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#obey me simeon
absolutepokemontrash · 2 days ago
I saw you did a 5foot mc for the obey me brothers can you plz do one for the undateabuls if you dont mind
🌸- anon
Yeeees, yes I can!
Hhhhhhh- Small MC-
(Side Characters)
Monsterfuckers and people with size kinks come get y’all juice
Wait- where’s the human- oh they’re down there, hello human! Welcome to the Devildom!
I headcanon that Diavolo’s at least 6’6-6’7 so… he may have to crouch a little, or get MC a stool.
But boy howdy- why are humans so small???? So cute???? So easy to hold??????
In the event that MC gives this touch-starved giant demon a hug, he’s picking them up and squeezing them like they’re a stuffed animal.
If MC needs to get things off of shelves? Don’t worry, he’s got this!
Also hand size comparisons are a must, MC has baby hands that are just perfect for holding, we ask that MC give Dia the honour.
Separate height headcanon. Diavolo’s demon form is bordering eight feet tall. So if MC ever would like to wreak vengeance on all who have used them as an arm wrest, they should call Diavolo and ask to sit on his shoulders.
MC’s below a average height didn’t really phase the butler at first, he’d been alive far too long to not have met short humans.
When he truly took notice to how short MC really was, was when the two were cooking together.
MC was really straining to reach up to grab a mixing bowl from one of the cabinets. At first Barb just chuckled and went over to help… until MC accidentally tipped the entire stack of bowls over and it was going to fall on top of them.
Super-Barbatos to the rescue! With one hand he picks up MC and moves them out of the way, and with the other hand, he catches the falling bowls.
Yay! Crisis averted! Back to cooking!
All in all, Barbatos doesn’t mind MC’s height to much, he’s used to short people, look at his Angel-son.
Though, he does like to hug MC from behind and rest his head on top of their’s. It just makes him happy ^.^
First thought? Wow, humans are smaller than I remember. Second thought? Ah. Time to tease.
You may be thinking, “APT! Our good Christian Angel with amazing shoulders would never!” And I’m here to tell you that you are dead wrong.
He teases so lightly that 40% of the time, MC can’t even tell that they’re being made fun of until hours after the interaction.
It’s all out of love though. Simeon adores every inch of MC. How few inches there are though-
Simeon is also loves it when MC sits on his lap. He just needs his cuddle quota met!
Since all his friends are tall, if Simeon wants to write a short character that isn’t a child, he goes to MC for help.
“So what’s it like down there? Describe it to me.” “Well I really want to kick you in the shins and I am the perfect height for that.”
Oh this fucking guy-
Solomon’s tall by human standards and he’s not going to miss out on teasing MC.
If MC needs something that Solomon has, he’ll stretch out his arms and hold it out of reach. This is MC’s cue to climb him like a tree and claw the item out of his grasp.
I guarantee that Solomon has offered to cast a spell on MC to temporarily enhance their height. And yes, it did give everyone heart attacks when MC was suddenly able to look them in the eye.
Solomon is the type to randomly scoop up MC into a bridal carry, he totally learned it from Asmo.
He has 100% gotten MC and Luke a step stool for their respective birthdays. No, he’s not sorry, and the real presents were much nicer, both MC and Luke liked them ^^.
“Why is the human taller than me 🥺?”
Luke is just a little bit shorter than MC and it’s mildly infuriating to him. But at the same time, short solidarity.
At one point after being used as an armrest, Luke asks MC if he can stand on their shoulders so the two of them can form the ULTIMATE TALL PERSON.
It doesn’t work out 90% of the time and Luke falls over. He’s okay tho. (Usually)
Still, it’s nice to have someone else who understands the struggle, but I don’t think that means Luke wouldn’t *try* to tease MC. Like if he sees Solomon hold something out of reach, he might try to do it too. Since MC’s taller, they can just pluck whatever Luke’s holding right out of his widdle baby hands.
Luke promises that when he gets big and tall he’s never going to tease MC for their height! He won’t become the villain! He’ll even get things off shelves for them. He’s practicing for that eventuality by carrying around a step stool.
MC should give him head pats while he’s shorter than them! While there’s still time!
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Headcanons of Lucifer, Mammon, Simeon, & Diavolo reacting (separately) when MC tells him that they feel safe wrapped up in his wings? 👀👉👈
This might be simple but i'll try to still keep it funny/cute 😳
Tumblr media
- "im glad you feel like that"
- in reality he is quite surprised that you feel like that about his wings
- sure they are pretty and they are big and all but usually you'd be scared of seeing him in this form
- you however, not only arent scared hut also feel safe wrapped around his wings, and he really doesnt know how to show his appreciation of knowing this
- if you are lucky enough you just might see him blush a bit, however if he were to get flustered he'd hide his face from you
- "well of course you do! Its the great Mammon himself that is letting you near his wings right now"
- mammon your tsundereness is showing🙄
- is obviously going to get all flustered by your words, its freaking Mammon we're talking about
- he will pull you closer while giving you some lazy excuse to do just that, whether its raining or whatever he just wants you to be even closer to him now
- if your intimacy is high enough with him he might even let you touch his wings or he'll keep you under his arm too or similar
- "aww, im glad you feel that way MC"
- is so touched by your comment and ends up feeling all lovey- dovey because of it
- he will pull your closer and hold you near him, this can either be to just hold your hand, to a hug to maybe a kiss if you two are close enough but even then i like to think Simeon finds holding hands the ultimate form of intimacy for him idk
- everytime he can now he will wrap you around his wings and he will keep you closer to him
- angels are usually beings that should show safety and guideness and similar stuff so pretty much he is doing his roll right and he feels so happy about it
- *happy diavolo noises*
- yeah no when Diavolo goes into his demon form you know someone is about to get slapped to a whole other dimension, so (just like luci) he feels really glad you think otherwise
- "im so happy to know that MC, you have no idea how much that means to me"
- big strong prince will lift you closer to him as he hears you say that you like being wrapped around his wings
- now he'll be clingier than ever and will take any chance he gets to wrap himself around you more, with or without the wings, if he can make you feel safe by being wrapped around you then he will stay wrapped around you
- you are not getting out of this one easily
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Could I request the Obey Me guys as well as the Now Dateables?
Perhaps M/C crawling into bed with them wanting to be held and to be touched.
Perhaps a little nsfw added in 🤤😉
note: this is the only imagine/scenario I will do for all 11 boys. cuz I’m a thirsty bitch. the rest of the time we will stick to the rules of HCs only.
