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haylienau · 25 minutes ago
Not Like You ~ Tech
Tumblr media
Warnings: cursing, slight abusive.
You handed him an object, you think it was a shifting spanner, but in all honestly, you had no idea what it was. All he said was: ‘That one. No, not that one, that one. Ugh, never mind, I’ll do it myself.’ You were never one for tools or any of the sort Tech was, which made you feel a bit upset when he would get frustrated with you. Lately you had been feeling as if you were getting closer and closer to that edge, and soon enough you’d tip and run off crying. You were more sensitive than others, that for you was both a positive and a negative.
“Can you pass me the dogleg reamer.” Tech said, it wasn’t a question this time and you can tell he was just as frustrated as he was the previous times. You turned and glanced at the tools in front of you. “Hurry Y/N, we need to get off this planet. The core is unstable and we could collapse in at any minute.” Tech said with a rush.
You frowned and looked at the tools again, hoping one would stand out more than the others. You prayed you’d pick the right one this time. ‘Absolutely Tech, because I know which one that is.’ You muttered angrily in your mind.
“Y/N.” Tech said sternly and you picked up the first tool that was there and handed it to him. Tech looked at the tool then you and frowned angrily. “Move!” He shouted and shoved you out the way before doing it himself.
You blinked several times at him, Tech had never once yelled or shoved you before. That tipping point finally came and you felt your sight blur with tears.
“Next time get Echo to help you if I’m such a burden to you!” You yelled back, louder than you have ever and Tech stopped what he was doing and rolled out from under the ship and looked at you. He was about to speak before you interrupted, “forget Tech! Don’t bother looking for me!”
You turned on your heels then and bolted off into the darkness of the forest around you. With tears in your eyes, you kept running. You heard shouting from Tech, but paid him no mind as you kept running off into the darkness. It swallowed you whole and soon you didn’t know which direction took you back.
Then you realised… “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” You cursed, banging your head with your fist. The planet was so close to collapsing and you had run off where you didn’t know. “Shit.” You mumbled as you spun and started walking in the direction you thought you had came from.
Instead of making it back to the ship, you made it to a waterfall. It was beautiful, and for the moment, you forgot the worries of the planet collapsing and sat yourself down on the rock, feet dangling from the edge.
You sighed, perhaps they were better off without you. You didn’t have any special abilities; except maybe running your mouth occasionally. You wiped away the tears falling from your eyes and hugged your knees. Yes, they were definitely better off without you.
You heard sounds in the distance of the ship and spun around, the engine roaring to life. “Are they leaving without me?” You whispered to yourself. Suddenly, another wave of tears came then; yes, they may be better off without you, but you didn’t want them to leave you here alone.
You went running then, jumping over the logs you could barely see in the dark and ducking under branches. You tripped then, landing to the floor with a thud. You cried out, looking down at your trapped foot and winced. You definitely hurt it.
Suddenly, the ground shook hard and you gasped as you heard the floor beneath you begin to crumble. Forgetting the pain in your leg, you began to try and tug your leg free but it wouldn’t budge. Whatever was keeping your leg there was tough. The restraint around your leg began to move then and realised that something was actually keeping you there.
The creature which was holding you in place growled and you gasped and tried to kick it off. You regretted running off, now more then before because you didn’t have any weapons with you.
“Get off me!” You yelled, kicked the beast, but that didn’t stop it as it began to crawl up your body. Suddenly, a blaster shot it between the eyes and it landed on you heavily. You grunted and twisted your head to see Hunter and Crosshair a few feet away from you. “Help me!” You cried and they rushed to you and pulled the creature off and helped you to your feet.
“Can you walk?” Hunter asked and you tried to put pressure on your foot but you winced as pain shot up your leg. You bit your lip and shook your head. “That’s okay. Crosshair and I will help you back to the ship, but we need to hurry. The planet could collapse at any second.” At that, the ground shook again, but more violently and Hunter and Crosshair began to help you back to the ship.
“Get ready to go!” Crosshair yelled as you guys made your way through the forest and back to the ship. Wrecker and Echo, who were both waiting at the doors, ran inside and helped you in. Tech went to rush over, but Echo put his arm out and told him to take off.
Wrecker helped you to a seat and crouched down to be eye-level to you. “Are you okay, Y/N?” He asked as he saw your flushed and wet cheeks. You sniffed and wiped your eyes and nodded. Wrecker stood up and patted your shoulder before walking off.
Hunter came over as the doors closed and the ship began to take off. He reached for your leg and began to gently rotate your foot. You winced and cried from both the pain and how you had been pushed over the edge. “Nothing seems to be broken, Tech can wrap your foot up in a compression bandage-“
“No! I- I mean… can you do it?” Hunter looked over at Tech who was looking at you both and he looked down almost in regret before turning his chair around again to focus on flying.
