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#obey me x mc
devildomqueen · a year ago
410 Smut Prompts
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Tumblr media
Edit: 12, is meant to say “if you don’t change out of those shorts and into some pants, I’ll have them around your ankles by lunch”
Feel free to use them ;)
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asmosmainhoe · a year ago
I'mma be real with you, I'm a dense mofo when it comes to someone flirting with me. Deadass the only way I'm with my current gf is she was like "listen here u dense nerd I like u romantically" after I had told her I don't see the point in flirting when you can just be direct/honest about it so there's no mixed signals. So maybe brothers/undateables with a crush that's like that?
We should start a club, 'cause I'm super dense too.
Some of them turned out longer than intended.
The brothers & undateables with an oblivious s/o
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
He definitely knows how to flirt so he's trying to charm you at any given chance.
Quickly notices that you don't get it. Like at all.
You leave him no other way than to call you to his private study and directly tell you what's up.
"MC, I'm in love with you. I've been trying to show you that for a very long time now."
"Oh, I love you too! You're such a good friend and brother!"
"No- wh- I meant in a romantic way."
"Why didn't you say so earlier? Because I think I might be in love too!"
You're not making his life easier you know?
Another dense mofo.
You both are making it super obvious that you have feelings for each other.
But does the other one notice that? Aw heck no.
You guys are crying about it in Asmo's room without the other knowing it.
Asmo is losing it. It is kinda funny though and he finds it extremely cute.
One day he's dragging Mammon to your room.
"You guys love each other! You are just too DENSE to notice it!"
Then he leaves you guys by yourselves.
At first thinks that you simply don't like him and that's why you don't respond.
I mean who would want a yucky otaku as a boyfriend? You of course, but you don't notice how much he likes you.
He's trying so hard you know?
He isn't as experienced as most of his brothers so he doesn't really know how to approach you.
You being extremely oblivious makes it even more difficult for him.
It's impossible for him to confess to you from face to face so he writes you a letter and slides it under your door.
After a few minutes you're in his room.
"Levi, I feel the same. You should have been more obvious about it!"
"Bwifbsiabhw but I was?!"
He's trying to woo you with his cooking skills and knowledge. (I'm 100% convinced that he's a great cook)
Also knows a lot about flirting, but he doesn't always keep a straight face.
When he's being more straight forward you can see a small blush on his cheeks and ears.
But is it straight forward enough for you? No, you still don't get it.
"You always smell so nice, MC."
"Aw thank you, Satan!"
And then you get on with your day.
He doesn't know what he's doing wrong tbh.
So after a while he loses his patience and just tells you how he feels for you.
Can't believe that not even "I love you" is enough.
It has to be "I love you NOT as a friend and no, I don't mean as a best friend either- for the love of Diavolo just kiss me."
No one in the whole universe is as straight forward about it as Asmodeus.
He knows your kind and he knows that he has to tell you about his feelings directly.
But it's not as easy as he thought it would be.
"MC, I wanna be with you."
"Oh I thought our self-care evening is tomorrow? We can do it today too if you want."
You're giving him wrinkles.
"Honey, you're a mess. I've been flirting with you since you arrived here. Did you friendzone me without me knowing it? Is that it?"
You can't believe what you just heard.
"I thought you're flirting with everyone! Like this is something you just do!"
"I mean yea, but no."
He has a hard time explaining it.
Our baby doesn't notice at first that you're so oblivious.
He thinks you're just not interested in him.
Tbh that makes him kinda sad and do you know what he does when he gets sad?
He eats. What a surprise.
But he eats more than usual which worries you.
You try to cheer him up, but nothing seems to work.
"Beel, would you like to tell me what's wrong?"
"I don't wanna upset you or make you feel bad, MC...I just- it makes me sad that you don't like me back."
"But I like you!"
"Only as a friend."
"What? Beel, I like you more than that!"
"Why do you constantly turn me down then?"
"I didnt- oh wait you like me too?!"
He won't even question it. He's just happy that you feel the same.
Much like Beel he first thinks you're simply not interested.
I mean who could blame you after that incident in the attic?
But he soon finds out you're just super oblivious.
Whenever he makes you compliments you think it's just friendly and don't really respond in a way other than thanking him.
That's kinda frustrating and he doesn't know how to handle that.
He surprises you by storming into your room.
"I know some people don't get that, but this is getting pretty exhausting."
"Belphie, I don't know what you're-"
"Oh shut up and listen! I love you! And before you say anything no I don't mean it in a friendly way!"
You made him run to your room. He never runs.
Super obvious. Much like Asmo.
He constantly sends you flowers and jewelry.
He's the prince. Of course he can afford that.
Even asks you out to Ristorante Six.
The problem is: you don't think of it as a date.
But he does.
Diavolo keeps holding your hand and tells you how beautiful you look and how happy he is that you said yes to this.
He has no idea that you just see this as a meeting among friends.
So when he accompanies you back to the house of Lamentation and you leave him there with a simple good bye he's shook.
You were having such a good time? Why are you leaving him at the door without even a hug?
Confronts you about it the next day and asks if he did something wrong.
"Our date went so well and-"
"Wait? That was a date?"
"Yes, but I understand if you don't feel the same. After all I'm-"
"No! I like you too! I just didn't know you like me in that way!"
He doesn't act on his feelings.
At least not in a flirting way like Asmo or Solomon.
We all know that Barbatos makes the best desserts.
People would kill to eat them.
He makes them for you every weekend.
Insists to bring them over personally so that he can spend more time with you.
Everyone notices how he opens up to you. Well except for one person of course.
"I'm so glad to have you as a friend!"
This man's poor heart.
"You see me as a friend?"
"I would like to be more than that."
"Best friends?"
The wheels are turning in your head.
He is so charming oof.
100% a gentleman so his flirting isn't too straight forward.
"When I'm with you I don't miss the sun anymore."
"Aaawww, Simeon! You'll make someone very happy some day."
He can't do anything else but sigh as a response.
That's as obvious as he can get.
As obvious as he WANTS to get actually, because he doesn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.
After a while he decides against it.
"MC, I don't think I made myself clear enough. I love you."
"Simeon! Oh, why didn't you tell me sooner?"
He can't sigh.
He's too busy holding you.
On second place when it comes to being extremely open about his feelings.
You two are:
"I like your pants, MC."
"Thank you. They were 50% off."
"I'd like them 100% off."
"You can't run a shop like that, Solomon."
He finds it too funny.
Constantly flirts with you, because he's wheezing at your responds.
Of course that even he grows impatient after while, because well he has feelings for you.
Big complicated feelings and he's dying to know if you have them too.
"I've been flirting with you for months now, you know?"
"Oh really? I didn't notice."
"Yes, I've figured."
Of course you two end up together.
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Tumblr media
NSFW Headcanons: “How the brothers react to MC unintentionally turning them on”
Accidentally made each a whole scenario oops. Headcannon who? This is my first attempt at a gender neutral MC so don’t come for me 🥺
Now don’t get him wrong, Lucifer has overall pretty good self control with his body but it’s become more and more hard to resist the temptation of you the more time you guys spend together
He’s hyper aware of your exposed neck, legs, clavicle, etc. and every little thing just has him on edge
One day, Lucifer was sat at his desk swamped with paperwork as you sat on the couch nearby quietly scrolling through your D.D.D when he groaned and slammed his head on the desk from exhaustion
“Darling, is there something wrong?” You ask, throwing your D.D.D aside as you make your way towards him.
“All this paperwork is giving me a headache. Once I finish one thing for Lord Diavolo something for Mammon comes in, once I finish that expenses from Asmo’s last shopping trip comes in, and it goes on and on,” he huffed out, looking up at you.
“Aw, I’m sorry, love,” you say, holding his head and pressing it against your stomach while running your hands through his hair. “Do you wanna rest a little?” You continue, beginning to give him a shoulder massage as he keeps his head buried in to the fabric of your shirt, inhaling your scent.
“Yes, please,” he sighs out, wrapping his arms around you waist and pulling you closer making you giggle.
You continue to stand there and run your fingers through his hair as he blissfully sighs, until he suddenly notices how you’re wearing shorts.
His hands begin to slip from your waist and slide downward towards your hips before eventually resting on the soft skin of your thighs. He rubs circles on them absentmindedly as he admires your figure, you being oblivious to the desire pooling in his eyes.
“Is that enough?” You ask, pulling away since you didn’t want him getting behind on work.
Your question pulls him out of his trance as he feels the now prominent tent in his pants as he looks up at your fond gaze. Quickly scooting forward to hide his hard-on with the desk, he nods and waves you off in an attempt to not be obvious.
“Yes, yes. I’ll be getting back to work now, perhaps can you check on my brothers for me? I don’t want them getting into any trouble while I’m...occupied,” he diverts his attention towards his paperwork, acting like he was reading but really he was solely focused on you through his peripheral vision.
“Hm, alright,” you hum in agreement. You say your goodbye with a brief kiss to his cheek before leaving.
He lets loose a sigh of relief when the door shuts completely closed and he listens to your footsteps walk away before hastily pushing away from his desk and unzipping his pants. Pushing them around his knees, he kneads his erection through his boxers as a damp spot appears from his precum.
Not wanting to wait any longer and in fear that someone will enter to disturb him, he pulls down his boxers and wraps his hand around his cock. Slicking the whole length of it with his precum, he begins to slowly pump it making sure to run his thumb against the head and slit.
Quiet groans spill out his mouth as imagines you being the one to do this to him, his hips automatically bucking as he imagines you looking at him with the same fond gaze from before. He uses his other hand to fondle his balls, his groans gradually becoming louder as he nears his climax.
This had been the quickest he had finished before and it was all because of how pent up you made him. He imagines using his fingers to stretch you out while he pumps himself in a rapid fashion, your name beginning to spill out his mouth in between loud growls.
“MC! F-fuck, FUCK!” He yells out as he finishes all over his hand, making sure to close over his head to not make a mess. He looks at the sticky substance on his hand with lidded eyes, wishing he could make you taste it. His head lolls backward against his chair as he lets out heavy breaths from his hard climax, a satisfied grin on his face as he keeps his eyes closed.
