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#obey me simeon
ohbae-me · an hour ago
wait I don't get what simeon was saying about forever in the last photo ?
Simeon speaks as though he understands that part of Lucifer, because it's exactly what he's been thinking lately too.
also could you explain this too lol^^
Of course! This might be a bit of a ramble so I hope it makes sense.
In those screenshots, we have Past!Lucifer and Current Day!Simeon. Current day Simeon is a (demoted?) Angel, who has spent the last year and a bit in the Devildom, and now the human world. This has allowed him to reconnect with his old brothers again, meet new demons, and of course MC.
Lucifer was slowly becoming unhappy in the Celestial Realm, and him meeting with Diavolo only amplified that. He was intrigued by him, and ultimately agreed with his ideals. The death of his sister was only the final straw, causing him to fall.
Simeon is telling Lucifer that he knows that Lucifer is already considering leaving the Celestial Realm. "I'm guessing you've already begun to feel the doubt creeping into your heart", I think Simeon maybe didn't realize Lucifer was at this point UNTIL just recently. Once Simeon came to the Devildom and everything happened, he probably realized that Lucifer's mind was changing well before Lilith was killed because now that same doubt is creeping into Simeon's heart.
Simeon is also likely thinking that he himself will not be an Angel forever, because ever since the war nothing has been the same for him. Then he meets Diavolo and MC himself and really starts to understand Lucifer's heart a bit more which will eventually draw him to the same conclusion and fate as Luc.
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lahamham · an hour ago
OBEY ME characters as McDonald workers
-I was eating McDonalds and remembered all the edits of people giving the OBEY ME characters McDonald’s hats and mics-
Assistant manager
He’s only called upon to deal with unruly customers; Karens, Richards, and others
Spends most of his time in the back since he’ll act up too much dealing with customers; and steal from the register
Cashier or drive through window
Absolutely doesn’t want to do it but no one wanted to switch; people would say so he could work on his social skills
Will snap at a customer and when the customer says “you just lost a customer” he’d just smile and say next in line without a care
Would try flirting with the customers if he’s able to so they make him clean the bathrooms; other workers would have to make sure he doesn’t go to the play area, he’d be there trying to find a milf/dilf/nbilf
He’s not allowed anywhere near the back or he’ll start snacking on fries, burgers, nuggets, etc.
Assembly line
It’s minimal work most of the time but he can also keep up with rush hour; has gone on lunch break with Beelzebub and gone through the drive through to order
Brings in doughnuts as well as coffee to every employee since he doesn’t want to be seen as a bad manager, but won’t shy away to fire a employee
Assistant manager
Always helping the other workers if they’re understaffed or if he thinks something needs to be done; doesn’t get paid enough for what he does
Would know how to talk down a customer if needed and get a apology; but could also vaguely threaten them so they leave
Cant be trusted near the food because somehow he’ll mess it up and the customers will complain asking for another order
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evelinamox · 5 hours ago
So I have a RP Discord Server that is lgbtq+ friendly and loosely based around Obey Me! We are still looking for people to play as Beelzebub, Simeon, and Solomon, and any other members who want to bring their OCs!!
Anyone interested in joining shoot me a DM and we can get you a link!! 😏
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phantasmiafxndom · 5 hours ago
what about solomon, simeon, diavolo and barbatos(if you're ok with doing the OM side charas!! if not the brothers would be fine too :] ) with a VERY horny reader
I’m not used to the side characters at all, but I can probably handle Diavolo, Barbatos, and Simeon. Solomon both confuses me and squicks me out to a certain degree, so I doubt I’ll be writing for him anytime soon. >w> I’ll attempt the other three for you this time though!
. . . 
To say he has fun with it is an understatement. Diavolo loves attention, spending time with you, and not being treated like an unapproachable god, so you being all over him is something that brings him a lot of joy. Even in a horny way, doing things that make you feel good is fun for him, and he’s certainly not going to say no to dicking you down whenever you want it... or the other way around. He’s very open to experimentation and spontaneity; meaning that if you’re horny and want to try something new and exciting, Diavolo is most likely plenty up for it. 
For the most part, Barbatos finds your unstoppable horniness to be amusing. Even if he’s not going to give in to your wishes every time, it is entertaining to have a partner who desires him to such an extent. He can definitely get into a pattern of “servicing” you when the need strikes... and marathon sex sessions are an excellent way to wreck him. Barbatos didn’t expect himself to like your lustful nature as much as he does, but there’s something thrilling about being with someone who’s so enthusiastic about intimacy and making both of you feel good. 
Poor thing is so flustered at first. Simeon isn’t used to someone with your level of... horniness... and he has a hard time dealing with it in the beginning. You’re basically corrupting him by dragging him into your lustful habits all the time. And yet, Simeon doesn’t exactly mind. It’s kind of exciting to be pulled along into things he’s not used to, and on top of that, he quickly comes to like sex with you, no matter the form. Whether it’s using his hands or his mouth to get you off or something more intimate, he learns quickly that there’s a lot for him to get used to. 
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Read this first!
Leviathan: So Lucifer do you claim that mc is an almighty god who created another god in order to evade their duties? That is so cool... just like that one anime.
Lucifer: No that is not cool. We need to report this to Diavolo immediately so we can plan how we will work with him... or her. Mc what gender do you represent?
Mc: Lucifer darling I invented genre's so that’s why I don’t have one. *write on paper* And now I have to continue my plans before “he” comes to deny all the fun.
Lucifer: "he"?
Mc: Simeon of course. He always forbids everything funny, like an alien attack on Earth, World War III, or huge natural disasters. I still don’t understand why Simeon needs to be my babysitter...
Lucifer: *facepalm*
Satan: So why does an almighty god want to be reborn as a human and allow a demon to almost kill themself?
Mc: I was bored...
Satan: And why didn't you try to defend yourself? You would have won easily.
Mc: Because Simeon forbids me to use my power in human form. And I don’t think a normal person can defeat a demon.
Satan: actually...
Mc: Can not. I am God so I deny it. Being a dictator is nice. *smile* *Get up and walk out of the room.* Now I need find Solomon.
Mammon: Lucifer... If mc has created another god who is our father does it mean that mc is our grandparent?
Mammon: And that means they owe us a great many Christmas and birthday presents. *smile*
Lucifer: why am I being punished in this way? This is too Cruel...
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harunayuuka2060 · 7 hours ago
The lady: Hello... *smiles shyly at MC*
MC: Hello. Are you the one who's been lastly possessed by a demon?
The lady: Yes. Please come in.
*walks inside*
Mammon and Lucifer: *sees a lot of statues and paintings around the place*
Mammon: *whispers* There a lot of them staying here.
Lucifer: Yes.
Simeon: Are you living alone?
The lady: *glares at Simeon for a second, but later smiles* No, my parents are living with me. They just went out to buy some groceries.
Simeon: *giving the girl a displeased look* I see...
The lady: Please take a seat while I prepare something for you. *leaves them to go to the kitchen*
Simeon: She's possessed, isn't she?
MC: Yes. And I think I know who's inside her.
