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Thank you for your ask!! I took a while to write this one; sorry for the wait! I wanted to make sure each one felt complete enough for a subject as important to me as this :) Love wins!!!


  • When faced with this issue, Lucifer finds himself very conflicted.
  • You should be going home.
  • He knows, deep down, the Devildom is no place for a human.
  • The fact that you need a chaperone everywhere you go is reason enough to send you away.
  • The residents of this place see you as less than human- the phrase makes his lips quirk upwards with amusement.
  • Maybe less than demon would be more accurate, even if its… horribly true.
  • Does being human make you lesser?
  • Those are questions he never lets himself contemplate for long.
  • Regardless of who you are or what you mean, he knows that, to him, you can be described by a few simple words:
  • You’re his everything.
  • And if that means sending you away to keep you safe…
  • He considers your safety versus your happiness. His joy versus your life.
  • What is most important?
  • When it comes down to it, he doesn’t care who you are attracted to or who you love.
  • (Well… he hopes its him. After all, from what you’ve been through together…)
  • He discusses it with Diavolo on end.
  • The Devildom’s Prince has his own opinions on what his best and what should be done.
  • Opinions that Lucifer can’t bring himself to agree with.
  • He would almost turn to his brothers for their opinions.
  • Their help.
  • But he just- he can’t abandon his pride that much.
  • He can do this alone.
  • He’d buy you the entire world - fighting for it tooth and claw - if that was what you wanted.
  • And if what you want is him? The Devildom and all its darkness?
  • Then you’ll never leave.
  • Because, remember, darling, what his pact signifies.


  • Looking back, Mammon knew with each passing day that the end of the exchange was coming.
  • Closer.
  • Sooner.
  • Each day was one more day gone.
  • He couldn’t afford to think about it.
  • If he did, then- he would end up crying himself to sleep, muffling his tears in his pillow so no one would ever know.
  • He didn’t want you to leave, damnit!
  • He lo-
  • He… uh… well, you’re his human, you see!
  • That means he should… he should be at your side.
  • And to make it worse, it’s not like you have anything good to be returning to.
  • Why would you want to go home to a family who doesn’t accept you?
  • Why would Lucifer make you go?
  • Why, when here in the Devildom- were demons who… would give you the world.
  • But day by day, the date drew closer.
  • And finally, it was looming.
  • One final night.
  • Had a whole year really passed?
  • It felt like he’d just met you yesterday.
  • And yet, looking into your eyes, he also found it hard to believe you hadn’t always been here.
  • Hard to believe this time tomorrow you wouldn’t be.
  • He sat with you in the darkness, considering that, and then laid his heart bare.
  • “Run away with me, MC,” he rasped in the shadows.
  • “If you can’t go home and they won’t let you stay, then run away with me. Let’s run and not look back.”


  • You were playing games, and it was 3 AM when the dreaded thoughts began to creep in.
  • “Hey, Levi… can we pause for a moment?”
  • You ask the question softly over the headset, and you hear the grunting from the other side of the call as he kills one last foe and then hits the pause key.
  • The Avatar of Envy seems slightly irritated.
  • He’d been like that since the beginning of the night, when you’d opted to stay in your own room and play on a call with him rather than visit him directly.
  • You begin to explain what’s bothering you.
  • You don’t want to go home, and that’s why, and you feel better here, but…
  • Levi interrupts you.
  • “Then don’t leave.”
  • He sets the words as though it’s… simple.
  • As he starts up the game again, you frown and think that…
  • Well, maybe it is.