You heard a loud bang and looked out the small window to see the planet had completed exploded. Tech quickly pulled the ship into hyperspace to avoid anything hitting the ship.
“Okay, I’ll try my best.” Hunter said and went over to the medical bag. You caught a glimpse of Crosshair looking at you, and unlike most of the time, he wasn’t glaring.
You felt the seat beside you shift and Crosshair sat beside you. “Why do you want Hunter to do that?” He asked and you sighed and felt as if you were about to cry again, but you managed to hold yourself back.
“It’s nothing.” You whispered.
“So nothing is when Tech shoves you away and yells at you?” You looked at Crosshair with wide eyes and he smirks at you, “I got good eyesight. Have you forgotten already?”
“Well no, I just didn’t think anyone was around.” You mumbled.
“You’ll be surprised how much I know about you both. I know it’s not the first time he’s been frustrated at you for this same reason.” He went on explaining.
You rolled your eyes, “tell me something I don’t know.”
“Okay. Tech went to run after you when you left but Hunter managed to get him to fix the ship and took me to look for you. He was worried sick.”
“Well it doesn’t seem like it to me.” You mumbled and looked towards the cockpit to see Tech hadn’t moved from his seat.
Crosshair stood up and put a hand on your shoulder comfortingly. “You’ll be surprised.” He walked off then.
Hunter came back with the bandages not long after and wrapped your foot up. You thanked him and leaned back in the seat and closed your eyes.
“Is she okay?” You heard Tech ask Hunter worryingly. “I- I don’t know what came over me.” He added then.
“Look it all gets the better of us, but look at it from her view. You’ve never sat her down and told her what tools are what, she doesn’t know what tools are what or what they’re used for. All you’re doing is telling her it’s not that one then proceed to do it yourself. She’s never going to learn. She doesn’t have an enhanced mind like yours Tech, she needs time to learn it all unlike you.” Hunter told him.
There was a few moments of silence, “I’ll teach her then… if she’ll let me after all this.”
“I’m sure she will Tech, just give her time.” Hunter encouraged.
You heard a few footsteps your way then before Tech spoke up. “Hunter?” There was a moment of silence as you presumed Hunter turned to look at Tech, “what if she doesn’t want to be with me after this?” There was real worry in his voice and it sounded as if he was going to cry.
“Just give her time Tech. Don’t rush her.” Hunter walked off then and you opened your eyes as Hunter walked passed you. Hunter turned to look at you and smiled slightly before disappearing into a room. He knew you were awake the whole time.
You sat up quietly then, taking a breath before you turned to see where Tech was. You gasped when you saw he was standing right beside you. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said hurriedly and you nodded. “May I sit beside you? You can say no if you want, I mean… I understand if you say no after what-“
“It’s okay Tech, you can sit.” You said and Tech sat down cautiously.
“Are you feeling better?” He asked you and you shrugged. Your foot was throbbing in pain. “May I have a look at your bandages?” You nodded your head and Tech kneeled down in front of you and lifted your foot into his lap. He was gentle as he looked at the bandages, “Hunter didn’t do any of this right. The compression bandage is meant to tilt your foot at a 45 degree angle to relieve the pressure on your foot and ankle. In doing that, the chances of the healing time is dramatically reduced and chances of your foot healing properly are higher.” You stared at him in awe as he spoke and he looked at you and stopped talking. “What’s the matter?”
You blinked and snapped out of your trance and smiled. “Nothing, I just like hearing you ramble.”
Tech was surprised, “you do?” You hummed and leaned back and closed your eyes. “Well, thank you. I- um- I’m going to do this properly for you.”
Tech quickly fixed the bandage and stood up and you opened your eyes. “Thank you Tech.”
“Not a problem.” He said and looked down at you before turning to the cockpit.
“Tech?” You asked, a frown on your face now.
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Because of what I did.”
Tech looked down at the floor, “that wasn’t your fault, but mine.”
“But I ran off.” You said.
“Because of me.” Tech said and sat down beside you again. “If I hadn’t been so harsh to you then this wouldn’t have happened. So I’m sorry.”
You stayed silent and grabbed Tech’s hands. You wanted to just be close to him in any way you could. “I just feel like I’m not good enough for any of you. I mean look at me, I’m just a normal person with no enhanced abilities, why do you guys still want me around?”
Tech was quiet, like he was thinking. “Because I wanted you around. I spoke to Hunter after I first met you and begged him to help you get out of that club.”
