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#obey me x you
devildomsgod · a day ago
Obey Me!: you throw a surprise party for them
Tumblr media
The bros reacting to you throwing them a surprise party for a special occasion; gn!reader
Tumblr media
I think he's not too big of a fan of surprise parties
especially if he's the one it's thrown for xd
dw he'll make an exception for his precious mc
probably figured out that you were planning something but it didn't occur to him that it's a whole ass party lol
Luci sticks with you throughout it all, sorta waiting for the party to be over and you two to be alone
he prefers celebrating in private :)
no way
no friggin way mc!!!
omg he's so hyped
he loves parties!!! and he can't believe you'd do this for him :'D
had absolutely no idea you planned this tbh
he's enjoying the hell out of the party and the attention he's getting :3
definitely plans a surprise party for you too some time
uhhhhh what
a s-s-surprise party for him?????
hell no
he appreciates the gesture and effort you put into this but :||||| people scari
((it's a different story if you planned some anime event or something like that))
he will absolutely not leave your side
you need to protecc this Boi from social contact lol
oooo how cool, mc!
lowkey figured out that you were planning something like this lol
he still tries to act surprised to not hurt your feelings
really really appreciates the effort you put into this and absolutely returns a surprise party some time
enjoys the event fully, though he also can't wait to celebrate in private with you <3
you hit the nail on the head with this one
Asmo is SO delighted :333
mc, you're seriously the best
like THE best
he's enjoying the heck out of this
and all the attention just for him...
definitely catches the smallest details of your preparation and praises each one of them
throws a surprise thank-you party for you the next day lol
whoa, mc!
how cool, he had no idea you were planning this!!!! You're amazing
he's so.... chill but excited it's kinda hard to read his reaction
he does appreciate it a whole lot though
especially if you made sure enough food is present
he's a happy boy
you're the best, mc :)
huh a surprise party? for him?? now!?!? no thanks.
he's sleeping, sorry
he'll give the guests some forced smiles and thank yous but the second he's through with that he's latched onto you and deep in his dreams
don't get him wrong, he understands the effort and time you sacrificed for him but.... A nicely made bed would have done the trick too
if you promise to sleep in with him the next day, he might consider joining some of the party fun
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leviathans-watching · a day ago
comparing them to cute animals pt 3
for @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien who requested a datables version!!
includes: simeon, solomon, barbatos, diavolo x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
rated t | m.list | pt 1 | pt 2
warnings: half-joking threat of violence, swearing, awful cat puns
a/n: hope you like it! it did tun unexpectedly serious and sincere for a moment there but i hope it flows well <3 my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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orphicepiphany · a day ago
Long Pointed Ears
Tumblr media
I love the idea of all the brothers have long pointed ears. They convey their emotions whether they like it or not, and they find it embarrassing when they try so hard to hide their feeling that so obviously show up through their ears. When Mammon is upset and comes up to you to cuddle and you can see his ears are lying down flat, closer to his head. Seeing the tips of Satan’s ears turn red when he sees you doing something adorable. Seeing Lucifer’s ears perk up and his head on a swivel because he hears the slightest sound of Mammon across the house. Asmo who loves adorning his ears in jewelry and them fluttering when he gets excited on how pretty it looks. But I also love the idea of the bros one day suddenly noticing how round and small (at least compared to theirs) your ears are. Beel and Belphie who curiously sneak up next to you while you’re lying on the couch and flicking and softly pulling your ears, whispering on how weird and tiny your ears are. Levi who randomly pops up asking you tons of questions on how you hear and how your ears work. But seeing the brothers with long ears would be such an adorable experience that I would love to see.
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tartagluvr · 16 hours ago
the 'undateables' mitski songs
does anyone still call them the undateables anymore? am i that much of a vet omswd 'demon brother mitski songs' did well so i decided i wanted to write more! luke's of course will be platonic and about a sibling type bond, don't be wierd. this piece will not include barbatos, as even though i've played for over a year i do not fully understand his character and how to correctly portray him. my apologies!
warnings: fluff in all parts except diavolo. his is the only one with pure angst. no beta we die like chp16
word count: 5.2k
'demon brothers' here!
Tumblr media
diavolo; last words of a shooting star
you learned from movies how love ought to be / and you'd say you love me and look in my eyes / but i know, through mine you were looking in yours
"my love, i am so sorry to have to cancel our date tonight. lucifer needs some assistance with paperwork regarding yours and solomons stay here."
for the third date night in a row, you have been put on the broken and tired back burner. for lucifer.
you can't fully bring yourself to blame your lover, he is the lord ruling hell after all. it wouldn't be fair to expect him to be yours all day every day. and when you really think on it, diavolo has not yet ever had a lover in his life. you are his first of everything in a romantic sense. so you've been telling yourself for months he is just not used to this, it is a craft he has yet to have tried his hand at. you just know he can be the perfect lover with a few housekeeping rules.
but it was starting to slowly, surely, chip away at your heart. and your heart was holding your love for diavolo inside, hanging on for dear life as the icepick swings.
with some semblance of confidence mixed with asmodeus hyping you up, you decide to go to castle and face him im person.
of course you put on your best outfit, do up your hair how you like, and spray on your favorite devildom scent.
its not too far of a walk, and you quite enjoy the cold breeze hitting your body. it gives you time to calm down, rationalize how you wish to speak with him. you could've easily asked one of the brothers to fly you over- but this was your task and yours alone. only you can walk through the glass barefoot while trying to sweep it.
entrance to the castle is easy, there aren't any security checkpoints or stops. just the large coded gate, and the glorious front entrance. getting inside takes no more than thirty seconds of your time.
time being wasted spent on a never present lover
barbatos greets you kindly in the foyer, apologizing on diavolos half for his buisness and lack of presence. but you stand your ground, a light smile gracing your wind beat cheeks.
he may be busy, but he can stop for a moment. just one single moment in which you can pretend everything is okay. and only then may he return to being distant.
it isn't as if you are unlovable, you know that much. your demon housemates had to shoo away multiple low level demons and succubi the first few weeks you had been here. it boosted your confidence in the beginning, but as that all stopped and you took real notice of diavolo- the confidence left.
so now here you stand, breathing in and out deeply at his office door. and you knock.
"come in," can be heard through the thick wooden door. so you enter, and are obviously not who he expected to walk in.
"mc? why have you come all the way here? did my text not send..." the man quickly brings out his d.d.d to genuinely check if his text sent. you make eye contact with lucifer, and just from the look in your eyes alone he says he will be excusing himself for a moment.
as he walks past you, your shoulders brush. and a whisper falls into your ear.
"make this worth it."
it boosts you further to know lucifer is supporting you in this. for a second you wonder if lucifer had ever scolded diavolo for how he treated you. but that is quickly brushed off as you approach his neatly tidied desk.
"i did, get your text that is. i came in person to give my reply."
diavolo laughs. he assumes you are joking around, you always were a little playful and he loved that about you.
well diavolo, you assumed wrongly.
"i don't think i can do this any longer."
he perches his head on the palm of his hand, looking up at you in confusion.
"diavolo, do you know what it means to be in love with someone?"
you do not speak harshly, even faced with the man who has all but abandoned you. he looks perplexed, seemingly thinking over your question. and he has a 'lightbulb' moment, eyes widening and looking into yours happily.
"love is to spend time with someone and never be tired of them!"
you want to say ding ding winner you got it right- but he doesn't see how contradicting what he thinks and what he does are.
"then do you love lucifer?"
diavolo lets out another classic one of his laughs, head thrown back against his chair. it was a serious question, but you know you can't be straightforward with his personality. he will always take it as a joke. hm, you pause in thought. maybe thats it, maybe he thinks this relationship is a joke.
"i do love lucifer yes, he is my right hand man. and so i end up spending a lot of time with him, by proxy of his job."
you find yourself nodding, it does make sense that he would connect his concept of love to lucifer always being there. but he still just doesn't understand the weight of this conversation.
"so then," you sigh, taking a step forward. "why have you chosen to date me? wouldn't you rather lucifer, going by your personal concept of love?"
diavolo hesitates.
and though this conversation will continue on, that was all the answer you needed.
"have i been an unsightly lover to you, dear?"
diavolo goes silent again. it seems when he is right on the verge of understanding you, he takes four steps backwards.
"do you still love me then?"
you do not hesitate. "yes, i do."
diavolo purses his lips together, eyebrows knitted. once again he has the look of 'let me logically think this through' but the words that come out are rarely true logic.
"then we can continue, yes?"
"no," you whisper as you read that there truly is no sparkle in his eyes when they meet yours. lucifer walks back in from behind, and you see the sparkle appear as diavolo looks towards him with a smile.
