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#obey me x mc
jellymoonbear · a day ago
Obey Me! Boys When They Dream About MC (NSFW)
wakes up hot, sweaty and hard:
lucifer, mammon, levi, belphie, diavolo, simeon
wakes up fine but gets flustered and hard after realising:
asmo, beel, solomon
wakes up flustered but doesn't get themselves off until days later because they can't stop thinking about it:
satan, barbatos
gets rid of their problem to the thought of you fresh in their mind:
lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon
can't look you in the eye afterwards:
lucifer, mammon, levi, belphie, simeon, diavolo barbatos
eyes linger on you for the whole day:
lucifer, satan, asmo, beel, diavolo, barbatos
eyes linger on you for the whole day, but they can't speak to you like normal:
mammon, belphie, solomon, simeon
can't speak to you for days:
is absolutely aching to touch you for real:
lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon
thinks about it everyday:
lucifer, levi, belphie, barbatos, simeon
thinks about it often but not everyday:
mammon, satan, asmo, beel, diavolo, solomon
acts normal around you:
lucifer, satan, asmo, beel, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon
tries to act normal but fails:
hides in their room because they are too ashamed:
levi, belphie
has an existential crisis:
levi, belphie, diavolo
tells you early on because they lowkey feel bad:
mammon, beel, solomon
doesn't tell you at first because they're scared you'll hate them:
lucifer, satan, asmo, diavolo, simeon
plans to not tell you but it accidentally slips up when they're drunk/sleepy:
satan, asmo, belphie
doesn't tell you:
levi, simeon
uses it as an excuse to confess their feelings for you:
is highkey embarrassed if/when you find out:
mammon, beel, belphie, solomon
is lowkey embarrassed if/when you find out:
lucifer, satan, diavolo, barbatos
isn't embarrassed at all:
acts like it's no big deal when you find out:
lucifer, mammon, solomon
will give you some space after you find out:
lucifer, diavolo, barbatos, beel, asmo
is over it after a few days:
mammon, beel, barbatos, solomon
is over it after a week or two:
lucifer, diavolo
never gets over it:
levi, satan, asmo, belphie, simeon
slowly falls in love with you after the incident:
simeon, belphie
the ones who take it to the grave:
levi, simeon
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mammonsbby · 2 days ago
To Calm a Storm
This is the fourth part of my “when he knew he loved you” series.
Lucifer | Mammon | Levi | Satan | Asmo | Beel | Belphie
Warnings: None
Pairing: Satan x GN!MC
Words: 1080
Satan resists a growl as he paces in a small, tight circle in the corner of the RAD library. His fingernails, which are on the verge of becoming claws, are biting into his palms. He hopes he’s not bleeding. He’s planning on meeting you, as he often does between classes, and that would be embarrassing.
Fuck, he thinks, as he wrenches his hands apart to see angry, red crescents on his palms. But no blood, that’s good. Either way, he can’t let you see him in this state. The very idea is enough to make him feel sick. Satan sinks into a chair at your regular table in the corner and takes a deep, deep, breath, trying to steady his nerves. Trying to forget the argument he’d just had with the professor of Pactology.
You’d once mentioned that slowly counting to ten was a human method of controlling one’s anger.
So, he gives it a try, and he can almost feel it working. Then he hears your voice as you say goodbye to some of your friends outside the library’s entrance. His eyes snap open and he puts on a pleasant smile just as you appear from behind one of the tall shelves. As you approach him, your own bright smile falters.
“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” you ask, giving him a once over. Satan’s eyes widen briefly and he closes his hands.
“What? I’m fine,” he says slowly, carefully. To avoid it coming out from gritted teeth.
Your eyes search his face as you drag a chair over to sit next to him. After a quick inspection, you determine that something is wrong. “No, really, what happened?” you ask, placing your hand on his shoulder.
His eyebrows bunch up, “you can tell I’m upset?”
You nod, “you’re a good actor, Satan, but I can tell when something’s bothering you.”
Since the metaphorical cat is out of the bag, he sighs and starts to tell you about the argument he’d just had with his idiot professor. How she’d been giving the class the wrong information.
And when he raised his hand to correct her, she had to gall to scold and belittle him, as if there were no possible way a student could know more than her. Then ended her barrage against him by calling him the wrong name.
“She called you Lucifer?!” you screech, mortified. This earns you a glare from one of the librarians. You shrink into your seat until they pass by. Once the coast is clear, you ask again, in a more appropriate tone, “she called you Lucifer?”
“Yes.” he grits out, knuckles turning white as he grips the armrests. They’re probably moments away from being ripped off the chair.
“I’m sorry, Satan.” You rub at his arm in an attempt to sooth him. The two of you sit quietly for a few minutes. Your hand moves to his back, rubbing gentle circles between his shoulder blades. His eyes are closed and he subconsciously leans back against your hand.
You can feel the tension leaving him with every circle you make.
“I apologize.” he mutters, under his breath.
“For what?” you ask, hand temporarily stilling. He opens his eyes to look into yours.
“That you found me in such a bad mood. I was trying very hard to get myself under control.” he whispers. You smile softly and continue to massage his back.
“Satan, you’re allowed to get upset, ya know? That’s part of being... alive.” (You were about to say human, but that isn’t exactly applicable is it?)
“Yes, but—”
“No," you interrupt, “she was being unfair. She didn’t hear you out and she was being horrendously disrespectful. You had every right to be angry. As long as you don’t act on it, it’s okay.”
“Do you really feel that way?” he questions, with a head tilt.
“Of course I do. You didn’t destroy the classroom or threaten to disembowel her or something. You’re just irritated. Ya know, I’m surprised she started a fight with you anyway—”
“Because I’m Wrath?” he guesses, hurt written on his face.
“Because you’re very smart. And you’re the only one who gives half a fuck in that class.”
He blinks in surprise, then groans softly, “everyone thinks I’m just a copy of him. It makes me so…”
“I know, I know,” you whisper, moving to sit on the arm of his chair. He looks up at you. “You’re not a copy of anyone. You’re Satan. You’re the most intelligent, most well-read, kind, witty, handsome—” you slam your free hand over your mouth.
He smiles again, it’s genuine this time. You look away, face turning red.
“Um, I’m gonna go find a book on ancient pactology and we’ll show that old hag!” you say, standing abruptly before wandering off in the completely wrong direction. Satan laughs softly, then touches the back of his shoulder where your hand had just been.
He watches you stumble over your feet, then realize you’re going the wrong way. As you turn towards the correct section, you nearly walk into a bookcase. He chuckles again. His anger dissipated.
Something else flutters in his chest, he puts his hand over his heart. It’s not anger, or fury, or rage. It’s something much… softer. Lighter. Unfamiliar.
Once you return with a book, several hundred years older than you, you carefully set it down before opening it to the back. And as you run your finger down its index, Satan only looks at you.
If the books he reads are accurate, this feeling could only mean one thing. His eyes scan your face.
“Here we go,” you say, pulling the book towards him. Then you start to read a passage which probably proves his point, but the words aren’t quite registering. “See, you were right!” you exclaim, pointing to the words.
“Uh,” he glances down to read the details of how pacts were formed in the days long before your birth. “Of course.”
“Didn’t doubt you for a second,” you smile before looking up at the clock behind you. “Uh oh, my next class is in four minutes! I’ll see you later.” you say as you get up. You pat his head softly before exiting the library.
And suddenly his cheeks are on fire.
(He totally doesn’t sit there for the next fifteen minutes, imagining your hand on his back. And he certainly wasn’t late to class for the first time because of it. No sir.)
Thank you for reading! Please reblog!
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<3 Aerie
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dilfcifer · 2 days ago
KINKTOBER DAY 19 | mammon
Tumblr media
♡ masterlist
♡ content warning | perv. mammon, panty stealing, sniffing and tasting, gross behavior, filming, invasion of privacy
♡ words | 600ish
♡ taglist | @gunpowder-and-smoke @obey-me-tho @ittogeo (y'all wated to be in the taglist right? I forgot jsjsjs)
Tumblr media
He knows it’s wrong, yet the thrilling he experiences while bringing your used underwear to his face tells otherwise. Mammon is greedy, he can never have enough money or luxury items.
He can never have enough of you.
When the house of Lamentation is silent, with only the ghosts of past lives wandering through the corridors, Mammon disguises himself in the shadows and sneaks through your bedroom door, being silent enough for you not to notice.
You never do.
You never notice Mammon sneaking in and opening your chest of drawers, violating and taking you away from the confidence you pured in him. Your first. You never notice his ragged breaths, the soft moans emitting from the deepest part of his rib cage when he opens your dirty laundry bag and takes your pantys, his tongue sliding flat over the crotch, the smell and taste of your discarded undergarments making his cock twitch in his pants and his eyes fill with the lust that belongs more to his brother than him.
You never hear how his hips move forward, his cock thrusting your panties, another pair inside his mouth to shut his moans up. Sweat falls down his forehead, the light that enters from your window reflects on the glasses over his head. 
His gaze is fixated on your sleeping form, your body wrapped in the comforter and you softly snoring and drooling over the pillow. You look calm, at peace, ethereal he may even dare to day. He is the opposite. His breaths are ragged, his hand moving faster with each thrust and his thumb pressing on his cockhead, dreaming his finger is your cervix and the fabric around his cock is your cunt. He cant fuck you, he knows he cant because you arent his.
You belong to nobody, you stated that very clearly when he asked you out and you refused. You didn't want to break anybody’s heart by letting them love you only to end up heartbroken decades after.
Still, Mammon longed for you, craved your touch, your being, your essence. He started small, taking your fresh panties and putting them in his back pocket to fuck them in the silence and comfort of his room. But with time, he couldn't get off like he wanted. He needed more, he needed to taste you.
He became filthy. Snooping in your dirty clothes for something to jerk off to. Your tshirts weren't enough, he needed something drenched in your essence, something with a smell that would linger in his nose for days. He found pants, your RAD uniform but nothing worth his time.
Until he hit the bottom of the clothes basket.
Lifting your uniform, mammon cock throbbed inside his pants, the garment feeling tight and suffocating. He hit the jackpot at the casino before, his pockets full of grimm and his lucky strike skyrocketing. But this discovery meant the universe for him. Panties with spots of past arousals called him, his jewelled hand grabbing the clothes and shoving them in his jacket. Have you touched yourself for him? Are the spots dedicated to him?
That night, he changed forever.
“God you taste so good” his DDD camera was facing him in all his glory. Pants down to his ankles, he was sitting down on the edge of his bed, all your used panties around him, recording once again how your discarded garment gets stained with his cum, savoring the moment and stop recording to watch the video later. 
Maybe one day, he can show you how much you mean to him
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azalea-writes · a day ago
A/N: ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )
The brothers reacting to MC losing the marble game in Squid Game
Warning: Angst
Tumblr media
Alt: Enjoy!
Taglist: @candymeowz
"In this game, using your set of ten marbles, you will play the game of your choice with your partner. The player who manages to take all ten marbles from their partner wins."
MC sighed and sat on a step, "This was unexpected, huh?"
"What should we play then?" He said coldly, not ready for what is about to happen. "You're so cold!" MC pouted but then smiled, "We can just make it simple and quick, all or nothing."
"How are we going to play that then?" He asked, "You're in a hurry to kill me huh?" MC jokingly said. "We still have some time left, we should just have a nice conversation." MC thought out loud, "About what though?" "Things we would never tell anyone."
Time went by fast, too fast... His heart was racing as he followed MC. "Whoever throws a marble closest to the wall wins, does that sound good?"
Lucifer hoped this was a nightmare, he didn't want this at all.
He threw his marble which landed pretty close to the wall and waited for MC.
What he didn't expect that they would just drop the marble and smile at him.
"W-What are you doing?!" He said, panicking.
"It looks like you won Luci!" MC said despairingly.
Lucifer held their shoulder and shook them, hoping that they were joking, hoping that this was a joke.
"Try it again, this isn't funny MC. Do a real throw!" His head started hurting, everyone was getting blurry.
MC shook their head, "You got a reason to get out of this place, you have brothers to take care of while I have nothing."
While he was following one of the workers, MC yelled out his name.
"Luci! I-It was an honor... being your p-partner!"
...Why does he somehow manage to kill his loved ones?
Everything was a blur, he didn't want this at all!
"Sounds fair enough." Were the only words he managed to get out.
When his marble got pretty close to the wall, he didn't felt a wave of dread.
Mammon didn't understand at first but when he saw how MC dropping their marble and smiling at him, he understood.
"Y-Ya joking right? I don't like waiting, do an a-actual throw!"
Whenever Mammon would win a bet, he would celebrate but this... this wasn't just a simple bet.
"What do you mean? You won Mams, now you have a bigger chance to meet your brothers!" MC smiled at him, tears forming in their eyes.
Mammon was starting cry, he didn't believe this, this wasn't fair.
Reality was catching up to him when one of the workers was going to bring him back, without MC.
He wanted another rematch! But the worker dragged him out of the arena. Mammon wasn't finished though!
"Mams! T-Thanks for p-playing with me!"
Oh how he wished he could go back in time, pick another partner just so MC has a higher chance to live.
Levi wished he could keep talking about his favorite animes, just so he could escape reality.
He was about to celebrate on how close he got to the wall until he remembered what would happen to the loser.
"Oh, MC you dropped your marble."
MC shook their head and told him how he won.
He blankly stared at them until he understood what they just said.
"W-What! No! MC throw again! Do it! This isn't fair! M-MC, why are you just standing there?!" He yelled at them, desperate.
MC started to tear up, "You have a reason to live, to get out, while I have nothing. If you get out, say hi to your brothers for me!"
The worker had to drag Levi because he couldn't accept this.
"L-Levi! T-Thanks for being my p-partner!"
Even if Levi won the game, he wouldn't have any strength to play video games or watch anime.
No, it wasn't okay. Satan just wanted to leave, take MC, live a happy life.
