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Kenobi: Skywalker’s Only Hope
Let’s talk about Anakin’s final “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” as seen (as I will argue) in the final episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi (Part VI) [spoiler warning!]
During their final duel of Kenobi (Pt VI), Obi-Wan is able to (literally) crack Vader’s facade. Behind the helmet, he sees Anakin. He calls his name, too stunned to do anything else.
Vader looks at him and tells him that “Anakin is gone.”
Tumblr media
Yet as Obi-Wan cries and apologizes to Anakin, we see the facade crack more as we catch a glimpse of Anakin, tortured emotions across his face.
Tumblr media
Vader then says something very surprising. He says “I am not your failure, Obi-Wan. You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker. I did.”
Tumblr media
This is significant for two reasons. 1) it’s a callback to Mustafar (“I have failed you, Anakin, I have failed you”) and 2) this is also, arguably, a sliver of Anakin here — whether it’s a desperate move by the suppressed Anakin to assuage Obi-Wan’s guilt or is simply (Anakin’s) self-loathing and self-hatred, which are also canonically emotions that fueled Vader, is up to you.
The brief raw emotional vulnerability quickly fades, however, and Vader is back to threatening Obi-Wan, who finally comes to the conclusion that Anakin is well and truly gone, and decides to leave him, turning his back on him as he had done on Mustafar.
But the thing is, Vader can’t keep going on without Kenobi. The passion he has for Kenobi- whatever nature that may be- fuels Vader’s power. As Obi-Wan walks away, Vader cries out to him, calling his name twice.
The fact that he calls Obi-Wan’s name twice is really important, because I argue that this is coded as Anakin’s ‘distress signal.’ In “Twilight of the Apprentice” (from SW Rebels s2), Anakin also calls out to Ahsoka after his helmet has been slashed by her. “Ahsoka…. Ahsoka,” he says, initiating the outreach. She responds by whispering his name back in return (twice), further showing the importance of the double use of the name.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Which is why it’s a really big deal (!!) that when Obi-Wan finally tells Vader he’s given up/finally believes Anakin is well and truly gone, Vader initiates the contact and cries out to him. Twice.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was Anakin’s last attempt to communicate his ‘distress signal’ to Obi-Wan, to tell him that Anakin needed his help. Anakin knew that he would never escape Vader if even Obi-Wan came to believe that Anakin was gone. Anakin cried out to him, knowing that Obi-Wan was his only hope.
Reading the text this way makes Vader’s final scene all the more tragic. In talking to Palpatine, Vader reinforces his desire to chase Kenobi. “He will not evade me again,” he says. (He’s my only hope, I cannot let him evade me again). Like a moth drawn to flame, Vader (or really Anakin inside of Vader) needs his Master. He cannot give up the flicker of hope that Obi-Wan presents.
That is until Palpatine yanks on his leash, reminding Vader of his dependency on him. He calls him out for his feelings over Obi-Wan weakening him, then vaguely hints that if Vader cannot overcome his past, then there would be no further use for him, and Palpatine would destroy him.
This is the final nail in the coffin. Vader sinks back into his chair. Defeated. “I serve only you, my Master,” he says, and we hear the Imperial March swell in the background.
Vader has resigned himself to his fate. Anakin slips away inside of him, not to reemerge until Return of the Jedi ten years later with the aid of his son. Until then, we see an increasingly cold, detached Vader, one that truly lost all hope when Kenobi called him “Darth” and accepted that Anakin was gone. If Kenobi had lost all hope, so did Anakin.
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Tumblr media
I am not your failure, Obi-Wan.
You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker.
I did.
Then my friend is truly dead.
Art Reference: Allegories of Fate - Safet Zec
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Tumblr media
Emotional damage 😭 this episode was so good omg
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Tumblr media
So do we, honey.
So do we.
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Tumblr media
“You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker. I did.”
Vader’s face in blue, signifying the shadow of his former self, the Jedi inside, his call to the light.
Tumblr media
“Just as I will destroy you.”
Vader’s face illuminated in red as the Sith takes over once again.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Obi-Wan kenobi wallpapers. ★
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“kenobi means nothing”
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Training is hard
Obi-Wan: You can’t hit people for being stupid.
Y/n: Why not?
Obi-Wan: Because if we did, Anakin would have permanent brain damage.
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In yet another edition of "I don't ship Obikin, but..."
Guys, that moment when they were holding hands while engaging in a full-on lightsaber fight? Like...actually holding hands. While beating each other with lightsabers. I just can't even with these two. Who put that in the fight choreography?
