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#obey me x reader au
akuzonprime · 5 days ago
[11:01 AM] Stuck in a closet with Belphie and the first thing he does is whisper that he hasn’t had his first kiss yet. You know he’s probably lying, but that doesn’t stop you from leaning in with a smile.
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Imagine a Medieval  AU where Mammon is an orphaned petty thief...
and you’re a single aristocrat who catches him stealing your gold coins. But as you prepared to give punishment, you see his eyes full of defiance. Amused, you take him under your wing. You don’t have a spouse or a kid, so you teach him to become your successor. 
“You can stay here and die like a dog, or you can come with me and live.”
Through the years spent together, you become comfortable with each other as benefactor and beneficiary. Then you become friends.
And then you begin to notice the small things... 
You find him looking at you when he thinks you’re unaware. He doesn’t eat unless you’re there with him, and he doesn’t listen to anyone but you. 
“Is there something you want to talk about, Mammon?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes.”
“Wha--I was not! Who’d stare at you?”
You pretend not to know because you think it’s just a crush that’s going to fade with age.
But it doesn’t.
And then, one night, everything just changes.
Mammon is introduced into high society as your heir, but one thing leads to another and he’s no longer that petty thief you found on the streets. 
He was the missing prince of the country and now its soon-to-be king.
Mammon doesn’t want to leave, and a part of you doesn’t him to go, but you think of this kingdom, and you tell him to pack up.
“Why are you pushing me away?”
“I’m helping you do the right thing.”
“You don’t know that.”
“They don’t even know if I’m actually the prince. Why are you forcing me out?”
“Oh, I get it. Your little project to create the perfect heir got ruined and you want me out so you can find a better replacement, is that it?”
You part ways. He leaves in the gaudy carriage the royal palace sent him. 
You don’t talk. (Well, you tried during his coronation. But he ignored your congratulations and flirted with the country’s noble ladies.)
You don’t write letters.
You don’t tell him how much you miss him...
But one lazy Sunday afternoon, the same gaudy carriage wheels into your property.
Mammon steps out and you greet him politely, as one would regard any king. You invite him inside for tea and he just nods. A thick, invisible wall separated your hearts.
You spend the first thirty minutes together in pregnant silence. The tea is now cold and the sandwiches are soggy. 
But then, he finally speaks up, and in a voice that’s not too loud or too soft, he says, "They want me to take in the neighboring country’s princess.”
It’s no secret that the royal advisers are already begging him to marry for political reasons.
"So I've heard,” you answer like an outsider.
"I don't want to though."
"... I know."
"But I have to, and you agree."
You’re quiet for a moment, letting his words hang in the air before replying, “I do."
He gives you a wry smile. Then he spins around and looks out the balcony, strings of sunlight outline his figure. He has grown so much from the boy you caught stealing gold in the streets.
Mammon then speaks: "I live in a palace made of marble."
"I'm well aware."
"Solid marble, and it's decorated with all these fancy paintings, and the curtains covering the windows are supposed to be super expensive—"
"Your Highness, I—"
"—quiet, your king is talking." His tone is playful and you roll your eyes with equal lightheartedness.
"The palace is big and it's full of suck-ups who will lick my boots if I ask them to. Can you believe how ridiculous it sounds? I used to fight for scraps of stale bread but now I get to eat a whole turkey and no one gets to stop me.” He shakes his head. 
“I still remember those days... if I wanted a place to rest I’d have to find a customer and my bed always changed, but now I have my own bed with clean sheets that smell like lavender." His gaze is directed far away. "I live in a palace made of marble, and I thought I'd be happy. But I’m not.”
He turns to face you. There is no haughtiness in his expression, only a tiny, tired smile.
“I miss you,” he says, voice cracking. “I miss you so much that I can't even taste the turkey they prepare just for me, I can't sleep in my own bed because it's too big and too cold and too soft and ... you're not there to wish me 'good night.'” 
He takes a step towards you. “I can't bring myself to be thankful for my marble palace because it means giving up what I have with you."
"Your Highness—"
"Let's run away."
"Let's run away. I'll snatch as many gold coins as I can and we can run away together, like they do in those books love so much."
"If you do that, people will revolt."
"I love you. I want to be with you, more than I've ever wanted to live in a palace made of marble."
"I want to grow old with you, I want to see you with wrinkles and grey hair."
His voice pierces the air and you’re left with silence.
After a moment, breaks it again, "Don't stand there looking at me like you don't want to do this, because I know you, and I know you want me, too."
You look into his eyes, his beautiful eyes that are clear and honest and filled with nothing but love, and you lean in to kiss him. 
He tastes so good and sweet and you don’t ever want to come up for air. But you have to, and when you do, you brush your hand over his cheek.
“I want those things, believe me, I do. But I look at you and I see a good man, a man who cares more than he lets others see, a good man who steals bread so he can give them to the little boys and girls in the orphanage that is barely standing. I see a good man who can be a good king.”
“I want to stay by your side as your spouse, Mammon, but if I do that this country will be burned to the ground without the protection of its neighbor.” You pull back your hand. “I won’t make you choose between me and all the little boys and girls that need you...”
He whispers your name.
You push him away.
“Goodbye, Mammon.”
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Read this first!
It all started when the brothers and MC were scheduled to visit the Celestian relam.
And for some strange reason, Mc was not at all willing to leave.
Lucifer: * tries to pull Mc with him * Mc don't fight. Usually people are excited to get to heaven.
Mc: *try escape* Well I'm not excited. I spent the last 100 years there until I got bored and decided to start mortal. There is no internet, fast food and Michael want my raport back. And you can guess if I made any report. Why do I have to do God's work as a human being too?
Lucifer: You are god???
Mc: Yes. Didin't I tell? Well, I can't remember everything either.
Lucifer: So you are my Father???
Mc: Ahahahahaaaa no. You created Satan and I created your father in the same way so I could avoid responsibility. If you don't beluve me ask Simeon. So... Can U stay here with Satan?
Lucifer: Definitely you can't * start pulling mc again * And we have a lot to talk about when we get back.
And so Mc was forced to do his responsible duties.
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the-waterfowls-egg · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Thousands of years ago, the one know as The morning star lost someone dear to him and on this very day, he finally gets them back
Pair: Lucifer x Mc
Au: Reincarnation
Title: Golden blossoms and starlit skies
A sense of deja vu had followed you like a starved hound through your time in Devildom, everyone seemed so familiar, but the memories were covered in a black haze none could see through. Each time you tried to grasp the fleeting memory, it escaped, slipping away from your consiousness, drowing back into the subconsious.
But now, this moment seemed to be the key that unlocked everything, the gust of wind that blew away the dark mist.
Your eyes traveled over the familiar face, one you knew now, and one you knew thousands of years ago.
"Gold blossom?" the memories called, just as you did, the sweet nickname rolling off your tongue like a question meant to ask a million different things.
With trembling hands, he cupped your face, looking deep into your eyes "Starlight?" It sounded like a question but not like yours, it was asking, begging for recognition, for the memories to flood your mind.
It was a question asking to remeber him.
Every memory, the sweet and the bitter flooded your mind, overwhelming your senses as your cried out softly.
"Gold blossom, my sweet gold blossom"
He was here again, your brilliant gold blossom, holding you just as he had thousands of years ago.
Tumblr media
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the-moons-smith · a month ago
I'm will to do many fanfictions which includes
Yandere head cannons
Boku no hero academia
Obey me
Crack fictions
Among us
All you have to do is ask because I'm bored. And more it's 12 am so I can't think of much right now.
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sketch-guardian · a month ago
Why I keep posting old stuff? Maybe the reason is that in this period I couldn't find the time to draw because of school😭🙈 But anyway-
I'm not sure if such a thing already exists (I think it does? But with Mammon being a merman instead) but I thought of a Obey Me AU a long time ago, one where MC is a merfolk (in this case a mermaid since there's my oc Camy) and Mammon a surfer🤷🏻
In this drawing, Mammon is offering his spare shirt to MC (Camy) in order to let her cover herself, since she is very self conscious about her appearance. Since then, they started to develop a nice friendship and in the future...something more✨
P.S: In this AU, MC (Camy) likes to bring Mammon seashells and pearls, because she knows he likes shiny things
Tumblr media
Have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!
Hope you enjoy💜
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sondepoch · a month ago
Chapter 4
Hearts on Three (Satan x Reader)
The athlete and the nerd. The rich kid and the scholarship student. The girl who will constantly joke about breaking your knee caps and the boy who will actually do it. There are so many ways to describe your relationship with Satan. Too many, if you’re being honest. He’s your best friend. The smartest tutor you’ve ever had. He also spends thousands of dollars for you at the drop of a hat and holds your hand when you’re feeling down. And in the beginning, that's okay. Neither of you let yourselves get bogged down by labels, both of you content to just savor this newfound friendship. But deeper feelings always have a way of complicating things. And for better or for worse, you and Satan are no exception.
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | ✎
“Bro, you good?”
Satan blinks the sleep from his eyes at the feeling of a pencil tapping against his shoulder, groggily turning to face the owner of the voice that tore him from his precious slumber.
“...bwha?” is the educated response Satan can come up with in his sleep-addled mind.
Solomon snorts.
“Dude, this is the third time you’ve fallen asleep in class this week.” The white-haired athlete grins. “Keep this up and I’m gonna score better than you on tomorrow’s test.”
“We have a…”
Satan groans inwardly. He has a test tomorrow? The blonde blinks up at the board. It takes a second for his vision to clear, but then it registers that he’s in math class, and everything else falls into place. A quick scan over the whiteboard confirms that Satan didn’t miss anything important, that the chapter the teacher is covering is something Satan taught himself roughly two years back, but the boy still groans to himself in frustration. He doesn’t like to sleep through class. Ever.