Additionally, the plot has been changed slightly to ‘coming to their room at night’. Sorry. If you want NSFW stuff for a specific boy, based on the provided content, I’ll do it but 11 boys is too much even for my thirsty trappy ass.
Obey Me Boys + MC Crawling into Bed with Them
Lucifer sighed over his paper work. Would his turmoil never cease? 
Sometimes he felt like he had fallen into a lower level of the Devildom. Like the 13th circle of hell where the preferred torture method for lost souls was endless paperwork. A modern day Sisyphus, only instead of a boulder it was forms.
He heard the door to his room quietly click open & then close. He doesn’t look up from his paper work as he knew who it was. There was only one person, ok maybe two, who would come into his room this late at night without knocking. “What is it [Y/N]?”
“I was um...wait, you wear reading glasses?”
Lucifer frowned and looked up from his paper work now. “Magical reading glasses. For reading magical text.” They were required to read some of the magical scripts he was combing over. “What is it [Y/N]?”
The human squirmed a little when he asked again. Seeming to think over the answer, or more precisely how to explain it. “I couldn’t sleep.” They finally confess. “I was wondering if I could stay in here with you,’re busy.”
Lucifer arched a brow slightly, but then moved some of the papers he had completed to make space for them. “Come on. I won’t be much longer.”
[Y/N] smiled at him and scampered over. Crawling in under the silk sheets, and as close as possible to him with him on top of them as they could. “Thank you Lucifer.”
“Of course, my dearest one.” He replied with a soft smile, leaning down to kiss the top of their head before returning to his work. Renewed in his commitment to get this done so he could spend the night with [Y/N].
It was late. It was almost 3:00 in the morning by the time he got home, and it had been a shitty night.
Mammon had been at the casino. Gambling, drinking, dancing, the usual. His luck turned sour around 11:00 and, stupid Mammon, had spent the remaining four hours trying to turn it around. That of course didn’t work so now he was even more broke, defeated, and feeling like crap for his failure; regretting Lucifer finding out and making him feel worse. Fuck it had been the worst night.
He rounded the corner to his room and looked up in surprise to see [Y/N] at his door. “What are you doing here?” His voice seemed to surprise them too as they jumped a little before turning to him.
“Oh I was…coming to see if you wanted to hang out?”
“Hang out?” Mammon repeated with an arched brow. “Ya know it’s like 3:00 in the morning, right?”
“O-Oh…is it? I guess I miss read the time.” [Y/N] began to fidget, then muttered some apology about going back to their room.
The demon reached out and caught their hand before they could get far. “Hey, what’s wrong? Nobody comes out here in the middle of the night without a reason.” Or they were out super late like him.
[Y/N] looked down, then decided to tell the truth. “I couldn’t sleep. So I wanted to see you.”
Mammon blinked behind his shades. He hadn’t been expecting that. Now it was his turn to fidget as he realized out of all the people in the world, [Y/N] had chosen to come see him.
“Yeah well…of course ya’d come to the Great Mammon for help. I uh…guess you can stay in here with me tonight.”
He showered to get the smoke & stink of shame off before crawling into bed with [Y/N]. His little human already drifting off just being in his covers. Mammon wrapped his arms around them and held them close. Maybe it wasn’t the worst night after all.
Of course he was awake when [Y/N] came to his room. The latest install of Kenji Momotaro: Demon Slayer Warrior Prince had just been released that day, and Levi he been playing it since he had gotten his hands on it. He wouldn’t be sleeping for a while.
When he heard the knock on his door, initially missing it over the sound of his game and tunnel vision, Levi paused for the first time in hours to go see who it was. “[Y/N]-chan?”
“Can…I stay in here with you?” They asked. Catching Levi by surprise. “I can’t sleep in my room.”
The blunette blushed violently, and covered his face. “Y-Y-You….You want to sleep in here with me??”
“Is…that ok?” They asked cautiously. Seeming let down by his reaction.
“No. I mean! Yes! W-What I mean is, I’m not going to bed right now. I’m grinding through my new game so….you might not be happy in here.” Plus, his bed was a bathtub. Which was only comfortable to him.
“Oh. Well…I don’t want to mess up your game. If that’s more important to you.”
“That’s not what I meant!” Levi outburst. Then quickly covered his mouth in embarrassment. “I…I just don’t think you’ll get a lot of sleep in here. I only like my room after all.”
“I like your room.” If Levi turned any redder, he was going to get a nose bleed. “It’s dark, which is nice. Plus the aquariums are really soothing. And…you’re there. I just wanted to be around you since I couldn’t sleep, but I guess that’s silly.”
The demon had to cover his mouth again. This time over threat of nose bleed. He was so red from embarrassment, but also incredibly moved by [Y/N]’s words, that he quickly responded, “you can stay with me.”
He moved aside and let [Y/N] in. Leading them over to his game area where he laid out some plushies as a bed, and pulled out a blanket to cover them. “I-I-I…I’m gonna keep playing since I’m not tired. But I’ll put my headphones on so I don’t disturb you. Y-Y-You can lay down here and i-i-if you fall asleep I won’t mind.”
“Thanks Levi.” He had to gulp at the cute sleepy way they said his name, before they tucked in and he went back to his game.
He couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the game, with [Y/N] so close. Choosing to use his leg as a pillow. Eventually he gave up and leaned back against the edge of his tub, not daring to disturb them and actually getting a good night sleep as well.
There were few things that Asmo considered sacred. Love. Vitality. The Louis Vuitton spring collection.
But the one thing he considered sacred most of all, was his beauty sleep regiment.
The Avatar of Lust had a strict sleep schedule to give his body the best rejuvenation possible, and amplify his beauty. Everyone knew about it, and choose to leave Asmo alone; per his wishes.
Which was why it was so frustrating when his rest was disturbed by a knock at the door.
Asmo grumbled under his sleep mask at the light rapping that wouldn’t go away. Irritated by the noise, and now the worry lines whoever it was was putting into his forehead. He pushed his mask up to his hair line and got up out of bed towards the door. “What?!” He said in a not cute, very moody outburst when he opened it. Seeing [Y/N] standing there, startled by his ugly display. “Oh, [Y/N]-kun. It’s you.”
“Y-Yeah. Yeah it’s me. Sorry to wake you, I’ll just…go.”
