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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#obey me short fic
hemyx0520 · 4 days ago
"Police has been investigating the scene, most speculate it as a miscalculation from the Technician Team... Moving on, we report tha-" the reporter was cut off as She turned off the television.
Silence streched throughout the penthouse as she turned towards the man, who was sitting tensely on a high back lounge chair. He was leaning forward heavily, as his arm supported his weight as it rest on his knees. He's hand clenched into fists as his eyes burned with wrath.
"You can't ignore it any longer. You need to acknowledge tha-" She was cut off when the man abruptly stood up from his seat.
"Godamnit! I know! I..." he cut himself off, releasing out a frustrating breath.
She simply stood and stayed quiet. Letting him have his moment to apprehend his chaotic mind.
He walked over to the window and stared at the scene before him. The moon was already high up in the sky, indicating that's it's almost, or already, midnight. Despite it already being late, the city night lights made the scene breathtakingly beautiful.
But he couldn't enjoy such a scene, when a bigger problem has been weighing down on him at the back of his mind. He can't dismissed it, for it concerns his family and friends. His love ones.
He sigh, placing his arm on the glass and leaned forward. His arm supporting the weight of his upper body. Trying to calm himself down before he does something he regrets. He needs to think this through carefully.
He wished he had a cigarette right now.
"Any word from the higher ups?"
"They're currently looking into it. But they don't have to, as we both know who they are."
"They still have the guts to declare a fucking war against me." He said, slidding his clenched fist in the pockets of his hand. Trying to control himself from punching the glass.
"I'm surprised they are still active after the whole kidnapping shenanigan they caused 5 years ago." She crossed her arms. "We practically destroyed their empire."
"As it appears, not all of it." He bitterly hissed. "Seeing as they can still fight back."
"We have a higher chance that the board will assign us this mission. Seeing as we have the experience of already dealing those vermins." She said calmly with a hint of anger in her tone of voice. "We'll just wait for the board to confirm it."
"Good. Because whether the mission falls in our hands or not, I will be the one to end their pathetic, worthless lives."
He turned his head slightly to the side, turning his gaze from the scene, to the woman. He's eyes filled with burning hatred.
"This, I promise." He hissed. The blue hue glow from the city night light bounced from his eyes and form. It made his eye, that was staring right at hers, glowed in a hauntingly beautiful blue hue, his stare all the more intense and his demeanor intimidating, making him seem big.
She calmly stared back.
"Well then, no time like the present. What's the plan..
Tumblr media
This might be my last post before I get busy again
Before you ask....
No, I won't be creating a story because my time schedule is full😓😓
I'm about to graduate and start planning college. So I got my hands all tied up at the moment.
Maybe in the future, we shall see...
And also....
No this has nothing to do with the new event coming out😅😅
Funny story...
I made this fan art and thought of the short story last week because I get hit by inspirations and motivations randomly. Especially, the day after I wrote the AU. The moment I finished it, Obey Me! suddenly released a new event about them being a spy...
I was like "oh my gosh😱😱😱 I cAn SeE tHE fUtUre🤯🤯🤯🤯"
Just kidding hehe.
So yeah....
I enjoy creating this fan art because it brought peace in my mind. It's been circling inside my mind, ever since I posted the badass Mammon AU I wrote
I hope you like the short story. Something I wrote just to go along with the fan art🥰
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heosphoro-s · 18 days ago
Puff Puff Pass with Lucifer
Just lil something I thought up while indulging on some ^^ myself. 
Warnings: n*fw-ish, mentions of drug use, marijuana smoking, lil kissing
Pairing: GN! MC x Obey Me! Lucifer
“So why do they call it ‘Devil’s Lettuce?’“ MC asked as they passed the joint back to Lucifer.
Lucifer shrugged.
“I have no idea,” Lucifer brought the joint to his lips. The paper and the herb crackled as Lucifer took a draw. “I wasn’t even born yet when Father created the plant.”
MC’s eyes grew wide. “Woah, so weed is older than YOU?” they gasped. 
Lucifer rolled his eyes and tapped the ash onto the fireplace. “I suppose he had other priorities in mind before committing to having children.”
MC locked eyes with Lucifer and held in their laughter for exactly 2 seconds before snorting and cackling. MC had tears in their eyes before they could collect themselves.
“I have to say Lucifer, I think I prefer you high and funny and-,” MC stopped.
“and what, MC?”
“Relaxed. Not so stressed out about everything. Taking the time to just joke and laugh. And dare I say it, sweet.”
Lucifer smiled and beckoned MC to lean closer to him. He took a hit from the joint and pulled at MC’s lower lip with his thumb. MC opened their mouth and Lucifer shotgunned* the hit into MC’s mouth. MC held their breath for a beat and exhaled.
“Wow... that- was something,” MC smiled.
Lucifer smiled and pressed a kiss on MC’s lips, teeth grazing their lower lip and lingering for a touch too long. 
“I can give you something better.” Lucifer breathed against their neck.
*shotgunning is when you blow smoke into another person’s mouth. kinda gross but it looks cool
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the-purpleblushh · 27 days ago
He never understood that all of this time he was running from something,all he knew he had to get away, he had to keep running away from the things,from the people just to make himself believe that his existence is also valuable even though he was always remarked as a scum, as a weak willed, unconscionable liar. But somehow he found some bittersweet solace within all of this atrocious remarks because maybe that's how he could strive to make his existence eminent. He was always somehow staying far behind from his brothers on various aspects but that's not how the pool of inferiority complex started to wobble deep inside of his childlike heart, years of snickers and invisible taunts made him drown inside his own pool of that same inferiority. No one except that eldest brother understood that, but alas his sin, his sin always made it nearly impossible for him to be that person he himself internally always desired to be for his brother but that doesn't stopped the occasional flashing of sheer love for his younger brother even from his cold angry eyes. Still it was never enough for the greedy 'scum' to find his worth but oneday, oneday there came someone else who looked at him with utter trust and adoration with the same time, questioned his actions and started to make him slowly believe that he matters, at least to her, in her heaet. In the beginning he thought it's just his imagination and soon this sakura will be coveted by the thorns of harsh night,he wanted to make himself believe that she doesn't matter, she's just a mere mortal who will also leave after some years,the daylight is afterall non-existent in devildom but slowly she entered within his heart without any prior notice and soon saw his naked self drowned deep inside the wicked pool of his sin. Yes she knew she could never cure this, but she knew she could always make himself believe in his own worth and at the same time satisfy his greed for love and affection. A mortal human and her greedy Demon, everyone saw it like that but only this time the demon didn't question or snapped at those remarks because yes he is more than just happy to be this mortal's protector, her 'first', to be hers. All those snickers, all the invisible voices inside his head fell silent when she called his name, her smile was like a burst of serotonin within his nerves, love was a very small and unjustified word for the emotions he felt for her. But like after every autumn, one lone winter prepared her grave with the heavy heart as if even the mother nature pitied on the mortal & her demon's tale's tragic faith. Some rumours goes around in both worlds still now after centuries, humans have seen a century old grave recieving unnatural flowers which doesn't seem to belong from their world and it whithers as soon as someone touches. Demon king's garden's most beautiful flower goes missing every morning which was heard to be favourite of a certain exchange student of a century ago, the king sighs and orders his butler every night to keep the door open of his garden.
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sanata101 · a month ago
Happy birthday Belphegor! =D (Song x Belphie special!)
Spoilers to those who have not done Belphie's route in his and Beel's birthday event! =D
Belphie was in the attic staying by Song's side. He remembers the purplenette saying that she has one more surprise for him. "So? What's the surprise?" Song giggles softly and brings out a small purple box with a black and white ribbon on top of it. "Open it!" The other stated at it for a moment before she watches him open the box,making her smile happily as she sees his shocked eyes stare at a simple ring. "S-Song...?" "Don't get confused Belphie... As much as I want this to be a proposal I know you aren't sure if your ready to take that step with me yet... So I made this a promise ring." This made Belphie tilt his head. "A promise ring?" "Yeah... And I want you to think of one. Your the birthday boy after all." The demon felt his cheeks turn red seeing the smile on her face and sighs knowing there wasn't going to be a way to argue back about this even if he tried. "Well there is one thing I want you to promise me." Belphegor tells her and the purplenette smiles and held her hand in his. "What is it?" "I want you to have the next birthday ever yourself... It is going to be around the corner in four months after all." He says smiling, making the purplenette blush red and giggles resting her forehead against his. "Your going to get me back after the star shower, right?" She asks and sees him nod with a goofy, cute grin on his face, making her want to just kiss him like she wanted at the party before they had been interrupted. "I'll make sure that this year you'll be able to have a birthday you will never forget, I swear it." He tells her, making Song smile and kiss him deeply. "Then I can't wait...!"
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rikusempai · a month ago
I have been thinking about this for a while, how would the demon brothers react if MC is a straight A student. Like they never get Bad grades? If it’s too much you can use your favorite characters.
Straight A mc
Hello Anon, thanks for being my first ever ask! This was a little difficult for me since I’m not a straight A student but I tried so hope you like it!
Scenario: Straight A student Mc w/ Mammon, Satan, Belphie
Tumblr media
The only thing this baby is good at is math and that’s because he likes money
The first thing he thought was how much money you could make him?
You cant blame him
It’s his sin over all
He’s pretty shocked to be honest
Who knew his human was smart?
Suddenly always wantes to be your partner in class projects to leave you to do all the work
But he learned his lesson pretty quick
Study dates consists of him whining, complaining that your being too mean
Really happy that you’re smart actually
Takes any chance to show you off and I mean ANY CHANCE
He’s so proud of you
And as much as he complains he’s really happy that you’re taking the time to tutor him
It also lets you two spend even more time together
PLUS his brother cant intrupt due to Lucifers order
Sometimes when you two are studying together and he gets a question wrong he gets super embarrassed
When you correct him he’s all like “haha The Great Mammon knew that!”
He likes bring you along on his schemes, your smartness usually getting him out of sticky situations
In all he’s super happy that his human is smart and he loves being around someone like you
Tumblr media
Someone with more than two brain cells
If it wasn’t for his immortality he would’ve died millennials ago due to his own brothers 
He’s actually happy to have someone to talk to who actually understands him
Thinks it’s super attractive that you’re so smart
Doesn’t show it al first
He loves talking to you about the latest book or ancient text he read
You guys study together often
Satan also helps you with Devildom work
He enjoys teaching you
You’re a fast learning student (unlike his brothers)
Expect book shopping dates
Tumblr media
That’s literally the first thing that comes out of his mouth
This man misses school A LOT so he counts on you to fill him in
It’s honestly a drag
At first he would tease you a lot
He would call you a smart alec in a more or less condescending way
After actually getting to know you and not want to kill you thinks you’re really cool
But now he misses school on purpose just so you could tutor him
He’s pretty lazy but a good student
He likes having classes with you
He likes the fact that the only human in RAD can make other demons bend over backwards in their studies
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elinvindr · a month ago
candlelit (lucifer x reader)
summary: You bring tea for your favourite demon and he is suddenly very soft and tender tonight
genres: fluff ! 
word count: 926
author’s note: soft lucifer is one of my personal reasons to live so enjoy touchy-feely first born <3
You knock on the dark wooden door with your foot slightly and open it after hearing an approving hum from the other side. You push the door with your hip, holding two cups of tea, and enter the room where a few candles on the desk are the only light source. Lucifer is sitting there, curled up and frowning above the piles of paper.
