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#obey me smut
letmebeyourruri-chan · 5 hours ago
Dominant Mammon. 🥴🥴🥴 That's it, that's the request 😌😜
Tumblr media
Lord forgive me for what my hands are about to write 🧎🏼‍♀️
Okay so not to be dramatic,but i LIVE AND BREATHE dom Mammon🤸🏼‍♀️ every time he calls mc his ‘good human’ my body takes a screenshot
NSFW; minors dni
Tumblr media
“awhh come on puppy,is that the best you can do?” Mammon cooed,the hand around your throat pulling you back against his chest as his fingers continued their rough pace inside you.
How many times have you cum now? Six maybe seven times? You couldn’t even keep count anymore. But he was relentless,continuously dragging the pads of his fingers over the little spongey spot inside you,urging you to make a mess.
“I thought ya said you were a good girl for me huh?” You babbled incoherently, shaking your head as you felt your legs start to shake,another orgasm fast approaching.
Mammon scoffed,moving the hand that was around your throat up to your face,tracing two fingers over your swollen lips before sticking them in your mouth. “Well if you aint gonna answer me i might as well make use of that mouth huh? Suck”
You didn’t hesitate to do as you were told,greedily sucking on his fingers. You heard him chuckle darkly behind you,his movements picking up speed as you clenched around him.
“Fuck,you’re grippin me so tightly puppy. Ya gonna cum again? Huh?” You let out a chocked sob,drooling around his fingers as you nodded.
Mammon leaned over you again,the fingers in your mouth just barely reaching the edge of your throat. “Do it then. Make a pretty little mess for me and maybe I’ll consider callin’ ya my good little girl again”
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voltage-vixen · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fandom: Obey Me!
Pairing:  Diavolo x MC (Female)
Prompt: “Dominate me, Daddy.” (NSFW) Warnings: Spanking
“Are you sure this is what you want, MC?” Diavolo purred, the warmth of his breath pouring out onto the nape of her flushed neck. “Are you sure I’m really what you want?”
The human-his human had come bursting in through the door of the student council president’s office wearing nothing long for the slinky black number that clung to her curves in all the right places. Diavolo barely had any time to even admire his partner after flashing his trademark grin since MC glided across the room and swiped the surface of his desk clear before plopping her bottom down onto the solid wood.
Planting her feet onto the desk, MC spread her legs apart, granting the demon an unobstructed view of her dripping sex. The lewd scent of her obvious heat didn’t escape the heightened sense of his smell. His own erection throbbed pressing tightly against the fabric of his pants when he saw the swell of her folds covered in drops of her glistening arousal; a clear indicator that MC had been playing with herself prior to her ambushing Diavolo in his office.  
Was I on her mind when she was touching herself?
A fury of madness consumed him at very image. Enough was enough. He was going to grant MC’s wish and fulfill his own by having his way with her. Though the ruler of the demons was tempted to keep the door ajar so that all could hear the cries of pleasure and there would be no doubt that she was his and his alone, Diavolo decided at the last second to use his powers to slam the door shut. The mere notion of another hearkening in the mewls of his woman’s passion was enough to send him into a monstrous rage of jealousy. Besides, there was nothing for him to prove. Not a soul in all of Devildom would dare question if the pair was sufficient for each other… least not unless they wanted to come under and personally face his wrath that is.
“Y-Yes, I’m sure,” MC huffed, breathless and squirming her hips in an impatient fit waiting for the intrusion of Diavolo and all his sweet glory after the teasing touch of fingers grazing her damp skin.
Diavolo flipped her over, causing the bountiful flesh of her chest to be pressed flat against the surface of the desk. He ripped away at the fabric of her dress and his tongue immediately went to exploring the canvas of her naked back. The angular bends of his fingers danced around a lockful of her curls naturally forming a fist around the wisps of disheveled hair. His lips roughly left a wet trail of kisses down the line of her spine, while the pretentious prince’s teeth nipped wildly to ensure territorial vivid marks were visbily ingrained onto her frame.
His tongue lapped at MC until connecting with that one spot that she loved him toying with. Still brisking in the afterglow from a sensitive release prior, her body violently trembled at the sensation of his tongue lapping away at the swell of her clit. He tormented her by tugging at the bud of her skin, switching up his foreplay routine with the occasional lick to push her past the point of no return. Diavolo never was anything less than a generous lover, and that included knowing how to leave his partner a screaming, withering, mess beneath him while she squirted the honey of her nectar for him to taste.  
“Very good girl, MC,” Diavolo groaned, as he withdrew his mouth from the velvet of her glistening folds.
Licking his lips to relish more in her divine taste, Diavolo caught sight of exposed ass on display, virtually inviting him in for another caress.
“Ahh,” MC cried out as the sound of Diavolo’s hand slapping against her ass echoed across the room.
Caught with her guard down, MC was feeling an intense mixture of pain and pleasure while she was leaning over the desk, relishing in every tantalizing moment. Diavolo’s one hand continued to spank her as a digit curled inside her heat eliciting yet another moan of pleasure from MC.
“You’re so wet for your master,” he teased as his finger slipped out from her.
Foreplay was fun but was no longer enough to satisfy the animalistic urges he was undertaking. He wanted to ruin MC to the point where her tight, little cunt was wrapped around him and she was screaming his name. Growling, the pads of his fingers dug deeply into her skin, leaving marks as he latched onto the sides of her hips. The erotic ticking vibrations shook MC’s body as he plunged right into her without any warning, his powerful thrusts making the coils in her lower belly tingle in preparation of her third orgasm. Her walls began to flutter in that familiar way, but it wasn’t enough-she still craved, no needed to feel more of him. She wanted him to submit herself to him completely.  
“Diavolo, take me,” MC urged. “Please, I beg you do whatever you want with me. I’ll be your plaything, I’ll be your anything, just hurry up and dominate me, daddy!”
Her command ignited a flame within the demon. Very rarely was his precious MC ever demanding with him. Often, he wished for her to more selfish in her wishes. Didn’t she understand that he would gift her the world if that were her truest desire?
“Greedy girl. Beg me for it, MC,” Diavolo commanded, deliberately slowing the roll of his hips. While he wanted to indulge her whims, the playful side of him also wanted to hear the melodious sound of her voice begging him. “Plead to your prince if you want me to make you come on my cock.”
The decelerated velocity of his movements in and out of her forced an unhappy and impatient MC to push her ass back into the firmness of his body, desperate for the release only a sensuous fucking by Diavolo could grant.
“Please, my prince,” MC seductively purred. “Please allow your pretty princess to come on your cock. Don’t make me wait another second, daddy!”
She gasped as Diavolo’s cock suddenly glided into the warmth of her pussy, burrowing himself deeper into her with each thrust. The demon immersed in harmonious lusty pants escaping from the woman’s pouted lips as the wetness intensified between her legs with each rocking movement growing fiercer in intensity. He reached out for MC’s hair wrapping the strands around his fist, and giving her head a firm tug backwards. The additional stimulation evoked shattering shockwaves in her core, resulting in blissful pulsates jolting throughout the rest of her veins. MC’s frame quivered as her the clench of her walls eventually released Diavolo, and he disjoined from the satiated woman. His mouth curled into a pleased smirk when he saw the glazed expression in her eyes as he flipped MC over to better see her face.