“Thanks for waking me up,” Satan mumbles to his friend when he glances at the clock. It seems that Solomon let him doze for nearly the entire period, opting to wake him up a mere minute before the bell should ring. 
“No problem. But seriously, I’ve never seen you slack this hard. You good?”
“I’m fine. I’m just tired because…” Satan trails off, hesitant to confess that the reason he’s so exhausted is because of you. No doubt, Solomon would read way too deeply into that—nope, wait, it looks like Solomon figured it out on his own from the shit-eating grin he’s now sporting.
“Ah, your future girlfriend, is it?” Solomon leans back in his chair, grinning. “The love life is rough, buddy. Make sure you’re using protection at night, though.”
Satan has never been more relieved to hear a bell ring.
“Would you lower your voice?” He growls when a couple of kids passing by give him weird looks. Satan glares hard at Solomon, but the latter gives a grand total of zero (0) shits.
“Sorry,” Solomon says in a voice that makes it all too clear that he’s not sorry.
Satan has never hated his schedule more than in the next moment when he realizes that Solomon is in his next class and that they can’t split ways. Worse yet, it’s Physical Education—the stupidest course of all time because all it consists of is kids walking in circles for an entire hour and being “encouraged” to run. And somehow, to top it off, Satan always ends up walking with Solomon. 
“We’re not together,” Satan grunts to his friend when they’re outside doing laps around the track. “It’s just that it’s fucking hard to balance club duties, her volleyball schedule, and my own studies.” 
“I totally get it,” Solomon blurts. “But you’ve gotta get used to it, bro. Imagine how much harder it’s gonna be to when the two of you start dating! You’ll have to take her out on dates, and—fuck—have you ever been to one of her games? She has crazy stamina, man. The two of you’ll be at it all night.”
Satan thinks back to freshman orientation, wondering why, of all the places to sit, he chose the seat next to the most annoying person in the entire academy. 
“Solomon, can you shut the fuck up?”
Solomon, unsurprisingly, does not shut the fuck up.
With enough difficulty, Satan does finally manage to steer the topic away from Solomon’s matchmaking attempts and towards more normal topics. Namely, Satan’s matchmaking attempts. Of course, just as Satan places no weight on Solomon’s opinions on his love life, Solomon completely ignores Satan’s advice to stop beating around the bush and just ask Asmo out, the athlete having the nerve to say “I’ll ask Asmo out when you ask our volleyball captain out”—as if you and Satan have a remotely similar history to Asmo and Solomon, who, as now known by the entire campus, are both desperately pining for each other but are too dumb to see it.
Satan sighs, shaking his head.
Idiots, he thinks. I’m surrounded by idiots.
It’s to this thought that Satan hears someone calling his name in the distance: an extremely familiar voice, almost grating on the ears, but a voice he knows he should not be hearing. 
Satan shakes his head, deciding that he’ll clear up his schedule today so he gets a nap in because surely, surely he must be imagining you calling his voice. Surely you’re not actually on this track field. Surely you’re not cutting English, of all courses, a subject that Satan insists you pay extra attention to because it’s the single course you're most likely to fail.
“Bro,” Solomon whispers, eyebrows raised in disbelief.
Satan closes his eyes, trying to see if pretending that he doesn’t hear your footsteps sprinting closer and closer towards him will make it so that they’re not real.
It doesn’t work.
“Satan!” You shriek, now close enough that he can’t pretend you’re a figment of his imagination anymore. “Satan! Satan, Satan, Satan!”
The blonde continues staring resolutely forward, committing himself to the ideology of I do not see it, therefore it is not happening.
Unfortunately, Satan sees it. And so it happens.
Without any warning whatsoever, you lurch forward and grapple on to Satan, wrapping your limbs around him like a literal koala as you yeet yourself onto him with enough force that Satan is just barely able to remain standing when you attach yourself to him while shrieking: ”Satan! Guess what, guess what!”
The blonde is at a loss for words, so dumbfounded and taken aback that it’s all he can do to sputter out a confused “w-what?” 
You grin at him with a smile so wide it looks like it hurts, and Satan can only stare as you reveal what made you so happy.
“I got an 85 on the Shakespeare test!” 
The Shakespeare test, the man thinks, trying to remember.
The Shakespeare test, he repeats in his mind, a vision of you cram-reading the final acts of King Lear flashing through his mind
The Shakespeare test! Satan realizes with a start, suddenly recalling how it was a test he expected you to fail.
Satan’s mouth drops open at that. He had been prepared for you to get a 20, a 30; the highest you told him to expect was a 60, and even that was below the fail margin, but an 85? Holy shit, Satan might cry if he got a grade like that, but for you, it’s a genuine accomplishment, and he’s fucking proud.
“You’re joking,” he blurts, already calculating how this will affect your average and, holy shit, it’s actually going to pull you up to a passing grade.
“I’m not!” you declare with so much happiness that it’s infectious, and then the two of you are hugging and laughing except that Satan’s literally carrying you so it’s awkward, but neither of you care because this is the highest grade you’ve pulled all year, and Satan is finally beginning to feel like the late hours and the sleepless nights are all worth it.
The two of you are grinning and beaming at each other even when you finally de-koala yourself from Satan and land on the ground; and it’s at this precise moment that Satan realizes just how many people are watching. 
The blonde clears his throat awkwardly. 
It felt so natural when you tackled Satan midair, but he’s now beginning to realize just how intimate that whole scene looked to any onlookers. He stiffens, and you seem to notice, your own demeanor turning sheepish in turn.
A low whistle from next to you diffuses the situation.
“An 85, huh?” Solomon slings an arm around your shoulder, sandwiching you between him and Satan as the three of you continue walking along the track field—effectively sending a message to anyone watching that the show is over. “Not bad, Captain, not bad.”
“It’s amazing, Solomon!” you cry out in turn, grinning as you lean into his shoulder. (Satan doesn’t feel weird when he sees that, he swears he doesn’t.) “I haven’t scored this high since, well, I dunno. I don’t really pay attention to the scores I get because they’re always so low!”
Solomon laughs at that, definitely remembering when he was the same way. 
“It’s all thanks to Satan, no?” Solomon prods, and the blonde shoots a sharp look at his friend. He’s up to something. Satan isn’t sure if he wants to know what.
“Oh, definitely! He literally read every single text out loud to me! I left this one book for the very last day, and he actually stayed with me and—”
“You need to get back to class,” Satan swiftly interrupts, his ears turning red. “You did well on one test, but you need to pay attention if you want to continue.”
“Oh, but—”
Satan practically shoves you away, gesturing wildly the whole time with a vigor that has you confused but compliant as you slowly depart, doubtlessly making your way back to the English building as slowly as you possibly can.
When you’re gone, Solomon snorts.
“You read to her?” He asks, expression brimming with mirth.
“It’s not—it’s an effective studying technique that we use to save time—”
“Oh my god,” Solomon mumbles under his breath, wiping a tear of mirth from his eye. “Next thing you know, I’ll find out that she’s sleeping on your shoulder or something. Seriously, Satan, way to make a move early on.”
Satan is incredibly grateful that Solomon doesn’t see how his face changes at that part, a flush rising on his cheeks when he realizes that you’ve fallen asleep on his shoulder not once, now, but several times. 
“Shut up,” Satan grumbles, trying to end the conversation as quickly as possible.
“No way, man!” Solomon cackles with laughter, finding great amusement in his friend’s frustration. “Oh my god, the two of you are so perfect for each other that it hurts! Here, take a look at this—”
Solomon pulls up his phone and opens up his Photo Gallery, swiping twice before handing it over to Satan.
“Just look at that, dude—” he gestures vaguely at the picture. “You two already look like you’re dating.”
Satan stares at the image, his feet slowing down. It’s a picture of you and Satan hugging, taken conveniently when you were still koala-ing Satan with your entire body because of course Solomon was able to get a picture that quickly, and although Satan can’t see either of your faces due to the side angle, even he has to acknowledge that the two of you really do look like a couple.
“It’s not like that,” Satan mumbles, shaking his head as he hands the phone back to Solomon. 
This might be the first time, though, that he actually entertains the thought of what it would be if it was like that.
It’s not a terrible thought.
Tumblr media
You hate away-scrimmages for a lot of reasons.
The first reason is that, more often than not, the environment is hostile. The other team is always bound to have more support, more cheering, more motivation powering them forward while yours has nothing more than the girls on the bench and the loud voice of your coach. 
The second reason is that they always feel like a waste of time. Scrimmages, by nature, are meant to be an extension of practice. So what’s the point of a scrimmage if you spend more time driving to the school than you spend playing against the school? It’s totally backwards, in your opinion, and pretty stupid.
The third reason is the most compelling reason, though. And it’s probably because this is the issue you’re dealing with right now: the fact that at away-scrimmages, if there does happen to be someone from your school who puts in the time and effort to come watch, the pressure on your shoulders instantly triples. Scrimmages are supposed to be fun, enjoyable. They’re nothing more than practice matches to collect data and get ready for when you’ll go against the school for real—but when people from your school travel such a long distance to watch you play not even a game but a scrimmage, it feels like you owe it to them to bring home a win, to succeed, to make the match worth their while.
And while Satan doubtlessly had no intentions of adding to your stress when he asked to watch you play at today's scrimmage, that’s exactly what has happened.
“Listen, girls,” your voice is low as your team groups up in what will likely be the last huddle of the match. “I want us to win this. Really badly. Do what it takes, but bring home that victory.” You take a moment to recite the weaknesses of the other team, trying to downplay their skill and build confidence in your own teammates, but ultimately, you all know the truth. “It all comes down to how we play this point, girls, so let’s play our best.”
