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#obey me x reader angst
ashmiq · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙘𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙜𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙢𝙚 𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙝𝙢𝙖, 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙮 𝙞'𝙢 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙜. ❞
Tumblr media
desc. : a series of angst one-shots based off of wilbur soot's album, ycgma. there's no actual plot nor will it always be related to the actual canon story of obey me, just a whole load of angst.
rating : sfw, some parts may include mature themes, but never anything sexual.
warnings : just angst. individual warnings will be added before every chapter
Tumblr media
༄ no taglist for this series, sorry!
Tumblr media
~ this series does not come in a certain order! feel free to start at any chapter as there are no actual plot points.
𖦹 jubilee line
𖦹 saline solution
𖦹 since i saw vienna
𖦹 losing face
𖦹 your (brother) was right
𖦹 la jolla
𖦹 i'm sorry.
Tumblr media
a/n.: hi so for those who followed for dwt/mcyt, so sorry but again, my smau is on hiatus for a while until my exams are over. if you're interested in the game obey me then pls take this series WHAHAHA 💀 genuinely won't really put much effort into this bc its more of a vent/brainrot thing so — yeah
Tumblr media
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obeythebutler · 13 hours ago
I saw that you opened and closed requests while I was asleep - how dare you - but I hope it's not too late; angst request with any of the bros/demons in a loving relationship with MC but they're angsting on the fact that MC might only live another 80 years at best. Even though they're happy they're miserable because they know they're going to lose them one day and they're not going to be ready for it
Belphegor finds himself brooding over the fate of humans sometimes.
Some pray to his Father to forgive their sins, some turn corrupt and end up in Hell, and some refuse to believe in any.
But in the end, they all die in a century.
If he wants, he could just crush them under his shoe, or drive a hand through them, and they'd fall to the ground, dead.
Belphegor never thought he would find himself wanting to protect a human's life -hoping that they won't leave the mortal plane so soon.
It's ironic, he thinks as he watches you comb his messy hair. It's almost time to leave for RAD, and Lucifer is going to shoot him a dissaproving look seeing his dishevelled hair, and Belphegor couldn't care less.
But you do, and insist on fixing his hair, which he allows you to do with ruddy cheeks, grumbling as he gazes into your eyes, which are focused on his messy hair.
You're going to die one day, and leave him all alone.
No matter how much he tries to prepare himself, no matter how much you soothe him, he still won't ever be ready.
If only he could die with you.
He doesn't realize tears are falling from his eyes, not until you gently wipe them away as you cup his cheeks. " Thinking about it again?"
All he can do is nod. You surprise him sometimes, how can you be at peace with your own demise as he weeps ? He isn't the even one dying, and yet he's even more woeful than you.
" Whether I end up in the Celestial Realm or the Devildom", You whisper as you wipe away his fresh tears, " I'll always come back."
Belphegor knows it's impossible, a lie, a bittersweet lie. You won't come back, and yet, he finds himself placated with your words.
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obeythebutler · 16 hours ago
Hiya can I request a nsfw Satan where he confesses his love ❤️
Epiphany ( Satan x GN! Reader)
It was a casual relationship between you two- friends with benefits, where you both used each other for pleasure. There weren't supposed to be feelings involved, then why does Satan find himself wanting to hold your hand and pull you closer ? To love you?
Why does he have the burning urge to hold your hand in his right now ?
It was a casual affair - fuck and have fun. There were no strings attached, you two would have your share of fun and pleasure, and then clothes which were thrown on the floor would be worn again and the bed would be empty again.
So then why did he find himself miserable at the thought of the bed dipping under your weight as you got up and left?
It was a physical relationship, you and him had agreed on that, 'friends with benefits' as one would put it -no emotional connection, just physical pleasure. And Satan had been the one to put the offer forward.
Satan had the habit of keeping books in a separate stack, those he found particularly enthralling, to read again later.
But then why was he offering those books to you to read and bothering to ask for your opinion on them ?
He found himself being concerned with your pleasure more than his, something he never was with- focusing to hit all the right spots to make you moan in pleasure, knowing all the ways to make you come undone.
The hickeys and bitemarks he gave you and those you gave him always dissapeared the next day- you both had an image to maintain, yours were hidden under concealer and his under magic.
So then why did he find himself not wanting to hide his and scorning when he finds yours missing?
Satan started complaining to you about the insufferable nature of his brothers, about a book he had read and wanted your input on, about a cat he saw in the streets- its sleek coat and paws, he found himself telling you all his likes and dislikes, his thoughts and opinions.
He found himself inviting you to trips to the Library, found himself visiting cat cafes with you, laughing when a cat sat in your lap and refused to move.
Satan started craving your warmth, the feel of your skin against his, and found himself not wanting to separate, wanting to keep you close.
He got drunk one night.
Crying, screaming, pulling at his hair- wrath was bottled up for so long that all he could do was weep as he tore at books and threw down shelves.
You came, and held his gently, calmed him down. He noticed your hands were shaking too. He noticed the fear in your eyes.
Yet, you stayed, and he remembers weeping in you lap, exhausted from his outburst as you stroked his hair.
What was this, this strange feeling in his heart on seeing you?
Something he had only seen in books, was this, was this...Love?
No, it wasn't love, he chanted in his mind as he roughly thrusted into you as you moaned with a blissed out expression on your face.
He was punishing you, as he put it, making you pay for coming into his room when he was angry, furious- wrathful.
But he found himself wanting to make you moan in pleasure, as if it were something natural, something totally normal, observing every twitch of your body, the way you gasped in delight, the way you pulled him closer.
"I love you."
He said those three words instinctively, quietly, without thinking, as if it were a normal sentence.
Satan knew, the truest meaning of those words, the weight they carried and yet he found himself speaking them mindlessly.
His stomach sank as he stopped his rough thrusting, bracing himself for your response.
You would shove him away in disgust, reminding him about your relationship in the first place, that it was merely for pleasure, not to develop feelings.
But all you did was stare at him with wide eyes. You must be disgusted, absolutely repulsed by him, and he slowly moved away from you, preparing to dress himself and leave, never to show his face again-
"I love you too."
And for the first time in his life, the knowledgeable, smart, sarcastic Satan was tongue-tied as he gaped at you.
His lips trembled and his shoulders threated to shake from the sobs he wanted to desperately release as he questioned himself if this moment was reality, or another one of his dreams- that woke him up with ruddy cheeks and strange feelings. You merely smiled as you pulled him closer, and kissed him with a passion, a love never felt before.
His sobs broke the silence as he cried into the crook of your neck, in his most vulnerable state, and you hugged him tighter, equally glad.
He loved you, and you loved him.
Satan smiled.
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obeythebutler · 20 hours ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the bros (Maybe Dia and Barbs too) where Belphegor kills Mc later on, so Mc already the bros mate for like. Extra angst, because your brother killing your mate gotta fuckin hurt. Ye sure Mc getd brought back still but that shit still painful
I couldn't do the royals, please excuse~
Belphegor Kills The Brother's Mate, MC
His heart stopped on seeing MC's body thrown over the railing, and a sickening noise was heard as they fell down on the floor, with blood staining the marble.
He rushed forward, gently cradling their head with his blood-stained hands as he screamed for his brothers to come help. As he begged for MC to stay awake, he heard Belphegor laugh.
" A human for a mate? Sheesh. Lucifer, how much have you fallen?"
He had to hold back from attacking him there and then, as MC was still in his arms. But no matter how many pain incantations he chanted, applied pressure on the wounds, they,t-they-
Their body went still, and Lucifer had to hold back the tears that were threatning to fall as he got up, and shifted into his demon form, lunged at his brother in his crazed frenzy.
His dishevelled hair only added to his feral look as he pounces at Belphegor, whose eyes were wide in shock at his brothers sudden actions.
If there was one thing Belphegor should have known was to never take away a demon's mate.
Lucifer had to be held back by the rest of his brothers from attacking Belphegor, as he screamed curses at him, while Belphegor was crouched on the floor, frightened at his brother's rage.
Belphegor would not be forgiven so easily, not after what he had done, even if MC came back.
He immediately ran seeing his mate's body lying on the floor, with their arms and legs in sick, twisted positions.
Mammon begged for them to stay awake, pleaded for them to not leave him, to open their eyes as he howled for Lucifer to come. He took in Belphegor's laugh and mocking words as he stared at him in shock.
" A human as a mate? Mammon, you're truly a scumbag."
No matter how much he cried, MC's eyes won't open. They won't move. They were...dead. Dead by the hands of his youngest brother, whom he adored and doted upon.
Mammon wasn't a demon to lose his temper. But when he did....
His demon form came into being as he gently put down their body, and in his eyes was a crazed look, one which speaked death. He had to be forcibly pried away from banging Belphegor's head into the wall.
Even after his mate came back, they won't be allowed near Belphegor, no, he won't be able to trust his brother for a very long time.
Mammon's panicked screams were what made him get up in the middle of his game raid and run outside in a hurry, because Mammon never screamed in such...a panicked tone.
But when he got there...MC...his mate...blood....floor.... Belphegor laughing...!
He rushed forward, frantically trying to check their pulse, but nothing was felt...Behind him, Belphegor could be heard cackling.
" Really, Leviathan. Having a human as a mate?"
He wasn't going to summon Lotan and make him to do the job, oh no, he was going to dish out the consequences of Belphegor's actions himself.
His serpent tail was already out as he lashed at his brother, with his tail slowly coiling around Belphegor's neck, as he wheezed for air.
In his eyes was rage, as he merely looked on at the sight of Belphegor gasping and choking as the grip on his throat tightened.....
Leviathan had to be made to release his brother from his tail, as he stared at his pathetic, gasping form with fury.
Even after MC comes back, he won't trust them to be in the house without him by his side, Belphegor cannot be trusted anymore...
He was looking for MC when he heard the sickening sobs of his brothers in the hallway...fearing the worst he rushed towards them.
MC was lying on the floor, in a pool of their own blood as Mammon begged them to wake up, and Belphegor laughed, while the others either stared in shock or tore into Belphegor.
He rushed towards the body of his mate and frantic emerald eyes scanned their body, taking in the damage...a shaky hand came forward to feel their pulse, and when nothing was felt, retreated, only to turn into claws.
Satan seemed to be stuck in a daze as he coldly took input of his surroundings- his mate's body, his brothers panicked faces and Belphegor's laugh-
" Tsk tsk. A mere human as a mate. For someone who has a lot of knowledge, you're a fool."
He jumped at the youngest with a snarl as Belphegor barely ducked, and his claws tore into the stone wall as he tore into his brother, quite literally, intent on ripping out his organs and maiming him, because all he saw was red.
Satan had to be forcefully held back as he snarled at Belphegor, who was staring in shock.
Even after MC came back, he won't leave them alone for a single moment....his brothers can't be trusted any more....
He rushed out of his room, leaving behind the outfits be had planned for him and MC to wear, to the source of the commotion.
MC was lying there...lifeless...unmoving...bleeding as Mammon begged them to open their eyes, move, do Belphegor looked on, amused.
Asmodeus rushed forward in panic, and gently cradling MC's head pleaded for them to move, open their eyes as tears fell from his eyes.
But they weren't moving. Their body was littered with cuts, and their throat had bruises from where..from w-where Belphegor...
Asmodeus went quiet as he got up, the blood on his soles making imprints on the floor as he growled at Belphegor.
" A human? Tch, I thought you had standards, Asmodeus."
