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#obey me shall we date
still-a-morosexual-help · 20 hours ago
Objectively Mammon is terrifying.
He was a warrior in the Celestial Realm.
He's a powerful demon - a Sin. If you don't consider the Demon King & Barbatos, he's probably the third most powerful demon in the entire Devildom?
He's killed angels & demons before.
I don't know if he has killed humans but he has eaten humans.
He can cause Greed in humans.
His younger brothers are actually scared of him when he gets genuinely pissed (as rare as that is).
He destroyed a whole cafe cause he got into a fight with a customer.
In his own words, he could be "eliminated and come back after 200 million years".
In the manga (which I was told is official) he scares a bunch of RAD students while doing that "having a big smile but obviously threatening you" routine and casually picks up one of the students and holds them above his head with no obvious strain.
Despite only being one Sin below him, Levi says he would never be able to defeat Mammon in a fight.
He scares off a mugger in the human world by just looking at him.
He's basically Lucifer's right hand man in both the Celestial Realm and the Devildom and usually does Lucifer's "dirty work".
In the paws event the animal he's associated with is a tiger.
So yeah, objectively Mammon's terrifying.
Except, two different humans saw him and immediately decided he was gonna be their safe space, their guardian. He actively tried to scare them off and they practically laughed in his face and then attached themselves to his side. Two humans, with no magical powers whatsoever, one of them a 9 yr old child, saw this feral, spitting, debatably evil, ancient, eldritch creature and picked him up and said "This is mine now. This is mine and he's a baby and I love him."
And they were right.
Because the second they picked him up he immediately melted into a puddle of soft gooey unconditional love.
And I have so many feelings about this help
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trashy-corvian · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mephistopheles as Principal of RAD when?
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scintilans · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m in love with her hair 😍
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You guys seemed to like the Obey Me! related AI Art so I decided to make the game location so
Here’s part 3
House of Lamentation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Purgatory Hall
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Demon Lord Castle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Celestial Realm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you want a part 4 with the bedrooms of the Brothers/characters in general, or other places like the Human Mansion, the Reapers Cave, etc, just say that will make
Part 1 - Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Part 2 - Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Luke, Solomon
Part 3- You’re here
Part 4- Brothers Bedrooms
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thewritetofreespeech · 2 days ago
I don’t get it
Tumblr media
Raphael + MC
Prompt: because I haven’t even met him yet, and I’m already a simp!
He didn't get it.
He didn't see what the big deal was about some human. Some insignificant spec in the universe that seemed to have everyone under their thumb. He thought his former mates would have better judgement than this. Lucifer, at least, for crying out loud. Seeing the man he admired foolishly fawn over this creature sickened him.
Simeon had always had a deep abiding love for humans. So he wasn't surprised when his brother fell under their spell. But he never thought Lucifer would come so low.
He turned to walk down the hall towards his next class. The sea of students parting before him, as demons were naturally cautious of angels; especially ones with reputations for heinous acts against them. All untrue. But what was the point in arguing as their minds seemed made up, and he didn't have the easy skill like Simeon and Luke to make friends.
The angel stopped and turned with his typical placid features, to find the human he had been thinking of jog up to him. "Fancy meeting you here."
"We both go to this school." The odds were actually rather good they would run into each other.
"I know. It's just an expression. Where are you off to?"
"Class." Again, very obvious.
"Good! I wanted to run into you before lunch and give you this." The human stepped in front of him and offered him a package.
"What's that?" He asked, looking at this package like it was some sort of trap.
"Winterberry soup. You said you weren't feeling well the other day, so I asked Simeon what I could do to help and he said you liked this."
Raphael took the package now and looked at it. "You....made this for me?"
"Yep! I'm not sure if it's right. Celestial cooking is a little beyond me, and I'm not the best cook, but Simeon said it tasted fine. Then again, he's too nice and says that it's fine. It should be warm at least. Solomon taught me a spell to keep the container warm. Nothing is worse than cold soup. Unless it's gazpacho I guess."
He finally looked up from the packaging and took notice of them.
The nervous shift in their feet as they waited for him to say something. The bandages on their fingers from where they had clearly nicked themselves trying to make this for him. The wanting gaze in their eyes seeking approval for the gesture, and that they wanted to be friends.
His chest felt tight and warm all of a sudden. No one had ever wanted to be his friend before. No one had ever thought to be kind to him.
“I....thank you. I’m sure if Simeon says it’s alright, then it is. My brother is kind, but not to the point of falsehood.”
“I hope so. And, I hope you like it and feel better!” [Y/N] smiled at him, and it was like the sun had come out in these dark halls. Raphael gulped.
He watched as [Y/N] dashed off to their next class, giving him a small wave, leaving there to hold his soup to his chest; as if trying to get that warmth back through the surrogate of their present.
Oh...he thinks he got it now.....
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louobeyme · 2 days ago
Thank God for Periods- Part 2
Obey Me Brothers x F! Reader- 18+ Content
Link to Part 1 below!
