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#obey me x mc

the Obey Me devs are letting me live my Greatest Showman dream through the Suspicious Circus Troupe event frfr I’m so happy for this 😭😭



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oh no i was summoned by a religiously traumatised 17 year old and now i gotta babysit them

i got kinda stuck while planning out this chapter but i hope it turned out okay!! also i wholeheartedly believe that asmo would love getting summoned for styling tips and he’s so wholesome too so he’d love to help!!

warnings; underage gn mc, religious trauma-ish, mc wears makeup.

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Mammon’s Reaction to Hearing Something Nice from his Brothers and MC HC!

I wrote Mammon angst and now I’m writing emotional fluff.


  • “Mammon your grades improved marginally since last year. Good job. Keep it up.”
  • It was said in such a monotone “I don’t care” kind of Lucifer voice but I kid you not
  • Mammon almost started crying.
  • He tried to play it off cool and act cocky but as soon as he got back to his room he sobbed happy tears for like
  • Hours
  • His older brother just told him something nice?
  • Holy fu-
  • Afterwards his confidence skyrockets


  • “You got me a in the box, new ultra special limited edition cottage core mixed with punk rock aethstetic Ruri~Chan figure that’s been sold out since the first five minutes after its original release?”
  • “Is that what it is? One of the witches got it as a gift from their fiancé but she’s mad at him and didn’t want it, wrong character or something, so she passed it on to me. Apparently he got the back of the box signed for her too! I didn’t recognize it as something you already have so I thought it wouldn’t be worth much and you might want it. You like it?”
  • “It’s perfect! Maybe deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deeep deeep deeerepde deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down you’re not a total scum bag after all! Still a norm or though.
  • I’m sorry
  • What????
  • He’s…
  • Not?
  • A scum bag?
  • Since WHEN!?
  • He smiles so bright and just acts so cocky about it, not caring when Levi says he takes it back


  • “Mammon these photos are great! You even got the upper angle I wanted! And I look amazing in every shot- as usual! You’re the best!”
  • He’s? The best??
  • He got good photos?
  • “And don’t you forget the great Mammon is great at everything!”
  • Internally hearing that from Asmo makes him want to melt
  • His little brother just called him the best that’s all he’s wanted in like forever oh my gosh-


  • Satan had snuck in a cat.
  • Again.
  • Mammon was at the door about to leave when Satan was coming in.
  • “Hold on I think I have cat food in my room, you make sure Lucifer doesn’t see it and I’ll meet you in your room.”
  • Satan just listens for once and rushes the cat to his room
  • When mammon came back with cat food and seemed to actually get along with the cat though?
  • “Since when do you like animals?”
  • “I have crows ya know? With them come pesky cats that try to eat them so I found out if you feed the cats they don’t attack the crows.”
  • “That’s actually pretty cool Mammon.”
  • Mammon’s heart is exploding.
  • Satan just indirectly called him cool!
  • He takes the fall when Lucifer finds the cat, taking all the blame for Satan.


  • “Thanks for running with me today, it gets lonely going on runs alone sometimes so it was nice to have your company with me.”
  • Mammon.exe has stopped working.
  • He tries to play it off obviously as if he totally gets it
  • But inside he is squealing
  • He missed being Beel’s work out buddy okay?
  • When he gets to the privacy of his room to take a shower he is doing a happy dance


  • It was Mammon’s day working at Hell’s Kitchen. And boy was he glad it was him and not someone else.
  • “Belphie! You forgot your pillow at Hell’s Kitchen, I snagged it before someone else found it don’t worry!”
  • “Oh, thanks Bruh bruh, I’m going to nap now.”
  • Bruh bruh?
  • Belphie hasn’t called him that since the celestial realm…
  • Mammon is literally so happy
  • He just stays quiet and lets Belphie find a comfortable spot on the floor, putting a blanket over him
  • He also gets out the wet floor signs and puts them around Belphie so no one trips over him and disturbs the youngest’s sleep
  • He can’t stop smiling though-
  • He missed his brothers man


  • If you say literally ANYTHING even mildly encouraging or nice?
  • Mans is out here acting tough and feeling INVINCIBLE
  • Don’t tell Luci
  • He’ll give you praises back of course
  • He feels great after hearing your words!
  • He makes sure you have fun for the rest of the day
  • And if you ask HIM for affection?
  • Oh honey you’re getting so much affection!
  • If there is one thing Mammon knows how to do it’s kiss.
  • And he will happily give you all his attention.
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Tysm for requesting this <3 I hope this was what you wanted! Also your profile picture I LOVE IT

