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#obey me theory
sophieoflhant · 17 hours ago
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Me, trying to figure out Solomon's real age based on the few clues we have:
Tumblr media
["Analysis" under cut]
Sure, the easy answer would be to say that he's THE Solomon, but let's not forget that Obey Me!'s canon is very different from the Bible, Qur'An and Torah. Therefore, I highly doubt Solomon is the only character that stays mostly the same as the mythological version (the references to his legends might just be, well, cool references).
Solomon explicitly says in S3 he's more than 200 years old and stopped counting after that. He doesn't remember how old he is exactly.
Now. Lollipops have existed since a long time ago apparently, so him eating something similar to a lollipop would not be strange. Keeping this in mind, and the fact that the first official circus dates from ~1782, which is about 250 years ago, it is technically possible that:
1) If the people Solomon begged to take him to the circus were his parents (or legal guardian), Solomon himself was actually born around 10 years before then.
2) If the people Solomon begged weren't his parents/guardian, then we can imagine it was either a mentor, friend, lover (though the scene makes it unlikely), or the person Solomon mentions in S3 whom was special to him. At this point, he could be any age. While the second picture implies him being very young, we should keep in mind that Solomon lived close to the sea for a very long time, and that circus might not have been anywhere near his home (which would require him to be taken to a place with a circus since we can imagine he couldn't teleport back then).
3) The circus Solomon is talking about wasn't a circus as we imagine it. If we accept that the lollipop he mentions wasn't what we typically would call a lollipop nowadays, it is possible that Solomon is referring to an older type of circus, or a similar entertaining that MC wouldn't know. Did you ever had a talk with a friend and - so as to not confuse them - you oversimplify a thing (circus) that they're unlikely to know so you can talk about something vaguely related to that (lollipop) without giving necessary details? Well I did. Anyways, there were multiple types of entertainment in the Middle Ages in the world so it could be many things ranging from big shows to street artists performing (e.g. commedia dell'arte from the 16th century). What was previously mentioned in 1) and 2) about Solomon's age depending on the people he "begged" still stands.
4) Solomon was referring to the Roman empire type of circus. It's unclear what the lollipop would be exactly but it's possible there existed some sort of similar funky snack from that time period. The previously mentioned thing about his age still stands.
CONCLUSION: We still don't know how old Solomon is BUT evidence makes it a real possibility that he might actually be Italian. Or French, I guess. Have fun with your fanfics of Roman!Solomon and French noble!Solomon. Anyway, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk--
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pen-observing · 2 days ago
I just hope that if they do add new characters they will be definitive antagonists because the story needs it
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matsutakeworld · 2 days ago
So I had a doubt about Obey me!
In that I think in 14 lesson Mammon was angry at mc for using him to help Belphie
But MC didn't meet Belphie when they had made a pact with Mammon
And Mammon kinda got to know later that it was due to Levi's figurine so when he said MC used Mammon, MC had no clue that Belphie was going to tell them to make pacts
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Obey Me! and its "villains" (no spoilers)
this is mainly going to be my opinion. again, im also wondering what everyone else is thinking:
so far, people have already decided who the "villains" of obey me are. i dont want to mention spoilers but for the people who are far into the game, you'll know what im talking about.
i feel like at at least one point we've thought about who the villains of the story are, saying that they shouldn't have done that to the brothers, even to go so far as saying its their fault for what happened (to the brothers).
this is the part i want to talk about; are obey me's "villains" going to be just that, villains? or will we get to see their side of the story? will we get to sympathize with them? will we understand somewhat why they did what they did? like the promised neverland and my hero academia.
i adore stories where we get to see the villain's story, so i certainly hope that's the case, but at the same time i also wouldn't mind if it isn't.
"A villain is just a victim who's story hasn't been told."
- Chris Colfer, The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell (plz read the book, its amazing)
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Obey Me! What will happen in the future? (slight spoilers for lesson 60)
based on new lessons, many people are talking about the fact that there might be more exchange students, especially with Raphael himself being introduced (cliffhanger).
with this, there are also many opinions, theories, questions etc.
will they add a women to the harem?
will mc have competition?
is this a sign of simeon falling?
will we meet michael soon?
there are a lot, and i know not many people are going to see this, but i was wondering what everyone is thinking about this, mostly regarding the fact about mc having "competition". would you mind if mc had competition? do you want them too?
im also wondering what everyone's theories are, simeon falling, meeting michael etc.
personally, i wouldn't mind if mc had competition. i use an oc to represent the mc in obey me, not myself. i mainly view obey me as a story, nothing that has to do with me personally.
about simeon falling, i dont think that thats going to happen soon. maybe it will in the future, though.
and how about michael being the antagonist of obey me? do you think he's the villain?
