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the-scythes-pen · 2 days ago
Their Dirty Secrets (Brothers x Reader)
The brothers, to remind all of you, are demons. Demons are known for... not exactly being truthful. Usually manipulative, malicious, secretive, etc.... and while our beloved boys are most definitely not that- they are still demons.
Canonically, they give into temptation very easily.
Theres more to these boys then what they lead on.
Warnings: heavy invasions of privacy, slight manipulation in Asmo's section, somnophilia in Satan, Beel, and Belphie's sections. Non-con in Belphie and Beel's.
Lucifer had cast a spell on the full length mirror in your room. It happened when he became furious with you one night- and he wanted to ensure he knew about all your little plans and going-ons with his brothers. How dare you think you could "fix" his family.
You, of course, never found out about this spell he cast. It essentially worked as a one way mirror, with the entirety of your room projected onto anywhere he wanted to watch you from- usually his D.D.D or the mirror in his own room.
But as time went on, and things happened... he did eventually stop using it, and in time, completely forgot about it. He never intended to use it to invade your privacy, but...
It was evident one night that you smelled... different. Human smells were such weird scents. He could tell you were shifting a little too much; you had a light blush on your cheeks throughout dinner, and you seemed to be absorbed in your own world. And when he remembered about the one way mirror, he went back to his room to see if you were alright- that was all he intended to do.
But when he saw you get on your bed and shove your hand down your pants, he couldn't help himself. He stood there, transfixed on you as he folded his arms over his chest. He watched you like a hawk- watched you pleasuring yourself.
And if you had found yourself imagining Lucifer on top of you- if you had found yourself moaning his name for whatever reason.... well, you have him to thank for that. After all, nobody would be finding out about this little secret, so why shouldn't he use a little bit of his demonic power to indulge you in what fantasies you really wanted?
Mammon has, in the past, been known to jack off. Lucifer knows it, Levi knows it, Belphie knows it... hell, even Diavolo knows it. Asmo still to this day teases him about it.
But Mammon eventually grew out of that little phase of his- that was until you popped in.
Months into your stay in the devildom, and you had passed out on his shoulder during a movie. Once said movie was over, he refused to wake you up, and instead picked you up to place you on your bed.
Before that, however, he made sure to put your RAD clothes away for you- opening your dresser drawer only to immediately blush when he saw all of your underwear lined up neatly.
Mammon, unfortunately, is also known to steal things. See where I'm going with this?
He really couldn't help himself. Your underwear were right there infront of him... how was he suppose to resist? They were practically begging The Great Mammon to be taken!
And so he did. He shoved a pair into his pocket, before swiftly putting your clothes away and leaving you to sleep.
When he got to his room, he couldn't help himself. While your panties may have only smelled like fresh laundry- you had still worn them. And merely having these in his possession was driving him insane.
For a moment, he considered how much Grimm he might be able to sell them for- but he swiftly dismissed this thought, in favour of keeping them all to himself.
He didn't do much with the panties after stealing them. Simply tossing them in his bedside drawer and forgetting about them.
That was until, he had a particularly fun dream about you. God, he was so obsessed with you, he couldn't help but wake up so achingly hard.
And with practiced motions, he grabbed his cock and started pumping- that was until his head happened to turn and spot your panties lying there in his open bedside drawer.... and he had a wonderfully sinful idea.
He came all over the inside of your panties, right where your lips would touch the cloth. The thought of him filling you up with his cum, having it spill into your panties as you were forced to walk around with it inside of you.... that thought alone nearly made him instantly hard again.
He admired his work, before tossing them off somewhere in his room and falling back asleep. The next morning he started to feel bad about it all- stealing it, then cumming in it... and while he did feel bad, he also.... absolutely loved the idea of you wearing panties he's cummed in.
So, he washed them, then returned them to their respectful drawer when you were out... only to end up stealing another pair to do it all over again.
.....at this point, any new underwear you get, Mammon already knows about them. And also- he's gone through all of your underwear at least twice over. He may or may not have 'accidentally' used any you've bled into from your period quite a few more times then the rest.
Sweet, Sweet Leviathan. Not even he is safe from his demonic needs.
He ended up lending you a blanket during a long gaming night one time, and you got your normie human scent so deeply ingrained in the fabric.... you had wrapped it around yourself like a cocoon- it wasn't your fault his room was so damn cold!