“Was it as good for you as it was for me, my princess?” Diavolo probed. “Remember, I’m the only one that can pleasure a kittenish woman like you.”
Gently, he swayed MC’s body closer to his and pulled her into an embrace. Leaning down, Diavolo pressed a soft kiss to her temple. He held her even tenderly while she nuzzled into his chest. Pausing her cuddles, MC glance up at her lover, the tip of her chin resting on the build of his taut body.
“Round two, daddy?”
Diavolo’s large palm pressed against the back of MC’s head, while his thumb traced the line of her upper mouth before swooping in to claim her lips as his own.
“Need you even ask, my love?” Diavolo chided as he switched their positions, so that MC was now sitting on his lap while he was planted on the desk. “This time though, I must insist you take charge.”
Giggling, MC wrapped her arms around his neck and grinded her pelvis against the friction of his flaring heat. Aiming to please and express her gratitude for earlier, she joined herself with Diavolo, both crying out in a joyful unison as they ventured into the next round of vigorously reaffirming their adorations for one another.    
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sindulgentdemons · 12 hours ago
wait babe keep going i’m a sucker for some afab dudes
thats TASTE right there. Fuckk ok since this is a mammon centered blog im gonna go off about him
Mammon with pussy 🥵🥵 hc that he has such a pretty swolen clit, its so so sensitive and he likes to jerk off with it like its a cock. Ah its so pretty i wanna suck on it so bad djbshs Licking and sucking his clit while fingering his cunt is gonna get him so fucking loud, moaning and begging for more. Oh, and tribing with him???? Fuck your gonna feel so good. He humps pussy so desperately and vigorously itll drive you insane. His swolen clit rubbing against you??? Wonderful, fantastic, delicous. Sometimes he rubs his clit on your hole, practically fucking you with it HHHH
Hc that he likes stuffing his cunt. Like, get your fist in there he loves it. And even then hes asking for more bc hes an insatiable greedy boy.
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otome-on-the-side · 15 hours ago
Okay so I just can never get over the fact how big Diavolo is (just look at that massive body omg!! 😳) and how I badly want to be in his arms! 😆 Lol so can I have a fluff+nsfw scenario of him and MC? Just pure appreciation of Dia's body and just running hands through his skin and all that (I'm sorry 😂). Preferably with a fem reader with a much smaller body frame than he does. Tysm!!
Pairing: Diavolo/GN!reader
Tropes & TWs: body worship, praise, dom/sub dynamics 
You weren't going to lie; straddling Diavolo's lap like this was almost a dream come true. 
His thighs were just as thick and well toned as the rest of him. He was so big, and you so much smaller, that the position you were in spread your legs far apart; based on the way the prince was smiling at you, the steady weight of his hand on the small of your back, he was enjoying the fact.   
Resting your hands on his chest, it was satisfying to spread your fingers and squeeze, his ample pectorals spilling past your grasp. There was so much to grab, you couldn’t, and didn’t, dream of the demon prince being well in hand. The way Diavolo shuddered as you manhandled him was so... satisfying.  
His adam's-apple bobbed as he swallowed, his answer shaky. "Y-yes?" 
"Mind if I unbutton your shirt, baby?" 
Diavolo's response was instant. "Yes, please," he voice was a little breathless, his back arching ever so slightly, straining his shirt buttons. 
There was something wonderful about the fact that Diavolo loved having your hands on him; you were so much smaller than him, his hand able to fold over your own and completely cover it. 
And yet, here you were, popping his shirt open with ease, caressing his shoulders as you slid his shirt off of them. Reaching out and running your hands over smooth, golden skin, enjoying the way he tensed and leaned into your touch. You started lower, along his belt line, memorizing every dip and curve of his body before you gave what was due. 
It was so, so satisfying to finally be able to kiss his torso; Often bare in his demon form and yet, utterly untouchable. It was delightful running your hands over his skin- mouthing over it, kissing, sucking marks where touch alone made him tremble the most, was divine. 
Nothing was more satisfying than giving every stretch of skin the attention he deserved until you were breathless, pulling away from his skin with a pop. 
"You really wanted this, huh?" You ask, still awed and breathless, yet unable to keep yourself from teasing him. It would be difficult for you to be unaware of the effect you had on him- you could feel him twitching against your hip as you moved on his lap as you pleased.  
"Yes," He groaned, desperate and whiny already.
“My sweet prince,” You trail your hands up, up his chest and over his shoulders, caressing the sides of his neck as you cradled his jaw. Gazing into his champagne eyes, you can see his pupils blown wide with lust, hazy and unfocused. “Here you are, in all your glory, for me?” 
“All for you," he breathlessly murmured,  leaning into your touch, hands rising to slide over yours. His skin is heated, almost as if fire-warmed, and you find yourself all the more curious. You hum, pleased, sliding your hands out of his grasp to run your fingers through his hair, gently dragging your nails across his scalp as he sighs in contentment. “So sweet for me; Thank you for behaving so well, Diavolo.” 
It didn’t seem possible for the demon prince to become any more warm, and yet, heat painted his chest, neck, and the tips of his ears, and he found himself unable to speak past the lump in his throat.
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demonsandco · 19 hours ago
I M Q W with lucifer for the smut alpahabet maybe 👀
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
Surprisingly, Lucifer is very intimate in the moment. He considers sex itself to be an intimate and romantic activity. He needs to trust his partner quite a bit to feel comfortable letting them see him in such a potentially vulnerable position and that really shows. Even if he’s acting rough and dominating, he still can’t help but let a bit of softness and love seep into his words and actions. It’s one of the only times where he can voice his emotions easily, without his pride getting in the way.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
He’ll never admit it, but seeing his s/o acting bold or taking charge never fails to excite him. It makes his mind wander and Lucifer can’t help but imagine them acting that way towards him, disregarding his rank and power and taking control of him. He’s almost ashamed of having such fantasies, but that just serves to excite him further.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Lucifer is a very busy demon, meaning that sometimes all he has time for is a quickie, but that doesn’t mean he likes them. When he’s with his partner, he wants to be able to take his time with them, keep a slow and sensual pace, but he often can’t find the time for it. He always thinks a quickie would be better than nothing, but they often just leave him feeling even more pent up and desperate.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Despite the sadistic and domineering persona he puts on, most of the time, Lucifer actually prefers to be the submissive one. He spends every waking moment of his life feeling like he needs to be in control and trying to take care of everything, that what he really craves is to just lay back and have someone else take the reigns. It takes a huge amount of trust for Lucifer to admit this, but once he does, he’s willing to let his partner do whatever they want to him.
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lettheratsin · 19 hours ago
I-I did it! Go read my Levi porn with the 2009 title!!