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devildomqueen · 3 days ago
New Character(s) Theory For Season 4
*chapter 60 spoilers*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was an available option though Diavolo assured it as a joke and Luke seemed hesitant
ALL season long we’ve been discussing ALOT about angels especially Michael and more of our new unseen character, Raphael
Tumblr media
The celestial realm is a place we haven’t gone and possibly might not HOWEVER in the end of chapter 60 NEW students are approved for the exchange program and in the easy mode ending Raphael arrives on earth to greet Simeon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The brothers seemed to be in disbelief of who the students are going to be and given that Raphael and Michael are mentioned a lot I think one of the big surprises this summer is that one if not two new characters with sprites are going to become part of that game.
Considering how much we’ve gone into angel lore and the celestial realm continuing onto the next volume with a new important character we can’t even interact with or see doesn’t make sense
A smaller possible thing that could happen is actually going to the celestial realm and everything that would involve if you consider the demons would take up an entire season and makes sense story-wise and if that does happen again it wouldn’t make sense at all to not have more angels to interact with
It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to explore, in depth, two characters we’ll never see especially since Raphael wasn’t needed for plot at all but kept being brought up throughout volume three
So I’m calling it now that we get new characters/sprites
after all, the exchange program isn’t a one time thing, so never having new people to at least mention is illogical especially since a lot of the brothers’ and Dia’s time will be spent catering to the new exchange students
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obey-my-butt · 3 days ago
What happened to Simeon?
Lesson 60 ending spoilers and some theories
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After we say goodbye to the demons, we get this scene after credits. Simeon and Luke are at the cafe when Raphael enters. Simeon looks a little nervous but welcomes him. That's the last scene of the season.
Then we get to spy on this chat between Diavolo and Lucifer.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sounds like Simeon is in trouble.
I wonder if someone in the Celestial Realm thinks Simeon's getting too friendly with the demons.
Earlier, we get a reminder that the three worlds don't have a good relationship. So much so that Diavolo doesn't have the power to make MC, a human, a part of the brother's family.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I thought this season would end with a cliff hanger. There was too much build up, Solomon's history with the Sorcerer society, and everything that's happening in the Celestial Realm, for there not to be anything plot heavy in the last lesson.
What Diavolo said supports my theory that the next season is going to be plot heavy. With the Celestial Realm scheming behind the scenes, I have a feeling MC's going to do some conflict mediation to keep the peace.
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lih-reverie · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
|First of all, english isn't my first language, so if there is a mistake, I'm sorry :(|
I don't think Mammon steal on purpose or actually think about stealing or spending a lot of money, I think he just zooms out for a second when he actually is in control about what he's doing thats where he notices what he is actually doing.
Something like Beelzebub eating stuffs and not noticing that he ate those stuffs until someone points it out, or Belphegor falling asleep in random places, I think Mammon just like them doesn't control what he does in those aspects.
The difference will be that Beelzebub and Belphie admit that they weren't in control of themselves, meanwhile Mammon is too proud to admit that "The great Mammon" made a mistake, or wasn't in control of himself.
That would also explain why when he steals he sometimes buy stuffs for his brothers, like that time he stole one game from Levi but sold it to buy him a new one. Probably he didn't wanted to admit he stole it but didn't wanted to be seem as a bad brother.
This is only a theory I thought of and the drawings are ugly as fuck but I didn't wanted this to be only a lot of text.
