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#obey me shall we date
obey-mes-treasure · 10 minutes ago
☂️ and✝️?
- 🍡 Anon
A/N: I'm sorry this is so late. I am so sorry.
☂️ Do you like the eternal moon?
Gena, my MC, actually loves the night. She doesn't really have a problem with the being dark all the time in Devildom. Obviously, sometimes she likes the sun but its something she likes once and a while. When she first arrived though, it was a problem because she got really sick from the lack of sun.
✝️Are you religious?
Gena is spiritual. She believe things have souls and there are consequences to peoples actions. She also believe in a higher power but doesn't align with a specific religion. She prays and simply believes that people should be as kind to others.
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absolutepokemontrash · 12 minutes ago
Kind of a random question but, Do do you think Himiko would get along with L!MC, M!MC and A!Mc?
...I love this question
First off, Himiko may be an asshole, but she’s a big softie when it comes to kids, it’s her big sister instinct! So I think if L!MC, M!MC, and A!MC popped into her universe, the first thing she’s doing is temporarily adopting them. 
She’s taking care of them like they’re her own kids, which is very weird for her versions of Lucifer, Mammon, and Asmo.
Tbh, I think Himiko’s Lucifer would also be really relieved that she’s taking care of the kids... he has enough to worry about without adding his kid from a different timeline to the mix...
Himiko: So, do you guys want to watch a movie? Spirited Away? Howl’s Moving Castle? Kiki’s Delivery Service?
L!MC: Spirited Away!
A!MC: Yes! Yes please!
M!MC: I don’t wanna watch an anime movie, can we watch Die Hard?
Himiko’s Mammon: HELL YEAH!
Himiko: No, you’ve been outvoted. And Mammon, we watched Die Hard two days ago, you can live another day without watching it.
Meanwhile in the other timeline:
Lucifer: WHERE’S MY KID?!?!?!?!
Asmo: Royal Guard?! Hi! It’s Asmodeus, I need everyone mobilized immediately to find my baby!!!!!
Back to the Himiko timeline:
Himiko: You’ve got dirt on your face M!MC, come here.
(Himiko does that mom thing where she wipes the kid’s face but since she’s a rich bish she uses a handkerchief)!
M!MC: Himiko, I can do it myself-
Himiko: Sh, there you go, all better!
Other timeline:
*everything is on fire everyone is panicked and you can hear the distant sounds of Mammon panic weeping*
Barbatos: I know where the children went.
*everything pauses*
Barbatos: They went through one of the doors in my room, I’ll be able to get them back in a short amount of time.
Asmo: *still screaming at the Royal Guard*
Mammon: *Incoherent panic-sobbing*
*Himiko timeline*
Lucifer: So, what am I like as a father to you?
L!MC: You’re pretty good. You do this dad-thing in my timeline where you leave the door open when you leave rooms sometimes though.
Lucifer: Interesting, I’ll leave you all be.
*he leaves and leaves the fucking door slightly open*
Himiko (putting a hand on L!MC’s shoulder): Let it go, he’s not worth it.
*Other timeline*
Asmo: A!MC was so young...
Lucifer: They’re not dead, Asmodeus.
Mammon: *he hasn’t stopped panic crying*
Asmodeus: We don’t know that... my poor little butterfly...
Mammon: *louder panic crying*
*Himiko timeline*
Himiko: Thanks for fixing up my nails A!MC, you’re such a sweetheart.
A!MC: It’s really not a problem miss Himiko, you’ve been really nice to us so far considering how M!MC nearly started several fires when we first got here.
Himiko: It’s okay, the key word there was *nearly*. If you three ever end up back here somehow, I should introduce you to one of my sisters, you’re around her age and I think you guys would have a ball.
A!MC: That sounds nice! Anyway, how sharp do you want your nails?
Himiko: Sharp enough to rip out a man’s throat! :D
A!MC: On it! :D
The kids end up coming back to their own timeline perfectly fine, eating ice cream, and talking about how awesome the human exchange student of that timeline was, while their dads have their post-parental-panic freak out.
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omkookie · 41 minutes ago
MC : *holds up soap with a bite taken out of it*
MC : Well? Who did it?
Luke : Cerberus?—
MC : Beel, was it you?
Beel : It was, I'm sorry.
Luke : Why would you take a bite out of soap?! *shocked chihuahua face*
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omkookie · 56 minutes ago
MC : *Falls on top of Satan while teleporting* Satan... I'm sorry I fell for you again,,
Satan : You sure do love me since you always fall for me
MC : yep!