But not every ending is happy right?
Satan nodded his head as agreement.
When he threw his marble, he threw it so MC had a chance to win.
"MC, pick up your marble and throw."
"What do you mean? You won! Congrats!" MC smiled at him.
"Stop joking around! Throw your marble! You can't just drop it!" Satan was starting to get angry, why did MC lose on purpose?
"Y-You have a purpose to live and win the game!" MC started crying.
Satan hesitantly walked away, he just wanted a few seconds!
"Satan! Promise me that you'll say hello to your cats for me!"
Why did he join this game? He was being an idiot...
He wanted to leave this place, he didn't want this at all.
But he still put his mask on.
"Fair enough!"
Asmo threw his marble pretty close to the wall, a feeling despair sat at the pit of his stomach.
Asmo tried to be optimistic, he really tried, but it was hard when MC barely even tried.
"Aww, I was so close." MC joked around, clearly knowing what they did.
Asmo's mask finally broke.
"MC, this is no laughing matter! Why did you do that?!" The usual light-hearted Asmo was gone, it made MC feel guilty.
"You have a purpose to leave don't you? Your fans and brothers need you!" MC sobbed out.
"That doesn't make it right!" Asmo said, desperate that this was all a nightmare that he would wake up and find MC next to him.
Asmo put up a fight but he ultimately gave up and starting walking away.
"Asmo! T-Thank you for p-playing with me!"
Please... Let this be a nightmare...
Why did he join this game? He doesn't remember...
He just wants to get out, with MC.
Beel hesitantly nodded his head as agreement to the game.
He threw his marble too hard that it bounced off the wall and landed one feet away from the wall.
MC still had a chance to win! Maybe he could sacrifice hims-
Pure horror ran through his veins as he saw MC barely throwing the marble.
"MC... W-What are you doing?" He asked, scared for the answer.
"What do you mean? I lost and you won!" MC smiled at Beel, he knew they did it on purpose... They lost in purpose!
Beel grabbed their hand and started begging them to try again.
"Beel... You have a reason to get out of here right? I don't."
Beel was soon yanked away from MC but he still heard their final words.
"Beel! T-Try to m-move on!"
He has failed two people now...
"Sure, whatever..."
Belphie was trying to act like he didn't care but all he felt was a feeling of dread.
He lazily threw his marble, it didn't land close to the wall but it was at a good distance.
He already knows that he lost, MC would surely get their marble closer to the wall.
At alas, MC barely threw the marble, basically landing near their feet.
The atmosphere felt suffocating.
Belphie destroyed the silence by grabbing MC's shoulder and pinning them against the wall.
"You idiot! Why did you do that?! Try again!"
"You won Belphie, what's wrong with that?" MC smiled sadly.
Everything is wrong! Belphie will be all alone without MC.
This must be a nightmare right?!
While leaving, Belphie tries to not sob out loud.
"Belph! T-Thanks for c-choosing me as your p-partner!"
He couldn't take this anymore, he wanted to cry out and scream but he couldn't.
When will this suffering end?
Not proofread
Tumblr media
Alt: Thanks for reading! Love you!
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dvlboy · a day ago
reward tiers- leviathan, obey me day 3
yay day 3 is FINALLY out, i finally pushed it out becuase i felt guilty
TW: camboy levi, forced sub space, thigh riding, cum fucking, somnophilia, fucking someone in and out of sleep, cum inflation, size difference, exhibition, good boy/master names used, clothe ripping, squirting, toys, aftercare
Tumblr media
no one really knew how levi gets the money that he gives to mammon, or how he was allowed to buy his fancy gaming equipment. no one does, unless it was you or him.
behind closed doors was when things were different, putting on a pretty mask, levi went as a different streaming name for a popular camboy service. demons all across the devildom would wait till levi streamed, ready to jerk off to someone behind a screen. you walked in on him once when he was streaming, and he completely shut down, begging you not to leave a filthy mutt like him. but you wouldn’t even think about it, he was just so cute, so you wanted to support your baby in where you could.
today was a special stream, where he would bring you over as well to the stream. the cameras could center in on you, with a mask that covered the eyes as you dressed in a suit. levi was basically naked, only sporting some black boxers and also a mask that covered majority of his face. levi first introduced you, calling you his master before glueing himself to your lap, grinding against your thigh as you massaged his creamy skin. he was always such a different person once he was streaming, so much different then the self degrading, easily flustered man that you knew during the day.
levi kept grinding against your thigh, until you turned him around to face the camera. he sat so perfectly on your larger, more muscular lap. his back was pressed up against your chest, where you could smell his hair and listen to his whines as he rode your muscular thighs faster, trying to chase more stimulation. your hands grabbed his sides, where you slowly guided his body to grind against your lap. 
you could watch the chat fawn over you and him, but you had much more important matters at hand, which is fucking your precious boyfriend. after all, you wanted him to get the most tips so that he could be happy. it was any boyfriends job to make their boyfriend happy. between the heat and seeing his blushed face from the camera, you quickly got hard, and levi quickly felt it. his moans got louder, especially after feeling a hardness get larger and thicker as he slowly grinded against it. he was quick to pull your pants off, and fondled your cock and balls through your underwear, playing with them in his hand, and whsipering praises about how big you were
he then leant down, and you pushed his short lavender hair down, to force him against your cock. you could hear him smell you, before he started to lick and suck the head through your underwear, drenching it in his saliva, and really showing how girthy and long it was
“such a little whore f’me, aren’t you? such a naughty boy in front of your fans, how would they feel knowing that you’re mine, and they i can only touch you?” you spoke lowly to him, just loud enough for the chat and him to hear, but not to be heard over his sucking.
“m’not a whore! jus’ want master, m’ a good boy!” he whined out after you pulled him off of you, and gripped his face, and forced him to look at you. you quickly picked him back up onto your lap, and turned him around so that his face was towards the camera, and his clothed ass was facing you. 
it looked so tempting, straining against the tight breifs, and you couldn’t help yourself. you ripped them right off of his body, enjoying the sounds of the threads tearing, and the reward was his tight hole, with a small jeweled plug in the middle. 
levi let out a moan when you ripped his breifs, enjoying the sudden exposure of cold air before he let out a yelp, feeling your large hand squeeze and slap his cheeks one at a time, before you teased his pink rim. you rubbed the sides, before slowly pulling the plug out, watching how his body held onto the plug as much as possible. you were getting impatient as you wanted to be inside of him, exposing him to the devildom. so you quickly prepped him, and roughly finger fucked him with three fingers to prep him for your length, then you situated him ontop of your lap.
you leant back, and pulled out your cock from your underwear, watching as it quickly hardened again. levi sat behind your cock, and you could see the size difference between both of your cocks, and both of your bodies. you looked monsterous indeed, a true master to a demon like him. who would have thought that a human exchange student would be fucking the avatar of envy so well that your cock was imprinted in his guts?
levi looked at the chat to see it absolutely explode, them fanning over how large you were against him, and how cute and fuckable both of you were.
you smirked, and reminded chat to donate before you grabbed levi and gripped his ass, before placing the head in and pushing into him. he could feel the intense stretch, as you could feel him thrash lightly, but keeping quiet to be your good boy. you muttered praise into his ear as you slowly lowered his body down.
he started to moan so loudly, before a large wet patch formed on his boxers. he really creamed himself trying to take your cock.. you became so hard from that, especially because his body laid limp from yours, with breathless pants escaping him. the tips jumped once they saw you pull out  manhandle him againt the bed.
you moved his legs and thights up, and made his hands grip his thighs and push them back, leaving his red cheeks and his prepped hole. you just thrusted right into him, watching as he let out one long sudden gasp. he must have been sent back to his sub space, and was now putty for you.
you pulled his cock out of his underwear and slowly jerked his overstimulated cock off as you slowly pushed in and out, relishing how he jolted and moaned whenever you reached deep insde of him, a bulge formed whenever you were close to bottoming out. his body seemed to loosen around you, and as you felt your balls touch his rim, he let out a small whine, as a bit of precum spurt from his cock.
and so it continued, you would fuck him for hours. his body would only become more and more overstimulated. he would become more and more sweaty, and his cock would become red and slick from everything he was squirting out. his rim would be puffy and stained with your cum, and his briefs and your pants would be damp from all of his fluids being fucked out of him. his body would be so sore but he couldn’t stop! he eventually passed out, to the sounds of the tip jar, wondering how a mere human could be so big and have so much stamina.
when you finally came, he was asleep on your cock, waking himself up and jolting whenever you made an especially harsh thrust, or pushed the bulge in his stomach. you loved the control you had over him as you filled him up, watching as his already bloated belly filled further with your cum. you stayed there for a few minutes as he came again, falling on his pale stomach which was covered in cum and piss. you peppered his face and chest and nipples with kisses and sucks, before you pulled out, watching as your cum spurted out of his puffy, ruined hole. you laid your dick ontop of his, and stroked it a few times, pulling the last few ropes out of your cock onto his fluid stained chest, before plugging him back up. the chat went wild, and you ended the stream after you picked him up in your arms, holding his body against your chest as you promised his chat that you would appear again if he reached his next goal. you lifted his mask enough to kiss his cheek, watching as a pretty lavender strand fell out. 
unknown to you, someones eyes widened as they recognized the same lavender hair.
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143-cupid · a day ago
With you...
♡ How does he spend his free time? ♡
Tumblr media
♡.Obey me!
♡♡.Fluff!! MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!! >:l animals mentions
♡♡♡. This is just a brain ramble that I had to write down so yeah...
Tumblr media
. . . Diavolo !
♡ He loves taking you out, away from the castle and into somewhere far! No papers to do, no demons trying to hurt you, just you and him
♡ Isn't he romantic?
♡ He'll take you some where with history, somewhere you two can make new memories, and he'd most of the time, plan a activity for you and him to do, like a scavenger hunt or a map to follow
♡ While gathering clues or checking out boxes of supplies for your mission, he'll hold your hand, Lucifer can't complain about PDA if he doesn't see, can he?
♡ When you get happy or excited about finishing something, he'll look at you with such softness in his eyes, he's happy he chose to do this for you
♡ At the end of this, he'll treat you to a meal of your choice and if you'd like he could massage your sore arms and legs, he won't mind because when he's with you, he's not just the 'prince of hell'
♡ He's Diavolo, don't forget it, okay? If you make him feel normal, let him treat you the same
♡ He also likes to explore your hobbies, the simple ones are the ones that grab his attention, won't you teach him more?
. . . L U C I F E R !
♡ Lucifer doesn't go out much but when he does have time, he likes to take out Cerberus on a walk and drag you ( it's more like him dryly asking you to spend time with him but-) along
♡ He'll let you hold the leash with his hand on yours, saying he doesn't want you to be swang around by Cerberus but he also wants the three headed hell dog to get used to you
♡ He'll start conversations by asking how the program has treated you so far and slowly it get deeper and somewhat siller, talking about dangerous demons, the weather, the food, how he spilled ink over his jacket, Mammon's recent failed getting rich plans, so on and so on
♡ He'll mostly ask about your day and nod his head while leading you to a quiet place in a park, in a place where he can have you all to himself
Tumblr media
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lucisheart · a day ago
Tumblr media
➥Dubcon | Diavolo | afab reader
➥Warnings: dubcon, drugging, manipulation, power imbalance
➥Wc: 6.3k
✰ I'm sorry this came late, I ended up rewriting it quite a few times but hopefully fourth time is the charm
Tumblr media
The wild midnight sun clung to the edges of the sky when you began making your way back to the castle. It was an eerie, beautiful thing; bright silver and deep indigo framing the extensive plum sky that marked the days end here in the Devildom. The fleeting moonlight elongated the shadows into grotesque proportions.
All of this was gone, however, by the time you reached the gates, burned away by the halo of light emanating from the castle. A brief wind gave you solace, relaxing you as it toyed with the edges of your clothes and the loose strands of your hair, chilling the air and bringing with it the scent of roses from the back gardens. 
If anything about the moonrise, the winds, or the alluring scents that emanated from the place you’d quickly grown accustomed to calling home signaled some form of change right then, you were wholly unaware.
Upon reaching the gates, displeased guards were quick to apprehend you, personally escorting you back into the palace. Long gone were the days when Barbatos would wait for your arrival and lead you inside himself. Their eyes were ready for the moment you would attempt to slip away again, but you needn’t bother. There were only so many rules you could break in one day without disobedience turning into impudence, and despite your aloof appearance, you didn’t want that. 
Ever disapproving Barbatos had his unsubtle reprimands at the ready, pertly informing you of the effects of your absence the moment you hurried through the grand hall. He also knew you had orchestrated an impromptu meeting with one of the seven lords, this was problematic. Your maid, eyes sharp and glaring, immediately gathered you for a bath; washing the Devildom air from your skin. Mercifully she didn’t mention the scent of demonus and smoke that clung to your hair, but her disapproving demeanor said it all regardless. Sneaking around, skipping meals, they didn’t trust you here. A little human from above, who had managed to impress their inviolable prince. 
The feeling was quite mutual. 
After feigning interest in a small meal, you dressed in clothing thick enough to protect from the ever-present chill that permeated the Devildom. You forced yourself to focus on the report from Barbatos, the contents of today’s missed meeting. Thankfully it was short, and none would be too angered by your missing it. Without purpose, your body was ticking with jumpy nerves as you stood. Waiting for him. 
There was a part of you that doubted, hoped, that Diavolo wouldn’t come. A part of you that steadfastly didn’t want his company, as you already knew how the conversation would go. Your duty to this realm clashed with your duty to the prince, exacerbated by the affair between you. You knew, you would look in his eyes and have nothing to offer but lies tonight. Diavolo had always admired your inner workings, the mind, and the skills, but only when it was convenient for him too. He often stated your support for him, his grand ideals of peace between the three realms, was of high value but restricted your practical ability to, your very value becoming the chains that bound you. He flippantly disregarded the purpose you served here, stealing you away to be pinned beneath those lovely molten eyes. 