Thank you for reading <3
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moonartz123 · 4 days ago
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sssadkitty · 6 days ago
Okay obey me theory Satan’s neck scarf thing in his demon form is made with lucifers wings feathers
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inb4belphienaps · 6 days ago
the celestial realm i.e. where angels go to fall
thank you to the besties (@theaspers & @curiousmyth​) who helped me gather all the info 💖💖
‼️⚠️ disclaimer: long post | potential spoilers ahead | mentions of war and propaganda | discussion of topics such as brainwashing, manipulation, idealization of subservience, corruption and identity crisis
Tumblr media
i think it’s pretty clear that after what happened during the angelic demons event, we realized that there were some pretty sinister things going on in the celestial realm
not only did the introduction of the bangles suggest that angels were being forced into obedience, it also suggested that michael harbors a great deal of ill will towards the demon brothers (and perhaps the devildom as a whole)
although it is lilith’s death that is predominantly the reason why the brothers fell, i like to think that over time, they began to break away from the hold that their father had on them, which further perpetuated and ultimately culminated in their fall
it’s said that lucifer was the pride and joy of the celestial realm (god’s favorite in fact), and throughout the main story, luke mentions that michael was particularly fond of him as well
so to have the “most perfect angel” defy god arguably left quite a bitter taste in michael’s mouth - at which point, he considered lucifer and his brothers to no longer be family but instead traitors to the entire celestial realm
what’s strange is that luke, a young angel who was born after the great celestial war and only met the brothers as demons, had never heard of lilith before coming to the devildom
in the more recent lessons, it’s hinted at that lilith and the brothers aren’t really talked about in the celestial realm - they’re a topic of discussion akin to legend (a cautionary tale, maybe)
this was probably an idea that was enforced right as the war ended, during a time when things looked grim and morale amongst the angels was at a particularly low point considering their significant losses (and possibly the falling of more angels thereafter)
simeon must’ve been coming to terms with his own grievances following this terrifying period of fear and confusion because he expresses on multiple occasions just how much he’s missed the brothers after coming to the devildom
he reminisces the old days and seems envious of their newfound freedom - something he could (after the war) and can only emulate through his writing now
the TSL series is what i consider to be simeon’s way of coping and as a method of rebellion - one that takes advantage of the fact that it is a work of fiction which, to anyone who actually knows the brothers, appears to describe their story in great detail (although it isn’t mentioned canonically, i’ll bet anything that it includes the events that took place during the great celestial war)
not only does it depict the seven lords as powerful beings (given their titles), the story centers around the relationships between them and a human who helps them a great deal, showing that simeon supports diavolo’s wish to unite the three realms (a desire that michael doesn’t seem too keen on)
with the harsh punishments and the emphasis on compliance that the celestial realm appears to pride itself on (for many reasons e.g. to maintain their heavenly image), it’s no wonder why simeon was stripped of his seraph status and made to be an archangel like michael (presumably so he can be watched more closely)
we see that subservience in the form of blind obedience is something that the celestial realm values a lot and since simeon is constantly teetering on the edge of supposedly doing the opposite, i think michael is doing his utmost to either expose him (by forcing him to do things he doesn’t want to) or to try and win him over (by using luke as leverage)
speaking of luke, i don’t think he’s actually an official exchange student but due to simeon being his mentor (and probably at the request of michael), he was allowed to visit the other realms and see for himself how “idyllic” the celestial realm is in comparison
which is a notion that completely backfires as luke starts to realize that demons aren’t inherently bad or evil, and that there’s so much that he doesn’t know outside of the pristine white walls he calls home
despite being presented as a device for comedic relief in the main story, if we were to delve further into this, it could be argued that luke is having a bit of an identity crisis
everything that he was taught from the moment he came into existence is suddenly being challenged by the mere fact that the people who were always painted as the “villains” of the story (a.k.a. the demons and quite possibly humans too) are, in reality, nothing of the sort
luke grows very close to barbatos and it could be said that he also considers the demon to be a mentor (perhaps even on the same level as simeon), further bringing into question all that he knows to be “true” - the concept of demons and falling and the idea of corruption in and of itself starts to paint the celestial realm in a very different light
i think this is the reason why simeon has so much faith in luke - he knows that despite how young and impressionable the angel is, he has the capacity to make his own judgements and in due time, decide for himself what being an angel really means
and eventually, whether he really even wants to continue being an angel
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devildomqueen · 9 days ago
Levi's quote of "I wish we could become a family"lowkey made me confused bc I thought they all thought of mc as family already?
*Spoilers for Chapter 59*
I think they mean officially inducting MC as a Morningstar.
The devildom knows the seven as brothers even though they aren’t blood related and while the brothers don’t see MC as a sister they see them as family, someone they’re meant to have by their side not to mention MC is descended from Lilith their adoptive sister. Some brothers also don’t really see each other as brothers and more like annoying friends on occasion.
Basically I think MC in the devildom will be legally a part of the Morningstar “dynasty” and the devildom and sorcerers and angels etc. will know MC as one of the Morningstars.