He lunged at Belphegor in his demon form, as his nails dug into his brother's neck, and Asmodeus laughed as he observed how Belphegor struggled to breathe. He deserved it.
He had to be ripped from Belphegor by his brothers, as Asmo, still in his feral state was intent on making him suffer.
Belphegor can't be trusted to be left alone with his mate any more...
He could smell stench of blood as he rushed forward towards the source of commotion, but all he saw was Mammon cradling MC's body, begging for them to wake up, and his brothers in disarray as they tore into Belphegor about his doing, who was laughing.
He doesn't know what he has done, hasn't he? He doesn't.
All Beelzebub could do was stare at his mate's body as he begged them to wake up, as tears fell from his face, all the while with Belphegor's laugh ringing in his ears.
It was pointed out by Asmodeus that MC was his mate, and Belphegor's laughter stopped. Beelzebub turned around to meet Belphegor's eyes.
Beel's face was covered in tears as his fist clenched, because even if he was his brother he killed his mate. But seeing MC's body fuelled his anger even more, and he sprang.
Blinded by anger, he was fully intent on destroying Belphegor, because he took his mate. He had to be restrained by his brothers as he broke down, crying.
Even after MC comes back, they can't be left alone with Belphegor, he's going to get a separate room for the time being.
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legionqueensav · a day ago
Requests: OPEN
My request box is open and I want to get my writing juices going again. I need YOUR help though to do so.
Feel free to send in requests!
I can write for:
Genshin Impact
Obey Me!
Identity V
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obeythebutler · 3 days ago
Your angst fics were so good😖. Could You possibly do a headcanon of the brothers and side characters. ( if not just the brothers) reacting to finding out that MCs S/O cheated on them. The one reacting has feeling for MC but never told them because they are in a relationship and MC’s S/O is one of the other characters. I know I explained that really bad so explain: Asmo reacts to rinsing out Solomon cheated on MC. Thank you!!!!
I wasn't able to do the side characters, please excuse me. Thank you so much, @obey-mes-treasure
He wanted to confess his feelings to MC for a long time, but never did, because you were already in love with Satan.
He wasn't the one to take away his happiness, and could only watch you two, as his heart crumbled inside.
But then he found that he was committing infidelity with a sucubbus, in the Royal Library. He has eyes everywhere.
A part of him smirks in delight, while another is angry at Satan, for betraying you. Best believe he will confront his brother and be harsh with his words.
And comfort MC at the same time. It's up to them to decide the outcome, but if you leave Satan, Lucifer will be understanding but a deep, dark part of him will be delighted.
Until you're ready, MC, he's going to be your shoulder for support.
He loved you, he still loves you, even after you went with Simeon. That angel. Something that Mammon was once.
It bites at him inside, the fact that you aren't with him, with someone else. But he can't do anything, as he lost the chance. Didn't confess first, and had to watch you fall in love with another.
It's his torture, which he gladly accepts.
But then he saw Simeon's loyalty to you wavering. The angel kissed another demon in the empty RAD classroom, and Mammon saw it all.
He isn't the one for confrontations, but he did confront Simeon after the ordeal was over. The angel was guilty, as he should be. But a picture of them two may or may not have reached you by anonymous means...
He is going to be right by your side throughout the bitter ordeal.
Until you're ready, he's going to wait patiently.
Even if he and Asmodeus are brothers, it's not fair that he gets the shorter end of the gene pool! Of course you would love Asmo, not a yucky otaku like him...
It makes him envious to watch you two. So much, that he prefers staying in his room and not come out for weeks.
But it was his fault that he didn't confess in time, wasn't it?
On a Friday night he saw a demon wander in Asmodeus's room, and it didn't take much to put two and two together. Asmo was cheating on you.
It saddens and makes him glad inside at the same time. Sad, because Asmo wasn't loyal to you, but hey, what can you expect from the Avatar of Lust? Glad, because the relationship might be torn now.
He will confront his brother with sharp words and a video of the demon may or may not have gone viral on one knows who took it...
He will be a solid shoulder of support for MC.
Rage threatens to spill over every time he sees you with Lucifer. Why would you have a part of Lucifer in the first place, when you could have the whole person?
But he holds it in, and clenches his fist whenever he sees you two. His love for you is still there, but it won't be reciprocated.
So he quietens himself and shuts up.
Until that day he saw Lucifer at one of the brothels in the dark corners of the city. Immediately, he put two and two together, and confronted his brother there and then, with malice in his eyes.
How dare he be disloyal to you?! How dare he!
You receive a picture of Lucifer engaging in promiscuous activities with a demon in the mail, the sender being unknown.
A dark part of him is glad, while another loathes it, that Lucifer cheated on you, while the other rejoices.
Until you are ready, he'll be a shoulder for you to lean on.
It ached him to see you with Solomon every day. Every single moment with him. Because he couldn't have your love.
It makes jealousy brew inside him, to see you two exchange kisses and cuddles, which should have been for him...! But Solomon is a friend, and you love Solomon, not him...
So he sucked it up and went back to being his usual flirty self until he noticed a particular scent on Solomon which wasn't yours. It was of another demon's. You were being betrayed.
It pains and makes another part of him glad, sad because Solomon has cheated, and a sadistic part happy. He confronts Solomon about his particular scent and it spills- he's seeing someone else.
He isn't the one to stay quiet, gossip will float about Solomon's illicit affair, and will reach you soon.
Asmodeus will be your source of comfort, until you find enough strength to recover.
It is a blow to the stomach to watch you and Belphegor. Almost like you took his heart out and shattered it into pieces.
You're in love with Belphegor, and he's in love with you, but Beel loves you too. But it's his fault he didn't confess earlier. So all he can do is watch with a smile, even if he crumbles inside.
But that day he noticed Belphegor go out at strange times, when he was usually asleep, and this piqued Beel's interest. It got so frequent that Beel followed him one time. And the sight he came across made his blood boil.
Belphegor was with someone else. Not you.
Beel swallowed the bitterness inside and sulked home. If Belphegor didn't confess to you about his cheating, Beel would confront Belphegor.
Which was sure to end in pain. You can't hide the fact that you're cheating on your partner for long, can you?
Guilt eventually will make him tell you the bitter truth.
And, he'll be your pillar of support while you try to sort out your relationship. Because, in the end, Beel wants to see you happy.
It makes him want to claw at his own heart, to see you and Diavolo so happy. Couldn't you have chosen someone else?! If not him, anyone else but him?!
As angry as he is, he doesn't let it show. Belphegor bottles it up as he watches, with regret brewing, that he didn't confess sooner. But it's too late now, and you're in love with Diavolo.
The days were bitter until he saw Diavolo with someone else, kissing the demon, like he used to do with you.
A part of him wants to go and spring up to him and give him a good slap to the face, but Belphegor has got common sense. The most appropriate move would be to take a picture, and send it to you.
As a tragedy it is, you have a right to know what your 'love' is doing behind your back.
So when Diavolo's deeds come to light, Belphegor will be by your side, your source of comfort.
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obeythebutler · 4 days ago
It says requests are open but I dont know if I can request angst?, so if not or you dont feel like it, dont worry just ignore this !
I was thinking of a scenario where the MC has passed (not by age) and everyone is grieving obviously. So Solomon, with the help of Barbatos, makes a little trinket ( maybe it looks like a polaroid picture) and gives one to everyone.
In there they can store their favourite memory of the MC and can revisit it anytime they want. For some its a memory of just the two (MC and LI) and for others its a memory that includes everyone since they miss seeing everyone happy ( and maybe for Solomon he revisits the memory while figuring out how to bring them back?)
I just thought it would be a nice angst full of grief, nostalgia, love and regret.
Im not sure who this would be for but my favourites are Asmo, Solomon and Simeon, so maybe one or all of them? But you can choose others if you want and feel like it. Sorry for the lengthy request I just love your angst :c
The picture is hidden amongst the many books and potions protected by a spell in his room.
Its a picture of you two smiling, and Solomon has got bunny ears on. The potion you two were making had an ingredient wrong, which led to him getting those peculiar ears.
His new visage was too hilarious to not take a picture of. Solomon remembers, that he pouted when the picture was taken.
It's the only memory left of you, for now.
You died.
It was the work of a lesser demon, and Solomon made sure the filth got an eternity of suffering.
With the help of Barbatos, a memory of you was put in the picture, something that he visits on days when the frustration and desperation boils over and make him tear at his books in rage.
It gives him strength to continue.
Because, in the end, even if he has to take his own life, you'll be back.
In a corner of Simeon's room, a space is reserved especially for the Polaroid picture.
A picture of you and him giggling, with flour smeared on both of your faces as cookies bake in the oven. It was a cheerful afternoon, and you had come over to bake some choco-chip cookies with him.
The flour spilled halfway on you, covering you in white.
Simeon finds himself smiling as he remembers the pleasant day, but then he's faced with harsh reality.
You're gone.
Solomon and the brothers made sure the demon that, t-that killed you would never have a moment of peace again.
But no matter how much you punish someone, you can't be brought back, can you?
Solomon has said the opposite, and buried himself in ancient texts, looking for a way. Luke had cried for many nights, and Simeon remembers how he made him some tea, just like you used to. It's a bittersweet memory.
He can only hope you'll be back.
In a secret drawer in his lavish vanity, a picture lies, surrounded by trinkets.
It's a picture of you and Asmodeus giggling as he painted your nails, and he remembers how the bottle spilled on his hand, and he remembers your sweet laugh.
You had kissed him after as an apology.
Asmodeus finds himself smiling at the memory. He indulges himself in the last bit of you on those nights when he's too drunk to think clearly, and the only thing left on his mind is you.
You aren't here anymore.
The filth that killed you suffered, he made sure. But no matter how much he tore at flesh and broke bones, you weren't back.
Solomon had said you would come back. But how long? How long would this torture continue?
When he wakes up in the mornings and sees the Polaroid picture in his hands, he immediately places it back in his drawer.
It's an addicting pain, the only memory of you.
It's his own torture, he willingly lets himself suffer.
Time is too slow now, because each moment without you is an empty one.
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Imagine a Medieval  AU where Mammon is an orphaned petty thief...
and you’re a single aristocrat who catches him stealing your gold coins. But as you prepared to give punishment, you see his eyes full of defiance. Amused, you take him under your wing. You don’t have a spouse or a kid, so you teach him to become your successor. 
“You can stay here and die like a dog, or you can come with me and live.”
Through the years spent together, you become comfortable with each other as benefactor and beneficiary. Then you become friends.
And then you begin to notice the small things... 
You find him looking at you when he thinks you’re unaware. He doesn’t eat unless you’re there with him, and he doesn’t listen to anyone but you. 
“Is there something you want to talk about, Mammon?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes.”
“Wha--I was not! Who’d stare at you?”
You pretend not to know because you think it’s just a crush that’s going to fade with age.
But it doesn’t.
And then, one night, everything just changes.
Mammon is introduced into high society as your heir, but one thing leads to another and he’s no longer that petty thief you found on the streets. 
He was the missing prince of the country and now its soon-to-be king.
Mammon doesn’t want to leave, and a part of you doesn’t him to go, but you think of this kingdom, and you tell him to pack up.
“Why are you pushing me away?”
“I’m helping you do the right thing.”
“You don’t know that.”
“They don’t even know if I’m actually the prince. Why are you forcing me out?”
“Oh, I get it. Your little project to create the perfect heir got ruined and you want me out so you can find a better replacement, is that it?”
You part ways. He leaves in the gaudy carriage the royal palace sent him. 
