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You're my only REAL friend, Henry
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Anyway now I also play Obey me.
You can see the translation of their words down below if you're interested.
Diavolo: Human. Welcome to the hell.
Lucifer: Diavolo, I doubt humans speak Latin these days.
Diavolo: Is that so?
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MC: I stole three of my neighbors tires successfully when I was, like, 10
Mammon: Only three?
MC: Caught me on the fourth. Hit him with the tire iron and ran
Mammon: Let me teach you better
~at RAD~
Lucifer: *shivering,stops writing* Something's wrong
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Mc, throwing their head into Lucifer's lap: Tell me I'm pretty!
Lucifer, lovingly stroking their hair: You're pretty fucking annoying, that's what you are.
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Shitpost inspo.
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The Brothers' and The Side Characters' Reaction to 'Satan is Kind'
Tumblr media
*The following story happened during the last two months before Season 1 ended.
Lord Diavolo has requested the Student Council members and the exchange students to have dinner at his castle as a reward for their hard work throughout the exchange student program. 
“So, tell me. How’s life in the House of Lamentation? Any interesting news you want to share with us?” Diavolo chuckled. Anyone could guess Diavolo’s penchant on gossiping by now, especially the brothers, as they silently hoped you didn’t embarrass them by sharing any silly moments. Not that Diavolo wouldn’t know though.
“Every day is a fun day! I have fun, and everyone’s been very kind to me-” you started beaming in enthusiast.
“-especially Satan. He helped me with my homework, taught me how to cook Devildom dishes and helped me understand Curses and Potions really well. He’s really kind!” 
The atmosphere in the dining hall turned icy as no one dared to speak anything.
Couldn’t believe his ears.
Satan? Kind? KIND???
Various rebuttals were already on the tip of his tongue but the pride he had inside him refused to let you know how unjustified your statements were. Because that will only make it looks like he’s jealous of Satan.
And Lucifer’s certainly not jealous.
Nope, he’s not.
Huffed silently as he sipped on his glass of Demonus.
When Mammon and Asmo started making a huge fuss over this matter, he gave them both a death glare to diffuse the situation.
Was hoping you would compliment him in front of Lord Diavolo to show both him and Lucifer how awesome he is as your guardian demon.
Got shocked instead.
Was the first one to break the silence by raising his voice.
Poor boy thought you mentioned Satan instead of him because of all the times he got you in trouble.
Immediately pouted and protested after Lucifer gave him a death glare.
‘Ain’t I kind too? Why’d ya have to go and say Satan… THE Mammon treats you well too!’ 
Please give him headpats.
Please give him headpats 2.0
Was envious to the point of self-blaming.
‘I knew it! Of course they would choose my brother instead of me… After all, I’m just a yucky otaku…’
When Mammon and Asmo raised their voices over this, he chose to just pick on his food and ignored his brothers. 
The frown on his face was nothing like you’ve ever seen before.
Wished to end the dinner already so that he could go back to his room and sulk alone.
Please tell him that he’s kind too, or how you enjoy your gaming nights together, or how you love listening to his rant about SucreFrenzy or Ruri-chan or TSL’s theatre remake. 
Don’t forget to give him a big hug and assure him that he’s amazing in his own way.
Satan.exe has stopped working.
Didn’t really think you would pick his name out of his brothers.
Lowkey embarrassed by the sudden shift of attention.
But enjoyed the resentful look on Lucifer’s face. *Cue his infamous deadly smirk :3
Felt like he was floating in the air despite not having wings.
Wished for you to keep complimenting him in front of his brothers.
If it means he’ll get to see the dead look on his siblings' faces whenever you compliment him, he will do it again and again.
Operation ‘Satan is the best!’ will be commenced shortly.
The drama queen.
Immediately stood up from his seat and pointed in Satan’s direction horridly, “SATAN?? ARE YOU CRAZY? SATAN’S NOT KIND!!”
Will refuse to accept the fact that you complimented Satan instead of his beautiful gorgeous self. 
Refused to shut up even after Lucifer’s death glare across the table.
“Asmodeus. Stop this. At once,” Lucifer threatened him once again.
Immediately sat back and mumbled under his breath over how he deserved to be complimented too.  
Please give him headpats 3.0
Beel totally agreed with you.
He couldn’t count how many times Satan has helped him solve various problems.
He gave you a smile and nodded in your direction while happily munching on his food.
But then, suddenly, he remembered Satan’s wrath whenever he emptied the refrigerator.
Cold chills ran down his spine as he reminisced the look on Satan’s face when he lectured Beel time and time again.
Actually stopped eating for a few seconds because of fear.
But Beel is the best boy. If you’re happy, then he’s happy.
After all, his brothers are really kind in their own special way, and he’s glad that you could see Satan’s kindness.
Didn’t really care.
Because he knew how pretentious Satan could be around you.
‘Avatar of Wrath being kind? Yeah, whatever…’
Just wished for the dinner to end soon so he could finally sleep in peace.
Until he saw the look on Lucifer’s face.
Boy, was he elated to see such a look!
Will now cooperate with Satan with operation ‘Satan is the best!’
Was delighted to hear about your experience with the brothers. 
Was very amused to see the brothers’ respective reactions, especially Lucifer.
Couldn’t agree more with your statements as Satan is likely the most reliable and responsible one out of the little brothers' squad. 
Urged you to keep going with your stories because he absolutely loves the happy look on your face.
Smiled the whole time Mammon and Asmo were fussing over your statements.
Was delighted to hear about your good experiences in the House of Lamentation, despite all the hardships you faced because of the brothers.
