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#obey me: one master to rule them all
kimikitti · a day ago
I'm not sure if this is weird or anything but Raphael's sprite looks a bit off when placed next to other sprites. I'm not saying his design is off, in fact I'm glad there is another angel character in the game so we can see the fashion style of the celestial realm. But after staring at him for a bit I think what is throwing me off is the use of line weight in his sprite.
Obey Me's art style (for sprites) on a lot of heavy line weight to denotate ambient occlusion. We see this a lot in hair and in folds of clothing (ie: Mammon and Asmo's sprites are pretty good examples of this). In fact, there are a lot of spaces on sprites that are filled in completely black for this effect. (This has always reminded me of a more comic book style but that's just my opinion.) But when we take a look a Raphael, there is a decrease in line variation.
Line thickness varies very little throughout Raphael's sprite, which makes him look very off when placed next to other characters. This issue is emphasized by his lighter color palette, which made it even more obvious when juxtaposing Raphael's and Simeon's sprites. Idk if this is an issue with 13 and Mephistopheles as their overall color scheme is darker (and I am bad at seeing contrast) but they blend in better than Raphael.
TL;DR I think the art direction Raphael's sprite looks a bit lazy due to the lack of attention put to line thickness variation. More thought should've been put into maintaining the established style of sprites.
What do you guys think? I might just be going crazy or something, let me know.
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hydrangeahug · a day ago
Was looking through tiermaker for an OM tierlist and couldn't find one that included the new undateables so I made one real quick~
Would love to see if people use it!!
You can find it here
Edit: Feel free to change up the tier names if you want to!! Wanna rank which of them looks the most punchable? Now you can! I just added some basic words so I could post it but I don't mind if people change it, this was mainly made so people had the new characters included in whatever tierlist they wanted to make so feel free to play around!
Tumblr media
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cometchasms · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Y'all be out here drawing Lucifer holding the leashes but what about us MCs that gotta deal with all seven
Along with a childish demon king, his overpowered butler, two angels, a shady af sorcerer and school
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usertala · 5 months ago
MC doesn't indulge in their sin
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Obey Me Masterlist
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Tumblr media
Is worried about you tbh
Not that he wants you to be prideful, but he finds it rather weird when you don’t feel any pride even with little things.
He was in the same class as you when the teacher congratulated you for having the highest score, yet even if you smiled he didn’t feel any pride coming from you.
It happened again when you were asking for his help regarding homework in math class. When he saw you answer a hard question, it was the other way around. Instead, he was the one who was proud of you; you seemed nonchalant about it.
When he confronted you about it, you shrugged it off, saying, “It’s only normal. That is not something I should be proud of. I studied and listened to you, that’s why I got it correct and why I have the highest scores. It’s just simple cause and effect, I don’t really see the point of it.”
“MC, just because it’s a cause and effect doesn’t mean you can’t feel proud. Like you said, you studied that’s why you have high marks. Which means you earned it, you deserve it and it’s only natural to feel proud. But I think before being proud you should be more confident”
And that’s how Lucifer ended up spoiling you with gifts whenever you feel pride.
Tumblr media
You piss him off,
Why were you never greedy? How do you give so much to others but get shy when someone gives you gifts?
He tried giving you small trinkets, putting them by your desk, but every time he had to run an errand he always finds his gifts back in his room. Whether you were looking at a beautiful necklace or nice clothes, he never felt greed within you.
“Oi! Why don’t ya ever accept my gifts? It’s not like I care, just say that ya don’t want it so I can stop wasting’ money” You look at mammon. His lips formed into a pout.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you, Mammon. I appreciate your gifts but I feel bad that you have to spend money on me…” You can see his face turning red and suddenly he can’t look you in the eye.
“Ya know that it’s okay to be greedy, right? It’s only normal! Plus, I don’t really mind spendin’ money on ya!” You just nod at his words and go by your day.
Imagine how shocked Mammon was when he actually felt greed swarming in you, but not in the way he expected. He was conversing with a succubus who had asked him about Leviathan. You weren’t looking at him but he can tell you can still see him.
Tumblr media
Doesn’t like you at all
Thinks you’re so perfect that you don’t get jealous while he’s the exact opposite
When you beat him in the TSL quiz, he becomes more open to you and gets used to you always hanging around his room.
One day while strolling through the mall, he noticed you looking at this rose gold necklace and after a few weeks; he noticed that you had already bought the bracelet.
He figured you don’t get jealous because you know how to get things you want.
Although, when he was geeking out about Ruri-chan, he felt immense jealousy within you even though you were smiling and agreeing with him. After this he spends much more time with you and opens up more about his feelings.
He can still feel jealousy within you when you see things you want being owned by other demons, so he tries hard to give you those same things.
Tumblr media
Whether Mammon stealing your grimm or Lucifer giving you back-handed compliments, you never seem to be angry.
He’s interested that you don’t get mad, that takes some incredible patience.
Until one day, that patience breaks
It was when Lucifer was incredibly mad at Beel and Luke, after that incident you didn’t talk to anyone besides beel, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon, and of course luke.
Everyone thought they merely upset you, but Satan knew you were fuming going as far as flat out ignoring them when they talked to you. Sure, you still did the work that Lucifer assigned you, but that was it. Not one word out of your mouth.
After that, no one dared to make you angry. They were thankful that after the belphie incident you only ignored him and not everyone else.
Tumblr media
It doesn’t really bother him; he knows not everyone is into sex as he is
Whenever he tries to rile you up, you just laugh and tell him to jokingly tell him to cut it out.
He doesn’t really care? Lol, he knows it’s not because you’re too innocent but just because you don’t really feel the need to express this kind of emotion.
Although if you end up indulging in lust, then he’ll be there to give you tips and help you anyway he can
Would always suggest himself in case you need a partner
Tumblr media
Confused baby
Who doesn’t enjoy eating? Are you okay?
You laugh and tell him you just don’t have an enormous appetite. He nods his head silently, happy because this means more food for him.