The lady: *comes back carrying a tray*
Lucifer: ...
Mammon: ...
Simeon: ...
MC: You're quite bold.
The lady: *giggles* *gets the knife from the tray* Yes. I have been waiting for this, MC. *lunges on them*
Simeon: MC- Huh?
The lady: *has thrown herself on them* I have been waiting for you...
MC: Right. You are Serena.
Serena: *blushes* You remember me? I'm so happy... *about to lean closer when Simeon grabbed her by the back of her shirt and throws her away from them*
Serena: *snarls at Simeon*
Simeon: *smiles at her* I apologize, but I can't let anyone flirt with my fiance/e in front of me.
Serena: What?! *looks at MC* Is that true?!
MC: *sigh* Yes.
Serena: *screams* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! MC IS MINE!!!
Lucifer: MC, did you promise anything to her or something?
MC: Definitely not.
Simeon: *laughs* Poor you. You're too late.
Serena: *screams even more* I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!! *goes to attack Simeon*
Mammon: Dude...
MC: *whacks her head before she could hit him*
Serena: *falls to the ground*
Simeon: *smiles* Thank you, honey.
MC: *frowns at him* I didn't do it because I'm worried for you.
Mammon: So what are we going to do with her now?
MC: We'll be taking her.
Mammon: Why?
MC: I need to know how did she successfully possess a dead human body.
Simeon: I see. Now I understand why she smelled like a corpse earlier.
Lucifer: Mammon, you carry her.
Mammon: What the-! You know I hate corpses!
MC: Then I'll carry her-
Simeon: No. Mammon will do it.
Mammon: Fine! You're all fucking useless!
MC: What did you say, Mammon?
Mammon: Hehe, of course except you, MC.
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devildomqueen · 8 hours ago
Obey Me As Text Fails #5
Tumblr media
Solomon: Call me/text me when you are on your way
Simeon: Potassium
Solomon: WTF? Autocorrect get ya?
Simeon: Nope on the periodic table the symbol for potassium is K
Solomon: OMG you are such a nerd!
Mammon: K
Asmodeus: Every kiss begins with K
Mammon: Too bad ugly begins with U
Mammon: Why aren’t you answering
Beelzebub: Sorry I dropped my phone and I can’t find it. I’ll text you when I find it.
Mammon: Okay.
Mammon: You find it yet?
Beelzebub: No
Mammon: Okay let me know when you do
Lucifer: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?
Mammon: I don’t know, how?
Mammon: How?
Mammon: Hello?
Mammon: Oh...
Lucifer: How drunk was I last night
Barbatos: You thought you were a wrestler
Lucifer: What happened
Barbatos: You challenged an 8 year old to a fight and got your ass beat. He made you tap out and you cried for like 50 minutes after
Lucifer: Who was it?
Barbatos: Your son
Solomon: Dude! You were so drunk last night!
Leviathan: You’re joking, I barely drank
Solomon: You yelled “THIS IS SPARTA” then kicked your brother off the porch!
Leviathan: Dude, that happens every other day
Solomon: Well do you do it naked, with a pot on your head, and a shovel in your hand?
Leviathan: -_-
Asmodeus: Brother, I got my boyfriend pregnant!
Asmodeus: Lol, bro
Lucifer: There’s nothing funny about this
Asmodeus: Wait for it...
Lucifer: Oh
Luke: Simeon. I got in a fight at school today but I didn’t start it.
Simeon: If you didn’t start it, it’s fine. You never throw the first punch
Luke: I know
Simeon: You throw the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth. Then when he is on the ground you have the first, second, third, and fourth kick.
Simeon: Then when the teacher comes you give the first excuse
Luke: Simeon, are you okay?
Mammon: Hey I’m at the stripper club
Lucifer: Do you see anything you’re not supposed to?
Mammon: Yeah
Lucifer: What?
Mammon: Diavolo
Solomon: Are you ready
Asmodeus: Doing my makeup
Solomon: You don’t need any makeup
Asmodeus: Aww
Solomon: You need plastic surgery
Mammon: Hey did you get your phone back?
Leviathan: No I’m texting from the microwave
Mammon: DUDE! Cool, you need to show me how to do that?
Leviathan: You are color blind, right?
Solomon: Why?
Leviathan: I just want to know
Solomon: Yeah, I am
Leviathan: I know the perfect birthday present for you
Solomon: If you get me a Rubik’s cube I will shoot you
Satan: Dude guess what!?
MC: The funniest thing happened today and what?
Satan: I got a concussion
MC: OMG how?
Satan: A flowerpot fell from your apartment when I was coming to visit you and hit me on the head! So what were you gonna say?
MC: ...oh well I was going to tell you my flowerpot fell and hit some dude on the head this morning...
Satan: -__-
Mammon: Hey I’m hiding in my brothers car to scare him, I’m in the back this is gonna be great!
Luke: Cool you still in the car?
Mammon: Nope I’m running in the parking lot
Luke: What?! Why?
Mammon: I got in the wrong black jeep. I screamed at the girl and she yelled WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY CAR!!!
Luke: Mistakes are hysterical :D
Beelzebub: OMG, this waitress is bitchy. She keeps asking if I want Super Salad and I keep saying yes. She went away and told me she’d give me time to decide
Beelzebub: I told her YES like 6 times that I’d have the fucking super salad!
Belphegor: Beel...
Beelzebub: What!!!?
Belphegor: She’s asking if you want soup or salad...
Simeon: Who are you?
Simeon: Someone changed all my contact names
Diavolo: What did they change my name to?
Simeon: Batman
Simeon: But who the fuck are you?
Diavolo: I’m Batman
Diavolo: You looked so hot in your glasses today mmmm
MC: Oh yeah? You liked ;)
Diavolo: Mmm. Yes. You know what else I think is really sexy? Boy Scouts
Diavolo: Fuck shit fuck boy shorts not Boy Scouts! WTF!!!
Diavolo: Damn this piece of shit phone!!!
MC: Wow babe that was bad lol. I was like WTF
Barbatos: Hi babe what are you doing?
Asmodeus: Nothing much I’m really tired. Just going to sleep now babe. And you?
Barbatos: In the club standing behind you
Mammon: Have you seen the movie bad teacher?
Asmodeus: No
Mammon: That’s probably what we are gonna watch on Friday and it looks really funny
Asmodeus: Cool vaginas
Mammon: Right...............
Asmodeus: Beans?? Stupid autocorrect
Mammon: LMFAO
Diavolo: Hey honey how’s your day?
Simeon: Good I’m having the best weed of my life
Diavolo: Oh me too... where’d you get yours from
Simeon: NO NO NO I meant WEEK! Wait what???
Diavolo: Let’s not tell Lucifer about this conversation
Satan: How do you not have wrinkles and I have some already!?
Lucifer: I avoid wrinkles by never smiling at kids
Satan: Explains my childhood
Mammon: Help
Mammon: M DRINK
Lucifer: What do you want me to help with? More drinks?
Mammon: Same me
Mammon: I’m too funk
Lucifer: Nope you can still type, not drunk enough!
