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#obey me smut
obeythebutlera day ago
#29 with Mammon?~ 馃憖
Tumblr media
Hair Pulling with Mammon + Male! Reader
Tumblr media
"You're taking me so well."
The demon purrs out, watching through lidded eyes as he snaps his hips into yours, reveling in the moan that spills past your lips at the action. Mammon leans forward to place another kiss on your neck.
Hickeys litter both of your bodies, and the room is a mess of clothes on the floor and a forgotten movie. There are around five missed calls from his brothers, but Mammon isn't picking up any of them鈥攏ot now.
"Relax," He murmurs when he feels you clench around him, and the demon stops momentarily to tilt your head back and kiss you.
You whine against his lips, wanting the demon to move, and wiggle your hips.
Mammon leans back, and with a firm smack to your ass, begins to move.
The action knocks the wind out of your lungs for a moment鈥攂ecause the demon's thrusts are deep and hard, and his cock feels good inside you. Because it's Mammon whose giving you this pleasure.
"Don't hide," He grunts out, and threads a hand in your hair, only to yank you towards him. Pain blooms in your scalp, but it's nothing compared to the bliss you are in. When you tilt your head to catch a glimpse of Mammon's expression, you're met with his fangs poking through his lips, and of the passion in his eyes.
The demon leans forward to kiss you again鈥攆ull of need and want鈥攂efore pulling back and yanking your hair again, eliciting a cry out of you.
At the end, you both are going to be utterly ruined.
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metize2 days ago
Obey Me boys and their kinks.
CW: explicit n$fw, of course. Extra Channer!Levi with some misogyny. Noncon for somnophilia. Belphie spoilers.
I mean........ come on. Do I have to say it?
Lucifer is a sadistic dom
Spanking! He's got a whole section of his wardrobe where he keeps his paddles and other fun gear.
Brat taming. He just loves to be in control, be superior and put you in your place.
We could go on and on, he is arguably the kinkiest in the House of Lamentations.
"Yet again you disobey me, MC. You are just begging to be punished at this point... Very well, bend over my knee and start counting..."
Yet again do I need to say it?
This boy has a praise kink, we all know it
Even the little things! When you say "yes" or "yeah, right there" it just drives him crazy.
Call him a good boy once and he'll already get addicted. He'll do anything to hear it over and over again.
He's a sub. Maybe a switch if you work him up enough.
On the kinky scale, he's not too high up. His biggest kink is to be loved and appreciated.
"MC, fuck... is this good? I wanna be good... please..."
I know that my personal headcannon is that Levi is a 4channer but I'll pretend that's not the case for this one (i did one for channer!Levi I couldn't resist.)
Degradation. He's constantly putting himself down, but when you do it? He gets so turned on.
He thinks about you calling him disgusting, pathetic. He will be nodding in agreement and panting as he strokes himself.
(Channer Levi/F! MC) Free Use. Levi has enough Ruri-chan figurines to understand that 'females' are objects and meant to be used as such.
"MC... y-you're my fleshlight... mine only!"
Orgasm control/denial. He's a tease, he's a bastard and he thinks you look so cute when you're desperate.
Mirrors. Obviously. He gets so turned on seing himself fucking you. It's hypnotizing.
Listen, I think this man has no limits. He's up for anything and everything. As self absorbed as he is, he'd love to find out what gets you going.
"MC you look so cute! Can you come for me just one more time, one more? You can do it for me right? Please, I want to see you come for me again..."
Of course, petplay.
You know he's gonna call you kitten and make you call him master. He'll get so invested too, he'll get you a nice collar just for you.
He's a fair master. He praises his kitten and he punishes them when he needs to.
Dirty talk. He's a literate man, he loves language and he will make you say the filthiest things to him. And you'll do it, because you're a good kitten, no matter how embarrassing it may be.
"Say it, kitten. Tell me you need your master to fuck you til you can't walk straight for a week... tell me you're a needy kitten who needs to get filled with her master's cock."
Yeah, foodplay we get it.
He loves dressing you with different toppings, really making you a dessert, because you are just the sweetest little human.
Size kink, can't miss it.
Beel loves holding you, manhandling your body around, pushing you up, pining you down. It makes him feel possessive of you, how perfectly you fit in his hands.
"MC... you're so tiny, so warm... so tight... ah..."
Breeding. This man wants a family. He gets really, really ravenous when the primal need to impregnate you hits him. Nothing can stop him, and it's not like you want him to, that's for sure.
Somno. Easy.
"Ah... MC I just can't help myself, you look so cute and helpless when you're asleep..."
Fully penetrates you, doesn't care. Just does whatever he wants with your body. Sleep is his domain, so he feels entitled to your body when you're partaking in his sin.
Breathplay and knifeplay. He loves making you scared, he just can't help himself. Seeing you so defenseless under him, fragile little human with nowhere to go.
Degradation. He will call you names, he will call you stupid, worthless, weak... he won't measure his words. Don't expect him to hold his tongue.
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dilfcifera day ago
KINKTOBER DAY 23 | obey me
Tumblr media
鈾 alternative title | their piss kink
鈾 masterlist
鈾 content warning | piss piss piss yes piss more piss we love some piss, some noncon piss, omorashi, piss drinking, piss piss, bully per se belphegor, extortion, more piss, filming and even more piss
鈾 words | ???
Tumblr media
鈾 LUCIFER | over you
is dehumanizing, embarrassing and you tell him that he needs to stop. but he cant believe you. he can't belive your words when your eyes shine, begging him to piss more, to drench you with his filthy, dirty liquid (I've wrote piss way too many times). he happily obliges, seeing you on the floor, he just shuts you up with some cheek slap with his cocks and tells you to pose pretty for him before seeing how his hot, fresh piss falls down your chest and stains your white panties.