“Wait [Y/N]! I’m sorry. If I had known it was you paying me a late night visit, I would have been much nicer and answered the door sooner.”
“Well I….couldn’t sleep so…-“Ahhhh~! You couldn’t sleep so you decided to come to me?? How naughty!”
[Y/N] frowned and turned to leave, but Asmo apologized quickly for being cheeky. “Did you want to stay with me tonight? That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?” He could tell he was right, but the human was second guessing themselves on coming here. “I promise I’ll behave. Really.”
[Y/N] seemed to trust them, and came into the room & into bed with Asmo. He was practically giddy with them being so close, but was true to his word and supplied no funny stuff for the evening. Just rest and cuddles.
In the morning, he couldn’t wait to tell his brothers how he slept with [Y/N] last night. Causing quite the intentional misunderstanding and ruckus over breakfast that day.
Satan was getting ready for bed. Pjs on, teeth brushed, uniform set out for tomorrow, and on his bed reading one last chapter of his latest book, when he heard the knock at the door.
At first he thought it was a branch hitting the glass of his window. But when he heard it again, he knew it was at his door, and had a very The Raven moment before he went to answer it.
“[Y/N]? What are you doing here? It’s so late.”
“I know, I know,” the replied, scratching the back of their head. “I just…I couldn’t sleep. I tried but I just couldn’t get to sleep, and wanted to see you.” They look up at him with big doe eyes and ask, “can I stay with you tonight?”
Of course, he couldn’t say no. Not with a look like that. Or more importantly, he’d never say no to [Y/N]. Satan offered them a soft smile and nodded before letting them in.
“What were you reading?” They asked, as the climbed into bed first. Watching Satan put his book away for them.
“Oh, just a new fiction series I found. Simeon recommended it to me.” He said as he climbed into bed as well.
“What’s it about?”
He told them the premise of the story, and eventually read aloud the first few chapters to them as they curled up beside him. Falling asleep soon after.
Satan smiled again, and put the book back away, before leaning down to kiss their forehead and curl in beside them. Ready for bed now.
It was pretty late when he heard the knock on the door. And a miracle he heard it at all.
Belphie was the sleeper out of the two of them, but Beel wasn’t exactly a light sleeper either. Between his workouts, large meals, and having to get up early for his morning workouts, the red head was usually dead to the world when his head hit the pillow. But, still, when he heard the quite knock on the door he woke up. 
If he were a thinker like Satan or the others, he would have thought that it was maybe their bond that woke him. Instead he just trudged half asleep towards the door to open it. “[Y/N]?”
“S-Sorry....” They apologize and look towards the ground as Beel looked at them curiously. “I knew you were asleep, but I still woke you up. I’m sorry.”
“Is something wrong?” Beel asked. A bit more awake now that he knew it was them and they seemed distressed. [Y/N] shrugged. “Did you have a bad dream?” 
They pause for a while, but then shrug again. He might not be a thinker like the others, but he was smart enough to know what that meant. He reached out to take their hand and pulled them into his room. Leading them over to his bed and pulling them onto it.
“Don’t worry. You can stay here.” Beel said, holding [Y/N] to his chest in a horizonal hug. “I’ll keep you safe. You don’t have to worry while I’m here. Go back to sleep.”
His words seem to do the trick, and [Y/N] feel back asleep. Beel stayed awake a little while longer. Combing his fingers through their hair, before he too fell back asleep.
He heard the conversation from the door, but didn’t bother getting up.
The only thing that could break through when he was asleep was Beel and [Y/N]’s voice. So hearing them both woke him up pretty quickly, although it seemed to be handled. 
He tried to go back to sleep after hearing you settle in, but it didn’t work. The usually lazy demon kept fidgeting in his sleep, trying to get comfortable, and even counting sheep to try and go back to dream land. Nothing worked. And he knew why.
Belphie got up out of bed, hugging his pillow to his chest, and walked over to the over bed across the room and kicked it. When Beel and [Y/N] looked up at him half asleep he demanded, “move over.” He couldn’t sleep know that [Y/N] was cuddling up with someone else and not him. Especially in the same room.
[Y/N] huffed in their sleep and laid back down, scooching closer to Beel to try and make space. Beel, on the other hand, smile sleepily up as his twin and properly moved over; back pressed against the wall with [Y/N] at his chest to give him as much space as possible.
Belphie smiled back at him, then dropped his pillow to climb in. Instantly falling asleep. Holding on to his twin and beloved [Y/N] for the rest of the night.
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Those were the words that Simeon tried to live by
He was just about to slip under the covers happily, when he heard a small knock at the door. It was so faint & small, that he assumed it was Luke needing something. So he quickly went over to answer it without putting his robe on.
“Oh…[Y/N]….” The angel said, feeling his cheeks heat up and clinching for his imaginary robe to cover his pjs, when he realized it was you. “What are you doing here?”
He didn’t mean in the Hall. You were stay in the other dorm for a while as an infestation of some icky, demon creepy crawly, that just loved to nibble on humans was dealt with in the House of Lamentation. Luke of course had been thrilled you were staying with them, insisting that the change be made permanent to keep you away from those rowdy demons. Simeon couldn’t really agree on the demon part, but he wouldn’t be disappointed if you stayed here more.
“I…couldn’t sleep,” you tell him. “New surroundings and all. I was…wondering if I could stay in your room?”
The angel seemed to bristle in surprise at your words. Taken aback, but also in the warm feeling that was spreading through his chest. God have mercy…..
“I don’t know if that would be appropriate.”
“Please?” [Y/N] beckoned. He had to gulp down the lump, and instantaneous urge to say yes, building in his throat. “I just don’t want to sleep alone. I keep thinking about those things in my room back at the dorm. And being around you is so comforting. Just for tonight? I’ll sleep on the couch and everything if that’s a problem.”
“I wouldn’t let you do that.” Simeon insisted. He would never let them sleep on the couch like some vagabond. “Well….alright. But just for tonight. And just because you’re feeling unsettled.” He doesn’t know who he was trying to convince more: them or himself.
He didn’t get much sleep that night. Tense, and trying to remain appropriate even is they slept next to him. But, in a way, it was the best night he had ever had.
He always stayed up late. The late to early morning hours were the best time for magic. The witching hour. He was knee deep into his research & spell casting when he heard the knock at the door.
“I..saw the light on…” [Y/N] said when he opened the door. “Are you…going to bed soon?”