“Seems ya had some fun without me, Luci,” a voice tuts, making him jump and open his eyes quickly. You make your way towards him as he watches with anticipation.
“W-why are you back?” He asks, trying to regain composure.
Taking his covered in seed hand, you lick it daintily before smirking at him. “I left my phone.What? Are you just going to leave me out?”
Y’all can imagine what happened after that ;) MC can barely walk straight
Mammon (agh I can read smut about him but I feel weird writing it ever since my last one bc I love him so much 🥺 buut I’ll try ;)
Everyone already knows how clingy Mammon can be with you despite his tsundere fashion of doing it.
He always seems to touch you without knowing it whether it be a hand resting on your arm or stomach, his leg pressed against yours, or absentmindedly playing with your fingers.
Today he had decided to skip R.A.D and was now waiting for you on your bed, laying on his back with his hands holding his D.D.D over his head.
You entered the room sluggishly, dropping your bag beside your door with a sigh before making your way to the bathroom with a change of clothes. Mammon greeted you happily, but stayed in his position because he was too comfortable to move. You hummed lazily in reply.
You took your time in the bathroom, Mammon occupying himself with his phone before he suddenly felt a weight on top of him. You were quick to duck your head under his arms and bury yourself in the crook of his neck while lacing your arms around and under him. As you straddled his waist, you blissfully breathed in his scent as he short-circuited.
“O-Oi, what are ya doin’?” He stuttered out, red in the face as his D.D.D lay forgotten beside him. Despite his words, his hands were already settled on your hips and were rubbing small circles with his thumbs on them like they had a mind of its own.
“Mm, tired. Missed you. Smell good,” you replied lazily against him as you held him tired. His cheeks were ruddy.
“I-I missed ya too. That’s why ya shoulda skipped with me! No tiresome work and ya get to be with the Great Mammon!” He burst out, causing you to shift against him due to the volume. He sucked in a breath at the feeling as he looked down at you and realized you were wearing his shirt.
Oh jeez, oh jeez, you were wearing his shirt. And you looked so cute. His breath hitched as he tried to control himself.
Deeeep breaths, Mammon. Deeeep breaths. Don’t think about how you were straddling his waist with his shirt on along with your pajama shorts that hugged you so tightly.
Shit. He thought about it. He could feel himself get hard rather quickly underneath you as you seemed to not comment about it despite him knowing you felt it, much to his appreciation as he was too embarrassed.
But that was short-lived when you slowly grinded against it, not moving your position otherwise causing him to let out a choked groan at the feeling.
“I-I didn’t mean to! I swear!” He whimpered as you continued your movements against him. You shushed him with a tongue-filled kiss as you both moaned in each other’s mouths from the feeling, saliva following your mouths as you pulled away.
He was breathless as he scrunched his eyes shut while you went back to putting your face against his neck. You suckled and nibbled on his neck much to his liking as you continued your lazy movements on his dick, his breathing getting faster with every circle.
Your hands moved from underneath him and instead up his shirt, rubbing up and down his abs as he sighed. One hand reaching up to his nipple to rub and pinch at it to make it sensitive as he cried out.
“A-ah, right there!” He hissed, throwing his head further back. You quickened your hip movements, adding in the ever so often bounce, as you continued stimulating his nipples. Every nibble against his neck and earlobe mixed with the other stimulations was too much as he quickly reached his climax. “I-I’m cumming! F-f-fuck yeah, just like that! Just like that, MC!” He cursed, the words spilling out his mouth like rapid fire. “MC~~!” He cried out finally as he released in his boxers, relaxing against the bed when his high finally finished.
“You’re so cute, baby~” you praised with a giggle, peppering kisses all over his face. “I love you but I’m still tired so let’s take little nap?” You asked, sitting up to look at his flushed, lidded eyes face.
“Mhm, I’d like that,” he hummed in agreement, sighing at your scent that he loved so much. “B-but, I made a little bit of a mess in my pants...” he muttered out, embarrassed.
“Hmm, just sleep naked then. I’ll join ya,” you suggested.
You both did get a good rest...after some more fun time ;)
This boy literally short circuits from affection in front of others but loves it in privacy. He literally feeds off of it when you guys are alone.
Hand holding? Yes. Cuddling? Definitely. Kissing? Oh, get ready for a lot of sea monster tongue. He loved it all...buuut he never would actively ask for it. Being the tsundere that he is, he could never find it in himself to ask for affection but rather just hoped you’d give it to him all the time, despite that though he did have some slight quirks that made it obvious when he wanted some love.
You had been watching play his games beside him for a while now and your legs grew tired, so you began to go over to his bathtub bed to just relax and go on your D.D.D but even with his attention fully on the game, he subconsciously didn’t want you to leave.
His tail was quick to wrap around your waist and pull you on to his lap as you felt him tense underneath you at the sudden weight.
“W-what are you doing?” He sputtered out before looking down and noticing his tail wrapped around your waist. “O-oh, sorry. I hadn’t realized,” he apologized sheepishly but didn’t pull it away from you.
“It’s fine,” you laugh. “Mind if I touch it?” You ask, looking at him expectantly. He looked at you wide-eyed before returning half his attention back to the game in front of him with red cheeks as he nodded.
You took his tail in your hands, surprised at the heavy weight of it as you examined it closely. Nails running down his beautiful scales before your hand ran up the length of it and stopped at the tip. You rubbed your thumb against the pointed end of his tail, mesmerized by its feeling and how it glinted from the light of the computer, failing to realize how hard Levi was underneath you.
His breathing was rapid as his whole body heated up. His tail was extremely sensitive, even more right now than usual due to his erection, and it was when you touched the tip that made him lose all restraint.
“Fuck it, I can’t take it anymore,” he growled, pausing the game before his tail suddenly snaked itself up your shorts and past your underwear as he teased your hole to loosen it. His right hand took the task of rubbing your nipple while his other hand kneaded at his hard-on through his sweatpants. You were whining at the sudden stimulation and it was music to his ears.
When he felt you were prepped enough he pushed inside you and you moaned at the foreign feeling. His tail being able to reach places never felt before as he groaned at how tight you felt around his tail. With how sensitive he was at the tip, he thrust it against your walls, eyes rolling back at the feeling.
You took it upon yourself to stuff your tongue into his mouth, which he groaned at. One hand running through his purple hair, sweat causing some of it to stick to his forehead, while the other alternated from pinching his nipple to caressing his hard abs.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum from just tail-fucking you,” he cursed, speeding up his movements inside you as you screamed his name.
“Levi, Levi! Me too! I’m close!” You yelled out, trying to bounce so more of his tail went inside you.
His climax hit him hard as he continued pumping into you. His eyes rolled back, tongue lolled out, and drool dribbled from the sides of his mouth as he moaned loud and high-pitched. He released into his pants while you clamped around him and came soon after, biting down hard on his shoulder when you did.
You both breathed heavily as you guys came down from your highs, foreheads pressed together. You smiled at him goofily as his face reddened.
“Th-that was so fucking sexy,” Levi admitted, his hot breath hitting your lips causing you to dip in for another long kiss.
“Nah, I think it was all you that was sexy to me,” you replied, as he hid his face in your neck from embarrassment. You kissed your bite mark you left on his shoulder gently. “Now are ya gonna take your tail out of me or leave it there, I don’t mind if you do the latter,” you teased, directing his attention on his tail that was still deep inside.
“Hm, I think I can replace it with something better,” he smirked.
Y’all know what went down after that ;)
Everyone knows this boy loves cats
Which ties directly into his kink of pet play and seeing you dressed up as a neko.
One day after a day at R.A.D, he told you that he had club activities after school and that you two could hang out after he was done which you agreed to.
When you arrived at the House of Lamentation, you decided to clean your room in order to make time pass quicker. While cleaning, you found a pair of cat ears and a bell collar that Asmo had bought for you for a Halloween party he insisted you two attend. Deciding to wear it for fun, you put them both on along with a matching cute outfit and looked at yourself in the mirror.
Realizing how cute you looked, you decided to send a video to Satan since you knew he loved cats. Situating yourself in front of your full-body mirror, you sat on your knees while squeezing your thighs together. Holding out a fist in a cat pose, you held it up to your face and let out a “nyaa” at the camera before ending the video with a wink. Sending it to Satan, you didn’t think much of it and decided to finish up cleaning your room, forgetting to take off the attire while at it.
Satan sat in one of the chairs encircling a round table as multiple other students from R.A.D sat beside each other with the same copy book in hand. They were all conversing with one another when his phone rang on the table, diverting some attention to him.
“Ah, my apologies,” he nodded, before picking up his phone, getting ready to tell someone off thinking it was one of his brothers. Raising an eyebrow when he saw it was from you, he clicked the video making sure to turn down the volume since he didn’t want to bother the meeting. Holding it close to his face in order to hear it, his eyes widened and his face blushed when the video of you dressed up as a cat popped up on his screen along with your cute “nyaa”. His knee banged against the table loudly as he tried to stand up quickly, resulting in everyone to quiet down as they looked up at him. “There has been an emergency at the House of Lamentation, strict student council business so I must excuse myself,” he announced before quickly booking it out the room, arriving at the house in light speed. He quickly stopped by his room to grab a certain object before speedily arriving to your room.
He entered without knocking, breathing heavily as he stood at the entrance of your room. You looked up at him from your bed, phone in hand, and still in your cat attire despite being finished with cleaning a couple minutes ago.
“Oh, hey, you’re back earlier than expected. Did ya notice I cleaned my room-“ he cut you off with the slam of your door and the click of the lock before quickly jumping on top of you, hovering his face closely on top of yours.
“Do you know how difficult it was to hide how hard my dick turned when I saw that video of you during my meeting?” He growled before slamming his lips against yours, exploring every inch of your mouth as you groaned into it. When he pulled away, you were breathless.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to...” you stuttered with lidded eyes and swollen lips, a beautiful sight to him.
