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etcrow · 2 days ago
MC: "I love you, MC" said the evil demon who smashed me to death with a hug
Belphie: I already tell you I am sorry
MC: said the evil hug serial killer
Belphie: *exasperated noises*
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
Incorrect quotes#583 Nightcap
When the "Parents" were having a nightcap after a day full of taking care of the children...got a bit out of hand, Now the parents are waking up
Mc: You came downstairs saying you were now "dressed to impress"
Sim, hungover: ...Oooh, what was I wearing?
Barb & Solo: Nothing
Tumblr media
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god-complex24 · a day ago
Mc: Checkmate.
Mc: .. oh wait, never mind. I looked at the board wrong.
Luci: *sits back down* Oh, that’s fine. You’ll get me next time, honey.
Mc: No, wait. Yeah, checkmate.
Luci: *flips the board and storms out*
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dating lucifer
notes: lucifer is my babygirl
tagging: @belsumu @hoshiikos @silkylious
lucifer doesn't treat you much different publicly when you two start dating
he does dote on you a bit more than he would if you two weren't dating
you're able to get away with a lot more things now though he won't turn a blind eye to shenanigans with diavolo
he's not going to suddenly listen to you when you ask him to take a break but depending on the trust you two have built thus far lucifer will entrust you with certain tasks that he'd normally do himself
asks you to come sit with him in his study just to hear you talk and offer you tea/snacks
always has a hand on you when in public, not suggestively more on the possessive side
he's scaring away lesser demons as well as subtly keeping you close to him, it's a win win
offers you his coat when you two go out and it's a bit cold, he doesn't take it often so accept it before he drapes it across your shoulders himself
he's not very affectionate privately or publicly, if you initiate in public he won't bat you away but he will give you a look to settle down; if you do it in private however he'll reciprocate easily sometimes without even looking up from his work
kisses your hand, cheek and temple fairly often sometimes on autopilot; he does it when he's leaving to go meet with diavolo or to go to a student council meeting that you didn't need to attend as long as it's not in front of his brothers
he doesn't demand your attention, lucifer understands that you can be busy but go too long without talking to him, he'll pull you in his study for as long as you can to sit and catch up essentially
gifts aren't a frequent thing with lucifer but when he gives them you can tell a lot of thought was put into it and he didn't just get it without thinking about if you'd like it or use it
still has plenty of expectations for you but does dial back a little when he sees that you're struggling to keep up and offers his help when he can
please reblog as it helps more than likes do!
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just a little late
(obey me x reader)
forgotten AU
How did they let this happen? No, how did he let it come to this. How did the man who swore to be your number one become the last person you talked to. Why’d he let you stray so far from him to the point where he doesn’t even recognize you anymore.
He doesn’t get it, doesn’t get why he let someone so important slip this far down, not only him though, all of them. The seven strongest demons of the devildom, the ones who were closest to their precious human exchange student were now left rendered speechless at the sight that was bestowed upon them.
It was like they were snapped out of a long trance. You didn’t dare look them in the eyes when your room door came crashing down, you couldn’t. You didn’t dare meet any of their worried gazes as you only looked up at Simeon who was applying pressure onto your open wound.
Simeon was the only person in your room that you felt the most comfortable around, having all the brothers in your room made you feel nervous. Attention has always been something you disliked and right now you were the center of it.
But why all of a sudden? You never asked them to be here, never called for them, so why now? It's been months of negligence from them, of canceled days out and no time spent together so why do they care now? After a whole year of acting like you didn’t exist, the one time you don’t want them near you they all show up?
You let your head fall back, your gaze now glued to your ceiling as your head felt a bit too heavy to hold up to look at Simeon. You couldn’t even feel the gash in your leg anymore, all you could feel was the staring, the sick staring that made you pissed off at them all. You felt another pair of hands grab your arm making your turn to see though you already knew who it was by the voice.
“Hey, hey, you’re ok, we’ll get you bandaged up in no time.” Rachel assured you, nodding her head as you only blink at her now seeing double.
The new exchange student that arrived last year with you when you came back, Rachel. She was sweet, caring, pretty, and everything you weren’t. You truly didn’t dislike her though, in fact you were fond of her. You don’t blame the brothers for leaving you behind and forgetting about you in favor of her but seeing her worried face and crying didn’t make you feel any better.
You hated this, that something like this had to happen for them to notice. For them to realize how different you look or how much weight you’ve lost, how you reverted back to your old ways of being a ball of anxiety and scared too speak up. But no one could blame you. Rachel saw the way their attitudes did a 360 when she arrived, how they left you out and never invited you along with them anymore. She spoke to them about it but they told her she was being too nice, that you’ve had your fun and it was her turn now, but now they see the fruits of their labor. Yeah you’ve had your fun, too much of it and it was stupid of you to even think you could have more, how greedy of you truly, maybe Mammon really did rub off on you and you were expecting more than you hoped for.
The metallic smell of iron was strong, making the brothers sick to their stomachs. If it wasn’t for Simeon who practically broke down the front door none of them would’ve known you were bleeding out in your room, none of them. The thought alone terrified them. Belphigor was crying as Beel only stood next to him with a look of confusion and sadness, Asmo was a mess himself, Satan and Lucifer couldn’t even bring themselves to look at your state, they felt ashamed for not even catching on or checking up on you sooner, Levi was trying his best to not panic and Mammon was furious.
Back before the new exchange student arrived, everyone knew Mammon's feelings for you were far from platonic, and you felt the same for him. You were both practically glued to the hip and you didn’t mind one bit. Mammon helped you with so many things you didn’t think you’d be able to conquer and he’s been by your side for so long, you got attached as did he with you. Though you both felt “more than friends” feelings for each other you both never took it further with your relationship as you feared he’d regret it and you didn’t want to ruin what you had. So you left it at that, and it was fine, everything was fine. So why did it have to come to this? Why did he stop caring? Why do you look so different? So sad? Why didn’t he notice sooner?