Solomon blinked for a moment, then looked down at his pocket watch. Oh, it was rather late. But….“No. I still have quite a bit of work to do.”
The other human sighed, then turned to leave from his door just as suddenly as they came. “Wait. What is it?” He asked, stopping them.
They turn, and seem to debate about answering before, “I couldn’t sleep and was thinking it might be nice to cuddle with you.” Solomon blinked again. In surprise this time. “Stupid, right?”
No, not stupid, he thought. It was just no on had ever asked to cuddle with him before. His body and cool demeanor might be misleading, but he was a very fierce sorcerer. Powerful, and awe inspiring. He had made cities tremble in his young days, and was powerful enough to independently bind one of the strongest demons in hell. Cuddles were not something that one usually thought of when it came to him.
He opened the door to let them in and said, “if you can’t sleep, I can make you a potion.” When that didn’t seem to go over well he corrected with, “or…I could lay down with you for a moment.”
The ‘moment’ turned into the whole evening, because the second his head hit the pillow, he instantly fell asleep. Lulled to dream land by his many late nights, and the warm embrace of [Y/N]. Perhaps there were better things than just getting research done.
He groaned in his sleep. Then rolled over on his side, immediately pulling [Y/N] in when he was in close proximity of them. It was a reflex at this point.
At first, he had tried to keep his distance from the human exchange student. No good would come from it, and it was inappropriate that the future King & patron of the program would be involved with one of the terrestrial candidates. But he couldn’t help it.
Their brightness. Their smile. Their hope for the program and just life won him over and now he couldn’t stand to be further apart from them than a second.
“It’s morning....”
Divaolo groaned and buried his head into the back of their neck. “Five more minutes...”
“We can’t. It’s morning.” [Y/N] insisted. Jutting their hips back against his front; which had the opposite effect of trying to get him out of bed. “If you don’t go, Barbatos will start looking for you. And if he teleports into my room it will be a whole thing.”
That certainly was a metaphoric splash of cold water.
The prince groaned again, and buried himself deeper for a second, before he compliantly agreed and got up. The little full bed in the student dorms joyful of his departure, as it squeaked happily as he tried to leave it.
“Can I come again tonight?” Diavolo asked, as he adjusted his ornate bed clothes. He never slept in them. Like most things in his life, they were all for show.
[Y/N] smiled at him from under their covers and said, “of course.”
His heart swelled at their smile and the promise of later. Surging forward he gave them an impassioned good morning kiss, and told them, “wait up for me.” Before he disappeared in a whirl of black smoke to his own bedroom.
It felt terribly cold now. But he only had to wait until tonight. That he could live for.
The work of a butler is never really done.
There were always things to do. More chores to complete. More tasks to do. Particularly in the life of the royal butler. But Barbatos never complained about his job. He was literally born for it, and took great pride in his work. No matter how small the task.
When he heard the small bell, harking a summons from on of the guest rooms, Barbatos stopped polishing the silver and immediately went upstairs to see what was needed. “You called, [Y/N]?” He asked upon arrival. Calm as ever, and ready to help. “How may I be of assistance?”
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you up here.” They apologized. “I just….couldn’t sleep.”
Barbatos chuckled a little with a soft smile. “No need to apologize, [Y/N]. You’re a guest here, and a friend of the young master.” As well as a dear person to him. “I’m happy to help with anything you need. Might I make you some soothing nightshade tea? That seems to do the trick for most people.”
“N-No. No I…I was wondering….if you’d just sit with me for a while.” The human looked down at the ornate bed spread. Picking at the embroidery in a nervous manner. “Til I fall back asleep?”
The demon smiled again, and came over to sit on the edge of the bed. Holding them in the most comfortable manner possible with him on top of the covers, and them under them. “That is a simple thing.” He told them softly. “Close your eyes. I shall stay with you until you are asleep, and make sure you are taken care of.”
“Thank you.” [Y/N] said lazily. Already closing their eyes and falling back asleep with him close.
The work of a butler was never really done. But this was a task he was happy to do.
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devildomqueen · 23 hours ago
Obey Me Dateables as Cat Pictures I Have Saved on My Phone Part 6
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yoirienery · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— a child in devildom ( RAISED BY THE DEVILS )
Tumblr media
Diavolo hummed to himself, the pen that is held in between his fingertips threatening to slip. Sight going in and out of consciousness until a wave of power hit him straight in the face, figuratively, well, kinda. Because it was the paperworks that had been affected that caused it to fly to his face.
“My Lord..!” And there goes Barbatos going inside his private study.
There was no hint of worry that the butler has expressed, however. He is calm, very much alike to his usual appearance that almost made the Demon Prince howl in laughter if it wasn't for the situation they are in.
“Ahh.. Seriously, when will I get a vacation?”
“Young Master, you just went to the beach with Lucifer and his brothers not too long ago.”
“Hahahaha! Right, that was such a nice day, wasn't it?” Diavolo grin at the memory that resurfaced before turning into his demon form. “Then, shall we go and finish this business?”
“Yes, young master.”
Tumblr media
By the time they had arrived, deep in the forest of Devildom was a demon who's laughing to himself quite maniacally, ahh, but he shouldn't judge, right? After all, Diavolo have those times as well.
Footsteps were unheard as they near the unsuspecting demon, then, as soon as they were close, they heard the cry of a child.
So weak yet full of energy.
“Huehueheuheu, you're now in my hands! Such wonderful offering for the great lord-” Before he can finish his sentence, Barbatos was quick to defeat the demon, the satisfying thump resonates the silent forest.
“Great work, Barbatos.”
“Thank you, Young master.” Barbatos, now in his arms was the crying child who had now calm down, staring with a curious look at the demon butler who only showed professionalism and grace.
“Wa-wait..! You can't take them!”
“Hmm, you made a deal with a human secretly and broke it. What's even worst is that you abducted a child and brought them to the Demon Realm, a human, at that.” Diavolo sighed, and just as they were planning on having a peace treaty for all realms, this happened.
The prince held out his arms towards the butler, asking to get a hold of the child to which the demon passed on to with small hesitance.
“Barbatos, show no mercy.”
“As you wish.”
Tumblr media
“Ahh.. what to do, what to do..” He leaned back on his chair, watching the child, who is one and a half year old, according to Barbatos, speak incoherent things, even making bubbles with their saliva and blowing raspberries with a giggle by the crib.
“Allow me to make suggestions,” and the demon butler was given permission to speak.