Mammon with an S/O who’s a tease but malfunctions when receiving affection 

  • let me just say, you and Mammon are perfect for each other, because he’s exactly like this too
  • the first time he saw you get flustered, he thought it was just a fluke and wrote it off as bad timing
  • the second time, though, he started to suspect something, although he wasn’t sure if he believed it
  • his suspicions weren’t confirmed until the next time you two were in an ‘intimate’ position
  • it was a bit later at night, and he was in the kitchen sitting down to eat a midnight snack of his sacred ramen 
  • you, loving the reactions you always got out of him, surprised him by moving to sit on his lap and grind down on his member
  • smirking when you saw his eyes cloud with lust and his hands reach to grab your hips, you coolly moved off
  • to your surprise, though, he stopped you, and laced his hand in your hair while the other held your lower back, effectively keeping you close to him 
  • he kept his eyes cracked open to observe your reaction, and leaned in to press a gentle kiss on your lips
  • you could tell your face was getting red when you felt him smile into the kiss, lightly nibbling on your lower lip to keep himself from laughing 
  • when he pulled away and looked at you, he was pretty damn proud of himself for figuring it out 
  • this man sits back with his hands laced behind his head and the biggest shit-eating grin on his face, and you knew you were in for it 
  • after he finds out, he makes a habit of putting you in positions of receiving PDA (i.e, kissing you in front of his brothers, in the hallways of school, really anywhere in public)
  • you’re not happy about this, because it means you can get away with less teasing
  • that doesn’t stop you from trying, though, and your teasing plus his flustering you leads to intense power struggles
  • some so heated that the brothers have to intervene to finally make it stop!
  • overall, though, him finding out makes your relationship more fun, because now you both know how to make each other tick 
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I hate it when people are mean to mammon so here’s this

Mammon with a sweet and supporting s/o


Originally posted by tyto-izu

  • One of the first things you noticed during your stay at the devildom is how Mammon is treated by his brothers
  • No matter what goes wrong or who’s responsible, Mammon gets the blame every single time
  • Levi misplaced a figurine? Mammon must have stolen it. Someone breaks something? It must have been Mammon.
  • Although he may seem a bit arrogant at first, you soon learn that this behaviour is an act to cope with his insecurities
  • If you make the effort to do something for him or with him, he usually brags about how of course you’ll do this for/with the great Mammon
  • He never actually expected you to agree with him
  • And if you’re the first to say it, he’ll be redder than a tomato
  • “Could the great Mammon spare some time to hang out with his human?”
  • He nearly chokes
  • It means the world to him if you actually believe in him
  • He got good grades?
  • “Of course you did! You’re the great Mammon! I’m proud of you” he might tear up a little
  • But what gets to him the most is when you actually stand up for him
  • If his brothers are ganging up to him, step in. These are the moments he feels alone the most
  • Afterwards, when it’s just the two of you, he’ll quietly thank you
  • You can always count on him as well. No one is able to pick on you or harass you. He cares about you a lot and will always protect you
  • You’re the only one who can make jokes at his expense. He knows you mean no harm, and you’re there when he needs you
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Interesting! This is definitely comedic and something I can do! I’m so happy you enjoy my writing! Stay safe yourself and have a nice day!


You were focusing on your phone; scrolling through devilgram as you lazily lounged on your sofa but you saw apples pop up on your feed. A new Apple based recipe coming up on some of the feed blogs you’ve followed.

You weren’t really sure how to bring up your DISDAIN for apples. Your absolute HATRED for them. Was it the texture? The taste? Who knows- you didn’t! You just couldn’t stand them.

You knew it was silly so you never brought it up. The poison apples in the Devildom only made your hate even more prominent.

You were so caught up on your thoughts so you didn’t expect someone to give you one, telling you to eat. Out of pure instinct you just chucked it to the closest person in the room.


  • Didn’t expect you to throw it at him
  • Hit him right in the shoulder
  • He saw you lounging on the sofa and noticed you haven’t ate yet
  • He stared at his shoulder, wincing as he rubbed it
  • You let out a scared apology
  • Dreading his reaction but he caught you off guard
  • He bursted out laughing, his brow raised as he just stared at you chuckling
  • “Was you really that startled? I didn’t think an apple would scare you that much.”
  • “i- I guess so…is your shoulder okay?”
  • He nodded, the pain already subsiding
  • “I’ll be sure to keep your Apple instincts in mind next time.”