Wished to keep giving you happy memories before your time is up in Devildom. 
Saw the delighted look on his Lord’s face when you told him your stories.
Started planning an exclusive tea party with you and Lord Diavolo in the castle so that you both can talk more. 
‘I am amused 2.0′
Knew how big of an impact you’ve been on the brothers but wasn’t expecting to see this type of reaction on their faces.
Quietly continued his dinner while listening to your stories.
Lowkey jealous that he wasn’t able to give you as many good memories as the brothers.
‘Oh well, I can steal them back when we’re in the Human World~’
‘I am amused 3.0′
Laughed heartily when Mammon and Asmo started fighting.
Couldn’t agree more with your statements since Satan also treated him and Luke well.
Wanted to spend more time with you when he heard how you had fun in the House of Lamentation.
Will probably plan more slumber parties together with you, Luke and Solomon.
Why were you complimenting a demon??
Although he couldn’t help but agree with you when you said Satan was kind.
Satan had helped Luke multiple times, although it’s not like he would admit how grateful he is.
Will agree to Simeon’s plan on slumber parties immediately.
Tumblr media
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I loved your headcannons for of sheep-chans daily life. I saw you wanted headcannon ideas, how about sheep-chan finally regaining their human form and the boys reactions to seeing that form for the first time. And if you don't want to write for everyone just Asmo, Solomon and Mammon.(Also if this not what you meant please ignore)
Hope everything goes well for you today :)
Omg! I had a lot of fun working on this set of headcanons. It was nice to try to bring this full circle, going through MC's journey as a sheep and then as a human. It did take me a little bit of time to finish this as I went through all of the brothers, the dateables, plus Luke. I didn't think it was right to have everyone for Sheep-chan and then neglect some for Human MC. I hope you like these. Also for references, I am posting all of the relevant links that got us up to this point (plus there are a few easter eggs in this new set):
The original conversation string plus fanart
Further Inconveniences of Being Sheep-chan (The Brothers Edition)
Even More Misadventures of Sheep-chan (The Dateables + Luke)
I'm gonna be honest - these headcanons took a fluffier turn than expected and went a step further in the interactions. I hope these make you feel as soft as it made me. Please enjoy!
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 4048
Your stay in the Devildom had been anything but ordinary, including your introduction.  Feeling as if you were whisked away from home and suddenly plopped into hell, completely surrounded by demons who easily towered over you.  For an exchange program?  That you applied for?  Unfortunately, you remembered none of these details.  And although they kept referring you to as “the human,” all you saw in the mirror was a little helpless sheep that needed to be watched over and protected from the world.  Even the simplest of tasks felt like tremendous chores.  Until one day, you awoke and your mind suddenly seemed clearer.  In fact, your whole being felt different.  You noticed it when you sat up but weren’t sure if your eyes were deceiving you.  Running to the bathroom, you stared into the mirror.  Gently running your fingers over your face, you chuckled in disbelief.  You were human again!
Upon seeing you for the first time, he was taken aback by what he perceived was an intruder within the House of Lamentation.  However, when gazing into your eyes, he knew it was you.  Having spent so much time around you, he had learned your idiosyncrasies.  The more he watched you, the more he spotted those hints that told him your true personality had indeed been locked up inside that tiny, wooly body.  Except now, you relied on him less.  No longer required his assistance to walk to your classes or to reach the desk or carry your books.  You were more than capable of tending to your own needs.  He couldn’t help but smile at the proud grin you sported, knowing that you were fully independent now.  In class, though, he still couldn’t peel his eyes away from you, intently watching the way you twirled your pencil between your fingers with a dexterity you that hooves could not afford you. 
One restless night, you found yourself in the music room, lured by the sweet serenade of Lucifer playing the piano.  You quietly slipped in though you were not stealthy enough to not catch Lucifer’s attention.  With a gentle smile, he invited you to sit next to him.  You watched as his fingers danced across the keys.  Raising your hands, you wanted to try playing, but hesitated knowing that you could never keep up with the demon who had been practicing for centuries.
“Go ahead and place your hands over mine.”
Biting your lip, you lightly rested your hands on top of his.  Lucifer never stopped; his rhythm uninterrupted as your skin made contact with his.  As he continued to fill the room with harmonious melody, he no longer saw the piano keys before him, staring instead at how your fingers danced under his guidance.
How the hell did this happen?!  You were already damn cute as a sheep!  Mammon never guessed you would be even cuter as a human.  In the past, he would have devoured your kind’s soul without a second thought.  Now, laying eyes on you made him sweat under the collar and reduced him to a stuttering, flustered mess who almost ran into walls.  How could one person hold this much power over him without invoking the pact.  He was already accustomed to your firecracker nature as a frustrated sheep, but watching the range of your humanly facial expressions was a new entertaining pastime for Mammon. 
Additionally, different feelings stirred within him when walking side-by-side next to you instead of carrying you everywhere just to avoid getting trampled.  Each time your hand accidentally brushed against his, Mammon couldn’t help but muse how easy it would be to hold it, interlacing his fingers with yours.  However, he just couldn’t muster the courage to follow through.  Now more than ever, he craved being in your presence.  He enjoyed the way you ruffled his hair whether it was to tease him or shower him with compliments.  And a particular hobby had grown to be one of his favorite ways to spend quality time with you.
“Okay, what shall it be?” you asked as you quickly shuffled the deck of cards.
Mammon’s eyes never left your hands as you deftly rearranged the cards.  Cutting the deck.  Folding the cards into each other.  Hell, it looked as though you could make cards fly from one hand to the other.  It was like watching magic!