I don't have to ship it to acknowledge that Obikin shippers ain't wrong. These two have some kind of relationship, and whatever it is, it isn't normal.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can we blame him?
In Vader's mind he was surely thinking: "Not again Obi-Wan. Fool me once."
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We deserve Force!Ghost Obi-Wan and Anakin fucking around now.
Them going around the galaxy, finding old friends and bothering them for fun
Them at Luke’s school and teaching the kids how to be little shit and Luke is just “don’t listen to a word two random people who will eventually show up in your room before bed surrounded in blue light.” *three days later* “nO- DAD, OBI-WAN-“
Just them causing chaos.
We deserve it.
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Obi-Wan is only able to talk about Anakin once he's fully accepted that he is dead and that breaks my heart. Any other time in the series that Anakin's name is mentioned, Obi-Wan immediately shuts down, panics, or has some major negative response, but at the end, he tells Leia about him (and Padmé). He talks about Anakin with such warmth and love, without a trace of that painful guilt he had carried before. He's still grieving him, clearly, but now that he knows he's truly gone, Obi-Wan is able to let go of the unhealthy part of that attachment and simply remember his friend.
He has shed enough tears. Now, looking at Leia and Luke, he doesn't see the past, but the future. He does not feel the old pain when he looks into their eyes.
He feels a new hope.
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Summary: new beginnings for you and the people you love including Anakin?
Pairings: Anakin Skywalker x y/n reader
Word count:5,245
Warnings: death, smut, violence, injured reader (self inflicted). And fluff
A/n:  I   didn't plan for this to be so long but here we are :), Firstly  I   want to say thank you guys for reading my series and an even bigger thank you for liking it!  I   might do an epilogue but  I   might also just end it here, let me know what you guys think but for now  I   hope you guys like this one!xx
PT.1 PT.2 PT.3 PT.4 PT.5
Taglist: @graciexmarvel​ @ssophiebirkas​ @yesimwriting​ @tomhardytobeymaguire​
Tumblr media
“The princess who was so hard to catch didn't seem so hard to me?” the voice of your captor said, “where are you Bane.” they muttered.
By now you’d caught on that it was a woman, but why? Your father had no enemies until now your planet remained neutral in the war.
“What do you want with my father and  I  ?Where is my brother?” you asked firmly not letting your fear show.
“Good question, the sooner my partner finds him the sooner we can finish this. As for you and your father- ah” she screamed as someone came from behind and kicked her down.
Suddenly you felt someone pulling you away and hiding you behind and covering your mouth to muffle your screams.
“Shhh it's okay my love i'm here now. Come on let's get you somewhere safe.” you heard Anakin say and suddenly you finally felt safe again.
“Wait, my father we need to-” Anakin stopped you again as another Man came into the room.
“ I   can't find the stinken prince, in the name of the stars, Ventress!” he said as he took cover and spoke something into his comm.
As you finally realized the woman now known as Ventress was engaging in a saber battle with Obi-wan.
“Anakin my father, please.” you said looking at him with a pleading look in your eyes.
“Okay fine, but listen to me and do as  I   say.” he said looking into your eyes.
“Okay,  I promise.” you said eagerly, taking his hands in yours.
“You need to run out of these doors, turn right and run until you come to the elevators that will take you to the sublevels, go to the cells, find Rex and he’ll take you somewhere safe, okay?” he said taking your face in his hands.
“Okay. Thank you Anakin.” you said, leaning your heads together.
“ We will be right behind you my love,  I   promise.” he said, closing his eyes, in all honesty Anakin didn't want to leave your side.
He wanted to take you on his ship and fly as far away as he could to keep you safe and never let you leave his sight again.
This would be the last time he did, after this he’d never leave your side again.
Looking into his eyes you took his face in your hands and pulled him in and kissed him with all the love and passion you could have possibly given him not caring who might have seen.
Pulling away he almost forgot he had to stay behind.
“When  I   come back to you, kiss me like that again.” he said, pecking your lips. “Now go.” he said, pulling you up from the ground and guiding you to the doors.
With one last glance at him you ran out the doors and in the direction he sent you in.
“Your majesty, I've come to take you to your children, come we need to get you out of here.” Anakin said as he grabbed your fathers arm untying his arms with his saber.
“Thank you Anakin.” your father said as he stood and began running behind him.
“Anakin! There's a third party here somewhere in the temple, Plo Koon is on the hunt but be cautious.” Obi-wan said as he continued fighting Ventress eventually pushing her off the ledge.