But once you had left very early in the morning, he took back his blanket to find your scent heavily lingering.... and you can safely say he didn't wash that blanket until your scent was completely gone from it. And even then, he washed it only to practically force it onto you so he could have your scent on it again.
All because he just loves smelling your human scent as he fucks himself. Wrapping the blanket around himself as he pumps his cock, pretending he's absolutely buried inside of you.
He's definitely cum multiple times into the blanket as it's been wrapped around his cock.
On occasion, he'll "loan" you the blanket, hoping that you'll get even more of your scent on it as you sleep. He gets excited just thinking about it possibly wrapped around your hips, thighs, your core....
There was one time you came on it- you couldn't help it... you felt so unbearably horny all of a sudden! And you made a mess all over the blanket as you pleasured yourself to the thought of Lucifer pounding into you; promptly falling asleep almost immediately after your release. When you woke up the next morning, you barely remembered what happened the previous night, and returned the blanket to Levi without a second thought.
Levi didn't know the details, but all he knew was that you did cum on it. He could smell it- so deeply ingrained into the fabric, and he was ecstatic. He slept with that blanket- with his face buried in that spot every night for a month.
He took immense pleasure in cumming on the very same spot you did. And after he washed the blanket, he just gave the blanket back to you to scent for him.
Satan's plan had worked! Blamed for something you had no part in, Lucifer had strung you up just like he usually did with Mammon, opting to give you a taste of what could happen should you continue to act like his brothers.
And so, the blonde was quite thrilled to see you hanging by chains in the library- awkwardly dangling slightly above him, but definitely not out of his reach. Perfect.
Satan then offered to help you out- to place a spell on you, to put you to sleep for the duration of your punishment.
You swiftly agreed, feeling the pangs of hunger from your missed lunch gnaw away at you.
And so, you were swiftly put into a dreamless sleep, Satan admiring your powerless body before getting to work.
First, a beautiful pink collar. He locked it around your neck with a snap, before popping on a pair of cat ears to your head and attaching a cute little tail to the back of your pants.
Oh, how Satan loved seeing you like this. His little kitten. So perfectly presented and dressed up for him.
He stripped you of your shirt, and huffed as he had to make due without your tail because of the loss of your pants. That left you in only your bra and underwear, much to his enjoyment.
He took a moment to admire you, his cock starting to strain in his pants as he stared a little too long at the black panties that separated your core from the air. He was so close to tearing them off you just to get a better look.... but he denied himself.
Instead, out came his D.D.D, snapping pictures at different angles, making sure to get the cat ears in some shots, and to pin the tail onto your underwear for others.
He wanted to dress you and leave now, but his cock was aching just being close to you- being able to smell your scent so purely and so close up.... he couldn't help himself.
He stroked himself for quite a few minutes before he came into his hand, and as he came down from his high he placed a chaste kiss to your clothed cunt, before working to clean his hand and then clothe you.
Asmodeus loves to tease you. Lucifer knows it, you know it, Mammon knows it, everyone knows it. And once Asmo made a pact with you- he was all over you.
Just looking at you turned him on in all the right ways. And while he was disappointed his powers didn't work on you, he didn't only have his charm power to use on you.
He was fine with how things were for a while, however. But it was taking you so long to get horny! To indulge yourself in his sin (he would be able to tell from your pact with him)!! So he took matters into his own hands.
It was so easy. All he had to do was slip some magic into your plate of food at dinner- really, he could hardly contain himself! He wondered what you would sound like- how heavenly the scent of your intense arousal would be.
He watched with a grin as you shifted uncomfortably; a blush dusting your cheeks. He knew his plan had worked.
He followed you to your room after dinner, placing his ear at the door to ensure everything was going according to plan. And it sure was. He could hear clothing rustle, smell the arousal dripping from your heat, and most importantly- your breathy moans.
That was all he wanted. Was for you to indulge yourself. To succumb to lust- even just once! And he was content to listen for a few moments. To savour every delicious moan, every lewd squelch and shifting of bed springs.
And eventually, with a smile on his face, he walked back to his room to give himself a bath. He knew now that you were ready for him- that you were even more connected with him then before, and he knew that you'd soon be coming to him begging him to give you such a wonderful night in his bed and in his arms.
Beelzebub, admittedly, isn't all that sexual. He doesn't think much of it, nor does he partake in anything.
