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#obey me x gn!reader
luxthestrange · a day ago
Incorrect quote #79
*In a RAD classroom*
Mc: There's a study that says every friend group has one person that every other member has had a crush on at one point. Which one of us do you think that'd be?*Looking at book*
Luci, Mamms, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie, Dateables+Wholeass classroom by now*all stare at Mc*.....
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atsuvu · 2 days ago
sugar baby headcanons //mammon
Tumblr media
gn!reader x mammon
0.3k words
warnings: swearing, suggestive, mentions of gambling and driving
a/n: all my works are obey me help how do i write what people actually followed me for T-T
Tumblr media
mammon as a sugar baby is just. *chef’s kiss*
he would do nearly anything you ask for money or a present
clings to you like a koala, he will not leave your side
sometimes he’ll show you magazine scraps or drag you to a shop display when he sees something he wants
very whiny
but he loves walking around and showing off how nice the two of you look in your expensive clothes and also to rub your relationship in everyone’s faces
matching outfitssssss
if you tag along when he goes gambling he’ll try to make it seem like he’s the one with money you show him who’s boss later
bses puppy eyes. Way too effective
begs you to raise his allowance. pretty often too
he likes getting matching engraved jewelry. like with each other’s names on them?? So cute, he loves it
he gets so excited when you bring him as your plus one to fancy parties and galas and it boosts his ego
loves cars. he has several expensive, fancy cars but it’s okay because he looks so hot when he’s driving
he will also make sure you two have a huge ass house with all the nice, expensive amenities (and a big garage too. yknow. for the cars.)
will wipe his tears with dollar bills. he thinks he’s the shit
oh and he doesn’t have a job. he’s like. a househusband but he doesn’t do the chores because he hired a maid.
you spoil him way too much but how could you not?? like he’s such a good boy??
i think the main takeaway from this is that mammon will attempt to flex as if he’s the one making money so you just have to put him in his place sometimes <3 
interpret that however you like o.o
Tumblr media
atsuvu 2021. do not copy, claim, or repost.
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plungerswritting · a day ago
Nicknames I feel the Obey Me Brother would give you
Tumblr media
Dear, because he likes the more classic nicknames
Star, because he was once the morning star but now he sees you have someone worthy of being as important of an angle as he was
Tumblr media
Human, for obvious reasons
Crow, because his familiar is a crow
Bird brain, beach you go along with his stupid ideas
Cash App, because he found out about the Cash App in the human world (but really it's because he always ask for your grimmie)
Birdie, because his familiar is a type of bird
Baby bird, yes, baby bird, because you're his baby and his birdie
Tumblr media
Henry, because he's a nErD
Angles, because he views as someone that could rival the beauty of the Heveans
Dove, because doves symbols peace in the human world and tou bring him that
Tumblr media
Kitten, because he likes cats, that it
that's it, thats the only nick name he for you
Tumblr media
All because he likes classic little nicknames
Tumblr media
Sugar Cookie
All for obvious reasons
Tumblr media
He calls you cow jokingly
that's about it
Just calls you by your name or a shorter version of it if he can
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
Can I request the brothers + dateables reacting to MC comparing them to cute animals? Like MC just sends them a photo of a cat couple that reminded them of Beel and Belphie or another characters
comparing them to cute animals
includes: lucifer, asmo, beel, belphie x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
rated g | m.list
a/n: sorry this is kinda late/kinda low effort i’m just pretty tired rn. thanks for requesting and i hope you like it!! my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback so come say hello! (also this turned out slightly more chaotic than cute LMAO) (also this'll probably have a pt 2... not right away but it'll have one)
pls reblog 🙈🙈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 4 months ago
hello amazing talented writer!!!! i believe ur requests are open right now (if they aren't pls ignore this) !! i was wondering if you could do head cannons for the obey me brothers with an mc who really wanted to show them how much they loved them, so they give them the biggest bear hug possible and keep telling them how much they appreciate them? idk if there is a character limit, so of you want to include the dateables that would be marvelous! thank you for having such an amazing blog and working so hard 💖😌
Brothers with a Lovebug GN!MC (Headcanons)
A/N : This was so cute! So cute! I loved writing it! All the brothers deserve love and appreciation. Thank you so much for requesting it and thank you thank you thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them and I appreciate you <3
He wasn’t completely touch starved, well.. Not anymore since he met you, but hugs still kind of threw him off sometimes. He just wasn’t used to it, no matter how many times you hugged him, although he did love the feelings.
When you came up to him and hugged him this time, it was different than most of the other hugs, it was tight and warm, and it was almost as if he could feel all of your love for him pouring out in this one single hug and… well… he loved it. He loved the feeling of it. It made him feel warm, it was… strange but endearing. But then you started telling him how much you appreciate him, and while he already was aware that you did (that’s just him being prideful though), he loved hearing it from your lips. It was enough to actually make him smile, and he was so wrapped up in the warmth that your words and his touch made him feel that he almost forgot to hug you back… almost.
His arms snaked around you, holding you closer against him. He didn’t want to lose the warm feeling that you gave him, he didn’t want to let you go.
“Thank you, dear. Please, don’t hesitate to… do this more often.”
If there was anyone who deserved this, it was him. He’s so under appreciated in the house, he’s always getting picked on, the guy can never seem to catch a break. The only time he actually feels like he’s noticed for the good things that he does is when he’s with you, hence why he’s always following you around and trying to be as close to you as possible. He just really needs it.
The bear hug was, needless to say, very unexpected for him. Sure, he’s used to being hugged by you, and yes, he loves being hugged by you… But this hug was amazing to him. It was tight, and it wasn’t just any regular hug, it was like you were holding onto him, and this may have just become his preferred method of hugs. These kinds of hugs are by far the best hugs to get. He almost couldn’t focus on what you were saying until he realized that you were telling him that you appreciate him… and… wow. That was the only thing he could think when he heard you, and it didn’t seem like you were anywhere close to being done.
He held you tighter, resting his head on top of yours, and yes, he did start crying although he’s going to deny that he is… just don’t bring it up.
“That’s really sweet of ya, babe… And I ain’t cryin’... yer hair jus’ got in my eye… tell me more?”
He is very touch starved, and although people around the house appreciate him, he’s always down on himself anyway. He’s always down on himself, and even when you are there to tell him why you love him, his thoughts are just very pessimistic. He needs this just as much as Mammon does.
The sound he made when you first wrapped your arms around him was a mix between a scream and a squeal. He definitely wasn’t expecting it, but he wasn’t against it either. He didn’t know that he needed it until it was already happening, but he really appreciates the hug. When you started telling him that you appreciate him and how much you appreciate him, his face turned the brightest shade of red. It was strange to him because he didn’t really know that he did that much for you to even appreciate, but he really liked hearing you say it. At least he knows that he’s doing something right and that he’s making you happy.
He’s so happy, it’s off the charts, and he doesn’t want the hug to end, ever. It’s the best feeling in the world to be appreciated.
“I-I’m… Thank you… Y-You’re the best… Really… I-I appreciate you too…”
Being loved and appreciated never seemed important to him before. These were things he could live without, he was thriving off of being hateful and unappreciative towards Lucifer. Deep down though, even if he didn’t ever want to admit it, acknowledge it, or even know about it… He needed these things.
He heard you coming. Let’s be fair, this man memorized the sounds of footsteps of everyone in the house so he can act accordingly based on whoever was even coming close to his room. He was ready for you to come in, the smile already on his face, his book already set down to welcome you with open arms. What he wasn’t ready for was the bear hug that you rushed in to give him. He was not ready at all, but damn if he didn’t love it. He loved hearing your words of appreciation too, and he was going to memorize every single thing that you said, just so he could think about it later.
He really did need this, as someone who mainly only ever feels wrath, hatred, annoyance… You’re the only thing that really brings him pure happiness.
“You’re making me soft, kitten… Not that I mind it. I’ve got all the time in the world to keep doing this.”
The complete opposite of Satan, love and appreciation are so very important to him. But, he receives these things all the time from strangers, and sometimes, well, most times, it never feels genuine. These things have lost almost all of their meanings to him, it almost seemed pointless because of how repetitive it’s become.
There was something different receiving love and appreciation from you though. It was real, there was emotion behind it, something that could never be picked up or trusted over the internet through random comments. Of course he loved the hug, the tighter, the closer the better. He wasn’t actually… used to getting hugs like that. It felt special to him, and when the words of appreciation came, he felt special. Being loved by the entire Devildom will never feel as good as being loved by you. You made him feel like more than just his avatar, and that means so much more to him than looks or likes.
Yes he cried, and no he didn’t try to hide it. He wasn’t ashamed of his emotions, and he wanted you to know that what you said made him feel good enough that he actually cried.
“Oh… You’re… I’m gonna mess up my face but… It’s okay. You’re so sweet, I could just kiss you, darling.”
He knows what love is, because he loves you and he loves all of his brothers. He knows what appreciation is because he appreciates you, and appreciates everything that his brothers do for him. He’s pretty sure that his brothers love and appreciate him back, and he knows without a doubt that you love and appreciate him… especially after the hug.