Mammon: Help me p
Lucifer: Please don’t die
Belphegor: Dude!!!
Mammon: Yeah?
Belphegor: You know what would be awesome to do on a boring day?
Mammon: What? What? Tell me!
Belphegor: Okay so we should go to IKEA and then we hide in the closet thingies and when someone walks by we walk out and say “I’m back from narnia”
Mammon: This is why we are best friends
Satan: Let’s start studying
Beelzebub: Ugh. Fine.
Satan: So here is the question if you have ten chocolate cakes and a friend asks for two how many do you have left?
Beelzebub: Ten
Satan: Okay what if someone forcibly takes two of the cakes. How many do you have left?
Beelzebub: Ten and a dead body
Solomon: Dude I wasn’t that drunk last night
Satan: Really? Cause you grabbed a pillow, stuffed my cat in it, and ran around singing “ITS A PILLOW ITS A PET ITS A PILLOW PET!!!”
Solomon: -_____-
Solomon: Sorry bro
Satan: Then you asked your partner if they were single and they said yes
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Okay, here is my favorite angst prompt: MC not being able to sleep due to horrible nightmares about ch 16 events and growing progressively more paranoid and deranged as a result. They're really struggling, but the brothers never notice, until it's too late. Cue the guilt and regretti!
Ah yes, trauma, insomnia, and paranoia — three big influencing factors of mental health issues that both cause mental illness and can be caused by mental illness. (Have I mentioned I’m taking a psychology class?) Thank you for this absolutely devastating prompt (just going to add this here: my requests are open!)
General things: spoilers for ch. 16 — honestly most of chapters 1 through 20 (to be safe), this is what I call a “canon (though good) wasn’t enough to give MC proper human mental processing so I take matters into my own hands”
Warnings: mildly graphic descriptions of violence, nightmares, descriptions of blood and injury, mentioned self inflicted injury, social isolation, guilt, crying, MC’s just in so much mental and emotional pain it hurts as a writer
If any of that makes you uncomfortable or may trigger certain reactions or thoughts, don’t read it. If you are reading anyway please be careful and take care of yourself. Your mental health is more important.
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
They should have seen it coming.
It’s not like MC hadn’t been acting off, they just seemed to be stressed from everything that had been happening, so none of them thought that something was truly wrong.
Avoiding them, skipping meals, focusing on their tasks, all had to be because they wanted to do good in their classes, right?
It was not the case — and soon they were forced to confront the truth — as they discovered MC locked in their closet and curled into a ball as they covered their ears, silently crying and body shaking from the effort to remain quiet. They hadn’t even noticed them opening the closet door, eyes fixated on the space in front of them while tears kept racing down their face with no sign of stopping.
It broke their hearts. They were the kindest and most empathetic person they’d ever lived with, always willing to put time aside to check on them — since when were they like this?
They’d tried to get MC’s attention, trying to get them to snap out of it but instead of helping they screamed, crawling back with a fear they’d expected back when they first met but did nothing but shoot pain into each brother’s heart.
They’d shared laughs, they’d shared memories, they’d shared pain, but to see them so broken and in suffering — it was like they’d failed them.
And, in a way, they had. If they’d been hiding this from them — if they’d been hiding from them then…
Once MC had gotten out of the memory that never ceased to catch them off guard, they kept their eyes on the floor, avoiding any of the brother’s touch. They didn’t answer many questions, only deflecting them by saying “I don’t want to talk about it” and “I don’t know” while holding back tears that none of them could help with. Then they noticed the scratches on their neck and legs.
A habit, they answered in a panic, so obviously lying when they said it was unconscious when they got stressed. No one scratches with such purpose to leave such deep indentations without having some acknowledgment of the habit.
After about an hour of questions without answers, MC began to pass out from exhaustion, most of the brothers leaving them to sleep. Mammon stayed behind, worried and hopeful that they’d talk once they woke up without his brothers listening in.
Air. Not enough air. Laughter. Violet eyes full of joy as the air in their lungs wasn’t enough, vision getting blurry as their heartbeat thundered in their ears but that laughter never got any more silent, the pressure around their neck tightening more and more until they couldn’t take it anymore-
Mammon had to get Lucifer to restrain them from seriously hurting their neck, their cries for what was happening to them in that nightmare to just stop and the tears that fell from their eyes as they came back to consciousness, immediately trying to get out of Lucifer’s grip but stopping as they recognized their surroundings.
They weren’t there, it was their room, not the attic, he wasn’t there, it’s not that day they-
They’d snapped out of their thoughts as the rest of the brothers came in with worry on their faces, a crushing guilt followed by a heart stopping panic as their eyes met Belphie’s, looking away quickly and biting their tongue as Lucifer began to loosen his grip on their arms.
Belphegor knew immediately what was going on just from the way they’d tensed when his eyes met theirs. He’d apologized many times and MC had forgiven him, but the mind rarely forgets such events easily. He felt the gnawing pains in his chest of familiar guilt, similar to the guilt he’d felt when they all lost Lillith but more hurtful as this time he knew it was his fault MC was suffering. He knew why they scratched and drew blood at their neck. He knew he wasn’t welcome there. So he left. Slipping away without his brothers or MC noticing.
He’d caused enough pain for a lifetime.
MC tried to remain calm when the brothers approached them, tried not to flinch when one of them put an arm around them, tried to show them that they were the same as always — a kind person that was willing to forgive their mistakes.
That didn’t last long.
They eventually gave in to the pressures of the residents of Purgatory Hall to take a break from the House of Lamentation, get away from the place that had (ironically) become a place full of guilt and pain for its residents. It wasn’t that they particularly wanted to get away from the brothers, but perhaps, just maybe, the others were right, and if it meant sleeping for at least three hours without waking up and being able to eat without thinking about the feeling of not breathing as they swallowed for a moment, maybe it was for the best.
The brothers, as expected, initially took it harshly — trying to convince them that they should stay and that the brothers could help them through what they were going through — but after enough convincing from Simeon and Solomon they gave in, acknowledging that they had messed up enough already.
And just after three short days, they were gone.
How could they have let this happen? They wondered, why didn’t we do anything about it? Why did none of us think to ask them what was happening? What is wrong with us?
Why did we let this get this bad?
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
So, how was that for a longer angst piece? I hope you enjoyed (this might not be the best word) reading this. If you’re struggling with your mental health, you’re not alone in this. If you ever need someone to talk to in really bad days, here’s a list of international s*icide hotlines and if you’re in the US text 741-741 to text someone instead of calling. Please take care of yourself <3.
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plush-rabbit · 8 hours ago
Aphrodisiac Induced Reader + The Dateables
A/N: I had this thought and i really had to get it out of my head (it was org gonna be just simeon cause,,, i love repressed feelings so much but then i gave it to the rest!!) (all consensual btw!!)
Separated because it was gonna be too long with all of them, the brothers should come out soon
A/N: I had this thought and i really had to get it out of my head (it was org gonna be just simeon cause,,, i love repressed feelings so much but then i gave it to the rest!!)