Mammon's mind bombarded him with questions that only made him more angry, his fist clenched at his sides as you still refused to even look him in the eye, only barely holding you eyelids open as you stared at the one person who he couldn’t stand at the moment Simeon.
“Oi,” Mammon stopped his pacing, snapping his head as he glared down at Simeon, “Who did this?” He asked, voice going dangerously low, the room getting a tad bit more colder.
“I’m afraid I don’t know myself.” Simeon calmly replies as he rips off a part of his cape to wrap around your thigh.
“Dear, this is going to hurt for a second but please bear with me. It’s only to stop the bleeding for now. I’ll heal you back at the Purgatory Hall.” Simeon brushed the hair that was in your eyes away and looked down at you. You only gave him a nod, unable to speak up as you felt too embarrassed and tired to do so. He gently maneuvered your leg so as to not cause too much discomfort.
His hand gently slipped under your thigh as he slid the piece of fabric under and around, bringing the two ends together he made a small knot at the top and quickly down onto your wound making your eyes tightly shut and a hiss escaped your lips.
The disgruntled noises that escaped your lips only made everyone feel more uneasy, they felt horrible.
“It hurts,” the first words to come out of your mouth since they all entered.
“Who did this to you?” Mammon took a step closer to you wanting to hold you, any part of you, your hand, your face, to get you to look him in the eye for goodness sake. But you immediately snapped your head away from the direction he was in, instead you now stared at Rachel who only looked back and forth between Mammon and you.
“Tell me who the hell hurt ya?” Mammon speaks up again, coming out harsher as his teeth grit together. He wasn’t sure if he could keep up his composure any longer. He wasn’t one to get angry often but this made his blood boil. Who dared lay a hand on his human? He wanted to know who the hell hurt you, he wanted to hurt them, make them pay for making you feel such pain. For making you cry, for making your room smell of iron when taking one look at you, you can tell you lack enough already. Who the fuck hurt you? He thought to himself as he looked at your leg. You still avoided his eyes, turning your head away adding more anger than he already felt, more to himself than anything else. You really won’t look at him, you refuse to.
Simeon quickly finished wrapping up your leg, cleaning up the remaining blood that still came out. His gloves were now stained with your blood and he felt sick. Though he probably looked the most composed he was more than sure he was the one who was freaked out the most. He had only come over because you called him, you told him you got hurt, you didn’t tell him how you did or who exactly did this to you, but the second he heard you tell him you couldn’t stop the bleeding he ran straight for the house of lamentation.
He barged in the second the door was unlocked walking past Lucifer and running straight up to your room. But other than being scared, he himself was furious at the brothers. He’s seen their negligence and how it’s affected you to the point where it became worrisome and though you thought no one cared, Simeon did, he made sure to stay by you to make sure you didn’t fall too far into despair as it was his duty as your guardian angel to protect you at all costs. So imagine the anger he feels as he looks around the room to see all the brothers looking down at you with tear stricken worrisome faces, he knows they’re the cause of it all and he can’t stand them all being in the same room knowing your uncomfortable but he knows he needs to attend to you first and foremost, even though he feels like chewing them all out at this very moment.
Simeon rips his gloves off his hands, swiftly picking you up in his arms afterwards and turning on his heels heading straight for the exit of your room.
“We’re going to the Purgatory Hall now dear. Sorry if you feel any pain but I’ll get you healed up in just a bit.” Simeon smiled down at you, you only nod your head as you lay it on his shoulder, too drained to hold it up any longer.
Mammon and Lucifer quickly stopped Simeon, blocking his way of exiting your room.
“Where do ya think you’re going with them?” Mammon asks threateningly, his hand on Simeon’s shoulder stopping him from taking another step.
“We need to make sure they’re fine, they also need to tell us who is responsible for this.” Lucifer cuts in, standing in the doorway in front of Simeon.
Simeon held back the bitter laugh that wanted to erupt, instead he ripped his shoulder away from Mammon's hand, eyes narrowing at Lucifer.
“Make sure they’re ok? Ask them who did this? Why are you stepping up now? Do you know how long they’ve been bleeding out before I arrived? And none of you noticed. Besides, I’m more than sure you’re the last people they’d want to talk to about this. Now if you can please step aside I need to take them back to the purgatory hall to heal them properly.” Simeon pushes past Lucifer, shoulder shoving him as he maneuvers his way through the gap between the door frame and Lucifer, making sure to not move you too much in the process.
The two stood there stunned, rendered speechless. They had no rebuttal. Nothing they can say back because the words that Simeon spoke were true. They have no one but themselves to blame too. They always said that humans can’t get along with demons, sooner or later they would figure out that it was possible for them to reside together because you proved them wrong. You brought them back together and made them more of a family than they have been for the past thousands of years. But they took you for granted. They used you and threw you away when someone new stepped in. Now they were only realizing how far they took it. As they all stood in your room staring at your blood soaked carpet not uttering a word, none of them. They left you all alone, for gosh knows how long. They didn’t count but now not knowing scares them so much, but it was all up to them, they did it themselves and now it was too late, because you just might never return to who you were before. Might never greet them like back then, they won’t see your face light up or how one corner of your mouth turns up more than the other when they surprise you, all because they took you for granted.
Simeon swiftly made his way down the staircase and towards the entrance, all the brothers followed closely behind, still trying to get a proper look at you, still trying to see if you’d even look at them.
“Let me go with ya.” Mammon spoke from behind Simeon, catching up with his long strides in seconds.
“No need, your assistance isn’t needed but thank you for your concern.” Simeon didn’t even bother looking back as he quickly opened the front door.
Mammon immediately slammed it shut from behind, glaring at the back of Simeon’s head. “Mammon, we can discuss this later, don't cause a fuss, y/n needs to get treated.” Lucifer spoke up, knowing that Mammon would start to lose it if Simeon kept brushing him off the way he was. “Though I myself would like to go, I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to assist them as we can’t heal.” Lucifer sighed, he’s not one to admit defeat but at the moment he knew he couldn’t win, not when you were still bleeding out and when he’s been so distant this whole time.