You thought back to when you were working for a crime lord at a club, you were classed as the crime lords property and kept on a leash for his entertainment. You were basically his slave and did everything he asked or you were killed on the spot. Hunter and his crew came in one night and needed to eat and drink and you were serving that night and came across Tech who was struck by your beauty. He noticed how mistreated you were and begged Hunter to help him to help you escape. The crime lord was so busy being drunk he didn’t even notice you were gone.
“So you… wanted me to come with you guys?” You asked and entangled your fingers together. Tech’s hands were so much bigger than yours that you always enjoyed playing with them.
“Well, at the time yes. But now the rest of us have grown to love you. We’d do anything for you.” Tech smiled and squeezed your hand.
You smiled up at him and rested your head on his shoulder. You felt him kiss your head and lean back on the chair, bringing your leg up to throw over his to relieve some more pressure on your foot. Soon enough, you felt yourself drift off into a peaceful slumber.
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mysty-swirl · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here we have some Obi-Wan sketches with references done with biro!
Sorry for not posting!! But you can see I love Obi a heck of a lot
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neekid · 2 hours ago
The best thing that has ever happened to me was when I was watching Attack of the Clones for the first time ever (like 6 months ago) and when Anakin says "we came to rescue you" I said out loud "good job," moments before Obi Wan says that exact thing in the movie and I will never feel that cool again in my life.
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ahsoookaa · 3 hours ago
Ahsoka Tano Is Bad For Your Health
"Check again," Anakin demanded.
"Sir, I've checked her blood twice. This is Ahsoka Tano," Kix said, looking slightly irritated.
"Then why did she bite me?" Obi-Wan looked annoyed.
"Instinct?" Ahsoka offered up. They turned towards her. "She probably felt threatened. Plus she was yelling about Sith right?"
"She’s not you. She’s an imposter or something. It isn't possible for her to be you," Anakin said and Ahsoka sighed.
"Time travel through the Force isn't… unheard of," Obi-Wan said hesitantly. "But it's just myths."
"Clearly not," Ahsoka pointed out, gesturing to Fulcrum.
"Time travel? That's crazy," Anakin said.
"She appeared out of thin air and landed on you," Ahsoka said, before a smile started breaking out on her face. "Oh… oh my god… she- she landed on you- I-" she started laughing as she realized exactly who had landed on Anakin.
"This isn't time travel," Anakin denied.
"He's right. It's not," Fulcrum had awoken. "This is a Sith illusion."
"Ahsoka," Obi-Wan made to move towards her, then remembering what happened last time, decided against that.
"My name is Fulcrum," Fulcrum repeated. "And I won't tell you anything."
"This isn't a Sith trick or illusion," Obi-Wan said.
"Yeah? I have a feeling you can't prove it," Fulcrum did admittedly share some behavior with Ahsoka, but it all seemed… meaner. Her words clearly meant to defend herself, rather than get a laugh.
"Well, assuming you'd rather not open yourself up to the Force-" 
Fulcrum let out a bitter laugh. "Yeah, that's not happening."
"Well, then I can only tell you what I know about you," Obi-Wan said and Fulcrum sighed, motioning for him to go ahead.
"You are Ahsoka Tano. Master Plo Koon brought you to the Temple when you were 4 years old, but before that, you were nearly enslaved as your village didn't realize the man trying to take you was an impostor," Obi-Wan said, as gently as he could, figuring neither Ahsoka would like to be remind of that.
Ahsoka and Fulcrum both reeled back in surprise, proving his point.
"How did you-"
"Master Koon mentioned it when you were a child. It was a concern," Obi-Wan said to Ahsoka, who nodded a bit hesitantly. "Do I need to go on?"
"H-how did you… how?" Fulcrum looked… angry. "You… have you accessed some of my memories already? Why are you keeping up this illusion? I'm not gonna believe it!"
"Why not? The Force works in mysterious ways," Obi-Wan said and Fulcrum opened her mouth as if to answer, but finally just shook her head, collapsing back onto the bed.
"Just… go."
"I can tell you more-"
"No!" Fulcrum yelled. "I don't want you to tell me more!"
"You don't want this to be real?" Obi-Wan questioned and Fulcrum scoffed.
"What are you, my therapist?" Fulcrum rolled her eyes. "Go away."
"Sir," Kix interrupted, before Obi-Wan could start up another discussion. "Don't start arguments in my med-bay."
"Right," Obi-Wan said. "I should inform the Council of this anyway, they'll want to know."
"The Council?" Fulcrum didn't look angry anymore. She just looked sad.
"Yes," Obi-Wan nodded. "Time travel is practically unheard of, they'll want to know."
"We're on our way to the temple?" Fulcrum asked and Obi-Wan nodded. Fulcrum sighed, closing her eyes. Obi-Wan looked at her, an unreadable expression on his face, before he walked out. 