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letmebeyourruri-chan · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Part1: mammon;leviathan
In which a spell gone wrong leaves poor m/c stuck in a wall...
Warnings: nsfw,minors dni. Slight dubcon,degradtion
A/n: i would like to thank the homies on the discord who listened to me rant about this a very pleasant evening 🧎🏼‍♀️
You weren’t very skilled when it came to magic. Sure,the ability had come somewhat naturally to you(you’re guessing it was because of your blood) but that didn’t mean you were any good at it.
You had told Solomon this multiple times as he handed you a quickly scribbled down spell in class,insisting that trying something like this would be near impossible. You already had a great deal of trouble with small spells,even with him helping you most of the time.
But he was persistent,assuring you that it was more than simple enough for you to cast on your own,and that it would really help you out in the long run.
So thats how you ended up in your current predicament.
He was right,the spell was relatively simple,a quick portal spell to help you move across short distances alot quicker.
Maybe you just drew the seal a little too small,you thought as you wiggled around,trying desperately to dislodge yourself from the hole that was wrapped tightly around your middle. “Or maybe it just closed too fast?”
You kept pondering what could have went wrong as you cursed yourself for drawing the magic circle so low on the wall. Your body was bent in an uncomfortable angle,bent at the waist with your feet just barely touching the ground.
You’re upper half was trapped staring at the piano in the music room,while your lower half was still back in your room,along with the spell you needed to get yourself out.
You wiggled around a little more before sighing. There was absolutely no way you were going to get out of this on your own.
You prepared yourself for the inevitable embarrassment as you mustered up the courage to yell out for help,but the sound of a doorknob wiggling abruptly stopped you.
Tumblr media
Mammon always loved this time of the day. Just after school,he knew his brothers would be too busy with homework or other stuff (like taking a a nap or raiding the fridge) to bother you,so that meant he had you all to himself!
He,of course didn’t care much if you were busy yourself,because you always indulged him regardless of whatever you had going on.
With a wide grin and a loud “hey hey hey” he swung open the door to your room,just barely stopping it from slamming into the wall (lest lucifer yell at him for slamming doors) before welcoming himself inside.
His eyes immediately went to the bed,expecting you to be huddled up there with school work or your DDD,but it was empty,much to his confusion.
“Ah! Mammon, is that you? Over here!” His eyes darted around the room in confusion as your muffled voice sounded out. He saw various pieces of chalk and a strange symbol scratched onto a piece of paper scattered on the floor,before his eyes finally landed on you.
Or rather your exposed bottom half.
Mammons eyes widened and his mouth went dry at the sight of your peach coloured panties only barely covering your ass.
Your skirt had completely ridden up,giving him the perfect view of your creamy tights rubbing together as you squirmed. He gulped as he felt his pants tighten at the sight,the sound of you pleading for his help falling on deaf ears.
“Mammon! A-are you listening? Can you please come to the music room with that spell on the ground? I-ah i cant get out.”
Mammon felt his cock twitch at the sounds you were making,biting his lip to suppress the groan what was threatening to escape his throat.
“Yeah yeah,gimme a sec.” He grunted,briefly looking behind him and shutting the door. He would much rather die than have any of his brothers see you like this. This was something only he was allowed to see.
Licking his lips, Mammon started walking towards you,stopping only inches away from your quivering legs. You wiggled a bit,sensing him behind you,suddenly feeling very aware of how close he was.
“T-the spell. Its over there on the ah!” You yelped as you felt a warm hand come to rest on your ass,thumb rubbing soft circles in your skin as a chuckle sounded out behind you.
💵once he gets over tue initial shock of seeing you in such a compromising position,he’d be so smug
💵this is a once in a lifetime opportunity right? His little M/C splayed out for him like this.
💵he’d start off by just rubbing you through your panties,taking in your little gasps and moans interrupting your protests.
💵but of course he wouldn’t keep teasing for long.
Mammon rubbed his skilled fingers over the growing wet spot on your panties,not missing the way your breath hitched as he pressed a little harder.
“M-mammon stop! Come on what if someone comes in?” He only grinned ,hooking his hingers into the waistband of your panties before slowly starting to pull them down.
“But look at how wet ya are M/C! What kinda demon would i be if i just left ya like this?” You could hear the smugness in his voice as he ran his fingertips over your wetness,soaking them thoroughly before pressing against your clit.
You couldn’t stop the moan from leaving your lips even if you wanted too,especially not with mammons skilled fingers moving to prod at your entrance.
“Awhh look at that! You’re dripping! So fuckin’ messy. Guess we dont need too much prep then huh?” He said slyly,suddenly pulling away from you.
In reality,he would have loved to keep teasing you till he had his fill,heck,he’d spend hours just eating you out right then and there if he could,but alas,the near painful strain of his hard cock in his jeans was becoming too much for him to handle.
You could only squirm as you heard him fiddle with his belt,trying very hard to get him to touch you again.
It wasn’t long before you felt the head of his cock pushing against you,only barely pushing inside your heat. He ran his tip over your folds,his precum mixing with your juices as he rubbed against your clit.
“Ma-mammon c’mon” you breathed out,again trying to push back against him
He scoffed,using his free hand to spread you open and watch as your hole clenched around nothing. “Just a second ago you were bout someone comin’ in,now you’re beggin for me? Doesn’t take much for you to turn into a messy lil whore huh?”
You could only whine at his harsh words,desperately struggling to move yourself backwards onto him. You’re movements were quickly stilled by a harsh slap to your ass,the sudden sting causing you to yelp.
“Be a good slut and stay still for me,then maybe I’ll give ya what you want”
Tumblr media
Of course as soon as levi heard you were home from school he was going straight to your room.
He knew that if he wasn’t fast enough,Mammon would most likely steal your attention first and he couldn’t have that. He had already prepared a whole setup for the two of you to spend the afternoon gaming together,and he’d be damned if one of his brothers were to mess up his plans.
Levi practically sprinted to your room,excited to tell you about the new episode of your favourite sports anime that had just come out. Heck he was so excited that he was already ranting about it before opening the door.
“M/C you won’t BELIEVE how this season ended! They left us with a total cliffhanger! But on the bright side the two main characters finally-“
Levi fell silent as soon as he stepped into the room,the words dying in his throat as his eyes landed on the shape stuck in the wall.
“Levi? Oh thank goodness! My spell went wrong now im stuck. I told Solomon I couldn’t do it but he didn’t listen!. Could you maybe please...”
Leviathan couldn’t hear a single word you were saying,his attention solely fixed on the violet lace that just barely left anything to the imagination,perfectly showing off the shape of your ass.
Not only that,but you were still in your school uniform,which meant that your legs were still covered by your thigh high socks,the sight alone was enough to make Levi to throb.
🐍Levi had many dreams similar to this before,so of course the next step would be obvious
🐍 He always made a point to read whatever lewd manga he could get his hands on,it was the only way he could obtain more dream scenarios.
🐍 Levi would not hesitate to start touching you right away,he’s been aching for this particular scene for so long after all.