Despite telling yourself all of this, over and over, you couldn’t help the way your heart nearly stopped out of excitement upon hearing his voice.
“Knock knock,” Diavolo called. Though he neither knocked nor used your door, however loose the term “door” was for the entrance to your room. It was often sealed away, magic more complex than what you could subvert. Gilded cages, as they say. 
“Hello to you too,” you replied, voice controlled as you kept your eyes glued to the report you pretend to read. 
“Earlier when I’d looked for you, it was as if you’d vanished,” his presence was calm, warm, and playful. He probably didn’t know what you were up to today. Probably. Either way, your heart was still beating in your throat, internally irritated by your fear at his probing for the truth. 
“Why would I leave?” you managed to spitefully adopt the same playful tone. “Where else would a prince bring me tea after all?”
“Ah, yes, a prince reduced to mere servitude for you,” Diavolo said, not giving away any indication yet again of if he knew as he placed the tea down. “Barbatos nearly had a fit when I said I would make it for you myself.”
You tried not to dwell on the way the golden lamplight warmed his skin, or how prettily disheveled his hair looked after clearly running his fingers through it; though if out of stress you were unsure. It was a losing battle, and while you could attempt to tell yourself there was a nobler purpose to starting this affair you knew the truth, he was devastatingly attractive. And that was before you factored in his royally born charisma.
“And what’s the cost for such generosity?” you said, nodding to the tea. 
“I’m wounded that you would doubt my altruistic nature,” he replied, feigning hurt. You let your silent doubt serve as the answer. Melodramatically he sighed, “I’ll have you know my intentions were wholly innocent. I was hoping for a pleasant evening together.” 
“Is that really all?” you questioned, eyebrow quirked. 
As far as you could tell, he didn’t seem to know surely what you had been up to. As good of a liar as Diavolo was, he was strategic in those lies, as well as in his use of the truth. It was infuriating and impossible to concretely suss out what he did and did not know. 
“Of course,” he said cheerfully, “though in the course of our conversation I may consider covertly asking what was so important you neglected your duties today. Of course, not in such an overt way, but more masterfully so you wouldn’t even notice my prying until you’d already told on yourself.” 
“Oh of course,” you nod indulgently. 
“But, you seem to have almost no appreciation for my gentler nature so I suppose there is no other choice but to be so blunt.” He pointed the teaspoon at you, “So, what exactly were you doing today?”
You meet his lovely golden eyes, answers ready at the tip of your tongue. Doing things you wouldn’t agree with. Rebelling against you. Making my way out of here. 
“I was shopping, I needed some time to think to myself,” you shrug noncommittally. 
“So shopping is why you ditched your guards the first chance you had, of course,” Diavolo said dryly. His movements were too languid while he handed you your tea, waiting for your reaction.
Lying to Diavolo was nigh impossible. You knew well that he would find even the subtlest of tells, and you didn’t enjoy being the liar either. In the beginning, it had been fun, but when the matters of the heart came into play your loyalty had become blind. Your role in his grand designs became muddled, though your express position had not. To be subservient to the man, to serve as an ambassador to the realm but if you betrayed one you betrayed both. Further complicating matters was Diavolos’s incessant need for the truth at all times, hungrily prying any of your secrets from your flimsy grasp and you had next to nothing for yourself alone. 
So, even if you hated it, you had to lie. You had no choice but to weave this messy tapestry of lies. One day perhaps he would understand, in his unrelenting quest to understand humans as a whole why you had to lie in order to keep yourself sane in this place. 
“I don’t need to be protected,” you say as you accept your tea. The best lies hold a hint of truth after all. “Or watched”. Bitterness accidentally seeped into your words. Any demon inside his realm knew better than to even cast you a sideways glance. Unofficial or not most knew of the princes’ favor for you and suspected that it went deeper than mere friendship. Guards were an unnecessary display of his power, nothing more or less. You turned your gaze down to the cup, trying to hide your tonal slip up. It was a tea you weren’t familiar with. Sweeter than usual, not the best for sleeping. 
“It’s for your own safety, I hope you can recognize that,” he said, voice dispassionate and dry. It spoke to the arguments you had already had before. “A human in this realm still angers many people, you do realize. It’s not unthinkable someone would be bold enough to make an attempt on your life or attempt to manipulate you due to your proximity to me.”
Manipulate me, as you do?
That question felt like acid on your tongue in contrast with the sweetness of the tea, but you weren’t so reckless as to voice it. Not that it wasn’t the truth, but his contained anger could only hold out against so much goading. Besides, your role in this castle was to be subservient so to voice such words would make him doubly angry. Once again, even though your circumstances had morphed your express role had not. You detested it. Longed for the days when you were merely a human exchange student and enjoyed your days with the seven brothers. Cursed yourself regularly for falling into the honey trap the prince skillfully caught you in. 
“I know,” you replied simply, taking another sip of your tea. 
Its sweetness now a welcome contrast to the stressful conversation. With a sigh you said nothing more, allowing the conversation to lapse. You also noticed he hadn’t touched his own tea, too seemingly lost in thought as he watched your curtains flutter with the slight breeze from the open window. 
You felt yourself relenting, yet again, for Diavolo. But for him as a lover or as a prince you didn’t know. Loyalty was a funny thing. 
“I am sorry for missing the meeting earlier,” you offer, hoping to break the growing expression of displeasure from his face. Thankfully it worked, and the tense moment passed. Old arguments often flared between you two, but Diavolo was the sort of man to pursue battles he knew he could win. 
He began to replay the days events for you, and while you didn’t ask it of him he began getting undressed while regaling you with the colorful details the report had left out. All of your guilt was swept aside in your relief that he would be spending the night with you, at least it seemed you hadn’t angered him too much today with your disobedience. 
Before long, after stifling your yawns, you realized you were far more tired than you thought. It was the sickly sort of drowsiness that had you nearly sliding to the floor, your thoughts beginning to melt away. 
At first, nothing seemed wrong. Fatigue worked its way through your limbs and dully crawled inside your head, the colors of the room softened. It had been a stressful day, after all. 
You failed to notice Diavolos intent gaze as he continued to explain the various things that had emerged during todays meeting. Considering the things you’d done that day, the discussion was welcomely tame. You found yourself enjoying his voice more than his words, as they became hazier and hazier. 
The movement from the lounge to the bed was a difficult one, as you nearly fell against the mattress, stretching out like a cat enjoying its sunlight. It was comfortable, despite the fact that you almost felt feverish. You could feel your skin heating, the heat like an anchor at your lower stomach blazing across your skin and up your spine as you arched languidly. 
Diavolo made no mention of the obvious change in your demeanor, cracking a joke about Lucifer. Your laugh was a dizzy sort of noise, and when Diavolo pulled you against himself it was a fluid motion with your body despite the sudden heaviness permeating your limbs. 
Being against his skin was nice, but not in a way you liked much at that moment. The sweet tang of the tea rested heavily on your tongue. You hadn’t thought anything was wrong until that very moment when discontentment intruded on the feeling of warmth. Thankfully Solomon had taught you the effect of many poisons through the time you spend studying with him, and you kicked yourself internally for taking so long to notice; having been lulled into a state of contentment. The realization transformed into a heady panic in your separated mind.
“Dia I feel…” he spoke over you, but you couldn’t discern what it was. You needed to tell him what was happening to you, but the words escaped you. 
“Warm?” he asked cheekily, ignoring your distress as he nuzzled against your hair, arm slung around your waist pulling you even together against him. “Struck by a sudden impulse to tell me the truth?” Gone was the earlier playfulness. 
“Yes,” the affirmation came so easily it shocked you. Your faded mind was distracted yet again, a groan leaving your lips at the feeling of his fingers brushing against the now exposed skin of your stomach, pushing the fabric up even further. Within the onslaught of lust dread lurked, something was wrong and he was suspiciously pleased. Even in your current state, it didn’t take much to put two and two together. 
You wanted to tell him how good he felt, ask him to place his hand lower- 
“Like this?” Diavolo’s whisper barely registered in your mind, as his hand brushed your hip bone, teasing closer to where a sudden ache had bloomed. 
“What did you do to me?” you manage to slur out.
“And what makes you think I did anything?” Diavolo feigned indignation, too pleased with himself and the sight in front of him. Sensing your rising tension he was quick to soothe you, running his hand over your skin again. “Alright, you’ve got me. I asked Barbatos to experiment with a few things, don’t worry it won’t hurt you. Hopefully.” 
You sputter at his admission, struggling to escape his hold and roll away from him. Diavolo simply watched your pathetic attempts at movement with a bemused smile. Dizziness overtook you as the world rolled, heaviness too as you fought to rise up on your elbows. Meeting his eyes you felt a zing of need overtake you, but forced yourself to focus on your slurred speech. 
“You drugged me?” There was a twinge of the anger you should feel at the realization, but there was also an undercurrent of lust that couldn’t be so easily overtaken. 
It was burning, sizzling through your veins. A sweaty sort of fever made it feel as if your very blood was boiling inside of you. The lingering sweetness of it was now disgusting, cloying and sticking to your teeth like a coating of wax. Even worse the impulse to confess, tell him everything you felt. All of your desire and resentment towards him. 
“No, it was simply just a little something to make you relax,” Diavolo said, tucking his now free hand beneath his head to keep himself propped up in an indifferent position. It was too distracting for your scattered mind, not the motion itself, but the subtle pull and flex of his muscles beneath the skin. The way the light warmed his complexion and cast shadows just right, highlighting dramatically all of his undeniably attractive features. “Something catching your eyes?” he teased, brow raised. 
“You’re so beautiful,” you sigh, taking a moment to register what you had said. It wasn’t all you wanted to say. Diavolo let out a rumbling chuckle, “No that’s…not-” a whine rising from your throat broke your thoughts, it was all you could do to not grind against the bed for a taste of brief satisfaction. “Why?”
“Ah, yes,” he said, sitting to meet your eyes directly. He was no longer smiling, the playful air fully evaporated from him. “Where were you truly? Not just today, of course, but all the other occasions you’ve decided to throw my graciousness toward you back in my face.” 
The question made you freeze, feeling like ice was forming in the pit of your stomach. Working through your now weak defenses, tearing all of your deceit away. Your eyes widened and your breath caught in your throat. You bit your lip to stop the overeager compulsion to speak freely. 
So that was why. If you weren’t in this sickly dizzy state you would’ve been able to appreciate how he’d trapped you yet again inside this honey pot. 
“You aren’t even going to deny it are you?” Something akin to disbelief glittered in his eyes. 
“No,” you replied sluggishly. His smile returned at the small victory, letting the threat from your answer settle deep into your mind. 
“Such is the result of a guilty conscience I suppose. It won’t take long for you to tell me all the lovely little details of your deceit. Your little plan of escape.” 
What a cruel trick. 
And in spite of the realization that you’d be punished severely for this, you giggled. The sound rises like bubbles inside your throat, escaping wildly from your lips. You made no attempt to stifle it either, balling your hands into fists so tightly the nails cut into your palms. There had to be some way to wiggle out of this, but you couldn’t summon the anger you needed for any clear thought. More giggles escaped you, the sensation of Diavolos finger stroking against your skin and the press of his body against yours again made the fear of his wrath so distant from your lust. 
“If you aren’t interested in honesty that’s your call,” he said, flippantly while pausing, and despite his words, his golden eyes openly roamed your body now contorted by lust. Even the blind could see how hopelessly aroused you were, and either fortunately or unfortunately for you, he was no blind man. “But what I gave you is a bit more intense than I’d imagined. It will be a long night to wait alone.”
“Alone?” you echoed, The idea of facing the night alone in your present state made your eyes widen once more in panic. You didn’t have the bearings to not feel any embarrassment at your pathetic tone, nor the fear at the smile spreading across his features. He didn’t even see anything wrong with this. What he was doing to you. 
Diavolo wanted the truth, wanted you. And in the beginning, it had been easy, before you fully grasp what his love truly was: obsessive, twisting, and pulling at the meaning of love until you hardly recognized it anymore. Still, you had to admit he could be worse. Not every cage is gilded. 
The lustful confusion was nearly suffocating you and you couldn’t think clearly. It urged you to throw yourself at him with abandon, lose yourself inside him at any cost. 
“How about a deal then,” he said when you didn’t respond. “Tell me everything…and I’ll make you cum so hard you forget your own name, wrap your legs around my waist, and scream mine instead. Doesn’t that sound like a nice bargain?”
The yes left you quickly, sounding more akin to a moan. All you could think about was him, primally reaching for him as the shrinking sane part of you cried no, no, no, but surely you’d die if he left you unattended like this. Why be afraid of the consequence of truth when it sounded so sweet? Delirious logic, you had already abandoned your position, your resistance halted before it could even truly begin. 
“I was meeting with Belphegor today,” you say in a hurried burst, anything to stop him from leaving you. “It was innocent I swear, I pinky promise,” another fit of giggles struck your dazed mind at your words. 
“Belphegor?” He said, turning his gaze back to you. No smile, his eyes were hard. You realized then that you’d never seen Diavolo truly angered before. But it didn’t seem as though he was surprised by your admission either. 
Ah, the truth, ineloquent and messy came tumbling past your lips in a rush. All of it, how you felt this push and pull between desiring him and hating him. How you did in fact hate him for not only making your life and your place here so complicated, for all but holding you hostage as a plaything for him to admire and pick up whenever the whim struck. And that was why you had chosen Belphegor, he who you had helped in his time of capture and who knew best what you were feeling. He would help you because he did care for you. 
If Diavolo was upset by your admissions he didn’t show it. “And why did you go to such great lengths to hide it from me?”
His tricks had left you utterly defenseless, put you at the mercy of your emotions and once again his whims. You suddenly got the sickening feeling that you were in over your head. Worse, if you didn’t tell him what he wanted he would do far more than just leave you in this state for the night. 