“Whatever,  I   did my part.” she said as she jumped and slid down the side of the temple into a fighter and took off.
Obi-wan turned around and saw Anakin with a panicked face, he had just sent you off alone and unprotected when there was another hunter in the temple.
“Anakin find the third hunter and take him to the cells. I ‘ll take the king to his children and join you once  I   have.” He said beginning to walk down the hall with the king but just as he did they all heard an explosion.
“The elevator,” Obi-wan said, Anakin didn't wait another second before running through the ruins and looking down. “Master,  I   can-” he said looking up and realizing his master was already gone.
“Shit.” he said suddenly seeing a shadow emerge from the ruins and heading for the sublevels. It couldn't have been you, you left long before.
Quickly he jumped and slid his way down to the sublevels using the force to slow himself down before landing.
As soon as he landed  he ignited his lightsaber to offer some form of light as he approached the hall suddenly he began to feel your touch.
He took a deep breath and concentrated on the feeling, ‘My love? Where are you?’ he said in his mind hoping he was able to reach you.
‘Anakin, he’s here. He blew up the elevator.’ you said, making Anakin sigh in relief.
‘Where are you?’ he asked, beginning to walk again hoping the feeling would get stronger.
“Right here.” you said as you pulled him behind the wall you had been hiding in.
“Oh thank god  I   thought he had you.” he said, hugging you tightly. Then he sensed Obi-wan approaching.
“It’s just this way your majesty.” he said quietly when suddenly a blaster went off shooting your father through the stomach.
Before Anakin could stop you you ran to him and kneeled at his side, “Father please, don't.” you said tears welling in your eyes.
“ I   switched the times.” he coughed out. “What?” you said confused.
“Your birth- Your brother is now older than you.” he said as he took your face in his hand.
“May you become the strong, beautiful woman  I   always dreamt of, my child.” he whispered as he closed his eyes and suddenly his hand fell from your face.
“No, no, no father wake up.” you said tears falling from your eyes and your voice beginning to tremble.
“  I ‘m  sorry princess  but we must keep moving.” Obi-wan said as Anakin helped you up and pulled you along.
“Ah-” you gasped as you stood up gripping your leg. “What's wrong?” Anakin asked as he looked down and finally realized the bottom of your dress had blood.
“ I ‘m okay it’s just a cut  I   did it so  I ‘d leave a trail and you’d find me.” you said looking at Anakin.
“Smart girl. Come we’ll patch you up in one of the cells they have safety kits.” Obi-wan said, walking ahead of you both.
“My girl.” Anakin whispered as he kissed your forehead and picked you up carrying you to the cells.
Your tears fell silently as you laid your head on Anakis shoulder, he could sense your pain but not being able to comfort you properly he settled for holding you tighter for now.
“Here we are now, let's see the cut.” Obi-wan said pulling out a first aid kit
Slowly you pulled up your dress to reveal your upper thigh where the cut was, you had to go deep enough to leave a trail so the side of your leg was pretty bloody.
“Oh my, how did you not feel it earlier?” Obi-wan said, beginning to clean it up.
“ I   did but  I   kept it in the back of my mind so I'd be able to focus but when   I    stood earlier  I   must have put more pressure on it.” you said, wincing as he cleaned the wound.
“Very good survival skills princess, your father did well.” he said smiling you smiled softly as he went back to caring for your wound.
“Are you alright princess?” Anakin asked, “why wouldn't  I   be?” you replied showing no emotion.
“Your father,” he began but you stopped him. “My father did what he had to for the crown, we’ve all prepared for this day. It just came abruptly, that's all,  I'll be fine.” you said casually.
It was true, ever since you became of age you took part in discussions of the ‘what if’ knowing that one day eventually your parents would make enemies.
“ I  ‘m sorry for asking after such a sudden loss, what happens now?” Obi-wan asked, referring to the crown.
You looked at Anakin for a split second and remembered what your father said to you, “well, now the heir takes his place and my mother will step down from queen to advisor.” you said looking at your patched up wound.
“Much better, yes?” Obi-wan asked, smiling up at you.
“Very much so thank you.” you said pulling your dress back down.
“If it is you who inherits the crown then you will make a wonderful queen your highness.” Obi-wan answered walking out of the room.
Anakin sat next to you and observed your face, “what is it Anakin?” you asked looking into his eyes.
“You may have fooled Obi-wan but you cannot fool me.” he said, taking your hand in his.
Slowly your eyes began to water as you finally let your emotions get the best of you.
