by the sight before you.

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I dont keep up with those but i take your word for it

Warning: like? Mild? Angst? 

THE BROTHERS reacting to MC sitting in Lucifer’s cursed seat by mistake 


He should’ve known better than to trust a human to take his words at face value and not sit in the seat. He warned you, for goodness sakes, and now he may be responsible for your future death. Of course, he’s honestly not too worried for one reason and one reason only: he’s the master of curses and will easily lift off that curse from your shoulders. However, in the first few moments he actually doesn’t think about it and gets super worried about what is going to happen. You’re his MC after all and he’d hurt without you. 


That thing is still in the house?! He hates that seat because not only is it cursed to humans, he’s pretty sure Lucifer put a curse for him on there as well. Anyway. He’s genuinely freaking out and thinking the worst. Doesn’t try to hide it, either. You’re his babe, his MC, he can’t just let you go! His heart is aching, his eyes are filled with nothing but sadness and suddenly his whole life revolves around making sure you’re as comfortable as possible. He can’t even be mad at Lucifer for letting this happen because he’s too focused on just you. 


The minute he found out, he swore his whole world shattered. He’s just now getting confident enough to show his feelings and this moron absolutely messed it up! He’s yelling at Lucifer, although most of what he says is incoherent and spoken out of angry sadness. Tears are spilling from his eyes and he hates that even more. He hates that he didn’t have you, not really, and now you’re being taken away from him. Even if it was ‘your’ mistake, it’s still Lucifer’s fault and he will hold it against the eldest. 


Oh you know he’s all over Lucifer for that shit. He knows the eldest can fix it; Lucifer is very gifted in the arts of curses, but he also hates asking Lucifer for help so while he’s sad and worried about your general well being, he’s also the one doing extensive research on how to save you. Only when he meets rock bottom will he admit defeat and ask Lucifer for help and he wouldn’t be surprised if Lucifer had already done something by then, which pisses him off. Will definitely destroy that damn chair, even if he himself now possesses all the curses. 


He doesn’t know how he feels, honestly. He hates to think that this would really be it; the end of MC. It seems so sad and tragic, you know, and for once he doesn’t want to be dramatic about something. He wants to be optimistic. Even so, he still feels a ping of sadness everytime he looks at MC because no matter how good you look, the fear of you being gone next week is always in his mind. However, he does do the rational thing and goes to talk to Lucifer, unlike some of his other brothers. 


Sadness, guilt, and mild anger toward you. How could you be so clumsy? But then again, he can’t blame you. You didn’t know the seat was cursed and no one was there to tell you, but then again, you should know by now that hell is anything but a nice, friendly place. He’s sad because he can’t just lose you like that and he feels guilt because once again he couldn’t save the person he loves the most. This seems to be a never ending cycle for him and that’s not okay. Practically begs Lucifer to do something, anything, because he can’t stand to see you go. 


He’s angry and full of guilt. Angry because Lucifer should’ve destroyed that thing eons ago and also because the guy didn’t have it stored safely in his room or something, away from you. On the other hand, he also blames himself a bit. Why was he not there with you? Why did you leave his sight? It’s ridiculous to think that way and yet he does because you’re so special to him. He, much like Mammon, is more focused on you now rather than thinking rationally and you’ll definitely find him by your side a lot. 

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Request Rules:

The Fandoms i’ll write for

  • Obey Me! One Master To Rule Them All
  • My Hero Academia
  • Seven Deadly Sins

Be Specific- I don’t want to mess up your request so being specific is good for both of us. Specify if you want headcannons, scenarios, or a fic. My max characters at a time is 7
Respect the things I won’t write which is:

  • Incest (this includes Simeon x brother for Obey Me)
  • Any nsfw with an underage mc/y/n
  • ddlg/ddlb
  • Omorashi and other piss related thing
  • Abuse
  • Suicidal Mc/ y/n( unless it’s about NOT committing s*icide) this is a sensitive topic for me so there’s no guarantees that i’ll even write that
  • Anything that even brushes on homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny or misandry

Be Patient- things take time, you can always look at Renaissance Era art while you wait tho :)

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i decided to write a little (well, was supposed to be little but my writing gets away from me smh) scene of the reader and mammon going out on a date, some rando chica flirting with him, and u very clearly staking your claim, i hope u enjoy… 😘


Originally posted by elopawa

Mammon x Reader Out on the Town;

You and Mammon don’t go on dates as much as you’d like, namely because his brothers just seem to thrive on interrupting you at any given turn. You’ve made it quite clear to them on several occasions that Mammon is the one you’re interested in and it’s an exclusive party. Of course they respect it, they’re happy their stupid, greedy second brother has a lover finally - but he is still their stupid, greedy second brother - and by sacred sibling laws they cannot just leave him be.

However, in their endeavors to annoy Mammon into an early grave, so too have they annoyed you into a near-homicidal rage. You can scarcely sneak away on a date without running into one of them in the streets, or worse still being interrupted before you could even leave the house and one (or more) of them tagging along.