鈾 MAMMON | over him + mouth
he feels right, having you doing something so wrong. you are riding his face, his hands are gripping your thighs strong enough to keep you in place. his tongue is circling inside you, his nose tickling your clit. you tell him you need to pee, that he needs to stop and let you go, but his grip tightens, his thoracic cage vibrating for a deep grunt in anticipation. you grab a handful of his hair, throwing your head back before pissing over him, mammon moaning while trying to swallow it all. itll fall down his cheeks, his chin and over the bedsheets but he doesn't mind you pissing over him, he'll definetly ask you to do it again
鈾 SATAN | shower
he finds it amusing, yet he cant bring himself to do such thing in the bedroom, where he also has books and items of high value. so he does it where he believes is pertinent to do so, the shower. he starts by hugging you from behind, his lips trace your shoulder blades, teeth nibbling on your skin and hands wandering over your curves. the water is hot, his mind feeling dizzy but his cock is throbbing in something else besides ecstasy and wanting to fuck you raw against the shower tiles. you sense he's tense, you tell him he's okay and he turns you around. connecting his lips with yours, he just let's his piss melt with the how shower, hot liquid hitting your stomach before cleaning and fucking you against the wall
鈾 LEVI | reverse omorashi
is the biggest embarrassment he lived so far but levi gets hard when you pin him against the bed and piss over him. "my oh my, look at yourself, getting hard and flustered when I take a piss on ya. you're disgusting leviathan, absolutely horrendously filthy" he cums, and is mortified by it. your words the way you treat him like mere shit, the gentle touch of your thumb pad against his slit. he can't take it anymore, he throws his head back, sobbing and trembling and pees over himself, his legs shaking harder than before and his forearms blocking his embarrasd face from your sight.
鈾 BEEL | inside
he is polite, inside the boundaries available for such action of course. He doesn't want you to feel completely embarrassed by it. but is his demon need, is a part of him to mark his territory and what better way than mark you from the inside, his scent lingering on your body for everyone to smell and understand that you are his. his grip on the flesh of your thighs is gentle, yet the way his hips thrust forwards says otherwise. with an aim in mind and a goal to achieve, he throws his head back and closes his eyes. the burning sensation on his throat when he moans is accompanied by the warm feeling of being filled with his piss. unlike when he cums, you can feel how he marks you, the warmth of his need and how his scent washes over you.
鈾 BELPHIE | omorashi
"MC this, MC that" belphegor was tired and bored of all his brothers talking about you like you were a wonder worth getting to know. what would they say if they saw just how disgusting you are. he refuses to drink water just so he pisses that deep, disgusting piss that has you gagging but you cant refuse when he has his cock aiming at you. "What would diavolo say about his dyar6exchange student" he waves his phone at your face, the camera angling at your face, sucking his dick dry and deepthroating him before he takes it and pisses all over your face, the tears streaming down your face as well
鈾 ASMODEUS | all of the above
hes the absolute worst. behind his "this and that ruins my beauty" facade, there's a monster. a monster that wants to make you feel as filthy and disgusting as you've never been before. he fucks you, grabs you by the hair and pisses on you, tells you to open your mouth wide open and uses you as an urinal. he enjoys, he loves and lives for your ruined form, drench with piss and your pristine white bralette stained with the faint yellowish tone of his discharge uwu. he would lick your skin too, claiming that his unnatural and abnormal piss has other qualities, enhanced ones, in comparison to the mortal one.
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agent-bee2 days ago
Tumblr media
"The third picture arrives right after his last text and you鈥檙e practically drooling the second you open it. He鈥檚 standing in front of the vanity mirror completely naked and in demon form, pink robe cast behind him on the bed.鈥
Tumblr media
peach: sexting/phone sex with Asmodeus
Tumblr media
馃嵀 tags/warnings:聽n/sfw, fem! reader (breasts and vagina), masturbation (both), dildo use (reader), sexting, phone sex, dirty talk
馃嵀 words:聽1,217
馃嵀 masterlist / event masterlist
馃嵀 A/N: In typical Asmo fashion, this entire fic is just a horny mess. I hope you enjoy your dirty-talking trick!
Tumblr media
The first picture arrived when you were still in class at RAD. It wasn鈥檛 the most thrilling lecture, that鈥檚 for sure鈥攜ou got lost somewhere between the professor鈥檚 explanation of ancient tongues and watching Mammon steal a gold watch directly off the wrist of the student next to him. Your phone pinging startled Solomon, who had nodded off beside you. You tried to sneak it inconspicuously out of your blazer pocket, but your efforts amounted to nothing when you opened the photo and promptly dropped your phone to the desk, thudding against the oak top with a loud bang. It wasn鈥檛 necessarily the fact that Asmodeus sent you a picture of him in the bathtub that was alarming鈥攊t was more so that there was a lot less bubble coverage than last time, and it was clear he had been pleasuring himself for quite a while before sending this picture to you. His lips were bitten red and his cock was hard, peeking out over the top of the bubbles, the head a pretty pink flush.
AsmoBaby: Just thinking about you^^ I could really use another set of hands...or mouth...or body 馃槝 Solomon flashes you a seductive smirk, peering over your shoulder at the image on the phone, as your cheeks darken from both embarrassment and arousal. 鈥淚, uh...I g-gotta go,鈥 you mumble, standing up far too abruptly to be casual, drawing every pair of eyes in the room to you. 鈥淵a, probably a good idea,鈥 Solomon chuckles, and you cast him a furious glance before exiting the classroom. He just laughs harder as the professor yells your name, the mixture of sounds trailing you down the hallway as you flee. The second photo arrives as you barrel into an empty classroom, locking the door and burying your face in your hands. The ping startles you this time, fumbling with the device until you manage to wrap your fingers securely around it. He鈥檚 out of the bathtub now, his silky pink robe covering the skin of his arms, shoulders and sides. However, this photo is substantially more lewd than the first. One of his hands is tweaking a nipple while the other hand鈥檚 fingers are coated in precum, a string of it attaching his index finger to the head of his cock. Though you can鈥檛 see his face this time, you can tell he鈥檚 in his demon form, flashes of bat-like wings above the crest of his shoulders. Your core throbs at the site. The desire to abandon this bathroom and run to the House of Lamentation so strong you nearly do it, rising on shaky legs and fiddling with the door鈥檚 lock. But you can鈥檛鈥攜ou had skipped class earlier in the week with Satan and you鈥檙e sure your Devildom History professor will have your head鈥攍iterally鈥攊f you miss class again. AsmoBaby: Thinking about the taste of you is driving me wild! How soon can you be in my bed? You: Asmo, I can鈥檛 skip class again. I鈥檓 sorry. AsmoBaby: You鈥檙e such a tease, babe. I鈥檒l guess we鈥檒l have to find another way to play 馃槈 Where are you right now? You: One of the empty classrooms at RAD. Wait..why? AsmoBaby: Stay right there! A present is on the way~~~ Sure enough, not even a breath later, a pair of tiny feet patter against the tile of the hallway just outside the classroom. 