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#obey me writing
moemoemammon · 2 days ago
I am in love with Lucifer and the soft way you write him and the way you say he’s a bastard (derogatory) gives me the funniest whiplash
I hate him and how he’ll be strict and annoying for a whole hour before taking me to my favorite place for lunch and then he opens all the doors for me and pulls out my seat for me and pays for me before telling me I look nice today.
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midnightsunnyday · 2 days ago
Everyone in the notes about my ignoring Diavolo post that was suppose to be a joke:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Headcanon: Diavolo With An MC Who Doesn't Like Him/Tries To Avoid Him
warnings: none that I can think of.
• At first, Diavolo assumed you were simply suffering from shock. Being suddenly summoned to stand in front of the prince of hell must've been quite jarring for you. And for that, he truly apologizes.
• Yet your silence went on for weeks. Trying to get a straight answer from you was like trying to get through to Beelzebub once he started eating. Even when you did respond, they tended to be no more than one syllable long:
"Ah, hello. Such a lovely evening, isn't it? How has your day been so far?"
"Lucifer has informed me that you've passed all your courses this semester. How wonderful!"
"...Right, well, Barbatos and I are planning a party at my castle to celebrate all the exchange students for a job well done. Won't you come and celebrate with us?"
•...Not the most riveting conversation he's ever had, yet such sensitive matters take time and he's a very patient man. So he allowed you your space, hoping that the day would come where you two could finally sit down and be open with one another.
•'s not that you're truly shy, is it? He can't help but notice that the brothers have little issue inacting all kinds of responses from you. It seemed that where he failed came so easily with others, until one by one, their pact marks shown along your skin.
• Now, he's sure you're aware of this already, but there's a saying in the human world about "making assumptions?"
• And he'd hate to paint you in such an unflattering light, however, considering what he's heard of your experiences inside the House of Lamentation, you aren't exactly discriminating when it comes to who you give your graces to.
• After all, Lucifer did attempt to kill you on more than one occasion, correct? Yet there you two were again, your laughter loud and pure. Not once has he raised a hand to harm you, not even his voice, so then why must you....
• Jealousy is such an ugly thing, isn't it? But he couldn't help it. He only wished you'd see him the way you see the others, but with him your eyes were always turning away. He isn't sure what caused such tensions, but please, won't you speak to him? He hates having these feelings towards you. Why must you remind him so much of...
• ...Ah, please forgive him. He won't hold such things against you. If he's learned anything from his past, it's that the more joy you bring others, the more they'll eventually come around to acknowledge you. He just needed to try harder, is all. He would watch you, get to know the things you like. Send you gifts. Throw you parties. Shower your in praises. With enough effort, anything is possible, right?
• Surely enough, you eventually came around. Human communication was such a mysterious thing, yet he's finally gotten the hang of it! The running was just a signal to meet somewhere less invasive, where the two of you could be alone. He sees now that you were just too nervous to speak to him in public. Even now your voice is close to breaking. He loves how honest you are with him. It's refreshing.
• But did you really need to be so strategic about your meeting places? Even he found it difficult to find you sometimes. It's a good thing humans have such a distinctive scent.
• Your gaze had changed, as well. No longer did you refuse to look in his direction. Finally, he had your attention. In your eyes he could see his reflection, your sclera like flames surrounding him.
• He's so glad you two have finally become close. For a moment, he was afraid you hated him. But Diavolo knows that sometimes it's the things we don't say that tells one everything they need to know.
• Even if they are all lies.
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lucisheart · 2 days ago
a/n: I’m basing a lot of this off of my own experiences in subspace, both physiological and psychological so it’s a bit softer. I’m sorry if that’s not the vibe you were going for nonnie but I hope you like it 💕
Hi, if you’re comfortable with it, can you write a scenario with Luci or Satan where MC uses the ‘yellow’ safeword during intimacy? Maybe MC’s too deep in subspace or smth or is gagged/can’t speak, but they use other pre-agreed on indicators to tell their partner to slow down. Bonus points for panicky/worried demons trying to bring some lucidity back to MC hehe. Thank you ☺️
genre: smut ft. Lucifer x GN!MC
warnings: minors dni, oral, facefucking, traffic light safewords used/silent indicators, subspace, aftercare, loss of lucidity
wc: 1.2k
Tumblr media
Lucifers hands were warm across your skin, even with the overwhelming haze clouding your mind, the warm affectionate way he held your cheeks as he pressed a sweet simple kiss to your lips kept you grounded. At the small hum that rose from his throat, your eyes fluttered shut, focusing on the sound.
“Look at you, my love,” his praises fell softly as he smoothed his hand over your hair before his lips came back to yours, catching your bottom lip between his teeth just hard enough to make you whimper. “You look so beautiful like this,” he whispered, ruby eyes lazily taking in the sight of you on your knees.
“Only for you,” your voice was so feather-light Lucifer almost missed it entirely.
“That’s right, just for me,” he smiled, moving to grip your jaw- touch firm, not bruising but clearly telling you that he was in control, he was the one taking care of you. The feeling was warm, spreading in your chest, knowing he had you.
“Open your eyes.”
Slowly you complied, eyes focusing on him above you from your position on your knees. You took in the sight of him, coat and waistcoat discarded forever ago, leaving him in only a black silk button-up, mussed from your earlier activity. While you were practically salivating at the sight of him, he moved to caress your cheeks again.
Wordless, you knew he was asking you for with only his eyes. Gingerly you guide him towards your lips, pressing faint kisses along his length. His sigh made you perk up, now using your tongue in long strokes, making his thighs tense. Glancing up, you found eager approval in his eyes.
As you focus your attention, hollowing your cheeks and flattening your tongue to take more, his string of curses mixed with your name made you increase and allow yourself to gag around him. With every hit to the back of your throat, his moans increased, making your eyes close as you drank in his praises.
“Open your eyes, MC,” his voice was a breathless command, but still firm. Opening them, you relax as he pulls you away and you nuzzle into his palm absentmindedly. “You’re not already slipping, are you? I haven’t even fucked you yet,” you could hear his smirk as you continued your ministrations, saliva dripping down your neck and chest.
As the soreness in your jaw grew your movements slowed, causing him to place both hands against your cheeks, fingers anchoring in your hair. “Hm, need me to do the work for you?”
Your hum of consent was all he needed, his movements gentle at first. Lucifers thumbs came to rub your temples, and as you struggled to swallowed around him his pace increased, hitting the back of your throat until there was a small puddle of drool forming on the floor by your knees.
“You’re doing so well my love,” he said through gritted teeth, carefully watching your facial expressions throughout. A small smile spread across his lips at the tears sliding down your cheeks, holding your head down until you gagged, letting you go at that point. Your eyes focused on the thick string of saliva connecting you, intensifying the butterflies in your stomach.
Lucifers thumb was rubbing across your bottom lip, bringing you back slightly to concentrate on him. “Breathe evenly, MC. What color are you feeling?”
It took a few seconds for his words to process, your mind too occupied with the lingering taste of him and the soothing feeling of his thumb gliding across your lip.
“Green,” you mumbled as you pressed your face into his palm, earning a small huff of laughter from him. “Please Lucifer,” you whine, thighs tensing in anticipation.
“Get on the bed for me,” You were quick to obey, your eagerness making your movements clumsy. He was quick to rid you of your remaining clothing, keeping your legs spread apart. The way his eyes fixed on you made the haze stronger, anticipation building. He knelt between your legs, squeezing your thighs appreciatively. With each small movement, he came closer to where you were aching for his touch.
“Please,” you whined, eyes focusing blankly on the ceiling as he pressed open-mouthed kisses to your thighs. Just as you opened your mouth to plead again, your words died in your throat as he finally gave you what you wanted.
“So eager,” he teased you, but you couldn’t register it over how intense the heat spreading across your skin was becoming. It was like you were high on your own body, hips moving of their own accord. “Stay still for me, love.”
When you didn’t slow your movements but rather grasped his forearm and squeezed in a pattern you had agreed on for times like this, Lucifer firmly pressed a hand to your abdomen, trying to ground you again. “MC, can you breathe for me? Just like that,” he guided you through your heaving gasps for air.
If you didn’t feel like you were underwater you would have felt a bit bad for the clear worry crossing his features, but in your current state, it was a struggle to focus on the vague sound of his voice but your breathing was evening out and you felt yourself come back into your own body.
“There you are, my love. You can keep doing that for me right?” Lucifer’s voice made it easier, make you relax.
“No more,” you whimpered, “yellow- I don’t think I can,” Your words were twinged with nerves.
“You did so well for me, of course, we’ll stop.” He reassured you, arms coming to hold you. “So so well, you’re perfect MC.” his hands threading in your hair made you close your eyes again, contented noises rising spilling from your lips. After a few minutes, Lucifer guided you to the bathroom, slowly and carefully cleaning you up until you were coherent again.
He kissed every part you he could while helping you redress, loving praises making your skin heat up.
“Thank you for taking care of me,” you mumble, moving to rest your head beneath his chin.
“There you are, beloved.” He said with a gentle smile. “Of course, you never need to thank me. I love you.”
“I still want to,” you sigh, wrapping your arms around him, “I love you, Lucifer.”
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yukihaie · a day ago
My Idea
My intense Levi brainrot refused to advance further for 'The Letter Under The Shoes' because of what happened in The House of Lamentation - Live in Episode 5 of OtakuFM Anime & Chill.
And so, here I am, writing this in a rush because I love Levi so much and I kinda want to cry after listening to the audio drama.
Summary: How would Levi react when he discovered his idea was stolen?
Genre: Hurt/comfort
TW: Blood and self deprecating thoughts. Also contains spoilers for Episode 5 OtakuFM Anime & Chill.
Sobs were heard in Levi's room that night. It wasn't really a surprise after what had happened earlier.
The poor third born had excitedly wrapped his gift along with some small wish card to be sent to you. His heart skipped a beat at the thought of you receiving his gift.
After the talk he had with Asmo last two days, Levi couldn't sleep at night. He was too excited, yet at the same time anxious.
Would you be happy to receive his gift? Would it be enough to convey his gratefulness for your help? Would you even keep his gift? Or maybe you would just throw it away after he left your room?
Levi frowned at the last thoughts. But he reminded himself that he should be fine. After all, Asmo himself suggested the idea to him. Why would Asmo lie, right?
Levi's really lucky to have such a wonderful little brother.
Although, he ended up getting the surprise instead.
Levi was greeted with you getting all dressed up when he knocked on your door that evening. You were absolutely stunning and for once, he forgot how to breathe.
"Wh-where are you going?" he managed to say despite being a blushy mess.
Levi watched you beamed excitedly before replying, "I'm going to watch a movie with Asmo. He bought me tickets to the remake of 'The Princess and the Demon'. I love that movie!"
Levi's heart dropped at your statement.
"T-the Princess... and the Demon..."
Somehow, the picture frame in his hand seemed heavy all of the sudden.
"Yeah, do you remember the movie I watched with you last eight months? I absolutely love that movie! Especially that one scene where the demon we–"
If you had just looked up from the mirror and turned your head towards him, you would've stopped talking by now.
Levi felt his body burned with jealousy. His heart rate increased exponentially and his grip on the neatly wrapped gift tightened.
But most importantly, he felt betrayed.
His idea.
His movie tickets.
His date.
All were snatched by Asmo.
And here, he thought his brother was helping him.
And what's with this lame gift he got for you?
The door to your room were slammed shut when Levi exited the room, startling you who were still excitedly talking about the movie.
You quickly opened your door and went running to catch him, but he wasn't there anymore.
Half of you wanted to keep chasing after him but another half reminded you that you're late for the movies with Asmo. Biting your lower lip nervously, you shot a quick text to the Avatar of Envy.
A message was received in Levi's D.D.D. but he paid it no mind. He threw the picture frame to the floor by the time he arrived in his room, possibly shattering it.
Levi then curled himself into a ball and hugged his knees close. Tears started streaming down his face and his palm were bleeding from the tight grip to his fist earlier. The pain wasn't as intense as the sin he felt right now.
His mind was throwing insults here and there.
To Asmo; to you; to himself.
He started shifting to his demon form and the aura he emitted was dark and suffocating of jealousy. Even Henry's soft bubbling noise in the aquarium failed to calm his owner.
In his mind, were the scenes of you and Asmo having fun; laughing and getting closer.
In his mind, you were happy to spend time with the fifth born, who's obviously more pretty and dazzling than him.
In his mind, you were relieved because Asmo saved you from his disgusting shut-in otaku self.
As much as his sin intensified after every statements, he wouldn't dare lose control of it now. The thought of hurting you because of his power only rendered him still.
Levi didn't want to hurt you.
And so, he projected his anger in the form of tears. Crying and sobbing was the only thing he could do now.
For some reason, the pain in his palm started registering to his mind.
And for some reason, he kept hearing your voice in his head.
Levi's breath hitched when you lifted his head from his knees.
Your pupils shook in worry and your expression depicted nothing of the joy and happiness you're usually am.
"Levi, you're bleeding! What happened?!" He noticed the tears that started forming on your eyes as you eyed his bleeding palm.
Your movements were frantic as you tried searching for a band aid and some antiseptic to cure the cut. But Levi stopped you, "It's fine."
"What are you talking about? You're bleeding!"
"I'm a demon," Levi removed the black glove of his demon clothes and revealed the cut that was slowly healing underneath it, "It should go away soon."
However, his statement did nothing to calm you from your tears.
"What are you doing here? I thought you have a date with Asmo?"
"I cancelled it. Don't you read my message?"
Levi was silent, refusing to meet your eye.
"Levi? Why are you in your demon form?"
Again, he didn't reply. His mind was too occupied with the envy that didn't stop, even after knowing that you cancelled your date with Asmo.
Levi was trying his best not to snap at you and hurt you by accident. The incident during the TSL Quiz was enough.
While he was focusing on controlling his sin, you had already discovered the present on the floor near his tub. You took the wrapped gift and gently placed it on your lap.
The wish card he wrote for you indicated that it was meant for you. You then unwrapped it, revealing a broken picture frame of...
Of a list...?
"100 ideas for MC's gift...?" you whispered under your breath.
But before you could read further, Levi snatched the frame from your hand and threw it to the corner of his room, further breaking the glass frame.
His action surprised you. And so did his expression. The Levi that was standing in front of you was raw with anger. And jealousy.
His look reminded you of the time he went on rampage during the TSL Quiz and it's a lie to say you weren't scared by his action.
It didn't last long though, because the dark Levi was quickly replaced by the real Levi; the Levi you know and love.