“I’ll just have to teach you a lesson, right kitty?” He smirked, caressing your face as you nodded. He was quick to take off your clothes at your consent, leaving only the cat ears and collar on as he basically drooled at the sight. Taking out what he had grabbed from his room to reveal a butt plug with a tail at the end, he slicked your entrance with your wetness leaking out of you and inserted the plug as you yelped out. “Fuck, you’re such a slutty kitty, aren’t you? How can you look this damn good?” He cursed, throwing his pants and boxers off before he straddled your face and positioned his erection at your mouth.
Thrusting in with no restraint, he let out a loud groan at feeling of you gagging around his length. He continued to pound into your mouth with no mercy as you tried your best to run your tongue down the glands and around it, feeling him twitch in your mouth you braced for him to finish down your throat but he quickly pulled out and stroked himself rapidly, it being easier due to your saliva, before finishing all over your chest and stomach. You came from the stimulation of the butt plug and being fucked in the throat with a choked moan.
Pulling out his phone, he took numerous pictures of you with a satisfied smirk. “These will be perfect jack off pictures for when I miss you,” he spoke happily, making sure to include his dick in the photos hovering over you. “Mmm, I love you kitty,” he cooed, giving you kisses all over your body before pulling out the butt plug making you let out quiet sighs.
“I love you too,” you sighed out, curling up into his arms as you nodded off. He made sure to clean you up and hug you tight as you slept, watching you lovingly while wondering just how he was so lucky to have you.
Despite being the avatar of lust, that isn’t the only quality he has which many people often seem to forget. People were so quick to judge him for his sin and only see him as a lusty figure who wanted nothing but to get in your pants, but were so open to accepting his brothers with open arms despite them being the same case as he was.
He tried to hide his disappointment with narcissism and confident remarks, but MC knew that he was more than just the embodiment of lust and that he needed to be shown that he was loved not just lusted over.
So, that’s what led you two to sitting cross-legged in front of each other while you clipped back his bangs and applied makeup to his face. You had been pampering him all day, starting with combing his soft hair and then applying some skincare then moving on to makeup once it had absorbed into his skin.
You were completely focused as you applied some lip balm on his lips in order to prep it for some lip gloss, leaning in close in order to do so. Asmo watched you with loving eyes, his eyes darting to your lips before going in for a chaste kiss which you didn’t deny. The close proximity had been making him feel hot and bothered for a while now and not being able to hold out anymore, he acted upon it.
“Heyy, you can’t do that when I put lip gloss on you, alright?” You whined, a blush appearing on your cheeks.
“Hm? Why not? If I kiss you all over with lip stick on then it’ll leave beautiful kiss marks all over your pretty skin,” he giggled, kissing you again while pushing you back towards the bed but he stopped once he felt your hand on his chest. “Ah, do you want me to stop?” He asked seriously.
“N-no...I...I wanted to, ahem, make love to you,” you said sheepishly, playing with the buttons on his shirt and avoiding his eyes. It was his turn to blush, not used to it being called “making love” with him as he suddenly hugged you.
“Ugh, why are you so irresistibly cute?” Asmo sighed out before plopping down on his back beside you. Turning his head to the side, he locked eyes with you a blush appearing on his cheeks. “Alright then...make love to me,” he breathed out, eyes never leaving you as you straddled his hips.
He had been rock-hard for a while now, so it was no surprise when he cried out when your hand brushed against it while you took off his pants. He raised his hips in order to help you slide them down his legs and on the floor, along with his underwear. You kissed him passionately as you slipped his shirt off of him, your tongues intertwining as loud noises spilled out both your mouths. He tugged at your clothes to ask for them to be taken off with no words and you complied, ripping them off quickly in order for more skin to skin contact.
Asmo entered a finger inside you, pumping in and out in order to prep you for his length. You mewled at the feeling as he found himself entranced at the sight of his fingers disappearing inside you. After a minute, he added a second finger before deciding you were stretched enough for his cock. Pulling out his fingers, he raised them to his lips and sucked them in order to taste you as he groaned. This egged you on as you positioned yourself on top of him and pushed down, burying his length inside you all at once.
He threw his head back, bucking his hips in retaliation of the feeling of you encasing him tightly. “Ah, you’re so tight, darling,” he managed to get out as you began to bounce on top of him, his head hitting the soft mattress with every one. Using his hips to grind you on top of him, he let out a choked groan when you squeezed. You used your free hands to settle on his nipples as he began to drool from the stimulation, you lapped it up and then kissed him.
Speeding up, the bed creaked under you two as you both neared your finish. “I love you, Asmo,” you gasped out, causing him to go over the edge at your words as he spasmed and released inside you. He was extremely vocal, a string of cuss words and loud, whiny moans leaving his mouth as his eyes rolled back and tongue stuck out. You clamped around him as you came, seeing stars from how strong it was.
Collapsing on top of him, you both rested on each other’s sweaty bodies while calming down. “That was amazing. Are you sure you’re not some succubi?” He joked, kissing you gently.
“I’m sure,” you answered simply.
“Yeah, you’re even better,” he admitted as you pulled yourself off of him and to his side instead. Cuddling him as you both settled under his covers. “I love you too, MC. You’re the only one for me,” he breathed out.
Lovey doves cuddling ensues
This boyo is big, we’re talking huge here. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about height!
Since he works out so often and towers over you, it isn’t uncommon for him to pick up bridal style or give you piggy back rides but today was a bit different.
On the way back home from Hell’s Kitchen, you whined jokingly that you wanted to ride on his shoulders since that’s make you extra tall and he was quick to shrug and get down on one knee in order for you to climb on.
You wrapped your thighs around the back of his head, holding on his hair slightly for support. When he thought you were situated, he began to stand up and you accidentally steadied yourself by tugging at his hair which he let out a surprised moan at which you mistook as a yelp of pain.
“Oh, Beel, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, are you okay?” You worried, looking down at him while rubbing where you pulled.
“I-it’s fine, it didn’t hurt just...surprised me is all,” he mumbled out, embarrassed that it felt so good when you pulled his hair. He began walking towards the front door, suddenly hyper aware of your thighs wrapped around his head while you hands rest in his hair. Luckily the door to the House of Lamentation is extremely tall so you only had to duck a little to get both of you through.
Asmo greeted you both with a wicked grin at the sight of Beel in between your thighs. “Ara, ara, whats this?” He teased, running his hand up your calve before pulling away.
“Hey, quit it! You’re gonna make me fall!” You chastised, squeezing your thighs around Beel’s head without being able to help it causing him to groan out. Asmo smirked at the sound but oblivious you thought you hurt him again. “Jeez, I’m sorry Beelie. You can let me down, I keep hurting ya,” you sighed, he obliged and gently took you off his shoulders.
“Ooh, what’s this?” Asmo spoke up, eyes flitting towards Beel’s crotch before Beel quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you to your room speedily.
“Huh? Beel, what’s wrong?” You questioned but the only reply you got was him lifting you by your waist and slamming you onto your study desk. “Are you mad I accidentally hurt you earlier?” You continued to ask.
“You didn’t hurt me earlier, if anything you did the damn opposite,” he growled out, pointing at the very large tent in his gym shorts.
“O-oh!” You peeped, heat traveling up your neck and to your ears.
“So, please...can I eat you?” He begged, looking up at you from between your legs. You shuttered at the sight as you slowly nodded, Beel not wasting any time as he quickly took off your shorts and underwear.
His mouth latched on right away, loud slurps and groans coming from his mouth as he enjoyed your taste. You mewled on top of the desk, thighs encasing his head automatically to pull him closer which he appreciated. The obscene sounds came out from his mouth as he ate like a madman, enjoying every second as he entered his tongue into you. You bucked you’re hips against his face, grinding against his lips as he hummed from enjoyment.
“Fuck, you taste so good,” he growled out before instantly resuming his tongue inside you. You latched on to his hair and tugged as you neared your climax causing him to groan, the vibrations sending you over the edge as you came on his mouth, him not stopping for a second since he wanted every drop. After you came down from your high, he stood up while licking his lips with a satisfied smile his cheeks pink with content.
You jumped off the desk and fell to your knees in front of him. “Your turn?” And he was rock-hard in an instant.
Hungry boi who loves you 🥺
Now, we all know Belphie is a bit lazy but get him riled up and he’s a whole different person.
The two of you often cuddle together or sleep beside each other whenever you have time and today was no exception.
You had pulled away from his embrace in your sleep, which left Belphie feeling empty causing him to wake up. Looking at you on the other side of the bed with groggy eyes, he rubbed at them to focus on your figure. The first thing his eyes fell on was the pillow in between your legs, snugly fitted against your crotch.
He looked at it for a couple seconds before you shifted against it in your sleep, trying to find a comfortable spot and stopping once you did. His breathing had picked up a bit at the sight and he groaned annoyed at how easily you make him all riled up as he looked down at the annoying erection he’d have to deal with. Rolling over to your side, he sucked on your neck gently as you slept using one of his hands to rub at your nipple. After a minute, you began to respond in your sleep, small sighs coming out your mouth as your hips automatically rut against the pillow in between your legs which was a delicious sight for him.
He slipped his hand down your pants and inserted his middle finger into your hole, causing you to gasp but not enough to rouse you completely. Slowly pumping his finger in and out, he smirked at your reactions before pumping in a second finger. Not wanting to stretch you out too much but just enough to fit him since he was going to punish you for making him like this, he pulled out his fingers after a few more pumps. You mewled at the loss of something inside you which he chuckled darkly at.
“Still such a slut for me even in your sleep, huh?” He whispered into your ear before giving it a nibble. He pulled down your bottoms along with your underwear and thrust in you with no mercy. Your eyes flew open at the feeling of your walls being stretched so suddenly, a cry escaping your mouth. “Ah, finally awake baby?” He cooed, kissing away the tears that appeared in your eyes from the feeling of his cock.