However, things changed one day when Lucifer was particularly angry with everyone. You, who had participated in a prank with the Anti-Lucifer league, and Beel himself with eating the entire contents of the kitchen- as well as the plates.
You, unfortunately, had found yourself tied up in the library, with nobody else around to be with you.
And Beel was wandering around aimlessly- intensely starving due to the barrier Lucifer had put on the kitchen door.
Nobody else was out and about- nearly everyone was either being actively punished, or was in hiding from the intensely angry pride demon.
But when Beel had found you, his eyes lit up so magically. He came right up over to you, and he couldn't help but draw his nose into the crook of your neck. You smelled so good... he desperately wanted to take a nibble of you.
He peered at you, but your eyes didn't meet his. In fact, you seemed to be knocked out. Asleep.
His stomach growled, and his eyes hungrily dragged along your body, strung up so perfectly before him.
He wanted to take a bite right out of you, but he really didn't want to hurt you. So what could he do...?
His eyes came to your clothed sex, and in his hungry desperation, he mumbled an apology as he tore off your pants and underwear, barely needing to bend his knees to place his face right between your legs.
His tongue came out and took a long lick across your lips, and he shuddered at the taste. He needed more.
His hands came to grip your hips; you felt so perfect under his fingertips. His mouth latched onto your cunt, desperately dipping his tongue in and out of your entrance.
He flicked over your clit a few times as well, earning a shudder from your limp body. Oh, how he did like the way you moved. And he loved the way you tasted. You seemed to get so much wetter after he flicked your clit- so he did it again, earning himself even more slick to coat your beautiful pussy.
And Beel continued to eat you out as if you were the most divine meal in all the realms- and to him, you were. You were so deliciously perfect, and he couldn't help but love the way your body unconsciously shifted under his touch.
The chains clattered as your body was suddenly overcome with violent shakes- as Beel delightfully drank from you like his life depended on it.
And after your orgasm, he pulled away, his stomach no longer growling as he admired his work. Your thighs leaked with your arousal, and Beel's chin was coated in it.
He licked his lips, dressing you once more before heading off, completely content.
Belphegor had heard everything. Mammon sneaking into your room and coming out with fabric balled up in his hands. The way you pleasured yourself while moaning Lucifer's name, the curses you spoke quietly when you realized you'd cum on Levi's blanket... He heard Satan undressing you, found his twin eating you out shortly after....
And oh, Belphie was furious. Everyone else had had a bit of you. He could practically taste Lucifer and Asmo's magic rolling off of you, he could smell a faint hint of Mammon between your legs when he laid his head on your lap, he would angrily rip Levi's blanket off of you in favour of laying on top of you himself....
All his brothers had gotten to you before him. And he was pissed.
Lucifer and Asmo used their magic, so why couldn't he?
Oh, Belphie would take care of you. Late one night, he snuck into your room and put you into a deep sleep- one he was sure you wouldn't be waking from anytime soon.
He let you dream such delicious dreams as well; he let you see such vivid sights as dream-him fucked you so hard you could cry.
Meanwhile, he easily stripped you of your clothing, ditching your underwear and bra along with everything else. Finally, he got to see, smell, touch and taste what should have always been his- this is much farther then any of his brothers had gotten.
He was swift to rub fast circles into your clit, an evil grin on his face as he watched you squirm in your sleep. He suckled on your nipples, stuck his thumb into your mouth, and eventually shoved a couple fingers past your folds.
He loved the way your body naturally responded to him, his magic was so perfect for this kind of thing- and he was sure now that this wouldn't be the only time he'd do it.
After he made sure he got you wet enough, he pulled out his hard cock and dove right in, pounding into you with reckless abandon as he chased his own high.
You were perfect- so tight and so wet for him...
He couldn't help himself, and he came deep within you. He shot rope after rope of thick, creamy cum, he was sure you were full to the brim.
Its something he smiled about as he pulled out and watched his seed drip past your folds, delighting in the thought of you waking up from the best sleep you've had in your life to discover that someone had used you. Would you be mad? Scared?
The sadist in Belphie was absolutely delighted. He wouldn't have had this night end any other way- and he was sure he'd be back soon.
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boozye · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I said I'd do it.