"I'm so sorry! I'm sorry, MC! I did it again, didn't I? I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry." And he was back to curling himself into a ball.
His demon form didn't disappear yet but you knew that Levi's back.
Seeing him hurting like this made your heart throbbed in pain, so you crawled over to him and gently placed a hand on his shoulder.
The demon in front of you was still crying messily. You took this chance to wrap your arms around his shoulders and let him know you're okay.
"I'm not mad at you, Levi. And I'm not hurt either. Don't blame yourself." You squeezed him in between the hug.
"I'm sorry, for losing control, and for being disgusting–"
"You are not disgusting, Levi!" you cupped his cheeks and made him stared at you directly, "You're my Levi. My sweet gamer friend Levi. My cute friend Levi who likes to share his passion with me. My caring demon Levi who's always there for me."
You hugged him back before continuing, "I read the last idea in that list. It was your idea, right? The movie?"
Levi became frozen in your arms.
"Only my Levi will know everything about me, so it's no doubt it was your idea in the first place."
Pulling away and seeing him blushing a little, you cracked a smile, "Thank you for thinking about me. Both for the movie and for that list. I never thought someone would think of a hundred ways to give me something as a gift."
The laugh that escaped you was like music to Levi's ear, "Even... even if... all 98 of them... is about... Ruri-chan...?"
"I love Ruri-chan, so why not?" You laughed again.
You managed to make Levi smiled eventually. The two of you shared the night being in each other's arms and comforting one another. There's nothing more important to you than making sure your Lord of Shadow is okay.
And maybe by the time Levi sobered up from his sin consuming his rational mind, he was busy blushing by the close proximities you two shared. So please don't tease the poor guy any longer after that.
Taglist: @ninefuckingoneone @candymeowz @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @liraajustsimpin @nishayuro
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anenbylittlepotato · 4 months ago
The Bros + side dateables (Minus Luke) React to You Comparing Your Hand Sizes
Warnings: Very fluffy. Not for the faint of heart. You might die of cuteness. You have been warned.
You're sitting with this person just kind of chilling while you're both doing your own thing when you glance over at their hands. You wait a long enough pause in what they're doing before reaching over and taking their hand, holding it so that you can gently press your palm against theirs. Also, this is an MC who has relatively small hands so-
You're sitting beside him as he works, scrolling through your D.D.D.
After several hours of both of you sitting in silence, each doing your own thing, you finally look up from your D.D.D. 
You look over at Lucifer, who's still completely absorbed in his work. 
Then your eyes drift to his hands, the pen he's gripping gliding across the paper in front of him.
As you watch, he sets the pen down and starts stretching his fingers. You aren't surprised his hands are cramping. He's been writing for a long time now. You're probably the only person he would show this kind of weakness to, which makes you feel kind of special.
As you watch, an idea pops into your head. You set down your D.D.D. and gently grab his hand.
He's a little startled at first and gives you a quizzical look, but he doesn't stop you. At least it's a distraction from all of the bills Mammon has piled up.
You hold his gloved hand so that you can gently press your palm to his, lining your fingers up with his as well.
He has pretty big hands. They're not huge, but they're somewhat significantly bigger than yours.
He lets out a low rumbling laugh.
"What, exactly, are you doing, MC?"
"Comparing our hand sizes. You have really big hands."
He lets out another small laugh.
"Or perhaps you just have small hands."
And at that, he gently folds his hand over the top of your smaller one, almost as if proving his point about your tiny hands.
He then smiles and brings his other hand over to cup your cheek as he gently plants a kiss on your forehead.
Afterward, he lets go of your hand and goes back to work.
You two are sitting together on the couch in his room.
You're both on your D.D.D. sending each other random memes that you find and giggling together. 
And during one of the moments of quiet moments where you're both scrolling, you look over at him.
He's still absorbed in his D.D.D., a big, goofy grin plastered across his face as he scrolls through the memes.
Your eyes drift to his hands as his thumbs move, pausing every so often to read a meme, then moving on when he deems it unsuitable to send to you.
As you watch, he pauses on a particularly long meme. You take this chance to reach over and gently take the hand, pulling it toward you.
He immediately tenses and looks over at you, his face flushing bright red.
"H-Hey, just what do ya think you're doin', MC?"
Instead of answering, you move his hand so that the palm is facing upwards and you gently press your palm against his, making his fingers flatten out as you line your fingers up with his.
He watches you, his face red, his heart racing, and his fingers trembling ever-so-slightly.
His hands are probably not that big, only being a little bigger than yours.
"M-MC? What are ya doin'???"
You look at him and smile a little.
"Comparing our hand sizes. Yours are bigger than mine."
"H-Huh? Oh! W-well, of course, they are! Just shows how awesome I am! After all, I'm the GREAT Mammon!"
You laugh a little at his words.
"Yeah, yeah. It's just hand size. Doesn't make you any better or worse than me."
Then, without giving him a chance to respond, you curl your fingers between his, holding his hand.
That's it. He's dead. You've killed him.
His whole face is red and he's a flustered spluttering mess.
He literally cannot form a single coherent sentence. He's dying, help him.
It takes him a full 10 minutes just to calm down.
When he finally does, he turns his head away before gently holding your hand back.
You laugh a little at how flustered he is.
You guys are just chilling in his room together, sitting side by side. You're watching anime on your D.D.D. while he plays video games on his handheld console.
At the end of one of your episodes, you look up and glance over at Levi.
He's so entranced by his game that he doesn't even notice you looking at him. His brows are furrowed and his tongue is sticking out slightly in concentration.
You smile when he lets out a small cheer when he beats the level he's on. He leans back a little and lowers the game as he relishes in his victory.
Out of a random whim, you reach out and gently take his hand, pulling it toward you.
He jumps in surprise and lets out a small yelp as you turn his hand so you can flatten your palm against him.
His whole face turns red as you closely study your hands pressed together.
His hands are actually surprisingly big. Not big like Lucifer's but definitely bigger than yours.
"M-MC! Wha-what are you d-d-doing?!"
In response, you look at him and smile.
"I'm comparing our hand sizes. Yours are actually pretty big."
He covers his face with his other hand, not moving the one you have away.
"Wh-what a normie thing to do, MC… I guess it's to be expected from a normie like you…"
You were literally just watching anime but okay-
When he notices you look a little downcast at his insults, he frantically tries to apologize.
"W-wait no! I- I didn't mean that I'm sorry!"
When you look back at him, he smiles at you a little.
He was so focused on trying to apologize, he didn't even notice that you'd curled your fingers around his hand. 
When does realize, though, he's immediately back to being a flustered, stuttery mess.
You broke him.
Leviathan.exe has stopped working.
You're both sitting in his room, on his bed together.
Both of you are reading books. You're reading a really interesting fantasy book he'd recommended to you. Meanwhile, he's reading a book about cats.
At the end of the chapter you're on, you sigh and lower the book, processing what you just read. You cannot believe that just happened to the main character.
While you're doing that, you glance over at Satan. He's still very much absorbed in his book. 
As you watch, he takes one hand away from the book, shifting it so that he can balance it in one hand, and brings the other up to his chin, rubbing it as if he were deep in thought.
Then, just as he's reaching back down to turn the page, you set your book down and reach out and gently grab his hand.
He blinks, shocked, and looks over at you curiously as you gently press your palm to his. His cheeks flush a little.
His hands are only a little bigger than yours. They're still a little bigger than Mammon's though.
"MC? What are you doing?"
"Comparing our hand sizes."
He looks down at the two of your hands. 
"I see. It seems my hands are a bit bigger than yours, huh?"
You nod a little, smiling at him.
Then he glances at his book before looking back at you.
"Now… I can't exactly turn the pages with one hand, can I?"
You laugh and reach over with your other hand, turning the page of his book yourself.
He chuckles a little and thanks you as he curls his fingers around yours.
You're both sitting on his bed while he's looking at his reflection in a mirror, applying makeup.
He's going to do yours next, so you're scrolling through pictures on his D.D.D. as you try to decide what look you want.
When you finally find a look that you like, you click the image and set the D.D.D. down to wait for Asmo to finish his own makeup. While you wait, you look up and watch him apply his makeup, carefully applying the pink lipstick.
When he's finished, he caps the lipstick and sets it down on the bed beside him while admiring his work.
Then, just as he's bringing his hand back up to the mirror, you grab his hand, careful not to touch his freshly painted nails.
He looks over at you quizzically at first, then he smiles at you.
"Aw, do you want my attention~? Don't worry, I'll get to you in a moment, darling."
Without responding, you press your palm to his, lining up your fingers.
Asmo has pretty small hands, being about the same size as yours, maybe even a little smaller.
He looks a little confused as he watches you study your hands.
"What are you doing, dear?"
"Comparing our hands' sizes. You have small hands."
He laughs at that.
"Oh, you are just so cute!"
He takes his hand from yours and gently taps your nose with his index finger.
"Come now, show me what you have picked out there."
He picks up his D.D.D. and looks at the image you have up.
"Ooh! Good choice! Now come here, love."
And with that, he starts working on your makeup.
You're sitting in his lap on his bed. He has his chin resting on top of your head as he munches on one of the many bags of chips you two had bought earlier. You're looking at recipes online, trying to figure out what to make for breakfast tomorrow since it'll be your turn to cook.
Soon, Beel has finished his current bag of chips and he sets the empty bag aside. You glance at his hand as he reaches out to grab another bag.
You smile a little and set down the D.D.D and gently take his hand, laughing inwardly at the feeling of his greasy fingers.
He's a little shocked by this action.
"Huh? MC, what is it?"
You gently press your palm against his.
"Comparing our hand sizes."
Oh boy, does this boy have some big hands.
Very large hands.
Definitely bigger than yours. By quite a bit, actually.
You giggle a little as he moves his head down to rest on your shoulder to get a better look at your guys' hands.
"Your hands are so big, Beel."
He laughs, and you can feel the sound in his chest, vibrating you a little bit.
Then he closes his hand around yours.
"Well, yours are pretty small. At least compared to mine. I like that. It's easier to hold them."
Then, he cups your cheek and gently kisses your lips before taking his hand away from yours and finally grabbing that next bag of chips.
You and Belphie are sitting on your bed together. He's sitting beside you with his arms wrapped around your middle and his face nuzzled into the crook of your neck, half asleep. Meanwhile, you're in the middle of sewing up a hole in his pillow that he'd somehow managed to tear. Not surprising, seeing as he carries it everywhere. And, of course, it was Mammon's fault, even though you have a sneaking suspicion that it was everyone's fault. So now you're his new pillow until it's fixed. You have no choice. Deal with it.
After a while, you have to set down the needle and thread and stretch your cramping fingers. Sewing is painful-
He notices your pause and lifts his head, looking at you. 
"Is it done yet?"
"Not quite. I still have a little ways to go. But I need a little break. My hands are starting to cramp."
He then grabbed the pillow and peered at the mostly sewn tear.
"Huh. You weren't lying when you said you could sew. That's actually pretty good."
You laugh a little as you watch him start to pull his hand away. Without thinking, you gently grab his hand.
He blinks and looks at you as you press your palm to his.
His hands are a decent size. Not big, but decently bigger than yours.
"MC… you're being weird again."
"No, I'm not. I'm comparing our hand sizes."
He looks back down at your hands.
"Hehehehe, mine are bigger. You have small hands. Baby hands."
Baby Hands is your nickname now.
You have no choice.
He will now call you Baby Hands any chance he gets, just to see how frustrated you get with him.
He is pure evil. A gremlin man. Stinky bastard man.
You're sitting in his lap as he works. You're drinking tea made by Barbatos.
You watch as he writes papers and signs forms while sipping your tea.
Soon he's finished a full stack of the papers. He leans back with a sigh, wrapping his arms around you.
"I think it's about time I could take a break now. I made quite a bit of progress."
You lean your head back so you can look up at him, smiling. Big man
He grins right back at you.
Then you look down at his hands placed gently on your belly. One of his thumbs is moving, gently rubbing your belly.
You softly grab one of his hands. He's a little surprised, but he's more curious and leans down to watch what you do.
You gently press your palm to him. He tilts his head like a confused puppy, trying to understand what, exactly, you're doing.
This man's hands. Are Fuckign. Enormous.
He has such big hands. The biggest. Bigger than Beel's.
They fucking engulf yours.
Big hands for a big man ig
"Is this some kind of human world tradition?"
He asks that question so earnestly I can't-
You laugh.
"No, no. I'm just comparing our hand sizes. Yours are huge."
This time it's his turn to laugh.
"Yes, I suppose they are."
He then brings your hand up to his lips and kisses the back of it.
You're sitting beside him while he folds laundry that just came out of the dryer. You're sipping some milk tea that he'd made you.
You're watching him as he works. Every fold was so meticulous and pristine. It's almost mesmerizing.
As you watch, he pauses briefly to let out a breath before immediately reaching to grab another article of clothing.
Before he can though, you gently take his hand.
He looks at you, not really surprised, as he likely saw this coming.
He watches quietly as you gently press your palm to his.
His hands are bigger than yours but they're not particularly large.
He smiles softly as he watches you.
"Are you enjoying yourself?"
You look at him and smile a little.
"Yeah, I suppose so."
"I'm glad. I really do like seeing you enjoying yourself."
You look back down at your hands. 
"I was comparing our hand sizes! Yours are bigger than mine."
"I can see that."
He takes his other hand and places it on top of yours, smiling softly. He rubs the back of your hand with his thumb.
"Now, I must get back to work. I have many more things I must get to."
He kisses the back of your hand swiftly before returning to his laundry folding.
Don't worry, guys, I'm still adding Simeon and Solomon, I just... Couldn't fit them in this post. I'll be adding them in a reblog
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moemammon · 5 months ago
I live for the idea of MC and Mammon just doing dumb best friend stuff
Something funny happens in class, and literally all MC has to do is look at Mammon and he just bursts out laughing and gets in trouble
MC just takes off running down the hall so Mammon starts running too, and now they're both just running as fast as they can and fucking cackling for no reason until one of them almost slips and now neither of them can breathe because they're laughing so hard-
MC sitting in a shopping cart while Mammon keeps handing them things to add to the ever growing pile that's slowly burying them alive
MC and Mammon locking eyes at the dinner table, and now they're having a staring contest while everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on
MC: Right, Mammon?
