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36. Post a snippet.

Obi-Wan could not help but miss the girl.

Alone in his small room aboard the ship, he tried closing his eyes so as to meditate, folding his hands together as he crossed his legs, breathe in, breathe out.

But she was still there.

Get out of my head.

He thought almost mockingly, knowing that she surely couldn’t be listening to his thoughts from such far a distance.

Why don’t you get out of mine, Ben?

Obi-Wan was shaken. There was absolutely no way-

I’m still here. Could you help me get out? You’re thinking about me too much, and I’m a little offended that you’re annoyed of my presence.

Obi-Wan then snapped his eyes open, and there sitting in front of him was none other than his dearest, greatest life companion, Rhea Illyria, with a smile of a thousand stars. from one with the force, the phantom menace ii.

48. Do you prefer to write skimpy drafts and flesh them out later, or write too much and cut it back?

I try to write the best that I can the first go. I then usually glance over for grammar or other little annoyances, or if I see something I think should be added, and then I publish! I don’t edit too much, bc then I overthink.

51. Are you a secretive writer or do you talk with your friends about your books?

Oh, very much secretive. I told one of my irl friends once and she roasted me publically about it and then I went on a few years hiatus🥲

54. Favorite first line/opening you’ve written?

She had once had such future, such promise, and now, she felt as though she were nothing. from one with the force, the phantom menace i.

I just felt this line so deeply.

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I love how with the Star Wars Prequel trillogy, everyone’s essentially “Nah, fuck this. Obi-Wan’s my favorite!”

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*Anakin leading mission debriefing*

Anakin: Rules for this mission are as follows,

No stealing separatist weaponry

We extract the information as stealthy as possible

And, if Ventress shows up, no flirting with her.

Obi-Wan, Close to tears: You take that back.

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I’m mad at Star Wars fandom tonight so, in order to be less mad at Star Wars fandom (good luck to me!), reblog this and tell me one of your favorite funny moments from any movie, TV show, book, comic, game, or other.

I’ll go first:  Revenge of the Sith was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen when Obi-Wan “I don’t know where Anakin gets it” Kenobi vaults out of his starfighter like twenty feet in the air while said ship is still spinning across the hangar of the Invisible Hand and he’s raining whirling death down on those droids, AT THE SAME TIME Anakin “I LEARNED IT FROM YOU, MASTER” Skywalker is still unbuckling his seat belt before getting out because ONE OF THEM has PROPER SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE, MASTER.

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OK SORRY THIS TOOK ME A WHILE I really wanted to talk about chapter two of Where The Shadow Ends but I had to post it first skdkkskd

Here we go I have a lot of thoughts!!

He sighed wearily as he marched the perimeter of camp. His eyes passed over bunches of troopers huddled together in the mud, some of them lifting gaunt faces or giving him a salute. He tried to look past the battered men as he weaved through drooping, muddy tents and stepped around empty crates once filled to the brim with medical supplies and food. He prayed it was only more mud squelching in his boots, not blood, he had stepped in a lot of blood, too much blood-

He slammed his bucket back on his head. He swallowed against his nausea and forced his feet to keep moving, forced his eyes to keep searching.

Cody reached the other end of camp. He stopped and stared out at the smoke veiled wasteland, broken battle droids and hollow armor stacked in separate piles dotting the burnt landscape. Something quivered in his heart as he looked upon one of too many empty helmets. A blurry image of Obi-Wan’s haunted eyes filled the blackened gaps.

He’s not made for war. Not like us.

A more urgent thought followed. I have to find him.

He turned on his heel, as sharply as the mud would allow, and continued his circle.

I was talking with my friend about this before I started writing and she said “what if they were losing a battle” and I got this image of a vast, gray landscape covered in smoke and ash and blood, and all these piles of broken droids and neat rows of helmets and I was like “*crying* yup that’ll work”

Also I will take EVERY opportunity to mention that Obi-Wan is too kind, too peaceful, for the violence and death he was given during the clone wars :( he didn’t deserve any of it!

