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#obey me writing
melodiesofblueroses · 3 hours ago
𝘴𝘰𝘧𝘵 𝘯𝘦𝘤𝘬 𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘴 𝘸/ 𝘭𝘶𝘤𝘪𝘧𝘦𝘳
Tumblr media
-𝘱𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨: lucifer x gn!reader
-𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘳𝘦: fluff, a bit suggestive (?)
-𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵: ~1.3k
Tumblr media
behind closed doors, you had no idea that the avatar of pride could be so soft and melt at your every touch and word. it was almost as if he was an entirely different person, someone who you couldn’t recognize at first. his mannerisms, tone, behavior, everything, was ditched the moment the doors to his study closed and locked. the strict, overprotective, prideful demon you knew turned soft and gentle, making sure that you were quite satisfied and happy when you were in his company. of course, he still boasted his prideful tendencies even when it was just the two of you, but it’s not like you minded. lucifer still, after all, was quite vulnerable and intimate regardless. 
and today again, you found yourself in his arms just as you were about to head to bed. despite his cold exterior, lucifer was quite needy when it came to physical affection. he never really showed his desires, rather chose to act on them as long as you were comfortable with it. if he desired your touch, lucifer would simply call you over to his room or study then hold you close, and you would know exactly what he meant. most times, you accepted his invitation with open arms. his warmth and love made you quite sleepy, and it was the perfect note to end your tiresome day. 
today, especially, you sought out his comfort. it was one of those days, the ones were your head was pounding and your sinuses were flaring up for no apparent reason. every little thing seemed to be getting on your nerves, and nothing could get done. overall, you were extremely tired and uncomfortable, but being with lucifer helped alleviate some of the pain. he always knew the right places to kiss you or the right words to say when you needed him. it was quite a wonder, really, but it wasn’t something you really thought much of when you were cuddled up against him. 
your back was to his chest as his arms wrapped around your torso, completely enveloping you in his embrace. his warmth immediately engulfed you, and you couldn’t help but let out a content hum the moment you felt his touch. you soon felt a pair of lips on your neck, followed by a soft yet sweet kiss. it was such an electrical feeling, one that gave you goosebumps. ahh, his touch felt so good. you craved it more. the spot that he had just kissed was left feeling sensitive as you couldn’t help but feel a need to touch it. your thoughts were immediately interrupted by another soft neck kiss as lucifer this time kissed the area between your neck and collarbone. 
“ah,” you quietly whimpered, not expecting him to kiss such a sensitive area. it wasn’t as if you hated it, quite opposite in fact, you loved it. it was just something that took you by surprise. you didn’t have time to really think too much about it as lucifer continued littering soft, gentle kisses on various places on your neck, each one feeling way more sensual and sweet than the last. it felt way too good, and all of your troubles and headaches from today vanished whenever you felt his lips on your skin. 
you could feel lucifer smirk against your skin everytime you whimpered or let out a small moan, letting him know that you were more than satisfied with his kisses. it fueled his ego to see you squirm yet enjoy his touch. it allowed him to boast the fact that he was the only one that could make you feel this way, to see you in such a vulnerable yet intimate light. it really didn’t help his already high enough pride. in fact, it also made him want to just kiss you more. and that’s exactly what he did. your reactions were so tantalizing. plus, it was quite fun for him to tease you.
for the next few minutes, lucifer continued to delicately kiss your neck, enjoying it whenever you positively reacted. you, on the other hand, enjoyed his kisses, though they also couldn’t help but irritate you in a sense. they were so teasing and intimate that you couldn’t help but anticipate for something more, such as a passionate kiss to the lips that would soon devolve into a heated makeout session. you knew that his gentle kisses were only the beginning if the two of you wanted to take it any further later that night, but you were starting to grow impatient. you knew that a passionate and rough kiss would be the perfect way to let out some steam that you’d built up over the day. 
lucifer, having caught on to your growing impatience, chuckled. his warm breath against your sensitive skin made you quite flustered, but it felt oh so good. you couldn’t help but want more of his touch and affection. he made you feel so good. “patience my love,” he mumbled in that deep voice of his, which you found to be quite sexy and didn’t help calm your rapidly beating heart for one second. with that, he followed up with another gentle neck kiss. this time, you began to feel butterflies and curled up a bit. despite many kisses, they all still felt the exact same. you never once got bored with them as each kiss still felt so electrical and magical. how did he do it? 
a few more minutes passed by again, filled with some more of his neck kisses that you loved so dearly and relentless teasing from lucifer. time seemed to have stopped as he continued to softly kiss you, though it wasn’t a feeling that you minded. if only that was true, then you could spend as much time as you wanted with him, not having to worry about the morning having to come. 