Today is, thankfully, not one of those days. Through careful, methodical planning and honestly sheer luck you managed to sneak away for the day without them making an unwanted cameo. Although that could always change, the day is still young.

You decided to go to a theme park some ways out of town, and so far there has been plenty of cutesy couple action you were sorely lacking. Your hand has stayed firmly in his back pocket while his arm is looped through yours, resting comfortably on your hip.

“Aah, can you believe this Mammon? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I don’t have to think about making you murder your brothers.” You smile and take in a deep, relaxing breath.

Mammon shoots you an incredulous look. “The sun is shining? What are you talkin’ about?” Funny that that’s the part he’s hung up on.

“It’s a figure of speech, I’m just saying I’m happy to finally have some alone time with you. Maybe we should move in together and not tell the others?”

He clears his throat to hide his giddiness but it does little. Already he can feel his heart pounding harder and his face heating up, but it’s your fault that you’re so cute! Maybe if you said less cute stuff he wouldn’t be so lovestruck by you.

He avoids answering, partially because he’s distracted by thoughts of you living alone together, and partially because he knows he’ll sound way too excited and hurt his fragile ego. You don’t press further and walk through the lively cobblestone paths in a comfortable silence.

You come across a cozy little eatery tucked in between a gift shop and a photo centre. The solitude tree outside the café stands in a small spot of dirt surrounded by the cobblestone, and the trunk is decorated with warm white lights. The café itself resembles a cottage with its deep browns, oranges, and greens complemented by brightly coloured seating and candle lights.

You immediately tug Mammon closer to you and point. “We should eat there. It’s so cute! Like cottagecore. You hungry?”

“I dunno what cottagecore is but heck yeah I’m hungry! Let’s go!”

The two of you sit down at an outdoor table and order your meals (you, of course, having to pay for Mammon’s) and enjoy the serene ambiance of the sweet little hideaway. Your chairs are shuffled next to each other and Mammon has his legs on your lap, you stroke his thighs beneath the table as you eat your food.

You twirl some spaghetti onto your fork and hold it up to Mammon’s mouth. “You want some?”

The look you’re giving him is a tad too sultry for such an innocent moment, and his face heats up again. “W-what? What the heck’re you thinkin’? We can’t do that here! There’re kids walking around!”

You scoff. “So? We’re not doing anything wrong. You think they’re gonna tell on us? Poor Mammon can’t even stand up to a couple of brats–”

“Alright!” He stops you, but his face isn’t any less red. “I’ll… have some…”

You smile in victory as you bring it closer to him. “Say ‘aah’.”

He avoids looking at your face and quietly says 'aah’ as he opens his mouth. You feed him the spaghetti but Mammon is far too flustered to even notice how it tastes, all he’s able to focus on is the way you’re staring at him. In the corner of his eye he knows the kind of look you’re wearing, and he just can’t subject himself to that sort of heat right now.

“Does it taste good?” you ask in a singsong voice.


“You like it, huh?”

“Yeah I like it…” This line of questioning seems oddly familiar to him.

“You want more of it, don’t you?”

He nods. “Yes, please.”

You sit in an awkward silence for a moment, but you quickly break it when you burst out laughing. Mammon snaps out of his stupor and glares at you. “What the hell?! What kind of weird crap are you makin’ me say?!”

You raise your hands defensively, trying to speak through the laughs. “I-I’m not making you say anything, you’ve just been trained too good!”

“Trained too good—” He interrupts himself when he suddenly realises what you’re talking about. “Y-you’re a freaking pervert, you know that?! Why are you saying weird things like that right now?!”

You slap your hand down on the table as you try to calm yourself and Mammon frowns at you. You notice his expression and quiet down until your laughter subsides, wiping a tear from the corner of your eye. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was just teasing you.”

“Yeah, real funny, you’re such a comedian.” He folds his arms over his chest and pouts.

You ruffle his hair and kiss him on the cheek. “I said I’m sorry! Listen, I’ll be back in a minute I’m gonna go pay for the meals, then we can go where you want to, okay?”

He mumbles a vague response as you get up and leave the table. He walks over to the lit up tree and coolly leans against it as he plays aimlessly with his phone.

A young demon woman who had been eyeing him for quite a while begins to walk over. She’s absolutely gorgeous with a perfect hourglass figure, luscious dark locks and impeccable style - and for whatever reason, she’s taken a liking to your man.

“Excuse me.” She taps him on the shoulder. “I was looking for the tunnel of love ride, you wouldn’t happen to know where it is would you? I’m terribly lost.”

“Hm? I think it’s back that way somewhere.” He gestures in a general southern direction and continues playing on his phone.

The mystery woman twirls a strand of hair around her fingers. “Oh, thank you so much! You know, my boyfriend broke up with me before we could ride it… would… you perhaps like to join me?”

Mammon makes a face. “Why d’ya wanna go to the tunnel of love if you’re single?”

She giggles. “It seems silly but I was going to ride it by myself. But I saw you’re also here alone so I decided why not? I’d love for some handsome company.”

He feels a confidence boost from this. He puts his phone away and runs a hand through his pale hair. “Well, it’s natural that you’d come to me for that. I am pretty handsome.”