Mammon, who doesn't know what the fuck is happening: Yeah
Mammon and MC having their picnic ruined because a wasp comes a little too close and they both immediately got up to run
Sitting in silence on the couch, legs draped over one another while they scroll through their phones and show each other stupid videos and memes
MC dares Mammon to jump as high as he can on his bed and he promptly breaks the frame, so now they have to explain to Lucifer what happened
Pointing to an ugly creature/monster in a movie and saying "that's you"
Mammon showing MC a picture of Lucifer's face zoomed in REALLY close and trying his damndest not to laugh because "SHH LUCIFER IS RIGHT THERE SHH-"
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pen-observing · 2 months ago
request: how lucifer, mammon, satan, belphegor and diavolo react and find out about you having 'I now own your soul' under the terms and conditions of a webpage.
While Lucifer is certainly busy all the time, and tries to balance it by having you in his study as he works, he can’t hide how tired he has actually been for the past 4 weeks.
All you know is that Diavolo has made the meetings more frequent and they are taking a toll on him
And since he means that much to you, regardless of if you wish to acknowledge it or not, you have to ask what is going on once he stands up and walks over to reach for another bottle from his shelf Lucifer does not drink that often and he certainly doesn’t try to avoid work by drinking.
Just what could be making him act this way?
“Lucifer, you have to tell me what is going on.”
He stands on his side of the desk just pouring another glass down.
Curse him for being elegant and showing his forearms while doing so!
And then he dares to look at you with full focus and furrowed eyebrows and he is about to say something and he looks like-
‘no. You are human.’
“Come on! You know I won’t tell anyone!”
He does trust you at least after so long.
"Very well. I will tell you since it has something to do with a human. If, by any chance, you spread the information, the price you pay will be a heavy one."
He can’t intimidate you that much but you know when he is serious.
"You see, recently, Diavolo has had more issues than ever with someone we like to call ‘code soul stealer"
“Uhn,, and that is?”
He takes a sip of his drink and holds the glass while looking at you.
“Apparently, a pesky human added ‘I now own your soul’ in their terms and conditions on a web page and some application. With this, they have stolen many souls and Diavolo has grown even more concerned these past few weeks since the page is just gaining popularity.”
Oh fuck, oh fuck. Thats you that he is calling a pesky human! You only did it as a joke because you saw a meme! It wasn’t supposed to make an enemy out of you to the prince of hell!
How are you supposed to tell Lucifer that? How will he react?
Maybe if you do tell him it will actually create more good than harm?
Or, you could hide it for the rest of your life and- no! The honest way with Lucifer is the best way. He trusts you enough so you have to trust him too!
“Lucifer...I am the pesky human you are referring to...”
He drops the glass. 
“I swear I had no idea souls were actually real and now I own a lot of them! O-On the good side I went viral 4 weeks ago so...oh, that is why you’ve been so busy....sorry.”
Lucifer says nothing.
He just falls into the chair in the most dramatic way you’ve ever seen.
He covers his face with both hands and groans into them loudly.
If you were not ‘code soul stealer’ you would laugh at him right now. But he has to figure out a way to protect you now.
You see, dating Mammon means that you two will bicker plenty.
However, it is usually silly stuff that you bicker about like; are gold or silver lines better on this cup of tea or not?
He just loves you too much to get into a serious argument with you.
However, Levi dragged you both to play a spy/heist game that just came out and Mammon cannot accept to lose such a challenge.
He is not proud that people call him thief, but he is proud and believes he has the skills to back up his many enrichment-plans
So the fact that you won against him for 3 times in a row is UNNACCEPTABLE under this dark, dark sky.
Mammon denies it all. ‘i went easy on you’; ‘I did it cuz you are happy when you win’ and ‘please, don’t you know who I am? I am THE Mammon!”
And while he is cute while bickering, sometimes it becomes unbearable.
So, you do what any normal human would: you challenge him by listing your biggest ‘heist’ ever.
“You don’t know who you are talking to! I have created a heist unlike any other! I have stolen a million souls so far! The DevilTV refers to me as – unstoppable soul collector!”
Levi left long ago so Mammon is standing there completely stunned with the stupidest look on his face so far. He kind of looks like a blowfish.
Still, he runs and puts a hand over your mouth and whispers:
“Don’t yell! We don’t want others to know that we run that business!”
Excuse him? Who is this –we- he speaks of?
“You will add your boyfriend to those plans, won’t you?”
Mammon will not let shock stand in the way of money or souls. You can explain to him how you managed that later but for now – just add him as your accomplice.
You love your boyfriend.
You really, really do.
You love seeing him so excited and focused on finding clues to the newest Devildom mystery that you chose to let him have his fun by not telling him YOU were the one he was searching for.
And while you love him that much, you are about to ruin the whole game.
Why does he think it is appropriate to own 48 pairs of the same Sherlock Holmes outfit with THE UGLIEST MATCHING HATS YOU HAVE EVER LAID YOUR EYES ON.
First, he wore them in his ‘detective office’ only. Also known as the Lamentation house storage room for cleaning products. And that was fine, it was.
But then he started to wear them inside the house and in the garden. The saddest day was when a cat knocked the ugly hat off and ran away with it. Oh praise that cat! Praise the little paws!
However, he has gone too far.
He knows no bounds and shows no signs of stopping.
He started wearing the outfits OUTSIDE! In the middle of cobblestone paths of the main street while you were trying to have a nice date!
"Who knows where the soul snatching culprit could be hiding? I must wear this outfit everywhere to catch their clues. Trust me.”
That is it.
If one more iguana-looking-ass demon points their finger at you two and snickers as you walk past – he will have a rude wake up call.
How is it possible that he is trying to catch the culprit that is you but doesn’t pay any attention to you?
So, when you arrive home and he walks into the mop closet to add another unrelated photo to his crazy whiteboard as a clue – you tell him to sit down for a moment.
“Satan, honey, I have something to tell you about your soul snatching culprit.”
That definitely got his attention.
Finally! He is actually looking at you!
You lean down and gently kiss his head.
“I am the culprit you’re looking for. How does it feel to completely miss something right under your nose?”
He freezes up and throws a pen towards the whiteboard. It just bounces off and hits him in the back.
“ mean to tell me that,,, the biggest Devil Mystery TV phenomenon is ACTUALLY YOU?”
You are met with complete disbelief. Satan demands a detailed explanation on how you did it. He even tells you to use his whiteboard to retrace your steps!
...good luck...
Will Belphegor ever actually publicly say that he has changed because of you? No.
Will he ever actually admit that to other brothers besides Beel when they’re talking in the late hours of the night in their room? Oh, absolutely not.
Will he tell you? Yes.
Yes but.. He will leave something out.
Sometimes Belphie looks at how you smile and remembers things that make him famous in this realm.
Yes, he is one of the most powerful demons and yes, he has a reputation of rebellion and the biggest steak of unattendance in RAD but
He is also a fairly famous scholar.
His papers and research are cited on the regular.
But when you smile and say a witty joke – he remembers that most of them focus around him proving just how dumb or naïve humans actually are.
But, you’re human and he hopes that you never see those.
Except that you do.
Because he is so famous it is no surprise that while looking for research papers to reference for your next assignment you saw his name while browsing through
And while you love him - you will not allow him to just diss the whole mankind.
So, you grab one of them from the library. Walk home, go to the attic while he is napping and open it up, putting it right on his face.
It takes a couple of seconds but he feels something is wrong and his hand reaches for it.
When he pulls it away, he is met with his thesis that was further developed from the seduction speech class assignment.
It sets it up as: ‘Seduction speech as a matter of blatant deception that humans always fall for but could never recreate.’
You are not even that mad at it to be honest.
But proving him wrong is always fun. And little does he know about your biggest secret ever.
“I will cut right to the chase and say – fix your bangs I want to see the way your eyes look when I tell you this!”
“I wonder who messed up my bangs with the academic paper in the first place?” is what he replies but his hand is already on his forehead.
“Whatever. Prepare to be amazed! I am the one the elders of the devildom are always ranting about on TV! Yes, I am the ‘pesky little human’ who is stealing away ‘edible’ souls! How is that for your thesis now? Is that not true deception?!”
He likes your smile still. You’re standing in front of the bed looking at him with sparkling eyes and clenched fists while striking a pose. It is silly really but he smiles.
Because you are.
And while he will ask you a bit more about that claim, he is just happy to know that maybe his next academic paper (which everyone eagerly awaits) will be tad more positive to your kind.
You got an urgent call from Barbatos.
On the doorstep he told you that Diavolo needs you in his study.
What could you do that Barbatos can’t and will help Diavolo? Does such a thing even exist?
You walk inside of his office and are pretty sure Barbatos did not want to go inside because of the fact that a rat could be hiding under the mountain of papers that are all around the room.
Usually, Diavolo immediately stands up, lights up the room with his smile and stretches out his hands for a hug.
Now? He hears the doors open and looks at you with a weak smile while his head is resting on his elbows from behind the desk.
He has never looked worse.
“Barbatos said you called for me?”
You are unsure where to begin with this so you state a fact while thinking of questions to ask.
“He has? I have done no such thing?”
Great. Now both of you are confused.
“Can you tell me what is going on?”
Diavolo sighs and his smile is still nowhere to be seen.
“The elders have been so annoying lately. I understand that the biggest threat to the Devildom and everyone’s life here still has not been identified but there is nothing I can do except search!”
Just what threat is that? What could be making Diavolo so miserable?
“They keep comparing me to my father without actually offering any ways of fixing this!”
“I will try to offer some way if you tell me what the threat is!”
There you are, making a grand exclamation and promise while trying to avoid papers on the floor. Diavolo sighs again.
“A human is ruining our business! They somehow set up a page that allowed them to own souls by consent in some application under the terms and conditions. I mean, this has never happened before! Humans were never expected to think of that or have access to such means! And the name they used was fake. How am I supposed to find them and then burn them in the darkest pits of hell as the elders want me to?”
You stop trying to avoid the papers.
Did...did he just say darkest pits of hell? Did he just say the elders want YOU burned?!
How are you supposed to fix this? It was a fucking joke! You did not imagine this could ever happen!
“Diavolo you promised you would protect me no matter what, right?”
His eyes are serious when you say that. “Yes. I will. Is something amiss?”
“Diavolo.... I am the enemy your elders want to burn.. PLEASE DON’T LET THEM! MY SKIN JUST ADJUSTED TO THIS TEMPERATURE!”
Diavolo looks at you and laughs like never before. It is cute, it is childlike. His laugh finally lights up the room.
He thinks you are joking.
He thinks you are joking and abruptly stops once he realizes that you did not join in on the laugh.
You were just trying to crack a joke and make him feel better, right? There is no way that is true, right? But judging from your reaction he knows it is.
So, he grows serious once more.
He runs to embrace you.
“Please tell me you are willing to make a compromise because the elders do not care about how your skin adjusts to the temperature.”
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hoodedpanda333 · 4 months ago
MC Has A Nightmare
The brothers and the MC had spent the last movie night watching horror movies. Now, usually you're pretty good at compartmentalizing the movies you watch and reality, but for some reason this one really stuck with you. Enough to cause you to have a nightmare. Too scared to go back to sleep, you have no choice but to run to your favorite demon brother for comfort.
Now it isn't uncommon for Lucifer to be in his study at all hours of devildom time is weird)
In fact, he's fallen asleep on his desk more times that you can count
And far more than he'd ever admit
Fortunately for you though, he was still awake when you knocked on his door
He sounds annoyed when he tells you to come in, but it's gone when he sees your face
You explain to Lucifer that you had a nightmare and that you wanted to see him
He smirks, tilting his head at you
You can feel his patronizing gaze as he watches you in your Pj's, standing at his door
As much as he wants to tease you, he can't help but beam at the thought of you searching him out
It's not surprising, after all he is the Lucifer, but you're also his human and there's something about it being you that gets his heart beating
He once again glances at you, watching him like a deer caught in the headlights
Sitting back in his chair, he pats his lap for you sit
"If you can be a good little human and sit patiently while I finish my work, we can take this back to my room."
Who knows if you'll actually be sleeping or not though ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
The great Mammon can sometimes admit to his lesser attributes
It's hard not to when you're constantly reminded of your shortcomings by your entire family every day
Greedy? Yeah, it's in his name after all
Scumbag? Sure, fine, hurtful but he can accept it
But COWARD?? Nah fam, do people still say fam?
Anyway, he can admit to all of these things, BUT
he will never EVER admit to being scared
So, when he wakes up in a cold sweat, memories of his dream seeping into his conscious mind yet slowly slipping away
Of course he swears it has nothing to do with the movie he and his brothers (and MC) watched just a few hours prior
And he CERTAINLY does not scream at the top of his lungs when he sees you standing at the foot of his bed in the pitch black
But for real, MC, not cool. Not that he's scared or anything
When he finally calms down (not scared!!) and you manage to tell him of your own nightmare,
Well, who would he be if he didn't care about his human??
Of course the great Mammon will let you sleep next to him
And no, MC, he isn't blushing, it's just hot in his room ok???
Also, he is totally bragging the next morning about how you obviously knew he was the bravest demon in the devildom to have come to him
This fucking otaku hikikomori ass bitch over here
Dark circles under the eyes looking ass
*Ahem* sorry
Needless to say, he's so engrossed by the show on his television he doesn't even hear you enter his room
It isn't until you tap his shoulder that he even BLINKS
Once he sees you, though, he groans about how you are interrupting during his favorite part
After you manage to explain to him, his whining is now replaced by ridiculing
Of course he starts making fun of you, calling you a normie and a baby for being so scared at a movie
And leave it to him to bring up the fact that you literally live in the devildom with demons, so what movie could really be scarier than that?
Feeling worse about yourself, you cross your arms and pout, walking up to Henry's fish tank
Then you start talking about Levi like he isn't there, bringing up TSL and how Levi doesn't deserve a Henry for being so mean
Needless to say, he ends up being more upset that you're talking to Henry and not him that you end up making up silently and falling asleep to the sounds of anime in the background
Seriously, that fish needs a raise for babysitting the both of you
(Levi stans don't come for me, I love this fucker but it's true!!)