CW: Talk of periods, female anatomy, menstrual kink, masturbation, rough handling, angst
Thankyou so much for your love on Part 1, I wrote this is quick as possible as a thankyou! Part 3 will hopefully be done asap too once I've narrowed down just how kinky I want it to be lmao
This is part 2 of 3! This one's quite angst but leads into a much smuttier kind of discussion that will lead on to a full blown poly orgy in the next part! I hope you enjoy!
The first two days of their Y/N drought pass somewhat painfully easily for the demon brothers. Once they'd gathered enough distance from you to clear their heads, they feel ashamed of how they acted in your presence. Despite having only good intentions, they'd went overboard, probably bordering on creepy in your eyes. As much as they all wanted to be by your side, you'd ordered them otherwise with such strength that they were worried you'd never want to speak to them again. The fear of that made it easier to accept the distance.
There was no sight of you for those first days. Satan was the only one who'd come by to leave plates of food and some water by your door. You could sense when he was outside despite him barely making any noise. He had a particular lilt to his footsteps that you'd somehow learned during your time here, and normally, it's approach comforted you. The strange loaded atmosphere his aura created wafted though the cracks of your door. It made you question your own decisions to keep them away. He would linger for a moment or two after the clink of plates sounded out, as if he was awaiting your voice. You tightened your lips every single time to stop yourself.
On the third morning, you wake angrily at your particularly heavy flow. Screaming internally as you wad up fresh toilet paper into a makeshift pad, you shove it against the lining of your underwear furiously. You'd had it up to here with this shit.
Swiftly, you change out of your nightwear into some comfy clothes and march through the house towards the dining room. You knew they'd all be there eating breakfast by now. A short speech was prepared in your head that would leave no room for argument. Throwing the doors open to the dim room, you don't dare to make eye contact before speaking.
"Right. Someone's going to go get me tampons today, I don't care who." No reply. "And some chocolate."
You risk a quick glare at the brothers who seem thoroughly distressed by your surprise appearance. Mouths opening and closing like mindless goldfish.
"Yes?" You prompt.
"For Diavolo's sake! Answer me!"
"W-What are tampons? Does Akuzon not sell them???" Mammon squeaks.
When you turn your unimpressed eyes to his yellow fearful ones, he instantly clamps them shut and his throat bobs when he gulps.
"Lucifer, can you take me to the human world so I can get them myself?"
"...No?" You seethe, your anger reaching levels that rival any single demonic presence in Devildom.
"I cannot have you with me right now. I will go myself." His gloved hands are twitching tirelessly against the tabletop. You glance between them and his face a few times, finally responding only by crossing your arms tightly across your chest.
His chair screams over the floor as he quickly bolts from his seated position, patting his suit pockets and picking non existent lint from them. Finally he runs a hand through his dark hair.
"I will go right away. Chocolate and Tampons? Chocolate and Tampons. Okay. Tampons. Chocolate. Of course."
You nod and raise an eyebrow when he remains still. Looking anywhere but at you. His brothers are similarly avoiding your angry gaze. Levi is almost half way underneath the table with how far he's shrunken into his seat.
"Do you want me to run you a bath Y/N? I'll use my most expensive bath salts! Then perhaps I could give you a massage and-" Asmodeus blurts out, his voice a tone or two higher than normal.
"Y/N...Do you hate us now?" Beel's defeated voice cuts off the Avatar of Lust.
"Excuse me?" You spit incredulously.
"We're so sorry Treasure. We-We acted like monsters! Please don't leave us." Mammon replies. He looked far less put together today than normal. Was he crying???
"You don't need to forgive us right now, kitten. We will work to regain your trust." Satan snapped, elbowing his white haired brother sharply in the side.
You pinch the space between your eyebrows harshly, feeling a headache coming on rather quickly. You have a vision of yourself, looking alike to Lucifer during a lecture and swiftly stop. "What the hell are you idiots talking about now?"
"Oh no, you actually do hate us! Especially me! Of course you do, I'm just a gross otaku, no good-"
"Levi! I told you already to stop talking about yourself like that." You stomp your foot down in frustration, confusion and heartbreak at their words. "I don't hate any of you! I just...I could never hate you guys, okay?"
Momentarily you forget the reason for all of this mess. Rushing forward to comfort one of your favourite boys. You tenderly wrap your arms around Levi's shoulders, then press a chaste kiss against the crown of his purple locks. The actions normally soothes the tensions from his form but today, he practically becomes a statue.
Beside him sits Belphie, who's violet eyes are currently locked onto you so strongly you can physically feel them boring a hole into the side of your head. Before you can even react to the sensation, his arms grip your waist and drag you onto his lap. A gasp passes from your slightly parted lips when you feel something hard pressed against your ass. As soon as the soft noise escapes you, the youngest's hips roll up dangerously with a growl.
Time seems to move strangely after that. You're hauled backwards off of Belphie's lap and are slid across the table with a yelp. There's more than one set of hands on you, all trying to take you into their own embrace. Plates, food, glasses and cutlery clatter to the floor as your body is pulled across the smooth surface of the wood.