鈥淢iss, present for you from Lord Asmodeus!鈥 the tiny demon declares before sliding a small pink box underneath the door. 鈥淥h, uh, thank you!鈥 you reply, but the demon is long gone before the final word slips from you mouth. AsmoBaby: Did you get my gift, princess? You: Yes, it just arrived. AsmoBaby: Hmm, open it for me!^^ Trembling fingers unravel the delicate bubblegum pink bow and tear the sheet of magenta wrapping paper. A hot pink box is inside, decorated ornately with swirls of gold. Very Asmo. You鈥檙e not sure what you expected to be inside, but a glittery pink dildo wasn鈥檛 it. AsmoBaby: Isn鈥檛 it just so beautiful? You: Uhm...sure? AsmoBaby: It鈥檚 a mould of my own cock, baby. And I want you to cum all over it before you have to leave for your next class. So let鈥檚 get to work, ya? 馃槒 The third picture arrives right after his last text and you鈥檙e practically drooling the second you open it. He鈥檚 standing in front of the vanity mirror completely naked and in demon form, pink robe cast behind him on the bed. His hip is cocked and head is tossed back in the throws of ecstasy, both hands gripped around his erection鈥攚hich appears to have grown substantially larger since the second photo鈥攑recum dripping off his fingers and trailing down his inner thighs, glistening under the glow of the ring light you know if turned on. He鈥檚 calling now, but you鈥檙e enamoured with the photo you almost miss his call. 鈥淒istracted, darling? Like what you see, hmm?鈥 he purrs, the sound immediately sparking hot between your thighs. 鈥淥f course I do.鈥 鈥淲ell, baby, this isn鈥檛 a free one-man show. I鈥檓 going to need some pictures in return so I can finish too. The first one I want is of you playing with your perky nipples. Pay up, love.鈥 It鈥檚 awkward at first, taking photos of yourself in such precarious positions (and with so little clothing on), but with Asmo鈥檚 enthusiastic encouragement, you get the hang of it quickly enough. He has you snap pictures of you slipping your hands between your legs, slipping off your underwear, toying with yourself, and rubbing circles with your fingers on your clit. But the one that really sends him into a frenzy鈥攖hat has him growling your name through the phone鈥攊s the photo of you pushing the tip of the dildo inside, your ample wetness making the slide much easier than you anticipated. 鈥淒oes it feel good? My pretty pink cock teasing your core?鈥 鈥淣gh, ah, Asmo. Y-yes. Feels so good,鈥 you moan, Asmodeus鈥檚 filthy words igniting a fire in your core. 鈥淒o you want more, princess?鈥 鈥淵es, p-please. More please!鈥 鈥淚 want you to tell me how much you want me.鈥 You slump forward, frustrated that Asmodeus wouldn鈥檛 let you fuck yourself on it already. 鈥淎-Asmo. Ah, fuck. Want you so badly. Come here. It hurts, p-please Asmo.鈥 鈥淵our wish is my command.鈥 Click. And the line is dead. You stare at your phone, dumbfounded and horrified that Asmo would leave you like this, a flustered mess, dripping all over a sparkly hot pink mould of his cock. 鈥淢iss me?鈥 he calls, leaning against a now very open door, still stark naked. His sudden appearance makes you slip off the desk you were perched on, the dildo pushing further into you. You moan loudly and Asmo鈥檚 eyes shine hot pink before he slams and locks the door, stalking towards you. 鈥淗ow did you- how did?鈥 you try to ask, but you鈥檙e so needy and turned on that you鈥檙e lacking the ability to form coherent sentences. 鈥淗ow did I get here? Well, I don鈥檛 know if you know this, babe, but you鈥檙e very demanding when you鈥檙e horny. You laced that lusty 鈥渃ome here鈥 with a pact command.鈥 鈥淥h, I鈥檓鈥攁h, fuck Asmo. I鈥檓 sorry. Now, p-please. Please help me.鈥 鈥淚 can deny you nothing, darling.鈥
Tumblr media
Tag List: @quirky-and-kind鈥 @my-love-is-eternal鈥
Tumblr media
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baalism2 days ago
// blood, period
Hear me out hear me out,,, Satan having a blood kink and ravishing gender-neutral Mc's pussy while they are on their period
Ofc don't write if you're not comfortable with the idea!! It just popped in my head when I saw this. I love your writing and only want you to create what you're comfortable with 鈾 -馃挮
I hear u I see u this is v hot, thank you sm for sending it my way 馃槼 and being so thoughtful too which I appreciate lots^^ luv blood as a prompt anyhow~
Tumblr media
He wants not the alternative of sex in the shower nor the white towels- rather, he forgoes entirely anything between you and him the moment his black claws go to your thighs and the slick of your sex is different than usual. And the things it does to him- clinging to his digits Satan by touch alone assumes crimson and sees a whole another red himself, burying his face in the crook of your neck to take in the familiar scent you give and bite down, spurred to no end or an end you knew all too well.
He's hard in no time, but pays it no mind. It is you what drives him crazy, the allure of your blood lukewarm as he tears through clothing almost feral to have his way, forcing you to straddle his thigh but face away- and nevermind the mess he makes.
And Satan doesn't aim to rush it, or just doesn't aims at all; just paws at your soaking, sticky cunt hungry himself and keeps spreading your thighs until you feel it, the trickle between them and his own fingers sliding in slow like torture or in need of fully taking the feeling before getting completely lost on it.
Your only actual qualm is the mess, 'Ngh- Satan! I'm gonna- it's gonna stain all over...' you try to reason, but it's funny, he thinks, and his chuckle rumbles on your back, because what is gore to him of all people if not an incentive. But in this hold he has you, digits curling deep inside, it still is all push and no pull. Satan wants something else, and as he pumps fingers further in and pleasure in short waves stirs through your limbs, he has to drag them out- wipe his hand on your own flesh and dirty you up.
You whimper, once aroused now plain needy, but hear him unzip, groan- feel him press against your lower back hard. Nipping at your neck short of desperate, he grip your hips to raise you up and guide you down into him inch by inch- your own slick providing enough lubrication for him to drive himself to the hilt with a hiss and a 'so fucking- tight' as he wants, needs this more than anything ever before. The balm, scent, temperature of your blood on him reducing Satan to needs this primal.