“Are you still busy?” you ask, placing one cup on the table. Lucifer lifts his head and his eyes are so tired you swear you can see little “I wanna sleep so bad” lines in them. “God, did Diavolo give you even more work today?”
“Yes, he did”, Lucifer answers with a sigh putting down his pen. “What are you doing here? What’s the time?”
“I brought you tea. And... It’s almost midnight”.
“Why are you still not in bed? You have school tomorrow”.
“You have school tomorrow too”. Lucifer arches his eyebrow. “I took a shower and was going to the kitchen to make myself goodnight tea. But I saw the light coming from under your door so I figured out you were still awake and decided to make tea for you too. Thought you’d need it”.
“That’s... Not actually a decent reason to stay awake”.
You gasp dramatically.
“It actually is! See, you’re working so much you can’t even think straight anymore. Come on, get some rest, you can finish it tomorrow”.
You sip your tea and watch Lucifer scratching his forehead. You hate the fact that sometimes he has so much work that he barely even leaves his room in the evenings; you don’t even remember the last time you went for a walk together — that’s how long it’s been since then.
Lucifer eventually takes a deep breath and reaches for his cup, makes a few sips and then sighs in relief.
“You are right; I only have work left for a few more hours, so I will finish tomorrow. Now, come here”.
He opens his arms in a warm gesture and pushes himself and his chair further from the table. You put your cup on the desk too and come closer to the demon, reaching your hands to his, feeling his dry warm palms against your skin. He pulls you in closer and you fall to his lap, he is fast to wrap his arms around you and hold you tightly, hiding his face in the nibble of your neck. You feel the rush of goosebumps because of a sudden contact, but you can’t help but smile at his sudden tenderness. You put an arm around his shoulders; your other hand is already playing with his hair, scratching his head slowly. He sighs right into your neck and you feel his lips curl into a smile, this only making you smile even wider.
You love how soft Lucifer is sometimes, you love the fact that he only shows his soft side to you, you absolutely can’t believe that he trusts you this much. You are probably the only person he can let himself be vulnerable with, and when it happens it makes you feel the happiest in the whole Devildom. Who could’ve thought that the all-mighty Lucifer would be all soft and cuddly with a human!
But here he is, holding you in his arms like you are his most precious treasure, and you are. You breathe in the scent of his hair and skin, and it smells like wood, cinnamon and the herbal tea you brought him earlier. His room looks comfortable in slight candlelight. His embrace is so warm and relaxing that you start to feel a little bit dizzy, and you press your cheek to his head, closing your eyes.
“Hey?” You hear Lucifer ask quietly, almost whispering, while leaving a soft kiss on your neck.
“Do you want to stay in my room tonight?”
You open your eyes and lift your head and meet his gaze at once. His eyes look soft but somewhat sad and lonely. You feel his lack of love and attention that he’s become really addicted to since you started dating, and you cup his face with your hand.
“I can if you want me to”.
He nods barely noticeably, tilting his head to feel your palm on his cheek closer. You brush your thumb against his skin and lean closer, your lips meeting his. His lips are warm and dry, and one of his hands is fast to move to your neck to deepen the kiss. You feel his lips curl into a smile once again and you do the same thing, feeling the rush of happiness go through your whole body.
He doesn’t stop leaving soft kisses on your skin even when you’re both in his bed, his arms wrapped around you even tighter than before. Lucifer’s body is hot against yours and you feel your skin melt under his touch.
“You know what? We’re not going to school tomorrow”, Lucifer says suddenly and you turn around to face him. He clears his throat after seeing the slight worry in your eyes. “We will just take a day off, Diavolo won’t be mad, I’ll talk to him. I’ll finish my work in the morning and we can spend the rest of the day together”. Lucifer tucks the strand of your hair behind your ear and lifts the corners of his mouth.
You know you can trust him with his life, and you will. In his arms, you feel the happiest ever since you came to Devildom.
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elinvindr · a month ago
double dose of hugs (beelzebub x reader)
summary: Beel is being a soft and caring demon boyfriend to you when you’re suffering from a cold you’ve caught.
genres: the PUREST fluff, just cute things
word count: 869
author's note: this is a little bit old work of mine, but still i really wanted to post it here. i have a soft spot for beel in my heart, so have this *gently holds*
As the class is over, you rush into the corridor to finally wipe your nose with the handkerchief you have fortunately not forgotten in your room this time. You spot Asmo flirting with some other demon in the distance, sigh and sneeze three times in a row. You feel someone’s heavy hand land on your shoulder, hear familiar “Bless you” and turn your head.
“You should’ve stayed home today”, Beel says with worry in his eyes as he’s staring right at your red nose.
You shake your head and hide the handkerchief in the pocket of your uniform. “Nah, I’m alright. I’m thinking about skipping the next class though. It’s our last one for today, isn’t it?”
Beel checks the schedule in his D.D.D. quickly and nods in response. “Good”, you say covering your mouth with a hand to cough. “And yes, you are probably right; I shouldn’t have come to RAD today.”
You see Beel nodding in approval and smile to yourself.
The cold you had caught during the weekend was not really bad until Monday, when you had to leave your warm bed with tea and medicines beside it. Beel has told you a few times that it would be better if you stayed away from going to school for a few days until you really feel better, but the urge not to meet Lucifer’s strict gaze and maybe punishment was too strong to skip classes.
And Beel was just impossibly caring and cute all the time, bringing everything you had needed to your room and offering hugs every fifteen minutes saying he’d read something about hugs being the ultimate medicine for everything. You were sure he’d lied about it but you didn’t really mind; sometimes it felt like Beel’s hugs could really cure any disease that had ever existed in the world.
“Where are you going?” you ask Beel as you see him going beside you towards the exit of school.
“I’m going with you,” he says casually.
“No, go back. I won’t let you skip classes just because I skip them. I don’t want you to get in trouble”. You stop in the middle of the corridor and wait for Beel to stop too and turn to you. “You don’t really need to look out for me everywhere I go, do you?”
“I do, actually”, you both chuckle. “What if you feel worse on your way home and something bad happens?” He reaches his hand to fix the big red scarf on your neck he has given to you earlier. The scarf smells like cotton candy and makes you feel warm and comfortable. It reminds you of Beel. “I can tell Lucifer that I was worrying about you going back home safely so I decided to go with you. Plus, I’m really hungry. I’m sure he will understand”.
“Alright then”, you said, hiding your smile behind the scarf. Beel gives you a soft smile and keeps walking towards the exit.
You touch his forearm gently with just fingers, being too shy to just take his hand. Fortunately being bolder than you, Beel finds your hand pretty fast and intertwines his fingers with yours, squeezing them tightly. You feel your face burning up and want to cover your whole head with this damn scarf that’s now definitely matching the colour of your cheeks.
Beel’s hand is big and warm, he is big and warm himself and it makes you feel protected from everything bad in the world when he’s beside you. He is soft and fluffy, so irresistible to hug, and you can already imagine how you’ll be cuddling with him when you get home. Just the thought of it makes you forget about your sore throat, running nose and headache.
“Aww. you’re holding hands again!” Asmo almost sings as he stumbles across you both, a stupid wild smile on his face.
“Yeah, we’re dating, remember?” you say a bit sharply, hiding behind Beel a little; you have always found Asmodeus too energetic, and now he’s only making your headache go stronger.
“You are. Since Saturday, right?”
“So what?” Beel is obviously annoyed a little by this conversation, Asmo is obviously enjoying it, maybe even too much.
“Nothing, nothing! Just was wondering how your future children would look like” He giggles before leaving the corridor and waving his hand. “Bye, lovebirds! Good luck getting punishment from Lucifer for skipping the class!”
You sigh in both, relief and hopelessness, thinking about Lucifer’s reaction. The memory of his cold strict look sends goosebumps but you immediately shake your head. For some reason you feel like he’s not really going to be that mad. Or maybe you’re just mistaking what you wish for what will happen, who knows.
A soft kiss on the forehead takes you back to reality and a moment later you feel your skin burning where Beel’s lips has just been.
“I think you may have a fever. Let’s hurry and I will make you tea. And bring you pizza if you want. And give you a dose of my healing hugs.”
“What about a double dose of hugs? I think I may really need it.”
“Sure. Double dose of hugs it is then.”
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ravenarld · 2 months ago
It Won't Last For Forever
Fandom: Obey Me
Pairing: Satan x Reader
Warning: Angst, Mention of death
Summary: Satan knows human life is short, but he can't stop imagine the day you have to leave him.
a/n: This is written in Satan's perspective.
Tumblr media
"I'll stay by your side forever," you tell me almost everyday.
I know it's a lie. We both know it's a lie.
Someday, you will give me...
your last embrace...
your last kiss...
your last smile...
...and your last smile...
But until then, I will cherish every moment with you. I won't stop loving you until your last breath.
Instead, I will still love you.
I'll find you in your next life and love you again.
No matter what happens, I'll love you forevermore.
Please remember that, my kitten, my love.
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atheaestus · 2 months ago
"Aww, why not sit in the rain with me?"
"I quite prefer to stay dry, (Y/N)."
Letting out a chuckle, (Y/N) stands up, running their hands through their hair. They turn to Satan, smiling softly and holding their rain-drenched hand out to him.
"Dance with me, yea?" Satan stares at (Y/N)'s hand for a moment, the sound of rain filling the silence between the two.
His hand travels over and envelopes (Y/N)'s.
"Of course, darling."
His umbrella is discarded to the side and a sweet smile spreads across his lips as the rain begins to soak in.
"Now that's the spirit."
The next morning, both Satan and (Y/N) are bed ridden with colds.
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rikusempai · 2 months ago
I love ya sweetie
[Asmodeus x FEM!Reader] [Fluff]
Tumblr media
Author Note: Just a quick note thing, I never played the beach event so this will not be based on that. Also, thank you guys for the support on my fanfics! I’ve never gotten this much support this instantly before.
This fanfic is about a FEM!Mc that’s insecure about her body. If you guys want me to write a more GN fic just request it!
Warning: Language
Ever since Mc was a little girl she always felt strange in her skin. She never liked the way her stomach bulged at the touch, her huge thighs and round face.
When middle school came around, her confidence plummeted to a new low she never thought was possible. She felt abnormally sadder, there wasn’t a day she didn’t drown in her own tears.
But when high school came around- a new fresh start -she slowly changed. When grade (random HS grade) came around and she went to RAD, everything became weirder to her.
She found herself surrounded by handsome men in an instant, to say she was insecure was an understatement. Even the kid, who turned out to be way older than her, was beautiful!
She felt so out of place, not just because she was the only mortal, but because everyone around her looked so amazing. The first demon brother that seemed to take most interested in her from the start was Asmodeus.
A beautiful, handsome, hot, demon. A boy with perfect makeup, perfect hair, and a perfect body. At first his flirtiness was too much for Mc, he would make her blush like crazy.
As the months went on she became more  comfortable with the brothers, it was no longer their obligation to like her but truly became good friends with her. They loved her presents, the atmosphere she always seemed to bring with her was comforting.
Being with the brothers, as well as her other immortal friends, gave Mc something she never felt in a long time. The gift of self love.
She never felt ashame asking for second when Beel would eat the entire table, she never worried about how clothing would fit her due to the brothers relentless compliments, she never felt unwelcomed or alone when it came to her new friends.