You don’t talk. (Well, you tried during his coronation. But he ignored your congratulations and flirted with the country’s noble ladies.)
You don’t write letters.
You don’t tell him how much you miss him...
But one lazy Sunday afternoon, the same gaudy carriage wheels into your property.
Mammon steps out and you greet him politely, as one would regard any king. You invite him inside for tea and he just nods. A thick, invisible wall separated your hearts.
You spend the first thirty minutes together in pregnant silence. The tea is now cold and the sandwiches are soggy. 
But then, he finally speaks up, and in a voice that’s not too loud or too soft, he says, "They want me to take in the neighboring country’s princess.”
It’s no secret that the royal advisers are already begging him to marry for political reasons.
"So I've heard,” you answer like an outsider.
"I don't want to though."
"... I know."
"But I have to, and you agree."
You’re quiet for a moment, letting his words hang in the air before replying, “I do."
He gives you a wry smile. Then he spins around and looks out the balcony, strings of sunlight outline his figure. He has grown so much from the boy you caught stealing gold in the streets.
Mammon then speaks: "I live in a palace made of marble."
"I'm well aware."
"Solid marble, and it's decorated with all these fancy paintings, and the curtains covering the windows are supposed to be super expensive—"
"Your Highness, I—"
"—quiet, your king is talking." His tone is playful and you roll your eyes with equal lightheartedness.
"The palace is big and it's full of suck-ups who will lick my boots if I ask them to. Can you believe how ridiculous it sounds? I used to fight for scraps of stale bread but now I get to eat a whole turkey and no one gets to stop me.” He shakes his head. 
“I still remember those days... if I wanted a place to rest I’d have to find a customer and my bed always changed, but now I have my own bed with clean sheets that smell like lavender." His gaze is directed far away. "I live in a palace made of marble, and I thought I'd be happy. But I’m not.”
He turns to face you. There is no haughtiness in his expression, only a tiny, tired smile.
“I miss you,” he says, voice cracking. “I miss you so much that I can't even taste the turkey they prepare just for me, I can't sleep in my own bed because it's too big and too cold and too soft and ... you're not there to wish me 'good night.'” 
He takes a step towards you. “I can't bring myself to be thankful for my marble palace because it means giving up what I have with you."
"Your Highness—"
"Let's run away."
"Let's run away. I'll snatch as many gold coins as I can and we can run away together, like they do in those books love so much."
"If you do that, people will revolt."
"I love you. I want to be with you, more than I've ever wanted to live in a palace made of marble."
"I want to grow old with you, I want to see you with wrinkles and grey hair."
His voice pierces the air and you’re left with silence.
After a moment, breaks it again, "Don't stand there looking at me like you don't want to do this, because I know you, and I know you want me, too."
You look into his eyes, his beautiful eyes that are clear and honest and filled with nothing but love, and you lean in to kiss him. 
He tastes so good and sweet and you don’t ever want to come up for air. But you have to, and when you do, you brush your hand over his cheek.
“I want those things, believe me, I do. But I look at you and I see a good man, a man who cares more than he lets others see, a good man who steals bread so he can give them to the little boys and girls in the orphanage that is barely standing. I see a good man who can be a good king.”
“I want to stay by your side as your spouse, Mammon, but if I do that this country will be burned to the ground without the protection of its neighbor.” You pull back your hand. “I won’t make you choose between me and all the little boys and girls that need you...”
He whispers your name.
You push him away.
“Goodbye, Mammon.”
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obeythebutler · 6 days ago
I am here with a n g s t
But could you do the hc's for the brothers reaction to them pulling that "hide from Mc prank" but this time, when Mc comes home they're injured? Like Mc opens the door in a hurry, is like "of all the fuckin days none of em are home" and just rushes to their room and their arm is just ☆☆fucked up☆☆
PROLOGUE: The brothers decided to hide from MC for a day, as a prank. But they hadn't expected for this to happen....
Original request: A Prank Gone too Far
It had taken six pairs of puppy eyes for him to agree to join the prank, and now all they had to do was wait for MC to come home.
He won't admit it, but he was also curious as to what their reaction would be to finding out they all were missing.
Sound of footsteps could be heard, and Lucifer smirked in anticipation.
He hadn't expected for MC to come in with such a ghastly wound, the smell of blood already invading his nostrils. What happened, who did this to you-
Lucifer's already running to their room and almost rips the door off its hinges as his face is contorted into a worried one.
After their wound is dressed and bandaged, he will want to know how it happened, and if someone was the cause of it, Lucifer would ensure to give special treatment to the demon that dare harm MC...
And if it was an accident, he will reprimand them gently to inform him or his brothers if they are going out, or take him along.
Lucifer feels guilty, he wasn't there to protect them as he was indulged in childish pranks with his brothers. Never again, he promises himself, as he kisses your forehead.
He was excited to see MC's reaction to the elaborate prank, but they weren't home, and Mammon almost died of boredom while waiting.
As MC's scent drew closer and closer, Mammon rubbed his hands in excitement. that the smell of...blood?
Holy shit, MC, who did this to you, what happened-
He's already running to their room and kicks the door open to see them trying desperately to stop the bleeding. And Mammon starts panicking.
After their wound has been dressed and bandaged, he will quietly lean into the crook of their neck and hold them close, nor being able to admit they gave them quite a scare.
Give Mammon names, who did this to you-
If only he was there to protect them, their first man, and look, how he's fulfilling his role.
He's worried and guilty. Give him a hug, MC.
Satan's idea of such a prank was too good to refuse.
But he never expected MC to come in reeking of blood, and in Ruri-Chan's name is that a gash on their arm-
Levi doesn't know what to do. He rushes after them and can only babble out questions as his brothers treat MC's injuries.
Who did this to you, what happened, was it a demon or someone- Levi is now into full panic mode. But all he can do is watch with wide eyes.
Shakily, he asks them later if it was a demon that hurt them or an accident. Levi's guilty, if only he was there MC would have been okay..
He'll invite them to his room later to game with him, it's the least he can do after what all he's done. And the demon that dare hurt MC is Lotan's dinner now..
More of reason to not leave his don't too MC...
I wonder how MC would react to this prank..
MC wasn't at home when the brothers planned the prank, which was a good thing, more time to hide!
But Satan never expected MC to rush home reeking of blood and with a gash on their arm. Those looked like claws... he'll kill the filth that dare harm them...
His first instinct is to go and destroy the demon that dare harm them, and his brothers have to coax him into calming down and first taking care of the wounds.
Thanks to his human medical knowledge, the gash is taken care of properly, but his hands shake all the while...
If only, if only he was there, this wouldn't have happened. MC would have been safe, if not for his childish prank..
After everything has settled down, and when MC is asleep in his lap, they might just hear a faint apology from his lips that he's too embarrassed to say out loud.
Never again shall Satan let this happen.
This sure is a good prank....
He waited, until he heard footsteps and the faint smell...of blood? Only too see MC run in with blood drilling from their mutilated arm, and their expression of pain..
Asmo runs towards them in a flash, grabs their arm and shouts in horror.
All the while MC's wound is being bandaged he'll be by their side and wipe off any blood on their skin or clothes.
MC is going to be pampered after with an exclusive self-care session by Asmodeus himself. If MC looks closely, they might notice his watery eyes.
He was scared, he thought you would, you would- something he doesn't dare say out loud.
Next time, he's accompanying them wherever they go, and no excuses. It will take a while for Asmodeus to be back to his usual self again, but for now, he wants to hold MC in his arms.
It took him the promise of food to agree...
But as MC's footsteps could be heard...the faint smell of...blood too? The gash on their arm confirmed it....
As MC's arm was being healed, he gaped nervously at them while tears brewed in his wasn't supposed to go like this!
He brings them snacks to eat, even when he himself is hungry. They need to eat ! They're already fragile as it is!
Beel is now theit personal butler. Need food? Here ya go. Bored? Beel will entertain you. Hugs? Beel.
He feels guilty for not being there to protect them. If only he had gone with them, they wouldn't have been injured.
Late at night, when MC is in Beel's arms, they might notice that he's hugging them a bit too tight, and that there's a frown on his face.
Turning the tables on MC was an interesting idea, but it wasn't supposed to go like this....
He could smell blood before they came, and their arm was mutilated, with blood dripping on the floor..
No one had ever seen Belphegor wake up from his sleepiness so fast...
While MC's wounds were being healed, he was besides them, holding their hand gently with a worried frown.
If only he had gone with MC...the filth that dare harm them won't live to see another day.
He isn't really smooth with words, hence Belphegor will place his pillow besides them and nap with them.
MC might feel the wetness of his tears on their shirt as Belphegor cries silently, glad that they're alive.
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un-beel-lievable · 6 days ago
Pairing: Lucifer x GN!Reader (lightly implied affection for Mammon)
Genre: Angst
TW: Brief mention of mental abuse
This is just a drabble that started from an imaginary conversation in my head.
“The all-mighty Lucifer! Right? All-seeing, all-knowing... don’t tell me you don’t know when he’s hurting. Don’t you dare try to sit there and tell me that you don’t know that the terrible things you say have weight. Those terrible things you say, you ALL say about him, TO him. Because YOU, the oldest, the leader, the example say those horrific things, it makes everyone under you feel that they’re justified to say those disgusting things as well. Just the worst, nastiest insults I’ve ever heard spat. All the time! Every DAY! You couldn’t even begin to imagine what that does to someone’s psyche just after a few DAYS let alone a couple thousand MILLENNIA! You can’t fathom how that feels, right?”
Each word hits him like a stinging slap to the face. It takes quite a lot to wound him and you certainly are not holding anything back. You may have called him all-knowing but he truly didn’t anticipate this condemnation coming from you. His mild-mannered, temperate, tolerant MC.
“Oh but you’re not at fault here right? Because you’re perfect. Everyone loves you. And he deserves it for what he does, yeah? Don’t try to pretend you don’t see the cycle.
He acts out. You all berate him, so he uses the pain of his own family saying that he’s worthless to act out again. To stop hurting. Do you really think that low of my intelligence? Thinking I won’t be able see through you?”
Lucifer stares at you sternly. He has a quizzical look on his strikingly handsome features. At any other time you’d stop to admire God’s greatest creation...
“Do you honestly not understand what you’ve done to him? What you still do?? What makes you all better then him, huh? Why does only Mammon get that sort of treatment for being who he is? For acting on his sin? Why does Asmo not get called a low-life for sleeping around and breaking people’s hearts? Why is Beel not scum for making others go hungry? Why is Belphie not worthless for sitting around, doing nothing and sleeping all day? And why do you get a pass for being so goddamn arrogant all the time?”
Lucifer is now visibly fuming. You know he’s at his breaking point but you’re so deep into your tear-stained tirade that quite frankly you couldn’t care less to stop and think of what consequences might befall you if you continue. At this point you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. Your voice trembling and hoarse from the raw emotion flowing out of you.
“The Avatar of Pride huh? Hah, I think it’s so funny. Ironic,”
His eyes narrow dangerously,
“that you’re the most infamous, powerful demon in Hell with a holier-than-thou attitude! What makes you any different from your father?”
