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#obey me self insert
devildom-202 · a month ago
(GN) MC who walks around the house practically half naked sometimes
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Beelzbub, Belphegor (I didn't know what to put for satan might add him later )
idk about you guys but, no bra + underwear + tight sleeping shirt is something I wouldn't want to give up upon moving to the Devildom. (Though I probably would in the end, I'd feel embarrassed walking around lol)
(Also while writing this I feel like it gave off a weird vibe, like you shouldn't wear fewer clothes in the comfort of your home, that' not my intention.)
Anyway, I'll get to answering and finishing requests got... sometime soon... hopefully
- Glad that you feel homely enough in the house to walk around as you feel,
- But
- Please put on some proper leisurewear during the day, you know how often guest just walk into the house.
- Plus, if you’re together, he absolutely hates knowing anybody else, even his brothers, are seeing you that way.
- “Hey Lucifer, you called me?”
- “Yes…” he does a once over on you “…did you have to come in your underwear and night shirt?”
- absolutely, it's funny because he gets a little distracted during work.
- He gets used to it though, to the point where he just signs, makes sure there's no expecting guests and goes on about his day.
- He does a double-take every time
- Try to talk to him, he’ll be all flustered and stuttering.
- He can’t say anything though, since sometimes when getting ready for school in the morning, he’s just up and about without a shirt.
- (Before you came to the house he’d just walk straight out of his room naked, right into the bathroom, no care in the world.)
- “Oh hey, Mammon,”
- “Gah! Why’re ya naked!?”
- “Uhm, I’m not naked, this is clearly a shirt…”
- “It’s JUST a shirt!”
- "and underwear, mind you :D"
- Also the type to just get used to it after a while, sometimes when he's bickering and loosing he throws in a "an' put on a shirt!!" just to be petty or smthn
- Ngl would probably be the most bothered by all the brothers
- “W-why are you half naked!!!”
- “Because… I can?”
- “W-w-wwell, I, aum… !!!”
- He’s a blushing mess.
- Your shirt is loose and he can almost see your chest.
- In addition to the password by his door, he makes you do a special lock when you’re dressed in leisure clothes.
- He gets more tolerable but never gets used to it unless your like fully clothed or smthn unfortunately.
- Enabler
- He loves to gawk at you, you look so cute
- Makes for easy access
- He joins you from time to time if only to show off his cute night/leisure clothes!
- Doesn’t do it often because once he wore a more raunchy nightgown around the house and his brothers locked him in his room for like 2 days on a time out.
- “My! Even in distressing attire, you still look ravishing, my little sheep~”
- Good luck getting his hands off you when it’s on, typical behaviour.
- Honestly, he doesn’t even notice.
- Until one day you bend down to get a pot in the kitchen in front of him.
- “Mc, why don’t you have on pants?”
- Whatever answer you give, he’d just go “oh, ok.” And continue on with his day
- He’s a bit more conscious of you now when you’re dressed like that
- He’s only a bit more bashful, but more or less act the same.
- If it makes Lucifer upset, fine by him.
- Hell, he’ll join you.
- Unlike Beel, he does notice, but like Beel, he doesn’t care as well.
- Walk around naked for all he cares.
- Kind of entertaining for him, to see what you walk out with.
- is it a no type of day? maybe no pants? a single sock???
