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Satan exclusively uses the cat emojis, not just because he likes them but also because Lucifer hates them:

Lucifer: use regular emojis or none at all

Satan: 😺😽😸🙀😹😿😻😾😼🖕

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Ummmm… So Belphie’s song is freaking cute AF!!! Why must he do this to me?

I also can’t sleep, so here’s my thoughts on all the songs:


An interesting choice for Lucifer and for the first song. I think when it first came out people were super thrown off by how it really upended their expectations and so it really made people write it off as bad.

Listening to it right now after listening to all the other songs and all the audio dramas, I think it’s actually pretty in character for him. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it seems to me like it’s very much still about his duties and what’s going on in his mind and how Mc fits into that world, which is very Lucifer. I mean, he probably hasn’t really had anything good to divert his attention from work the whole time he’s been in the Devildom besides music (going off of his “Piano Timbre for You” Devilgram). It just feels like anything else would just remind him of work or be some weird problem his brothers created. Then, Mc comes along and throws his feelings into a tizzy, so the very unLucifer-like music probably results from this upheaval of his emotions. The lyrics are directly on point though. The lyrics just drive home the fact to me that he really doesn’t know how to process the fact he’s fallen as hard as he has for Mc. Possessive and prideful but also open and revealing. There’s also a lot of discourse we could add in about Arcadia and what that actually is, but I don’t know enough about it. If you want more info about it, head on over to @thalfox ‘a page :) She’s got great character analysis and discourse happening over on her page :)

I must admit, the song has grown on me a lot from when it was first released. Is it my favorite? Not by a long shot. I do think it’s fun to listen to and a good insight into his character and his feelings.


Are You Ready

Okay, so this song slaps!

It’s so Mammon. The rapping was a perfect choice for him and the lyrics are so freaking cute! They’re exactly how he feels and what’s going on his head. As straightforward as he can get them, but still extremely Mammon. If anyone was wondering who Mammon is and how he feels about Mc, I would just have them listen to this song with the lyrics. I also ADORE the music. Mostly this fast paced clubbing music people use to just get lost in, which is very Mammon, but with these almost soft breaks, like he’s just had a new realization about his feelings and then the beat comes back even stronger like he’s trying to embrace those feelings because they just got stronger.

Fantastic characterization and just a really great song overall.


My Chance

So, I adore this song way more than I should or thought I would. I have a bit of a strange relationship with Levi personally, and this song actually kinda made me simp for him so…

Again, the music is on point, because of course Levi would do a song that sounds like an anime opening. The video game sounds aren’t distracting to the song and add a lot. The spoken parts *chefs kiss*. The lyrics are cute and earnest, and just extremely in character. I also think his audio drama is my favorite.

Ruri-chan would be proud Levi


Read My Heart


Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system a bit, let’s begin.

I absolutely adore this song (just like him 😏). I cried when the teaser came out because I was so happy they went instrumental and a soft piano at that. I know a lot of people were hoping for heavy metal or at least rock, but HE’S SO MUCH MORE THAN HIS WRATH! Yes, he was born from it but he’s worked so hard to make himself more than it and not allow it to control his every action. The choice to go so soft and give him a ballad just encompassed what I see in him. Yes, he’s angry but he has such a capacity to love and be soft 🥺 I also cried when I heard how well he sings. You can’t really autotune when your only instrument is the piano (at least not like the other songs) so I was relieved when it turned out he has a good singing voice (I want to point out I’m not coming at any of the VAs because of their singing voice. The only one that sung professionally before this was Ayme so I’m super proud of how well they all did 😊). I also cried when I first heard the song and many times since. I like to think it’s just the on point characterization and not just that I’m an emotional wreck and completely obsessed with him 😬

The lyrics are just perfect for him. Yes, there’s talk about how much he reads and mentions of cats, but there’s an underlying sadness and understanding I don’t see in the other songs. Obviously he loves Mc (which he doesn’t even recognize at first as love 😭😭😭😭) and often feels unworthy of their love (yeah a lot of the brothers feel that way shhhhhhhhh). They’re one of the first beings he’s met who accept him for who he is, problems and all. He’s probably the only brother that spends an extended period of time with mortal creaters (cats) in a way that’s not… manipulative (as in corruptive or from a pact) and he thinks… a lot so he probably recognizes Mc is mortal more often than the other brothers, which shows in the lyrics. He just doesn’t want them to leave him but knows it’s going to happen eventually, and sooner than he could ever be ready for. He’ll have to continue on without them or their love when he’s just found it. (Oh look at that. Now I’m sobbing at 4:30 in the morning)

P.S. If Lucifer wants good reason why Satan wouldn’t like him, he just needs to listen to the audio drama. Intentionally spoiling a book for others is just mean and pretty evil (yeah yeah demons yadda yadda yadda)

Gorgeous all the way around.