In a blind rage he’s changed into his demon form. The space between you mere inches as he grabs you by the jaw and digs his clawed fingers into your flesh. He’s breathing heavily out of his flared nostrils but he says nothing. Speechless, it seems, for the first time in his very long life. Unable to do anything but glare into the center of your eyes, the fire behind his own causing the garnet irises he possesses to glow. A groan bubbles up in the back of your throat from the sharp pain but you don’t dare break your harsh gaze. You’re in a stalemate, both of you knowing that his previous affection for you is the only thing stopping him from snapping your neck right here and now but neither willing to back down. Nothing happens for the longest time and for a split second a flash of fear washes over you. A cold sweat begins to form on your brow. Would he really do it? You scan his face of a sign that the Lucifer you know is still in there and you’re reassured as his face begins to relax, showing the tiny glimmer of sadness in his eyes. Beneath all of this he still loves you.
After what feels like an eon, he speaks. His voice sounds almost foreign to you. Quiet and shaky. Practically a whisper, yet full of pain.
“You assume I don’t sit and think about about the days in Eden? What became of my relationship with my first sibling? My baby brother? I know what I’VE become. What I’ve done... It’s my greatest regret.”
You nearly roll your eyes. What utter horseshit. If he regrets it so much he should do something about it instead of continually sweeping the constant abuse under the rug and passing it off as just “the way things are now”. You realize that he knew full well what toll this was taking on Mammon the whole time. Yet he sincerely believes that he isn’t able to do anything about it because of his sin of pride. His pride is what blinds him from seeing the truth. This is his fault. It’s time he owned up to it for once in his goddamn life. It’s time to wake up.
“Oh, you knew all along? So it didn’t take you 4.6 BILLION years to figure it out?!” You’re nearly screaming.
He digs his claws in further before releasing you immediately with tepid exhale at the sight of blood dripping down your chin.
What has he done? He made you bleed? Damn you, MC.
MC the meddling human strikes again. Sticking their nose in business millions of years in the making, thinking a few angry words of passion would resolve it all. How childish. How naïve. HOW FOOLISH. You got him all riled up and he made you bleed. Made you hurt. All because you can’t keep your goddamned curiosity to yourself.
This is your fault MC!
No... he knows that isn’t true. How is any of this your fault? He is his own being. No one can control him, which is something he tries to make very clear at any given time by constantly daring those around him to try and do so. All you were doing was standing up for his little brother. Something he should have been doing all along...
There he goes again...blaming someone else for his mistakes. How could he be so stupid? This is exactly what you were talking about wasn’t it? Not taking responsibility for what’s being done to Mammon. Not being able to admit that HE is the one at fault. The one to blame. He looks away from you, ashamed. Of what specifically he can’t say. He is ashamed for a myriad of reasons. One of the more pressing ones being the fact that you’re wiping blood off of your cheek because of him.
You sit on the floor staring at the blood on your fingertips and let out a sigh.
“I need this you know...”
The small air of playfulness in your voice causes Lucifer to look down to you, in confusion. You’re already looking at him with what appears to be a weak smile. Your eyes meet. You look away once more.
“Not ALL of it but I happened to like this particular ounce of blood being INSIDE my body.” You joke half-heartedly.
He tries to get a read on the emotion in your voice since your face is no help. His brain is cycling through nearly every emotion he can think of but it’s complicated. He can’t figure it out. You no longer seem angry, but something else. It’s now silent.
Were you scared, maybe?
Perhaps you were sad?
You let out a little huff of a laugh that breaks the silence.
You shake your head seemingly able to hear his inner dialogue.
He thinks that finally he’s honed in on it. Was it disgust? Yes that must be it. You were disgusted with his behavior. You were disgusted with HIM.
You stand on feeble legs with purpose as you lock eyes with him one last time before turning to leave without another word.
Ah, there it is...not digust, but
Which was so much worse...
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sideb1txh-blogs · 7 days ago
Never Forget
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
solomon x reader
contains- fluff-ish, a little bittersweet, made me sadge
word count- 2.6k
i really like how it came out so enjoy <3 also sorry i just disappeared for like a month or two 🏃🏻‍♀️ oh and that banner took so long i hated it-
Tumblr media
It was too dark to be Golden Hour, yet too light to be anything after. Rich yellow light casting a hazy glow to everything in your room. You turn around to face Solomon, your eyes looking right into his, shiny and warm from the light. Today was perfect, a beautiful candle lit dinner in a restaurant and now you were in the arms of your favourite person.
Your one year anniversary couldn’t have gone better.
You give him a quick peck and start talking, “I um, I have a present for you” you say looking at him shyly with a small smile.
He has a mini smirk and let’s you go. You jump up and make a beeline to your desk, opening a drawer and taking out a neatly wrapped rectangular object with a glossy red bow on top. You walk back and hold it out in front of you, waiting for him to open it.
He looks up at you while he grabs it and slowly tears off the thick brown wrapping paper and is greeted with a thick notebook and the words “never forget” written in the middle with shiny gold ink. You look on in anticipation, and for a minute he’s confused, but once he opens it he breaks out in a smile.
He reads your neat handwriting, a page everyday spent together in the last year. He sees pictures of days full with joy and excitement but also moments of grief and anger. Your words grace every page, next to pictures of you two smiling, around ticket stubs from discount matinees and embroidered napkins from fancy restaurants, you talk about how you felt in those moments every single action and word written in detail, his mind is flooded with you. The pages emit your perfume, the writing your speech, everything about this reminds him of you. And it’s a feeling he never wants to forget.
However he’s wise enough to know, one day ink fades, paper rips, scents disappear, and memories will be forgotten. For a moment his face falls as his mind lingers onto that thought but he won’t think about that, he can’t.
He puts back on the cheerful and thoughtful facade you were so used to seeing, but you know better, you knew him too well to fall for it. You slide down to once again look into his eyes and you pull him into your chest.
He starts to choke up, his voice shaking as he whispers “I love you.”
You smile down at him patting his head while you whisper back in a sound close to silence, “I love you too.”
“I’ll never forget you.” He says slowly regaining his composure.
But you know better.
You know he knows that’s a lie, and he knows you do too, you’re both too smart to believe that, but it hurts to know, to admit, that one day he’ll wonder who the face is in these pictures are, that he’ll remember the feeling of being with you but will never piece it together. You know you’re just a flash in his life, but for now, he’s yours and you’re his.
And you couldn’t ask for more.
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed if you read all the way through, writing this made me feel really happy yet sad... also it was a random 3 am idea so i like you liked it <3 i haven’t felt this creative in a while 🏃🏻‍♀️
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obeythebutler · 7 days ago
Hello! Could you write "immortality is a curse" with Mammon or Lucifer, please?🥺
Like, they realize their human won't be here forever and will pass away someday?
Mammon never knew something as simple as a mere date could make him cry.
Time was of little to no meaning to beings like him. Hell, Leviathan didn't talk to him for half a century when he broke one of his figurines.
But for humans, half a century meant that their end was near.
Mammon realized this while planning the celebrations for your upcoming birthday. It had been perhaps two, or maybe three years since you had come to the Devildom, and it was a long time for a human, but for Mammon, a blink of an eye.
It's a harsh fact, a bitter epiphany.
His human is...human, and humans die.
Time with you is limited.
His human will die one day, and Mammon will have to watch, watch as you fade away.
You're selfish. You're going to go away and leave him alone at your grave.
Who will now comfort him after his nightmares ?
Defend him from the insults he faces every day ?
Who will love him ?
In the end, he'll be left sobbing. You'll be a bittersweet memory, something that will haunt him in his dreams, make him wake up with tears down his face.
If only he could live and die as a mortal.
If only he was human.
Immortality is a curse. If he could, he'd trade it for a mortal life.
But Father is cruel, and fate is against him. In the end, he'll be left alone with memories of you, the spot next to his bed will be empty one day- the hands that run through his hair will stop one day.
He is greedy for time with you, something that is slipping out of his grasp like sand.
He wishes he could die with you.
Mammon covers his mouth with his hand to ensure the sound of broken sobs doesn't reach and wake you up.
You're peacefully asleep in his lap, with a blissful expression, something that will stop one day.
Immortality is a curse, Greed is painfully reminded that day.
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Who Loved you first? Pt. 2
Part 1 continuing the ask from @saltypaperdestiny . Phew well these are always nerve wracking to write but my angst loving heart still loves it. Part 3 coming soon - hopefully in the next three days. Thank you again for this ask omg.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub : Diavolo
Noone really understood what it's like for him. Noone understood that his body started aching from the inside, as if eating itself whenever he felt hungry. And for him, it was almost constantly. Well that was... until you came along.
You were the only who thought there was more to him than his endless stomach. You talked to him, protected him from his brothers annoyed and wrathful attacks and sneaked him food whenever you could. All this time, he too would give you food to reciprocate. But he knew you deserved more. And he knew exactly what it was. With a little help from Satan and Asmo, he planned the perfect suprise date for the both of you.
"MC should be home any minute now." He gleefully thought. He heard your footsteps nearby and was about to call out when...Lord Diavolo? Why is he here at this hour?
Diavolo: Ah MC you're back!
MC: Ah sorry Diavolo have you waited long?
Diavolo: Not at all. I saw you busy helping Simeon with online assignments. I knew it would take a while.
MC: *laughs* That's correct. So what did you want to talk to me about?
Diavolo: Would you be open to marriage after you are done with the exchange program?
MC: ...marriage?!
Diavolo: I'm sorry I'm sorry *chuckles* That must have sounded horribly forward. Let me explain.
Diavolo: So you see, I'm the Prince of Hell and I will be crowned King soon. And according to our traditions I will need to crown a Queen soon after.
Diavolo: There's no rule that I have to marry for love but I'd like to. And frankly, I haven't fancied anyone here.
MC: Diavolo...
Diavolo: Ah it's completely fine if you disagree! But in case you say yes out of mere friendship, I don't mind at all! I shall not force you into anything you're not okay with, you can go back to the human realm as much as you like and do what you want. All you would have to do is wear a crown. So MC would you consider marrying me?
MC: But Diavolo are you sure, I'm the right for this? I'm only a human...
Diavolo: Like I said, I'm marrying for love, MC. Nothing else matters to me.
Every word Diavolo said struck Beel like an ungloved fist, the knuckles hitting him directly in his bones. Diavolo didn't just confess - he offered the whole kingdom to you. All the riches, and books and ...the feasts. Beel knew how much you loved Barbatos's cooking. But he kept his face pressed against your door, listening for your answer.
MC: Lord Diavolo, if you'll have me, please accept your hand in marriage and consider me yours.
Diavolo: ....MC, like I said you don't have to force yourself-
MC: I'm doing it out of love too. *Blush* You didn't think a magnificent prince such as yourself would have an effect on me?
Diavolo: Oh MC... *kisses you* Then it is settled. You have to come live at the castle with me henceforth.
MC: *chuckles* I cannot believe I'm actually going to be your princess.
Diavolo: Also soon to be Queen, my love.
Beel watched with a sinking feeling in his stomach as Lord Diavolo hoisted you up in his arms and spread out his wings, blocking you from view. He watched helplessly as you pressed kisses on each other as you flew across the moon.
Beel went back into his room, looking at all of MC's favorite foods he'd got and arranged neatly for them to see. For the first time in his life Beel didn't feel hungry at all. What he felt was much, much worse.
At his best
Beel avoided all the foods and restaurants you liked if he was alone. He'd lose his appetite and feel nauseous. It just wasn't the same eating without you.
After dinner he'd usually raid the kitchen and fridge. Now he strayed on the corridors and inside your room, hoping to see you.
He still looked forward to you recording him or watching him work out. Your weight on his back as he did pushups was still comforting to him.
When you were not home, he'd think of you laughing and smiling, eating the best of Devildom cuisine. And that thought kept him going.