“Waxer and Boil are tending to the shinies.”

This little section of dialogue from Cody is a random thought I had about the 212th. Waxer and Boil are the perfect ones to take over the care and feeding of shinies after their first battles. I can’t imagine the absolute horror and grief these poor boys went through… they need some people like Waxer and Boil to talk them through anything bothering them, to help them breathe, to bundle them in blankets or give them food or whatever they need <3

He hesitated. Cody had shaken Obi-Wan from long meditations before, but this time felt different. Cody could practically see the weight resting on Obi-Wan’s shoulders. He watched his eyes roam under his eyelids and his heart ached to imagine the horrors he might be reliving.

I can’t let him do this alone.

This part here is a reference to a headcanon I share! Cody (and other people who love Obi-Wan) shake Obi-Wan out of long meditations because they’re probably unhealthy! No one should spend so much time in their own thoughts, especially when it’s most likely sad guilty thoughts :( also I imagine the Force is an ocean and one can actually drown in it…

Obi-Wan’s eyes flew open and he let out a startled gasp. He grappled for a hold on Cody’s arm, a grounding technique he recognized from watching Anakin interact with Obi-Wan. Cody unclipped his vambrace and allowed it to fall to the ground, giving Obi-Wan an easier grip. He waited as Obi-Wan took one, then two carefully calculated breaths.

This!! Right here!! Apart from being one of my favorite soft moments, this is a reference again to people shaking Obi out of long meditations. I bet Anakin does this more than anyone else, and I bet Cody has witnessed this. Anakin is probably no stranger to panic and needing to be grounded, so I headcanon that he created this method. Anyone who needs to be grounded can just grab hold of his arm. Obi probably has this as pure instinct now and just…grabbed Cody’s arm, and then Cody was like “oh crap that’s probably not comfy with my armor” and sdkdkks I’m getting sidetracked

Obi-Wan sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Cody’s chest tightened. Kriff it. I hope Fuzzy still has a stash of his migraine medication.

Honestly I wholeheartedly believe Obi-Wan gets migraines in canon. Also citing this gives me another excuse to yell about F U Z Z Y *sobbing*

“Yes, but sometimes, they are a glimpse of the future.” Obi-Wan sighed. His hand went to the bridge of his nose again. “My master believed in visions and prophecies and such, but I never did, even though I had a recurring vision when I was a padawan. He had me seeing mind healers for it. He believed it was some sort of terrible premonition.”

Cody imagined a much smaller, younger version of Obi-Wan in a huge chair, his freckled nose crinkled in indignation and his little arms crossed. He began to smile. “What did you think?”

“I thought it was just a nightmare.”

This is a nod to the first chapter, but also mostly to headcanons I share about Obi’s struggles with visions as a child. I think about it a lot, mostly because it’s super dramatic and we all know I’m extremely dramatic lol

also I wanted an excuse to write in angry baby Obi in a big chair

Obi-Wan’s smile faded too quickly. He stared down at his free hand, fingers absently twisting in the hem of his tunic. “They’re all counting on me, Cody. They’re all relying on me to lead them safely through hell. They trust me, and I can’t let them down, but sometimes I look at their faces and the weight of that responsibility nearly crushes me.”

The admission hung in the air for several heartbeats before Cody spoke. “Permission to speak freely, sir?”

“Granted,” came the immediate reply.

“You were not made for this war, but what you’ve done in it, what you continue to do, is incredible. You have inspired so many people to stand and fight for a peaceful future. You have brought light to the darkest places and joy to the most sorrowful hearts. That’s what they see, that’s what I see. That’s why we trust you. We see a man who fights for truth and justice, but fights with honor and mercy. A man who would lay down his life for a stranger. A man who genuinely cares for the people in this galaxy, for the people he loves.”

Back when this fic was just an idea, I was bouncing ideas off my friend and she suggested a part about Obi-Wan discussing the pressure he feels in his position as a general and like a hundred other jobs. I loved it, and it morphed into THIS.

I’m not saying Cody’s simping, but Cody’s simping.