“The hell with that, I’m goin’ I have to make sure that they’re-“
“That they’re what exactly? Fine? Don’t make me laugh.” Simeon pulled the door back again and everyone went silent as they were greeted with someone standing directly on the other side of it.
Dialovo only stood quiet, his gaze meeting Lucifer’s for a second only to fall on your form and he felt utter disappointment and sadness. His precious human exchange student, the very one he himself swore to keep happy and content was now hurt both mentally and physically from the brothers lack of attentiveness and his own.
“Simeon you shall proceed, please do so with caution we wouldn’t want to cause them any more discomfort then they feel right now.” Diavolo stepped aside, hand gesturing for Simeon to pass and Simeon swiftly did in a split second, not wasting any more time standing in the house that caused you so much suffering.
Mammon stepped out after Simeon to which Diavolo only planted a firm hand on his shoulder, saying nothing more but nodding his head, indicating to not even dare move from where he stands.
The brothers stood silent, Rachel was in the back still trying to process everything as it all happened too fast, though she’s been here almost a year now this was the first time something this serious has happened. Diavolo cleared his throat, looking back up at all the brothers he nodded his head.
“I think we all need to discuss y/n’s problem, what’s been going on for the past few months, and I’m sorry to say but their new living situation as well as they will be transferred to the Purgatory Hall to live with the other exchange students for the rest of their stay.” Diavolo announced seeing different reactions flash through every single one of the brothers faces but they didn’t dare oppose as they all knew, it’s too late for them to try because it was them who messed it up this bad in the first place. It was them who left you, and now you might never come back.
authors note: hellooo hewwoo bagels back hehehe :3! and what a shocker oh my?? it’s not a genshin fic?? WHATT?? lol honestly it’s feels kinda weird to post any other fic’s that aren’t genshin related but I wanted to write this one lol. Worry not tho I still am writing genshin fics!! Now this is the forgotten AU prompt that was popular last year and I wrote it another one back then but never posted it but I re wrote it recently and decided why not post it on here lol, sorry if it’s not what your used to but I wanted to write for the obey me bois too bc I haven’t in so long (I’ve been playing since 2020) but I need to pick it up again lol re writing this made me want to so so yeah here is my first time posting an obey me fic! I hope you all have a good day and that you all enjoy!!<33
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Three times Lucifer fell for you and the time you fell for him.
Tumblr media
lucifer x gn!reader 
quick warnings: not proofread, slight ooc lucifer 
description: how lucifer ended up seeing you for you, basically. 
a/n: hii this is my first obey me fic out of (hopefully) many! it’s going to be part of a much bigger idea going on in my head right now, so idk if this will stay up once i continue working on the project! This was very self-indulgent for me so if there are uses of she/her in the work or fem-leading descriptions i apologize. 
please leave feedback, it is much appreciated <33
1. Being kind to him 
If anyone, Lucifer knew how annoying his brothers could be. It seemed his brothers (brother-) outdid themselves one day after the next. Honestly, such a headache. Lucifer was unsurprised that they began to rope you into their antics. This particular time they did not involve you, it was Mammon and Satan. They were planning on stealing Lord Diavolo’s treasure.. When would they stop?
“Mammon, I will send you into the eleventh circle of Hell if you continue. Both of you are dismissed.” Lucifer was exhausted. It’s not like he wanted to lecture his two younger brothers for five hours.. He would have much more fun stringing Mammon up or even watching the desperate look in his eyes grow as he took his credit card away. For Satan, well.. he'd have to have more time to execute a suitable punishment. A punishment that could not be used as a way to make Lucifer look bad.
Satan and Mammon looked nothing if not relieved and thankful that they were leaving. Their features were plagued with exhaustion. It would not be surprising if they had a headache. A five-hour lecture was not an everyday occurrence.  
Lucifer felt your presence waiting outside his room. You had shown up an hour prior, he was confused as to why. Were you also part of their ridiculous plan? He saw out of the corner of his eye how you went to his brothers and held out some water.. and what looked like two Honey Devilbee Puddings. 
“Here, Mammon and Satan, take these. A five-hour lecture must have been brutal. Text me if you need anything!" MC quickly spoke and left for their room. Ever the escapist. 
Mammon and Satan could not refuse if they wanted to with how fast you fled. Though you left quickly, the two brothers were filled with gratitude. They looked relieved. "OI! Human! Wait for-" suddenly mammon's headache disappeared as he ran to follow you to your room. 
Lucifer shut his door. His brother could be such an idiot. All Lucifer could do was hope his brothers could learn to at least have better plans. A small smile came to his face. He'd have to talk to you about being so sweet.. Mammon certainly would find himself in more trouble after receiving gifts from you. 
A few hours later, when he emerged from his study, Lucifer felt the door knock something over. He bent down towards the objects, finding a water and pudding labeled “For Lucifer” sticky note. 
2. Trusting him 
“Oh.. Lucifer. Hi.” You did not expect to run into the eldest at this time at night. You’d thought he put himself through a strict routine, at least having a curfew. “Sorry,” a somewhat embarrassed smile came to your face. “I didn’t expect anyone to be awake at this time.” 
Lucifer had a slightly shocked expression on his face. “Nor was I, MC. Your curfew was hours ago. Why are you awake?” His shocked expression quickly turned to disapproval. Lucifer has made it clear that no one is to be outside of their room by eleven am, at the latest midnight. But, there you were. It was easily past two in the morning.. You were in your pajamas, hair pushed out of your face, which was illuminated by the screen of your laptop. It showed the beginnings of dark circles underneath your eyes. “Slacking on your homework?” Lucifer crossed his arms, staring down at you.
“Oh, that’s not-” How easily you got spooked, charming honestly. “I was just.. Well, I couldn’t sleep. I was thirsty and I figured while I was awake, I’d work on this presentation..” You sighed and looked like you wanted to say more. “I guess I should go back to bed. I apologize.” So easily put off.. Lucifer would have to change that. 