  • He screamed in fright
  • Screamed more when it hit him right in the nose
  • You immediately shot up and rushed over to his side
  • “Mammon-! I’m so sorry-”
  • He immediately started bursting into laughter, stopping to sneeze but it never happened
  • You couldn’t help but giggle at his struggles between uncontrollable laughter and stopping as if he was about to sneeze
  • “You HAD to aim for the nose! You damn rascal!”
  • He tried to smack you but got caught off guard feeling his sneeze actually arrive
  • “I’m sorry! But why are you sneezing?!”
  • “I sneeze when i hurt my nose.”
  • You laughed even harder as he sniffled
  • “WHAT??!!”
  • “Did you seriously feel that threatened by a little apple ya had to throw it me?!”
  • “……..yes.”
  • This became an inside joke for you two quickly after
  • You smacked his nose and watched him struggle to sneeze and he’d give you apples to throw at people


  • It hit him right in the dickins
  • How it got that low was a shock to both of you
  • You tried not to laugh as he clutched his crotch, whimpering and slowly sinking the floor
  • “Levi, I’m so sorry, hopefully it didn’t absolutely destory it.”
  • You both just stared at each other before the both of you bursted out laughing
  • “I’m never doing that again- you could of shot it off with that throw!”
  • He winced, adjusting to sitting up as the pain subsided
  • “Are you okay though? It looked like it hurt.”
  • “I’m fine, are you going to do that if I give you more fruit? I don’t blame for not liking it.”
  • “no, just apples - promise.”
  • “you’re a weird human but could we test how your throw again some time? I might need your help.”


  • It hit him in the side of the face
  • You felt your heart drop straight to the floor
  • It wasn’t too long ago Satan was chewing out levi
  • Internally this was Satan:
  • “you ******* I will ************ rip your **** right out of your ******* spine and pull it through your nose ***** ***** ******************************************************* that hurt!”
  • Meanwhile the outside of him was just rubbing his cheek/ear
  • You screamed out an apology, fearing this was your last day
  • But he just chuckled, waving his hand
  • “it was an accident, let it be a reminder I don’t surprise you like that.”
  • You still frowned
  • “I’m still really sorry….does it hurt alot? I can get you some ice-”
  • “No need, it’ll be fine, no more apples for you though.”
  • “I have no issue with that, I hate apples.”
  • You both laughed, but you stared at him, completely serious
  • “I’m not kidding, I literally despise them and will keep throwing them out of instinct.”
  • It felt good to finally let that out
  • But Satan just bursted out laughing
  • A high pitched wheeze leaving him


  • Just caught it in time except in his scramble to catch it he got scared by your sudden throw
  • He football kicked the apple by accident and it went flying through the window
  • “Let’s not tell anyone, I’d rather not have Lucifer on me for breaking something.”
  • “my lips are sealed - trust me.”
  • He wiped his hands, pouting
  • “I try to give you something nice and you just throw it at me! What’s that all about?!”
  • You cringed, guilty about your reaction
  • But you couldn’t help it!
  • It was something you couldn’t control!
  • “Sorry, I just do that…with apples.”
  • He let out a sudden snort/scoff
  • Raising his brow at you
  • “I’m never giving you one again but~ if I were to get you to throw them at people, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”
  • You shook your head, laughing at his eagerness to cause issues
  • He couldn’t help but laugh himself
  • “I’ll do it if you give me something in return, okay?”
  • He happily agreed, nodding and throwing his arms around you
  • Though the moment ended when you both heard Lucifer outside
  • He found the Apple…..oh no


  • Man built like a brick wall
  • He couldn’t catch it and it hit him right in the chest
  • The apple got DENTED
  • You couldn’t even think about apologizing as you couldn’t stop your fit of laughter
  • The dented apple just rolled to your feet
  • “you didn’t want an apple?”
  • You shook your head furiously
  • “no- sorry, did that hurt? It dented-”
  • “I didn’t feel a thing, do you want a different snack?”
  • You nodded
  • He soon came back with food for himself and another healthy snack, offering you a sip of his smoothie
  • He sat with you, eating his food pile
  • “I hate apples….it’s best no one gives me one.”
  • “You had an impressive throw, I think you’d well in the R.A.D athlete team.”
  • “wait- really?! Thank you!”
  • He agreed, humming as he ate
  • It was safe to say he got you an apple to show your throwing skills without thinking about your throw
  • It got you a good score and even got praised for your instinct