To your surprise Satan wasn't in his room
It took you longer to find him then it should have, however, seeing as the only logical location would be the library
but, in your defense, you are recovering from your nightly terror, so
Once you do manage to find him, though, you're actually no longer afraid
Not expecting to run into anyone else this late into the night, Satan is surprised to see you lurking at the entrance of the library
He motions you over and asks you what's wrong, not taking his eyes off of his book for more than a second
Feeling slightly self conscious, you're hesitant to tell Satan about your bad dreams
However, lying to Satan is nearly impossible, so the truth comes out on it's own
To your surprise, and to his credit, Satan doesn't tease you or laugh in your face
In fact, all he does is listen
Once you finish talking, he turns your attention to the book in his hand
First, he asks if you've ever read it, and when you tell him no it's as if a switch goes off in his head
Suddenly, in the midst of Satan's rambling and you somehow finding yourself leaning into his side,
You end up forgetting about your nightmare entirely 🙂
Unlike the others so far, Asmo is the only one to actually be asleep when you find him
You might have regretted waking him up if you weren't so afraid, but it was a risk you were willing to take
As to be expected, Asmo wasn't too happy to be woken up so late...early...whatever
In fact you were just about to leave him to his rest when he grabs you by the arm and pulls you into him
He hums onto your ear about repaying him for being so rude
As this is the typical response from Asmo in regards to...well everything, you're actually not surprised
You end up pouring your heart out to him with him rubbing your shoulder
"Now, now, MC, keep furrowing your face and you'll cause wrinkles! Wouldn't want the second prettiest creature in the devildom to get wrinkles, now would we?"
He comforts you, in his own little way, and somehow it works
Whether or not it's because you take the compliment or if you think he's ridiculous, it works
Now this next part is up to you, but Asmo does make you an offer to stay the night
Surprisingly though, he seems genuinely open to solely cuddling back to sleep
You can decide if it goes further than that 😉☺️
Waking up after a nightmare is one thing
It's another thing entirely when you wake up to the sounds of the avatar of gluttony devouring everything in the kitchen
Especially how close it is to your room, you suddenly fear a monster lurking under your bed
Luckily for you it's only Beel having his late night...uh...snack? Sure.
You're shocked when he turns to look at you, some sort of red meat hanging out of his mouth
You have half the thought of still being in the nightmare, just waiting for a hunger fueled Beelzebub to switch to gnawing on you next
Much to your relief, however, he swallows down the last of his food and offers some to you
You explain that you're still shaken up from your dream and he gives the most puppy eyed look before giving you a hug, still munching away
You even believe he says something comforting between's the attempt that matters
Eventually he either gets his fill or, more likely, he eats everything
Point is, he now scoops you into his arms completely, finally able to form a coherent sentence
He explains that he's used to Belphie cuddling with him when he has a nightmare and finds that talking about it usually scares them away
At least, that's what Belphie tells him
You talk about the movie and how you felt stupid for letting it get to you, the whole time he's stroking your head/back listening to everything you say with a hum
It's hard not to feel relaxed after that
It's up to you if you go back to your room or if you stay with Beel
He gives you the option, and even offers to stay in your room for the night
Needless to say, you were no longer afraid the rest of the night
Ah yes it is he, the avatar of sloth, the narcoleptic man himself, the wears sunglasses to class but can't disguise his snoring, the sleepiest sleeper of them all
He's the one you expect to be passed out and you're not wrong... entirely
Belphegor is always tired, but it's not just because it's his nature
Surprisingly, he's a bit of an insomniac when it comes to sleeping at night
After all, it can hardly be a sin when you're supposed to be asleep now can it?
So, while he is lying down in his bed with his eyes closed that by no means entails he's actually asleep
In fact, he's been tossing and turning for hours and only stopped when he hears you enter
The two of you have an unspoken agreement
If one of you finds your way into the others room in the middle of the night there is always an open invitation to cuddle
So, much to his expectation, without a word you silently slip under his covers
To your shock, however, Belphegor turns over and hooks his arms around you, burying his face into your shoulder
"You want to talk about it?"
"Will you stay awake long enough to listen?"
He chuckles but you start telling him anyway
As you predicted, he fell asleep almost immediately
You honestly wouldn't have it any other way
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luminari-mc · a month ago
(Mammon x MC/Reader)
Prompt: "She doesn't compare to you. No one does.”
Genre: Angst, hurt(emotional)/comfort.
Pairing: GN!MC/Reader x Mammon
Summary: You and Mammon finally get to enjoy a well-deserving shopping trip just between the two of you. Just as you are about to hit the next shop, your attention is caught by an image advertised in the street.
Warnings: N/A
A/N: I wanted to try my hands at a prompt that is tagged as "fluff", but of course I ended up turning it into something angsty instead. But I like sad stuff, so that still works for me.
It wasn't often that you got to spend time with Mammon without having any of his brothers around to bother you. But you had made it very clear to them that these few hours after school would be spent with Mammon, and only him. And for today's trip, you two had decided to go shopping in one of the busiest streets in the Devildom.
Clothes and jewelry stores, malls- you had done them all. When most of this time had been spent doing window shopping, Mammon had still insisted on getting at least a few bags of purchased goods for each of you by the end of the day. After all, what was the point of going on a shopping trip, if you didn't end up emptying your bank account only to regret it later?
And so, thanks to the demon's wonderful influence, your arms had now several bags hanging off of them. There was a certain guilt still looming over your head as you realized way overboard you might have gotten with your purchases, but Mammon promised he would take care of any financial problems you could encounter in the near future because of that. You still wondered how he was going to manage it, him being Mammon and all...
"Damn, now THAT'S what I call a good haul! Look at ya!" The white-haired demon grinned as he watch you hop out of the store, the glass doors opening automatically at your presence to let you out. He placed his wrists on his hips as his own bags dangled in his hands. "What'cha got for yourself this time?"
"They actually had that jacket I saw in a magazine the other day!" The doors closed behind you as you showed the white bag which contained the jacket. "You were right, that store was amazing. I can't believe you never showed it to me before."
"Ha! Told ya the Great Mammon knew where the best treasures were! Consider it an exclusive info, because I ain't gonna share more if any of my brothers are around next time." Mammon turned around before flipping a few of his bags over his shoulder, as you instantly began to trot to get to his level.
"What? So all this time you knew about it and you didn't tell me? Just because Asmo comes with us sometimes?" You expressed shock, right before your eyebrows joined together. "Really, as if you couldn't have told me over text or something."
"And have you go without me?! Nah, ain't gonna happen- you'd just get lost and end up in the worst store possible." Mammon glanced your way, and you could only smirk at his poor excuse.
"Sure, you're right. I forgot that humans don't have the same flawless sense of orientation as demons do." Despite your obviously sarcastic tone, Mammon didn't seem to register it as he nodded at your words.
"Exactly! Even if I gave you the full address, who knows where you'd end up? I don't want ya to come and complain to me afterwards, so it's gotta be with me or nothin'."
Even as you rolled your eyes, you noticed Mammon's face slightly turning away from yours, probably to hide the extra shade of color that had appeared on his cheeks ever so discreetly. Even when he was in his usual tsundere mood, it was endearing to see how concerned he was for your safety. And just how badly he wanted to be alone with you.
"So, where to next?" You asked without really thinking, surprising yourself that even after your extensive purchasing, you still wanted to do more. Or maybe it was that you didn't want this date to end right away. The past few weeks had been nothing but the brothers interrupting each other when any of them found themselves alone with you, so getting to spend some alone time with one of them, especially with Mammon, deserved to be extended a bit more.
"Glad ya asked!" As if a battery had been plugged into him, the demon brandished his arm into the air, the bags swinging by his face and missing him by a few inches. "I got this whole place where they're sellin' tons of stuff for pretty cheap, but it's actually authentic branded things. See, they're actually sold to that one guy who then has to sell them to another guy, and..."
As you listened to Mammon explain how he was able to find "authentic stuff" (probably not that authentic, you were pretty sure about that) for less than a quarter of its original price, your eyes found themselves drifting to an impressive ad plastered on a building the two of you were walking by. Recognizing the habit of Majolish to put their models on display for everyone to see was pretty easy, but that wasn't what caught your eye in the moment.
What tuned Mammon down completely in your ears, were the models themselves. The second born, sitting on a stool with a ripped shirt and pants, a few accessories hanging off his neck and barely covering anything of his exposed chest. He looked serious, staring straight at the objective- and at you, while the light shined on him to completely capture his frame for the picture.
And sitting down in the middle of the shot, between his legs, was a female demon wearing a red leather dress, her head resting on top of Mammon's leg. The clawed hand dangling off his knee- covered in golden rings, seemed to taunt you, as well as the piercing yellow eyes she had. Saying she wasn't beautiful would be lying. In fact, she was absolutely stunning. A perfect model for a perfect shot. Just looking at her made you feel small, like a prey that was about to be devoured by a hungry beast, the longer you were looking at her.
But that's what demons were supposed to make you feel like, right?
"Hey!" Mammon called out from the distance he had put between the two of you since you had stopped walking beside him. "Yo, MC!"
Watching as you kept staring into nothing, Mammon rolled his shoulders with a furrowed brow before walking back toward you, his head tilting to the side as he noticed your dead expression.
"Huuh hello, Devildom to MC? In which realm did ya get lost this time?"
"They replaced it." The words that left your mouth were weak, almost too silent for him to hear. It's as if all of the energy you had had evaporated from your body in an instant.
"Huh?" Mammon grew a bit concerned at this sudden change. His eyes perked up at the ad you were looking at, as you continued.
"The shoot we did together." Finally, you spared yourself from the sight, your gaze dropping to the ground. "They already replaced it with another one."
As soon as Mammon understood why *this* ad in particular seemed to be upsetting you so much, his jaw was already clenching. He remembered the stars he had seen in your eyes the previous week when you saw yourself on the Majolish ad, posing beside him- a shoot opportunity you had gotten while accompanying him after RAD a few days prior. In the middle of his shoot, he practically didn't leave any choice to his agent and had insisted that you be included in the shots to promote one of the new pieces of jewelry the brand was planning to release in the upcoming months. Asmo, who was there to witness your reaction on that day the three of you went out, had even taken a hundred pictures or so of you posing in front of the ad.
Except that, the jewelry you had posed with, was now present on the new model posing alongside Mammon.
He had made sure to engrave that smile of yours in his head at the time, even going so far as to snap a picture of your face while you were too focused on Asmo to notice him. But now, there was absolutely no trace of that same happiness anymore.
"The fuck?" The snarl that left him shook the walls of his throat. "That wasn't supposed to be advertised before another month! Why'd they have to take ours so soon?!"
"It's okay, Mammon." The demon stopped growling as his eyes lowered on the hand that was clutching his arm. "I mean... I'm not a model. Figures they wouldn't put it up for long... I-I mean, look at me. Seriously, who would want to see my face being exposed for longer than they can bare? It's hard to imagine. I wouldn't probably have sold their product anyway, so... it's okay."
The look on your face was devastating. Despite trying your best to smile, the tears pricking in your eyes were threatening to roll down your cheeks at any second. Mammon felt his heart being stabbed with a thousand invisible daggers, he couldn't bear to watch you feeling insulted in such a way.
His bags were immediately dropped onto the floor, the demon no longer caring for any of the fragile items he may have bought. His hands swung forward to cup your cheeks, forcing your face up to look at him straight in the eyes.
"Hey hey, MC. C'mon, look at me."
You did your best not to let your vision turn blurry because of the upcoming tears, and stared back at Mammon, your bottom lip trembling weakly.
"I don't care what anyone, model agents or not, can say- you'd sell a thousand more times than any fuckin' models out there, okay? In fact, you're worth even more than their stupid jewelry!"
His thumb quickly brushed away a tear from the corner of your eye as his other hand came to rest on your temple.
"They just put that one up there because that model is famous. They don't care about what's really beautiful, they just want to boast their popularity to the rest of the world." The blue of his eyes seemed to radiate the closer he moved towards you. "But I know what's beautiful. And her? She doesn't compare to you. No one does."
You could only look down in shame as his hands never left you, closing your eyes shut to let a couple tears out before Mammon grabbed a tissue from his pocket to dry your face. He patiently waited a few seconds for you to calm down, soothing you with slow caresses of your hair until your shoulders stopped shaking.
"I'm sorry..." you muttered, sniffling as you passed a wrist over your eyes. "I don't know why that upset me so much..."
"Ya got nothing to be sorry about." Mammon retrieved his hands from your head, only to grab the bags that were hanging off of your arms. He somehow manages to hold them alongside his own behind him, before wrapping the other arm around your shoulder.
"Hey, I'd call this a day. How about I prepare ya a bath when we're home? Courtesy of the Great Mammon."
You nodded, your lips arching into a smile as you grabbed the hand hanging off your shoulder. The day was cut too short for your liking, but you didn't feel up for any additional purchases, or to properly enjoy your outing anymore.
"Will you wash my hair?" You entertwined your fingers with his as he gave them a gentle squeeze.
"Pah, of course! Who else but me could do that?" He huffed through his nose, shaking his head at such an obvious question. Your laugh ringing in his ears gave him a brief moment of respite.
But the demon furrowed his brows as he lead you into your walk back home, keeping you snuggled at his side. Holding the bags in his left hand, his white nails sharply digged into his palm the more steps he took alongside you.
Making them cry? Such a big, big mistake. One thing was sure, Mammon wasn't about to let that one pass.
"But before that..." The hiss that escaped his throat went unnoticed by the two of you as your head rested against his shoulder.
"I'll have a few calls to make."
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moonsiechild · 4 months ago
Brothers reacting to MC hating them
"Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated."
— Coretta Scott King
But in this case, it's the other way around. No matter how much we try, there's always going to be something that you cannot love. Hate exists as much as love does, but seemingly it is never spread equally.
All the brothers love you, but it's to say that the feeling isn't mutual.
For each brother in question, there's no hiding it. Hatred can't be hidden from those who've seen and experienced it for centuries longer than you've been around. And we all have our breaking point with the people we despise.
You'll make it worse if you keep it in. Remember: misery loves company.
If you couldn't tell already, there's going to be angst.
He had noticed MC's view of him very early on. He knows that his presence isn't wanted; the room would get quiet without him asking for the silence; no matter what the amount of decency he displays does the tension in MC lessens. No matter what he says or how he speaks, he feels like he's coming across a teacher or a strict parent giving a lengthy lecture.
To yell out at Lucifer customarily either is a brave move or an idiot's worst mistake. When you yelled out, ejecting out your hatred against him, Lucifer didn't take it out on you. Much to the surprise of many, he lets you off easy.
"Very well, then."
It’s expected — everyone hates him, or at least, everyone has felt animosity towards him at some point. Satan, Belphagor, perhaps Mammon, it wouldn't be surprising if Diavolo hid his resentment of him when they had first met. He knew how intolerable he was to others.
He tries to move on and seem unbothered — he should be used to this by now — but it stings differently with MC. He knows exactly why they hated him. Perhaps he could change this circumstance of his, he has pondered many times but remained with an inconclusive answer. He wishes he could be better for MC, but it's not so easy to adapt when you already have so many other things about your plate.
It's a burden for him, just another one to carry upon his sore back.
It's natural for him to be hated.
Mammon was quick to pick up on MC's attitude towards him and he served attitude back.