Hiding your face in Anakin's chest you finally allowed the tears to fall down silently, “how can  I   look Luke in the eyes and tell him.” you sobbed.
“We will do it together if necessary,  I   will be with in every way  I   possibly can.” he whispered, kissing your head.
He held you tightly, his words of reassurance making you feel safe again.
“We should go and find your brother and get you two away from the temple,” he whispered.
You nodded and regained your composure before standing up and heading to the cell he was waiting for you in.
As soon as you saw him uningered you ran to him and embraced him, “oh sister are you alright? Where is father?” he asked.
“Brother, sit with me please.” you said as you pulled him down to sit in the interrogation table.
With a quick glance at Anakin you mustered up the strength to tell him, “On our way here we were ambushed and one of the hunters hit father.” you said taking his hands in yours.
“What? Where is he? We must see him immediately.” he urged.
“We can’t luke, he died.” you said the words feeling bitter in your mouth.
“No. Thi-this is not possible. Who did it?” he asked anger beginning to run through his veins.
Just as you were about to answer, Obi-wan walked in.
“Ventress and Cad bane made a clean exit, it seems they were only here to collect the royal family.” he paused looking at both you and your brother.
“And the third person?” you asked. “We have captured him, but before  I   go further  I   must let you know this was not your doing princess.” he said reassuringly.
“Who was it that killed our father?” your brother said standing and letting go of your arms.
Suddenly you felt uneasy. “It was king Ja’an's personal executioner, it seems he was rather upset when his son returned alone. Not to worry he will be brought to justice as well as his king.” he said apologetically.
“What? He did this because  I said no?” you asked more to yourself covering your mouth with your hand in disbelief.
Tears began to well up in your eyes, he wasn’t looking for you he was looking for your father thinking they could force your hand in marriage with an abrupt death.
Anakin only wished he could hold you in his arms and tell you it would all be alright, but truly he didn't know what was to come in the future.
“ I‘d like a moment with my brother please.” you whispered looking at the ground.
Obi-wan nodded silently and signaled for Anakin to follow him.
‘ I‘ll be right outside my love.’ he said wanting to reassure you. ‘ I ‘m sorry Anakin.’ you replied before shutting him out completely in order to speak to your brother privately.
Weeks passed since the incident at the temple, you were now back home finishing the final ceremonies for your fathers funeral.
The coronation was tomorrow and that would seal his passing.
You hadn't expected the Jedi to come but you’d expected they would come to pay their respects and to discuss what would come of the alliance after the ceremony.
Because of your sudden departure from Coruscant you never got to say goodbye to Anakin.
You regretted it everyday and you thought of him even more.
As you finished taking out the pins of your hair and finally feeling free you heard a ship land.
Glancing quickly to see who had come in so late you recognized the red stripe on the bottom of the wing.
You felt your heart almost jump out of your chest when you saw Obi-wan come out, surely he’d brought Anakin.
“Naja  I ‘m extremely tired. I will see you in the morning, yes?” you said pulling the covers of your bed off.
“Yes of course princess  I   will see you tomorrow bright and early for the ceremony.” she said walking out.
You gave it a couple minutes before practically jumping out of bed and putting on your robe and slippers.
Opening your door as quietly as you could, looking both ways before walking down to the garden you sighed in relief once you’d reached your spot.
You hadn't seen the ship anymore so you’d guessed all who were on it had already gotten off.
Sitting down on the bench you admired the stars and thought of what you would say to Anakin if he came.
In the midst of thinking about how upset he’d be you didn't even realize he was sitting next to you admiring your features as you looked up at the sky.
“Something told me   I  ‘d find you here” he said casually, making you gasp as you turned around quickly.
“Oh could you not do that!” you said, swatting his arm earning a laugh from him.
“Allow me to apologize.” he said leaning in and kissing your lips passionately.
Melting into his lips you opened your mouth giving him access, he smiled into the kiss and accepted the invitation.
After a while you both pulled away and leaned your foreheads together catching your breath.
“You're not upset with me for leaving without saying goodbye?” you asked looking into his eyes.
“  I   could never be upset with you,  I   was more upset  I   didn't find a way to come here with you.” he said smiling, making you giggle at his eagerness.
“There wasn't a moment that passed that you weren't on my mind, Anakin, especially at night when  I   was alone.” you whispered, moving your hands to his biceps.
“Oh?” he said, putting you on his lap. “And what did you think of at night?”  he said trailing kisses down your neck and massaging your hip gently.
Smiling, you tilted your head to give him more space. “You, in my mouth.” you whispered slightly moaning at the sensation he was leaving on your kneck.