“How about we start with five card draw,” you suggested.  “Or we can just go straight to follow the queen?  Or Texas Hold ‘Em perhaps?”
“How ‘bout you choose?  In the end, ya got nothin’ on the Great Mammon!”
The first time he saw you as a human he thought he was about to die on the spot.  These things were only supposed to happen in anime!  Wait!  But you were supposed to be human but was transported to a new world while being transformed into a sheep!  Of course, this was the inevitable resolution!  This was practically a real-life anime!
At first, Levi was not sure how to act around you.  It still seemed surreal that you were a human.  He had grown accustomed to a little fluffy ball sitting next to him on the couch, tapping away awkwardly at the controller while the two of you played multi-player games.  Your hooves clanked loudly against the plastic, pounding away as your frustrations grew over not being able to input the commands properly.  Needless to say, gaming nights got freaking intense once you were human.  No wonder you got pissed every time he called you normie.  You were a far more formidable foe.  And your flaming smack talk was no better.  The way you shot evil smirks at him while taunting him.  The way your face contorted in the array of expressions from delighted to bashful to downright furious or mischievous was quite a fun experience for him.  While the sheep face was also very expressive for a ruminant’s standard, nothing compared to the full range of body language you were able to convey your emotions with.
Other than your form changing, nothing really was different between the two of you.  Or so Levi kept telling himself.  You both continued your late-night gaming sprees.  Binged through anime episodes while camping out on the couch, surrounded by snacks to satisfy the munchies.  However, the one major difference was that instead of falling in between couch cushions, you fell asleep against Levi’s shoulder.  Red in the face, Levi dared not to move so he didn’t disturb you all the while using every ounce of will power to not spontaneously combust.
The first thing Satan noticed was your radiant smile.  You were thrilled to be back in your natural state.  Little things you took for granted before your unfortunate transformation, you now relished in performing the simplest of tasks.  You practically cried the first time you were able to handle utensils and cut up your own steak. In the library, you filled your arms with as many books you could carry.  Though if you asked Satan, you were unnecessarily overburdening yourself.  Still, you insisted on doing everything on your own, and he respected your desires, only offering help when you actually requested it.
He did admit that he enjoyed the nights when you both were on cooking duty.  Working alongside with you made for efficient meal preps.  And you were quite nimble with the knife once your muscle memory and strength returned.  You made a great partner in the kitchen as well in the classroom.  You soon became his go-to lab partner due to your ability to measure ingredients with a steady hand and mixing potions like a pro.  Group projects were a breeze now that crafts were easier tasks for you to manage.  And the pranks you could now pull…well, the Anti-Lucifer League was never the same again.
In your human form, it was easier for you both to enjoy your favorite outings.  Trips to the museum and art galleries were now livelier as you animatedly rambled about your favorite exhibits.  You were more relaxed at your favorite café as you comfortably sat in the booths and able to reach your drinks and dessert without requiring a booster seat.  Just like when you both visited the new chinchilla café.  How could either of you not scout out a newly opened animal café?!  And chinchillas were so soft and cute.  You had to resist grabbing one into your arms and holding it against its will.  Instead, you held out some straw, trying to coax one closer to you.  When it finally did, you used your free hand to gently stroke its fur while it nibbled on the treat.  The coat was so soft you wanted to cry!  Having hooves had altered your sense of touch so how you perceived the world had felt off.  Now all you wanted to do was experience various textures just to enjoy the sensations under your fingertips.  Satan grinned as he watched the chinchilla relax under your attention.
“If you wish, we can work on making the chinchilla your familiar.”
“Oh, darling!  Aren’t you the cutest?!” 
Asmo couldn’t help but squeal when he first laid eyes on your human form.  As a sheep, you were already so soft and cuddly, but as a human, there was so much more of you to hug now!  And now that you were human, the first order of business was a full spa treatment!  After all, you had been through so much without proper self-care.  He prepared a bath complete with effervescent salts.  Rubbing a citrus scented essential oil into your skin, he gently massaged your shoulders and back.  Painted your nails (you finally had proper nails again!) while you relaxed, waiting for the facial mask to do its magic.  You felt like a proper person again!  It brought tears to your eyes to see how you looked after Asmo’s grand make over.  You almost didn’t recognize yourself in the mirror.
“There’s only one thing left for us to do now, MC,” he said while wrapping his arms around your shoulders and resting his chin on your shoulder.  “Shopping spree!”
Fashion!  Who knew you would have missed trying on clothes?!  Mixing and matching new combinations!  Checking yourself out in the mirror and admiring how cute you were.  Each time you threw on a new outfit, you would burst out of the fitting room ready to strut down an imaginary catwalk, looking and feeling fabulous!  Asmo clapped and showered you with praise, building up your confidence.  Now if only humans had more than two hands, then you could carry the multitudes of bags you and Asmo walked away with during your trip down fashion row!
The first time he saw you, Beel paused and blinked at you a couple of times trying to process exactly who you were.  Once Belphie filled him in on the fact you reverted to your original form, he flashed a large smile, genuinely happy for you.  While you no longer fit in the palm of his hand, you were still relatively small compared to him.  However, you now put up a better resistance as you guarded the fridge, using your longer limbs to try to anchor yourself to the appliance.  Beel chuckled at your game.  You knew full well that he could effortlessly pick you up and move you out of the way.  Yet, it was cute to see you try, hoping that your human form gave you more of an advantage.  He allowed you to put up a fight before finally pulling you away from the fridge though he rewarded your efforts with one of his prized pudding cups.