The storm in Obi-Wan’s eyes calmed. “That’s rather poetic of you.”

Cody’s cheeks reddened. “Ah…you left your datapad open once. You were reading poetry when you fell asleep. It…caught my eye.”

Obi-Wan laughed. “I’m glad someone else enjoys a good poem. You know, poetry should be read aloud. Perhaps I should read some sometime, to you and the others.”

Cody smiled. “That would be nice.”

LISTEN!! OBI-WAN READS POETRY!!! He’s such a poetry kind of guy HONESTLY

As Obi-Wan’s gentle voice lifted into the night air, many of the troopers huddled together to sleep under shared blankets on what patches of dry ground they could find. His voice carried across the camp. Hundreds of hearts beat in unison as the words filled their heads and peace flooded their veins.

Cody fell asleep with his cheek resting on Obi-Wan’s tousled hair, lulled by hushed lines of poetry in a Coruscanti accent. Obi-Wan drifted off not long after, his head on Cody’s shoulder, their fingers still entwined.


Also I wrote that last paragraph before I wrote most of this fic so like I was leading up to this the whole time… they deserve the hugs <3

THIS WAS REALLY LONG OOPS anyway those are my thoughts :)

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Ahsoka: Why wouldn’t Obi-Wan invite us to his party?

Anakin: He thinks we’re gonna embarrass him in front of Satine, which, frankly, is insulting! *stands up quickly and knocks over a bowl* Aww man, all the orange soda spilled out of my cereal.

Captain Rex: *facepalms in background*

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Hahaha not surprised, no ;) so you’ve heard this idea from me before, here’s a little rift on it


The coldness Obi-Wan felt had nothing to do with the weather. He had watched Death Watch stalk through the corridors of the facility he was only just becoming familiar with, watched them execute trainer and scientist alike for not showing enough subservience, the loss of each blinking light of life like a blow to Obi-Wan himself.

He’d done this.

All the healing and recovery he’d thought he had managed over the years had shriveled and died when a door opened and he was introduced to Jango Fett. The false Mand'alor. The enemy, his deep-suppressed conditioning told him.

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I don’t know why this ended up being the first one I got an idea for, but, here we are lol


Jaster’s cape flapped behind him in the chill wind, against the white of the snow surrounding them, Obi-Wan thought of how he looked like a propaganda poster come to life. The Mand'alor Triumphant.

At that angle, Obi-Wan couldn’t even see the bodies around them, the soot and blood, and other things, soiling the trampled snow at most of their feet.

“If we had met sooner, I wouldn’t have to do this now.” Jaster’s tone made a strong showing of regret, though in the Force there was nothing but the slow fading giddiness of battle and victory. “If you had forsworn the False Mand'alor, you would have been welcomed among the Faithful.”

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So. I’m on an episode where there’s a suspected traitor amongst the Clones. This is in their barracks. I just…

Then you have Chopper who is clearly having trouble with his mental health after battle. Poor guy, I want to hug him. He needs to talk someone and have a long break.

Obi-Wan and Ventress flirting is something. Like y’all need to just get married already.

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another sequel to @obiwanobi’s ex-sith anakin au (here and here), and at this rate… yea. yea we’re gonna have to archive this on ao3 (soon)

anyway here’s 2.8k words of tonal inconsistency

et si les étoiles sont cachées

Obi-Wan barely sleeps a wink through the night. His mind turns and whirls as he battles between second-guessing his decisions regarding the former Sith sleeping in his bed and planning on what to do going forward. Anakin knows how to cloak his own signature well enough, that much Obi-Wan can observe, but he will not stand a chance if Masters such as Yoda or Windu search his presence. And then there is the matter of the elusive Darth Sidious’ death, as well - Obi-Wan can only assume that it would be classified information on the Confederacy side, but even then, the Force only knows what kind of hell would break loose once his body is discovered. It doesn’t help that he could barely pull his hand out of Anakin’s without him frowning in his sleep and stirring. He simply has to stay put, with Anakin’s very likely feverish body pressed up against his side in a bed that is only snugly enough for two.