Becomes more worried when he sees you eating a lot less, always takes food to your room to make you eat know he means well but the food he takes just ends up being untouched and he always gets sad so you explain to him, “I know, you’re worried, Beel. But seriously, I’m alright. I just really don’t feel hungry. If I eat more than what I can take I might end up throwing up.”
He nodded understanding in but still brought you little treats, like little packets of biscuits, a small slice of cake, or just a few pieces of candy.
Tumblr media
Ok? If you have so much time in your hands then do his chores for him
Didn’t like you before, don’t like you now
Why can’t you sit still? Just- sit down will you?
Says he hates you but has a soft spot only he notices, like hell he’d let his brothers notice. Well, except for Beel.
When he always sees you doing something that requires all of your energy he just stares at you until you finish and if you still want to do something, he just drags you to the attic to sleep which you complain since you don’t feel sleepy but he just strokes your hair and starts talking that you desperately try to pay attention but feel you eyelids getting heavier.
You don’t notice his smile as he wraps his arms around you, sleeping with a small smile on his face.
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yandere-daydreams · 2 months ago
V (venom) with Asmo? Drugging his darling up after getting tired of dealing with their fits, maybe ^^
Prompts: V for Venom.
Pairing: Yandere!Asmodeus x Reader (Obey Me).
TW: Unhealthy Relationships, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Implied Non-Con, Obsessive Behavior.
Tumblr media
"Demons used to be able to produce their own venom. Did you know that?"
You could feel his fingertips on the edge of your jaw, then your collarbone, tracing the shape of it. His nails were claw-like, filed down to thin, defined points, sharp enough to scrape against your skin, threatening to draw blood wherever he made contact. You thought they might've been painted, too, but you couldn't remember, and you couldn't check. Your eyes wouldn't cooperate, remaining focused on the canopy strung over his bed despite your best efforts to look at anything else, to concentrate on anything else. You might've tried to lift your head, but that seemed unrealistic, too impossible to justify the effort.
"I guess you wouldn't. Diavolo doesn't like to talk about that kinda stuff, and he wouldn't dream of letting such an ugly part of our history be taught at RAD, 'specially to a human. He probably thinks it'd scare you, if the fangs and horns haven't already."
Your hip, this time, then the sensitive flesh along the curve of your thigh. You could feel your shirt fold and ride-up above your stomach. His shirt, technically, leant to you and never taken back. Asmo liked it, when you wore things that he'd given you. He said you always looked the cutest when you looked like you were something that belonged to him.
"It was before my time, but I've heard about some really nasty stuff. Some of it could work its way into your blood, get into your brain, make you feel like someone's peeling off your skin, one inch at a time. There were aphrodisiacs, too, the kind that could keep you begging to be touched for days. That's what I wanted to get for you, but Lucifer said that kind of thing wasn't allowed, anymore."
You heard him laugh, the sound light and musical.
"We'll have to settle for paralysis, instead. You don't mind, do you, darling?"
You tried to respond, but the groan that made it past your lips was low, breathy, almost inaudible, as nonsensical to you as it must've been to him. A small hum, then a kiss to your temple, a reward for trying your best and a warning not to try and resist his poison's immobilizing effects, again.
"You've just been so distant, lately. Always running off with Mammon or locking yourself away in Satan's stuffy library - it's just not good for you. You deserve to spend some quality time with your favorite demon, without interruption. I knew you'd try and tell me that you have something else to do, or that it'd be unfair to my brothers, or that you 'don't want to', so I figured I should take the initiative. Can't speak lies if you can't speak at all, right?"
Another groan, pitchy and panicked, but Asmo only laughed, again, only kissed you, again, your cheek, then your lips, the gesture so soft and so fleeting, you could almost convince yourself he wouldn't do anything worse, tonight. You felt his weight on the mattress beside you, then in-between your parted legs, his hands on your thighs, now, his teeth on your neck.
"I know you'll be good for me, too. I know you'll take all the love I have to give you."
His lips on your skin, over your jugular. His smile, wide and cutting, more venomous than anything he could ever force into your veins.
"It's not like you have another choice."
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janumun · 3 months ago
Between Devil and Sea (Obey Me Levi - NSFW)
Tumblr media
Rated: NSFW/18+ Pairing: Leviathan/Female Reader
Tags: possession, (Levi’s) rationale break/yandere tendencies, overstimulation, implied breeding kink, dubious consent, monster-fucking (he is grand admiral in his grand demonic form) Words: 1.3k
Summary: Failure to obey your captain of the ship hurtles an already troubled Levi, down a dark, dreary path. Abhorrence of the seas... what he’s forced to bear through his heavy mantle as Grand Admiral of Hell’s Navy, takes a frightening turn when he almost loses you to what he most detests.
Tumblr media
Author’s Notes: That’s... 🥵 a lot going on, stranded in the middle of an ocean with no escape in sight, Big Brain Nonny. I am digging this! just like Levi will be digging into her down below 😇😇 This is very consensual in my mind but will read as dubious consent because of your request for yandere Levi. Stay thirsty, kinky and I hope you enjoy your read!
(Requests for this event are now closed, dear readers. Thank you to all those who participated.)
Tumblr media
“I told you to be careful. I told you to stay below deck!”
Your fingers brush against the insignia of his crisp white uniform — a fleeting graze — before Levi wrenches himself away from your touch once more. Smoothing a gloved hand down the line of his shirt, he angles himself your way. Vermillion gaze refusing to meets yours, he stares just past you; brows knotted still with the sharp worry and dread that darkens his features. Murmuring words of disbelief and disapproval over your actions earlier.
And before you can try reach for him, the coiling pressure against your stomach grips once more, his thick appendage shoving deeper into your pussy. The torturous drag of the scaled surface of his tail punching a warbled moan out of you.
Levi’s gaze flitters to yours for one brief reprieve before he denies you once more. His tail tightens its curl about your abdomen, pressing your legs apart when you try push them closed. Rocking the tapered end of the appendage into your pussy. The sheer size of just the tip — far slender than the rest of it and yet, wide enough it splits you open, makes you squirm atop the wooden surface of the Admiral’s work-desk. “You don’t really care for me, do you? Look at you, weeping across my tail… fucking yourself over it as if it’s a toy. Hah… why would you care?” His shoulders sink at the notion, expression shrouded beneath the brim of his peaked cap.
