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The Royal Guard🌹

The fabulous @inkyhorror and I will take turns in writing and posting the chapters so don’t forget to check out her blog too!

Gender neutral MC

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Chapter 1

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This may be a bit of a depressing post, apologies

Ever since my depression appeared, it’s been so difficult for me to do the things I love, drawing was a massive skill that I just lost along the way and it honestly killed me, causing me to have to drop my art class, something I genuinely found joy in. It was so hard to pick up a pencil, let alone be able to have the motivation to draw something…

But I think for the first time in almost 2 years, I’m proud of something I created :)


The shading and proportions are a bit off but I can’t say I hate it

Also, to the people who like to draw Belphie, how tf do y’all get his hair right? Jesus-

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I dunno why, but my drawings become like 100 times better when I’m drawing in traditional

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This song is really gonna cure my depression damn. Can’t believe the wonderful scientists behind Obey Me! were able to create an antidepressant in the form of a song.

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Thank you, I’m glad you liked them! I already did Simeon and Luke but here are the rest of the previously undateables.

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Diavolo, Barbatos, and Solomon with a delinquent MC

(Headcannons cont.)

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How I refer to the brothers in my head:

Lucifer = Loafers

Mammon = Mammogram

Leviathan = Snek

Satan = Santander bank

Asmodeus = horny man

Beelzebub = Beelzeboobs

Belphegor = Belphe-whore

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Lucifer: I hope you two have an explanation for this.

Mammon: Actually, we have three.

MC: Pick your favorite!

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Lucifer: where are my brothers?

Diavolo: they’re playing hide and seek with MC.

Lucifer: where?

Diavolo: I don’t think that’s how it works.

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i haven’t posted an original post in a while but im kinda in a financial pickle and ive been trying to move out for months, but also I haven’t worked in a few weeks bc we had a covid scare and my phone bill is due soon.

also ive gotten tired of the game and would rather just take the characters and create a better story than what the devs have given us. i DO have lore ive been working on that makes much more sense than whatever the hell solmare has been pushing and retconning, and i have so many ideas i could run with and share but that’d take concentration i don’t have dkdnjdjd

but anyway. if you guys would like to help out you can send me a coffee and for like. $15 i can do a rough bust sketch for you! I mainly will do Obey Me, Genshin Impact, and OCs if you provide me with references, but if you give me a character from somewhere else just tell me the full name and where they’re from. It’d mean a lot, even if you just share this around.

Eventually ill make a few posts about the lore I’ve been making when I feel up to the task of writing. I’ll reblog this a few times today just for the different time zones. Thank you!!

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@cosmic-whorror thank you for letting color that your piece 🌸it was fun😊 tho I made it pretty simple and didn’t change colors from canon, but I liked the process.

I love your art! 💕 Thank you for blessing us with your works🌸🌸🌸

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Luke and Solomom spy on them(Royal Library):


Welcome to the “I’m too short to reach the top shelf” club Luke. Poor angel, I feel for him cause I know the struggles when something you need is out of reach and you need to ask someone taller than you or climb like a monkey to get it.

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wait wait wait, custard is a dessert ??? I always thought it was a type of mustard ??

I mean, I always found it weird that they would eat mustard like that, but idk, they are demons after all

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Sebaciels DO NOT interact with this post or my account, you’re nasty fuck you.

One Is for my book on wattpad and the other is my Obey me MC during chapter 16/17.

YES I KNOW THEY LOOK SIMILAR- lol at first i started with one oc and then they became two separate beings, they were supposed to be opposite versions of eachother or something LMAO. Also yes the dude holding the child is Sebastian Michaelis, i’m writing a next gen book thingy and the child is the latest descendant of Ciel Phantomhive. Their name is Mirai (yes i know it’s also the name of another of my obey me mcs but i’ll change it bc i don’t think their name fits them so… They’re NOT the same person k?).