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cold-strawberry-tea · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Imagine hugging Mammon and doing that thing where you make it a challenge of who can squeeze the other tighter before letting go
Imagine sitting next to Lucifer and leaning your head on his shoulder while he plays the piano
Imagine playing a two player game with Levi; You’re slouched over his back with your arms draped over his shoulder in front of him as you both play the game
Imagine going to a dinner party with the brothers and there aren’t enough seats at the table so Beel just sits you in his lap instead
Imagine being with Belphie for a movie night and as you’re about to drift of to sleep he leans close to you and gently kisses your forehead before cuddling into your stomach to sleep
Imagine sitting in the bathtub with Asmo in his bathroom gossiping and talking with him as he tells you funny stories from before you came to the Devildom
Imagine laying with Satan on his bed with a cat laying across your stomach as he reads book after book to you
Imagine being at one of Diavolo’s parties when he approaches you with a beaming smile then leans down, offers his hand to you and asks for a dance in the most suave voice he can muster
Imagine sitting in RAD’s garden with Simeon while he gently braids flowers together to create a delicate crown before placing it atop your head with a giggle
Imagine helping Barbatos with cleaning Lord Diavolo’s castle and exchanging funny faces across the room to try and make the other laugh
Imagine receiving help from Solomon with potions, so he is now behind you gingerly guiding your arms and playfully blowing in your ear from time to time
Imagine that Luke had a nightmare while staying in the HoL with you so in the middle of the night you feel him carefully cuddle into you and guide your hand to his back as he faces your stomach
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spencerkeg · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This ones very sketchy because i lost all will to work on it lol-
But as promised!! MAMMON WEAKNESS TIME! Mammon has,,, many weakness haha. He’s v easy to fluster and please💛
The main one displayed here is Couple outfits!! Or matching in general! It feeds into that possessive side of him. It’s all the more appealing to him if you do it without him asking you to! Whether intentional or otherwise- it makes him super happy 💛💛💛
He also loves when his partner starts to take after him! Maybe in terms of speech, maybe in how they dress, maybe even in foods they like! He loves having mutual interests with his partner and he loves having something just between the two of you 💛
The last thing I have to note that I didn’t highlight here is- jewelry! No shit that this man loves shiny things- BUT ON HIS PARTNER? he’s going to lose it!! He also just loves the jingle from hearing his partner walk. Satisfying and makes him feel a bit safer, being able to hear u approach. He scares easily lol
Anyway I love him… look at these cute himbo
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linpunny · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Missing Glasses Leviathan
A/N: I’ve been in a slump and writing this helped pull me out of it. This is a continuation on the Missing glasses series with the demon brothers. I gave Levi a lot of love this time. Or maybe I just needed the love????? Either way enjoy!
Warnings: None. just fluff and good feelings here. 
word count: 850
You woke up to the face of Ruri-chan staring at you cutely and the unusual feel of the cold surface of his bathtub was somewhat comforting at this point. You stared back at Ruri-chan’s distorted face as you snuggled a little closer to the body pillow and ran your hands over the finish of the bathtub inhaling the scent of your favorite otaku loving demon. Your heart throbbed a little and you felt flush but you pushed those thoughts away and saved them for another day or moment when the time was right.
Yawning you popped your head over the edge of the tub and squinted, the bright light of a computer screen bounced of the large aquarium where Henry 2.0 was asleep. In the distance you could hear Levi swiftly tapping on his keyboard, immersed in some sort of game. Rubbing your groggy eyes you searched for your glasses which to your surprise weren’t underneath the plushies or the Ruri-chan blanket you were wrapped up in. Great…
But you didn’t remember how you got to the bathtub. The last thing you remembered was playing games with Levi.
Leaning over the edge of the tub you felt around the floor with your hands trying so desperately to find your damn glasses. No luck though again.
“Levi?” no response, “Leviathan.” Sighing you turned to his image, and from what you could make out he had his headphones on. You sunk back into the tub laying flat on your back. The jelly fish lights looked like blobs, the soft glow of their light was fuzzy as you stared absentmindedly at the ceiling the calming water doing anything but calming you right now.
Frustrated you sighed and closed your eyes it hurt too much to keep trying to focus in the dimly light room and you had no clue where your glasses had gone at this point. Maybe you should go back to sleep? Levi didn’t look like he was going to be done gaming anytime soon.
Instead, you grabbed the D.D.D out of your pocket and turned down the brightness and began scrolling through Devilgram.
The feed was flooded with photos of Asmo but there was one photo that caught your tired eyes attention. A photo of you sleeping in Levi’s bathtub captioned “The Normie couldn’t hang with me during the all night game sess. Lammmme.😒😒 “ you doubled tapped the screen to heart it before realizing that Levi was above you staring down at you in the tub.
“MC. When did you wake up? I thought you called it quits? I could really use your help you know with this raid but instead you’re on your phone.” He was more than a little mad to know you where in his room and instead of gaming with him you were looking at your phone! Especially when he had invited you into his room to spend time with him. His sin was showing and he rolled his eyes annoyed that your attention was elsewhere.
“Levi I just woke up and I can’t find my glasses that’s why I'm on my phone…besides its not like you answered when I called you to help me look for them.” Your tone matched his as you sat in the bathtub pinching the bridge of your nose before speaking again. “Do you know where my glasses are Levi?”