"I'm gonna… go be… anywhere else," Ahsoka walked out quickly. Kix sighed, walking out with his datapad.
"So, you're really…" Anakin trailed off, taking in her appearance. This was… this was Ahsoka. Why did she look so sad?
"Yes," Fulcrum agreed. "I'm… sorry I landed on you."
"Oh that's fine. I might get you a warning label though. Not 2 hours and you've injured both me and Obi-Wan," Anakin joked.
Fulcrum smiled. "Yeah? What'll the label say?"
"Exposure to Ahsoka Tano is very bad for your health?" Anakin offered and Fulcrum let out a short laugh.
"That works," Fulcrum said, as she stared ahead.
"Ahsoka. Why won't you look at me?" Anakin asked and Fulcrum sighed.
"I- I can't Anakin. It's too hard. It's… it's too hard," Fulcrum shook her head. "Don't. Don't ask me why. I don't think I'm ready to tell that story yet."
"What happened to you Ahsoka?" Anakin said softly.
Fulcrum turned to look him in the eyes and he almost wished she hadn't. She looked tired, and sad. He could feel the pain she felt, although he was pretty sure she wasn't projecting on purpose.
He never wanted Ahsoka to feel pain like that. He wanted to protect her. He tried. Apparently it wasn't enough.
"A lot," Fulcrum stated, as if that could explain for the pain he saw. 
"That seems like an understatement," Anakin said, giving her a look.
"It is."
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marshmallowsweetheart · 4 hours ago
any fix it fic HAS to include dooku and obi-wan bonding over being the only people in their lineage who aren't literal rat people
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pandalandalopalis · 4 hours ago
if i had a nickel for every time ewan mcgregor played a character that fell in love with a woman named satine who ended up dying i’d have two nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice
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butivvvves · 4 hours ago
The way I'll mention that I have trauma randomly at 3 am then everyone else in the group chat is like same then we just start listing our mental illnesses and neurodivergencys
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ahsoookaa · 5 hours ago
Ahsoka Tano Is Very Bad For Your Health
Anakin wasn't sure why he was in the med-bay. And he knew from experience that was never good.
"Sir?" Kix walked over. "You're awake."
"Yeah, uh… what happened?" Anakin asked, and Kix sighed.
"Well, someone fell on you," Kix said slowly and Anakin looked confused.
"What?" Anakin said in confusion.
"Someone… appeared, right above you. Gave you a pretty bad concussion," Kix said. "She’s uh, right over there." He pointed at a bed which held an adult togruta woman. She actually reminded Anakin of Ahsoka.
"I must be concussed because I'm pretty sure you said she appeared above me and I'm pretty sure that's not possible," Anakin said and Kix shrugged.
"I assumed it was a Jedi thing sir. She had lightsabers," Kix said. Anakin looked confused, sitting up to get a better look at the woman. 
He didn't have much of a chance to look at her as Obi-Wan and Ahsoka walked in. Kix decided to go check the woman over, leaving Anakin to talk to them.
"I'm starting to wonder if you are an actual walking hazard. Actually, no, I don't have to wonder, you clearly are," Obi-Wan said without preamble. 
"What?" Anakin said in confusion.
"Uh, you managed to get a concussion without even being in a fight," Ahsoka pointed out.
"Wouldn't that make her the walking hazard?" Anakin pointed at the woman, and Kix looked up.
"Actually that doesn't seem far off," Kix said and they looked at him in confusion. He elaborated. "She's got a lot of old wounds. Lightsaber scars. Uh…" Kix looks confused as he looks at her scans. 
"What is it Kix?" Obi-Wan asked.
"We got a match in the system. She's a 100% biological match for… Ahsoka Tano," Kix said.
"That's impossible," Anakin protested. "Ahsoka is right here. Not… in her 20's."
"Aww, you really think I'm in my 20's? That's sweet," the woman… the imposter… stirred. "Where am I?" 
At first she had seemed… almost playful, although tired. Now she seemed to realise she didn't know where she was, and was closing herself off.
Anakin told himself that meant it couldn't be Ahsoka. Ahsoka knew what the med-bay looked like.
"Where am I?" She repeated harshly, dropping any playfulness she had shown before.
"Relax. You're on the Resolute," Obi-Wan said, and the woman just cemented the idea she was an imposter, as she became more tense.
"That's impossible," the woman said, and Anakin scoffed.
"And why is that?" Anakin asked, not trying to sound kind like Obi-Wan did. Someone was trying to… he wasn't sure yet exactly but he was mad. Plus, she gave him a concussion.
The woman reared back in shock as she saw him, absolute horror on her face. 