“We can drop the child off to an orphanage.”
And for some reason, it made the Prince's heart clench in sadness. The backlash the child would have to receive due to their parent's or whoever is related to them contacting a devil for a deal and them dropping it the child to an orphanage broke his heart.
Sure, anonymity is an option as well.. but..
Diavolo glanced at the babbling kid who cheered at the presence of his aide, arms up, asking for a lift. “En! En!” The child attempted to jump, which end up not succeeding because they can't carry their weight yet.
Barbatos handed the child a bottle of milk that he had acquired from the Human Realm with no difficulties.
“I made up my mind. We'll keep the child.”
Tumblr media
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nyxs-sins · a day ago
Character Heights
Tumblr media
Nyx: I used the above image to try to help with the height ratios among the characters. Solomon looks to be even with Satan. Anyways, I have a headcanon that the demons an angels grow at least 6 inches when they transform.
Human Form: 6’ 11”
Demon Form: 7’ 5”
Human Form: 6’ 4”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 6’ 5”
Demon Form: 7’ 1”
Human Form: 6’ 6”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 6’ 2”
Demon Form: 6’ 6”
Human Form: 6’ 11”
Demon Form: 7’ 5”
Human Form: 6’ 4”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 7’ 0”
Demon Form: 7’ 6”
Human Form: 6’ 6”
Demon Form: 7’ 0”
He’s human..: 6’ 6”
Human Form: 6’ 6”
Angel Form: 7’ 0”
Human Form: 4’ 9”
Angel Form: 5’ 3”
She’s “human”..: 5’ 5”
Human Form: 6’ 8”
Demon Form: 7’ 2”
Nyx: … I am now scared.
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harunayuuka2060 · 9 hours ago
Barbatos: *turned into a baby because of a time warp accident*
MC: ...
MC: What should we do with him?
Diavolo: Why not you and Simeon take care of him for the time being?
Simeon: Me?
Diavolo: Yes.
Barbatos: *frowns*
MC: He dislikes it...
Simeon: ...
Simeon: Alright. I'm up for this challenge.
MC: Simeon... You're not planning on teasing him, aren't you...
Simeon: No. Not at all. Isn't that right, Barbatos?
Simeon: We can play Mickey Mouse and you will be the guest.
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: *cries*
MC: I think I will just take care of him on my own...
Diavolo: *chuckles* Barbatos will be delighted to have you as his temporary guardian.
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princessozera · 17 hours ago
Obey Me cast doing the devious licks trend
((Context from what my ancient disconected mind could piece together; there is a trend on tiktok called 'devious licks' where people just go and steal the largest/weirdest things from their schools, including but not limited to bathroom stalls, projectors, railings, and more. Literally anything is up for grabs, so of course I want to see the Devildom in equal chaos))
His migraines have increased exponentially since the start of this trend
Of course he was the one left in charge of hunting down every stealer and punishing them accordingly. At the rate people where stealing RAD property he considered either:
establishing a new student organization to be in charge of the punishments & replacements or
Simply killing any repeat offenders caught in the act or with video evidence
Lucifer settled with setting up various wards and hexes that caused nasty burns and electrocution to anyone trying to steal some of the more essential RAD items. He took half a day off when he realised this also meant putting spells on all bathroom stalls, sinks, and light fixtures.
He gives MC long side glances anytime he catches them laughing over Mammon's newest acquisitions and the failed attempts of others. MC taunts him, of course the goody goody wouldn't even think of stealing a pen without Diavolo's say-so. One of the strongest demons in the land and he couldn't even take a silly little white board eraser from a classroom.
MC was in the living room couch the next day, scrolling through DeviTube again when a sudden weight on their chest forced all of their air out. The push the item off, realising it's the seprant head that usually sit on top of the grandfather clock in the library, RAD's school motto etched into the scales. They look up in horror, only catvhing a glimpse of Lucifer's smirk as he raises an eyebrow and walks back out of the room.
Mammon isn't big on following trends, but with a few taunts from MC, he was the first brother to try the challenge. He's the great Mammon, of course be could steal something cooler than a toilet like some boring human
He managed to get away with stealing a potted snake-cactus, a chandelier, and a double spiral stair case before Lucifer caught on to him.
Mammon tried to use the trend as an excuse to get out of trouble, but of course it didnt work.
It actually got him in more trouble because Mammon's videos were rapidly gaining popularity and encouraging other students to start stealing too.
Mammon gets his usual suspension punishment, but afterwards Lucifer is surprisingly lenient with him, only punishing Mammon once for every 10 objects he steals.
The thing about this trend is, while it does encourage Mammon's tendancies to steal things he shouldn't, his attention is drawn from expensive and valuable things to silly and ridiculous items. As long as the items he steal don't inconvenience anyone too much, he gets off with relatively easy punishment.
"Mammon since when do we have 4 spiral staircases in the foyer?"
"What do you mean, we've always had those MC, you know how extra Lucifer is."
"I reeeaaalllyyy think we only had 2-"
"Damn MC, I knew you were struggling in math but this is just sad 😬"
"You- 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬"
Leviathan broke a leg, not seeing the staircase was gone because he was doing his dailies as he walked to class and fell 5 floors. He let MC put guppy stickers on his blue cast.
Stole RAD's school seal
He was the 2nd brother to try it, and of course he had to do his best to beat Mammon. A murderous cactus plant amd a chandelier were childs play, but the double spiral staircase was more ostentatious and would be harder to outdo especially with his broken leg.
Levi also wasn't keen on getting in trouble, so he spent 2 days planning the perfect comeback. It couldn't be as large as the staircase, but it had to be just as visible.
So of course it had to be the giant RAD school seal. Nestled right in front of the main staircase, and with a diameter of 24 feet across, this was undeniably as gaudy as the stunt Mammon pulled. And with his leg broken, of course no one would think he could lug that stone out of sight.
Little did they know, in his sea monster form, a fee broken bones were nothing more than am itch and the water stream he could shoot out was stronger than any human waterjet cutter, making it even easier to cut out the stone, grab it with his tail, and hide it deep in the western forest.
As if to top off the perfect crime, Levi got to enjoy watching inattentive student fall into the hole left behind for 2 entire days before a new seal was put in place.
Stole Diavolo
By this point in time, all the other brothers were convinced by MC to join in, and while he didn't care to much about competing with his brothers, it would be all too easy to out do Lucifer.