He faltered at your answer before turning around and walking back towards his desk. Levi returned with your missing glasses a faint blush creeping over his face embarrassed that he thought you were ignoring him. Could you blame him for thinking that though??
“uh…Here I took them off for you. You feel asleep earlier when we were gaming..” He handed you the glasses and blushed brighter his eyes avoiding yours “I c-carried you to the tub and took them off so they wouldn’t get broken…” his voice was growing quiet as he stumbled through his words.
A warm smile grew on your face as you watched one the strongest demons in The Devildom crumble and turn into a shrinking violet before you. He was always like this-thoughtful but at the same time he was embarrassed to have thought of being or doing anything that warranted him being called a ‘Normie.’
Placing the glasses back on you laughed, your eyes readjusting to his red face, his downward cast eyes full of self doubt and his posture riddled with anxiety. “Hey, thanks for doing that Levi. I really appreciate you being so thoughtful. If they had ended up broken I wouldn’t be able to see let alone hang out with you.” Getting up you stretched and winked at Levi heading back over to his computer a smirk playing on your lips “Wanna be my player one Levia-chan?”
 He was malfunctioning at your kindness but then you had to add in the last part. “P-p-player….one? Me? I-eh…wait! I’m supposed to ask YOU that! I mean I’m supposed to ask you to be my player two..” he barely made it back to his gamer chair without passing out on the floor.
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algaedo · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
How Obey Me Characters React and Comfort MC After They Lose A Family Member; Mammon
Warning: Chapter 16 spoilers, mentions of death, family loss, grief.
It had been a while since you had begun your time in the RAD Exchange Program. Everything was going just fine until one day you had gotten word that one of your family members had died suddenly. Hurt by the loss, you reached out for your favorite for comfort.
Mammon on the other hand was shocked. He stood catatonic with you sobbing in his arms. He wanted so badly to wrap his arms around you and tell you everything would be okay, but he was deathly afraid that you would break. He wouldn’t want that, or he means he wouldn’t want to explain that to Lucifer. Yeah, that was it. It wasn’t because he wanted to look tough. Still, he peeled you off of him to look you in the eyes, and his heart broke for you. The pain in your eyes was unmistakable. He saw the same in his brother's eyes as they did in his when they lost their sister, and when they thought they lost you.
So he kneeled in front of you, taking your hand into his own. Unsure of what he could say to make all the pain go away. He knew he couldn’t, but he wanted to try. He brought your hand to his lips as he sighed. “I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, treasure, but it will get better. And until it does, your first man will be with ya every step of the way. Okay? Now let's go distract ya. How about we watch a movie? You can pick anythin’ ya want.”
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sketch-guardian · 7 months ago
This is an old drawing and the arms look kinda..weird, I don't know, but at the time I wanted to draw some fluff it is I guess-
This is supposed to represent a winter date between Mammon and MC (Gender neutral), where Mammon gets emotional because he still can't believe that they return his feelings and that they chose him over his brothers. He's just so filled with love that he can't help but cry tears of joy (is this idea cringe? Probably, I'm sorry-)
(Also, he's holding MC's hand)
Tumblr media
Here's the reference I used, if anyone is interested:
Tumblr media
Have a nice day/night and please stay safe✨
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asinine-artist · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
The art meme of "draw your MC on this chair", created by Ivanriyu_06 on twitter. I ... wanted to try and match the style to theirs so it would blend into the image better, giving a more authentic feel.
1st September, 2021.
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ace-shenanigans · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on this post from @fluffimemes with the addition from @jaeheewillalwaysbemyfav
Sorry its so sketchy but i had to draw it asap
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spencerkeg · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Belphie! Bastard!! What a guy. I feel a little guilty that a belphie comic is about lucifer flirting with me hfdhhydvb
my belphie interpretations are always v ooc… my apologies.. this is what came to me- so this is what I drew!
I really admire artists that can draw more stoic characters but still show the nuance of what those characters are feeling. I ended up drawing belphie way too expressive ,,, but he’s cute this way too right?