“This can’t be real.” Levi gasped out,blinking hard asif to try and wake himself up. “Am i dreaming?” He muttered,slowly starting to walk closer to your form. “W-what? Hey c’mon Levi this is serious! I can’t get out!”
You squirmed a bit,causing your skirt to ride up higher and Levi couldn’t help but reach out to touch you.
You gasped at the feeling of his cold hand on your bare cheek,a dark blush spreading across your face. “This is like something straight out of a Doujin. This has to be a dream”
You heard Levi shuffle around behind you,your shameful excitement keeping you from saying anything. “Funny,I don’t remember falling asleep though”
Levi rubbed his large palm up your thigh,fingers only barely brushing against your heat. You prayed that he didn’t notice the subtle wet spot that was surely starting to form on your underwear by now. “Wow M/c.” You heard him groan,both of his hands coming up to firmly grip your ass,spreading your cheeks apart and watching your wetness stain the purple fabric.
“Even in my dreams,you’re so warm” you gasped softly at his actions,once again starting to squirm. “L-levi this isn’t a-Ah!”
Levi pressed his face into your crotch,inhaling deeply before sticking his tongue out to lap at your juices that soaked through. You heard him moan as he sucked on the fabric,the action causing you to press yourself closer to him.
He pulled away for a second,panting as he licked his lips. The flavour of you lingering on his tongue was enough to convince him that this was definitely not a dream,but stopping now when he was so far gone was definitely not an option anymore. Especially not with his cock straining against his underwear.
There was a short pause before Levi started pulling your panties down,his eyes following the long string of arousal that clung to the material.
You felt him shuffle behind you again,his hands leaving your ass and coming up to rest on your hips as soon as he pulled his sweats down,just enough to free his cock.
The sound you made was downright sinful as you felt him press against you,burying himself snuggly between your thighs.
“Wha-what are you doing?” You gasped out feeling shame wash over you as your wetness started dripping down your legs.
“Well,If this is a doujin,that means I’m the protagonist right? Obviously,Im just moving on to the next chapter”
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After reading the domme writing all I have to say is Lucifer 👏 needs 👏 to 👏 get 👏 pegged 👏
he absolutely does 
There’s something very satisfying about seeing a man as normally composed as Lucifer come undone beneath you. But you can’t quite put your finger on why, maybe it’s how one of the only things he can manage to say between pleasured gasps and cries is your name. Or the way his entire body seems to shake with delight every motion of your hips as you plunge in and out of him. 
He’s really close to cumming, the way his cock twitches and leaks pre-cum are clear signs. It would be so easy for you to slow down, or to stop completely and watch him despair, knowing he would have to beg for his release. But... he’s already begging for you already to keep going, to let him finish. 
“Ah please don’t stop,” he pleads between heavy breaths, and you won’t deny the pleasure it gives you knowing that you managed to have Lucifer begging for you to let him finish, without even forcing him to. So you let him cum after a few more heavy thrusts. 
“Don’t look so pleased with yourself.” He murmurs after some time passes, noticing the smirk of satisfaction that was on your face, sending a glare your direction, but there’s no heat behind it. 
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x4gay · a day ago
Lucifer x Gn!MC smut
This has been in my drafts forever.
Based off the devil sauce text messages.
All this over Devil sauce? MC thought to themself while walking to Lucifer’s room. I don’t understand why I would be punished. I opened the door to Lucifer’s room and he was already sitting on the bed. I sighed and walked over to him.
“MC, why didn’t you throw away the devil sauce.” Lucifer stared at MC he seemed a bit tense.
“It was a mistake” MC huffed and rolled their eyes.
“Mistake, it’s a simple task. Unless you’re unable to comprehend that.” Lucifer stared at MC.
“Actually I can comprehend.” MC challenged Lucifer. Lucifer was getting more and more annoyed at MC’s remarks.
“Come here now and I’ll be gentle” Lucifer smiled at MC. MC wasn’t going down without a fight.
“Oh yeah? Make me.” MC smiled and tilted their head to the side. Lucifer got up and pinned MC to the wall.
“I don’t think you understand. My orders are final.” Lucifer got close extremely close to MC’s face so close that his lips brushed on theirs.
“Now i’m not going to be so nice now.” Lucifer smirked and locked the door. MC was in shock but kind of turned on. Suddenly MC was swept off their feet Lucifer carried them to his bed.
Lucifer began undressing MC while he stayed fully clothed.
Lucifer left dark marks up and down MC’s body. MC moaned softly.
“Come here.” Lucifer led MC onto his lap. MC nodded but couldn’t keep their composure when they felt Lucifer’s hard cock under them. They were so desperate they began to rub themself on his erection. Lucifer groaned a bit and took control of the pace MC was going.
“Lucifer- Ahh” MC moaned out the pace they were going at had their legs shaking.
“Naughty MC, already so needy” MC almost reached their climax but Lucifer put them back on the bed. MC whimpered a bit. Lucifer began to tie them to the bed. MC begins to feel their warmth throbbing just wanting to be fucked.
“Lucifer... plea-“ MC was interrupted with Lucifer’s hard dick in their mouth. Their throat burned at the sudden stretch but they took it all in.
“Good MC, Maybe i might reward you.” MC moaned after that statement. The moan vibrated on Lucifer’s dick causing him to groan softly. He pulled out and spit covered MC’s mouth.
“Open” MC didnt hesitate and opened their mouth. Lucifer spat in MC’s mouth. “Swallow” MC was so needy they swallowed it. They wanted more.
“Lucifer fuck me... please... i’ve been good” Lucifer laughed at MC’s begging and stuffed his dick in their mouth. Lucifer fucked their mouth making sure to hit the back of their throat. Lucifer’s dick began to pulse as he came inside the human’s throat.
MC gagged a bit while they felt the warm cum go down their throat. Lucifer began kissing down Mc abdomen and lightly skipped over their area. Lucifer separated MC legs and left harsh kisses in their inner thigh. MC arched their back shamelessly grinding against the air.
“No no we got to be patient” Lucifer continued to leave marks on their inner thigh. Lucifer adjusted himself at MC’s entrance only teasing them with the tip. MC was so desperate they tried to get more of him but Lucifer pulled out.
“No please” MC whined.
“Then be good” Lucifer ordered.
MC stayed still ass Lucifer shoved his entire length into MC. That made both of them moan in unison.
“You’re so tight” He grunted as he slowly started to fuck MC. While he did this Lucifer kissed the sweet spots on MC’s neck causing them to moan loudly.
“Lucifer ahhh” MC moaned. This caused Lucifer to go faster.
“Continue to moan my name that’s right. Of course I make you feel good” Lucifer felt MC tighten around him and MC’s moans out louder. Lucifer stopped.
“Why should I let you cum” Lucifer smiled at the needy human.
“Because i’m sorry Lucifer I promise I won’t throw an attitude again please let me cum. MC begged. Lucifer just smirked and pound mercilessly into MC’s tight hole.
MC began to cum but Lucifer continued fucking MC while riding out their orgasm. After a few minutes Lucifer came inside MC. MC felt so full being stuffed with Lucifer’s cum. Lucifer pulled out and kissed MC.