They're acting like vultures. Like your some kind of toy for them to play with...
'Like a demon's last meal.' Lucifer's voice from the days before echoes loudly in your subconscious.
Someone's fingertips dig harshly into the soft flesh of your inner thigh and bring you back to reality. You can't quite help the whine that it pulls from you. You really shouldn't find this as hot as you do.
In a flash, Asmo's perfect face is looming down over your own. His eyes blown wide with unadulterated lust. He is in his demon form. Pink tipped horns sprouting from his head, matching the rose glow in his eyes. A ravenous grin spreads across his glistening lips, no doubt sensing your strong arousal amongst the chaos.
"ENOUGH!" Lucifer's voice roars from the head of the table. "Get your hands off! You're scaring her!"
"Hmm...I don't think you can read her reactions as well as you think Luci~"
"Be quiet Asmodeus! All of you, stand back!"
Only one pair of hands remain, greedily running across your stomach and up your ribs. You feel hot breath dusting across your neck as a voice loudly speaks in your ear.
"I think our dear Y/N here, likes being treated like our little toy. Would I be right?"
"Asmo, I swear on Diavolo himself if you don't calm down right now-"
"Yessss...I love it." You whine. Eyes closing in pleasure when the Avatar of Lusts tongue runs a slick line down the column of your throat.
Wet lips smirk against your neck. Your hips wriggle impatiently, you feel incredibly overwhelmed and needy. A growing heat is forming between your thighs threatening to send any rational thought from you...Wait. WAIT.
"Asmo, OFF!" You order.
At his whiny retreat, you sit up crosslegged on the table. A hand pressed to your chest, trying to steady your shaky breaths.
"As much as I would normally love this attention. You guys aren't in the right frame of mind to make these decisions." Your chest tightens with the statement. You need to remember how affected they are. "You're going to regret being with me after this wears off and I don't know if my heart will be able to take it."
You keep rambling. "I know right now I probably seem like some kind of incubus or something, but I'm just me. I'm nothing special. You guys are way too far out of my league. I shouldn't even have the privilege of staying with you and yet here I am somehow making you act like animals. I mean it's hot, believe me. But I am not taking advantage of whatever biological reaction you're having."
At some point you've started crying, you swipe at your tear stained face irritatedly and squeeze your eyes shut. You bring your knees up to your chest, curling into a ball.
"I should never have come down here, I'm sorry. Lucifer, I know you can't stand to be near me right now but if you could take me home that'd be for the best."
The air in the room is still. You could almost convince yourself they'd vanished into thin air if you didn't know the brothers better.
"Do you forget who you're speaking with Y/N?" The Avatar of Pride growls from behind you. "If I did not want you so severely, I wouldn't be sacrificing my pride for your comfort."
"Huh?" You squeak dumbly.
"Do you really think any human woman would send ME into this state with just with a simple smell? What kind of lowly demon do you take me for?"
"How would you know!? You didn't even know what a period was until the other day Lucifer!"
"I have lived for millennia. I have walked the human world, and all the realms, longer than you have lived. I have never needed to involve myself with such primitive biological nonsense until now. I have no doubt passed thousands of bleeding women without even noticing their existence. You do not get to tell ME that my lack of composure is any less that my complete and utter desire for you!" He roars, gripping you tightly and spinning you around off the table and holding you firmly in place under his fiery gaze.
"You really are clueless Treasure if you think this is the first time we've thought about having our way with you." Mammon speaks from your side.
"He's right Y/N. We just never thought you'd want with us. Seeing as we're demon's and all." Says Beel.
You blame your mood swings for the way you start howling with laughter suddenly. The barking laugh you let out surely isn't attractive, but you cannot help it.
"Y/N...?" Belphie questions.
"So you're telling me..." You cut yourself off with another fit of laughter. "You're telling me I've been fucking myself in my room for MONTHS to the thought of a hot demon orgy...and you guys felt the same!?"
Your laughter is cut short when Lucifer lifts you up and drops you back on the messy table. His ruby eyes are positively frantic and his gloved grip on your hips reminds you of when he had you pinned to the wall.
"You've being doing what ?"
"Y/N...I literally almost just fucking creamed myself y-you can't just say those things." Levi whines from his spot crumpled over the table behind you.
"Does this mean I can taste you now?" Beel grumbles. Hand outstretched towards you.
"No way! If anyone's eating her sweet little pussy it's gonna be me!" Mammon shouts.
"You've probably never even seen a pussy before Mammon, how would you know what to do?" Comes the dangerously calm voice of Satan.
"Surely you want the Avatar of Lust to touch you first darling? I know what I'm doing better than anyone!"
"Maybe I'll just go back to my room and take care of myself..."
The icy grip on your hips tightens once more and your dragged to the end of the table until your heated core is pressed directly against the intimidating hardness of Lucifer's clothed erection. He stands proudly between your spread legs, a concentrated look on his face and rolls his hips in circles. It sends pulsing waves of much needed friction to your needy centre.