  • The apple bonked him in the head
  • His forhead getting suddenly attacked
  • You rushed to his side, moving his fringe
  • “are you okay?! It’s not bruising is it?! I’m so sorry!”
  • But he just started laughing
  • “I didn’t expect that! You gonna do that everytime Someone surprises you?”
  • “no just apples - stop laughing! It isn’t - It’s not funny-!”
  • But you started to laugh too
  • “I’m not hurt, don’t worry.”
  • He huffed as he moved his fringe back over his eye again
  • You really weren’t sure why he insisted on his emo hairstyle but it was best not to question it
  • “Shame you aren’t, I could of kissed it better.”
  • Without missing a single beat
  • He suddenly clutched his head, howling in agony
  • “THE PAIN!!! ah!!! The pain-! You must kiss it better or else I will die.”
  • You rolled your eyes
  • Moving his fringe once again and gave his forhead a quick kiss
  • He suddenly hugged you but it wasn’t long before he fell asleep
  • You landed on the floor
  • Letting out a pained ‘oof’ as you tried to shove him off you
  • But he refused to budge
  • Muttering a sleepy 'revenge’
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Brothers’ Special powers! Headcanons pt 3

Leviathan was the first one I came up with! He is the reason I came up with this series and I really love the idea of his own ability!

Lucifer Mammon Satan Asmo Beel Belphie

Warnings: a bit angsty here and there


  • SP: Shape-shifting
  • Maybe you are inclined to think that Asmo should be the shape-shifter, but i think it fits better with envy rather than lust. Envy is all about wanting what others have and what better way to have what other have than becoming them?
  • That said Levi doesn’t really use it that way most of the time (is this all deeply rooted in my love for full metal alchemist? Yes)
  • He can change any aspect of his physical form but cannot change others’
  • He will expirience bone and muscle pain here and there when or after using his power
  • He keeps the looks he was born with, bc he is most comfortable like
  • Levi has quite a good amount of control over his shapeshifting, but there are moments when he loses his grip and ends up shifting without noticing
  • He uses his sp to cover any noticible scars he might have from the war, cause he doesn’t like them and he knows his brothers feel guilt when seeing them :(
  • When he sleeps the power slips away so anything he might be covering becomes noticible again
  • On a happier note, when he has very strong emotions his features change rapid-fire:
  • Embarassed Levi goes so red in the face but also his hair becomes cherry red, then he panics and his hair goes on a roller coaster of colors
  • When he is hanging with any one of his siblings and enjoying their time together he starts changing to resemble them
  • No one has told him cause it’s so freaking cute and they dont wanna risk him stopping
  • He is so happy about his power bc it allows him to cosplay more stuff
  • Genderfluid levi? Genderfluid levi.

If in a relationship with MC:

  • Begs them to cosplay with him, mc wants the male presenting character? Hell do the female presenting one dont worry! Or the other way around thats fine too!
  • Levi will let his conscious changes drop around mc once he feels comfortable enough
  • Most the time has something borrowed from mc’s looks, weather its eye color, hair length, nose shape any body proportions, etc.
  • Tell Levi he doesn’t need to change or hide anything from himself for you to love him, he will cry.
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wip lmfao

my apple pencil died in the middle of the sketch so i just started doodling w my finger and now i’m definitely adding a jealous mammon in the background

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Mammon Angst HC

I woke up. And chose Mammon Angst.

Trigger warning: angst stuff!