In meditating all of those scenarios, he forgets to account for the hell that breaks loose in his own quarters upon the return of his apprentice.

“Master, what were you thinking?” Ahsoka hisses, eyes darting from him to the closed door of his bedroom, from where the sound of Anakin’s pacing is obvious. Her hand is still clutching one of her lightsabers, alert.

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AU where Obi-Wan has full Beskar’gam left over from the Mandalore mission when he was 16 that still fits, let’s say from some Trey Mandalorians he met, and the first time he rocks up at a battle everyone loses it.

Alternatively he doesn’t wear it because he feels it’s wrong for him to wear True Mandalorian armour when the Republic and subsequently the Jedi back the New Mandalorians and it would be seen as a conflict of interest.

Then someone find out he has it and they freak because like, you’re being shot at. You have the best armour in the galaxy. Wear it!

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Obi Wan takes on various hobbies but never finishes them. There isn’t a reason why he never does actually yes anakin But if you go through his storage closet theres half used candle making kits, paint brushes, partially knitted sweaters, star cruiser ships in a bottle only halfway put together, and a “Learn to play the Ukulele in 5 days” booklet 

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Ahsoka and her two dads masters

I wanted to draw the Clone Wars Trio in the Jedi armor. I feel like I don’t draw these three together enough.

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So, I might’ve made a modern AU…

The idea is to begin it from highschool/college, and then see how things evolve from then.

A few notes: this AU is more of a self-indulgent thing and is heavily inspired from my experience as an italian, so if some things might not make sense, that’s why. And now to the actual charaters:

1) Anakin he/him (third highschool year): I had to go with his dumb teenage haircut, but don’t worry, he’ll grow it ouy

Ahsoka she/her (second highschool year): I gave her vitiligo so she can still have her tattoos in a way. Also she’s trans in this AU but hasn’t started the hormonal therapy yet

Obi-Wan he/him (fifth highschool year): he’s trans and has just started hormonal therapy, that’s why his beard is pretty scarce now. Also glasses cause he looks good in them.

2) Padmé she/her (fifth highschool year): the coolest gal in the block. In a relationship with Anakin and Rex.

Rex he/him (fifth highschool year): the one most obsessed with sport of the group, which can be seen in the way he dresses. He’s not a natural blonde in this AU.

Cody he/him (maybe he/they I’m still pondering about that) (fifth highschool year): yes, he has an earring in this AU. The gayest of the gays. He, Rex and Wolffe are a triplet. He has the scar too that he accidentally got while fighting with Wolffe when they were kids.

3) Maul he/they (fifth highschool year): he wasn’t allowed to grow his hair out before so he’s doing it now as a form of rebellion. They’ve just started getting the first of a series of facial tattoos that will make him look more like his canon counterpart

Savage he/him (third highschool year): don’t let his appearence fool you he’s a sweetheart.

Feral he/him (first highschool year): the only normie of the family. Maybe once he grows up he’ll join them…

4) Wolffe he/him (fifth highschool year): scruffy Wolffe for the win. He’s lost his eyes in a fight against Pre Vizsla and his gang of fools.

5) Plo he/him (first college year): his eyes are too sensitive to the light so he covers them with sunglesses, also wears a mask ‘cause he gets sick often. Tired college student look.

6) Kit they/them (first college year): he’s wearing a shirt only because he has to. Also he’s keeps going for the socks + sandals combo despite how cursed it is.

I have a bunch of fics planned for this AU as well, nothing too big just a bunch of one-shots, and I also plan to draw other designs, so stay tuned for me!

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As you know, jetpacks are often hard to get used to if you have never worn one before. Obi-Wan was able to use his easily because he had lots of experience and was very strong with the force. On the other hand, it took Ezra Bridger a lot longer to get adjusted to using one. Since Grogu is now being trained by Luke, he would tell Luke about Mandalorian jetpacks. Then Luke would decide to teach all of his students how to use them in case they would ever have to use one.

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