“S-so it wasn’t a d-dream, ah!” You choked out as he thrusted again. Becoming a bit more used to his length, you slightly grinded against him before he pushed down your hips with both his hands to stop you from moving much to your chagrin.
“Oh~? So you dreamed about me,” he teased, thrusting in twice right after another.
“N-never s-said it was you, Belphie,” you replied, your bratty side coming out. His eyebrows furrowed from anger as he began thrusting rapidly into you, just what you wanted. Your whole body moved with every one of his thrusts as you cried out, his growls mixing with your voice. He spanked your inner thigh as you hissed from the sting.
“What was that?” He snarled, pulling out of you completely just to bury himself to the hilt yet again.
“A-Ah! I was k-kidding! It was a-about you!” You admitted, your voice jumpy due to his thrusts.
“About me what?” He taunted, now at such a rapid pace the whole bed was shaking and he was grunting rather loudly compared to how he usually was.
“About you fucking me! You pounding into me just like this!” You yelled.
“What a good slut. Say my name while I make you cum, alright?” He commanded, angling so he hit where he knew exactly where your spot was as your eyes rolled back and mouth opened.
“Belphie! Belphie!” You shouted out as you reached your climax, it hitting you in waves as you saw white from how strong it was.
“Fuck! MC, I’m gonna spill it inside!” He yelled before his body spasmed as he pumped you full of his load. Seeing stars as he continued rutting into your tight hole, watching as his seed spilled down your legs. When he was finally rung out dry, he collapsed on top of you and kissed your forehead with a chuckle. “Time for another nap then, love?”
You both passed tf out after that session, oh and you’ll definitely wake up sore.
Phew, that was long & dirty but I hope y’all enjoyed lmao. Just a bunch of kinks thrown all together honestly. This took a whole day to write with multiple breaks obvi because I slightly have a life haha but anywayy request if you have anything ;)
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asmosmainhoe · a year ago
How would the brothers + Dia + Barbatos react to an MC summoning them because they're super horny? Sorry if this is out of your comfort zone, I couldn't find any rules for requesting!
Don't worry, it's fine! I do nsfw headcanons😊
And that my dear is a great request😏
MC summoning the demons, because they're horny
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: nsfw
MC is awaiting the demon in their bed with sexy lingerie and candles all around the room.
He doesn't like it to be summoned so expect him to not be amused.
Actually, no. He is pretty pissed, because he was in the middle of an important assignment.
Calms a little down when he sees you.
And when he notices your lingerie? His bad mood vanishes into thin air.
You get out off your bed to remove his coat and pull him closer.
"I really need you, Lucifer.", you whisper into his ear.
He kisses your neck. He's practically purring against your skin.
Lucifer pushes you back onto the bed and slowly starts to take his clothes off.
"I'm all yours, MC."
First thinks one of the witches is summoning again.
So the second he stands in your room he's starting to throw his fist in the air.
"Oi! Ya can't summon me every five sec-", he starts choking on his own spit when he sees you.
When he calms down again he's a blushing and stuttering mess.
"M-MC, what are ya doing?!", he yells out.
Don't get him wrong. Mammon is extremely aroused by the sight before him, but he's just so flustered.
You place your hands under his shirt.
"I want you, Mammon."
Oh, you can have him.
You summon him during a video game.
He's sitting in the middle of your room with a controller in his hands and a headset on his head.
Confused, he's sets both to the side.
He stops functioning as soon as he lays eyes on you.
His face is turning into a tomato.
You climb off of the bed and straddle him.
Levi's face gets redder if that's even possible by now.
You put your hands on his cheeks and kiss him deeply.
"I missed you so much.", you mumble in between the kisses as you start undressing him.
He's standing in your room with a book in his hands that quickly becomes uninteresting when he sees you.
A dirty grin appears on his lips and he raises his eyebrows.
"That's why you summoned me?", he asks smug as he throws his jacket aside.
You stretch provocatively.
"Please come to me.", you beg with a small moan at the end.
You don't have to say that twice to him.
It doesn't take three seconds until he's on top of you and starting a heated make-out session.
Your hands are all over each other.
Already knows why you summoned him.
What do you expect? He's the avatar of lust.
Prepare for a long night, because he won't stop until you're out of breath and can't move anymore.
Hates it that he can't spend every night with you anymore.
"We have a lot to catch up, you know?", he whispers with a low and seductive voice and bites your neck playfully.
You giggle as you hit him lightly on the shoulder.
He kisses and caresses every centimeter of your body.
You always feel like the most beautiful person when with him.
He was actually about to grab a midnight snack when you summoned him.
Hungry boyo gets even hungrier when he sees you.
Forgets that he wanted to eat something and immediately jumps on top of you.
Grabs you by the waist and pulls you as close as he possibly can.
You don't get the chance to say anything, because he's already smashing his lips against yours.
"I've missed you so much.", he manages to get out.
He moans when you pull at his hair so that he looks at you.
"I wanna be with you all night.", you purr in his ear.
Appears next to you in your bed and surprise! He's asleep.
You start to kiss a trail from his lips to his torso like you always did back in the Devildom to wake him up.
He always loved that and that's why you're going for this tactic.
Belphie wakes up with a pleased groan and pulls you on top of him.
His hands find their way to your ass.
"What a nice surprise.", he says with a dirty look in his eyes. His voice is a bit raspy from sleeping which you find super hot.
"It will get even better." You lean down to continue your trail of kisses.
Summoning him is always a bit risky. You never know when he's in an important meeting.
It never bothers him though. Especially not this time.
He has a wide, goofy grin on his lips and immediately starts showering you with kisses and compliments.
He tells you how absolutely gorgeous you look in your lingerie.
"I'm the luckiest demon in the universe."
It doesn't take long until he's completely stripped and showering you with kisses and compliments.
"You're driving me crazy, do you know that?"
At first he thinks Solomon summoned him, because there are so many candles.
And then he sees you in your bed waiting for him with nothing but his favourite lingerie.
You're making a demon very happy right now.
He removes his gloves and puts them aside. When he touches you he wants to feel your warmth properly and not through fabric.
He grabs you by your thighs and pulls you to the edge of the bed where he gets on his knees.
His kisses send shivers down your spine.
"You have no idea how much I have missed you."
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minniboe · 11 months ago
The brothers when MC calls them 'Baby Boy'
Thank you @mammons-creditcard for sparking this idea.
You get very different results depending on if you call him that in public or in private. Call him that in public and he will respond with the most intense eyebrow raise ever. 
“What did you just call me?” His voice very stern and you know he will punish you for it later.
However, if you call him that in private when the two of you are alone, he will let out an affectionate sigh, walk closer to you, and take your hand.
“You are probably the only one in all the realms who can call me that and live to tell the tale.” His voice surprisingly affectionate as he pulls you into a hug. He will also call you by a ‘silly little pet name’ as he calls it but only when you two are alone.
Mammon wasn’t expecting to be called baby boy in a million years so when you say it he stops whatever he is doing and looks at you. He doesn’t know how to respond until he gets this cocky smile on his face.
“Of course you would call me that! After all, I’m the great Mammon and you’re my human!"
He will honestly be so happy and he gets butterflies in his stomach whenever you call him that. He gets a little embarrassed if you say it in public but he loves it because it shows the whole world how much you care about him, he will also call you baby (boy/girl).
“Come on baby ya have been working all night. Give ya baby boy some affection will ya!”
When you say it he has to take a double-take, did you just call him grandmaster otaku and the ‘Grand Admiral of The Hell's Navy’ baby boy? You sure did. He’ll be blushing and mumbling like crazy which makes him even more adorable to you.
“Y- you can’t just call demons that out of nowhere!” He’ll yell at you but you can tell from his face that he loves it.
It takes him quite some time to get used to it but when he does he’ll try to give you a pet name too. The first time he tries it the poor thing chokes on his words, and calls you his ‘Henry’, you find it hilarious and very adorable, in the meantime, he is ready to move to the bottom of a lake and never come out again. Though when you hug him he gets a bit more confidant.
“Y- yes you are my... Henry, if anyone has a problem with that I’ll unleash Lothan upon them!”
Hearing you say those words to him he puts the book he was reading down and an amused smile appears on his face.
“Oh? Where did you get the idea to call me that?” He sais teasing you, before grabbing you and pulling you closer. Would it have been anybody else he would have gotten quite annoyed, but since it’s you he can’t help but find it adorable.
He will let you call him that whenever you want, as long as you are okay with him calling you ‘Kitten’. After all, it is no fun when it’s just him that is flustered, he’s going to try his best to make you blush just as much, if not more than he is.
“Come my kitten, why don’t you rest your head on my lap for a little while.”
He is used to being called all sorts cute pet names but that doesn’t mean that he finds it any less adorable. When he hears you say it he wants to jump in your arms but he is a bit too enthusiastic and ends up tackling you to the ground.
“You are so adorable, do you know me that? Please call me that as much as you like!”
You two end up cuddling on the floor since neither of you wants to get up. He starts to call you every cute name he knows to see which one he likes the best, but they all sound so adorable and he can’t choose. So he decides to kiss you all over that adorable face of yours, to show you how happy you have made him.”
“Oh my darling, your words are like music to my ears. I’ll make sure you’ll feel just as loved as I do!”
He stops eating to look at you, the biggest and warmest smile appears on his face as you call him ‘baby boy’. He quickly walks over to you and pulls you into a tight warm hug.
“I don’t think anyone has ever called me that before. I like it!” He wants to show you just how much those words mean to him, so he will hug you for as long as you want and he even kisses you on the top of your head.
When he stops hugging you he still has that wonderful smile on his face. He then offers you a bit of his food, by feeding it to you. Seeing you eat out of his hand makes his smile even brighter. 
“That was really adorable, but I’m not quite satisfied. Do you think you could call me ‘baby boy’ again?” You can’t deny him such a sweet request so you call him baby boy as much as he wants. He thinks of a cute name to call you and ends up going for ‘babycakes’, your heart practically mets as the words escape his lips.
At first, he thinks he’s dreaming but after a few seconds, he realizes that you actually said it. A grin appears on his face as he moves closer to you.