“You’d have stopped me,” you say, harsh reality striking you like a blow. You had betrayed him. Although there was little consolation in it, he didn’t look angry, eyes simply keeping an even keel on you in the lamplight. Finally, it broke into a smile, a beautiful one that didn’t reach his eyes and left a yawning pit in your stomach. 
“See? What it really that hard?” 
You should have felt fear, shame, anger…but your lips merely parted as you nodded instead, breathing labored. No, it hadn’t been difficult at all. 
“Are you mad at me?” you knew you sounded like a frightened child, but you were too far gone and too desperate for his validation. 
“I’m absolutely livid, my love.” His tone was playful once again, leaving your nerves frayed at the uncertainty. “I already knew what you were doing this morning, I had hoped you would have gotten past this though.” 
“You knew?” your small whisper came, shocked that he had gone to this length if he already knew beyond a doubt what you were doing. And that he had let you. 
“I didn’t say anything because I was hoping perhaps that you would confess without intervention, I was even willing to forgive you up until I gave you the tea. When you lied to me, to my face, yet again.” His voice radiated disapproval, driving needles of fear deeper into your skin. 
“Why wait if you already knew?” A whine tightened your throat, it was agony enduring this conversation while your body inappropriately pulsed with need. 
“Well the truth can be quite…therapeutic I suppose. Do you feel any better having confessed?” 
“No,” you spit, poison destroying the sensibility you had left. Diavolo laughed at that, placing a grin on your face as well. 
“Honestly from what I was able to gather, all of your little schemes might have even worked.”
“It’s not worth the amount of damage you would inevitably do. Things are fragile enough while some still oppose my proposal and humans.”
“Just one last thing, my own curiosity, was there ever a point that you considered telling me?”
“When it worked,” you said bluntly, words coming too readily as your mind scattered further and further. You should have felt afraid, hurt, disgusted but you didn’t. Arousal is a powerful beast after all. 
“I’m not sorry,” the words sounded petulant but it was also the truth. However, any further speech was smothered when Diavolo pushed you down into the pillows in one fluid motion. He leaned over you, pinning your hands above your head with both of his. Then slowly, agonizingly slow, his calloused fingers trailed down your bare arms. The touch, as innocent as it was in a relative sense, was one of the most sexually charged sensations you’d ever been gifted.
“You’re not sorry?” he asked, face mere inches from your own and half-naked body hovering over yours. You shook your head, knowing words would fail you. His eyes were almost rueful, “keep your hands right here.” He was giving you an opportunity to be obedient, and you eagerly obliged hoping to dodge any further discomfort or aftershocks of anger. You did your very best to keep your arms above your head, holding perfectly still when he grasped the edges of your shirt to pull it up, baring your body to the cold air. The contrast between the chill and your internal fever was dizzying, while your nipples became stiff and aching for his attention. 
Again you held still as he ignored your chest, trailing down the bones of your ribcage, across your waist, closer still to the place between your thighs where you ached for him the most. 
There was no hesitation as you spread your legs apart for him, the obscenity unable to embarrass you. The embarrassment had no place in your mind, only the promise of satisfaction after the cruel treatment of earlier. 
“You’re so wet,” Diavolo said, settled between your legs expression genuinely amused. “Seeing you like this makes me want nothing more than to have my way with you. I don’t think I’m far off in saying you want that too?” he didn’t speak with seduction, but rather in a nonchalant way that made his words even dirtier. 
You simply nodded, unable to form a response with the heady, poisoned lust wrapping it's fingers around your mind.
“Hm, it wouldn’t take much effort either. In this state, I could probably have you screaming from my fingers alone, faster if I use my tongue.” he teased you, nails dragging along your inner thigh.
Your begging was a broken sound, yet your hands remained where he’d placed them. “Please,” you whined, rolling your hips, pleading for his teasing to end.
“I could also take my time, it’d be a shame to neglect the rest of your body when you’re so clearly desperate for my attention,” he left your thighs, returning to your chest to resume his teasing. As soon as your back arched into his touch he abandoned it, hand gliding back down to your stomach. Finally, those annoying fingers slid further, gliding through your wetness, pulling a tremor from deep within your body. 
“I don’t care,” you gasped urgently, hands fisting into the sheets with such force you were sure your nails would cut into them. “Please, anything-”
“Tell me your sorry,” he said, wiping his finger on the skin of your thigh. His tone was cold, jarring really. “Tell me you won’t lie to me again.” 
You couldn’t, didn’t even want to. Your brain felt hardwired to think of only one thing right now, no room for faux remorse. 
“You’re really not are you?” He sounded hurt, actually hurt. “Just the thought of losing you…Do you not know what that would do to me? Or not care?” 
It only hit you then what he was actually upset about. Losing you politically, physically. It didn’t matter if he lost you emotionally, not when all it would take is a simple cup of tea in the future. 
“I’m sorry,” you said, mentally gritting your teeth, but your lust was suddenly tainted with guilt. Even with how he manipulated you, you couldn’t help the remorse at being the cause of his distress whether feigned or real. 
Diavolos eyes held yours, bare gaze, bare body, and bare soul. Your breath caught, your heart seized, your spine shivered. He grinned.
“You are sorry,” he said, ending the moment to drag his gaze over your flushed form to make the double meaning clear. “I forgive you, of course. It’s awfully hard to stay mad when you make such a compelling case."
Diavolos body was unyielding and strong when it enveloped yours, inescapable. He tasted like cinnamon and the tangy-sweet fruit of the devildom. Against your own, his body was intoxicatingly warm, wonderful. Your fingers tangled in his hair, back arching into him firmly, it was all driven by blind desire. 
He was everywhere, Against your bare thigh, through the thin shorts he yet retained, you could feel his arousal. Hard, solid, hot. Lithe and softly he caressed your skin as if playing an instrument only he knew. Appreciating the sensitive skin of your chest, your shuddering ribcage, the top of your hip.
The press of his finger against your clit drew a sharp whimper from your throat, and you gasped heavy breaths as he pulled away from your lips. Moaning louder at the second press of his fingers, but it was too slow. Your hands descended, ready to take control but he was quick to catch you and push your greedy hands back into the pillows. 
“Tch, having issues following orders,” he whispered, clearly not even half as affected by the rising heat and tension in the air as you were.
“You’re being mean,” you forced out, then with all the spite you could muster, “My Lord.”
Diavolo, playing at a game that was already slipping from your attention, pressed unbearably sweet, gentle kisses across your jaw, to your neck. At the same time, his fingers worked up into a steady rhythm against your clit. It was as if you'd never been touched before, it was liquid heat and sparking electricity, it was enough to make you cry out, to make you moan. But not enough to make you shut up, because the sweet drug held your tongue just as captive as your libido.
“You are mean,” you insisted through gasps, “You’re cruel.”
“Rather strong words,” he said, sliding a finger inside of you. The sensation scattered your thoughts anew, and your hands grasp frantically at his body. You kept your eyes shut, the feeling of him watching you in anticipation was nearly too much.
“You’re worse than any other demon,” you cry, voice barely legible. He wasn’t bluffing earlier, he would make you come for him with little effort. 
“Is that right?” he cooed, dripping condescension. You didn’t care anymore, his warm voice and warm skin were bleeding into your veins, sweet and syrupy. 
“A bastard,” you whined, no real malice behind your words, as your back arched and your body milked the second finger he added causing your eyes to roll back as he curled them with each stroke. He ducked his head to lightly graze your nipple with his teeth, too focused on you now to continue talking.
And that was all it took, your fingers curled like claws into his back, causing him to bite down particularly hard on the skin of your chest, raising the pitch of your moan to a sharp cry as the tension in your core was stroked to a blazing release. Heat filled you, your skin burning, hips pumping against his hand in a stuttering rhythm. A hiccuping moan left your lips when he pulled off your skin with a slick pop, leaving it sore and sensitive.
He kissed your neck where your pulse bounded so rapidly, then the sharper ledge of each collarbone, moving finally to press his lips to the hollow where they met. Looking up at you, Diavolo grinned smugly. 
In a vague way, you wanted to stop him so you could even out the unfair playing field by making him at least half of the mess you’d become, but your head was too dizzy and heavy. When his mouth gave you the barest hint of pleasure, lavishing attention to your clit still sparking with the fresh memory of release, it was all you could do to stop yourself from sobbing. The patterns he drew over your swollen clit with his tongue were more than you could handle, but not quite enough to get you off. It was the same with the fingers he pushed into you, cruel in the unsteady pace they kept.
You knew your body was writhing as if possessed, thighs tensing dangerously tight to his head before relaxing and spreading, constantly moving in your body’s unending reach for release. Worst of all, you knew this was all his design. Terrible man that he was, Diavolo was playing a game with you. You tried to tell him as such, but the way his lips closed around your clit summoned nothing but a choked cry, and the words left your mind altogether.
The pleasure was left to drift in scattered pieces and rebuilt with fervor beneath his clever fingers. It soon became so intense it blotted out control, turned your awareness to pinpricks of slight focus. Your body stretched and reached for release, begging with as much desperate vigor as your mouth was. It was too much, too hot and too good. You tossed your head back into the pillows, back arched, mouth opened in a silent scream.
You came down slowly, but the world held it’s softened haze, your muscles suffering little tremors as you struggled to regain your thoughts. Things regained shape, your hammering heartbeats steadily slowed. For the span of seconds, it was all you could do to breathe. Diavolo only afforded you those mere seconds before roughly pulling you toward him, wrapping your legs around his waist. Despite this, there was a wealth of intimacy in the way he entered you, bottoming out and simply holding you for a moment, his way eased completely by how wet you were. 
Then he kissed you again, making you whimper as the overstimulation from before made each thrust of his hips burst with heat, with shivering, shuddering focused attacks of pleasure. The taste of your own juices was thick on his lips, the musky smell of it intertwining with his own scent. Instinctively, you bit his bottom lip, eliciting a low growl from his throat and a stuttering thrust of his hips. Diavolo pulled away, letting out a gasp, a breathless laugh in a bid to keep control. You clung to him harder, digging in your nails, your body urging him to move, thoughtless and wild with lust. Your eyes met his, and you saw something similar reflected in their golden depths. Something unrestrained, uninhibited. You kissed him again, messy and rough, a desperate attempt to share with him the taste of the sugary poison, to express to him something you had no idea how else to show, something you weren’t even sure was entirely real. Was this honesty, unrestrained and chaotic? Or pretend delusions. You couldn’t concentrate on it, couldn’t follow any particular thread of thought farther than the tense tightening in your core, nothing beyond him.
You could feel his body winding up, the way his muscles bunched and shifted, the sounds that he never really bothered to stifle a lovely match to your own. His forehead was against yours, as the harsh rasp of his breath beat against your skin. He pushed you farther up the bed for a better angle, desperately burying himself inside of you.
Diavolos hands, hot and rough, mapped out your skin, squeezed your thighs, your waist. You propped yourself up with an arm, leaving the other free to drape around his neck so your hand could tangle in his hair, pull on his scalp until he groaned. Until he held you tighter, rougher. You were bare flesh and gasping moans and poisoned blood, tenderly violent intimacy. 
Like this, he could drive deeper, be a little more violent. Like this, your fractured mind could really relish in each perverse slap of skin on skin. Your poisoned blood thrummed as his moans became raspy and desperate, helpless in the face of his mounting release. You were the same, the only thing falling from your lips was the cries of his name
A prayer, a wish, a desperate plea. Everything, he was everything.
You squeaked shrilly when his fingers slipped down to tease at your oversensitive clit, nearly collapsing when your arms spasmed and body trembled. Coming again was akin to agony, wild and chaotic. The color of the sun, of a field of rippling wheat. Warm honey in your veins. It wasn't as intense as the one before, but his relentless fervor dragged it on, making it impossible to tell where the tail of one pleasure ended and the next began. It rolled through you, whatever vestiges of sanity you clung to departing with a fluttering draft of cool air from the window, wringing you out to the very last drop.
One of the only things that remained real in your mind was the spreading warmth as Diavolo came. He said your name, cracking it as lust overtook his voice, breaking the sound apart. How wonderful, how overwhelming, something riotous and innate. You answered with his name, slurred and dreamily devoted, rendered in your rasping voice.
You could feel when it was over that he’d had his fill. When he pulled out, emptiness made you shiver, the open window letting in air that felt deliciously chilling to your hot, sweaty skin and suddenly abandoned body. You toppled to your side, feeling your body finally giving out. There were things you wanted to say, least of all to complain that he was using your discarded clothing to hastily clean both of you up, but the world wouldn’t stop spinning.
The poison was something you’d have to sleep off, which didn’t seem like too bad of a prospect as you looked up blankly at the ceiling. Nausea twisted your insides, your head pounded with the small promise of a headache. Your head fell to the side dispassionately to look at Diavolo, the only movement you felt capable of making. You’d scratched his back earlier, angry red marks etched into his skin right over the shoulder blades.
In the darkened silence, your stomach lurched when the sane piece of your mind considered what this night meant. A dangerous precedent you'd allowed him to set, allowed yourself to fall right where he wanted you.
Tumblr media
© 2021 — lucisheart please do not copy, take credit for or repost any of my works.
✰ TAGLIST: @kaisspace @obey-me-tho @hisvillainess
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rose-lord-of-simps · 18 hours ago
Mammon’s Broken Heart
So apparently I woke up and chose violence today.
My body said fuck this shit we got titties and it’s not fun.
And I have been listening to Bakugou playlists.
So enjoy this.
Trigger warning: cheating and mammon’s brothers are mean
Mammon was never the first choice.
He was never the first choice for advice, entertainment, affection, or even just to be the brother the others comfort.
He was never the first choice.
So when you came m, and you accepted him as your first? Well he was over the moon!