You really should have known better than to take food that was offered by Beel. You know that he has the right intentions in mind- that him sharing food is a miracle of itself and rejecting him would have his brows furrowed and lips pursed into a pout- but he’s also gluttony. He can eat whatever he wants and as much as he wants without so much of a stomach ache. You, on the other hand, cannot. You should have seen this coming when the cupcake you bite into filled your mouth with such an indescribable sweetness that it made your teeth ache, the flavor otherworldly and leaving you hungry for me, taking greedy bites out of the cutely decorated pastry. There was a sharp pang in your stomach, your body on fire and sex dripping with every nudge that your body made.
You couldn’t be alone right now- or maybe you should have been left alone, maybe that would have saved you from humiliation of your dripping arousal that was leaking past your slit. You’re quick to rise, standing on shaky legs, curled over as your cheeks burn, sweat beading against your skin, only worsening the sensitive state that you are in. It’s fast-acting, making your breaths come out in heated gasps, and everything just feels a bit too much, just too good for it to be normal. An aphrodisiac- a strong one that is making you impossibly aroused. You suck in a sharp breath and go to the person who you know will treat you right.
Barbatos is simply surprised that you chose to go to him in such a needful state. But soon, he realizes how… stressful it is to have you around. Lord Diavolo was kind enough to give him the day off, stating that he’ll be spending it with Lucifer before closing the door with quite an obvious wink. But now, you follow him around, holding his hand, begging for him to do something- to turn back the clock just a few minutes before you had that pastry. You even promised that you wouldn’t get caught but he remains steadfast in his decision, not wanting to risk another repeat of the last mistake.
There is little that can surprise the butler, but when you push yourself against him, grabbing his hand and placing it flat on your belly, his fingertips above the waistband of your shorts, he can feel his face grow hot. He sputters out for a second before regains his composure, simply pulling his hand away and commenting that he’ll make you something to dim the fire that is your body. But you don’t quit, you push yourself against him, begging for him to help you now, that you’re too hot, that your clothes are melting your skin and your flush against him.
He only has so much willpower when it comes to you. And here you are, pressed against him, begging for him to take care of you, grabbing his hand and placing his index and middle finger in your mouth. He visibly stiffens, and when your mouth closes you hollow your cheeks, the soft, slick insides pressed against his fingers. There’s a crackle of energy around and soon you're gagging on his finger, the manicured nails turning into claws, filling your mouth exponentially, spit sliding between the corners and your eyes pricking with tears.
You are much too needy to stand still, to even rest against him is something that you find difficulty in without resulting in your humping his leg. You beg him, twist your hand in his and remove his glove, holding it tight in your hand and begging for him to touch you- to make the pain between your legs go away and feel good. As quick as a blink of an eye, you’re against the wall, his fingers deep into your mouth, his smile softening for a second. He leans close to your ear, his other hand working on clothes on your back, stripping you with every gagging sound made when he pushes a bit further. His tone is almost dangerous as he tells you that you asked for him to take care of you and that is simply what he’s about to do. He pulls away, his smile still as he leans close to you, his lips ghosting over his knuckles, asking if this is really what you want and if you give him a moment, he’s sure he can make you a tea that can stop your arousal. But when you gag around him, your brows knitting together, looking absolutely like a piece of art with his fingers in your mouth and eyes full of tears, he simply nods.
His mouth is on yours, and he can taste the lingering effects of the aphrodisiac on you- the sweetness, the almost bitter taste that lingers behind, the totality of it all making him feel as if he’s going to go into a craze. You poor thing, no wonder you’ve been so needy. Barbatos holds you up, letting you rut against him, feeling your sex pulse and with a simple slip of his hand, your creaming against yourself and against him, clinging tight to him, calling his name out in such a lewd moan that it pushes away all rational thought and simply release his cock, pearls beading from the slit and you look upon him with doe eyes, kissing him once more as his tail wraps around your torso, the forked end of it teasing at your nipples.
The Lord of Devildom has always been kind to you, understanding and accommodating to you even when he has always seemed so busy. It would make sense that you would go to Lord Diavolo, who welcomes you with open arms, a gentle hand on your back that makes your knees buckle. He realizes his mistake- his eyes narrowing as he sees your flushed state and it’s a wonder that you’ve even made it to him without a trail of succubi and incubi at your tail. He can smell your heat from miles away. It’s intoxicating, hanging heavy in the air and as sweet as candy itself.
He lays you on the bed and he regrets it all in that very moment. He sees how small you are in his bed, the way that your body curves and how your hands try to find something to grip onto. He has enough restraint to pull himself away from you, taking a step back only to realize that your scent is filling the room, creeping at every crevice and corner, latching onto his clothing. Your hips thrust against the bed and he bites the inside of his cheeks- something bitter and hot filling his mouth. You call his name and he has to remain strong no matter how sweet the sound of it is.
The bed is soundless as he sits beside you and your hands latch onto his jacket, pulling him close to you. He makes a noise of surprise but allows it, watching as you lay yourself on his lap, your back arched over his lap and eyes so hazy and lust-filled that he forgets for a second to avoid touching you. His hand curves and pets the top of your head, smiling when you push yourself against his touch but then you rise and he’s forgotten that you are desperate for the very thing he’s willing to give to you.
You’ve laid him down, sitting above his abdomen, your hand on his chest, as your lower yourself to look him in the eyes. Your fingers squish beneath the thin fabric of his shirt, feeling the soft tissue of the breast and he has to admit that it feels divine. Your breath is a phantom above his lips and his hands move to grab your hips. He should pull away, but he finds that his hands are stuck to you, unable to budge from where they rest. He shouldn't be kissing you, he shouldn’t be ignoring the way that your hips are rotating above his, how you’re whining and mewling at the very action of kissing him. But he does, and he lets you kiss him, lets you weave your hands through his hair and push yourself closer against him until you have to pull away, gasping for breath.
Diavolo has to be careful with you- he treats you like you are made of porcelain, because to him, you are. You are a human, weak and gentle, loving and giving, and he is a demon, a king. He holds you with tender hands, letting his lips burn themselves against your skin, until you’re crying his name, begging for him to just touch you. He’s unable to refuse you, kissing your lips and letting his hand wander to your sex, where with just a simple touch, you release against his hand. He pulls his hand away, kissing your tears and raising his head to glance as his hand that is now coated in thick, shimmering arousal. With a promise to take care of you, he kisses your lips and lets his hand play with your sensitive sex.
Possibly one of the best choices to turn to, Simeon is actually quite happy to know that you chose to spend your sensitive state with him- that you trusted him the most. He’s trying to make it as lovely as possible- as least without actually attending to your needs. He won’t try anything- not that he technically could. But he misjudged the situation. He’s heard of people taking aphrodisiacs but the ones he heard of were made by and for people, not by and for demons. And now as he stares at you, trying so desperately to not slide your hand beneath the waistband of your underwear, he realizes he might have been over his head just a tad bit.