You move to refute him, violently shaking your head in denial of his accusation. And the previously steady thrusts into your pussy turn erratic in a sudden burst of violence. The ridged surface of him propelling inhumane and brisk, into your walls, throws you into another orgasm. Wrenching tears from wide eyes at the forced drive of stimulation as his tail continues writhing within you.
Recalling to mind why exactly you’d ended up in this predicament of being doubted of your intentions for your beloved. A request you’d made to accompany Levi on his next assignment as Grand Admiral; a chance for a peaceful voyage across Hell’s Sea gone awry when you’d broken your promise to value your safety above all else…
The unprecedented violence of the storms that caught the ship an hour into your journey, had Levi asking you to stay put within the Captain’s quarters while he left for the deck to deal with the situation on board.
Worry for his safety wracking your nerves as the large ship was rocked about violently. Seemingly afloat by sheer force of will as the storm continued to rage outside, as if alive and monstrous. With the torturous progress of time and the increasing din of thunder, you’d rushed above deck, in search of him.
A wrong decision; sea spray, acrid and burning doused your skin as soon as you surfaced. Watching in horror as soldiers dashed about to protect their ship on one greater demon’s orders. Levi’s gaze — fixated upon the surface of the dark waters — vivid with an eerie brutality, as if he’d torch down the entire sea were it up to him. Recalling to mind, a reflection of him from when you’d first faced his wrath and envy — the terrifying magnitude of his powers almost costing you your life, were it not for the other brothers.
A great, dark wave whips upwards from the calamitous surface — no, not the sea, something far dangerous: a demonic sea creature — hurtling towards Levi and you scream for him on instinct.
Levi’s head whisks your way in shock, then frenzied panic; he shouts your name in warning. “Duck! Now!”
Belated, as the sea creature’s great sinuous limbs collide vicious with the ship, the colossal impact sending you skidding straight for deep waters.
Your world is chaos for the next awful moments: an anguished shout — Levi’s — followed on heels by the ugly wail of a dying creature, the spray of dark blood, macabre petals within the atmosphere. A rushed, frenetic incantation scraped in the roar of a voice unlike anything you’ve ever heard before—
“O fiend of water, creature of jealousy, in the name of Leviathan, I command you! Come forth, Lotan!”
And then, the violent propulsion of your body caught mid-air within the slimed coil of a monster’s tentacle, rising from the seas to his Master’s commands.
Your will and consciousness fading as you’re deposited, without harm, into Levi’s icy embrace. Your last sight of your demon rocking on his heels, with you clutched to his body, murmuring words you can no longer make sense of….
You scream, body taken in the ruthless grip of yet another orgasm, back arching off the desk you’re unable to move from. The tail within you continues its stimulation — albeit slow — into a numbed crescendo. Your body thrashing on instinct, to shy away from the intensity of it all. And yet, Levi remains ruthless.
The thick appendage reminiscent of his monstrous familiar in how it coils slick against your entire body, the slow inescapable tightening. Binding your limbs flush to your breasts; body drained from the incessant curl of him within your pussy, driving in steady strokes into you. Forcing you onto the steep curve of an impending orgasm. “Levi, please… I can’t—” A particular hard propulsion breaks your words apart, your walls clamping against the intrusion before it slows… then stops.
Levi extracting his tail drags a relieved warble out of you, your vision giving into grey in exhaustion—
Until a quick, sudden ingress of something long and incredibly hot jostles your mind, back arching off the wooden surface in a strangled scream. Scorched, almost delirious breaths against your ear, “I won’t let you kill yourself and abandon me. Iwon’tbeleftaloneagain.” His words are an incoherent tumble, a rush of desperation you’ve glimpsed within him time and again. One you’d ignored and soothed each time it surfaced, hoping to restore his gentle heart to its place. But the intensity of this Levi, almost untethered and unmatched in his dominance and authority as the third most powerful of the seven demon lords of Hell…
Your hands; fingernails scrabble for purchase across the sleeves of his uniform as your fogged mind realizes the one driving into you is no longer a cold, scaly creature. Levi’s hips heave into yours with each heavy slam of him into your walls, swollen with your arousal and his — a belated realization of his cock spurting its release into you. And yet he continues to plunge himself into you as if maddened. Your combined release staining across your thighs with each violent thrust.
A pristine gloved hand grips around your thigh to throw it wide onto his shoulder, “Love me, e-even if someone like me doesn’t deserve you. It’s... it’s your fault I’m so afraid… your fault! Your fault!” Vermillion eyes so pained as they implore you to look at him alone. And before you can give him your answer, perhaps your reply comes too slow…
That beseeching light fades out of existence; the cold hard look of almost bitter resentment replacing it as he towers over your body — the same stranger that had aimed to tear you apart, out of envy, so long ago. Now seeking to eradicate all that your gaze seeks to love, your demon consumed by the fires of spite and jealousy.
Driving deep into you, “I’ll fill you up with me, then… everywhere. Haa… until you know how much a pathetic demon like me loves you, only you.”
Tumblr media
End Notes: Thank you for reading!
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noodlesinhell · 19 days ago
Headcanon: Scenting
Mild NSFW, Dateables (bonus Solomon), stranger danger w/ minor gaslight (Dia part, marked for convenience)
Male reader
No mentions of female organs, not A/B/O
Prompt: How do demons (+ 1 angel) scent? How does it work with themselves and their mate? A little dive-in from my perspective
This post is purely for fun and my opinion!!!
Brothers scenting + intro
Tumblr media
(Brief sensitive stuff ahead, marked for convenience if you wanna skip!)