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It’s my MC, for those who might be confused

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Always wanted to try one of these, so here is my take. I hope you all enjoy =D


· He will know what they’re planning long before they get close. He uses the same 6th sense he uses when dealing with his brother’s shenanigans to detect any incoming tickle attacks.

· All its takes is a glare or an “I know what you’re up to” and they have no choice but to retreat.

· What Lucifer will never admit is that they were successful one time.

· He was busy with paperwork, and as he often does, invited them to keep him company. While he was finishing up the Student Council’s budgets, they pounced from behind, causing him to knock all the paper off the table as he was overcome with laughter from the tickles.

· He immensely enjoyed it but lightly chided them anyway (this is Lucifer after all).


· Complains and acts like he hates the surprise tickle attacks but secretly looks forward to them.

· Loves that they get close to him to do it and give him so much affection.

· If he’s in a bad mood, he will sometimes leave himself open to an attack. They always make him feel better.

· Doesn’t like it when anyone else sees because its embarrassing and worries it could be used as blackmail material later.

· If his crow minions are in earshot, they caw along with his laughter. He asked them to stop and they said no.


· Finds it very embarrassing every time it happens.

· But will get jealous and complain if he notices they do it to others and not him.

· Will be red-faced for hours after it happens. Not just because he’s embarrassed but because he laughed so hard he was out of breath.

· Often invites MC to his room to play games knowing they’ll surprise tickle him but lets it happen.

· Will ask them not to if they’re doing something important like a challenging boss or watching the premiere of a new anime.

· Once accidentally summoned Lotan after they snuck up on during a speedrun. It got them both grounded and sneak tickle attacks banned for a month.


· Like Lucifer, he knows when the attacks are coming.

· Will let them happen if Lucifer is in the room because making Lucifer jealous is worth it.

· Otherwise will let them know he’s onto their attempt to tickle him and force them to back down.

· But he has a weak point: cats.

· When there is a cat around his attention is 100% on them, leaving him open to MC’s tickle attack of doom.

· MC has worked with the cats in the past to attack Satan with tickles and cat snuggles double if he is in a bad mood.


· Loves the tickle attacks and will tickle back with even more ferocity.

· Doesn’t bother keeping an eye out for MC. He loves the surprise tickle attacks so much and doesn’t want them to stop ever.

· Will often turn it around on MC and sneak attack them. This lead to a war where they both kept trying to get each other. It spread out of the House of Lamentation to wherever they went in the Devildom.

· When the month long ban was in effect, Asmodeus was constantly nagging Lucifer to lift it. He eventually realised it was only surprise attacks banned, so he would announce his attack just before he did it.

· This didn’t impress Lucifer and got the ban extended for another month, and him grounded too.


· Has a hard time keeping himself from being tickle attacked because he is so big.

· Is MC’s favourite target because he is very ticklish and will collapse like a big teddy bear into a laughing ball when they start tickling him.

· Will attempt to counter-attack but isn’t always successful. Sometimes MC’s tickles are too good and he’s paralysed with laughter.

· Decided to wear a bunch of workout gear to make himself immune to tickles. It worked but the disappointment on MC’s face made him feel so guilty that he didn’t wear it anymore.

· Will become immune to tickles if he’s immersed in eating something. No amount of tickles can keep Beel away from food, but he will still tickle MC back.


· Easiest to tickle attack because he is asleep so much.

· Sometimes won’t even notice it happened, much to MC’s annoyance.

· It’s a risk to attack him if he’s napping though because there is a risk of it being turned into a snuggle fest instead. He will grab them mid-nap and hug them until he wakes.

· Will pretend to be asleep sometimes so MC will try to tickle him.

· If they try to get him while he’s awake, he’ll tickle them back just like Beel.

· Brings up when he notices MC has been sneak ticking others but not him. He totally doesn’t care and totally doesn’t wish they’d tickle him more.

· Once teamed up with Beel to get MC after they got them both three times in one day. The ensuing tickle fight lasted 5 hours and three vases and a lamp were lost.

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