Satan : this is the sixth time in two days
MC : I just fall for you a lot *wink wink*
Satan : Your teleportation is terrible... *Chuckles*
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the-mourning-stars · an hour ago
Several things:
My brother decided we & my sibling needed a gc and then my mother wanted a family gc
Tumblr media
Family™ and The side splitting siblin. "Siblin"????
Second: Daily dose of Miura
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And third: Does someone think they could make me a Miura wallpaper for my phone? Whether it,s an aesthetic or just one of his pictures! I'd love you for eternity
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littledeadkitten · an hour ago
Can anyone suggest a good otome game which doesn't have time based chats/events/etc and that can just be played whenever?
With supernatural, monsters, demons etc preferred, or just unique, or dark.
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breadb · an hour ago
Luke (obey me) and Barbara (Genshin) were related in another life. You can't change my mind.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-mourning-stars · an hour ago
I can't add lines but here. Correct me if I'm wrong
Tumblr media
Clearly Kobayashi-san is the shortest. We don't need to mention that haha. Then it looks like Ayme-san is next? Maybe the same height as Oni-chan or shorter. Sumi-san is the tiniest bit taller then Ayme-san. Then I think it's Yaguchi-kun? Then Kazuya-kun and then Satoshi-san. Satoshi-san is definitely the tallest and Kobayashi-san is definitely the shortest
So, shortest to tallest from this single image:
Hirotaka Kobayashi
Miura Ayme/Satoshi Onishi
Shinya Sumi
Kyohei Yaguchi
Kazuya Yamashita
Satoshi Kada
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demonsandco · an hour ago
I always pictured Lucifer having a beautiful voice. Maybe he just doesn’t sing often unless he absolutely trusts you then maybe just maybe he will let you hear his voice. I like to think that if him and MC are in a relationship, MC has heard him sing before.
For example, MC has a nightmare or trouble sleeping he sings to them until they are calm and sleeping. Lucifer seeing the soft smile on their face just makes his heart twitch with the smallest of joy. Truly
Or say on some dates nights he will. But I say some cause I think it would depend. If they are out for a movie or dinner then probably not. He’s not gonna sing if he’s in public or know other people like Diavolo, Barbatos, the angels or his brothers around. He would however sing if they were alone. I think this scenario would be the best example. Picture them slow dancing to one of his tunes in his study and he’s sing very softly right near MCs ear. That’s only quality date time I could picture him singing to MC
Yes yes yes to all of this!! Aaa this is so sweet. Singing, and just music in general, would definitely be something very personal and emotional to Lucifer, meaning it’s not something you’d from him often, but it’s always worth the wait. It’s a beautiful way for him to voice his emotions when his pride gets in the way of him expressing himself.
While the chances of him singing around his brothers nowadays are low, it’s something that he actually used to do quite often back in the celestial realm. It wouldn’t have been uncommon back then to hear Lucifer singing his little brothers to sleep. If he ever catches MC struggling with sleep, he finds himself singing those same old songs from the celestial realm. Even if they can’t understand the words, they can hear the love and care in his voice.
And you’re right! He has such a lovely singing voice, all deep and powerful yet smooth and captivating at the same time. I 100% believe that he also knows how to play the piano and his voice would pair so nicely with it. 
I know that we technically get to hear Luci sing in his character song, but I think its too... pop\techno sounding? to reflect how I picture his singing voice in my head. While it’s not a perfect fit, I think the song Lovestruck from Alex Ernst sounds similar to how I’d picture his voice. That and the Lucifer Netflix show’s cover for the songs Creep and I Will Survive! Though those last two might be biased because they’re literally sung by the show’s version of Lucifer lol.
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alice-revolution · an hour ago
Tumblr media
<artist: nabhiiils│nabhira>
permission to post was granted by the artist.
editing and reposting in any platform (FB, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc) are prohibited. please kindly like and retweet their arts on Twitter and Instagram.
✿ belphegor ‘pov of Belphie sneakin up on you while you asleep’
admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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the-mourning-stars · an hour ago
I want,,, no I need Solomon,, shady wizard boi,,, or soft caring boi,,, I need.
Give me the content
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minteyeddevil · 2 hours ago
I got one of my commission pieces today!!! :D
Liah and Lucifer look so cute! I really do love how this came out!! Thank you to Maximus (@PatheticLlamas) on Twitter!
Tumblr media
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e-boysatan · 2 hours ago
imagine spending all your energy commenting on marginalized people post’s for expressing their opinions and thoughts on bigotry. imagine using that energy more productively.
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pewdiesuno2 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I saw my art posted on tiktok without permission.. don’t do this . As lest ask me I would have said yes as long as there was credit
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jennylb101 · 2 hours ago
I just read like 20 message stories in Obey Me! bc I've been letting them build up for awhile, then decided to actually count how many I haven't read... There's over 700 😂💀
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