Anakin was easily getting hard just with your words and your touch.
“ I  ‘m sorry  I   didn't come sooner,  I   would have brought your thoughts to life.” he said kissing you again this time with more lust and roughness than before.
Pulling away you looked into his eyes, seeing the man you wanted for the rest of your life the words came out smoothly, “ I   love you Anakin Skywalker.”
Suddenly Anakin felt like the happiest man in the world and no one could take that from him because he had you.
“ I   loved you from the moment  I   felt your mind touch.” he said, pecking every part of your face making you laugh.
“Anakin,” you said happily as he traveled down to your collarbone and then to your chest, “Anakin.” you moaned causing him to twitch in his pants as he looked up at you.
“ I   want you.” you whispered looking into his eyes with sincerity.
“Are you sure? Here?” He asked reading your face for any signs of discomfort.
“Yes here, under the stars. What more beautiful place could there be for us?” you asked kissing him again this time it was you being dominant to show him you were sure.
Quickly Anakin threw his robe on the floor creating a blanket for you to lay on as he made sure you’d be comfortable.
“ I  ‘ll go slow  I   promise.” he reassured you looking into your eyes looking for any sign to stop, but all he saw was your need for him and he’d make sure he exceeded that need.
Before you knew it his jedi robes were gone and he was pulling up the skirt of your nightgown and you only wished he’d go faster.
He moved your underwear to the side and began massaging your clit making you gasp at the feeling and wrapping your legs around his torso.
“Anakin,” you moaned again. It seemed that’s all you could say now.
“Yes, my love.” he said as he began leaving a trail of kisses down to your chest again finally pulling down the top part of your nightgown and revealing your bare chest.
Making you a moaning mess you couldn't even answer him.
“Is this okay?” he asked, beginning to suck on your left nipple. “Oh god yes Anakin.”you said arching your back at the pleasure when suddenly you felt him slip a finger in.
Moaning even louder he looked around making sure no one was around.
“We have to be quiet, baby, can you do that for me?” he asked, adding another finger as he watched your face contort in pleasure.
“Yes.” you answered breathlessly, kissing him to muffle your moans.
You began to feel yourself building up, “Anakin.” you moaned quietly looking into his eyes.
“  I   know baby just let it go.” he said and you felt euphoric for the first time ever in your life.
As you came down from your high your hunger for Anakin only increased.
“Anakin, I want all of you, please.” you said looking into his eyes, “your wish is my command my princess.” he said as he adjusted himself in position grazing your entrance with his tip feeling how wet you were for him.
“Tell me if you want me to stop, okay?  I   mean it.” he said in a serious tone.
“Okay.” you whispered before kissing him.
Anakin took the opportunity to slide into you gently making you gasp into his mouth at the feeling of him stretching your walls.
Grabbing onto his arms you squeezed them at the slight discomfort of his size although his fingers warmed you up he was much bigger in every way.
“Do you want me to stop?” he said, worried stopping his movement.
“No, keep going.” you said as you relaxed into him.
And with one last push Anaking grunted as he was fully inside you and it felt amazing.
“I'm gonna start moving now okay?” he said, making sure you were okay with each step.
“Please do.” you said smiling kissing his plump lips.
Slowly he started pumping in and out of you waiting to hear your moans again.
After a few times the discomfort began to wash away and all you felt was pleasure.
“Anakin go faster.” you moaned, hiking your legs up higher so  he could go deeper into you.
Taking a hold of your hips Anakin began picking up his pace groaning into your ear in pleasure. “So perfect.” he said as he supported your head with one arm making sure he didn't hurt you.
“So fucking perfect just for me.” he whispered into your ear as he began going even faster making you a moaning mess.
“Only for you.” you whispered into his ear kissing his jawline bringing him close to the edge.
He continued whispering sweet nothings into your ear bringing you over the edge once more.
“Anakin I'm-” you stopped moaning again.
“Let it go for me baby.” he said, hitting your spot making you lose your mind all over again.
Soon after Anakin felt your warm juices surrounding him he pulled out and released onto his robe  moaning into your ear before resting his head onto your shoulder.
Both of you took a minute to settle down before he raised his head and looked at your face glistening in sweat.
“Sex looks gorgeous on you princess.” he said smiling as he kissed your lips.
“You looked quite handsome in me , Anakin.” you retorted, smirking at his surprised look.
“What have  I   created?” he said, getting a laugh out of you. Switching positions you laid on his chest as he wrapped an arm around you and looked up at the stars.