However, he had to admit, he missed that you no longer relied on him to pull down items out of your reach.  Most items you could collect by stepping on your tip-toes.  Even if a particular item was out of reach, you didn’t hesitate to step onto the countertops or chairs in order to access the highest shelf.  While you contended you knew what you were doing and were completely safe, Beel’s heart always raced, fearing you would topple backwards.  Thus, every time he chanced upon you in such precarious situations, Beel scrambled to stand behind you in case you lost your balance.
And while you were you grateful to have regained your independence along with your height, you were still shorter than the vast majority of the demon population.  So, when going to events like parades and concerts, you still suffered from being vertically challenged, your view blocked by a wall of demons.  Standing on your toes was worthless and jumping proved futile.  Beel couldn’t help but crack a smile at your efforts, before kneeling down and clearing his throat.
“MC, climb onto my shoulders.  I’ll give you a lift.”
You didn’t hesitate to scale his back, settling yourself onto his shoulders.  Once he stood, you felt as though you were on top of the world.  You could see everything!  Beel couldn’t be happier in helping make sure that you were having the time of your life.
Hold on!  Let him get this straight.  You went from a plush sized sleeping buddy to full body pillow size.  This was certainly an appealing turn of events.  While he was confused by the random human in the house, his mind was put to ease once you convinced him it was truly you, just not as a sheep anymore.  As far as he was concerned, this should not have changed much.  You still played video games with him, Beel, and Levi.  You still lounged around, watching TV with him.  You were still an excellent naptime buddy though the ability to now wrap a leg around you was definitely more comfortable and allowed him to sleep even more deeply.  At the end of the day, all daily activities you two shared were still just as enjoyable in your human form as when you were a sheep.
“Hey, MC.  Would you like to go stargazing with me tonight?”
Ok, fine!  He lied!  You transforming back to a human was the greatest gift.  You now had a lap he could rest his head on as he stared up at the stars, which was a million times more comfortable than laying down on the grass.  Though it was hard to keep his eyes open as you ran your fingers through his hair, soothing the stress of the day way under your touch.  And after he invited you to lay down next to him, so you wouldn’t have to crane your neck to see the stars, he loved how you eventually drifted off to sleep, especially when you rolled over to wrap your arm across his chest.  Please, stay with him like this forever!
Diavolo couldn’t help but release a hearty chortle once you were properly reintroduced to him in your human form.  It was a splendid turn of events that the curse finally wore off.  You had your body as well as all of your memories intact.  See you weren’t kidnapped.  You truly did apply for the exchange program. 
Diavolo had already enjoyed your many conversations with each other, but your talks felt more natural now that you were at ease, completely in your element.  Additionally, he loved playing chess with you, watching you grip your pieces with your fingers rather than scoot them around the board with your hoof.  Also, you were more able to keep up with his pace during your strolls through the royal gardens, walking side-by-side with ease while conversing without interruptions. 
What he did not expect was how much your human form would be a source of comfort.  When he was overwhelmed with work, you, without hesitation, picked up a pen and asked what you could do to alleviate the burden.  You helped to organize the various stacks of papers, organizing what needed to be delivered to others versus what needed to be filed away.  When there was a task that only Diavolo could tend to, you massaged the tension out of his shoulders, kneading out various knots he collected throughout the night.
However, he must admit, his favorite perk from your transformation was the ability to dance with you.  He loved how one hand rested on his shoulder while the other slipped into his hand.  As he placed his own hand on your hip, he led you through the steps until the song ended.  On the next round, you insisted on changing up the rolls.  With an amused smile, you both shifted your hand positions, forcing him to follow your lead.  This was definitely a far better arrangement than when he would perform a solo waltz with a sheep sitting on the palm of his hand.  Though, to think about it in retrospect, he blushed furiously as he realized how often his hand had made contact with your little sheep ass.
Silently smiling, Barbatos admired how you beamed when you ran into the kitchen, declaring that you were human again.  He knew it was a matter of time before you would regain your human body.  When exactly, he couldn’t say…or rather he was not allowed to say.  In fact, Barbatos did not seem the least bit surprised when he was reintroduced to you.  All he did was smile and gave a small bow, acknowledging your identity.  The real difference he noticed in you was your suddenly surge in confidence.  You no longer fumbled clumsily with the kitchen utensils during your baking lessons.  You effortlessly lifted tea cups with a steady hand and sipped without spilling a drop.  Barbatos couldn’t be happier to see how your life seemed far less burdened now.  That didn’t mean new experiences were any less scary.
“Come, please take my hand.  I promise that no harm will befall you.”
You still gulped, looking at the massive creature.  Barbatos told you it was still a juvenile, which begged the question – what would the adult version look like?  It was reptilian-like, resembling possibly a dragon.  You weren’t sure if the creature had any teeth or whether it could take your arm off in one chomp.  Placing one hand on yours, Barbatos gently guided you closer until your calm rested on the scaly snout.  The creature released a happy chirp at the contact, drawing a wide grin from you.  A light nudge from the baby creature forced a round of giggles out of you.  With a soft smile, he enjoyed watching how your face crinkled while you laughed, completely enthralled in playing with little dragon.  Even with the ability to see through the various timelines, nothing could possibly have prepared him for how being in your presence made his heart flutter.
You were positively the most breathtaking thing he had ever seen.  Sure, you were adorable as a little sheep, but everyone knew that wasn’t your true form.  That left everyone guessing on what your human form was like.  Though he doubted anyone was prepared to witness just how magnificent you actually were.  And even though he knew what a human looked like, he was still taken off guard when you first showed up to classes for the first time after regaining your body.  He assumed that you were a new student until you struck up a conversation that was previously initiated via texting.  With a laugh, the confusion easily rolled off of him as you explained the situation.