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devilllain · a day ago
Mermay with Simeon
Tumblr media
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trashy-corvian · a day ago
Can I marry your pfp.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
please, don't look back, there are another 4 behind you
but for real tho, thank you that's sweet^^
also i used you ask as a motivation to finish this wip
version without text\lineart under
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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laurieelaurel · a day ago
obey me characters where they accidentally hurt mc and at first they think "this is bad but mc will understand its an accident right?" then mc starts ignoring them, so they panic but turns out mc wasnt ignoring them, they were just out...mc-ing??
You're not mad, are you?
brothers x gn!mc
Warnings: none, kind of crack-y?
Brothers accidentally hurt Mc, and they've been ignoring them for the past day now. Clearly they must be giving the silent treatment, and now they're on a mission to clear things up before it gets worse!
(I'm assuming you meant hurt as in hurting their feelings)
Guess who's saddled with paper work againnn
Poor man stressed out of his mind, gets annoyed and lets slip a few choice words when you tease him a bit
In hindsight, he knows he shouldn't have lashed out at you, but surely you knew he didn't mean it
So then why did you run off? to get his attention?
Fine. Suit yourself. He doesn't need you here anyways.
Except that's a lie because it's not 9 pm and you're still not home and he's pacing around his office waiting for you
Finally goes off to find you himself a quarter past 10 because it's not about the argument anymore - being alone past nightfall is dangerous!
Finds you hanging out with a group of friends in the park, cooing at the hell cockatoos
Your friends see him approaching and quickly assure you it's fine to leave early
With an awkward goodbye to your friends you're left face to face with Lucifer
Neither of you are sure what to say, but Lucifer goes first with a rather out of character apology
You're not exactly sure what he's apologizing about and he can see that
Actually loses his composure there for a second, but manages to play off his confusion to tell you it's almost midnight
Studies you like a hawk the whole walk back
Can't find a single hint that you were ever upset
Playing 4d chess against himself as he tries to probe you about how you feel about what he said earlier in the evening
Might have a poker face on but on the inside he's having a crisis here
Were you upset?? Cause you don't look upset??? But then why would you leave randomly like that??? Do you just like feeding birds???
You get a text from Lucifer about picking some papers up from RAD
You were with Mammon at the time and you tell him you needed to go
Your stupid tsundere boyfriend doesn't want you to go, but he obviously won't say it outright
"W-well, don't even think about comin' back then!" he blurts out
Panics immediately after because oh crap you actually left?
Sends a few texts trying to play it cool a couple of minutes later but he is the farthest thing from cool rn
You see them, but only roll your eyes at his overly pompous messages
You definitely know
Being left on read isn't the end of the world Mammon...
So so so obvious to read - one glance over at him and all of his brothers can see he's had a fight with you
Lucifer pities him and drops some subtle hints that you're not actually gone
The others just sit back and roll their eyes at this moron (Asmo told you later on about his little freak out)
You get home an hour later, have a nice bath and when you get up to grab dinner you're immediately met with Mammon at the door
"I left for less than an hour you know"
Mutters something about not missing you at all despite having stood unmoving outside your door for the past 15 minutes
Clears his throat before stuttering out an apology
It's very genuine
The only problem is you've got no idea what he's apologizing for?
So you accept the apology not thinking much about it
Follows you around like a lost puppy for the rest of the week
He noticed you trying to get his attention but it can wait right? Just give him a couple more seconds - You know you can't pause multiplayer games right??
It's not like Levi ever made it a habit of choosing his games over hanging out with you
And you're usually content with watching him go at it while you aimlessly scroll through devilgram
Levi's just been obsessed with the DevilKart Ruri-chan crossover for the past 2 days
To put it quite bluntly, anyone would get sick of racing games if they had to watch them for longer than a couple hours at a time
So you just went out to get some fresh air
A couple of rounds later, Levi is panicking bc where the hell did you go Mc??