Diavolo, surprisingly, is super traditional about scenting
He takes his time courting you, starting with small gifts and acts of affection
He loves to see you curled up in his bed covered in his heavy blankets and a few of his suit jackets
You look so cute and stunning at the same time it’s a hard decision-
He scent is super strong: redwoods and cherry wine; totally contradicting his childish behavior
However, if your sense of smell is strong, you get undertones of cherry or strawberry sweets
He is the prince of the Devildom, son of the Demon Lord and future king, most powerful demon in the Devildom!
If something smells like Dia then no one dares to try and mess with it, object or person
Well…almost no one
Diavolo was holding a party to commemorate the student exchange program and how the relations between the realms is growing
You were happy because he was having fun at the party and it seemed that everything was going well as he mingled with noble demons
Well, until a demon walked up to you
He wore expensive clothes that would make even Mammon jealous as he made small talk with you
(Sensitive topic ahead!! Skip if you’re uncomfortable with this!!!)
The questions were shallow, like he wanted something else
Not wanting to be rude, you asked if he needed anything
It scared you when he suddenly grabbed your wrist and tried to pull you away
His other hand went to the back of your neck as his face laid close to your neck
You panicked and screamed for him to let you go, and that’s when Diavolo came over, threatening aura coming off in waves, holding back his demon form
The strange demon pushed you away as you landed on the floor
He accused you of pushing onto him, saying that you were an unfit human. You were too upset to comprehend anything he was saying
Diavolo looked at you, whispered something to Barbatos, and picked you up saying that the party was over
He got you comfortable by dressing you in comfy clothes while wrapping you in many of his blankets
Silently surrounding you in his scent and ridding you of that horrible demon’s smell, all he could do was comfort you as you tried and failed to not cry
You never did find out what Dia had said to Barbatos…or what happened to that demon that night…….
(Sensitive topic is over!! Thank you for being patient!!!)
He absolutely wants to scent mark you
He asks if he can give you one; what you decide is up to you
He really doesn’t mind when or where you let him mark you, but he would prefer a more private and intimate setting
You were covered in hickeys, bruises, and love bites; face red and sweat sticking to your tired body. His cock was still inside you, your stomach full of his seed from previous rounds and your dick was still hard as his cock kept pumping inside you
You really did look ravishing…
He gently rubbed your sides, loving how your back arched at his touch, small moans leaving your lips. He slowly started kissing your neck before he took his bite
You clung to him tightly, the sensations too much from you, your body too sensitive
“Shhh..shh. It’s alright my love I’m right here. Breathe with me now…”
He would stare adoringly at the mark, proud of his work. Whether that be laying in bed looking at your sleeping form or watching you during breakfast
Constant cuddles and constant nuzzles he just can’t get enough of you!
He throws around nicknames even more now! Handsome, darling, love, my prince, and a few others can be heard
He’s very happy that he has you in his life and that you grace him with your love. You’re like a breath of fresh air to him, giving him space he didn’t even know he needed
Now all that’s left to do is to marry you! That way he can always show you his undying love everyday!
But if you’d rather wait, he’s not against it please I love this man so much-
Tumblr media
I feel like Barb is a little OOC so heads up a guess?
Just like his lord, Barbatos is very traditional about the act of scenting
He courts you with small gifts like jewelry and small cakes he made
He actually doesn’t mind if you wear any of his things but please don’t get them dirty
As much as he loves you, he takes pride in his clothes being clean
His scent is pretty simple: roses and sweets
A very contradicting scent to his mysterious nature but one that gives a sense of security
If something smells like Barb then it shouldn’t be touched or messed with or else you’d have a very angry snake demon
Well, some demons aren’t really that bright…
You and Barb were out and about buying supplies like food, tea, and other things
While he was meticulously picking out the right tea’s for Diavolo, he told you to pick a few tea brews that sounded good or where your favorite
You limited yourself to 5 bags and you were currently trying to pick out your 5th
You saw one of your favorite blends and went to grab it when another hand grabbed the bag as well
The demon apologized and offered you to take the bag while he looked for a different one
You told him to take it since you’ve already tried it and that it was super good
He thanked you and started making small talk about different blends that you should try
You were lost in conversation that you didn’t notice that he had gotten closer to your neck..or the fact that Barbatos was quiet literally behind you
He placed a gentle hand on your shoulder and the demon backed up when he smelled something unlike what he smelled before
The demon looked up and was met with the ever mysterious Barbatos looking unpleasantly calm
“Oh! Barb! We were just talking about some good tea blends to try. We should try some of them.” “That sounds lovely my dear but we must go now. We wouldn’t want to keep my lord waiting…”
He quietly led you out the store as he sent a silent glare to the demon
As soon as you got home, he started subtly scenting you as he did his daily chores by getting close to you and wrapping you in his coat or tail
You never did try those new tea blends…
When it comes to the scent mark itself, he would love to give you one but there’s a tiny bit of fear behind it
He’s a very powerful demon who can see the timelines and their endless decisions and ‘what if’s’ that could’ve happened, yet he fears of your response
Not only in the present, but in the future of such a mark that would quiet literally tie you both together
So to quell his fears, he sat down with you and talked it out while coming to terms that there is nothing to fear. You love him and he loves you
When it’s time, he plans the day very carefully. Taking you out to dinner, bringing you to your favorite sweets place, and bringing you home to end the night in intimacy
He holds your body close to him not caring about the sweat from both of your bodies. One hand holds yours while the other rubs your thigh to relax you as his cock filled you, your own dick still hard
You both had known that he would mark you, but you still being slightly hazed, you didn’t know when he would do it and the sudden sensation had you whimpering
“Shhh my little dove. I know it hurts but it will go away soon.”
He’s very happy when you show it off. Even when he’s busy, it shows who you’ve decided to be with
Of course he throws around a few nicknames when he passes you in the halls of the castle. Things like little dove, songbird, and dearest echo through the halls of the castle. Diavolo finds it very cute
He loves the way both of your scents mix with each other. It helps him relax whenever he passes the time with you
He really love and he hopes you know it
Tumblr media
Oop angel go poof-
Angel scenting is pretty similar to demon scenting so there’s little to no differences when it comes to Simeon
He loves giving you his clothes to wear because he loves how you look in them
Just barley drowning in the fabric of his overcoats…so cute!