your guys’ session, however, abruptly came to a close the moment lucifer’s d.d.d rang, the caller id showing that it was diavolo who was calling him at such a time. as much as lucifer wanted to ignore it and continue making you feel good, he knew that he couldn’t ignore diavolo, not when he made an oath to him. sighing, he removed you from his embrace as he went to grab his phone to answer it. you couldn’t help but be irritated at the demon prince for interrupting such an intimate session, now sitting on lucifer’s bed, all cold and grumpy. whatever was so urgent could wait until the next day at rad you reasoned, though that was just because you missed lucifer’s touch. 
as you were waiting for lucifer to return, you brought your index and ring finger to your neck, delicately feeling the places that lucifer had kissed. they were slightly damp from his lips but still felt a bit warm, a feeling that made you flustered as you remembered how his kisses felt against your skin. your neck was also rather sensitive right now, immediately wincing everytime you brought your finger to a spot. as much as you hated the feeling of your skin becoming hypersensitive, this was one instance that you didn’t really mind. at least something good came out of it: lucifer and you sharing an intimate moment. it really was a great for bonding too, as you felt that the two of you grew closer after each session. he was so open and vulnerable that you grew to understand him more, and likewise with you as lucifer began to understand you more as well. 
watching him from afar as he talked with diavolo on the phone, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you thought about him. as much as he would deny it, lucifer was a softie at heart. and you couldn’t help but be happy that you were the only one he would dare showing that side of his to. he was special to you and you were to him.
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anenbylittlepotato · 4 hours ago
Hmmm I'm thinking about starting a headcanons/fic writing thing here. Like, I'll still probably post my normal things as well, but I'll write fics and hcs and take requests. Right now I'm hyperfixated on Obey Me (if you couldn't tell from my recent posts) so that's probably what I'll write about for now, but I'll write other things too! I think it could be fun. What do y'all think?
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himbo-beel · 5 hours ago
17 with Mammon please?
The hidden Devildom casino was more like a regular, human world casino than you thought. It was packed to the walls with tables and slots and demons of all shapes and sizes testing their luck on them. Smoke and alcohol and the heady spice of the Devildom’s own pleasurable cocktails made your head spin and your eyes itch and the low, ruddy lights overhead didn’t help with the headache you felt coming. 
Mammon’s cheer made you jump as you were brought back from your wandering thoughts and you tugged in the collar of his jacket. 
“One more round - I’m kiilin’ it here!” You crossed your arms. One more round had been three rounds ago and you shifted your weight, restless and itching to go. Half of the things you couldn’t touch here without being poisoned and half the places in the casino were filled with demons likely to eat you and you were never fond of casinos to begin with. “Promise!”
He must have seen the sour look on your face. You were glad his own smile hadn’t faded despite it, and you leaned down to peck his cheek in thanks. 
“One more for good luck?”
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himbo-beel · 5 hours ago
33 or 40 with Beel (I just really wanna kiss him)
The weight of Beel’s eyes on you while he hovered behind, hands floating somewhere between wanting to hold you still and grabbing the paring on the nearby cutting board to throw it out the kitchen window, was more uncomfortable than the sting of the cut on your finger you rinsed under the sink. He finally settled on placing his hands on your shoulders and you turned to follow the tug of his arms. 
His hands slid down your arms to grab a hold of your wrist, gentle with your own, and he lifted your palm to his lips. His tongue swiped at the last of the blood before kissing the cut. 
You watched his eyes flick from yours to the knife again, and you hoped he didn’t think he could keep you from cooking after this. 
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gummyworm-coffin · 10 hours ago
Random but i live for the idea of Simeon's boomer ass coming up to you (or Luke or Solomon) with his phone saying that there's a problem with it when he just put his phone in airplane mode.
After you tell him that he put his phone in airplane mode and turn off the option this is how he sees you:
Tumblr media
He's also a Facebook mom and you can fight me on this-
Tumblr media
poor baby is so confused, luke please come help your father
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moemammon · 13 hours ago
Imagine laying next to Belphagor who's clearly trying to go to sleep, but you keep sending him stupid memes so he'll look at his phone
and you can feel him shaking because he's trying not to laugh and he can't stay mad at you because he keeps laughing gO TO SLEEP DAMN IT
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himbo-beel · 21 hours ago
40 for plus sized MC and Beel or Belphie please!?
I like writing Beel more soooo
One kiss. Two kiss. Three kiss. Four-
You tilted your head to watch Beel’s continue to nuzzle his face against your stomach. The bowl of popcorn was still held close to his chest but the snack itself was forgotten in favor of the taste of your skin. He pressed one more kiss to your side before resting his head against you, finally using you as the pillow he’d originally asked for. 