Why hello Asmo. What do we have here?

I did not like this song from any of the teasers. It just… I didn’t like it. That being said, I still listened to it when it came out, and I’m very glad I did!

I love the kind of lounge vibe during the verses that allow him to showcase his voice, and then the pop influence right before the chorus just to blend the two for the chorus. Very Asmo and well done. Ayme’s voice is on great display and Asmo woukd definitely sing this to Mc.

The lyrics probably could’ve been more… sensual since he’s the Avatar of Lust but Solamre has toned down the lust aspect of him a lot so 🤷‍♀️ They’re still very Asmo though

Nice song overall


Hungry Six Pack

Okay, so this will be my first time reading the lyrics because this one was my least favorite song so here we go.

Okay, so after reading them it’s… better. I could be misinterpreting, but it does seem to talk about his survivor’s guilt a bit and how he’s been “empty” in more ways than one, which I do wish would be mentioned more in game so that’s nice. It doesn’t talk a whole lot about Mc but when it does it’s almost off hand like Beel has already decided they’re going to be around for forever, which is just like him.

I just… still can’t get behind it though. I’m glad his singing voice is different than his in game voice, but the weird wailing guitar rift is 😬 and the lyrics still leave a lot to be desired. Can anyone enlighten me as to what these mean

“Question, increase, illusion, meditation, give me something

A and V, a set of poems give me everything” (lyrics pulled from the Obey Me wiki since we don’t have official translations from Solmare)

Unfortunately, it’s not like Arcadia where listening to it more makes it better. When I listen to all the brother’s songs all together, I usually end up skipping it fairly early in.

I appreciate the attempt but it just didn’t do it for me. Maybe if the others hadn’t been so on point, I would’ve enjoyed it more. Sorry Beel 😥



This song is such a vibe. I had a playlist in college when I took my pottery class to get me in the zone, and this song would definitely fit in there.

The half rap half sung chorus is so Belphie. The “well, I kinda wanna sing but not totally” is just great. Then, he just pulls out this actually really great singing for the chorus, but in his sweet little voice 😳 I know it’s higher than his normal voice, but it fits the song and character better than when Lucifer did it. That could be the combination of the rap in his normal voice and then singing for the chorus.

The lyrics are again, very on point. Just the want to be near Mc all the time but not being able to say it. Why must he be such a tsundre and brat all the time?

Also, that freaking cover art?


Originally posted by tall-wolf-of-tarth

Totally adorable and sweet


So again, these are just my opinions. I’d love to hear you guy’s thought!

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Diavolo outright refused to come home and I got 2 of Lucifer

I’m sure he’s trying to tell me something but I’m stupid so imma keep on trying to get my mansus

I am very appreciative of this tho💕

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I have an odd nostalgia for the early quarantine Obey Me fandom. Back when we only had one season and the fandom was so active

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Obey me pacts

I wonder if pacts could represent power. I mean obviously they do, but they’re size? Like obviously nowadays a big dick is seen as making of a ‘good’ man. Back in the day, Greek statues like the infamous David, men where depicted with small dicjs because that meant they where smart. And that was considered a 'good’ man so I wonder if the smaller the pact mark size, the more powerful the demon? Idk

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Thinking about writing a kinda like short story or rather long one shot because I feel like they didn’t expand on anyone’s emotions properly after what happened in lesson 16. I haven’t written for anything properly in a couple years but like,,,, Obey Me did a crap job with the whole Lilith thing AND the brothers along with MCs emotions.

I want to write about the MC, and Belphegor actually talking and the forgiveness of what he did actually making sense and be shown. I want to show that the revelation of you being a descendant of human Lilith didn’t just affect Belphegor, you cannot tell me that the other brothers (minus Satan probably) didn’t start acting differently around MC after the learned the truth. The MC shouldn’t have just been a tool to fix the brothers relationship with each other and not even have the option to have emotions.

I love Obey Me but I didn’t like the way the story went once the whole Belphegor arrested and different timeline thing happen to the end of season 1. Plus they had time to expand on those emotions and actually give the characters a lot of depth but they decided to have Diavolo have a birthday????

It’s been a while since I read those lessons but these are just a few thoughts I’ve been pondering.

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If youre not trans dont speak about this

I remember yall ignoring us during the dame event so just hush.

Let us speak for ourselves.

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I see everyone is cancelling a blog for transphobia. Im a gay trans man who shes commented posts on but you know what i didn’t do.

Cancel her

Because shes a fucking minor

Transphobia is everywhere in this fandom and it really boosted during the dame event. Trans people said to stop calling guys girls for crossdressing and were ignored despite that being transmisogynistic.