  • He listens patiently to what you have to say.
  • He’s not one to interrupt before he knows the full situation.
  • But by the time you’re done- by the time you’re on the verge of crying and he can see how upset you are…
  • He knows what he wants.
  • But you need to figure out what you want.
  • Clearly there’s a part of you that wants to go back, he points out.
  • There has to be, if this is tearing you up so much.
  • When you insist you don’t want to go back- that what you want the most is to stay…
  • He just says, “Then stay here.”
  • Silence.
  • Is it that simple?
  • No, of course not.
  • You feel familiar anger flair, knowing the Avatar of Wrath’s presence is feeding it.
  • Why does he always pretend like everything is easily solved?
  • It’s NOT!
  • You’re furious, and you can’t ignore that… somehow, his plain bluntness is refreshing.
  • Satan reaches out, taking one of your hands.
  • He goes on to explain all he knows.
  • What could happen if you stay.
  • What could happen if you don’t.
  • If you spend the rest of your life in the Devildom, you might never go to the Celestial Realm.
  • He is not shy about the fact he would have no problem with you staying here.
  • “I want to stay,” you whisper. “I just don’t know how. Humans aren’t supposed to-”
  • You break off, because the blonde demon has sunk to one knee.
  • His eyes gleam, and theres amusement as well as affection, as though he is telling you this is his last resort and first choice at once.
  • “Then marry me, MC.”
  • “Marry me, and stay.”


  • Of all the brothers, Asmodeus might understand… the very most.
  • And at the same time… not at all.
  • Asmo isn’t shy about his sexuality.
  • He’s never had any shame bringing home men or women or people who are neither or both.
  • People are beautiful, and there is kindness in the world if you’re willing to look for it.
  • He understands.
  • Scrap being the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus is practically the God of the Gays.
  • He tries his best.
  • And he promises he will always, always be here for you if the people who should be aren’t.
  • But he might also… be a bit overly optimistic.
  • Asmo’s brothers have always been nothing but accepting to him, even if sometimes they’re relentless jackasses.
  • He doesn’t know what it’s like to…
  • To fear you won’t have a place to call home, and just for.. being yourself.
  • He goes through the usual with you- LGBT+ resources, mostly.
  • “Don’t go home, then. I mean- go to the human world, darling, you need the sunlight to blossom, but you’re one of the strongest people I know. You can stand on your own two feet with or without them. And if things go badly… well,” he leans close to you and his lips brush across his pact mark, emblazoned on your skin. “You’ve always got an ace up your sleeve.”


  • When you express to Beel what is bothering you, he gets really upset.
  • He puts down his sandwich, pushing it away as though suddenly losing his appetite.
  • You’ve never seen him so… bothered.
  • He’s not angry or aggressive.
  • He’s just… sad.
  • If he knew he needed to make sure not to startle or scare you, he’d have smashed his hands down on the table.
  • “It’s AWFUL that people can judge someone like that- their own child- someone they should love more than anything… for something they can’t control.”
  • Beel is fuming.
  • Insectile wings buzz behind him and his eyes gleam with a devillish light.
  • It’s unusual for him to talk so much, but it’s… touching.
  • He cares about you just as much as any of the others.
  • He’s just not always the best at showing it.
  • Beel might not know much about what he can do to help.
  • How could he?
  • You’ll be going back to the human world.
  • He’s the sixth born, stuck in the Devildom.
  • And on top of that, he’s… loyal to Lucifer.
  • If Diavolo orders Lucifer and Lucifer orders his brothers, of course Beel would obey.
  • He doesn’t think he can make anything change.
  • He doesn’t have the power necessary to let you stay in the Devildom.
  • His first idea is to go to Lucifer.
  • If Beel can’t help, then the best chance is the first born.
  • Beel isn’t held down by Lucifer’s pride, either, so he has no issue with begging for help.
  • Especially when it comes to something as important as your happiness.