You heard him sigh and you pursed your lips. 
“Not enough popcorn?”
He shook his head and the tickle of his hair against your exposed side made you snort. 
“There’s not enough time.” You raised a brow, unsure of what he meant. You had all night with him, and at least three movies lined up. “And there’s so much of you to love.”
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himbo-beel · 22 hours ago
Mammon seems like the kind to kiss each finger (44)
You thought Mammon had gone. His room was empty and eerily quiet of his rummages through his belongings - whether they were truly his or things he’d picked up - or his shouts as he won another bidding match online. Maybe his habits were rubbing off on you - which you hadn’t thought was such a terrible thing until now. Until you turned, your hand outstretched in front of you with each finger adorned and glistening with one of his rings, and pointed straight at the demon himself. 
You expected him to be angry. Mammon was easy going when it came to taking other’s belongings but was less so when it came to his own. You expected him to be upset. You? His first? Touching his things? You flinched when Mammon grabbed your wrist and tugged you towards him. You tensed when he lifted your arm up. You exhaled when he pressed his lips to the tops of the gemstones and then to the tips of your fingers. 
Each one, each ring, each finger, each knuckle, was decorated with a kiss. 
I’m sorry you’d wanted to say. 
Don’t take them off was what you heard. 
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himbo-beel · 22 hours ago
31 with Beel because if his cheeks are that stretchy they HAVE to be suuuper soft right? :D
Ah, god, I wanted to save these for tomorrow because I’m so tired but this was my fav way to kiss my exbf because he had such a nice beard and now I’m in a mood and I’m going to project heavily onto this
Beel’s face was warm in your hands. You’d seen the blush creep up his neck and color his cheeks when you reached towards him to bring his face down to yours, palms cupped around his chin. A chuckle ticked your skin right before you closed your eyes and met him the rest of the way, lifting yourself onto the tips of your toes as he bent down to press his lips to yours. 
He must still have been blushing, you thought, as your thumbs followed the line of his jaw. 
A soft noise of complaint left you as he pulled back. Beel didn’t leave you disappointed for long. He wrapped his arms around your middle, bringing your closer, before turning his head for another kiss. You let your hand wander to his cheek again, fingers curled to run your knuckles across it, before sliding your hand into his hair. 
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devildomimagines · a day ago
Could u do another "I'm not (blank) enough" requests but instead of MC saying something negative it'd be the brothers saying they aren't enough at something?
This was an interesting request, thanks Anon! I'm sorry it took me a while to get through it but I really had to dig deep to figure out what these arrogant, all powerful demons could feel insecure about.
Here is my other piece Anon is referencing: "I'm Not _______ Enough."
I changed it up a bit from the original but I hope you like it! Also I got carried away and this got pretty long so the other brothers are under the cut lol.
"Am I _______ Enough?"
“Am I reliable enough?”
You had woken up from your nap to his words, and asked “What?” While wiping the sleep from your eyes.
“Can you depend on me?” He reworded the question but didn’t make eye contact.
“Belphie?” You guided his face to look at yours.
“Actually never mind,” he backed out of the conversation and the bed.
“Wait,” You sat up and pushed out of the bed too, already missing the warmth.
Once in front of him, you stated, “You’re reliable!”
His blush was slight but you caught it before he amended, “I know that I’m not always hanging off you like Mammon or Asmo-“
“That’s ok!” You interrupted, “Sorry,” you quickly apologized when he gave you a look.
“But I know that with your sin, it gets physically uncomfortable to be awake for long periods like how Beel gets after not getting enough food. I know if I ever needed you,” you took his hand, “you’d be there.”
He took a moment to let the scene sink in before squeezing your hand, giggling, and roughing up your hair, “That’s right, bed head,” He teased.
“Yours isn’t any better!” You moved to do the same to him but he dodged.
The two of you continued to play fight but didn’t let go of the other's hand. Belphie seemed lightened by your confirmation and you enjoyed the rare bout of playful activity with the youngest.
“Am I warm enough?”
“Heck yeah! You’re like a space heater!”
He laughed, “Thanks, MC.” But his smile faded too quickly.
“Oh, I’m sorry, did I misunderstand?” You went from sitting across from him to sitting next to him at the table, “Do you not want to be a space heater?”
That got him smiling again, “No, that’s not it, I guess I meant warm like friendly?”
“Well then it’s a resounding yes, you’re super friendly Beel!” You gave his back a rub and a pat for punctuation.
“Oh… ok,” he went back to his snack which you assumed he would but his response wasn’t sitting right with you.
“Do you not believe me?” You looked up at him with your best puppy dog pout.