“You were so good Maybe you should act this way again.” MC blushed at Lucifers words. He untied MC and started to place soft kisses all over MC.
“I hope you’re not too hurt” Lucifer spoke in a worried tone.
“I’m fine” MC said still breathless and shaky.
“What would you like me to do. Run you a bath? get you a warm towel?” Lucifer looked MC in the eyes.
“Hey, hey i’m okay I enjoyed it” MC kissed Lucifer. “Can we just lay here for a bit.” MC stated.
“Of course anything for you. I’ll run a bath for you later.” Lucifer took off his shirt and laid back down.
“You and I can take one together” MC smiled.
“Okay” Lucifer pulled MC into his arms leaving a small kiss on their head.
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peach-cream-yukio · a day ago
Finishing up Lucifer, levi, Asmo and Simeon, and diavolo with mc who sleeps with a baby blanket, and have started octo!azul x fem mc x eel!floyd, so I’ll hopefully have stuff to post soon! Sorry, I’ve been dealing with health and financial issues but I’ve been making sure to find time to write!
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asmobabe · a day ago
400 followers celebratory smut!
Word count: 1906 words
Content warning: Smut, dubious consent, alcohol consumption, slight exhibitionism, mirror fucking, semi-public sex.
Pairing: Female!MC x Asmodeus (Obey Me!)
They move to the dance floor, Asmodeus's hand on Ophelia's back. Her head is wrapped in a haze, equal parts of booze and beat coursing through her veins like liquid gold. It's dizzying, and it's exciting, and it burns. It's the best she's ever felt. Asmodeus pulls her closer so that when her hips swing it grinds against his, and she lets him, the usual shyness diluted by the neon lights. 
- I love this song! - she yells over the noise.
- I know, I do too! That's why I requested it!
Ophelia throws her head back with a smile, resting it on Asmo's shoulder. He can peek at the hem of her bra when she moves, and the Avatar of Lust relishes the thought that others might be seeing it too. The way her strapless dress threatens to give in, the mounts of her breasts already exposed. Asmodeus can sense the entire club watching them like vultures. Unfortunately, she soon notices and pushes the dress up, earning a whine from the demon. 
- Hey, not fair! I was enjoying the view!
- Sorry, dear. - she chuckles, turning to face him - We're in public, you know?
- And why is that a bad thing?
At the moment, Ophelia can't think of an answer. Maybe staring into the eyes of the Avatar of Lust while drunk wasn't the most exceptional idea. He couldn't charm her with magic, but those eyes worked an effect similar enough. 
- Like, we're not going to see anyone here ever again. What's the big deal? You're not afraid of a little crowd, are you? - his hands snake up her waist - They want to see. It's just a little skin anyway.
- Yeah, I guess... 
His gaze is heated, almost glowing under the neon lights. Ophelia meant to say something more, she's sure, but, little by little, all her thoughts turn into mud. Head empty, and at last, she relents. The words are breathed inches away from her lips, boiling with anticipation: 
- You'll put on a show, won't you, pet?
There's nothing left for the human to do but to melt into the kiss, throwing both arms over his shoulder to bring him closer. Asmodeus's touch leaves scalding wounds all over her body while his tongue licks away her last bit of caution as soon as access is granted. The feeling is intoxicating, dizzying, even, and it burns. He smells so good and tastes even better. It's strange, knowing they have an audience, and still, she doesn't feel uncomfortable. It's actually kind of thrilling! The moment the demon grabs a handful of her ass, Ophelia knows she's done for. 
- Asmo...! - she breaks the kiss, gasping for air. 
- I adore it when you say my name like that... You're so cute!
Asmo's grin is hectic as he starts to nuzzle her neck, tasting the sweat on her skin. He's playing dirty, and he knows it. Without even realizing it, the girl tilts her head to give him better access.
- Let's just... Let's just leave, ok? 
- Oh, I'm so sorry, dollface... The party's only getting started, and I don't want to go yet. But...  I did see that the bathroom is free right now... We could have some fun and come back later. 
His tone, warm and coaxing, makes it evident that he's enjoying the situation way too much. The truth is that he'd take the girl right there if she wanted him to. 
- What do you think? Do you want me to fuck you against the mirror? I have to say, the thought of dancing with you in my arms, cum dripping down your thighs... That really turns me on. You'd like that too, wouldn't you, pet?
Ophelia nods, unable to ignore the warm feeling deep inside her stomach. She lets him take her hand in his, guiding the exchange student through the crowd to the handicapped toilet. Asmodeus closes the door behind their back, and seconds later, the girl finds herself sat on top of the sink with her arms around him, way too dizzy to remember if he put her up there or if she climbed on her own. 
Their kisses have something desperate in them. Ophelia's fingers thread through Asmo's now messy curls, pulling him as close as she possibly can. Every bit of his mouth tastes like expensive liquor. The demon squeezes her waist so tightly it almost hurts, clearly as frantic as the human to have his wants satisfied. Hands cupping her breasts, his mouth travels south, pressing wet kisses on her neck and nibbling at her collarbone, sending shivers through her spine. Later she'd be sporting the most beautiful love bites, and there wouldn't be any doubts left over who she belonged to. He hoped she'd mark him too - it'd be lovely if they matched. He pushes her bra up and the dress down. The music blasting from the other side of the door is still audible, and Asmodeus meets the feverish tempo with the griding of his hips, meeting Ophelia's core. Flustered, she begins to work on undoing his belt. 
- You're so cute when you're impatient. 
The demon giggles, stopping her mid-action. He grabs both of her wrists, lifting her arms on top of her head with one hand, the other moving to move her underwear to the side. "Let's get this out of the way, shall we?", he whispers lightly to her ear. The girl can feel her blood boiling with want and, desperate, throws herself on his neck, taking advantage of their short distance and attacking the skin with needy lips. Asmodeus was granted his wish and reveled, groaning at the open-mouthed kisses pressed onto his throat. He spreads her legs further, caressing her thighs as if they have all the time in the world until finally cold air and cold fingers meet the wetness of her core as he teases her entrance. 
- Please, just fuck me already! - the girl whimpers. 
He inserts a finger and circles her clit with the heel of his palm. 
- You're making it hard to resist, doll... So wet, and I barely did anything.
Asmodeus goes back to ravaging her mouth, his kisses hungry like he means to consume her soul. Ophelia is lightheaded enough to consider letting him had he proposed it. He pumps in and out of her, soon adding a second finger to the equation as the girl struggles to free herself from the hand holding her arms up. She whines into his mouth, frustrated. 
- Asmo, please... Please, please, please!
- I gotta say, dollface, I love it when you beg. Do you think you're ready for me, baby?
Ophelia nods, so eager that it is almost pathetic. But it doesn't matter; nothing matters. The demon seems content at last and lets go of her arms, setting her free to continue what she'd previously started. She undoes his pants in record time, pushing the fabric down with a feverish craving in her eyes. All the teasing was worth it for that moment, for that look in her face, the Avatar of Lust thought. He feeds on it, on her hungry hands pumping him once, twice, before guiding him towards her aching cunt. They both grunt as he begins to enter her. 