"no, we cant."
simeon; your best american girl
you're the sun / you've never seen the night / but you hear its song from the morning birds / well i'm not the moon / i'm not even a star
sweet, loving, angelic simeon. the angel with dark hair and tanned skin. the least expected guess of who you would have fallen for.
the brothers are far too cocky, all betting on themselves.
but all it really took for you to fall was to see his smile once. and from that day forward, you would do anything to see it again. you are chasing happiness in the shape of an angel.
but you cannot have that happiness, as you do not deserve it. you are a sinner, and that is all simeon will ever see you as.
on one outing to the celestial realm, you had worn your prettiest outfit to hopefully get a compliment from your beloved angel. what you didn't expect was for simeon's angel friends to give you the exact opposite.
not only did they criticize your appearance, they attacked the ideals you hold. that demons can change, demons can be good. one in particular told you that you shant visit again because you have the scent of demons on you.
embarassed to hell and back (quite literally) you only stopped by where luke was playing with friends to tell him you had to go.
the boy was sad you couldn't stay and play, his small angel friends sad as well. they had been so excited to meet luke's cool big sibling! but you didn't want the older angels to scold the children for being around you- so you excused yourself and called diavolo.
you stand now in a beautiful field far from the center of the celestial realm, far from the angels all seeing eyes. but diavolo wasn't answering, meaning you probably couldn't come back for a bit longer. typically even someone like lucifer needed permission from diavolo to travel between realms. and if diavolo isn't picking up, then theres no point going to lucifer first.
so in a poor attempt to kill time, you begin to walk the field. beautiful vibrant flowers litter the grass, and you pick a few small ones you like to stick in your hair. when you look in the camera of your d.d.d you laugh out loud at how crazy you look.
a powerful pact holding human is in the celestial realm, sticking flowers in their hair. you never know what you're going to see when traveling realms.
bringing the phone up in front of you again, you begin to adjust the flowers so they go across the top of your head like a crown. like a halo
when you turn your head to the side is when you get the absolute jumpscare of your life behind you in the camera, nearly falling over. simeon had seen you from the castle as you walked out, and came to see why you hadn't stopped by yet.
"my dear, those flowers look lovely in your hair."
formal as ever. simeon always knows how to make you blush, like a school kid with a crush on their seatmate.
"its not a sin to pick celestial realm flowers, is it? maybe i should've checked beforehand."
you flash him a smile, gaining his laughter in return. "it is not a sin, as we are constantly giving back to the earth when we take."
his eloquence does not fall on deaf ears. you turn your head to hide the pink blossoming across your cheeks, and spot a beautiful group of blue flowers.
quickly you bend down, picking four or five before turning to solomon.
"my dearest simeon, care to match with me?"
simeon takes the small flowers from your outstretched hands, thanking you for them as if you grew them yourself. he attempts sticking them in his hair but they fall each time.
"ah, may i help..?" you started off confident, but the second those words left your lips you curled into yourself. thinking that you are dirty, you shouldn't touch him. you will taint his purity with even just the slightest of touch, that would prove how filthy you were.
"you do seem an expert, have a go at it."
his approval was all you needed to smile again, perpetually falling over and over everytime he speaks in your direction.
you carefully take the flowers from him, careful to not squish the delicate petals. once all sorted out in your hand, you step on your tippy toes and begin using your free hand to wedge the flower stems into his hair. subconsciously, the tip of your tongue is poking out of your mouth as you focus.
simeon smiles at the sight, thinking to himself how lovely you look today.
with one flower left to stick in his hair, you go to place it in the center of his head. up on your toes you go once again, but falter for a moment. right as you shake, his gloved hands grab your sides to keep you in place. you want to scream, you want to keep your composure. very contrasting wants; you go with a poor attempt of the second.
his warm hands do not leave your side until you announce you are done, and step off of your toes.
"how do i look, mc?" simeon asks quite playfully, striking a pose. quickly you pull your d.d.d back out, telling him you will take a picture to show him.
he strikes a second pose, holding his arms above his head in a heart shape. there is the widest and most stunning grin spread across his face. he truly looks like he isn't real. like a prince you would see in a picture book.
snapping back to reality you laugh looking at the photos taken. with a giggly 'what?' he comes to lean over you and see as well. the sun is glaring onto the screen from his angle, so he gently uses his hand to cover the screen from above.
once simeon finally sees the image, he is laughing along with you.
"i can't believe you talked me into this so easily. you really are magical for just a human."
for some reason, those words resonate with you. but not in a good way.
he's absolutely right- you are just a human. and here he is, the most incredible angel, a heart bigger than all the realms combined. maybe the others were right, you do not deserve him.
"would you care to take one of us both, love?"
simeons sweet voice brings you back down, your head snapping up to look at him. his face is so close you could count his eyelashes if you wished to. when you forget that he had asked a question, he poses another, as he sits down in the grass.
"where did you go?"
you know fully well what he means, and the look of concern on his face makes you want to cry. delicately forming the sentence in your head, you speak. "you're the sun, simeon."
the tanned angel gives you another one of his bright smiles, hand reaching up to grab yours and sit you down beside him. as he sits facing forwards, you sit facing him from the side.
"i mean it, simeon. you're the sun. everything about you is warm, kind. you give life and purpose to the people you meet."
simeon seems perplexed by this sudden compliment shower, half of his smile showing.
"and what would that make you? my moon? the one who is always guarding the darkness and making sure the people they love have light in dark times?"
you shake your head quickly, slightly embarrassed he would even compare you to something so beautiful.
"no, i'm not the moon. simeon, i-" you hesitate. why do you hesitate?
"yes love?"
curse this angel for always knowing how to get you spilling everything out.
"i'm not even a star. i just, simply am."
simeon hums, sounded disappointed in your words. if only you could see yourself through his eyes, for just one single second. then, perhaps, you would understand why he has fallen so infatuated with you in such a short amount of time.
he pushes off his hands that were propping him up in the grass, and locks his fingers under your knees. for a second you go to protest but fall silent as he lays your legs across his lap, pulling you closer in. you two are sat so closely you could rest your head on his broad shoulder if you wished to.
"i think you are the moon, mc. who has made you to believe you are not? those other angels luke told me of?"
christ on a stick luke and his love for you never fails. even though he may be younger and shorter, he always fights for you. even when you feel you deserve nothing except for him to walk away.
"they aren't worthy of this title, that i know to be true now."
"my moon, i am just telling the truth. if they are to speak badly of someone i love i should be angry, no?"
now you really did lean into his shoulder, hiding your red face from his eyes. and as the cheeky boy he is, he knew what he was doing. with this new opportunity, your head against his shoulder. he wraps an arm around you. it feels like simeon could pull you right into him if he wanted, you are that close.
"so. huh. you love me?"
and simeon laughs loud. "out of all the words i spoke, those three words are all you heard? all i said was that you are someone i lo-"
this time around you cut simeon off with a squeal, lightly hitting your hand on his chest.
"i'm just playing, my moon. but i meant those words, that is true. what else must i do to prove it?"
lifting your head back up, you see the sparkle in his eye and smile. in turn, he raises his eyebrows and smiles, as if to say 'what?'. you bring your head back down to lay on his shoulder, warmed more now from the sun.
"you are my sun, simeon."
"yes, i picked up on that part dear." another hit to his chest that brings out his melodic laugh.
"and you are my moon, always and forever."
and of course, you two did end up taking photos together with your flower halos.
luke; goodbye, my danish sweetheart
and i don't blame you / if you want to / bury me in your memories, i'm not the girl i out to be
luke, despite being a sweet young angelic being, has experienced quite the amount of otherworldly feelings. for a bit of time now, he has come to know the feeling of anxiety festering in his bones. the fear of failure, of not being as good of an angel as simeon.
lord above, that boy idolizes simeon like no other.
he also has recently been introduced to another idol, another seemingly perfect person he wishes he could be.
that person, being you.
even in simple things like baking- something he enjoys immensely- he just feels a sort of emptiness. he can share his cookies with you, with simeon, even with solomon. but his un-angel-like feelings were baked into them instead of love, and he fears poisoning someone else with this horrible sickness he must have contracted.
luke tells himself he must just be sick, that is what is happening. something malicious must have been given to him, maybe by one of the demon brothers. he does find himself crying a lot easier from their words now, so the paranoia holds reason. to him, at least.
and of course, he doesn't dare tell michael or any of the archangels about this. what if they cast him out? tell him that he is not a true angel because of this sickness?
on one particularly bad day, you show up to rescue him.
luke is sat in the very far last stall of the school's bathroom, knees to his chest as he cries to himself.
he had started to feel the sick feeling overtake him whilst some low level demons threw jabs out at him, and it was too much to handle. too many voices, too many people, too many hateful eyes.
and as fate works, one of his idols came to save him.
you came waltzing into the bathroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. (just a note, if you identify as afab lets say you walked into the mens on accident!) luke heard the footsteps and curled further into himself, his sniffles reaching your ears.
"hello? hey, you okay?"
poor luke nearly screamed when he realized it was you. how could he let you see him like this? he will just infect you-
"luke sweets, i can see your shoes. can i come in?"
drat. you always did point out his 'twinkle toes' as you named them. he doesn't want to get you sick, so he just tells you flat out.
it takes a second before you reply, and luke thinks you might have left him all alone again.
"what hurts? i really don't mind getting sick."
how could he explain this rationally. because his head was hurting, but not the headache kind. his throat felt tight, like someone were squeezing him. and his chest was on fire, making him truly believe someone fed him a poison.
"if you don't answer i'll crawl under, you know i'm kind of crazy." luke had to stifle a laugh through his soft sniffles. slowly, he rose and unlocked the door. though he was looking everywhere else but at you.
"okay big boy, lets sit down," you happily enter the large stall, plopping down and patting the ground next to you. hesitantly, luke sits back down.
"so. what hurts?" luke shrugs his shoulders. you give him a playful push, looking to his eyes for an answer still.
luke tries his best to explain the story of how he thinks someone poisoned him, and that he was afraid he was going to have his wings taken from him. a deep deep frown sets on your face as he speaks.