The presentation did not come easy to you. You were worked up by the thought of having to present that you procrastinated working on it. Earlier today you had thought of asking the eldest brother for help. You decided against it when you saw the amount of paperwork he was carrying to his office. 
Lucifer shook his head and went over, his movements were quick and you did not have a chance to deny him. His eyes quickly scanned what you had written, your slideshow’s contents about Devildom Law. He pulled the computer closer to him, his arms going around your shoulders. You smelled.. sweet, like strawberries and hibiscus. His fingers quickly edit the slide that had your attention. "Your presentation is very thorough. I added a few comments on what to edit, but otherwise, you should expect a very high grade on this. Well done, MC." His voice was so soft against your ears. Lucifer felt how tense you were. Again, you were ever so charming. Lucifer decided he'd have to corner you more often. 
Your brain stopped working as soon as Lucifer bent down, his chin almost reaching your soldier. All you could do was nod, blood rushing to your face and ears. “Thank you. This makes sense, you’re so smart! I’ll be going to bed now. Goodnight, Lucifer.” You grabbed your things and left the kitchen. It was Lucifer’s turn to blush as he felt surges of pride flow through him at your compliments. He typically remained unbothered by those who praised him.. But those words, coming from your mouth? Diavolo has mercy on him for a second time. He wishes he could have kept you for a few more minutes. 
He wonders.. what could it be that makes you so nervous? Could it be the exchange program? Lucifer stalked back to his study, lost in thought about his human. 
3. Covering for him 
“It was my fault, Lord Diavolo.” Your voice was soft and apologetic, head held low as you bowed in apology. “I was late to start this morning. Lucifer stayed to take me to school lest his brothers be late. It won’t happen again and I sincerely apologize.” You kept your head down as you felt the eyes of everyone standing in the hallway burn into your head. You see..
“Damn-!” Lucifer shouted as he saw the time. He would be more than late to RAD and he promised Diavolo he would be there earlier than usual to go over some last-minute reports. 
Today was an important assembly about how the exchange program was faring. There had already been one assembly like this where Satan gave the speech, but now it was Lucifer’s turn. 
 “Mammon I swear!” Lucifer shouted again and sighed, quickly getting dressed. (Somewhere on the way to RAD, Mammon felt chills down his spine). Lucifer needed to be careful or he might switch into his demon form. Running out of his room and into the dining hall, he felt a familiar human presence. 
“Lucifer! Here, take this granola bar. You can eat it on the way. If we run, we can still make it before the assembly is to take place!” Your voice was so optimistic as you grabbed his hand and began to tug him outside the House of Lamentation. “I told the others to tell Lord Diavolo you would be running a bit late. Don't worry about the details!" 
Lucifer did not have time to oppose you or scold you for staying behind. Right now he was focused on getting to school. So, he allowed you to tug and pull him to RAD. You were a quick runner, not to his surprise. 
Out of breath, sweat lining your forehead, hair messed up from running so much, you found yourself in the hallway before Diavolo. Lord Diavolo had a slightly disapproving look on his face at the sight of his exchange student and right hand. “Lucifer.” His voice was stern, loud almost, all the demons began to slow down in the hallway to watch the interaction. 
Lucifer took a step forward, ready to apologize and explain when you stepped in front of him. After all, Lucifer does for you and his brothers, this was the least you could do. “It was my fault, Lord Diavolo..” 
Lucifer could not believe you. He was still in disbelief, partly from you covering him and you lying to Diavolo. But.. as much as he wanted to intervene, tell the truth, and go on with his day.. it felt nice. It felt nice for someone to help him without expecting anything in return. 
Diavolo nodded at your explanation then back at Lucifer, a small smile spreading across his features. He saw the look on his best friend’s face. “Ah, so that is what happened. You have been spending too much time with Leviathan, then. Remember to get your rest, MC!” Diavolo let out a hearty laugh and you heard yourself join him, then Lucifer let out a slight chuckle. “Yes, my Lord. Now, I have to get to class. Have a good day, all of you.” There you went, scurrying off. 
Lucifer stared after your disappearing figure, questions still flooding his head. “I must still apologize, Lord Diavolo.” His heart was beating a mile a minute. You, a human, snuck into his heart. 
Diavolo shook his head. “I know they were lying, Lucifer.. I just cannot bear to be angry when you look so moved,” another hearty laugh from the Lord. Lucifer blushed and shook his head. “You’re..” Lucifer realized that yes, he did love you. He loved your kindness, trust in his abilities, and the way you were willing to protect him.. Lucifer sighed and that smile came back, bigger than the last two. 
“You’re not wrong, my Lord. However, it still is my fault for being late. I apologize. I suspect certain brothers of mine played a prank on my alarm clock." Again, somewhere far away in a RAD classroom, two demon brothers shivered. Lucifer would have a sufficient punishment. 
Lucifer would also have to inform you of Lord Diavolo’s ability to be a demon lie detector. 
4. Falling for him 
It was another late night for you and you found yourself back in the kitchen. The refrigerator door was open, its bright light shining against your face. You could not believe the fridge was empty. 
Recently, things had been piling up for you. Since your grades at RAD were better than what Diavolo had expected, he offered you a seat on the student council, which you readily agreed to. You loved this kind of work the student council did. It made you feel needed and important. However, it got overwhelming. Lucifer wasn't joking when he labeled his brothers incompetent. 
The student council members were supposed to be planning a themed festival for RAD, however, no one stayed true to their duties. Either you were cleaning up their mess or picking up their slack. Lucifer wasn’t lying when he said his brothers can be unreliable. No matter how hard the work, you completed your duties and stayed on top of your tasks. You did not do this through sheer willpower, or vast amounts of black coffee of melancholy, you did it for the pudding. Devil Bee Honey Pudding. 
Your main concern when arriving at the Devildom was food. You were not a picky eater, you were not afraid to try new things. Except when it came to fried bat wings, and devil zebra sandwiches, just the mention of the food makes your stomach feel sick. So, when Beel introduced you to pudding after saying you like sweets, you were smitten with the snack. There were no weird ingredients or side effects that might turn you into an ant. It was perfect for you. 