"Vader." She said softly, looking around.
"What?" Anakin said in confusion.
"If you could give us your name, that would be a big help, I'm afraid there must have been a mix up in our systems," Obi-Wan was continuing to try to be diplomatic.
"Fulcrum," She snapped at him, none too pleased. "Now where am I really?"
"You're on the Resolute like he said. Why do you look like me? Why did you come up as me in the system? Are you me?" Ahsoka finally spoke up, startling the woman who apparently hadn't noticed Ahsoka before.
Honestly, Ahsoka was pretty small and this woman was tall.
"I'm not you," Fulcrum said as she looked around, as if she were going to… do something. Attack them maybe? 
"If we could all calm down and hopefully figure out what's going on-" Obi-Wan had been trying to step toward Fulcrum, maybe in an attempt to calm her, but she… did not see it that way, because a moment later she had bitten him, causing him to yell in surprise, as no one had been expecting her to do that.
"What in the-"
Kix rushed forward injecting Fulcrum with some sort of sedative, causing her to let go of Obi-Wan's arm, and fall backwards.
"This is a trick!" She screamed. "I know it is! Just come face me instead of hiding behind your Sith tricks like a coward!" With that last bit of insane screaming, she passed out.
"Ow!" Obi-Wan held his arm close, checking over the damage.
Kix set the woman back on the bed she had been resting in and walked over to Obi-Wan. "Yeah, Togruta's have nasty bites. Her fangs may have done some damage, let me check that out."
"Togruta's have fangs?" Anakin said. He turned to Ahsoka. "Do you have fangs?"
Ahsoka simply grinned, showing off her tiny fangs.
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maeve-on-mustafar · 5 hours ago
AU where there is no war, but Anakin's been recently Knighted and is now being sent out on all of these honeypot types of missions where he has to dress up in sexy outfits and try to/actually go though with seducing marks, and Obi-Wan ends up tagging along to "protect" Anakin but actually quietly pine and seethe for him until the point where he has to leap in to rescue and then finally make his feelings known.
But just. Obi-Wan silently dying inside when freshly Knight nineteen-year-old Anakin is sashaying around in incredibly skimpy clothes and trying to pretend he's not jealous when other guys are putting their hands all over him.
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star-wars-comics · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Star Wars: A New Hope #1 (1997)
written by Bruce Jones art by Eduardo Barreto, Al Williamson, & James Sinclair
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phoenixyfriend · 6 hours ago
Consider: Obitine Bodyswap
OR: Obi-Wan, Satine, Cody bodyswap
I'm torn between a normal swap in the first case and a Satine Now Has The Force, Cody Now Has Mandalore, and Obi-Wan Now Has A Completely Different Form Of Brainweird (why is thinking so...?)
Either way, Satine switches into Obi-Wan's body mid-battle and has to FEEL the clones dying around her... like she wants to hold to her principles and not fight but part of her is just sensing every death around her, completely uncontrolled force waves hitting her because she doesn't know how to shield, and the enemy is just subsentient droids so--so--
Can you imagine how awful that would be? Also, like, in either case Obi-Wan is finding himself completely unable to access the Force and it's the worst because this is another sense to him and suddenly he's just... completely unable to feel the lives around him. This lifelong comfort just... gone.
If we include Cody, then the brainweird is partly the chip, and partly Cody has the brainweird of "brain literally rewired itself in response to conditioning (and also rapid aging bullshit)." Cody's PTSD is going to be very different from Obi-Wan's PTSD and their brains reflect that!
At minimum, there's a deeply ingrained instinct to follow orders, so whenever hes told to do something he just does before actually registering the request? Not very dangerous for multi-step orders, but he'll like. be told to stop and just freeze? - @the-lunar-system
I want to think that the chip isn't like. Noticeable? But if you aren't used to it then you don't notice that it's making you More Prone To Following Orders Than You Should Be. Like maybe part of the chip actually IS doing the anti-aggression thing, and the clones are used to compensating for it, but Obi-Wan... isn't.. If it's possible that it's doing SOMETHING, I want it to be just enough to give Obi-Wan a slowly mounting anxiety attack.
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emwollner · 6 hours ago
Working with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s grand padawan was…different. He had heard a lot about Skywalker and Kenobi as a team through many forms – propaganda, gossip, billboards, reports, victories, losses, campaigns. They were a popular topic. They seemed to pull off some of the most insane mission parameters and come out alive from fighting varying horrifying villains and Separatists, darksiders and Sith.