At his worst
Beel's appetite swung between two extremes. Either he gobbled up everything in existence around him or he sat in the middle of a feast with no urge to eat.
Atleast he didn't act out too much emotionally. He was never good with words to begin with - he loved you cause you understood nevertheless.
But the day Diavolo invited them over to announce his wedding to the brothers, Beel snapped unexpectedly.
Without a word, he turned into his demon form, his jaw clenching. He lunged at you and Diavolo as if trying to eat the latter.
Diavolo just let out a laugh as Barbatos restrained Beel in place. "Oh dear, looks Beel got too attached to you MC..."
You look at Beel going feral in his bonds, there is pain behind his angered eyes. You tear up looking at him, "I'm sorry Beel..." You cup his face. He leaned into your touch, calming down, his rage turning into despair.
Diavolo turned agitated at the tears on your face. "Now now Beel, how about you catch feels for someone you didn't try to eat?" Beel's stomach turned over itself, watching you cry. Is it okay for him to be hungry for your happiness instead?
Belphegor : Lucifer
Clearly you love yourself too little and everyone around you a little too much. Why else would you forgive him this fast and accept him so readily? He wonders that often as you both sleep curled up together in his bed.
One particular night, you rested your head on his hand, your cheek on his open palm and smiled. Belphie hasn't seen you the same way since. Now he feels a constant need to hold you and see you smile in his arms. This is love, right? His plan was simple, he'd whisper it in your ear when you got into bed with him that night and hold you forever more. Only that fated night, you didn't come to bed. He tried calling your DDD, and it kept ringing without an answer.
He groggily woke up and went to your room in search of you. It was empty. He scoured the house for you, until he saw the lights on in Lucifer's room. Surely you couldn't be there...but just in case, he decided to check. And there you were on his bed, with him fast asleep in your arms. It all felt like a twisted dream.
Lucifer: MC where did you learn to do that?
MC: *running their fingers in Lucifer's hair* This? My mother used to make me fall asleep this way.
Lucifer: It is soothing... thank you for today MC.
MC: Lucifer that's a the fifth thank you in ten minutes. Stop. Go to sleep.
Lucifer: *chuckles* Is that so? Hmm maybe I just have a lot to thank you for.
MC: Thank me? I've only made your life harder since I showed up.
Lucifer: Well that's what it felt like initially. But your heart was always pure. You even died for us MC.
MC: I'd rather not talk about that-
Lucifer: Did you think I forgot about it? The others don't talk about it for Belphie and Beel's sake. But they aren't here now. So let me tell you how much it meant.
MC: ....
Lucifer: You looked so peaceful when you died, like you were just happy to unite all the brothers again. It broke my heart to see you like that. I just wanted so badly for you to wake up.
MC: And I did.
Lucifer: And when you came back you immediately reached for my hand. Is that how much you love me?
MC: If you already know it, then don't make me say it, Lucifer.
Lucifer: *cupping your cheek and pulling you close* But I want to hear it, MC.
This was Belphie's worst nightmare. Did Lucifer seriously just use his worst mistake to get MC to fall and confess to him. Is this how lowly and disgusting he could be? Come on MC. Don't tell him. You're better than this. You're on Belphie's side right?
MC: I love you Lucifer *hides their face in the pillows*
Lucifer: *chuckles and cups your face towards him* Even after all that I put you through?
MC: You're protective of your brothers. You acted that way because you thought I was a threat to your family. You've been looking after them all by yourself after all...
Lucifer: MC...
MC: Don't worry I barely remember all the bad stuff haha.
Lucifer: Then I'll make sure to replace whatever bad memories you have with this.*gets on top of you*
MC: Lucifer.. what... hmph-
Lucifer: *kisses you* I'm sure you already know of my affections towards you MC but I'll let you feel them again. And also to make it clear to whoever may question it.
Belphie could swear on his soul that Lucifer looked directly at him through the open crack of the door before he pounced on you, pining you down and peppering kisses all over your neck and shoulders as you squirmed beneath him.
Belphie felt wide awake and restless. The lights went off in Lucifer's room and you were reduced to shadows embracing against the moonlight. Belphie felt torn between dragging you away and telling you how he's better and pretending it was a bad dream. Please just be a bad dream.
At his best
He goes into denial mode. That night never happened. However he decided not to confess either, afraid of your reply
Whenever Lucifer is in the room, he makes sure to curl up right in your lap.
Takes you away with random excuses whenever Lucifer tries to whisk you away. Sends Beel out on your dates with Lucifer to ruin it.
Doesn't act out too much except he spends way too much time with Satan planning more ways to Lucifer's life hell.
But he never outright say anything. You're happy after all.
At his worst
Oh he is a brat. In every sense of the word. He outright calls Lucifer out in public knowing how much he hates public affection.
Lucifer knowing his brother's antics full well, started acting out in public. Holding your hand or making you sit in his lap while all the brothers watched with their jaws slackened.
Belphie lost it the day Lucifer kissed you in front of everyone else. "Oh for fucks sake Lucifer take your disgusting self and your utterly brainwashed human elsewhere." He snapped.
"I'm- I'm not brainwashed!" Belphie always knew the exact words to make you cry somehow. You left the room, wiping your eyes.
Belphie regretted it the moment he saw your eyes. Tried to go after you, but Lucifer blocked his way, all angry in his demon form. "You dare hurt them again? Haven't you done enough?"
Belphie lets out a guttural growl, "As if you've never laid a finger on them Lucifer." Lucifer scoffs, "I'm not the one who killed them. And who do you think is stupid enough to love their murderer?"
Diavolo : Satan
Who would have thought it was so simple to steal the heart of the Prince of Hell? It was during afternoon tea, when you sat in his garden telling him the love story of Hades and Persephone, that he seemed to fall head first in love. Hades, the Prince of the Underworld, not unlike Diavolo, and Persephone, a brave goddess of Spring, not unlike you who sat among a rainbow of flowers with your gentle eyes and heart - and suddenly he decided it was fate.
To say he was fond of you before, was an understatement. But now he was determined to make you his future queen. Noone else could ever fit that role anymore. And with the help of Barbatos, he had planned everything for the big proposal. A big party at the end of which he would call everyone's attention to you and him, announcing him as yours.
But fate wasn't on his side that night. And he doubted if it ever was. You had disappeared before he could catch a good glimpse of you and searched every nook and corner till Barbatos discovered you walking in the garden with your fingers intertwined with a golden haired demon.
MC: Thank you for bringing me out here, Satan. I feel so overwhelmed with crowds
Satan: *chuckles* I could sense your distress from a mile away. Honestly I feel the same.
MC: No way! You? Mr. Important with all the high and secret connections?
Satan: Well the trick to these high class parties is that you appear for a while, make small talk with the host and 20 of his most significant guests. And then you slip away into the night.
MC: Like an escape artist. *Laughs* It feels like something dangerous even though it's not.
Satan: That means you're a romantic at heart. I should know, so am I. *Chuckles*
MC: That's absolutely true! You even speak like the charming and chivalrous Princes I heard stories about.
Satan: I do? Well did you have a particular fancy towards them?
MC: Why they were my favourite! Especially the ones who overcame great adversities and yet never let all their battles wound their hearts. I dreamt that despite all the betrayal and wrong, their hearts were forever drowning in love for their one true love.
Satan: *blushes* You're the only person I can think of who can talk as if reciting prose in the middle of casual conversation.
MC: And you're the only person who can tell me the history of whatever I point my finger at! I ask you about flowers and artworks and spells and the next day lo and behold, you have reference books and a whole lecture prepared just for me.
Satan: Well let's just say, that instant ignorance of the answer my one true love seeks is my adversity. And the books and notes I prepare are my winning strikes against it.
MC: .....
Satan: *smiles*
MC: *blushes* Did you just-
Satan: Not the most straight forward way to confess love I admit. But you looked so divine talking about your dreams, smiling so sweetly in the moonlight, I couldn't hold back.
Diavolo was fun-loving demon, still a child at heart. He understood the world in his own simple way, so the first thing he processed when he heard you both was how left out he felt. Like he couldn't understand a word of what you both were saying - stringing along such long sentences like you were on a stageplay. But then he saw your bashful gaze and how Satan pulled you so much closer, your arms linked instead of your fingers and he understood what transpired. And yet he didn't have the heart to interrupt.
MC: *looks away blushing* You said it so suddenly, how do I respond?
Satan: *chuckles* How about I make it easier for you? Grace me with a dance if you accept my affection. *bows and holds out a hand for you*
MC: *laughs and takes his hand, swaying to the faint music from the party* And what if I share your affections?
Satan: How could the Incarnation of Love and Purity fall for the Avatar of Wrath?
MC: Because that Wrath isn't his own. He is the crown Prince of knowledge, romance and beauty in all things big and small. And if he lets me, I can show him how my purity begs to be corrupted by him.
Satan: MC....
MC: I love you with all my heart, Satan. I've been falling for you since the day I met you. *Kisses him*
Satan: *blushing* I cannot think of a more perfect way to convey love. You outdid me so easily. How do I restrain myself now? *Pulling you close*
MC: We have escaped haven't we? Why restrain yourself?
Satan: Prepare yourself then. I'll let out everything I've been holding in for you.
Diavolo watched, frozen in his place as Satan and you ran away to the shadows, both of your eyes dazzling in the dark. The moonlight couldn't reach you where you were, but he could imagine it - your lips pressed against his, gasping out his name and smiling against his cheeks as he cradles you tight to himself and whispers your name like a prayer.
Diavolo retreated back to his room, with a heavy storm in his heart. Barbatos announced the end of the party as instructed and went to check up on him. Diavolo sat in his dimly lit room staring at the flowers in his vase, next to the bed. It was the flowers you had sat among, reading out the story of Hades and Persephone. He had promised to take care of the flowers himself, but now they wilted and drooped like his heart.
At his best
While he craved to be with you, watching you together with him was like a watching a movie.
"I wonder how you both bruise so frequently." He teases you both about your hickeys or any obvious signs of affection mercilessly.
Third wheels a lot. If he can't be your Prince, he will readily be your awkward best friend who tags along everywhere.
When you sit in Satan's lap andr read from the same book, he longs to take his place but the knowing smiles and bashful giggles you both share, he knows that's special to the two of you.
Laughs at the bitter irony when you jokingly call Satan, 'My Prince', despite there being an actual Prince in your life.
Your still so bubbly and happy around him, telling him the funniest stories and playing the silliest pranks on Lucifer. He doesn't know it but he's unofficially a part of the Lucifer Sucks group now.
At his Worst
The Prince of Hell, now the King of Manipulation. The way he gets away with messing around with the brothers? Well he plans on getting away with you this time.
Just like Lucifer, he starts giving Satan endless responsibilities so much that you both barely get any time together now.
His plan was simple, he'd create a divide between you. You'd be sick of waiting for him and he would be too tired to deal with your emotional needs. That's where Diavolo would swoop in and take his place.
Only it didn't go as planned. You never seemed to tire of waiting for him and he was always so eager to be with you. You'd even help him with his work tirelessly. If anything he managed to push the two of you together.
One day he watched you sitting by the window longingly, waiting for Satan's return from his external duties out of town. When Satan finally came, Diavolo watched you excitedly jump into his arms, and him catching you, burying his nose into your neck.
Diavolo's rage flared at that sight. "What's so special about him, MC?" He growled in a deadly low voice. "You would rather have a demon derived from Lucifer than the actual Prince of Hell?"
You turned around to see him in his demon form looming over the both of you. Satan had also transformed, his eyes deadly calm as he stared at him.