"How very brave of you to think you'll get away with touching yourself without our permission ever again, little girl."
Part 3!⬇️⬇️⬇️
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luminari-mc · a day ago
Slipping your arms under Mammon's jacket to hug him as close as possible to you, feeling him slightly tremble from the proximity you've added between the two of you.
Silently intertwining your fingers with his as you stand beside each other while in public at RAD, not sharing a word, only to feel him tightening his grip on your hand a tiny bit.
Him wrapping his arms around your shoulders from behind before planting his face in the crook of your neck, groaning after a tiring day of dealing with classes and the usual reprimand from his older brother.
The usual habit of his to lean his head against your hand anytime your fingers brush his hair like a puppy, his own little way of asking for you to keep going.
The days where you'll find a new gift on your bed, in your uniform's pocket, in your bag next to your wallet, always placed where he's sure you'll be able to find them.
The classes where he'll always sit beside you, offering you his folded jacket to rest your head upon, keeping watch so the teacher won't disturb the much needed extra hours of sleep you take during such a boring history lesson.
The way his eyes sparkle after you compliment the taste of a recipe the two of you prepared for dinner, feeling both proud and over the moon when he sees you stealing another spoonful from the pot, asking him not to tell on you with a wink.
The extreme praising of you and your achievements to others, claiming his human did this and that, ultimately making you feel embarrassed from over the top every single one of his claims sounds like.
The late-night messages asking you to join him in bed, the joy overtaking him as you enter the room and slip under the covers, before he gets to embrace you in his arms and drifting off to sleep while feeling your warmth and breaths against him.
The way it takes just a second for him to stop talking to someone before his eyes fall upon you in the distance, just watching you speak, laugh, move, live.
Mammon needs you close. At all times. It's the only way for him to remember that you're real, that you're here with him. Otherwise, every day might just feel like a dream. Your touch is the only way to bring him back to reality, and for him to realize that the dream is very much real.
You're this addicting to him, and he'll simply never get enough of you as long as you keep accepting his presence in your life and heart.
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incorrect-obeyme · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Why is Mammon the funniest obey me character and what moments show it?
There are so many moments and I'm absolutely devastated that I can't remember them all. I think more than anything Mammon's unconsciously funny? All the dialogue is paraphrased:
• When MC says "I told you so" and he says something like "ya wanna look into that crystal ball of yours and see the poundin' I'm gonna give you"
• When Mammon, Beel & MC are worried that Levi died in his room (after eating Solomon's cooking) and once MC kicks the door down they find out he's just being gaming the whole time. Beel & MC immediately set out to actually murder Levi and Mammon just sighs with the most tired expression.
• When MC asks him if it'd kill him to knock (on their door) so he stomps back out, closes the door, knocks and immediately barges back into their room
• He's scared of Barbatos but genuinely considered seducing Barbatos so that he'd be allowed to follow MC to the past
• As an angel he sneaked into the human world collected pigeon feathers and then sold them to angels in the Celestial Realm while saying they were Raphael's feathers
• After meeting MC for the first time (for the very first time meaning back when he was an angel) he pointed at MC and said something like "Look at that blank expression, you think anything's goin' on behind that? You think Michael would have a spy like that?'
• Tries to act like this really tough person but cries during the sad parts of movies, Cinderella and nature documentaries
• When Lucifer said that during a zombie apocalypse he'd just kill all of the zombies, Mammon said something like "Ya know there's this new word I learnt that you call people like that. Meathead?"
• Just dick out tackled Levi????
• Goes on long ranting tangents that no one seems to be able to keep up with, and one of them ended with him going "Lucifer's feet smell, I've never smelled his feet but they definitely smell"
• To MC: "What if I accidentally tell MC I'm in love with them?"
• While having the beginnings of a very obvious crush on MC "They're human, they're like an insect to demons. Like a roly poly. Do I look like I'd be interested in a roly poly?"
• It might just me but I find the whole "next time I can't save you, just die" speech hilarious. I like to think that when MC agrees they have the silliest smile on their face
• *about sneaking into Lucifer's room to get a picture of him* "I ain't doing it and nothin' ya say is gonna convince me" MC: 🥺🥰 Mammon: "So what's the plan"
• In S2. "I ain't going." Lucifer: MC's going Mammon: 🚶🏽‍♂️
• Came up with a whole ass code on the spot to tell MC he misses them in that audio drama
• Mammon's whole maid routine in Levi's audio drama
• He buys the figurines Levi really wants (to use as a bribe against Levi later), he reminds Levi to buy two of a particular item - one to unbox and one to keep as part of his collection, he waits in line and buys tickets for Levi's events - after all this he still acts like he doesn't care about or know anything about Levi's interests
I feel like there are more moments + one liners that I'm missing so anyone can feel free to add on!
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absolutepokemontrash · 2 days ago
What Do You Want For Christmas?