She innocently laughs and rests a hand on his arm. “You’re so funny! And masculine too… your body is pretty hard under here, huh? Do you work out regularly?”

Before he can answer, he gets interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Oh? Have you been making friends without me, Mammon?”

He looks behind him to see you striding out of the café with a veiled pissed off look on your face. The same kind of veiled pissed off look you get when his brothers interrupt you but you try to be polite anyway.

“Ah, human! There you are,” he says, completely oblivious. “This is my girlfriend, [Name], [Name] this is…”

“Lucette.” The woman’s facade seems to have cracked a little, because you can see she’s returning the hostility.

Lucette,” you repeat in a mockingly sweet tone. “I would appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself.”

She smirks at you and lifts her hand from Mammon’s bicep. “My, so demanding. Are you perhaps intimidated by me?”

You laugh. “Intimidated?! Why would I be intimidated by some sidewalk floozy? Do you really think either of us are going to remember you once this conversation’s over? I can barely remember your name now.

Mammon’s heart swelled with pride at having two heartthrobs fighting over him. He’s already planning on blowing this out of proportion the next time he has a conversation with his brothers. Poorly concealing his amusement, he turns to you and says, “Okay babe, I think this is going too far now. Let’s go somewhere else, ‘kay?”

You blatantly ignore him (much to his displeasure) and continue your glaring battle with the interloper. Neither of you are backing down and the hostile energy is palpable. You can tell this Lucette seems the type to do this often, considering how expertly she targeted Mammon. She swooped in like a hawk and talked him up on the one instance he was alone all day? She’s practiced, you can see that.

You take a menacing step forward, your aura oppressive and possessive. “Let me get this straight for you. This moron over here is mine, and only mine. He’s not gonna be interested in some homewrecker he met while on a date with the bitch he’s obsessed with, are you stupid?”

Mammon sheds a single tear and murmurs to himself, “Moron…?”

Lucette falters a little, but she hides it well. “Are you sure he’s not looking for someone who’ll treat him bette–”

“There is no one who’ll treat him better. I doubt you, miss hunts-after-stray-men, could possibly outmatch me, and it’s kind of cute that you think you can. If you hadn’t introduced yourself to me in the worst possible way, I might’ve been inclined to show you what has him so obedient to me.”

“Oi! Who’re you calling obedient you arrogant–”

“Mammon, quiet.”

He shuts up immediately out of instinct. Damn, you really do have him trained well.

Before Lucette can say anything else, you turn around and kiss Mammon passionately. His eyes widen in surprise and his body is stiff against yours, but not for long. You know what he likes and how he likes it, so he can’t help but melt into the kiss despite his misgivings about PDA. With one hand on his jaw and the other rubbing the small of his back, Mammon begins to reciprocate by wrapping his arms around you and squeezing his eyes shut as he subconsciously draws you even closer.

You skillfully massage your tongue against his, exploring the familiar contours of his mouth and his mind begins to feel hazy, all rational thoughts becoming clouded by a mix of love, pleasure, and lust. You even get a little too far lost in it, but you find the willpower to step away from him, though you keep your arm locked around his waist.

Good thing too, because Mammon’s knees are too shaky to support him right now. Lucette is staring at the both of you - mainly you - in pure shock of what she just witnessed. Mammon looks like a puppy in love and can’t seem to take his eyes off you even as you look back to Lucette, and you know that.

With a final, conclusive statement to end the stand-off you say, “The chances of you managing to steal this one away from me are, in a word, small as fuck. Cut your losses and do your seductress routine on one of the other inferior dudes around here. And guess what? Bye.”

Before she can even answer, you swiftly turn on your heel and guide Mammon in another direction, to which he semi-mindlessly follows. His mind is still racing from your kiss, but he’s present enough to know that you just got jealous and protective of him, which… feels kinda good, he can’t lie.

Lucette on the other hand simply watches you go, her lips parted in shock. She’s broken up enough couples to know that the way he’s looking at you makes him an almost impossible challenge, and with you there pulling stunts like that? More than impossible. She decides to retain her damaged dignity and stand down, shaking her head and chuckling a bit to herself.

As you and Mammon walk away, he gathers up the energy and says to you, “That was… kind of cool, I guess. The way you told her off n’ stuff. I wasn’t actually planning on going with her.”

“I know you weren’t,” you answer matter-of-factly as you start to pull him towards a dark and secluded alleyway.

“O-oi, where are we going now?”

“To make out. I got horny.”

He gulps, but follows along with no protest.

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Obey Me x POC!Reader!







“You’ll Look Dashing…”•Lucifer•



The glow in his demonic eyes, smelling the sweet scent of coconut. Those lewd thoughts hitting him hard in his brain, never considering what it would be like. Lucifer has his fair share of wants and needs but it’s never gone this far.

It’s just, the odd feeling of seeing you like that in his brain, he wanted it to be realistic. The thought of having you at his side for eternity with his child was beautiful. The thought of painting your insides white was definitely a pleasure.