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nocoffeeorbreakfast2 days ago
*pulls out obey me soap box... Step stool* (it's a small one)
I fully believe Luci likes that you get with the other brothers because he likes to claim you when you two are together, whisper/growling things like "I bet Satan can't go this deep in you" or "does Beel devour you until you blackout?" He loves being the only one to make you do things... He gets off when you say you're his
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minteyeddevila day ago
Tumblr media
Day 23: Phone Sex
Asmodeus x GN!MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's his turn tonight, and he is giddy with anticipation. The rule is to wait for them to be the one to call, but a big part of him wishes to just start the call himself! He paces around his room, holding his D.D.D. to his chest tightly, until it finally starts ringing, their picture and name displayed on the screen.
He answers almost too quickly, excitedly squealing their name.
"MC! Gosh am I so happy to finally hear from you! I miss you so much, my darling!"
Their laugh is music to his ears. "I missed you too, Asmo! I'm so sorry I haven't called you sooner, I've been busy with my new job here in my world."
"Oh, a new job? Do tell!" He flops on his bed, holding his phone close to his ear to listen to every detail.
"It's just a secretary's position where I sort papers and write up documents for my boss all day. It's rather boring. To be honest," their voice suddenly dropped in tone, "I spend most of my time just...daydreaming, really."
Asmodeus grinned impishly. So that was where this call was going to go.
"Daydreaming, hm? And would a certain demon happen to be in those day dreams?"
"Only maybe?"
They giggled once more. "Okay, fine, all the time Mr. Avatar of Lust. You really bring that side out of me, ya know."
"Oh I love that side of you though, my dear. It's so feisty and sexy to see you let go and enjoy yourself. Now tell me," he rolled over onto his back, shifting the phone to his right ear, "when you have these daydreams alone, do you touch yourself?"
He could hear them get flustered over the phone with the small 'eep!' noise they made. "So forward, Asmo!"
He chuckled. "Of course, my darling, I want to know what you do when you think of me like that. I want every single detail, please."
They rolled around on their bed, trying to fight off the embarrassing feeling. Mustering up their confidence, they began to share all the naughty details.
"I lay on my bed and think about you kissing me to the point I lose my breath, and then begin to kiss and bite on my neck, leaving your love marks. Your fingers play with my sex and get me all riled up before fucking me hard into the bed鈥"
He grinned, hearing the airiness taking over their voice. "Touch yourself for me, MC."
Their hand worked its way into their shorts, touching their sex. "Will you touch yourself too, Asmo? I want to hear you鈥"
"I fully plan to, love. I just want to hear all the precious noises you make."
They worked their sex a bit, whimpering into the phone as they did so, before finding their entrance and used their own precum to slick themselves up and press a finger in. They moaned his name several times as they continued to fuck themselves with their finger.
Asmo undid the front of his pants, allowing his hard cock to spring free. He wrapped his hand around it, pumping it slowly while he listened to them.
"Touch your chest as well, MC. Put me on speaker so I can hear you."
They did as they were told, placing the phone on the pillow next to their head and used their now free hand to pinch and tease their nipple. Asmo ordered them to add another finger inside them and they obeyed, pressing them deeper in, rubbing that deep spot with their fingertips.
Asmo'd pace had picked up, his phone now held between his shoulder cheek so that his freed hand could work at his own nipple, listening to MC whimper and whine to be allowed to cum.
"Tell me what you would have me do to you, darling, and then you can cum. Tell me, love."
"I would have you go down on me and fuck me with your fingers until I cum, and then have you climb on top of me and fuck me into the bed until we both cum together!" Their words tumbled and slurred together as their pace picked up. "Asmo, please let me cum! I want to cum with you!"
"Go ahead, darling. Cum for me."
His name tumbled from their lips over and over as they hit their orgasm, cumming hard on their fingers and riding it out until they collapsed back on their bed. Asmo came soon after, their noises and the vision in his own mind of them on his cock bringing him to his edge.
They both heard the other panting harshly over the phone, until MC gave a breathy laugh. "That was so fun, Asmo. We that again sometime."
He giggled in return. "Anytime you like, love. I am only a phone call away."
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ak-archivea day ago
Tumblr media
the slutty human鉅銆冣櫋銆冣爛solomon + fem! reader
Tumblr media
锛 :鉅NSFW, d/s, implied exhibitionism, dirty talk, unprotected sex, use of the word slut, reposted from kanajous
Tumblr media
"are you sure everything鈥檚 alright in there?鈥 simeon asks with a worried tone, tapping one foot on the ground as he knocks once more on the locked quarters of solomon. the angel can鈥檛 ignore when a strained scream suddenly interrupts the silence in the purgatory hall, causing him to pause on his steps and quickly check if he can be of assistance to the sorcerer.
when you heard the gorgeous angel's voice from behind the door, your mind was pulled away from the dazed condition lust had got you into, head snapping up to look at solomon, eyes pleading for him to stop. but no, not when he feels you clenching around him.
he chuckles before raising a finger to hush you down. he then removes his gaze from your slutty and deprived expression as he thought of replying to simeon who was patiently waiting for any response on the other side of this room.
鈥渕y girlfriend is noisy, that鈥檚 all.鈥 solomon answers in a carefree tone, smiling as he pounds back your drooling cunt, his free hand trailing down your waist and rubs on your neglected clit. you almost let out another scream but the fear of getting caught by the innocent angel arouses you but at the same time instills thoughts representing the possible embarrassment you鈥檇 feel once you see him in class after being railed by your boyfriend.
and solomon showed no signs of letting you go. you were laid face front the table, your chest crumpling the assignments you were working on for the past couple of hours. since you鈥檝e been complaining about the heavy work done together with the white-haired male, sheepishly bored out of your wits, he decided to make use of your whining and have you whimpering under his hold.
鈥渨e鈥檇 be fine, my apologies from having you worried over a trivial matter,鈥 he replied, attention focused on the door as he waited for simeon to finally walk away from the room. when his ears picked up the same silence earlier, he turned to look back at your quivering form, sobbing as his relentless thrusts didn鈥檛 falter in speed, his hips heavily slapping against yours, the tip of his cock hitting the deepest and most sensitive part of your walls with such precision.
鈥測ou like that, don鈥檛 you slut?鈥 he doesn鈥檛 hear an answer from you. only your muffled cries and broken moans of his name are all you can say when he鈥檚 rutting to your drenched core. mildly irked at the way you greedily take him in, solomon raises a hand and slapped it on the plump flesh of your butt.