assumes you left because he wasn't paying attention to you
Would like to bury himself in his bathtub and not come out for another decade in shame
But he's resolved himself to find you and beg for forgiveness before that
Finds you chilling out in the garden
You see him awkwardly shuffling towards you out of the corner of your eye
Almost jumps out of his skin when you wave at him
He's like 20 feet away from you at this point but he just blurts out his apology
Please don’t just stare at him like that and answer him it’s taking all of his being not to combust on the spot
You feel really bad for some reason asking him what he was apologizing for because now you’re both flustered
You’ll both be fine, though Levi might need some more encouraging words to get through his embarrassment
The literal avatar of wrath got angry who could have foreseen this
To be fair, he has spent literal centuries practicing keeping his emotions under control
In the heat of the moment he let out a few insensitive words when brushing you off
Goes off to brood in his own room
When he calms down, he notices you're not around
Sends a couple curt texts about talking again later but gets no response
Paces around nervously, acting almost Lucifer-esque, as it gets closer and closer to nightfall
A bit frustrated because he's already upset he lost his cool and now you're off giving him the silent treatment
Spends a bit too long debating wether or not to go and bring you home himself
Has just convinced himself to go bring you home when the door opens
Your eyes meet immediately and he’s already right next to you
asks “Can we talk?”
And your heart sinks because that’s one of the scariest things you can hear out of a significant other
You both go into the conversation extremely nervous
You mean he's been swallowing his pride to apologize over something you weren't even upset about?
MC you had better make up for this misunderstanding... yes some time cuddling by the fireplace will do
He knows very well that you've been avoiding him for the past few days
He also knows that this is most definitely an attempt to get his attention (tsk tsk, how basic of you MC!)
Well jokes on you, Asmo's not gonna chase after you!
Acts a tad bit too smug about the whole thing, just waiting to see you cave and take the initiative to approach him
Ooh the thought of you shyly tugging on his arm to get your attention has him smiling to himself already
Imagine his surprise when a week passes without much interaction between you two
He's getting ready to retire for the night, still hoping to see you seeking him out when he runs into one of his brothers instead
At first he was going to ignore them but then they mention you
instantly perks up at your name
Turns out you've been busy studying for the upcoming midterms (and the responsible asmo has not!!)
It takes him a second to realize how dumb it was for him to assume it was ever about getting his attention,,, he's ignored you for a week over this?
Literally bursts into your room to apologize
Turns out you didn't even notice his attempts to prompt a reaction out of you
why? Oh... yeah you were busy studying for those exams weren't you
Now I'm not sure how Beel's managed to hurt you but maybe he's just being worried over nothing
Once he's realized you've been ignoring him all day he's mulling over what he could've done wrong
Tries not to get in your way assuming you want some space
Cue the wistful glances from across the dining table
Any time you try to meet his gaze he averts his own, looking away in dismay
Honestly MC is starting to feel a bit ashamed they've made this cinnamon roll of a demon feel bad
It only takes a day for Beel to approach you about it, showing up at your door with his big ole puppy dog eyes
You're both sat down on your bed as he tries to tip toe around the issue
You try to save yourselves both the stress and try to bring it up yourself
please get this misunderstanding resolve asap
Once it's over and peace has been restored make sure to make up for the lost time you could've spent cuddling (and eating!)
He was only joking when he said you were being annoying
Well at least half joking
At first you laughed it off, being significantly more quiet the rest of the day
He swears he didn't mean to hurt your feelings and he thought you knew it was a joke but you've been awfully quiet since breakfast and you haven't answered his texts :(
Spends the entire day planning a whole ass apology
And a lot of the day resisting the urge to nap
But most of it deciding on his words
A bit nervous when you still haven't come back home seeing how it's so late out
Hears the door open and he knows all his brothers are in their rooms right now
Catches you trying to sneak into your room and you look absolutely exhausted
It hurts him to see you like this and he can't help but rush out an apology
Except you seem pretty nonchalant about the whole thing which is pretty odd considering you've been giving him the cold shoulder the entire day
Asks where you were, to which you tell him about the nice petting zoo you didn't know the devildom had
Why weren't you answering his texts? >> was out at the damn zoo
Why were you so quiet?? >> because I woke up early to get ready to go to the zoo??
Why do you look so tired??? >> because I was living my life out at the zoO????
"So you're not mad at me?"
"Never was?"
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · a day ago
Mammon: I swear on Goldie, if someone were to hold me very very tenderly I would break as a person.
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eternallydaydreaming2015 · 2 days ago
I'm sorry, what?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Need to check my budget (unless someone is ready to get me a ring)
Tumblr media
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neviixi · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
sometimes you just wanna *smoosh*
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insomniachox · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐄! 𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐬
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lorkai · a day ago
Belphie: Eventually, the universe will grow darker until black holes dominate the cosmos, and everyone and everything you’ve ever known will be sucked into the vast nothingness. No one will be left to observe this, no one left to care.