"sweets, i don't think you are sick." luke goes to speak but you stop him. "no no, listen. i don't think you are poisoned, i think you are experiencing some serious anxiety. you know what that is?" luke nods, telling you that no angel he ever met had 'anxiety'. so he has concluded he must be a fake, and he is so embarassed that you now know his secret. that he doesn't blame you if you want to go to the brothers and make fun of him.
"hey, look at me. you're okay. you are the most kind and lovely angel i've ever met. even kinder than simeon!" luke wants to defend simeon, but realizes you must be just joking around.
"do you want me to tell simeon about this? i think he can help, him and i can be like 'lukes personal protectors'. how does that sound, hm?"
the tears start to well up in the small angels eyes again. "i don't want simeon to think i'm broken. that i'm not the angel i'm supposed to be."
instead of verbally telling him how wrong he is, you pull him closer and hug him tight. his adorable little hat falls off making you both laugh a little- but you are just relieve luke can still find humor in things.
if you or simeon had let this go on any longer, you feared luke would begin self destructing and end up doing actions he would regret.
"so i can talk to simeon right? you can be there too, so he can hear it from you sweets."
luke sighs exaggeratedly, but nods his head.
"do you want to go back to class?"
"fine by me. lets go play in the town!"
solomon; texas reznikoff
but i've been everywhere and it's not what i want / i want to be still with you
[ let me expose myself first this piece is inspired by a love poem i wrote for a girlfriend once, because she loved ferris wheels </3 ]
loving solomon is to board the carnival ferris wheel.
each cart is painted a beautiful color, differing throughout. sometimes the ferris wheel may be slow, and stop at the top of the sky. sometimes the ferris wheel goes so fast it seems to end before you even saw the sky.
somedays the ferris wheel was out of order, and didn't come back in service for weeks.
the long waits are what began to wear you down the most. you could see him- but only for a few hours a week maximum. you could call him, but only at certain times where his wifi would work well enough to hear you.
'you have reached the voicemail box of solomon the coolest sorcerer ever, please leave a message after the beep'.
it had been a month since you even bothered to leave a message. what would be the reason? for him to listen to three days later when his phone finally gets service?
with a heavy weight sigh, you throw yourself on your bed. checking your d.d.d, you see that asmodeus posted a selfie with solomon an hour previously. and that was how you usually found out where he was, considering he moved so much he stopped telling you.
the d.d.d slips from your hands, as they now move to rub at your cheeks. you didn't have any way to numb the pain, no way to fill the hole in your chest. a perfectly shaped circle i your chest etched permanently by a tall sorcerer.
but then you remembered alcohol exists. and that sounds bloody amazing right now.
you put on your favorite pop songs, went to the kitchen, and grabbed a fancy glass to put wine in. no one is around to judge how tall you may fill the glass, so you fill it well.
dancing around your room now, you stop for a second to change clothes. if you are going to have a night of self love, you want to at least look your best. the fanciest (dress or suit) is pulled from your messy closet, and you beam at it. it's perfect for the occasion, you can consider this a date with yourself. and it was well needed.
now dressed to the nines, you resume your playlist and move around to the beat. the wine tastes almost better when you're drinking it alone, your (dress or suit) fitting perfectly for once.
feeling playful, you grab your phone and quickly take some pictures. one is a classic selfie, wine glass in frame. the next is a full body shot in the mirror to show off your outfit. and the final is a timer set photo where you stood posing against your wall, wine glass raised as if to say 'cheers'.
quickly you went to post them, to show everyone how well you were doing. and to show how amazing you looked, obviously.
the caption took a bit of thinking, but you finally settled on 'cheers to date nights with yourself' with a few heart emojis. confident in your photos and figure, you didn't hesitate to click post.
and then the phone was put back down, music back all the way up as you waltzed with yourself.
for once, you were thankful you had decided to reside in a smaller town where the houses are a bit far from each other. you wouldn't have to worry about noise complaints, yelling neighbors, any distractions.
this was your damn night and nothing could ruin it.
and by nothing, i mean solomon calling no more than five minutes after you put the phone down.
immediately you froze, staring down. you wondered why the music didn't stop playing the call, and only then did you realize you had taken and posted the pictures with your d.d.d. not your iphone. not on instagram. oh lord.
you scrambled to pick up your ringing d.d.d, catching it just as it was about to end. as you said hello over the line to your distant lover, you saw some rain begin to lightly dust your window.
"mc, where are you?"
it was definitely the alcohol that caused you to scoff. who is he to ask that right now?
"home, alone. hows the devildom?"
solomon does not speak for a moment. it seems he is trying to gather his words carefully.
"how much have you had to drink?" he sounds cautious, and it almost pisses you off more. "i don't know, don't really care. i'm having fun!"
solomon sighs. his end of the line goes strange for a second, and you call out another 'hello?'
"i'm still here, sorry. damned d.d.d does that a lot when i-" solomon cuts his sentence off. and unfortunately for him, you weren't drunk enough to ignore that. not even close enough.
"when you what?" solomon is silent.
you hear a deep breath from the other line, cutting through the silence. and then, the sound of rain.
"can you please let me in? it's colder than hell out here love."
before you have time to think, your body reacts and you drop the wine glass. it shatters almost beautifully, like a star exploding in the night sky. and then you really truly register the words your lover has spoken.
without care you toss the d.d.d onto the couch as you all but run to the front door. a part of you is afraid you're about to wake up, this is is a wine induced dream. but after a moment, you open the door.
and in all his beautiful glory, there stands your beloved sorcerer. albeit a little wet from the rain, but still the most ethereal creature you've ever seen.
and then you remember you're mad at him.
leaving him at the open door, you walk back into the living room and begin cleaning up all the glass shards. a few had hit your feet pretty hard, but you didn't feel them or take notice at all.
solomon eventually comes into the room as well, immediately racing over and taking the broom and pan.
"please go sit on the couch. your feet," he gestures down with his head. "they're bleeding. give me a moment to pick this up."
and in a wierd, very solomon way, he casts a spell to pick up all of the shards and sends them to the trashcan in the kitchen.
"right, where do we keep medical here love?"
"you would know if you were ever home." you don't even give poor boy a second to breathe.
but he takes your anger in stride, knowing he somewhat deserves it. so he turns to the bedroom, and emerges a few minutes later with a first aid kit. he instructs you to turn so you are sitting against the arm rest, to let him clean your feet easier. neither of you say a word until he is done pulling out shards, and bandaging up cuts.
"i'm sorry, dove. i've been a horrible lover to you."
you want to retort. oh god above, you want to yell at him with every ounce of your soul. but you also want to cry. because its been two months since you last saw him in person. and now, in this mess of a night, he has to see you like this.
solomon is surprised though when you do start crying. he comes to your side, crouching down to hold you by your shoulders.
"mc, please look at me. i'm so sorry. i'm here now and that won't take back all the times i wasn't. but i'm here now."
rather abruptly you wrap yourself around him, arms over his shoulders and a hand in his damp hair.
"i thought you would never come back. that you enjoy traveling more than," a pause to sniffle. "being with me." solomon is quick as ever to hush you and hold you tighter. he wishes there was a spell to fix this, a magic to make you happy again. but that is not what you want, that's what he wants.
"listen dove, i've been everywhere. name a place and i've been there before, but thats not what i want."
you lift your head enough to look him in the eyes as you speak softly. "then what is it that you want?"
solomon doesn't hesistate.
"i want to be still with you."
solomon seems to stop hesitating from then on, by that i mean cancelling all of his plans for the next three months to be still with you.
the ferris wheel is finally back in maintenance, and his eyes are promising that it will never break down ever again.
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hisvillainess · a month ago
𖤐 ───── 𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖞 𝖒𝖊! 𝖘𝖒𝖚𝖙 𝖛𝖎𝖘𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖘 ───── 𖤐
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙. now dateables / fem!reader
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. literal porn. mostly subby!reader. minors absolutely do not interact.
𝖆/𝖓. i did one for the brothers so as promised, here are the non dateables. I may have went ham with diavolo. enjoy ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖤐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖔
diavolo called you into his office just to breed you on his desk like a feral bastard
when you tease him all day so he impatiently fucks you with your clothes on
the prince during heat
backshots with diavolo
𖤐 𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖇𝖆𝖙𝖔𝖘
riding barbatos’ pretty cock until he cums
oh he loves it so much when you’re needy for him!
why bake when he can eat your coochie instead
barbatos is a titty man
𖤐 𝖘𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖒𝖔𝖓
while everyone was wondering where the hell you two were, he was fucking you in The Fall’s bathroom
riding solomon’s face
solomon’s been stressed with wizard shit. i think he needs a little distraction 👀
punishing you (tw spanking)
𖤐 𝖘𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖔𝖓
how can he resist when you look so good for him
taking simeon’s ungodly dick
showing goodboy simeon what it’s like to be punished
Tumblr media
if you’re interested, apply to my taglist HERE ♥️
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pen-ink-therapy · 2 months ago
I really wanna see the aftermath of breaking the pacts, Would the brothers go and beg MC to come back, maybe Lucifer would let go out his pride, maybe they would all hate the new exchange student and make her Cerberus' new chew toy? You can choose whether MC declines on their begging or forgive them
So many of you have asked for this, and I'm happy to oblige. Let's dive into angst, shall we?
I'm sorry if the ending feels weird-
A continuation of this post.
Lucifer looked at his brothers, all of whom had cried themselves to sleep, the combination of emotional and physical pain being too much for them to bear.