It was like with his family: whatever they had to say about him or every time they dismissed him as a nuisance, he'd barked back, but it was more one-sided with MC. MC just provoked him with eye rolls, scoffs, and "whatever"s, but Mammon knew all too well what all of it meant.
Pushing you over the edge with his precarious confidence is what made him confirm his thoughts. Mammon already knew but he needed to hear it for himself. You should not be lying to both him and yourself.
"Okay... fine!! Be like that! Be like everyone else! I don't need you by my side anyways!"
His family and now this. He should have known better.
For once, he grew silent. For a long while, he wasn't his typical boisterous self, but he did eventually return to normal but only around others.
He no longer has anything to say around MC, nothing snarky, defensive, or in favor of anything. His job previously of looking after you, if it were anything before, it sure was non-existent now. He no longer wanted anything to do with MC, as he assumed they don't want anything to do with him.
He didn't need to associate with those who didn't care about him...
Levi frequently flickered between believing MC hated him and thinking it was just his paranoia. Levi is very indecisive like that.
He had often tested this theory out by inviting MC to watch anime or play video games, but MC would have always turned him down with excuses about studies and having to meet up with others, leaving him even more indecisive.
At some point, Levi just breaks and flat out asks the question, the uncertainty eating him up. Just as frank as he was with them, MC is frank in their answer with him.
"Please don't...."
His heart shatters on the spot.
Levi plunges into a swirl of self-hatred and goes even deeper into his isolation. He becomes even more of an outcast. His anime and the things in his room were truly all that he needed.
He should have never opened up so easily, he'd chide himself. He was so stupid to believe that someone— anyone would take an interest in him or anything at all that had to do with him.
No one could have liked him like that...
Satan took your spite as cockiness, and he played along with it. When you got annoyed, he'd push your buttons here and there. Your grimace he'd match with his smirk, he'd tease at your mood switches and find you extra adorable when you glare at him, but he would always leave you to yourself afterward.
He knows that you have your limits, however, he'll come to realize that he was unintentionally testing it.
Little by little, he starts to get quite concerned. He changes his advances to you but even at that, you still seem bothered, which worried him even more.
One day, in a way he hadn't expected, you just burst out at him on how you hated him.
"You better watch your mouth!"
He doesn't show it later, but he was greatly hurt on that day; he had deflected his usual behavior for you, and you were nothing but hostile, though the level of malice you did give was interpreted much worse than how it really was by Satan.
He becomes progressively passive-aggressive towards you. When appropriate, he's pleasant to you and treats you as normal as before, but once you were either alone together or once your back was turned, he's like a snake.
Satan feels like he's doing something; he's treating you the way he felt you've treated him. He always snickers silently after each time he encounters you, but also too often is left lingering with an underlying anger and resentment towards himself.
He doesn't like being mean to you, but at the same time, he just finds himself doing it over and over. It felt slightly justified.
His control over his sin loosens a little after your profession and often spikes whenever you're around.
You are the new Lucifer, now.
Asmo hardly notices. He mostly passes off MC's scowls and frowns as playing hard to get. How else could you oppose someone so irresistible?
Even when you say out loud that you hate him, he still misses the message.
"You hate me? Impossible!"
He couldn't believe it and doesn't for a while, till he starts slowly gathering together the pieces. He slowly realizes that those games you two were playing with each other were very one-sided.
His view of self turns pretty grim. His self-worth and esteem take a dip, something else he'd never imagine happening, much like someone possibly hating him. The high value he held himself up to sinks, but not on the outside. His fashion, his glamour, and his appearance flourish more than ever in presentation, but the passion behind it went missing.
He now thinks to himself: "Am I not as flawless as I thought I was?"
Beel easily picked up on MC's sour mood every time they showed it, but always took up as MC being hungry. He was well-aware that being upset was an effect of being hungry, that much he knew about humans and by another extension, knew about himself.
He thought he could have helped MC by sharing his food, but it didn't work, of course. His solution: more food.
He gets so worried about MC's wellbeing that he gets to the point where he offers to give MC all the food on his plate, but before that could be an occurring thing, that's when MC breaks it to him.
"Did... did I do something wrong?"
He reflects on all his past actions directly after and thinks up a way to make it up to MC. But the problem is: he isn't sure what he did wrong.
But he spends more time correcting himself than wondering.
Whatever it is, whatever he had done, he'll make it better. He works, bending his back over backward to win MC back.
He will change for you.
Like Asmo, Belph hardly notices. He'd nod off before he could catch anything discernible.
When he does get his taste of MC's bitterness, he passes off as MC just being in a mood. It'll pass eventually, he tells himself.
When MC does become honest with him, he turns on them almost immediately. There's a moment of shock, all his fatigue dashes away before he's filled with anger.
"Well, I hate you too! You and all humans alike!"
His hatred for humans seeps right back into him the more he processes what MC said to him.
His naps are longer, and when he's awake, he's utterly bitter all the while.
His mind just runs on a cycle of human hating from that point forward. Every nasty thing he's said previously about them, he says again. They are deplorable, selfish, useless, ruthless, disgusting, etc. They shouldn't exist. Humans are just awful.
But maybe the same could be said about himself?
Maybe this was his karma? For the way he has viewed humans for so long and how now he had fallen for one.
"I guess I deserve this..."
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leviathans-body-pillow · a month ago
Obey Me boys’ favorite Disney movies!
Mc shows the boys Disney movies and these are they’re favorites!
Lucifer- Fantasia (loves the musical score, especially fond of night on bald mountain)
Mammon - Aladin (loves the idea of a genie and cave of wonders)
Leviathan - Mulan (all weebs love mulan)
Satan - he can’t choose between Aristocats and Oliver and Company (sure Aristocats is all cats but Oliver is so cute)
Asmodeous - Hunchback of Notredome (loves it’s dark tone and themes, insists Hell Fire is the best Disney song ever)
Beelzebub - Winnie the Pooh (adores Pooh Bear)
Belphagor - The Little Mermaid (Arial reminds him of Lilith, plus the up beat song help him stay awake through it)
Diavolo - Lion King (loves the big scores and Royal drama)
Barbatos - Cinderella (idk I’m going off of vibes)
Solomon - Black Cauldron (magic but spooky)
Simon - Robin Hood (as a writer I think he’s appreciate its classic story)
Luke - Rescuers (literally just what I think a 10 year old boy would choose, cries during that one song)
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moemoemammon · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Let's Go to Purr Palace!"
Tumblr media
Satan passes you the pamphlet with that familiar twinkle in his eye; the one he gets when he's especially excited. He's been talking about taking you 'somewhere special' all week, but only ever gave subtle hints as to where you were going, in the form of bizarre, cat-centric questions.
Tumblr media
You've endured handfuls of "What is your preferred fur length on a cat?" "You don't have pet allergies, do you?" "When a cat rolls onto its back, don't you just want to press your face against its belly?" and dozens of the like. Now it all made sense: he was making sure you'd have a good time!
"It's a cat cafe in the east quarter of town. I'd really love to go with you, and I'm especially eager to meet this cat here." Satan opens the pamphlet to gesture at an adorable rag doll cat sprawled out on the ground, her blue eyes fixed on the viewer. "This is Lucy. She's something of a celebrity because her coat is rumored to be the softest thing in the universe. You're interested, aren't you? It'll be my treat."
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Continue >>
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lyssahlyssah · a month ago
Obey Me! The Present
a/n: not suitable for work
Well, this took a week of my life, but it's ok! It's obviously something I needed to get off my chest (ahem). I hope you enjoy. 🟣🔵⚫
pairing: F!MC x Belphegor, category: (very) not suitable for work, warnings: some angst, virgin sex, penetration, oral sex, teasing, man-eating petunias. description: Belphie give F!MC the present she's always wanted. wordcount: 2.1k
"Is there anything else I can do for you for your birthday? Being your present and all. "
In your room, Belphie stands in front of you with his usual coy smile. Tall and gorgeous, he cocks his head to one side causing hair to fall into his violet eyes. He confidently holds your gaze.  As the gaze lingers, his smile deepens, playfully suggestive.
Today is your birthday and you've spent it on a date with Belphie. Feeling guilty after forgetting to buy you anything, he had cleverly volunteered to be your present, granting you any wishes you wanted.
Excited by his creativity (and the prospect of time with him alone), you had taken full advantage, first visiting the planetarium and then the botanical gardens. You'd laughed together, played around, took naps under a tree with his head in your lap. At the botanical gardens, he'd even rescued you from man-eating petunias after you took a wrong turn, and had shamelessly teased you about it since. Everything was effortless and fun when you were together.
And now, looking at his smiling face, you reflected on how far the two of you'd come. This wasn't Belphie from long ago in the attic; the angry and vengeful demon that once tried to kill you, heart twisted with hate from the loss of his beloved sister. No, he had changed. As time had gone on, he had warmed to the whole world, even to his older brother Lucifer, whom he had once admitted hating to the point of murder. He was now letting people to get close to him again. And especially you. He had opened the door to his heart and was inviting you in.
Because of the complicated history you shared, a special bond grew between you. His aloofness drew your open and loving nature like a moth to a flame, and you clicked like magnets due to your differences. Over any of the other brothers, he made you feel comfortable. Facing him now, you realized you've fallen hard for the infamous sloth demon. It was for those reasons, a response to his question immediately floated to your lips.
"Kiss me", you say, giving him a smile of your own.
"Sure", he agrees, a blush on his cheeks. Your lips meet. It's soft and sweet. Somehow, even though you aren't sure where he found the time between naps to become this way, Belphie is an incredible kisser.
His lips push down on yours with a little more force, then abruptly pull back, leaving you breathless. "Is that all?" he asks. "In that case, I'll give myself to you every day" his eyes crinkle in a smile, ever teasing.
You wet your lips, heart pattering in your chest. You did want more from him...a lot more.  Now or never. you think. You catch his hand and hold it. "Ah...Belphie...actually, what I want instead, is to give you." you stammer a little in getting it out. His eyes widen as he realizes what you're insinuating. Silence.
" sure? With me?" Belphie stares back at you, no longer joking. He pauses. "Why me? Why not Lucifer...or...or...The Great Mammon?" he says, with a sarcastic flourish.
When he sees your face drop, he immediately apologizes and runs a hand through his thick hair, ruffling it. His voice softens. "I'm sorry...I've been angry for so long, you know? Sometimes it just comes out when I don't mean it to."
He takes your hand again and pulls you to the bed where you sit down together. Color rises in his cheeks. "Really though...I've lied to you, I've manipulated you. Not that long ago...I even tried to kill you. Why am I the one you want for this?" He searches your face for an answer. 
"You're my master, I can't refuse you, and I'd be crazy to anyway, but...why me?" Standing up, he paces a few feet in a circle, then sits down again. You've rarely seen him this worked up; it's obvious he still hasn't totally forgiven himself for hurting you.
"I love you Belphie", the words fall out of your mouth. Your eyes widen. You search your feelings and know it isn't a lie. His eyes are wide too. " you mean that?" he questions, leaning back.
You nod, "I need you, Belphie. I feel safe with you; I know you'd never hurt me now. And...I know you need me too". You continue, your voice low. "I want you. More than anyone else".
The words visibly shake him. He drops his head, staring into his lap, then slowly brings his head back up and gazes at you. You're taken aback by the open desire you see there. It's as if a mask has fallen off and you're seeing the real him for the first time.
When he speaks, it's slowly, deliberately.
"I want to know you that way, MC...More intimately than anyone ever has." His eyes start to glow a fierce purple. "You're mine, and I want to be your first. I want to give you something to remember me by when you go back to the human world." You swallow hard, your heart starting to race and nod.
He leans forward, takes your face between his hands, and kisses you. And again. Deeply, tongue reaching hungrily into your mouth. You whimper against his lips, full of want.
You give yourself over completely to his touch. His hands are on your face, guiding the movement of your heads. It feels so good, all the strength leaves you, and you fully let him hold you up. Between kisses, he makes small sounds of passion.
"You drive me crazy" he murmurs, looking into your eyes. A thrill runs up your spine. He's here, fully here - with you. No distance. Not a trace of sleepiness. In this moment of closeness, Belphie has completely overcome his sin.
You gasp as his fingers effortlessly snap off the button to your jeans with an audible pop. "Oops", he says, not sounding sorry in the slightest.
He leans you back onto the covers. Continuing to kiss you, he slides his hand into your jeans and caresses your lower stomach, playing with the hollow of your hip bone. Ticklish, you sharply draw in a breath, causing him to smile at you. "Don't be nervous" he says reassuringly. "I'll take care of you".
He sides your pants down, and then completely takes them off. You shiver, all at once feeling vulnerable.
"Mmmm..." He murmurs, looking over your body. "You're so beautiful. I've dreamed about getting to touch you like this". He reverently slides his hands up and down your thighs, your hips, your waist. Goosebumps raise up at his touch.
Holding your gaze, he leans down and pulls your shirt over your head then sits upright and does the same for himself. His hair is even more disheveled afterward and the thought of it being that way because you're in bed together turns you on.
Even though you've napped together endlessly, you've never seen this much of his body, and you sigh with pleasure drinking in the width of his shoulders, his flat stomach. He watches you just as avidly and the small smile returns as he sees the effect he has on you.
Leaning in, Belphie captures your lips once more in a steamy kiss. Running his hands up your shoulders, he cups your cheeks, then traces down your back and unhooks your bra. You respond by thrusting your own hands into his hair and pulling him to you.
He kisses his way down your chest and your stomach, where his lips leave little trails of fire on your skin. You try but can't remember ever feeling more aroused. He playfully nips your belly button as it goes by, and smiles when you jump and protest, eyes glinting.
Belphie stops between your legs, breathing out slowly, and kisses up one of your thighs. At the top he hugs it to his face, cheek pressing into the flesh. Pausing, he looks at you sideways and says, "I've wanted to do this since we met".
Taking his time, he hooks your panties with one finger and pulls them down. Admiring the view, he runs a finger down your core, lightly teasing your clit. You sigh, then jump when he gives a jerk. "You're so fucking wet down here" he utters in awed tones.
Seeing you so excited for him seems to unhinge him a little. Looking at your soaked slit with total attention, he raises his finger to his lips and lightly sucks off your excitement. His eyes flutter close and a low groan of desire escapes him. Leaning in, he buries his face in your folds. His soft tongue pushes roughly against your swollen clit and it's your turn to gasp.