“So I’m your baby boy? That’s very cute, why don’t you come over here so we can cuddle together?”
You happily fulfill his request and lay next to him, he quickly wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. You can hear him laugh as he places a quick kiss to the back of your head. He smiles to himself as you nestle yourself against him.
“You’re so adorable, I don’t think I want to let you go. So for tonight, you can sleep in the arms of your baby boy.” He sais as you both drift off to sleep.
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rulerofmyworld · a year ago
Omggg just had this sudden thot but yk how the Devildom is always night/no sun? Well it occurred to me that humans need a source of vitamin D or there will be long term health complications which THEN turned into thinking abt vitamin C and the other essential vitamins that might not neccesarily be found in Devildom cuisine. How would the brothers react when they find out their human (and Soloman bc that boi is PALE) needs multivitamins to stay alive and nOT wilt like a flower
God! I’m sooooo super sorry this took so long! With my exams and having some family events, I didn’t have a hell lot of time!
But here ya go! I hope you like it. (Also I wholeheartedly believe that Solomon probably has some sort of spell to help him with the vitamin stuff but prefers taking supplements since they’re more reliable) Warning: Mentions of nosebleeds.
Mc is genderneutral, as always!
He was no fool, he knew humans needed certain things that the Devildom couldn’t provide. Sunlight was one of them yet he didn’t really know how much exactly you needed that.
Solomon seemed to be doing fine, a little pale but never showed any signs of something severe.
You, on the other hand, you were more fatigued than usual, your eyes drooping at the breakfast table. 
He even made a point of observing you through the night to make sure you actually slept through it. 
Then came the periods of sadness, the bruises that came to quicky and went away to slow.
Lucifer was lost, hands in his hairs. He had no clue what to do and how to solve what was going on. He talked to Diavolo, making the lord grin when he saw just how much Lucifer had come to care for you.
Together they looked for a cause yet couldn’t really find one so Barbatos proposed a solution: talk to Solomon and see if he knows what’s going on.
The wizard smiled when he heard the troubles the three found them in, of course, he would need a form of compensation. Lucifer was ready to yeet him out of the window
You had a vitamin deficiency Solomon told them and even gave him a list of vitamins he himself used to keep healthy in the Devildom since spells aren’t always effective. 
In the morning there will be so many bottles of vitamins in front of your plate all with a note on when and how to intake the vitamins/supplements.
He laughs when he sees you tired at the breakfast table.
“Been gamin’ too much, ay?”
You just grumble and eat your breakfast, annoyed at the comments Mammon kept making. After a few weeks of you practically falling asleep everywhere to the point that you were rivalling Belphie, Mammon started noticing how you tried to cover up nosebleeds. Tissues upon tissues all spotted and drenched with blood were thrown in your trashcan.
All the while things started to get worse for you, more bruises, easily irritated, sleeping at times when you should be awake. Unfortunately, the Devildom doctors weren’t knowledged enough about human health and when Mammon dragged you in were baffled at your condition.
Mammon marched up to Solomon soon after, almost beating the sorcerer to a pulp when he demanded payment for the information. Solomon told Mammon everything after the demon made sure to threaten him with exile from Devildom. Your life might be on the line, Mammon ain’t got no time for games.
He made sure to ask one of his brothers to look after you when he left to hunt for vitamins he may or may not have stolen some of Levi’s human money to pay for them.
When he found the vitamin sections, he just grabbed everything he thought would be important and would ask Solomon about it later.
The next morning all the needed vitamins are there yet no one seemed to know from who and no! Definitely not from Mammon! Why would THE great Mammon spend money on a stupid human?!
Everyone knows it was from him.
 At first, he was pretty annoyed when you started to fall asleep in the middle of watching a show or playing a game and his insecurities tried to tell him it was because you were simply bored of him. Even though you reassured him that you were just fatigued, he was convinced it was his fault.
So he tried to spice things up, playing games were the both of you actually got sucked into them or tv shows were your choices made a big impact yet it neither worked. You remained tired.
He tried to give you sooo many varieties of energy drinks to the point where his wallet was actually suffering but he didn’t care, he simply wanted you to be energized so the two of you could spend time together.
After he noticed how easily you started the bruise, he got worried and even more when he noticed how slowly they went away.
In the beginning, he thought it was just a human thing with them being so fragile but after doing some research that didn’t seem to be the case.
Worriedly he started to pester you on what was going on but when you told Levi you didn’t know he got even more worried.
Luckily for him, a guy he knew who was human from one of his many gaming sessions turned out to be some sort of doctor and told Levi you might just a have a vitamin deficiency.
Immediately Levi ended his session and rushed to the Akuzon website, to their special, new human products.
He quickly found some vitamin bottles that resembled those his doctor friend had mentioned he should buy.
In the morning a big Akuzon box laid in front of your door with a not ontop:
“To the stupid normie, take your vitamins or no more gaming nights!”
You took them almost immediately.
He might be the only person that knows what’s going on with you the moment he noticed your constant fatigue but isn’t sure so decided to dedicate some time to researching human anatomy.
At first, he doesn’t know how bad a vitamin deficiency could be. Maybe you were more fatigued, sure but that isn’t too bad. After a few of these human vitamin pills, you’ll be back to health. You’ll just have to wait a few days until they arrive, Satan doesn’t have the super-premium Akuzon membership that allows packages to be brought to you in mere hours. 
The moment he stumbles on the consequences, he’s rushing out the door with a list of vitamins in his left hand and Lucifer’s credit card in his right. He does not want you to be suffering from nosebleeds. What if the blood gets on his books? 
He quickly finds a portal to the human world and is lucky that it’s one that teleports him into a small alley near a big supermarket.
After adjusting to the bright sunlight for a bit he walks in the store and starts to gather all the bottles of vitamins he needs and while he’s there he also picks up a plethora of snacks, drinks and other stuff you might want/miss. Satan has a good memory so even if you mentioned you like a specific snack one time, he will have remembered and had now added that to his overflowing basket.
He also may or may not have brought some snacks for himself.
After putting it all in a bag he drops it off in the evening when he returns, unlike the others he prefers to give it to face to face to show that he does care and wants you to be safe and healthy.
Notices something is up when your skin starts to lose some of its glow as if the spark inside of you has been dulled or been put out.
He starts to make spa-day an even more regular occurrence yet it doesn’t help much, it only reaffirms Asmo’s worries. He starts to check your sleep schedule and make sure that you’re actually sleeping the full 8-9 hours, he even asks if you’re drinking enough water and tries his best to research about human bodies.
One afternoon after school he’s with Solomon and tells the wizard all about your ailments: the fatigue, the sudden nosebleeds you’ve been trying to hide and then the pain in your back. Asmo was at his wit’s end and decided to vent but he never expected Solomon to provide him with an explanation.
He dragged Solomon back to the house of Lamentations and pushed him in the desk chair.
Asmo quickly went to Akuzon and scrolled through the human necessity page, adding all the vitamins you would need with the help of Solomon. Asmo also added a bunch of beauty products for both of you.
When the box arrived, Asmo immediately went ahead and packed in fancy wrapping paper, added bows and a lovely note for you to read.
After school was out and you arrived back in your room you found a large box wrapped in wrapping paper of your favourite colour and not surprised when you saw that Asmo had sent it.
Even the vitamin bottles were in line with your aesthetic, Asmo really thought everything through. 
He probably doesn’t notice as quickly as the others but when he does he’s super-duper worried. 
Why are you tired? Are you sleeping enough?
He will ask to either sleep in his room wit Belphie or sleep in your room so he can make sure you’re getting enough sleep. 
When he notices that even after multiple cuddle sessions and days of sleeping over 9 hours that you’re still fatigued, he starts to think you’re very sick.
In the beginning, he’ll ask Belphie if he might now more since Belphie used to be so enthralled and fascinated by humans yet even his younger twin doesn’t have a clue.
Eventually, he’ll go around and ask all his brothers with no one beside Satan having the slightest idea.
After Satan telling Beel what he thinkes it, Beel immediately goes on a journey to his computer and looks through websites to find what he needs to fix a vitamin deficiency.
He ends up purchasing too many bottles of vitamins with all kinds of tastes, shapes and colours since he doesn’t know what you would like. 
So when you come to his room one day for your cuddle session, he gives you to box and tells you all the information he could find while eating a snack.
researching made him hungry.
Belphie liked that you seemed to spend more time with him even if was just to sleep, being able to cuddle you was amazing and he wasn’t going to question why.
Not at first.
But after a while, even the avatar of Sloth found your fatigue rather alarming especially since it wasn’t very common amongst humans to be so tired even after getting plenty of rest.
Although Belphie had heard of condition that made humans extremely tired, he didn’t suspect you to have it since your fatigued seemed to be a recent issue.
He started to wreck his brain to try and find an explanation but came up empty.
Soon he started to research on his D.D.D in the hopes something would pop up.
Eventually, he found something about vitamin deficiencies? As he read more and more, he started to connect to the dots. Luckily for him the website provided a link to webshop were he could buy some of these human vitamins you needed.
Belphie fell asleep after confirming his order, his hand barely holding on to his phone as he laid on the side of his bed.
When you came to fetch him for dinner you noticed his D.D.D almost falling and took it out of his grasp and put in to charge on his bedside table.
You woke him up after so he could join you for dinner and while dinner was happening there was a ring at the door. Belphie might’ve paid extra for a fast delivery
He was quick to answer the door and give the bag to you so that there would be no doubt that he was the one to give the vitamins to you.
He’ll happily continue napping with you while your body recovers.