Feemor quickly figured out Ahsoka was quite a bit like Anakin Skywalker. Which sounded awful, now, knowing what he had done and what he had become, but he had meant it in a better way. At least, nothing that extreme. She was fast paced and protective with a strong sense of justice and a decent moral compass. She didn’t seem to understand some of the intricacies of governments, politics and the war effort, she cared about the people. She seemed to go back and forth between cynicism and belief in people. It was an interesting combination.
He wondered if Obi-Wan could help her smooth out some of those more high-strung tendencies.
Then again, Feemor didn’t really know Obi-Wan very well either.
Feemor and Ahsoka spent most of the evacuation helping groups of people and shuttling themselves back and forth with supplies. A few recovering 501st and a of couple Coruscant Guard had joined them on one of the trips. They had lost Rex quickly into the evacuation, before even their first trip back to Ahsoka’s ship. Luckily Feemor had spotted what had happened with him and had to quickly explain to a near panicking Ahsoka that he had simply helped a padawan carry a trooper to the medical bay for surgery when she noticed his absence. He was probably still there.
“Are you going to take a shuttle to Obi-Wan’s venator?” Feemor asked quietly. It was their first trip back to the 332nd venator, their shuttle piled full of supplies, clothes and other resources. A few soldiers came along with them, although huddled in the back with one another. Some of them were a little too scared to be hanging around Jedi at this point. It wouldn’t be long before everyone was packed onto the ships of Obi-Wan’s forces, ready to flee away from their brainwashed friends and the Sith wanting them dead for no other reason than existing.
“I want to,” Ahsoka replied after a hesitation. She didn’t look at him. She was piloting, Feemor had gotten the impression she wouldn’t have led him pilot, even if he had tried. “I want to see him. I want him to tell me everything is going to be okay. I have so many questions. I want him to have the answers,” she paused and glanced down. “I know he won’t.”
Feemor didn’t reply, just kept his eyes on her, soft and understanding. What did one say to that?
Ahsoka just looked up into the stars once again, determined driven into her expression. “But I should stay with the 332nd. They have been burned enough by the jedi.”
He wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, as it seemed that the 332nd, although betrayed by Skywalker by brainwashing their brothers, had been, at the very least, kept away from that horrible end. Skywalker was only one jedi. What other jedi could they have been burned by?
“Will you?” her voice was quiet and a bit sudden after the stretched silence.
“Maybe,” Feemor shrugged. “Even if I don’t the first time, it isn’t a long trip to Kamino. I need to talk to him, at some point, but I don’t think there will be a good time any moment soon,” he admitted.
The young togruta glanced at him. “You haven’t taken the moment in, what? Thirty years? You never know when you will lose the chance forever. Do it quickly, Master. Before it is too late and one of you is gone.”
Rex jogged up to them and silently helped pack up their shuttle. He hadn’t said a word until Feemor had tried to strike up a conversation on the ride over to the 332ndship but Rex kept his answers to a bare minimum, mostly one-word answers. His hands were nearly shaking.
“I saw General Kenobi,” Rex barely muttered out while in the cockpit with Ahsoka and Feemor. The latter figured he was probably talking with her. “He seemed mostly uninjured. It was a little hard to tell because his robes were so dirty. He was wearing his old armor.”
It was the most Feemor had heard Rex speak at that point.
“Is that so. What did you talk about?” Ahsoka’s voice was almost disconnected, like she was talking through a machine. She didn’t sound interested even though Feemor was fairly certain she was.
She didn’t meet his eyes but that didn’t stop the captain from staring at her. He chose his words carefully. “Feelings, mostly.”
“Did you talk about… you know…”
Rex paused and looked away. “Some. You should probably talk about it with him yourself. I think it would do both of you some good.”
Feemor suspected they could make one more trip after this before the evacuation was complete. The end of the conversation was clear.
They had done several trips back and forth but this last one, was alone with only supplies in their cargo bay. They had brought up a few clones but not many, most had wanted to stay with the rest of the 501st, many of which still recovering from short surgeries.
He didn’t know how the conversation came up, but he knew why. Ahsoka cared a lot about the clones, especially those under her command. It hurt her, he imagined, watching the ones she worked personally with be brainwashed by her former master. Perhaps it was that reason that she latched onto them instead of the betrayal of her old master. Feemor had his only issues with his teacher, but they paled in comparison to hers. His master just threw him away and got himself killed by a Sith. Hers became one.
She talked, rather ranted, about the unfairness of what was happening with her friends. With Commander Appo and all of the other 501st members that she cared so much about. She talked about the blindness and cowardice of the jedi, just leaving and abandoning them to the fate of a droid, to be used by the Empire for whatever means.
Feemor tried to gently remind her that the jedi were trying to save the helpless and their children. That the jedi do not currently have the numbers or the resources or a plan to rescue them all at this time.