His scent is a mixture of two things: latte and fruit, specifically strawberries, blueberries, and oranges
It’s two things that sound contradicting but a comforting yet delicious combo
Now, this scenario is a little different from the others because I really wanted to include something just bare with me please-
Okay so you were chilling with the purgatory gang in Purgatory Hall
You were currently trying to pick out what you wanted to order out it was Solomon’s turn to cook
You were on your D3 looking at a place that sounded good while Luke went through the menu trying to find something he’d like
Now, Simeon wasn’t one to show jealousy, but to say he was wallowing it would be an understatement
He shouldn’t be jealous! Especially of Luke! But the way Luke’s own scent, that of cakes and fruity tea, started rubbing off on you…
All he had to do was be patient…patience is a virtues, Simeon…
Once Luke had finally decided on what he wanted, you scooted over to Simeon to get his order…
To which he proceeded to drag you into his lap, his face immediately going into your neck
Of course, the cheeky bastard Solomon commented on “such a display of affection” to which Simeon let out what seemed like a chirping or growling sound of a bird
Don’t worry Luke was in the other room
Angels give marks very similarly to demons, albeit a quicker healing time but just as painful angels have fangs fight me-
Simeon ain’t pure and we all know it so, of course, he marks you in intimacy
Both of your bodies close together as he ruts into you. Your moans a melody or him. He can feel you getting close as your hole clenches around his cock, your own dick twitching to release
He just so happens to get a glimpse of your neck, out in the open and perfect for biting
The sudden pain in your neck alerts you, but it’s only temporary as you feel Simeon come undone inside you, your own cum shooting out your dick
“It’s okay my sweet. Breathe with me okay?”
He constantly kisses the mark whenever he sees you doesn’t matter if you covered your neck or not
He throws around nicknames a lot more often now, mostly my sweet, just to show you that he loves you
God he’s so endearing I can feel the tooth aches-
All in all, he’s super happy. Not only at the mark and that you proudly show it off, but that he’s closer to you now; scent and all
He feels like he took a big step with you
Tumblr media
Hahaha lmao funny man
Nah Solomon just gives you hickeys
That’s close enough right?
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asmo-ds · 8 months ago
Hi hi!!! I am so sorry for bothering you!
How do you think the demon brothers plus undateables react to MC being DIAVOLO'S CHILD!!! Like he had an affair wkth a woman on earth a while ago abd it's finally revealed sonehow due to some spell or being in danger??? If that makes sense im sorry!
Thank you so much for your time!!!! I love your writing, please keep making people smile!!!!!💗💗💗💗💗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Diavolo’s Secret Child!MC
Warnings: I have a dirty mouth, mention of fatherless childhood
Description: After everyone goes back in time to find out who MC’s real father was; they are all shocked to see a familiar red head of hair belonging to their very own prince.
a/n: sorry these are kinda bad I was having quite a bit of writers block with this one :(
Tumblr media
- Stunned into silence
- He just kinda looks between MC and Diavolo in silence, waiting for their reactions
- Stressed because that means not only have his brothers tried to kill his boss’s kid, but HE HAS TRIED TO KILL HIS BOSS’S KID
- Is extra sweet to them from then on and tolerates a lot more than he should
Tumblr media
- He laughs
- Very loudly
- He pokes fun at them and can’t stop laughing until he sees Lucifer glaring in his direction
- Confused about how they look nothing alike but just kinda rolls with it
Tumblr media
- Cries from laughter along with most of the brothers
- afterwards he just goes with it and tries his best to be supportive about it 
- but it’s just so funny to him
Tumblr media
- Well this is... interesting
- He doesn’t laugh at the situation but rather he laughs at Lucifer's mortified face
- He is super supportive to MC and knows how big of a discovery this is for them
- Will poke fun at them and call them things like “my lady/lord” and pretend to be a “lowly peasant boy who is beneath them”
Tumblr media
- OOO this TEA is PIPING H O T
- Won’t stop referring to MC as “prince/princess MC”
- tells them that now they are royal and need to keep up the beauty routine
- brags about it to all his friends 
Tumblr media
- Chuckles a bit before realizing this means that Diavolo slept with a descendant of his dead sister
- A little salty about that, but gets over it pretty fast
- Gets a bit nervous around them from then on because he knows one slip up could lead to Lucifer being upset with him
- Reminds MC that they’re still themselves even if they’re royalty now and that he will always be their friend
Tumblr media
- Salty part two 
- But mostly just cuz he loves MC but hates Diavolo
- Another person to tease them and claim that he is but a lowly peasant in their eyes since they are a royal now
- Honestly forgets that he killed them that one time, but then Lucifer reminds him and he just kinda doesn’t care at all 
Tumblr media
- oh my
- oh no
- how when did he what
- Cries but is very happy
- He has never really had time for a kid so he is glad he met his kid when they were old enough to care for themselves
- Feels extremely guilty that he missed so much of their life and that he wasn’t there and they had to be all alone all those years
- Vows to be the best father in all three realms and swears he will give his child everything he possibly can, from material items to love
- The first time they call him dad he passes out from excitement
- Buys fathering books and wonders if they could possibly be part demons due to his race and tries to figure out how to determine that
Tumblr media
- He knew
- The fucker knew I just know that he knew
- He chuckles slightly at the way Diavolo almost immediately scoops MC into a bear hug and starts crying
- Welcomes MC into the castle as if they’d been there forever and helps Diavolo and them connect as father and child
-Feels bad that he couldn’t have told either of them sooner, but he knows that fate is not his to make or change
Tumblr media
- Oh my
- He knew there had to be reason behind them being stronger with magic than he is
- Teases MC about being royal blood but is still respectful of any emotions they feel during this time
- Studies MC and offers to aid Diavolo in figuring out if MC possesses any demon power
Tumblr media
- Shocked as hell
- Just stands there like Lucifer did
- awkward when trying to support MC, but is still super soft and caring regarding the entire situation
- Helps them with any distress or negativity they feel about it
Tumblr media
- Confused but all he knows is that everyone is emotional and he wants to help
- Comforts MC after the initial shock and promises them that it will all be okay
- Since he doesn’t have real parents he doesn’t understand but explains to MC that even though Diavolo entered their life so late that didn’t mean they weren’t supposed to get along
- Is happy to see MC so happy now that they know the truth about their family tree
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cometchasms · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
☆*°•. Covered in Stars .•°*☆
Funny how the one who succeeded in killing me ended up as my comfort character for the game lol.