Tired garnet eyes swept over their unconscious forms, noting how even in sleep they whimpered every once in a while. A bitter chuckle made its way out of him as he stood, every inch of his body screaming in protest at the sudden movement. He was about to go to his office, to silently drown in the realization that he had yet again failed someone he loved, and how it was yet again tearing his family apart.
"Where do you think you're going?"
Lucifer turned, his eyes meeting those of his youngest brother. Belphegor looked at Lucifer closely. If it was any other time, he'd have made fun of how disheveled the normally put-together demon looked. But right now wasn't the time for jokes.
Lucifer sighed, "You should be asleep."
"As should you."
At the lack of reply, Belphegor looked away, picking at the seam of his jacket. "We really fucked up this time, didn't we Lucifer?"
Lucifer nodded, not knowing what else to say. Belphie gave a broken chuckle, causing the eldest to look at him. Amethyst eyes were filled with tears threatening to fall, looking lost and helpless. "W-what are we supposed to do now?" he sniffled, rubbing his eyes with his sleeve.
Lucifer reached for his youngest brother, bringing him into a hug as Belphie broke down for the second time that night. Rubbing tender circles on his back as the smaller clung to him, Lucifer was reminded of when they were still in the Celestial Realm. He wondered if this was his Father's way of punishing him, for a second time, for not being strong enough to protect what he'd been blessed with.
If anybody had woken up, they would have witnessed a scene they hadn't seen since the days of living in Celestial Realm.
The incessant ringing of Asmodeus' phone was what roused the brothers the next day, their bodies sore and hearts aching. Asmo reached for his phone, accepting the call once he saw it was Solomon.
"Oh Solomon, thank Diavolo-"
The order heard through the phone did its trick, pact magic forcing the Avatar of Lust to not utter a single word. "Put the phone on speaker, Asmodeus." The utterance of his full name in such a terrifying voice by the sorcerer sent shivers down his spine as he hastily obeyed. Once on speaker, Solomon continued, "Greetings, the Seven Lords of Devildom. I don't have much time, and although I don't want to do this, Diavolo asked me to inform you the whereabouts of MC."
Collective gasps were heard across the room as Solomon continued, "They're at the Purgatory Hall, with us. I'm sure the pact-erasing process must have alerted you about this." A mix of a sadistic sort of glee and anger radiated through his words, striking fear in the hearts of the brothers.
"Are they safe?" Lucifer asked after a moment of hesitation. "They're not hurt, are they?"
"Physically, yes. Emotionally... well, you don't need me to tell you how bad it is, seeing as they consented- no, asked, to having your pacts with them removed, now do you, Mr. Morningstar? For the sake of your safety, and their mental health, I suggest you leave them alone. It's not like Simeon would let you be within a mile-radius of them anyways." Saying that, the sorcerer cut the call.
Lucifer swore he had never felt such regret, not even when he had fallen from the Celestial Realm.
It had been a week since then, and the brothers had not gotten better. They tried to talk to you, to meet you, but each time you would be accompanied by at least one resident of Purgatory Hall. Luke had been the least openly hostile, opting to simply take your attention all for himself or get the two of you out of the room. Simeon and Solomon on the other hand, laced their words with poison each time the brothers were even in your vicinity. Diavolo and Barbatos turned a blind eye to all of it. You understood that they were concerned about you, they cared about you, but you felt this was too much. Maybe it was the fact that you still cared about the seven, and seeing them so miserable when they just wanted to talk to you, worried you.
So sitting in your last class of the day, which you fortunately shared with only Satan, you sent a text, reading through the many that had come over the course of the week.
House of Lamentation (8)
Fam therapist: Today, after school. Meet me at Madam Screams Bakery.
You locked your D.D.D without sparing a glance to the influx of messages, opting to pay attention to the teacher.
"Hello MC."
You looked up from your D.D.D, seeing the brothers standing in front of you. "Take a seat," you said as nonchalantly as you could, thanking your stars when your voice didn't break with the overwhelming emotions you felt. Anger, fear, and regret swirled in you, momentarily making you wonder if this was the right thing to do.
For a few minutes nobody said anything. The awkward air between the 8 of you was constricting and heavy with guilt. "So..." you started, watching as how each of them gave you all of their attention. Funny, wasn't it, that a week ago that's all you wanted from them. Their attention, their affection. And what did it take to finally gain it back?
"I haven't seen (new student) around..." you trailed off, noticing how they flinched at the mention of them. Serves them right, a small, petty part of you said, while the bigger, more generous part of you wanted nothing but to pull your boys into a hug. But you held yourself back, tugging your jacket closer to yourself.
"MC, we-"
"No. Stop. Don't- just don't, ok? I've been through this before. You'll say you're sorry, but you'll leave me for the next person that comes. That's what happens, every single time"
"MC, t-that's not true. Sure, we did it, but we won't do it again, ya gotta believe us," Mammon said. His blue-yellow eyes were quickly filling with tears, causing you to look away. Your resolve would crumble away if you saw him crying, you knew that. But this was a conversation that you needed to have with the seven.
Your eyes trained on Satan, silently telling him to go on. "I- We were idiots. We should have never sidelined you. You are more precious to us than anything in this world-"
"I am? Then why did you make me feel like I was replaceable, huh? Why did you make me feel like I had to throw a tantrum to get your attention?" Your temper was quickly rising, Satan being the only one who was experiencing the full force of his sin in you.
"MC, sweetie, you need to calm down-"
"I am calm, Asmodeus," You seethed as your grip around your D.D.D became vice-like. "I've always been calm and patient with all of you, haven't I? And what did that get me? Getting replaced by the people I trusted with my life? Being betrayed?"
"So what makes you think that I would ever forgive you? What right do you have to appeal for my forgiveness?!"
"We don't."
Lucifer's reply caught you, as well as his brothers, off guard. "Lucifer, what-"
"Let him speak," Belphie said quietly, shocking everyone. You looked from the youngest to the eldest, not being able to remember if they'd ever stood up for each other. "We- we took you for granted MC. Even after everything that happened, we thought that you wouldn't leave us... And that led to our poor treatment of the only person who has tried to look past our imperfections and find the real us. You are neither obliged to believe us, nor forgive us. But, should you give us the chance to redeem ourselves" Lucifer gently took your hand in his, giving you a small smile when you allowed him to, laying bare all his feelings as he uttered the next few words, "We swear on our lives to never make you regret it."
You were rendered speechless for a few moments, causing the boys to worry about what you'd say.
"Once chance," you said, internally smiling when each of them visibly perked up at your words. "One last chance is all that I'm going to give you. Prove to me your worth it, and use this chance wisely."
"We will!"
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ionianstar · 8 months ago
NSFW // Obey Me! Brothers Sexual Preferences Headcanons
Wow this got out of hand. I’ll link the New Dateables one as well. I apologize for length lmao
Tumblr media
- call him Daddy, Master, Sir, all that shit.
- Humiliation/Degredation. Gotta earn that praise though
- he'd be sorta into exhibitionism but he wouldn't go as far as to label it. He likes seeing his person flustered over him touching them, and he likes to touch them in public to see that reaction
- introduce him to collars and leashes and you're done for.
- he will choke you
- marks like bites and bruising so you have a lasting impression of him on you
- takes a great deal of pride in marking you as his
- will accept hickeys and scratches
- moans more than you think
- very into impact play (spanking and whipping)
- "my little ..."
- "my starlight"
- "angel"
- (consensual) SOMNOPHILIA. Will use you when youre drifting off to sleep, you are his toy to play with when he pleases.
- aftercare isn't always cuddling in bed.
- Sometimes he'll have to go back to his office but he'll wrap you up in a robe and let you sit in his lap while he works, absently stroking either your arm or thigh or back
Tumblr media
- Tell him he's a good boy, your good boy, and he's blushing and leaking already
- may have a mild humiliation kink to cope with his trauma but may not even be aware of it.
- tie him up and make him beg.
- tests his patience but also allows him to be close to you
- body worship, both ways
- E D G E H I M
- but also let him tower over you and demolish you
- maybe restrain his hands too, he'll love that
- bites, hickeys, bruising, both ways.
- whines and whimpers and mewls, soft noises
- occasional soft swearing under his breath
- peg him. peg him. peg him. milk him dry.
- cuddle him afterwards and reaffirm positive things about him. He may be extremely emotional after and holding him is a great comfort for him.
Tumblr media
- peg him
- soft dom/mes are his thing
- be gentle with him
- but tease the fuck outta him. He will leak instantly.
- loud. Gag him or put a hand over his mouth while he moans and he'll love you forever
- just dom the fuck outta him. He wants to be slutted out and used
- give him positive feedback during everything
- "you're doing so well, baby"
- "does it hurt, love?"
- "tell me how much you love it. Tell me how good I make you feel."
- cowgirl and sensual spooning are his favourites
- aftercare for him is alot of cuddling and positive affirmations.
- he may move to his computer but he'll just put on something for you both to watch and settle back in with you
Tumblr media
- he is a notorious tease. Do not trust him
- ////// C O C K W A R M I N G //////
- it's more of a way to exercise control over you and he loves that shit
- jealous sex will be a thing.
- E X H I B I T I O N I S T
- he'll buy a remote control/bluetooth vibrator and make you wear it when you leave hom together
- just to see you stutter and try to maintain your composure in front of persons.