“The jedi will come back for them,” he promised at the end, quiet and gentle. He knew it to be true, the Jedi would come back for the clones, for anyone who needed them. It was a part of their identity, to help those who couldn’t help themselves. But it was even more poignant for the clones, he knew. The Jedi would itch to help them, unwilling to leave their friends to such a fate.
“They didn’t for me.”
Her voice was strained and angry but so quiet, Feemor nearly doesn’t hear her. He understands abandonment. His own master had repudiated for something that not only wasn’t Feemor’s fault, but also something he never had any control over. It never had anything to do with him specifically, it was Xanatos who had ruined it all. And Qui-Gon’s love for Xanatos had just torn the older master apart even more.
He did not remind her that the Jedi did ask her to return.
She was just upset and mixing her feelings, much like any teenager who had been wronged, would.
“They’re just trying to survive, Ahsoka,” Feemor replied, instead. “We cannot help the clones if we are all dead.”
Ahsoka had stopped talking and stared out at the venators they passed, peacefully and ignorantly sweeping the planet, orbiting in a protective barrier, waiting for an attack that would probably never come. Her gaze had settled on one, just a little out of the way, further than the others out in the open space before she turned the controls, sharply curving them towards the ship, instead of away from it.
“Ahsoka, what are you doing?” Feemor asked warily.
The teenager didn’t answer. Instead, she turned the ship even tighter and then straightened out towards the unfamiliar venator.
“Ahsoka!” he yelped. “That is not the ship we want!”
She continued to hold her silence and no matter what Feemor says or does, she continues to fly their shuttle right toward the docking area of the larger venator. She even used the Force to push him nearly out of the chair when he tried to stop her.
“You are going to get us killed,” he hissed. “I’m sure plenty, if not all, of the Coruscant Guards have had their chips activated!”
Swallowing hand, she slowed down, now far too close to turn back now, clicking in comm codes and landing on the outskirts of the bay with a heavy thunk. The Jedi master stared at her, eyes wide.
“We need to get out of here,” he tried again but the togruta female just stood, stone faced and determined. “The rest of the Jedi are going to be leaving soon and we need to be with the 332nd so we can keep up with them.”
“We are going to take this ship,” Ahsoka announced, her tone giving no room for debate. She stood up and grabbed her sabers, marching away. Feemor sighed, running his hands along his face. This was going to be something else.
The clones, so engrossed in their chip activation, had not even noticed the unscheduled landing of an unfamiliar shuttle.
It didn’t stop Feemor from hesitating when they snuck off the ship. As they snuck down the ramp, out of sight, he glanced around. A partially crashed into the wall was a Jedi Delta-7 Interceptor, complete with a dead jedi inside, the bubble that usually encased them in the cockpit broken apart in shards. Neither of them recognized her but she was easily identified as a jedi, even from a distance. She had been shot several times; her chest riddled with blaster shots. Her gorget armor piece had helped her survive, at least until she had got to her ship, but she hadn’t gotten any farther. The engine had been shot out. Feemor hoped she died on impact; he didn’t know if her killers would have had granted her a quick death from bleeding out.
Ahsoka snarled. Feemor looked and felt sick.
A couple of the nonclone natborn officers were laughing on the balcony. The hum and although dulling light were easily distinguishable and identifiable as a lightsaber, whirling and flying through the air. They had taken her lightsaber. They had taken it and were playing with it like it was some kind of toy.
“It’s not even that they don’t care,” Ahsoka choked out, nearly in tears. “They are happy,they are glad, we are being killed off.”
Feemor noticed her use of the term we. It continued.
“We are being killed and they are celebrating…they love that we are dying, leaving our bodies to rot without care, where we are cut down. Distracting us, our ways, playing with part of our souls like children while they murder our children.”
She just cried silently.
“Come on, Ahsoka. Let’s find a place to hide and make a plan.”
The two of them snuck through the halls, barely keeping out of sight of the clones. With nothing in their minds, it was easy to keep their attention away. They didn’t want to see anyone – they didn’t see anyone so using a brief signal in the Force to look away was easy to the both of them.
They hid in a few closets, taking down several key troopers throughout some of the ship during their way to the bridge, stripping them of weapons and communications and giving them heavy sleep suggestions. They would be out for hours at the very least. They had talked about a plan, to take the bridge and use the natborn officers to take over the ship. Lock them all in the bridge, including Feemor and Ahsoka, which would keep the clones out but still safe. The plan hadn’t gotten much further than that.
Nearing the bridge, Feemor had pulled Ahsoka into a supply closet as several officers had passed by. To their infinite luck, the officers had stopped nearby to speak to one another, forcing the two jedi to stay in the closet until they were done with their conversation and passed out of sight.