The hug, which was nice, and really cute to him. He was always the one giving you the bear hugs, so to be on the receiving end felt really nice. It’s not something that he’s used to, but his eyes, his entire face even, it lit up. Being told that he’s appreciated though, it’s way different from just feeling appreciated. Those words meant so much to him, he probably won’t be able to stop smiling about it for weeks. He’ll probably tell all of his brothers about it too, well, not even probably, he’s definitely going to tell all of his brothers about it. This is a really big thing to him.
He’s just so happy, beyond happy, ecstatic even. He loves and appreciates you so much, and feeling that same amount of love and appreciation returned, it’s amazing, it feels like he just won a football game.
“I’m happy you feel the same way, honey… You’re really special to me… I love you.”
He puts on a big front that he doesn’t care if anyone loves him or appreciates him, but he just doesn’t want to be seen as weak, and feelings to him are a sign of vulnerability. Plus, those feelings just make attachments stronger and if something bad were to happen, it’ll be harder for him to move on and get over it.
Hugs were weird enough to him, so bear hugs weren’t any less weird, it caught him off guard. He just stood there for a second before finally relaxing in your arms. He loved you, and while he didn’t say it as much as he probably should, he realized that sometimes words weren’t needed to get that feeling across. He could feel all of your love through that hug, and it made him feel… good. When you started telling him you appreciate him… and just how much you appreciate him… that was shocking. He didn’t know what you could possibly be appreciative of considering everything that’s happened and how he was towards you. He’s always felt like a fuck up, like everything bad that’s ever happened was his fault, so to hear that he’s appreciated was strange, he almost couldn’t wrap his head around it.
He wasn’t going to cry, not in front of you, but he definitely felt like he was about to. He’s gotta make an excuse to get you out of the room long enough to get the sniffles out without you noticing.
“You’re such a dork… Go get your pillows and blankets from your room. I want to cuddle with you.”
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jellymoonbear · a month ago
What They Would Give You As A Departing Gift
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
would give you a traditional gift of sorts, like a necklace or a ring and he thinks that’s fine
but then he realises how much he is actually going to miss you and wants to give you something more sincere
he ponders on it for a few nights and comes up with the perfect idea
he plucks a feather from his wings for you. you always loved his wings after all
it’s long and silky, black like the night sky. ofc it would remind you of him
but the thing is with his feather, it is still a part of him so he can feel everything that happens to the feather
even when you are worlds apart he can sense when you take his feather out of your secret hiding place. he’d be sitting late at night at his desk with work, and then he’d suddenly feel your presence right next to him because you fell asleep with it held to your chest
every time you play with it, it sends shivers through his full body. if you’re sitting by the fire with it he will mostly definitely feel the warmth. he can sometimes almost hear the words you speak. the feather relays all the care and effort you put into cherishing him and he physically feels that too, like he will deadass start blushing when you stroke it
and sometimes when you miss him you trace the feather over your own skin and he feels like he’s touching your body with his own hands. it drives him insane
lowkey wasn’t gonna get you a gift at first because he was too angry that you were leaving and directed those emotions into pettiness
but then he realised how much he wants you to remember him
prepare for a flurry of gifts from him. they’re all small gifts, but nonetheless they mean everything to him and he wants you to love them
first is his lucky grimm. he gives you his special coin because he wants you to have good luck and be protected when he’s not around to do it for you
then it’s his shirt. it starts out with one shirt, but then you ask for another just in case. and then for a few hoodies. and for some underwear (his underwear is comfy, okay?!). and then you ask for a sock and he’s just like “geez, mc, is there anything you don’t want?”
he stops you when you ask to take the jacket he wears all the time, but just because he spent so much on it and it’s his signature look
but he feels bad and somehow scrapes up enough coins to buy another (he didn’t go into long lasting debt this time). he keeps the new one for himself and gives you the old one bc it smells like him
all sorts of little trinkets that he finds in the last few of your days with him are placed in your suitcase
as well as gifting you, he wants to keep some things of yours. those things specifically being a few items of clothing, your favourite plushie/pillow (you cuddled it so much that it now smells of you), and any other little things that are important to you, even a tiny rock you found at the beach. simple things matter to him.
was so stressed about finding you a perfect gift that he ends up overbuying. he’s just staring at the mountain of plushies, devildom snacks, mangas and video games that he bought for you
and then he finally realises you won’t be able to take it all with you, and he sobs while filtering through all these gifts to pick out the best one because it is so stressful
he gets some advice from his brothers and sleeps on it, then decides it’s best to go with sincere gifts rather than looking at it from a materialistic point of view
there was something you wanted a while back but you didn’t have enough money to buy it. he remembers and gets it for you before you leave and you literally jump on him when you see it because even you had forgotten how much you wanted it. and you are both blushing messes because neither of you expected levi to remember such a small detail
buys you a copy of the game you always play together, so even when you’re back in the human world you can still play it with him
he finds this one a little silly, but he gives you a little vial of water from henry’s tank. he finds it kinda cute and also feels closer to you, and henry also like the idea because he’ll be missing you too. it’s like you’re carrying a little part of them around with you
I don’t think he’d expect you to give him anything in return, but he would be over the moon if you did. it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s from you he will cherish it with his life and will absolutely not let anyone else touch it, and good luck to them for trying to find out what it is because he will keep it super hidden. it’s for his eyes and hands only
it’s an obvious one, but he gives you one of his favourite books
and not just any, it’s his absolute favourite. the one he loved as a child and he’s read it over a hundred times in his life. it doesn’t need to be the most well-written or beautiful story, but it means so much to him
it’s old and worn out, the pages turned yellow. it has a dusty smell to it.
looks like it would be worth less than a grimm, but the value he has for it is infinite and that’s why he wants you to have it
you can literally feel his soul in the book because he loves it so much.
you take it back with you and place it on your bedside table. it feels like he’s right next to you when you’re sleeping
quite often when you are reading it, you can literally hear satan’s voice reading aloud to you. he read it to you multiple times in the devildom so hearing him again when you are so far away is enough to bring you to tears
he also gets you a few trinkets to remind your time in of the devildom, not just him. a keychain, a snowglobe, a postcard. also anything small and cat related
and lastly, some beautiful, everlasting flowers from the devildom to take back with you. their cursed energy means they will never wilt away like flowers from the human realm, so every morning you wake up and see such bright and lively flowers, and their subtle smell will always remind you of him
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spyrothesquish-3164 · 6 months ago
How the brothers react to a MC with a plushie obsession/what plushie they would get you (GN!MC)
Warnings: none besides the use of bitch and deadass, pure fluff, besides belphie possibly committing a felony
• he honestly doesn't understand the plushie obsession
• he can admit that some of them are cute yeah, but why do you need more than one..?
• "Must you have them *all* on your bed?"
"Of course! What if they get lonely?"
• honestly questions if humans seriously believe plushies have emotions
• he can't tell if you really truly believe that or not, but even if you do, he loves you too much to tell you otherwise
• he might sigh and groan about it, but he does think it's kinda cute how attached you are to your plushies
• just don't try to take over *his* bed with them
• 2 plushies maximum allowed in his bed
• and only if one of them is one he specifically got for you
• 10/10 would you buy you a little black teddy bear with red eyes
• glares when you call it Mini Lucifer, but won't make you change the name
• if any of his brothers mess with your plushies there *Will* be hell to pay
• "Uh, isn't this a little much MC?"
• he's not against the plushies, but honestly he gets a teensy bit jealous
• "Oi, why you gotta cuddle that damn plushie? I'm right here!"
• he kinda gets it tho, his greed makes him hoard certain things, so if you feel like hoarding plushies? He can't really judge
• he will take your plushies if you're paying them more attention than him
• but gives them back immediately if you get even the slightest bit upset
• will act pissy and jealous, but secretly has about a million pics of you snuggling your plushies saved on his DDD
• will snuggle one of your plushies if you aren't around and he misses you but will NEVER ADMIT IT— "what?! No! Course I wasn't hugging no damn stuffed animal!!!"
• will buy you whatever plushie you want tho
• he can't say no to the 🥺
• would buy you a little stuffed crow and absolutely BEAMS when it becomes your favorite
• surpsingly more strict than Lucifer, only the crow is allowed in his bed because you're supposed to be snuggling HIM MC, not the plushie!!
• if any of his brothers dare say anything about your plushies, he will get angry (and totally won't buy you more out of spite, sshhhh)
• there is no way in hell this demon doesn't also collect plushies
• thinks all of yours are adorable, especially any ones that are anime/video game characters
• will happily listen to you name off all your plushies, thinking it's the cutest thing ever
• will soon go red thinking about that
• will buy you plushies of any anime character you want, and most likely will get double for his own collection
• would 100% let you bring as many plushies into his tub-bed as you want, he doesn't have the heart to tell you no
• also he thinks it's cozy
• would buy you a little plush fish
• "h-hey, MC, I uh, I thought you m-might like this one?"