His length drags through her velvet walls at a slow pace that soon picks up speed at the girl's request. Holding on to him for dear life, Ophelia rests her forehead on the demon's shoulder as he pounds into her with a wilder and wilder rhythm, making the sink shake. Without warning, Asmodeus pushes her off the washbasin, only to bend her over it. 
- Asmo! - she yelps.
He grabs her by the neck, a devilish grin on his lips. 
- Sorry, pet, I just couldn't handle depriving you of the view any longer.
Now grabbing onto the sink, she looks up to see herself in the mirror. Her face is a flushed mess of mascara running and lipstick smudged, and the hairstyle that took so long to perfect is nothing more than disordered curls. Her breasts are lolling out of the dress, and her bra is undone, resting somewhere on the bathroom floor. She's too focused on the mist covering her eyes to care about it. It's such an erotic image. Asmodeus pounds into her from behind, and she can do nothing but watch. He feeds on it, the demon himself the vision of lust. 
Ophelia bites her lip, trying to hold back a scream of pleasure as he hits her sweet spot. Asmodeus grabs on her waist, strong enough to leave fingerprints, utterly lost in the moment. The exchange student might paint a pretty picture as she watches herself get fucked, but nothing like the demon. He grunts and moans with reckless abandon, citrine eyes glued on his own reflection, sparing the girl a glance or two every once in a while. Contrasting with Ophelia, his appearance is still fairly in order. 
- Yes! Yes! Just like that! - she pleads. 
He keeps on, just like that. The girl's knuckles turn white as she holds on to the sink. The words fall out of her mouth like a jumble on the floor, a mantra of spilled words.
- I love you. I love you so much. Please, just like that.
- You're doing so good, doll. I love you too, so, so much! You're such a good pet. Now, focus on the mirror. See how pretty you look? You've never looked more beautiful.
Her cheeks flush more if that's possible. The heat on the bottom of her stomach is about to explode in a ball of fire. 
- I'm so close! - she cries.
That's music to Asmo's ears. He doesn't change a thing, even as he gets close himself and the usual stammered pace should come. Only when he can feel her walls clenching around him and see her eyes close with satisfaction that he allows himself to change speed. His hips stutter once, two, three times, and with a final moan, he empties himself inside of her. 
- You're such a pretty little whore, do you know that? - he asks, taking his cock out of her, watching the white cum spill. 
Ophelia can only nod. A frown reaches Asmodeus's face as he inquires:
- Are you tired? Do you wanna go home and sleep?
- What about the party? - she looks up.
- I don't care about the party, if you're not okay to dance, then I don't want to dance.
The exchange student thinks for a second. Her mind feels so soggy... A nap wouldn't hurt... 
- Yeah, let's go home.
She puts on her bra and gets her panties right, trying to ignore the feeling of Asmodeus' cum drenching the fabric. Her hair is such a mess. 
- I'll fix that for you. - says the demon, taking out a plastic comb from his back pocket. 
He sits on top of the toilet and starts running the comb through her hair, peppering her head with kisses every two seconds. She fixes her dress. 
- You did, so, so good, doll. Really. 
- Really? - she looks up at him, puppy-eyed.
- Really. I love you so much.
She smiles through the smudged makeup. 
- I love you most. 
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localhornysimp · a day ago
reading with satan
ok so just, satan making you read one of his books while fingering you. if you pause and moan instead of reading, he'd purposely go slow. but bc the books are so big, he'll make u read like half of it or until he gets tired and wants to fuck alreadya
It was late at night and you were snuggling up next to Satan in nothing but a flimsy gown as he read one of his books to you. You close your eyes relaxing slowly drifting off to sleep until you feel a light tap on ur head.
"I wanna do something."
"Do what?"
He reaches behind himself and grabs one of his books handing it to you.
"I want you to read half of this out loud to me." he says.
Curious to know what he has planned you obeyed him earning a kiss on the cheek as you read the first chapter out loud to him.
Not long after, you feel a hand caress ur inner thigh causing you to gulp.
"Stopppp" you whined earning a sigh from Satan but he did as you said.
but that didnt last for long. He started slowly spreading ur legs apart, too slow for you to notice until u laid there on his lap, uncomfortably and wide open.
"Satan!!.......what are you-!!"
Before you can finish ur sentence two fingers were shoved inside you giving you no warning.
"I never said you could stop reading" he says as a sharp pain comes to ur ass causing you to yelp.
"Sorry M-m-master" you said and picked up the book going back to reading.
It was difficult to concentrate as his fingers kept hitting all the right spots. It all felt too good.
"After every 2 chapters, you'll be a good little kitten and cum for me, alright? And don't stop or your master is gonna have to punish you for being such a naughty kitten."
you nodded. It's gonna be a long night for the two of you
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chaoticotaku · 2 days ago
Hello my fellow simps this is gonna be the obey me hc's master list feel free to message or ask me your request🥰
Will do
Will not do
Anything homophobic
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x4gay · 2 days ago
Could I please request a bottom lucifer cockwarming a male mc in RAD or maybe a semi-public place, then ends up getting fucked later on? You can ignore this request if you don't feel like it. Also thank you for providing male mc content along with gn mc!
YES I CAN I LOVE THIS REQUEST DONT WORRY MY LOVE. I will always try to be as inclusive as I can that’s why I open my request! I love when people send request.
Bottom Lucifer x M!MC
“Hey love, I think we should do something.” MC smiled at Lucifer. Lucifer getting called love made him blush a bit. The two walked down the RAD hallway heading to lunch. It’s Lucifer’s first time having a break.
“What is it?” Lucifer raised an eyebrow at him. He always liked MC’s ideas though he’ll never admit it.
“Well... I’ll tell you when we go to the courtyard” MC smiled. The two got their lunch and headed to the courtyard.
“Now will you tell me what’s your idea” Lucifer and MC sat farther away than normal. They decided to eat lunch on the grass.
“Well- you know how you have told me since you have been busy you have missed how I’ve made you feel.” MC sat Lucifer on his lap and placed a small kiss on his cheek.
“Yeah- i’m not sure I quiet follow” Lucifer questioned. MC was adjusting Lucifer’s pants so it seemed like he was still wearing his pants but now his ass was exposed.
“Well think about it-“ MC sucked on his fingers and started to tease’s Lucifer’s asshole. Lucifer fixed his posture as the warm fingers stretch his asshole.
“What if people see?” Lucifer looked around the demon enjoyed the idea and the thrill of getting caught hot him even more turned on.
“What if they don’t” MC slowly put his dick in Lucifer’s ass. He let out a soft groan finally MC placed his full length in Lucifer’s ass.
“Hey look at the cute couple” Simeon walked up to MC and Lucifer. Diavolo walked up to them too. Lucifer began to turn bright red. He knew he couldn’t move without exposing himself. He looked at MC who kept a calm demeanor. He rested his head on the crook of Lucifer’s neck.