Christmas present HCs for the boyyyyyyyys! I know it’s cliche, but I’m trying to get really into the Christmas vibes this year!
Get him arthritis medication. Get him viagra. Get him-
I’m kidding he gets the old man related presents from Satan and Belphie, MC should get him something different.
The human should use their considerable seductive power to ask Diavolo to give Lucifer a week off. Okay, to be honest, the seductive power isn’t necessary, MC can stop taking off their shirt.
When presented with his time off, Lucifer will roll his eyes and mutter something about how he doesn’t really need time off. But when the Holiday party is over MC will hear the LOUDEST snores coming from Lucifer’s room.
Man sleeps through an entire day. He really needed that… he’ll love MC forever.
He probably gets MC something they made an off handed comment about wanting like- eight months prior. Lucifer has a memory like a steel trap and MC gets what they ask for!
Obviously MC should sacrifice their life savings to the great Mammon in this time for gift giving. Come on human, don’t be stingy!
Listen, Mammon loves expensive things, but he has… so many… he’ll appreciate whatever MC gives him, but he’ll be way more happy with something hand made or special between the two of them.
He plays it off like “Haha, best holiday, you all havta give me things, haha did you keep the gift receipts if I don’t like anything?” But the moment he and MC are alone, it’s hugs and tears.
But what Mammon gives to MC? Expensive. Just… MC is going to be loaded down with more jewellery than they can feasibly wear without looking tacky.
“Are these the millennium diamonds? Weren’t these stolen by the Pink Panthers?” “Sh don’t worry about it.”
He has a list.
A long list.
Ahem, he’d like the brand new Ruri-Chan and Azuki-tan Holiday figurine, the real height Lucario plushie that’s legit being sold, the collectible TSL mugs that are going on sale next week-
Yeah, MC has plenty of options, but we here at Stupid Headcanons inc hope MC has money to spare because merch is EXPENSIVE.
As for MC, Levi gives them the most romantic gift of all…
A multiplayer video game ❤️
…and a custom designed controller that Levi feels suits MC. They’re his player two, they should have a bomb looking controller!
If asked, Satan will hand MC an entire list of books that he want, these range from expensive old tombs that can only be acquired by selling one’s soul, to cute graphic novels that can be bought for like- 10 bucks.
While Satan does want the books on his list, he wouldn’t be opposed to MC piling on some new books that they like. There’s truly nothing more intimate than fangirling over a book with someone.
Other than books, we’d recommend getting Satan shelves… for his books. MC should also do their best to assemble them for Satan because he and IKEA furniture do NOT mix.
Oh dear MC! He’s so glad they asked, he wants a-
We hope MC brought a pencil and paper with them, because they need to catalogue and chronicle Asmo’s word vomit.
“I want twelve new mirrors, the ones with the pretty ornate frames but not the ones with haunted rubies imbedded inside I also saw the cutest new purses at Majolish but it’s just so easy to find knockoffs-”
As Asmo rambles, he gets a little side tracked and ends up blabbing about the things he wants to get for MC… they should just pretend they didn’t hear him.
But yes, clothes, purses, skincare products, accessories, all good for Asmo!
But if MC REALLY wants to get him to cry, they should make him a photo album. Asmo LOVES scrapbooks, and if it’s just photos of him and MC well… 🥺 he just might ruin his foundation!
Okay, basic choice, but other than food, what Beel really wants is a peaceful day with no one yelling or being at each other’s throats.
He’s easy to please, he’ll love whatever MC gives him. But when it comes to his gift to MC… he actually puts a lot of thought into it. He spends days wandering around stores and searching online for just the perfect thing to give to his favourite human. Beel goes through literally everything he knows about MC and finally settles on the gift.
Then comes the horrible realization that he spent all his gift money on food… geez, talk about pulling a Mammon… but shopping makes him hungry!!
…after all that hard work when he’s sitting on his bed putting the present in a gift bag he realizes he could have just ASKED MC about what they might have wanted.
Oh well, at least Beel got his Christmas wish… it was surprisingly peaceful that Christmas Eve.
Ah yes, that point in the school year where Belphie is preparing to go into hibernation… sigh, so sleepy…
What does Belphie wants for Christmas? He’s so glad MC asked, he’d like some peace and quiet.. and one of those temperature changing pillows.
Straight forward and to the point. The only problem is that his brothers also got him temperature changing pillows, so that Christmas Eve when Belphie got through all his presents, there was no force on heaven or earth that could wake him up.
Even though it’s kind of cheesy, Belphie gets MC one of those star certificates that says MC owns some random star. Belphie claims it’s the star next to his and Beel’s, so they’re always close together and no one else can take it from them.
Then Belphie passed out. He was turkey tired and surrounded by pillows! Leave him alone!
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dogwater102802 · 2 days ago
Christmas Tree
December 4th / All I Want For Christmas masterlist
Obey Me Brothers x MC
synopsis: The demon brothers decide to surprise MC by decorating the House of Lamentation for Christmas.