鈥渁nswer me when you're asked f/n or do you want me to fetch simeon back in here?鈥
and you start to imagine the angel opening the door and in mortification watches you get fucked by your boyfriend鈹乻eeing the modest human he interact with succumbs to the sensual gratification of sex, having no complaints when another party observes how you'd cum in front of them.
the shame that slowly forms images in your mind forces another round of crude words spilling out of your lips in a hushed manner, your heart pounding fast inside your chest. solomon wasn鈥檛 aware of the vulgarity of your desires and he reels more reactions out of you.
鈥渨hat a fucking slut.鈥 and he hits you again on your plump cheeks. the sting on your skin stained red as the palm of solomon marks his name yet again on your body. on the third time his hand came in contact with your numbed flesh, you can no longer hold back the screams you tried keeping in.
鈥渒eep screaming like that and maybe i鈥檇 let simeon watch us next time.鈥
Tumblr media
ak-archives 漏 do not repost, modify or copy my work.
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rulaiena day ago
Ooh I saw the angel reader/Diavolo thirst 馃憖 what better way to unite the realms than intimacy at its purest? Dia knows how much tension there is between the Devildom and the Celestial realm, but that tension does get a little looser every time he鈥檚 bent over by your warm hands, his favorite angel thoroughly fucking him into his own throne >;3c
Ah yes, United between Devildom and Celestial realm with Dia being a subby baby to angel reader馃憖
Because of being inside his throne room, he will be thrilled to be caught.
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twiceasfrustratinga day ago
His and No One Else's
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/M
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Relationships: Belphegor/F!MC
Characters: Belphegor, F!MC
Additional Tags: Semi-public, jealousy, possessive behavior, unhealthy relationship, cunnilingus, dark fic
Summary: Belphie caught you talking to someone else
A/N: Belphie is yandere? Maybe? IDK! He just decided to be a very bad person in this fic.
It鈥檚 not like you were flirting with that demon! All he did was stop to ask you for directions and all you did was point him where he wanted to go. It was the kind of conversation that barely registered as a blip on your radar; you couldn鈥檛 even remember the demon鈥檚 hair color because of how inconsequential the interaction had been. But Belphie didn鈥檛 seem happy with you speaking to another demon. In fact, the faint smile on his lips as he waved the other demon off and dragged you away while taking your hand in his was a thinly veiled threat; you are mine.
He gripped your hand so tightly in his own that you thought your fingers were going to break. There was no rush in his walk, allowing the panic and fear to build up inside of you as your thoughts ran wild with what was possibly going through his head. You were sure that no one around could tell as you both walked past the crowds and other demons, but he was pissed. How dare you talk to another demon.
Neither of you stopped. Instead, he simply threw you into the first ally he could find and guided you just far enough away from the crowd that you wouldn鈥檛 readily attract attention. His knee pushed against your mound, rubbing you through the fabric of your underwear and listening to the uneasy sounds you made. How he wished he could hear more of those sounds. He just couldn鈥檛 resist.
鈥淪hhh,鈥 he whispered into your ear, 鈥淭his will fill good as long as you鈥檙e good.鈥
You felt his hands sneak into the band of your panties, which he pulled down with one swift motion so that you were now standing with them around your knees and your short skirt was the only thing keeping you decent.
A smile painted his face as he stared up at you, sinking slowly onto his knees. His hands massaged your thighs, loving the feeling of his finger and claws sinking into your skin as he held you still so that he could give a long, languid lick to your tempting folds. Your essence lingered on his tongue and he saw stars. You were so good. You knew better than to let other people flirt with you. You knew better than to attract their attention or pique their interests.
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, Sweetheart, I forgive you. I know you love me. After all, you wouldn鈥檛 let anyone else do this to you, would you?鈥 He smiled up at you from between your legs before shifting his attention to the little bundle of nerves he鈥檇 been carefully avoiding.
He practically keened at the sound you made as he began to suck softly at your swelling clit. If he didn鈥檛 know better, he would assume it was inhuman in origin -- broken and reverberating in his ears like the lamentations of a specter -- but he did know better. He knew that it was just the sound of him slowly wringing pleasure out of you.
He wanted the entire world to hear it. Let each of these demons learn whose name you cried as they brought you pleasures that humans couldn鈥檛 fathom. Let them see first hand that you belonged to him so completely that he could have you however, wherever, and whenever he wanted. Let them see his pact on your skin and understand that he had long claimed ownership over the human that dared call themselves master over one of the Devildom鈥檚 lords. Then no one would dare to approach you.
But, at the same time, he refused to share this side of you with anyone. The expressions on your face, the sounds you made, the way your legs trembled for him鈥 all of it belonged only to him. If anyone else saw this side of you, he couldn鈥檛 help but imagine how angry he鈥檇 get. At them for daring to look at you, and at you for daring to attract their attention. Both crimes were unforgivable.
Even so, he wanted both of them. Let them come. Let them see. But let them learn that it is a mistake they will only make once. Learn that you are his, then let them learn that encroaching on what is his comes with consequences.
鈥淚f you鈥檙e so loud, someone will come to see where all the noise is coming from.鈥 He snickered at his own words, watching as panic spread across your face and thinking about how stupid you were. Of course he wouldn鈥檛 let anyone get away with seeing his human in such a state. He would rather rip their heart out in front of you for daring to interrupt this moment before returning to it, but he knew you. He knew you knew how he鈥檇 react if that happened, and he knew you didn鈥檛 want it to, so you forced yourself to stay quiet, and he would enjoy each moment of trying to break your resolution so he could finally decide where he stood on the matter. It was only a matter of time...
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devildomsgod9 hours ago
Tumblr media
gn!reader x Belphegor
Smut; soft sex with Belphegor after spoiling him for a week
Sub!Belphegor, soft sex
Tumblr media
"My pretty boy," you grin while running your hand over the fluffy sweater on Belphegor's chest, slowly pushing him towards the bed.
His eyes are wider than usual, lips caught between his teeth while he lets you guide him onto the soft mattress. He already feels the forming sweat soak the newly bought sweater, a shiver trailing over his spine as it presses into the soft sheets. The flowers you gifted him at the beginning of the week sit in the corner of Belphegor's vision, a bursting of butterflies adding to the tingles under his skin.
He feels different, his mind too fuzzy with love and gratitude to put up rebellion against your gentle fingers curling under the waistband of his jeans to pull them off. Belphie even moans softly, showing you how much he's enjoying the attention, something he usually stops himself from doing.
"Will you let me fuck you, baby?"