Mammon wasn’t good at showing his affection verbally, but what he lacked in words he more than made up for physically, in both a fluffy and spicy sense.
After being with Mammon for a few weeks, it wasn’t hard to see why anyone would absolutely adore him.
None of the brothers could understood it.
They never understood why you chose to date Mammon over anyone else.
Lucifer could provide for you in every sense of the word.
Levi could always offer a place to hide away when needed.
Satan could offer the most entertaining of tales.
Asmodeous could offer endless fun and self care.
Beel could offer all his love and food.
And even Belphie could offer amazing sleep.
But you were in love with Mammon.
Mammon who could only offer you himself.
Mammon who was clumsy and didn’t know how to use his words.
Mammon who didn’t know how to accept a compliment on more than just the surface level.
Mammon who messed everything up and is in severe debt because of it.
You chose him.
Mammon loved it.
He loved the angry looks they had whenever you kissed him.
He loved the jealousy in their eyes whenever they found the two of you holding hands.
He loved the scowl in their entire demeanor when they heard you laugh because of him.
And he loved you.
He loved kissing you, wherever you wanted him to.
He loved giving you all the affection he could, whenever he could.
He loved hearing your voice light up with even the slightest amount of joy.
And it broke him when he saw the human he loved being pressed against the chest of one of his own brothers.
“What’s going on here?”
The two of you broke apart and with the guilt in your eyes, Mammon knew that wasn’t forced upon you.
“No. Save it.”
You loving Mammon was a hit to Lucifer’s pride.
You loving Mammon was a hit to Levi’s ever growing envy.
You loving Mammon made Satan want to rage.
You loving Mammon made Asmo want you even more.
You loving Mammon made Beel insatiable.
You loving Mammon made Belphie wonder what he truly thought was so great about you.
So they knew they had to stop it.
The chosen brother to convince you of your faulty thinking didn’t have to kiss you.
He knew that.
But he wanted to.
He wanted to feel your lips upon his which he so craved.
He knew Mammon would be hurt.
But he was used to this right? Getting hurt by his brothers? What would be the difference if he just stole his lover. Mammon would get over it.
Mammon went to his other brothers for support, only to find all of them uncaring to the news he’s shared.
They all knew Mammon would get over it.
They knew Mammon would get over you at some point.
They didn’t know Mammon would also get over them.
As soon as you left for the human world, Mammon had moved out.
His brothers thought he was being petty and told him to stop making a fuss.
But once Mammon closed the door for good, they were hit with the truth.
They took the one person who loved Mammon from him.
Because in Mammon’s mind, why would his brothers, or anybody else, ever love the scummy second born?
And they knew it was true.
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trueshellz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Day 21: Satan + choking
Tumblr media
Previous day | MASTERLIST | Next day
Warnings: choking (mutual), sex, kissing, female reader, collar use, pet names (kitten, kitty, baby), mild pet play
Summary: Satan's had a bad day, so you do your best to cheer him up
Tumblr media
You always knew when your boyfriend was in a bad mood, if the thunderous look on his face wasn't enough to tell you then the group chat notifications and the fact that his brothers were staying out of his way was a dead giveaway. You weren't sure of the reason fully, something about a book being out of stock as well as an argument with Lucifer, which you knew never ended well.
So here you were.
Cat ears ready and a cute collar with a bell around your neck dressed in a sexy dress knocking on your boyfriends door.
Jumping a little when his voice boomed through, a small eye roll when you saw him hunched over his desk reading and muttering to himself. You turned to check your reflection in the mirror before clearing your throat a little, hoping to get his attention.
"If you have something to say, I suggest you make it quick I'm not in a best of moods."
Smiling to yourself, you kneeled at the end of his bed before peering up at him with an innocent look on your face.
Green eyes flashing to yours, widening when he saw your outfit and the ears on your head, he couldn't stop himself reaching our to flick the little bell around your neck and gasping when it tinkled. You could almost see his mood melt away, forehead ironing out and mouth agape slightly as you placed your chin on his hand.
"My, my. What a cute little kitty you are."
It didn't take long for Satan to pull you up and kiss you, hands tugging down the neckline of your dress so he could massage your breasts. His own jacket falling to the floor to meet your clothes as he tugged you to the bed, hands roaming your body as he kissed and licked every inch of you until you were squirming. Thighs trembling as his tongue lapped at your wet pussy, hands tugging the collar until your breath caught in your throat. A small grin on his face, triumphant even, when he pushed himself inside you with a low groan.
"Such a pretty little thing aren't you, baby? Hmm?"
Words stolen as he started to move, hips pistoning in and out in a steady rhythm with his fingers intertwined with yours. Hands above you on the bed as he met your lips in another hard kiss, tongues duelling as he swallowed your whines and moans. A gasp when his fingers pressed on the sides of your throat, eyes rolling back at the euphoric feeling running through your body. Your back arched as he loosened his hold only to grip it again, hard cock still moving inside you, tighter this time.
Hand moving to grab his neck, a small smile when he simply winked at you and pushed closer so your grip tightened. Blonde hair falling in his face as he moved, face millimetres from yours when your fingers pressed harder. You could feel the telltale signs of your orgasm, pussy clenching and unclenching around his hard dick, wet sounds as he moved. A chuckle from above you, collar being tugged so your eyes met.
"Gonna cum for me, kitten? Hmm? Make sure you ask first. Good pets ask."
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mythsofkairos · 13 hours ago
Hoi! Can I request an obey me fic of Asmo x reader and the reader ask if Asmodeus actually loves them or if their just a toy? Thank you have a good day!💖
Sure, why not? Because I’ve mentioned that I don’t do smut for Asmo, Belphie and Luke, this will be an SFW scenario. I hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
DO YOU LOVE ME?  [ OBEY ME Asmodeus x fem!reader ]
Tumblr media
[ includes: angst, self worth doubt, comfort ]
Tumblr media
There was a time when you used to look forward to Asmo’s shopping trips. Spending blissful hours shifting through aisles of fashionable outfits, all while the most beautiful being of all the three realms graced you with his insightful tips and much appreciated company. He would go on hours about how a certain color and contour suits your skin the best, and treat you to the finest pedicures in Devildom. A moment never felt dull when he was around, and now nothing seemed to reignite the light that once shone in your eyes.
As you stared at yourself in the body length mirror of your vanity desk, you felt an odd sensation twist at the pit of your stomach. This had been happening for a week now; you had begun to despise the part of your routine that forced you to look at yourself in a reflective surface of any sorts. Because it meant you had to look at the face he so regularly praised.
All of which you felt were lies.
How could he possibly call you the most beautiful being of all realms? You had seen angels; they were more ethereal, compassionate and pure than you could ever hope to be. Heavenly inside and out, unlike you whose very existence was an elongated tapestry of bad decisions. You had seen demons; radiating temptation and amourous glamour unparalleled throughout realms. Hell, there were even more humans who were far superior in any quality you could express. Then how?
He was lying. Had to be. To your face, all this time.
You couldn’t distinguish the anger from the hurt; they stem from each other after all, feeding off your decaying thoughts. You gripped the table edge harder, the intense blow of insecurity knocking the air out of your lungs. But before you could dwell in it any longer, three loud knocks on your door made you come crashing back into the harsh reality.
“MC! Darling, are you in there?”
The voice you once loved, now stung like a million needles pricking at your eardrums. Trying to stop the tears burning the corners of your eyes would be futile, so you let them out with a choked sob.
Seconds later, the door swung open. Leaning heavily on the knob with a worried expression creasing his perfect skin was the demon in question. “MC! What’s wrong?!”
You tried to turn away and hide, but not before another choked sob escaped your trembling lips. You clutched the fabric of your shirt over your chest, and the Avatar Of Lust’s heart clenched in a similar fashion. He tried to reach out to you with his gentle hands, but your question hit him first.
“Asmo...can I ask you something?”
“Of course, sweetie.”
“Do you really love me?”
Stumped by the suddenness of the question, Asmo stood in his spot transfixed as you continued rubbing your eyes and sobbing freely. His thoughts were running a mile a minute; what happened? You couldn’t possibly be this upset because he didn’t take you along during his last trip to Majolish. Did some succubus or demon threaten you? Did some spell of Solomon’s go awry and filled your head with terrifying hallucinations? He never failed to remind you of how much you meant to him, then why were you so upset? Was it not enough?
He didn’t have time to worry about it, because you were already inching closer to where he stood. Your beautiful eyes that once held the radiance of the brightest stars were now glassy and brimming with tears. You looked so fragile, seeking confirmation in his answer and actions. Forcing his frozen muscles to unlock, Asmo quickly pulled you into a comforting embrace, one arm around your waist and the other hand slowly stroking your hair. He waited as you wailed and cried in his arms, every second of it an eternal torture.
Making you meet his gaze by cupping your cheeks, he gingerly wiped your tears with his thumbs and smiled at you. “I love you more than I can even begin to express, but I still try. But maybe it wasn’t enough.”
He pressed a soft kiss on your forehead. “Do you not believe me when I say I love you?”
You shook your head and pushed him away. “It’s not true! Stop saying that!”
His eyebrows furrowed in pained concern. “Why would I lie to you?”
“B-Because it’s easy to toy with me, isn’t it?”
His eyes widened in horror. “MC what—”
“B-Because I believe everything you say, being the stupid human I am. Thinking you could l-love someone like me after looking at everything you could have…does it not feel like a waste of time?”
There was a beat of silence, and you buried your face in your hands were certain you would drive him away. To what he deserved — someone whose appearance and glory was fitting to be by his side. But then his grip around your waist tightened.
“Then what about me?”
You sniffed. “W-What do you mean?”
“I know what I am, MC. Beneath all this glitz and glamor is a face so ugly that it makes my skin crawl to look at. No one who has seen it has been the same.” The upward tug of his lips was slightly melancholic, unfitting for the beauty of his face. “But that didn’t stop you, did it? Never could.”
His thumb and index finger lifted your chin, beckoning you to look into his golden eyes. “You’re not beautiful because of what you wear or what you look like, but because after having seen me for all I am, having known about the filth I have done and been through, you still stand beside me and grace me with a love worthy of the Celestial Realm. Your heart, MC, is beautiful. Which is why you are beautiful.”
It was as if his words had lifted a huge weight of your chest. You went limp in his arms, whimpering softly as you buried your face in his neck and letting his lavender scent soothe your tensed nerves. His tinkling laughter once again sounded melodious as it fell upon your ears. 
“A nice bubble bath with me to make you forget all your worries. How does that sound?”
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neokogirlrites · a day ago
Blowjob- Lucifer X Mc
Blowjob- Lucifer X Mc
A hand discreetly brushes down the back of Mc’s back as Diavolo talks to everyone about what they were going to be doing next during another one of his sleepovers. A shiver runs down her spine as she leans gently into Lucifer, trying to not draw attention to their playful touches. The next couple of hours were filled with longing gazes across the room, fleeting touches when they were able to get close enough, and even the occasional glare (pout) from Lucifer when one of his brothers got too close to Mc. Finally as the night was winding down and most groups were going their own way, leaving them with some private time.
Walking through the halls of the castle, Lucifer grasps Mc’s hand, suddenly pulling her into a vacant room. The door shuts behind them with a click before he presses her against the door, crashing his lips into hers in a passionate kiss. A moan escapes Mc’s lips, parting to let his tongue slip in as he deepens the kiss. Mc’s fingers thread though his raven hair as she presses her body into his warmth, a whimper escaping her lips as he bites down on her bottom lip before trailing down her neck to bite into her pulse.
A curse leaves her lips as her mouth drops from the sensation of his lips on her sensitive skin as a leg wraps around his waist in desperation.
A low chuckle rumbles through his chest, “Keep it down, Love. Don’t want us to be caught now do you,” He teases against her skin, the action making her walls clench with need.
Mc brings his head back up to steal a kiss from him as his hand comes up to grope her chest though her shirt, brushing against the clothed hard bud as he kisses her breathless. Mc’s hand goes down to grope his clothed erection, the feel of how hard he was already making her weak in the knees.
Lucifer pulls away with a hum, “Do you want this,” He questions as he takes Mc’s hand to grip his cock tightly, making her pump it the way he wanted her too.
Mc nods as she bites her bottom lip, her mouth watering at his actions as she unzips his pants to release his cock for her to fondle. She pulls it out, enjoying the way it throbbed in her hand as she slowly stroked it without taking her eyes away from him. Stroking him with a steady pace she enjoyed the feel of how hot and ready he was in her hands, his precum slicking up his cock as she continued her menstruation before getting down on her knees in front of him. Without breaking eye contact, Mc let's her tongue glide up the underneath of his cock before taking him in her mouth with a hum. Mc flattens her touge as she takes him to the back of her throat, the feel of him twitching inside her mouth making her cunt ache, his hand coming to thread into her hair as she bobs her head on his cock.
“You’re such a good girl for me,” Lucifer pants as he watches her with hooded eyes, the sight of her happily devouring his cock making it hard not to throw caution and plow into her mouth.
Pushing her head all the way down on his cock and holding it there with a moan brings a visible shutter from Lucifer as she swirls her tongue on her way back up. Lucifer's mouth drops open as she continues to work his head with one hand pumping his base and the other massaging his balls. Grunts and praises fall from Lucifer's lips as he thrust up into the warmth of her mouth, the sensation driving him closer over the edge as Mc’s mouth works its magic. Mc feels his cock pulse and swell inside her mouth as she pushes it to the back of her throat, reveling in the feeling of his hand tightening in her hair and the moan that was pulled from his lips. The feeling of him cuming hard in the back of her throat causes a shutter to run up her spine as Mc makes a show of swallowing every last drop, pumping his cock to make sure she gets everything before pulling off with a lewd plop.
Mc gets pulled to her feet for a kiss as Lucifer reaches between her legs, “Let me repay the favor, Love.”