MC: This is why nobody invites you to their birthday parties.
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oracleact · a day ago
@usagi0004: beelzebub protecting you from harm in the human world.
first of all, thank you so much for this prompt because I’ve been thinking about it since you sent it last night and now I’m just overflowing with ideas about how this warm hearted demon would move to protect you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
beel is a thinker, his mind can run a million miles a minute. not in a bothersome way for him thankfully (depending on the topics he’s dealing with of course) but he tends to ponder on a lot of things rather than speaking his mind in the moment.
he could easily use his strength to ward off those trying to hurt you but he doesn’t like that solution. only if the people were to move first then his hand would come out in front of you - he takes the hit. apart from that, he doesn’t see a valid solution in lashing out in the beginning; he promises to protect you and that is what he’s going to do, meaning that you come first. whatever is dealt at you he will handle, not move forward with eyes blazing red at the start of these situations.
he does ready himself to change into his demon form so that he can tower over the people putting you at risk but quickly remembers that he’s in the human world here. he’ll get in trouble for using his demon form on a whim like that. if things continue to worsen for you he’ll most likely go to lucifer for help and advice or rather permission to take things up a notch in order to show the scumbags that the one who has your back could simply snap them in half.
you live in a cosy apartment on the outskirts of your childhood town. it has always had a nice atmosphere - there is a library right in the centre of town which is only a ten minute walk away from your apartment, there’s many independent bakeries that have your favourite treats - plus, you aren’t there much anyway since you spend most of your time in the devildom, so why move now when you’re still happy going back there when needed? returning to the human world to such a peaceful place is great, but the peace is momentarily broken when you are forced to pass the group of ridiculous high school bullies unfortunately.
that’s all they’ve ever been, bullies that have used your interests and time away without explanation against you. it’s rather confusing actually because why was all of that even points of mockery? that fact aggravated you more than anything; it didn’t overly upset you that much anymore but they made you immensely nervous nonetheless due to the things that have happened in the past.
“promise me that you’ll summon me there whenever you’re walking?” beel’s eyes were pleading, he wanted you to enjoy your time back in the human world and if that meant bringing a part of the devildom with you then he will be there.
“alright I promise, but you have to tell me if you’re in the middle of doing something - don’t just drop everything to come!” your comment was brushed off with a wink and a mutter of ‘yeah yeah fine.’ you shook your head at him and laughed, but your heart felt so warm. he really would drop everything, he has done so before and he will do it again forevermore.
today was a day that you needed beel by your side; he was there immediately. “it’s colder here than in the devildom right now, c’mere,” you shuffle closer to him and he wraps a fluffy scarf around your neck, then moves his hands to squish your cheeks. you exaggerate a silly face at him, both of you giggling in response. he places his hand in yours and together you begin walking into town.
natural conversation falls between you as it always does until you spot them - “that’s them, beel,” you say softly to him. the extra little squeeze you gave his hand was all it took for his protective instincts to take over him. he pulls you closer to his side as he narrows his eyes at the group ahead of you. they stare back at him with arched eyebrows, looking back and forth between each other as if to say ‘who the hell is that guy?’
beel fixes his posture to straighten his back and tilts his head up further. you watch in awe from beside him; this man really does care for you. you can feel it radiating from him. his focus doesn’t leave the group and they don’t try to make any further moves apart from shouting after you, something incoherent now that you’ve made it to the library entrance as it stands proudly in the middle of town.
“those little worms…” beel’s voice trails off, his face like thunder.
“worms?” you laugh at his comparison and he swiftly joins you.
“would you rather I said something worse?”
“well don’t you think it’s a bit offensive to worms, you know? they’re really cute.” you press against his torso and lean up as far as you can, him bending down slightly to match your height - he understood your intentions right away. you plant a light kiss on his cheek and when you pull away, you spot a soft pink dazzle appear on his face.
“thank you, beelzebub. I feel a lot safer when you’re here with me. you’re my knight in shining armour.”
he puffs out his chest playfully with a hand over his heart, “it is my pleasure and duty. now, instead of officiating my knighthood, how about we get some cupcakes?”
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the-scythes-pen · 2 days ago
Their Dirty Secrets is amazing! I love it! ❤
Ya got any dirty secrets for our local himbo Diavolo?
Also, the mirror thing with Lucifer, and the collar with Satan... uwu
Thank you for the feast!