“y-you gon-… G-Get me…. pr-pregnant…”

Those sultry words dropped from your drooling mouth, lips parted as you stared at your mirror. Watching as Lucifer pounded mercilessly into your warm pillow like core. Today was unbearable, from the day you woke up today. It was apparent that you’d been having a bad day, causing you to be a complete ass over situations.

Lucfier decided that he’d teach you a lesson, for being such a brat. Though all he could fathom was completely drowning you in his cream.

It was definite that he was being around you for too long, seeing in the mirror, his soft chain hanging from his neck and jingling each time he’d pound into you. You remember buying it for him and he scolded you… though wore it eventually..

“F-fuc-…ah~ G-Give yo baby, l-… Lucifer..”

The tears dripping from your eyelashes as your pretty face was smushed against the soft mattress.. Lucfier felt his insides burn with passion and need. He didn’t want you to have his baby, he NEEDED you to be impregnated with his child.

The smirk etched onto his face as you became undid, just leaking down your inner thighs as he reached and harshly grabbed a fist full of your silk bonnet along with your hair that was in it. If your hair was done… he would’ve been dead… But you didn’t feel like doing it this week. So under the bonnet it went-…

“You’ll look dashing…. how precious you’ll look when you’re showing.” Those oh sadistic words being blown into your ear as you went a bit limp, mind going dumb from off of his dick.

That’s when his low groans were passing, echoing in your ear. Almost rumbling the sheets as his arms grew those veins a bit.. His lower stomach finally crumbling after a few more thrusts, eventually drooping, his creamy goodness shooting into you… far and deep. Your insides white, some pushed out from impact…

There was no way of getting out of this now… Trapped with his cum… breathing out hard as you felt him slide out… His red demonic eyes watching as he poured out of your pink insides, your dark pussy lips all messy…


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Do The Curtains Match The Drapes?

A/n: sighhhh, I’m making this on a whim, please forgive me

Fandom: Obey Me!

Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub,and Belphegor


  • Kinda
  • His pûbéś are all black, none of that gradient to grey that his head hair has going for it


  • No
  • His non head hair is dark brown


  • Kashkak this is what inspired this whole post
  • Yes, and that gives me a funny mental image for some reason
  • His basment spiderwebs are the exact blueish purple color as his hair


  • No
  • Because I headcannon that he’s not a natural blond
  • His downstairs bush is black


  • Yes, but don’t take my word for it. Ask him yourself! Don’t worry if you’re more of a visual person


  • Yes and any of his teammates will tell you the same thing


  • Again, kinda
  • His d*ck’s beard is white
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Their Favorite Buzzfeed Channel


  • Buzzfeed Unsolved
  • The perfect thing to listen to while filing paperwork


  • Pero-like
  • Idk why but he just gives he that vibe


  • Since Buzzfeed is a normie thing, none are his favorite but he does like Buzzfeed Multiplayer since they play video games


  • Buzzfeed Nifty
  • Satan is a diy guy, you can’t tell me otherwise


  • When it was a thing, Buzzfeed Violet


  • Proper Tasty
  • Need I say more?


  • Buzzfeed News
  • He puts it on to sleep, don’t judge him

Lord Diavolo

  • Ladylike, when it was a thing
  • He watches the kitchen and jorn show now


  • Goodful


  • As/is


  • Simeon can’t figure out how to work “The Youtubes”


  • Tasty
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Dating the obey me boys include


- sitting on his lap while he does work

-is actually touch starved but dosnt admit it

- loves dances with you to 70s music

-his favorite pass time is you and him in his room cuddling in silence while listening to music

-one time he got up end took your hand and started to slow dance with you


-he really does love you like a lot but of course he won’t say it out loud so he does little things such as playing with your hands and sitting as close to you as he can

-he’s. so. clingy.

-if you try to get up to use the bathroom while you guys are cuddling he will act like you are gonna leave for years on end

-loves being the little spoon while cuddling

-if someone touches you wrong won’t hesitate to throw them not even over exaggerating one time a guy tried to touch your thigh and. before you could touch you mammon grabbed his hand and threw him threw a window

-you are his and only his


-loves you so much but can’t say it without blushing and stuttering

- if you want him to blush, make eye contain with him

- he will die mentally and physically and look away with a nose bleed

- and if you want to break him smile WITH eye contact

- absolutely loves your thighs loves laying on them while gaming

-you are the only one who can touch his ruri chan figures


- you can’t deny it half the time he reads on the floor and sometimes he sits in front of the bed and when your sitting on the bed your thighs are on his shoulders

-if you try to leave in this position he will put his hand on your thigh with a really quiet “stay”

- you would not be able to open your own doors or pull out your own chair because he is always there first

- when ever your done with your plate or cup or something he immediately takes it for you

-would read to you until you fall asleep


-won’t stop testing products on you

-his hands won’t come off your body no matter what

-whenever you to go shopping you always end up in a dressing room together mostly because you tried on a lingerie

-you won’t suspect it but is actually really good at drawing and loves drawings you while your hanging out


-absolutely loves when you agree to take a bath with him and won’t be sexual but if you insist he will gladly