“You must be relieved now.  I am quite happy for this resolution.”
One afternoon, Simeon had invited you out for a picnic and a stroll through the park.  As the two of you chatted away, you spotted something from the corner of your eye that immediately caught your attention.
“Let’s go do that!” you insisted, pointing to the pedal boats.
Under no circumstance was Simeon going to deny your request.  After boarding the boat, you both placed your feet on the pedals and cycled.  It had been a while since you’ve worked a pedal boat and had forgotten how much effort was required to maneuver them.  While out in the middle of the lagoon, you had asked Simeon for a break, which he happily obliged.  Resting your legs, Simeon enjoyed your company as you continued to chat, inquiring about the latest TSL manuscript he was working on.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the pedal boat operator required you to return the boat, Simeon would have been content staying out on the lagoon all night long with you.
“Well, welcome back!  It must feel good being comfortable in your own skin again,” Solomon chuckled when he finally saw that you were human again.  It was seriously insulting to have been reduced to a sheep while Solomon got to enjoy humanly comforts.  Every time you saw the sorcerer, you cursed him and his power.  He had a huge advantage over you, and being in his presence was just humiliating.  Now, with your body restored, you felt extra petty!
“Last person to the door treats the other to dinner at Hell’s Kitchen!”
You wouldn’t have dared to race against the demons.  You had no shot in winning against them, and if you did, it was because they had let you.  Winning or losing against Solomon was at least believable even if it was an illusion.  You ran as fast as possible toward the entrance of RAD. Perhaps you ran a little too fast on legs that were still redeveloping its coordination.  Perhaps you always had been clumsy.  Whatever it may have been, you tripped and began tumbling forward.  Instead of crashing against the ground, you crashed into a pair of sturdy arms.  Solomon’s chest rumbled against you as he chuckled. 
“Perhaps you should work on walking before running.”
He helped you up and escorted you the rest of the way to RAD.  As you reached the threshold, Solomon placed a hand on your lower back and guided you through the doors of RAD before him.
“Looks like I owe you dinner.  What time shall I pick you up tonight?”
Seriously?!  This was so unfair!  You were the one student he towered over and he was now robbed of that honor!  To say he was bitter was an understatement.  There was something comforting in having someone who related to your struggles.  Kind of felt like a misery loving company type of scenario.  He was absolutely envious about your sudden overnight growth spurt.  Why did you get to grow up while he was still stunted?  For a split second he was tempted to take it up with Father, but only for a split second.  Every time he saw you, he released a heavy sigh.  While you stood at kitchen counters without issue, he still required a stool to look into mixing bowls properly.  With your newfound strength, you were able to carry heavier items.  Luke suddenly felt left behind.
One particular day, you found him sitting on the floor with his head buried in his arms.  He had a particularly bad day.  Accidentally dropped his food during lunch.  Was ping-ponged around, bouncing off of random demons in the crowded halls.  He felt so humiliated.  He hated being the only shortie at RAD.  He blinked back frustrated tears as he heard you approach, hoping to have some semblance of dignity.
“Come on,” you coaxed.  “I think I have just the thing to turn your frown upside-down.”
Grabbing your hand, Luke followed you back to the House of Lamentation and straight to your bedroom.  Opening your closet, you stepped up onto a stool and scrounged around the top shelf until your hand finally felt the tin container you sought.  Stepping back down, you opened up the box to reveal some limited-edition cookies you had picked up from the Human World.  While you were not allowed to keep food in your room and had Satan help put a curse on it to prevent theft, you still didn’t trust your stash around certain demons.  Luke picked up a cookie and chomped down, happily munching and savoring the buttery flavor.  He couldn’t help but remember their failed attempt at grabbing a hold of the elusive cookies from the Demon Lord’s Castle during that one gala.  But now, MC could help him reach all of the yummy top shelf treats!
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stanmammon · a day ago
Do you mind doing “MC playing as a evil character in a show/movie”? It would be so cool, pls and thank you! ☺️<3
But with Beel,Belphie, Diavolo and Simeon?x
Beel felt a little weird about seeing you act so evil, knowing it was a look he didn’t think suited you. He can appreciate your amazing acting skills however, unable to tear his eyes off the screen even when he scraped the bottom of his empty popcorn bucket. Before he knew it the episode was over and he was left with a growling stomach, a little stunned that he had been so distracted by you on screen that he hadn’t realized how hungry he was. He has a nightmare later on about you taking on your villainous persona but you at least treat him kindly, a special little exception to your evil plans and he finds himself a little confused about what it was supposed to mean.
Belphie was snoozing during the first part of the episode when you hadn’t appeared yet, perking up when your voice reached his ears and rubbing his eyes as he proceeded to focus on the screen. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen you more striking, his heart pounding in his chest as he found himself mesmerized with each word that slipped out of your mouth. He thought your character was enthralling and found himself interested in actually watching the show, at least wanting to see every one of your characters scenes even if the rest of it didn’t interest him.
You had only mentioned it in passing to Diavolo as you knew he might be too busy to watch some silly show but he’s more than happy to make the effort to finish as much paperwork as possible so Barbatos wouldn’t keep him chained to his desk. He might have to stream it from his D.D.D. but he’s glad to see you on the screen, unable to tear his eyes away until a commercial popped up. He was quick to send you a message letting you know he was enjoying his time watching you, smiling when the show is back on and you pop back on the screen. He knows you’re supposed to be ‘evil’ but there’s something about your character that makes him sympathize, finding himself enamored and wanting to know more.