Tumblr media
They each had different assigned jobs to make the house look more in the Christmas spirit for you.
First of all Beel had been tasked with distracting you, wasn’t too hard since he just took you out for lunch.
Lucifer was the one to pick out and put up the tree, all by himself.
He was silently cursing his brothers because it was a pretty exhausting task.
Asmo demanded that he be the one to decorate the tree, knowing that he would make it the prettiest one you’ve ever seen.
Mammon and Levi were putting up different decorations around the house.
But that didn’t work out so well because they ended up getting scolded by Asmo for cluttering them up in one corner of the house.
Belphie was supposed to help Mammon and Levi but he ended up just sitting on the couch and watching how much his brothers struggled.
Overall it took them about an hour, two hours to get it all decorated to Asmo’s delight.
They just had to wait for Beel and you to get back.
So they waited.
And waited.
Now back to Beel and you, after you finished your meal you were stuffed, but Beel on the other hand…
He just kept ordering and ordering.
Lunch ended up becoming dinner for him.
So when the both of you got back to the House of Lamentation, it was oddly quiet.
Opening the door lights flashed across both of your faces, they had really gone all out.
You walked in further admiring all the decorations and how perfect they looked. Then you spotted the tree in the living room.
It was huge, and decorated with so many lights.
But what really caught your attention was all the brothers, minus Beel, passed out in different positions around the room.
Exhausted from all the work they did, and after waiting hours upon hours for Beel and you to show up, they eventually just passed out.
Lucifer was asleep, sitting up in the chair over in the corner of the room.
Belphie, Mammon, and Levi were all passed out on the couch with Asmo spread across their laps.
And although Beel may have taken forever to finish eating you couldn’t be more happy than to come back home to this sight.
They really did have a soft spot for their human.
Tumblr media
taglist: @taemeupjin (bold couldn't be tagged)
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obeythebutler · a day ago
Hi... Sorry, could I get something for MC trying to come to terms with their own mortality? I've been diagnosed recently with something potentially terminal and told that there wasn't much they could do and I'm struggling to process it
Some angst and comfort from any character, any format please
Also I understand this topic might be upsetting or uncomfortable so feel free to ignore it
Anyways I love your writing and the care you put when interacting with everyone. Thank you. Truly.
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Tumblr media
The tall door of the eldest's room stands in your way, dark and imposing and a barrier.
Your feet linger for a moment, hands gripping the document with such a tenacity that your knuckles turn white. Maybe he's asleep. Or filling some documents of forms or proposals and all that jazz. With an elbow on the desk and palm on his forehead.
You'd bring him coffee those nights, as a quick booster to keep the demon awake. And tea on days where you'd want him to get some sleep soon—chamomile and lavender, from the human world.
It's going to take only one sharp knock on the door. Demon have hearing better than humans, suited to taking in even the most—
"Instead of lurking around outside, why not come in?"
Having been shamefully caught, you twist your hands around the knob and open the door, stepping inside with hesitant steps.
Lucifer sits on his desk, besides the array of various Demonus that decorates the room. Missing his usual coat, the demon looks relaxed with the soft warmth from the fire illuminating his features.
And you'd hate to destroy his peace.
"I wanted to see you," He smiles, getting up from his chair. "You've been awfully hard to catch a hold of lately. Are those the documents for me?"
He's happy to see you. Confused, as to why you've been avoiding him lately. Then the smile on his face will vanish when you tell him and he's going to—
"You're crying."
Lucifer states, and a thumb comes to brush away the tear. Your eyes meet for a moment, and then you force yourself to look away. You can't, you can't speak those words. You can't. You must. You should. You have to.
The wood in the fireplace still crackles, and your heart still beats loudly in your ears. But Lucifer doesn't say a word, and when you snap your head upwards you see his brows furrowed.
"What's wrong?"
You remain quiet, the lump in your throat too heavy to speak. Tears have not stopped flowing, but your body has started shaking again. The demon stands dumbstruck, and when his sight falls on the document in your grip, Lucifer's stare furrows into one of confusion.
He grabs the file from your hands, and when you tighten your grip the sensation of your nails digging into your palm reminds you of reality.
Paper gets turned around in such a frenzy that you fear it might tear. Focused eyes scan every line, every word undergoing the scrutiny of the first born.
For a minute, you both stay there. With the silence of the fireplace and your own thoughts, you wipe away hastily at the tears on your face. Trepidation eats away at you like a pest. You don't know what to say anymore, what to do. You don't know.
Lucifer's face changes from confusion to surprise, panic, anger, fear and when he looks at you with wide eyes you can't bring yourself to say anything.
For there is nothing to say at all.
He places a hand on your cheek, the material of his gloves dampened by your tears. The sensation grounds you; and your own trembling hands place themselves on his.
"Tell me," He mutters, lower lip trembling. "Is this true?"
The proof is right there in front of him. The document having been thrown aside on the table is real, the words in there having sealed your fate.