-loves picnics with you and has a lot of picture of you  smiling at the camera

-has a photo shoot with you and there is one of you feeding him food

-loves seeing you in with his jacket on especially if you fall asleep in it

-won’t suspect it but is pretty protective in public

-if someone looks at you wrong he will have his hand on your waist pulling you towards him giving the other demon a threatening glare

-loves when you kiss his hand for some reason or just fumble with his hand

-if you bake him sweets after playing a game or sport he will literally marry you


-so many cuddles like you can’t get away from them

-if you caress his face he will fall more in love with you

-uses your thighs as a pillow and also it’s his new favorite thing to sleep on other than his cow pillow of course

-if you get dragged down to sleep you aren’t getting up for a good 7 hours

-don’t even try to leave he will become so pouty and follow you around like a lost puppy

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@mysticblackwolf: How about the boys with a Scorpion dragon mc and they are overprotective of luke and are friends with cerburus.

A/N:  You put some art by an artist to illustrate what the Scorpio Dragon would be like, but because I didn’t find the artist consequently I’m not allowed to use the drawing as an illustration and I want to exempt myself from problems like being accused of plagiarism and appropriating of something that doesn’t belong to me, so I won’t risk the integrity of my workshop’s name if I don’t have permission.


Your background story: You are a powerful dragon and also very dangerous because of your poison thanks to some characteristics of your hybrid form of dragon with scorpion’s tail and stinger and hard scales like an exoskeleton.

It is quoted in folklore that your poison would be problematic even for the Demon King (Diavolo learned the worst way when he entered your den wanting to be friends with you). Unlike many dragons, you have intellect and rational awareness compared to that of humans and demons and the ability to assume a human form.

By an Impulsive idea of ​​Diavolo you were chosen as an exchange student and somehow your parental instincts kicked in when you met Luke who reminds you of your cub killed by dragon hunters centuries ago.


MC: * dozing in dragon form *

Luke: * dozing * * using MC’s paw as a pillow *

Cerberus: * dozing under the wing of MC *

Angel hunter: * trying to sneak up * * reaches out to grab Luke *

MC: * threatens to sting the idiot * Dare and you will have more holes than a Swiss cheese …

Angel hunter: Nope … * runs away *

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Will have to repost this headcanon since I’m unable to find it in the works at all

Demon Bros react to Mc having a penpal from the human world


* “Who are you writing too?” Lucifer was curious when he saw you writing a letter. “Oh to my penpal Lucille! She and I write a lot of letters to each other.” You say and Lucifer was interested.

* “I’m curious (Y/n) what it is like having a penpal?” “Hmmm? Oh it’s pretty nerve wracking at first but it’s pretty fun!” You say still writing the letter

* A delivery demon crow comes into the room and you give your letter to it and it sets off on its journey to deliver your letter. “We should find you a penpal! I think you’ll really enjoy it!”


* “Yooooo! (Y/n) let’s hang out!” Mammon barged into your room and you got scared looked at him. “Jeez Mammon don’t barge in! Just give me a second!” You say pouting.

* “What are you doing?” He says coming closer. “Oh I’m writing a letter to my penpal! They actually send me chocolate coins would you like one?” You gave him one.

* The day after you see Mammon writing countless letters. “What are you doing Mammon?” “I’m writing letters to get some money from the penpals you were talking about.” “Oh Mammon….”


* “Hey Normie what are you doing let’s play Monoke Land!” Levi was holding his DDD when he walked into your room. He noticed you writing a letter and he got curious.

* “Oh give me one second Levi I’m currently writing to my penpal!” You say still writing. “Oh I didn’t know you had one too what’s their name?” “Oh her name is Emily! She got me a new notebook” you held it up very excitedly.

* “It’s c-cute…” he says blushing from your cute reactions. “Oh who’s your penpal?” “He’s a demon named Ares!”


* “(Y/n) you got a package” Satan brings it in to your room and placed it on your bed. You got excited and opened it. “Who’s it from?” “It’s from my penpal Ada!” You open the box and it’s a very popular book that you wanted to read in a long time.

* “Hey (Y/n) am I able to have a penpal?” Satan asked you and you decided to help him out with your penpal’s brother who was a professor at a college. Thankfully him and Satan always wrote letters back and forth even going as far to send him his favorite books (not the magic ones) and his penpal send him books even Satan got excited for.

* You can always catch Satan bringing a large package to his room very often.


* “Honey are you ready for a spa day?” You turn your attention to Asmo who was holding a bag of various bath bombs and shampoos. “Of course let me just mail this letter out” you sealed the letter and handed it to the delivery crow.

* “Who was the letter for?” Asmo was curious. “Oh to my penpal Danielle! We’ve been penpals for 5 years” Asmo starts becoming pouty. “I want a penpal too! How can I get one?! I want the whole human world to see how beautiful I am!”

* You did catch Asmo writing a lot of letters. “Asmo what are you doing?” “Oh I’m writing a letter to a human who runs a clothing line! I must say their designs are amazing!” Asmo was very happy and you gave him a kiss on the cheek.