OwO senpai noticed me- ahem.
I was planning on writing some for the dateables soon, but I can definitely write Diavolo now... ;)
Warnings: noncon, somnophilia, memory play(?)
Diavolo is no stranger to pleasing himself, or taking a succubus or two....
However, he's found that as he got older, he no longer cared enough to indulge himself
That was of course, until he saw you in that tight little RAD uniform, skirt almost too short on you....
It didn't affect him much at first, but as the year went on and he got to know you more...
Well, he started thinking about you more and more... looking at pictures of you taken by the RAD newspaper, or pictures posted on Devilgram....
At first, this was enough for him. He was ok just longingly looking at you... but his body wanted more.
Soon, he was imagining himself cumming all over your face, D.D.D in hand as he pumps himself with the other. But even this wasn't enough, eventually. And this is when he seeks out Asmo.
Not even Barbatos knows whats going on. This is a secret between him and Asmo- one that Asmo is soon going to forget.
Asmo easily agrees to "hook" the prince up, using his magic to make you unbearably horny, while Diavolo ensures you'll be busy all day long helping him with various tasks...
The prince indulges in your aroused scent, and enjoys the teasing touches he can sneak while you're distracted.
As night falls, he lets you stay over at the castle- because suddenly you feel too exhausted to go back home. Diavolo makes sure you'll be sleeping for a long time- more like in a coma rather then sleep, and only he can wake you from it.
And with some lingerie that the prince had picked out (with help from Asmo), he uses his own magic to slip it on you, and he takes a few moments to appreciate your bare body, clad only in the quite revealing red and gold lingerie fit for his princess.
He can't help but admire you, his hands skimming over every inch of skin to memorize you completely, his fingers slipping past your soaked folds to memorize your insides as well.
Thanks to Asmo's magic, you're more then prepared to take him right off the bat- and Diavolo wastes no time sliding his cock deep within you, and ravaging you until he's pumped you full of seed multiple times over.
Oh, but thats not all. He can't help himself- he spurts load after load onto your body, covering you in thick, creamy cum. His cum. And oh, he couldn't be happier. He takes a few pics with his D.D.D before lovingly cleaning you up, and returning you to how you once were.
Of course, this is only the first time he takes you- there are a few... other times, where he invites you over to the castle and, oddly enough, a few hours of your time there are missing from your memories. Walking back home, you find your hips are sore and you feel oddly empty....
And, to top it all off, ever since you started regularly visiting the prince, occasionally you'll come home to find a box placed in the center of your bed. Opening it reveals beautiful, elegant, comfortable underwear- anything from bras to panties to full lingerie sets. You assume it's from Asmo, but why he was giving this to you in secret, you had no clue.... also, was it just you, or was all your old underwear starting to go missing?
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boozye · a day ago
Tumblr media
You could say I got lucky :^)
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devil-mage · 18 hours ago
What I’m getting from this event is that in the event of a pregnant spouse going into labor, Mammon wins first place for losing every ounce of composure he might have had and freaking tf out.
Levi in second place, Asmo in third.
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aruxn · 10 hours ago
Mammon "saving" mc from being hitted on, CUTE
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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betta-phish · a day ago
Tumblr media
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · a day ago
All the brothers should see a therapist but for some reason I feel like Mammon and Satan would be the first ones to do it.
Like, Lucifer is too proud to admit something is wrong, Levi thinks it's a joke, Asmo thinks he's generally perfect, Beel doesn't want to think something is wrong (and if there is something wrong he doesn't know where to start), Belphie knows there's a problem and generally pushes it aside.
But Mammon and Satan? I feel like they'd take a different angle.
Mammon goes as a spiteful/joke thing at first but then realizes he can be a better partner to MC if he sticks with it. Plus he realizes that he's being heard and acknowledged.
Satan goes because of his anger issues and knows an analytical approach is the smartest route. He wants to be less of a destructive force and makes strides to be better.
They all gotta go eventually but I just think Mamz and Satan would first.
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eternallydaydreaming2015 · 2 days ago
When Asmo is really pissed off
Tumblr media
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So I don’t know the canon on this, but I like to think that Cerberus in the Obey Me universe is definitely Lucifer’s dog, but he’s also sort of the family dog.
At least, according to Lucifer.
