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locallucifersimp · an hour ago
Okay so I think Leviathan drinks energy drinks (Monster, Bang, etc.) so he can stay up all night and play video games.
Well obviously if he's drinking a lot of energy drinks, then he must taste like one, right??
Scenario: MC goes to his room to play some games, and like this man is just downing some cans of Monster. And MC, being the little curious child they are, will be all like "Hey, can I try some?"
Levi will be like "Sure, I have some in my mini fridge" (this man has a mini fridge now). But MC, being MC, will be like "Nah I want to try the flavor you have." And then they will kiss Levi and Levi will taste like a sweet energy drink.
MC will pull away, saying like "That flavor tastes good. Can I taste it again?"
And Levi will just be like shshdbhdhw
So yeah, that's for coming to my TedTalk
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burning-a-bible · an hour ago
Mammon x Reader
- You can interpret this as either romantic or platonic !
This extrovert doesn't like being alone. Unfortunately, always having someone by his side has proven to be rather difficult when every demon is either scared of him or has been scammed out of Grimm. There are the occasional wholesome familial moments with his brothers buuuut he also has to keep his defenses up which is exhausting at best. Of course, like any good friend you laugh at Mammon when he does something stupid and jokingly insult him HOWEVER he knows none of it is mean spirited. After all, you shower him affection! He never has to second-guess anything you do and this is precisely why he can be so clingy - you never let the mean words and thoughts to get to him. You give him reassurance without treating him as weak.
Mammon borderline NEEDS attention, so, every time he finds himself overwhelmed he comes to you - his safe space. You don't put any expectations on him which is why sometimes you find yourself running away from casinos and other times you are wrapped up in a warm snuggle watching a movie. Some of his favourite interactions with you are the mundane things like walking to school together or cleaning up after dinner.
He never realised how on edge he is all the time so having you around is like a breath of fresh air.
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inhuman-obey-me · 2 hours ago
15 - The Devil
Chapter warnings: None
Getting the Devil card in your reading shows that you have feelings of entrapment, emptiness and lack of fulfillment in your life. It might also mean that you are a slave to materialism and opulence and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to shake off the feeling of wanting to indulge. You might be aware that this kind of lifestyle is leading you down the rabbit hole, but you have that feeling of not having any form of control over your actions or urges.
Asmodeus stared longingly at himself in the mirror again. He was beautiful, right? Wasn't he flawless? His outfit was perfectly put together, accented by the perfect accessories, and his hair was perfectly done. He had a beautiful face and perfect body, and could charm anybody he wanted.
So why wasn't he popular enough? Why was he still so far behind on the Bloody Moon rankings?! Lucifer was effortlessly at the top, just as he always seemed to be, and yet Asmo was still struggling to even catch up to his gluttonous younger brother! And that was after he had recruited half the house into helping him put together a fabulous promotion video for DevilTube!
He reached over to refresh the video stats again, but it was no use. The views were still climbing steadily, but no faster than any of his usual videos.
Could Mammon have been right, for once? Was it because he was too focused on how he looked, rather than showing them what he was like on the inside?
But he was the Avatar of Lust, the embodiment of desire - he knew what people wanted! And people wanted to see beautiful things. He knew this, and what was he, if not beautiful? People wanted to see beauty, so beauty was what he would offer them.
And yet it didn't seem to be enough. Maybe his background needed to be more beautiful? Or maybe he needed some eye-catching props...? A nice wicked cupcake from Madam Devian's might help?
All he wanted was to win this damn popularity contest!
If he could prove that he was the most-loved demon in the Devildom, maybe he could finally prove that he was worth loving to the most important person in his life too.
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dontlooktoohard · 4 hours ago
Undateables React to an Aro/Ace MC
gn!reader  🌼 Well, the now dateables. Platonic Luke at the end as well. :)
-He’s very sweet and supportive of you but he has no idea what you’re talking about. You will have to explain everything to this man. -Once you do, however, he is very excited! Expect pride flag colors at every event now. Unfortunately even if you’re shy, Diavolo does not know how to chill. -His treatment of you doesn’t change all that much, unless you bring up specific things that you don’t like him doing. -This man just wants a friend and he thinks you’re super amazing no matter what. Please just invite him to the Pride Parade, let him be involved. -Worlds biggest ally. The other bonus is that with Diavolo on your side, no one would dare say anything.
-Frankly? Relieved. He’s a very reserved person to begin with, and he’s had people take his offer of friendship to mean something more. Knowing that won’t happen with you is very nice. -He’s kept you at a fairly professional distance, but now he invites you to join him when he has to go shopping or sometimes just for tea. -No one knows what happened to those demons who teased you once. Neither does Barbatos. Who? Never heard of them. -If you’re out to Diavolo, Barbatos is the only one who can reel him back in before he gets too excited. -You get to see a softer side to the stoic butler, and maybe he starts to use some of those human terms for himself. They seem fitting for him.
-He doesn’t know the words but he’s very familiar with the concept. He is not surprised, either. Living in a house of demons he’s seen the way you act around them. Still very happy you chose to confide in him. Humans have to stick together! -Asks if there’s anything he’s done that has made you uncomfortable, or if there’s anything he should not do going forward. Otherwise he doesn’t have many questions. -He has pacts with 72 demons and the Avatar of Lust, he knows what it’s like to be misconstrued in intention, so he comes to your defense if he hears anyone talking while you’re not around. -If you’re only out to him, then rest assured that the secret will not pass his lips. -Wants to make you a cake but can be persuaded to let Luke do it instead.
- :) That’s nice. -Honestly like an angel would judge you for being aro/ace. -If you have come out to the brothers and asked to be considered a sibling, Simeon will likely refer to you as one of them as well. “It’s never dull with your brothers around, is it?” -Very supportive of you if you’re nervous or worried about being out or coming out to the brothers. He’s a very good listener and more than a little moved that you trust him so much. -Not that you have to be aro/ace for it, but if you hang out with him he’ll be happy to tell you all the embarrassing Celestial Realm stories. -There is definitely an aro/ace character in TSL now. Not implied but explicitly stated. He never knew humans had a hang up with that sort of thing and he won’t let his work be a passive enabler of the attitude.
-Also relieved because he know those demons aren’t doing anything untoward. -Might be a bit awkward if you choose to be referred to as a sibling for the demons and he wiLL ask if he can be your brother, too, then. -Almost as bad as Diavolo though, and he will put pride flag colors on everything he bakes for you unless you ask him not to. -Excitedly tells you about Simeon’s TSL character before Simeon even gets the chance. -He’s willing to work with the brothers to get you fitting gifts. So. Many. Pride pins. But that’s okay! He helped Levi sew you a jacket to put them all on! Satan compliments your new look. You’re not sure if this is a good thing.
But no matter what, there is no shortage of support, and you know that you are loved. So very loved.
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radnewspaper · 4 hours ago
Belphegor: [gesturing to Beelzebub and MC] Whoa! You two are sleeping together?
Beelzebub: Only when we're done having sex.
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hinoopipsqueak · 5 hours ago
Here’s my MC, it’s kind of weird showing her without giving her a name. Any ideas??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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