* Beel smelt food coming from the package and brought it to your room immediately. “Here (y/n)!” He placed it on your bed and you opened it revealing some snacks from different countries. “Awwww I didn’t think they send snacks!”

* “Who is it from?” “Oh it’s from my penpal Emilio! They sent me snacks from other countries, would you like to try some beel?” The two of you were trying out the snacks and some were very delicious in your opinion and you gave some to Beel.

* “Do you think I can have a penpal too?” He asked very curiously. “Of course you can! I can help find you one!”


* “(Y/n) you got a letter from the human world. It’s probably from your mom” he gives it to you while holding his signature pillow. You opened it and it was from your penpal. “Oh it’s from Rose! She was telling me that her transition was a success and her family are accepting of her!”

* Belphie was curious on what a penpal was and asked you about it. You tried explaining it the best you could and now Belphie wanted to try it out.

* He managed to get a human penpal with the help of Satan and he and his penpal were discussing how falling asleep is good and how his penpal was living in a mansion with his other 5 brothers.

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Harry Potter witch! MC (2)

MC: * dozing * * hugging Midas like a teddy bear *
Midas: * Dozing off *
- MAMMON! WHERE ARE YOU, YOU DAMN SCUMBAG! - Lucifer screaming from another room.
MC: What did this idiot do this time? * tired sigh *
Midas: * feels the presence of something * * squealing *
MC: … I’m going to ask Belphie if I can take a nap with him in the attic. * leaves the room with Midas *
Lucifer: * furious * * passing down the hall *
MC: I didn’t hide him, but Midas knows where he is.
Lucifer: Say it. Now.
MC: It looks like Mammon was smart the first time and hid under my bed while I dozed off.
Midas: * squeaks *
MC: Um? Do you have anything for Lucifer?
Midas: * takes Goldie out of his belly pocket * * offers it to Lucifer *
Lucifer: … * takes Goldie * MC, you once told me that you trained Nefflers to find objects of certain people, right?
MC: Yep, the Ministry of Magic now uses them to find fugitives. There is always an idiot who forgets to get rid of a precious metal item while trying to hide.
Lucifer: Train one to look for Mammon.
MC: Okay, but leave me immune from punishments for six months.
Lucifer: One month.
MC: Call me when you want to talk seriously. * about to leave *
Lucifer: Fine!
MC: After my nap I’ll look for a Niffler to train. *go away*
Lucifer: Ugh … It’s no wonder that MC has the Ministry of Magic in the palm of their hand … * tired sigh *

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Another one of my Obey Me dreams// slightly nsfw

So I’m on my ddd in a groupchat with Mammon, Solomon, and Barbatos. In the gc Solomon is all like

Solomon- “hey guys, ya wanna have an ørgÿ”

Barbatos- “ that would be pleasent”

Mammon- “ hell ya”

So I’m like “😀 ze fhawuk”. Next thing i know, Mammon is at my door knocking and shit. basically mammon was knocking to come and ‘prep me’ for the ørgÿ??? He lets himself in an asks me “ya ever participated in an ørgÿ before”. So ofc I answer truthfully and say that I haven’t

Cue Mammon making fun of me for the rest of the dream for ‘being a virgin’

This dream was probably caused by me reading fanfics untill I fell asleep

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MC with tribal tattoos

MC: * working out * * lifting weights *
Asmo: * horny * * watching tribal tattoos following MC’s movements *
MC: * doing pushups *
Beel: … * looking at the tribal tattoo on your back that looks like his wings * * blushes *
MC: * modeling for the art class *
Satan and Lucifer: * drawing * * trying to stay calm *
Solomon: * nosebleed * * passed out *
MC: * modeling for a beach themed photo shoot *
Simeon: * modeling with them * * dilemma between happiness and guilt *
Mammon: * trying to recover from nosebleed * * passed out *
MC: Levi, can I ask you something?
Levi: Yes. * playing on his D.D.D *
MC: I’m thinking about getting another tattoo and I thought about tattooing a snake. What do you think?
Levi: * gasp * what …? * blush *
MC: I researched some designs and found some really cool ones. I also think snakes are really cool.
Levi: ASTHJENFK! * inner happiness *
Diavolo: * tracing the shapes of the tattoos on MC’s arms *
Barbatos: * watching from a distance * * trying to stay calm when he sees how sexy MC is with tattoos *
MC: Lord Diavolo … Have you finished looking at my tattoos? *bored*
Diavolo: Just a few more minutes! * puppy eyes *
MC: You have said that for the past two hours … * tired sigh *
Belphie: … * sulking * * hugging MC *
MC: … Belphie, why are you so upset?
Belphie: … * sulking *
MC: … Wait just a little while until my last tattoo heals and I can get a tattoo that looks like the birthmarks of your demon form, what do you think?
Belphie: * turns into a demon without realizing * * wags his tail *

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Obey me boys react to mc in a crop top


- literally couldn’t take his eyes off you

- at breakfast he would steal not so subtle glances at you

- when he tried to do his paperwork all he thought about was you

- texts you “come to my room I have a new task for you i need to explain”

