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#obey me x gender neutral reader
dogwater102802 · 2 days ago
The Plan
Lucifer x MC, slight Mammon x MC
tw: very cringe, I'm sorry, not proofread
word count: 965
Tumblr media
“MC, I have the greatest plan on how to get Goldie back!” Mammon exclaimed, barging into your room. You looked up from your bed, scattered with papers for a project you and Mammon were supposed to be working on together.
“Oh really? That’s nice. Now how about you come up with a plan for our project.” You said, rolling your eyes at the blonde who just scoffed at you. He walked over to the bed, pushing a few papers off to make room for him.
“Come on, MC. I really need your help with this one.” He begged, attempting to give his best puppy dog eyes.
“No Mammon, I don’t want any part in this. You remember what happened last time, right?” You scolded him, recalling when he had begged Beel to help him in return for a week's worth of food. But they had both ended up being caught and sentenced to kitchen duty for the next month.
“Please MC, I’ll pay you back.” He begged, grabbing onto your hands. The papers that were scattered around your bed, now long forgotten as more fell to the floor. “It’ll be easy, you just have to seduce Lucifer.” You let out a loud laugh, almost falling off the bed in the process, but luckily Mammon’s grip on your hands held you up.
“I’m sorry you want me to, what?” You asked, looking into his eyes you could see total seriousness. “Mammon, I’m about as seductive as a whale. What makes you think I have what it takes?” You said, attempting to gather all the papers that had been disturbed.
“That’s not true! You’re really good at… Uh…” He trailed off, not being able to think of anything. “Please MC, I’ll take you out to a really fancy dinner, as long as you don’t order as much as Beel does.” He grumbled the last part of his sentence, cringing at how much Beel’s one order cost him last time.
“If I do this,” You started, his face erupting into a bright smile at your words. “If I do this, you’ll owe me much more than a fancy dinner.” Mammon’s smile faltered at your request, but still nodded his head in agreement. “This is Lucifer we’re talking about.” Mammon brought you into a tight hug, wrinkling the papers under you.
“You’re the best human ever!”
You and Mammon hid behind a wall, watching as Lucifer took a seat on the couch in the living room of the house. Your nerves begin to bubble up at the thought of making a fool of yourself in front of the eldest brother.
“This is your chance, MC.” Mammon whispered, pushing you out from behind the wall. Stumbling over your feet, you successfully caught yourself before you could fall. You sent a glare at Mammon, who only gave you an encouraging smile and a thumbs up. Turning your attention back to Lucifer who was now looking directly at you. Your cheeks heated up and a nervous smile made its way onto your face. Beginning to walk closer to the avatar of pride, his features were hard and void of any emotions whatsoever.
“Hey.. um, Lucifer.” You greeted, taking a seat next to him on the couch. His eyes were still trained on your slightly shaken form. “You’re looking pretty good today.” You meekly said, hands coming up to cover your embarrassed face. He hummed in acknowledgement, his cold stare still trained on you.
“What is it you want, MC?” His deep voice sounded throughout the room causing you to shrink back into the couch cushions.
“Um… Well, you see. I just wanted to tell you…” You trailed off, whispering the rest of your sentence. Lucifer leaned forwards attempting to hear your words, but got a load of silence.
“I’m sorry MC, could you repeat that for me?” He politely asked, a teasing smirk appearing on his face at your very embarrassed state.
“I like you…” You whispered, looking anywhere other than the male next to you. Lucifer let out a small chuckle, scooting closer to your body which was now currently becoming one with the couch.
“Oh really now? And what made you come and confess this all of a sudden?” He questioned, lifting your chin with his index and thumb. Your wide eyes stared into his, body shivering in anticipation from his face which was slowly inching closer to yours.
Mammon stood behind the wall, with his head poking out, mouth agape at the scene playing out right in front of him. Lucifer caught sight of his white haired brother in the corner of his eye, giving him a hard glare before sending a smirk in Mammon’s direction. Knowing that he’s currently fuming with jealousy but still sticking with the plan to let you handle everything. Turning his attention back to you, his eyes softened at the innocent look in your eyes.
“I… I’ve always thought that, Lucifer. I just didn’t know how to tell you.” You answered honestly, not only surprising the male in front of you but the male on the other side of the wall as well. A subtle blush spreading across his cheeks from your words. He leaned back into his original spot, letting out a small cough to recompose himself.
“Although I appreciate your kind words, MC. Please tell Mammon that if he continues dragging others into his mess, I’ll be forced to get rid of his precious ‘Goldie’, permanently.” Lucifer said coldly, sending you a stern smile. You quickly nodded your head, going to stand up and leave but Lucifer grabbed ahold of your wrist before you could. “One last thing,” You turned your attention to him, a sweet smile making its way onto the older brother’s face. “Don’t think you’re off the hook, MC.”
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rose-lord-of-simps · 15 hours ago
Mammon’s Broken Heart
So apparently I woke up and chose violence today.
My body said fuck this shit we got titties and it’s not fun.
And I have been listening to Bakugou playlists.
So enjoy this.
Trigger warning: cheating and mammon’s brothers are mean
Mammon was never the first choice.
He was never the first choice for advice, entertainment, affection, or even just to be the brother the others comfort.
He was never the first choice.
So when you came m, and you accepted him as your first? Well he was over the moon!
Mammon wasn’t good at showing his affection verbally, but what he lacked in words he more than made up for physically, in both a fluffy and spicy sense.
After being with Mammon for a few weeks, it wasn’t hard to see why anyone would absolutely adore him.
None of the brothers could understood it.
They never understood why you chose to date Mammon over anyone else.
Lucifer could provide for you in every sense of the word.
Levi could always offer a place to hide away when needed.
Satan could offer the most entertaining of tales.
Asmodeous could offer endless fun and self care.
Beel could offer all his love and food.
And even Belphie could offer amazing sleep.
But you were in love with Mammon.
Mammon who could only offer you himself.
Mammon who was clumsy and didn’t know how to use his words.
Mammon who didn’t know how to accept a compliment on more than just the surface level.
Mammon who messed everything up and is in severe debt because of it.
You chose him.
Mammon loved it.
He loved the angry looks they had whenever you kissed him.
He loved the jealousy in their eyes whenever they found the two of you holding hands.
He loved the scowl in their entire demeanor when they heard you laugh because of him.
And he loved you.
He loved kissing you, wherever you wanted him to.
He loved giving you all the affection he could, whenever he could.
He loved hearing your voice light up with even the slightest amount of joy.
And it broke him when he saw the human he loved being pressed against the chest of one of his own brothers.
“What’s going on here?”
The two of you broke apart and with the guilt in your eyes, Mammon knew that wasn’t forced upon you.
“No. Save it.”
You loving Mammon was a hit to Lucifer’s pride.
You loving Mammon was a hit to Levi’s ever growing envy.
You loving Mammon made Satan want to rage.
You loving Mammon made Asmo want you even more.
You loving Mammon made Beel insatiable.
You loving Mammon made Belphie wonder what he truly thought was so great about you.
So they knew they had to stop it.
The chosen brother to convince you of your faulty thinking didn’t have to kiss you.
He knew that.
But he wanted to.
He wanted to feel your lips upon his which he so craved.
He knew Mammon would be hurt.
But he was used to this right? Getting hurt by his brothers? What would be the difference if he just stole his lover. Mammon would get over it.
Mammon went to his other brothers for support, only to find all of them uncaring to the news he’s shared.
They all knew Mammon would get over it.
They knew Mammon would get over you at some point.
They didn’t know Mammon would also get over them.
As soon as you left for the human world, Mammon had moved out.
His brothers thought he was being petty and told him to stop making a fuss.
But once Mammon closed the door for good, they were hit with the truth.
They took the one person who loved Mammon from him.
Because in Mammon’s mind, why would his brothers, or anybody else, ever love the scummy second born?
And they knew it was true.
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tamarinstudios · 20 hours ago
Reading Obey Me angst or any other fanfic makes me laugh like, MC is a sheep. Just imagining a sheep getting angry at the brothers then just wobbling away is just LLMAOFJSJ
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equestriagirl16 · 2 months ago
Obey me bois and their nightmares about you~
Tumblr media
I often see the concept of how these bois would fall prey to certain insecurities involving their sins and love for you. So let’s explore further into that through one of their more vulnerable states. Their dreams.
Warnings: angst, gore!!(specifically for Satan, Beel, and Belphie), cursing
Tumblr media
He would often wonder if his bouts of arrogance would ever have any lasting effects on you, like it had on others throughout the years
You were always so forgiving and understanding, but the possibility of you becoming more meek and sullen around him intruded his mind late at night after a mountain of paper work had been conquered and he fell into sleep before he knew it
He opens his eyes again, only to find he is in a darkened room, with him being seated on a high thrown and you below him kneeled on the ground head hanging low
“I’m sorry..”
“I’m sorry for questioning you, for speaking out of turn, for embarrassing you…”
Lucifer was confused and concerned, you sounded so distant and disheartened and he had no idea what for
“Lucifer..are you ashamed of me?”
His eyes widened at the question, you sounded like you were on the verge of tears
“No! Never! MC tell me what is-”
“I won’t ruin your image any more, I won’t insult your authority, I won’t test your patience, I won’t speak out of turn I won’t-”
You continued to ramble about the things you won’t do anymore as you rose to your feet and slowly turned to walk away in a zombie like state, to see you like this hurt Lucifer it scared him even
He doesn’t want you to be another sheep, he loves you as you are!
He reaches out to you only to find he’s tethered to the thrown, not being able to escape this cage and you walking away a broken soul by his hand
The guilt and fear of having done this to you dug a hole in his chest paining him to the point of snapping awake with a flinch
He’s thankful to realize it was only a dream and sighs as he leans back in his chair and pushes his hair out of his face. In the morning he’d be sure to be explicitly clear about how truly grateful he is for you, just as you are
You were his first human, he’s your first man and he holds that title as high on his list as ‘The Great Mammon!’