You rest on your knees, your face hidden against the comforter of his bed, lower half raised and legs pinched. Pained whimpers come out muffled, your hands clawing at the comforter, knotting and twisting the fabric in your hands. He can actually see the darkening color of your shorts peek from your crotch. His body suddenly feels hot- whether it’s arousal or embarrassment, he’s not actually sure but he wishes that it were because of the latter.
He turns his gaze away from you, clearing his throat and at that moment he knows he made a mistake. You call his name in a breathy tone that is absolutely sinful. Your arm stretches out, fingers trying to grab at the leg of his white pants. He smiles gently at you, his stomach churning when he catches your gaze- lustful and mouth already open in small moans. He can’t touch you. You know that. He knows that. But you’re in pain and even in your aroused state, you beg for him, you call out and promise that whatever he does, it’s out of good intentions. It’s a lie, of course, but he can hear you slick click against your dripping sex with just the softest of movement. Whatever he does- he can lie that he’s doing it to help you, but he’ll know the truth.
He’s unaware of how and exactly what happened. All he knows is that you’re above him, holding yourself tight to him as your face is hidden in the soft curve of his neck, and he can feel exactly just how hot your body is. Your hips are moving above his, the fabric of his clothes creating a wonderful friction that only makes your pitiful humping quicker and sloppier. You breathe against his neck and he has to dig his hands into the comforter of the mattress to prevent himself from falling to sin. Your sex is bare above him, your body curling tighter onto him, as he can feel an orgasm shake throughout your body.
Simeon whispers a prayer under his breath, closing his eyes and muttering an “Amen” as his arms wrap around your body. You jerk against him, acting as if the simple embrace from him is orgasmic, your thrusts quicker than before, calling his name, repeating it as if it were the only thing on your mind and at this point, he’s sure that it is. He promises to you in a whisper that he won’t go farther than what he’s about to do, pressing a kiss against your head and letting his eyes close. His hips meet yours in a thrust, clothed sex against wet, bare sex, and you moan his name and he can feel tears that burn slide down his neck, your words repeating for him to not stop.
It’s difficult for the sorcerer. He couldn’t even get up from the position if he tried. You're on his lap, legs and arms wrapping around him, and you may think you’re being discreet with your humping disguised as itchiness, Solomon knows better. He’s trying his best to find a spell, to find anything that can cure you of your current ailment. But he’s coming up flat. You’re needy, pinching your leg together and pulling away from where your chin rested on his shoulder to look him in the eye. Your face is flushed, your hair disheveled and for the first time since you’ve entered his room, you’ve stopped your humping.
He’s always had an attraction to you- it went further than just finding you pretty, it passed the need for human contact when you both arrived, it was just him wanting to bask in your warmth, to have you fret over him like he was simply just another person and not a sorcerer who happens to be able to command seventy-two demons. And now, he has you where he has dreamed of countless times, imagined behind closed doors and hand fisted over his cock. He has you with a leaking sex, eyes that are on him and no possible interruptions. His mouth is dry and he is unable to think properly. His hands fall and the book he was keeping afloat falls with a thud to the floor.
The way you call his name, a breathy broken moan when you test your hips against his, your body shuddering and he realizes with disappointment that you had orgasmed already while above him. He had missed it. He bows his head, brows knitted and he can’t think clearly when you’re rutting against him, mumbling apologies beside him, your breath a gentle whisper and then in the same breath you kiss his neck, begging for him to touch you. And as much as he wants to, he can’t. He knows the state you’re in, your mind hazy and thick with everything related to sex, and you aren’t thinking clearly, you’re just thinking of having your sex toyed with. It’s a horrible feeling he’s stuck in.
It doesn’t take much to make him crack. You pull away, when he’s still for far too long, silent even as focused as he was, you could hear the muted moans that he refused to sound out loud. But he's silent now, and when you pull away, he looks crestfallen. You hold his face his your hands, your sex pressed against his, and you can feel his cock poking at the inside of your thigh. You try your chances against, leaning close to him, your mouth on his as you beg for him to touch you, your promises of you wanting this so serious in your voice that makes him willing to kiss your lips, his tongue slipping past and the sound that you make is perverse, loud and running your hands against his body.
Solomon looks at you through heavy lidded eyes, feeling your body rise and fall, your lips on him and his hands are moving, leaving your body burning with just the palm of his hand. Thin, calloused fingers sneak under your shirt and rub against your sensitive nipples, your mouth breaking from him, and your tongue peeks out, swiping at your lips to capture the feeling of his against your one more time. But you’re in pain, more than he is, and he’s pushing you against the bed, kissing your body, hearing you call his name with such want that it makes his cock ache. And then he’s staring at your sex, leaking and throbbing, and his mouth is on you, groaning when your hands knit in his hair and his tongue is swirling around your sex.
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oneyeartoparty · 9 hours ago
Wahhhh ur ty so much for doing my request it means a lot to me and marvelous writing ☺️ Also if your not busy can you make a part 2 of Fem!MC with long hair but with Undateables? (u can include Luke if u want to) Anyways, have a great day/afternoon/night ❤️❤️❤️
No problem <3 I”m very happy when I get requests and I like doing them. I hope you enjoy this part as much as the first! Also, I another request I”ll be doing soon, along with some of my own ideas. I have holidays coming up in a month so I hope to be able to post more in the future =D Have an awesome day everyone!
Solomon isn’t fazed by the length of Fem!MC’s hair. In his many years he has seen many hairstyles, including ones just as long as hers. If anything its just a regular sight for him.
He does start taking an interest when he see the ways the demons react. Demons generally avoid longer hair as it can be disadvantageous in fights, so they flock to see the human with the hair that nearly touches the floor.
Naturally interested in the demons and the potential of using this to get more pacts, he starts hanging around her more, and they quickly become fast friends, much to Solomon’s delight and surprise.
Loves to give Fem!MC scalp massages or simply run his fingers through her hair.
Of the brothers and undateable’s Simeon has the most relaxed approach to Fem!MC’s hair. He’ll compliment it and give advice if you ask, but won’t make a big deal out of it.
To him, it’s a part of her, and while its one of the more obvious parts, he doesn’t want to simply focus on that when she is wonderful in so many ways.
He’s incredibly vigilant to make sure none of the lesser demons make fun of or mess with her hair. He knows they enjoy messing with humans and some would risk the Brother’s wrath simply for their own entertainment.
His favourite activity before bed is to braid her hair. He’s had experience doing it for some of his angelic family and friends, and so doing it for her reminds him of home, and gives them some precious relaxation time together in the chaos of the Devildom.
Luke thinks its really cool that Fem!MC has such long hair. He’s secretly wanted longer hair, but there is a strict dress code for lower level angels so he has to keep it short.
Upon first meeting he’ll immediately offer to help MC care for her hair anyway he can. Both to protect her from the nasty demons and learn more about hair care in preparation for growing his long one day.
If her hair becomes any longer he actually grows concerned she’ll trip on it so he’ll follow her around and remind her to be careful when walking.
He ends up making a Rapunzel-themed cake for a baking contest and uses Fem!MC’s hair as inspiration. To no one’s surprise he wins and lets her have the cake as a thanks for inspiring him. 