But she always went back to that one person, that one person that supported her from the start. Asmodeus, the lustfull demon—looking past that, was the one she felt most comfortable with. 
To Asmodeus she was the most adorablest human he ever laid his eyes upon. Most demons he took interest in were slim and fit. But Mc was curvy, cute and soft.
He lived to make her the best version of herself. He loved taking her shoping, giving her makeovers, having fashion shows, making her feel cute.
She was always so shy, it make him chuckle to see her blush at his compliments.
He loved to hug her, squeeze her soft waist, feeling her body against his slim one. She was beautiful to him.
Every hug, every lingering cheek kiss, the more he found himself falling in love. His actions in the early day have been his lust taking over, taking in her voluptuous body and innocent look.
But now, now it was different. He felt his heart pounding whenever he was with her.
He felt nervous, hesitant to do what he usually does. He finds blood rushing to his cheeks at her innocent touches.
He really has fallen.
Who knew he could love someone more than himself.
Today was the day the house of Lamentation went to the beach, everyone was excited to relax, more than others. One of those who we’re excited so happened to be Asmo.
Any opportunity to show off, you know Asmo’s there. But random demons weren’t the one Asmo wanted to show off too, his mind was on his human, Mc.
Despite the amount of spa days the two had together, he wanted to show her even more how beautiful he was.
Tumblr media
“Are you finished packing sweetie?” Asmo asked piping into Mcs’ room. “Almost!” She yelled back.
She was sitting on the floor, her options of swimsuits laid out in front of her. Asmo walked up to her with a speculative look, peering over her hunched figure.
She looked up to him with a smile, “I can’t chose what to wear” she tells him. “Hmm” Asmo adjusted his floppy hat.
“Oh what about this one, it looks so sexy!” Asmo says, picking up a reveling purple bikini. “Isn’t this the one I bought you?” He asks.
She nods, “ya but it’s too revealing” she says looking at the one piece. “But it’ll look so cute on you” he whines.
“But I’m just too uncomfortable to be showing that much skin” she tells him grabbing the swimsuit from his hands.
“I’ll just take this one” Mc says grabbing the one piece and putting it in her bag. “Awww” he said with puppy dog eyes. “I’m just going to go to the bathroom and I’ll be ready to go” She says getting up from the floor.
As the bathroom door shut, an idea sparked into Asmos lovely head. He sneakily switches the swimsuits and put the one piece away into one of Mcs’ drawer. “She’s going to thank me” he says to himself.
A minute later she pops out the bathroom. “Ok, lets get going” she happily says. Picking up her own hat and her bag. “Yay, come on” Asmo says placing a hand on her back.
Tumblr media
“We’re here, oh finally!” Asmodeus happily said, lifting up his hat from his face. “Come on Mc!” Mammon yelled dragging Mc with him down to the private beach.
“Mammon, don’t pull!” She yelled, almost getting swept off her feet by the energetic demon. “Such a normie” Levi commented, walking past Asmo switch in hand.
Asmo sighed as he looked at his brother pulling Mc along with him. He was jealous, envious. That was his Mc.
The group walked to the beach, walking to their reserved spot. Asmo set down his bag on the sand as he set down his beach towel on the lounge chair.
“Mc sweetie, put your stuff beside mine!” He waved her over. “Ok!” She yelled back, running over to him. “Do you know where I can change?” She asked clutching her bag to her chest.
He quickly looks up to her and flashes a smile, “oh there should be a tent over there” he tells her. Looking back to the tent Asmo pointed to, “Thanks” she thanks him.
Mc walks into the tent and started to undress, stuffing her clothes into her bag. “Wait where the hell’s my swimsuit” she frustratingly says looking through her bag. She then feels the swimsuit texture and pulls it out instantly.
“What the fuck” she said dumbfounded. It’s the purple bikini Asmo bought for her. “He switched them” she sighed. Giving up indefeat, she puts the damn thing on.
She slowly walked out the change room, her bag clutched to her body, with a beat red face. Putting her hair down to cover her back side (ignore if you have short hair). She just hoped the day would by go fast.
“Mc, you look absolutely gorgeous!” Asmo exclaimed as he walked up to her. “I hate you” Mc grumbles as she walks back to her spot, conveniently beside Asmo.
She puts down her bag taking out her blanket and putting it on the lounge chair. “The view’s even better from here” Asmo suggestively said behind her, causing Mc to pop up and turn to him with a blush.
He wrapped his slender arms around her waist and brought her close. “You know you love me” he said, than catching Mcs’ lips in a blissful second. When Asmo looked back at Mcs’ cute face, it’s covered in red blush all the way up to her ears. “I love ya sweetie- he booped her nose -and don’t forget it” he giggled.
“You look cute, hot, sexy, and no one can ever tell you otherwise. Plus I’ve never felt this way before, I never liked anyone more than myself” he confessed almost in a whisper.
“Please save that for your private quarters” Lucifer spoke after the two separated. “Most definitely!” Asmo said taking Mcs’ wrist and dragging her down the beach.
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babyshoyo · 3 months ago
Love Note To You
Pair: Asmodeus x GN! Reader
Genre: Soft
Scenario: Asmodeus give you a love letter and this is it.
A/N: Everyone thank @yemilnisu for beta reading this💕
Tumblr media
Dear y/n,
We’ve been getting closer to each other which is great! We look like perfect best friends! Not to mention that we’re absolutely beautiful too! But you see I don’t want to be best friends, I want to be your boyfriend!
Remember the time when we went shopping because Mammon sold most of our clothes? I remember you had so much fun trying on clothes. You were basically sparkling! Oh and remember when you got whip cream on your nose when we got our drinks after. You were so cute! I had so much fun with you that time.
Just imagine if we started dating! We’d be the most beautiful couple in The Devildom! Everyone would be so jealous. Especially Mammon!
Not only would we make the perfect couple but I’ve been so comfortable with you that I can show you every part of me.I trust you a lot that I can show you parts of me others would find hideous.You can trust me too. I want you to show me every part of you too.
Can’t wait for your response!
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rikusempai · 3 months ago
Player 2
[Levi x Reader][Fluff]
Tumblr media
Levi’s normal day seems boring to others like his busy body brothers, but to him it didn’t seem weird at all.
Spending all day alone in his room, surrounded by his million dollar worth collection of merch, mangas and consoles. Just a regular day in an otakus life right?
No one but his youngest brother seemed to understand him, they both shared a love for staying in. But Levi‘s different, he felt always different.
He never felt confident nor brave, his place as third strongest demon in the Devildom didnt seem fit for a “yucky otaku” such as himself. He hated being in the centre of attention, never mind being social.
There was this one time his younger brother, Asmodeus, took him out to a club. Succubi‘s and Inccubi’s a like kept rubbing up to him, it was too much for the awkward demon.
His brothers tried to get him out as much as they could, but to no avail. That was until someone new entered his life.
A human, the first ever transfer student in the Devildom. Ever since they came to live in the house of Lamentation his brothers started paying more attention to them rather than him, a silver lining to their arrival.
“Hello Leviathan” They would say but he’ll push them away, just like he did with everyone, “just a stupid normie” he muttered.
That was until she beat him at the TSL quiz, when mc gained his pact they became closer.
The more Levi got to know them, the more he realized how much they’re alike. Sure, they’re still a normie, but they seemed to stick to him.
They understood his feelings, his anxiety, fears, and worries. He looked up to them in some way.
They we’re so bubbly, social, and sweet. They reminded him of a anime slice of life protagonists. When Levi spends the day playing video games, they come in to bring him food, hang out with him, and remind him to sleep.
Mc would bindge anime with him, cosplay with him, and although they weren’t as good as him, they would play video games together.
It’s been about 3 months since Mc came to the Devildom, and one month since Mc gained the otakus trust.
It’s their friendships one month anniversary today, and Levi has a heartfelt gift for Mc.
Over the month Levi had his ideals change, 3D people are not that bad. Although he didnt like to admit it, he had a crush on the human.
They were so sweet to a “good for nothing otaku” like him, how could he not adore them. He thought about them all the time.
He so happens to watch their favourite anime, hugs his Rui-Chan pillow wishing it were Mc in his arms. But how can he possibly tell them these things, it’s embarrassing.
Just holding hands or having their shoulder brush up against him, he blushes like a protagonists from one of those romcom animes’.
But now he sits, in his bathtub to calm his nerves awaiting for the humans arrival. His fingers quickly flick the knobs and pressed the buttons of his Switch.
A knock catches his attention, “Levi it’s me!” Mc gleefully says on the other side of the door. “Come in” he yells putting down his switch and climbs out the tub.
“What’s up?” They ask, closing the door behind them. “N-nothing much” Levi shuddered, cursing under his breath for sounding so stupid.
“So what are we playing today?” They ask as they follow him over to his tv.
“There’s this new multiplayer fight game from the Rui-chan Love Prevails part 3 series that I’ve been waiting to get my hands on since last year!” He beems as he sets up the console.
“I remember you telling me about it” mc says sitting down of the couch. Levi nods, soon his face begins to glow bright red as he picks up the (colour) controller.
Putting it behind his back be walks up to Mc. “Um mc?” He asks, his cheeks prominent in the dark room. “Hm yes?” They ask crossing their legs up on the couch.
“I ah, this is for you” Levi says pulling out the (colour) controller with a (colour) bow wrapped around It. “A-ah Levi” Mc says standing up from their positions.
They grab the slick handles and look up to the blushy demon. “Thank you” they say with a smile. They quickly put the controller down, and before Levi knew it Mc threw their arms around his neck.
Levis breath hitched as he felt his body getting squeeze by the human, his human. He slowly but surely returned the hug, cautiously wrapping his arms around Mc’s waist.
The longer they clung on to him, the more Levi became comfortable. He squeezed them tighter and rested his chin on their shoulder.
“Please be my player two-”
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chrollosholybible23 · 3 months ago
It was another day at RAD, I was walking to class with Asmo and Satan, we were laughing at the thought of Levi and Mammon switching bodies, the whole idea made us laugh, as we made our way to class, we passed Lucifer “Mattea, do you have a minute?” Lucifer asked me, I turned to him and we stopped in our tracks, both boys eyed me, knowing that tone he had. He was mad. He then excused the boys and took me aside. “I’ll meet up with you guys” I call out to them while being dragged away by Lucifer, who seemed rather frustrated if anything. “Yah okay~” Asmo says teasingly knowing that I have a crush on the avatar of pride.
Lucifer brought me to an empty classroom, I made my way to the desk on the right side of the door and plopped myself down on it. I watched Lucifer as he closed and locked the door, why did he lock it?
Lucifer turned and made his way over towards me, he was standing right in front of me, hovering above me, dammit, he really was tall, Lucifer then showed me the papers I didn’t notice he was holding before, I was too focused on preparing myself for what was too come, i noticed the clock, I was going to be late.
As I dragged my vision to look at Lucifer, who was..standing incredibly close to me. What the fawk 😀. I felt my throat hitch, I didn’t want to make it obvious that I was nervous. In which was annoying seeing how I’m really bad at staying calm in these kind of situations, and not just with Lucifer, I get nervous from all the brothers, even Asmo, and he’s gay. It’s just a natural thing but it still gives Lucifer, who I won’t lie, caught my interest, an advantage.