I was a like this person as a kid. Brainwashed by religion. But if people taught me rather than hated me and cancelled and bullied me, maybe things wouldve changed.

Bullying and cancelling causes depression in kids. Kids who don’t fucking know better. Go ahead and unfollow her but don’t be an asshole and publicly hate on her.

If you do you’re just being as wrong as she is. Transphobia ans bullying both cause trauma and depression.

I am a trans man telling you dont attack a fucking CHILD.

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At least once a month Asmo will have an identity crisis and attempt to change up he entire aesthetic


This is how I imagine it going

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Obey me but instead of the cold and calculating character that is Lucifer this is who we get

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Building off my other post Levi likes to use the personalities of other characters because it makes him feel less yucky as a person.

When he confesses to you he uses the persona of his favourite shoujo anime protagonist because it’s the only way he can gather the courage to tell you how he feels.

The thought of that makes me wanna cry it’s such an adorable idea

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I believe that Levi puts the persona of his favourite anime villain on whenever he interrogating someone and it’s the only thing that keeps me going nowadays.

It doesn’t even have to be a villain he just adapts to the personality of his favourite chatracter at any given time and rolls with it. It’s can be terrifying sometimes for the victims unless they know who he’s pretending to be.

They don’t usually last long if they do, his embarrassment is off the charts and it’s the only way he thinks he can get out of that situation, much to Lucifer’s dissatisfaction.

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A request from last year and now it’s the season for it-

Mammon got his own little Valentine story.



  • It’s very much the same for him.
  • So he does his very best to make it super special.
  • Honestly, he goes completely overboard.
  • It’s a surprise he didn’t hire a violinist to play for you.
  • He decorated his whole room with hearts and fairy lights.
  • For a moment you think you stepped into a different dimension.
  • Then Levi presents you with an entire meal, that he cooked all by himself. 
  • He is super nervous, so are you.
  • Levi can only think about kissing you the entire time but is too nervous to actually do it.
  • He is about to just do it another day. 
  • Then he remembers how you said how much you wanted your first kiss to be on Valentine’s day. 
  • This somehow gives Levi the last push he needs. 
  • With unusual fire in his eyes, he looks at you.
  • Then he holds you by the shoulders and kisses you. 
  • It’s a bit surprising to both of you. 
  • Levi pulls almost immediately back, he is very nervous. 
  • He thinks that he messed up somehow. 
  • Then he sees that you are an equally blushy mess. 
  • He isn’t sure if that’s a good thing. 
  • Levi is about to die *not really he is just dramatic*
  • Then you ask him if he liked kissing you, and in an almost inaudible addition if he wants to do it again. 
  • Surprisingly enough Levi hears you and after calming down a little bit he lets you kiss him.   
  • It’s a great experience for both of you.



  • He has the biggest issue with making the chocolate for you. 
  • It takes an immense amount of effort to not eat it all by himself. 
  • He is very proud of himself when he hands it over to you. 
  • You are surprised and very glad. 
  • It would be easier for him to give you flowers or something else but yet here he is making the one thing that is hardest for him. 
  • You give him the biggest smile and present him with the chocolates you made for him. 
  • Beel lights up like the sun. 
  • He is so happy, it’s very nice to see him like this. 
  • It was worth all the effort you put into this. 
  • Then suddenly Beel gives you a big hug and just spins you around. 
  • You are surprised and almost yell out. 
  • Beel then notices that he made a mistake and carefully places you back on the ground. 
  • The room spins for a bit and Beel is mortified. 
  • He feels very bad but you aren’t mad at all. 
  • Beel finds it hard to believe. 
  • So in the end you kiss him to shut him up.



  • Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse for Satan to invite you to date. 
  • This is also the perfect excuse to cook for you and be all romantic, without fearing his brother’s judgments. 
  • You accepted his invite and got cute matching cups for you two, with a bit of chocolate to melt in it. 
  • Satan is very pleased with your present. 
  • His very fancy dinner is the present to you, and you are more than happy about it. 
  • Satan is extra thoughtful the entire time, he cooked all of your favorite foods and dessert. 
  • It’s a very nice and very romantic dinner. 
  • In the end, Satan offers to bring you to your room. 
  • It’s in the same building but you accept his offer. 
  • Satan holds your hand on the way. 
  • Then he kisses you for the first time. 
  • It feels very special to you both.