Diavolo is astounded by the length of Fem!MC’s hair when he first meets her. Of all the humans he’s met, none have of them have had such long hair and he needs to know more.
He’s not one to shy away from asking questions, so he’ll ask all about her hair; why she chooses to have it so long, how she cares for it and so many more.
He starts going to her for advice on how to style and care for his hair, and is open to any suggestions she gives him, including dying his, much to Lucifer's annoyance.
He’s set ups spa days in the castle, where they both pamper each other, do each others hair and just enjoy each others company.
Barbatos is not impressed by Fem!MC’S hair. As much of his lives revolves around how best to serve Diavolo, he sees the hair as something inconvenient since he fear it’ll get in the way.
The dedication that goes into properly caring for her hair is something he admires, though. This leads him to learning more about her her from her and why she has it so long.
As they become closer he keeps himself updates on her hair, since he knows its important to her. When they meet for tea tastings, he’ll select teas known to help hair based on any problems she may be having.
If Fem!MC ever has issues with her hair, she can go to Barbatos for assistance. He’s glad to help her in anyway he can, and while he won’t easily admit it, he loves spending time alone with her
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harunayuuka2060 · 11 hours ago
Barbatos: Is everything settled?
Simeon: *smiles* Yes.
MC: *looking disgustedly at the ring on their finger*
Barbatos: Since the two of you are officially engaged... Simeon, please refrain yourself from chasing MC all day. The classes were being disturbed. And you, MC, just enjoy your relationship status now.
MC: *frowns* I don't even want this.
Simeon: Honey-
MC: *raise their middle finger*
Simeon: *laughs*
Barbatos: I will take my leave now. And MC,
MC: What?
Barbatos: Congratulations.
MC: What the-
Barbatos: *quickly leaves the room*
MC: *annoyed*
Simeon: MC.
MC: What? You've already got what you want.
Simeon: *pulls them close and kissed their forehead*
MC: !!!
Simeon: I know that I have promised I won't be chasing you, but if I get wild, will you forgive me?
MC: What the hell? Are you planning something after this?!
Simeon: *has a shy look on his face* Since we're engaged now, we would be sharing my room and-
MC: Oh hell no!
Solomon: Wow. Simeon really didn't chase you today, huh?
MC: *still annoyed as heck*
Solomon: ...
Solomon: By the way, I have heard that you will be back to the human world for a week?
MC: Yes. I have to investigate a possible demon possession in this city.
Solomon: Does Simeon know about this?
MC: *frowns* Yes.
Solomon: ...
Solomon: *smiles* I bet he's coming with you?
MC: *groans*
Solomon: Haha!
MC: It's not funny. Do you want me to hit you?
Solomon: *clears his throat* Sorry.
Luke: I have prepared everything for your trip! *smiles*
Simeon: Thank you, Luke.
MC: Don't you think that's a bit too much?
Simeon: I don't think so. It's just enough for the both of us.
MC: *notices the extra luggage* What's inside that one?
Simeon: *leans closer to them and whispers* Some essentials.
MC: *confused frowns* Essentials on what?
Simeon: You're going to find out once we're alone. *winks*
MC: ...
Luke: ...
Solomon: *pats Luke's shoulder* Luke, next time you see Simeon like this. Just turn around.
Luke: Yes...
*In the Human World*
MC: We're here.
Mammon: Alright!!! Vacation time!!!
Lucifer: Don't go wandering alone, Mammon. We're here to assist MC.
Mammon: Geez, of course I know that.
Simeon: ...
Simeon: I thought we were going alone?
MC: After you told me about those fucking essentials, do you think I would just leave it be?
Simeon: ...
Simeon: *smiles* I shouldn't be surprised.
Simeon: My fiance/e is clever.
MC: *scoffs*
Simeon: But you forgot that we will still be sharing a room.
MC: ...
MC: Dammit.
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obeyme-ever · 11 hours ago
[💗😇, soon-to-be]
Unfortunately, while Talia wanted to seem confident, the assertive rush she had when sending the letters was all but gone as the two were looking at her for a response. Biting her lip, her face grew more and more red by the second, cursing herself for wanting to do this as she felt the pairs of orange and blue eyes on her.
"I...I um..." She darted her eyes to different places constantly: from Asmo, to Simeon, to the bed (where she had stashed her bag), and to the floor, repeating for who knows how long. "I wanted was...just..."
Why did I think this was a good idea?! Talia screamed internally. Yes, she wasn't a total deviant, but what would both of them think of what turned her on? Asmo would probably start laughing at her, and Simeon? She could already see a nervous look on his own face!
Tears welling in her own blue-green eyes, she covered her face in shame. "N-No...I can't do this...this was wrong, I shouldn't have asked..."
Simeon frowned stepping forward and wrapping her in a hug, “My dove, it’s ok nothing’s wrong.” Asmo came up to the two leaning his head on Taila’s shoulder, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of dear if you’re scared about what we think well...” He looked up at Simeon the pair nodding at each other as Simeon spoke, “We would never judge you, we love you.”
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moemammon · 12 hours ago
Now dateables reacting to an MC who loves to give them hadpats 😩
The Datables React to MC Giving Headpats!
Every time you touch him of your own accord, he gets excited. So something as simple and affectionate as a head pat? This boy is over the MOON
Not only does he find you illegally cute, he's also loving the attention you're giving him. It's different than the attention he receives from his subjects. It's more intimate and personal.
Being around you makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside, and he's never lonely!
Will harass you to pat his head more often, too. Doesn't matter when or where you are, he's gonna casually lean his head down as a silent way of asking for a pat.
Lucifer and Barb won't allow this at meetings though, unfortunately.
You actually managed to catch him off guard with that one. Being patted out of the blue like that was one of the foreseeable futures he didn't expect would actually???happen??
You pat him on the head while he's in the middle of polishing china, and it takes everything in him not to drop the expensive porcelain.
And there's actually a whole ass blush on this boy's cheeks?? He wants to know what you're doing and why-
But ngl that made him pretty happy. "It's like you're praising me for my hard work, ahaha."
Sometimes hopes that you'll pat like that again while he's working. It gives him a little boost to move faster, too. It's fine if he's a little greedy when it comes to you, right?
Definitely surprised him when you patted his head, but this ray of sunshine just offered you a smile and a laugh. He doesn't get it, but he's happy as long as you're having fun!
And you are from the looks of it, since you keep patting him out of the blue.
He makes it a point to comment on how nice your hand feels, and how it makes him happy when you give him your attention.
Returns the favor by ruffling your hair, and will 100% go back and forth with you until you both have messy hair, and you're laughing about it.
Why not take a picture with him to remember the aftermath of your hair-ruffling war? Uh.. which button takes photos again? How do you rotate the camera?? Oops, he blinked-
Immediately gives you head pats in return. Like Simeon, he'll make it into a game that slowly becomes more aggressive the more you two get into it-
He was surprised at first to say the least, but it made him laugh, and he ended up teasing you about it. He didn't think you'd miss him so much that you'd want to pat his head! Or maybe you think he's cute? 😘
Kidding. Unless..? 😳
Now he's taken over the head pats thing and does it to you more often than you do it to him. He's stolen your thing and you can't have it back, sorry.