But sometimes he just can’t rap his head around how cool you can be, even when he’s prone to some…uncool habits
I mean cmon! The things he’s done for a quick buck! How can you just…forgive him so easily? Is there really not a single grudge bone in your whole body? No plots or anything? Even he can admit he deserves..some of it
But you’re still so kind, and can even be as mischievous as him! He just wonders when’s he gonna push that one button, when’s he gonna fuck up and really do something that makes you call it quits
He thinks real hard on these things sprawled out on his bed, so much to the point that he conks out almost instantly
When he wakes up again he’s standing in front of an alley next to a club, he turns and sees you hunched over your shoulders shaking as you whimper
“Hey MC! What’s wrong did someone do this to ya-
He’s scared by the violent shove you gave him as you whipped around
Is that what he did, no…no never, never that, never to you!
“Wh-No! MC I can get grimm from anywhere! How could I- w-why would I take from you?!”
“And you’re a goddamn liar.”
That last line you spat made him flinch as a pang of guilt stabbed through his stomach
“You’re a scumbag Mammon. Get out of my life.”
“Nonono WAIT-”
You screamed at a volume that pierced his ears and with that he jolts awake in a cold sweat. Relieved it was a dream as he pants, but the image never really leaving him for a while maybe he’d work up the courage to talk to you about it one of these days
It’s no real question where his worries lie with you, day in and day out he fears you’ll wise up and realize you could do better
Even with you constantly reassuring him that he’s perfect for you and how you’d never stop loving him, the thought always eats at him when his guard’s down
Jealousy is inevitable for him, but that doesn’t mean he likes it, you were the first person in forever to actually care about what he says let alone be interested
A mega fan like him he had to be dreaming! But in fact it was in his very dreams where he always sees the same scene unfold. You being swept away by someone cooler, someone stronger, someone more handsome, someone, ANYONE! And worst of all…
“God! Fucking finally, if I hear him ramble about another anime or some sh!t I’m gonna vomit.”
He stood there, frozen, watching you speak to another figure
“*sigh* like I tried, I really tried to humor him but who actually gives a damn! Maybe if he tried stepping out in sun the extra vitamins would actually help him catch a fuckin clue.”
“He must’ve loved finally being able to touch something else other than a body pillow though, how the hell can a demon lord be so pathetic it’s…disgusting.”
He watches you say the last line with a scowl. He was hurt deeply but he can’t move, can’t express any emotion, but if he could he thinks he might cry
Or maybe not as he’d figured you’d feel this way, isn’t it weird that even though he expected this seeing it actually happen makes him feel like he’s gonna shatter into pieces
And he does, his frozen form splits and cracks and falls to pieces onto the ground. It’s painful, but not as painful as watching you walk away with someone else, a huge smile forming on your face
His eyes slowly open, relief fills him as he sees it was a dream but it wasn’t enough to make the swirling in his gut go away, he thinks it’s a good time for another one of those 3am calls with you
Despite the calm nature he tries to uphold it’s only a testament that anger can come in many forms, it’s not always violent and neither does he want it to be, though he can admit sometimes it can become…blinding
But that’s only because he wishes to be heard, and hear him you do, and comfort and calm and talk and walk and read with him. He feels as though nothing can put him in a better mood and he’s forever grateful
However, in the back of his mind he’s still cautious of that beast, that unrelenting fearsome creature that only sees red and won’t think for a second before attacking whoever and whatever’s in front of him
And with you being his main outlet, he always thinks, what if he decides to no longer listen? What if in the Beauty and Beast the beast was never merciful?
He dozes off having read a bit of said tale for the thousandth time, and when he wakes it’s the same room but different, destroyed, messy, and in shambles
He rises from his chair wondering what could have happened until he hears a heavy and broken sobbing coming from behind a bookshelf, he recognizes it as you and rushes to your aid
But he turns the corner shocked and sickened as the image is worse than he could have ever imagined. You’re cut, gashed, bruised, swollen, beaten, bleeding, and what looked like the be a broken leg with the bone bloody and exposed
You scream and sob scurrying away from him only to cry out agonizingly having moved your injured leg too much
“MC y-you’re hurt don’t-”
“Please god noooo! I can’t-I can’t again, I *hic* fuck I d-didn’t mean to I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m-”
Satan was becoming overwhelmed by fear, disgust, worry, and rage, how could this happen?! He was right here! Who-
“Who did this to you..?”
You lower the hands you brought up to protect your face, which was now dark and expressionless
“You. Did.”
His eyes widen in shock, and with that blood gushes from your head as your eyes roll back and you fall to the ground like a rag doll
He lunges down to you on the floor and tries to heal you, but before he could start as he feels for a pulse there’s…nothing. He’s frozen, and numb, he did this to you, in the most painful way possible, he wanted to cry out but his voice won’t leave him. So he kneels there, hands stained with your blood as he cradled your head in them holding it to his own
“…I wouldn’t..I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t..I-”
He jolts awake from his sleep, book falling from his face, his first sight being Asmo who heard him mumbling and was concerned. He tells him it was just a bad dream a truth he was relieved by, a dream none the less that would still haunt him for sometime the only quell being your comfort
Beauty and grace will always be apart of his agenda, he strives for it and everyone only recognizes that
He can’t help that he’s so captivating and enchanting! Charming anyone that comes his way, even if their purposes are more sensual which was the majority
But you opened up a whole new world for him, you showed him a side of intimacy he’s almost forgotten and he craves it more than anything! You’ve shown him more precious things in life, and he wants nothing more than to show you that love and warmth back
You’re special to him truly, despite the countless number of others he’s encountered you stick out beautifully. He wants you to know that, he needs you to know that, the very thought of you thinking differently it just…
He fell gracefully into sleep pondering these things, when he opened his eyes again he was confused to find himself in a pink tinted void, he scanned around and when he turned he found you standing still
“Don’t touch me! I don’t know where those hands have been.”
He was shocked as you smacked away the arms he was about to embrace you with
“MC? Darling it’s me..”
“Yes. Asmodeus, the demon who runs into millions of other’s arms and beds.”
“You don’t love me.”
“Of course I do! Darling you’re my everything!”
“Is that what you say to get into people’s pants?”
Asmo was hurt by your comments, but became even more frightened seeing a crowd forming behind you. No faces or features, just a blurred bunch of dark people like figures
“Am I just another one of them Asmo?”
You ask more sincerely, looking him in the eye and backing towards the group slowly
“Another number…another name…another lay…another the crowd..”
You say the last line fading away slowly into the bunched blackness of the figures, reaching out a hand that’s the last to be merged with them
Asmo reaches out for the hand and grabs it with both of his own pulling at you desperately to free you from the blackness but you kept slipping in, he wasn’t strong enough, but he couldn’t let go, he wouldn’t
“Please don’t leave me MC…PLEASE!”
At that plea he gasps awake, sitting upright and panting trying to still his breath, he sighs thankful it was just a dream but unfortunately he doesn’t think he’ll be able to catch up on the rest of his beauty sleep. Perhaps he could spend the rest of the night being productive and planning a much needed date, ya know what how about a weekend-he..really needs to see you
He would have to admit there’s not too much at stake when it comes to your relationship, with proper prep his hunger can be easily taken care of
But everybody makes mistakes, things get eaten, food runs out, and Beel just gets..well hungry. He doesn’t mean for said hunger to take over but the feeling can just be so overwhelming, like an itch he needs to scratch, or a pain that grows worse and worse it’s enough to drive anyone crazy
You’ve seen a good deal of the worst of it, the outbursts and desperation, but in the end it was always handled and you were there to deal with the aftermath. He has no idea how he used to get by without you, sometimes your kindness was enough to calm him until his next meal
But other times he wonders, he worries, what if one day you’re there but the foods not? He’d demolished any possible idea of ever hurting you, but how long can your comfort and presence truly keep him at bay? How much can you really help at the end of the day?
A late night thought he has while gnawing on some fruit snacks before forcing himself to relax and sleep it away, he wakes up again, chewing on something
He figures it to be the fruit snacks he had a faint memory of eating on earlier, but something was off, the taste was raw and musky unlike anything he’s ever had before, was this meat? It ‘was’ red and red and red and…
He looks down and freezes at what he only recognizes to be entrails and intestines gripped in his hands, blood and other fluids coating his forearms, he slowly spits out what was in his mouth onto the floor which is now an unrecognizable lump of mashed organs
Beel throws down the contents in his hands and begins to gag heavily, but nothing will come out. The air is filled with a horrible odor, and he covers his face to shield himself from it, but not before a familiar sent whiffs past him
He slowly rises to his feet and sees a table, with a body sliced open. Practically empty and mangled like it was feasted upon, he looks on scanning it. He’s seen some things before so while it was troubling he braved looking on. There was something so familiar about it…
He eventually made his way to the other side where the head was. It was hanging over the end so he couldn’t see, but when he does shock and anguish filled his body as his legs gave out. It was you, your face, still, pale, lifeless
As he breakdowns on the ground and he grabs your face with shaky hands, bringing it close to his own whimpering and repeating his mantra
Through his pants he looks up at you with utter confusion and fear on his face
You say weakly and hoarse, Beel’s only response to this is his heart pounding in his chest, breath becoming quicker to the point the shock wakes him up as he practically lunges out his bed
Belphie wakes up for a moment and mumbles asking if he’s ok, he says yes, Belphie asks if it was a bad dream, he says yes again. Belphie rises from his bed and trots over to Beel, offering a pillow and an ear if he needs someone to listen. Beel explains, Belphie gives some input, the main being that Beel doesn’t give himself or MC nearly enough credit for how strong they are and what they can conquer together
Even Belphie can admit the initial shock he felt at your forgiveness and acceptance towards him, you truly are a one of a kind human and that’s not just because of your connection to Lilith
He has to say he..enjoys your company, despite both your past he actually feels like he has someone around who gets him, and he’s glad you helped him and his brothers stand on mutual grounds again
He could lean on you, he could trust you, he even loved you, he did. He never wanted to hurt you again. Even if your relationship didn’t progress the way it did, you just weren’t deserving of such pain
You’ve provided him with a comfort he hasn’t felt for a long time even after all he did, he’s sworn to protect you. He’d owe that to more than just you, but having you around to listen to him talk about the stars, provide extra body heat during naps, or just simply be there. Even if he doesn’t always show it he appreciates it more than you could ever know
He really hopes you feel just as safe around him, that he could ever manage to provide a fraction of that comfort you give him, he really hopes that…you mean it when you say you’re not scared
It’s not hard for him to drift off within seconds of thinking on this, but strangely enough he’s awake again in the attic space no less. He’s so groggy he can barely even tell what else is going on until he here’s a voice
“…..I’m sorry…”
He whips his head around recognizing your voice but is horrified to see the full source. His arm was empaled through your chest, blood gushing and oozing around it and out of your injury, you were lifted off the ground clutching weakly onto the arm blood dripping from your mouth as well
Belphie began to panic face going pale but to top everything off, in his palm out the other side of your body, he had your heart in a death grip. It was still pounding..