I mean COME ON, Lucifer had stolen a medium sized statue from an always empty library, anyone could do that with enough preparation. Satan also knee that Lucifer was the only person in charge of hunting down the missing items, so he wanted to make it as annoying and inconvenient to Lucifer as he possibly could.
So he decided to steal Lord Diavolo. Kidnap him, whatever. It was actually easier than he originally thought, he only had to go through a few indirect hoops.
Satan just needed Lord Diavolo to go missing for as long as possible, so he roped MC into his plan without telling them the whole reason. Satan planned a perfrct day out for MC and Lord Diavolo, and while he'd rather be the one taking MC out on this minidate, he'd have to settle for Lucifer's rage today.
After he made sure MC and Diavolo were out of the town center and a good distance away from RAD, Satan used the tried and true gossip mill of RAD to get 10+ students stealing things all at once.
Lucifer wanted to call an immedieate meeting with Lord Diavolo, but neither he nor Barbatos could get through to his phone. And as long as Diavolo stayed within 50 feet of MC, the signal jammer that Satan slipped into MC's pocket would make sure Lord Diavolo was unreachable until further notice.
Lord Diavolo and MC got to go on a pleasant 5 hour outing, truly detached and missing from the world until Barbatos managed to track them down.
Satan was never caught
Asmodeus is just the one sharing all of these videos to MC, and selling out some of the pricer steals to Lucifer in exchange for gifts. MC asks Asmo if he plans on taking part of the trend, and he says he already has.
"Why I stole everyones hearts and adoration of course ❤~"
But MC doesn't miss that Asmo's cosmetic counter has new light fixtures that give better lighting to the entire room than the previous ones and even had a beautiful stained glass cover to diffuse the light.
They look just like the ones in the school bathrooms :)
Once the other brothers started getting roped into stealing things, everyone was laying in wait for the day that Beelzebub inevitably stole the entire RAD cafeteria and kitchen.
Students started bringing extra money or small lunches in preparation, mentally preparing to go into town for their lunch breaks. While they weren't ready for the inconvenience of packed lunches, they were excited to see what a nee cafeteria would look like, and how he'd manage to make an entire room disappear!
But one day went by.
Then a week.
And another.
Guess Beel wasn't going to steal the cafeteria after all. It would have been cool to get vending machines or new lunch tables, but Beel didn't normally let his brothers influence him like that anyways- it was silly for the students to expect Beel to do something so wild just for a little challenge.
It took 4 months for everyone to notice the entire fangol practice and playing fields were missing because it was the off season.
Stole his favorite library couch
While he isn't at RAD much and didn't care for elaborate plans his brothers were constructing, this was the perfect time to add to his collection of sleep- aids.
Pinned the missing couch on Satan since it was from the library, and actually got away with it.
Stole some of the precious rainbow flowers
Once Simeon found out that Lucifer participated, he was determined to take something from RAD too. However, old habits die hard and he wasn't too keen on stealing something that could cause harm to other students if it went missing.
Simeon was taking a stroll through the RAD gardens late one afternoon when he saw the rainbow roses again. He softly rubbed the petals of one rose bud as he remembered the complaints Lucifer had caused when these roses started going missing and didn't know Diavolo had taken the precious flowers and brought them back to RAD.
Before he could make sense of his own actions, he was walking back to purgatory hall with an entire rose bush cradled in his arms.
While Lucifer may have let it slide, he did give Simeon the side eye for that new and eeriely familiar statue sitting in the corner of his room at their next afternoon tea.
Stole old artifacts from the celestial realm
Luke was floored when he saw Simeon's prize back at Purgatory Hall. He was only partially passified by Simeon's explanation- had he known the TRUE value of the flowers he wouldn't have dropped the issue so easily.
After a few days of thinking it over, Simeon's logic made a bit of sense, in a convoluted way. Luke had also seen the knowing smiles and shared laughter over these debatably harmless pranks, and the idea started to grow on him.
He'd been eyeing the ancient artifacts on display since the first day of school, and the more he thought about it, it wasn't really stealing if he was just getting back something that originally belonged to the angels, right?
So one day during passing period, hidden amongst his towering peers, he quickly cracked open the display case, just enough to squeeze his arm in and take the item befkre turning back and bumping the case closed- acting like he just realised he'd be walking the wrong way.
He was surprised he pulled it off, and immediately showed MC during their next class together what he'd grabbed.
However, as the day went on, he couldn't help but feel a bit ashamed of what he did, even if it was only a tiny artifact that no one would notice or care about, especially compared to the other things that the brothers were stealing.
He puts the item back before school is over and tells Barbatos about what he did, ready to fave any ounishment he was dealt.
As decided by Barbatos, Luke couldn't protest to the demon brothers calling him a chihuahua for 2 days as punishment.
Solomon had gone along with the trend graciously, only laughing and wondering about how the brothers had pukked off such strange feats, so MC didn't think Solomon was going to participate.
MC had just finished showing Solomon Mammon's latest haul when their potions teacher came in and announced their new unit. The teacher heads to the ingredients cabinet to pull out the supplies, only to find the cabinet, and in fact every other chemical cabinet on this hall empty.
"S- Solomon?"
" :) "
For the safety of everyone in the Devildom, Diavolo and Lucifer requested for Solomon to return 75% of the materials he took
Stole RAD
And its entire student body
When he stopped everyone from leaving school one afternoon, ushering them all to the tallest tower for afternoon tea, MC suspected a stern talking to was also coming.
What MC wasn't prepared to see was that the tower, and 4 spindly brick supports, swaying in the wind, were all that was left of RAD.
Levi screamed and latched on to MC for dear life, while MC screaming and latched on to Beel, trying desperately to fight of the vertigo that threatened to have them topple off the unstable tower.
"Hahaha, isn't this neat! It took me a while to come up with how to make it disappear in the most inconspicuous way possible and so I had to bring you all up here! Doesn't the Devildom look gorgeous from up here?"
MC had their scream frozen in their throat, but one hand on Mammon, another on Beel, body turned to Lucifer, and as a final option, one leg near Asmo. Sorry love but you're an absolute last ditch option, I'm not trying to test out the strength of your disproportionately tiny wings.
Diavolo rejoiced in the group's terror for another minute before bringing RAD back- more or less the same.
See, while the demon's prince power was unparalleled, it was a bit... rough around the edges. He doesn't have the time to perfect every little aspect of it, like the way Barbatos was still better at time manipulation than him, so the academy comes back looking disjointed and could challenge the wayside school in weirdness.