- make you wear it at the dinner table. Everyone can smell your arousal and that fills him with an obscene amount of pride
- 100% would finger you in a movie theatre with people around
- palm or stroke him "absently" through his pants while he's busy
- he will remember and return the favor later but for now fuck yes please don't stop
- very sensual
- enjoys making out and making you ride his thigh
- sense play. lots of feathers and candle wax and ice cubes
- slow sex usually
- hard rough sex when he's mad
- Nibble on his earlobes, fucks him up everytime
- sensitive neck. Give many hickeys
- grunts and groans, generslly quiet
- "Kitten"
- "Lovely"
- "Angel"
- collar, cat ears, buttplug with tail, you are now his kitten
- marks you as his very plainly
- likes when you dig your nails into his skin
- very much into pain and pleasure
- aftercare is curling up and listening to him read to you.
- He'll place soothing kisses and ice packs on particularly deep bruises and praise you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
- fucking switch. Can dom but prefers to be a sub for you
- Spank him occasionally, watch his eyes roll up into his head
- likes to draw out play time
- mutual masturbation.
- body worship, both ways
- the most adorable mewls and whines and the loudest, filthiest moans
- Occasional overstim
- likes to be filled so will always have a dildo or buttplug
- He will 100% ride your thigh. He enjoys it
- Doggystyle is fun cuz he can be in control there.
- will suck you off/eat you out with great enthusiasm
- he likes to be praised and will give praise always
- faint, barely there hickeys but S O M A N Y.
- aftercare is 100% always a soothing bath with hair washing, body washing
- followed by gently rubbing lotion all over your body
- could be followed by a massage, his treat, or another round of sex
- but of the slower, more gentle kind
Tumblr media
- D O G G Y S T Y L E
- Will fuck you into the mattress
- hot kisses on your neck with a hand ghost over your throat and one around your waist to hold you in place
- surprisingly enjoys being edged
- will make the tiniest noises and it's so fucking cute
- restrain him. He could probably rip them off if he wanted to but he likes to relinquish that control sometimes
- always afraid he'll hurt you so is generally gentle and sensual
- but get him worked up enough and he will spear you
- lovingly.
- loves getting hickeys, mark him up
- Its one of the few ways he can pleasure you fully without thinking of possibly hurting you
- please give him all the kisses
- mutual masturbation just so he can watch you and marvel at you
- aftercare is getting you some water and snacks and cuddling with you.
- will let you lay on his chest as you both snack.
- will suggest a movie or maybe a hot shared shower.
Tumblr media
- (consensual) S O M N O P H I L I A
- sleepy sex is wonderful
- doggystyle or reverse cowgirl.
- don't worry, he'll help.
- Dom in any situation. Cannot turn it off.
- maybe maneuvering penetrative sex is too much work, he will fuck your thighs and use his own precum as lube
- rutting against your ass and moaning so quietly in your ear
- lots of ass squeezing.
- wandering hands when you cuddle that somehkw always end up in your pants.
- you are not complaining in the slightest though
- lazy hickeys on your shoulder
- likes to give out spanks occasionally
- lots of wrap-arounds and sensual spooning
- call him Daddy once or twice and watch his dick jump. try it, just once
- not loud but swears alot
- will murmur in your ear exactly how good you feel around him and ask you in return to tell him exactly who is making you feel this good
- will never hesitate to use a vibrator on either of you. Makes orgasming easier and he just likes how they feel
- when the energy hits him tho,,,,
- will pound you into the mattress and slut you out
- aftercare is a quick shared shower and then cuddles in bed until he falls asleep.
- sometimes will stay awake and talk for a while, giving you the softest of kisses
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Obey Me!: Overstimulation
Tumblr media
Overstimulation drabbles for Mammon, Beelzebub and Diavolo, gn!reader
Overstimulation, handjobs, begging, crying, dom!reader
Tumblr media
Mammon's body feels like it's on fire when you won't let him come down from his first orgasm, your hand continuing to pump his softening shaft, his thick cum serving as lewd lubricant. The demon cries for you, pornographic moans filling your room as you smirk down at him. Mammon's eyes are shut tightly, his face scrunching up as he fights the pain for more pleasure, needing more, always more from you, even if it meant to suffer a little.
"D-don't st-stahwp, Mc fuck me more, f-fuck me 'til- ngh 'til I pass out, o-oohkay?"
You decipher the slurred words from Mammon's mindless moans, smirking as you recognize their meaning. Why not give your puppy what he wants for once?
Beelzebub doesn't want the feeling to stop yet, his hips continuing to thrust into your pleasure, eyes closed tightly. The sensation on his cock makes his head spin, the intensity unlike anything he's felt before. Soft grunts slip past his lips as he allows himself to drop into a deep headspace, every muscle in his body devoting to what you provide.
Your hand grabs his cheeks, tilting his head to face you. Beelzebub's eyes open carefully, lips twitching in pleasure as he shyly looks into your dark pupils.
"You feeling good, baby?" you ask with a soft smile, your insides warm as you watch your lover under your body's spell.
Beel nods weakly, his hand grabbing your wrist as he feels a second orgasm approaching, the intensity of it already knocking the air out of his lungs.
A cheeky grin decorates the prince's expression as he watches his cum squirt over your hand, the feeling ecstatic as always and he doesn't want it to stop quite yet.
"Can you keep going, mc?"
You look up at the heavy breathing demon, mirroring the excited smirk.
"Sure thing, your highness," you lean forward to leave a kiss in the corner of his lips before wrapping your hand around his still hard shaft, starting with gentle strokes again.
Diavolo's hips twitch into your hold, an unexpected moan slipping his lips as he feels the surprising intensity of the overstimulation. Your strokes increase in tempo, making the demon lose his composure more and more, his body falling victim to the overwhelming pleasure as he stops fighting his fall.
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by-moonflower · a month ago
your one and only
▸ mammon x reader
▸ 2.2k words
▸ best friends to lovers (woohoo!), mutual pining, fluff, slight angst
with more students coming to RAD, your jealousy streak shows when mammon is assigned to show the new human around
Tumblr media
“has anyone seen mammon?”
as soon as they heard their brother’s name, the demons sitting together at the extended oak study table suddenly appear busier than they did when you first entered the room.
satan finds the need to open up three more text books around him, eyes carelessly scanning through all of them—though you doubt he’s actually reading or understanding anything that quick. levi also makes a show of putting on his headphones despite already having his airpods plugged in his ears. beel purposely begins to munch louder on the snacks he has on hand and belphie, well, he was already asleep.
you sigh out loud, crossing your arms as your stare jumps from one demon brother to the other. “really, guys?”
usually, you brush off the brothers’ indifference to their second eldest as nothing but tough sibling love. on a good day, you might even join them just to spite mammon. but you’re not feeling it all that much today, and the only reason satan eventually speaks up is because he notices that you look quite down in the dumps today.
“um,” he begins to say, donning a thoughtful expression, “i can’t say.”
“isn’t he showing the new human arou—ow!”
beel must’ve kicked levi in the shin under the table or something, because you notice the brief look they share; the way beel slightly shakes his head and how levi’s eyes widen, turning to you with an apology on his face.
ah, now you understand why the boys have been walking on eggshells whenever you’re around. you pull a chair out and join them. “it’s fine.”
from your peripheral, satan watches you with concern. “are you sure?”
“yeah,” you quip. “i mean, mammon helped me when i first got here, so i guess it only makes sense he help the other humans settle here too.”
a few months ago, lord diavolo announced that because the exchange program to the devildom had gone so well with you and solomon, the RAD was opening its doors to take on more human exchange students. though you feigned excitement and congratulated the demon king’s son for what a success the program has been, your jealous streak began to show when you realised that you’ll no longer be the only human that will know the brothers.
it’s ridiculous, but you feel somewhat threatened at the thought of another human getting as close to the brothers as you have. you’ve never said any of this aloud, but with the way the boys have been especially careful in your presence throughout the last few weeks only tells you that they’ve probably figured you out.
“if it makes you feel any better, he didn’t seem so enthusiastic about showing the new human around either,” beel adds.
you want to take comfort in the fact, but mammon was the same way with you at first. you recall his reluctance in showing you the academy’s grounds, how annoyed he’d get when you asked a simple question or how he’d grumble to himself whenever lucifer reminded him to ensure you didn’t get eaten by other demons.
but in spite of all that, mammon had this unwavering commitment to protect you, and you know it was out of his own will and not out of a sense of duty.
when he wasn’t with you, he’d check up on you regularly by text, using a bunch of excuses to make sure you knew he wasn’t worried about you. when he was with you, he’d find a roundabout way of asking how your day has been or how classes are going, while also denying any claims that he has so much of a mustard seed of interest in how you are.
but most importantly, and what melts your heart to utter goo each and every time, is how mammon always runs to you when you face even the slightest of dangers, be it witches, cerberus, stray demons, online scams, or even an angry lucifer.
you and mammon have been through thick and thin and you’re not sure why the mere thought of another human in the picture makes your heart sink. you didn’t like the thought of mammon being that way with anyone else but you.
then again, you don’t really have the right to feel this way because it’s not like you’ve ever told him. maybe his brothers could see right through you like a wall of glass but mammon’s as oblivious as a demon can get. you’d have to tell him straight up to get it through his head.
“c’mon, what’s with the long face?” you didn’t realise belphie has woken up already, lazily leaning his head on one hand. “you know mammon’s only got eyes for you.”
blood rushes to your face instantly, palms getting sweaty as the boys try to reaffirm mammon’s feelings for you. there’s no point in you refuting anything that they say though. again, it’s not like mammon knows how you feel about him.