“…I’m sorry….”
Belphie snatches his attention back to your face, your head hung low and your grip grew tighter nails digging into his arm as he winced
“..I’m sorry, im sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry-”
You kept mumbling that mantra, Belphie was confused and scarred at an utter loss of what to do. He wanted to say something, anything, but he couldn’t, couldn’t think, couldn’t understand
Before he could have another second to process you grabbed his arm tighter than ever
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t be what you wanted.”
You ripped his arm out your body, and stood on your feet. Belphie slowly looks at his bloodied limb and the heart that still pumped in his palm. He then looks at you, you lifted your head and did the same, you smile, cough blood, and fall to the ground with a thud
Belphie stood there, confused, horrified, shocked, disgusted. Frozen. He did it again…how…he shook his head back and forth trying desperately to deny the situation. The heart pumped loud in his palm, he could hear it, he listened to it. Did he do this? Was this your plan? Did you both but…wh-
At the utter confusion he snapped himself awake. Of course it was a dream he thought, a very vivid dream, but still just a dream. He would never, he wouldn’t. He calms himself down, and remembers he feel asleep in the planetarium. Maybe he should plan another sleepover with MC here, they…he could use the company
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Obey Me!: Overstimulation
Tumblr media
Overstimulation drabbles for Mammon, Beelzebub and Diavolo, gn!reader
Overstimulation, handjobs, begging, crying, dom!reader
Tumblr media
Mammon's body feels like it's on fire when you won't let him come down from his first orgasm, your hand continuing to pump his softening shaft, his thick cum serving as lewd lubricant. The demon cries for you, pornographic moans filling your room as you smirk down at him. Mammon's eyes are shut tightly, his face scrunching up as he fights the pain for more pleasure, needing more, always more from you, even if it meant to suffer a little.
"D-don't st-stahwp, Mc fuck me more, f-fuck me 'til- ngh 'til I pass out, o-oohkay?"
You decipher the slurred words from Mammon's mindless moans, smirking as you recognize their meaning. Why not give your puppy what he wants for once?
Beelzebub doesn't want the feeling to stop yet, his hips continuing to thrust into your pleasure, eyes closed tightly. The sensation on his cock makes his head spin, the intensity unlike anything he's felt before. Soft grunts slip past his lips as he allows himself to drop into a deep headspace, every muscle in his body devoting to what you provide.
Your hand grabs his cheeks, tilting his head to face you. Beelzebub's eyes open carefully, lips twitching in pleasure as he shyly looks into your dark pupils.
"You feeling good, baby?" you ask with a soft smile, your insides warm as you watch your lover under your body's spell.
Beel nods weakly, his hand grabbing your wrist as he feels a second orgasm approaching, the intensity of it already knocking the air out of his lungs.
A cheeky grin decorates the prince's expression as he watches his cum squirt over your hand, the feeling ecstatic as always and he doesn't want it to stop quite yet.
"Can you keep going, mc?"
You look up at the heavy breathing demon, mirroring the excited smirk.
"Sure thing, your highness," you lean forward to leave a kiss in the corner of his lips before wrapping your hand around his still hard shaft, starting with gentle strokes again.
Diavolo's hips twitch into your hold, an unexpected moan slipping his lips as he feels the surprising intensity of the overstimulation. Your strokes increase in tempo, making the demon lose his composure more and more, his body falling victim to the overwhelming pleasure as he stops fighting his fall.
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hisvillainess · 29 days ago
ohhhhh thirst you say
how about or favorite demon king Daivolo and size kink.... hehehe
(psa I hope you know who this is)
i'm going to add Beel to this too because i want to and no one can stop me. you're so silly for sending it off anon haha love you.
𖤐 ───── 𝐬𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤! ───── 𖤐
𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙. switch!diavolo, beel, gn!reader
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. size kink, oral (m receiving), deepthroating kinda, mentions of topping/domming diavolo, mating press position with diavolo, 765 words, no explicit mentions of readers body type besides being smaller than them, minors do not interact
𝖆/𝖓. they're big, beefy and their backs must hurt from carrying the biggest cocks in DevilDom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 𖤐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖔
Poor Diavolo. He’s so clueless about his size that he doesn’t even know how much his cock is splitting you open. Even after lots of foreplay, beads of sweat will roll down his temple as he gently tries to push the tip in, slowly stretching you out while it’s coated in lube just so it can fit you. It’s so thick and heavy that it almost feels like your first time and the Prince shudders from the warmth of your walls squeezing his length. It hugs him so tight that you’re practically milking him and turning him into a sensitive mess — even with shallow thrusts. Diavolo initially takes it slow so he doesn’t hurt you but after his whole dick is completely inside you, he can’t promise he won’t go feral. Once pain turns into pleasure, he won’t hesitate to put you in a mating press. He’ll tower over you and have your knees pressed against your chest. He’s so close to you that can even feel the muscles on his thighs tense up as he’s pounding you, making the bed shake mercilessly. Both of you would be whimpering and moaning, fucking each other into pure bliss. He doesn’t even notice how you struggle to hold onto something — anything — because his large frame is going at you so hard that you need to grip onto something for stability; otherwise you’d just flail like a limp doll if you didn’t. Your hands are either bunched into fists in the sheets or they’re prettily decorating his neck as you hold on for dear life. Sometimes he helps you by firmly pressing your elbows into the mattress to hold you in place; his grip will never falter and you’ll be quivering until the moment you cum. He’s the switchiest of switches so let’s not forget when you top/dom him. You basically fuck yourself dumb on his cock, making him a whining baby while he desperately bucks his hips just to have more of you. It’s exhilarating for him to see someone smaller than him taking control of his large self — he relishes his power taken away from him in exchange for immense pleasure. The way you take the lead can turn even the big, scary Demon Prince into a needy sub. He almost sees the size difference as a challenge and he loves that you can overlook that. Diavolo didn’t even know he had a size kink until he started craving your touch in these ways. If he’s chatting to you in front of others, one look at your body will send him visions of the two of you ruining each other. He might just have to take you somewhere private and deal with those thoughts his way — most likely against a wall or on his desk. 
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 (𝖈𝖜. oral ((m receiving)), deepthroating kinda)
Beel is precious. He knew he had a size kink the moment you struggled to give him head. Your lips were only halfway down his shaft and tears were already pooling in your eyes. He was worried about hurting you but those thoughts instantly left his mind when drool began bubbling at the corners of your mouth because you were trying so hard to deepthroat him. The slobbering made his dick immensely wet; he could have busted a nut just from feeling you struggle down his shaft. It was kind of like an awakening for him — an ‘ah, I get it now’ type of thing. Your hands hugged the base of his cock as you started bobbing your head and Beel tossed his head back as he simultaneously pushed yours down. He fucked your mouth slowly while suppressing the loudest groan. “Fuckkk— you feel so good.”  His cock felt so big in your mouth, he just wanted to push it in even more. He loved seeing your eyes widen, your cheeks hollowed and tear-stained because you were doing your best to suck it. He truly felt bad but to him, you looked so adorable trying to endure the burning in your cheek as it adjusted to his size.  He loved it when he popped it out of your mouth and saw the size of it compared to your head — so thick and veiny. With his hand wrapped around his girth, he used the pressure in his thumb to gently tap the swollen head of his cock on your tongue, drawing strings of saliva from your taste buds. Beel may be a sweetheart but you know how he is when he wants something so don’t underestimate how dirty he can be ESPECIALLY when you’re on your knees for him. 
Tumblr media
© Hisvillainess — all rights reserved. please do not modify, claim or repost.
tags: @babydai @thesimphouse
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devildomdisaster · 3 months ago
Can you do the brothers reacting to S.O. MC always having an unidentifiably "familiar" scent and then finding a spray bottle with the brother's perfume in it, diluted so that it doesn't overpower MC's but still gives them a subtle trace of the brother's scent? Which brothers do you expect would take up the practice so that they always have MC's scent lingering on them?
So cute!
I think demons and angels would have a better sense of smell than humans so wearing one of the brother’s perfumes would be like Mc marking themself as the demon’s partner.
It’s not foolproof of course, after all, other demons can buy the same perfume. But between the brothers, Diavolo and Barbatos everyone wears different scents so it would be clear to all of them whos perfume you are wearing.
Lucifer has been using the same cologne for several decades now. It’s honestly surprising that it hasn’t gone out of style, or become associated with old people(Like how certain human colognes or perfume is only used by your grandparents). It’s distinctive but elegant and simple enough to be timeless.
Lucifer first notices how your scent is oddly familiar a few weeks after you return to the Devildom with Solomon.
Something about your new scent is immensely gratifying to his senses.
It makes his pride flare, and he finds himself far less worried about his brothers or Diavolo trying to steal you away.