Congrats, your cuteness made the Avatar of Gluttony choke! He coughed and pounded on his chest with a closed fist.
You offered your apology and he waved it off as he took some gulps of his drink.
“No I do believe you MC.” He started covering your hand on the table with his and before your hand was completely enveloped he stopped.
“What is it then?” You prodded.
“Just a teammate commented on how I made chills run down his spine with just my stare.”
“Ah, I think Asmo would know that as a resting b*tch face,” you scratched your chin sagely
He frowned, “I can’t do anything about that, that's just how my face is.”
“Exactly! So don’t stress it, he’s still your teammate and friend, right?”
“Yeah, that’s true,” Beel mulled it over and you could practically see the weight of it rise off his shoulders as he sat up straighter and accepted it.
“There he is,” you thought as he exuded an easy confidence but your thoughts were disrupted when he pulled you into an embrace. He whispered near your ear, “Thanks.”
“Who could think this wasn’t warm?” You thought as you snuggled into his hold.
“Am I attentive enough?”
“What brought that up?” You questioned looking up from your spot on his bed. It wasn’t like Asmo to show his insecurities.
“Just some gossip going around,” He tried to minimize the claims and continued fussing with his hair.
“Oh, well, you know how gossip gets, you just have to ignore it and it’ll go away,” you repeated the same advice he had given you when you first arrived in the Devildom and there were vicious rumors and tabloid articles written about the exchange program participants.
“But am I?!”
The hurt look on his face paired with the desperation in his question made it plainly obvious this meant more to him than he wanted to let on.
“Of course-”
Asmo cut you off, “MC, you have to be deadly honest right now.”
“You’re attentive Asmo,” You confirmed without a shadow of a doubt.
He chewed his lip and cheek debating the statement.
You got up from the bed and came to stand in front of Asmo. You cupped the cheek he was chewing on and he stopped.
With a small nudge you made him swivel to look back in the mirror, “What were the rumors saying?” Your own curiosity running wild, what could bring Asmo to this?
Surprisingly Asmo looked away from the reflection of you two to answer in a small voice, “That if I didn’t pay attention to you, they’d sweep in and take you for themselves.”
That stunned you for a second, you didn’t think it would involve you. “Well first of all, I don’t even know them, how are they going to even get close to me at this point?” 
Asmo considered this, you were always with him or one of his brothers.
“Second, you’re always paying attention to me, you probably know my facial expressions better than I do,” you laughed and he couldn’t help a small snort of his own.
“Third, even on days when you’re stressed, or excited about a new make-up launch and your energy is elsewhere, you always,” you squeezed his arm for emphasis, “ALWAYS check in on me.”
Asmo bit his lip once more but this time holding back a smile. He clearly couldn’t hold it back when he locked you in a hug and squealed your name.
“Am I patient enough?”
You knew this was something that he consciously worked on so you quickly confirmed, “Yes,” then turned the page of your book.
He was a little shocked at your quick resolution and not totally satisfied. He closed his book and asked, “There was never a time when you think I couldn’t have been more patient?”
“Well sure, but I think that about myself too.”
That was also surprising to Satan, “How? You’re even more patient than me.”
 “I’m only human,” You shrugged, as you closed your own book, recognizing this was going to be more of a discussion.
“And I’m only demon?” Satan returned sarcastically. He did not appreciate the turn of phrase.
“Sorry, I meant, I’m not perfect, no one is. You can’t hold yourself to an impossible standard because you’ll only be destined to be disappointed when you don’t live up to it.” You paused for the idea to settle with him.
He contemplated the sentiment.
“The way I see it,” you continued, “As long as you’re trying to do better then that’s what matters.”
Satan weighed that thought as well.
“And there is an even bigger secret with patience that not a lot of people know,” you baited.
Satan asked “And what’s that?” Hook, line, and sinker.
“I don’t know if you’re ready,” you taunted and reopened your book. If there was one thing you knew you could entice Satan with, it was some kind of hidden knowledge.
He moved across the room and closed your book in your hand for you.
You looked up at him looming over you with a sweet smile.
He smiled back at you, knowing you were playing with him. “And what’s that?” He repeated but you knew it was more of a command this time.
“Fine, I’ll share the secret with you so listen well.”
He started to nod before you caught his face in your hands. His eyebrows shot up to wordlessly question your action but didn’t break the silence, his proof he was listening.
“People don’t always realize that the most important part of patience is…” you paused and savored the interest in Satan’s eyes, “that you have to afford yourself the same patience you give to others.”
His brows furrowed trying to unravel the words in his mind. 
While he did so, you pulled his head down slightly so you could give him a quick kiss on the forehead. Then pat his cheek and released him. 