~★Reblogs greatly appreciated!★~
~ღ*Do Not Repost*ღ~
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charmingkuroo · a month ago
Tumblr media
Mammon’s Team
Tumblr media
synopsis: tired of his brothers looking down on him, Mammon starts his own club called “Principal’s Advisory.” Similar to the ASB of the school, his club helps out the school and events. A situation happens where a competitive school steals Luke and both ASB & Principal’s Advisory try to come up with plans to get him back. This event truly tested Mammon’s ability to care for someone
genre: mostly angst. a bit of fluff between the relationship that Mammon has with the people in his club
things to know: fem!reader. horrible Lucifer. reader is a demon that attends the school, they’re a good friend of Mammon’s and was incredibly happy when he mentioned his club
inspired by: Penguins of Madagascar (the scene where the north wind and the penguins make plans to get Private back)
masterlist <3
Tumblr media
Both pairs of binoculars looked over the guarding students, walking around making sure that things were running smoothly for their plan.
“Satan,” Lucifer’s whispered voice came on his headset, “What do you see?”
Satan rolled his eyes, annoyed with his brother’s voice before pressing onto the head piece, “My count is 30 hostiles.”
“31.” Y/n corrected.
Satan looked over at her with an eyebrow raised.
“Just because those two are fighting, doesn’t mean they count as one, you idiot.” She explained, pointing over towards the two students pushing each other to the ground.
“Why you little-” Satan glared.
“Watch your tone and language, Satan.” Simeon glared at him.
“Y/n, Simeon, calm down.” Mammon sighed before taking the pair of binoculars from her.
He looked through them sadly, “Poor Luke.”
“Alone, helpless in the belly of that beast.”
“We’ve faced some long odds before, Mammon. But these look like the longest and the oddest.” Y/n chimed into his statement.
“If we’re gonna pull this off, we’ll need a diversion.” Simeon chimed in as well.
‘Deactivating school camouflage.’
“Sh! Will you be quiet?!” Lucifer angrily whispered.
“Listen, Lucifer.” Mammon began.
“Leviathan!” Lucifer turned towards him and activated the camouflage again.
“You were supposed to lock them in the ASB room!”
“Don’t you hologram me!” Mammon yelled, turning it off again.
“I tried but y/n’s an expert otaku, Lucifer! And I tried using otaku strategies. So it’s otakually useless!” Levi complained, shaking his hands in Lucifer’s face.
Lucifer growled and slapped his hand on his forehead.
“All right, brother. If you won’t work with us, you better work for us,” Mammon demanded, “Our plan requires a diversion.”
“I give the orders around here. As much as it pains me, I need you to act as OUR diversion for OUR operation, understood?”
“Hell no, this is OUR plan. And it requires YOU to cause a diversion.”
“You idiots!” Satan exclaimed, hitting both of his brothers on the heads.
“Why don’t we take a vote instead of you both acting as if we’ll just go with whatever either of you want.”
“That’s a great idea, Satan. Stop yelling at each other. It’s starting to give me a headache.” Beel complained, setting his weapon down beside Levi.
“Fine. But only because Beel’s getting a headache.” Mammon walked over to the sand.
He grabbed a stick before starting to draw the boat in the sand as a visual.
“First, we need to dih-vert the students in the front away from the ship so we have enough time to get in. Once we manage to do that, we’ll have access to the inside and be able to stop Dave before he can go forward with his plan. Because we don’t know much about how many students he has, we’ll need to improvise on some of our actions inside. The plan effects all of the people that Dave kidnapped, not only Luke. We have to progress with caution and destroy Dave’s machine before he has the chance to ruin other schools.”
Mammon got back up, proud of his plan while Y/n and Simeon cheerfully clapped in the back.
“That was great, Mammon. I really like your plan.” Simeon complimented him.
“I agree! You always have the best plans.” Y/n gushed.
The others looked bored before Lucifer laughed.
“You couldn’t even come up with a real plan?”
“The hell is that supposed to mean?” Mammon asked with a glare.
“Beel, dim the lights. Levi, glasses.”
Beel smashed the fire, causing it to quickly die out while Levi threw three pairs of glasses towards Y/n, Simeon, and Mammon. Lucifer threw a piece of metal on the floor after putting his own glasses on. The little metal then turned on, creating a digital force field around the two groups.
“My apologies. Had to rush a bit. The schematic’s a little crude.” Lucifer embarrassingly rubbed his neck.
“Where is that music coming from?” Mammon whispered, adventure music playing around the force field as Levi smirked happily at his idea of it.
“Alright! At 2150, Mammon, Y/n, and Simeon die-vert the students away from their posts.” He pulled a digital building from the plan and enlarged it.
“At 2200, Levi breaches the hull with a swarm of self-guided nano-charges.” A digital Levi threw the bombs at the door of the building.
“I call them wet kabooms.” Levi proudly announced with stars in his eyes.
“Don’t call them that, Levi.” Lucifer sighed.
“They’re my bombs. I call them what I want.” Levi rolled his eyes.
“At 2202, knock knock,” Lucifer started up again.
“Who’s there?” Beel joined in, adoring the digitalized versions of them breaking through the building.
“RAD’s ASB.” Lucifer smirked.
“RAD’s ASB who?” Beel continued.
“RAD’s ASB who doesn’t have time for knock knock jokes because we’re too busy, taking down Dave.”
The digital plan began to show the other steps of the plan.
“At 2209, mission accomplished.” The digital plan showed Lucifer walking away from an explosion with Dave being dragged behind him.
“See that? There’s a huge explosion and I just keep on walking.”