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artofyangji · a year ago
The Brothers and their Manhoods
We were talking about dicks in my server so have some dickcanons for the bros. also an excuse for smut? idk what this is lmao
Lucifer – The eldest brother is supposedly the second biggest out of the seven. He’s the definition of sexual tension as he draws out the act of revealing his pride and you can’t rush him along because he’s probably got you tied up. You’re either overstimulated from his ministrations or high strung after hours on the edge; either way, your face is red and you’ve got tears in your eyes but you can’t look away when all 8” of him is suddenly shoved into you. The shaft tapers out to a slightly wider base where he’s a good half inch bigger than the rest of him, and you soon come to learn that he loves to hold you there, your heat pressed directly against his abdomen where you stretch just a bit wider. He’ll keep you there for hours sometimes while he works on other things, ignoring your whimpering and delivering a quick slap to the backside if you start wiggling too much. And if you need a bit of a break down there, your mouth will suffice so long as you swallow every last drop.
Mammon – He’s a blushing and stuttering mess, but all too eager to ditch his pants as soon as the opportunity arises. THE Mammon never wears underwear, so get over it, human. His cock curls slightly upward onto his abdomen a full 7.5”, just enough to make you gag a bit when you take it all in your mouth which he always appreciates. He’s the most likely to be pierced down here, on the frenum or a king’s crown. The head is slightly bigger than the otherwise even girth; that’s great for you and him because he loves it when you give kitten licks to the slit where his precum leaks out. Position doesn’t matter as long as you don’t stop, you’re doin' great, babe, just one more load in you, ok? Mammon is handsy, especially in public when he thinks he can get away with it, so prepare to get real good at inconspicuous hand jobs. It’ll be good practice for when you’re in the bedroom, taking him from behind and reaching around to finish him off.
Leviathan – Lucifer would never admit it, but Leviathan is actually the second biggest of all his brothers. It takes a while to get him out of his pants since you’re such a normie, but he’s all too eager to please once you’ve crossed that boundary. It’s mouthwatering when he’s finally undressed and he hides his face behind the back of his hand when you won’t quit leering. He’s largest at the upward curve below the head, almost as big around as he is long due to the two prominent veins on the sides, and at 8.5” it’s sure to be a delight. He’s always cool to the touch but you’ll warm him up quickly with the heat of your mouth and he shivers when you ghost teeth on his underside. No matter who is fucking who, he makes the cutest faces but your favorites are when he’s above you, his cock in your hand and you squeeze that thickest part of him. And he’s never told you, but it’s his favorite position too, especially when you let him cum on your chest and stomach.
Satan – Somehow, you’re naked before he is save for the cat ears he slipped on you at some point (he forgot to wash the matching butt plug tail). He likes to size you up and then make you undress him, leaving his underwear for last. That he removes himself but only when you’re kneeling directly beneath him so all 7” fall immediately into your eager mouth. The subtle downward curve of his cock makes the fat head drag low against the back of your throat but he holds you still when you gag and reminds you to breathe through your nose. If you use your hand to cup his balls and press at his perineum, he makes a noise that sounds like a purr. He’ll finish on your face at least once and if you try to wipe it away, that’s a slap to the wrist, you know better than that. His erection hangs low and ready for the next round as he watches you lick your lips and thumb the rest of his cum into your mouth.
Asmodeus – The Avatar of Lust has the answer to the age old question: does size really matter? At only 5.5” when erect and 6” around, Asmodeus would say absolutely not and you’d have to agree. He fits perfectly in any orifice of yours he decides to use that day and he must have some sort of sixth sense because he always knows the perfect angle to rut into. The foreskin around his petite head is a bit tight, so make sure you’re careful when you lap at it with your tongue and gently pull it back. He’s also the perfect size for your hand which makes hand jobs under restaurant tables much easier. Part of the fun is in the presentation and the variety so expect copious amounts of lingerie and toys to enhance the pleasure he could administer all too well on his own. Tease might as well be Asmo’s middle name because his favorite thing to do is rub against your heat, stretch it open with his thumbs, stick the tip in and wait. And if you do it back to him as revenge, well, what goes around cums around.
Beelzebub – So concentrated on putting that long tongue to use on you, it takes a while to get Beelzebub out of his pants. He’s the biggest of his brothers in all regards, at least 9” flaccid and almost the same distance around but he’d never brag. He’s of uniform girth and a relatively straight line except for the prominent veins that wrap around it, perfect for massaging every part of your insides. It’s downright impossible to get all of him into your mouth, but damn if he doesn’t love to see you try and gorge yourself. It takes a lot of willpower to not shove your head down further, but he’s always careful when it comes to you. He loves it the most when you just stroke him and lick up the tight seam underneath, other hand testing the weight of his sac. Because he’s so big, there are only a few positions that will work and he more than makes up for it with his roaming hands and mouth, but especially with the control of his thrusts, complements of his muscle control. However fast or slow you ask for it, he’ll give it to you, all without breaking a sweat.
Belphegor – At his command, you’re the one that takes his pants off because he’s too comfortable to move. The reward is worth it when you take all 6.5” of him in your hand and gently rub the protective foreskin over the head; if he’s pierced, it’s there and a larger gauge than it was initially. The shaft tapers down and where his hair grows down towards his sac, the skin is speckled; he’ll give an unprompted giggle if you kiss him there. But expect immediate repercussions for such an act. He only has to give you that look and tell you to lie down to know you’re in trouble. In bed, from behind is his favorite position because he can reach all parts of you here, your neck, your mouth, your chest and the apex of your legs. You’ll have to beg for him to stick it in once he’s worked you over with his hands, made all the hotter when he doesn’t let you turn to look at him, but when the large head slams into you followed by the rest of him, it’s totally worth it.
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obeythebutler · 3 months ago
Sitting on the Laps of The Seven Demon Brothers
Prologue: Sometimes the best way to grab your demonic boyfriend's attention is to go and sit on his lap. Be warned, reactions will vary, and you might find yourself doomed or not wanting to leave at all....😏
When he's too occupied in his work, and won't even spare a glance at you, or is simply lounging by the fireplace, with a vinyl record playing, then these are the right circumstances to go and plop yourself on his lap.
Lucifer will be shocked..for a moment, and his eyes will widen before that infamous smirk comes along, and he'll adjust his position accordingly to make you comfortable.
Depending on the situation, he will rest his face in the crook of your neck and hug you tiredly, or kiss your neck before holding you close gently and smile that adorable, serene one where his eyes are full of love for you and you feel weak in the knees and gooey inside. A blush will be visible at both times.
If you want to make him blush a bit more, go ahead, and kiss him.
They can escalate into...something more...if you wish...
What can I say, go and plop yourself on the Avatar of Pride's lap, and watch his reaction.
As these moments become common, you might find yourself involuntary going to sit on his lap, and even find Lucifer's hand motioning for you to come.
Sometimes, he's too occupied in one of his schemes or too engrossed in his DDD, browsing through God knows what, and won't even spare a glance at you, then this, my friend, is the right moment for you to go and declare his lap as your personal resting space.
Mammon will blush, and the item in his hands might get thrown across the room or on the nearest surface, and he will mutter how about how you surprised him, and just to tease, get up from his lap, I dare you.
You'll be pulled back, as he mutters about how you would want to sit on the Great Mammon's lap, after all !
Arms will be draped across your torso as he hold you close, and if you hug him tighter and lean into him he might combust from happiness.
And if you kiss him?
Mammon is going to blush hard as he recovers from the blow you gave him, and leans forward to give you a kiss of his own.
Depending on how you play your cards, you won't be able to walk tomorrow or might have an impromptu cuddling session, which you initiated by plopping on his lap.
And as this becomes a common occurrence, you might find yourself being dragged on Mammon's lap, but who are you to deny him ?
Sit on his lap in front of his brothers, please.
Sometimes Leviathan gets so engrossed in his games and anime that he zones out, and refuses to even acknowledge your presence, and if he does, all he answers is in hums and nods.
So, the best way to make him give you attention? Plop on his lap and watch his reaction.
He is going to take a hot moment to register that you are sitting on his lap, and then he's going to remove his headphones and splutter, questioning your motives.
Hold him tight, hold him close and then a shaky arm will come to wrap itself around your midriff as he blushes, muttering about how this isn't so bad.
As he slowly gets used to your 'blatant and sudden' displays of affection, he's going to want you to game with you sitting on his lap. A controller in both of your hands, as each tried to defeat the other.
And of course, Leviathan will win, because he has probably about thousand's years of experience at games. So, how to distract him? Kiss him.
Oh, he's going to short-circuit when you do that. He's going to probably have you thrown from his lap as he recovers from the shock.
But please give him time, and soon he will reciprocate with his own kisses.
And, if you do it right, you might just want to cover Henry's tank, to avoid your adopted son from seeing something that will scar him forever.
He gets so immersed in his books that he doesn't even care what's happening to his surroundings anymore. You could have an earthquake going on and he won't notice.
So, to grab your bookworm boyfriend's attention, go and plop on his lap like a kitty, and demand attention. Rub against his chest, and swat at the book.
He's going to chuckle as he puts the book down, and a Chesire grin adores his face. Satan will hold you close, and bury his face in your hair, because being like this brings him peace, rests his mind.
If you kiss him, he's going to go still for a moment but then kiss you back, with a light blush on his face.
It becomes a habit, whenever Satan is going to read he will mention it to you, which is an invitation to come and sit on his lap, and distract him from his books.
Meow at him, I dare you. Meow at him like a cat would, and watch the demon become putty.
If this might just have to distract him from his reading more often....
Asmodeus can get a bit..too focused while reading a magazine or browsing through Devilgram, and might hush at you when you try to grab his attention.
How to make him focus on you? Sit on his lap.
He's going to go silent, and blink once, twice, and then a grin spreads across his face. My, my, getting bold, aren't we? The item in his hands is going to be put down, as he wraps his arms around you.
You're going to get so many kisses! On the top of your head, on your forehead, nose, lips, wherever he can reach. And he smells so nice...
A giddy blush adores his face as he looks down at you in his lap, and you might even find him shed a few tears...
He's going to have you sit on his lap a lot, doesn't matter in private or on in front of his brothers! And, if you don't, he's going to come and sit on your lap!
And if you're feeling a bit frisky, just move your hips when on his lap. He's absolutely delighted!
Better makes the house's inhabitants wear earplugs then....
Who doesn't want to sit on the lap of Beelzebub?