He took a step back, almost in a daze, you certainly gave him something to think about.
“Am I supportive enough?”
You looked up from the manga you were reading and Levi was staring down at the manga in his hand. His hands were holding the sides tightly as he waited for your response.
“How so?” You prompted.
“L-like this,” Levi pushed the manga towards you. You scanned the panels, the scene being depicted looked like it was one where the love interest was cheering on the main character while they were participating in a sports festival.
“Well you’re not like this,” you had to be honest and you could see he was already starting to sulk, “but you’re supportive in your own way.”
He tsked and took the manga back.
“Levi, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” you apologized.
“It’s fine,” Levi turned the page, “I know I’m a gross otaku shut in.”
“No, stop.” You closed the manga, you dug this hole so it was time to climb out.
He listened and looked over at you, annoyed.
“You’re supportive Levi. There are different ways to be supportive!”
He rolled his eyes, not believing you.
Alright this guy wants to play hardball, you could play with the best of them. “You always make sure that I’ve eaten and slept, even if you haven’t. For as long as we’ve had a pact, you’ve always come to my defense even though I know you hate confrontation. When I find a new show, game or book that I’m interested in, you always take the time to learn about it yourself so I can talk to someone about it.”
By the end, Levi’s face was red, his ears were red, you could swear his hands were even shaking a little bit.
“So sure, you’re not yelling your support from the roof of the House of Lamentation like that character,” you took one of his hands and his eyes darted between your face and your interlaced hands, “but I appreciate your quiet kind of support.”
Leviathan.exe has stopped working. It took a solid 5 minutes to regain his voice.
“M-M-MC!” he whined, “That’s so embarrassing!” He slumped down to hide his face but didn’t dare remove his hand from yours.
“Was it super effective?” You laughed at your joke.
He groaned from his drooped state but he squeezed your hand and you knew that it was.
“Am I humble enough?”
At first, you have to bite your tongue to keep from outright laughing. 
Surely the demon who regards himself as “The Great Mammon” would see the irony in asking this.
But he was quiet and reflective, a stark contrast to his usual self.
You sat down next to him on the sofa in the living room, with a pat on his back you opted to offer what you thought he wanted to hear, “Sure you are buddy.”
“Are ya messing with me?” of all times for Mammon to be observant.
You were as bad a liar as he was so when you looked away and scratched your cheek instead of answering Mammon knew you were lying.
He sighed and his shoulders dropped as he caught his head in his hands.
“Well you don’t have to be humble!” You defended, feeling bad for your white lie earlier.
He peeked up at you and you took the opportunity to stand up in front of him, “You’re like the third strongest demon in all of Devildom! You should be proud of that!”
He rolled his eyes but you could see a shadow of a smile play on his lips.
“Not only are you strong but you’re very caring, not only to your brothers but to me too,” you suggested and on queue Mammon flushed.
“I’m not,” he tried to deny.
“Oh that’s not true. Remember when Belphie ruined that painting and you took the fall for it?”
His eyes opened wide in shock, “How did you-”
“Or that time when I was sick and you took such good care of me?” You added in a sing-song tone.
“Shuddup!” Mammon was now standing and placed a hand over your mouth as he looked around for his brothers. He looked back at you, “I got a reputation to uphold, y’know.”
After a muffled laugh, you pulled his hand away, “What I’m saying is you don’t have to be modest.”
“Yeah I guess when you put it that way,” He rubbed the back of his head considering.
“So what’s on the agenda for the day for The Great Mammon?”
He squinted his eyes at your teasing tone but smirked and grabbed your hand to drag you along. You went willingly with a snicker.
“Am I compassionate enough?”
He didn’t look up from the paperwork he was reviewing when he posed the question to you.
At first you tilted your head and wondered if he was even addressing you.
When he did finally look up, you knew he was waiting for your answer.
“Yeah, I think so?” You didn’t mean to phrase it as a question but were more concerned with how this even came up.
“You think so?” Lucifer repeated incredulously.
“Yes,” you reinforced, “where’s this coming from?” You were taking a risk in questioning Lucifer, there was probably a 50/50 chance he would actually answer. 
It was rare that he would even voice a question about his character.
He frowned and went back to his paperwork. You figured that was the end of the conversation, this being the 50% of the time that he would not answer. You went back to perusing his record collection to find something to play.
“Simeon mentioned how ruthless I’ve become.”
You looked back over at Lucifer. He looked more tired than he did just a moment ago. Simeon’s comment must have been wearing on him.
You picked a record you knew he liked and put it on before walking over to his desk.
He sighed, put down his pen and rubbed his eyes.
You leaned against the desk with your arms crossed and he faced you, the weariness even more apparent up close.