  • Loves you even when you don’t romance him.
  • Has tolerated his brothers’ name calling for so long that he actually believes his brothers don’t care about him.
  • The reason he’d be willing to sacrifice himself so willingly before he meets MC is because he knows the only thing he’d have to live for is his brothers. But his brothers dislike him so they’d be better off without him.
  • Thinks his brothers wouldn’t notice if he dropped dead.
  • He was so generous in the celestial realm that even when he couldn’t give any more he’d still force himself to give someone more.
  • When he fell he tried to grab which ever of his brothers he could spot and had them huddle up together, being on the outside and covering their heads, Belphie or Levi were probably in the middle but he wouldn’t let Beel be the first one to hit the ground.
  • Lucifer was busy so Mammon had to grow up super fast in the celestial realm to take care of his brothers, that’s why he acts kind of childish when messing with Lucifer in the Devildom.
  • He used to be Beel’s work out buddy, ya know gotta keep up his figure, but after Beel started doing Devildom sports and hanging out with the team more he got left behind
  • The reason he acts super tsundere sometimes is because he used to want to fall in love but then his brothers started calling him really bad names so he changed himself.
  • One of his toxic traits is that if you try to break up with him he’ll change whatever he thinks made you break up with him.
  • If you’re the first one to say I love you he’s going to act cocky in public but in private cry and ask you if you meant it in private because no one’s actually cared about him since the fall
  • Just got used to being his brothers’ punching bag
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I’m not going to lie, when I first read this I thought it was “anal check up” I didn’t realize I was wrong until my friend pointed it out. Let me tell you - I was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF FOR MINUTES!!!

I’m sorry anon I did you dirty 😭😂

I use to be afraid of needles, I don’t like them but now I can look at them when I get injections. So the surprise I got imagining such powerful demons afraid of a needle? It was brilliant


  • Pretends he’s not
  • Him? Afraid of a needle? Don’t be ridiculous!
  • But when the time comes he started making sure his meetings and schedule get busy so he doesn’t have to go
  • “I’m very busy, (Y/N), I’ll do the shot another time, it is just fortunate timing.”
  • “Don’t you mean unfortunate?”
  • “Ah yes- right, very unfortunate.”
  • Damn prideful man!
  • In the end you have to use your pact against him and take him to the hospital
  • The lesser demons working there found the site of snarling Lucifer trying to force himself to stop walking hilarious
  • When it was all done he pretended as if it all went to plan
  • “There, that wasn’t so hard, you really mustn’t stress over these things - let’s go back home.”


  • Very vocal about his fear
  • Well that is until he gets embarassed and tries to switch it up and act like he was faking
  • “I’m just messing with ya, the great Mammon isn’t afraid of no needle that’s super pointy and scary with the blank walls looking back at you- it’s nothing for someone like me!”
  • Tease me about not being a big strong demon and he is ready to get that shot
  • He will do it right there and then
  • His impulsiveness and embarassment only lasts so long though so do this on the day of the appointment - perhaps just outside the door
  • As soon it was done he all that adrenaline and confidence is hyped up again
  • “Ha! Did you see that?! I did it without even shutting my eyes, let’s go to that food kart I saw on the way here.”
  • “I’m guessing I’m buying.”
  • “how lovely of you to do so! Knew I could count on ya!”
  • He was extra affectionate with you afterwards, Saying it’s because you paid
  • But really he just wanted to feel comfort after the appointment


  • You’ll have to drag him out
  • It was already a tough time to get him out of his room but now to do something he hates?!
  • He’s get huffy and tell you you’re not his favourite anymore
  • He doesn’t really mean it
  • If you pretend to be upset he says that he will immediately scramble to tell you he was lying
  • “I don’t need it! I’m a centuries old war criminal, I don’t need to go to hospital’s!”
  • “I heard they give you stickers if you’re a good patient.”
  • “I can be a good patient..”
  • Bingo
  • Man is a sucker for stickers
  • They can be put into anything! It just makes sense to like them!
  • Like Lucifer, you will have to control him with the pact
  • Stickers tempted only for so long before his fear got him
  • But once it was done he admired the sticker on his jacket
  • “Whoa!! I feel like I just leveled up!! Good boy, I am!”
  • Make sure to praise him and buy him snacks
  • He’s going to be gloating to his discord friends about how tough he is


  • He acted like it was nothing
  • “don’t worry, I have it all scheduled out, I’m perfectly fine unlike my brother’s.”
  • You had to drag him to the hospital to get his injection though
  • He tried to claim book club was more important and he promised he’d go
  • You weren’t having any of it
  • But as soon as the needle came into view his head turned into green fire and he screeched
  • You ended up asking the nurse for anything cat themed and they brought a cat plushie
  • He squeezed it like his life depended on it and closed his eyes
  • Once it was done he was blushing, embarassed by his behaviour
  • He apologized to the staff
  • But he sadly couldn’t keep the plush
  • “that was alot easier than I thought it would be, shame the plush wasn’t free - it was remarkably squishy.”
  • “Belphie knows everything about plushies and pillows, you should ask him where you can get one.”
  • “I think you should do it, I’d rather not have him know it was me and…you won’t tell them I screamed will you?”
  • You zipped your lips and threw the imaginary key
  • He was thankful you didn’t snitch