You glance around at your teammates, stealing a glance at the bleachers where Satan sits, watching the scrimmage.
You want to make him proud.
“Wolves on three: one, two, three—”
“Wolves!” your teammates echo, raising their fists as the lot of you split off into your serve receive positions.
As it stands, match point is weighing against you, and your team is at a heavy disadvantage. From what you’ve gathered on the opposing team, their libero is a literal legend when it comes to front row saves, and they have an amazing right-side hitter, one that easily rivals your own skill. This entire game, their team has been leading, but all your team needs to secure victory is a measly three points, three points that you know you can obtain if you try hard enough.
You crouch low, getting ready for the opposing team’s serve.
The first two points are easy for your team to get: the first point comes when the opposing team’s outside hitter rams the ball into the net, and the second comes when your team's right-side hitter manages a clean hit through a line of defense that jumped a second too late.
The final point, as always, is the hardest to get.
It just so happens that it’s your serve, so you consciously aim at what you think is the weakest link in the opposing team, but they’re able to recover. From then on, it’s an intense volley back and forth until it’s just you versus the right-side hitter, #18, the two of you fighting it out in a rhythmic contest of pass-set-hit that just won’t end.
It’s at this time that you feel the pressure beating down on you heavier than ever before. More than anything, you want to win. Not just because you’re naturally competitive, not just because you really fucking hate #18 right now (seriously, what business does she have being as good as you?), but because you know that Satan is watching. 
You really, really, really want to bring home a win for him.
It’s to this thought that you set the ball over on the first touch, sabotaging the flow of the game and ruining the other team’s momentum. 
It happens in slow motion as the ball falls, slowly, slowly.
The entire room seems to hold its breath as three girls on the opposing team, #18 included, all pancake-dive for the ball. Sensing their success, you bend your knees, preparing for the ball’s return.
It never comes.
The blow of the ref’s whistle is surreal, almost as faraway as the subsequent cheers of your own team, so empty and distant as they instantly group up for a team tackle—but for the first time, you don’t join them. 
Instead, you’re left staring up at Satan who, from his spot on the bleachers, is grinning down at you with a proud look on his face.
You don’t think you’ve ever been so happy to win a scrimmage. 
Everything else passes by in a blur. Your team regroups and changes out of your uniforms, and the lot of you board the bus that’s set to bring you back to the Royal Academy of Barbatos. 
You, however, stay back.
“I’ll get a ride from my tutor,” you tell your coach, bidding farewell to your friends. 
The man arches an eyebrow at you, asking once and then twice if you’re certain you don’t want to stay with the team, but you nod your head. 
Weird, you think as you go to find Satan, who’s waiting for you at his car. This must be the first time I’ve prioritized someone else over the team.
You decide not to dwell on that thought. 
Instead, you choose to think about how sick Satan’s ride is.
“Oh my god,” you mumble, gawking as soon as you see the car. “Satan, I knew you were loaded, but I had no clue you were this loaded.”
Satan laughs at your reaction, grinning when you can do nothing but stand and stare at the sheer beauty of it: a slick, black Bugatti with a single green stripe down the middle. 
“Oh, it’s beautiful,” you coo, marveling at the interior when you slide into the passenger seat and slug your volleyball bag unceremoniously in the back. “Satan, I think I like this car better than I like you.”
The blonde gives a short laugh, rolling his eyes as he gets inside next to you. “I’ll let you drive it someday,” he offers.
You’re quick to decline, shuddering to think about how many more sports scholarships you’d need to ever pay such a thing off if you were to crash it. 
Satan can only smile at that, mumbling something under his breath that you can’t hear.
“Your match was amazing, by the way,” he says before you can probe him about what he said. “It looked really intense. It’s impressive that you were able to keep a level head even at the end.”
You don’t tell Satan that your head wasn’t level, that you were practically dizzy with fear from the possibility of losing in front of him.
“It comes with practice,” you instead choose to say. “Something we’ve gotta do tonight!”
“Please tell me you’re joking.”
You shoot Satan an innocent smile in response.
“Your match lasted a good hour, and I saw you practicing with your team before your bus left.” Satan shakes his head, a frown beginning to spread across his lips. “You’re going to destroy your muscles if you try to do any more. Even you need to rest.”
“Yeah, but resting is boring.” You lean back in your seat and stare at your palms. “Besides, that scrimmage was way too close for comfort. Didn’t you see number eighteen? She was, like, really good. If both our teams make it to the state tournament, we’re going to have a lot of trouble dealing with her unless we practice like crazy until then.”
“Exactly,” Satan says. “Your team needs to practice, not you. The best thing you can do for them is relax and make sure you don’t overexert yourself.”
“But don't you want to reward me for getting a good grade on my Shakespeare test?” A smile curls onto your lips because you know that's something Satan has been thinking about. “Come on, just a few balls? It’ll be quick, I promise. I just want to try a few moves out.”
Satan lets out an exasperated sigh that lets you know he’s agreeing.
“Yes!” You exclaim, resisting the urge to jump out of your seat and hug him because he probably won't be as inclined to help you if you make him crash his car. “Thank you so much, Satan! I won’t be long, I promise!”
The blonde doesn’t say anything to that, sighing softly as he switches his destination from the student parking lot to the on-campus gym you usually conduct your practice sessions in. It takes a while, but when the two of you get there, the spot Satan pulls into is far from the doors. It's a necessity since all the other spots are taken, but it makes you raise an eyebrow because this is the first time you’ve seen this gym even remotely filled up.
You nudge Satan out of his car regardless.
“Alright, so today I want you to make my tosses higher than normal. Number eighteen was taller than me, so I’ll need to increase my jump height if I want to be able to break past her defense.” You pull him to the door, wasting no time to get inside. “And don’t worry if your tosses aren’t perfect! It’ll be good practice for...for when…”
Your train of thought is disrupted when you see how packed the gym is.
“Damn,” Satan mumbles next to you, frowning. 
There must be some kind of athletic event coming up. That's the only explanation you can think of for the picture in front of you. As it stands, there are tons of students inside this gym, everyone practicing their own sport. It’s ridiculous, honestly, because even sports that are traditionally outdoors are practicing inside. You can see Solomon leading his soccer team through a few drills on the far side of the court, taking up one half of one of the six nets set up in the gym.
“They must be here because it’s so muddy outside. All the outdoor sports are practicing inside.” Satan crosses his arms. “Let’s come back tomorrow. You’re not going to be able to get an effective practice in.”
“No!” you immediately exclaim, if only because you see a group of people setting up to leave. “Look, we can take that side of the court. Let’s go! I don’t want someone else to get there first.”
It’s a bit harder to find a spare cart of volleyballs than it was to find a spot to practice, but after checking enough supply rooms, you finally find what you’re looking for. After that, it takes you all of two minutes to wheel the cart over to Satan where you present your findings to him proudly.
“Shouldn’t you stretch first?” He frowns. “I don’t want you to get injured.”
“Come on, Satan. I just came back from a match! My muscles are all loosened up, so let’s get straight into it! The faster we can get this done, the faster we can return to the dorm, so let’s hurry!”
The boy doesn’t look wholly convinced, but he acquiesces to your request nonetheless, throwing you a toss higher than usual as you jump to slam it down.
It’s only once the two of you have returned to your usual rhythm that you begin to feel the stretch in your thighs, and for a moment, you stop to consider the fact that it might have been better if you’d stretched after all, but you ultimately decide that you’ve already started so there’s no point in stopping.
The practice whizzes by, as usual. It's almost pitiful how quickly the end of it nears.
“Three more balls,” Satan says, glancing at the number of balls left in the cart. “Then we go back, alright?”
“Sure thing!” you exclaim with pride, the familiar sense of satisfaction after a practice session well-done setting in.
Satan tosses you the third-last ball, and your feet begin following it as soon as it leaves his fingers. Your feet follow a familiar pattern—left, right, left, jump!—and you force yourself to put in a little bit of extra power to increase the height of your jump, letting your palm collide with the ball just a few inches beneath the peak of the arc to let it slam onto the court at an angle so steep that even a reinforced defense wouldn’t have been able to save it.
“Perfect!” you shout the moment your feet land on the floor. “Two more like that, and we’re set!”
Even Satan can’t hold off a smile at that.
Already in-tune with you, he doesn’t bother asking if you’re ready before throwing the next ball into the air. 
Again, you go through the motions that have been ingrained into your muscle memory since you were eight years old. The sting of pain against your palm is familiar, too familiar, and you’re still high in your jump when the ball spikes down onto the floor.
What isn’t familiar is the immediate calls of concern from across the court.
Everything seems to happen in slow motion.
You turn your head to the source of the noise, the loud group of soccer players who are on the far side of the gym and are all shouting to watch out. You stare at them in confusion for a moment, squinting to look for what they're all pointing at, because right now you don’t see anything to watch out for, and why—
Your eyebrows furrow.
Why are they all looking at you?
That thought is the only warning you get before your feet land—and the first thing you realize is that you landed way too early, that you should have been in the air for longer given the height of your jump. That’s when you realize that you haven’t landed, that your foot is instead twisting on top of a soccer ball that’s rolled directly underneath you.
Your hands go out to catch yourself when you fall, but there’s nothing you can do about the swell of pain that bursts from your ankle when the soccer ball pops out from underneath you.
There’s a moment of trepidation, a single second where your body is completely suspended in the air, and the gym is silent.
In that quiet moment, you hear Satan call out your name in a terrified voice.
Then, the ground collides with you and hard, and there’s nothing you can do as the pain you’d been feeling earlier blossoms out from all parts of your body.