“Mattea, are you listening” Lucifer suddenly says, I was caught staring, fuck.
“I- uh, sorry, can you say it again, I got lost in thoughts” I stutter nervously, Lucifer raises his eyebrow, and sighs, “your grades have been dropping, you went to an 89 to a 78 within a week of socials, is there a reason for your lack of effort?” Lucifer looked at me, unimpressed.
It was true, ever since I began my socials class with Satan and Asmo, our grades plummeted due to our lack of focus, Asmo liked distracting me by sending random photos of Lucifer, or point something out, all because he knew of my crush on him. Satan was easily annoyed with us and we took that to our advantage and bothered him but obviously I wasn’t going to tell Lucifer that.
“Well you see, with Satan and Asmo..-“ I was cut off by the sound of Lucifers sigh of disapproval, he then put a finger underneath my chin to force my face up to his. We were inches away, I could feel his breath on my lips, I could feel my heart about to fly out of my chest, my voice hitched, I was speechless. “Your little excuses won’t fly my dear~” Lucifer whispers in a deep, and shall I say SEXY voice. “I expect you to step it up my dear Mattea, i won’t condone this behaviour out of you.” Lucifer warns in his low whisper. My mouth was agape, I could not speak, but I felt Lucifer smile as he leaned in just enough for me to gasp but immediately pulled away and ruffled my hair. He chuckled, “what did you think I was going to do, kiss you~?” He asks with a flirtatious grin, me, both flustered and angry, and a little disappointed, I grabbed my bag off the floor and stormed towards the door. “I-ill pick my grades up..just, stop teasing me..” I huffed in annoyance and slammed the door behind me. I felt humiliated, I hate when he does that!
Lucifers POV:
“I’ll pick my grades up, just stop teasing me!” She snaps with embarrassment and anger. I watch Mattea storm out, clearly flustered. Asmo will sure have something to say...Suddenly I felt myself grow exhausted and sat down in the chair at the desk. I brought my hand to my very, red and flushed face, I was very overwhelmed, I was glad she ran off otherwise, she would’ve seen me in this state.
This girl, I wanted her, and I wanted her bad. I thought back to how close I was to kissing her just now, to how easy, to how simple it could’ve been..but I got cold feet, that’s why I pulled away. My face was still flushed, this girl, has too much of an effect on the damn avatar of pride. I take what I want, and I want her..but for some reason..seeing her so nervous around us brothers, especially me, makes me worry, makes me want to ask her to tell me if it’s okay with what I’m doing. I would like to know if I make her uncomfortable, I don’t want to make her uncomfortable. I just want her.. What the hell is wrong with me.
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rikusempai · 3 months ago
Reading’s Hard
[Satan x Reader][Fluff]
Tumblr media
“Mc your grades are slipping, I know you have trouble with academics but at this rate you could fail” Lucifer tells them crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s just hard, it doesn’t help that every other demon in class laughs at me” They say, tears brimming their water line.
“I would tutor you myself but I have a lot on my plate, I’ll get Satan to work with you” he says putting a hand on Mc’s shoulder. “This is not beyond you, you are a smart person” he tries to cheer them up.
“Now if you’ll excuse me” Lucifer says placing a hand to Mc’s mid back, leading them out his door. His last words “I’ll see you at dinner tonight”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“And so the di-de” they says trying to sound out the word they were pointing to. They look up at Satan who was looking over their shoulder.
“Um what’s that word?” They innocently asks. Satan points to the word with his slender fingers, his hand resting over Mc’s hand. “Divide” he say looking over at the book.
“O-oh ya divide. The divide between the rich and poor es- god I cant do this” they give up putting their face in the text book. Satan sighs rubing his temple, “of course you can” he says looking to them.
They look up to Satan with tears on the verge of spilling. “I can’t do it” They say as silent tears fall from their eyes.
Mc looked so cute, it saddened Satans heart to see them struggle like this. Reading came so natural to him so he never really considered the fact others have a hard time with something like that.
“Hey hey hey, don’t cry” satan says cupping their rosy tear stained cheek. “But but-” He sighed grabbing them by the waist and bring them in tight.
Mc grabs onto Satans shirt and buried their face into his chest. “I-I love books but but it’s just s-so hard to read, I just f-feel so dumb-“ “hey!” Satan cut them off causing them to shutter.
He hug them tighter resting him head on her shoulder. “You are not dumb and if you love reading so much then let that drive you” he whisper in their ear.
He could feel her crying, tears soaking his sweater. “I don’t find you a burden at all, I truly love teaching you-” Satan tells them tilting up their chin, swiping his thumb under their bottom lip.
“-more then you’ll ever know.”
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rikusempai · 3 months ago
My Demon
[ Mammon x Reader] [Fluff]
Tumblr media
Mc was feeling under the weather that day so stayed all day in bed. Mammon offered to stay with them but he was forced to go to RAD that day by no other than Lucifer. Mammon begged and begged but to no avail, his plummeting grades spoke for himself.
Right after school Mammon came straight to their room to hang out with them. By the time it was night Mc was feeling better but still dizzy. Mammon got ready for their sleepover in his room then walked back to Mc’s.
He didn’t want his precious human to be alone during this time, so being the Great Mammon he made it his duty to make his human happy, he was her first after all. He laid beside her in her bed as they watched Deviltube on his laptop, letting them lean on his chest.
“Mammon, you know you don’t have to do this” They say, looking up to Mammon’s ocean blue eyes. “Cuz you’re’ my human” he says confidently with a sleepy sigh. His genuine smile hidden by the darkness of the room. Mc smiles, “I don’t mind being your human, you’re a cool demon.”
Mammon blushed almost as red as a hellfire pepper, he never knew how to react to compliments, especially from Mc. “O-of course I’m cool!” he nervously tense up, who would have thought his human can be this bold.
They shift in his arms, innocently looking up to him. “Hey Mammon?” They ask. “Hmm?” He asks shifting his own body, placing a hand loosely on her waist. She sleepily sighs “I’m your human, right” she asks shying away from Mammon’s gaze.
Mammon froze, his face turning brighter red then it previously was. His glasses he left resting on his head metaphorically cracks out of embarrassing “of course!” He stutters, trying to keeep his blush hidden from his human. “Then will you be my demon?” Mc innocently asks. Once again mammon internally combusts, the blood rushing up to his cheeks as his body freeze.
His human in really bold, no super bold today. Him and Mc have a great relationship, they regularly go shopping together, they go along with his schemes, their sleepovers regular, they’re the best of friends. He spends every waking day and night with them, he knows them like the back of him hand. They’re usually a bit shy but tonight, oh Diavolo. His human is so damn cute, their blushy face, their small hands place on his chest.
How the hell is he suppose to answer that question. “I mean we have a pact n’ stuff” He nervously tells them, his body tensing even more under her touch. They look up at hum expectantly, waiting for an answer. He sighs in defeat, “I’m your d-demon” he pushes out, trying to keep up his tsundere front but ultimately failing.
They bashfully hug Mammon, their head burying in his chest “ I’m glad” they tells him. He feels her lips moving as they talk on his shirt, he melts underneath her touch. He leans into Mc, embracing them in his arms tightly hugging their waist.
‘I love’ ya Mc’
‘So much’
“My demon”
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devildomqueen · 3 months ago
ROFL I was just thinking about how the MC would cook glittery gingerbread cookies (or sufganiyot) with Asmo and then talk with Lucy feeling all sheepish but very giggly over Mammon who is just running around making a huge colorful mess with the christmas tree. With Beel putting food shaped earrings on the tree as well and it’s just super chaotic but it’s like the fun kind of chaotic ! Where Lucifer is half exasperated and done with it all but also amused and delighted at their high spirits ! What do you say? :o
I'll do a chaotic version too if you'd like, because I kind of ended up making it really sweet and I love it
Lucifer's Christmas Morning
Christmas with the brothers was guaranteed to be chaotic, given who they were, but it turned out to be rather charming too.
Early in the morning, Lucifer got up to prepare coffee, tea, and some pancakes for breakfast. He didn’t often show the kind side of being a big brother, but he did, in fact, do a lot for his siblings; sometimes, he was akin to a father.
He waited no more than ten minutes for Mammon to come bursting out of his room, so quickly he nearly broke the door, and listened to the ensuing chaos as Mammon forced himself into everyone’s room shouting at them to wake up.
Five minutes into Christmas and Mammon had already nearly been mauled by Belphegor, who just wanted to sleep.
The brothers trudged downstairs; Beel carried MC over his back because they were too tired to walk and would’ve taken a few more hours, and no one wanted to leave them out.
Lucifer took MC from Beel, and MC laid their head on his lap as Lucifer sipped on his coffee, watching the brothers take turns to open their gifts.
Mammon went first; his avarice somehow made him faster than what the human eye could perceive, and this confused MC as they’d only blinked, and suddenly Mammon’s gifts had all been unwrapped.
As soon as a Belphegor opened the gift with a pillow inside, he used it to fall asleep as everyone finished opening theirs.
Lucifer and MC went last and were touched by what they’d been given.
Lucifer put on his new records and playing them through the house as the brothers got ready for the day and took their things to their rooms—except for Belphegor, who was left asleep under the tree, lightly snoring.
Lucifer, wanting MC to himself, asked for their assistance baking sufganiyot, which MC had never even heard of before then.
Lucifer became agitated by the shouting between his brothers in the next room. Couldn’t they get along for one day? Just one? That’s all he needed for Christmas.
MC followed him to the living room where they discovered the brothers were not physically fighting, but rather playing a video game together.
Leviathan had introduced them to a racing game and was currently leaving Asmodeus in the dust.
Asmodeus was wearing his new face mask as he did so, and blamed it on the mask limiting his vision, though everyone knew that was just an excuse.
Beel watched them play as he ate his premium raw beef and petted Belphegor’s head gently with his foot as Belphegor remained asleep despite all the noise.
MC laughed, and Lucifer smiled before becoming concerned he could find Mammon or Satan.
He asked MC to take everything out of the oil, and he peeked into Satan’s room to find him nose deep in the book full of cat pictures that Leviathan had gifted him.
Lucifer smiled but continued to fret over Mammon’s disappearance as he hurried down the halls in search of him.
He heard a faint noise from outside Mammon’s door and silently opened it to see Mammon talking to himself in front of the mirror where he posed with the new jacket Lucifer had gotten for him.
He laughed to himself and couldn’t help but watch Mammon’s excitement with his gift; admittedly, he did find Mammon to be cute from time to time though he’d never tell that to anyone willingly.
He returned to the kitchen, where MC was waiting for the sufganiyot to cool before filling them with jelly.
The heat didn’t bother Lucifer, so he had no trouble cutting into them and placing the tip inside, letting MC squeeze the jelly into them, as they seemed to enjoy it.
He had trouble keeping Beel away from the sweets whilst Satan proceeded to give a history of the sufganiyot, a Hanukkah pastry. He then had to explain what Hanukkah was because almost no one knew.
As the brothers got ready for Diavolo’s Christmas party, Lucifer couldn’t help but smile as he watched them smiling and talking without any hate or tension.
Maybe Christmas wasn’t so bad if it meant they could be a happy family again.
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devildomqueen · 3 months ago
Mistletoe Fiasco
[this request was accidentally deleted]
❗️ Chaotic, language
After hearing about the tradition of mistletoe in the human world, the brothers are eager to be to first kiss MC, but to avoid serious trouble a rule is put in place—one that causes a lot more damage than a Lucifer could’ve predicted.