“also, i’m sure i’ve made it clear to him that i’d beat him up if he ever hurts you,” levi chimes.
“me too,” says satan.
“me three,” the twins say simultaneously. they look at each other for a moment before also exclaiming “jinx!” together and then bursting into a fit of giggles.
you smile at their jokes, keep faking it for a little longer to try and convince the others that you’re doing just fine. “it’s okay guys, it’s not like we’re together or anything.”
satan scoffs, “everybody at the academy thinks you’re together, except you two. isn’t it time you told him then?”
“if you’re waiting for mammon to figure it out himself, you’ll be waiting centuries. he’s the kind of guy that needs everything to be spelled out for him,” belphie says, matter-of-factly.
the only reason that you’re hesitant about letting him know is that you’re not sure how things will change between you and him. mammon’s not just the first demon you came to know since arriving at the devildom, but he’s also become your best friend. even if things did turn out well for you two, how would it change the friendships you share with the other brothers? would any of your ties to them become strained as a result?
putting the others side, you also can’t help but think about the very taboo of a demon and human together. it’s not like you’d be staying in the devildom forever and you know there are boundaries in place that keeps mammon from staying in the human world too. then what is the point of it? why bother at all?
before your thoughts can stray any further, the door to the study room comes swinging open and mammon himself strides in, scanning the room for a bit.
it’s when his eyes lock on you that a big grin begins to spread across his face. “i’ve been looking all over for ya! why didn’t ya answer any of my calls?”
under the table, levi nudges your foot and you feel the blush in your face intensify. “ah, i must’ve left my D.D.D in my room.”
“whatever, that’s fine.” mammon walks into the room with a skip in his step, pulling out the empty chair next to you. “anyway, what’s everyone doin’? it’s friday night and my babysitting is over, so let’s go somewhere!”
right then, satan rises from his seat, all of his things somehow packed already and his bag slung over his shoulder. “actually, i have plans tonight.”
at satan’s cue, as though rehearsed, beel and belphie also get up. “yeah, we have somewhere to be.”
mammon narrows his eyes, “belphie too?”
mammon sighs, then turns to the last demon seated at the table. “how ‘bout it, levi? wanna go to the arcade?”
“the arcade?! sure—” it’s quite obvious the way satan smacks levi on the back, causing the latter to choke a little at the sudden impact, “actually, i- um, i, too, have things to do, yes.”
“exactly, levi has something else planned so, we’ll be taking our leave,” satan says, a sly smile on his lips as he gently pulls levi up by the collar of his jacket.
the brothers can’t be any more obvious with the way they’re trying to leave you and mammon alone together, but as you all suspect, mammon doesn’t take the hint at all. 
“pfft, whatever.” mammon crosses his arms over the table and rests his head, facing you. “anything you wanna do? doesn’t have to be the arcade.”
you can tell that he’s actually tired, seeing the faint bags under his eyes and how he stifles a yawn, but mammon has a certain pride over that, never wanting to admit he’s exhausted when he really is. if you ever ask about it, he’ll go off on a tangent about how the great mammon never runs out of energy.
so, all you do is cross your arms over the table and rest your head too, facing him as well. “do you wanna just stay in tonight? i think there’s a rerun of the sequel to that murder mystery we watched last time.”
mammon thinks for a moment, and it’s only because you’re watching so closely that you notice his eyes soften a smidge. “y-yeah, if that’s what ya want.”
“okay.” you close your eyes, happy, more than anything, to just be sitting here with him beside you. you hope that shutting your eyes would encourage him to do the same if he needs a nap, but mammon calls your name again.
“you know, lucifer’s been bustin’ my ass lately, makin’ sure i show the new human around properly.”
you laugh a little, “why? have you been sneaking off?”
“hey, the issue isn’t me sneaking off, it’s me getting caught.”
with your eyes still shut, you sigh. “you know you shouldn’t be sneaking off right, mammon? what’s the new human gonna do without you?”
“i don’t care,” mammon mutters to himself. you pry one eye open to see that mammon has his shut. “you’re the only human i’m watchin’ out for. what does lucifer think i am anyway? the RAD’s designated liaison officer between demons and humans? as if i got time for that.”
“what did you just say?”
mammon’s eyes snap wide open to find you staring at him. “uh, that i got no time to be babysittin’?”
“no, before that. you said i’m the only human you’re watching out for?”
mammon’s pupils shake, certainly aware of what he just said and perhaps only now realising what it really means. “y-yeah. i mean, you got here first! i already gotta babysit you so why do i gotta show another human around this time too?”
you don’t know what to say, wondering if this is mammon’s roundabout way of telling you the shape of his feelings. you see it in his actions often, but you’ve never seen him try to articulate it, even if it requires you to read between the lines.
in your silence, mammon finds the need to go on. “um, anyway, i know i’m always yellin’ at the others ‘bout how you’re... ya know... my human so- uh, what’s that term again? visa-verse? vice-versa!”
“mammon, what are you saying?”
“you know what i’m saying!”
you do, but you also want him to spell it out for you. “no, i don’t.”
“i— argh,” he groans, lifting his head and hitting his back against the chair. “you do know what i’m tryna say! you’re just makin’ fun of me!”
you shrug, suppressing your smile as best as you can.
“i’m your demon too, ‘kay? happy? you’re my one and only and i’m only yours too.”
mammon buries his face in his palms, shaking his head and muttering how he can’t believe he finally admitted all that. you should be buried in heaps of embarrassment yourself, but his feelings are reaching you so genuinely that you can’t help but sit straight and reach out to him.
carefully, you encircle his wrist, pulling one hand down to keep him from hiding his face. “are you shy?”
“whaddya think?”
“the boys said something, didn’t they?”
mammon glances over. “i noticed you’ve been looking kinda down all week.” a pause. “sorry i didn’t say anything sooner. i thought... i thought i was the only one with these dumb feelings.”
“no, i’ve got dumb feelings too,” you laugh. with your fingers still encircling mammon’s wrist, you shift slightly to slip your hand into his, staring at the table because you’re too shy to look at him. though you can feel him tense at first, he’s the one to curl his fingers eventually, locking your hands together.
“also,” he adds, “don’t do that.”
“huh? do what?” you turn to him.
“get jealous.”
“wha— i’m not- i wasn’t jealous!”
“see?” he says, a slight tilt to his head, “you’re somehow even cuter when ya get jealous. so stop that, or i’ll eat ya.”
“yeah right.”
“i’ll watch the new revengers movie without ya and spoil the ending.”
with his hand intertwined in yours, warm and firm, it feels like there’s nothing to worry about at all. you’re not thinking about how your feelings for mammon will affect your relationship with the other demons when they all clearly know how you two felt about each other all this time.
and for now, you won’t worry about what it means for a human to fall for a demon, especially when the demon has fallen for the human too. maybe it’s a hurdle only the two of you can face, maybe it’s something to deal with later.
you don’t mind though. with your hand in mammon’s, it suddenly seems like there’s nothing you can’t do together.
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Every time I have nothing to think about the thought of holding hands come into my mind. So indulge me while I think about holding all the Brother's hands.
Brothers Masterlist | Dateables Masterlist
How the Brothers Hold Hands
💙 Lucifer -
Lucifer has been watching MC chat with lower demons from a far and has decided it is time to stake his claim.
He walks over cool before grabbing their hand and kissing their knuckles.
But he doesn't let go, instead their fingers interlocked.
"MC, it's lovely to see you. Today has been quite stressful and you were exactly what I needed."
Lucifer than glares at the lower demons scaring them away.
His hands are so warm.
The are filled with callouses. Especially where he holds his pen.
There are also some very old scars covering his skin.
His hold is the perfect amount of pressure. Not to loose, not to tight. Just don't try to leave his hold....
💛 Mammon -
Him and MC we out spending Lucifer's money shopping.
He nearly lost MC when they got lost in a crowd of demons. So the smartest thing to do, to not lose them again, is to hold their hand. Right??
"Don't run off like that. Here. Don't let go. I don't wanna lose ya in this crowd."
He forces his hand into theirs. But even as the crowd thins, Mammon doesn't let go.
Mammon's hands are a little sweaty, but once he gets used to their hand in his, all the moisture disappears.
He loves interlocking fingers.
His hold is often quite tight as he drags MC behind him. He is just excited to have someone enjoy his touch.
🧡 Leviathan -
Levi watches as MC stare intently at the anime before them. Their hand rests gently next to them, perfectly in his reach.
He reaches for their hand brushing his finger tips on their knuckles before he is startled by MC turning to him.
"S-S-Sorry! Your hand was just laying their and-and it looked so holdable... is it okay? If I hold it, I mean...
MC nods. He gasps as their hands fit perfectly together as if MC was always meant to be his player 2.
His hands are freezing. No part of them it warm.
Yet they are also very sweaty from his nerves.
His hold is gentle. He doesn't want to trap MC if they want to pull away, but he will continually squeeze their hand as if he is checking if it is a dream.
💚 Satan -
He has been staring at MC reading next him and can't get the thought of them out of his mind.
"MC, can you come a little closer for a moment?"
MC obliges, but now their in for it.
He pulls them into his lap grabbing hold of one of their hands while the other holds a book of to the side. His signature smirk plastered on his face.