“ I   could stay here all night if no one could find us.” you whispered, closing your eyes.
“We should probably get you back to your room, tomorrow is a big day for you,'' he said.
All you did was nod in agreement as he helped you stand up taking your hand in his as you both began to walk through the halls of the palace quietly.
“Are you nervous?” he asked as he admired your face in the moonlight.
“Nervous for what?” you asked, smiling at him.
“The ceremony tomorrow.” he said looking away, he knew your responsibilities would shift once you were crowned and maybe your mind would leave him in the past eventually and you’d find someone new.
Your smile widened as you realized you had yet to tell him, “ I   think  I‘ll be just fine,  we are going to be just fine.” you said as you reached your room.
Confused but happy with your words he smiled and kissed you once more, “goodnight my love,  I   will be seeing you again tomorrow.” he whispered.
“Goodnight Anakin.” you smiled as you walked into your room and closed the door.
Watching until the door was completely shut Anakin smiled to himself and began walking back to his guest room.
“And where exactly did you go?” Obi-wan said, startling Anakin.
“Master, what are you doing here?” he said caught off guard.
“Well  I   came here to check on you but it seems you know your way around the palace quite well.” he said standing up from the bed.
Anakin struggled to find an excuse, “I'm sorry master  I   just needed some fresh air, its been hard coming back here after everything.” he said, sighing looking out the window.
“ I   know exactly what you mean,  I   expected to be frowned upon for not protecting the King as well as  I   should have, it was my fault.” Obi-wan sighed looking down at his hands.
“They would never frown upon you master, you brought them their future back home.” Anakin said, reassuring him.
“We shall see tomorrow wont we?  I   just wanted to make sure you made it back alright to get some rest. We need to be up early tomorrow.” he said walking out.
“Of course master, have a goodnight.” Anakin said, sighing in relief. Looking out of his balcony he realized it was straight across from yours.
Smiling to himself he couldn't wait for tomorrow.
“My lady, we're almost done just a few more things.” Naja said as she brushed your hair into place.
“Thank you Naja, I look wonderful.” you said as she finished up and began cleaning up around you.
To say you were nervous was an understatement, your life was about to change, you could only hope you made the right choice.
A knock on your door brought you back to the real world as it revealed a guard.
“The ceremony is ready to take place, your highness.”  he said, opening both doors for you.
“Wonderfull.” you said your hands began to tremble slightly, you took a deep breath as Naja placed your crown on your head.
Walking out you held your head up high and smiled.
Once you’d made it to the ballroom doors you met with your brother and your mother and greeted them with a smile.
“My child, you look beautiful.” your mother said, wrapping an arm around you.
“Ready?” you asked your brother.
“As if I'll ever be my sister, thank you.” he said, kissing your head.
Entwining your arms together with you in the middle the doors opened and you began walking down the aisle and smiling at your guests. You looked forward until you met the altar.
Standing before your people you took a quick look around until you met Anakin's eyes and gave him a soft smile.
“We are here today in celebration of the royal crown.” began the Archbishop.
“Allow me to present to you the heir of the crown.” he continued. “Prince Luke of Alderamm” he said, turning to you brother.
Smiling you clapped for your brother and soon the crowd followed slightly confused.
As Luke came forward and kneeled you looked at Anakin who looked very confused which made you chuckle.
“Do you swear to honor the crown and serve your rightful duty as you father and his before him did?” the Archbishop asked, lifting the crown.
“ I   swear it.” He said, smiling at you.
“Then  I   hereby pronounce you King of Alderamm.” he said as he placed the crown on your brother and handed him your fathers spear.
“ I   present to you your King!” he said, stepping down and allowing my brother to stand.
Everyone rejoiced in his name, all confusion being left behind and only celebration for their new king.
“Let the royal celebration begin!” Luke said as he held up the spear, the crowd getting louder.
Looking back at you he smiled and embraced you tightly. “Thank you sister, this is truly a gift.” he whispered.
“It was meant for you all along this is your place brother.” you said.
“And yours is on Coruscant on the senate, and with him.” he said, making you turn your head in shock.
“What?” you said eyes widened.
“You are my sister, it is my job to watch over you. Did you think  I couldn't see the way he looks at you? The way your eyes look for him?” he said smiling.
“Don't worry your secret's safe with me, so long as you are happy. Now come we shall celebrate.” he said, pulling you down to the gardens.  
You entered the gardens greeting everyone with a warm smile and a hello as each person walked in.
Eventually the greetings ended and you were able to sit at the main table.