  • He loves this day. 
  • Even when all the chocolate is a bit much and he often gives most to Beel. 
  • Since otherwise, he would get all fat. 
  • You know this very well and decide to give him a homemade card and a little self-made keychain. 
  • You know that valentine’s day is a day for him to celebrate love with whomever he feels like it. 
  • So naturally, he has planned a gigantic party. 
  • Of course, you are a VIP guest for him. 
  • Asmo is thrilled when you arrive. 
  • His eyes sparkle when he sees your gift. 
  • You put much thought into what he would like and the keychain is just so adorable. 
  • He gives you a big hug and then gives you a single rose. 
  • It’s very sweet of him.
  • Then you drink, dance and just enjoy the party. 
  • Asmo is pretty busy being the host but you never feel lonely. 
  • You also get to meet many interesting demons. 
  • At the end of the night, Asmo is pretty tired but happy. 
  • You feel the same way and just wind down with him. 
  • It’s very nice to just relax together. 
  • You casually play with his hair, something that he only lets you do. 
  • Asmo just smiles at you and then hands you a card. 
  • It’s obviously hand made. 
  • This is so sweet to you, you didn’t expect this at all. 
  • With a big smile you give him a kiss and Asmo blushes and then asks for one more with a goofy smile.



  • You make him a whole bunch of chocolate, figuring he would share with Beel. 
  • He thinks it’s waay too much but claims every single piece of it for himself. 
  • You think it’s pretty sweet. 
  • Then he sees that each of the chocolates is star-shaped. 
  • His eyes just light up. 
  • Belphie is so happy about it he can barely hold himself back. 
  • He then admits that he tried to make you chocolate but it just wasn’t working out. 
  • So instead he customized a pillow for you. 
  • It has some very cute patterns on it and it’s also very soft and comfortable. 
  • Belphie tells you that now you will think of him whenever you sleep or cuddle the pillow. 
  • Only to then say that you should just cuddle him instead. 
  • You only ruffle his hair as an answer. 
  • Belphie complains about that for a good second and then invites you to a date with him. 
  • You agree of course. 
  • Belphie brings you to a coffee shop. 
  • It’s unusual for him, knowing how much he loves the planetarium. 
  • Belphie explains that they have this special couples meal here that he wanted to try with you. 
  • This is very sweet of him. 
  • The meal is very romantic, it’s a bit embarrassing if you are being honest. 
  • Belphie seems equally embarrassed by the countless heart-shaped items. 
  • Despite this, the date is very nice. 
  • In the end, Belphie holds your hand and kisses you on the cheek. 
  • You then kiss him on the lips. 
  • He hums and demands more kisses. 



  • This man gets every imaginable gift for Valentine’s day. 
  • It’s so bad that he almost outlaws the whole day. 
  • He only doesn’t do it since that would also mean no gift from you. 
  • So instead the gifts just pile up. 
  • Meanwhile, you ponder about what to even get him. 
  • Lucifer has too much of everything. 
  • Of course, you make him a bit chocolate and a nice card but it’s just not enough in your opinion. 
  • You think about giving him something unusual like a record or maybe something useful. 
  • Then you decide to gift him a song, well a song played by you. 
  • Of course, you would never be able to play as good as the music on his records but you hope that he appreciates the effort you put into this. 
  • Lucifer spends the day in his room, which makes it extra easy to find him. 
  • Lucifer seems exhausted when he opens the door but he still smiles for you. 
  • You want to make sure that he gets some rest at least and just hand him the chocolate and card. 
  • Lucifer smiles brightly at both items. 
  • He was looking forward to your gift. 
  • Lucifer asks you to come inside and join him for some tea. 
  • You join him and talk about a few things. 
  • Lucifer then hands you a small gift box. 
  • Inside you find a necklace that looks very beautiful and very expensive. 
  • It’s too much for Valentine’s day. 
  • You almost want to decline the gift but Lucifer seems to sense your intentions and tells you how much you have helped him and that this is only a small part of his gratitude towards you. 
  • You can’t quite decline the gift now. 
  • Then you remember the other gift you prepared for him and ask Lucifer if you could play a song for him. 
  • Lucifer wants to hear it of course. 
  • So you play the song and Lucifer listens to it very closely, like it’s the most beautiful song he has ever heard. 
  • He looks so happy when you are done. 
  • Lucifer gives you many compliments. 
  • It makes you feel very good. 
  • Your efforts truly paid off. 
  • At the end of the day, Lucifer gives you a good night kiss. 


Obey me! Masterlist

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Star crossed Lovers


Fucked around with a new app

Did a lil thingy

Kind proud?

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Not me being sad because I didn’t get smooches in this valentines event - FROM ANYONE NOT EVEN THE GHOST!

This is solomare telling me I’m truly alone, I can feel it my bones

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Hello yes, if you think the boys are straight and that MC is for sure a girl you are in fact

A clown

The entire circus

Not a single brain cell

They’re all bi/pan and MC can be any gender the reader wishes.

Also there’s more than 2 genders.

Homophobia and transphobia isn’t sexy Rebecca.

- Signed, The Gays

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