• almost goes catatonic any time he sees you snuggling it
• secretly has 1 picture saved of you snuggling it, and it will be his wallpaper till the end of time
• Will summon Lotan if anyone disrespects his Henry's plushies, how dare they
• also didn't understand the obsession at first
• until you showed him a cat plushie and all hell broke loose
• he really only enjoys cat plushies, but won't stop you from buying other ones
• he started his own mini collection and you soon realize you created a monster
• is now unable to sleep without his cat plushie
• he hugs it when he gets angry and you aren't around to calm him down
• is THE person to go to if any plushie rips or gets a hole in it, he will sew it back up good as new
• "Aw, did it tear? Here, let me fix it. You don't need to worry."
• will also place a few spells on your plushies so none of them get tears again, he doesn't want you to get sad, 10/10 sweetheart
• if he sees a plushie he wants he will definitely give you the 🥺 until you buy it for him
• would get you one of those reversible cat plushies that show an angry face or a happy face (totally wouldn't steal it, no sir, definitely not)
• his bed is cluttered as it is with books, so he doesn't really mind how many plushies you bring to bed
• if anyone made fun of your or his plushies, he will see red
• no one says a word against the collection on his watch
• "Oh darling they're adorable!!! You need more!"
• Asmo loves any and everything cute and squishy
• adores your collection and insists on buying you more to decorate your room with
• absolutely understands the love of plushies, but don't say that any are cuter than he is, he just might tear up
• insists on buying you plushies on special occasions because he knows how happy they make you, and in his mind, you should always be smiling
• would buy you a squishy pink heart with a smiley face on it
• gets the warmest feeling in his chest any time you use it as a pillow
• he doesn't really care how many you bring to bed, but they might end up on the floor...
• if you get sad because they fall off the bed, he will politely suggest maybe bringing only one or two to bed
• won't stand for any insult towards the plushies, and will not hesitant to smack a bitch
• you're his love, no one gets to make you feel bad about what makes you happy!
• he's used to belphie always having his pillow so he isn't phased in the slightest by your plushies
• thinks they're all so cute like you 🥺
• he really likes hugging them if you aren't around, they're small and squishy so they remind him of you
• is VERY careful around your plushies, he doesn't want to accidentally tear one, he would cry
• might be best if you don't buy any food themed plushies because he may eat one on accident
• would buy you the biggest teddy bear he can find with 0 hesitation
• "Hey, MC! I saw this while I was out, do you like it?"
• the bear is literally as big as he is, and he's smiling like he just won the lottery when he sees how excited you get about it
• took a picture of you napping on it once and he stares at the pic whenever he misses you
• it's not that he minds how many plushies you bring to bed, the issue is space
• hungy boi is a Mountain so you can really only fit one or two in the bed with you
• if anyone said anything about your plushies, this sweet boi will be on the defense
• would just stand behind you with a death glare and send anyone who's rude to you running for the hills
• you thought your plushie addiction is bad? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA—
• he practically sleeps on a bed of squishmallows, belphie 10000000% understands the obsession and encourages it
• more plushies mean a cozier nest to sleep in, right?
• would definitely tease you for it, but it's all in good fun, he can't judge
• "Oh? Does the little human need their stuffie to sleep? C'mere and lay down."
• he never minds you bringing plushies to bed, in fact, he encourages you to bring *more*
• you still have to snuggle him too tho, thems the rules
• will buy you a big cow plushie that doubles as a pillow
• absolutely delighted when you bring it to bed because it's big enough for the both of you to snuggle
• any time you go out with Belphie, the two of you will come home with new plushies, there is no exception
• the pile is always growing and no one can stop it
• if anyone says anything about the plushies he will deadass commit a murder
• no one disrespects the plushie nest and lives
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candymeowz · 2 months ago
OM!Characters Reacting To Receiving A Gift From You:
Tumblr media
@yukihaie : Give a gift to Beel as an appreciation for his good acts :3
❤️‍🩹 Candyz: How about the SN group? For your enjoyment of course!
Mammon, Satan, Beelzebub, Simeon, and Solomon.
Tw: None(?)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mammon has always been there for you, from the start of the exchange program -though at the time it was reluctantly- to now as your lover and best friend. Yes, he might complain every now and then whenever you ask for his help, but it's obvious how he loves knowing you chose him. Not his brothers, not Diavolo, but him.
The stutter in his words and avoidance of eye contact whenever you do is proof enough.
Thus, why you barged into his door on a random afternoon, holding a giant handmade plushie in both your arms as you wore a look of satisfaction and accomplishment.
"Mammoney!" You called, and he screamed from where he was counting grims on the couch.
"M-Mc! Ya scared the living hell outta me!" He heaved, the grim in his hand clutched tightly as he glared at you. You're sure if you were close enough though, you'd feel his cheeks heating up. "Are ya tryin' to kill me?!"
You snickered, plopping yourself down on the couch besides him.
"Nope! But I do want to show you your new friend!" You dropped the black plushie into his lap, shaped like a blob of crow, ready to be used as a pillow. "Had a bit of trouble choosing the design, so I do hope you like it."
He stared at the crow, it's black beady eyes staring right back at him. Reaching a hand out, Mammon touched the fluff of it's wool, squeezing it and admiring it in detail.
"Ya- ya made this for me?" he asked, a cracked in his voice as he turned to look at you.
"Uhh.. yes?" And suddenly you're insecure. "...Do you not like it? I can take it back, if you want-"
"What- No!" His shout surprised you, and the way he turned around to protect the plushie from being taken by you left a fluttering feeling inside you. "I- I like it. I mean, ya already gave this to the great Mammon, so it's mine now! Ya can't steal it back!" He said as he hugged the plushie in his arms, looking at anywhere but you.
You giggled, closing in to hug him on the couch, closing your eyes as you laid your head on his chest.
"I'm glad."
After a beat, a strong arm wrapped itself around you gingerly, and, not soon after, you felt a tender kiss pressed to your brow.
"Thank you," he whispered, and you smiled.
Tumblr media
You looked at the origami bookmark you were making, having taught yourself how to make one online, and... Not to brag or anything, but it looked amazing! It was in the shape of a cat, of course, with black eyes and a cute little blep.
No one needs to know about the pile of failures that's been thrown into the bin.
Satisfied with your work, you marked a page of the book you've bought Satan, intending for him to read the romantic highlighted text, before going to his library of a bedroom, a skip in your steps.
"Satan?" you called, poking your head inside after a 'come in' came from inside.
"Good evening, kitten." He looked up at you with a smile, patting the spot besides him on the bed as he scoots to the other edge, a book in his hand. His arms almost immediately curled around you when you sat besides him, yet a light tint of pink still graces his cheeks.
No matter how many years you've been dating him for, he's still the sweet demon you've known him to be.
"What brings you here?" Satan asked. "I thought you had a special project you needed to get done 'asap'?"
"Well, maybe it's 'cause I've already done it 'asap'." You grinned, holding up the new book. His eyes widen at seeing the book he's been wanting for months now, looking back at you with eyes glimmering in contentment.
"You've bought this... for me?" he noticed the cat sticking out from the top, immediately opening the page. His heart only swelled larger at the sight of a cute origami cat hanging from the top of the book.
"This is- but I- why?" The smile never left his face as he read the text you've highlighted. "Is there a special occasion?"
You giggled. "Nope." You pressed a kiss to his nose. "Just felt like it. Do you like it?"
He answered by pulling you into his lap, setting aside your gift and returning your kiss tenfold.
"I love it."
Tumblr media
Knowing Beelzebub was a fan of movies, you've impulsively bought two tickets to a favourite of his when you saw the movie theatres open. Yes, the theatre's open every day, but today's special. Today was... Alright, it was just another Saturday, but who said we can only give gifts to our loved ones on specific days?
Also, he was being such a good demon this week, the amount of times he's caught at the fridge being much lesser than usual... And you saw him help another demon during one of his restaurant hopping activities! Why would you not want to reward him for his good behaviour?
Arriving back home, you saw Beelzebub in the kitchen, washing the dishes as he continued munching on food. How he's managing to do that, you're not sure, but you do know this renders him useless against your plan.
With an evil smirk, you sneaked behind him and slithered your arms around his waist, resting your face against his back and chirping his name.
"I'm back, Beelz," you muttered, and he tensed before relaxing as he realized it was you.
"Hello, cupcake," Beelzebub replied, smiling as he finished the last of the dishes. Wiping his wet hands on the towel and finishing the rest of his food, he turned around to wrap his arms around you in return. "You look happy."
You looked up at him with a grin, cheek to his chest. "Maybe it's because I've bought us tickets to your favourite movie?"
His smile was so wide it was like the sun existed in Devildom, before it suddenly fell. "But why? Did I forget something? Is today special-"
Your eyes widen as you quickly shook your head, grabbing his face and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
"No, no. It's just a reward. For being such a good demon."
His smile returned and he immediately returned a quick peck, picking you up as he stared into your eyes. He nuzzled his nose against yours.
"I love you."
"Love you too," you replied. "Now let's go see the movie!"
Tumblr media
Simeon, despite his secretive attitude, is a very sweet angel. With how he always takes care of Luke and finds amusement in the smallest of things, you find it comforting whenever you're with him, from cooking a meal together, usually accompanied by Luke, to studying, him teaching you his millenia's worth of knowledge.
So, although it might not be much, you thought you'd gift him something.