Simeon is actually quite amused to see you acting differently, well, that was what acting was supposed to be, right? He was a bit of a critic and he took your request to give you tips seriously but he didn’t think there was much he could help you on. He can’t help but think about the character a little more even after the show is over, able to picture you perfectly in his mind as he wondered how he could add you into the TSL series. He makes quite an interesting combination as he started to build your character up, inspired by the one you played in the television show, hoping he’s able to capture your essence perfectly.
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 2 days ago
Mc: what's your biggest nightmare?
Lucifer: (in his head) don't tell them
Lucifer: you
Mc: good to know (walks away)
Lucifer: (in his head) they can't know I care about them
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leviathans-watching · a day ago
I remember seeing a post about one person (A) having a crush on another person (B), and A kept a stash of Bs favorite candy, and whenever they saw eachother in the hall, A would give B a piece of the candy. Later on, B saw A and got really excited, then very confused as to why.
My point, how would the brothers react to MC doing this to them?
giving beel candy
Tumblr media
includes: beel x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated t | m.list
a/n: ugh this was adorable and perfect for beel so i hope you enjoy!! thanks for requesting! my requests are currently closed!
warnings: mentions/descriptions of food/candy
please reblog <33
Tumblr media
It started off simple: you saw Beel post about his favorite candy on Devilgram.
It was a brand you weren’t familiar with, but curiosity overtook you, so you made the trek down to the supermarket to buy it. It was one of those that came prewrapped in a bag, so you had no choice but to get a bunch, but it wasn’t terribly expensive, so you really didn’t mind.
On your walk home you unwrapped it and popped it into your mouth. Almost immediately, you spit the candy out, starting at it splattered on the concrete in horror. It was awful! Spicy and sour and too sweet all at once! You weren’t sure how that was even possible!
Beel likes these? you think to yourself, genuinely at a loss. They’re awful.
The taste seemed to linger in your mouth so you hurried back to your house, not even pausing to get a cup and instead drinking straight from the faucet. Once the taste was adequately washed away, you thought about what you could do.
You didn’t just want to throw them out. Not only would it be a waste of money and food, but if they were Beel’s favorite, surely there was something you could do with them to appeal to him.
The next day saw you with a handful of the candies in your backpack. You weren’t super close with Beel, but you were close enough that giving him some wouldn’t be awkward you when you ran into him after your magic class, you didn’t let yourself hesitate, pulling one out and offering it to him.
“Wait, I can have that?” Beel asks, and you nod.
“Yeah, I’m not really a huge fan.” You shake the candy once more for good measure, and Beel hesitantly takes it from you. The smile he gives you then is nothing short of blinding.
“You’re the best,” he says earnestly, pausing to unwrap it. You watch him closely as he puts it into his mouth; if they were that disgusting to you you can’t imagine he’d be able to stand them. But he just closes his eyes, sighing blissfully.
It’s a little gross, but also pretty cute, in an endearing sort of way. Cute enough for you to think that it was a good plan. You’re definitely going to keep this up.
Beel brightens upon seeing you coming out of your classroom then pauses. Why is he so happy to see you?
You catch his gaze and smile, tucking your hair behind your ear. Its incredibly cute and Beel thinks to himself Ah, yes, that’s why.
Beel leans down to give you a quick peck, something you eagerly lean into. It only takes a second for you to recognize the taste on his lips and pull away quickly, making a face.
“No, Beel, I’ve told you I can’t kiss you after you eat that candy,” you whine, wiping at your mouth. “Go brush your teeth.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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nanami-luvr · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
✿ featuring: lucifer, solomon, beelzebub.
✿ warnings: hints of d/s dynamics, objectification, belly bulge, slight humiliation, praise, teasing, degradation, clit slapping.
Tumblr media
lucifer fucks based on his mood. if he's having a great day where no one's causing him any trouble, he's slow and steady, showering you with petnames and compliments throughout. if you're unlucky and he's having a horrible day, he's definitely fast and rough. this man is known to be a sadist. he will pound you til your pussy, ass and thighs are sore and makes sure that you take every single each of him no matter how painful it is. will for sure call you a cock-hungry slut for taking it like you're made to be his fleshlight.
solomon is very playful during sex. he's not the kind to put it in immediately, no matter how much you beg for it. you can even have tears in your eyes and wrap your hand around his cock and he still won't give it to you. instead, he'd tease you by rubbing his dick against your folds, ocassionally slapping your clit if you whine or move around too much. he'd slip it in when you least expect it, making you shiver from the sudden penetration.
beel tries to be gentle and slow, considering the length and girth of his cock. he's very considerate of you and will never force you down on him without any prep. loves pressing down on the bulge forming in your tummy whenever he bottoms out. he's never rough with you because he sees how painful it can get for you, even after all the time he's spent stretching you out. kisses you all over, your neck, collarbone, lips, boobs. whispers the sweetest things into your ear and tells you repeatedly that you're taking him like a good girl.
Tumblr media
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mammonswhore · 2 days ago
Lucifer: MC hasn’t stopped staring through the window since the storm started
Lucifer: I suppose I should let them in
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pandamimi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Catan doesn't take compliments from papa Luci 😂
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etcrow · 2 days ago
MC: guys I need to pee
Diavolo: don't get lost in the castle
MC: can't promise that cause I am bad at directions
Barbatos: it has been an honor to meet you, then
MC: yeah, farewell
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roiree · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eyes on the Screen
Summary: Levi has once again glued himself to his screen for the past few days, giving you not even an ounce of attention. If he wants to keep playing again, then so be it.