Most of the time, he's eating his fiftieth sandwich or roast while staring off into space, with a thoughtful expression on his face. And his lap looks...too inviting....
So you go and declare his lap your personal pillow. Beel is taken aback, but then he adjust his posture and offers you a piece of whatever he's eating. It's sweet, to be snuggled up on the furnace known as Beelzebub.
If you look up to him, he is going to find it hard to resist kissing you. Anytime you want a kiss, look up. Once you looked up with a strawberry between your lips, and Beel almost bit your lips off.
If you want attention, go and sit on his lap, with some snacks. And the scene is so wholesome that there are many pictures of you two like this.
His arms wrap themselves around you, and it's so snug and comfortable you might find yourself dozing off.
If you want to get a little frisky, grind your hips against his crotch and give him the sweetest look you can muster.
You might have trouble walking later though.
Getting the attention of the Avatar of Sloth is pretty easy if he's awake. Only if he's awake.
Just go and plop yourself on his lap. He'll raise an eye at your boldness but let you snuggle into him nonetheless, and his face will be hidden in the crook of your neck. Oh, he's definitely blushing.
His arms will wrap around you like a koala and depending on his mood, he will place his chin on your head to tease you or lean into your scent. His fingers card through your hair as he hums.
Perhaps it's the snugness of your position or perhaps his sin is at work that you find yourself sleepy. And Belphegor makes for an excellent body pillow.
Kiss him like this, I dare you. Belphegor is going to go all shades of red at once before reciprocating with a kiss of his own.
And you might just fall asleep together like this.
Anytime you want attention, throw yourself on his lap, as he grumbles but cuddles you nonetheless.
If you do it right, you will find your sleep schedule extended, or perhaps, delayed...but hey, this means more time with your demon!
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rulerofmyworld · 11 months ago
May I request the brothers reactions to getting a love letter from mc?
I hope you like these!! This was such a cute request! So thank you for requesting!!!!
Also thank you @justsomeobeymestuff for helping me with Beel’s part😅 Go check them out!! They’re wonderful!!!💖
Upon receiving it, he will read it preferably after finishing his paperwork but curiosity got the best of him.
He will be extremely careful with opening the envelope, using his crimson red nails to slowly tear it open. 
When unfolding the letter his breath will catch when he starts reading over the content.
His eyes widen, his heart beats faster and his mouth can’t help but form a content smile.
Lucifer will commend you for being bold, for putting your most inner feelings onto paper and telling him the emotions that swirl within you. 
He will send you a teasing smile as he asks you to come and meet him in his office after school.
And so you do.
He won’t be rough, he won’t hurry to get you in his bed. No, he will kiss you softly, telling you his feelings in a soft tone and looking at you with adoration.
That evening is spent talking, listening to your voice. It’s filled with softness, tender touches and loving kisses.
After that, the letter is sealed in a small, beautiful box. A protective spell placed upon it so that only he can look at it and take in your words.
He’ll make it custom to send you love letters to tell you his most hidden feelings, feelings he can not speak out loud without his pride blocking him.
He’s not nearly as careful as Lucifer. 
When Mammon receives it, his eagerness wins over his calm and he tears the envelope to shreds which causes a small tear to the letter.
He’s quick to fix that tear with some handy tape but only after reading the letter a dozen times.
By the end, it’s not only the tear he will need to fix.
The letter is now tearstained, ink messed up and words eligible yet it doesn’t matter to Mammon.
He’s got the words memorised, swimming through his minds with your voice speaking them. 
He will either: frame it or hide it away so that only he can see it. He might circulate between doing both. 
Mammon will pull you into his room as soon as possible, rambling about how it’s “only normal you would fall for THE great Mammon”
Inside his heart was beating rapidly, his hands were clammy and his mind was worrying.
He didn’t know if the letter was sincere yet he couldn’t help but wish it was.
He’ll take your hands in his, letting the façade fade away as he thinks of the words you wrote.
Before he fully understands what’s going on he’s got his arms around you while tears stream down his cheeks.
That day is spent holding each other, choked sobs and wet kisses. Spent in the warmth you share, whispering words of love afraid that if spoken too loudly it will shatter everything. 
His thoughts are too messy to be put to paper but he won’t hesitate to whisper them in your ear as you sleep, hoping you never hear them but sometimes you do
He doesn’t know what to do with the envelope addressed to him. At first, he assumed it’s some sort of joke. 
Who would send a letter this day and age?
Although eager, he opens it carefully. Maybe it’s a letter from his favourite idol? He did enter a contest where one of the prizes was a letter.
His excitement soon faded into pure disbelief as he read the words carefully. 
His laughter was loud but his sobs louder. Why were you so cruel?
Levi was quick to tear up the letter and discarding it in his trashcan although he had preferred burning but couldn’t find a lighter.
Days passed without a response from the otaku demon and soon you found knocking harshly on his door, desperate for answers. 
Levi didn’t kiss you, hug you or took your hands. He fell to the floor as he listened to you pouring out your heart.
He laughed without joy instead it was a hollow one, one filled with sadness and held back rage.
He’ll ask you a thousand questions, hoping for it to be a lie, a silly prank. Hoping that these feelings you held were nothing but a joke, something he could cry over, be angry about but eventually move on.
His heart sores when you take him in your arms, yet his mind remains questioning. “How could you love me?”
It’ll take a while to reassure him but his love for you is strong, stronger than his hatred against himself. 
Having a letter addressed to him wasn’t anything too peculiar. 
He had many connections many of whom had no other means of reaching him then through the written word.
The only thing that surprises him is the handwriting he knows is yours.
He’ll take out his knife opener and carefully slides through the top of the envelope, making sure not to cut through what could be a serious letter. 
As he unfolds the letter his mind is pondering over what it may say and although it had given him the possibility of a love letter to Satan that was highly unlikely.
He couldn’t help but smile as he read over your words.
A sense of longing overcame in, wanting you near him right this second so he could declare his affections for you.
So he did just that.
After school he was sure to be the first by your side, guiding you to his room and sitting you down on his bed. 
He tries to speak yet can’t find the right words to truly express how much you mean to him. 
Satan’s mind betrays him at that moment as it refuses to speak his feelings so he does the only thing he thinks will make it even clearer.
He presses his lips against yours, trying to pour the feelings into it as he pulls you closer into him. 
Satan will lean his forehead against yours, smiling as he utters the three words that make the world around you fade away. 
At first glance, he assumes it was a letter from one of his many admirers. Something to give him a temporary high from the compliments.
Yet as he reads through the letter for the umpteenth time, he’s feeling more than that. He feels seen, alive and pure happiness.
He’s soon to text you, urging you to come to his room.
The moment you’re there he’ll be jittery inside yet composed on the outside. 
He wants to come across calm, collected, maybe even a little bit smug yet his heart is pumping, fingers clammy and brain running a 100 miles an hour.
Amso will smile at you brightly before taking the love letter of the desk and thanking you.
At first, you might think this is a rejection but with how close he’s coming you’re not so sure anymore.
He’ll drop the letter instead using his hands to cup your face and planting his lips on yours with vigour. 
The kiss is nothing short of passionate, hungry and filled with lust yet when Asmo opens his eyes they shine with pure love.
If you let him, he’ll take you to bed, showing you just how much he adores every inch of you and giving you a first-hand experience of the skill set the avatar of lust possesses. 
But the night can also be spent laying on his bed, relishing in the feeling of mutual affection. He’ll hold your hand, pull you close into his side, he’ll sing songs and whisper gossip in your ear. 
Asmo will kiss you until your lungs burn, your head spins.
He’ll kiss for as long as the earth keeps spinning.
He is confusion. 
A letter addressed to him? How unusual.
Beel becomes a flushed mess the more he reads, his heart is pounding and his smile is brighter than it normally is.
He has a hard time figuring out to express his true emotions with how shocked he is at the revelation that you like him, no, love him!
So he decides to make it clear in the only way he thinks will make you understand.
Beel begrudgingly walks up to Purgatory Hall in search of the only one who can help in making this a success. 
He knows he could’ve gone to the demon butler but he also knows that poor Barbatos was already swamped with work given to him by Diavolo. 
Luckily the small angel agreed with little hesitation, gathering a plethora of cooking supplies and pushing them in Beel’s large arms.
It took an entire afternoon to make the heart-shaped cake along with decorating it.
Both of them were incredibly happy with the end result. 
Luke even went ahead to write “I love you MC” on the top in elegant handwriting fitting for an angel. 
Beel soon texted you to come to the kitchen for an afternoon snack yet his thumbs hardly worked and he ended up typing “come to kicthen” before realizing his mistake.
Luckily you were quick to come without complaints. 
With a beaming smile he presents you the cake, dropping down to give you a small kiss on the cheek.
You both ate the cake while stealing kisses from the other in between bites.
When he found an envelope with his name on in front of his door, he was amused and intrigued. 
It wasn’t often he received a letter let alone a letter written in your handwriting.
He ripped the envelope open while falling down on his bed, not caring all that much about its state. All he cared about was the letter.
He read it over and over again with a bright smile and fast-beating heart.
If Beel saw him he would make a comment on the blush that dusted his cheeks.
Like a schoolgirl in a cheesy romcom, he clutched the letter to his chest but unlike them, he didn’t squeal or rapidly move his legs as if he was cycling.
No, instead, he fell asleep, hugging your letter close. 
He woke up with you standing over him, ready to wake him up for what he thinks is dinner.
Belphie just smiles and grabs your arm, making you fall onto the bed next to him.
Don’t expect to be leaving any time soon.
He puts the letter on his nightstand, wraps his arms and legs around while whispering. “I love you too.” before planting soft kisses on your exposed skin.
Later on, Belphie will drag you to the attic, hoping to get you away from prying eyes and the loud rumbling of his twin’s stomach.
There he’ll whisper songs of praise into your ears, he’ll hold you close to him even going as far as following you to just outside the bathroom. 
If you thought he was clingy before, you don’t know what awaits you.