Satan: “Oh? Are we cutting the old tree down? What’s wrong with it?”
Lucifer: “It started growing mistletoe.”
Asmodeus: “That’s a bad thing?”
Mammon: “Yeah, ain’t that popular in the human world or somethin’?”
Lucifer: “I’ve heard it in songs, yes, but it’s not good for trees, not when this much of it has grown. Trees don’t exactly flourish down here, and mistletoe guarantees they’ll die. It was creaky anyway, could’ve fallen through Mammon’s roof any day.”
Mammon: “What?! Why didn’t ya move it any sooner!?”
Lucifer: “I didn’t feel like it.”
Asmodeus: “Oh, I knew it! Mistletoe is a good thing!”
Lucifer: “Pardon?”
Satan: “Do you hate trees?”
Asmodeus: “What? Oh, no, no! I mean, in the human world, mistletoe is a part of a Christmas tradition!”
Lucifer: “What horrible timing. We don’t need any more traditions thrown in our faces by MC and Diavolo.”
Asmodeus: “Oh, but you’re going to love this! You hang it up somewhere in your house, usually under door frames, and the rule is if you get stuck underneath it with someone, then you have to kiss!”
Lucifer: “Hm….”
Satan: “…”
Mammon: “…Hey Lucifer…”
Lucifer: “What?”
Mammon: “Can we cut off a few branches of mistletoe?”
Lucifer: “…no.”
Mammon: “Huh!?”
Lucifer: “You can leave that to me.”
Satan: “Huh?! No way we’re trusting you with this!”
Asmodeus: “Mammon, can you break one off for me!”
Mammon: “Do it yourself!”
Asmodeus: “I don’t want to get my hands dirty!”
Mammon: “Too bad!”
Asmodeus: “I’ll pay you!”
Mammon: “How many sticks ya want!?”
Satan: “You’re a money-grubbing, idiotic, moron who’d sell his soul for a penny, you know that?”
Mammon: “Hey!”
Mammon: “Don’t call me a moron!”
Lucifer: “That’s the only part you had a problem with?”
Asmodeus: “I’m going inside; you two have fun fighting with sticks!”
Asmodeus: “Ugh, why’s it so cold out there? The dry air is awful for my skin. The devildom is supposed to stay warm…uuuuugh.”
Beelzebub: “Hey, Asmo, what’s going on?”
Asmodeus: “My hands! They’re all cracked; look at this mess!”
Belphegor: “He means why are Lucifer and Mammon playing tug of war with a branch…”
Asmodeus: “Hm? Oh. They want the mistletoe so they can kiss MC.”
Belphegor: “Hm?”
Beelzebub: “What?”
Leviathan: “Mistletoe? That normie trap?”
Belphegor: “I can just kiss MC without the mistletoe….”
Asmodeus: “No, but this is different! It’s a human world Christmas RULE that you HAVE to kiss whoever you’re under the mistletoe with!”
Beelzebub: “…!”
Belphegor: “Is that so….”
Leviathan: “Normies…”
Asmodeus: “Levi, we all see you blushing, don’t pretend you don’t want a branch.”
Leviathan: “Eh! No, that’s not—“
Belphegor: “Hey!”
Asmodeus: “What! What’s wrong?”
Beelzebub: “Lucifer is shredding up the mistletoe…”
Asmodeus: “Huh? No! That selfish prick! I need mistletoe!”
Asmodeus: *bursts outside and runs towards the tree to fight for mistletoe*
Belphegor: “…Hey, Beel?”
Beelzebub: *runs out the door*
Belphegor: “Levi…”
Leviathan: “Y-Yeah?
Belphegor: “Go ahead and order a second mistletoe stick-on for me.”
Leviathan: “W-Wha-I didn’t...”
Belphegor: “…”
Leviathan: “…”
Belphegor: “…”
Leviathan: “….Okay.”
An hour later
Mammon: *panting* “I-I managed t-“ *pant* “To snag you one…Asmo….” *heaving*
Asmodeus: “Yes, I saw you play tug of war with Lucifer, that was pretty pathetic, got a lot of views though.”
Mammon: “Huh?”
Asmodeus: “Thank you; you can leave now.”
Mammon: “Wha!? What about my Grimm!”
Asmodeus: “You owe me more than you can count to; I’ll forgive about five Grimm off your debt, bye-bye.”
Mammon: “You little!”
Asmodeus: *slams door*
Mammon: “Grrrrr. That son of a—“
MC: “Mammon?”
Mammon: “Wha! O-Oh, hey MC…”
MC: “Why do you look like you got into a fight with a tractor…..and lost?”
Mammon: “That stupid tractor is Lucifer! He tried shoving me through the shredder!”
MC: “That thing in the backyard the tree removes are using?”
Mammon: “Yeah!”
MC: “….would you have survived?”
Mammon: “Of course I would; I’m a demon! It’d take like a million years to heal, though!”
MC: “Yikes. What’d you do this time?”
Mammon: “Nothin’!”
MC: “…”
Mammon: “I wanted a tree branch.”
MC: “Aww, I didn’t think you were sentimental like that.”
Mammon: “Huh? U-Umm no…that’s I, um, I—“
MC: “What’re you holding?”
Mammon: “O-Oh! This is mistletoe; you remember it from the human world, right?”
MC: “Mammon, I don’t have amnesia…”
Mammon: “R-Right, and since it’s ch-Christmas time…”
MC: “Oh! Aw, that’s cute. Well, let’s hope you catch me under it before your brothers do.”
Mammon: “Y-Yeah! I will!”
As MC fell asleep that night, they had no idea they’d wake up to more chaos than usual the next morning.
Mammon carefully planted the mistletoe outside MC’s doorway and his doorway.
Satan hung up mistletoe in his doorway and the library.
Leviathan and Belphegor waited up till midnight for their akuzon package of mistletoe to arrive before parting ways amicably and getting to work.
Levi put his mistletoe inside his room over the door where his brothers wouldn’t see it. He couldn’t think of anywhere else to put it and became dejected.
Belphegor put his mistletoe, in his room above his bed, in the observatory, and in the attic.
Beelzebub put his inside the fridge, above his bed, outside his door, above the entry doorway, and on the stair railings.
Asmodeus placed one above his bath and about a hundred over his bed.
Lucifer was more “tactful”; he hung hundreds of mistletoe on the ceiling leading to his room to the point you couldn’t actually see the ceiling, and it was impossible to make your way down the hall without finding yourself under it.
The brothers awoke before MC and immediately got into a heated fight that MC somehow slept through.
They agreed on a rule that if one of them caught the other under the mistletoe first, they have to hug, and the mistletoe no longer counted if they stayed under it.
When MC woke up to an abnormally quiet dining room, they were told the rules and sighed in defeat, knowing they weren’t getting out of it. They decided to go along with it and braced themselves for whatever was about to happen.
After breakfast, MC made their way to their room, where they saw Mammon waiting by their door. When they locked eyes, he smiled sheepishly.
Suddenly from behind MC, Beelzebub came running like a linebacker.
Mammon: “Oh! Wait-Wait-Wait! No!”
Beelzebub: “Hugs!”
Mammon: *screaming*
That’s how MC’s door was destroyed, and they were moved to the attic temporarily. There they were confronted by Belphegor smiling like a brat. His smile fell when he saw Lucifer following MC carrying their things up to the attic while he had people replacing the door.
MC: “Hey, Belphie.”
Belphegor: “MC, welcome to my old crib.”
Lucifer: “Hang on a second, MC, I need to check something.”
Lucifer approached Belphegor with a mischievous grin, and Belphegor’s eyes widened in fear, and he backed away slowly.
Belphegor: “No! Stay away!”
Lucifer: “Belphiiiiieeee.”
Lucifer smiled maniacally and began speed walking to Belphegor, who promptly ran past Lucifer and MC, opened up a window in the attic hallway, and got on the ledge looking back at Lucifer still following him.
Lucifer: “Belphiiiieeeee, I just want a hug, dear sweet little brother....”
Belphegor: “No! No hugs! Stay away you shithead! Aaaaaa—“
Belphegor slipped and fell out the window about six feet onto the roof below and quickly went to sleep. Giving up for the day.
MC: “Hey…maybe you’re rule….”
Lucifer: “I’m not revising the rule. Which means this mistletoe has gone unused, now hasn’t it?”
MC: “…I guess so. Y’know since Belphegor fell out the window…”
Satan: “Lucifer! Not so fast!”
Lucifer: “Ah, Satan. What could you possibly want all the way up here.”
Satan: “Your mouth is not allowed anywhere near MC’s face!”
Lucifer: “Oh?”
Satan: “…”
Lucifer: “Hehehe…do you plan on using this mistletoe then…dear little brother?”
Satan: “Grrrrrrrr.”
Satan clutched his fists and walked up the stairs, calmly. Lucifer’s eyes widened in surprise, but Satan walked past him and grabbed the mistletoe from the doorframe, walked over to the open window, and let it fall down onto Belphegor.
Lucifer: “…”
MC: “…”
Satan: “…”
Lucifer: “You know how simple it is to retrieve that….”
Satan sighed and looked out the window down at Belphegor and took a deep breath before jumping onto the windowsill.
MC: “Uh-Satan?”
Lucifer: “What are you-“
Satan: “Belphie. Watch out!”
Belphegor: “Huh? AaaaaHHH!”
Satan & Belphegor: “AAAAAAH!”
Satan and Belphegor smack heads together, and their combined weight sends them plummeting through the roof.
MC is deathly still. They can feel the anger radiating off of Lucifer, who’s so angry he begins to laugh because he can’t even find the energy to yell.
Lucifer: “Ehehehehehehe….”
Lucifer slowly walks downstairs, and MC watched him leave and looks back out through the window at the giant hole below.
MC runs downstairs when they hear Asmo screaming and find Lucifer beating up Belphegor and Satan up who were soaking wet, having fallen right into Asmodeus’s bathtub. Asmodeus was covering himself and screaming, still in the bathtub.
MC ran to fetch him a towel as the other brothers just watched and laughed.
Asmodeus: “MC! Thank you!” *sobs*
Satan: “I didn’t know it was gonna break!”
Belphegor: “It’s the house’s fault for being old!”
Beelzebub: “Leave Belphie alone!”
Lucifer: “Ahahahahahahaha!”
Mammon: “Yikes….MC, let’s get out of here…MC?”
Asmo pulls MC by the wrist to his room, where he sits on the bed shivering with the fluffy white towel wrapped around him.
MC: “Are you okay? That would’ve scared me to death.”
Asmodeus: “Fear isn’t good for the heart!”
He leans into MC’s shoulders and breathes in their scent before eyeing his canopy. MC followed his gaze and realized they’d walked right into Asmo’s collection of mistletoe.
MC: “One was enough…”
Asmodeus: “Of course not, silly! One mistletoe is one kiss, and I can’t bear to kiss you only once.”
Mammon: “Shit. Really Asmo? Everything I do for you, and this is what I get for it???”
Asmodeus: “Why are you looking at me like that….”
Mammon: “How long does one hug count?”
Asmodeus: “A split second! Don’t even think about it!”
Mammon: “MC…”
MC: “Yeah….”
Mammon: “I suggest ya leave the room…”
MC: “Really, cause I kinda want a video of this.”