His hands are dry and cracking. It is easy to feel the scars of paper cuts all over them.
His hands are warm and encase MC's hands completely as their fingers intertwine.
He is willing to let go of MC's hand so they can turn the page, but it better find it's way back to his.
💖 Asmodeus -
First he glances at MC'S hand and swings his own hoping they get the hint.
That doesn't seem to get his motive across so he resorts to plan B.
"MC. Your nails!? You have painted them for weeks? They look so bare. We need to fix that. Come on. I know just where to go."
Now Asmo is holding MC's hand.
They don't go to the nail salon, but he doesn't let go either.
His hands are warm with the fingertips being cool to the touch.
Soft... so soft...
A pretty tight hold. His fingers move around. Rubbing circles on the back of MC's hand and often changing from having their fingers interlocked and to squeezing their palms gently.
❤ Beelzebub -
Beel was walking home with MC. His hands felt cold and he wanted to make sure that their's didn't feel that way.
"MC, do you wanna hold hands? I want to make sure your hands stay warm."
Of course MC agrees!
He loves the warmth they give. Not only in his palms, but in his heart with every swing of their arm.
Beel's hands are huge! They completely envelope MC's hands.
They are tough and calloused, but the skin is soft.
His hands are always warm, no doubt about it. MC has felt the occasional grease or crumbs, but nothing a napkin can't fix.
💜 Belphegor -
MC has been chatting with his brothers for the past hour when they promised to take a nap with him.
He is quite fed up so he grabs their hand and stares at them.
If anyone mentions his actions, he will let go and walk away. Otherwise, he will just stare at MC intensely until they decide to leave with him. (He probably even tugs on their hand to encourage them to leave)
"Why do you always have to talk to them? You should just talk to me. They get in the way of our naps."
Belphie's hands always start chilly, but they suck up MC's warmth and become cozy.
His hands are never too sweaty, but they are quite squishy.
His hold is unusually tight and demanding. Especially if MC isn't paying attention to him.
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cozykaii · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—character(s), Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmo, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Diavolo, Barbatos, Xiloscient (oc).
—genre, angst to fluff.
—cw/tw, harsh language.
—notes, i'm so sorry for the long wait! i hate this chapter. leave me alone omg
please do not plagiarize, copy, translate or repost on any platform/website without my consent. the headers used are mine and should not be used by anyone.
Tumblr media
how it feels to be replaced 001 <
how it feels to be replaced 002 <
how it feels to be replaced 004 <
Another exchange student?
You felt conflicted at the fact that another person will be moving in. The only thing that was on your mind was the fact that they will judge you once they see the mobility aid beside you.
Diavolo and Barbatos came in, (Diavolo) smiling brightly at the brothers and you. But as his eyes landed on your form, his smile drops a little yet he remained his composure. "Hello everyone! So, we have another transfer student from the elf realm."
The elf realm?
You've never heard of such a realm before, much seen an elf.
"An elf? Wait, aren't elves rich?!"
"Where'd you hear that, Mammon?" Asked Leviathan, putting down his switch as he looked at the avatar of greed. "I knew that for a fact, Levi!" Leviathan growls and picked up his switch and continued playing.
"Those aren't 'facts', Mammon. Elves don't get paid, so that isn't possible." Satan exclaims, staring at the book in front of him, eventually reopening it. "Huh?! And how do ya' know that?!"
"Can you both stop it? Ask an actual elf about questions like those." Lucifer interrupted, glaring daggers at his brothers. Ella giggled at the two and had a grin on her face as she leaned her face against her palm.
You only stared at them and frowned, moving your gaze to Diavolo and paying attention to him instead. "Anyway! Xiloscient, you can come out now." He called the supposed 'elf', and came out a 6'8 blonde male with hazel eyes and freckles decorating his face.
Holy shit, he's tall!
Woah, look at him!
How can someone be that tall?
His presence makes my heart flutter, and I didn't even know I had a heart...
These voices started to somehow simp over this man, which made you rose an eyebrow. Ella widens her eyes and screamed internally, he was an attractive guy for sure.
"Uh, hello. My name is... Xiloscient? Call me Xilo for short, I guess. I am a voronwë in my elf rank." He spoke, his hazel orbs inspected the group of demons, but a certain someone caught his attention. Is that a mobility aid?
Why is he staring at you though? Then you remembered, your mobility aid has always been there, so it probably took his attention. Oh.
Your face remained unfazed when you noticed that he was staring at you. The feature that stood out the most was his ears. They were pointy, prominent, long and sharp. Afterr introducing himself, all of you had dinner.
Xiloscient is a young man. He is a member of the Ladeth elf clan, which roughly translates to 'Night Eternal'. He wasn't next in line of the throne, he doesn't have a high or low title. Just an average yet loyal dark elf.
Dark elves are often portrayed as cruel and evil, but that wasn't entirely true. Most of the species are kind, but some of them aren't. Just like humans.
He seemed awfully familliar.
"Hello there."
"A-Ah! Hello." You squeaked out. He suddenly spoke and it seemed to scare you, which made him apologize. "I sincerely apologize." He took a seat next to you on the bench.
"I cannot help but notice how... you're always staring at the other female resident. what was her name? Ella, was it?" You stared at him as your lips formed into a straight line.
"Her name is Ella. Look, if you're here to chit-chat about her, I should take my leave." Grabbing onto your mobility aid, you shakily stood up and started to move until he grabs your wrist, preventing you from moving any further. "Wait."
Xiloscient quickly stood up and looked at you. "I do not wish to talk about her. But, I would be delighted to converse with you, not about Ella, but about you." You widened your eyes and stayed silent. Talk about me?
What are you waiting for? Go on!
He seems like such a nice guy!
His words are extremely wise, I'm jealous.
Oh my, he is fancy.
You shook your head and closed your eyes tightly, making the voices disappear. "I'll take that as a no then." He lets go of your wrist but you quickly hold onto his hand, eyebrows furrowed. "No! It's okay. We can talk."
He made a face of surprise but helped you sit back on the chair. There was a moment of silence until you broke it. "So, what was it that you would like to talk about?"
He closed his eyes for a mere second and then looked at you, "Have we... met before?" He closed his lips as he cuts his own voice. You rose and eyebrow and moved to look at him, "I... don't think so? Why?"
You sweatdropped as you see him chuckling and rubbing his own nape, "I must've mistaken you as someone I knew then. I'm sorry, you just looked extremely familiar to the point where I thought we had been past friends."
Past friends?
Who is this guy?
I don't know him,
"You seem like your thinking about something. May I know what it is about?" He spoke, his thin yet long ponytail fluttering in the wind, watching the sakura petals fall from the tree.
You looked forward and felt the corners of your mouth slightly lift up, "Nothing important. Mc." He looked at you and raised a brow. "Mc, that's my name."
You paused and took a breath.
"I hope we can be understand each other more in the future. You seem like a nice and easy person to talk to. It's been a long time since I actually got to speak this much, it's refreshing. Thank you." He smiled and closed his eyes, "Anytime."
I like him.
You guys should interact more!
Ah, he's such a sweetheart!
It's been quite long since we've heard such a soothing voice.
You chuckled as you watch his figure grow more less visible in the wind with a smile on your face, "yeah."
Tumblr media
TAGLIST ;; @astronomeh @zuko-the-turtleduck @trappola-caramel-yua @beelsmeal @yukieyy @reallyloudstarlight @lemonandlime22 @orsamu @reiikonee @iiucaii @nayuta127 @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @lucifersangel1992 @crystal-freak24 @riordanversexreader @smikys-stuff @mulberryeggs @chrismarium @sutsuxan @gallantys @amor-immortalem @joyvlee @nico707 @salemwitchezz @oriaedvige03 @hahaspoilerhaha @differentweaselseggsparty @ryokuu (im not sure why it's not tagging)
Tumblr media
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souielle · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎⌕ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎𝗼𝗯𝗷𝗲𝗰𝘁_𝗼𝗳_𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿_𝗮𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻_!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
now playing » ridin’ — lana del rey, a$ap rocky
up next » heavy weather — sølv
Tumblr media
pairing . . . lucifer x gn!reader
genre . . . fluff
summary . . . some soft lucifer headcanons <3 !
note . . . this was supposed to be a post about the brothers with an affectionate!mc but i got sidetracked so now i present you with the product of my luci brainrot era T-T
Tumblr media
he particularly likes it when you're cuddling in bed and you start massaging over his forehead when he starts creasing it out of habit
ik everyone (ok maybe not everyone but shhh) says that he's too prideful to express his affection in public, but i shall beg to differ *begs cutely*
he loves holding your hand a lot, especially in public. whenever you're by his side with your hands clasped together, he's swelling so much with his sin that you can feel the sheer power, the authority, and just the pure fucking glory of the literal avatar of pride
will let you sit on his lap while he works on his mountain of paperworks
if you comb your hands through his hair while he works, he will lean into your touch, close his eyes as if to take a little break, and sigh in relief and satisfaction
sitting on his lap, tracing his features, and closely studying the way his eyes scan through documents, how his eyebrows knit together, and how his lips curve into a frown, makes you wonder how he manages to look so utterly divine, even with the stress that he's constantly under
“you’re so... beautiful,” you think out loud, watching his face intently, boring your curious eyes into him, as if trying to memorize every curve, every shadow, everything about him
he smirks in reply, half-lidded eyes shifting from the papers and towards you
you audibly gasp when his eyes meet yours, and he longingly stares at your now flushed face, as realization hits that you just muttered your adoration of him out loud
you look away in embarrassment and he mockingly tuts at your reaction
“looking away now, are we?”
he traces your jaw and shifts your face to meet his stare once again. “my turn.” he muses, and for what seems like the longest few minutes of your life, lucifer, mighty avatar of pride, studied your face, traced your features, as if engraving each detail to memory
every time you try to look away or close your eyes, he would raise an eyebrow, and try to suppress a laugh. you were being so... cute.