The piece of metal closed itself up and Lucifer picked it up with ease.
“Woohoo! Way to go, Lucifer.” Levi cheered, obviously proud of the plan they made.
“That’s RAD’s ASB, sucker!”
Satan rolled his eyes before softly clapping.
Beel happily smiled, clapping as well, “Nicely done.”
Mammon glared angrily, “Oh please, your plan requires immediate attention towards your post! Dave would get you the minute you go up to him just assuming that you can catch him that easily!”
“Oh. And you, you… you certainly know a good plan — I mean, your operation in the human realm allowed Dave to escape with.. your boy.” Lucifer was obviously trying to strike a nerve.
Mammon’s eyes widened. His expression turned to one filled with sadness and distress.
“I’ve never lost a member of my team. It must feel.. awful.” Lucifer sarcastically frowned.
“Can’t imagine the guilt, the regret, the feeling that, uh, I don’t know, that… it should have been you.” He crossed his arms, a stern expression on his face as if he needed to be right in this situation.
Mammon turned away and looked towards the school. An image of Luke in distress made him feel so horrible.
“…All for Principal’s Advisory’s plan?” Satan broke the silence.
Y/n and Simeon quickly raised their hands, angry at the fact that Lucifer would even try to upset his younger brother the way that he did.
“…All for ASB’s plan?”
Satan, Levi, Beel, and Lucifer all put their hands up. Mammon slowly put his hand up as well, shocking even his big brother.
“His…his is better.” Mammon whispered, his voice filled with such sadness.
“What?” Y/n’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe Mammon would ever agree to such a ridiculous plan.
Simeon’s eyes widened as well, “Mammon?”
Mammon held in his tears, his pained expression still painted clearly on his face, “..I’m sorry, guys, but I can’t lead you this time.”
“But,” Y/n slowly walked forward, “We’re a team, and… and you’re our Mammon, Mammon.”
“We don’t… we don’t need these guys.” Simeon tried to convince him as well.
“No, Simeon and Y/n, but Luke does.”
“I think… this time we leave it to the professionals.”
“But, Mammon!—” Mammon quickly grabbed y/n’s wrists, making her pained expression turn even sadder.
“It’s settled,” Mammon quickly replied, “We take our orders from Lucifer now.”
“Mammon, please!—” Simeon tried as well.
“That’s an order, Simeon!”
Simeon slowly nodded before standing by y/n’s side again. He grabbed her left hand, giving it a little squeeze to make her feel better. Mammon turned away and walked closer to the edge of the hill.
He sighed sadly, “All right, Lucifer… what’s the diversion?”
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yandere-daydreams · 12 days ago
I feel like Belphegor probably has a lot more power over dreams than he likes to let on.
I just think it'd suit his personality. He's always been sly, manipulative, the type to do as much damage as possible while doing as little work as possible, and he seems like he would enjoy slipping into the fragile, unguarded minds of the humans he's always claimed to loath, leaving them visions of demons and hellfire and beasts that promise enteral damnation, then watching his victims spiral, submit to their paranoia and slowly tear themselves apart. He's gone into his brothers' dreams a few times, just for little things, favors and secrets and his own entertainment, but he tries not to do it very often. If they knew, they might trust him a little less, expect him to do a little more. They might not spoil him, the way they do now, or give him so much slack when something goes wrong. He likes the way things are, right now. He likes that they don't know any better than to trust him.
He likes that there's no one to tell you not to trust him.
He thinks his brothers forget that you're still human, sometimes, that you're just starting to study magic, that you're just as fragile and just as vulnerable as any other mortal, with or without your pacts. You're sweet, but you're not as strong as you think you are, and you don't know how to ward him off, how to keep him out of your delicate little mind or stop him from taking whatever he wants to, from tampering with what he leaves behind. It's harmless, for the most part. He likes being alone with you, and in your dreams, it's always just you and him, wherever you want to be, for however long he decides you should stay together. He can't stop you from waking up, but time is flexible when you're asleep. Everything's so easy to manipulate. So easy to control.
It's so nice, to be able to spend time with you where his brothers can't get in the way, where you don't have anyone else to run off to, anyone else to spend time with. You probably wouldn't like it, but you don't have to know, and Belphie doesn't have to tell you. You're always so sweet for him, always so willing to spend hours lying by his side in an open valley, or cuddling on the roof of the House of Lamentation, or stealing kisses as you mumble about things you'd never tell him, if you were awake, things you don't really want him to know. He gets a little carried away, sometimes, a little impatient, more prone to keeping you in an empty dungeon than a cozy bedroom, more likely to want more than just you and him, more likely to bring toys, claws to run over your skin, fangs to press against the side of your neck, chains to keep you all tied up and pretty while he works. He never does anything too bad, but he could, if he wanted to. None of it's real. He can do whatever he wants, when he's alone with you. It's not like he's actually hurting you.
He isn't, even if you still seem a little shaken up, sometimes. Even if you're a little more hesitant to fall asleep next to him, to let him rest his head in your lap, to spent time with him when you're not asleep, when his claw and fangs and chains aren't just figments of your imagination. Even if it clearly makes you feel guilty, that little voice in your head telling you to keep your distance from a threat that's never (successfully) harmed you before, even if it makes you feel even worse the next time you have an awful dream about one of your closest friends doing such terrible things. You're so lucky that he's so forgiving, so ready to come back again and again, no matter how many times you try, feebly and desperately, to push him out of your mind entirely. You're so lucky that he likes you so much.
You're so lucky that he's not willing to hurt you, actually hurt you, when you're awake enough to feel it.
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janumun · 3 months ago
Her Majestic Lord (Obey Me Lucifer - NSFW)
Tumblr media
Rated: NSFW/18+ Pairing: Lucifer/Female Reader Words: 1.1k
Tags: first times, foreplay, mild body worship, vaginal fingering, Lucifer checks in with her throughout this hot/soft process (he LOVES her well)
Summary: Determination to see her first time through with her Lord of Hell shouldn’t be a struggle, not when he matters so much to her. She learns, however, that making love is not a test of endurance she has to bear alone.