Barbatos's frustration reaches a peak after Diavolo's participation in the trend.
It was one thing for Lucifer and even Simeon to do the trend, he knew how easy it was for MC to persuade them, but having to deal with the fiasco that was returning the entire RAD castle back to its foundation and making sure every room, staircase, and painting was back to it's original state was loathsome work. Not to mention the paperwork that needed to be filed later for all of the students who hadn't been brought back from the shadow dimension.
At least there were 60 happy Devildom citizens that were finally moved off of the waitlist and were official RAD students now.
[[The behavior exhibited from all of you this past week has been reprehensible, tomorrow morning all student council members and exchange students are to meet at RAD for an emergency council meeting.]] You know Barbato's was serious when his texts where as long winded as a grandparent's stories.
So Lucifer sent you all to bed early, promising extra chores to anyone that was late to the meeting tomorrow. MC went to bed, a bit sad that this was probably the end of the challenge but maybe it was for the best.
When MC woke up the next morning, they immediately started screaming, positive they'd gone blind in the night.
MC blinks rapidly to make sure their eyes were in fact open, but as they put ther hand up to their face to double check, they flinch away from it as their hand only appears less than 6 inches from their face. MC moves their hand slowly in and out of their vision, but the disappearance was complete- MC could see, just not far.
When they scream for the brothers again, they shudder as they finally notice how flat their voice sounded. It didn't echo out the way it normally would in their room, instead, it's like their voice had gained mass and now fell only a few feet away from them.
Before MC could truly panic, they heard other voices, as faint as the wind, calling out to them. With no better plan, MC stumbled around blindly playing Marco Polo with the brothers, before toppling over as Mammon ran straight into them and sent them both flying. MC ignored the way the fall didn't hurt, and seemed to last a few seconds too long compared to where their feet should have been.
MC and Mammon hold on to each other as the continue to stumble around to find the others, even managing to find the purgatory hall crew and Diavolo.
Before they could brainstorm what to do, and where to find Barbatos, they all regained their vision as a checkered floor appeared in the abyss, beconing them forward with the only light available.
With no better options they all get on the floor, Barbatos appearing only a second later for the black abyss.
"I couldn't help but indulge just this once. It may be a little hard to tell, but I've actually stolen this plane of exsistance," his smile was so bright and unbothered, he might as well be announcing a new tea he bought. "I'd like to think I won this round of devious licks." This man had the nerve to look bashful as MC stared in awe, and as the tension in the void rose, everyone obviously having a fee complaints in mind, Barbatos clapped twice, and sent you all falling into the darkness.
MC sits up with apained groan, holding their bloody jaw that had took most of the force when they landed on the cobblestone ground. They managed to sit up and see everyone strewn around RAD's garden, in various states of pain, ad Barbatos waited by the rose archway, waiting to lead everyone into the council room for the emergency morning meeting
Everyone unanimously agreed to never play the devious licks game again
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obeiii-mee · 20 hours ago
How the Obey Me! Boys say: ‘I love you’.
Through actions rather than words. Their love for you may come in the form of willingly volunteering to do your chores for you when they know you’re overworked, or by nursing you back to health after falling ill or even by helping you study that one subject you’re struggling to understand for an upcoming exam. Their admiration is silent but that doesn’t matter when you can feel it in the way they stick by your side, to stand by and show their support for you during the hardest of times and there’s no better method to express that love for you than to do just that:
Lucifer, Satan, Beel, Barbatos, Solomon, Simeon
Loudly. He blurts it out without thinking about it and then he flushes, his brain short-circuits and he freaks out before vehemently denying everything. He yells and stomps the ground sometimes as if that would make you believe him when he says he doesn’t like you but you don’t; you can tell he doesn’t mean a word of it, no matter how much he insists. And later, the cycle repeats because he can’t bring himself to describe just how much he adores you:
Mammon, Levi
Unapologetically. It’s all in the way he openly displays any affection he has for you, content to be in your presence and be able to hold you the way he does, even out in public when others stare at your blatant show of romantic gestures, as if he doesn’t care what those people might think because he doesn’t. Truth is, he’s in love with you and not ashamed of it in the slightest:
Satan, Asmo, Beel, Diavolo, Solomon
Softly, usually in the mornings when there’s nothing else to be heard but those quiet, three words and the chirping of the birds outside your window as the two of you laze about for as long as you can, stretching the moment out so the day doesn’t start just yet. He doesn’t say it often and really, he doesn’t need to because when he does mutter it out, you know he means it and that’s the reason it always has such an impact on you, the vulnerability of it all because you realise that’s his way of letting you know how much he values you:
Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Belphie, Barbatos
With as much conviction as he can carry. His voice is steady and unfaltering, confident and clear as if he’s stating the obvious and there’s no doubt about how priceless you are in his eyes and how you brightened up his life the second you stumbled into it. It’s almost overwhelming at times, his love for you but it’s so warm and secure and even the way he says it makes it seem like it’s fact; like it’s been written in stone and now not even fate can change the meaning of those words. He will be blunt about it if it will help you understand the way he craves your attention and how he relies on it after being alone for so long:
All of them
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 2 days ago
Hello!! I love your writing! ❤️ Can I request a Brothers and side characters react to MC who is a famous Voice Actor.
Stay Safe and Take care!
I was actually already planning on writing something that involved this exact scenario 😁😁
Also thanks for the kind words!!
Tumblr media
- he was just passing by your room when he then heard a sniff coming from inside
- he of course gets concerned and decides to check on you, however as he grabs the doorknob he is stopped by your voice
- "i cant believe you.. after everything we have been through, youre just going to through me aside?"
- it sounds like... a breakup? But who could the future corpse be!?
- he enters the room as he hears cries come from the other side only to find you sitting on a chair and talking through a microphone that you got while being down in the devildom
- yep, this exchange program isnt going to stop you, there is work to be done!
- "MC what are you doing and who are you talking to?" He asks confused by your lack of sadness.
- you explain to him that you are voice acting
- now he is slightly embarrassed for interupting your recording
- he finds you to be a very good actor considering he actually thought you were breaking up with someone
- The avatar of greed was heading to your room for help, what exactly is this help for is up to our imagination
- however he stops infront of your door when he hears some weird noises coming from your room
- *donald duck noises*
-" what is that? ... omg what is that!?"