Now, Cerberus is definitely, 100%, Lucifer’s dog. So, on the weekly chore calendar, I’m sure Lucifer has already signed himself up for most of that feeding. Cerberus is his dog, his responsibility, he will feed the dog.
But it’s such an obvious punishment to make his brother’s do it. Especially Mammon. Bro gambles away some antique desk Lucifer liked and set that boy up for a month of feeding the dog. Mammon swears that’s how he got that tiny sliver of a scar near his wrist. He’s like “that dog is nasty. That dog is ugly. MC stay away from that dog”
(You will not, in fact, stay away from the dog.)
So yeah definitely, but I also thought how Lucifer maybe hoped that it would endear his brothers to Cerberus too? Like that Dad thing where they make you do a chore you hate in the hopes that you’ll see how important it is that you learned how to do it when you’re an adult? Not sure how often that one works, but I find it rarely does. Exhibit A: the boys.
But I’d like to think Cerberus knows them by smell fairly well. All of them really, not one boy can keep himself out of trouble. Not one boy can go three days without starting, causing, or saying shit. So they’ve all been on dog feeding duty
And I imagine any dog loving MCs or MCs who specifically have cool headcanons about MC having a new big, three headed doggo to adore, will definitely want time on the chore wheel for feeding the dog.
Which surprises Lucifer!! He’s like “MC, Cerberus is under my care, thus it is imperative that I feed him.”
And MC is like “Yeah yeah, whoppedy do, you let the other boys do it”
“They seem to think it’s some kind of punishment to have to feed him—“
“Cool, so it’s a punishment then?”
MC just walks over to the nearest table and knocks a vase to floor
Looks at Lucifer
“Alright, there. Punish me daddy”
Lucifer of course let’s them feed Cerberus if they’re that interested, far be it from him to stop them.
(He does punish them for breaking the vase by reimbursing him for it. “What? Or it’s not that expensive. Something like 2,736 Grimm give or take? Oh no, don’t worry, I don’t expect you to have it today….but I’ll give you a month because you’re family.”)
And MC bonds with doggo! Because of course MC bonds with doggo! Playing fetch! Tummy rubs! Sicing him on their enemies! The works!!
And the rest of the boys are horrified!!! “No! MC! You don’t know what you’re doing!! It’s a monster!!”
MC, scratching the back of one of six floppy ears, “this is my dog and I love him and you’re just a bunch of weenies”
So, after such insults, they have to go near Cerberus to prove themselves to MC. And when Cerberus starts growling, the boys freezing in place, MC rubs the head of the one who’s growling like “shhhh, shhhh, you’re okay, it’s okay.”
And helps gently guide Cerberus into familiarizing the boys’ scent more, showing the boys that Cerberus does know them!! But the brothers get twitchy and nervous, because this is a big dog that they have not integrated well with in the past.
And Cerberus’s instincts don’t take well to skittish, erratic behavior!!! Cerberus can smell that they’re afraid and animals can attack first in fear that they need to strike and get away. The boys make him just as nervous
But like MC guiding them into it, and Lucifer watches it and takes notes of how MC does it, how MC shows them how to read Cerberus and tell when he’s getting agitated and why.
And Lucifer knocks on their door and is like “I need to know how to do that”
“I’ve seen you with Cerberus, you obviously can read him”
“I don’t know how to explain that to my brothers.”
And MC ponders this and starts suggesting things they’ve noticed about the boys. If you have an MC that focuses on learning styles, they can tell him what they know on how to talk and tutor the boys based on how they’ve studied with each of them. Maybe you have an MC who is generally observant and has tips on how they think he could set up dog and brother interactions that could work for everyone involved.
Maybe they even schedule times MC could come in and do defense in case things go wrong (a Bad combination of Satan, Lucifer, and Cerberus doggo time could end catastrophically if that fire isn’t extinguished fast.)
And Lucifer starts really having Cerberus….be the family dog. And everyone is a little easier around this dog that they feel more comfortably hanging around and spoiling and petting. And Cerberus is a lot calmer and generally more loving and protective of the whole family. And he’s still a monster of uncontrollable nightmares, but now he can get tummy rubs from everyone when it’s their turn to feed Cerberus.
Because its no longer a punishment, it’s a reward.
“If, and only if, you all behave, you don’t have to lose the rights to feed Cerberus for a month. Do I make myself clear?”
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polyphemusacosmist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
now that is Very Harsh
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