Much to his embarrassment, Lucifer finds himself nuzzling into your neck as if to scent you while trying to identify the change.
It’s early yet and you’re still curled up asleep in his bed when he finds the simple-looking perfume bottle on your desk as he is fetching you a fresh set of clothes to change into.
He stops to examine the bottle, thinking that perhaps he should bring this to you as well. Although he loathes to let you cover up his scent.
He opens the bottle to ensure it won't completely overpower his scent on you, and for a moment he thinks he must have used a bit too much of his own perfume this morning. He sniffs it again and realizes that while it is similar to his own scent, it’s different. Muddled, diluted with something, water, and perhaps a bit of your own perfume/cologne.
His lips curl into a smirk as he realizes that he’s caught his cologne thief. He’d assumed that he’d simply misplaced a bottle of his cologne but now realizes that you must have taken it back to the human realm with you and made this.
Lucifer falls in love with you all over again. He is so enamored with the idea that you want to smell like him, essentially letting other demons and angels know that you are his.
When you wake, he is sitting next to you. Still smug. Pride radiating off him in self-satisfied waves. Toying with your perfume bottle. “Mc, my dear, if you would like to let others know you are taken I would be happy to mark you more clearly.”
You swear he likes to fluster you just for his own enjoyment.
“When this is gone,” he says holding up the perfume bottle “you are welcome to more of my cologne, you needn't resort to thievery, my love.”
He won’t take up the practice himself, but if you have to be away from each other for an extended time he’ll ask for a bottle of your perfume/cologne to keep your scent fresh and near.
Mammon is snooping in your room again. Not to steal this time, he swears! It was just to figure out what kind of gift you’d like.
The perfume bottle looks expensive, so he picks it up. Thinking that buying you a new bottle might be a good gift.
It doesn’t have any labels so he opens it to see if he recognizes the fragrance.
He is so, so embarrassed to find out that it is a diluted version of his scent! Poor Mammon, he is so flustered when he finds out that he drops the bottle, shattering it on your bedroom floor.
Suddenly it all clicks into place for him. The reason he had been so much more protective of you. Why he had found himself resisting the urge to mark you as his more than he usually had to.
You’d been making yourself smell like him, marking yourself for him. Mammon is over the moon. You want to be his. You’re already together of course, but you want other demons to know you’re together.
It takes everything Mammon has to stop himself from going to get you right now. From bringing you to his room and marking you himself.
But he’s got a bigger problem to handle first. Your room is a mess, floor covered in glass and perfume and he’s got to fix this before you get back.
When you open your door Mammon is still trying to clean everything up and air out your room, you recognize the scent of the spilled perfume and you feel the embarrassment overwhelm you.
Mammon is looking at you, face red and stuttering out an apology. “I swear I wasn't trying to steal nothin'. I just-” He flounders gesturing to your desk “it was an accident Mc! Picked you up a new bottle of mine so you can…” if possible his face gets even redder.
“Mammon if you don’t like it I can stop.”
“What? No! Of course, you’d wanna smell like the great Mammon! Besides, I don’t want anyone else thinkin they can make a move on ya. You should keep doin it.”
Mammon won’t ask for any of your perfume/cologne but he will borrow(steal) a little of it every once in a while. Mostly when he’s going somewhere he can’t take you. It makes him feel closer to you. And it has the added benefit of preventing any demons from making a move on him, letting them know he’s taken.
Levi can’t quite put his finger on where he’s smelled your new perfume/cologne before.
It’s familiar, but he can’t place it no matter how hard he tries.
For some reason, it makes him less jealous when his brothers are around you. Like he doesn’t have to worry about you realizing they are better than him anymore.
Levi might not notice what your new scent is but his brothers sure do.
Asmo gives you knowing little winks and you could swear you’ve seen Mammon crinkle his nose in distaste at you.
Levi doesn’t figure out why your scent is so familiar until he finds you in his room pouring some of his perfume into a different bottle.
You’re startled when Levi takes the bottle from your hand and tilts your head to the side to smell your neck.
He takes a step back from you red to the tips of his ears “M-mc you-” He gapes at you for a moment “You can’t just do that without warning me!” he whines. “You know other demons can- my brothers can- it’s like you’re telling everyone you’re mine.”
“I know, Asmo gave me the idea. He said demons use their scent to mark their significant others. I’m sorry Levi, are you mad?”
“Mad? You want to smell like me, how could I be mad when I’ve wanted to-to mark you for months? I just didn’t want to...creep you out...with all that. Y-you can still use my cologne just ask. Thought you were Mammon stealing for a second.” He says covering his blushing face with his hands.
Levi is awake for a long time that night, even after you’ve long since drifted off curled up next to him in his bathtub bed. He’s caught up in the fact that you want to smell like him and he wonders if maybe he could do the same thing with your perfume/cologne.
Eventually, he’ll ask for some of your perfume/cologne but it’ll take him several weeks to finally blurt out the question.
Somehow your scent is different, more familiar.
It sets him at ease, like seeing you in his jacket or finding you sleeping in one of his shirts.
It clicks that you are using his scent when he notices how fast he is going through the bottle of his cologne.
His face heats up and oh my, you’re using his scent. That's why it was so familiar.
Once the surprise has passed, his lips curl up in a wicked grin.
Oh Mc, Satan is so pleased. He is so in love with you.
He has you meet him in his room to confront you. His cologne in hand, lips curled up in a smirk. “Is there something you’d like to tell me, Mc?”
You tell him about how you dilute his perfume with yours so that you smell a little like him and meekly apologize for stealing from him.
Satan’s smirk grows as you explain, and when you fall silent he pulls you into his arms. “I like having my scent on you kitten. But you know there are other ways I can leave my scent on you if you’d like?” he murmurs, kissing across your cheekbone and down your jawline.
He sounds so confident but there is proof of his own emotions in the red dusting his cheeks.
Satan might dilute some of your perfume/cologne if there is a particular reason he wants other demons to know he’s taken. Maybe an event he can’t bring you to or if there has been a particularly stubborn demon not taking no for an answer.
To be honest Satan would rather have you leave your scent naturally. By sleeping on his pillows or wearing his jacket.
If you have to go to the human realm without him for any length of time, Satan will pick up your habit and start diluting some of your chosen scent with his while you're gone.
It doesn’t take long for Asmo to figure out why your scent is so familiar.
He knows exactly how long a bottle of perfume will last him and has a sixth sense for knowing when someone has moved any of his beauty products.
“Mc, darling, it’s sweet that you want my mark on you but if you keep stealing from me I’ll have to punish you,” he sings.
“Is that a promise Asmo?”
He brings you your very own bottle of his cologne.
The fact that you dilute his scent with yours brings Asmo to his knees. It’s so cute! But also such a tease! He’d love to leave his scent on you in other ways too.
But first, he just wants to curl up and cuddle with you. Knowing that you want to advertise your relationship so openly makes him feel truly loved.
The feeling overwhelms Asmo and he is so, so happy that his feelings for you are returned just as strongly.
Asmo will definitely take up the practice so your scent always lingers on him as well.
Asmo is not ashamed or shy about your relationship and any demon who insinuates he should be is playing a dangerous game.
There is no hesitation in his voice when he asks for a bottle of your perfume/cologne in exchange for his.
He likes knowing his scent lingers on you and flaunts the fact that yours lingers on him.
Expect to exchange bottles of perfume on holidays.
Beel’s nose picks up the change in your scent immediately.
It’s familiar and yet hidden beneath your own scent just enough that he can’t place it.
This is frustrating for him because he’s never had so much trouble placing a scent before.
But he likes the addition as well.
In the end, it’s Belphie who rats you out to his twin. “You know I'm sure Beel would have more fun if he got to mark you himself, Mc.”
Beel puts down the muffin he’d had halfway to his mouth to look at you, realization flashing across his face.
He smiles happily at you, light blush dusting his face.
He’ll give you your own bottle of his cologne.
But he’ll also explain how having his scent linger on you is a way that demons mark their significant others. He wants to make sure you know that you are advertising your relationship to other demons.
When you assure him you’re ok with that he’ll ask if he can do the same with some of your perfume/cologne. That way other demons know he’s yours too.
Belphie notices right away.
It’s obvious that the new addition to your scent is his when you’re napping in his bed with him and the new portion of your scent blends seamlessly with the blankets and pillows around you.
Belphie gets a mischievous smirk on his face as he nuzzles his face in your hair. “There are better ways for you to wear my scent, Mc.”
He doesn’t stop you from using some of his perfume to dilute and mix with your own.
In fact, he encourages the practice.
He likes the fact that other demons will know who your heart belongs to.
With his scent lingering on you it’s very unlikely that other demons(his brothers) will make a move on you.
He won’t adopt the practice himself.
Not because he doesn’t want to, but because it’s a lot of work to dilute perfume so perfectly.
But if you were to make it for him, he would wear it everywhere.
He finds your scent calming, so having it linger on him would be very nice. Why else would blankets occasionally go missing from your bed?
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v4mprs · 2 months ago
gn!mc runs up to the brothers for a surprise hug? 🥺
a/n; surprise hugs are the best \(≧▽≦)/hope u like these!
pairing; GN!MC x bros
genre; fluff
MC surprise hugs the brothers
Tumblr media
• he was on his was to another meeting with Diavolo feeling stressed since the last night he hadn’t slept due to paperwork
• so you decided to surprise hug him~
• you run from your room as you hear his footsteps then jump into his arms hugging him
• at first he thinks its his brothers doing something stupid but then he see’s its you and softens up
• you always made him feel relieved when he was stressed so he really appreciated it
• he’ll stroke your hair in one hand and hug you back with his other arm
• “Thank you MC this is just what I needed from my favorite person.” he smiles softly at you
• he also thinks your super cute when you just do those out of no where
Tumblr media
• he just got back from RAD after he finished detention and was having a bad day
• you jumped outta the hall way once you heard his footsteps and clung onto him hugging him tightly
• he blushes
• “O-oi MC whadya think your doing to the great mammon ya gotta warn me i almost got scared..”