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | ✎
Word count: 4.2k
Notes: ive returneddd :D this chapter is dedicated to the vball captain who, in my freshman year of high school, injured herself. her injury was more dramatic, given that it was way more severe and it was during an important match, but irene, i carry you in my heart <3
Comment & Like
Thank you for reading <3
I do not own the rights to Obey Me! or any of the characters within it.
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thewritingginger · a month ago
More Daddy AU please 🥺 the rest of the boys deserve it. Plus imagine telling Luke he's going to be a godparent, that'd be the cutest little moment I just can't-
Undateables React: Baby?!?
I have to say I’m so glad you mentioned something for Luke cuz idk how long it would’ve taken me, if I even did one for him, cuz he baby himself lol
So here's our other boys! I admit IDK how well or satisfying these are considering I don’t know them too too well. 
bUt I hope they are still enjoyable 😅
Fandom: Obey Me! Pairing(s): Undateables Word count: 1,070 words Warning(s): Pregnancy
Enjoy ~
But really, he just laughs triumphantly when you tell him
Is happy about having an heir but is slightly worried for you
“This wasn’t planned and I want to make sure you’re happy.”
Buys you anything and everything that you wish for or need
Late night talks about your future child
When you’d ask what he wants the baby to be he would just respond with “As long as it’s part of you, I don’t mind either way.”
But you know what he wants
And to his pleasure, You and Diavolo have a baby Boy!
The moment he’s out Diavolo turns into Rafiki from the lion king
So proud of the work you had done
Praises you till you have to shut him up
After you’ve gone to bed he spends his first real night as a father holding his son, whispering praise and sentiments of love
You wake up many mornings to see your little one resting gently on his big tiddies chest
Barbatos :
Was a bit taken aback
Not that you being pregnant is bad news just unexpected
Tells Diavolo as soon as you let him
“I have to report this to Lord Diavolo, I wouldn’t want him to think I'm just being careless and negligible with my work because I’m taking care of you.”
Once he informs Diavolo of your condition, he wastes not time in developing a schedule for himself that not only allowed him to sufficiently do his duties with Diavolo but also make time for you and your care
In your later months he waits on you, hand and foot (literally! Helps you put your shoes on every morning)
Has tea with you each day (only herbal or ones w/no caffeine in them obviously) with cakes and sandwiches (or anything you’re craving)
You and Barbatos have a baby Girl!
Doesn’t show it but is SO excited
Very reserved about it but you know he adores taking his little girl into work with him when you’re too busy to watch her
You walked into the kitchen one day to pick her up and over heard him talking to your daughter as he was making up lunch
“Do you want papa to make you something special for lunch?”
He coos to your child more often than he’d admit to
Not that he doesn’t want others to think he doesn’t love his daughter, just he has a professional image to uphold that doesn’t stop Diavolo from saying anything tho lol
The Angel hugs you feeling elated but couldn't help but feel a bit guilty
Worried that you may be upset with him because this child wasn’t planned and you weren’t married (not that he’d force you but did ask if that’d make you feel more comfortable and secure)
Once you explained that although you were nervous, you were glad it was with him he relaxed a bit
“I will make you and this child the happiest people in all the 3 worlds!”
In actuality you being pregnant didn’t really change your relationship that much
Simeon was always a gentleman and very caring
Open doors, pulls out your chair, all that jazz
But you did notice a slight change in the way he looked at you
Not a loving gaze cuz he always had that it was more of a mixture of deep thought and bliss
When you’d ask him why he was looking at you he just responded with “It’s just you’re gifting me something I’ll never be able to repay you for.” He says it as if that wont melt your fucking heart
You and Simeon have a baby Girl!
Is very torn.
He thought you were the love of his life and the only girl he needs but… now there's her
Of course he still loves you but… her!
Always watches over her. While she plays. While she eats. Especially while she sleeps.
“Baby, you have to come to bed.” “I will, just 5 more minutes.”
Wonders what he did to be so blessed
GoDfaThEr?!? PrEgNanT?!? BaBy?!?
“Who? When? How?... wait don’t tell me how.”
Poor babe is very confuzzled
Regardless of the father, angel or demon, this little dog is very protective of you and your unborn child
Will bake you any treats you want
Luke is the proud godfather to a baby Girl!
Stressed even more
“GUH! I’ll make sure no one touches her!”
Mighty Chihuahua Activated! 
As she got older he would teach her about angelic work, what rules to follow and about the angel Michael while he watched her
He also made sure he did things like bake and play cuz he’s ‘fun too!’
As she got older he was still watchful but backed off when she asked him to poor guy sulked the first time it happened
You tell him when you’re on a study date
You couldn’t help it, it just came out
When you told him he seemed taken aback then started laughing, less like Diavolo, and more so like you said a joke
But realized you were being serious when you didn’t laugh along
“Wait you’re serious? I put a spawn in you?”
After talking for a bit it was fine
He actually took the news quite well, you’d think you just told him about the weather or something
“What’s there to worry about. No going back now, what's the worst that’ll happen.”
Took care of you during the pregnancy
Made you tonics for nausea or any other symptoms that are causing you discomfort  
You and Solomon have a baby Boy
You already expected this but he is sorta the “cool dad” so to speak
Super chill but don’t get it twisted he’ll still throw down for his kid
The moment you recognize signs of magic in your little boy Solomon jumps on that in a heartbeat
You had to have a very serious conversation with him about that
“If I let you teach him you better keep him safe. And NO explosive or reactatory spells.” “Don’t worry about a thing baby. I understand.” you didn’t buy he’ll follow your rules and... you’d be right smh
One day when your son was about 6 you see a cloud of smoke coming from under a door. When you opened it you saw Solomon and your son, hair sticking up, covered in soot. Yeah Solomon knew he was in for a ‘talk’ rip
Thank you again for reading and requesting :)
We stan baby daddy AUs lol
I hope to keep slowly getting my millions of wips done. I am in school and the quarter is ending in the next month so yeah 
Till next post my loves :3
💛 ~
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blueberriesandsunbeams · 2 months ago
Obey Me! Leviathan Hanahaki AU
Orange Stock Flowers: Bonds of Affection, Promptness, You'll Always Be Beautiful to Me.
“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me, Levi.”
His breathing was ragged. A small pile of radiant orange petals had gathered on the floor, seemingly mocking him as a single drop of blood fell from his mouth. The red droplet weighed down one of the petals, just as tears began to fall again. Why had he thought that the human would love him, a yucky disgusting otaku? Why had he gotten his hopes up? What a joke it seemed to him now, letting his heart lead instead of his head.Mammon turned away as Levi gagged on another petal, while Lucifer kept a stronghold on his younger brothers hand as he pleaded with him to hold on, that Diavolo was coming, and that everything would be okay. But deep down, the third born knew that nothing would be okay. His feelings for the human were too strong, and it was either that he perished loving them or he lived on, forgetting them altogether. He didn’t want to forget them. He didn’t want to die either. But he had no choice. Being the Admiral of Hell’s Navy forced him to choose the second option, to forget. The surgery would be done by Diavolo’s medical team on this very night, but right now, all Levi could do was to pretend to be strong in front of his brothers. The scent of flowers with the metallic whiff of blood lingered in the air as medical professionals rushed in, Lucifer’s grip on his younger brother loosening, letting them take Levi to the operating room. As he breathed in the sedative, all he could think of was her smile, her laughter, her. He drifted in and out of the haze until finally, the world became dark.
He awoke to the sounds of muffled sobbing. Looking to his left, he sees a petite girl sitting there, thick tears running down her hollowed eyes,her hand holding his. Uncomfortable with the contact,he slowly retracted his hand from hers, the movement causing her to look up,eyes puffy from all the crying. “L..Levi..?” she called. Who was she? Why did she know his name? “D..Do I know you..?” he stuttered, eyes fixated on the floor. Her eyes widened, until they closed again,a single tear trailing down her worn cheek,washing away long-ruined makeup. “I...never mind. I’m (Y/N),nice to meet you.” she smiled mirthlessly, tear tracks outlined once more as silent tears leaked from the corner of her (E/C) pupils. Somehow, his heart seemed to feel a small pinch,seeing this girl act like this in front of him,despite the fact that he didn’t know her. A sudden jerk from her made him lose his train of thought. He watched her convulse, coughing and hacking until red poured from her throat into her hand. A single orange petal settled there, as if content with what it had done, as the girl fell headfirst into Levi’s lap, blood dripping from her hand. The thin trail of blood on her pale lips dripped onto his pristine white blanket as he held onto her, screaming at the door for someone, anyone’s help. He didn’t know her, wasn’t even anyone close to her, and yet he felt the urge to jump off his bed and run to Diavolo, to beg him for help, to save her, do anything to let him see her smile, her laugh. Instead he lay there, screaming until Beel took her limp body away, all while repeatedly glancing at Levi’s tear stricken face. Somehow, the tears fell naturally as her watched petal after petal fall from her parted lips, convulsing as each petal appeared like an unwanted guest. As he watched her gagging, yet again being unable to do anything, he threw his head into the pillow, almost enjoying the pain he felt as it crashed against hard metal instead of soft feathers. A pile of bloodied orange petals lay where his thighs were under the blanket, red seeping though the gaps in the fabric. He swore that the sweet yet spicy fragrance that lingered in the air was just so familiar, as if taunting him with repressed memories, yet it was just out of reach, just like the girl who laid before him.  
(Hey there, author here :D Just wanted to thank you if you have made it this far into reading my shit post. HUGEE thanks to @bitterrsweetss for helping me proofread and to come up with this beautiful scenario, idk what i would have done without you <3 Go check her blog out in the profile link! Mammon’s story will be out soon depending if i can think of a idea fit for the lil tsun bby ehe~! see yall in the next story!)