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obeyme-ever · 9 days ago
First time i send something here even though I follow you 😅
Anyways adding on to that multiverse post-
Especially since Mc is a descendant of Lilith, im not sure why but I imagine scars on their back, reminiscent of wings being there and whenever the brothers are around and they just see the scars, they stare on in horror
Awe hi! 🥺
That’s such a good concept like little lines on their upper back from where lilith’s wings were, like a birthmark almost? The brothers stare in horror and disbelief at it immediately recognizing the marks to be of Lilith’s wing placement. They even study them or avoid looking at them because of the memories that still haunt them.
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obeyme-ever · 9 days ago
So since Barb pretty much confirmed the multiverse theory, what if scars appeared on the Main Timeline MC whenever a version of them from another timeline got seriously hurt/killed in Devildom? Like when they wake up, there's a burn mark all over their right side bc MC from Timeline Number 1221 was stuck inside the HoL when it caught on fire. Or when they're taking a shower, they find a huge slash across their lower stomach bc MC from Timeline Number 131 was disemboweled by Satan or Asmo. Or when they're changing, there's a new circular scar on their chest bc MC from Timeline Number 125 was impaled through the heart. How fucked up would that be? -🌕
I actually really like this kind of theory, it would make sense because all the timelines have to branch from somewhere. All the different Mcs come from the main timeline Mc which means they’re all connected. Imagine the permanent scars from when Belphie killed the Mc or everytime one of them has hurt the Mc out of anger, a constant reminder that they are demons and we’re just a human.
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just-somehuman · 15 days ago
I'm the next Avatar of Greed, okay? Stfu-
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yandere-daydreams · 16 days ago
Mammon who's darling is his personal arm candy, made to cling to him no matter what they're doing or where they are. If he's having a meeting of some sort they're sitting in his lap, arms around his neck and either looking at him or the ground. They're not aloud to look at anyone but him unless given permission.
tw - toxic relationships, threats of imprisonment, abuse of power, slight victim-blaming.
I mean, he is the Avatar of Greed, and a society built on raw strength and power is bound to be a little more accepting of such blatant shows of ownership. Mammon's the second oldest, the second strongest, so outside of Lucifer and maybe the Demon Prince himself, no one can tell him not to hold you so tightly, not to talk to you like that, not to bare his teeth whenever you try to look at something that isn't the demon who's so clearly marked his territory. He's laid his claim, dug his nails in, and he's more than content to keep you perched in his lap, or pressed into his side, or just behind him, with his hand wrapped around your wrist and an occasional glance over his shoulder, just to make sure you're not trying to slip away. He's greedy, after all. He doesn't like to share. He should be able to preside over the things he cares about, even if the object of his affection isn't quite as agreeable as anyone would hope, for your own sake, of course.
And, when you pull away, when you flinch, when you forget where you are and let your eyes drift to something that isn't Mammon or one of his other, more inanimate possessions, he doesn't take it kindly. He's been too nice, too understanding, too lenient, and you think you can get away with saying that you hate him, that you have better things to do than follow him around and shelter his fragile ego, that you can't believe someone so powerful could be so pathetic, behind closed doors. You don't like having to cling to him, so he shows you what it'd be like if he had to hold onto you, if he had to be the one pull and tug and drag you into position. You don't like sitting in his lap, so you can sit at his feet, instead, a gold-plated collar around your neck and your face buried in his thigh just to avoid making your humiliation any more public than it has to be. You don't like following him around, tending that constant, desperate need for something to have, so you can stay in his room, all tied up and pretty on his bed, waiting for him to come and see if you're feeling any more grateful today. He'll be patient, wait for you to come around, and when you finally do, when you hold onto him and apologize and beg just to be his pretty little accessory, again, he'll be forgiving. He'll be nice.
And, if you cry hard enough, if say his name in a way he likes, he might even risk letting out your leash. Not too far, though. Never any longer than arm's length.
He'd hate to have to show you just how far he's willing to go to safe-guard his most precious belongings.
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albino-absol · 20 days ago
Just remembered that there's a theory that Solomon was Lilith's lover... And I just realized
Wouldn't it be weird that we could romance him?
Our (if theory is right) great times who knows how many times grandfather...
All I gotta say is sweet home Alabama
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obeytempst · 20 days ago
I always had an idea- what if the demon brothers...were humans. And the humans were the demons... How'd you think that'll go having a demon in the attic. 😄
yo...... imagine Belphie is the exchange student and when going to the attic it’s mc who’s locked in the attic. omggggg but imagine if the angels were demons
Tumblr media
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dansepants · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
if grimm isnt equal to yen that means when your special guest tosses you 1,000 grimm he’s giving you fifty cents and not ten bucks as previously thought
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