• hugs you back and smiles like the happiest man on earth
• invites you to his room to cuddle
• he just got a hug from his adorable human
Tumblr media
• he was finally out of that damn room trying to sneak to the kitchen for a snack.. little did he know he was gonna get a surprise hug
• you jump out from behind the counter and jumo into his arms and cling to him
• screams at first because it lowkey scared him but then he see’s its you and calms down but turns into a tomato
• “Gahh! MC you scared me for a s-second there.. i usually never get hugs so t-thanks!”
• happy snake boi
• also gets your favorite snack if your hungry
• hugs you back and pats your head
Tumblr media
• he just got back from the library with a new book he wanted to read with you
• you were hiding near his bed, so after he put the book down he stretched and you ran and jumped into his chest and hugged him
• he’ll get startled at first then he smiles and lightly pats your head
• “Hey MC, I got a new book wanna read together? We can cuddle as well.”
• que the blush and big smile on his face
• if you say yes he makes you tea/coffee and reads you the book while you snuggle him
Tumblr media
• got back from shopping again..
• he was walking to his room but then he saw you running towards him so he puts the bags down and put his arms out for you to jump into
• damnit he found out the surprise
• “Hey darling~ Your so cute when you try to surprise me like that! I also bought us matching outfits!”
• he’ll hug you for a long tike but then whine when you try to leave his arms
• asks if you want a spa day or massage
• he also ruffles your hair because your super cute
Tumblr media
• big boi was going to the kitchen at midnight for some reason you were still awake and craved a big hug
• when he enters the kitchen you run and jump onto him and hug him super tight
• gets startled because he was like who’s up this late?
• big man hugs you back and ruffles your hair
• “Hey MC want a snack? I’ll share mine with you.”
• he’s blushy and happy
• your the most precious thing on this world to him, must protect.
Tumblr media
• surprisingly this man finally left his bed and was walking through the halls trying to find you to cuddle
• he opens your door but then you run towards him and give him a big hug
• he has a soft smile and blush
• how can someone be this adorable
• “Ahaha MC i was just trying to look for you, can we cuddle please?”
• he does those puppy eyes
•he also hugs you back but then drags you to snuggle with him even if you resist
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gunpowder-and-smoke · 7 days ago
𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬 — 𝐦𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐧
Pairing: Mammon x genderneutral!reader
Warnings: Fluff with a dash of angst, Lucifer’s anger
Summary: Mammon messed up again and when you put yourself between him and Lucifer, he finally decides to take responsibility for his mistakes to protect you.
A/N: I'm so soft for this idiot and I can't shut up about him, so I started writing about him and couldn't finish it because I was moving out. But I'm finally living alone and I used my friend's wifi to edit this. This is just soft and self indulgent, but you have to live with that, though I hope you enjoy reading this <3 Reblogs are appreciated as always!
Word count: 1.187 words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He isn’t worth it.
The thought slithers into Mammon’s head in form of a cautionary whisper as he watches you argue with Lucifer, trying to calm him down and hold him back from chopping his head off with a stubborn glare that matches the look of fury in his brother’s crimson eyes. Somehow, he managed to mess up again and Lucifer is done with his bullshit, that much is clear. His reaction isn’t unjustified and he’s ready to take the brunt of his brother’s wrath like so many times before. Yet, he isn’t able to move.
“You should stop treating him like shit, Lucifer. I know you only want what’s best for your brother’s and Mammon doesn’t always think before he acts, but this time he didn’t even know what he was getting into,” you state matter-of-factly and merely raise your brow at the tight-lipped smile he gives you in one last attempt to stay respectful, head held high as if you weren’t facing a demon who could end your whimsical mortal life without even lifting a single finger.
Mammon admires you for that.
The courage you have is impressive, but with this outstanding trait comes an idiotic recklessness he knows too well. It got him into trouble often enough to recognize how dangerous your current situation is, though you don’t seem to care much about that.
“All you do is blame Mammon for everything that doesn’t go as planned. Have you ever thought about taking responsibility for your own mistakes or do you blame your brother for those too?”
This never happened before. For as long as he can remember, everyone always found him guilty and never questioned if he was really the one to blame for their problems (though he truly caused a lot of ruckuses from time to time), yet here you are, deliberately putting yourself between him and his eldest brother to stand up from him, even if he’s at fault this time. You’re the only person who doesn’t look down at him as his brothers often do and he couldn’t be more grateful for your feisty attitude and your sense of justice, but at this moment, he fears for your life.
The feeling is real and cold, settles in his chest like a weight of stones, and only grows heavier when he notices the impatient glint in Lucifer’s eyes, deep red set ablaze with anger that resembles a raging wildfire. The wall of discipline his brother built over the centuries slowly disintegrates into ash and smoke. His scowl deepens at every word you utter and it’s only a matter of time until Lucifer ultimately snaps.
Why are you doing this, then? You aren’t supposed to take hit for him, shouldn’t even stand here in Lucifer’s boring study, surrounded by books and paperwork, clashing heads with the Avatar of Pride to defend him, There’s no reasonable explanation for your behavior, and perhaps, Mammon wouldn’t understand it anyway regardless how long he thinks about it.
“I should do something,” Mammon mutters, more to himself. No one else could be listening to his senseless rambling anyway and the only people within reach are Lucifer and you, though you are both too caught up in the heat of the moment to acknowledge his presence. The perfect opportunity to make a run for it, right? No one is paying attention to him, he could easily weasel himself out of this argument and neither you nor his brother would notice his absence for quite a while.
“What are you going to do now, Lucifer? You wouldn’t dare to harm the precious exchange student from the human world, would you?” You sneer tauntingly and cross your arms over your chest. Lucifer’s brow arches in offense and his jaw clenches, Mammon can see the muscle ticking rhythmically in anger. Then, out of a sudden, his legs move on their own just as his brother lifts his leather-gloved hand. It’s more a flight than a fight reaction, really, he can’t even properly think and just follows his instincts. His fingers grasp your sleeve and pull you behind him, shielding you with his body as he stares at his brother with fear and some sort of newfound defiance.
“What on earth are you doing, Mammon?” The sigh that leaves his brother’s lips sounds exhausted, but there’s a hint of curiosity hidden in his demanding tone. Not a daily occurrence to find the Avatar of Greed standing up for his mistakes, let alone protect the human he despised so much at the beginning of this school year. If someone would’ve told Mammon he’s going to risk his life for you a while ago, he would have laughed at their face. Now, he’s certain that this is the right decision, like he’s finally doing something good, even if it’s just him taking responsibility for the trouble he caused.  
“Don’t hurt ‘em, Lucifer. It was my fault, ya know?” There’s a tremble in his voice. His words stumble out of his mouth too fast, but he stands firmly in front of his brother and doesn’t waver when he meets his glare. If anything, Mammon straightens his back and reaches behind him to take your hand, squeezing it tightly to reassure you, to tell you that you’re safe and nothing will happen to you as long as he’s here.
“Interesting,” Lucifer comments. Of course, he wasn’t going to harm you in any way, but Mammon’s reaction certainly caught him off guard, though he would never admit that out loud. Ever since he assigned Mammon to watch over you, he noticed subtle changes in his brother’s behavior, positive changes of course, and this incidence only confirms his assumptions about Mammon’s true feelings for you. “So, you’re going to face the consequences of your nonsensical actions without any complaints?”
“I guess so.” Slowly, Mammon turns to face you. A weak grin pulls at the corners of his mouth and he cocks his head, nodding at the door of Lucifer’s study. “I think ya should leave. Sorry I pulled ya into this mess and thanks for... uh, defending me.” He chuckles lowly and runs his fingers through his hair, tousling it even further and then fiddling with the hem of his shirt. His other hand is still holding yours and it seems like it takes every ounce of strength for him to let go. “See ya later then.”
“Yeah see you later,” you reply and smile softly before dragging him closer to give him an unexpected kiss. Short and sweet, but breathtaking all the same and he can feel his face flush searing hot, can feel it in his entire body how much you care for him in this eternal millisecond of your lips connected to his and he helplessly stutters your name when you finally part. There’s suddenly so much he wants to tell you. More than a simple 'thank you' and more than 'I like you', but Lucifer is faster to react and clears his throat, clearly uncomfortable. So, you give him one last glance and smile politely at the Avatar of Pride as you make your way to the door to leave Mammon and his brother alone.
Tumblr media
tagging: @hisvillainess @dilfcifer my favorite sluts <3
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cozykaii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—character(s), Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmo, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Diavolo, Barbatos, Xiloscient (oc).
—genre, angst to fluff.
—cw/tw, harsh language.
—notes, i'm so sorry for the long wait! i hate this chapter. leave me alone omg
please do not plagiarize, copy, translate or repost on any platform/website without my consent. the headers used are mine and should not be used by anyone.
Tumblr media
how it feels to be replaced 001 <
how it feels to be replaced 002 <
how it feels to be replaced 004 <
Another exchange student?
You felt conflicted at the fact that another person will be moving in. The only thing that was on your mind was the fact that they will judge you once they see the mobility aid beside you.
Diavolo and Barbatos came in, (Diavolo) smiling brightly at the brothers and you. But as his eyes landed on your form, his smile drops a little yet he remained his composure. "Hello everyone! So, we have another transfer student from the elf realm."
The elf realm?
You've never heard of such a realm before, much seen an elf.
"An elf? Wait, aren't elves rich?!"
"Where'd you hear that, Mammon?" Asked Leviathan, putting down his switch as he looked at the avatar of greed. "I knew that for a fact, Levi!" Leviathan growls and picked up his switch and continued playing.
"Those aren't 'facts', Mammon. Elves don't get paid, so that isn't possible." Satan exclaims, staring at the book in front of him, eventually reopening it. "Huh?! And how do ya' know that?!"