Author’s Notes: Written for @leeloominai22 who requested Lucifer engaging in gentle and slow foreplay with a shy female reader, afraid of sexual intimacy. Thank you for trusting me with this very gentle and gently passionate Lucifer, Leeloo. Happy Reading!
(Requests for this event are now closed, dear readers. Thank you to all those who participated.)
Tumblr media
The coronet of his flowers he thought fit to lace through her hair earlier — placed there with no more than a delicate touch Lucifer’s fingers had swept through her locks — drifts still on a pleasant scent and into her lungs as she breathes. Shepherding her thoughts back into visions of his smile earlier, once he’d drawn back. So precious for its rarity, offered to her alone when they are but two. A kiss he’d pressed into her hair, tracing it down onto her temple as he’d breathed her in. Her name a low, quiet sigh of his next breath, “You are beautiful, my love.”
Her eyes re-focus on him above her now — glorious form that he is — mind dedicated to the task of coaxing her body to slacken its hold on irrational rejection. Preparing herself — her breath jumps speed once more — for the inevitable clutch of fear that is sure to come, just as the clutches of her fingers tighten into the sheets beneath.
She trusts this man; loves and adores him like no other. Wants to be his with the entirety of that heart of hers he holds ownership of. She is no stranger to endurance. And as Lucifer cants a hooded gaze her way… descends towards her mouth he has caressed with his own, numerous times over the course of their relationship, yet never quite like this — she decides she must be brave. For the sake of the one she loves.
“What are you thinking?” Lucifer’s kiss does not fall to her trembling lips. Instead his breath warms its space beneath a tightly shut eyelid. A minute jolt breaks through her body at meeting eyes with his garnet gaze. So close.
“…That I love you.” It’s not a lie: part of a truth. She wants them to be as close as lovers are allowed in physicality, even if it begs her fortitude.
Cool leather glides across the hand, tightened into the sheets, she did not realize was a quivering hard fist. Until he gentles, then quiets, her trembling as her fingers go lax, and lace with gloved ones. His gaze stays upon hers — a quiet, firm command to not turn from him. Lucifer lifts their entwined hands toward his mouth, feathering a kiss onto her knuckles apiece. Dark lashes shrouding over scarlet, as his mouth drops its last kiss onto her index. “Remember that I am by your side.”
Another press of his lips, this time tucked into her slack palm. The warmth of his mouth against her skin soothes the clamp of her remaining fist within the sheets beneath. She reaches her free hand upwards, tracing his noble features until his gaze meets hers once more. She tugs him down, hesitant, gentle.
Lips parting just as she feels his breath graze her mouth, his tongue slipping past to kiss her deep and long. Her fingers curl in pleasure about his face. Sliding up to thread into his hair to hold herself steady as his body gathers against hers in a firm, searing line. Her breath rattles.
Slow fingers glide a deliberate path down the line of her body, her collar falling slack against her shoulders, with a single flick of digits at its bindings. Lucifer’s mouth settles onto the curve of a clavicle, “Are you comfortable, my love?”
She smiles into her assent as her demon rises to reclaim her lips. Soft sighs spilling into his mouth at the rapid beats of her heart that sound comfort, rather than wound-up distress, within her ears. Her hands curve atop Lucifer’s as he charts her body he knows so well, peeling away layer by layer of her clothes. The chill of the night doesn’t haunt her skin, his body’s draping warmth he refuses to let up for even a moment’s reprieve. The hesitant tug of his clothes he guides her hands through as she works down the line of buttons of his shirt. Digits that tremble across each separate one, either due to anticipation or the way his tongue works into her mouth, she’s not quite sure.
Until Lucifer pulls apart his shirt the rest of the way, scattering buttons onto the coverlet beside them. Dragging her palms forward to slip across his chest, the gallop of his demon hearts clear beneath her touch. “Feel me.” His heavy, scraped command soothes and accompanies her own thrumming pulse. She is not alone in her overwhelming break of her defenses, his hearts seem to drum. That he is here, close, and he is hers, in every single way she needs him.
A hand climbs up to bunch into his hair as she heaves him back towards her; his mouth falling to her eyelids apiece, tracing the shape of her nose, her cheek. Whispering words of love and praise, setting her face to an incandescent glow just as the slow coil of his fingers across her thighs as he spreads her apart.
Lucifer slips a gloved thumb across her lip until she catches the edge, tugging the garment away. His assistance offered; he pulls his hand back, in the catch of leather within his smile as he drags the glove off his hand entirely. “Open your mouth for me, darling girl.” And she obliges, entranced by that grin, licked up in lust and affection; allowing his fingers to slide across her tongue, caressing.
Before he withdraws and replaces them with his tongue instead, teeth sinking into a gentle bite into her lower lip. A groan tumbles free into her mouth as his wet fingers find and sink, slow, into her heat. “How do you feel?” Face sinking into the give of her neck, tongue dragging at taut muscle, as he works into and opens her.
And when she breaks into a moan, “There... relax yourself, treasure.” His breaths are heavy and hot against her ear. “Can you take another finger in?” Stroking her walls when she clamps around him. A low, guttural sound leaving him, “Breathe.”
Patient and unmoving, save for the way his fingers trace slow circles within her, Lucifer awaits her answer. Her hand following his in between her legs to instruct her wordless assent. Caressing a palm across his face when he moves to check on her, meeting her gaze. Feathering a kiss onto his cheek as she beckons him closer.
His fingers gather speed along with her restless cries, the intensity of their union springs tears to her gaze and he captures them all, tongue trekking across her lips, kissing across her cheeks.
Her demon dragging her into blissful pleasure in such comfort, it’s enough to have her forgetting memories of a distant past... so devastating and different from how it is to make love to one she truly cherishes. To be wanted by her Avatar of Pride in the manner he desires, so full, so consuming.
And she realizes just how foolish her resolve truly was for there is no solitary endurance to be borne in love.
Tumblr media
End Notes: Thank you for reading!
♧° Master List °♡
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