Belphegor closes his eyes as your breath fans over his hard cock, nodding rustling his hair over the pillow.
"Can you say it for me?"
"Y-yes-" Belphegor gasps as your finger trails from the head of his cock, teasingly to his hole, rubbing over it, "please fuck me, Y/n."
His voice is so soft it makes you melt while smearing the previously prepared lube over your fingers. You can't help but smirk as you slide your digits into him, enjoying the demon's squirming and small moans all while he hides his shy blushing face behind shaking hands, so unusual for himself.
You pull those defensive fingers from Belphie's face while slowly thrusting into him. His cheeks are burning red, expression wrapped in a thick layer of pleasure. Your cock reaches deep into him as you bottom out, stretching his insides to fit your shape.
Belphie wraps his shaky thighs around your hips, subtly arching his back while reaching his hands behind you, holding onto you dearly. You spare a hand from holding yourself up to brush a strand of hair from his face, lovingly smiling at the blissed-out boy before leaning down to leave a hot kiss on his waiting lips.
Your hips finally begin thrusting, keeping a soft pace, to not disturb Belphegor's cute moans and his adorable gestures as he lets himself fully fall into pleasure with you.
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mii-kunn2 days ago
me watching myself write a single sentence of a single fic just to take a 'quick break' and forget that it even exists
Tumblr media
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whimsicallywayward152 days ago
Kinktober 2021, Day - 22: Harder.
A/n: Helloooo! I really don't what happened, but brain wanted some Solomon x Simeon smut. So here I am, with this smutfest.
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Pairing: Solomon x Simeon
Rating: Explicit (18+ Audiences)
Content Tags: Rough Sex, Consensual Somnophilia, Nipple Play, Nipple Licking, Overstimulation, Come Inflation, Aftercare, Comeplay, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Shameless Smut
Summary: Simeon wakes up to a very rough Solomon.
Prompt: Sexting | Rough Sex | Cum Play (not the main prompt)
Word Count: 1,160
Note: Find the prompt list I am following here.
AO3 Link
Tumblr media
Simeon woke up to a cock in his ass and blue-brown eyes staring down at him as he was fucked open beneath Solomon.
鈥淲ha鈥斺 He moaned at a particularly ruthless thrust, throwing his head back and gasping as the sorcerer pounded straight into his prostate. The dark-skinned angel reached up, trying to cling to him as his hole clenched down on the thick cock. He was warm, so warm that he was burning in his lover鈥檚 embrace. 鈥淲hat... what鈥檚 all this about, Sol?鈥
His only response was a grunt, his legs pushed up until he was bent in half. A broken whimper escaped him when the silvery-white haired human shoved in harder, pounding into him furiously until he thought he was about to break from the force of it. Still half-dazed from sleep, Simeon couldn鈥檛 summon the energy to resist the pleasure anymore, going limp in Solomon鈥檚 hold and letting his moans out freely.
Fuck, it felt so good. How long had it been since they鈥檇 had time like this?
鈥淪imeon...鈥 The angel heard Solomon sigh, his name falling like a prayer from his lips. It was enough to make his heart melt.
Too long. It had been too long since they鈥檝e had each other to hold like this. The brunette sighed and arched into his lover鈥檚 touch, urging the sorcerer on with a lustful look.
Solomon鈥檚 lips curled up in a gentle crescent, and then they were on him, leaving trails of warmth all over his neck that made him shiver. His body was a furnace, almost scorching against the angel鈥檚 heated form, but it only heightened his pleasure. The angel jerked when he felt Solomon鈥檚 tongue lap against the swell of his chests, nipping at the pebbled flesh until he could tug at it with his teeth.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been working too hard.鈥 The grumble didn鈥檛 surprise Simeon, concern laced in the other鈥檚 voice. He laughed and the sorcerer glared up at him from where he was sucking his chest, biting harder in retaliation.
His dick twitched but didn鈥檛 get harder. There was liquid coating his stomach, sweat and semen painting his skin, and the brunette realised that the bastard had made him come in his sleep. He imagined it 鈥 Solomon, careful and gentle as he pushed his finger into his hole, slowly stretching him out for his dick and spreading him wide open. He imagined Solomon shoving two, three, four fingers in, not stopping until he was gaping and sloppy and when he finally slid in, he went in so easily that Simeon didn鈥檛 even wake up.
Fast, shallow thrusts pulled him from his thoughts, but just the thought made him hunger for more, his dick futilely trying to get hard again as he was being overwhelmed with pleasure. His ass felt so sore, insides scraped open and raw from the pounding, and even his shaft ached from how much he had come. The dark-skinned angel wondered how long he鈥檇 been fucking him for, because the slight swell of his stomach spoke volumes about the amount the sorcerer鈥檚 spilled into him. He was filled to the brim with cum, barely plugged up by Solomon鈥檚 girthy member. The squelch of each thrust was filthy, But fuck, the sound sent a jolt of pleasure through him.
Solomon must have been able to feel his length hardening between them because he slipped a hand down and fisted his cock with expertise. Simeon was squirming now, trying to match his rhythm but the human didn't let him adjust. One moment he was pounding into him at a pace that threatened to split him in half, then the next he was slowly pulling out before shoving in deep, making sure that the angel felt every vein, every ridge of his cock.
The silvery-white haired man gave the rosy buds on his partner鈥檚 chest one last suck, a line of saliva connecting his lips to them as he pulled away to give Simeon a rough kiss. One hand groped at his chest, teasing the tormented buds until just a touch left the brunette breathless, while the other pressed bruises into his hips.
Simeon writhed as he felt himself getting closer, nails scratching the other鈥檚 back as quiet moans and whimpers left him, eyes rolling back when he finally released. Cum sprayed up onto his chest, and he heard Solomon groan and fuck him harder.
鈥淪ol, s-slow down a bit鈥斺
Without a word, Solomon grabbed his waist and twisted him around his cock, forcing him on his hands and knees. A scream was ripped out of his throat as he scrambled and fisted the sheets in his hands, clinging on as the human thrusted deep inside. His chest sore as it was forced to rub against the bed, he weakly tried to lift himself up, arms shaking before he fell down again. The sorcerer didn鈥檛 even slow down while watching him struggle, hiking his ass up until he could pound deep into him, reaching into his gut and making his stomach bulge.