But he thinks it's cute to see your reaction to when he blocks your hand from touching his head, and ruffles your hair instead. Maybe he'll enchant his hair to react to your touch in some kind of comical way?
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harunayuuka2060 · 12 hours ago
Hi! I love your writings on exorcist!mc so far 🙂. I was wondering how did Simeon meet mc?
Priest: MC, have you finished eating your breakfast?
MC (3 years old): Yes!
Priest: *smiles* I see. Brush your teeth now, okay?
MC: Hm! *grins* 
MC: Father! *shows him their drawing* Family picture!
Priest: Let’s see. Is this you and me?
MC: *nods* Father and MC!
Priest: *pats their head* Thank you, MC. *smiles* 
*hears someone yelling outside* 
Priest: ...
Priest: MC, we’re going to play hide-and-seek again today, hm?
MC: *pouts* Again?
Priest: *gives them an apologetic smile* Yes. Don’t worry. I will find you this time, okay? I’ll count from one to ten. And make sure you don’t make any sounds.
MC: *nods* 
Priest: One...
MC: *runs to the hidden place of the house* 
Priest: Two...
*there’s a loud banging on the door* 
“Priest! I know you’re there! Open the door!”
Priest: *sigh* *walks to the door and opens it* What do you want?
The townspeople: I know you’re hiding your child in there! 
Priest: That’s impossible. I’m a priest. I can’t possibly have a child. 
The townspeople: Liar! Your child is a sinner! They should die! *about to enter the priest’s house* 
Priest: *blocks them* Stay right there. 
The townspeople: The priest is a traitor! Kill him! 
MC: *hearing the commotion outside* *about to get out from their hiding place* 
“Don’t go outside.”
MC: But...
“Father will surely look for you. Trust him, okay?”
MC: *nods* 
Priest: *was able to block some of the attacks, but any moment, he would be overpowered* 
The townspeople: Ready your spears!!!
Priest: *smiles* *closes his eyes* 
MC: *hears nothing* Father...? *gets up and runs outside* 
Priest: *smiles at them* Why did you go out? I told you that I would go looking for you, didn’t I?
MC: Father? Are you okay?
Priest: Yes. 
Priest: MC, can father hug you for one last time?
MC: *nods* 
Priest: *embraces them* You’re going to be a good kid, right?
MC: Yes. 
Priest: Promise?
MC: Promise! 
Priest: *smiles* Good... 
Priest: *looks at Simeon* You’re going to take care of them, will you?
Simeon: Yes. I promise...
Priest: *tears fall from his eyes* Then I can leave them now to you...
MC: Father?
Priest: *already passed away* 
Simeon: MC, let’s go?
MC: *who still confused* *runs to him* 
Simeon: *has a sad look on his face* *has shown MC an illusion so they wouldn’t see the bloodbath that had happened* 
Simeon: MC, from now on... I will be the one to take care of you.
MC: But how about father?
Simeon: He’s already in heaven now. 
MC: Where good people go?
Simeon: Yes.
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simeonscloak · 13 hours ago
So i just got my second dose of the vaccine and suffered a bad case of the chills as i went to sleep and while my dreams were about the om boys taking turns taking care of me (wow the mc dream), i remember i literally had to do signs of the cross in the air every few turns to be like, "hey, no actual demons come get me ya hear?"
Lmaoooooo being raised catholic amirite
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animeangsteng · 16 hours ago
Obey me brothers + undateables as benders
They are usually... Angels Angels are determined in their lovely mission “love and peace” so Earth is kinda their thing.  With slow long term duties they mould the world as they wish, keeping their eyes on the prize without swaying.  And they only know and do it that way.  No other quick and easy ways are going to make an earth-bending angel out of you so get ready to train, study and pray.
Lucifer Why (why did I give him this element?) He’s like his brothers ground. If he was to disappear they’d probably fall into chaos after a while (if not right away) He’s firm, strict and determined. And he was one of the most beloved angels ever and a model for everyone. So he had to have an angelic-like bending. But he is also the most powerful between his brothers so I think he’s not only an earth-bender but also a lava-bender and a metal-bender. So... yeah.
How (how would he use it?) He’d use his bending to crash and bury his enemies. And put them in a metal/Earth cage. Or tie them up with chains and put them over a pool of lava. Cool, isn’t it? Better not make him mad.
Beelzebub Why (why did I give him this element?) He’s a determine and loyal one, pretty much like Lucifer. And he’s very strong both physically and mentally. He doesn’t shy from fights so air isn’t really his thing and he isn’t “spiritual” enough to be a water-bender. He isn’t even as energetic and aggressive as fire-benders so I think Earth suits him better.
How (how would he use it?) He’s mainly a classic Earth-bender who focuses on its practical uses such as repairing the walls he breaks on his way to the kitchen and things like that. When he needs to fight with no way out he just crushes rapidly his enemies with a big boulder and leaves. Because that’s his main use of bending: moving things and creating simple looking blocks.
They are usually...  Demons  The less violent demons (such as succubi and incubi) will have air-bending, together with few angels.
Mammon Why (why did I give him this element?) Mammon prefers getting out of problems with money or by running away rather than facing them. And he’s pretty quick on his feet (although his brain can’t keep up). He always finds new creative (and stupid) alternative ideas to earn money. That always fly away in a second. Still he is the second most powerful demon so he’s still a threat, especially if he chooses to steal your oxygen.
How (how would he use it?) He’s a practical guy so he’ll make use of his bending to steal and run away faster. Or to scam others. Although he sometimes still loses while cheating. If he has to fight and he can’t run he’ll just blow away his enemies or he’ll make them pass out.
Asmodeus Why (why did I give him this element?) He’s a chill and peaceful beauty, whose petty whines aren’t meant to last, just like his fights. He’s light and a great dancer who can easily adapt to the flow, swiftly following trends. And he surely will be the best at the panels air bending exercise.
How (how would he use it?) He will use his bending to fix his hair, get his lotions from inside his bathtub. Or to e chance his dancing exhibitions. He’ll elegantly avoid his enemies or shield himself with a sphere of air, even though he hates messing up his hair. Or he’ll blast them away. If he really has to kill others he’ll suck out the air from their lungs. Did you really think he’d dirty himself with disgusting blood? It surely doesn’t fit his online persona nor his aesthetic!
Belphie Why (why did I give him this element?) Belphie prefers sleeping rather than fighting in any way (exception is his brother Lucifer) and he has the chillest attitude. He avoids fight and doesn’t have a care in this world apart from sleeping, Beelzebub and Lilith. And MC, of course.
How (how would he use it?) He’ll use it to move and get things, to do chores and to chase away unwanted guests. Or to bring MC to his bed. He’ll shield himself so that he can sleep and, if he really has to fight, he’ll blow them away or suffocate them. It depends on whether he is tired or very tired. Still it’s better not to annoy him. Oh. And he’ll definitely try to prank Lucifer too.