As you were served your plate and the music began you couldn't help but smile to yourself, nothing really ever flew past your brother.
‘Quite the twist back there wasn't it?’ you heard Anakin say in your mind.
Looking up you met his eyes as he smirked at you. ‘Didn't  I   tell you  I   had nothing to worry about?’ you said while taking a sip of your wine.
‘ I   never thought   I  ‘d be jealous of a wine glass’ Anakin said looking around to appear normal.
Giggling at his remark your brother turned, giving you a questioning look, “Sorry brother, this wine is just wonderful.” you said taking another sip.
Anakin tried to hold in his grin but he couldn't help it. The littlest things made his heart skip a beat and he loved it.
“Come let's get this meeting with the jedi over with so we can actually celebrate.” you brother said standing and beginning to walk away.
“Could it not wait until tomorrow when your celebration is over?” you asked, confused by the rush.
“They plan to leave tonight there is still a war they must tend to.” he said as you both walked through the halls together.
“ I   see.” you said as you walked by his side, you’d forgotten of the war until now.
“Your highness, congratulations it was an honor to be invited to the ceremony.” Obi-wan said as he walked in Anakin not far behind him.
“Thank you Master Kenobi, now to discuss what we came for.” your brother said, looking at you.
Raising your eyebrows you looked back at him waiting for him to finish.
“My father made a deal to join our forces and  I   stood firmly behind him, we will continue to lend our help so long as we stand.” he said smiling.
“You have our word.” he said looking at you once more.
“That's wonderful to hear your highness, and as for the senate?” Obi-wan asked.
“ I   will serve in the senate while my brother stays here and learns the way of the crown,” you said casually.
“Of course a decision does not get made without the king's approval but  I   will be his eyes and ears in Coruscant until then.” you said smiling at Obi-wan.
“Which is why she will be traveling with you both back to Coruscant tonight.” your brother said, smiling at your surprised face.
“But brother,  I   haven't even packed anything.” you said trying to not stumble upon your words.
“Not to worry  I   had Naja prepare your things as soon as you left for the ceremony.” he said, “It is final you leave tonight  I   trust these men to get you there safely.” he said, glancing at Anakin and Obi-wan.
“With that you have our word, we hold the princess very dearly to us. Right, Anakin?” Obi-wan asked, looking back at his padawan.
“Very dear indeed,” he said, smiling at you.
“Then it is settled, go on and say your goodbyes and make sure you Naja didn't miss anything. Anakin, do you mind accompanying her?” your brother asked, oh how you loved him right now.
“Of course not, master?” he asked, making sure it was okay with Obi-wan.
“Go ahead and meet me back on the ship we take off in an hour.” he said, looking at you both and thanking your brother once more before leaving.
“Now, you two be safe and use protection. I will get back to my celebration.” you brother said, walking out grinning.
“Brother!” you said, astonished by his choice of words.
“Did he just?” Anakin said, confused.
“He knew this whole time. How did you not realize mister Jedi?” you said laughing as you both began walking to your room.
“ I was distracted by someone else.” he said walking ahead.
“Oh? Did this person cloud your judgment?” you asked, “maybe you should stay away from them.” you said as you opened your room door.
Quickly Anakin closed the door and grabbed you by the waist, “Never.” he said as he pulled you in for a kiss.
Pulling away he looked into your eyes once more, this time you felt his love and you never felt happier.
“With you my mind had never been more clear.” he said lightly grazing your lips with his.
“And what do you see?” you said shifting your gaze from his lips back to his eyes.
“You.” whispered as he kissed you once more this time with more passion and lust.
“You know we have a little less than an hour before Obi-wan comes looking for us.” he said smiling down at you.
“It’d be a shame if  I   didn't show you how comfortable my bed is wouldn't it?” you said smiling as you begin untying the back of your dress.
“A shame indeed” he said grinning as he picked you up and laid you on the bed.
“ I   love you Anakin.” you whispered as you looked into his eyes.
Smiling softly at your words he caressed your hip once again, “  I  want to hear you say that for the rest of my life , now let me show you how much  I   love you.” he said smiling.
And he did. Many times before Obi-wan came looking for you both.
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yeehawcowboy01 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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anakinssandsith · a day ago
*two stormtroopers doing their post*
Stormtrooper 1: So did you hear what happened today?
Stormtrooper 2: What?
Stormtrooper 1: Today, in the main hanger, they were targeting a ship, right— full of rebels, and then one ship comes down and then Vader tells us to start following that one specifically.
Stormtrooper 2: Oh-?