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usertala · 2 days ago
i want to buy all the brothers demon look but i feel like I'm gonna waste my ravens buying Satan and Belphie's ugly ass demon look 😭😭
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panicattheattic · a day ago
Self-sacrifice is such a lovely trope
To love so deeply that you don't matter anymore?
To love so much that damned be the gods?
To love in such a way that you could abandon everything for someone?
That was such a wonderful way to see heroes go
To see a lover partake
To see a friend or a parent participate in
But death is a much to easy sacrifice.
In death, you abandon your current life and pass to the next.
No, well written self-sacrifice doesn't always require death.
Well written self-sacrifice can be memories, possibly turning you into a new person.
Self-sacrifice can be a limb. It allows for character development and growth, without getting rid of them.
It can be emotions. To stop feeling for the greater good.
It can be status. To run away together, to do what's right, maybe even to grow.
It can be to give up your life, but not through death.
It can be to give up everything you once knew and move towards a new life.
Self-sacrifice should not be easy in stories.
It rarely is in real life.
Simeon found himself abandoning almost everything.
The idea of life without you was painful
The idea of parting ways made him feel hollow.
It made his throat burn and his eyes water
He could leave it all and just...
Stay with you.
Life will most likely change drastically, but who cares?
He can adapt.
You can show him.
Self-sacrifice allows you to explore the ripple effect that the act causes.
For Simeon, it was his life before you.
Most of it, anyway.
You'd never make him give up the quill. That'd be an unforgivable sin.
Heaven was traded in for Hell.
Divinity for damnation.
The illusion of perfection for love.
A tale that would surely find it's own way into his works.
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joyfularia · 6 hours ago
No cause I have been wondering about this for a while and hasn't got an answer since then and I think I am gonna grow white hair😃✋
How the hell did Lucifer gave birth to Satan?
He just pop out a demon baby or become pregnant like my mother? Or his warth just form a grown-ass demon?
I need answers!! 😶
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cafebetwixtworlds · 2 days ago
Order Up! The Last Sample of the Delightfully Devilish Sampler Tray is Ready!(Part 2-2)
(The is the hcs for the younger brothers now! As I mentioned before, I had to split up the fic because I got a little too into it. You can find the original here. Do let me know if the link doesn't work! Anyway, I hope you enjoy. <3 )
Alright, here. Eat this up quickly while Table 5 is looking away. This stays between the two of us, alright?
The Obey Me! Brothers with an MC who's like Marius Von Hagen! (Headcanons), Part 2! The Younger Brothers!
Content Warnings: Chapter 16 spoilers, Spoilers for Tears of Themis also!(Episode 4 - 15) and (Marius's Personal Story, end of Episode 2)
Tumblr media
His intial feelings towards you were just, "This human is pissing Lucifer off, I like them." It was just entertaining to watch you screw with his older brother, but he never really thought too much about you.
The best way to introduce you two was probably like how you introduce cats to each other. Yes, I am serious.
Probably one of the few brothers who might recognize you. With how much time he spends with Asmo, he likely would've seen your picture on some Human World magazine of Asmo's. May have also read the interview inside of it, but who's to say if he actually did?
Doesn't care too much about you being a CEO heir. He's more interested in the mystery of where all these Cat-themed gift baskets keep coming from and who leaves them in front of his door.
Pre-pact Satan doesn't really react all that much to your flirty comments, surprisingly. If you catch him off guard you might squeeze a blush and stutter or two out of him, but otherwise he's likely too engrossed in his books or curses against Lucifer.
Post-pact Satan however, is a curious case.
Listen, you cannot convince me that someone who spends that much time reading novels and watching dramas is not a hopeless romantic.
He's blushing whenever you tease and toy with him, but he knows more than enough poetic lines to tug at your own heartstrings. But if you're determined to win this little flirting game, just pull out the cat puns. Bonus points if you do a lil' kitty pose to tease him as well. (Extra extra points if you can sorta mimic a purr. You know the noise you make when you roll your 'r's? If you just keep making that noise it sounds kinda like a purr.)
Not a fan of you teasingly calling him "Sir". It's funny when you do it to Lucifer but not to him. "Kitten" however...
Sketching him is both an easy and hard task. Sure, he sits in plenty of positions out in the open when he reads outside of his room, but pulling the wool over Detective Satan's eyes is incredibly hard.
Likely directly confronts you about it, asking why you keep staring at him from a distance. Eventually you give in and show him.
You thought cat pun infused flirts made him red? Well, he's currently a Christmas bulb. Takes a second to regain his composure before complimenting your art skills, albeit while stuttering a little and avoid eye contact. Might ask if he can keep a few to show off to his brothers, but honestly he likely just keeps them in a safe and secret place. Reads the little comments beside the picture to himself.
If you want to talk about Art History, Satan's actually probably your best choice. Better than Lucifer even. With how many years this demon's been alive and reading books, he probably owns a good chunk of rare books on Art across the eras. If you ask him nicely, you might manage to convince him to lend you a few rare tomes. But there is also always a chance you'll end up cursed if you happen to grab the wrong book. ("Oh, you should really read this book of mine by Camille Roffe." "Would you mind if I took a look at it?" "Of course not. It's actually right over there on that bookshelf. Second shelf up and third book on the right. Did you know it's actually an auto-biography of her time during the Great Depression and how she managed to make Art with what she had around the house. I wonder if we have enough stuff around the HOL to make something similar." "..." "Mc? You've been rather quiet over there, are you alright?" "Tantan..." "Eh? You've never called me that." "*sniffle* Tantan... I gwot I pwapercut... *hiccup*" "...*sigh* I really should get rid of that book.")
Watch yourself on just how much you talk about yourself in the Human World. He's pretty much a detective himself, potentially even better than Raven.
Also, don't expect him to fall for the whole "Z is my close artist friend" thing. He's gonna catch on that you are Z sooner or later, likely sooner rather than later. Probably composes a whole document of evidence that shows the similarities between your paintings and Z's if you don't outright tell him.
A bit of a mixed reaction if you start talking sadly about your missing brother. Mostly just offers you comforting touches and words of encouragement. Might offer up his services as "the Devildom's Greatest Detective", a self appointed title.
Asmo sport of likes you when you meet, but he just can't figure you out. You flirt, tease, and toy with him like everyone else, but you're not really all that interested whenever he tries to make those kind of advances.
Asmo is used to people flirting back with him whenever they want a kiss or some nice alone time with him*wink**wink*, so when you essentially hand him gold foil wrapped compliments on a silver platter daily and ask nothing in return, it confuses him more than flusters him.
Don't get me wrong, he likes it, but he doesn't really know what to do other than brush it off and accept you praise with a smile.
Post-pact Asmo however, becomes fully enraptured in the little back and forth flirting game the two of you tend to get into. You hardly ever win in the category of flustering the other first, since this is the Avatar of Lust we're talking about. But you're nothing to sneeze at either. This game of yours could go on for hours some days. (Seriously, have you seen how Marius reacts in-game to you lifting up his shirt or unbuttoning it? If not, here ya go:)
Tumblr media
When you call him "Sir", in a teasing way he doesn't mind. He'll just end up turning it back on you in some way however.
Fully embraces and reciprocates your PDA if you let him.
It makes him flushed to think about sometimes, but his favourite gesture between the two of you is your gentle touches. Like when you link pinkies with him to prevent the two of you getting separated in crowds or when your fingers gently ghost over his skin when you brush his hair out of his eyes to give your opinion on a new eyeshadow he just purchased.
I feel Asmo is more touched emotionally by the little things you do, in both a platonic and romantic way.
Does actually know a good amount of details about you before you come to the Devildom. Items from the Human World always seem to find their way into the Devildom somehow, so it wouldn't be a stretch to find a few magazines with your face on it. His favourite magazine image of you is actually one of you dressed in a very nice and professional look suit that you wore for an interview about Pax Group a month or so before you came to the Exchange Program.
The who heir to Pax Group thing isn't really all that interesting to him. The main thing he does like to ask about is all of the companies that Pax owns, and what sort of items you'd recommend to him from each one. ("What do you think about this product versus this one?" "Hmm, well if you're looking for something to match what you bought earlier, I reccomend that one." "Oh! Thank you, I didn't notice how well those two worked together." "They actually used to be a part of a collection together, but they split them apart to make them more expensive in different ones. I remember sitting in on one of the board meetings about it.")
He isn't against the gifts he finds on his vanity every now and then, but he does take note that they're all things that you've overheard him talk about from the Human World.
The best times to catch him holding still enough to sketch him is when he's engrossed in a task, like doing his nails or makeup. You'll have to be careful about angles however. If he's sitting in front of a mirror, you're going to get caught very easily if you just stand behind him.
He does blush quite a bit and smile when he does catch you eventually. Outright will ask to keep a few and definitely shows off to his brothers. Probably hangs them up somewhere in his room, potentially near his vanity or bed.
Offers to be your model more often and will hold whatever pose you'd like him to be in. If you'd rather draw him in a more organic nature, he'll try and do more activities that involve him sitting still where you can draw him. He's not even subtle about it either.
Isn't too jealous of this "Z'. He's already confident enough that he's better anyway, without being some famous, unknown artist. But if you get a little too into the Z not being you façade, he might find a few insecurities bubbling up from the deep recesses of his mind that he presses down heavily inside him. Please just tell him you're Z already or I'll get you. And I'll get you real fucking good.
Similar to Mammon, Asmo has a sort of very comforting big brother vibe. He'll treat you for the rest of the day if you're having a rough time and feeling down about your missing brother. The two of you probably have a Spa day to take your mind off of it, since that's what he does when he's missing Lilith.
So, the interactions between you and Beel are, interesting, to say the least.
It's no secret that his first impression of you was that you were food he wasn't allowed to eat. Plus, he didn't really have much interest in humans to begin with, he just didn't hate them as much as his twin.
Doesn't really get your flirting thing. You may catch him with a comment that does make him blush just a smidge, but that's all you're really going to get out of Pre-Pact Beel.
Post-pact Beel is also a bit of a toughie to fluster. He actually blushes more often when you're just spending time together and enjoying each others company rather than intentionally trying to get him embarrassed with sweet words and compliments. Though your words to still tend to make him flush a little if you say it in the right way and with the right amount of passion and intention.
Doesn't react too much to the "Sir" thing. Just like, "oh, okay."
When it comes to the topic of you being the heir to Pax Group, he's not all too fazed. Probably just asks about the different Human World foods that you've had that are know as delicacies amongst the common folk. Or even just Human food in general from around the world.
Oh, would you look at that? Someone left Fugu in front of his door last night. Isn't this one of the dishes you talked with him about last night? "Let's share it together. :) "
While Beel does talk to you about Art and maybe asks you to teach him a little on how to draw better, you two actually bond more over working out together.
Of course, you're no where near as strong as him, but you're actually fairly impressive strength wise for a human. He'll offer to spot you when you're doing weights training and slow down his pace just a little when you run together so the two of you can just chat about whatever.
Speaking of working out together, when you're taking a quick break is a great time to sketch him. You're going to be an expert at drawing muscles by the end of the Exchange Program. Beel is usually too focused on his workout to notice, but there's a chance that whoever is spotting him might point it out to him. He swears it's the first time he's seen you go so red in the face as you drop your sketchpad in surprise and drop a well detailed image of him on the floor.
Another brother who will want to keep a few sketches. He even finds a few of him when he was engrossed in a meal over at Hell's Kitchen. Definitely flushes at a note beside it reading, "even when eating he's ethereal." Probably keeps that image of him in his locker as a good luck charm for his Fangol games.
Not really all that phased by the Z stuff. You said you were just close friends, so he'll take your word for it. You probably tell him outright anyway, likely while the two of you are working out together. ("Oh, Beel. You remember Z?" "Yes, your painter friend. His paintings are really nice." "Well I'll tell you a secret since I trust you'll keep it. I'm actually Z." "Oh." "..." "Your paintings are really nice then Mc. :) Your secret is safe with me." "Thank you, Beel." "No problem. Want switch positions?" "Nah, I need to take a break for a second." "Okay. :)" )
Massive Teddy Bear of comfort. You probably end up comforting him as well as you talk to each other about your missing siblings. He'll honestly hold you for as long as you want, and if you need to cry he's fine with it. The tears and sniffles will wash out.
To say that you and Belphie have a complicated relationship would be an understatement.
Belphie hates humans, and you're a human. He's just using you to get him out of the attic. So why do you keep coming up to visit him and whisper sweet words through the gate that keeps him locked in? He doesn't know whether to keep up the whole friendly act and accept your words or hurl at your human phrases of endearment.
When he's finally free, he hesitates to carry out his plan when you pull him into such a gentle embrace. Your touch oddly makes him think of the nights where you'd thread your fingertips between the gaps in the door and whisper sweet nothings to him. But he goes through with it nonetheless.
You actually put up more of a fight than he expected you to. You manage to actually free your throat from his grip a couple of times, but he ultimately overpowers you since he is a demon after all. He still gains that sick satisfaction when he sees your body crumple to the floor below the stairs, a mixture of shock and horror painted across your slowly growing cold face.
He continues to laugh at his brothers for caring for a human so much, until another version of you emerges from the shadows.
Your demeanor is suddenly so different. Even though he hardly knew you, he could tell that the dark, expressionless look on your face was unnatural. As you spoke the truth about Lilith, your voice was much deeper and monotone. There wasn't even a trace of your teasing and playful personality in your words.
When Belphie comes to terms with everything, he feels so incredibly guilty. He notices how hesitant you've suddenly become with his brothers and just about anyone else. You noticeably hold back your typical flirty demeanor, even going as far as too bite your tongue once when you had began to start your usual back and forth with Asmo. You eventually get back into your usual self, but he can't help but feel guilty about it.
After a while you slowly begin to forgive Belphie, and repair your relationship in a similar way to the actual story.
Post-pact Belphie is now your number 1 Cuddlebug, as you call him.