This is why you found yourself in tears when the fridge was empty. You raced to the trash can to see if the culprit threw it out and lo and behold- your precious pudding was eaten and discarded. You bet the person did not even appreciate it as you would have.. 
As soon as you felt sadness, anger was quick to come too. How could the brothers be so selfish? Why did they have to eat the one thing you had been saving, the one thing they knew you liked so much? You felt hot tears fall from your eyes, quickly rubbing them away and trying to leave the kitchen lest anyone sees you cry. Your plan did not work. 
Lucifer was on another one of his late-night coffee runs as he also had a lot of work to catch up on. He picked up the slack on his brother's work, thankful that it was considerably lighter now that you were here. He was concerned for you. The last time Lucifer saw you, the dark circles under your eyes were a bit more prominent and there was less effort put into your appearance. At that moment he began planning out his brothers’ punishment and reward for working so hard. He did not plan to find you pacing towards the door, head down and visibly upset. 
“I-” You started to speak but could not find the words after looking to see who you collided into. You whimpered and covered your face, pushing hair out of your way. “I’m sorry. I didn’t-” You stared up into Lucifer’s eyes and sighed, leaning into him. You didn’t have the energy to explain and his chest felt soft. 
Lucifer did not know what to say so he hugged you. “It’s alright, MC. Don’t worry.. You’ve been working so hard as of late. As someone who has been doing that for hundreds of years, you do not have to explain.” He pulled you closer against him, feeling you nod as you sniffled. 
“Thank you, Lucifer.. I just- the pudding is in the trash can..” A laugh bubbled out of you as you realize you are crying over pudding. You pulled away from Lucifer’s arms, still close but not right against his chest. Has Lucifer always looked so pretty? Has he always been this kind? 
Lucifer smiled down at you, “MC, tomorrow would you join me for dinner?” You couldn’t tell but Lucifer was nervous. Having you so close to him? Seeing the tears in your eyes, he never wanted to see you cry (unless in certain situations). 
Lucifer Morningstar asked you to dinner. Huh????? Your face turned red out of shock and stared into his red, polarizing eyes. He was serious. One part of you was screaming yes, go to dinner with him and the other part was also screaming yes, just slightly yes. 
Lucifer is expecting you to run away. To push him aside, reject him for being a demon and not a human, but you don’t. You stay in his loose arms, give him a small smile, and nod, “Yes. That sounds nice. Tell me the details tomorrow?” Your voice was gentle to his ears. 
“Yes. Right after I string up Mammon for breaking into my study.” Lucifer’s smile.. It changed into something much more sinister. 
“When did this hap-” A loud crash was heard from the distance, a string of curses following.
“I would like to stay here with you MC, but I am called forth. Get some rest.” Lucifer was the one to leave you now. 
You couldn’t feel happier. 
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gepeldebanaan · 2 days ago
hihi may i rq a romantic-ish obey me imagine w/ a gn mc, they have 0 facial expression and is so straightforward and blunt but one day the brothers get turned into their animal forms and suddenly mc starts smiling and petting them. how would the brothers react ? tyy - 👺 anon
hello hello anon! ask and you shall receive 😌 no but seriously THIS IS CUTE🫡🫡 hereeee we goooo:
the brothers reacting to a suddenly affectionate mc :}
Tumblr media
tw: none!
genre: fluffiesss
Tumblr media
- normally too proud to admit he wants your affection
- but shhh dont tell anyone
- that doesnt mean he doesnt like how you normally are! he just-
- he is touch starved okay?
- will act smug about it on the outside
- but also you can’t help but notice his surprise
- “well ofcourse, if you want to touch me, by my guest.”
mammonnn :D
Tumblr media
- YOU WHAT NOW???????????!!!!
- his beautiful skin will now have a beautiful blush aswell
- like
- you’ve never seen him blush this much
- your smile makes him melt
- its safe to say he is putty in your hands
- ruffle his hair too :)
- do it :)
- or scratch behind his ears maybe?
- pleaseee????
- “oh, yeah, right there, that’s the spot!”
leviathan (open your eyeeesss wooaahh)
Tumblr media
- might die on the spot
- chance of fainting 99%
- also putty
- he didn’t know he was this touch starved until now
- wished you would do this more often (IF YOU WANT TO OFC) but never knows how to ask
- ah, what a good boi
Tumblr media
- lets out an actual noice of surprise
- oh
- this is nice
- might tease you a bit about your change of behavior
- but overall just enjoys the moment :}
- might let out a few nya’s
- thinks its really cute
- *insert nya*
Tumblr media
- oooo~
- what do we have here?
- “i knew you wanted to touch me!”
- might pull you in his arms
- he’s all yours ;}
- “what a pretty smile you have~”
- yes yes very much approved
- he likes your usual self
- but this side sure is a pleasant one
- “wanna feel my fluffy ears?”
- encourages you to do this more often (IF YOU WANT TO)
beel :}
Tumblr media
- okay
- yeah thats nice
- *insert puppy smile*
- little surprised but doesnt comment on it
- after all we all have different sides
- bows down for you
- wants to hug you now
Tumblr media
- allows
- his first reaction is to chuckle softly
- you’re so cute
- very chill about
- its nice, but if you don’t wanna do it again its okay
- he kinda sad but also respects your boundaries
- will invite you over for cuddles and naps more now :}
Tumblr media
ALROIGHT MATE i hope this was okay!! thank you so much for requesting 👺 anon :}
yours truly,
Tumblr media
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Can I request a poly relationship with Satan and Solomon with a Mc who adores cats?
Drink water pls. And sleep.
You need a decent life style now that you're 18.
More stress is coming! Watch out for them.
Hey Thanks. I write them "separately" in headcano style to make the story easier to follow. Also, this way the characters' perspectives work better.
Tumblr media
Satan really fell in love with you because you like cats.