  • Complains that needles ruin his skin
  • Very vocal about his hate and won’t even hide it
  • “But (Y/N)!!! Why would you want me to do something that could damage my perfect skin???!!”
  • Lukcily, you won’t have to drag him
  • Being dragged into a hospital will ruin his reputation
  • And having a bad reputation will make him stressed! And stress makes him break out!
  • He cries and whines about it but as soon as you’re in public
  • Lips are sealed and he’s strutting the path like he isn’t afraid of what’s going to happen
  • when it actually happens he is able to handle it well
  • Of course the staff absolutely love him and give him stickers, lolipops and even ask for a photo with him
  • “I never want to do that again, it was awful.”
  • “you did amazing though, you acted like a real super star, asmo.”
  • “I guess I can keep doing it if you’re with me.”


  • Will be very upfront to you about it
  • He’ll tell you and the doctor no to the injection
  • “I won’t do it, I keep myself perfectly healthy.”
  • Don’t bring up the fact he started exercising more and eating more of his greens
  • You couldn’t help but laugh, he reminded you on an elephant
  • A big creature afraid of something small
  • Will go himself if you coax him with hugs and food
  • But he wants you there for emotional support
  • He’s holding your hand through the entire thing
  • You were able to get the doctor to give him a pockets worth of lolipops afterwards
  • “thanks for holding my hand….I hate getting shots done.”
  • “no problem, big guy! You were perfect.”
  • “You need to do this with me every year. Or else I won’t do it.”
  • You agreed, patting his arm
  • Let’s you pick your favourite Flavour from his pocket as a thank you


  • Refused to go
  • Made sure to have a nice deep sleep when it was the day of the appointment
  • Being dragged down the stairs didn’t wake him up but you laughing and saying mammon fell over did
  • “You tricked me!!! How could you, I thought we had a connection-! A knowing!”
  • He’s tried swiping the doctors hand when they tried
  • Refusing to get it done
  • Had to be careful he doesn’t just fall asleep to avoid it
  • He can he extremely childish so just bribe him
  • When it’s done, he’s hugging you grumpy and tired
  • “I better be getting a reward for this, I stayed perfectly still.”
  • “I’m pretty sure you were half asleep.”
  • “I still deserve a reward.”
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summary: You bring tea for your favourite demon and he is suddenly very soft and tender tonight

genres: fluff ! 

word count: 926

author’s note: soft lucifer is one of my personal reasons to live so enjoy touchy-feely first born <3


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The five steps to a happy brother: a guide by Satan (1)

Summary: Lucifer and Satan end up switching bodies and along with that, special abilities. Now Satan can see what exactly makes Lucifer self-conscious but is that good? What will Satan do now when he finds out that dear oldest brother is not as perfect and great as he makes it seem?

Warnings: none I think, pure fluff here.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Author’s note: Hello everyone! this is my very first full on fanfic I think? hopefully you find it good! This relates to my Special Powers headcanons (you can find those here

This had to be the most terrible day of his life, Satan didn’t even know what he had done to deserve this, but now he was trapped as Lucifer with no apparent way out. One moment he was reading in a quiet library and the next Mammon had come running and climbed up a bookcase, Leviathan close on his heels.

As his siblings fought and trashed the library, and his good mood, Lucifer had come in screaming for both idiots on the shelf. Jumping at the sound of Lucifer’s screaming, said idiots had taken the bookcase down with them and, as Lucifer got in the room, a curse book had fallen open and activated.

Mammon and Leviathan had fled the scene while Satan and Lucifer shook themselves out of stupor. And then they had realized they were staring at their own faces.

But of course, one had to stay positive! He could potentially do so much to annoy Lucifer now that he was in possession of his body.

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Luke With a Crush HC!

Okay first: Luke x PLATONIC Reader. This is not a romantic x reader. 100% platonic.

I head cannon Luke as liking boys romantically for crushes, I have a whole other series about this and it’s all on my masterlist so go check it out if it’s something you’re into!

Gender Neutral Reader!