He continues to work on you for a few minutes. The pleasure overwhelms you, but still, you want him deeper. Parts of yourself you aren't familiar with are showing up and demanding to be satisfied. You try to stretch your legs further and wider apart so his tongue can reach every needy part of you. More than happy to help, he greedily tongues your tight hole. "B-Belphie!" Your voice rises as you near your climax. He reaches one hand up and laces your fingers through his. "Go ahead, MC...I've got you, you're safe. I want to taste you when you cum." Soothed, you let yourself go fully, shuddering, waves of euphoria threatening to drown you. "Mmmm..." Belphie says contentedly. You can feel his lips as he captures every last drop on his tongue.
You collapse into the pillows as the pleasure ebbs away, but he doesn't give you time to rest. You feel manicured fingers slide into your slippery hole. At first, it's a gentle in-and-out getting you used to the sensation. You squirm, your flesh still sensitive from his earlier attentions. After a few moments, he picks up the pace and starts pushing into you faster and deeper, turning and curling the digits. Mewling with every thrust, you blush bright red, still a little self-conscious  From his place cradled between your legs, he watches your face possessively. "I love your sounds", he says.
Pleasure begins to fill your abdomen once again as you near climax, and you involuntarily start to grind against his hand, desperate to increase the tempo. Loving your impatience, he dips his head down and bites you on the inside of your thigh, near your core. Surprised by the unexpected sensation, you're pushed over the edge, launching into oblivion for the second time. This time he can't help himself and covers your mouth in a passionate kiss, jealously swallowing your cries of pleasure.
Thoroughly ravaged, you look up at him through half-lidded eyes. Belphie looks back at you, spellbound by the state you're in. "B...Belphie", you manage to get out. "What, MC?" he softly answers. "I need you inside me", you pleadingly say to his violet eyes. He shudders and pulls back from you.
"Okay", he says, unfastening his pants button. He pulls them down and his length springs out, large, strong, and perfect. Dazzled, your mouth drops open slightly. He smiles confidently at you and crawls back up your body. Once there, he turns your hips so you're lying on your back with your hips to one side, lined up to your exposed slit on his knees. He runs his hands over your ass, squeezing it, testing its softness, before bringing his hands back to grip your hip with both hands. "Tell me if I hurt you", he says with unexpected tenderness and starts to push inside you.
Due to the position of your hips and your overall tightness, his first thrust is shallow, but the friction makes you both groan. Pulling out slowly, drawing out the pleasure, he pushes inside again, going slightly deeper. Your eyes roll back in your head. He feels blissful, way past anything you had imagined.
Using your hip to pull your ass against his lap, he starts to move more quickly. With abandon, you throw your arms against the covers above your head, your face falling to one side and breasts jiggling as the snap of his thrusts push you up and down. Also lost in pleasure, his eyes are closed and low groans rumble from his throat.
It doesn't take long for you to climax again, and then again. Your walls clenching tightly around him, each climax earns you a growl, but Belphie shows no signs of giving you mercy. Finally, even though you wish it could last forever, he thrusts deeply within you and you feel his warmth spread into your abdomen.
Completely spent, you lay together in the candlelight, your head on his chest, legs intertwined. Your core aches sweetly. He holds you close. Happier than you've felt in your entire life, you both start to drop off. As you do, you raise your head to look at him, and you see he's already asleep. Full of affection, your chin on his chest, you breathe, "Thank you for granting my wish". Seconds later, fading into darkness you hear him whisper, "I love you, too".
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lucisheart · 26 days ago
Heat & Honey
Breeding kink drabble request for anon💕
genre: smut ft. Barbatos x gn!reader (happy belated birthday bb)
warnings: minors dni
word count: 1055
Tumblr media
Barbatos had made all of the necessary preparations for this week, his heat week, even being excused from his duties per Lord Diavolo. In times past, the butler would simply spend the week isolated in his bedroom at the castle, and be back as if nothing had happened. A small hiccup in an otherwise normal schedule.
This time however, the demons mind began wandering down dangerous, though tantalizing, roads. All roads lead to you it seemed. He had ordered you away, citing the fact that a human couldn't possibly be prepared for how grueling a demons heat is. Now, he didn't want to say he regretted that decision, it really was best for you to stay at the House of Lamentation away from him, but his body was getting the best of him.
By the third day it was too much, and Barbatos's resolve cracked. He called for you, and without even exchanging words the moment you picked up all you said was "I'll be there in ten minutes". It made him smile in relief, you already knew what he needed.
Cautiously you cracked his door open, calling his name with concern. How sweet you were, worrying over him. It brought a smile to his face.
Before you could call for him again, and as you clicked his door shut, a wet, thick appendage yanked you to the bed.
You were easily pinned beneath him, and your words of indignation died in your throat once your eyes met.
His gorgeous teal eyes were hungry, positively starved. You'd never seen such a look in them before, even when you had previously slept together. A furious blush rose on your cheeks as you realized his tail was winding lazily around you, exploring and sweeping over your skin.
Without a word, he kept you in place with it, tracing your lips with a finger before gently pushing the tip of his index between your lips.
Reflexively you bit down on the sliver of fabric from his gloved finger, and he smoothly pulled his hand out. You watched him remove the other, eyes glistening in anticipation, glove still caught between your teeth.
With a snap of his fingers your clothes were gone, leaving you shivering against the atmosphere and the feeling of both his tail and his nimble fingers against your bare skin.
At your expression, Barbatos let's out a lowly laugh. It leaves you breathless, how his tail winds up your thigh, eyes nearly rolling back when it makes contact with the apex of your legs.
Caressing your face he silenced your gasps with a kiss as his tail entered you, slowly twisting and winding inside of you, stretching you deliciously.
You didn't know when he removed his clothes but now you're pressed chest to chest, crying into his mouth as his forked tail twists and untwists inside you at an increasing pace.
This wasn't the regal butler you knew fondly, no the demon toying with you now was something else entirely. His lips moved to your collarbone, swiping his tongue across it before leaving searing kisses against it. He enjoyed the desperate mewls falling from your lips, the bite of your nails into his skin as you gripped any part of him you could reach.
As your eyes glazed over, and your moans reached a higher pitch, Barbatos was quick to pull his tail from you. At this denial a keening whine leaves your lips, which he chuckled darkly against.
Before you could complain you were quickly filled to the brim with his cock. A sharp cry leaves your mouth at the new intrusion, and he turned you on your side.
Now taking a hand to hook it under your knee he pulled it upward, leaving you spread for him. As he began an unforgiving pace, leaving you breathless and body doing all it could to just bounce along with the rhythm, his tail returned to tease you as well, causing broken moans of his name to bounce across the walls.
The feeling of your plush walls pushing and pulling with him was driving him mad, giving rise to a voice on the back of his mind. Screaming that this was the perfect time, he needed to fill you, breed you, make you more his than you could ever be anyone else's.
As you mewled and cried helplessly, his pace became even faster. You knew you'd have bruises between your thighs in the morning. At your cries of his name Barbatos let out a low snarl, releasing your leg to turn you fully on your stomach before yanking you back by your hips.
He could feel as you became tighter and tighter around him, it was nearly painful, and rather than let you bury your face into the mattress to scream out he used your hair as leverage to pull you up.
His other hand came around to press against your abdomen, mind already swimming with heat induced visions of you full and spilling with his seed.
His tail replaced his arm to keep you supported, and his hand dipped low to tease you, sending you flying off the cliff. You gripped his forearms as you cried out, eyes rolling back, drooling as he never let up his pace as you rode out your orgasm.
Somehow you became even tighter, a vice grip demanding he spill his seed inside of you, which he was happy to oblige. Pushing you back face down into the mattress, his thrusts became erratic and sloppy before he slowed. Groaning your name as he filled you, and you moaned against the fabric. It was so much, you could already tell he had practically overflowed you.
Panting, you hiss as he slides out of you and turned you on your back.
Brushing the hair from your face he caressed your bottom lip with his thumb.
You were so beautiful, even moreso like this all fucked out beneath him. His eyes flit down, fascinated by the way his seed dripped out of you. But as he watched, that voice became louder again. With a wicked smile he slid his cock against you, causing you to squirm. Your body already felt abused, but you had to admit the demon between your legs was enticing and the thought of continuing made you nearly drool again.
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yukihaie · 2 months ago
A/N: Yay!! I made it! q(≧▽≦q)
I actually had this idea when the event 'You've Got to Be Kidding!' came out but due to my packed schedule and final exams, I can only write it now. I sincerely apologize for any plot holes or OOC in this headcanon. And thank you so much for being patient with me. Hope you enjoy reading this and I look forward to hearing your responses.
[Warning: It's pretty long]
Genre: Fluff 🌼
Tada! His brothers were cursed by some witches as a punishment.
What for? Apparently they were in a bet with this groups of witches and lost miserably because Mammon and Satan chose to play dirty.
Let's just say Lucifer came home with six crying toddlers.
He can't undo the spells easily since it's a powerful group of witches and there's 6 of them all together. Might as well just wait for them to change back to normal in 3 months time (and probably blackmail them with photos or videos, who knows. Serves you right for trying to cheat)
Baby-proof the house in a speed of lightning.
Troublemaker 1.0
Ran around the house; jumped up and down the stairs; climbed up the high window; jumped on the couch, the bed, the table.
Basically Lucifer couldn't keep his eyes off of Mammon for one second because Mammon would find absolutely anything to get himself in trouble.
Either hurting himself from falling down the stairs, or breaking the vase and cutting his finger
Would be the one to tease Levi by stealing his Henry 2.0's plushie.
But secretly watched over his brothers when they were playing together. Making sure there are safe, perhaps?
Mammon is the type of toddler who likes to venture off and may ended up getting lost.
But the chances of him getting lost when Lucifer took the brothers out for a walk is low, because Mammon couldn't stand 5 minutes being away from Lucifer.
"Lu...Lucifer... Where...?"
He ended up getting returned to Lucifer by some passers-by who heard his cries.
Whenever Mammon cried, it only took about several minutes for Lucifer to calm him down.
"Mammon! I told you not to do that! Look what happened!" Lucifer scolded him after he's crying from the broken piece of glass that cut his finger.
Although his tone was pretty harsh, the gentle touch when he wiped some antiseptic on Mammon's wound made Mammon sniffed quietly.
He stared quietly at the band-aid on his forefinger before extending it to Lucifer and whimpered, "Pain..."
Lucifer sighed and gave it a kiss before telling Mammon to not run around the house again.
Had a lot of energy during the day but thankfully would lay low during the night.
What Lucifer likes about Mammon:
Mammon would wait for Lucifer every morning instead of crying for attention like normal toddlers. When he woke up and found out Lucifer wasn't inside the room, he would lay down quietly and patiently wait for his big brother to show up, either from the kitchen after making their breakfast or from the shower.
Mammon would also lightly pat Levi and Satan whenever they stirred in their sleep to comfort them because those two would cry and woke the others up.
So when Lucifer came into the room, Mammon would sit up and smile brightly before extending his arms, indicating he wanted Lucifer to pick him up.
Another things to note about Toddler Mammon:
The first one to fall asleep (L: only needs to lie beside him and pat him slowly until he fall asleep)
Also the first to wake up (L: no waking up needed)
Temperament: Difficult (L: Troublemaker during the day, easy child during the night)
Very quiet and easy to please.
All Lucifer needed to do was give him some toys and keep him close in case Levi wanted to take a nap or he's hungry.
A good company when Lucifer's working on his paper works.
But do not, under any circumstances, take Henry 2.0's plushie away from him.
Would cry his eyes out, even after Lucifer took the plushie from Mammon and returned it to Levi.
Very difficult to calm down after his cries.
It took Lucifer about 20 to 25 minutes to finally calm him down.
Levi would be the type to eat while playing with his toy cars (also with Henry 2.0's plushie beside him)
"Leviathan! How many times have I told you to focus during eating?"
If Lucifer threatened to take his toys away, he'd start to cry.
Bonds well with Asmo. He's willing to share some of his plushies (except Henry 2.0) with Asmo.
Levi took a long time in the bath, mostly he'd play story-telling with the rubber duckies.
So Lucifer had to pull him away from the tub before his lips turned blue.
"Stop struggling! You've been in the bath for 45 minutes now!"
Whenever Lucifer took the brothers out for a walk, Levi will stay close to Lucifer. Even whined that he didn't want to go out sometimes.
If a stranger approached the brothers and try to smile or greet Levi, he'd cry and quickly ran to hug Lucifer's leg for comfort.
Again, Lucifer had a hard time calming him down.
Are you sure he's easier to take care of than Mammon, Luci?
What Lucifer likes about Leviathan:
Basically Leviathan is very easy to take care of. He likes to do his usual routine, eat his usual snacks, play with his usual toys. Just don't introduce new things suddenly because he will not like it very much. So if Lucifer sticks to Levi's usual routine, he will not complain much. His quiet company is very much appreciated by Lucifer because he do not cry easily.
Yes, only under certain circumstances that someone steals his toys, will he cry. So keep Mammon in-check.
Levi also coloured and doodled on paper quite often. Every time he finished his masterpiece, he'd joyfully run to Lucifer and showed his drawings. Most of the time, it's about dragons and robots, but Levi also drew the brothers together sometimes.
You can bet he saved all of Levi's drawings on his pinboard.
One time, Lucifer noticed Levi kept swiping his bangs away from his eyes as he tried to colour some drawings. Lucifer ordered him to sit up for a while and tied his bangs with a black hair tie. Since then, Levi would run to Lucifer if he wanted to doodle or colour so Lucifer could tie his hair.
Another things to note about Toddler Leviathan:
The last one to fall asleep (L: very hard to fall asleep, needs to read several bedtime stories about dragons and knights before he dozes off)
The third to wake up (L: will search for me after waking up, so be prepared to take him before he disturbs the others)
Temperament: Slow-to-warm-up (L: takes some time to get comfortable around new things , and KEEP HENRY 2.0 CLOSE)
Troublemaker 2.0
Literally will break every glass in sight, throw every object he got his hands on, topple (or push very hard with his chaotic baby energy) every table and even cry for attention almost every seconds.
So guess what baby Satan will do when Lucifer comes to comfort his tantrum?
He will bite Lucifer's hand and pull on his hair.
"Satan!" Lucifer glared at the baby.
Baby Satan still did not stop biting Lucifer's hand.
If Lucifer ignored his tantrum, Satan will do it even harder. Even induce Belphie and Beel to cry along if Satan did not calm down.
"What exactly do you want..." Lucifer sighed as he cradled crying baby Belphie in his arms to comfort him.
Satan ended up having to spend his entire day in a baby strap while Lucifer cleaned up his mess.