"Can you both stop it? Ask an actual elf about questions like those." Lucifer interrupted, glaring daggers at his brothers. Ella giggled at the two and had a grin on her face as she leaned her face against her palm.
You only stared at them and frowned, moving your gaze to Diavolo and paying attention to him instead. "Anyway! Xiloscient, you can come out now." He called the supposed 'elf', and came out a 6'8 blonde male with hazel eyes and freckles decorating his face.
Holy shit, he's tall!
Woah, look at him!
How can someone be that tall?
His presence makes my heart flutter, and I didn't even know I had a heart...
These voices started to somehow simp over this man, which made you rose an eyebrow. Ella widens her eyes and screamed internally, he was an attractive guy for sure.
"Uh, hello. My name is... Xiloscient? Call me Xilo for short, I guess. I am a voronwë in my elf rank." He spoke, his hazel orbs inspected the group of demons, but a certain someone caught his attention. Is that a mobility aid?
Why is he staring at you though? Then you remembered, your mobility aid has always been there, so it probably took his attention. Oh.
Your face remained unfazed when you noticed that he was staring at you. The feature that stood out the most was his ears. They were pointy, prominent, long and sharp. Afterr introducing himself, all of you had dinner.
Xiloscient is a young man. He is a member of the Ladeth elf clan, which roughly translates to 'Night Eternal'. He wasn't next in line of the throne, he doesn't have a high or low title. Just an average yet loyal dark elf.
Dark elves are often portrayed as cruel and evil, but that wasn't entirely true. Most of the species are kind, but some of them aren't. Just like humans.
He seemed awfully familliar.
"Hello there."
"A-Ah! Hello." You squeaked out. He suddenly spoke and it seemed to scare you, which made him apologize. "I sincerely apologize." He took a seat next to you on the bench.
"I cannot help but notice how... you're always staring at the other female resident. what was her name? Ella, was it?" You stared at him as your lips formed into a straight line.
"Her name is Ella. Look, if you're here to chit-chat about her, I should take my leave." Grabbing onto your mobility aid, you shakily stood up and started to move until he grabs your wrist, preventing you from moving any further. "Wait."
Xiloscient quickly stood up and looked at you. "I do not wish to talk about her. But, I would be delighted to converse with you, not about Ella, but about you." You widened your eyes and stayed silent. Talk about me?
What are you waiting for? Go on!
He seems like such a nice guy!
His words are extremely wise, I'm jealous.
Oh my, he is fancy.
You shook your head and closed your eyes tightly, making the voices disappear. "I'll take that as a no then." He lets go of your wrist but you quickly hold onto his hand, eyebrows furrowed. "No! It's okay. We can talk."
He made a face of surprise but helped you sit back on the chair. There was a moment of silence until you broke it. "So, what was it that you would like to talk about?"
He closed his eyes for a mere second and then looked at you, "Have we... met before?" He closed his lips as he cuts his own voice. You rose and eyebrow and moved to look at him, "I... don't think so? Why?"
You sweatdropped as you see him chuckling and rubbing his own nape, "I must've mistaken you as someone I knew then. I'm sorry, you just looked extremely familiar to the point where I thought we had been past friends."
Past friends?
Who is this guy?
I don't know him,
"You seem like your thinking about something. May I know what it is about?" He spoke, his thin yet long ponytail fluttering in the wind, watching the sakura petals fall from the tree.
You looked forward and felt the corners of your mouth slightly lift up, "Nothing important. Mc." He looked at you and raised a brow. "Mc, that's my name."
You paused and took a breath.
"I hope we can be understand each other more in the future. You seem like a nice and easy person to talk to. It's been a long time since I actually got to speak this much, it's refreshing. Thank you." He smiled and closed his eyes, "Anytime."
I like him.
You guys should interact more!
Ah, he's such a sweetheart!
It's been quite long since we've heard such a soothing voice.
You chuckled as you watch his figure grow more less visible in the wind with a smile on your face, "yeah."
Tumblr media
TAGLIST ;; @astronomeh @zuko-the-turtleduck @trappola-caramel-yua @beelsmeal @yukieyy @reallyloudstarlight @lemonandlime22 @orsamu @reiikonee @iiucaii @nayuta127 @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @lucifersangel1992 @crystal-freak24 @riordanversexreader @smikys-stuff @mulberryeggs @chrismarium @sutsuxan @gallantys @amor-immortalem @joyvlee @nico707 @salemwitchezz @oriaedvige03 @hahaspoilerhaha @differentweaselseggsparty @ryokuu (im not sure why it's not tagging)
Tumblr media
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10n31y-100n3y-10s3r · 2 months ago
Luke: ouch! I cut my finger!
Mc: let me kiss it to make it better. 
Mammon watching: ??? how does that help
Mc: whenever my little siblings would get hurt, id kiss it to make it better. always worked!
Mammon: ...i see
Mammon to his brothers:  I need one of you to punch me in the face.
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cah0mie · 6 months ago
Ok how would the brothers react when you use a mood octopus
This ↓↓↓
Tumblr media
Like mc is not talking to the brothers instead they respond by flipping the plush inside out or something like taht
I am SO sorry this took so long. I wanted to create a scenario that wasn't so cliché, but in the end I feel like I still did 💦 I hope you still enjoy it regardless.
If you see that I could have done something better, please don't hesitate to inform me. I take all forms of constructive criticism.
To all my MCs that had the Brothers a little TOO concerned
Lucifer: Alright. We have just returned from the doctors, and it turns out MC has strep throat. So they cannot voice anything for at least two weeks.
Satan: Then we should probably get them something to help communicate. Like a notebook, or a dry erase board.
Asmo: Hold on! I have a better idea!! *Runs to his room*
Belphie: Anyone else feeling a bit anxious. ASMO, has an IDEA.
Mammon: Yeah, I'm not trusting this.
Asmo: *runs back holding a doll of some sort* This here is a mood octopus! One side has a happy face! But when you flip it, it has an angry face! We can just ask MC yes or no questions! Keep it simple.
Satan: I still think a dry erase board is much easier, but It's really up to you MC. You being the one having to use one of these.
MC: ..... *Takes the mood octopus* (It's cute)
Lucifer: Alright then, it's decided. Remember, don't make MC do anything vocal. It will only make them worse. MC, I would also like you to watch what you eat in the future. You can't have anything that's too strenuous on your throat. Understood?
MC: .... *Happy octo*
Lucifer: Good, you're all excused.
-next morning, during breakfast-
MC: *getting favorite cereal*
Satan: *snatches bowl immediately* I don't think so. These chunks will scratch your throat up more. You need to have something that will go down easier.
MC: ..... *Mad octo*
Satan: Be mad all you want, you still won't have it. I'll make you some of the creamy human food. I believe it's called Cream of Wheat.
MC: *repeatedly beats mad octo on counter* (I want my damn cereal! Beel is going to eat it!!)
Mammon: Alright, I'm going out!
Lucifer: Be back by dinner! I don't get into trouble!
Mammon: Wha-!? Of course I wouldn't get in trouble!
MC: *rushes to meet him at the door ready to tag along*
Mammon: uuhhhh... MC, I think you should stay here. You're sick remember? And who knows who will try to talk to you while we're out. And you, you'll be afraid that they will see you as rude and try to reply.
MC: ..... *Mad octo* (I won't talk to anyone! I just want some fresh air!)
Lucifer: I never thought I'd say this, but Mammon is right....... I REALLY thought I'd never say that.
Mammon: What the hell!?
Lucifer: You should stay here and rest, we can't afford you going out and getting worse.
MC: *swinging around mad octo* (Dammit! I'm getting cooped up!)
Lucifer: I don't care how upset you get, you're not going out. END OF STORY.
MC: ..... *Walks away to room*
-dinner time-
-While the lot share a whole roasted havoc devil, you are stuck with tomato soup-
MC: .........
Beel: Guys, I feel kinda bad. This is their favorite.
Lucifer: Just ignore them Beel, they're trying to guilt you into giving them some.
Satan: MC, this is for your own good and you know it. That soup will help you.
Belphie: If it helps at all the meat is kinda dry, so it's not that great.....
Lucifer: We probably would've gotten better quality if someone hadn't decided to steal the food money and spend it on themselves.
Mammon: *nervously sweating* Ha ha... What a scumbag that guy must be.
Lucifer: INDEED.
MC: ........ *Sets down mad octo as they slowly eat* (all I wanted was a bite...)
-later that night in their room-
Levi: Hey! We can always play video games! That always cheers you up!
Asmo: Don't they get pretty loud and aggressive when they play with you though?
Levi:..... Yeah that's true, they are a bit competitive.
Mammon: Then how about some gambling?! That always helps me when I'm down!
Belphie: That has never helped you. AT ALL.
Beel: ..... MC, are you ok?
MC: ........ *Angry octo*
Asmo: Of course you're not. That strep throat must be doing a number on you huh?
MC: (NO!! You all are fucking smothering me!!! I'm going insane!!)
Beel: In that case, we have to support them! Keep them company! Right?
Belphie: *nods* Yup.
Asmo: Of course!
Levi: I brought some movies to watch instead!
Mammon: I guess I got some time to spare for the human...
MC: ......(Guys ....I love you....but can I be alone for FIVE MINUTES!?!)
-Next morning-
Lucifer: That plushie seems to be doing a good job.
MC: (No it's not!)
Lucifer: Make sure you don't lose it, cause what you did yesterday is going to repeat for the next two weeks. *Leaves*
MC: ....... *Bangs head against the wall repeatedly* ..... (I HATE THEM..... I love them! But I hate them!)
-two weeks go by-
Lucifer: Alright MC. After two weeks if keeping silent, how are you feeling?
MC: ....... *Happy octo*
Mammon: Uuhhhh MC, you know you can talk now right?
MC: ...... *Makes the octo nod*
Mammon: Then why.....?
Beel: Is their throat still hurting??
Belphie: It should be fine now though right?
Asmo: Satan, do your detective instincts tell you anything?