And yet, Lucifer refuses to accept it.
He picks it up once again, frantically turning the pages and reading the words he's so desperately been trying to deny. His fingers tremble, and you can see the paper crinkling under the pressure they're being subject to.
You hold his hand, but Lucifer doesn't respond.
"Devildom medicine may be able to help," He swallows, eyes darting around the room, at everywhere but you. "The remedy must be somewhere—something, if we could just acquire it, a-and then the medical texts might be able to help."
Your grip on his hand tightens, and yet Lucifer doesn't notice.
He goes on. "Solomon," He mumbles, eyes blown wide, as if a revelation came to him. "Solomon must be knowing something. He has millenia worth of knowledge, and there must be something." You feel the demon slipping away in his own madness, his voice getting more panicked by the second. Your heart sinks at his words, and a sob threatens to slip past your lips.
His wings have sprouted now, black and wide, a clear sign of the demon's state. The diamond birthmark stares at you, and you wonder if it was another eye of his angel days or a mark of being a demon.
"Simeon," He babbles, utterly lost in his own madness, and you consider grabbing his horns to bring him back to reality. "Simeon must know—must know something! Celestial medicine might work, and even it that isn't an option then—then the Garden of Eden must have!" Your stomach drops, and the demon grows blurry in your vision. Does this man even know what he is proposing? "It must have the fruit! I'll ask Simeon to retrieve it—no! I'll get it myself and then you'll be—"
Lucifer's face reels from the impact.
His wife eyes stare at the bottles and bottles of Demonus, shining and fragile.
"Shut up," You snap. "Shut up, Lucifer, and think twice about what you are saying!"
Your palm stings at having slapped the demon, and yet you stand there, with your knees trembling and face twisted in a scowl. Angry tears flow down your face. "Do you even know what you are saying, Lucifer? Do you even know the horrors of what you are proposing to do?"
You swallow, voice trailing off in the end. For the visions that come to mind make your heart seize in fear.
The demon doesn't look at you.
He doesn't move, doesn't speak, only stands there, renderered dumb.
"I don't want what happened to Lilith to happen to you, or us," At the name, Lucifer closes his eyes, jaw clenched. "I don't want another war to happen, Lucifer. I don't want you all to destroy yourselves because of me."
You hold back a shuddering sob.
You wipe your face with your hands. "Besides, humans die of old age.
There's that harrowing silence once again.
"Please don't."
The demon whispers, voice weaker and more broken than you've ever heard him. "I don't want you to go. Not now—not then, not ever."
"Something could be done!"
"There's nothing you can do."
"What should I d-do?" He trembles, voice trailing off in the end. The demon holds his face is in his hands, and when you attempt to move towards him he recoils. He opens his mouth to speak, and his fangs poke out. "Watch you die one day while I sit and do nothing?" Lucifer spits out.
"Watch you fade away while I remain? Watch you leave me alone—us all alone, and you're ready to leave us?! Ready to die?! Did you give up so easily on yourself?!"
The words spill past his lips in a frenzy, and you know that Lucifer fears for you, that he loves you too much to let go, but you take a step back all the same.
"I don't want to die!" You shout, glad that the brothers aren't home. The demon's face is frozen at your words. "I don't want to go too! I—I don't want to leave you all! I want to live and sit with y-you all for tea in the evenings and—and I want to live my human life to the fullest!"
You choke out, and suddenly your knees are too weak to support you. The demon rushes towards you as soon as your knees hit the ground. One hand on your back and the other tucking your head in his heaving chest.
"I don't want to go," You mumble, voice weak and wavering. Lucifer's scent is calming, and so you bury your face in the fabric, the beating of his heart soothing. "I—I don't want to leave you all alone."
The demon chokes on a sob. Seeing you on the ground; so utterly tired and weak, his heart wrenches. A disease that he, Lucifer Morningstar himself can't cure. An illness that will take you away from him.
Death comes on one individual, but its impact is felt on many.
"I know, dear. I know," He breathes out, burying his nose in your hair. "I know you want to live, and I want you to live too."
I don't want you to leave me.
The demon takes your hand in his own, cradling it in his palm. "I'm scared," He tells you, and you are unable to hold back a shuddering sob.
Lucifer's vision blurs, and so he closes his eyes and holds you close, holds you tighter, until his wings cover you, hide you away from the world.
You both stay there for some time.
Until the wood in the fireplace is about to be exhausted, and sensing the cold, the demon mutters an incarnation which lights up the place once again.
Until it's nighttime and just a few hours before his brothers will come back. Hungry and tired and excited, for it's the eldest's turn to cook.
Until both your sobs have quietened down, exhaustion taking its place.
When Lucifer gets up, he cradles you in his arms before placing you on the comfy chair. He excuses himself to the bathroom to wash his face.
His horns get tangled in the shower curtains, and the demon nearly bangs his head on the wall. Mammon would have tried his best to get it on video.
When he comes back to the study, he comes with a tray and cookies. You're on the chair, his coat draping over your frame, the fur on the collar covering your neck.