Because Levi likes to play story-telling while he's in the bath, baby Satan would sometimes crawl into the bathroom to either listen or play with the water that Levi purposely splashed at him.
Lucifer ended up having to change Satan's clothes yet again because of Levi.
Diavolo who is intrigued by baby Satan will ask Lucifer whether they can hold Satan for a bit.
Lucifer usually leaves the decision entirely to his brothers and with Satan, he's willing to make friends with anybody. He'd laugh and get along well, even with strangers, unlike his two older brothers.
But after some times, Satan will start to whine and cry if he's not back in Lucifer's arm.
With baby Satan being sassy all the time, Lucifer took quite some times to comfort him from his cries.
His tantrums are the worst but there's a cute side of him that only Lucifer knows.
What Lucifer likes about Satan:
On rare occasions that Satan was quiet and obedient, he'd crawl to Lucifer's leg and tugged on his pants. When he successfully grabbed Lucifer's attention, Satan would raise his arms and asked Lucifer to pick him up.
Lucifer would do so and put him on top of his working desk. The quiet baby Satan then watched his eldest brother work while occasionally letting out his baby talk and slapped the table loudly.
"What is it? You want me to read you some books?"
"Books about cats? Sure, let's do it," Lucifer picked him up in his arms and took some books with colourful cat images to enjoy the evening with his brother.
Another things to note about Infant Satan:
The fifth one to fall asleep (L: almost the same as Leviathan, but actually goes to sleep after drinking his milk and listening to some bedtime stories. Needs constant soothing when sleepy. Stirs up in sleep quite often)
The fourth to wake up (L: will cry if I'm not beside him, so prepare his milk beforehand)
Temperament: Difficult (L: A literal child of devil. VERY hard to please)
A sweet angel.
Bonds well with all of his brothers.
Played along with Mammon as they both ventured around the house excitedly. Usually didn't get in trouble because Mammon is the first one to either jump down the stairs or climb up the window. So Asmo could get away while Mammon received a lecture by Lucifer.
Played with Levi's plushies and asked him to brush his hair after bath. And surprisingly, Levi did not complain. He skillfully brushed Asmo's hair before the two played together with some toys.
Also took a long time in the bath.
Likes to help Lucifer in the kitchen.
Helped mash the potatoes for Beel's snack.
Sometimes kept Satan occupied from wrecking the house by playing with him.
Always gushed over Belphie when he's sleeping.
"Belfe is cute!" Asmo exclaimed beside Lucifer as he stared at his brother's sleeping figure on Lucifer's arms.
"Yes, yes. Now keep quiet. You'll wake him up," Lucifer whispered.
Rarely cries and easy to comfort if he ever cries.
Because of his friendly nature, a lot of passers-by in the park like to stop and greet the brothers, especially Asmo.
Like Satan, he wouldn't mind befriending anyone.
And unlike everyone else, he won't cry if he didn't see Lucifer nearby.
So Lucifer has to keep track of Asmo's whereabout because there's a lot of malicious demons out there who'd take advantage of the situation and tried to hurt—or even worse, kidnap—his brother(s).
What Lucifer likes about Asmodeus:
"Lushifa! Asmo give flower!"
"Lushifa! Asmo give comb!"
"Lushifa! Asmo give pen!"
That's the daily routine with Asmo around when Lucifer's trying to finish his paperwork. Yes, it can be pretty annoying sometimes but with Asmo repeatedly pestering him, it gives him some reminder to either take a break; check on his brothers (especially Mammon, Satan and Beel); or a reminder that it's snack/nap time for the toddlers.
"Asmo sleepy..." he whined while rubbing his eyes.
Levi, who was playing with Asmo just now, was also whining groggily.
Lucifer took a glance on his wristwatch before putting down his pen and picking Asmodeus up. The toddler instantly laid his head on the eldest's shoulder while the eldest took Levi by the hand and assisted them both to the common room.
He carefully laid down futons for his six brothers and gently laid down Asmodeus, who's already sound asleep, to his futon. He tugged the toddler in and proceeded to lull Levi to sleep. It wasn't long until the third eldest followed Asmodeus into Dreamland.
Lucifer gave them both a small smile one last time before taking off to find the remaining brothers for their nap time.
Another things to note about Toddler Asmodeus:
The fourth one to fall asleep (L: falls asleep faster if I sing his favourite lullaby)
The second one to wake up (L: always happy in the morning, a cutie)
Temperament: Easy (L: a good toddler)
Chubby baby
Always be seen with Belphie.
Would cry if he couldn't find Belphie within 10 minutes.
Actually very patient.
When Belphie sleeps, Beel will still hold Belphie's hand and play by himself quietly.
If Mammon or Satan made enough noise to actually wake Belphie up, he will cry (because Belphie is crying too)
Won't cry for a long time, so Lucifer didn't have a hard time calming him down.
Likes to walk into the kitchen and search for snack. If Lucifer's there, he'd demand for some snacks but if Lucifer's not there, he'd try to climb the stool and get on top of the table.
Usually Belphie held him back because it's dangerous (he fell down several times but still wanted to try) but if Belphie's taking a nap, Mammon would be the one who stopped him from climbing the stool.
Because of the ruckus, Lucifer made his way into the kitchen and carefully picked up Beel before anything bad happened.
And now that Lucifer's here, Beel can ask for snacks!
"Beel, it's only 10 in the morning," Lucifer sighed again while going through the cabinet to search for Beel's favourite baby biscuit.
"Besides, you just ate the mashed potatoes Asmo made for you," contrast to his words, Lucifer handed him two pieces of baby biscuits for Beel to munch on.
While he's smiling and happily munching on the snack, Lucifer picked him up into his arm and walked out of the kitchen, making sure he casted a spell on the kitchen entrance in case Beel walked there again to cause trouble.
Likes to give his brothers a surprise hug.
The one who got the most surprise hug is Belphie. Mammon and Asmo are next.
Ran along and played with Mammon whenever they went out for a walk.
But only on one condition that he can see Belphie nearby.
If Mammon is going too far of the radar, Beel will stop playing and run back to Lucifer and Belphie.
He could always find those two, who were sitting on a bench while Lucifer calmed Levi from his cries and baby Satan watched curiously.
If Beel encountered any stranger, he won't cry or run.
Sure, strangers can touch him or pick him up and play with him, but be mindful. If he can't see Belphie for 10 minutes, he will cry.
And because the ones holding him is not Lucifer, he will cry extra hard.
What Lucifer likes about Beelzebub:
Sometimes, Beel would wake up in the middle of the night. He looked over to his right and spotted Belphie with his favourite black spots blanket covering his tiny body. His chest rose up and down slowly.
Beel then crawled towards Lucifer who's sleeping in between Satan and Belphie. He made sure he didn't wake anyone up, including Lucifer, as he crawled quietly on top of the eldest.
Lucifer positioned himself between Belphie and Satan because Satan always stirred in his sleep so Lucifer had to comfort him regularly. Meanwhile, Belphie loves to sleep beside Lucifer and Beel so Beel didn't really get any chance to get close with the eldest.
Therefore, he wanted take this chance. After making sure no one woke up, Beel laid his head on Lucifer's chest and slowly went back to sleep, lulling himself with his brother's calm heartbeat.
Little did he know, Lucifer was awake throughout Beel's little 'journey'. Having to care for Satan who would regularly whined in his dreams and cried, Lucifer knew not to be a heavy sleeper.
As soon as he felt another weight on top of him, he knew Beel was there too. After making sure the toddler's asleep again, he carefully placed his arm on top of Beel to make sure the redhead didn't fall and accidentally hit one of his brothers.
With a small smile, Lucifer went back to sleep.
Another thing to note about Toddler Beelzebub:
The third one to fall asleep (L: give him his milk and lull him to sleep. Sleeps faster when Belphie holds his hand)
The sixth one to wake up (L: will be very hungry so best to prepare his breakfast and milk beforehand)
Temperament: Easy (L: aside from his constant snacking, Beel is a very chill baby)
Had his brothers gush over him all the time even though Satan is the youngest in the family.
Got a lot of things done for him by Mammon, Levi and Asmo.
Didn't complain much about it because now he won't have to do anything *wink *wink
Likes to lay his head on whoever that lifts him up. Most likely Lucifer but Mammon tried picking him up too once and almost fell down. But Belphie still laid his head lovingly on Mammon's shoulder.
Actually likes to play with Satan a lot.
Joined Satan's mischievous adventure of destroying the house but Beel would sometimes stop Belphie.
Beel's crying face made Belphie stop and chose to comfort his twin instead.
Likes to hold hand with Beel.
Will not sleep if Beel's not nearby. And if he didn't get to sleep according to his usual nap time, he will cry. Hard.
Lucifer had a hard time trying to soothe him when he's cranky.
Quite a picky eater too. Didn't like many things so Lucifer had to think hard for this one.
"What exactly do you want to eat? I've given you many options!"
Belphie shoved his bowl of fried pasta that's been cut into smaller pieces to Beel instead.
Have his favourite pillow and blanket. If Lucifer couldn't find his pillow and blanket by the time Belphie wanted to take his nap, cranky Belphie will be activated.
If Lucifer takes the brothers out for a walk, Belphie prefers to stay behind with Lucifer and Satan.
Only on several occasions will he explore along with Beel and Mammon.
Not a fan of stranger. Won't cry like Levi but will throw a tantrum instead.
What Lucifer likes about Belphegor:
Lucifer once again rubbed Belphie's back as the toddler cried his eyes out. It has been 5 minutes now and Belphie showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.
"Your black spot blanket is in the washer right now. I can only find your light blue velvet blanket. Come on, you like this too, right?" Lucifer tried giving the blanket to his brother but the latter shoved it down to the floor. His cries were ringing throughout the House of Lamentation and Lucifer couldn't help but sighed.
He picked the blanket up once again and tried wrapping Belphie with it, hoping the familiar scent of it can calm Belphie from his cries and just go to sleep already.
And it actually worked.
Belphie's cries reduced to sobs and whines as he clutched the blanket in his tiny hand. Seeing the toddler finally calming down, Lucifer laid him down on a futon and carefully tugged him in. The soft velvety touch from the blanket made Belphie even sleepier as his left hand searched for his twin's hand.
Already on cue, Beel held Belphie's hand and mumbled, "Schleep..." as he himself rubbed his eyes sleepily.
Lucifer ran a hand through Beel's orange hair while patting Belphie to sleep. He hummed the usual lullaby that the twins love and slowly watched the two drifted off to sleep, along with some whines and frowns from a sleeping Belphie because he's not holding his favourite blankie that day.
Another things to note about Toddler Belphegor:
The second one to fall asleep (L: on a usual day that he's not cranky for no reason, he only need some lullaby to fall asleep. DO NOT LOSE HIS BLACK SPOTS BLANKET AND POLKA DOT PILLOW!)
The last one to wake up (L: have to wake him up or he'll be sleeping through next day)
Temperament: Slow-to-warm-up (L: don't really like changes in his routine but a bit easier to handle than Levi)
"And the Hero saves the day yet again," Lucifer closed the story book with a thud and looked up to see Levi who's still wide awake. He glanced over to the clock to check the time. It's 10:30 p.m. yet the toddler showed no sign of drowsiness.
Lucifer sat himself beside the third born and gently patted his head, "Why aren't you sleepy yet? It's late. You should sleep."
"Hero have friends?"
Lucifer smiled a little before saying, "Of course."
Levi fiddled with Henry 2.0's fin plushie again, looking a bit worried.
"But that doesn't mean you have to be a hero to have friends. You can still have friends even if you're a villain. You can be anything and still have friends."
"Levi... have friends....?"
"Of course you can have friends too, Levi." Hearing Lucifer's words, Levi smiled a little and hugged his plushie closer. Beside him, Asmo and Mammon were already sound asleep and Lucifer wondered how long it'll take for this one to follow along.
Lucifer lied down beside Levi and patted him gently, lulling him to sleep. Seeing the toddler's eyelids slowly closing to the sound of his lullaby, Lucifer properly tugged him in and gave his brother a kiss on top of his head.
After making sure Levi's tight clutch on Lucifer's shirt loosen, Lucifer sat up slowly and looked down on his six brothers who's soundly asleep. Their peaceful faces looked so cute under the soft yellowish orange night light on the wall.
Lucifer didn't really need a night light to sleep but after his brothers were turned into toddlers, they couldn't sleep without a night light, especially Mammon.
Even though Lucifer's bed is huge enough to accommodate his six brothers, he wouldn't risk it and decided to have the brothers sleep on futons instead. At least he won't have any accidents of anyone falling down from the bed while sleeping and possibly injuring themselves.
Smiling to himself, Lucifer then fixed Mammon's blanket and took his arms away from Asmo's face. The 2 years old was already frowning in his sleep because of the discomfort, so Lucifer rubbed the toddler's forehead softly to ease the frown.
After making sure everything's in check, he decided to call it a night. But not until he heard a soft whine coming from a certain blond. The whine turned into cries and Lucifer immediately picked Satan up into his arms, cradling him and shushing him, "Shh.. It's okay... It's okay I'm here now."
He shifted Satan's position and laid Satan's head on his shoulder to rub his back gently. Sensing that it's really Lucifer, Satan calmed down and sobbed quietly. His tiny hands were still clutching on Lucifer's shirt as the eldest comforted him back to sleep.
But when Lucifer tried to lay him down on the futon , Satan started whining again, "It's alright, I'm gonna be here... It's okay Satan..."
Satan scooted closer and whined again. It took Lucifer a while to get him to calm down and sleep again. It's a regular routine for the blond to wake up from his sleep and demand comfort from the eldest. Sometimes it's him, sometimes it's Levi and Mammon. Funny enough how the twins were the only one who slept comfortably throughout the night.
Running his fingers through Satan's hair, he looked over at the little one.
Satan, another being that was born from his wrath. Looking at him again made Lucifer's heart somber. He knew how Satan fought the hardest to suppress his sin and it's understandable why Satan hated him. He didn't ask to be born; to be compared with Lucifer and having his identity revolve around Lucifer's shadow.
"But you're still my brother and I promise I'll protect you too," Lucifer smiled.
Sure, he lost Lilith, but he gained another brother to cure his sadness. Satan may be a troublemaker at times but Lucifer won't have it any other way.
He'll fight his hardest to keep his family safe. As long as his brothers are still smiling and arguing with each other, he knew everything's going to be alright.
This night is the last night for him to indulge in his brothers' cuteness because the curse ends tomorrow. As much as he's tired taking care of six toddlers at the same time, he's going to miss their visible fondness of him. He knows his brothers love him but having them be more open like this doesn't come everyday.