Just frowns at you whenever you teasingly call him "Sir". You definitely keep it up because he will just groan and grumble every time. Sir ties with "cowboy" and cuddlebug with your favourite things to call him when you're toying with him.
Heir to the Pax Group, who? He only knows Belphie's favourite pillow number one two.
You could probably paint an entire painting of him without him noticing, especially if he's sleeping. He probably catches you drawing a Renaissance level painting of him when he actually wakes up during one of your "Secretly draw Belphegor sessions".
Uses his fringe to hide the scarlet blush on his face, and mutters something about it being nice. Tease him again while he's like this and his fringe can't cover the red his whole face turns. He does whack you over the head with a pillow though.
Strangely, you find the painting hung up in him and Beel's room the next day. He probably approaches you later to ask if you can paint Beel a matching painting, after he's gotten past the initial embarrassment of catching you using him as a drawing model.
Asks you to talk about Art History or read one of your Human World textbooks to him when he's having trouble falling asleep some nights. ("Did you know that oil paints were really common during this era? They actually used them to... Belphie, are you listening?" "Mhmm. *smooshes his face into your chest* 'our voice 's nice..." "...o-oh. I'm glad." )
Does end up getting jealous about Z. He tries being subtle, but it's obvious in how he crinkles his nose and changes the topic when you mention your artist friend. Might snatch your dog tag when you're sleeping together and say that it must've fell off and gotten lost in the sheets. Toy with him for a while and have your fun before you tell him you're Z. You've probably already told his brothers by this point, who tease him for being jealous over nothing when you finally tell him. (Like some of them didn't also fall for it) He was probably about to start an Anti-Z League with Mammon and Levi if you didn't eventually confess to them.
If you come to him for comfort about your family, does a pretty decent job. Probably just offers to cuddle with you and let you talk about it. He will make sure to give you some extra sweet dreams that night though.
Alright, alright. I think you've had your fill for now. The next dish will be ready soon, so just hang tight.
(And this is the last of my sample stuff for Obey Me! Shall We Date?. I'm gonna go take a nap now before I get started on the next one. Same as the last set of headcanons, if my friend give me more ideas or I notice any mistakes I will pop back in here and edit them real quick.)
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equestriagirl16 · 2 months ago
Obey me bois and their nightmares about you~
Tumblr media
I often see the concept of how these bois would fall prey to certain insecurities involving their sins and love for you. So let’s explore further into that through one of their more vulnerable states. Their dreams.
Warnings: angst, gore!!(specifically for Satan, Beel, and Belphie), cursing
Tumblr media
He would often wonder if his bouts of arrogance would ever have any lasting effects on you, like it had on others throughout the years
You were always so forgiving and understanding, but the possibility of you becoming more meek and sullen around him intruded his mind late at night after a mountain of paper work had been conquered and he fell into sleep before he knew it
He opens his eyes again, only to find he is in a darkened room, with him being seated on a high thrown and you below him kneeled on the ground head hanging low
“I’m sorry..”
“I’m sorry for questioning you, for speaking out of turn, for embarrassing you…”
Lucifer was confused and concerned, you sounded so distant and disheartened and he had no idea what for
“Lucifer..are you ashamed of me?”
His eyes widened at the question, you sounded like you were on the verge of tears
“No! Never! MC tell me what is-”
“I won’t ruin your image any more, I won’t insult your authority, I won’t test your patience, I won’t speak out of turn I won’t-”
You continued to ramble about the things you won’t do anymore as you rose to your feet and slowly turned to walk away in a zombie like state, to see you like this hurt Lucifer it scared him even
He doesn’t want you to be another sheep, he loves you as you are!
He reaches out to you only to find he’s tethered to the thrown, not being able to escape this cage and you walking away a broken soul by his hand
The guilt and fear of having done this to you dug a hole in his chest paining him to the point of snapping awake with a flinch
He’s thankful to realize it was only a dream and sighs as he leans back in his chair and pushes his hair out of his face. In the morning he’d be sure to be explicitly clear about how truly grateful he is for you, just as you are
You were his first human, he’s your first man and he holds that title as high on his list as ‘The Great Mammon!’
But sometimes he just can’t rap his head around how cool you can be, even when he’s prone to some…uncool habits
I mean cmon! The things he’s done for a quick buck! How can you just…forgive him so easily? Is there really not a single grudge bone in your whole body? No plots or anything? Even he can admit he deserves..some of it
But you’re still so kind, and can even be as mischievous as him! He just wonders when’s he gonna push that one button, when’s he gonna fuck up and really do something that makes you call it quits
He thinks real hard on these things sprawled out on his bed, so much to the point that he conks out almost instantly
When he wakes up again he’s standing in front of an alley next to a club, he turns and sees you hunched over your shoulders shaking as you whimper
“Hey MC! What’s wrong did someone do this to ya-
He’s scared by the violent shove you gave him as you whipped around
Is that what he did, no…no never, never that, never to you!
“Wh-No! MC I can get grimm from anywhere! How could I- w-why would I take from you?!”
“And you’re a goddamn liar.”
That last line you spat made him flinch as a pang of guilt stabbed through his stomach
“You’re a scumbag Mammon. Get out of my life.”
“Nonono WAIT-”
You screamed at a volume that pierced his ears and with that he jolts awake in a cold sweat. Relieved it was a dream as he pants, but the image never really leaving him for a while maybe he’d work up the courage to talk to you about it one of these days
It’s no real question where his worries lie with you, day in and day out he fears you’ll wise up and realize you could do better
Even with you constantly reassuring him that he’s perfect for you and how you’d never stop loving him, the thought always eats at him when his guard’s down
Jealousy is inevitable for him, but that doesn’t mean he likes it, you were the first person in forever to actually care about what he says let alone be interested
A mega fan like him he had to be dreaming! But in fact it was in his very dreams where he always sees the same scene unfold. You being swept away by someone cooler, someone stronger, someone more handsome, someone, ANYONE! And worst of all…
“God! Fucking finally, if I hear him ramble about another anime or some sh!t I’m gonna vomit.”
He stood there, frozen, watching you speak to another figure
“*sigh* like I tried, I really tried to humor him but who actually gives a damn! Maybe if he tried stepping out in sun the extra vitamins would actually help him catch a fuckin clue.”
“He must’ve loved finally being able to touch something else other than a body pillow though, how the hell can a demon lord be so pathetic it’s…disgusting.”
He watches you say the last line with a scowl. He was hurt deeply but he can’t move, can’t express any emotion, but if he could he thinks he might cry
Or maybe not as he’d figured you’d feel this way, isn’t it weird that even though he expected this seeing it actually happen makes him feel like he’s gonna shatter into pieces
And he does, his frozen form splits and cracks and falls to pieces onto the ground. It’s painful, but not as painful as watching you walk away with someone else, a huge smile forming on your face
His eyes slowly open, relief fills him as he sees it was a dream but it wasn’t enough to make the swirling in his gut go away, he thinks it’s a good time for another one of those 3am calls with you
Despite the calm nature he tries to uphold it’s only a testament that anger can come in many forms, it’s not always violent and neither does he want it to be, though he can admit sometimes it can become…blinding
But that’s only because he wishes to be heard, and hear him you do, and comfort and calm and talk and walk and read with him. He feels as though nothing can put him in a better mood and he’s forever grateful
However, in the back of his mind he’s still cautious of that beast, that unrelenting fearsome creature that only sees red and won’t think for a second before attacking whoever and whatever’s in front of him
And with you being his main outlet, he always thinks, what if he decides to no longer listen? What if in the Beauty and Beast the beast was never merciful?
He dozes off having read a bit of said tale for the thousandth time, and when he wakes it’s the same room but different, destroyed, messy, and in shambles
He rises from his chair wondering what could have happened until he hears a heavy and broken sobbing coming from behind a bookshelf, he recognizes it as you and rushes to your aid
But he turns the corner shocked and sickened as the image is worse than he could have ever imagined. You’re cut, gashed, bruised, swollen, beaten, bleeding, and what looked like the be a broken leg with the bone bloody and exposed
You scream and sob scurrying away from him only to cry out agonizingly having moved your injured leg too much
“MC y-you’re hurt don’t-”
“Please god noooo! I can’t-I can’t again, I *hic* fuck I d-didn’t mean to I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m-”
Satan was becoming overwhelmed by fear, disgust, worry, and rage, how could this happen?! He was right here! Who-
“Who did this to you..?”
You lower the hands you brought up to protect your face, which was now dark and expressionless
“You. Did.”
His eyes widen in shock, and with that blood gushes from your head as your eyes roll back and you fall to the ground like a rag doll
He lunges down to you on the floor and tries to heal you, but before he could start as he feels for a pulse there’s…nothing. He’s frozen, and numb, he did this to you, in the most painful way possible, he wanted to cry out but his voice won’t leave him. So he kneels there, hands stained with your blood as he cradled your head in them holding it to his own
“…I wouldn’t..I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t..I-”
He jolts awake from his sleep, book falling from his face, his first sight being Asmo who heard him mumbling and was concerned. He tells him it was just a bad dream a truth he was relieved by, a dream none the less that would still haunt him for sometime the only quell being your comfort
Beauty and grace will always be apart of his agenda, he strives for it and everyone only recognizes that
He can’t help that he’s so captivating and enchanting! Charming anyone that comes his way, even if their purposes are more sensual which was the majority
But you opened up a whole new world for him, you showed him a side of intimacy he’s almost forgotten and he craves it more than anything! You’ve shown him more precious things in life, and he wants nothing more than to show you that love and warmth back
You’re special to him truly, despite the countless number of others he’s encountered you stick out beautifully. He wants you to know that, he needs you to know that, the very thought of you thinking differently it just…
He fell gracefully into sleep pondering these things, when he opened his eyes again he was confused to find himself in a pink tinted void, he scanned around and when he turned he found you standing still
“Don’t touch me! I don’t know where those hands have been.”
He was shocked as you smacked away the arms he was about to embrace you with
“MC? Darling it’s me..”
“Yes. Asmodeus, the demon who runs into millions of other’s arms and beds.”
“You don’t love me.”
“Of course I do! Darling you’re my everything!”
“Is that what you say to get into people’s pants?”
Asmo was hurt by your comments, but became even more frightened seeing a crowd forming behind you. No faces or features, just a blurred bunch of dark people like figures
“Am I just another one of them Asmo?”
You ask more sincerely, looking him in the eye and backing towards the group slowly
“Another number…another name…another lay…another the crowd..”
You say the last line fading away slowly into the bunched blackness of the figures, reaching out a hand that’s the last to be merged with them
Asmo reaches out for the hand and grabs it with both of his own pulling at you desperately to free you from the blackness but you kept slipping in, he wasn’t strong enough, but he couldn’t let go, he wouldn’t
“Please don’t leave me MC…PLEASE!”
At that plea he gasps awake, sitting upright and panting trying to still his breath, he sighs thankful it was just a dream but unfortunately he doesn’t think he’ll be able to catch up on the rest of his beauty sleep. Perhaps he could spend the rest of the night being productive and planning a much needed date, ya know what how about a weekend-he..really needs to see you
He would have to admit there’s not too much at stake when it comes to your relationship, with proper prep his hunger can be easily taken care of
But everybody makes mistakes, things get eaten, food runs out, and Beel just gets..well hungry. He doesn’t mean for said hunger to take over but the feeling can just be so overwhelming, like an itch he needs to scratch, or a pain that grows worse and worse it’s enough to drive anyone crazy
You’ve seen a good deal of the worst of it, the outbursts and desperation, but in the end it was always handled and you were there to deal with the aftermath. He has no idea how he used to get by without you, sometimes your kindness was enough to calm him until his next meal
But other times he wonders, he worries, what if one day you’re there but the foods not? He’d demolished any possible idea of ever hurting you, but how long can your comfort and presence truly keep him at bay? How much can you really help at the end of the day?
A late night thought he has while gnawing on some fruit snacks before forcing himself to relax and sleep it away, he wakes up again, chewing on something
He figures it to be the fruit snacks he had a faint memory of eating on earlier, but something was off, the taste was raw and musky unlike anything he’s ever had before, was this meat? It ‘was’ red and red and red and…
He looks down and freezes at what he only recognizes to be entrails and intestines gripped in his hands, blood and other fluids coating his forearms, he slowly spits out what was in his mouth onto the floor which is now an unrecognizable lump of mashed organs
Beel throws down the contents in his hands and begins to gag heavily, but nothing will come out. The air is filled with a horrible odor, and he covers his face to shield himself from it, but not before a familiar sent whiffs past him
He slowly rises to his feet and sees a table, with a body sliced open. Practically empty and mangled like it was feasted upon, he looks on scanning it. He’s seen some things before so while it was troubling he braved looking on. There was something so familiar about it…
He eventually made his way to the other side where the head was. It was hanging over the end so he couldn’t see, but when he does shock and anguish filled his body as his legs gave out. It was you, your face, still, pale, lifeless
As he breakdowns on the ground and he grabs your face with shaky hands, bringing it close to his own whimpering and repeating his mantra
Through his pants he looks up at you with utter confusion and fear on his face
You say weakly and hoarse, Beel’s only response to this is his heart pounding in his chest, breath becoming quicker to the point the shock wakes him up as he practically lunges out his bed
Belphie wakes up for a moment and mumbles asking if he’s ok, he says yes, Belphie asks if it was a bad dream, he says yes again. Belphie rises from his bed and trots over to Beel, offering a pillow and an ear if he needs someone to listen. Beel explains, Belphie gives some input, the main being that Beel doesn’t give himself or MC nearly enough credit for how strong they are and what they can conquer together
Even Belphie can admit the initial shock he felt at your forgiveness and acceptance towards him, you truly are a one of a kind human and that’s not just because of your connection to Lilith
He has to say he..enjoys your company, despite both your past he actually feels like he has someone around who gets him, and he’s glad you helped him and his brothers stand on mutual grounds again
He could lean on you, he could trust you, he even loved you, he did. He never wanted to hurt you again. Even if your relationship didn’t progress the way it did, you just weren’t deserving of such pain
You’ve provided him with a comfort he hasn’t felt for a long time even after all he did, he’s sworn to protect you. He’d owe that to more than just you, but having you around to listen to him talk about the stars, provide extra body heat during naps, or just simply be there. Even if he doesn’t always show it he appreciates it more than you could ever know
He really hopes you feel just as safe around him, that he could ever manage to provide a fraction of that comfort you give him, he really hopes that…you mean it when you say you’re not scared
It’s not hard for him to drift off within seconds of thinking on this, but strangely enough he’s awake again in the attic space no less. He’s so groggy he can barely even tell what else is going on until he here’s a voice
“…..I’m sorry…”
He whips his head around recognizing your voice but is horrified to see the full source. His arm was empaled through your chest, blood gushing and oozing around it and out of your injury, you were lifted off the ground clutching weakly onto the arm blood dripping from your mouth as well
Belphie began to panic face going pale but to top everything off, in his palm out the other side of your body, he had your heart in a death grip. It was still pounding..