Asmodeus makes a futile attempt to escape Mammon by hurriedly crawling to the other side of his bed, but before he can, Mammon lunges at him and attacks him from behind.
Asmodeus: *screeching*
Mammon: “Why the fuck are ya wet!?”
Asmodeus: “I was in the bath, stupid! I haven’t dried off yet; maybe you couldn’t tell by my towel!”
Mammon: “Shit! Ya think it’s cool to come onto MC while yer’ naked!?”
Asmodeus: “Do you think it’s cool to hug your naked brother on his bed!?”
Mammon: “Shaddup! I ain’t lookin’ at nothin’!”
Asmodeus: “Get off me!”
Mammon: “No!”
MC held up their phone, capturing the glorious sight before them as Asmo helplessly thrashed beneath Mammon, who clung to his back like a monkey.
MC: “This is amazing…”
MC heard their phone ding as they live-streamed and saw a notification that Levi and Solomon had liked it.
MC cut the Livestream and left for Levi’s room.
They were surprised not to see any mistletoe above the door but assumed Levi was just cursing Christmas couples in his room again like usual.
MC knocked and heard Levi’s voice on the other side of the door.
Leviathan: “Hey, can you get that? I’m so close to beating this level!?”
???: “Sure.”
MC stepped back and was greeted by the familiar smiling face of Solomon.
Solomon: “Oh, why hello there, MC, what brings you here?”
MC: “I live here…”
Solomon: “Right. But I thought I was Leviathan’s only visitor today.”
Leviathan: “Hey, I get more visitors than you!”
Solomon: “I was only repeating what you’d told me.”
Leviathan: *blushing and staring at tv*
MC: “I thought I’d duck into a safe zone and play games with Levi or something.”
Solomon: “Safe zone?”
MC: “The brothers are playing some kind of catch MC under the mistletoe game. But if their brothers get to them first, then they hug and use up that mistletoe and that mistletoe no longer counts or something stupid like that…I think Lucifer genuinely believed no one was going to hug each other.”
Solomon: *sigh*
Solomon: “Why do you get to have all the fun? If only Diavolo had let me stay here instead…”
MC: “Stop pouting. Do you know a way out of this?”
Solomon: “Well, if it’s mostly a race to see who catches you under the mistletoe first…then just choose someone.”
MC: “I can’t…”
Solomon: “One demon isn’t enough to satisfy you?”
MC: “What?”
Solomon: “Oh, nothing. If you can’t pick just one of them, then pick someone else entirely.”
MC: “Great idea, thanks! I know just the person!”
Solomon: “Oh really-“
MC: *runs the opposite direction*
Solomon: “…”
Leviathan: “Haha, they rejected you.”
Solomon: “Well, you missed the only opportunity you had to kiss them because you were staring at your tv.”
Leviathan: “Wha? Why would I k-k-k-k-kiss s-someone? Huh?”
Solomon: “….Levi…I’m no fool.”
Leviathan: “R-right…sorry.”
MC rushed downstairs to the door to let in their guest, who they’d called in a panic, asking for help. Concerned for MC, they arrived at the door in seconds.
Lucifer: “Who’s at the door?”
Lucifer growled as his brothers followed him into the dining room to get dinner ready and recover from that morning’s events.
Asmodeus: “Hey, there’s mistletoe on that door…”
Belphegor: “Who cares…we’re the only ones who know about the game.”
MC swung the door open, and Simeon stood there in a panic.
Simeon: “MC! I came as soon as I could! What’s the matter? How can I help? I—Mmph!?”
MC pulled Simeon’s face to theirs by his collar, and Simeon’s eyes fluttered shut, blushing madly as their lips met.
Simeon: “Mm. Mmm…Mm.”
Mammon: “No!”
Satan: “The fuck!?”
Asmodeus: “That’s not fair!”
Belphegor: “Lucifer! Simeon is breaking Angel-rules!”
Lucifer: “Good for him—“
Lucifer was nonchalant about Simeon being there until he came out from the dining room to see why his brothers were so disturbed.
Lucifer: “Simeon, good—what!? Simeon, unhand MC at once!”
Simeon ignored him and grabbed Mc’s waist pulling them closer. He looked at the brothers, a spark of triumphant joy in his eyes and finally parted from MC.
MC: “Sorry…I kinda just…”
Simeon: “I could help you more at my place if you’d like?”
MC: “I’d love that.”
Mammon: “Lucifer, stop him! That’s not allowed!”
Lucifer: “Mammon, stop shaking me!”
MC: “Where’s Luke?”
Simeon: “With Barbatos.”
MC: “So that means…”
Simeon: “Hehe. Yes, don’t worry, it’ll be just the two of us.”
Lucifer: “Simeeeeeeooooooooooooooon!!!”
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devildomqueen · 3 months ago
Christmas Play Drama
❗️Chaotic, mild language
This year instead of auditioning for their roles, Diavolo has them draw from a hat and things get a little chaotic thanks to Levi, MC, Barbatos, and Simeon
Diavolo: “As you know, this year we will be putting on a short Christmas play. However, instead of auditioning for roles, we will be drawing names from a hat.”
Asmodeus: “What? But I wanted to be a cute elf!”
Belphegor: “I really don’t care what I get, just put me in the back or something.”
Diavolo: “Nope! We’re drawing names from a hat.”
Satan: “What the hell, fine…I’ll go first, gimme the hat.”
Diavolo: “No peeking.”
Satan: “I’m aware.”
Satan: “Umm….let’s see, I got…”
Satan: Blitzen? Who the fuck is Blitzen?”
Diavolo: “He’s a reindeer! This play will be a comedy revolving around the reindeer and the north pole workers.”
Satan: “…great.”
Asmodeus: “Oh, memememe! My turn!”
Asmodeus: “I geeeet…Vixen? Well, the name isn’t bad. Is this another reindeer?”
Diavolo: “Yes!”
Lucifer: “I’ll go next. I’ll be playing…Donner…how arbitrarily boring…”
Mammon: “Alright, it’s my turn! The great Mammon shall be playiiiing…Dasher! Sweet I’m the fast one!”
Lucifer: “That’s just his name, idiot.”
Mammon: “Hey—“
Belphegor: “I’ll go….um, I get…Dancer. Yay me…”
Beelzebub: “My turn! I’m…Prancer! Yay, Belphie, our names rhyme.”
Leviathan: “I guess I’ll go…I’m…Comet? What kind of name is—“
Luke: “My turn!”
Luke: “Yay!”
Satan: “Well, what’d you get?”
Luke: “I’m Rudolph!”
Lucifer: “So we get to stick a glowing clown nose on you, how fun.”
Luke: “Huh!?”
Simeon: “Congratulations, Luke, let’s see. I’ll be playing Cupid…I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t give him many lines…”
Solomon: “How fitting. It looks like…I’m going to be…jack frost. That’s interesting; I can’t wait to see how he plays into all of this.”
Simeon: “I’m sure you’ll love it.”
Solomon: “If you wrote it, then I know I will.”
Simeon: *blushing* “Hehe…”
Diavolo: “I’ll go now! I get to be...”
Diavolo: “Oh, would you look at that. I’m Mrs. Clause!”
Barbatos: “My lord, I’m not sure that role would be good for your image—“
Diavolo: “Nonsense, this will be fun.”
Barbatos: “If that is what you wish, my lord.”
Diavolo: “Go on now; it’s your turn.”
Barbatos: “Alright. I will be playing…frosty the snowman…”
Mammon: “Ahahahaha! That’s gonna be hilarious.”
Belphegor: “Pfft—Barbatos hobbling around in a snowman costume…hahahaha!”
Barbatos: “Right…”
Diavolo: “MC, that means it’s your turn!”
MC: “I’m pretty sure I can guess based on the only character we haven’t seen…”
MC: “Yep….I’m Santa…”
Diavolo: “Oh! So lucky!”
MC: “Wanna switch?”
Diavolo: “Nope.”
MC: “Okay then…”
Simeon: “Right, Levi is in charge of costumes again, so he’ll need to make you a fat suit that won’t be too hard for you to carry around.”
MC: “Wonderful…”
Solomon: “I can make a fluffy white beard with my magic.”
Diavolo: “Oh, good idea! And I have a Santa hat you can borrow from me.”
MC: “Jolly.”
Satan: “I know a spell that can give you real fat—“
MC: “Don’t you fucking dare.”
Luke: “Aah!”
Simeon: “Language, MC!”
MC: “Right, sorry.”
Lucifer: “Hmph. Well, I suppose that’s that…what if the other club members?”
Barbatos: “They’ll be working on set design and preparation.”
Simeon: “Amaimon, Ariel, and Veros will be helper elves, backstage, and on stage.”
Diavolo: “Great, we’re all set, then! Now we just need to go over our scripts. We can start with a cold read. That’s what they call it, right Simeon.”
Simeon: “Yes, very good job.”
Barbatos: “…”
Barbatos: “By the way, Leviathan.”
Leviathan: “Y-Yes?”
Barbatos: “You do everything in your power to make me a snowman costume that does not bring me disgrace.”
Leviathan: “Eek! Y-Yes, sir!”
Barbatos: “Good. Everything should be fine then.”
MC: “Levi…”
Leviathan: “What now?”
MC: “You don’t wanna know the things I’ll order you to do if I end up looking awful.”
Leviathan: “Why are you all threatening me!? Simeon made me the designer!”
Simeon: “I didn’t force you to, you know?”
Leviathan: “Yes, you did! You did the scary ask thing when you get a really dark aura and keep repeating the question!”
Luke: “Yeah, Simeon, it’s impossible to say no to you when you do that.”
Solomon: “Yes, it’s quite horrifying…”
Belphegor: “Simeon? Horrifying? I don’t buy it.”
Simeon: “Do something to cross me, and you will.”
Everyone: “…”
MC: “Wow, okay. Nothing says Christmas like being threatened by the angels…”
Diavolo: “….right then….shall we get to work now?”
Lucifer: “Yes, let’s just move on from that…”
Simeon: “Hehe.”
Leviathan: “Stop!”
MC: ”Hehehe.”
Lucifer: “What amuses you so much, MC?”
MC: “I just find it funny that Solomon, Barbatos, and I are the only ones with male roles, hahaha!”
Mammon: “Huh? What are you talking about?”
MC: “…you really don’t know? Satan, not even you and your animal fun facts?”
Satan: “I’m afraid not?”
MC: “Oh. Well, the thing is that reindeer shed their antlers. Male and female reindeer both have antlers, but male reindeer shed theirs during winter….so….”
Asmodeus: “…”
Luke: “…”
Satan: “…!”
Belphegor: “You don’t mean…”
Lucifer: “Santa’s reindeer are…women?”
MC: “Yep.”
Leviathan: “Pfft—“
Lucifer: “What now?”
Leviathan: “I guess that means I should make all of us some nice dresses—“
Satan: “No!”
Asmodeus: “I want a dress!”
Leviathan: “Okay then…”
Simeon: “Yes, I think authenticity would be best—“
Lucifer: “One more word from you, and you’ll never speak again.”
Barbatos: “MC, perhaps you should have kept that to yourself for the time being.”
MC: “Nah, this is more fun.”
Solomon: “You revel in the chaos, don’t you?”
MC: “Yep, it’s too much fun to hate.”
Diavolo: “My, MC, how very demon of you.”