Paring: Levi x GN!Reader
Word Count: 1.7k
Tags: oral, penetration, semi-clothed, degrading, doing “it” on Levi’s chair, MDNI (18+)
Tumblr media
It was no surprise that the third born was prone to locking himself up in his room for days on end, probably because he’s binging on another anime series he waited for so long or he’s playing that one video game he pre-registered for. No matter how hard anyone tries, nothing can make him leave. If you do get him out of his room, it wouldn’t take long for him to crawl back to where he came from.
You were an exception in most cases. The brothers admit that seeing Levi head to the carnival or even the movie theatre for a date only to come back after hours was a breath of new air. You managed to do the impossible, and his siblings commend you for accomplishing the most frustrating thing ever.
But keep in mind these were only in most cases.
Once again, the Avatar of Envy detached from reality and sat on his gaming chair with his eyes glued to his computer screen. Fingers stretched and pressed on the LED keyboard accompanied by the fast clicks of his mouse. Since the newest game finally dropped, Levi can’t wait to test it out and see if it lived up to its hype. Needless to say, it met his expectations and he can’t just get enough of it.
While he was there gaming endlessly, you were there in his room too.
Levi gave you full access to his room, password-free and all the manga stacked on his shelves were yours to read. If you had to be honest, your intentions for staying in his room were not his manga nor anything else he has collected over the past centuries. You just wanted to be in a place where it would be less crowded.
The brothers often visited your room to have a random chat with you. Satan and Belphie stirring up their latest pranks, Asmo giving you a nice manicure, Mammon would drag you to his latest schemes, and so much more. Those brothers can’t survive a day without most of them barging in your room.
Today was no different yet to entertain such an amount of people felt more like a chore rather than it bringing some fun. Retreating to Levi’s room became your last resort since no one usually comes by there.
Though you were meters away from him, he acted like you were never there.
“Hey, Levi,” you called out. “Do you want to watch a movie together? There’s a new horror movie out right now.”
No response.
“Levi,” you said his name louder, this time with a more agitated tone.
He didn’t even consider turning his head to you. Irritated, you tried to call him on his D.D.D. so it can get his attention for you but it seems he muted it.
Nothing is going to stop him from playing.
Now the overwhelming loneliness and boredom slowly consumed you as you watch him play. You had your focus on him, but he didn’t have it on you. To think you have all the attention from the brothers but you can’t have even a glance from Levi.
How are his eyes not even turning red from straining? You wanted to turn that stupid metal box off. That blasted thing has been hogging your boyfriend for too long.
It’s not fair.
You shook the thoughts off and set your brash feelings aside. If you did go with what you planned so irrationally, he’d only get mad at you and not give you all the attention you desperately craved.
If he wants to play so badly, then so be it.
You got off the bean bag and went to his spot. Standing behind his chair, you peppered his soft neck with slow, passionate kisses. Your sensual touches managed to get Levi’s attention.
“Huh,” he called out your name and he retracted from his keyboard. “What are you doing?”
Your lips parted from his flushed skin and carefully slid the speaker of his headphone away from his right ear.
“You wanted to play, didn’t you? Keep playing until you win the level,” you giggled and unplugged his headphones from the PC. “That is if you can.” Your soft whisper brought a tingling sensation that crawled down his spine.
Levi gasped as you slid his chair away from the table to make a bit of room under his desk. Your knees kneeled in the cramped space and you had his crotch inches away from your face. You were the perfect size to fit in that small hole you almost thought it was no coincidence.
The thought of what you can possibly do to him was enough to make his cock go hard. Desire and nervousness stirred in him.
Pleased with the sight of his growing erection, you pulled down his sweatpants. How convenient he did not even think of tying the drawstring up, it’s like he knew you’d do this to him.
Your mouth slowly took him in and your tongue gently swirled on his precum-glossed tip. As you went deeper on him, your hand pumped the rest of his throbbing dick. His ecstatic hips thrusted deeper like a reflex, making you take more of him. You gagged but it was no big deal. You looked up to Levi’s face and saw him splitting his attention to you and the screen.
While you were having the time of your life teasing the living hell out of the demon, he felt so torn apart. He wanted to look at you lustfully suck his dick, but he doesn’t want to fail you by losing the level. Levi wished you used your pact that he’d keep on playing while you do whatever debaucherous deeds you have in store for him. Maybe then, he wouldn’t feel too frustrated about what to do.
The game was getting intense and you went faster on him. Levi moaned out your name and gripped on his mouse tighter.
The Avatar of Envy was losing control over himself. He wanted to close his eyes and relish in that sadistic pleasure you’re giving him, but he’s so almost there at the end of the level.
He cried out your name multiple times as if he was begging for you to go lightly on him. “I’m going to cum. Please, I want to cum so bad.”
Though you heard him crystal clear, you had no intention of stopping when he told you to. He’ll finish when he’s finished with the match.
His hands quivered and needy whines filled the room. He needed to get a grip of himself but it’s so hard to focus when he has a game to play and you’re under there giving him support under the desk. Levi couldn’t care about his moans getting louder by the second or the drool dripping at the side of his mouth now that you got him stuck in this situation.
Finally, the intense boss music ended and Levi arched his back. His hands left his mouse and keyboard to grip your hair, trying to pull you away before he’s about to break. Strings of white fluid shot from his tip and coated your mouth to the point it filled you. You swallowed every bit and wiped the drops that seeped out of your mouth.