鈥淪imeon... Simeon...鈥 He heard his lover groan, his chest pressed on top of him as he rutted harder, his pants making the angel鈥檚 length futilely twitch. Cheek pressed into the sheet, the brunette could only take it all with a whimpered moan.
Solomon finally shoved into him one last time, coming with a sigh that made Simeon shiver and arch into him. Pressing his hand against his stomach, he almost couldn鈥檛 believe how heavy he felt, cum-swollen and aching from the pounding. The length slowly slipped out of his ass, his hole clenching down as the drag ignited his oversensitive nerves.
鈥淪-Sol鈥︹ A choked moan escaped him, tears filling his eyes as he tried to squirm into a better position. But everything ached, from his swollen chest to his cock, and Simeon felt so, so full.
鈥淪hh...鈥 He heard the other murmur, the bed shifting as Solomon got up. Too tired to even keep his eyes open, he dozed off, feeling a wet cloth wiping him clean of cum. Just as he thought the sorcerer would clean him from the inside too, Simeon felt the other climb back into bed and鈥
鈥淪ol, 鈥榤 tired.鈥 He whined, though he didn鈥檛 try to push his human lover away as he pressed his length back into his swollen hole, his ass taking him with no resistance. A kiss against his forehead, hair stroked back behind his ear, a voice filled with tenderness whispered softly to him.
鈥淪leep, I won鈥檛 do anything.鈥
The brunette hummed, nuzzling close to the other before finally, with the warmth of the other around and inside him, drifting off to sleep.
Tumblr media
Watching the other sleep, moonlight kissing the marked skin with fond affection, Solomon intertwined their hands and pressed them against the other鈥檚 heart.
鈥淚 love you.鈥
Satisfied with this confession, unnoticed by the one he was confessing to, Solomon tucked the angel beneath the sheets and followed him into his dreams.
Tumblr media
DM me or comment if you want to be tagged in future posts!
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Mirror sex- Asmo x Mc
Mirror sex- Asmo x Mc
Eyes fluttering open Asmo stretches with a yawn before looking over to Mc. She was still fast asleep, the exams obviously taking a tow on her as she was normally awake before him. He stretches, noticing the morning erection but choosing to ignore it as he was already running late himself and didn't want to ignore the rest of his self care routine.
He sits up on the edge of his bed and stares at his reflection from the mirror that was placed on the wall next to his bed. He lets out a yawn, he runs his fingers through his hair with a sigh before spotting a pair of eyes in the bed behind him.
A smirk plays on his lips as he realizes Mc was awake and watching him, "Are you enjoying my beauty before I get up, Mc," he coos, eyes focused on Mc's body as she crawls up from her spot on the bed and crawls up to him.
Arms wrap around his shoulders to pull him to her chest as Mc places soft kisses on his skin as she pulls him close to her own naked body, 鈥淚鈥檓 enjoying something else this morning,鈥 She mumbles into his ear, a smirk spread across her lips as she stares back at his reflection.
Her nails rake down his chest, causing a shiver to bolt up his spine as she leaves nips and kisses along his shoulder. Never taking her eyes off his reflection, Mc let's her hand trail down his chest to grip his now hard erection, 鈥淢ay I help you with this, Love,鈥 She breathes in his ear, a whine is pulled from his lips as he bucks into her hand shamelessly.
鈥淧lease do, Darling,鈥 Asmo answers breathily, a hooded glaze looking back at her in their reflection.
Mc places a kiss on the shell of his ear before pulling it between her lips as she let's her hand pump his cock lazily. A groan leaves his lips as he lets his head fall back to lay on her shoulder, hands coming to grip her arms, 鈥淢c, please,鈥 He whines at her, his hips rutting against her hand demanding more from her.
鈥淪o needy,鈥 She teases, letting her tongue slide up the shell of his ear, 鈥淒o you think I should give such a needy thing what he wants,鈥 She muses, a chester cat grin spreading across her lips as she runs her thumb across the head of his cock.
鈥淧lease, Mc,鈥 he begs once more as he tilts his head up to kiss her only to have her take her hand on his chest and turn his head toward the reflection.
鈥淏e good for me and watch as me please you,鈥 Mc says, lust filled eyes peering into his though their shared reflection.
His mouth falls open as her grip tightens around his cock, her strokes becoming more deliberate as her hand travels from the bottom of his shaft to his tip. Her legs came to wrap around him to press down on his legs and keep him still as she continued to pump his cock, another whine coming from him as his need grew. Her hand glides easier as his cock drips precum as she jerks him off with a twist of her wrist as she comes up, the action quickly sending him over the edge as he feels his cock twitch and swell in her hand. Asmo watches as he lets out a聽 broken moan as his orgasim washed over him, cumming hard into her hand in thick lines, his body going stiff as she pumped him though his orgasim. Finally letting go of his cock, Mc lets him rest against her as he comes down from his high, a satisfied sigh pouring from his lips as he closes his eyes and enjoys her warmth and scent.
Asmo let's out a hum as he opens an eye, 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna have to return the favor, Darling,鈥 He chimes giddily.
A chuckle falls from Mc鈥檚 lips as she caresses his head with her spare hand, 鈥淲ell then, we better not waste any time hopping into the bath huh?鈥
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plutosonmars6 hours ago
hi! hope you鈥檙e doing okay!!
okay, so idk if you鈥檝e played obey me! but could u do some texts with solomon, mammon & satan :)) ?
i actually haven鈥檛 thought about doing solomon huh go figure i鈥檒l only do him i promise i鈥檒l do more later it鈥檚 3 am and i have school in 3 hours
enjoy :p
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lucidoux10 hours ago
seven deadly kinks鈥攁 kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In commemoration of Kinktober 2021, The Seven Deadly Kinks聽Pop Quiz now hits the shelves! Prepare yourselves as you venture in each lesson and get rewards after each lesson! Each lesson will be released on 11PM EST聽at the specified dates below! Good luck, and I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
10/25 | Lesson 1: LOCKED
10/26 | Lesson 2: LOCKED
10/27 | Lesson 3: LOCKED
10/28 | Lesson 4: LOCKED
10/29 | Lesson 5: LOCKED
10/30 | Lesson 6: LOCKED
10/31 | Lesson 7: LOCKED
Tumblr media
漏 饾悑饾悢饾悅饾悎饾悆饾悗饾悢饾悧 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煆. please do not claim my works as yours. do not repost it or use it to create asmr content. thank you!