"Oh Satan you think you can win against me?! A duel for MC's love is that how you want it?" Diavolo laughed sadistically.
"No Diavolo I won't let you! You can't do this!" You placed yourself in between them, shielding Satan from him. You felt tears fall down your face, "Hurt me instead if I disrespected you. Not him!"
Diavolo's demon form disappeared instantly. You, with your fragile form, so ready to give up your life for Satan's sake. He truly never stood a chance. He apologized and backed away while Satan held you close pressing kisses on your head and cupping your cheeks.
"The difference, Lord Diavolo," Satan said with deadly spite in his voice, "between you and me is that a true Prince doesn't need manipulate his way into his lovers heart. I might still be nothing Lucifer's derivate to you or others, but MC will never see anyone else as their Prince. Just like Persephone and Hades."
Keep reading onto part 3
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obeythebutler · 8 days ago
Includes prompts and angst scenarios. The main Masterlist is here.
Satan and it should have been me...
Solomon and Immortality is a curse
Mammon and Immortality is a curse
The brothers and Fate is Cruel
Belphegor and It's for the best
Belphegor and his feelings
Belphegor and mortality
Lucifer and It should have been me
Lucifer and Come back to me..
Simeon and Impatient to Love
Lucifer and Don't go, please.
Beelzebub and Time was slipping through his hands like sand
Barbatos and To love would be to commit sacrilege
Diavolo and Time is slipping through his hands like sand
Luke and Why did you fall, Simeon?
Satan and Epoch
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astairekin · 9 days ago
simeon loses his himbo boyfriend
note from kin: haha… remember that simeon with a himbo bf piece... remember that it was very sweet and fluffy and cute… guess what i ruined it
fandom: obey me!
character(s): male!reader, simeon, luke, lucifer, diavolo, solomon
pairing(s): simeon/reader
warning(s): relatively descriptive violence/gore, death (yes we are going there), simeon goes dark
genre: ANGST (i’m so sorry in advance)
Tumblr media
Simeon never should have expected it to last.
It had been a wonder that the higher angels had even allowed you to stay around for so long after the Celestial War had ended. War angels like you, created only to fight and shed blood, have always been looked down upon, even among the so-called virtuous and prejudice-less. The fate of your kind is to fall on the battlefield in burning glory - that is the long and short of it.
It’s a cruel truth, that war angels are only ever admired when they die. Like heroes of old, they are heralded for their actions once their form dissolves from the world in scattered fragments of light, but are shunned if they return from battle in ragged armour. It’s hypocrisy, to put it simply - how many innocent souls have been cast away by an archangel’s hand simply for the sake of upholding archaic beliefs? How many angels have been lost because of crimes that they were forced to commit by the very council persecuting them?
Simeon had thought that the Council were fond of you at home in the Celestial Realm - but perhaps it had been naive of him to think that that would stop them from doing that they thought they had to do.
Simeon knows that you are far from the innocent lamb that many see you as. He knows what you see in your dreams, when you wake up in a cold sweat, gasping for breath as you try desperately to rub the blood of your fallen kin from your hands. He knows, now, something that he refused to acknowledge for the longest time.
Your time is limited. It always has been.
“Gabriel,” He says, unable to keep the discontent from his voice at the sight of a so-called ‘friend’ standing before the Purgatory Hall door. “What a… pleasant surprise.”
The archangel regards him with burnt amber eyes. His wings are spread behind him in a ridiculously ostentatious display of status, glowing a soft white amidst the Devildom darkness.
“We both know that this occasion is anything but pleasant,” He answers gravely. “Where is [Name]?”
Simeon immediately reaches for the door handle. He knows that mere wood won’t stop a member of the High Council for long, but if the situation should call for it, it could buy some time. He wonders if he should slam the door shut and make a break for the gardens to warn you, but Gabriel reads him like an open book, and abruptly slams the end of his eagle-headed staff against the door, forcing it wide open.
“Don’t make this any more difficult than it has to be, Simeon,” He says, eyes narrowing. “We have been generous. You have had years - and now it is time to say goodbye.”
“You’re going to kill him.” Simeon replies. It isn’t a question.
Gabriel lets out a soft sigh, now looking distinctly unhappy. He bows his head slightly, and for the briefest of moments, Simeon sees the work-worn lesser angel who had taught you how to make your favourite candied fruits all those years ago.
But then that angel disappears, and all that remains is the Enforcer of the High Council. Gabriel’s eyes burn an imperial gold, and he takes a single step forward.
Simeon holds his ground, even though his hands are beginning to tremble. He can’t give way - not even a little. Not when your life is at stake.
“He will not die,” Gabriel says. “We are merely freeing a pure soul from a bloodstained body.”
“Those bloodstains have long since faded!” Simeon spits, and Gabriel’s eyebrows lift slightly. It’s the most vitriol he’s seen Simeon display in his long life - and the pure animosty in his gaze is something perhaps more dangerous than anything in all three realms.
He takes in a breath, his expression softening. “Simeon… I don’t want this any more than you. But, as a member of the High Council…”
He trails off, but Simeon already knows what he had intended to say.
“I know,” He says bitterly. “This is your duty.”
They look at each other in silence.
“Let us talk,” Gabriel says. “Perhaps we can come to a compromise.”
His eyes are amber again, and Simeon dares to hope that, maybe, if he complies, he might leave you be.
He takes a deep breath and nods. “Very well.”
He steps back and allows Gabriel to step inside, pulling in his wings so as to be able to fit inside. He turns to lead him to the parlour, and sees Luke watching them around the corner of the hallway, eyes wide and face pale with terror.
“Call Lucifer,” Simeon mouths, and watches as Luke hurriedly nods and disappears.
Simeon is no fool - he knows that he would be no match for Gabriel. But Lucifer, once the Celestial Realm’s Morningstar, pride and joy of the angels, may be. He can only hope that he will arrive before anything can happen.
“Your residence is… homely,” Gabriel says awkwardly as he follows Simeon into the parlour.
Simeon doesn’t respond. He waits for Gabriel to sit down, then asks, straining to prevent his anger from seeping into his voice, “Do you want some tea?”
The archangel can clearly sense the undercurrent behind his words, but doens’t say a word about it. “No, but thank you for the offer.”
Simeon nods silently, tight-lipped, and takes a seat across from him.
“Did Father send you?” He asks. Gabriel shifts slightly, as if uncomfortable, but Simeon can’t find the will to care.
“Father believes… that [Name] will become a threat,” He says slowly. “I have no say in what he decides.”
“Do you not have a say in what you choose to do, either?” Simeon shoots back, unable this time to keep the venom out of his voice. “I thought the Celestial Realm advocated for liberty. Do you have no free will of your own?”
Gabriel looks taken aback for the briefest of moments, then hurriedly composes his face once again. “Of course I do. But, when it comes to these situations, I have no choice.”
“You do have a choice,” Simeon replies. “You could choose to let [Name] be - let us be.”
“You know that I cannot do that.” Gabriel shakes his head. Another moment of silence passes. “But… I cannot say that I don’t have another solution.”
Simeon eyes widen for the briefest of moments, but he refuses to let himself get hopeful. “Another… solution?”
“I have grown fond of [Name] over these years as well,” Gabriel says heavily. “I would find myself rather grief-stricken if he were to…”
He doesn’t finish his sentence, but both he and Simeon know what follows his lingering words.
“Then what’s the other solution?” Simeon asks.
“Bring [Name] before the High Council,” Gabriel replies. “Make a case for him, and make them see that he is not a threat. Perhaps then Father will allow him to go free.”
“How do you know the elders won’t smite him on sight?” Simeon leans forward, his expression tight. “Even Father isn’t above unwarned attack.”
“I will protect him,” Gabriel says, and he speaks so firmly that Simeon can’t help but be compelled to believe him. “And I know that you will as well. No harm will come to him under our wings.”
Simeon stares at him for a moment longer, then nods and sits back heavily in his seat, releasing a slow, quiet breath. “...very well. If it works…”
Before he can continue, a quiet knock sounds at the door, and you swing it open. You’re evidently fresh back from a job in the garden, with several leaves still stuck in your unkempt hair and your clothes slightly off-kilter.
He opens his mouth to greet you, but before he can, Gabriel abruptly stands up. It happens so quickly that Simeon barely registers it - his amber eyes burning a sudden, blinding gold, the wings bursting from his back - and before he knows it, Gabriel’s staff is plunged into your heart.
Simeon screams.
It feels as if the world has suddenly slowed down around him as you raise your head to look at him, eyes wide and golden ichor already spilling from your lips. Gabriel pulls the staff from your chest with an awful hiss of burning flesh, and watches emotionlessly as you sink to the floor.
“[Name]!” Simeon throws himself at you, desperately attempting to staunch the wound with his hands. His gloves feel heavy as the gold soaks into them, but he persists nonetheless, refusing beyond all reason to believe that this can really be happening - how can this be happening?
“S-Simeon,” You try to reach up to him, but your arms give way and collapse by your side again. “W...what...?”
“Please,” He whispers hoarsely, dimly aware of the hot tears coursing down his cheeks and dripping onto your face. “Please stay with me.”
“I…” Your hand lifts again, shaking horribly, and slowly, surely, comes to rest on his arm. “I’m here.”
“It isn’t worth it, Simeon,” says Gabriel impassively, and Simeon jerks around to look at him. “You know that.”
“You… you lied.” His voice rises to a scream, and his throat feels red-raw. “You lied!”
“I lied,” He repeats calmly, and Simeon has never felt such an intense bloodlust as he does in that moment. How can he stand there so expressionlessly as you’re dying right before his eyes - by his own hand?
But then you squeeze his arm, and he abruptly snaps out of it, turning to see you, your face still contorted with pain, trying to smile.
“It’s alright,” You say hoarsely, smiling despite the tears trickling down your own face, leaving little trails in the golden ichor splattered across your cheeks. “It’s alright.”
“You can’t…” Simeon shakes his head, words almost unintelligible through his trembling sobs. “Please… I’m not ready for you to go.”
Thundering footsteps approach from the corridor, and the door slams open to reveal a set of pitch black wings. Lucifer stands there for a moment, rendered motionless by the scene before him, then suddenly seems to explode.
“What have you done?!” He roars, and the very ground at his feet trembles at his words.
Gabriel freezes in place as Lucifer advances on him, pure rage crashing from him in suffocating waves with every step. In his wake, Luke hesitantly peers around the edge doorway, and staggers backwards, hand clasped to his mouth to stifle a strangled gasp.
Lucifer draws back a single hand surrounded by a vortex of darkness, his lips pulled back in an animalistic snarl. Gabriel raises an arm, as if to defend himself or perform a counter-attack, but even an archangel’s movements are no match for the former Morningstar.
Lucifer’s blow strikes him in the heart, and Gabriel’s form shatters on the spot.
The room descends into stone-cold silence. Lucifer stands still for a long moment, heaving for breath, and it’s only when he hears Simeon let out another sob that he remembers where he is.
He drops to his knees beside you, reaching forward to pry Simeon’s hands away from your wound. Luke gives a horrified gasp as your wound is revealed - a gaping hole in your torso that only grows before his eyes, eating away at your flesh until all that will be left is a golden mist.
“How did he get into the Devildom?” Lucifer asks through gritted teeth, his hands glowing a deep purple as he passes them over your chest over and over again, trying against all odds to seal the wound. “How— how did he do this?”
Simeon shakes his head, unable to speak through his weeping.