- i think we all know it wasn’t just a “task”


- freaked out blushing when you greeted him in the morning

- him being the tsundere he is denied when you caught him staring

-“y-you must be s-seeing things mc”

- as you and him where walking to a store he saw and demon looking at you with lust in his eyes and almost killed him

-“ the nerve he has to look at my human”


- thought you looked like a girl from an anime

- covered his face and ran to the bathroom when he saw you trying to hide his nose bleed

- would not stop stuttering

- tried to compliment you but failed by his stuttering and constant blushing

- “w-w-woah mc y-you l-l-look amazing” but said it very quiet to where you didn’t know what he said


- probably the most calm of his brothers

-just smiles at you and acted like it was normal

-was happy you had confidence to put on a crop top

-“ you look stunning today mc” he whispered in your ear while his hands are on your waist


- “OMG Mc daring i told you you look amazing in that shirt!”

-was actually they one that bought it for you

- stared at you with his eyes full of lust

- picked you up and cared you into his room for some more private time


- smiles sweetly at you

-offers you some of his food mostly just to be around you

- you both went on a walk and a demon looked at you sexually and made a comment about it

-beel gave you his jacket to cover yourself up and told you to go back to the house as he turned into his demon form

-“i will see you at home soon ok honey”

-I don’t think that demon is alive anymore 😀


- wouldn’t even notice till he pulls you down to cuddle

-you can’t see his face but you can feel him smirk

-his hands starts to wander around your waist area and up to your chest area

-“what a naughty little girl trying to seduce me i think you need a punishment”

- let’s just say you didn’t get much sleep 👁👄👁

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Harry Potter witch! MC

Your background story: You are a student witch at Hogwarts and have been summoned to be part of the RAD exchange, but you were about to use the ticket to platform 9 ¾ for another year at Hogwarts and are now at Devildom.
Unlike your fellow witches and wizards you have a Niffler as a mascot named Midas and this creature that sees you as a maternal figure, so it’s hard to see him away from you … Except when he’s hunting for valuable things and treasures, outside this he is loving and obedient to you.


Midas: * curious * * looking at them *
Diavolo: Hahaha! What a peculiar creature!
Satan: Wait, isn’t that a Niffler? That creature that is attracted to metal objects and shiny things? * having a bad feeling *
MC: Yep, he has already found a lot of treasures. My earrings were a gift that Midas gave me when he returned from a treasure hunt. * shows solid gold earrings *
Mammon: … Can this animal find valuable treasures?
MC: Yup, Nifflers are good at that. They are naturally attracted to treasures and other things.
Demon Bros minus Mammon: Oh no …
Mammon: Midas, my dear little friend! Do ya wanna play treasure hunt for the Great Mammon? *smiling*
MC: … stay away from my baby.
Midas: * hisses * * hides in your coat *

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Married life with the brothers

S/o is significant other


* Mornings are very nice with Lucifer. He wakes up earlier than his S/o just let them sleep in longer. He will make sure none of his brother disturbs them and will go to the kitchen to make some breakfast for you in bed. He does only get himself some black coffee so you often make him breakfast when you are finished with yours.

* Have kids? Never fear! Lucifer will always schedule a weekly picnic for you and the kids or just take you guys out to a restaurant when it’s raining. He loves spending time with family and seeing his children smiling and yours make him feel like the greatest husband/father and he feels very prideful of that.

* Lucifer is big on romance. He will do this only in private but he plan out his free days and make sure you’re getting his love and affection. He will buy expensive candies have candles lighten up the room while he gets hold you close skin to skin touching.


* Mornings can be difficult for Mammon since he likes to sleep in and cuddle you so more. Although he still won’t admit it, he does get up to make you some coffee and for himself so you both can enjoy it in bed together while you watch a movie together in the mornings. He does end up falling asleep on your chest and likes holding you close.

* Wanna spend time with his children? No problem! Mammon is very great dad but he tends to try to max out his credit card to gift his children gifts even though they all love him and don’t care about gifts. Doesn’t stop them getting a couple of toys. Mammon just want to spend lots of great moments together.

* Romantic moments with Mammon tend to be a little crazy on his part. He will make sure that he has roses covering the bed the lights dim and ready for you two to have lovely moments.


* oh the otaku husband so sweet and kind even blushing while making sure you slept in while he already had breakfast ready and started to play a game while he has own breakfast near him. If he hears Mammon being loud be ready for Levi to tear his ass up. Not before he makes sure you’re sleeping soundly before putting on a noise machine.

* Spending time with the kids can be very funny since Levi and the kids tend to go into game stores where they see some good games they want to get. Let’s just say that when they get home they spend their time speedrunning their games and just have friendly conversations while they do it.

* A romantic moment with Levi is that he prepares a special moment with lights and a nice anime movie playing while he snuggles close pulling you in for a loving kiss.


* He wakes up pretty early just to make you two breakfast in bed. Satan tends to make waffles each chance he gets while leaving some for his brothers as well. He did look up in a book that spending breakfast in bed increases affection levels and he wants to snuggle you with the baby kitten in bed. (Satan says fuck Lucifer kitty stays in house)

* If you have children, Satan takes all of you out on a weekly trip where he can spend more time with his family. He actually make some food and packs it in a huge lunchbox. They are kitty shaped just so you know.