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nomedsuna · 2 months ago
Chapters: 3/? Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!, Obey Me Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Original Female Character(s), Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) & Original Character(s), Main Character & Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Main Character/Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!)/Reader, Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) & Reader, Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!/Female Reader Characters: Mammon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Leviathan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Lucifer (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Asmodeus (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Satan (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Solomon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), God (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Simeon (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Luke (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Diavolo (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Barbatos (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Michael (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Demon Brothers (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) Additional Tags: Angst, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Violence, Death, Slow Burn, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Fear, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Pacts, Pact Mark, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Slow Build, Long, seriously, its gonna be a long one, Strap in, Pining, Mutual Pining Summary:
You end up in the Devildom with nothing but the clothes on your back and no one to trust. Slowly you become closer to the demon brothers and especially close to the white-haired demon chosen to be your guardian. But as the months pass by your life in the Devildom takes a turn, what was supposed to be a year-long exchange program turns into something much more dangerous.
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saeyoungchoismaid · 2 months ago
Mafia AU Series
Hi everyone!! Idk about y’all but I am obsessed with mafia aus, so decided to write one!! Do I have other things that I need/should be writing?? Yes. Will that stop me from starting this though?? No. 
I actually already have like the first four chapters written, so all I need to do is decide what fandom/character(s) it’ll be for!! To do that, I ask that you take this survey so that I can see what y’all would like to read :) Thank you!!
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arcadejohn127-9 · 2 months ago
Hii! May I get a Diavolo senario where mc turns into a demon (either after dying or just getting turn into one to stay in Hell) and ends up marrying Dia to become future queen but she turns into a "royal demon" and her horns and stuff get gold parts like his horns and she gets more powerful? Sorry that was a lot but it's been in my head for a bit lol
Ooo~ a request for my favourite 'undateable'!! I'll try to fulfil your request to best of my ability and as always, thank you for requesting!
I do like to keep my work gender neutral so sorry if it doesn't come across as a 'female' MC, I tried to make sure there was a difference
Diavolo and his demon! MC wife (female MC)
Power and control
You weren't always a demon; you originally was a human who was 'randomly' selected to go to the devildom as an exchange student. Whilst you were there you had to learn demon history and culture, surprised to see angels amongst you as other exchange students.
But everything changed when you fell into the company of a certain demon prince. You were drawn to him. He always seemed approachable and friendly; excited to learn and be as helpful as he can be. You needed that kind of presence after living with the demon brother's. They were too much.
You often found yourself spending time at the castle with the prince. Growing closer until seeing you in his bedroom waiting for his arrival was expected.
The two of you danced between your feelings for each other; being too romantic to be just friends but too worried to be anything else. He was a prince, a demon and you, you were a human. You had no status.
It only made the end of the exchange program more painful; knowing this could be the last you see each other.
But, you were no longer human. You couldn't keep relying on magic and phone calls anymore. You wanted- no NEEDED to be in the Devildom. That was your life and home. You had nothing in the human world. You didn't have him.
So you did what any human would do for their demon lover. You let yourself become a demon through magic and sadly a morbid mean.
When he first saw you with your horns and tail he thought he was dreaming; his precious human was no longer human! But sporting two long horns and a slim pointed tail.
He embraced you and your new form instantly. Overjoyed he could have you by his side forever; he wasn't fully on board with the idea before but seeing how happy you were now he couldn't say no. Besides it was already done and there was no return to being a human.
Soon enough, you two stopped dancing around your feelings and just accepted each others love. Being shamelessly romantic and lovey Infront of people though to your credit; it was accidental.
You were pretty sure you horrified Lucifer when he barged into Diavolos office and saw you on his desk. You two were mid make out and didn't notice the new person in the room.
It didn't take long for him to propose. He was deeply in love with you. Nothing made him happier than your presence.
And now you're here; his future queen and one ceremony away from becoming the second most powerful demon in the Devildom.
You were wearing a lavish dress; showing off each curve and bump on your body. You couldn't help but mess with the bust of the dress; trying to adjust it so it sit comfortably on your chest.
Suddenly, hands ran along your sides. Hot breathing fanning your cheek as Dia bent down to your level.
"you look beautiful, my Queen, gold always looked good on you."
Your hands traced along the jewelry decorating your horns. A soft smile growing on your face as you felt your future husband's magic flow through it. An early wedding gift.
You could feel yourself growing stronger each day; awaiting for the final ceremony. The jewelry was to help contain your magic.
"I'm not queen yet but gold has always been your Colour."
You turn to face him, caressing the gold on his horns.
"I love you, you're the greatest blessing in my life, I'd trade all the gold I own just to have you by my side everyday."
His lips moved against your skin; kissing every inch of it that he could place his lips on. Fingers slightly digging into your skin as he pulled you closer, keeping you flushed against him.
"Seeing how this relationship is going you won't have to, unless you're trying to say I'm not glued to your side enough." You teased.
You grabbed his furred cape; you doubt there was any space left between you but you still tugged him closer.
"should I be closer? Hold you even tighter, my lord?"
He hummed; relishing in the way you felt against him. He was surprised you couldn't hear the way his heart was racing.
"yes, my love, and I will hold you everyday so we are never apart."
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carson-asmo-lover · 2 months ago
Harpy Lucifer x reader
Obey me monster au
This was requested by @glamurusami11 and is based in the art done by @mawwart of harpy Lucifer/Mammon here. (Please check it out its amazing) This will not be part of the story line in my other monster au works, but more of a spin off
There where many story's about people going missing in the forest. It tells of a giant monster with burning red eyes and hauntingly black wing, one look and it would consume your soul. Of course if was just a story to scare children away from wandering out at night, so you didn't believe in it.
Well you didn't until one fateful night. You where out collecting wood and lost track of time. Next thing you new you where dragging a cart full of wood through the forest in the middle of the night, the only light illuminating the way where from the stars and the moon. You sighed already beating yourself over the mistake and cursing out the town for putting you on wood duty.
You where always an outcast on the village, you never connected with people easily. Preferring to spend time alone, sometimes traveling around in the forest. You decide to just stop thinking about that focusing on getting home.
A shadow passed over you, blocking out all the light above you causing your heart to race with the thoughts of what it may be. Your mind caught up to you, telling you it was probably just a bird, of course you choose to ignore your brain telling you it was far to large to be just a bird.
You where getting tired and probably lost, the dark forest seemingly repeated itself. Trees and rocks looking the same and you've lost track of how fair you've gone. Sighing your stop looking around for a place to rest for the night. Your eyes have adjusted to darkness allowing you to see a cave in the distance.
Leaving the the cart outside and walking inside. the cave was filled with twigs and hay seemingly arranged to form a nest but was fair larger then a bird, and was much bigger then most humans. Scattered around was a few abnormally large feathers, ones that your drowsy mind ignored. Instead you lay down the nest surprisingly comfortable, as your slowly drifted away to dreamland, not noticing the red eyes that watched over you.
You weren't sure how long you where asleep, it was still pitch black outside but with how heavy you slept it could easily be the next night. You where awaken by a growl, it shocked you awake as you jumped up and away from the figure standing at the exit of the cave, wings spread out blocking any hope of escape.
Your mind started to rush, desperately trying to find away to escape what is most likely a deadly monster. You immediately leaped to grab a near by stick, your adrenaline filled brain thinking a weak stick was better then your own hands. Of course either wouldn't do much damage against him.
The Monster let out a small chuckle at your attempt to defend yourself. "Put down the twig human, I'm not going to hurt you" he stepped closer, allowing you to see the monster up close.
You put the stick down but still shuffled away from him. Now that he was closer you could see what he looks like, three sets of large feathered wings where folded behind him. Red claws that could easily rip through your skin. The thought sent shivers down your spine, he didn't seem hostel towards you but doubt still plagued your mind. In his clawed hand he was holding something you couldn't see because of the dark
His body was covered in feather similar to the ones scattered around the cave, for such a terrifying monster the feather looked soft to the touch and made him appear fluffy upon closer inspection. "So are you hungry, you have been asleep for a while. Must have worked yourself ragged before hand"
The question took you off guard, you weren't expecting such a creature asking if /you/ where hungry. More expecting him to satisfy his hungry using you flesh. Your throat was dry and your brain could barely understand what was happening let allowed you to formulate a response. You simply nodded dumb struck at the situation.
He let out a deep chuckle which caused you to shiver before passing you an apple, the item he was holding in his hand. You where hungry and the apple did look good, so you cautiously took the fruit.
You stared at the monster walking around the cave and seemingly cleaning it up. You felt a bit awkward just standing there, so you tried to start a conversation. "So uh what is your name, if you have one"
The Monster turned to looks at you before smirking "my name is Lucifer, and you do not have to tell me yours. I have seen you before, aways alone walking around in the forest. I must say I am very interested in you"
For some reason his low silky voice and weird interest in you made you blush. "I am not that interesting, but t-thank you I guess" Lucifer shook his head in disagreement.
"You are interesting, unlike all the rude idiots in that town you think for yourself" you weren't sure what to think, for some reason this monster made your heart felt and you feel special. Even if you just met him you felt a connection.
"Well it is still quite late and would not be safe for you to travel back to the town, so feel free to stay the night. I will make sure no one hurts you" the soft smirk still on his face.
You did in fact stay the night, finding Lucifer's company weird relaxing. He always provide interesting conversation, he informed you about himself and the life of a harpy. Even letting you keep one of his fallen feathers. Once you left in the morning, you promised him you would return
Everyone was surprised when you came back to the town unharmed, you told them you just got lost. Of course no one believed you, especially after you got "lost" in the wood many more times. Always returning unharmed and more happy then when you left.
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iwannabehisbunny · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Minor devil gram spoilers!