"Good morning, starlight," he greeted you when he saw you approaching him, giving a casual kiss to your lips and smiling brightly. "You look quite happy today."
"Mornin', Sim," you replied, hiding the notebook you've bought him in your bag. "Of course I'm happy! I get to see you~."
He chuckled, feeling warm at your comment. "That's nice. Are you ready for our date?" He went to hold out his arm, but you held up a palm to stop him. "Oh?"
You took out the notebook, handing it to him and he stared at it. It's cover had a gorgeous scenery of an autumn forest with a stag and deer in the middle, his name written beautifully in cursive at the dead center. He took it, tracing his name.
"Thank you," he smiled, admiring the artwork. "Did you make this yourself?"
You smiled bashfully."I bought the book, but only handpainted the cover," you said, watching his reactions.
A few seconds of observing the artwork later, he tucked it under his armd and cupped your cheeks, pressing a few butterfly kisses on your face.
"You truly are a talented human," he smiled. "I'll surely treasure it. I've actually prepared something for you as well."
Your eyes widen, excited. "What is it?!"
He pat your head, nodding towards the cafe. "Later, alright?"
You followed him with a skip in your steps.
Tumblr media
Cutting the last piece of thread, you leaned back and smiled at your latest project. The satchel was finished, stitched together in a durable pattern with a type of leather that could withstand the most extreme temperatures, ready to be used whenever Solomon went out exploring. You're sure he'll love it. It's even got a couple pockets!
You'd add safety spells on it, but you knew he could cast them better and stronger than anyone else.
Adding a keychain, one that matches yours, you were about to go search for him when you saw the person himself on your bed, clad in his usual black attire with legs crossed and head resting on his hand, an innocent smile on his face as he faced you.
"Hello, beautiful," he said innocently. "I see you've finished your project?"
You screamed as the bag was held to your chest, slowly lowering it down before mustering the sharpest glare you could send him. Solomon raised his hands up in surrender, dare looking surprised.
"Ah, why are you looking at me like that?"
"Where did you come from?" you hissed.
"Uhh... Through the door." Your glare didn't falter. He gulped. "At least I didn't sneak in through the window this time?"
You sighed, huffing out a laughter as you looked at him in disbelief. He legit doesn't know...
For a man so powerful and knowledgeable, he sure can be oblivious and naive at times. Some would say it's an act, but the amount of times he still offered to cook for you despite your honest attempts to stop him is too many.
"You're quiet... Is something wrong?" There was a hint of concern in his voice as he cautiously neared you. Your eyes widen and you immediately shook your head.
"Ah, no! Nothing's- wrong. I just- Nevermind that," you said. "Here, I made this for you..."
He took the the leather satchel, thumbing over his name pressed onto the front, with roses blooming freely around it and making itself at home. Custom made, just for him. His heart filled with tenderness and peace.
You've spent hours making this, for him.
"Thank you," Solomon said, wrapping an arm around you and kissing your forehead. "I'll be sure to use this."
You grinned.
Tumblr media
A/N: First of all, ❤️🩹 candyz, I missed you~ and how are you so sweet?! Come chat with me anytime! And Han, tq for the idea~ added Mammon 'cause i didn't do anything for his birthday.
:I've started watching Attack on Titan 😆 it's definitely the most gruesome anime I've ever watched. Already on episode 37 after two days. Update: Day 3 passed and I'm on episode 62. Update: Day 4 and I'm up-to-date(13/9/21) and now I'm sad. DID LEVI DIE?! MY BELOVED 😭 I can't wait for the next ep! Any AoT watchers here?
On a serious note, sorry I didn't post anything for the past week... I realized I'm being rather useless and idk how to get my life back together. 😅
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obeymematches · 7 months ago
If your hc requests are open, could I ask the brothers and new dateables reaction to mc laying their head in their laps, not to sleep but just for a comfortable rest. I just want some fluff if that's alright. 💗
yes they are open <3 thank you for sending in one, i love fluffy requests sooo much!!  the format of this post is a bit messy but i hope thats ok 
OK he is going to give you a challenge he isn’t even aware of.
First problem is; the most common place you can find him sitting at is his office chair - obviously no space for you there. Second problem is; this man likes to cross his legs way too often. Which means you have to wait for the right moment to attack.
How fast the night changes when it happens though - his expression freezes for a hot second BUT he is definitely blushing. You know you got to him a little bit because he doesn’t even dare comment until you decide to browse your phone on his lap, as if it was a casual situation? As if you ever did this to him before? 
“Using me as your pillow now, MC? How bold.” 
Says that then he casually rests his arm over your chest as to protect you. Now you are not allowed to move unless he has to leave. 
Unlike his older brother, he is an easy target. You can do it any day he invites himself to you room and decides to sit on your bed. You just have to be quick enough to do it before he wants to get more comfy / starts manspreading. Simple.
“MC, what dO yA thiNK ya’re DOING??? HEY???!” 
Sighs in defeat and in love. A blushing mess for minutes. Once he accepts his fate he’d turn away from you, maybe be on his phone, but he’d softly stroke your hair, very gentle and very slow. Even a bit clumsy and slightly shaky at first. Thinking about when he’ll get his revenge. 
Again, not an easy target but at least he never crosses his legs, so all you have to wait for is him sitting alone in the common room (since in his room there is no space for all this). 
When you finally do it he gets so nervous he unintentionally turns into his demon form. 
Congrats boo now the others are all coming to check what is going on-
Hides his tomato red face under his palms. Doesn’t say a word to you but fires back at anybody who teases him. 
Rather easy target; can be found sitting in several rooms of the house and he also uses the common room often. I feel like he’d sit with his ankle over his knee which is going to be an obstacle; you need to wait until he changes position while being too caught up in reading, and then you strike. 
Lifts his book up to look down at you puzzled yet blushing. You remind him of a domestic cat and he falls more in love with you- 
“You look very cute from here, MC. Are you enjoying yourself?”
Would start petting your head and shoulders, both of you go through a very calming experience. 
Second easiest target out of the brothers. Either happens in the common room or in your / his bedroom and there aren’t issues with the way he sits. 
“MC? If you want to cuddle you just have to say so, you know?”
Not nervous at all but he is slightly blushing. Insists on cuddling until you give in. In the future he does the same to you and it becomes a regular habit when both of you want to stay close while checking your phone. 
Happens in his room when you go over to hang out with the twins. He might manspead but it’s not too likely. 
He is very used to Belphie doing this to him, so initially he thinks it’s just him. 
Chuckles a little when realization hits him and starts petting you like it’s his duty to do so. 
Doesn’t say anything, he just wants to enjoy moments like this. Belphie joins in when he notices. 
It’s usually him doing this to you, not the other way around - I guess it’s time for revenge! 
Another easy target though, he sits so much, all you need to pay attention to is doing it before he lays down. 
Comments about how happy he is with you finally doing it to him and how he doesn’t mind this situation at all. 
Pets your hair for a while but as usual he isn’t awake for long. Don’t blame him though, especially in this situation. 
It’s a challenge with him as you don’t really get lots of chances to hang out privately. Probably happens in Purgatory Hall when he is busy talking to you on the couch. So caught up he doesn’t even pay attention to how his lap is free. 
Both you yearn for these moments which you hardly ever get so he does anything but complain.
“MC- What are- ...  I love you so much.”
Might even tear up just a little bit. Very careful with his hands when he strokes your hair. Continues the conversation after a couple minutes of taking in the moment. 
Similar to Solomon, it either happens in Purgatory Hall or never. His sitting isn’t going to be a problem at all. Simeon might decide to pull his legs up under him to get extra comfort, but for this scenario that can also work. 
Has no idea how to react, his heart starts racing and now he is blushing real hard- 
Nervous the entire time but manages to pet your shoulders or rest his hand there. 
Savours the moment; he is going to think about it for the rest of the week continously. 
Diavolo is another challenge. First off, you need to be in the castle, in his private room for it to happen, which is rare because he is not one to be found there when he isn’t sleeping. Secondly, this man hardly ever sits down. 
When that once in a blue moon chance arises though - 
He is really happy and turns very soft, no matter what you were talking about he forgets it in an instant. 
“MC how are you so adorable- have you been meaning to do this for a while now? Don’t worry, I don’t mind at all-” 
Has no idea what to do or say. You’ll have to tell him that he can like. touch you, it’s ok. 
Oh boy. Not just that you don’t get to have privacy with him, it’s also the fact that he hardly ever gets to sit. If he does though he sits the boring way which is exactly what you want in this case. 
Slightly chokes on his tea when you finally get to lay on his lap. 
“I see how it is, MC. You’re welcome to rest on me, for now.” 
Barbatos appreciates this extremely rare moment and probably thinks about it for a long time coming. Life is so peaceful when you are with him, why can’t you stay like this for just a little while longer- 
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exchangestudentmicha · 2 months ago
I beg of thee, a nsfw one shot with beel and that has something to do with oviposition. (But that’s up to you if you want to actually write that and I don’t want you to feel forced too. Btw love the ideas you have going on this blog.)