This is also a low key preview of Lucifer’s weaknesses 👀… it does have to do with button ups
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hiraethhh-h · 2 months ago
please don’t say you love me.
just a small vent n its also 5:24 am :)
i also wrote this bc i can’t get first love / late spring by mitski out of my head hehe so it’s sort of inspired by the song in a way?
possible tw ahead and spoilers for om!
Tumblr media
“do you really love me?”
satan blinked at the sudden question, his head snapping to you. “of course i do.” he replied almost instantly. you pursed your lips, still unsure of his answer.
“why, what’s so special about me? i don’t get what you see in me…” you pressed, digging your nails into the flesh of your arm.
his warm hand clasped your wrist, kind green eyes meeting yours. “i love you because you’re you,” he began, “you’re intelligent, kind, caring, and compassionate.” satan listed, his tone so soft it made you melt.
“you may be human but… you’ve done so many things other people wouldn’t do,” he gently moved to intertwine both of your hands with his. “you stood up against lucifer, you managed to tame belphegor, and you made a pact with all seven of us. you’re amazing…”
you leaned into his chest, wrapping your arms around him as you buried your face into his shirt. his scent of tea and chocolate soothed you. satan snaked his arm around your waist, the other gently rubbing your back.
“i’m sorry satan… i just… i grew up barely expressing my emotions at home.” satan shook his head, “there’s no need to apologize.” he reassured you. “i’m always here to listen and talk, don’t you forget that… and don’t be afraid to be honest with me, alright?”
you gave a meek nod, sniffling as you let the waterworks flow. “i love you.” he murmured, giving you a small squeeze.
that was all it took to make you break down. little sobs left you, your body shaking with each one. you could feel satan pressing his face into your hair, letting you cry it all out. the concept of ‘love’ was something that became bittersweet to you. after so many years of being wronged by your parents and other people, the word ‘love’ left a bitter taste in your mouth. even just you saying the words ‘i love you’ made you sick.
but to hear it from satan left a sting in your chest. oddly enough, the pain felt soothing. it reminded you that you were human, that you had emotions, that you could feel something.
you loved him, you loved satan so much but you were always afraid to express it. you loved him so much it hurt.
“i love you, i love you so fucking much satan…”
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doutorbaizhu · 10 months ago
Hcs for the brothers or the undateables discovering Mc's birthmarks/scars or moles? Nothing bad just something they noticed. Or in the scars case it can be like "hey how'd you get that?" "Oh this? Had it for like a decade now...I still have no idea how I got it"
sure thing anon ❤️ sorry for the wait, life got crazy and my idea jar was empty :( plus tendonitis preventing me from typing unfortunately! this one is for the brothers and i'll do a part 2 for the undateables :)
scars means memories | obey me (part 1)
obey me brothers x reader
hands down fluffy
oh and forgot to mention, i made it as the readers scars are "dumb scars" things like dumb falls or small accidents, nothing serious!
(part 2)
Tumblr media
he would notice it easily as he has all your marks, moles, freckles and etc memorized by heart;
they were somewhat hidden in your inner thighs so he thought you wanted to hide them and was worried;
mammon was too worried and curious to just brush it off and asked you about them one time;
you didn't even remember them as you got them from falling of your bicycle so many years ago;
"oh these? i fell from my bike back at the human world!";
poor baby was so so relieved when you said that;
he likes to kiss and trace your scars when you're being intimate and steamy so you know he loves every little thing about you;
one day, for a galla that was going to happen at diavolo, you pushed your hair up revealing a scar close to your hairline;
lucifer noticed it not long after he laid his eyes on you;
he frowned, imaging how you possibly got it and thinking the worst;
when you told him that you got it as a kid, playing outside when you fell face first, he chuckled;
of course it was something as simple as that and nothing worrysome;
"don't hide it y/n, it's part of your charm";
forehead kisses on your scar;
satan found out about it when you were wearing a baggy shirt and it hanged from your shoulders;
he was about to kiss your shoulder from behind and was surprised to see a scar there;
satan asked about it immediately only to be surprised you didn't know about that scar either;
"what? a scar? there?";
then he proceeded to take you to a mirror and show it to you which resulted in a lot of giggles and weird head angles;
"you didn't knew about it y/n? how?";
"well i don't have a habit of checking my back and my shoulders often";
satan smiled, chuckling, and kissed you on the cheek "of course...";
you have lots of tiny scars on your hands from various activities such as cooking, repairing stuff and etc;