As soon as he said the smell was coming from me, I screamed
And in the end he had too much self control ;-;
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thewritingginger · 3 months ago
Obey Me! Brothers React: Baby?!?
Tumblr media
This is a VERY old request that I actually found I had when scrolling through my blog lol
I liked it so much so I did the thing. It also gives some fluff between all the sin I have in my WIPs 
Probably the calmest out of the bunch
“Are you okay?” “I’m prepared to take responsibility and make sure you’re happy.”
Makes sure you have your doctor appointments and goes with you
Very attentive to your needs
Over all he is pretty organized and prepared . . . on the outside
On the inside he’s a bit of a hoverer, but never too obvious. Just kinda stands to the side and observes,”just in case” you are carrying precious cargo afterall
Also he won't say it outloud but seeing your growing belly makes his pride shine the most and very territorial of you more than usual You are his and everyone will know
Kinda low-key didn’t not-not try to impregnate you but you didn’t hear that from me…
You and lucifer ended up having a Baby Boy Great another boy in the house
“Am I just destined to be surrounded by boys my whole life?” “I can always try to give you a girl. Just tell me when.” 😉
Yeah you’ll probably wait a year or two to actually plain for another baby, that is if Lucifer doesn’t “if it happens it happens”you again and BOOM baby #2 smh
Not as strict as one may think when thinking of Lucifer’s parenting style
Mammon definitely has something to say about that 
Does like to try and keep to a daily schedule of when they not just eat and sleep but also scheduled play and study time when they get to that age
He may need an ambulance
JK but he is a bit of a nervous wreck
Wait till he finds how birth works
But after the initial shock he is still worried about you
Maybe a bit overbearing
“Mammon, I can walk! I’m pregnant, not crippled.” “What? I can’t carry you around for no reason now?”
You end up having a Baby Girl
Cue panic mode!
Must protect baby girl at all costs Daddy mode engaged!
“My Love, you don’t have to watch her all night. She’ll be fine.” “I don’t know that!”
That dad that gets upsetty spaghetti if a “snot-nosed brat” messes with his perfect daughter on the playground
Levi.exe has stopped working
Try turning off and turning on and try again later
Wasn’t ready for you to say it
I mean sure you guys do do the do, bUt hOw?!?!?
“Can we go back?” “Levi this isn’t a video game level.”
Don’t get him wrong he’s not mad just scared!
He’ll get into it after he has time to process it 
“I guess it would be nice to have another player when your busy.”
Started “practicing” with a life simulator game
You and Levi had a baby boy!
Games galore! 
When your little boy is still a baby obviously he can’t play video games with Levi but Levi has surprisingly really liked playing peek-a-boo
You do find Levi with your son on his chest as he plays video games most of the time when he’s watching him 
Is about tied with Lucifer on the calm factor
Actually knew before you told him
“How the heck did you know, I just told you.” “Your period was late.”
Read all the books he can find on parenting and newborns in both humans and demons
You kinda wished he didn’t read so much because it went from ‘just wanting to cover all bases’ to being a bit of a worry wart and always “helping” you and “informing” you
Can you say Papa Bear!!! VERY protective!!!
Will damn near bite someone's head off if they bump into you especially w/o apologizing
Reads and/or plays music for the baby every night
“They say they can start to hear and recognize things in the womb at about 18-24 weeks. I have so many books I’d want to show them so might as well start early.”
Finds himself talking to and kississing your belly when your asleep late at night
“I promise I’m gonna make sure I’m the best Dad for you!”
Does touch your belly though everytime he kisses you
You and Satan had a Baby Girl
Truely a Daddy’s girl! She definitely has him wrapped around her little finger
He denies it but it’s true lol
Checks under the bed for “the scaries” every time she asks 
“You know Daddy will always protect you!”
Obviously the one to teach her to read and write. Making sure they get at least 30 mins of reading time together where they take turns
You’ve walking into the library many times to see Satan laying on the couch with your daughter on his chest, both asleep
At some point he finally admitted to you that he’s scared to “let her go”
He wants his baby girl to be his baby forever but he knows sadly she has to grow up but he hopes that when that happens they still have their book discussions and reading time together
It’s how he bonds with her the most.
Okay. Okay. I’ll stop cuz we should know I love Daddy Satan so I’ll stop before i get out of hand lol
Ok but really he is excited
“With my charm and your cuteness, this child is gonna be the most sought after person in devildom.”
The day you told him he started preparing their room. Filling the room with bins of stuffed animals and toys
And clothes. Lots and lots of clothes.
“Asmo we don’t even know the gender yet.” “That’s ok! What ever we don’t use I guess we’ll just have to make another for those.”
He is gonna be in for a rude awakening literally when the baby comes
Say goodbye to your beauty sleep Asmo 
You and Asmo had a Baby Girl
When he found out you were having a girl, demon lord help this new doll baby
Dress up everyday 
Loves parading her around in his arms or the stroller
“Excuse me, Princess coming through!” 
Telling him you were pregnant made him really happy!!!
“I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.” “You’ll be the best mother.”
Of course he was nervous but he had you and you always knew how to make him feel better
And when the stress of the actual baby came up he just focused on what he did know
Snacks. Snacks. & more Snacks!!!
Your pregnancy cravings were arguably the easiest part of your pregnancy for him because he was always down to go get them for you it also gave him an excuse to get more snacks for himself too and he got to try all your favorite snacks and weird concoctions you’d want.
You and Beel had surprise, surprise. Twins!!!! Fraternal Twins to be exact, a boy and a girl
One baby was scary enough but, multiply it by two!?!? Oh nelly.
But Beel really has a way to calm you.
Divide and conquer is your modo
He’ll bathe and clothe them and you feed them Beel has helped with the feeding but somehow the food seems to disappear rather fast and the rest you share and tag in and out of
I’m sorry. He must have heard you wrong.
Maybe he is still asleep and this is a dream
But nope. It’s not! You are tellin his face that he had accidentally put a … baby… inside you…
“Are you really pregnant?” “Yup” “I’m telling you right now I’m getting rid of it if it interferes with my sleep.”
Yeah… that didn’t happen :)
He lost sleep, yes. But although annoyed he was even shocked with how attached?!? He was to the child
Oh you had a boy!
You thanked the heavens for not “gifting” you with twins
A plus is your little boy takes after his father when it comes to sleep
Altho he’s still a baby so restless nights are still very much in your future 
Belphie gifted him his very own special pillow :3 He was sick of his kid stealing/hogging his
I kinda went into them as parents bit oops  I got too excited lol
Maybe I can do more Daddy AUs in the future if that’d interest anyone.
I hope you enjoyed reading this, I really liked writing it.  I can’t be the only one obviously that really likes Daddy AUs :3
I love the fluff and I hope you do too :D
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tuskzemike · 3 months ago
TW: Hanahaki.
Angels fall.
With their bloody wings, their shattered haloes and their vengfull darkened eyes they fall, it is quite a beautiful sight, the death and rebirth of something so pure and celestial.
Demon however don't fall.
They don't exist by nature you see, there is no being that was simply born a demon or a sinner, they were all once partially pure and partially celestial, they either fell from the heavens with promises of brutal revenge or dug their way into this nightmare with prayers to him who would no longer hear what they had to say.
So it was rather gruesome to see a demon and a sinner fall.
Especially if it was a demon you were quite fond of.
He sat infront of you, chest heaving and trembling with each breath, hands gripping the armrests, claws digging into the expensive cushions, he still looked at you with those sweet, green eyes but now they were bloodshot and dry, his lips were bloody as they mouthed words to you, petals fluttered to his lap every once in a while, what he said, you couldn't quite make out but it seemed important to him so you sat and listened.
Even as the ache of your lungs brought you to your knees and onto his lap he continued to talk, maybe he was threatening you, maybe he was telling you what to do, maybe he was connffesing to you or maybe he was just talking, talking to fill the silence he had created, talking to fill the silence he had created out of such pure emotions, talking to fill the silence of stinging eyes, overstuffed lungs, trembling shoulders and dried, burning snot.
Your ribs shook and trembled, a few petals fell on top of your head they must've been light as love but you felt like someone had placed the world on you head, you lift your head, just one more taste of those vibrant eyes, just one more illegible word, just one more dry tear and then you'll let go and he'll be happy.
He looked down at you eyes now wet and whispered in the most faint, scratchy whisper ' I'm sorry '
Well maybe demons could fall pretty too.
Or maybe just sinners.
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otome-on-the-side · 3 months ago
hey slip ;3c can i request from the writing prompts number 66, “look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you." with satan?
Pairing: Satan/GN!reader 
Genre: Fluff 
TWs and tropes: familial kidnapping, domesticity, AU (though I dont know what kind tbh)  
Domestic Life with Satan was... idyllic, if a bit harried at times.
You wanted for nothing, and he was more than amicable when you divvied up household chores; some days you or Satan were too occupied with day to day tasks and chores piled up- you with your apprenticeship to Solomon, Satan with his archival work and personal studies- but those days when you both settled down and worked in the kitchen and did laundry as you caught up with each other and snacked on leftover takeout. They were days you neither of you wanted to give up.
You knew he was used to having an even more hectic lifestyle, with a total of 6 additional siblings, and you knew them from the stories he told when he had to deal with what he called "family business"; It would almost be funny hearing him vent about getting thrown over
Beelzebub's shoulder and shoved into a car if your boyfriend wasn't getting manhandled and stolen from his life with next to no warning.
Sometimes, he could call you the evening of, other times, he simply wouldn't come home. All you could do was wait, those days. The worst was when he'd disappeared for a month, only to stagger in the door and collapse into your arms- never worse for wear, but utterly exhausted.