Luke: “Don’t call them that!”
Diavolo: “Oh, should I not?”
Barbatos: “Levi, I have an idea.”
Leviathan: “Yeah?”
Barbatos: “If they won’t wear dresses, then make their costumes pink…or better yet add bows to the antler headbands.”
Lucifer: “Barbatos!”
Leviathan: “Good idea!”
Lucifer: “No!”
Diavolo: “Hahaha, this is going to be so much fun.”
Simeon: “Is that what you call this?”
MC: “…well…it’s getting pretty violent, so I think I’m just gonna go practice saying ‘ho ho ho’…”
Luke: “I’ll record it for you.”
MC: “Thanks, Rudolph.”
Luke: “Hey! …Wait…”
Diavolo: “MC, I’ll come with you. Does Mrs clause say ‘ho ho ho’ too?”
MC: “No, she’s just nice and married, and it’s kinda sexist that there’s literally nothing else about her in the eyes of society.”
Diavolo: “Hm? Well, that doesn’t seem fair, her husband travels the whole world, and everyone loves him?”
MC: “Yep, I agree. You can just practice looking cute, and I’ll recite my lines to you.”
Diavolo: “Yay! Barbatos, are you coming?”
Barbatos: “No, I think I’m going to watch this play out.”
Diavolo: “Alright. Please make sure they don’t kill Levi.”
Barbatos: “I make no promises, but I shall do my best.”
Diavolo: “Well, alright then…”
Satan: “Levi, I swear I will tear off your horns if you make me wear a bow!”
Lucifer: “I second that!”
Leviathan: “Aaaaaaaah! Simeon, this is your fault!”
Simeon: “Hehe…”
MC: “I love Christmas…”
Diavolo: “Yes, me too!”
MC: “Alright, let’s go so we can deny accountability.”
Diavolo: “Good idea.”
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fairlyqualityanon · 3 months ago
(2) Two Tsun-deres and a Yan-
Soft safe clean protective g/t vore, prey willing but unenthused. Mammon finally gets to make good on his threat promise to eat the MC.
Branches from the main plot of Ob//ey M//e! during Lesson 4-6 as Levi canonically states he’d been intending to eat MC up until a minute ago. Written from the viewpoint of my MC as a character study of sorts for the bois.
Grin growing even wider, a dangerous glint - not terribly unlike Beelzebub's when the glutton saw a stack of his favorite cheeseburgers - appeared in his eyes as he pointed to his stomach. "Unless I hide you in here, that is," he said, pulling his shirt up just enough to expose an inch of tan flesh - and what looked like the edge of a tattoo - in case she somehow missed his point.
She went to take a step back and froze. Emma couldn't show fear, that 'frightened tormented look' Solomon said demons loved. Mammon had literally just saved her after being eaten and now he was planning on eating her, too?! Her mind raced, trying to come up with a solution. "Unless I order you not to eat me," she countered. Yes, it wasn’t a very solid idea but it was all she had. The woman was very proud of how steady and assertive her voice was despite the terror screaming through her veins.
"And then Beel would eat you and you'd almost certainly die." Why did he sound so disappointed in her? Disappointed at the thought of not getting to eat her was to be expected, but why was Mammon acting like it was a personal fault of Emma's?
It stung, and now she had to win this argument for her own pride as well as the whole 'not wanting to die' thing. "I don't see how getting digested by your brother is any different than being digested by you." Emma was, honestly, thinking it through, compiling and sorting everything she objected to about it; if, somehow, that major hurdle was knocked out of the way, then she would consider it a viable - albeit extremely distasteful - option. As it was currently the only potentially viable option in sight, she could bite her pride back long enough to see if Mammon could solve that problematic hurdle.
"Well, you do have a pact with me, so you could just order me not to digest ya." He smiled, obviously pleased with his idea.
She, however, was very far from thrilled. "Pretty sure stomachs don't work that way, Mammon."
He wasn't fazed in the slightest. "Demons don't quite work the same way as you humans, an' as I just said 'you do have a pact with me'." The white-haired demon shook his head slowly, holding his hands up and shrugging. "Just 'cause you've only ordered me around a little so far doesn't mean that's all you can do with your pact."
That devilish grin reappeared, which was disturbingly cute on him despite it absolutely always meaning Big Trouble. "You didn't even order me not to hurt you, which was a pretty big mistake on your part." Mammon chuckled, "I'd been thinkin' of reminding you at some point just t’ see the ‘Oh shit!’ look on your face, but it was far more fun to just stay quiet and wait for that moment when you finally realized how much you messed up."
"And you changed your mind about bringing this up now because...?" It had actually occurred to her more than a few times, but Emma quickly learned that telling him not to do something was one of the best ways of encouraging him to try to do that something. Besides, Lucifer had ordered him not to, and supposedly he couldn't disobey that order either, so it would just be redundant. Oh, also then he'd grumble about being given orders by a 'thick, juicy hunk of meat' even more than he already did.
He absolutely beamed, "Because now if you order me not to harm you I’ll then have the perfect chance to eat you and still protect you at the same time!"
She shuddered, feeling the bile rise in her throat. "I very much do not want to be eaten. By any demon." Emma frowned sternly, pointing up at the man currently towering over her. "That includes you, buddy."
"Not a whole lotta choice you got there, human." He grinned broadly, like the cat who’d eaten the proverbial canary - or rather, who was about to. “Either Beel eats you, or I do.”
Emma could see the fangs in his mouth past the pleased smirk and grimaced. Sometimes she almost forgot they only appeared to be human.
Apparently mistaking her repulsed reaction as agreement, Mammon continued, "Beel may only be sixth-eldest but he's crazy fast, faster than Levi even, and waayyyy stronger than he looks. But most importantly," he reached forward and poked her nose before tousling her hair gently, "he doesn't have a pact with you."
She swatted at his finger angrily but it was already out of reach and he chuckled boyishly, dangling his ringed hand just over her head teasingly. So Emma folded her arms sulkily and huffed, pretending to ignore his taunting, "Ugh, fine, alright. Since I don't have any viable ideas-" All of hers had been evaluated and quickly discarded. Ordering him to fight his brother probably wouldn't go well; even if Mammon won she was pretty sure everything around them would get trashed and she'd be just as dead as if she'd been eaten, "-gonna have to figure out how to word that order so there's nothing I'm missing."
“Luckily for you-” he was way too happy with himself, hands on his hips in a proud stance, “-it’s in my best interests to help you out with that.” Of course it was - Mammon had literally groveled at Levi’s feet just to get his credit card back. Admittedly, it was the single thing he valued most in the three realms, but it proved he was absolutely willing to set his massive ego aside to get something if he wanted it badly enough. And, given how frequently he brought up eating her - complaining about not being allowed to, threatening to, and expressing a keen desire to - Mammon clearly wanted it very badly.
“First,” she held a finger up, just in case it wasn’t clear enough, “you may not have my soul.” Asmodeus could go and get F’ed, she absolutely did have a soul. The Avatar of Lust was probably just salty about being unable to mesmerize her. “Because it’s you and Levi’s own faults for entering into a pact with me under different terms.” Since Emma wasn’t actually out to be making pacts and thus risking her soul, she only had to be vigilant for those rogue ‘vulgar demons’ that disagreed with Diavolo’s dream as a result.
“I’m still the first demon you made a pact with, so as long as no one else gets your soul either, then that’s just fine with me!” He legitimately didn’t appear to be put off by this reminder. Huh, seemed like Mammon had resigned himself to being bound to a magic-less human... or was simply so ecstatic about finally getting to eat her that he was willing to overlook it.
“Next,” Emma continued ticking off on her fingers, “by neither action nor inaction may you cause nor permit harm to come to me regardless of the nature of the source or what form it may take for an unspecified duration of time - including but not limited to bodily processes both normal and irregular, which include but are not limited to biting or digestion - and, should all possible actions potentially cause harm, then the solution chosen should aim to minimize all detrimental effects.”
His eyebrows arched in mild amusement. “So much for you hating our Devildom Law course.”
Her lips pursed angrily, not liking even the possibility he was making a dig at her academic studies. The human’s marks were far from perfect, but she was fighting to stay in the upper quarter of her classes. It was near as much to satisfy her own pride as it was to ‘avoid disappointing Diavolo’; Lucifer practically radiated authority, such that a mere frown of disapproval carried the menacing weight of a lethal threat. His calmness when threatening to poison her for simply being curious about the attic was beyond eerie; some people only became more terrifying the quieter their voice was. “When you copied my homework, what grade did you get, again?”
Mammon just shrugged, wordlessly conceding the argument. Hah. Ironically, that assignment had been about contracts and their inherent problems, she remembered. “Third point is the final one for now: the terms of this compound order are subject to any change by myself at any point for any reason."
He was starting to tap his fingers impatiently. "Are you done yet?"
"I'm not missing anything, am I?" Emma was pretty sure he'd noticed she hadn't forbidden him from eating her again at some other point later on. The omission was deliberate; if it worked now then it would work in the future and she wouldn't have to worry about re-issuing the order. Not that she planned on it ever happening again, but the more contingency plans she had on hand the better.
"You'd better not have," he said, wincing in discomfort as her convoluted command set in, "I don't want to have to experience that again."
Neither do I. “Don't you dare let anyone else know I let you do this," she hissed emphatically, wadding up and setting aside the oversized handkerchief, "or about that Leviathan nightmare earlier." The greedy asshole wasn't going to let her live this down and even though she was pretty sure the command was airtight, he'd still do his damnedest to find a loophole. Fortunately the loophole would not be there if she was dead.
"Of course, hu- m-my my Master, Emma." He stuttered the words out against his will. She stuck her tongue out at him, happy to see the order to call her by name was still in effect.
Mammon grinned broadly, showing off every last fang in his mouth. "Heh heh heh, you suuure you want to be doin’ that? Because right now you’re just givin’ me ideas.” Eyes flicking over to the door, he sighed reluctantly, "Have to save those for some other time I guess."
The demon carefully picked her up using both hands and she immediately latched onto his thumb for support, trying not to shudder. I hate heights. Emma didn't care if he thought it was tacit agreement - she could object to a hated idea while still participating in said idea out of necessity.
"Hey," he studied her worried face, somewhat concerned, "this'll work, you'll be fine. I haven’t let you down yet, have I?" Yes, he absolutely had. Several times, in fact. Still, she almost believed him, until he licked his lips eagerly. "What?" Mammon said, doing an alarmingly talented impression of wide-eyed innocence, "It'd be a real shame if there was no chance of being allowed to eat you in the future."
Oddly enough, she felt reassured by this. Offended and royally pissed off, true, but reassured. Trusting a demon not to hurt her was taking a flying leap of faith, but ‘trusting’ a demon - specifically, an Avatar - to fully give into its signature vice... that was quite different. Drawing in a steadying breath, Emma forced herself to meet Mammon’s eyes, hoping he didn’t see the panic in her own.
“Not having second thoughts, are you?~” Though his head was tilted politely to accompany the pleasant tone, Mammon’s grin was just a little too feral for her comfort.
Emma couldn’t look at him anymore. “More like 'first-and-a-quarter' thoughts,” she replied, eyes squeezed tightly closed. Having run out of anger, the woman had nothing left to keep the fear at bay; he was still a demon after all! “I want you to just... hurry up and get it over with. Please,” she remembered to add; politeness was a virtue.