“Can I be honest with you?” you asked.
He grimaced, already thinking the worst but nodded.
“I think your ruthlessness comes from a compassionate place.”
From his one raised eyebrow, you could tell that wasn’t what he was expecting and he was waiting for your explanation.
“For example,” you began, “you care about your brothers, so when you punish them, it’s for their own good or to save them from a worse fate. You might not admit this one, but you’ve become sympathetic to Diavolo’s moods and disposition and so acting in accordance with how it will reflect on him and enforcing those standards has become second nature, hasn’t it?” He looked away.
You knew he wouldn’t answer that so you looked away yourself and continued, “You may have at first picked me as a candidate for the exchange program because of my connection to Lilith and housed me at the request of Diavolo,” you laughed at what you were about to say for the first time out loud, “but since getting to know me, I like to think that you’ve had a change of heart and genuinely care about my well-being despite those factors.”
There was a moment of silence and you felt your face heat up, nervous that maybe you overestimated your importance.
Before you could look back at him, he had stood up and enclosed you in a hug. You smiled, uncrossed your arms and hugged him back. 
He was humming along with the song so you made one more bold choice and started swaying in time with the rhythm. He chuckled, shifted to hold one of your hands, and properly led you in a dance around the room. 
You hoped his light footsteps were a reflection of how light his heart was feeling.
All signs of the weariness from moments ago were completely gone.
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moemammon · a day ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for Barb's where Mc has like, a few Little D's hanging off of them, like they're holding one, few are on their shoulder, one is in the hood of their hoodie and Mc? Mc is just like "I'm adopting all of these lil fuckers" whislt gently holding their newly found children
"I'm Keeping These Little D's." (Feat. GN!MC and Barbatos)
Barbatos took the opportunity to invite you over for tea and cakes, considering this rare moment of free time he had. Diavolo was properly tending to his duties, which meant less scolding the butler had to do.
He'd hoped you wouldn't mind the sudden invitation, and was thrilled to find that you happily accepted his offer, and arrived quickly.
What he didn't account for was the fact that the Little D's were also eagerly waiting for you. Well... he DID see that it was a possibility, but he’d hoped he’d have the private time with you. Nonetheless, he's just happy you're here.
As are the tiny demons, because they flock to you the moment you step through the door. They're all over you, happily calling out to you, hanging all over your clothes, attempting to tie your shoelaces together-
But you don't seem to mind it at all. In fact, you seem more than happy to coddle them, letting them do whatever they want, and even holding them in your arms like the precious little angels you believed them to be. Barb can't even be annoyed that they're smothering you, because you look so damn happy-
He smiles gently in that mysterious way of his, but you've been around him long enough to know it's genuine. "As much as I'd love to send them off with you, I'm afraid they won't last long in the House of Lamentation. Those brothers can be even more insatiable than the Little D's."
Barbatos can't help the way his heart squeezes a little when you insist that you're adopting them, and the little demons give him a pleading look. As adorable as it is, he won't let his heart be swayed. Probably.
Instead, he suggests an ultimatum. "You could come over as often as you'd like to visit them. Lord Diavolo always appreciates your visits.... as do I." The demon butler gives you a different look this time, something more tender and affectionate than before, but he looks away before you can think too much about it.
"Now that everything's been settled, why don't we continue where we left off? I've prepared plenty of sweets for the Little D's to have a share, if you'd like them to join us. Shall I feed you the first bite?"
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I finished writing out the emotional parts of some Asmo angst I've been working on, so now I just need to expand it plot-wise and then I might be able to post my first one-shot 👀
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fluffle-writes · a day ago
Introduction and rules
Tumblr media
I forgot the email for my previous account, so I'm trying this again! (I'll be reposting my old stuff)
Hi there! I'm a new writer for Twst here on tumblr, you can call me Fluffle, Bumble, or Bean! While I write mostly for Twisted wonderland, I can also write for other fandoms (which will be listed under the cut)
I'll have some rules under the cut as well, so make sure you follow them when sending in asks or submissions for the blog! I'll try to be active when I can, and I hope we can get along!
An important thing of note, however, is that this blog is going to be mostly sfw! The only N//SFW I'm willing to write is gore/horror, which will be heavily tagged, so please watch out for anything tagged with gore or horror, since when I write horror I try to go all or nothing.
Tumblr media
What I write for
Twisted wonderland
Boku no Hero Academia (main story and vigilantes)
Obey me
Creepypasta (limited knowledge)
Black Butler (limited knowledge)
Hunter x Hunter
Way of the House Husband
Demon slayer
Saiki k
Assassination Classroom
Pokemon (limited characters)
Tumblr media
No smut/spicy requests on this blog please
This blog is a safe space for minorities and the LGBTQ+ community, and if you have any problems with that then you can leave right now
I may do requests based on motivation at times, however I'll mostly stick to doing them in chronological order.