At least he knew all of them love him. Just as much as how he loves them.
You bet Lucifer took a lot of photos. Whether it's for blackmailing purposes or for personal use, nobody knows.
Next edition: The Brothers' Special Edition
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anenbylittlepotato · 25 days ago
MC introducing roasting the bros to new exchange students
Side dateables here
"The scary looking guy there is Lucifer. He seems like a dick at first, and you will eventually learn, that he is, actually, a dick. He hasn't really stopped. But he's got enough moments of being nice and soft that he gets a pass I guess. He's also fucking gorgeous so I think it's excusable. But, just a heads up, don't piss him off and almost get killed by him twice as I did. I almost died. It was terrifying. And also hot. But mostly terrifying. Also, he acts like every fatherly figure that's ever been in my life! Emotionally absent, makes shit up to accuse me of, reacts to things with violence, prioritizes how I make him look over my mental well-being, and lectures me for three hours over something small! Hooray!"
"The guy over there that looks like the biggest fuckboy ever is Mammon. He is the CEO of getting bullied. He also might try to steal your wallet, but luckily he's a fucking dumbass, so he'll probably fail. Probably. He always gets in trouble because he has literally no impulse control, which is honestly a mood. He can't keep his mouth shut for the life of him, and it always makes Lucifer very angry. But at least he won't try to kill you, unlike some people. He might threaten you but he most likely won't follow through with it. Actually... I don't think I've ever seen Mammon get angry enough to hurt anyone... I... Huh... Wow... Anyway, he's also simultaneously incredibly clingy while also being the biggest tsundere ever. Which makes no sense but okay."
"The guy that's sulking over there with his Ruri-chan phone case is Leviathan. Honestly, you'll probably only ever see him at meals because he pretty much never leaves his room. Unless his limited edition Ruri-chan body pillow just came in. Then expect to hear him screaming as he rushes across the entire house faster than you'll ever see him move otherwise. And then he'll be panting and wheezing as he walks back to his room because that boy is out of SHAPE. He's also the biggest weeb ever if you couldn't tell. Biggest anime nerd ever. Seriously, he has an unhealthy obsession. He needs to go outside and touch some grass or sumn like fr. He also makes a great gaming buddy. Unless you're playing PvP and aim to win. But otherwise, great gaming buddy, we play Genshin Impact together a lot."
"The guy watching cats videos over there is Satan. He may look like a chill guy, but that's just what he wants you to think. He's actually a ticking time bomb and the pure, unbridled rage that hides beneath his facade could bubble over if you so much as look at a cat the wrong way. However, if you are a cat - or any animal, really, but specifically cats - he will love you unconditionally. He's also very big-brained. The biggest brain. If there's literally anything you need to know, just ask him. He'd be happy to show off how much better than Lucifer he is. He's also the living embodiment of daddy issues and teenage rebellion. He's probably unironically said, 'It's not a PHASE!'"
"The pretty boy taking selfies and putting on makeup over there is Asmodeus. That man is whore KNEE, like DAMN. That man would flirt with anything that moves tbh. He's also the living embodiment of 'Gotta look cute so they forget you don't know basic math.' He's a little creepy because he's not against incest and that's a little icky. But hey, if you want a [REDACTED] then he's your guy, I guess. He's also got all the tea because he is a gossip QUEEN. And he's practically obsessed with himself. He needs to go outside and touch some grass too. 😔"
"The guy over there that's knawing on a vintage candle is Beelzebub. Uh, can someone get that candle away from him??? I don't think he should be eating that. Oh, thanks Belphie. ANYway, now that that's over uhh, as can see, he really likes to eat. A little too much. He eats everything in the fridge on a regular basis 😔. But like, he's literally the bestest boy??? He may be a demon, but he's just so sweet and soft-hearted, and caring??? Like bro??? I would literally die for him??? Unless you eat his food, then he'll kill you. Instant death. One hit KO. But otherwise, he's basically a giant teddy bear. Big wholesome boy, too pure for this world."
"The My Chemical Romance lookin fucker over there is Belphegor. Don't let him out of the attic..................................... Anyway, he is an evil gremlin man. Horrible goblin man. Stinky bastard man. He bullies me >:( Also, little known fact, but he is actually not a demon but, in fact, a cow. Cowboy. Also, he does not know how to function as a person, and, instead, opts to sleep for 17 hours a day which... Fair enough with this family. Just don't fuck with Beel or he'll kill you. And so will I >:( Also, don't fuck with him either or Beel will kill you. Those two are basically two peas in a pod. The literal only way they could be closer is if they were Siamese twins."
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moemammon · 4 months ago
The Brothers when they find MC Asleep on the Sofa!
You must've been pretty tired to just pass out on the sofa like that. But he understands, since you always seem to indulge his bothersome brothers.
He's used to Belphie occupying that space, so it's unusual to see you like that, all curled up comfortably and snoozing away. He brushes the hair out of your face to get a better look at you.
Depending on the time of day, he probably won't wake you. He just drapes his coat over you to keep you warm, because he’d rather not deal with a sick human is what he claims.
He'll wake you up later though. He doesn't want you to mess up your schedule, or end up like Belphegor. And no drooling on the decorative pillows, either.
okay yeah, you're sleeping. He made sure to yell and wait for your reaction. Foolproof, huh? That way he can know if it's safe to try out what he has planned next!
Mammon looks around to make sure no ones there before he tries to lean in all sneaky like, eyes drifting toward your parted lips. His heart is going crazy in his chest. If you lay there all defenseless like that, then it's not like he can hold back.....
You're awake. How the hell could you not be after he literally just yelled in your face.
Seeing your sleeping face like this, when no ones around.... it's too much! What were you trying to do to him, huh?? Was this some kinda prank???
This otaku feels like he's living a moment straight out of a manga! He wonders what kind of good karma he accumulated to get to enjoy such a treat... Itadakimasu....
He'll snap a few pictures before he goes. Maybe he can get away with picking one for his phone background...? And if he sends them to the group chat, he'll have bragging rights forever! Though, he kind of wants to keep them a secret...
Currently resisting the STRONG urge to put a pencil in your nostril-
But alas, he doesn't give into temptation, as funny as that would've been. Instead he'll take the time to admire how peaceful you look.
And the fact that you managed to fall asleep here, in the middle of their noisy ass house.
He leaves, soon returning with a blanket to drape over you, and takes a seat on the ground to read. His brothers will be quiet if he's standing guard. They know better than to disturb his reading.
Aww, just look at you! So sweet and innocent, so cute and peaceful, so.... unguarded and unsuspecting..-
Kidding! He'd never do anything to you while you were sleeping. Maybe kiss you a little, but that can't be helped when you insist on being so adorable!
He absolutely HAS to take a picture of you. Or two, or three! In fact, he wonders how his brothers would react if he sent pictures of himself with you to the group chat.
After he's had his fill of fawning over you, he covers you up to make sure you won't freeze. As much as he'd love to carry you back to his room, he’d rather not risk his manicure. He'll give you a kiss for good luck, though! ❤️
He expected to find Belphie on the sofa, not you. But if you can sleep out in the open like this, you must've been pretty comfortable with everyone. That made him happy.
He handles you like he does Belphie sometimes, easing you into his arms as carefully as possible, to ensure you stay asleep.
Then he carries you off to your room and gets you tucked into bed, all cozy and warm. Ruffles your hair for extra good measure.
Now, he'll go out some food together for you to enjoy when you wake up. He's sure you'll be hungry, but he’d also like to eat something with you. Seeing you sleeping so soundly stirred up an especially strong hunger in him. He's not complaining, though.
You're napping?? Without him???
Jk, Belphie knows the call of slumber is sometimes too strong to overcome, and he figures you must've been exhausted.
It's nice to see you settle down for once. And as much as he’d love to harass you, he thinks he'll just leave you be and enjoy the silence.
Of course, sleep soon starts creeping up on him as well, and he finds himself curling up on the ground near you with his fingers intertwined with yours, drifting off to sleep. You don't mind if he keeps you company, right?
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mammonswhore · a month ago
At Peace ✒Lucifer x MC (drabble)
Tumblr media
Lucifer would just casually sit in front of his fireplace and think about how much the exchange program he wanted to oppose to changed his life,how he found someone who despite the nature of their relationship will be willing to help him even when he didn't wanted to. He found love but not only romantic love but also family love from someone who was not "forced" to love him as he thought his brothers were, friendly love from someone he didn't have to work with,the loving and patient empathy they used to avoid hurting his pride in order for him to feel more welcome than usual. Sometimes he felt pathetic because "how did him,the high and mighty Lucifer Morningstar,became so putty and docile for a human?" But who was he tricking anyways? He knew it and as much as he wouldn't like to admit such,he loved the warm fuzzy feeling roaming his chest when his little human walked into his room with their arms open for a hug,the brightest smile on their face when he started talking about anything just to don't make them feel like a bother. It was funny how the so called "butterfly effect" worked even in him but he was happy. So happy and proud of both of them.
Lucifer was so in love and he had zero regrets about anything now. He was,for once,at peace with himself.
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justmywriting1313 · a month ago
Mini HC’s for terms of endearment (Luci, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo) Part 1
Heyyyyyo luvs!!! Hope you're all having a fantastic week!!
Soooo, I am incredibly depressed and just one bad comment away from a mental breakdown and dropping out soooo as escapism I was imagining or figuring out the nickname or endearments the boys would call youuuu Sooo yeah enjoyyyy!
My love, my beloved, my heart, Darling, Sweetheart, Pet 
Basically ‘my’ anything. Lucifer likes to keep an image of sophistication and with that in mind most of his terms of endearment reflect that. I don't think he is the kind to use ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ because they don't encompass just how much care he has for you. He also thinks they are kind of trashy.
When he wants to be sweet and loving or romantic its soft whispers in your ear “My heart, you look absolutely gorgeous” or “My Beloved, come here, I want to hold you... I wont ask again”
When you act bratty or are not listening, especially in public its a firm “Sweetheart, not now and i wont repeat myself” or “Darling, wait until we get home and then you'll see the results of your teasing.” 
‘Pet’ is mainly for when Lucifer feels dominant in the bedroom. I feel like he is into degradation (as a kink) but he knows that you may not always be in that mood and so to keep his dominant nature but also be soft he would use Pet.
Overall, just very pride and prejudice hehehe 
Babe, Baby, Darlin’, Beautiful,  
I don’t think it’s a surprise that this is what he calls you. I feel like he isn’t one to use sophisticated endearments. I also don't know why but he seems like he would be the kind to use quick terms of endearments that roll of the tongue really easily. Also suffice to say it takes him a long time to get the courage to be using terms of endearment for you.  
‘Babe’ and ‘baby’ is for like everyday things. For example, you'll be helping him make ramen and he will come behind you and hug you and just be like “Thanks babe, love ya” or when you're getting out of bed he will whine softly “Baby where ya goin’? come back now”. 
‘Beautiful’ is mainly for when he feels more romantic or when he is trying to pacify you if you’re upset with him. “Beautiful, come on, ya know I didn’ mean to!”
Lastly I think darlin’ is when you're teasing him and since I think he is a switch, he would get a little subby and be like “‘Darlin’ you're killing me here, ya know that?” 
Overall, he uses what i guess are like trashy endearments but like in a cute and sweet way. 
Y/N-Chan/ Y/N-Kun
Again, is this a surprise? Of course he calls you this. I mean it also takes him literal eons to even come up with the courage but finally when he does, he wants to be cute like the anime's and manga’s and so he would definitely call you with the suffix chan or kun.
I mean there isn't much more to this. I don’t think he will call you anything else besides your name. Again I think he is a switch like Mammon so when he is subby, which is very often, where he will just whine your name softly. 
On the rare occasion he is dominant he will just whisper, y/n-chan/kun into your ear and then tease you. He maybe also call you “Kitty” since he thinks its moe but it is rare
But yeah I think he finds it too difficult to get that courage but even then he does his best to be cute. 
Darling, sweetheart, Heart, Kitten, Kitty, Pet 
Another one to hold an air of sophistication even for something as small as terms of endearments. To be honest I think Satan is the most romantic of everyone since he reads the most amount of books. He gets what women want and he knows what you like him calling you. 
With that said, ‘Darling’, ‘Sweetheart’ and ‘Heart’ is definitely for everyday situations or the ones he uses in public. ‘Heart’ is definitely for when he wants to be more romantic. You're swaying to music in the kitchen and he mutters “What would I do without you my heart” or “Sweetheart pass me that book would you?”
‘Kitten’, ‘Kitty’ and ‘Pet’ is definitely for the bedroom or when he feels dominant and wants to put you in that sub mindspace. Gently running his hands along the curve of your neck “Purr for me kitten would you?”. 
We all know he has that neko kink so yeah. “Kitty you make the loveliest sounds I wonder what other sounds I can pull out?”
Overall sophisticated in the same way as Lucifer. I think the only reason he doesn’t use ‘My - something’ very often is cause he knows its Lucifers go-to term and he of course wants to be nothing like him. If that wasn’t the case I could definitely see him saying My kitten or My heart. 
Doll, pet, cutie, baby, love, sweetie, sweetheart, sunshine (literally everything)
Basically calls you any term of endearment under the sun. Has no particular situation in which he uses them since he can be suggestive even in public so even the more suggestive terms are used everywhere. 
I literally don't know what else to say besides be prepared to be called everything. 
This was just a small mini thing while i worked on the next part of Compliment so enjoyyyyy
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luminari-mc · 15 days ago
What if MC lived a very poor life at a different time than ours, way into the past. What if at one point, food ran out, and in a desperate attempt to save their own life from dying out of hunger, MC decided to perform a ritual to form a pact with a demon in exchange for some food.
Then, as the ritual ends and MC falls to the floor in exhaustion, Beelzebub appears out of bright flames in the middle of the circle MC drew in the middle of the room. Beel asks why they summoned him, and MC explains that all they want is some food, they don't care what the demon asks in exchange. They are tired of living a lonely life where their stomach hurts from being empty everyday, and are ready to commit such an act in order to save themself.
Beel warns them if they know what kind of consequences could come out of this pact with him. With tears in their eyes, but a pathetic smile on their face, MC repeats that they know what they are doing.
As MC awaits for Beelzebub to agree for their pact, they begin to fall unconscious, and their face slowly presses against the floor. At such a sight, Beelzebub, even as a demon, can't bring himself to take advantage of them in such a state.
Instead of plucking their soul out of their body as a form of payment for their pact, Beel picks them up into his arms, and disappears back into the portal with them, fully ready to take care of a human that has been abandoned and left to die by their own kin.
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