At one point, you were certain that if you ever met Lucifer, you'd punch him squarely in the throat.
A call came one winter night; a snow storm was raging outside and you were utterly glad Satan had made it back home before the worst of it hit. You were putting away the last of the hand wash dishes Satan had dried as he picked up the phone. You didn't hear what was said on the other end of the phone conversation, but it made the blood drain from his face.
"I need to go." He said, hanging up the phone.
"Wh, what? Now?" You asked, but you were already moving to your shared bedroom to grab fresh wool socks for him.
"Unfortunately, family emergencies only happen at the most inconvenient times possible," He responded from the coat closet, voice tight.
"Wait, wait," You hurried over with an additional sweater and aforementioned wool socks in your grasp. "Put these on, it's nasty out there."
He paused, some of the tension leaving his shoulders as removed his half worn coat and slipped the additional sweater over his torso. "Did you get me wool socks?" He asked.
"Satan, just because your family doesn't give a damn about your personal life doesn't mean I'm going to send you to them with the possibility of getting frost bite. Now, where are your gloves?"
He holds them up for your inspection before returning to getting ready; stripping off his cotton socks and swapping them for wool, shrugging on an undercoat to wear under his trench coat.
"Can you tell me what it is this time?" you ask. You don't expect details, not when he hasn't given you many after all this time; but you don't want him gone without a word this time either.
"Something's wrong with Lucifer." His eldest brother; the one person that pissed Satan off like no other. "Don't worry, they're sending a car for me."
"With this weather, they better be sending a damn plow." You don't bother to hide you annoyance. Much. "Are you sure you'll be alright?" You'd offer to walk him to this car his family sent if it wasn't such an obvious and clear emergency.
“Look, I don’t have much time," gently, Satan cradles your face, pausing before he dashes out the door. He presses a kiss against your mouth before he leans back, just enough to whisper, "but I wanted to say I love you.”
He told you that often, but every time he said it, you could see he how much he softened, and that he always, always meant it.
And suddenly, you realized how much hated leaving you behind; he hated leaving you on the doorstep of your shared home, and running off to go check on his mess of an older brother in the middle of a damn blizzard,-
"...Do you think you can tell me what happened after you get back?" You ask haltingly. He's still close enough that you could lean forward an inch and kiss him again, but you hold back as you speak. "You don't owe me details, especially right now, but it would be nice to know if there's something I could do rather than keep the house warm when there's obviously something wrong happening."
Satan's the one that closes the gap, giving himself a moment to kiss you properly. When he pulls back, there's an awed expression on his face. "I can do that. I should have done that ages ago actually."
A very pointed honk rings down the street.
"Go. I love you too. Stay safe."
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carson-asmo-lover · 3 months ago
Harpy Mammon x gn reader
Obey me monster au part 1
This is based off the art done by @yandereskies harpy mammon is here. I will be making parts for all the brothers, I also kinda wanted to make this a choose your own adventure story but I wasn't sure if enough people would actually participate so I'm just doing a small thing first to see how it works out. If enough people do I may make the future story's have more choices.
Simply comment which place you would like to visit first, it will pick which brother I will do first and the one that gets the most goes first.
The words is filled with monster, young and old hear story's about heroic adventure slaying these ferocious monsters. The dead body of the monsters always fetching a hight price at any market, it's common for once a sightings of a monster there will be multiple inspiring monsters slayers hunting it down.
You never liked that, as someone who study monsters from afar without killing them. You know they are sentient and don't deserve such treatment. Although many of them may fest on human flesh, that's more from a lack of available prey and defending themselves.
Of course as someone with very little fear, no self preservation and a impressive natural talent in magic you choose to try to save some of these mystical creatures yourself. Which in the end may be a horrible idea that could easily result in your death, but hey someone has to do it. That you idea was rock solid, you would help unite monsters so they can help defend themself against hero's and hopefully move them away from the whole eat human thing.
So you pack your bags full of books about monsters and other things you may need on such a long journey and headed out leaving your old life behind for a new one. Leaving the packed capital city for a new life of adventuring into the woods in search for any sign of monster's.
It wasn't long till the capital was no longer in view and the forest was getting more dense, the tree growing bigger and stronger from the lack of human interference. It also wasn't long till your life of researching monsters in the comfort of your home caught up to you, and you could barely walk anymore. Choosing instead to go rest on a near by tree.
The shade of the tree helped cool you down, but your exhaustion caught up to you and before you knew it sleep over took you. It wasn't long till you hear the something rummaging through your bag, it took awhile for your brain to catch up with what was happening.
Once you did you bolted up, sleep quickly falling away from your mind. You opened your eyes to find the sun had set and some shadowy figure was dumping out your bag, your books and food was scattered around. it was hard to see but you could see the shiny reflection of what you could only assume was your ring which was missing from your finger.
"Hey! What do you think your doing, that's my stuff" you jumped up quickly mumbling the incantation for a light spell. The light poured over the creature, startling them and before you could get a good look it was gone. Only leaving behind a few stray feathers and your mess and slightly ripped up bag. The feather where large and smooth to the touch, the dark black colour almost shined from the light.
Your feeling where conflicted, on one hand you where so excited to finally found a monster but annoyed that your belongings where scattered around and stolen. You quickly collected your left over belongings then tried to find any traces of where the monster could've gone.
Thankfully you are well versed in magic and you can easily trace where he went using the few feathers he left behind. The spell was simple enough, a magical line leading you in the right direction but it seemed that the harpy flew hard away. Your sighed already dreading the walk but followed the magical trail.
You where slightly thankful for the lightened weigh of your bag thanks to the stolen items. The sun already started to set when you arrived to where the the spell lead them. In front of you was a huge iron oak tree, which near the top was a nest that obviously belong to the harpy. You could see the glimmer of stolen gold and jewels, even from the ground it was clear it was filled with many stolen items.
Now your stolen items weren't all you where worried about, so many expensive items means that at least one hero was hunting them down. You needed to find them immediately and make sure their safe. "Hey! What are you doing here?"
You jumped at the voice behind you, quickly turning around to find the harpy. In his winged arms was the stolen items of another traveler. his white hair was fluffy and look similar to a cloud, his body was covered in dark raven feathers that glimmered slightly in the light of the new day. He was adorn with a plethora of golden jewelry, some of which only peaked out beneath his feathers.
He let out what he must've meant to be a growl but had more of a chirping to it. "Whatcha ya doing staring at me huh!? Are you planing to steal every thing in my nest? Ha I'd like to see you try, a measly human like you could even dream of stealing from the great Mammon!" He continued to ramble on about how great he is, almost completely forgetting your there.
Was he trying to threaten you to leave or just trying to show off, you weren't sure. His feathers started to puff up as he ranting about how great he was, you decided to end this rant knowing that with the light of day came hero's tracking him down. "I'm not here to take any of your things, well maybe take mine back, but you have to be careful cause with so many stolen items there has to be at least a few hero's hunting you"
Mammon glared at you, this feathers puffing up more as he scoffs at you "oh come on, some measly hero's couldn't kill me! Plus aren't you a hero as well?" It was obvious that he didn't trust you and was keeping his distance.
"I'm not a hero, quite the opposite actually. I don't want to hurt you" He started to circle around you trying to get a good look at you, after a few seconds of him staring at you he gasps dropping the stolen items in his wings as he started them to flap them excitedly.
"You're the sparkly light person!" He dropped all pretenses of being worried about you, instead excitedly moving near you. Behind his glasses you could practically see this eye sparkle with excitement. "How did you do that!? Can you do that again, I need to see it!"
You where overwhelmed by the sudden change of behaviour but you quickly preformed the light spell a small ball of light forming in your hand. He gasped staring the the light like a excited child, he smiled at his childish excitement finding him so adorable.
He looked up at you eyes still shining "your so amazing! And you can do this all the time!?" You gave him a small nod, this was all he need to know. Next thing you know he was flying up to his nest with you in his claws, the ground slowly moving away from you.
Once you got to the nest Mammon dropped you into this, it was a less then comfortable fall giving the nest was filled to the brim with trinkets that where just haphazardly thrown into them "h-hey what are you doing? You can't just grab me and throw me into your nest"
Mammon gave you a small confused look before smiling "this is where I put all my sparkly treasures!" If his child like glee and adorable mannerisms didn't make you blush being call his treasure definitely did. You could feel your heart flutter, as he continued to stare at you expectantly.
"W-wait you can't stay here, there are going to be hero's here any minute" Mammon huffed frowning, already annoyed with the mention of hero's. "Hey I'm not going to let some hero's separate me more my little treasure"
You sighed it wasn't going to be easy to get him to leave, but you smirked an idea coming to mind "okay how about you travel with me, I can make the sparkly light and I have many other spell that do similar things"
Mammon gasps at the idea, considering it. "Really!? Okay just let me collect the treasures I want to keep!" He excitedly started to rummage through the items, at the same time you managed to find a few of your missing ones as well. "Thank you for joining me, i know it's hard to leave this behind but it's going to be safer for you"
Mammon stopped collecting his belongings to stare at you, he smiled at you brightly. "Nah I don't mind, it'll be alot easier to find new treasures when I'm traveling around with you! Plus you must have a bunch of spell that would be useful, can you turn coal into gold?"
You chuckles at this, making a mental note to look into spell like that. "Well I do not remember anything of the top of my head, but I can look into it" you could tell that he will be a handful but still an adorable handful.
Mammon did sigh about it, but quickly moved on after a few minutes of stuffing a bag full of items, he was all ready to go. You managed to find a cloak that covered his more animalistic parts, making much easier to travel without attracting any unwanted attention.
Once Mammon flew both of you down he awkwardly tried to pass you back your stolen right with his wings. "H-here you better be happy, the great Mammon doesn't give things back to just anyone" there was a soft blush on his face as you smiles and out the ring back on.