There's a maximum limit of 5 characters for headcanon requests
Max. 3 characters for ficlets
Max. 1 character for longer fics
If you want scenarios for readers then, unless specified in the ask, I'll keep the race and gender of the reader as neutral as possible (let me know how I can best do this if you have any advice!)
Feel free to send in asks that are general chatter, I'm always happy to talk to you guys
Fluff, angst, platonic, romantic, I'm happy to write almost anything. I'll make a list of things I won't write if I need to though!
Tumblr media
Guide to tags
#FluffleChatter - General chatter/interactions with anyone who wants to chill in the inbox!
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littledeadkitten · a day ago
I like to imagine that my MC 'mutates' the more she's in the devildom and around the demon bros. Additionally, that the mutations are based on my MC's likes.
It starts small. A migraine.
She spends the day sleeping, the day after that, and the next day. Eventually she awakes to water her plants and discovers two small... Horns?
Small, felt like horns, growing from her head. A month goes by, its now clear she has grown PLANTS, pitcher plants to be exact. Red ones.
The back pain comes next. Again, she sleeps and sleeps. Eventually waking to find MORE plants, this time in place of the pain running along her back.
Several long fly traps growing from her. Long traps with eyes inside. So many eyes. So many. Too many.
Then a birthmark on her face itches.
At first its easy to ignore, but then she can't help but itch it.. So hard that the skin is removed.
Under it, a new small blue eye in place of the birthmark...
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moemammon · a day ago
I'm not the anon/ask who said requested the headcanon, but I just wanted to say that your recent "safe space" post made me so warm! This probably sounds dumb, but I just wanted to let you know you're a very sweet person for just letting everyone know this blog is a safe space. I've always enjoyed your blog, and now I enjoy it even more. 💜💜 Hope that you're doing well!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm doing all I can to make sure that this is like, a safe haven in the fandom lmao. Especially right now with some discourse going on-
So knowing that you guys feel comfy here means I'm doing a good job 💪
Keep supplying me with your requests, and I'll keep feeding you the content you crave! I'll also beat anyone that causes drama here lmao
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summonedlotan · a day ago
Reset. Start Again?
You're back in the Devildom, except... nobody remembers you. You've been cursed and it's up to you to go back to how things are supposed to be.
Read on ao3
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gummyworm-coffin · a day ago
hello everyone! <3 i've queued some of my drafts to publish tomorrow morning, so in the mean time, i'd like to tell you about a new blog i've started w/ a friend!
it's @silvercoffinwrites and on there we specialize in writing soft yandere things for the boys of obey me! (minus luke, obviously)
there's more details if you go to our actual page, so if that intrigues you, please go check it out! thank you! <3
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cherry-flavoured-thot · 2 days ago
Hi! If you're still taking requests, could I have Beel and/or Mammon taking care of their S/O after a really rough day? Thanks so much!
When you’re down Beel feels his own mood dampening, he only ever wants to see you smile and to see you looking so upset hurts him. Naturally he goes out of his way to cheer you up, gathering some of your favourite snacks and putting on a movie, holding you in his arms and if you want to tell him about what happened he’s more than happy to listen. He almost breathes a sigh of relief when he notices you cheering up a little, your smile, no matter how smile it may be, is a comforting sight for him.
Mammon just panics internally when he sees you looking so upset, he likes seeing you happy and when your laughing but he isn’t a hundred percent sure how to cheer you up so you can get back to that point. He‘s never sure how to give verbal comfort due a deep worry of making things worse, so instead he relies on his actions to help with a few words that are straight to the point. “Listen I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m here.” He says, reaching across to you gently and placing his hand over yours.
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twistedflufflewriting · 2 days ago
Rules and Introductions
Tumblr media
Hi there! I'm a new writer for Twst here on tumblr, you can call me Fluffle, Bumble, or Bean! While I write mostly for Twisted wonderland, I can also write for other fandoms (which will be listed under the cut)
I'll have some rules under the cut as well, so make sure you follow them when sending in asks or submissions for the blog! I'll try to be active when I can, and I hope we can get along!
An important thing of note, however, is that this blog is going to be mostly sfw! The only N//SFW I'm willing to write is gore/horror, which will be heavily tagged, so please watch out for anything tagged with gore or horror, since when I write horror I try to go all or nothing.