“The won’t know unless you panic.” MC whispered kissing his temple. This let Lucifer relax a bit and lean back.
“Lucifer I never thought I would see the day where you express PDA.” Simeon laughed.
“He’s a softy.” MC cooed. MC fixed the way he was sitting but this just made Lucifer grip on to MC’s thigh trying not to moan.
It started to near the end of lunch Diavolo and Simeon walked away to head to a meeting.
“That was close, but I think you should be more careful.” MC kisses Lucifer’s neck. Lucifer grinded himself on MC’s dick.
“No no you have a meeting to go to” MC pulled out of Lucifer which caused him to whimper. The two fixed themselves up and walked their different ways.
All Lucifer could think of was how good it felt to be on MC’s dick. He barely got through the day. He’s just waiting till he’s able to go home maybe MC would fuck him.
A few hours later MC got a text on his DDD. He saw it was from Lucifer.
Lucifer: I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I was wondering...
MC: Say it
Lucifer: I want you so bad
MC: say what you want
There was a knock at MC’s door. It was Lucifer. He was looking at MC at needy eyes.
“I need you, I need you to fuck me” He said in a whispered. MC pulled him in the room closing the door.
“Come on.” MC pulled Lucifer on the bed. “Were you thinking of me all day?” MC undressed Lucifer. He took off Lucifer’s pants slowly making Lucifer more needy.
“Yes. I want you to pound into me” Lucifer was speaking shamelessly. MC took off his pants and rubbed himself. MC kisses Lucifer. He moved to Lucifer’s neck and placed a light kiss. He made his way to Lucifer’s tip kissing it lightly. Lucifer let out a soft moan.
MC moved down to Lucifer’s ass. MC slowly licked around his ass. Then shoved his finger slowly. Lucifer arched his back moaning softly. MC added another finger and started to move his fingers in and out and opening them. Once MC felt he was stretched enough MC replaced his fingers with his dick.
“Come on let me hear you.” MC started to go slowly. Lucifer groaned at the agonizingly slow pace.
“Can you go faster” Lucifer whined. “Please... I’ve wanted this all day” Lucifer continued to whine. MC smiled and started to pick up the pace with Lucifer. He moaned louder as he gets overwhelmed with pleasure. Lucifer was already tightening around MC’s hard dick.
“I’m going too-“ MC quickly pulled out and began to suck Lucifer the sudden sensation had Lucifer cumming in MC’s mouth.
“Delicious but now you have to taste mine” MC started to pound into Lucifer’s throat quickly after a few minutes Lucifer felt MC’s warm cum down his throat.
“Perfect” MC smiled. “Maybe next time i’ll just fuck you then and there” Lucifer turned bright red.
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x4gay · 2 days ago
Can I request a male reader x dia and barb? Reader is top the others are bottom. Like dia asks the reader to come over because they have to "talk about the exc program" and the reader ends up fucking dia and barb walks in (he doesn't know what's going on) and the reader fucks him too.
YES yes this right here. Who ever you are we are now married.
Also if any of y’all are interested in role playing as any of the brothers look at my old post and message me!
Diavolo x Barbatos x M!mc
smut ahead
“Welcome MC” Diavolo greeted MC into his office. Diavolo closed the door as MC went to sit down.
“So as you know I wanted to talk to you about the exchange pro-“ Diavolo was interrupted.
“Cut the shit Diavolo, be a good boy and tell me why you want me here” Mc smirked as Diavolo’s reaction quickly changed. He parted his lips and blushed a bit. MC walked over to Diavolo. They got close to him. Their lips almost touching.
“Come on, be a good boy.” MC shoved his fingers down Diavolo’s throat.
“MC... I want you to-“ MC shoved his fingers back in Diavolo’s throat. This caused him to gag.
“What’s that I couldn’t hear you” MC smirked. He started to rub Diavolo’s hard erection.
“I want you to fuck me, treat me like a fuck doll. All I want is your dick.” Diavolo moaned.
“I just might. Open” MC shoved his dick in Diavolo’s mouth. Diavolo spent no time sucking. He made sure to taste every inch. As good as it felt MC wanted to fuck Diavolo. He started pounding into Diavolo’s mouth and shoved his entire length in the back of his throat. MC pulled out and looked at Diavolo’s spit covered face.
“You’re being such a good little whore.” MC took off his clothes and kissed Diavolo deeply. MC sat back and jacked himself off.
“Undress for me.” MC ordered. Diavolo spent no time getting undressed. He stood there blushing a bit him being fully exposed.
“Come here” MC had Diavolo sit on his lap. MC placed his dick in Diavolo’s tight asshole. A loud moan escaped from his lips. Diavolo’s ass was being stretched by MC’s huge dick. MC decided to start pounding into Diavolo’s ass. His moans echoed the room. MC left hickies up and down his neck.
Barbatos came in the room. Diavolo tried to cover his face but MC just pounded harder into him.
“I’m sorry now isn’t a good time...” Barbatos was about to open the door.
“Don’t you want some too?” MC groaned as he continued to fuck Diavolo’s ass.
“I-“ Barbatos stood here.
“Help me please your lord and I’ll reward you too” MC smirked. Barbatos walked right over and got on his knees.
“Suck his dick” MC ordered Barbatos. Barbatos didn’t hesitate he started to lick Diavolo’s thick shaft. Barbatos began teasing his tip. Diavolo was uncontrollably moaning. He no longer cared the pleasure was too good. After a while MC got an idea.
“Let’s pleasure your little butler.” MC pulled out of Diavolo pushing him to get up.
“Go ahead and kiss him” MC rubbed himself as the two began to kiss. He went down and undressed Barbatos. He began rubbing both dicks making sure there’s to go as quickly as possible.
The two moaned in each other’s mouth. Barbatos’ cock grew harder and harder. MC bent over Barbatos. Diavolo sat down and watched as MC fucked Barbatos. Barbatos moans were now filling the room. MC continued to pound into Barbatos until he was about to cum.
“Go fuck your prince” MC smiled. Barbatos wobbled to Diavolo and laid him down. He shoved his dick in Diavolo causing both of them to moan. The sensation of Diavolo’s tight ass and Barbatos rubbing Diavolo they both came on each other. MC began rubbing himself and eventually came on both of the demons. He smiled at the both of them panting and out of breath.
“Is that what you needy demons wanted? Look at you too just covered in cum.” MC laughed.
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letthemreadfanfiction · 2 days ago
# breaking lucifer
Tumblr media
Mailee’s love note: it’s more of like, a thirst? But who really cares.
Warnings -> mentions of slapping, choking, and manhandling, not really much it’s very mundane
Tumblr media
Asked by: @rensphilia
Oi, this is a good one.
Lucifer needs respect and complete domination to fall to his knees. If you break, even once, he’ll come for the weakness. He struggles with submission, harshly. He hates feeling like less then another, pride, it’s no mistake.