  • You’re laying on the planetarium floor when Belphegor when you decide to say it.
  • You come out to him, saying words you maybe haven’t said before. Whether you’re gay or bi or pan or anything else is irrelevant, really.
  • To some people you know, it has always been a problem.
  • To some people you know, all the options except the one you know you aren’t are wrong.
  • You’re not sure why it bubbled up so suddenly and why you had to say it, but something feels better now that you have.
  • The Avatar of Sloth struggles to raise his head, blearily blinking at you. “I know.”
  • “You know?”
  • “Of course I know. You wear flannel.”
  • The rest just- it spills out, before you can filter anything.
  • Your worries and fears and how much you don’t want to go back, because it really feels like there’s nothing waiting for you back in the human world.
  • Belphegor rolls closer to you and pulls you into a suffocating hug.
  • He’s quiet for a long time, and you’re practically sharing the same thoughts as you watch the stars blaze far overhead.
  • He is the youngest.
  • He is the weakest.
  • He can’t do much.
  • Both of you know it.
  • So instead he holds you so tightly that it hurts.
  • “I’m not letting you go anywhere, MC.”
  • The words are whispered against your hair.
  • Soft.
  • Reverent.
  • “If they won’t love you, then I will.”
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It’s not out yet but I’m so excited for Beel’s song 😆

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Fandom: Obey Me! 

Pairing: wolf!Lucifer x g/n! reader

Genre: smut 

Tags: consensual non-consent, knotting, predator/prey aspects, biting/ marking

A/n: I’m so glad i finished writing this, i don’t want it sitting in my drafts anymore 

Keep reading

60 notes

What scares me about Lucifer:

  • Black haired man that may shout at me

What doesn’t scare me about Lucifer:

  • Literal demon
  • Bitch could absolutely obliterate me if he wanted (kinda sexy)
  • I exist because he allows it
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Mc: Simeon told me I need to find a way to validate Luke’s work without swearing and saying “Lil dude that’s fuckin sick!”

Barbatos, about to take a sip of tea: I wish you luck

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Solomon: I have never lied to you, Mc

Mc: My B.S detector is going “DING!”

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Realized I had a Mammon outfit I hasn’t unlocked yet. I love it so much 😭

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Since I just finished watching Noblesse..

Have some Sof Blushie Luci in Rai Black outfit ✨💖


Gosh, that’s the sexiest lips I’ve ever drawn tbh💖💖 And that earring, ugh! It’s so cool I CANNOT not draw that!!

Anyways, this is my first decent digital art so I’m sorry if he’s kinda off.

Been thinking if I’ll draw Raizel in Luci outfit next time~~

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GN reader, romantic, soft, the pining… 

no time for a cohesive drabble/one-shot but here are some thoughts pls consider!! also i’m ignoring his canon comeback in this sry

  • Finally seeing him in the human world after such a long time caught you like a cool breeze which feels nourishing in your lungs and invigorating on your skin. You waited for this breeze for years. 
  • what a coincidence it’s the demon prince who you found a love like that in 
  • Yet you always wondered what you made him feel in return
  • The first reaction he got from you this time was a chuckle and an adoring gaze. His clothes matched his title but only you and a few others knew it didn’t match his true self under that facade. oh to explore more of that
  • You have no idea how you managed to be left alone with him when he arrived on his surprise visit but couldn’t complain even if you wanted to 
  • It doesn’t take a long time for him to initiate an embrace as a long-time-no-see greeting, the kind that’d make anyone feel like they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else 
  • He sure feels a warmth going through him but he is hesitant about it settling on him.  
  • gently working your hand under his coat which rests on his shoulder, making it slightly drop, but not completely. it is a metaphor. 
  • him smoothly guiding that hand of yours to his chest instead, you know where his heart is, just for a short moment. squeezing you closer to him then quickly letting go of you completely
  • whispering soft “missed you”s
  • both of you acting like none of this ever happened once the others return but at the same time both of you secretly yearn for more 
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the obey me characters and what song i think they’d play to confess their love for MC

(scroll down for a youtube playlist of all the songs!)

- Lucifer: Persephone by Tamino

- Mammon: Star by Bazzi

- Leviathan: Happiness by Rex Orange County

- Satan: The Words by Christina Perri

- Asmodeus: Would You be so Kind by Dodie

- Beelzebub: Best Part by Daniel Caesar

- Belphegor: Follow You by Bring me the Horizon

- Diavolo: Misfits by Shinedown

- Barbatos: Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine

- Simeon: Fallingforyou by The 1975

- Solomon: I Wanna be Yours by Arctic Monkeys

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