Tumblr media
Fandoms I write for
(this can be added to if I remember any that I missed/join new fandoms, so feel free to ask about any I may have not mentioned)
Twisted wonderland
Boku no Hero Academia (main story and vigilantes)
Creepypasta (limited knowledge)
Black Butler (limited knowledge)
Hunter x Hunter
Way of the house husband
General character concepts
Obey Me
Demon slayer
Saiki k
Assassination classroom
[a link to a list of characters/fandoms I don't write may be added here in the future if needed]
Tumblr media
These will probably be added to, as I tend to miss or forget some things.
No requests to do with spicy topics. I'm not comfortable with writing things with that subject matter on this blog. I may open a side blog for those things, but for now I'll stick to sfw writing
I may do requests based on my motivation and what I'm interested in at times, but will try to stick to chronological order for the most part
There will be a limit of 5 characters for headcanon requests
There's a limit of 2 characters for ficlet requests
There's a limit of 1 character for longer fic requests
If you want a scenario with a reader, I'll try to keep the reader's identity as neutral as possible (e.g. No race or gender specifications) unless specified in the ask.
Asks can be general chatter too! I'm happy to talk to you guys, after all, I'm here to make friends as well as write, and I hope this blog can be a safe space for anyone who may need it!
Fluff and angst, platonic relationships or romance, general chaos or something serious, I'm happy with almost any genre. Just stay away from the spice and all will go swimmingly!
Tumblr media
Guide to tags
#FluffleChatter - General chatter/interactions with anyone who just wants to talk a bit in my askbox! General chatter is always welcome.
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midnight-dome · 2 days ago
You need more thirst anons.
Asmo knowing and encouraging MC to sleep around, broaden their sexual horizons, all the while knowing they'll come crawling back to him because no lover in all three realms can compare to the Avatar of Lust.
fuck yEAH i do need more thirst anons, anon! i’ve been having a lot of fun with you guys lately and everyone who isn’t on anon too~
pair: asmo x gn!reader content: bottom!reader, dom!asmo (slightly), hands are bound, bullet vibrators, asmo thrives on hearing mc talk about their sexual adventures while he fucks them silly ♡
Tumblr media
“go on, love~ tell me more,” asmo coos with a sweet smile, barely covering the dangerous glow of his eyes as he admires the sight of you in front of him. your wrists are bound to the headboard of his bed, body writhing under the constant buzzing of the two little bullets taped to your nipples. “fuck- hah! he pushed my knees up to- ngh~ my chest a-and-” you interrupt yourself with a gasp as asmo rolled his hips against you, purposely cutting you off with a smirk. “mhm, was he fucking you good?” it’s a tantalizing game you always play and even though you always lose, it never feels like you do. asmo encourages you to go out and have fun with other demons, but you always come back to him, telling him everything and waiting for him to remind you again that nobody could make you lose your mind like he does.
“he fucked me, nnhh~ really good- i couldn’t even walk afterwards.” another moan spills from your lips as asmo thrusts inside you again, filling you up so good that your head starts to spin. he flips you around with ease, grabbing your hips to pull them up before aligning his tip with your needy hole that’s nearly begging for him to thrust back inside again. “oh, really? maybe we should invite him then to join us next time... let’s see who can make you scream louder~" you feel his nails digging into your skin before he pushes back inside you, pulling your ass down into his lap and hitting the spot that always makes you scream. you’re putty in his hands as he rails you from behind, giving you no chance to answer while his hips slam against your ass again and again. with a nearly obscene mewl you arch your back like a cat, your upper body pressing against the mattress while you offer yourself up to him like a sacrifice. “but i don’t know if that’s exactly necessary...” he whispers teasingly, so very composed that it seems nearly unfair for you to nearly drool onto the bed sheets.
“a-asmo- aah- make me cum,” you demand, dancing on that edge for too long now, but it also feels so so good. “hmm, only if you let me hear how good you’re feeling, darling. i promise to make you see stars~" he purrs and you know he isn’t joking. “fuck, yes yes yes-! please, feels so fucking good! nobody fucks me like you-” another cry rips from your throat as he resumes his rapid, but oh so skilled pace, making you feel like you could explode any second. “nghhh, please- o-oh th-there! fuck, asmo! i’m gonna cum, i’m gonna cum-” you grip the rope that binds you to the bed, body growing taut and finally scattering with an orgasm that takes your breath away. your eyes roll back with a deep moan as asmo pushes you down harder with a hand between your shoulder blades, forcing your body to take more of him until you feel like passing out from overstimulation. panting heavily your body slowly grows slack after a minute or after ten, you couldn’t tell aside from the loving kisses that asmo trails all over your back. “what a lovely sight you always are, my love,” he whispers adoringly, making you preen under his praise because in the end you liked to be with him the most. “but i hope you didn’t think we are already done~"
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