beelzebub noticed when in a particular sad day he buried his face in your hands for comfort and this up close he could see them;
he hesitated for a moment, maybe this was a touchy topic, but his worry for you speaked louder and he softly asked;
"oh don't worry about them beel! they're from making things handmade with love!";
he still looked worried and sad that you hurt yourself so much so you added "for an example making your favorite dishes for you";
beelzebub's expression softened a little and he laughed against your hands;
he loves you so much for cooking for him even if you hurt yourself sometimes, his heart swell with affection;
he can't have you injured though so next time you're cooking he'll be there to help you and make sure you're safe and sound;
you had a large scar on your hip that rarely got exposed, however, sleeping with belphegor your shirt rode up and he saw it;
he frowned and got worried, he knew the most about humans and that includes all the filth and horror and he imagined the worst;
had someone hurt you? the thought ate at his mind, preventing him from sleeping soundly;
he would ask about it the next day when you were both alone;
"ah! my pirate scar!" upon seeing his confused expression you giggled and explained how you got it at the beach when a jellyfish burned you;
after knowing it wasn't from anything too serious rather from your own clumsiness he felt a lot more relived;
plus that name? pirate scar? he loves you so much;
will tease you about it and make pirate jokes and sounds with you "arrr!";
his first thought upon seeing the scars on your legs were that he needed to fix it because he loves your skin;
when he suggested you let him treat them you refused instantly and he was so confused;
"well, i used to be quite an adventurous child and got all of them in my childhood, these scars are my good memories! they don't need fixing!";
asmodeus was so mesmerized and shocked by your way of thinking that he agreed with you;
being the sucker for beauty as he is though he made you spend beauty afternoons with him using different products to highlight and hydrate your skin alongside your beautiful scars;
asmodeus found himself hesitating before "erasing" a scar from his body the next time;
"y/n! that's so unique! i loved it, just you and your mind to think of something like that!";
you have a scar on the inner side of your cheek;
you and leviathan were sharing random stuff about yourselves to each other and that's when you told him about your scar and even showed it to him too;
he was flustered upon being so close to you and in such a what look liked an intimated exchange;
"doesn't it hurt or bother you?" "no, most of the time i forget it's even there!";
but he was still curious at how was it possible to cut yourself there and persisted asking, he found out that out of clumsiness you put a knife inside your mouth instead of a fork and that's how it happened;
leviathan burst out laughing and you soon joined after him, laughing until your stomachs hurt;
when you both stopped, you teased him "want to know what tongue kissing me feels like?";
leviathan's cheeks reddened almost as fast as his heart rate went up;
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algaedo · 14 days ago
heres a request if you dont mind!! a family member/friend of mc dies while they’re in the devildom, how would the brothers (and undateables if you have time, but no worries) react and comfort mc??
***writing is below the cut if you want to skip this part and get right to the good stuff***
Hi!! Thank you for the request! I absolutely do not mind!! I love requests like this. Dealing with loss is hard and sometimes you need the comfort of your favorite characters or even just knowing you're not alone. I hope I can do this justice for you!
I also hope that I can help anyone or brighten up anyone's day when they're going through something like this. I never want anyone to feel alone.
I hope you don't mind, but I've decide to turn this into a series! I'll post all of them separately and link them all on each post. For some of them I just have a lot I want to say but I don't want to make the post too long!
How Obey Me Characters React and Comfort MC After They Lose A Family Member; Lucifer
Warning: Mentions of death, family loss, grief.
It had been a while since you had begun your time in the RAD Exchange Program. Everything was going just fine until one day you had gotten word that one of your family members had died suddenly. Hurt by the loss, you reached out for your favorite for comfort.
He was not shocked to hear about the loss, not to say he didn't feel awful that you were dealing with such grief, but he knew almost every being was prone to expiration. Looking at how distraught you were, he could tell that this loss was someone that you loved very much. Lucifer remembered how he felt when he lost Lilith. He knew the grief would be difficult.
So he said nothing. He simply took you into his arms. All he could do was hold you. And really that was all you needed. Sometimes nothing anyone says can make anything better. Telling you it would be okay wouldn't bring them back. But being held in a embrace does more than a thousand words could say.
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