Satan: .... I can't help but feel like they're holding a grudge against us for trying to take care of them these past two weeks and are now giving us the silent treatment.
Mammon: But what did we do wrong!?
Lucifer: MC, care to answer?
MC: ...... *Angry octo*
Lucifer: *sighs* Looks like we're not done with the octopus just yet...
Again, SO sorry how long this took. I loved the idea SO much that I wanted to come up with an equally good idea, but unfortunately this was the best that I could come up with not wanting to make you wait any longer.
I hope you all enjoyed regardless, please inform how it could've been better - cause I know it could've been
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Obey Me!: giving them a custom collar
Tumblr media
gn!reader x demon brothers
Suggestive content
Tumblr media
"what is this, mc?"
will keep his excitement lowkey, he just accepts it like "😐k"
but his sin is going wild rn
he's wearing it so proudly, he's so happy to be yours wow
only wears it when he's 10000% sure no one's gonna see him wearing it (besides you obviously)
the collar puts him in a really deep headspace too like he's putty for you now
he's been wanting this for so long!!!
it better be super shiny and luxurious!
will wear it literally always and Mammon also definitely flexes with being yours
he becomes the best boy when wearing it :3
man seriously this got him super flustered!
his face will be red all the time when wearing it
and he'll be stuttering so much aww
so to avoid embarrassment, he avoids speaking at all when wearing your collar
Levi literally hands over all control to you when wearing the collar
he's so so happy about the present!
kitten loves belonging to his ower :)
will die if the collar has some sort of name tag wowie
he'll fall really deep into the kitten headspace when wearing the collar!
won't wear it much outside of your private space unless you ask him to
Oh, mc! He's so happy!! This is getting him so excited oh lord
He'll construct his outfits around the collar now
Asmo won't ever take it off fr
It'll make him even more shameless than usual lol
no srsly the demon is vibing so hard with the concept, you'll be the first and only he's ready to show such ownership for
aww, mc
thank you
this is so nice of you!
wear it? of course!!
he promises to take it off only for working out
his love for you just grew 100x and he's constantly reminded of that love thanks to the collar :) he's really happy ok
he'll be a little confused when he suddenly wakes up with a collar
he's not really complaining about it though
just kinda accepts it
he does feel like he can sleep better with it....
thanks, mc :)
hm, you want him to be a good boy when wearing it?
... he'll consider it
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thelovelyscenarios · a month ago
Demon Brothers: Sleeping Positions
🌹 Lucifer
The classic spoon. Having you in his arms while he sleeps, feeling strong and in control, is the only way he can sleep beside you. It allows him to rest easy knowing he’s protecting you at your most vulnerable. He gets to wake you up by brushing his fingers across your face, and he couldn’t be more thrilled for the simple domesticity.
🌹 Mammon
Starfish. You are pinned beneath him regardless of your position, but he will be spread out across the whole bed, limbs completely thrown over you. He also does not wake up during the night unless you wake him up, so good luck getting up to go to the bathroom. But sometimes, after a bad day, he’ll cling to you like a koala bear. Either way, you’re not leaving.
🌹 Leviathan
Back to back. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, he is nervous. But the touch of your back against his, your comforting warmth saying that you’re supportive of his boundaries and that you’re not leaving is more than enough for him. Though, you often wake up entangled with him, anyways.
🌹 Satan
Face to face. He likes holding your hands as you fall asleep, watching you slowly drift off. He watches you sleep longer than he cares to admit, simply reveling in the pleasure of seeing you. He thinks it displays trust, that you see each other at your most vulnerable.
🌹 Asmodeus
Spooning, but he’s the little spoon. He loves feeling safe and pampered, and though he’s objectively the more powerful one of the two of you, he feels safe in your arms. You also get to see him from his best angle, and he gets to turn over in the morning to raise his sleeping mask and cup your face.
🌹 Beelzebub
Your head on his chest. He keeps himself still during the night, most of your weight on top of him, his arms around you. You fall asleep to the sound of his heartbeat, and wake up to his hand against your head. Though, occasionally you wake up in the night to him squeezing you too tight due to his dreams. It’s worth the bruises, ultimately.
🌹 Belphegor
Him on top of you. He has slept with his head on your ass before, he doesn’t care. So long as you’re hidden beneath him, safe, and he can use you as his warm body pillow, he’s happy. You wake up in the weirdest positions, but you never mind. He looks so cute when he’s sleepy!
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hisvillainess · a month ago
Tw breeding
The urge to get bred by one and only, Lucifer is strong tonight😔
- @satoryouiki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. lucifer x gn!reader, breeding kink, pwp
oh of course! 𝖑𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 would love to breed you.
but i’d say he was never really into breeding until he met you. he was sensible and wasn't a fan of the mess but you instantly had him wrapped around your fingers more than you did already when he discovered how tight your walls clenched around his thick cock.
we all know lucifer is a busy, touch-starved man and will take any act of intimacy and run with it. filling you up with ropes of his thick, white cum would be the utmost form of sexual intimacy to him.
he completely succumbs to you in the bedroom.
he's almost drunk on how well you take his length, constantly thinking about how brilliantly it slips in and out. you feel his desperation in each sloppy thrust and the slapping of his balls as he bottoms you out. he’s so eager to coat your insides that even if you're riding him, he can't help but buck his hips right into your sweet spot.
he isn’t afraid of letting out throaty groans and it’s always such a pretty sight seeing the hair on his face bouncing erratically with his movements. his pride pushed to the side, he looks rather soft and when he cums inside you, he’s so vocal. 
he hasn’t fucked you like this in a while and the sensitivity makes him shudder while he’s still inside you. he face finds the crook of your neck and your skin is met with his warm, panting breath. 
in most cases, he doesn't breed you because he wants to mark you his, he breeds you because you're making him lose his fucking mind. only you have the power to make him this way and in these moments, you practically have full control over him. you make him too insatiable for his own good. you might even have to tame him.
Tumblr media
𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘. I tried to edit this while in a very chaotic voice chat so excuse any errors hfdfhfdghf
if you’re interested, apply to my taglist HERE ♥️
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devildomdisaster · 3 months ago
Idk if you read Lore Olympus but chapter 129 gave me an angsty request idea.
So Persephone, who’s the goddess of spring, goes into a hibernation-like state and when her emotions go out of control, she ends up growing her hair really long and her body sprouts a lot of plants from her; to the point of covering her and whatever area she’s in with her plants.
So I would like to request head cannons of the Brothers reacting to an MC who gets really sad whenever the brothers insult or threaten them and after several weeks of being berated by demons it causes MC to shut down and go to their room but mistakes a comfort spell with a plant curse that causes their hair and plants to grow continuously long. The plants fill up MC’s room and while they would normally be surprised at the mistake, they don’t care any more. They allow the plants to to grow, even wrap around their neck and body, and hopes the curse kills them off before the brothers notice as they go in the “hibernation” stage of the curse (The curse causes the victim to grow a lot of plants and vines from their body until they die, which can take a few days).
I’m sorry for being so long and descriptive, I just wanna see the Bros panic and feel guilty that MC felt pushed to do this to themselves but I understand if you don’t want to do it
I don't read Lore Olympus but you described the situation really well so I hope this is something close to what you wanted.
Comfort spell gone wrong
Lately, nothing seemed to be good enough for the demons. No matter what you did one of them would find something to berate you for.
“Mc, your grades are subpar even for an exchange student. You’ll have to try harder in order to not be a disappointment to Diavolo and myself.” Lucifer warned over breakfast.
“Mc, you burned dinner. You should learn to be a better cook.” Beel grumbled. As if you had ever seen any of these ingredients before ending up in the Devildom.
Even Mammon seemed to be in a particularly unpleasant mood. A never-ending string of complaints about how hard it is to protect an ordinary human. “Geez, you’re such a hassle human.”
Taking refuge in the library to study and to give Mammon a break from you proved disastrous and nearly deadly. Somehow you’d managed to spill your cup of tea all over an old somewhat rare text after Asmo had barged in and startled you. Your string of bad luck continued when Satan rounded the corner and saw the soggy tea-stained pages you’d been trying to decipher. In his fit of rage, he’d called you several unpleasant names and asked if you were “capable of doing anything right or if all humans are as stupid as you?” You’d left as quickly as you were able to avoid any more of his wrath.
No matter where you went you kept walking in on Belphie napping and without fail he’d say something nasty to you, that would make tears burn the backs of your eyes.
Levi had angrily called you a “useless normie,” who he wished would “never come back.” and had pushed you from his room with a slam of his door.
Even Asmo who usually just ignored you when he was upset found every reason imaginable to critique your every aspect. Physical and personality. Not a single one of which made you feel any more than worthless.
So was it any wonder when at the end of a long week you’d locked yourself in your room and decided to try that comfort spell you’d heard Solomon talking about? It seemed simple enough. But then your tears had blurred your vision as you’d recited the words and your Latin was still shaky at best. But it was just a few lines! And there was no way you were going to go to one of the brothers for comfort when they had seemed perfectly happy to make you miserable for the last few weeks.
You’d read the spell aloud and curled up hoping that the spell would kick in and you’d feel even just the slightest bit better. The blinding green light and sudden drop in energy was the first and only warning the spell had gone wrong. But being new to magic meant it still sapped your energy, so you didn’t stop to think something might be wrong. By the time you realized what was happening, everything was out of control. Plants had begun to sprout from your skin and the floor around you, growing and growing. With each inch they grew you felt your exhaustion creep up and consume you. You were just so tired. Your eyes fluttered closed. This was wrong! You forced your eyes open again. You need to fix this. The spell! But a short nap wouldn’t hurt, would it? You’d have more energy after you woke up. Then you could go get one of the brothers. Satan would know how to fix this. Or Lucifer! He’d clean the spell up easily. Yes, after you woke up…
Lucifer hadn’t seen you all weekend. He figures you’re most likely studying. But you don’t show up for meals and none of his brothers have seen you either… and oh Diavolo! He can feel the spell from the dining room. How did he not notice sooner? The cold pulling sensation of the spell, like it was sucking the warmth and life from its surroundings.