She felt the warm gust of air as he chuckled quietly, “Alright." Emma had come to terms with the idea of being eaten, but facing the reality of it was very different. She couldn't help flinching when her face hit the damp bumpy surface of his tongue, reflexively starting to push away and freezing again when her back collided with his teeth.
While Emma had seen first-hand that it was possible to literally force a demon's body to move against its will - regardless of said demon's feelings on the matter - simply saying 'you're not allowed to bite me' suddenly seemed woefully inadequate at the moment. She struggled to block it all out, to ignore what her senses were telling her; pretending she wasn’t letting a demon swallow her alive was the only way she could handle it actually happening.
Apparently noticing her unease, Mammon gently rubbed at her back with a finger... and then he promptly ruined the effect by closing his lips around her midsection and licking her. As yelling at him was not going to happen, and as her upper body was effectively trapped between tongue and palate, Emma attempted to make her displeasure known by kicking him. She hit something but wasn’t quite sure what - and hoped both that it had been his nose and that it had hurt - before he pinned her legs together. I thought I told you to hurry!
Luckily for it, it seemed Mammon had decided not to tease her any further. Though he was still running his tongue over her eagerly, she was being slid further into his mouth. By the time her head bumped into something soft - what she assumed was his uvula - barely any of Emma's body was left out in the open. She tried not to tense up in fear, worrying that it might wind up hurting either of them. Any moment now, he would-
And now she was being pulled as well as pushed, suddenly rethinking the whole ‘headfirst’ idea as the blood started to rush to Emma’s head and her body was forcibly bent as Mammon gave one final push to her feet and swallowed again. She twitched - more of a faint wriggle really, given the tight confines of his throat - not knowing what the loud crashes she heard were, but disliking the noise all the same.
He made a strangled choking sound and coughed, apparently pounding at his chest judging by the thudding and the sudden vibrations. "Ow, c’mon, hurry up and move, you," Mammon wheezed as quietly as he could.
All too soon, her head popped into a much larger space, the rest of her following until she’d spilled down into the second stomach in, what, under an hour? Emma shifted dizzily; trying to sit ‘up’ when she couldn’t see a thing, could barely get her bearings, was difficult enough normally, but since the irregular surfaces kept shaking with Mammon’s coughing fit it managed to be even harder.
“Ack, Beel, you trying to break down my door or somethin'?” he managed hoarsely.
Well, she had a ‘down’ from gravity, and now an approximation of ‘up’ from his voice. That left ‘out’... Listening intently, she spread her hands out, carefully pressing at the walls nearby. Not enough room to stretch out; it was kind of like a hammock compared to Levi's stomach, which was relatively the size of a walk-in closet.
“Sorry, you didn't answer at first and I thought you just hadn't heard me." Emma felt even worse at Beelzebub’s apologetic tone; she didn’t believe for even a moment he would intentionally hurt her, but the Avatar of Gluttony’s impulse control was essentially nonexistent when he was hungry.
"Why are you in my room? I thought you were looking for Emma." The flippant tone of his voice belied the tense stomach walls around her.
"I was," the redhead replied simply, "but then I caught her scent this way and thought maybe she was still with you. I don't forget the tasty-smelling ones that quickly," he added dreamily.
And speaking of... Emma cringed, huddling up as best she could into a ball with her hands over her ears at the loud rumbling roar. It came from 'out', not 'around', so it had to be Beel's stomach growling. Honestly, Mammon's seriously messed up idea was sounding less and less awful by the second.
"I'll let her know when I see her, if you've forgotten between now and breakfast." Mammon scoffed, “She probably just fell asleep somewhere after all that excitement, you know how weak humans are.”
“Tell her to sit beside me at breakfast so I can make sure she has the right things to eat," Beel said happily, "if we get her to eat enough, she'll hopefully be less fragile."
She heard Mammon sigh, "Always with the food, Beel. Don't worry, I'll tell her. Goodnight."
It couldn't have been more than a minute or two later, though it felt like an eternity, for Mammon to turn his attention back to the human in his stomach. "You're shaking!" He sounded concerned, more so than Emma had ever heard him before, at least when it came to her.
Of course I am, you big idiot! I'm scared! Biting back the insult, she grumbled, "This is disgusting and I'm mad at myself for not putting up more of a fight with you over this." She was also mad at herself for feeling relaxed, comfortable even, in the warm enclosed space. Not that Emma would ever tell him so, as it risked him thinking she’d enjoyed it, only giving him yet another reason to suggest it in the future.
She didn’t just hear him chuckle, she felt it rumbling through her whole body. “I almost wish you had, huma- h- ha- ack-” He choked on the words before sighing, “... Emma.” Resuming as if there had been no interruption, “I barely swallowed you in time as it was; you humans really do smell as good as you taste but Beel shouldn’t still have been able to smell you once you were in my mouth.”
She felt a firm pressure coming from the direction she’d discerned to be ‘out’ - was he seriously rubbing his stomach? Not unpleasant, per se, but still... Rude! Mammon continued wistfully, "I wonder how long you'd have been able to delay ending up in my stomach if you didn't order me to stop."
Emma put her head in her hands and groaned loudly. “I officially hate you now.”
"But you're not scared?" He sounded both hopeful and disappointed at the same time. Did the jerk want her to be afraid of him or not?
"No, I'm angry," she snapped, swinging a fist at the nearby wall. Ew, it's warm and squishy.
"You don't feel very tense, though." The warm squishy walls moved in again as Mammon pressed at his stomach more forcefully.
"I'm kinda..." She trailed off, embarrassed to admit it; the brothers really didn't need to know she had weaknesses on top of being human. "... Agoraphobic." Alarmed that he might choose to draw entirely the wrong conclusion, Emma quickly clarified with a sharp elbow jab, "That only means 'claustrophobia' isn't included in the long list of why I hate being in here!"
"Aww, because it sounded for a moment like ya didn't mind being eaten by The Great Mammon." He patted his stomach and Emma shoved back, not liking the thought of being pinned between gross stomach lining. "But as much as I'd love to brag about eating you I don't want th' others getting ideas; you are my human after all."
She'd never wanted to slap someone so badly in her entire life. It was so incredibly tempting that if - No, when. - she got back to normal size Emma would make sure to do so at the earliest possible moment. “You are using demeaning language right now and I do not like it.”
“How’s it demeaning?” How did he manage to sound simultaneously cocky and innocent? “Humans are demon food after all, just ask anyone. And since I ate you, and I'm a demon, that makes you demon food!”
Not for long. "If Beel's gone then let me out already!" She rapped impatiently - and soundlessly, but it was the gesture itself that mattered - on the nearest surface.
"No," Mammon chuckled smugly, "it's safer if you stay right where you are. What if Levi decides he wants seconds, or Beel sleepwalks following your scent?"
Emma bit down hard on her tongue, holding back a scream of frustration. Why did what she wanted have to be the least logical course of action? Why did he have to be right!? Not even Levi had been able to catch him unaware when going after that Seraphina statue. "Fine," she ground out. The conversation about the statue reminded her of something. "But keep your damn clothes on; Levi told me you sleep naked and I don't want this to be any more awkward than it already is."
"Are you still mad at me?" The demon sounded wounded.
Emma tilted her head for a moment, mulling it over. He was such a jerk, but she actually did enjoy spending time with him regardless; Mammon was funny, even if he didn't really mean to be. Arrogant, greedy to a fault, and more than merely a little scummy, but still fun to talk to. And since he was technically currently working on protecting her until she got back to normal sized... “Yup, still mad. Maybe not quite as much, though.”
Plus there was no way in Hell - Literally, she thought grumpily - that she'd try and command Leviathan to protect her. Stupid, that a weaker - relatively speaking, as he was still a member of the student council like his brothers - ultra-reclusive demon who hadn’t threatened her once up until she started to show interest in The Shadow Lords managed to scare her more than the one who’d been constantly threatening to eat her all along!
Everything went sideways and she grumbled under her breath. Seems he'd laid down. Mammon’s voice intruded in on her thoughts, "How is it in there?"
"I'm trying to pick off your dried-on saliva and not having much luck." What she wouldn't give for a cold shower right now... Oh and a full gallon of heavily perfumed soap, like the kind she knew Asmodeus had. Maybe she'd ask him someday, provided he didn't decide to be a perv about it again.
"Just spit and nothing else?" Mammon asked happily.
She froze with her hand halfway to her face, blinking in surprise. Emma was pretty much dry - save for a few unfortunate spots of her clothes - and she didn't think her hands had picked up anything when shoving back at his stomach lining.
Shooting to her feet and steadying herself with a hand on opposite walls, the human cautiously poked and prodded at them, ignoring the demon's giggled comment of "That tickles."
"No," she said stunned by the realization, "it's all dry in here, no secretions or anything." Had Emma's subconscious picked up on the lack of danger so soon? She immediately felt a lot better about having felt comfortable at first.
“Good!” he exclaimed triumphantly, “that means I was right and you're perfectly safe.” He prodded gently at his stomach after a moment. “So now you’re sulking just to sulk.”
“Yes. I am.” Emma didn’t care that he enjoyed annoying her and thus would undoubtedly be amused by her very petulant tone. “Already told you I feel disgusting in here. And I’m also cranky because-” Say it, she told herself, it didn’t seem fair to tell him not to lie to her if she then went and lied to him about relatively minor things. “-because ‘thank you, Mammon’.”
“What was that?~” the demon trilled. She couldn’t see his face, obviously, but the woman was positive he’d cupped his ear and likely had that goofy grin on his face again.
Feeling her face heat up, she forced out through gritted teeth, “You heard me.”
“Mmm, no, pretty sure I did~n’t." Mammon was clearly enjoying this far more than she found comfortable.
Yup, definitely going to hit him. For one, he couldn’t hit her back - though she almost wanted to see him try - but also because sticking up for herself was important, as Solomon had so clearly stated. Though, for some reason, such defiance tended to amuse them. For the life of her, Emma couldn’t understand why, for even Lucifer had laughed when she’d refused to stop trying to investigate the attic. Oh, and hadn’t the Avatar of Pride also claimed Mammon was a masochist to boot? If so, then the idiot would probably enjoy it. What would even be the point of hitting someone if it didn’t piss them off? It would make me feel better...
"Then you'd better pay attention because I am not repeating myself a second time," she snapped, "I said 'thank you'." And Emma really meant it. She was still alive and, though rather humiliated, far better off than she knew she could have been. Raising a hesitant hand, she reached out and pressed it against the wall in front of her, gently rubbing in a circle.
The air vibrated with a nearly subsonic rumble. It didn't sound like a stomach growl - come to think of it, she hadn't heard any of the noises she'd expected to come from a stomach, only his heartbeat and breathing - but it still sounded vaguely familiar. Is he... purring!? Hmm. She shifted in place so that both of her hands could rub at the lining from where she lay. The vibration felt nice, so Emma supposed she would consider it as demonstrating that she was indeed grateful; she couldn't say the words, could barely think the words, but thanks were owed.
She sighed quietly to herself; if Emma's insomnia was bad enough in an actual nice bed, then how was she supposed to fall asleep in- in here? What she wouldn't give for a blanket; not that she needed it, the air in his stomach was almost too warm. Her eyes narrowed at what was undoubtedly a snore coming from nearby.
Great, yet another obstacle on her journey to dreamland. I should at least try to sleep. And sleep she did.
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