He really doesn't understand why you are in a relationship with Solomon.
A poly relationship would be ok though.
Because Satan really cares about you and doesn't want Solomon to have you all to himself.
Demons are jealous creatures.
He would talk to you about cats a lot.
Would also let you take care of the cats he has secretly brought to the mansion.
Satan is counting on you not telling Lucifer.
However, he does not trust Solomon.
That man is too vague.
And really uses the situation to his advantage.
Solomon would like to make a deal with Satan.
His record is 59 contract proposals a day.
You have to help Satan take anger management classes.
With time it might start to get along with Solomon.
Usually asks him to come along to play pranks on Lucifer.
You are happy that they get along.
Lucifer... not so much.
Tumblr media
Solomon really cares about you.
But this situation is also useful for him.
He really wants to make a deal with Satan.
But he doesn't understand why you like cats so much.
What is so special about them?
He would try his best to understand.
Solomon tries not to tease Satan too much.
But he is also mischievous sometimes.
And has to run away when Satan gets angry.
Would try to bake something as a gesture of goodwill.
But it doesn't end very well.
Solomon would love you.
He wonders why you don't want to taste his pastries anyway.
You and Satan don't want to tell him the truth.
Simeon was a really caring boyfriend.
He'd like to make sure you're okay.
Would definitely help you with your homework too.
Too bad for Satana.
Would love to participate in Satan's pranks.
"Nice" things to do together for the three of you.
Not so nice for Lucifer.
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smjyngl · 2 days ago
OBEY ME! Diavolo Fanart
After Taking a Bath
Tumblr media
E-erm... MC... what are you looking at? ���
Note: to avoid confusion about his skin color, he is black here, but because of the color palette that I used, it seems like he's white (because of the light too). Also, I made his hair a messy one (still not good at it tho heheh) that's all! <3 I might edit it if it doesn't give justice to diavolo mah baebi
Do not re-upload <3 (or credit me properly of you wanna repost) however, reblogging is fine and appreciated 🥰
𝖮𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋 𝖲𝗈𝖼𝗂𝖺𝗅 𝖬𝖾𝖽𝗂𝖺 𝖯𝗅𝖺𝗍𝖿𝗈𝗋𝗆/s:
IG: ziziarts_
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Yandere Soulmates With Polyam!MC (Pt 1?)
Okay I received the go ahead. This is framed a little differently then normal but eeeeeyyyy ur girl is having fun. Might make this into a mini series when I have the time because it just love idea
Tumblr media
Soulmates aren't a given. Not everyone has one, but it's not really considered weird if you do.
The majority of the time you know right away whether or not you're one of those born with their other half roaming the world. You don't have a sign of this, but it's more a feeling. Like somethings missing.
It's kinda like when you're looking at a wall of off-centered pictures. They look good, each individually representing something special about you, but they aren't perfect. They need to be straightened out and rearranged to really shine, and eventually your other half's pictures will be displayed alongside yours as well.
Some people don't mind this feeling, and some people even embrace the wackiness of off-centered imagery, feeling a thrill with the unknown.
You don't really know where you fall in these groups.
For you it's always just felt sort of empty. Like that wall of pictures is just a wall, void of everything that should make you, you.
(Its almost as if none of the things you've done to shape who've you have become really mattered in the first place. No matter what you hang up, you'd always be viewed a specific way)
You feel like you'd be suffocated by whoever is on the other side. That their pictures and memories and their personality will hide your small existence by tearing down the wall under their weight. It doesn't feel like it will be a collaboration. Like your puzzle pieces will match.
Your doctors tell you that's probably because your soulmate has a big personality. It's nothing to be scared of, you just have to make sure to assert yourself. Which isn't exactly the most helpful advice, but you do try to take it in stride.
Though, on rare occasion it's suggested you may even be in the very few who have multiple soulmates.
(No one has any advice for that one, past a few rude remarks of course. You don't know if you want to take those.)
It's hard to determine, and trying to ponder what to do makes you feel so much smaller then you want to be. So, you go about your life trying not to think about them, who every they may be.
Then you end up in hell, literally.
It's almost weird how it doesn't unnerve you like it's supposed to.
Sure, you don't like it, and yeah, you bitch a fit at the task of going through high-school again, but it's not really scary. Just annoying.
Of course, you're sure you'd be worse off if it wasn't for the greed demon who'd been forced to watch over you.
He's funny. Mostly because he thinks his threats actually scare you. They don't, and you doubt they'd really scare anyone.
(Sometimes you wonder how he can even be considered a demon when he acts so childishly. Demons aren't supposed to cry about their horrible money habits and throw tantrums over school... right?)
Most of the time you end up saving his ass, and whilst he doesn't apologize often, you know he's a little thankful. Which is a weird assurance to have, but you don't question it very far.
Not until you make your pact with Mammon, at least.
Things quickly go down hill from there.
Whilst you didn't expect demons to be so, well, Mammon-like, you definitely didn't expect demons to have soulmates.
You also didn't expect them to be as easy to find via permanent marking on your body.
Which, Leviathan explained the ins and outs of whilst Mammon was having a mini panic attack.
It's normal for demons and humans that share a pact to have pact marks. What isn't normal is for them to basically spell out the soul bond between the two. Not unless you're soulmates, that is.
And you think that's when your downfall really began.
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r-0-tt-3-n-m-1-lk · a day ago
head-cannons for obey me where mc likes to wander off to see something they like without telling anyone ? you can choose the character/s !
Sure♡ I'll do Lucifer,mammon,beel !♡
God damnit mc
Came into your room around 4am just to find you missing.
'Where is mc?' Is his first thought
Then he sends out his brothers and himself to look for you in the devildom
Only to find you at the starsnartch cliff known for its lovely stars and also found over 2 dozen demons around you like a fan club!!!
Grabbed you and teleported home before the demons could reach to take you back.
Let's just say you have now an extra lock on your door.