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glitter-and-satanism · a year ago
Beel: who ate my fries? I'm gonna fucking ki-
Mc: I did, beel. I'm sorry, I didn't eat lunch and-
Beel: "cradles them" -kiss you and hug you. Are you still hungry, pumpkin? How about we go to a restaurant?
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the-abyss-of-fandoms · a year ago
Lucifer:You will stay here in the Devildom for a year and at the end of the year you have to write an essay.
Y/N or MC internally: Ugh an essay? Cant I just leave a Yelp review? Oh well I'll just write it the night before I leave.
Lucifer:You will do no such thing.
Y/N or MC realizes they said that out loud but doesnt like Lucifers attitude:
Tumblr media
I will write whatever I want in that essay and itll be how much of an a**** you're being right now!
The Demon Brothers and Diavolo:
Tumblr media
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saeyoungchoismaid · a year ago
The brothers’ reaction to a chubby MC
Genre: fluff with like a teeny tiny bit of spice Warnings: If you don’t know about Belphie’s predicament, don’t read his part! A/N: I made the reader gender neutral!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
well, at first, it didn’t matter what you looked like
you were a weak mortal who pokes their nose where it doesn’t belong but, after a while, he starts to realize his dislike for you is just hidden admiration
he is always constantly watching over you
how else do you think he’s able to come to your rescue when you’re even in remote danger?
that being said, while watching over you, he takes notice of many things
your plump thighs? Delicious. 
your chubby tummy? Beautiful.
when you first got there, it was as hot as hades down in Devildom
you weren’t used to it and it took a while to get used to for a while, all you wore was shorts and crop tops 
Lucifer bout had a heart attack
he didn’t really care what you looked like at first 
he just wanted you because everyone else did 
he didn’t really understand what all the hype was about 
sure, he’d love to have your soul but other than that, you’re just a regular ‘ol human 
but then, he’d start getting jealous when the others got too close or looked at you for too long 
he bet they were looking at your curves
your delectable curves
he often daydreamed of cuddling with you, his head on your chubby stomach
he also liked to picture you laying on top of him, his hands resting on your ass
sometimes, he’d pull you closer to him by your thick thighs
oh yes, you were his human 
he actually didn’t like the way you looked 
at first
I mean, all the girls in his games were tiny and thin 
you were plump with plenty of curves
once he realized plump is better though?
oH bOy
this demon got flustered anytime you got too close to him 
he can’t help but stare
he already knew your face is pretty, but now your body?
^ that’s who he needs 
he often imagines what you look like below your clothes 
I mean, you have a chubby stomach and thick thighs 
what if you have stretch marks?
he’s never seen stretch marks in person 
well, he’s never really seen any part of a girl other than the basic parts before though to be fair 
any part of you would be enough for him
bottom line: he just about combusts if your hand brushes him anywhere
he can’t lie to himself 
you look delicious 
both literally and well, literally 
by that, I mean, your soul and your body 
he’d give away all his books just to be able to touch that chubby tummy or playfully pinch your thick thighs
your lips also look very plump, just like the rest of you 
he assumes the reason he’s so attracted to you is because most demons are thin and muscular 
he’s not used to this delicious sight in front of him 
he’s read anatomy books before. Plenty of them were on human anatomy
human anatomy is a little different than demon anatomy 
he’d love to discover human anatomy in person. For science, of course
this demon was wrapped around your finger as soon as you stepped through that door when you first arrived at Devildom 
the things he wants to do to you are endless 
he’s never been with a chubby supernatural creature before
or human
the possibilities are endless 
kissing every inch of you? Yes please 
licking along each of your stretch marks? Yes’r
nibbling your thick thighs and squeezing them in his hands as he pulls your body closer to his? Yes ma’am 
sign him tf up 
out of all the brothers, I think he’s the one who appreciates your chubbiness the most
as long as you like the same food as he does 
he’s sold
and as soon as you make him his favorite food, he’s ready to marry you tbh
feeding each other is definitely a thing 
feeding each other with your mouths? 
definitely a thing 
he loves lifting you by your plump thighs and setting you down on the kitchen table
he will then proceed to makeout with you using food 
chocolate sauce? YES
whipped cream? MOST DEFINITELY 
this man is willing to try anything with you when it comes to food 
his hands will roam the entire time you’re doing this too
gripping your thick thighs tightly as he tries to keep his cool
his hands sliding up your shirt and gripping your hips and smoothing his hands along your chubby tummy 
this man would come to love thick everything. Thick milkshakes. Thick coatings of sauce. You name it
this man has been in isolation for a hot minute 
as soon as you come up the stairs to the attic 
he accepted his fate
he’d never seen someone so plump before 
his heart was malfunctioning as it tried to remember how it acted before he saw you 
every time you came up to see him, he just wanted to grab you through the bars and feel you up 
he decided that his hands would roam your chubby tummy first, feeling the grooves of your stretch marks
he’s never felt stretch marks before 
he never knew until now that he wants to 
more than getting out of the attic 
he then started to imagine what else he could grab through the bars and once he’s out 
once he’s out though, he won’t leave your side for a while 
his hands will constantly be all over you
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s8nluvr · a year ago
What if the boys went into MC's room and accidentally found MC's sex toy 😂
ooh a spicy one! let’s say the setting here is before anything romantic happens between MC and the brothers… also forgive me for making this kind of repetitive…
How the brothers react to finding MC’s sex toy:
slight NSFW and suggestive themes! proceed at your own risk
he didn’t plan on going to your room while you weren’t home, but something urgent came up and he needed to see your Devildom ID
he texted you about it first, and you had no choice but to let him go into your room, seeing as you were only going to come back in a few hours
you told him your ID was in one of your bedside drawers… but you should’ve been more specific
when he started looking through them, something small and red caught his eye
at first, lucifer didn’t realize what he was looking at, not expecting to find such a thing laying around in your room
then, his mouth formed into a smirk
if he didn’t know you better he would’ve thought you purposefully left the toy for him to see
if he’s in a teasing mood, he’ll ask you about it when you come back
mammon was rummaging through your stuff in hopes of finding something valuable to sell
at first, when he saw the glint of metal from the corner of his eye, he thought he hit jackpot
but soon enough, his expression morphed from a victorious one, to a mortified one
the shiny metal was not an expensive valuable like he’d thought, but a pair of handcuffs instead
even though he was alone in your room, he couldn’t help blushing like he was standing in front of a big audience, completely butt naked
lewd thoughts filled his mind immediately at the sight of the cuffs
he scurried out of your room, leaving everything behind
poor mammon couldn’t look you in the eye for several days without blushing
you and levi made plans to watch a TSL special in your room, but you were suddenly summoned to lucifer’s office, leaving the demon alone
he was starting to grow bored, not wanting to watch the special without you
he remembered lending you some of his manga, so he figured he’d might as well read it while waiting for you
but the problem was, he didn’t know where you kept it
so he started looking through your bedside drawers, which were the closest to him
did he find the manga? nope
what he found, though, was a small bullet vibrator
the demon quickly slammed the drawer shut and hurried back to where he was previously sitting, face now beet red
when you came back, he tried to act like nothing happened, but the blush on his face was still very much prominent
when you worriedly asked if he had a fever and pressed your hand to his forehead, he backed away from you, spluttering out some incoherent words
throughout the whole special, you couldn’t help but notice levi continuously shifting in his seat
satan would usually respect your privacy, but now he really needed to find the book he’d lent you the previous week
he knew you weren’t in your room, and he did feel slightly guilty for entering without your permission, but the need to find the book won him over
the book wasn’t on any of your shelves, so his next stop was your desk
the desk itself was a cluttered mess of papers and satan made a mental note to annoy you into cleaning up later
he found his book in no time, after opening the first drawer in your desk
however, a small box, which was under the book, piqued satan’s interest
what’s the harm in taking a quick glance inside?
well… the demon soon understood his mistake
inside the box was a small yellow vibrator and satan almost laughed at how cute it looked
still, he knew he saw something he shouldn’t have, so the demon closed the box and left your room, making it seem like he was never there
he desired to tease you, but he knew how unethical it’d be, seeing as he did violate your privacy
so, he decided to bring it up only when the two of you got close enough to feel comfortable talking about such things
you guys were hanging out in your room, when asmo decided to go into the bathroom
he wanted to see what kind of skincare products you used, so he started looking through your cabinets
bad asmo. you can’t do that
when he took your bottle of perfume, interested in the brand, something fell from behind it
asmo isn’t a stranger to sex toys in the slightest, so he quickly recognized your little friend
he felt joy and sadness fill his body at the same time
joy, because of your newfound naughty side and sadness, because why wouldn’t you just come to him if you wanted to get off :(
he puts the toy back and comes out, a teasing smile now dancing on his face
“oh, MC ~”
beel was just innocently trying to find some food
he didn’t mean to look through your stuff… he really didn’t… but the hunger was getting the best of him and he knew you had a secret stash of candy hidden somewhere
a small box, which was placed in the deepest corner under your bed, caught his eye and the demon had to stop himself from almost drooling on your floor
he excitedly grabbed the box and opened the lid, expecting to find some sweets, only coming face to face with something entirely different
beel blinked once. then twice
he wasn’t stupid. he knew what sex toys are
he suddenly started feeling incredibly bad for going through your stuff, so the demon placed the small box back under your bed and left the room, trying to shake the guilt that came from invading your privacy
though, he couldn’t help the naughty thoughts that were now spinning inside his head
if you wanted to get off, you could always come to him. it’d be a win-win situation - you’d be satisfied and he wouldn’t be hungry anymore
you were at RAD and he missed you, so he decided it’d be a good idea to take a nap in your bed
when he went to lift up your covers, however, something fell from under the sheets
belphie furrowed his eyebrows, picking up the mysterious object
then realization hit him like a ton of bricks
he quickly dropped the vibrator back on your bed, mouth inaudibly opening and closing from the shock of finding something so intimate just laying around
let’s just say, he wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore
he sent you a quick text, asking you when you’d be back from school
then he went to take a cold shower
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