Tumblr media
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minteyeddevil19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 24: Lap Dance
Leviathan x GN!MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The bass of the music thumped through the speaker, and he sat anxiously in his chair as he watched them walk towards him. They warned him, 鈥榥o touching鈥, as they straddle his lap, a cocky smirk on their lips. He visibly swallowed, a deep flush taking over his features, and he obeyed, keeping his hands clasped behind the back of the chair as if his wrists were bound.
Their arms came to settle on his shoulders as they rolled their hips in slow circles against his lap, keeping with the beat of the song, letting their head roll so their hair swung loose against their back. They brought it forward, making a mess of their bangs against their face and they grinned at him, and he subconsciously bit his lip as they ran their hands along his shoulders and down his bare, warm chest.
鈥淢-MC鈥︹ he mumbled at the sensation, but they shushed him with a finger to his lips.
鈥淛ust enjoy it, Levi. Think of it as something from one of your...special anime.鈥
He groaned at their words, wanting to bury his face in his hands; but he kept them locked behind his back like that had told him to.
MC shifted in his lap, turning so their back was pressed to his chest, bowing their back against him so their chest rose, straining against the tight top they wore, and he desperately wanted to reach out and touch them; but he relented, settling for just watching and waiting for the right time. This really was a wonderful game they enjoyed playing.
They let themselves slide down his chest, spreading his legs so they could squat between them for a moment, then turned to run their hands up his thighs, grazing the bulge of his erection as they climbed back up his body. He hissed at the sensation, tightening the grip of his hand on his wrist to further fight the want to touch them.
They rose to their feet, running a hand up his chest, along his throat, and under his chin to make him look up at them, and they gave him a wink before standing at their full height, untying the strings of their top to throw the garment to the side. They playfully covered their chest with their arms, shimmying their shoulders a bit before turning to sit in his lap once more, letting their head rest back against his shoulder. They shifted their arms to expose their chest to him, running a hand down the center of their chest and along their stomach until it came to rest on their sex where they openly palmed themselves while he watched.
The free hand ran up along his cheek and into his hair where they took a handful of it and gave a harsh tug, relishing in the groan he made and the slight buck of his hips against their bottom. They giggled, turning to straddle his lap once more as they returned to rolling their hips in slow circles, this time purposefully grinding on his twitching cock.
鈥淵ou can touch me now,鈥 they whispered in his ear, and he wasted no time. One hand gripped the back of their head, tugging them back so his lips and teeth could attack their throat, while the other gripped their hip, holding them flush to him.
鈥淭hat was so sexy,鈥 he breathed, letting his teeth sink into the spot above their pulse, and they gave an airy laugh.
鈥淭he song isn鈥檛 over yet, Leviathan. You can鈥檛 just stop in the middle of a dance-鈥
MC鈥檚 voice rose into a high gasp, as they felt his hand brush against their sex, fingers slipping into their underwear to find their entrance and tease it with his fingers.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 plan on stopping this though,鈥 he breathed against their neck, kissing and nipping the skin further while his free hand moved to release his cock from his boxers.
He had them stand for a moment to pull their underwear down and throw them to the side, then had them straddle his lap once more. With a little saliva and his nimble fingers, he had them ready and stretched, pushing them down roughly on his cock. They whined and groaned at the fullness, bucking their hips as they rode him. It seemed like the music was taking rhythm with their fucking, as the music played in time with their movements. MC gave an airy giggle when they realized, but it soon turned to high moans as Leviathan picked up his pace inside them.
鈥淐-Cumming--!鈥 he cried, pulling them flush to his lap as he filled them to the brim with his cum, the stimulation enough to push them into their own orgasm as well. They continued to roll their hips over and over as the rode out the waves of it, and collapsed against his chest once completely spent, the song seeming to come to an end along with them.
鈥淧erfect timing,鈥 he teased, planting a small kiss to their forehead.
鈥淢usic must鈥檝e known what we were doing to finish in time with us,鈥 they teased in return.
A bashful look came over his features suddenly, as his fingers drummed along their side.
鈥淢C...think you could, ya this for me again sometime?鈥
They smiled at their precious otaku boyfriend. 鈥淥f course, Levi. I鈥檇 love to.鈥
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carnationhcs17 hours ago
Kinktober Day 13: Spanking
Character(s): Satan (Obey Me)
Hope you enjoy~鈾ワ笍
Warnings: Smut under the cut, spanking, I think that's all
Age Rating: 18+ Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Satan x Male! Reader
The sharp echo of skin slapping against skin rings through the room as his hand comes down on you once again.
"..Five," you whine out.
You had been teasing your boyfriend all day. Anything from subtle touches as you pass by to full on rubbing against him in the crowded hallways of RAD. You wanted to see how much the demon was willing to take before he finally snapped.
And snap he did. As soon as you had gotten back to the House of Lamentation, Satan had pull you to his room, made you strip, and bent you over his lap.
"And what was that one for?" He inquired as he gently massaged the sore skin of your ass.
"Flirting with that guy during class..," along with punishing you, he was making you admit what all you did with each slap.
"That's right.." he grumbles as he rears his hand back yet again.
"S-six," you were already a stuttering mess from the mix of pleasure and pain. The way he tried to soothe the skin after each hit showed you he wasn't truly angry with you, just done with your bullshit.
"For- for teasing you under the table at lunch," you knew it was going to be a long night.
At least it was Friday, god knows you weren't going to be getting much sleep tonight, "Seven~"
Idk where this came from but 馃し馃槄
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rulaiena day ago
銆孌BB Thirst銆岮n Angel Reader seducing Diavolo while being Simeon's right-hand man. The Angel's first touch that started them down this path was brushing his hair out of his eye's under the stars of a meteor shower. Now, the Angel is doing more then that to his hair. Brushing it away from his sweaty forehead during sex is for rewards, but gripping it and slamming him into the sheets as they rail into him from behind is for punishments. And his breathe always catches when they do this to him. 銉拣煃
Angel reader have their way and try not to get caught but continue nonetheless馃洂 AND DIAVOLO BEING A SUB ESPECIALLY TO AN ANGEL IS SCREAMING ME鈥
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tendousfingers2 days ago
Want Lucifer to tie me up in pretty intricate shibari tbh
mmm, he's just the type to be into bondage too. likes you tied up nice and pretty and fully at his disposal. he'd run his fingers over the length of rope that's digging into your skin and go, "my my, what should i do with you hm?"
he'd take is time, admiring you for ages before even indulging, because as we all know, lucifer has a knack for fine art.
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