You still escaped through the window tho 🤷‍♀️
Came into your room bc of him overthinking your death again and wanted comfort but he'd never admit that
So let me tell youuuuu he was scared af when he went into your room at 4 am only to find you missing.
He ran around the whole house searching for you.
He finally ran out of the house and went searching for you
He found a place called their velvet hand. That he hadn't noticed before and saw you designing some clothing inside with a female demon squealing over hot cute and close you are
Ran inside and hugged you. Which made you almost stab the demon with the needle
After you explained that you cant leave a client here he just sat on your desk and waited for you to be finished before taking you back home
"Next time ask the great mammon to take you! Your a weak lil human!"
Was awake and thought you might want some snacks since he hasn't seen you come down to eat breakfast. And it was 8 am
He went to your room and saw the window slightly opened
He immediately knew that he and you would be punished if lucifer ever found out about this.
So he set out to look for you.
It wasn't too hard since you always used this strong scented perfume /cologne.
He found you in the pool with a mermaid tail behind you. And some demons fawning over it.
He just kinda- sat down on one of the benches and waited till you finished with some snacks and finally once you got bored of the ridiculously big pool you got out and changed back into your human form
You walked back home with your mouths full of snacks.
Now how did you escape barbatos??,,,
You weren't even sure yourself
When he did find out you are missing from your room early in the morning he was this close👌 to send out the entire devildom navy to look for you
Barbatos used his magic and found out you were in a club singing with glow in the dark decorations in your hair
Lowkey upset you didnt invite him :(
Just kinda- like beel sits down and starts throwing grim at your stage while cheering for you. You soon realized who was throwing well over 2 million Grimm on the stage🤷‍♀️
Anyways I got lazy on beels and diavolo's :p anyways first request on obey me
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etcrow · a day ago
Demon: all demons are afraid of the mighty Lucifer
MC, looking at a video of Lucifer jumping with a chainsaw: he's the himbo of all horror movies
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
Incorrect quotes#584 Aku & Lucifer join forces
Luci: You're scheduled to go to Diavolo's party Levi/Belph: What? No! I don't wanna do that! Luci: You're going to have a good time Levi/Belph: No, no, no, no! Aku/Beel: You might meet some new people Levi/Belph: No, no, no, no! Aku/Beel: Even make some new friends! Levi/Belph: No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no! *to the tune of the Adam West theme song*No-no, no-no, no-no, no-no! *beatboxes*No!! Luci: And before you go, Mc will be there...*Tired of negotiation so bringing the big guns* Levi/Belph: ...FINE-
Tumblr media
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god-complex24 · a day ago
*a reader who kisses everyone’s boo-boos*
Luci: *bumps into a table knowing damn well it didn’t hurt* Ow. … *stops*
Mc: Aw, did you hurt yourself?
Luci: *glares at them* yes?
Mc: Want me to-?
Luci: Yes.
Mc: Where did you get hit.
Luci: My pain travels.
Mc: *laughs and kisses him* “My PaIn tRavElS”
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prideofcelestia · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
❝when you turn into a rat and the only way to turn you back is a kiss from your true love — barbatos❞
Tumblr media
« characters - barbatos »
« gender neutral reader »
« pairing - romantic »
« based on a discussion with @obeythedemons »
Tumblr media
i. maybe don't touch what isn't yours
The package was meant for Barbatos so maybe you should not have touched it. But then, it would have been him who had turned into a rat — the fate that had currently befallen you.
You tried to speak but only timid squeaks came out — no doubt as a reflection of your panic. The sounds, however, had a very different effect on your boyfriend who usually could not get enough of your voice.
Clutching the wall nearby, Barbatos closed his eyes with a painful expression before proving his efficiency. It was no time to be planning the extermination of pests! It was you, not a… not a you-know-what!
Barbatos, deep breaths. Barbatos, tap the rational part of your brain. The Young Master would be very disappointed if the human exchange student vanished from the face of the world. Heck, his heart would shatter and he would be a shell of a demon if he were to be separated from you... er in any form other than that. And all of it was because of his carelessness, no less. His love clashed with his fear and the result was him understanding that the situation was beyond his ability to handle alone.
Opening a portal that led to the R.A.D Council Room, he made sure you entered it before passing through it himself after a considerable lapse of time. He didn't dare to move at the same time as you in your new form.
After shakily explaining the situation to Diavolo and glancing at you with a shudder, Barbatos took his leave to lie down because of the shock. But not before profuse apologies of his incompetence and his intentions of submitting his resignation as the royal butler and breaking up with you had been made.
Diavolo looked distressed and your squeaking in protest only made your boyfriend look more resolute and a little unnerved. Not only did you lose your human form and ability to speak but now you were also about to lose the love of your life. Could rats die of a broken heart?! You were about to find out!
Diavolo glanced at the package that was the source of the mayhem. His golden eyes widened when he saw the card that came with it.
"Turn into your lover's worst nightmare. Only true love's kiss can break the curse!"
Tumblr media
ii. the kiss of death
Deadly silence filled the room as every pair of eyes focused on you, who was seated on the table like a garnished plate of delicious food. Beel could hardly control himself anytime his eyes fell on you. Your coat stood up straight and a sense of dread filled you.
At that precise moment, Barbatos entered — looking as haggard as you had last seen him — but averted his eyes the moment he glanced at you.
"Di-Did you find a solution to the predicament, Young Master?"
Diavolo's usual mirth had left him while his mind raced to think of a solution. Quickly. Since ideas were not forthcoming, he looked crestfallen as he told Barbatos the truth.
Biting the insides of his cheeks, Barbatos grimaced as he tried not to puke. Bile rose to his throat and burned his mouth. In all his existence, he had never once wished to be blasted into smithereens until then.
He also realised that if given a chance to think, he would only be inclined to refuse kissing a… a you-know-what. Even if it was technically you in disguise.
So, taking a deep breath, he locked eyes with Beelzebub and Lucifer.
"Do what you shall — tie me, use a spell, restraint me, knock me out — but make sure I kiss [Name]. Do it right now before I change my mind. I'll owe Lucifer one and for Beelzebub, I'll cook you something to show my gratitude."