Stormtrooper 1:—He starts telling us to follow that little ship, and the Grand Inquisitor’s all like ‘no no don’t do that, follow the main ship, they’re what’s important’—Right?
Stormtrooper 2: Right!!
Stormtrooper 1: So Vader goes ‘I don’t care, this Jedi is special.’
Stormtrooper 2:*realization* Oh no…
Stormtrooper 1: And do you know who that Jedi was?
Stormtrooper 2: Don’t say—
Stormtrooper 1: Kenobi!!!
Stormtrooper 2: Oh for fucks sake—
Stormtrooper 1: I know!!
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thedreamerstoryteller · 2 days ago
Anakin's gone
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The way the light changes and turns from blue to red.
The Dark Side replaces the light in the heart of Anakin Skywalker.
The inner conflict in Darth Vader.
But we know that, despite everything:
Tumblr media
Amazing effect, amazing episode and amazing series. ❤️💙
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rants-of-rae · a day ago
Anakin’s final gift to Obi-Wan helped Obi-Wan connect to Qui-Gon again.
Obi-Wan has been trying and failing to connect to Qui-Gon for ten years. He’s being blocked by something significant— his attachment to Anakin.
It’s his attachment to Anakin that leaves Obi-Wan grieving and living in guilt and self-loathing for an entire decade. Despite his years of training, Obi-Wan simply cannot let go. His attachment to Anakin haunts him.
And it’s made even worse when he discovers that Anakin survived. That he’s been living as Vader this entire time. Obi-Wan is pulled into a spiral of complicated emotions with Vader, each of them unwilling to let go of the other.
But letting go of Anakin is the only way Obi-Wan can move forward. It’s the only way he can find a semblance of serenity again. And in the buildup to their final confrontation, Obi-Wan tells himself “it ends today.”
I firmly believe a sliver of Anakin resurfaced and gave Obi-Wan what he needed. A release from responsibility for Anakin’s downfall. A release from the guilt that weakens him. “I’m not your failure, Obi-Wan. You didn’t kill Anakin Skywalker. I did,” he tells him.
Tumblr media
This is Anakin’s final moment and parting gift to Obi-Wan: he accepts responsibility for his own death and downfall. He releases Obi-Wan from the guilt that’s been haunting him.
It’s enough so that Obi-Wan finally, finally, can let Anakin go. “Then my friend is truly dead,” he says. Speaking the words as truth finally allows Obi-Wan to release his attachment to a man who (presumably) no longer exists (or at least refuses to acknowledge that he does).
Tumblr media
This final, cathartic release of his attachment to Anakin, of his debilitating guilt over Anakin’s downfall, leaves Obi-Wan changed. He’s made peace with the fact that whatever comes next in Anakin’s/Vader’s life is up to him, not Obi-Wan. There comes a point where we must let go of what we love.
And that is how Obi-Wan is finally able to deepen his connection to the Force enough to find Qui-Gon. “You just were not ready to see,” Qui-Gon tells him.
Tumblr media
Having let go of Anakin and approached a place of serenity, Obi-Wan is ready for his new training. He eventually becomes the man we see in A New Hope, a man who is at peace with the Force and himself. A man at peace with releasing Anakin.
And he couldn’t have done it without those precious moments where Anakin did come through Vader. Taking responsibility is something Vader never would have done. That was Anakin. And in Anakin’s final words to his Master, he frees him, too.
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saraphotographercalcon · 2 days ago
I’m sorry but SW is not about Padme’s and Anakins love story.
It’s about fucking Anakin and Obi-Wans ‘love story’*. Their story is everything. Their love, their pain and hate for one another, how each can’t find peace. How they are two halves of the same sword. Their bond is so strong they can feel each other, Obi-Wan can feel Anakin’s kids.
“ They are closer than friends. Closer than brothers. The war has forged their two lives into one.”- Revenge of the Sith Novel Quotes
You can see how much they are consumed by this bond when Anakin keeps searching for Kenobi 10 years later, when obi-wan was unable to deliver the killing blow when  saw Anakin's face, his true self under the mask. You can see it when he was reduced to tears. When Darth called him ‘Master’ and said it wasn’t his fault.
Their relationship is for me, the most important of all of star Wars.
* love story : I mean not romantically, but they love each other with immense intensity and they were one for a long time, they were a team, they were family.
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pinksloosh · a day ago
Incorrect Star Wars
[ Y/n and Anakin in jail together over some stupid shit]
Y/n: So, Who should we call?
Anakin: I’d call Obi-Wan, but I feel safer in jail. 
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