“Master Obi-Wan will like you,” Ahsoka declared, confidently. Her voice was hushed and subdued, but it did nothing to take away from the sentiment.
“You think so?” A welcome topic for Feemor, to be sure.
“I dragged you into something random and unexpected and dangerous. You tried to talk me out of it but then, eventually, just went with it and helped me,” Ahsoka explained. “Just trust me on this one.”
“I kind of prefer them this way,” one of the officers noted, watching as lines of clone troopers marched, perfect and silent, down the hall. “They don’t talk, pretending to be men. They just do what they are told.”
“Without complaint,” another snickered, giving one of the clones a shove. The man sprawled to the ground, helmet smashing into the floor. He just got up and kept walking again. No one had even flinched.
Both of the officers laughed.
Ahsoka nearly burst out from their hiding place around the corner, but Feemor held her back. They were close but they couldn’t give away their position yet. It would surely get them killed.
He pulled her away, towards the bridge. They were so close.
As they got nearer, Feemor and Ahsoka dipped into an empty room to prepare. “Three guards, all clones,” Feemor reported, taking a glance in the direction. He pulled back as Ahsoka’s lightsaber snapped in her hands, unignited.
“I’m faster,” Ahsoka noted. It was true of course, if only because she was so much younger than him, but he was rather amused at her assumption of his lack of speed. He wasn’t lacking, as he had noted to himself, the only thing she had on him in terms of that was youth. “You handle the guards with sleep suggestions, and I’ll start clearing a path in the bridge.”
Feemor actually found it a tad entertaining and a bit insulting as well that she had to clarify the sleep suggestion part, as if she thought he was going to purposefully murder a couple of brainwashed clones. “We need some of them alive, Ahsoka,” he shot back.
She turned to stare at him momentarily. “Yeah. Yeah. I know.”
Taking the bridge wasn’t difficult. They didn’t see it coming and were completely unprepared for an assault by two jedi. Ahsoka had taken out the communications officer first – all of the bridge had been quickly replaced with natborns, unsurprisingly – and had nearly taken off his limbs. In the end, it hadn’t mattered. He was dead.
A few of the officers did end up dead, mostly due to Feemor and Ahsoka reflecting blaster bolts back at them. The rest had surrendered fairly quickly. Upon ordering communications throughout the ship to be blocked, Ahsoka worked on the technology part of the controls of the ship, while Feemor cuffed and herded their hostages away from said controls.
“Alright,” Feemor smiled, something wicked and cold. “This is how things are going to go. We are the leaders on the ship now. You will stay here for the duration of your stay. You will not communicate with anyone – not that you could anyways – and if you somehow do, upon someone figuring out what has happened because of it, bad things will happen. You will not let any of the clones on the bridge or tell them that we are here. Do you understand the rules?”
Everyone was rather hesitant, shooting him horrible looks but they nodded.
“Fantastic. Then, we can move along,” he turned and walked towards Ahsoka, keeping a blatant eye on their prisoners.
“Ah, Ahsoka?” he questioned. “This was great and all but now we have at least hundreds of brainwashed clones aboard. What are we going to be doing with them?”
Ahsoka just shrugged. “For now, nothing.”
Ahsoka walked towards the holotable in the middle of the bridge, Feemor trailing behind her uncertainly. She clicked in a comm code and Feemor shifted uncomfortably on the other side of the table. He couldn’t believe they had taken the ship. Keeping it, that was going to be another story. He had no idea what she had in mind; what she was going to do with this entire ship full of brainwashed clones. It wasn’t like the two of them could just take them down or something.
Jesse and Echo, if Feemor remembered correctly, popped up on the table in the blue holoform. “Commander!” Echo greeted, easily. “We were expecting you back hours ago! Is everything okay?”
“Just fine, Echo,” Ahsoka nodded, seriously. “Any word on General Kenobi’s ships and the other Jedi around?”
“Leaving quite soon sir,” Jesse responded this time. “The last couple of ships have left the planet. They will be leaving for Kamino promptly. Rex said he is going to stay with the… with the rest of the 501st, Appo isn’t doing so well.”
“We actually suggested it,” Echo butted in. The look on their faces were pained and mournful. Jesse struggled to speak again but once he started, his voice got stronger.
“What about you, where are you?”
“When are you coming?”
Ahsoka paused and took a deep breath. Feemor watched, carefully. “You go on to Kamino without us, boys,” she started.
The other two began to protest, rather vehemently. “Never sir!”
“You really think we would leave without you?”
Ahsoka nearly let out a laugh but settled for a smirk. “Don’t worry. I will meet you on our next destination. Master Feemor and I…. well, we found ourselves another ride.
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