Beelzebub moved behind Barbatos at once with a happy grin and wrapped his arms around him tightly to hold him in place. Lucifer, meanwhile, chanted a spell that prevented Barbatos from moving his body at will before putting a blindfold on his eyes. Losing no time, Asmo grabbed you and ran towards Barbatos.
Nobody uttered a single word — especially you since if Barbatos heard you, chances were that he'd start wriggling like a dying fish and refuse the kiss.
The short peck made Barbatos' entire being shake and he saw sights that he believed to be his life. Possibly, that's what most people see before death devours them and now, it seemed to be his turn.
The silver lining in the dark times was your face — the last thing he saw before he lost consciousness.
Tumblr media
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seriously-really-soft · 22 hours ago
A/n: I took this off of Tumblr a while ago and I don’t even know why :((. It made me sad to not see this here
Where Lucifer gets soft
Type: fluff, a tiny bit angsty
Word count: 799
pairing: fem! mc x Lucifer
     “People say that I am heartless.”
         If it were true he wouldn’t know, and though things always seemed more absolute when spoken to air, some part of him couldn’t help but think that something about that notion didn’t seem quite right. At least not when his gaze fell over the soft outlines of her face and the comfortable silence of the room found rest somewhere far behind their world reserved for two. Seldom had Lucifer found comfort in the quiet of places like these, where the thumping of rain against the windows of that small, lonely room could easily be mistaken for aggression and the rise and fall of breaths held wafts of time so fleeting, but as his fingers traced the veins of her wrist, he found that he wouldn’t mind staying in that room for however long she stays. Forever in that place seemed not at all long and right there with her warmth tucked beside the pulse in his chest, for the first time in a long time the present felt so precious he thought he might start to cry. There in the fading light he could only think to wish, wish that she’d graze a finger upon the streams charting the sides of his cheek so that she may bear witness to the last shards of paradise on his body.
         Tears were to humanity a connection to childhood, in Lucifer they were indicators of innocence and the pieces of heaven he held before his fall, and all of the world seemed to have gathered around this Lucifer who wept so freely, whose cries spoke of love as though he were beneath the sun once more. Though he failed the first time —
         “People say that I am heartless,” — he tried once more, the slight smell of her and futures too precious to know more of drifting into this tiny, wandering dream. With the smallest tremble his fingers followed the flow of skin behind her ear as if Lucifer saw in them fallen petals in a river, drifting upon the endless body of where love and the universe meet in their kiss. He hoped for her expanse to bring him too, even if being stationed by her side would mean revealing pieces of himself to wind and rain.
         I wouldn’t even mind touch, not if it’s yours, not if it’s by your eyes which touch and find in me love so sweetly.
         “and maybe I don’t know what makes a heart, at least not anymore. Some nights I wish I did, but I guess the loss of those things are normal when you’ve fallen so far,” he mused.
         The moment’s chill left his voice undressed, pride and pretense discarded somewhere forgotten, made useless. There was only Lucifer now, and with every piece of existence in this world, he was the roses of Elagabalus laid bare for her eyes. Stray hair slumped upon the side of his face, and some part of eternity let out a sigh in her slumber for she too was bewitched by him, much like the dark which fell on his shoulder in her exhaustion. If shadows had casted upon the above by now it meant very little, and Lucifer cared not for the sun’s rest nor for the star’s glimmer for moonlight was enough to make out the necessity for sleep beneath her eyes, was enough to assure him that it was him that she touched, him that she shown her warmth upon.
         “but when time is passed like this,”
         With the heavens witness to us as if sinners and believers are distinct no more, like things like this, things like what exists between you and me, mean much more, much different than the hurt from a crime or tears from a deed.
         “and when the scent of you is deemed the sole reason for my breathing, like whoever came up with the idea of me had the thought of you within the same breath,”
         When the image of you like this, at peace under moonlight and the company of stars gleaming down on you as if they’ve already accepted you amongst their ranks, is all that I can envision behind every blink,
         “I think you are the sweetest thing.”
         And they embraced where believers could not find them, among the shades of silence, and though sadness could not reach the embrace of those whose souls touched where bodies cannot, Lucifer still wept between kisses.
         “Somehow, questions of hearts and sinners become meaningless when I can hold you so dearly, when short-lived riches abandon me as I lay here waiting, in hopes that you would kiss me, at least just this once once more.”
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yuul · 2 days ago
If alright , can I request a scenario with the yandere boys. Where Michael come down from the celestial realm and take mc. And then locks heaven's gate behind him.
What would the yandere boys feel or do. And as well Michael says something about him following God's rules to be Mc's guardian angel.
A/n : Finally an Micheal request /smirks/
also.. I just kind of woke up so I'll be postin them separately! Hope you don't mind ^^;
Lucifer | mammon | leviathan | Satan | asmodeus | Beelzebub | belphegor
Tumblr media
thought you escaped first.
but when you were no where to be seen.. he go to the human world. Still not there..
where are you mc?!
when Micheal came down and told you that he took you to the celestial realm..
he's burning with rage
Another Satan might come out
"Lucifer I have to.. its-" Lucifer cutted micheal off "I don't care about fathers order! let me see them! theyre not yours!-" Micheal told Lucifer that mc's guardian angel is him.
"what are you talking about?! they only need me Micheal! Me! let me go Micheal. I want to see them! You kept taking everything from me.." You stood behind Micheal and opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out. you whimpered by the scene and Lucifer heard it.
"They're scared of you Micheal! See-"
"Im.. Sorry Lucifer I have to. now mc let's go. "
" are you gonna take my brothers too?.. " Lucifer said in a small tone
"What are you talking about?-" Micheal looked behind him still holding you.
"are you gonna take them? Since you got mc. Why not just take everything from me! What's the point of living if I don't have them! "
Micheal looked at Lucifer whos burning with rage
".. Lucifer I only need mc. we need to go"
even Micheal took you away..
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