Hell yeah I’m comfortable with this
Imma write this with Beel because he’s the only brother I can see actually being able to do ovipositing naturally (now it doesn’t mean the others can’t do it, Beel is just the only one that can do it without the help of potions or spells) also because Beel is my favorite
Midnight Stuffing (AFAB version)
Beel x AFAB MC
Warnings: NSFW, teratophilia, ovipositing, breeding kink, mild lactation kink
Mmm I’m sorry if this sucks I’ve never written a proper fic before
Here’s the AMAB MC version if you wanna read that
Midnight Stuffing (AMAB version)
NSFW below
“Ha… Ha… MC… I’m close! HNNNN!” Beel groaned as he finally released onto the pillow he was humping. “Nggg… It’s still not enough…” He knows what would fulfill his desires, but that would require a partner that wouldn’t be disgusted with what he really wanted to do. Oh how he’d love to do it with you, to just run his hands over your soft breasts as he brought out his tail and slowly slithered it up your thigh… As it slowly pushed into you to deposit his eggs- shit… he’s getting hard again… Beel sighed as he put on some loose sweatpants before walking towards the kitchen to hopefully drown out his thoughts with food.
You woke up to clashing in the kitchen like you do many nights, guessing that Beel was up to his midnight snacking again. You sighed, deciding that you should stop him before he eats everything and gets scolded again. You head down to the kitchen to stop him, only to be greeted by… no one? “Beel? Beel where are you? I heard you rummaging around in here.” You called out before hearing something skitter before a pan fell onto the floor with a clang, you jumped before turning on the light. “Who’s there?!” But before you could look around and see anything, the light was smashed, plunging the room into darkness again. You yelped before stumbling back and falling on the ground, “MC?” You heard a familiar voice from the dark, “B-Beel?” You felt a presence land in front of you before seeing two glowing indigo eyes staring at you.
“I’m sorry for scaring you… The light hurts my eyes though…” He mutters while looking away. You started to calm down a bit, now knowing that you’re in no danger but still seeking comfort by reaching for his hand. “I-Its ok Beel… Just, is there any kind of light we can use? I can’t see anything.” Beel stayed silent for a minute before pulling out his DDD and turning on the flashlight on the lowest level. “Better?” You nodded in response, looking at his current form. He was shirtless and in one of his more released forms for some reason, wings out, horns that now almost look like antennae, tail out and now slithering towards your leg, eyes now a dark indigo all over with bright glowing irises. And not to mention, the odd bug like features all over him, such as his new insect like legs, random spots of chitin, and rough hairs all over his arms. “Why are you in this form?  You’re usually not in this form unless you’re… in… heat…” You paused before quickly asking, “Beel are you in heat?!” “No! I’m not in heat.” Beel said, “I don’t go into heat for another few months.”
Both of you stayed silent for a bit before you felt something slither up your thigh causing you to shriek, “If you’re not in heat why is you tail going up my thigh?!” Beel’s tail immediately slinked away as Beel apologized, “S-Sorry… I’ve just been a bit… um… pent up lately…” He muttered. “I-I-I’ll just go, I-I didn’t mean to freak you out.” He said as he turned off the flashlight on his DDD and went to walk out of the kitchen, but before he could leave you grabbed his wrist, “I um… I could help you out if you want…” You said, your face starting to heat up. “Are you sure? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, especially with my… eggs…” He asked, muttering the last part.  
You smirked slightly and got close to him, “I’m absolutely sure~” you purred in his ear, “In fact, I want you to stuff me full of your eggs and breed me until you know I’ll take~” You heard a low buzz come from Beel’s wings as he hoisted you over his shoulder and ran to your room. He threw you on your bed and started to kiss and nip at your neck while purring, “I’m gonna fill you so good…” You wrapped your hands around his shoulders as you felt him rock his hips against yours, his bulge rubbing against your heat. You sighed at the friction and rocked your hips back on his as he started to strip you of your clothes. Once he finally ripped off your bra, he immediately latched onto your breasts with his mouth, sucking and licking one as he squeezed the other with his hand, “I wonder how good these would look full of milk…” He muttered before going back to licking your breast, making a mental note to look for a spell or something that could make you lactate.
As his hands and mouth were taking care of your breasts, you felt his tail slither up your thigh, getting closer to your still clothed pussy, it rubbed and prodded a bit against your underwear, causing you to moan slightly before dipping into your panties and ripping them off. He finally looked up from your breasts before going down next to your heat and lifting your legs onto his shoulders before diving into your pussy, licking it all over and sucking on your clit. “B-Beel- aAHH!!” You yelped as he shoved his tongue deep down into your pussy, it was long, longer than any tongue you’ve seen or felt, and a slight roughness to it that rubbed all over your walls. Your voice went higher and higher as you were pushed towards your climax, “D-Don’t stop, I’m so close Beel!” You moaned as you reached your climax with a yell of his name.
He lapped up all your cum before slowly taking out his long tongue and swiping it over your pussy one more time, you shivered from the roughness of his tongue and the oversensitivity of your orgasm. Beel sat up before pulling down his sweatpants enough to take out his boner, it had to be at least 8 1/2 inches long, maybe even 9, with a tapered tip and bits of chitin on it, giving it a smooth look. His tail slid up again to line up with your entrance, “This isn’t going to be very comfortable, and it’ll probably hurt. Do you still want to keep going? I don’t mind stopping here if it makes you uncomfortable.” He said, looking for any signs of uncertainty in your face, but, he found none, “Yes, I want to do this.” You confirmed, giving him a slight smile. He gave a soft smile in return before lining up his cock with your entrance. His tail’s stinger rubbed against your folds before he pushed it deep inside of you, letting it nudge against your cervix. It felt a bit weird, but it wasn’t too bad to take in due to its slim size. But then came his cock, lubed up from your cum thankfully, but it stretched you out like hell due to its massive size, you hissed from the pain while Beel kissed the tears forming at your eyes away. He went slow, making sure he made the stretch hurt as little as possible before he finally bottomed out.
He kissed at your neck while he waited for you to adjust and for you to tell him to move. “Beel, you can move now, I’m good.” As soon as he heard that he slowly started to thrust lightly into you. You both moaned softly as you got accustomed to the feeling of him moving in you, “Faster…” You sighed out as he then started to pick up the pace. You moaned louder and louder as his dick reached the deepest spots in you and even pressed his tail farther into your cervix, making you squeal in pleasure. He quickly muffled your moans with a kiss to make sure you didn’t disturb anyone in the house as he wrapped his tongue around yours. He kept going for a while before breaking the kiss, “Ha… Ha… Fuck… I’m gonna cum!” He hissed out before shoving his tail as deep as he could in your cervix before depositing his eggs into you one by one. Your tilted your head back and moaned his name as you climaxed from the feeling of his eggs filing your womb with his cum immediately following. Beel rocked his hips against yours as you both came down from your highs. “Hah… MC… Are you good?” He asked as you responded with a hum and cuddled into him. His wings buzzed as he pulled out both his cock and his tail, letting his cum spill out from you. “We can get those out of you tomorrow if you want…” He said, rubbing the bulge on your stomach that was there because of his eggs. He got up, to your disappointment since your pillow was now gone, to grab the blanket on the floor and throw it over both of you. “Goodnight MC, I love you.” He said as he kissed you forehead and cuddled up to you to go to sleep.
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luxthestrange · a day ago
Incorrect quote #78
*At the middle-ground of Mc and Lucifer path to accepting another*
Luci: If you so as much look in my direction, I'll throw you out the window you-
Luci: ... What are you doing?*Watches as Mc goes to the window looking down*
Mc: Checking how high the drop is to see if it's worth it
*Somewhere in the house, Belphie and Satan felt an urge to kiss Mc all of sudden*
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beelzeball · 4 months ago
Hello 👹 may I request how the demon brothers would prefer to kiss their s/o and where? Ty ily
where and how they kiss their s/o
genre: fluff
gn! reader
warnings: maybe a little suggestive? nothing major just making out/kissing a lot
a/n: ty for requesting !! this was so fun to write and i was extremely self indulgent i am sorry
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one trillion percent treats you like royalty, he is always kissing the tops of your hands
he isnt into pda much but will kiss your hands anywhere no matter what
i feel like he also enjoys forehead kisses but only in private
if we talking about kisses kisses, he's a very passionate guy so,,, very passionate kisses when you're alone,, grabs the back of your head and pulls you in
will leave a trail of kisses from your neck to your lips
Tumblr media
this is my simp talking but he loves to kiss your cheeks if he's feeling brave in public
an avid nose kisser/booper no i do not take criticism (obv in private, he would die before he booped your nose in front of anyone else)
once again, not much into pda but only bc he's a huge tsundere, in reality he wants to kiss you all the time no matter where y'all are but he gotta hold back <\3
how does he kiss? i'm not even gonna lie he's a very messy kisser and had no idea what he was doing at first but now he's 100% got the hang of it
before he got better he used to bash teeth w you a lot LMAO
overall very soft lips 10/10
Tumblr media
oh boy
okay so he doesn't kiss you much because it's embarrassing, however on the rare occasions that he does, he always goes for the temple
definitely loosens up over the years but at first he refused to kiss you in public bc he was nervous 😭
during your alone time, just at the right moment, he kisses the top of your head if you're gaming together
surprisingly, he kisses way better than mammon 💀
it's the plethora of romance anime he's watched ngl
definitely not GOOD but not too bad either, you have to tell him to slow down because he has no sense of pace
Tumblr media
lord have m
is not afraid to kiss you anywhere and everywhere at all times
i feel like no matter what, he doesn't have a specific place he likes kissing you in public, he always goes for the lips
whether it's a peck or not
not so much a rough kisser as he is a romantic one, he's not as rough/passionate as luci
he's a slow kisser and definitely holds your face in his hands while you kiss
Tumblr media
same as satan but more obnoxious about it
will cry if you don't want to kiss him in public 💀💀
anyways he's always wanting to kiss you everywhere and anywhere
will full on make out w you in the middle of the street
his kisses are very passionate and have lots of unfortunate tongue 🙁
this is not asmo slander i love him <3
Tumblr media
forehead kisses
he is so tall idc how tall you are, he's taller than you end of story
doesn't care about pda in public but also doesn't initiate it
if you need a kiss he will give you a kiss no problem
he's a very proper kisser, idk how else to describe his kisses other than neat
like he isn't sloppy or too rough it's just perfect ilysm<\3
holds your waist when he kisses you and you try to put your arms around his shoulders but you can barely reach
Tumblr media
likes to kiss you on the cheek when he's half awake and you're standing next to eachother
if he's feeling really good when he wakes up he'll lightly kiss both of your eyelids to wake you up
possessive so he will kiss you in front of anyone
extremely sloppy literally does not care bc it's just a kiss and he wants to go back to sleep
if he just really wants kisses he will grab your face (like satans pic) and kiss you a bunch
Tumblr media
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adeptxs-xiao · 7 days ago
Lucifer and Diluc are the type of guys that will kiss you after sucking you off/eating you out. Alongside that, they’re the type of guys that’ll order you to keep eye contact with them while they do that.