* Oh Satan has this in the bag. A very romantic dinner, flowers in a vase, room filled with scented candles as you enjoy your moments together. Also he has bandages ready if he cuts you with his nails if you two make love.


* The married life with Asmodeus? It’s very lovely expect there will be mornings where he will not let you go while he snuggles against you. By the way, he doesn’t wear anything in bed so you can feel everything even morning wood. But snuggle times in bed makes Asmo so happy.

* If you have kids, Asmo often spends time with them and teaching them how to do make up, styling hair, and using beauty products to moisturize the face. But they always end up at the spa and getting their nails done. Asmo will praise his children for being so beautiful and amazing. Be prepared for him to praise his kids (a lot).

* Romance is Asmo’s forte. A bubble bath with rose petals in it with champagne ready for drinking and very smooth jazz music playing just to relax you two. Asmo will ask very nicely if you want to have fun time in the bath.


* Mornings are usually insane with Beel mostly because he makes a lot of breakfast in bed even breakfast dessert. It’s a lot of food he made and you’ll probably get full very easily. He will make everything including vegetarian options. Beel loves to eat and cook in the mornings but there are times where he does order out as well.

* Kids? You can find them and Beel playing with dolls even enjoying some snacks. They tend to go hard with playing dolls and always ends up with Beel pretending to be a monster that will catch his kids and give them kisses on the cheek. Beel is very affectionate and loves his children so very much.

* Beel really loves romantic moments with you. He did a large order from Ristorante Six getting all of your favorite desserts and some meals. It does end up with serious food play and love making. But he does have a heat pad ready just in case.


* The tired mornings always ends up with you waking up in Belphie’s arms. Both of you wouldn’t even get out the bed until early afternoon. You do try to make breakfast for both of you but you always find Belphie starting breakfast even though you left the bedroom first.

* Belphie and kids? Nap time all day every day. He actually made his children their own pillows with their favorite animal keychain attached to them. Belphie will tuck his kids in bed while he sleeps on the floor. Don’t bother waking him up he’s in a deep sleep.

* Belphie lets you take control when it comes to making love. He did make the room romantic even bring out some rope for you to experience on him or you. (Belphie is a switch) but if you let him take control just make sure you rest because you’ll be sore.

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😏 Always!

Content warning: AB/DL, CG/L, humiliation


Imagine stripping Mammon’s pants off and replacing his boxers with a pull-up, telling him you don’t want your little boy to have an accident in his pants and embarrass himself, so he needs to have a little extra protection.

Imagine the look on his face when you tell him you want to go on a date with him, right then, with no opportunity for him to take off his pull-up beforehand. He’s so embarrassed, but he can’t tell you no.

Imagine the blush he has on his face the whole evening, constantly wondering if anyone can tell he’s wearing a pull-up, checking his waistband every so often to make sure his pants are hiding it.

Imagine refusing to let him use the restroom the whole time you’re out together, making him desperate to the point that he willingly wets his pull-up just to ease the pressure in his bladder.

Imagine pointing out how his walk is different after he’s wet himself, almost as if he’s waddling a little. He denies it, but you continue to tease him, wondering aloud how your little boy would look waddling around in a proper diaper after he wets himself. He tells you to ‘keep it down, people could hear you!’ - but you don’t care in the slightest.

Imagine heading home with him after your date, waiting until you’re in the living room with his brothers to check his pull-up. He’s completely humiliated, but you shush and coo at him, telling him that little boys like him have accidents sometimes, and that’s okay; that’s why he’s in pull-ups, after all.

Imagine watching him cover his face as you grab a dry pull-up from your bag and lay him down to change him, loudly describing each step in the process ‘just in case your brothers ever need to change you.’

Imagine making him keep his pants off after you’ve changed him, giving him his wet pull-up and telling him to go throw it away for you, watching him try to pull his shirt down over his padding as he rushes out of the room to do as you asked.

Imagine movie night with the brothers carrying on just like that, keeping Mammon at your side while all eight of you watch a horror film together. You hold him protectively when he gets scared, and lightly press on his bladder when you can tell a jump-scare is coming.

Imagine your little boy wetting his pull-up from fright, clinging to you while he whimpers from fright and embarrassment, soothed by your gentle coos in his ear.

Imagine his brothers catching the scent of urine in the air and pausing the movie to ask Mammon if he’d gotten scared and wet himself. He hides his face in your shoulder while you tell the brothers that it wasn’t his fault, he’s just a little boy and little boys have accidents sometimes.

….Just imagine Mammon in pull-ups.

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Hey guys! I’m asking for just a little bit of inspiration if y'all happen to think of something. I so rarely get ideas for Satan, Asmo, Belphie, and the angels. If y'all have an idea for one of them that you’d like to see me write, I’d gladly give it a shot! I’ll let you know if your request isn’t quite my cup of tea.

Thanks in advance!

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