Your eyes are fluttering open and shut rapidly, as if your sight is disappearing. Simeon clasps your hand in his own, pressing a kiss to your palm and holding it close to his heart. He can only watch as Lucifer tries frantically to save you.
He feels useless - God, he feels so useless! Why can’t he do more than just sit here, watching as the life drains from your body? Why hadn’t he been able to save you? Why hadn't he been able to save you?!
Your body shudders, and both Lucifer and Simeon freeze.
“Simeon,” You murmur hoarsely.
Lucifer draws back as Simeon leans forward. Your hand slowly moves in his, fingers intertwining with his own.
“I’m here,” He says softly.
“I don’t…” Your expression crumples. “I don’t want to go.”
Simeon feels something deep inside him shatter into pieces.
How can something so terrible happen so quickly? What have you done to deserve such a thing? How could the High Council be so cruel? How could fate be so cruel?
“His necklace,” Lucifer says suddenly as your eyes flutter closed again, your breathing laboured and heavy. “Simeon - take the necklace!”
“What…?” Simeon follows Lucifer’s gesturing hand to see that the pendant hanging from your neck is beginning to glow softly. That pendant - it’s the one he gave you so long ago. You’ve never taken it off.
He sees that the blue-green stone is fading into gold, and Simeon suddenly realises what Lucifer means.
When an angel dies, their physical body will, sooner or later, dissolve into the wind as golden mist, never to be seen again. But the soul - the golden core - will persist. And, if one can catch that core, preserve it in a material state…
“[Name],” Simeon breathes in disbelief. “You’re transmuting your core?”
You’ve never been able to perform magic well - even the easiest spells have seemed to be incomprehensible to you - and transmutation of a core is no simple feat. It requires immense amounts of energy to even begin the process. And yet, as you lie dying… somehow you’re able to do it.
“For you,” You whisper, and smile.
Simeon lets out a disbelieving, hysterical laugh. “[Name]...”
“Take the necklace!” Lucifer says again, more urgently this time. “Don’t let it disappear!”
You reach up to touch a hand to Simeon’s face. “I love you.”
He takes in a deep, shaking breath, trying to calm himself. He wants to smile, one last time - he doesn’t want your final memory of him to be a face contorted with grief. But how can he smile in a moment like this?
Simeon’s face crumples, and he throws himself forward, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. Your chest heaves beneath him, your laboured breaths echoing in his ears, and he closes his eyes.
“I love you too,” He whispers, his voice barely audible. “I love you too.”
He forces himself to keep his eyes closed, unable to watch as your form slowly disappears beneath him. Your necklace drops to the floor, and he catches it in his gold-covered hands.
The pendant pulses in his palm, thrumming with warmth. He stares at it blankly.
Luke drops weakly to his knees with a weak sob. His eyes are wide, traumatised - but, in his state, Simeon can only absently lament that he had been forced to watch such a thing.
The silence stretches for what feels like forever, long and agonising. Finally, Simeon lifts his head.
Lucifer is looking at him with a mournful sort of sympathy. The loss he feels cannot compare in the slightest to what Simeon must be going through at this moment. And so, he swallows back his own grief, and forces himself to stay strong as Simeon falls apart. He cannot afford to let this destroy him now.
“You need to hide somewhere,” Lucifer says. “Take Luke with you. The Council will realise that their Enforcer is dead sooner or later - you cannot afford to be in the crossfire when they arrive.”
Simeon doesn’t move.
“Go,” Lucifer says, more firmly this time.
Simeon is silent for a moment.
“...what?” Unguarded shock spreads across Lucifer's face, but there's something else there as well - a faint kind of resignation, as if he already knows the choice that his old friend is going to make. “Simeon - if the Council finds you at the scene, they’ll think you’re the culprit. You need to hide if you don’t want to be persecuted.”
Simeon meets his gaze, and Lucifer involuntarily draws back. The deep, seething hatred pooling at the bottom of his eyes - it’s all too familiar. He remembers seeing eyes like that once before - his own eyes, reflected in the mirror of a shield, on the side of a blade, in a puddle of golden ichor. Those are disillusioned eyes, eyes that can no longer pretend to see past everything. Those are eyes that promise war.
“I don’t care,” Simeon replies, enunciating each word with emphasis. “Let them persecute me.”
“S-Simeon,” Luke’s voice cracks, and if Simeon had been in any right mind, he might have tried to comfort him. “They’ll— they’ll exile you.”
“Then I'll fall,” Simeon says flatly, and Luke holds back a sob. “If they find out that Lucifer killed him, we risk another battle. It’s safer to let them think that I did it in vengeance.”
His words are measured and factual, void of any emotion. Lucifer stares at him in silence, then slowly, surely nods.
“I’ll take Luke somewhere to hide,” He says, rising to his feet. He turns, then hesitates. “...Simeon.”
Simeon looks up at him. Lucifer takes in a breath.
“You will have a home with us.” He says.
Simeon’s expression remains blank, but his lips twitch up just a little. He nods.
Lucifer casts one more glance at him, then turns and leads a softly crying Luke out of the room.
Simeon stays frozen there, numb, for a long, long time. He doesn’t move even as he hears a pounding at the door, the booming voice of his superiors calling his name with world-rending rage…
...and, when the time comes, falling is not as painful as he imagined it would be.
Perhaps it is because he’s already far from the Celestial Realm, or perhaps it is because he fell by choice. Whichever reason it is, however, the facts remain - his white wings have faded away, replaced by a pair of spiralling black horns and a twisting tail. Simeon is no longer an angel.
The brothers treat him with almost surprising compassion, advising him on how best to sooth the pain in his back and helping him practise keeping his balance with the weight of his new features. They offer him a room in the House of Lamentation, a place at the dinner table - a place in the family. He can't help but wonder, as he watches Belphie wander the gardens where you used to work, if this kindness is their way of honouring your memory. You'd never want him to be alone.
Most days, he stays up all night, sometimes accompanied by one of the brothers, sometimes by Solomon, sometimes on his own, reading until his eyes go numb and the words blur on the page. Luke sends messages regularly, sometimes through his D.D.D., sometimes through little letters included in packages of cakes. Half the time his handwriting spirals into an almost unreadable scrawl before he reaches the end of the letter, the inked words bleeding into each other, and Simeon doesn’t fail to notice the way your name appears in every other sentence, despite how hard Luke tries to focus on other matters.
It feels like, no matter how much he tries to distract himself, your ghost is always there, whispering to him at every turn, and he can’t help but listen for your echoes, unable to bring himself to truly say goodbye. Sometimes, as he tries to concentrate on yet another spell book in the House of Lamentation’s library, he sees you in the corner of his eye, working diligently in the gardens like always.
But, when he turns to look, you’re always gone. You haven’t been there for a long time.
When he does sleep, it’s in short and fitful bursts, always haunted by you, your warmth, your eyes, always staring, staring deep into him. He roams the ruins of a dream that isn’t a dream, watching over fields of flowers that will never bloom again, not without your touch.
The past is as fleeting as the morning dew, fading more and more the further he gets away from it. It taunts him every time he closes his eyes, disappearing as soon as he reaches out to catch it. And it doesn’t matter how many times he sees you in sleep - no matter whether or not he waits to dream to see you just one more time, you still won’t be there when he opens his eyes.
All the while, your necklace thrums above his heart. Sometimes it gives him the strength to stay awake an hour longer, to not lose hope, but other only makes him colder. Your soul is so close, but you are so far, somewhere where Simeon can never see you, where he can never hold you, where he can never be with you.
But Simeon refuses to give up on you. He refuses to believe that there isn’t a way to fix this, that there isn’t a way to bring you back. He ignores the pitying looks he gets from the demons around him, he ignores the whispers about the fallen angel trying desperately to revive a dead soul. He doesn’t care about the taboo, and he doesn’t care about the consequence.
It scares him sometimes, how dark his thoughts have become, how far he is willing to go. But he knows that it’ll be worth it.
It’s all been for you, after all.
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obeythebutler · 9 days ago
Time is slipping through his hands like sand.
For Diavolo
Diavolo feels his heart sink.
It's another night in the Devildom, with raindrops pattering against the glass of the giant windows for a nice change. Barbatos had made sure to place extra blankets in his chamber, as the weather gets chilly during the rain, and it's something Diavolo can bear easily, but you can't.
You're happily asleep in the bed, tucked under the plush blankets with a serene expression. Diavolo smiles as he runs a hand through your hair, but that found look is replaced with that of a somber one.
The peace is not for long.
Soon it will be time for his father to wake up.
And Diavolo knows what his reaction will be on seeing what his son has changed the Devildom into.
A scoff.
Because the Devildom is now housing humans and angels alike, and demons aren't so demonic anymore, are they?
And he knows he will have to send you away with Solomon and Simeon, because that is the only place you'll be safe. Even if it means separation.
He's doing it for your safety, he chants in his mind as he signals to Barbatos to prepare, be ready, because the sky will fall soon.
Time is slipping through his hands like sand.
There's barely a month left.
So Diavolo pampers you all he can. The paperwork has been distributed among Lucifer and Barbatos, and the more pressing matters are handled at night, when you're asleep, so that the day is devoted to you.
To your very existence, because you deserve nothing less than the best.
Diavolo's gaze hardens as he glances at the portrait on the wall. An intimidating and towering figure, with an aura that commands respect, and eyes that have seen everything- good and bad.
The Demon King.
He need to protect you from his Father- turn you away into the portal, even as you try to come back to him with tears in your eyes, and Diavolo will have to hold back from letting you go, even as he cries.
Even if the outcome is death.
He's doing it to protect you.
If he survives, perhaps, what then?
Will you stay?
Will you become his wife, the Queen of Devildom?
Will you two stay together for all eternity?
There are many questions in his mind, and not enough time to ponder over. Because, if left idle, he might just give in to the temptation of keeping you close to him.
But his Father won't allow, he will lay his hands on you, kill you, as Diavolo is forced to watch. It will be his lesson, to not stoop so low as to love a mortal.
But Diavolo won't let his Father do that. Even if it means killing him.
Perhaps, tomorrow, a portrait should be made of you- with him by your side, as a crown of flowers adores your hair, and a bouquet in Diavolo's hands.
With a kiss to your temple, he turns around, and sighs.
Time is slipping through his hands like sand.
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diavolosthots · 11 days ago
I get so happy every time I see your requests are open again... Anyway, could you write a scenario in which Satan fell in love with the reader, only to realise, after the whole attic situation, that they were falling in love with Belphegor, instead? Like, he just caught them in a lovey dovey moment by accident. Not really NSFW, just angst. Thank you in advance, I love your writing and am always looking forward to it every day ❤️
I posted this on ao3 first but here it is
Warning: angst
Broken Hearts Club (SATAN X GN!READER)
Tumblr media
It was truly hard not to fall for you. You are everything he’s ever read about, everything he’s ever dreamt about. At night, when he’s still awake with only a candle to keep him company, and his nose is buried deep within his stacks of books, his mind still finds a way to drift to you. At first he found it annoying; how could anyone occupy his mind this much? But it was so obvious to him what exactly it was. It was obvious to him because he’s seen it so many times in stories and even occasionally down here in the Devildom. As demons, he used to think each and every single one of them was doomed for misery and bad luck, but he’s seen it work out, even for the darkest of beings. It brings him hope that maybe, just maybe, it will work out for him too. Up until you came along, though, no one really interested him. They were all dull and boring, and… dumb. They looked at the surface level of things and they didn’t stimulate his mind as much as they did his body, which made him turn away in disgust and start from scratch. Pretty faces only go so far, you know?