He leaned back on his chair and tried to soothe his sensitive, heated body. Though he wanted to be completely at ease, you need to get a taste of your own medicine.
The moment you stood up and massaged your knees, Levi immediately pulled you to his lap. A tight grip on your thighs held you in place and he aligned your hole to the dick you mischievously teased earlier. Your body pressed on Levi’s chest since the sudden gesture made you lose your balance.
“I’m-, I’m not go-going to let you go that easily.” Despite that flustered face, he meant every word he said. Levi grinded his hips and earned himself a moan from you.
You weren’t the type to disregard his advances. Levi’s off that stupid game just as planned.
Without hesitation, you discarded your bottoms and underwear on his floor. Levi slithered his hands to your waist and you took hold of his shoulders. The demon formed little shapes that stimulated your sensitive spot and you slowly took him in.
Your gummy walls tightened around Levi’s cock as it slipped in and out in a steady motion.
“You’re so pathetic, huh? The only thing getting you off that dumb game of yours is being fucked senseless. You really are a good for nothing otaku,” you panted.
Levi didn’t even think of talking back. Though many would feel a pang of pain stabbing their chest from those hurtful words, this only made Levi want you to go rougher on him.
Though he was the one who planned to fuck you on his gaming chair, you still had complete power over him. Seeing him mewl and moan so helplessly under your touch delighted you and motivated you to give out your all.
The steady motion turned to a faster pace and Levi squirmed on his chair. You clawed his shirt and grabbed a fistful of the cloth while he squeezed the cushioned armrest so tight he swore it might break. A sharp bite pressed down on the demon’s shoulder as you started to become a little sloppy with your moves.
Levi’s body spasmed and your back arched. Long hands held you down in place and his dick filled you up with the same cum that you swallowed earlier. Your head rolled forward and rested on the crook of his neck.
He still held you by your waist and you still had his dick clenched inside of you. It was one of those moments where neither wanted to move an inch, but rather relish in the blissful aftermath you got yourselves into.
“I’m sorry I placed a game before you,” he cooed and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in tighter.
Soft hands cupped his cheeks and a loving kiss pecked his lips. “Just promise me you’ll never do it again. For now, let’s stay like this for a few minutes. I really missed you, Levi.”
“I missed you too.”
At last, his attention was all yours and there’s nothing you could ask for more.
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mybeautifulreina · 2 days ago
Heyo!! May I request the demon bois and diavolo react to MC rejecting/being oblivious to Lucifer and diavolo’s flirting? Like MC deadass thought these two were an item and they are married/engaged. Every little advancement and invite to a date is either rejected or they bring the other party to the date. Its only when diavolo asks Solomon to accompany him did they realize MC thought lu and dia were couples lmao.
Dia: no, solomon will come with me this time.
Lu: my lord, why solomon of all people?
MC *actually giving a genuine complement here*: awwww dw lucifer! Im sure your fiancé has his own reasons, besides maybe that problem is something solomon can help with! Dia u have an amazing and wholesome husband, yall are so dang cute!😊
Everyone else: 👁👄👁🦻
They're fruity as hell. More fruity than my girl friends who are also fruity. NGL, if these two demons are a real couple then this will be a toxic relationship toxic as Solomon's food. NO ONE CAN CHANGE MY DAMN MIND.
Lucifer ~"we are not gay, Mc." ~"fruity? Keep your human weird term for yourself," ~pinch his bridge nose ~sigh ~why ~WHY!?!?!?!! ~great now he has a headache
Mammon ~prepare himself to run with you ~he already plans to escape you from lucifer's wrath ~don't worry Mc, he is the fastest demon for a reason even though Lucifer will play dirty on him soon
Leviathan ~catch the video ~help Mammon do his plan ~he needs to save you from Lucifer
Satan ~AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA 1.0 ~excuse himself ~he shall prepare a medal for the most successful member of the anti-Lucifer league
Asmodeus ~le gasp ~"Hey Levi, you get that?" ~he better keep this a secret from Lucifer if he doesn't want to hang on the ceiling with you
Beelzebub ~drop the food ~Mc, are you serious? ~prepare himself to protect you from the eldest
Belphegor ~HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA 2.0 ~help Satan catch a photo of you wearing the medal (if you are still alive of course) ~will make a frame as a victory of the anti-Lucifer league
Diavolo ~we are not, Lucifer? ~both of them are still a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. ~chuckle a bit ~"I can't read your thought, Mc," ~ready to explain his friendship with Lucifer to you if you have confusion
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ijustloveobeymeok · a day ago
Satan: New tactic to annoy Lucifer: argue that something that's 100% factual actually doesn't exist.
Belphegor: Evil, but hilariously evil.
*few minutes later*
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · a day ago
Mammon has a bizarre amount of incredibly niche knowledge about random things.
He can't tell you what was on the history test you two just took together.
But do you need to know the minting date of a specific quarter with a specific design? He knows it.
Mammon would cry if you asked him about literary nuance.
But he can tell you all about the buying price for an original copy of Mary Shelley's book "The Modern Prometheus" (which we now know as Frankenstein).
Mammon's knowledge lies in his interests. So his greedy ways has allowed him to amass a hoard of knowledge in things that help him get more money.
So yeah, he can tell you all about how much a classic furby costs but cannot tell you a damn thing about his classes.
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strawberrycartt · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sloth ver. //Full image on my twt as per usual ✧
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 2 days ago
Levi: Mc how do I get popular?
Mc: wrong person
Levi: you have friends
Mc: correction a bunch of people saw that I was alone and decided to talk to me
Levi: and how do I do that?!
Mc: you just need luck
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