The Childe/Belphegor one did well so I just made this lmao.
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
Pegging Simeon
Tumblr media
gn!reader x Simeon
A/n: since the prompt is very loose I kinda just used this as writing practice so sorry if it's a little plotless
Tumblr media
Simeon's tanned skin glows in the shallow light of your room, the winding of his body like a choreography of lust just for you. The muscle contractions seem like carefully composed parts of his performance, gentle moans rounding everything off perfectly, heightening your pleasure as well.
Your strap slides into the angel so easily it seems to be made for him, the textured silicone molding his insides to fit it perfectly.
Simeon grabs your shoulder, needing the support as his eyes fail to stay open, tears slipping from the usually so bright optics to hide along the already wet expanse of his glowing skin. You coo at him, your thrusts slowing slightly. A hand reaches to his face, wiping the tears before letting your thumb slip past the parted lips.
Simeon opens his eyes, the lust in them filling the hot room as he sucks on your finger, desperately trying to follow the quick pace of demand for pleasure under his skin.
Your taunting smile makes him shiver, his hips snapping up, trying to regain the pace you previously set. Your finger leaves the angel's mouth, smearing the remaining saliva on his warm cheek before using the hand to grab Simeon's hip, your grip tight, almost bruising like a warning for what's to come.
The angel's legs spread subtly, every cell of his angelic shell bristling with need and want, and another second without the demanded pleasure might drive him crazy beyond repair. The sudden pace of your thrusts leaves those demands satisfied, Simeon's mind blanking as the fast slapping of skin fills his ears like cotton, turning him deaf to any other noise, numb to any sensation other than your strap fucking with his guts in all the right ways.
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leviathans-watching · a month ago
comparing them to cute animals pt 2
includes: mammon, levi, satan x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
rated t | m.list | pt 1
warnings: 1 sort of swear word
a/n: gestures vaguely
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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atsuvu · 3 months ago
sending them a thirsty meme; brothers + diavolo
a/n: VERY SUGGESTIVE, do NOT proceed if that makes you uncomfortable!! ⚠️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n 2: I am also very sorry about the low quality (especially in levi's) since you can't read the 2nd meme in levi's, it basically says "I put Levi's name on this because he doesn't realize how much I love him"
Tumblr media
do not copy, claim, or repost
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jellymoonbear · 13 days ago
Im not sure if I asked you or another blog but would you do headcannons with the bros with an mc like saiki k (that also has his powers!) Thank youuu (love your works !!)
hii it wasn't me but I'm more than happy to do it bc I love saiki k!!! I hope you like it <3
MC is similar to Saiki K
he is probably the most similar to you
with all the sighs and “good griefs” in response to his brothers antics
he adores that you are so alike to him, and he also likes your seriousness bc the hol needs a bit more of it lol
he loves that you don’t indulge the others in their silly plans/pranks bc it means there’s one less person to stress about
but whenever you do, willingly or not, he will lowkey find it enjoyable
he acts like he’s annoyed or unmoved by the silly plan satan and belphie dragged you into, but inside he is sniggering
and you can hear his thoughts “they actually did well for once”
he is definitely the last to find out about your powers
like you and the others who know will blatantly talk about it in front of him but he has no idea what y'all are talking about and walks away thinking you were just being idiots
until he walks into dia's office one day and dia is floating midair because he wouldn’t stop playfully harassing you to show him your powers
man is speechless when he connects the dots and silently acknowledges the extent of your powers
will not mention it much bc he is lowkey embarrassed he was the last to find out… but you know what he really thinks ;)
definitely the one that found out by accident
barged into the room and saw a textbook levitating above the desk while you were studying
at first he thought it was magic and was like “oh cool” but then you noticed him and panicked making the book fall and hit you on the head
he notices how shocked and nervous you were, so he just doesn’t mention it and goes on to ask you for some money
and you ask him for coffee jelly in return or he gets nothing
he will become an ambassador for the top coffee jelly brand in the devildom just so he can give all the coffee jelly to you, plus it’s all free of charge bc he’s the sponsor
when he does talk to you about it tho, he waits until the two of you are alone and away from everyone else
“so… about your powers. it's not magic, is it?”
he lowkey knew there was something different about you so when you tell him it was just the way you were born, you become even more special in his eyes
will constantly harass you for favours regarding your powers
lol just imagine all the headaches from his tsundere moments like “shaddup up ya dumb human” “oh my god pls don’t stop talking I want to spend more time with you”
the amount of “good griefs” he gets from you lmaoo it becomes his favourite phrase
he has definitely seen the anime and loves it
he also wants to tell you that you remind him of saiki but at the same time if you are so similar to saiki then you wouldn’t really want to hear that right??? also, what if you think of him as kaido???
gets a migraine bc he really wants to be friends with you but is too intimidated by you
but after all, it wasn’t that hard to be friends. you heard the conflict going on in his head every morning during breakfast and decided to make the first move
You guys become really good friends. even if you're completely silent while playing video games with him, he’ll just fill the void with his excited chatter
you don’t really say much and it’s hard for you to not get roped into things you don’t want to, and that’s how you end up as his cosplaying buddy too
just go along with it, it makes him happy
how he finds out: he was playing games in your room when mammon barged in asking you to use your powers to get rid of some witches
and he's like “what powers?”
is kinda betrayed bc he is your best friend and wished you told him first
but once you tell him mammon wasn’t even supposed to know he feels better. second is better than last loll
another one that SOMETIMES takes advantage of your powers
you absolutely have to help him get those tickets or limited edition merch
also, he talks himself down a lot in his head so you find yourself going out of your way to do things that make him feel better
knew you were hiding something right from the start
don’t worry tho, he doesn’t try to dig into it. but anyway, you would know even if he did
he looks at you weird a lot, and you hear his thoughts about what kind of things you are keeping a secret. some of them are so far-fetched to that it actually makes you laugh
satan's overactive imagination is what keeps you entertained in the devildom
when you have to go on your self-training trips back to the human realm, he gets so suspicious that he doesn’t leave you alone after
“how was the human world? where did you visit? What did you do? did you take any pictures? I want to see-”
is the third to find out and it was completely unintentional
he saw mammon and levi dragging you around town and thought he should probably come save you from whatever they were forcing you to do
followed you around the corner only for you to teleport all three of you into thin air
is quiet for days trying to figure it out but he also feels really awkward to confront you
and you know straight away that he knows so you end up telling him too
it’s quite underwhelming for him tbh
finds it kind of boring that you were simply just born with powers instead of having an intense and action packed backstory
he is so smug that he was one of the first to know
he doesn’t ask you for any help or favours but the respect he has for you is immeasurable
asmo was second to last to find out. it's not that he didn't suspect anything, but he just didn't want to offend you by being suspicious
I see this definitely being like saiki with teruhashi in the way that you absolutely do not want to indulge in him at first
but he is so sweet and 100% genuine, especially with you
and like teruhashi, you hear his thoughts going a million miles an hour so you’re barely able to understand what he’s thinking because he thinks so much
fretting over nothing is his specialty and you’re the only one who knows how bad it is bc asmo only talks about like 10% of his worries, the rest all happens in his head
he makes it his mission to make you smile!!!
like, yes, having a straight face 24/7 means you won’t get wrinkles, BUT PLEASE SMILE AT LEAST ONCE!!!