They are usually...  Both demons or angels.  I don’t know how to say it.  Angels are pretty chill and adaptable but the same goes for some demons.  And... there are water demons (ex: Leviathan) so... yep.  Blood bending can be done only under sun rays, in case of angels, or moon rays.  That is because in the Celestial Realm there’s no night and viceversa.
Levi Why (why did I give him this element?) He’s a water snake. He leads Devildom’s navy. He loves marine creatures and water. Do I need to explain it further?
How (how would he use it?) He is a water-bender but can also use blood-bending. And he uses the latter to get “visitors” out of his room. Unfortunately it seems like his older brother Mammon’s faster than he is. He’ll change Harry’s water with his bending and isolate himself even better. If he gets to fight better not fight a water bender near water. He’ll just freeze or drown you right away. So fighting a water-bender near water might not be the best idea ever.
Barbatos Why (why did I give him this element?) He’s chill, calm, collected, thoughtful, cunning and... he’s a snake too. So maybe he’s a sea snake. And I decided to give him blood-bending too.
How (how would he use it?) He’ll use it to make tea, cook, kill and clean. And to blood-bend his master’s enemies away. Just usual butler chores.
Simeon Why (why did I give him this element?) Along with Lucifer and Micheal he’s quite a great angel. He’s reliable and always ready to help his friends and his adoptive son disciple Luke. He easily adapt to all situations and he looks for the best way, even if it’s the hardest. He’s also a great healer, also thanks to his blood-bending. Even though he seems very chill and unlikely to fight that doesn’t mean he’s going to run away at all costs when the push comes to shove. So yes: even though he’s a peaceful angel he’ll kick your ass if he has to. And then he’ll pray for your soul’s forgiveness.
How (how would he use it?) He doesn’t really use it to hurt. He just heals and grows his garden by plant bending. If he has to fight he’ll simply shield the weak and stop others by blood-bending them. And if needed he’ll take their bending away. And let’s not forget how envious Lucifer is.
They are usually...  Demons  You know... the dark side is hot.  And so are its inhabitants.  Jokes aside they have the energy and will to pursuit their goal.  And two out of three are quite hotheaded.
Satan Why (why did I give him this element?) To begin with he’s got plenty of energy and he was the only real demon between all of his brothers/uncles/father. He’s also very determined and doesn’t really mind other things if he has to get what he wants. And he’s Lucifer’s son. Lucifer is a lava-bender so, since I can’t see him as an earth-bender, I figured he’d be quite a good fire-bender.
How (how would he use it?) He’d use it in almost every way possible, form warming his tea to pranking his father/brother. He’ll also use it to literally incinerate his enemies. I think he’d also be quite a good... blue-fire-bender (? Is that the name? Really?)
Diavolo Why (why did I give him this element?) He is the fucking ruler of hell. He’s a determined and imposing man with as much energy as a kid. And he’s literally as hot as hell so he’ll have the greatest fire-bending ever seen. And he might be an explosive-bender too. I mean. He’s probably the most powerful demon ever (except his father maybe) so... why not?
How (how would he use it?) He doesn’t like to fight but, if he has to, he’ll burn them to ashes or zap them to death with lightning. But he’ll mainly use it to revive the flames in his fireplace.
Luke Why (why did I give him this element?) He is a kid with determination and willingness to do what it takes to become a great angel. But he’ll always be mad that he has a demon-like bending. Therefore another reason why he admires Simeon that much.
How (how would he use it?) He’d never use it unless necessary to protect someone.
They are usually... Humans They’re considered to be the weakest so I don’t think they’d have bending abilities. Especially since no element is stronger than the others so I couldn’t give the weakest to them, could I?
Solomon Why (why did I give him this element?) He’s human so no element for him. Sorry. . . . But he has great chi-blocking abilities to make up for it.
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nyktoon-in-otomeland · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Simeon and Diavolo having the same taste in pets is just
*mwah* *mwah* *mwah* A+++ 
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ohbae-me · 18 hours ago
imagine how heartbroken luke would be if simeon did decide to fall, I feel like its MAINLY for mc tho, his brothers played a part but I think angels cant/try not to fall in love, especially divorce? not an option.
Luke would be so so so confused 😔😥 he's grown so much but he still doesn't have a sound understand of his own beliefs yet, nor does he have the same bonds as Simeon does both in the celestial realm and the devildom.
I'm also not sure if I'd say MC is his main reason, but certainly a catalyst for it. Also there is this conversation;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Simeon speaks as though he understands that part of Lucifer, because it's exactly what he's been thinking lately too.
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4am-obey-me-thoughts · 18 hours ago
Summary: Simeon reflects on his time with Luke.
Simeon loved children. Telling stories to the fledglings a pastime he enjoyed for millennia. But he wasn’t ready.
When Michael told him about the exchange program, how he’d be down in the Devildom for a year,  he was quietly thrilled. A chance to see Lucifer and his brothers again, moments so few and far between. Michael added something else. That he wouldn’t be alone in this. Simeon felt his heart sink. To keep policing himself for that long. He suppressed a sigh. What a pain.
A child. A child? They were sending a child with him to the Devildom? Michael must have been out of his mind, orchestrating such a thing. And for what? To prove the Demon Prince’s intentions were genuine? To test the restraint or control of the lesser demons? Don’t question. Something taught from the earliest years. So with a tight lipped smile, he accepted. As though he had a choice not to.
He wasn’t cut out for this. Especially in the Devildom. A touch of teasing, something Simeon did with his friends when they were fledglings. Terror. Luke fearing being on his own, let alone going outside. But he was a proud child, Simeon learned. Fear suppressed by a thin veil of anger and arrogance. That night became the first of many he sort Simeon’s company after the lights went out.
How could he do this? He hadn’t the first clue of how to look after a child alone. He remembered when Mammon came under Lucifer’s care. Watching over him for an hour or two so Lucifer could get some sleep. Easily passed with a few stories. This was different. So different. No one to come collect him at the end of the day. Simeon was on his own here.
He had to do this. Guide Luke as his elder siblings had him. Shape him to be the best angel he could be, as close to perfect as possible. That’s what they wanted. What they were testing. Simeon had been on shaky ground since the war, and now they were using Luke as a test of his resolve. His faith. Would he guide him on the right path? Or let him stray among the demons and the devious?
He needed to change. Think outside of the box. Ways to get around the teachings. Let Luke figure things out for himself, form his own opinions. Realise the rhetoric of the Celestial Realm wasn’t the only way of thinking. The way Simeon had long ago. But he couldn’t tell him, only point out the fork in the road. And be there to help him once he found it.
He could do this. He knew that now, bidding Luke goodnight with a quick hug and pat on the head. He wasn’t perfect, knowing he never would be. But perfection isn’t what he needed. Perfection was what they strived for, not him. Listening. Patience. Understanding. Being there and following through. Owning up to his mistakes, because he made a lot of them. And he was bound to make more.
Simeon only hoped Luke could forgive him those mistakes one day.
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