For clarification: I don’t want to see any comments sexualizing Luke. He is a kid, these are just head cannons of him having a CRUSH which is something kids tend to have. This piece is supposed to be fluffy and a cute “oh my gosh my child has a crush I’m going to tease them endlessly” kind of thing. When I was little I could admire people’s faces, it’s called having eyes and being closeted without even knowing I was closeted.

Luke sees a cute demon boy around his age accidentally. What happens when he starts to have his first crush and gay panic, right in front of MC?

  • You two were walking back to Purgatory Hall from a bakery run, accompanied by Solomon.
  • Luke was munching on a cookie when he saw the young demon boy, grabbing your shirt and stopping all his movements.
  • Am I the only person who thinks he’d get those classic crush symptoms?
  • Total klutz, blushing flustered mess, never going to act on his affections but so badly wants to know what the boy’s favorite desert is.
  • Asks you and Solomon if you guys can take a different path home, hoping he can leave before the other boy notices him staring.
  • When he notices Solomon looking in the same direction he is- oh no. No Solomon put the phone away- and he’s calling Simeon.
  • Luke panics and slaps the DDD out of Solomon’s hands
  • He ends up breaking the phone and the sound causes the cute demon boy to look over at them.
  • As soon as Luke sees the demon trying not to laugh at them he is sent into a realm of “why are they so cuuuuuuuuute!”
  • Then he looks at you with those puppy dog eyes and is begging you to get him out of there.
  • If you decide to tease himstead he goes full chipmunk huff.
  • before running away.
  • You didn’t even get the chance to tease him about his crush!
  • He runs all the way back to Purgatory Hall.
  • He passed by the cute demon again in his time there but doesn’t do anything about it, letting it be just a small crush.
  • Simeon teases him relentlessly.
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Heyyy! I’m glad you enjoy my writing! I loved the idea of this and definitely went a different route than I originally planned. I just couldn’t help myself! MC is a total badass and deserves to be portrayed as such. I hope you love it!! @sundaezznap

Homesick MC Taking It Out on The Demon Brothers

⚠️TWs: Cursing, yelling, crying, derogatory terms (not aimed at reader), hanging with rope (male being hung by his feet), abusive behavior, hitting, angst, threatening⚠️

Gender neutral reader. ✅

Word count: 1,393

Glancing over at the photo that laid on your night stand, a deep feeling of anger and resentment began to reside in the back of your mind. Sitting up, you reached over and grabbed the photo. It had been taken a long time ago; specifically when you had last seen your family. Your last birthday before the Devildom.

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Athena’s child! MC

A/N: Reminding our workshop customers that the spirits and I do not accept request, we are just doing it because we find the idea interesting.

Your background story: You were adopted by Athena when you were still very young and the goddess raised you with great zeal, under the influence of your adoptive mother you learned several of the trades and talents attributed to her and especially in strategy. It should also be mentioned that you have a natural charm with the animal symbol of your mother and all the owls help you as family members as do the crows for Mammon.

You received an invitation to participate in the Exchange program promoted by Diavolo and your reluctant mother allowed you to participate for greater experiences and learning. (Diavolo received a letter from Athena warning that a single scratch on you means war).

Barbatos: * screaming at the top of a table *
Rats: * running around *
Solomon: * sitting on the table * * trying to find a spell in a book *
MC: * enters * Barb-. * sees chaos * …
Solomon: I already understood and apologized!
MC: … * uses magic to open the windows *
Barbatos: * screaming *
MC: * whistles * * imitates an owl *
Owls: * enter * * start hunting mice *
Five minutes later…
Owls: * satisfied chirping *
Barbatos: * crying on MC’s lap * * still traumatized *
MC: * rubbing his back * * trying to calm Barbatos *
Solomon: * hanging upside down * * whining * I’ve already apologized …

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Hades’ child! MC (2)

MC: * playing with a 3-headed Shiba dog *
Asmo: Boo …! Is not fair! Why does Melissa get all the attention?
Satan: Blame Mammon for trying to sell her.
Belphie: It was funny to see MC taking revenge with wrestling moves.
Mammon: * lying face down on the floor * * grumbling in pain *
Melissa: * climbs on top of Mammon * * pees on him *
Levi: ROFLMAO! *laughing*
Belphie and Satan: * laughing *
Asmo: It’s disgusting, but you deserved it. *laughing*

A/N: Original Idea credits > Cerberus as a three headed shiba by @alyna-cherry

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