Now with a new friend by your side and more adventures in near future there was so many places your could go. The nearest places that was high in monster activity was the jungle to the south which had a plethora of interesting fauna and flora to the north was the slime valleys which was filled with obviously slime.
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Quick! Don't imagine Luci falling even harder for mc after he stumbles upon them singing Satan to sleep :3 (lost paradise au)
Lost Paradise AU | Pirate AU | Obey Me
Tumblr media
Oh, to see without my eyes
The first time that you kissed me
Boundless by the time I cried
I built your walls around me
Soft blonde locks soaked in the setting sun, the young boys head settled into the curve of your chest comfortably, eyes slowly becoming more and more lidded as his breathing evened out. A smile fades into a peaceful slumber, your hands stroke the soft fluff that was Satan's hair, lulling him with the promise of sleep as your steady heartbeat filled his mind- soothing any wild thoughts and worries.
You looked to the window overlooking the sea, a large ship in view, empty and settled for the night. Peach and honey gold mixed into the deep blue and ebony black of the heavens, stars scattered as they shine with pride as the galaxy swirls in the soulful tincture that decorated the beauty of existence.
Your voice filled the air, not even dulled by the ocean breeze that chilled the night, the beach house Diavolo had made for you and your family was sturdy and reliable. The wood echoed with stories of your new life among the sea, a doctor among thieves and beggars, a family made with love and hardship. A guardian of broken men and a desperate child.
White noise, what an awful sound
Fumbling by Rouge River
Feel my feet above the ground
Hand of God, deliver me
Your back sat comfortably against the stack of push pillows piled against your headboard, your legs bent to keep the sleeping boy in place, a small hand in your now long hair, the other testing on your chest next to his face. Your own larger, callused, hand moved to rub circles onto his back- moving from his hair- the small tufts now sticking out wildly from the comforting touch.
Footsteps were drowned out by the oceans song of her kiss to the sands of the beach, heavy and long waves caressing the shore before pulling back, guided by the moons pull. Heavy boots left long and slow steps, the Captain, the father of this child, listened to a sirens song.
Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me,
The first time that you touched me
Oh, will wonders ever cease?
Blessed be the mystery of love
Inky black locks tied back were now free, cushioning the man's head as he leaned against the wood, carmine eyes glazed over the scene before him.
His little doctor singing his son to sleep, your head looking out to the sky and sea as you lulled his son into a deeper sleep, protective and loving hands wrapped securely around the little blonde pirate. His arms crossed over his chest, Lucifer, the disgraced son now looked to his family before him- the scene touching his heart in ways he hasn't felt before.
He wanted nothing more than to walk into the room, lay in your bed next to you and pull the both of you into his arms, your voice singing your song as he settled against you. A yearning for a love, one between a child and his parents, a love between two people and their son, a love of family. This extended takers his brothers of course, but this moment... It was just for him- something he wanted just for himself.
Lord, I no longer believe
Drowned in living waters
Cursed by the love that I received
From my brother's daughter
The feeling of being watched ran down your spine, settling in your stomach, but you didn't pull from your little world. You felt his eyes before, you knew how he kept you and Satan in his vision or within his grasp majority of the time, an aura heavy and protective- like many blankets warmed by the fire now placed upon your form, forcing the chill of danger and sorrow from your body.
Like Hephaestion, who died
Alexander's lover
Now my riverbed has dried
Shall I find no other?
He didn't dare break the scene before him, and you didn't dare to call him from his space of solitude, an unbroken promise to take the time needed to come together. To not overwhelm the child that laid in your arms, to not cause chaos between his brothers and their mission of piracy, to protect you and your son from the murderous eyes of nobles and seamen of the Crown who wished to tear his soul apart.
So now? You stood apart. Only 30 paces apart, and yet, you felt countries away from one another. Coming together by foot. As to not break the fragile nature that was your relationship. The love was easy, it came easy to the both of you, but the effort that needed to be out in was needed.
To protect the love that was vulnerable.
To protect the love that was held to sleep in this room.
To protect the love of your precious, little boy.
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asmos-pet · 4 months ago
Chapter 6: The Aftermath
Chapter six of the Obey Me! Mafia AU. This is a Mammon fic with a F!Reader. Chapters will be posted more frequently now that I’m done with events!
Characters: Mammon, Lucifer
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, slight manhandling 
Word Count: 1.1k
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
You didn’t get as much satisfaction as you thought you would blowing up at Mammon, but the bewildered look on his date’s face made it more than worth it. With his hand locked around your wrist, it was the second time this night that he’d forcibly dragged you out of the club and behind closed doors.
“Ow- let go of me!” You snapped, “You’re supposed to-”
“If ya don’t shut up, I’m gonna make you.” He replied, jerking you through the door and up the stairs. You scrambled to keep up with his pace, practically having to jog in order to match his huge strides. Luckily, it wasn’t a long way to your room. 
When he opened the door and walked inside, flipping on the lights, you immediately realized that this room was much nicer than your tiny apartment. With lavender colored walls and hardwood flooring, there was a queen bed and a matching vanity in the corner. You even had your own personal bathroom. 
“Wow… Well… thank you.” You finally said, breaking the silence.
“Don’t. I’m only doin’ this cause I have to.”
Rolling your eyes at his rudeness, you knew you shouldn’t have thanked him. After the way he had treated you all night, it truly was unwarranted. “Fine, I take it back. Get out. I’m exha-”
Before you could finish, Mammon pushed you up against the wall, pressing your body into the wall as he looked down at you. “Tell me what I’m supposed to do one more goddamn time.” It was a challenge, an unmistakable and blatant threat. 
With that, your mouth snapped shut, eyes lowering to stare at the ground.
When it was clear you weren’t going to fight with him, he nodded to himself. “That’s what I fuckin’ thought.” To your surprise, Mammon brought a hand up to brush across your bottom lip, slowly dragging his finger down your chin to the curve of your breasts. “Oh, well look at that… You’re not so bad when you keep that mouth of yours closed.”
Freezing up, you couldn’t help but swallow hard at his actions, his blue eyes alone enough to pin you in place. He was giving you whiplash - the way he switched from intimidation to… was this seduction? It sure as hell felt like it.
“What? Now that you’re cornered ya have nothin’ to say?”
“I- I-” You stammered out, daring to bring your eyes up to meet his. 
“You- You what?” He smirked, cocking an eyebrow at you and retracting his hand only to place it beside your head on the wall. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
“No.” You were grateful that your voice sounded more steady than before. “I’m just-”
“Flustered? Hot and bothered?”
“No!” However, to your dismay, you could feel your cheeks start to burn from both his directness and his proximity. If he’d only take a couple steps back, your mind would stop malfunctioning.
“Mhmm…” His eyes flickered down, staring at your lips while his tongue flicked over his own. “Then why is your heart beating so fast?”
Now, to that, you honestly didn’t have an answer. You, yourself, were extremely confused as to why he was able to elicit such a reaction out of you, especially after everything he’d said to you in the past several hours. 
Fortunately, it seemed to be a rhetorical question when he continued on, musing out loud. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like the compromising position you’re in… What if I were to just…” You were about to question what he meant, your eyes widening into saucers as Mammon started to lean in slowly, bringing his lips down to yours.
That’s when you came to your senses. It was automatic the way you brought your knee up hard, instinctual even, just as it was for him to double over, a loud grunt sounding in the room. “Fuck!” Mammon shouted, dropping to his knees, hands going to shield his groin. “You bitch!”
If you were nervous before, you were terrified now, bolting away and climbing over the bed so you could keep the large obstacle between the two of you. “I’m-”
“You’re dead - that’s what ya are!” He finished, struggling to get back up on his feet. “Dead and pathetic! You thought I’d actually want to fuck you? Get a fuckin’ grip!”
“I’m sorry!” You shouted in a panic, holding your hands up in a truce. “Please- Wait, I didn’t mean to!”
A shiver ran down your spine the man growled before you, striding over to the bed and placing both of his hands on it. “I don’t care!” He was in the process of jumping over the bed when someone cleared their throat loudly, causing both of you to stop what you were doing and shift your attention to the new person in the room.
“I came to see if Y/N made it to her room, but I see there were no problems.” It was Lucifer standing in the doorway that neither of you had bothered to close, face just as unreadable as before. It was unsettling the way you couldn’t tell what he was thinking. “Oh, don’t let me interrupt. That is… unless you were about to do something you shouldn’t have.” His crimson eyes were focused on Mammon. “You know, like harming our guest.”
Pushing himself off the bed, Mammon was still seething, but it was clear there’d be nothing he could do about it. Not to you anyway. “Fuck this. Fuck her. All she’s gonna do is cause us trouble. I’m outta here.” And with that, he stormed out of the room, continuing to curse underneath his breath, leaving you alone with Lucifer.
“Well, I believe that settles that.” He said, his eyes finally turning to acknowledge you. “I trust you’ll make yourself at home, yes? Breakfast is at nine on the weekends. I suggest you get some rest before then. Goodnight, Y/N.” Without another word, he pulled the door closed behind him.
Flinging yourself on your bed, you grabbed a pillow and pressed it against your face, screaming at the top of your lungs. For the first time since you’d arrived, you felt like you could actually let your guard down, shoulders slumping in exhaustion.
While the room was nice and the bed was comfy, you still longed to be back at your apartment, considering how tonight might’ve gone differently had you canceled on your friend. And that’s what you feel asleep thinking about, hanging on to the last shred of normalcy you could find.
*If you would like to be tagged for the upcoming chapters, just leave a comment! :) and thank you for reading! If you’re listed below, you’re already on the list!
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