constantly saying “sighing makes the good things go away” whenever you sigh or give him a “good grief”
drags you to hotspots all over the devildom. he doesn’t leave you alone
don’t even bother trying to escape with your powers because he can and will find you
when he finds out you like coffee jelly he will spoil you with it until your sick… which never happens
you actually turn into asmo for once when he takes you the have some of the best coffee jelly. it's so darn pretty that you can’t bring yourself to eat something so exquisite and you’re taking pictures galore with him
he finally got you to smile
you learned the hard way to not keep your sweets in the kitchen refrigerator
you were finally treating yourself to some cakes you’d been saving only for beel to be halfway through them by the time you get to the kitchen
cue the disappointed but not surprised meme
he finds out shortly after satan
you saw a cockroach and accidentally threw him into a wall with your powers
AND HE DOESN’T EVEN QUESTION IT he’s just like “oh mc, you’re really strong now” thinking you were just doing really well in your magic classes
I don’t see beel as a coffee lover but if coffee jelly is sweet enough he will devour it. you definitely have a few coffee jelly making sessions, sometimes with luke
his thoughts are so sweet and pure that you genuinely can’t handle being around him because he is so cute
he is the only one you will be soft for lol
he takes you to all his favourite sweet stores and makes you try all the good cakes and pastries
now he has an eating buddy, he will drag you along to the demon lords castle for barbatos’ food, plus dia is so fun and welcoming that even lucifer can’t scold y’all for wasting your time instead of studying
y'all think beel doesn’t talk a lot, but I headcanon that he rambles when he’s alone with belphie and belphie always listens intently
like when theyr’e in their bedroom, belphie is doing whatever and beel talks about whatever is on his mind
that’s how belphie finds out
he was half asleep and beel was chatting away while lifting weights before bed and naively blurts out that you had powers and were stronger than all the brothers combined
he's just like “welp okay ima sleep now” thinking you and his brothers were playing a trick on beel
but turns out it’s actually true
it explains why you never flinch around him and his brothers, not even around lucifer or satan when they're angry
bc you could just take them all out with the blink of an eye
that’s probs how you were able to dodge him when he tried to hurt you
likes how you’re so effortless with everyone, but lowkey cares too. you’re just like him
the first few times you saw him napping in random places, you just walked away
but afterwards you didn’t mind teleporting him to his bed. It’s like when a kid falls asleep on the couch but tucked into in their bed. and to this day he still thinks it's beel, when actually it's the two of you that share the chore
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gummyworm-coffin · 7 days ago
Hey! Can I ask for a really soft and emotionally sensitive MC? Like they bottle up their emotions but it has a backlash as black liquid leaks from their mouth eyes and wounds. The liquid also burns those who hurt them or cause the overwhelming emotions.
crybaby? perhaps. but i'm still attractive
reader: gender neutral, no gendered pronouns used
tw/cw: possible body horror (like descriptions of liquid leaking from eyes and mouths and clawing at skin), burning, not eating, dying/killing/blood mentions, lots of crying and self destructive tendencies and cussing
author's note: i myself am a really sensitive person, so i really appreciate this request!! also thank you for giving me something so creative; it really pulled me out of my writer's block <3 (also i hope you don't mind but the mc in this oneshot is implied to be underage/in high school, just for extra angst)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you first arrived in the Devildom you cried for the longest in you don't know how long. You cried almost all night after that Mammon showed you your room. You didn't come out for dinner and you didn't meet them at breakfast. You knew they wouldn't care, so you skipped both meals and tried to skip school, too. Unfortunately Lucifer caught you and sent you right back to that RAD place. You were petrified and kept your head down the entire time. When the teachers asked you to introduce yourself you just hid further inside your uniform and looked away.
Your first few months were hell. So were the brothers', too. Never did they seem to notice that whenever they hurt you, they themselves got hurt as well.
When Leviathan nearly killed you, he was surprised you didn't cry. You sat on the floor, blank expression on your face, cradling your hurt wrist. No tears were in sight, though. You just looked up at Leviathan as he slinked closer to you.
He felt guilty that he did that, he truly did. He sat in his room that night, head in his hands as he cursed himself. He just about missed when the burning started over all his sulking. It began in his wrist, working it's way up his arm until it stopped at his elbow. It felt like he just dipped his forearm in grease. Levi bit his tongue as he gripped tightly onto his arm. He hissed and applied more pressure when the burning worsened. He figured someone had just cursed him. Never did he imagine it was you.
For weeks this went on. One of the brothers would hurt you, you'd act like you didn't care, and then suddenly parts of their bodies would erupt into pain.
When the brothers warmed up to you and stopped trying to beat you up, suddenly their pain stopped completely. They finally connected the dots when Belphegor killed you. He was standing over your limp body wearing a bored expression. Your neck was bruised from where he choked you. His brothers stared at the horrid sight. Mammon was about to scream at him when suddenly Belphegor's neck started to turn red. His eyes widened and he scrambled away from you, clawing at his burning neck. He fell, still holding his throat and gasping for breath while sitting against a wall. He silently screamed as he scratched his burning throat.
"I told you," a small voice speaks from behind Belphegor's confused and petrified brothers. "I told you not to do that."
Everyone turned from their positions. Mammon could barely see past his tears as he held your body in his arms, begging you to wake up. You were his friend, the only person that ever really stood up for him. He saw you as a younger human sibling and now you were dead. A gasp got caught in his throat as he sobbed out, "MC?"
There you stood on the stairs leading up to the attic. You were crying, but your tears weren't normal. It was like you were crying with mascara on, but none of the brothers could see any hint of make up on your face. Your tears were simply just pitch black. And acidic, they thought from how when your tears slipped down your chin and hit the floor it burnt holes in the wood.
"I told you that you'd get hurt!" you screamed, sobbing whilst trying desperately to wipe your tears away. "I tried protecting you!"
Belphegor couldn't say anything, he could only clutch his burning throat and stare at you silently. Protect him? Were you that stupid and naive? Were you that kind...? To protect a random demon you met in an attic, something that could and did kill you. That was idiotic and clueless and so sickly sweet of you.
"If I actually died you'd be so much worse!" you stomped towards the fallen demon, leaving holes in the floor as you go. You weren't completely unscathed, Mammon noticed. Your arm was cut open, the same black ooze leaking from it just like your eyes. It dripped from your fingertips and burnt holes in the carpet. Mammon reached out to touch one and hissed once it burned him.
"I hate you!" you screamed in Belphegor's face. "I hate that I was dumb enough to trust you! I hate that I still care whether you're hurt or not! I hate that I literally just fucking died before I could graduate high school!" More tears streamed down your cheeks as you hiccupped. "I hate being apart of this stupid exchange program! Do you realize how many time you people have tried to murder me?! You just succeeded!"
The room was silent except for the soft sniffles and occasional sobs from Mammon, Leviathan and Asmodeus. Lucifer and Satan noticed your legs quivering and (surprisingly) both rushed to your side when you finally collapsed in a heap of sadness and tears. You wailed into Lucifer's chest as he gently picked you up like you were made entirely of glass. It burned holes in his suit and made his skin feel like it was peeling off, but he wouldn't let you go.
Beelzebub was torn between worrying about his twin and worrying about you. He took two steps toward Belphegor, then one step back toward you. He looked over his shoulder and saw how close the rest of his brothers were holding you before moving to rest next to his younger twin.
The body in Mammon's arms disappeared as soon as he touched the living version of you, shattering into a million tiny golden particles.
"I'm sorry we couldn't get here in time...."
And that was the day they found out; none of them will ever forget it, especially not Belphegor. He watched from the sidelines as you slowly warmed up more with his brothers. You wouldn't even stay in the same room as him, but could he honestly hold it against you? Sometimes he still holds his throat and remembers how awful it felt, like he had poured boiling water on it. He remembers watching how your blood and tears left sizzling holes in the floor, and now he doesn't know whether to be in awe of you or to despise you. You were still a human, at the end of the day. And how his brothers seemed to swarm you once they found out you were still alive filled him with rage. What about him? Why didn't they care about him writhing on the floor? They were his brothers!
Belphegor looks up at the sky through the observatory roof. He sighs, watching how the stars twinkle. He can't help but let a little bit of tears well up in his eyes before hearing a soft click, indicating that someone was opening the door. Quickly, he wipes his tears away with the back of his sleeve and turns around to see-
"Oh. It's you."
You stand in the doorway awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other. You don't really know why you sought out Belphegor. Honestly, thinking about it now after finally seeing him in front of you and being hit by the realization of what you've done was nerve wracking, but you had to do this.
"MC," you correct him. "My name's MC."
"Whatever," he mutters. "Why are you even here?"
You shut the observatory door behind you and, though incredibly nervous, begin to walk towards the sitting demon. "I wanted to talk to you."
"Why?" he snaps. "You don't like me."
"You're right, I don't." You nestle into a comfortable position next to Belphegor and tilt your head to the sky. "Nor do I trust you. I think I have the right to since you did murder me." You bite your lip. "Well, a version of me. But I still remember how it felt. Your hands around my throat, that is."
Belphegor says nothing as you ramble on beside him.