Start off with small things, ask him to do things for you and don’t hesitate. Water? Ask. Need help? Demand. Don’t push him all the way in the beginning because he’ll loose interest and see you as a nuisance.
When you finally get your hands on him, sexually I mean, don’t be kind. Fuck. Him. Up. Choke, slap, poke, manhandle. Dumbify him until he can’t scream anymore.
Then, when your finished. Take care of him, be soft with him. Make him feel loved even if he tries to push you away, demand to take care of him. Never let your guard down, he has a problem that can be solved easily with a little love and trust
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katelynwithpaint · 2 days ago
PART 2 to my commission from @devildomsexting
*NSFW, Minors DNI*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 2
32 notes · View notes
katelynwithpaint · 2 days ago
So I commissioned the awesome @devildomsexting for this.
*Nsfw. Minors DNI*
It's beautiful 😭 will post part 2 because tumblr won't let post the whole thing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1
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peach-cream-yukio · 2 days ago
Leviathan has the plumpest lil ass and thighs, looks great with striped thigh highs send tweet
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the-purpleblushh · 2 days ago
Hey there honey, I hope you're doing well :)
I would like to request an hc where F!Mc loses a bet to Asmo and she has to wear a body con or form fitting dress which Asmo selected for her and had to wink at her s/o brother infront of whole R.A.D 😂😂😂
Make it slightly NSFW or suggestive pleaseeeee
And please skip the request if this makes you uncomfortable
Have a great day ahead 😊
Hey hun, yes I am alright I hope you're doing great too, staying safe and following all Covid protocols. Sorry it took so much time, This is my first slight NSFW writing so please pardon my mistakes. Have a great day you too ^^
Fem! Mc loses a bet to Asmo and winks at her s/o brother infront of everyone;
Warnings: 18+, NSFW(some are a little prominent and some are slight), some curses, do not read if you're underage
Mr Prideypants was stunned...the light pink tinge was visible in ears for a split second which he hid tactfully behind his fake frown of disappointment. Lucifer was not someone who was into PDA, He knew his beloved well that Mc was also not interested in PDA but that didn't change the fact that when you walked in the R.A.D hallway in that form-fitting red dress and winked at him when almost every demon & succubi's hungry and jealous eye was literally ogling your beauty, he could feel something territorial has awaken inside him and lips curled into a smudge smirk.
Wel well, were you trying to tempt him dear Mc?
You weren't? Very well.
"Hello, Mc yes could you come into my office , yes I need to discuss something with you, privately"
You knew that deep voice, it always brought you lectures for rest of the day, but what you didn't imagine was his lips hungrily finding yours as soon as you entered his office and him putting spell lock on his office door.
Yep You can imagine what happened after that, Mc could barely walk straight for an entire week :')
all hail Asmo.
"M-Mc what hell are ya doin w-wearin somethin like that? This is d-devildom for fuck's sake, d-demons could do all bad things to ya y'know?"
He threw his Jacket over you as soon as he saw you in the hallway before you even were able to properly wink at him. As soon as his eyes spotted you in the hallway, Mammon was faster than any racing car to tackle you and drag you away from all eyes. As soon as you both reached house of lamentation in his room, he locked the door behind you and you opened your mouth in confusion, "Mammon, are you mmph.." his lips crushed onto yours before you could finish hands roaming through your curves,soon you melted into the kiss
"Were ya not expectin somethin like this after winkin at me in the open hallway infront of those gigs, Mc huh? Did ya really forget I'm the avatar of greed, you shouldn't have tempted me like that mc"
Dom Mammon? Yes :') enjoy MC
btw All hail Asmo
"Uh Levi?"
What the hell, did you...did you just broke him MC? Is he feeling sick? Did he has fever? Because he's just frozen, and has been standing there for a whole ass 3 minutes for now and his face was redder than tomato. Suddenly he looked at you with a weird look and runaway from the place towards his room. You felt hurt. Were you looking that disgusting? Asmo said this dress was actually a replica of one of Ruri Chan's live concert...did he get upset because you tried to imitate his favourite Ruri Chan, you ran after him to knock at his door but there was no answer, so you kicked his door open just to find him digging up a box from his stash of cosplay costume which he handed over to you with his eyes pressed together as hardly as possible as he muttered
"w-will you wear it for me p-please"
You opened the box and your eyes widened in surprise, it was a Ruri chan hentai themed lingerie :')
Levi you sneaky snake :'' you let out a chuckle as you proceeded to take off your clothes.
All hail Asmo
Well you really did something very brave Mc, you have all of my respect. Not only you wore that green body con dress you also dared to wear those fake horns and the last blow, instead of winking at him you meowed :') and now you were thrown over his shoulder taking to you an empty abandoned infirmary in the R.A.D. Satan was more conservative than Lucifer but today something snapped inside him when you did that. He threw you on the old bed gently and closed the door behind him. Within a blink of an eye he was in his demon form and crawled on the top you and pressed his lips in the crook of your neck. He whispered in a raspy voice while leaving a trail of soft kisses on your jaw line, "You are such a seductress my beautiful kitten, now you should prepare yourself for your punishment" definitely needed bunch of healing spells next morning but still limped entire day :')
All hail Asmo
Well it was his idea, but what he didn't expect was that it would be a uno reverse for him, how could he resist Mc? You look so ravishing right now in that form fitting light pink dress, your curves were eminently visible and each and every eye was either jealous of you or was dripping with Lust. But what about the avatar of Lust ? he was the king of body worship after all
"Mc,honey you did so well,you look absolutely like a goddess right now and I absolutely want you to try out some more from my collection!"
Uh well you weren't able to try out much dresses because someone insisted you look beautiful without those and the rest was history :')
Beel was actually trying to put an extra large devil king burger in his mouth before he saw you walking in. His jaw dropped open as he saw you winked at him. Beel dropped his half eaten burger and you were shocked, You ran to him but before you could say anything Beel holded your hand and started dragging you from the hallway towards his now empty gym.
"Beel where are we going? "
"I am hungry Mc"
"But the cafeteria! We left it behind, it's on the opposite side!"
"Not that Mc, I am hungry for something else now, let's go before I lose control"
Rest assured you had a great time and Beel had his favourite snack :')
All hail Asmo
He was sleeping so he didn't notice end of the story, jk jk😂
Okay so Belphegor was half asleep and stumbling through the hallway when he noticed Everyone in the hallway was looking at the same direction with their jaws almost dropped on the ground and eyeballs popped out from their sockets. When he looked at the direction all the sleep he had flew away through the window when he saw you walking in with a body con dress wrapped perfectly around your curves and matching high heels, he almost lost it when you winked at him but he only smirked at you maintaining his lazy look. What do you think it was only a smirk? Nope you were utterly wrong Mc, Belphie is the sneakiest spoiled brat among all his brothers,he had the full proof plan to take revenge from you for riling him up infront of everyone like that. Get ready Mc he will keep you awake and make you scream his name all night :') goodluck Mc.
again All hail Asmo ಠωಠ
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Thank you so much for reading (•ө•)♡ Stay healthy and stay safe Everyone.
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