And truly, at first he didn’t even believe you could be anything to him. You were pretty, yes, no doubt about that, and he definitely felt a physical attraction, but it took a while for him to realize that you could keep him satisfied mentally as well. You are… complex, and he liked that. It’s like a tornado, if he’s being honest. You could change your mood at any moment, you could blow up or calm down, speak your mind or pretend to keep the peace. You are smart and kind, mostly patient although he totally understands when you’re not. Believe him, he does. You were… a garden. His garden. Filled with so many flowers and animals, bushes and trees, and different types of dirt depending on where you looked. You didn’t give yourself to just the roses or just the beetles on the ground. You had daisies and magnolias, and earthworms and bees, happily flying around and bringing a small blessing to everything it touches. You grew and you died, but you always came back. Some of you stuck around all year, other parts of you only showed up during certain times… and that’s okay. It’s intriguing. It makes him excited and desperate and… greedy. Needy? 
“Are you free right now? I was thinking of going to the cafe.” He hoped, silently prayed, that you’d say yes, and you even smiled back at him before you gave him that teasing smirk, “hm… you feeling generous, Satan? Plan to pay for my coffee?” A joke, obviously, although he’d never have any issue in paying for you because it’s you and he wants you to be happy, even if that means spending a couple of grimm on coffee. “Sure, but tea is superior, so you owe me for choosing the wrong thing.” a smirk back. Was that smooth? Even if it wasn’t, you’re laughing now and it feels so innocent so he can’t help but feel like it was. “Fine, but not right now. I have things to do. Maybe in an hour? Does that still work for you?” He nodded, but what you didn’t know is that he’d drop any and everything he was doing at whatever moment to do things with you, even if you still have terrible taste in drinks. “Mhm. I’ll meet you up front in an hour.” and then you were off, and he was just watching you walk away. What he didn’t know, though, is that you’d do that quite literally an hour from now. 
A part of him was nervous because all of him wanted this to go right. The other part of him is confident that things will go right. Maybe you could take a walk in the park afterward, or just around town. Maybe you’d catch the Devildom sky at just the right time with him and he could finally fess up about how he feels. He texted you one more time, 15 minutes before. Just a simple “I’ll be downstairs at the door.” so you know where to find him. It never got answered but he just assumed you read it and moved on with your life. No biggie, he does the same. Excitement rushed through him and he was twiddling with his thumbs a bit. This could be his chance at one of those fairy tale romances, no matter how silly he used to think they were. He craved that. The love, the adventure, the vulnerability… the life he could share with someone, you know? He needed that, in all honesty. He’s been waiting at that door since 15 minutes ago and he’s being pretty lenient. “Probably brushing their hair….” you know, simple things. Maybe you’re looking at the menu of the cafe so you’re not holding up the line when you get there? He should do the same. 
But he’s been looking at the menu for another fifteen minutes now. Had you forgotten? No. He texted you about it, afterall, and he’s checking now that the message really went through, which it did. It angered him. He’s talked to you less than two hours ago there’s no way you could’ve already forgotten. You’re not Mammon. “Maybe…” he’s giving himself excuses and he knows it. Anything to justify anything you could be doing right now, but then he heard your laughter coming from upstairs and he knew you were at least in the house. He raised an eyebrow “facetiming a friend…?” Right? You still had friends up in the human world, afterall. He walked back up the stairs, looking left and right until he heard your laughter again, coming from the attic this time. “Belphegor…” That’s the only person that ever goes up there unless Lucifer decides to punish someone again. A soft growl escaped him and he swiftly made his way up there, not bothering to knock on the door because all of a sudden, all common courtesy left his body “(Y/N)---!”
A pause. Wide eyes and an open mouth. You were still grinning from the previous laugh that escaped your pretty little mouth, but it quickly dropped when you saw him. “Satan..? Has it already been an hour?” Innocent. You were playing innocent as if you weren’t cuddled up underneath Belphegor with his face buried in your chest. He looked bored now, although Satan is sure he saw him laugh too, which is a miracle within itself but that’s also another story. “Yes. It’s been an hour.” He didn’t mean to sound so harsh but every ounce of happiness, of hope, dropped from his features and he looked anywhere from disgusted to disappointed to hurt. He’s pretty sure he just ran through a few hundred emotions in less than thirty seconds, and how could he not? You guys were so close. His hands were…. Where his hands should never have been and you let him. As a matter of fact, you were holding onto him just as tightly. “Let me get ready. I’ll be there in a second.” Still innocent. You were smiling now, as if nothing was even wrong. And then you leaned down to kiss Belphie’s head as he whined that you’re pushing him off of you and all Satan could do was watch and clench his fists.
“Save it. Have fun.” It sounded more than a little passive aggressive and honestly, he didn’t care. There was so much going on inside of him right now and he made it a point to turn on his heel, “Satan!” no matter how loud you screamed his name. He ran back down the stairs, passing Lucifer on the way and snarling at him, but he didn’t care. He’d deal with the lecture and consequences later. Right now he was just trying not to cry because that would mean you had some sort of control over him, some type of upper emotional hand, and he can’t have that. He can’t let that happen. “I should’ve known.” He slams the door to his room, breathing heavily now as he tries to fight back the tears. Weak. He felt weak. Used. Betrayed. Somewhere, his rational mind tried to justify it for him. Somewhere he knows that he should’ve told you sooner if he wanted that with you, but at the same time… didn’t he make it obvious?
All the late night talks, the gentle caresses, the soft smiles and awkward pickup lines… was all of that not obvious to you? Did it not signal to you that somehow, somewhere, he held deep feelings? Should he have tried harder to court you…? He could feel the tears streaming and he quickly wiped them with the back of his hand. Anger surged through him, but he’s trying to keep himself together, pacing the room instead. He should’ve tried harder, although he did try… You shouldn’t have been so blind to his advances. Did you just lead him on? Did you just like the attention that he gave you? Did you just drag him along because you thought it was funny that he would let his guard down momentarily. Did you mock his vulnerability? Sadness and betrayal turned into anger and hatred toward you the more he thought about it, but not just you; the idea of love in general. 
“People just use you, anyway.” 
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obeythebutler · 11 days ago
hi...are the angst prompts still open? if so, can you do "To love would be to commit sacrilege" with Barbatos or Lucifer?
if it's closed, just ignore!
The only God that Barbatos revers is the Demon King and his lineage. The throne is sacred to him, the butler worships whosoever sits on it.
It's a bond of loyalty and utter devotion to the crown, which Barbatos swore and which was carved into his heart, until the end of time.
And which he followed gracefully.
Life was going on as usual, the Prince's plan to untie the three realms formulating smoothly until you stepped out of the portal.
Barbatos had lived this moment many times, in his visions, his dreams and now reality. The reality the Prince had desired, and which his dutiful butler delivered.
He couldn't help but fall in love and become enraptured with your very existence. Love came to him on seeing you, which was a moment only described in books.
It aches him to know that he can't love you openly and act as his heart wants.
Barbatos has already devoted himself to you in his mind, in his fantasies, in his dreams. But he can't act them out. Because a gesture as simple as gazing into your eyes for a moment too long will lead to disastrous consequences.
So he hardens his heart and puts on the show of an impeccable butler, utterly devoted to the crown, even if his hands itch to touch you, even if his tongue begs him to speak and proclaim his love, even if his feet sweep themselves toward you.
You don't know the countless timelines he has searched to find the one where you two live happily.
But each one ends more macabre than the last.
In the end, he will be forced to watch you die, as he lies there, helpless, wailing, begging. The scorching chain of loyalty and allegiance will be tightened in his heart, even tighter than they were eons ago, to ensure that Barbatos is devoted to the throne.
To love would be to commit sacrilege.
Because in the end, his devotion and loyalty has to be to the throne.
And if Barbatos refuses to kneel, he will be made to be.
So he shuts his mouth and hardens his gaze as he guides you through the castle, as his Young Master has ordered.
Perhaps, if you observe intently, you might notice the tear stains on his face and the desperation in his eyes.
But you don't, because Barbatos has chosen the reality where you won't.
He's doing it to save you.
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obeythebutler · 11 days ago
Okay, here goes: "It should have been me" with Lucifer and a MC that, in the beginning, was starting to fall in love with Satan instead of himself, but after the whole attic incident in chapter 16, they ended up falling in love with Belphegor, even starting a romantic relationship with the lazy demon? You can add Satan if you want, too.
Lucifer kept a close eye on you from the very moment you were teleported into the Devildom. A human to take care of and ensure they didn't die, a weak, defenseless human to guard.
First impressions weren't the the best ones, but time changed them.
At first, he was the one trying to seduce you, but he got seduced instead. Seduced into loving you.
It was that time in the night when you would come with a cup of tea in hand, and Lucifer would set down his pen and take a break, indulge in your company. But you didn't come. The rapping of his fingers on his desk grew louder and louder. Ten, fifteen, twenty-
The chair was moved aside as he jumped on his feet and stormed out, to check where exactly in the seven realms were you, and what was keeping you occupied.
But then he heard sounds from the library, and the scene made his heart clench.
You were giggling while watching cat videos with Satan, who was staring at the screen with adoration. But your eyes weren't on the screen, they were on Satan.
That lovestruck look on your face should have been for him, but it wasn't. It couldn't be him. He was too serious, too uptight, too unapproachable, after all.
It should have been me, Lucifer wishes as he turns around with a somber expression, back to his room.
Perhaps Father decided to torture him until his very last breath, because Lucifer never wanted anything more than to rip his own beating heart out at this moment.
You were in Belphegor's arms.
After Belphegor's escape, you started falling in love with him, and Lucifer never scoffed more at the ridiculousness.
You fell in love with your murderer. You fell in love with his little brother, the one who played pranks on him and teased him.
It should have been me, Lucifer wishes, to be the one to hold you so gently, like Belphegor was doing.
Lucifer has concluded on nights when empty bottles of Demonus littered his desk that he was hated. He fell from grace and his brothers joined him. They shouldn't have. He shouldn't have done many things. Shouldn't have swore loyalty to Diavolo, shouldn't have been so weak, shouldn't have-
It seems like Belphegor loves you too, because he is smiling and kissing you back- the action which makes Lucifer clench at his chest and make his mouth gape open wide- refusing to believe the sight in front of him.
Belphegor needed someone to take care of him, guide him through his nightmares, make him heal the wounds and emotions he kept bottled up for so long, just like those nights in the Celestial Realm when the Morningstar soothed his youngest brother after a nightmare. You were there for his brother now.
But what about him? What about Lucifer?
Even if Belphegor and Lucifer didn't get along much, Lucifer still loved him. Locking him up wasn't the best decision, but it had to be done, because if the Demon Prince caught Belphegor Lucifer's world would come crashing down.
It should have been me, Lucifer wails pathetically as he retreats to his room with tears flowing from his eyes. On the way, he's met with Mammon, who stares at him- probably because of his bloodshot eyes, but before he can say or do anything, Lucifer slams the door in his face.
It should have been me, Lucifer weeps as he falls on the ground. Mammon's banging and cries of concern can be heard from the other side, but Lucifer doesn't reply. His brother knows to leave him alone when he's like this.
It should have been me, Lucifer wishes, to have been the one to be loved by you. But even if he loves, he cannot be loved back.
It is for the best if he shuts up and and goes back to being his usual stoic self in the morning. Even if something inside him dies in the process.
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