"It hurt. I was suffocating, my vision was going blurry and dark, my head was all fuzzy...," you glance over at the demon. "But all I could think of was your brothers. How upset they might be to find me, as full of myself as that sounds. How they'd freak once what you did to me finally came back around on you."
Belphegor snorts. "I thought you hated all of us? Isn't that what you said?"
"It is what I said, and for a time I did," your attention is solely on him now. "I don't forgive you for what you did to me. Maybe I will in the future, but as of right now I'm only here because of your brothers. They miss you."
The demon beside you slowly meets your eyes. "What?"
"Beelzebub does the most, but that's expected." You smile a bit, your anxiety from the start of this interaction partially gone. "But yeah. Everyone's so sad now, even Lucifer. He says he's doing fine, but he's swamped himself with more paperwork since this whole thing's began. I think he's just trying to distract himself."
"And what does telling me all this accomplish?" Belphegor frowns. "Quit trying to play hero and meddle in our affairs. Go back to watching My Little Pony or whatever human kids watch these days."
"First of all I'm not that young," you deadpan. "Secondly, My Little Pony is a good show for all ages."
"Whatever! Just leave me alone," Belphegor sighs, clearly exasperated. "I'm tired, go away."
"No. And don't try to kill me again because I've notified Lucifer of my whereabouts and if I'm not back in his study in 15 minutes he will come looking for me." You make a move to stand again. Bouncing on the balls of your feet, you stretch your hand toward Belphegor.
"Give me a chance. I promise I'll leave you be after we fix all this."
He looks between you and your hand before rolling his eyes and taking it. "Fine. Just don't bleed your acidic bodily fluids onto me."
"I make no promises," you hum. "If you hurt my feelings I have no control of what my powers might do to you."
"Crybaby," he snaps.
"At least I'm hot," is all you say before walking out the door. You snicker to yourself when you hear Belphegor mumble, "I'm hot, too."
"Why do you even do that?" he asks as the two of you walk briskly down the stairs together. "You know, bleed that black gunk stuff?"
"It's because I'm actually one of those poisonous piranha plants from Super Mario that spit acid at their enemies."
"Ha ha," Belphegor sarcastically laughs. "Funny!"
"I very much am," you smile. "But in actuality? I don't know. I've just always done that."
"So you're like a freak of nature?"
"Yeah, but that's what makes me cool," you deflect his insults like water on a duck's back. You'd be lying if you said that his mocking wasn't upsetting, though. One of the things you're most self-conscious about were your powers. For the longest time you'd never even let anyone touch you in fear of the other person getting hurt. You eventually learned though that the person who touches you doesn't get hurt unless they intend to hurt you.
It was kind of cool! You liked explaining it to people, it made you feel special. If someone struck you in hopes of inflicting pain, they'd get their own share of the pain they caused at the exact same magnitude. Plus there was your blood and tears. Though you've gotten over your fear of people touching you, you've yet to get over your fear of crying in front of others. After that whole incident with Belphegor you begged the rest of the brothers not to talk about your tears or blood, even though Lucifer had to replace the floorboards from said bodily fluids. They agreed out of respect for you, but sometimes they still wonder about why you do that.
Coming up on Beelzebub's room, you turn to face his twin brother and give the demon your best fake smile.
"Let's get this party started, Belph."
Tumblr media
You cover your face with your hands, heavily sighing. Your room is pitch black aside from the bright light emitting from your cellphone. You toss and you turn, resituating yourself in your bed, but it just feels lumpy. You're tired— god you're so tired, and you just want to take a nice nap before school starts tomorrow, but you can't seem to close your eyes. Your mind is wide awake and swirling with thoughts of Belphegor and his brothers.
You managed to rebuild the bridge Belphegor had burned with his twin, but you've yet to rebuild all of them. The farthest you got was getting Asmo to fret about Belphie's complexion. When you caught sight of Mammon in the hall, you waved to him. He enthusiastically waved back until he saw his younger brother. He stuttered in his movements then, his eyes a bit dark.
You don't like thinking about how your death affected him. It hurts too much to assume the pain he must of felt cradling your limp body in his arms. You know he loves his brothers, but from his reaction... he must have really loved you too, huh?
"I told myself I would stop acting as people's therapist when I showed up here," you mutter to yourself sleepily. "But..."
You bite back tears and cover your eyes with your arm.
"But I need to help them. After all, they're family. They deserve to be happy being around each other again."
Your skin starts to burn as the tears you were holding back slip down your cheeks. You sniffle a bit before letting all the stress of today out into your pillow, choking on sobs. The pillow sizzles as your tears soak into its fabric. You don't know how you're gonna ask Lucifer for a new pillow without him asking why.
You were to do this all over again tomorrow. But it was for your family— no, friends. It was for your friends, you had to. It was your job as the exchange student.
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ami-s-place · 18 days ago
Replaced GN!mc au
!! Mentions of self harming !!
my take on the replaced mc au
it’s based on how I think and how I’d react in this situation
Idk if it’ll be good just bare with me
I don’t use capital’s that much so I’m very sorry if that triggers you
(r/n is replacement’s name )
(Part 1 )
Part 2 ( in the making)
Tumblr media
Mc can’t take being alone any longer, their life went downhill as soon as r/n came into their life.
Just another day of a boring life, you wake up go to school the same thing goes on and on. It gets so tiring.
You walk up to the kitchen, everyday for the past 5 months you’ve been waking up later and later, first it started with going to sleep later then it was not waking up on time.
The brothers were eating together with r/n, everyone looking so happy … until you walk in.
You don’t care anymore walking up to the door suddenly r/n says a quiet ‘good morning’ you smile fakely trying to be nice . But.. you can’t be mad it’s not her fault the brothers left you for her. But you want to be mad at her so bad, you just want to pin your problems on her and the brothers.
You don’t say anything and leave, you walk through the door swiftly not wanting to be there anymore.
You can almost sense them rolling their eyes and telling r/n not to waste her time on you.
Walking over to RAD the you hear the demons laughing and talking about you.
“ not even mammon wants to take care of his little baby human ” the demon snickers
“ look how sad they are , makes me want to eat them more ”
You look down not feeling anything just wanting to get away, you pity yourself telling yourself ;
‘maybe it would all be better if I wasn’t here but.. I’d probably end up here once I die’
You wanted to die, wanted the pain to stop. But you were a pussy you didn’t want to die it was more being scared of death
You didn’t want to feel the pain associated with it
Then it made you think maybe you could make a potion, you were quite skilled with potion making not to brag
Water break <3
You searched up on your ddd for pain reducing potions , and found a potion and a spell
you practiced for days trying to perfect it … then a week later you drank your concoction, then immediately casting the spell just as the site recommended. Then you cut yourself.. finally you couldn’t feel a single thing unlike the other times you tried this, the scars of your failed attempts covered your thigh.
You were tempted to go deeper testing your luck and you did. You were kinda surprised that no one cared that they smelled blood well you thought that demons could smell blood, but they wrote it off as r/n having her period and she was which made it better for you.
The box cutter now inches in your thigh, red opaque blood dripping down your thigh at rapid speed it almost covering your whole leg. You were happy, at least you think you were.
In a blink of an eye you were gulfing down the concoction feeling numb pins and needles penetrating your body, you couldn’t tell if you were moving or doing anything at this point.
You picked up your diary repeating the words you had written down. Your vision turned blurry for a couple seconds, then you thought that now was the best time.
You took out a huge knife you made using a spell then you tried to remember from your RAD classes what the weak points of yourself were, without thinking you took the knife to your head and everything went dark…
Yours ears were ringing and you could hear everything that was going around you but were unable to move.
And afraid
Those were the words that best described your situation, apparently the brothers felt you through the pact marks but didn’t do anything until you attempted.
No one came to visit you it was sad really, but you heard r/n’s voice and her sobbing.
You were mad at the brothers , mad at  r/n for being there for you the two words not fair recited through your head
Not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair
(if anyones gets this then 💍👰‍♀️)
Why did r/n have to be there for you she should’ve just went about her day.
But it was nice having her here, having her actually care about you
Nothing was the same again the brothers didn’t want to look you in the eye - couldn’t they felt guilty but they shoved their feelings down into a deep hole
Things were different everyone was off but no one really cared.
He was different but a weird different instead of apologising he paid much much much more attention to r/n instead of you
He couldn’t wrap his head around it
It wasn’t his fault, his pride was standing in the way
He had absolutely nothing to do with this.
He was so so nice to you
That’s what he thinks anyway.
He’s too blind to see that it was his fault he could of helped you anyway he was too busy with r/n to help he couldn’t just abandon her no way that is too far to mammon
Who cares anyway you’re just some forgettable human no one likes but that’s okay your too forgettable to hate
He’s confused when r/n stays in her room and cry’s all day and visits you
He thought that you’ll be fine on your own I mean who cares anyway ?
He’s in his room all day trying to comfort r/n playing games with her and cheering her up
I mean who needs a pesky little human anyway all he needs are r/n and video games
Does anything for r/n
He even hugs her
What a douchebag
He didn’t even hug you luckily/ or unluckily he was/nt your favourite
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