“look at me.” he would say, in that commanding tone of his. you would bury your face in his chest as a reply, shaking your head and whining like a child caught with their hand inside the cookie jar.
he would laugh heartily and proceed to hold your face in his cold, calloused hands
you'd stare back at him, pouting, and he would fondly study your face once again before kissing your forehead lovingly, and then turning his attention back to his desk
he strokes your hair with his free hand, and continues to write notes or flip pages with the other, and you just space out, dumbfounded
after making your heart beat for a mile a minute just because of that little interaction, he just goes back to working as if nothing happened?!
such a sadist. such a fucking sadist.
️️ ️️️️️️
Tumblr media
️️ ️️️️️️
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moonlightmiya · 13 days ago
[ Kinktober; Day 5 - Primal - Obey Me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beelzebub x F!Reader (no gendered terms)
Includes; Consent at beginning because consent is sexy, primal(to be hunted by a larger animal), ‘bunny’ and ‘wolf’ role play, fake!force, grinding, pantie sniffing, pussy eating, strong beel 😩, penetration, small parts of nipple play, breeding kink (Beel)
> Kinktober Masterlist <
Tumblr media
A/N - I kinda lost inspo for this one since it was in a way similar to Satan’s ver. But I tried for u all <3
Tumblr media
Your feet pats along the floor as you run from him, the wood creaking when you step on the wrong places and light pants coming from your mouth. Both because of the fear and excitement of getting caught, plus all the energy it’s all taking from you
You turn around to see Beel’s big figure walking slowly upstairs, quickly running into the nearest room to hide yourself in the closet as you listen closely for his footsteps
“Are you sure about this?” Beelzebub looks at you worried, not knowing what to think of what you had just said
“Of course I am! I just wanna try it, and if we don’t like it we don’t have to do it again, I promise” you re-assure him, playing with his ginger locks as he lays in your lap
“So can we go over it again?” Beel blushes, wanting to hear the filth coming out your mouth, so you nod, tracing patters on his cheeks to his lips,
“I want you to chase me, like a predator, then I’ll run away-“ he interrupts you
“Like a scared bunny..?” You laugh and nod your head,
“Yeah, like a scared, little bunny, then I’ll hide, and when you find me~” you pause for a second, taking in his flustered expression and lax jaw
“Then you can fuck me how you’d like,” you lean over to place a soft kiss on his lips, laughing as he pulls away from you to shift you onto his lap,
“I already do that bunny” you both laugh, kissing him more
Beelzebub breaths out, thinking back to the conversation you both had, ‘they asked me to do this’ he thinks to himself as he enters the room he seen you run into, his hard footsteps being heard on the floor by you
He checks under the bed, behind the curtains, until he eventually gets to the closet, knocking on it as he hears your heavy breathing,
“Bunny, there’s no point in hiding, your scent of fear can be tracked from miles away,” his deep voice is mumbled from the door separating you,
You whimper in response, trying to hide yourself amongst the clothes in the closet more by pulling a hoodie in-front of yourself, keeping quiet even when he knocks on the door
“Bunny, I’m getting impatient here… Don’t make me come in there” Beelzebub’s voice is laced with anger, his face pressed against the door as he knocks harder, getting slightly frustrated by the situation
Suddenly the door flys open, revealing Beel’s muscular figure, your breath hitches as he grabs your arm, hauling you up effortlessly as he pulls your body against his, instantly wrapping a possessive arm around your waist
He sways you both side to side, he smile spreading across his face as he watches you try to struggle out from his grasp, “you look scared bunny, did you not want to face the big, bad, wolf” his arm tightens around you, forcing you to walk out from the closet with him, the clothes falling to the ground as Beelzebub slams the door shut
He forces your jaw open, placing two of his fingers in your mouth as he pushes you against the bed, not allowing you to fall just yet, “you’ve not been answering me bunny,” he takes his fingers out your mouth, finally letting you fall, climbing ontop of you so he can cage you between his arms,
Your face flushes red as his sharp teeth show from between his gapped mouth, your mind wondering to how they would feel sinking into your skin, marking your neck, stomach, thighs, “I-I’m sorry, I was just..” you pause,
He looks at you confused, “just what?” shifting your hair from your face he looks into your eyes, resting his body on top of yours, awaiting an answer
“You, you chased me, and now your above me and, and” you frantically try to explain, watching the drool come from his lips as he looks at you hungrily, you start to unintentionally grind on his clothed cock, fuck he’s big, you think to yourself, biting your bottom lip slightly, refusing to look into his eyes
“You know, I wouldn’t mind some fresh bunny to eat” he cuts you off, holding your hips in place, stopping you from moving them against his,
“I’m- I’m not too sure if that totally,” your breath hitches, taking a deep breath in as Beelzebub travels in between your thighs, kneeling beside the bed as he nuzzles into your plush thighs with his nose, licking a wet hot stripe down to your clothed pussy, but not yet touching you, yet his actions make it enough to get your panties soaked,
“Is appropriate…” you moan, finishing your sentence with a shaky breath as your back arches off the bed, your hands locked on each side of your head as Beel grabs both of your thighs, hauling them up as he shoves his face into your pussy, sniffing the damp underwear
“Ah, ah, p-please, just, stop, you can’t do this..” you try to argue with him, but his dominant aura makes it hard for you, his hard eyes staring at you, trying not to moan his name as he licks at your clothed pussy, his hair falling to his face as he pushes your soaked panties out the way, kissing your clit before trailing his lips up your trembling body
“Are you sure you don’t want a strong wolf to help you out with your,” he cups your pussy, nibbling on your ear, “needs…” his voice vibrates through your body, every inch of you saying yes, but your head knowing this isn’t right, he’s a wolf and you’re just a cute sensitive bunny,
“Don’t tell me you would rather have a no for good nothing fuck you, he could never compare to me” he laughs, confident in his words as he places a gentle kiss on your lips, his soft breath fanning over your neck and chest as he finally reaches your pretty pussy again, blowing cold air onto your clit, “just let me show you what I mean” he growls, instantly putting his mouth over your cunt, stuffing your pretty hole with his long tongue
Your back arches, nimble fingers grabbing at his locks as your eyes roll to the back of your head, you hear the exotic sounds of his sloppy tongue reaching to the highest spots inside your gummy walls, his own moans vibrating in your cunt as he pleasures himself off of your moans and yelps,
His lips wrap around your clit as he sucks gently around it, poking his tongue out slightly as he starts to lick at your clit, his fingers prodding at your hole as he gently pushes them in
“We still.. shouldn’t be doing this, you c-cant touch me like that…” you moan, gasping out a sentence as Beel’s fingers curl inside of you. The same pace that his throbbing cock grinds against the mattress
“You’re really still trying to make yourself think that?” Beel’s moans vibrate against you as he nears his own orgasm, the vibrations stimulating your body more as you yell out his name
“Fuck I’m going to, pleeaase,” you plead, forgetting about your defence, your mind filled with thoughts of him making you cum on his fingers, tongue, and cock. You start gripping at his hair, pushing his face against your pussy more, you cream on his fingers, moaning loudly as you feel yourself cumming hard around him
Your legs shake as he pulls away, his breath also shaky as he releases his cock from his boxers, pulling it out to reveal it covered in pre-cum. “You gonna take me like a good little bunny, yeah?” You nod, biting your thumb as he pulls your legs over his thighs, his cock leaking against your cunt, watching both of your juices mixing together as he humps your pussy
“Shit, please put it in…” you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him closer to you. Beel’s fingers digging into your thighs as he lines his cock up to your soaked cunt
“Tell me exactly what you want” he breaths down your neck, biting your exposed skin to leave deep purple marks,
You gasp out moans as he slowly pushes his pre cum into you, “I-I want you to.. fuck me, please” his eyes light up, happy by your shy response
“That’s what I like to hear, now let me use your sweet cunt, bunny” he rasps, pushing his thick cock into you in one thrust, mouthing and biting at your neck and breasts as he slowly humps your body, enjoying watching you squirm under his touch
“Your gonna take all my cum and keep it there until I say otherwise, want to breed you full of my pups, little one. You’ll do that for me, right? Right?” His thrusts become quicker, his girthy cock nearly splitting you in two as his speech gets more sloppy,
All you can do is moan and scratch at his body, begging for him to breed you, and when he does eventually cum, just know he has much more for you. He’s going to force you to have his cubs, even if it takes all night.
Tumblr media
Taglist; @on3ey3dk1ng , @beelsmeal , @courtneypaigemartin , @simpingfortoast , @-miiss-orihara- , @kurooslove @cosmosassassin
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10n31y-100n3y-10s3r · 2 months ago
Luke: ouch! I cut my finger!
Mc: let me kiss it to make it better. 
Mammon watching: ??? how does that help
Mc: whenever my little siblings would get hurt, id kiss it to make it better. always worked!
Mammon: ...i see
Mammon to his brothers:  I need one of you to punch me in the face.
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