Lucifer smiles at the sight, but it falls when he realizes that this is something he won't be able to witness forever.
"I brought tea," He says, placing your cup in your hands. You take a sip and the taste of the beverage you'd give Lucifer on sleepy nights hits you.
It's warm, comforting, and feels nice.
Your gaze remains fixated on the fireplace, the embers burning with the fury of Hellfire, hot enough to melt even the most resilient of souls and materials.
"I don't want you to leave me."
Lucifer says, cup in hand. You inspect the demon for a moment before taking another sip of the tea. You don't say anything, but make it evident you're listening to the demon.
"When I found out that Lilith stole the fruit," The demon begins, eyes faraway and distant as if they're looking straight past you. "I was confused. Surprised, even dumbstruck, that she would choose to defy the rules even if punishment was to be obliterated. I wondered how she had the courage to rebel, even if it was for love."
The demon places down the cup on the table, now empty.
Lucifer's lips are drawn in a line. "But then I understand her predicament," He mumbles, and wrings his hand. "I d-don't want you to die."
Your smile is a sad one. "You'll have to let me go sooner or later, Luci."
"Maybe we could make you immortal?" He whispers, eyes wide and hopeful.
"I," You begin, words catching in your throat. "I don't know."
You've seen it on Solomon's face so many times. The expression he sometimes has—when reminiscing past events or places he took you along to visit.
Immortality has a price.
Lucifer breathes out, voice steady. "But you’re going to go to a place I can't follow."
You stiffen up, the garment pooling in your lap.
"This has to happen sooner or later. Human lives are nothing to comparison to demons and angels. I will have to die someday, and there's nothing we can do about it."
The demon deflates. His shoulders droop, and hair hides his face, the fire softening the man's features. He remains quiet, not a word spilling past his lips, and yet, they tremble all the same.
"Please," He begins, the lump in his throat making it impossible to form coherent words without breaking in whimpers, but he persevers. "Please, I'm not—I'm not ready to let you go yet. I can't."
The demon sobs into his hands.
Your own heart breaks at the sight. "My life was never in your or my hands, Lucifer. You'll have to let me go one day."
You wipe your own tears, trying to ignore the way your voice trembles.
"Until then, Lucifer, I want to make the most of my time with you all."
"....What about my brothers?"
"I'll tell them later, Lu," You add, adjusting the cost around you. "But I don't want to spend what time I have in fear and pain."
Lucifer finally looks up from his hands to peek at you, eyes swollen with tears.
When you sees you have wrapped your coat around him to resemble a burrito, Lucifer chuckles, voice scratchy from crying. "Come here, MC," He mumbles, wiping away his tears and when you waddle up to him another laugh spills past his lips.
He opens up his arms so that you can sit on his lap, and then they close around you once more, so that your head rests under his chin.
Tumblr media
How long does it normally take to make Hellfire Curry Rice?
Half an hour, one hour if you're a beginner. Boil the rice and make the curry with some veggies and meat.
But for seven demons and one Avatar of Gluttony?
More than an hour. And so start with step one: wash and boil the rice. The demon does that with care, and while the rice gets another rinse in the sink Lucifer's ears catch the sound of vegetables bring chopped.
Working together gets things done faster, after all.
"Will that be enough?" You question, eyes skimming over the large bowl you've filled to the brim with vegetables like zucchini and revelation tomatoes.
The demon gazes over the pile and tries to calculate how much veggies would be required for a group of hungry demons. "That should be enough," He says, and puts the rice to boil on the stove with a grunt. The utensil is large, heavy, even for a demon like him.
Magic can be used.
But that's no fun.
No, the true joy in cooking for Lucifer is when you're by his side, and he's chopping up veggies and kneading dough like you do, manually, and not magicking away the mistakes.
It's better this way.
When the demon turns around to pick up the cutlery, he's met with a spoon to his face.
Wordlessly, he tastes the liquid, and gives you a smile of approval. It's in the little things.
"Why is this curry named Hellfire Curry?"
The demon stops in his tracks, wooden ladle in hand. It's in times like this he wonders why you ask such questions. But then again he also assumed that things are just the way the are in the Devildom. No further thought required.
"The vegetables are a bit less, don't you think?"
"Don't divert from the topic."
You laugh at the look on his face, and when the demon hears your laughter he's realizes that he wants to listen to it.
For as long as you both can.
And he's going to treasure every moment with you.
Tumblr media
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Part 2 of AI generated Art, made with the app Dream by WOMBO of Obey Me characters
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Part 1 - Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Part 2 - You’re Here
Part 3 - House of Lamentation, RAD, Purgatory Hall, Demon Lord’s Castle, Celestial Realm
Part 4- Brothers Bedrooms
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Mammon sitting on the couch drinking wine in a robe: *turns on the tv and gossip girl starts*
Asmo: *coming out from the shadows* I KNEW IT I AM NOT THE ONLY TWINK IN THIS HOUSE
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