When Lucifer reaches your door Mammon is already there. Knocking and shouting for you, but there's no answer. He all but breaks your door down, his brothers behind him, and finds you at the center of the spell. Unresponsive and covered in the plants using your energy to grow. The plants had begun climbing up the walls and twisting through your hair, sending out snow-white flowers.
“Beel! Don’t!” Lucifer warns as Beel reaches out to pull a handful of plants from you. “We don’t know what did this and what will happen to Mc if we just rip the spell off like that.”
“Lucifer, Mc did this to themself,” Satan points to the open spellbook. “It looks like they got a comfort spell mixed up.”
Fortunately, your last tired thoughts were correct and Lucifer is able to break the spell quickly. You wake surrounded by the brothers.
All this happened for a comfort spell? Because you didn’t feel like you could come to him, to any of them?
He’s so sorry Mc. Enough that as he leans down to pick you up out of the mess of withering plants you can feel tears fall onto your face.
“Nothing I did was good enough for you Lucifer. Any of you. I just wanted to feel… I just wanted-”
His heart breaks when he realizes this is his brother’s fault, his fault. “You are always good enough, Mc. Much more than I could ever ask you to be, and if I ever made you feel like you weren't. No, the fact that I made you feel like you weren’t, means I have been truly terrible.”
You’re choking back your own tears now and you curl further into his arms as he carries you down the hall. “You said I was a disappointment.”
“My dear Mc, you have never been, nor could you ever be a disappointment to me. Forgive me for ever making you feel as if you were.”
Lucifer takes you to his bathroom and draws you a bath to wash away the last of the plant matter from your body.
Afterward, he’ll bring you anything you ask for. He wants to wrap you in his arms but doesn’t want to push you, so he asks softly if he can hold you.
He’ll spend weeks trying to make this up to you, even after you forgive him, he’ll be sure to tell you how much he loves you more often than he did before.
Shit human! Why didn’t you come to him? He loves you so much and oh. He made you feel like a burden.
How could he be so stupid when he knows how his brothers make him feel?
Mammon begs for your forgiveness in front of all his brothers.
“Please can ya forgive me? I never meant to make ya feel like a burden. You're the only human I- I want to protect you Mc. I’m so sorry.”
Mammon helps you up and since your room is covered in plants he offers to let you sleep in his room for the night.
He wraps you in blankets and brushes the hair from your face with trembling fingertips.
There are still a few stubborn leaves sticking to your face and in your hair so Mammon takes a warm washcloth and wipes them from your face before gently untangling the plants from your hair.
You’ll be getting little gifts and tokens of mammon’s affections for the foreseeable future.
He threw you out of his room when you came to him for comfort and the guilt at seeing you almost die because of it is eating him alive.
He feels frozen
Maybe you would be better off without an otaku shut-in like him. He starts avoiding you like the plague.
You start to think that Levi is so disgusted with the fact that you did that spell that he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.
Despite this Levi still checks up on you. He wants to know that you are ok, he just does it without you knowing.
He’ll ask his brothers about you and discreetly glance at you during meals to make sure you’re eating enough and look healthy.
A few days later when your favorite and manga anime start showing up outside your door you confront Levi. “Are you mad at me? Do you just not want to be around me after what happened? Levi, I miss you!”
He is shook, and he can’t believe he messed up so badly.
He’s happy that he can invite you to hang out again, and he makes sure to spend long nights gaming or watching movies with you until you fall asleep against him. He’ll even stutter out how much he treasures his time with you, blushing fiercely all the while.
Satan feels anger swell up inside him. How could he have let this happen? How could no one have seen how upset you were?
Once the spell has been dissolved he is at your side instantly. Brushing vines from your skin. His fingers are shaking in anger but his touch is so gentle.
When both you and your room are cleaned up Satan sits at your bedside, book in hand, reading to you.
He just wants to be close to you now. He wants you to know how much he cares about you but is still too worked up to get his thoughts out properly.
Eventually, his thoughts calm and he stops reading in the middle of a sentence. “Mc, I am so sorry. I never meant to make you feel unwanted. Every day I spend with you is infinitely better than a day without you. I know the spell was a mistake but… we almost lost you. I almost lost you.”
He wants to talk about what pushed you to do this. He won’t push but he really does think that he will be better able to help you if he understands.
Satan makes sure to spend more time with you from now on. He makes a conscious effort to check his temper at the door and be with you when you need him.
Sometimes he’ll just read to you until one of you confides in the other in quiet voices.
As you blink your eyes open Asmo gently brushes some plants from your cheek.
You are so pale and his heart breaks as you flinch away from him. You feel like a mess and you know you must look like one too so curl your body away from him trying to hide. Trying to avoid his critical gaze.
This is the moment Asmo knows he screwed up.
He draws his hand back, for a moment, before reaching out to you again. Cupping your cheek and wiping your tears away with perfectly manicured hands.
Lucifer has him take you to his bathroom to clean up while the rest of the brothers work to clear the plants from your room.
Asmo is quiet for a long while as he untangles plants from your hair.
“You’re so loved, Mc,” he says softly. “You are.” he insists when you shake your head no.
“More than you could ever know, and it’s our fault for not telling you. My fault for not making you feel worthy.”
After this incident, Asmo wants to make sure you know how beautiful you are. He starts self-care days once a week that soon turn into whole family affairs. Each week different combinations of his brother attend and you all work to pamper each other.
Asmo makes sure nothing like this happens again, he never wants to be part of the reason you feel unloved ever again.
At first, Beel thinks you did this on purpose. Once the brothers realize you messed up the spell he is less angry but no less distraught.
Once you wake up, he wants to take you to get desserts. He’s heard humans eat Chocolate/ other sweets to feel better. And this makes sense to him, food does make everything better.
But you don’t want to go to Madam Screams or the kitchen to make your own. You’re still so tired. Not to mention embarrassed that you screwed the spell up this bad.
And now they are all staring at you like they care so much when none of them had any time to notice how they were making you feel before.
When you become unresponsive to the brother’s questions and apologies Beel scoops you up in his arms and walks away with you.
Something about the way he holds you close to his chest and his warmth causes you to finally let go.
You bury your face in his shirt to muffle your crying.
“I just… I felt so alone! And… I...but no one” you gasp out shakily between sobs.
Beel soothes you with soft murmuring as he gently cards his fingers through your hair and strokes down your back.
Once your crying quiets he starts to speak “Don’t do that again. You can always come to me Mc. I’m so sorry you felt like you couldn’t”
Belphie thinks it’s a joke at first. “Man, how could they mess up this bad?”
Then he sees Lucifer’s panicked expression and it hits him how serious this is.
Belphie is immediately by your side. Hands frantically feeling your wrist for a pulse.
After Lucifer breaks the spell and your eyes flutter open Belphie is filled with relief until a wave of guilt washes through him.
He can’t believe he fucked up so badly again. Sure this time he didn’t directly cause you physical harm, but he did play a role in causing you to almost die again.
“I am so very sorry Mc, I never meant to hurt you.”
He does everything he can think of to make it up to you. Anything you ask him for, as long as it’s within his power, is yours. No questions asked.
He asks permission just to hold your hand for weeks afterward as if he thinks you’ll come to your senses and decide you don’t want anything to do with him.
He wants to comfort you so bad.
To make sure you don’t feel like this again Belphie pulls you away to nap with him as often as he can get away with it. Most likely only a few times a week (much less often than he would like). Sometimes he uses this time just to talk with you. Others you really do nap, and Belphie curls himself around you. Occasionally he enters your dreams while you nap together to make sure no nightmares can touch you.
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hiraethhh-h · a month ago
OM! Brothers' Reactions to You Biting Them (HCs)
note: this is a reupload that i managed to find since i deleted the first one </3 possible part 2? we'll see >:)
Tumblr media
if you bite this man, you have a death wish (i don't blame u, i would bite him to hehe)
blinks and slowly turns
looks at you with complete and utter disgust
he mutters a single word
gives you a mammon-worthy punishment just for biting
"now, ___, don't forget what happens when you bite me."
lets out a loud yelp he almost screams
turns to find you looking at him innocently
blushes immediately
"w-why'd ya go and do that?!"
is a blushing and stammering mess afterwards
if you giggle or laugh, it's on
"grrr. c'mere, i'll bite ya back!"
will hold a grudge
lets out a startled yelp
he drops his gaming controller and looks for the culprit that bit him
"_-___?!? why'd you bite me?!"
slightly upset because he lost his win-streak
also becomes a stammering and blushing mess
"agh! now your normie germs are on me- are you recording me?!"
ever seen levi turn into sonic? bc boy can this shut-in can zoom (he's had practice from mammon)
once/if he catches you, he demands you to delete the video
also holds a grudge
you have a death with part 2
its ok just meow after you bite him, that's my plan hehe
you know how he looks when you lose a dance battle, that's how he looks rn
if looks could kill, you'd be disintegrated on the spot
you better run before he gets his hands on you
satan turns into sonic part 2
will bombard you with back-to-back pranks
even tests some stuff he would use on lucifer
"what made you think biting me was ever a good idea, ___?"
lets out a half yelp/moan
a bit upset at you
makes sure you didn't leave a mark on his flawless skin
"if you wanted a piece of me, ___, you could've just asked~."
assumes you have a kink thing for biting
honestly wouldn't mind if you did it again, just ask next time
stops eating/whatever he's doing, blinks, and looks at you
"are you hungry ___?" have you eaten yet?"
bless his soul <3
un-phased by your biting attempt
will probably feed you since he assumes you're hungry
"oh, you were just messing with me?"
is half-awake you bite him
"beel's really rubbing off on you..."
doesn't really mind that you bit him
asks if you're hungry
"well, since you were just messing with me, you should cuddle with me as payment."
Tumblr media
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