- he enters your room extremely confused but also a little bit scared, what if it was a ghost or something that shouldnt be in there?
- instead its just you makin impression through a microphone for some comic you are dubbing
- "wait... MC... that wasnt you was it??" He is so confused but also fascinated
- will ask for more impressions and will want you to say certain stuff in certain voices
- he had tried texting you to head to his room to play a game he just got but seeing you wouldnt answer he decided to go check
- what he proceeds to hear as he gets closer to your room is the voice of the one and only ruri-chan
- he ♡lovingly♡ kicks the door with pure violence as his ears cant believe it and for the most part he is dissapointed
- he caught you voice dubbing a ruri-chan comic
- while it isnt ruri-chan he does find amusing how good of an impression you can do of the character and he will totally ask you to do more of it
- he will also want you to read every single text manga that he owns since its just such good acting and he can feel the emotions when you read what the characters say
- the fellow was just heading to your room to get back a book he borrowed to you when he hears you talking.
- however he is a bit confused at first since he heard some kind of narrator voice
- when he enters he finds you reading out a certain text while recording it on a microphone
- he is quite surprised actually, you almost confused him
- now he wants you to read to him everytime you two are reading together, not only is it you who is reading it but its also in an incredible voice
- just wanted to spend some quality alone time with you, now he is listening to you read the script for your job and wow is he impressed
- "MC, i need to hear every single voice you can do, i wanna know what you can do"
- loves your talents without a doubt
- is probably also trying to figure out your sex voice
- sorry thats all i can think about asmo i dont see much with him...
- big boy was hoping you'd accompany him for a snack
- as he arrivee to your bedroom he heard your voice read out some kind of monologue, the only issue is that it was done in a very silly voice
- he finds it unnerving since perhaps it could be a skinwalker or shapshifter trying to steal yuur identity
- this man, knowing full well that something is off, barges into your room to discover the source
- it is you, but he is still going to probably lift you up and shake you until you confess your identity theft crimes
- when you explain to him that you were just acting he puts you down
- couldve been much worse to be honest
- he might just keep a close eye at you for the rest of the day... just to make sure...
- he was heading to your room for a nap, your bed is comfy for him so.
- When he grabs the doorknob however he is stopped by an unfamiliar voice
- you should be inside right? Then who is this poor excuse of a chainsaw then?
- he opens the door carefully to find you reading the script you needed to read while youre in the call thata recording
- he waves at you and lays down on your bed, just listening, he finds it fun how you can do that funky voice
- once you finish he asks about it and so you explain thay you were just acting out a part that needed to be done.
- will fall asleep to you doing dumb impressions of characters probably
- after barging into the HoL to pick you up to go hang out, he catches you finishing a monologue that you needed to read and record.
- was a bit unsettled by the unrecognizable voice however, so of course he is going to break into your room ready to confront whatever fool was in your room
- is surprised to see you there pressing pause to the recording audio
- oop
- you'll have to explain to him what voice acting is because i doubt he knows
- you'll also have to act out every single character and impression you have done in your life because he is now curious
- "this is so fascinating! Who wouldve known you could change your voice like that?"
- will 100% ask you to teach him
- is fascinated when he finds out
- you were just entertaining luke with some cartoon impressions when he walked in, and he loves it
- the ability to both recreat classic voices while also being able to create new ones calls hia attention
- will join in to see what else you can do and will totally ask you to redo certain voices just because it catches him so offguard with your appearance
- will love to watch you teach luke
- kind of knew already but it still catches him offguard sometimes
- who knows, if you managed to do diavolo's voice right, and do it in the right scenario, you might just pull out a great prank on him
- will join the prince and you as you teach diavolo how to do certain impressions
- finds it both funny and weird at once
- like i just said, if you have enough expierence you might manage to trick some people
- otherwise doesnt really mind it
- its fun to listen you do certain voices
- teach him
- he was going to ask you to help him out with a spell but instead caught you doing a narrator voice and now he wants to do it
- oh the possiblities that you have given him if you accept to teach him
- the inner jokes will be great considering he too is a human, adding the fact that you can do voices? Oh the memes...
- have fun confusing literally everyone
- (sorry i cant come up with more for solomon xd)
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phantasmiafxndom · a day ago
Cam I request Simeon with a S/O who likes to mark him on obvious places(neck, shoulders, his sides). And maybe Luke asking what are those thing and him being awkward 😂
• At first, Simeon doesn’t really think to mind the marks. It feels good when you bite and suck soft marks into his skin, and for a while, that’s the only part of it that really occurs to him. Especially if you start out leaving your marks in not-so-visible places, it takes some time for Simeon to realize that it could be dangerous for you to leave them all over him— in fact, it’s only when he’s looking in the mirror and sees distinct marks on his neck and shoulders that the poor angel’s face gets hot. 
• From there, he’ll try to beg you to be more subtle. Covering up the marks you leave isn’t always possible, and for an angel to be seen covered in love bites... Simeon doesn’t feel like that’s appropriate at all. And yet, despite whatever protests he puts up, when you whisper in his ear that you’re marking him up because you want everyone to know he’s yours, Simeon involuntarily melts. He’d never thought a scenario like this would happen.
• When it comes to Luke, Simeon has problems. He has absolutely no idea how to explain the marks beyond some flimsy, obviously untrue excuse, so he’d better hope you’re there to save him with a more convincing lie. Simeon himself is blushing and trying to find words that won’t be incredibly embarrassing to admit to the tiny angel, but it’s not working, and he’s bound to just drop his face against your shoulder and beg you to explain. Which, honestly, is probably exactly what you were waiting for. 
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alice-revolution · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
<artist: 6jijil6>
permission to post was granted by the artist.
editing and reposting in any platform (FB, IG, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc) are prohibited. please kindly like and retweet their arts on Twitter.
✿ lucifer & simeon
admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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ghibaby · a day ago
MC: (lookin depressed)
Simeon: (noticing) hey mc, did you know that laughter is the best medicine for any situation☺️
MC: really?
Simeon: yeah!
Solomon: (shocked) THE FUCK WAS THAT!?!?MC!!
MC: What? laughter is the best medicine.
Solomon: wut.....???
MC: I'm trying to heal myself right now, solomon!!!
Simeon: (in the distance) what have I done.....
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
MC: I will eat you out.
Solomon: ...
Solomon: Let me wash up first.
Simeon: ...
Simeon: I shouldn't be here.
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