“…I’m sorry….”
Belphie snatches his attention back to your face, your head hung low and your grip grew tighter nails digging into his arm as he winced
“..I’m sorry, im sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry-”
You kept mumbling that mantra, Belphie was confused and scarred at an utter loss of what to do. He wanted to say something, anything, but he couldn’t, couldn’t think, couldn’t understand
Before he could have another second to process you grabbed his arm tighter than ever
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t be what you wanted.”
You ripped his arm out your body, and stood on your feet. Belphie slowly looks at his bloodied limb and the heart that still pumped in his palm. He then looks at you, you lifted your head and did the same, you smile, cough blood, and fall to the ground with a thud
Belphie stood there, confused, horrified, shocked, disgusted. Frozen. He did it again…how…he shook his head back and forth trying desperately to deny the situation. The heart pumped loud in his palm, he could hear it, he listened to it. Did he do this? Was this your plan? Did you both but…wh-
At the utter confusion he snapped himself awake. Of course it was a dream he thought, a very vivid dream, but still just a dream. He would never, he wouldn’t. He calms himself down, and remembers he feel asleep in the planetarium. Maybe he should plan another sleepover with MC here, they…he could use the company
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hinajiki · 5 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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hisvillainess · a month ago
Have you done demon brothers and how they eat you out headcanons or face sitting ? If not, that could be something to write about. Don’t feel bad, the only UR card I have is asmo lol.
𖤐 ── 𝖍𝖔𝖜 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖞 𝖊𝖆𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖔𝖚𝖙 ── 𖤐
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. demon brothers x fem!bodied reader, lots and lots of cunnilingus, levi’s tail, mentions of edging, mentions of overstimulation, minors absolutely do not interact or i will bite. roughly 350 words for each brother.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖤐 𝖑𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗
Lucifer’s the kind of man that’ll eat you out lovingly and does it for himself as much as he does it for you. He kisses your cunt, licks it, laps up your essence in all possible ways, and likes to watch every reaction that comes out of you. He carefully circles your clit with his tongue, casting it in every crevice, and gives you the occasional mmm. The way you unravel for him makes his dick incredibly hard and he’s most likely pumping his cock while he tastes you. He’s so persistent and determined to make you cum. He takes note of each sigh, choked moan, muscle clench and remembers it for next time. You don’t know how but he just gets better and better each time. He would absolutely eat you out in his office. He’d have your legs wide open, hanging off the edge of his desk as he devours his favourite pussy. Bonus adrenaline points if there are people just outside his door who might hear you moan. The way you taste is delicious, irresistible, and has a devastating effect on the man. He secretly (or not so secretly) loves how you cream on his face, the way your juices coat his mouth, and how it drips down to his chin. He feels so filthy but it’s that same filthiness that fuels that fire to keep him going. He constantly thinks about those moments just before you reach your orgasm, the way you tighten up, and the lewd squelching sounds that come from your pussy. When he can’t have you, it’s those memories that are concreted in his mind when he’s jerking off to you. You will also never forget the telltale grin he always has on his face after you cum, indicating that the Avatar of Pride has done his job. (Extra: Lucifer won’t be opposed to face-sitting but he enjoys the view of the ‘traditional’ position more. When you do face-sit him though, you can bet that his hands are firmly jiggling and squeezing your ass to help ‘balance’ you).
𖤐 𝖒𝖆𝖒𝖒𝖔𝖓
Mammon LOVES when you face-sit him. He loves eating you out in general and does it almost every time you guys fuck but face-sitting EXCITES him. Mammon is down to be called your personal seat and having his head be framed by your knees is the perfect way for him to worship your body. He encourages you to slide your cunt up and down the bottom half of his face and he loves your little whines whenever your clit hits the tip of his nose. Mammon eats you impatiently, greedily, messily. God, he just can’t have enough of you. He’ll eat you so good that you won’t even be able to balance yourself because of how weak you get. Your hands would be ghosting whatever is in front of you, struggling to grab onto anything in an attempt to not collapse on top of him. One of his arms is always wrapped around one thigh to steady you while the other arm is down below, stroking his own cock. He desperately starts bucking his cock into his fists once he knows you’re close to cumming because he wants to cum with you and his grunts vibrate all the way up to your pussy. He’s also the King of tongue-fucking. Mammon doesn’t give a shit about the mess. He craves the way your gummy walls hug his tongue and just wants more and more. He loves the way your hands instinctively travel up to your plushy breasts to squeeze them as he does so, it’s such a turn-on for him even though he wishes he could be the one doing that instead. His abs are painted with his thick cum when you shudder and lose control over his face. (Extra: he’ll also give little pecks on your inner thighs just before lowering your hips after you’re both done).
𖤐 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓 (𝖈𝖜. overstimulation, his tail lol)
If you think Levi won’t use his tail to his advantage when he eats you out, you’re so wrong. He might be a little flustered when you guys do it for the first time but I know he’s played and read enough erotic games and manga to know what he’s doing. He’ll sit you in his gaming chair, snake his tail around your waist to hold you down, leaving just enough room for the tip of his tail to fall down and occupy your clit, while his mouth is taking care of your entrance. Your legs are propped over his shoulders and he’s got your juices leaking onto the base of his chair. His mouth is coated with so much of your viscous slick that some of the blue light from his room is reflected on it. His eyes are tightly shut, too focused on pleasing his MC, and too concentrated to think about the tight bulge in his pants (yes he would eat you out while he’s fully clothed). His tail is quite sensitive so Levi himself would be moaning from the friction. Levi basically dives into your pussy, he moves his face left and right and your folds completely engulf him. His mouth and tail move erratically in sync so you’ll most likely cum quickly. There’s a lot of overstimulation and you can barely move because he’s holding you in place. When you cum, he gets bold — he doesn’t stop. He means to be gentle with you but when you come undone so beautifully for him, he can’t help himself. Your thighs are basically hugging him at this point and he could cum untouched just because of this. Your body would convulse from the overwhelming amount of pleasure. You’ll start seeing stars, tears will form at the corners of your eyes and you’d be a panting mess. Yet he’ll still have the audacity to ask you, “Did I do okay?” (Extra: He kisses you right after so you can get a taste of yourself).
𖤐 𝖘𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖓 (𝖈𝖜. edging, ‘baby’ as a pet name)
Don’t even get me started with Satan. He’ll offer to eat you, play nice and do an INCREDIBLE job at it but he won’t hand it over to you that easily. It’ll be one and a half hours into it and you would have almost came twice. Once from his slender fingers and the other time from his wondrous tongue. Emphasis on almost. Both times he rudely came to a sudden stop, causing you to tremor out of frustration. He’ll lightly tap your desperate pussy with his hand and will be quite amused at how eager you are and praise you for being so good. He’ll press one thigh into the mattress while he makes his face comfortable between your legs, peppering you with kisses and love bites before lapping you up once again. He takes note of the nervous hitching in your voice when he begins and considers letting you cum this time. He’ll dip his tongue in your slit and his nose would be rubbing up against all the right places. He’d make use of his agile fingers and have his thumb playing with your sweet spot. He’ll specifically focus his tongue underneath the hood of your clit because he knows that spot drives you wild. The way he takes you in is deliberate and slow so he is quite the sadist for reeling you in at such an excruciating pace. He eats you so good, it’s grabbing-onto-the-bedsheets kind of good, whining-through-clenched-teeth kind of good, he eats you until there-are-no-thoughts-in-your-head-besides-him kind of good — all while he’s simultaneously fingering you. You’ll be moaning his name as if it’s the only word you know in your vocabulary and he will never forget your little yelps when he sucks hard on your clit. “You can cum, baby,” he’ll permit and you’ll obediently do so. (Extra: Sometimes he looks up to try and meet your gaze but you’re too caught up in your own pleasure to notice he’s looking at you).
𖤐 𝖆𝖘𝖒𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖚𝖘 (𝖈𝖜. ‘love’ and ‘sweetheart’ as a pet name)
Asmo is playful when it comes to eating you out. He’ll have you sit up against his headboard and pillows while he lays in the nude in front of you. When you look down at his nude body and see the aesthetic of his room, you can’t help but think about how much this reminds you of one of those old, beautiful oil paintings. If he sees your wandering eyes, he’ll furrow his brows and say “Hey… Focus on me, sweetheart,” through wet and reddened lips. Asmo takes you in with kitten licks, he enjoys taking his time with you. His tongue moves quickly but precisely and he hums joyously while doing so. He’ll shower you in compliments and tell you how much he appreciates your body; the heat of his hot breath against your cunt will send tingles up your spine. He knows how to make you melt as much as he knows how to make you cum. He’s so into it that it isn’t just your arousal that’s building up. The more you call out his name, the more you whimper and run your hands through his hair has him grinding his erection against the bedsheets, making a small pool of precum on the bed. Sometimes he’d wear red lipstick so you can see the mess that you made on his face. He’ll tell you that he’s never felt so pretty and it’s all because of you. He’ll occasionally bite the flesh on your thigh and kiss it right after. Asmo will make it known that you’re completely his from how evidently possessive he is even though you two are alone. He’ll bring your legs in to wrap them tighter around his head and mutter “Mine… Mine…” between each little suck and lick. The best thing is that Asmo will hold hands with you as he talks you through your high. “That’s it… Keep going, love,” he’ll coo into your pussy, his words almost muffled at this point. He’ll tell you how much his heart is racing from being able to explore you so intimately. (Extra: When he’s extra horny, sometimes he’ll really cum just from rutting into the bed).
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 (𝖈𝖜. small mention of food play)
It’s an understatement to say Beel eats you good. I think everybody knows it at his point because I mean, he’s the Avatar of Gluttony. Beel eats your pussy like it’s his god-given right and that’s because it basically is. It doesn’t matter where you are, what position you’re in, he’d happily drown in your weeping core. He’s gentle with you though, unlike Mammon or Satan. He appreciates the act the same way he appreciates food. He likes to savour your sweet taste, feasts on you like it’s his last supper, and he thrives on your little mewls. He licks your clit the same way he makes out with you — slow and sensual. He might even nibble on it if he’s feeling daring. He’d effortlessly lift you up and put you in different positions. He will give you a light spank on your butt if he’s eating it from the back and pushes your cheeks together with both hands so they hug his face. If you’re sitting on his face, he’ll pull you down if you’re too far. He’d rather you sit on it than just hover aimlessly; the weight on his face makes his cock twitch so much. Sometimes he’ll guide your hand to his hair so you can lightly tug on it which earns you a delicious groan that vibrates up your pussy. He’s another one that closes his eyes in sheer concentration and pleasure when he devours you and his arms are usually tightly hooked around your thighs. Sometimes you can even feel his muscle tense since he’s got you in such a tight grip. “So good..” he’ll mumble before diving back in. “I could do this forever.” Beel would eat you anywhere if you tempted him, you’ve definitely done it on the kitchen counter. The only time he really goes feral is when food is involved so hide your whip cream and chocolate sauce unless you want demon form Beel feasting on you for hours. (Extra: he asks you if he can take pictures of you after he’s done because eating you out is mind-blowing for HIM and he wants to remember it).
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖕𝖍𝖊𝖌𝖔𝖗
Belphie gets downright nasty with you. He loves to 69. He’ll loop his arms around your thighs, spread your cheeks apart with both hands, and use every part of his face to rub against your soaked pussy. He’d use his tongue, lips, chin, and nose to give you all the friction you need, making you moan while you’re choking on his cock. Your moans would vibrate down his shaft and you’ll hear constant gasps and pretty whines escaping lips. He may slip in a finger or two while he’s at it or rubs your clit which causes you to completely pop off his dick, arch your back, and call for his name. If he isn’t doing that, he’s literally eating your ass. Most times, you would 69 while he’s laying down (as one normally would) but there have been a few times that you’ve done it while he was sat on a chair. The angle helps you deepthroat his cock better but he cums a little too quickly so he’d rather not. If he’s eating you out in the traditional position, he’ll spread your folds open with his fingers and spit on your clit as a way to begin your heated session. He’d tease you with featherlight flicks of his tongue and giggles when you bite back a potential scream since the only sound you’re able to let out are strangled noises. The thought of his brothers hearing you is thrilling to him because he just wants everyone to know that you’re having a good time. The tip of his fringe is always trickling with your essence and he jokes about how he knows he’s done a good job if he sees that his hair is wet. He finds eating you out quite therapeutic because he gets to lay there and enjoy you to himself. He also likes when you lead him, when grab onto his hair and guide the direction he licks and when you praise him for hitting the right spot. More often than not, he would get wet dreams about you pressing his head down as you reach your sweet release. (Extra: he also likes to use the palm of his hand and slide it up it down your pussy. He thinks it’s cute when you’re desperately rolling your hips towards him).
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