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kenobiis · a day ago
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Both were exceptional people, who bore an exceptional daughter.
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phantom-of-the-keurig · 11 hours ago
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The original draft of the Kenobi show heavily featured Cody and they were described as “bickering like an old married couple”
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Codywan gang, we lost
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gffa · 2 days ago
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hayden-christensen · 2 days ago
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OBI-WAN KENOBI May 27 - June 22, 2022 | dir. Deborah Chow
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larkistin · 2 days ago
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"What is that?"
Had a lot of fun painting one of my favourite ROTS scenes. ❤️
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ahhrenata · a day ago
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*glaring intensifies*
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films-successionskars · 2 days ago
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Ewan McGregor in the behind the scenes interviews of the Star Wars prequels and Obi-Wan Kenobi
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exlibrisastra · 2 days ago
something i really liked about the obi-wan series is the universal acknowledgement that obi-wan isn’t just a central figure by dint of being the main character of this show, of being tied to the skywalkers and organas, he’s a central figure because of his position within the jedi order.
“you were once a great jedi,” says nari, devastated that obi-wan won’t protect and help him. haja is shocked to learn not just that he’s a jedi but that he’s obi-wan. nobody except sidious (and reva) needs any reason for vader’s fixation on hunting down obi-wan kenobi - he’s obi-wan kenobi. master-in-waiting of the jedi order, third greatest master of the end of the jedi age after grand master yoda and master of the order mace windu, the master of soresu, jedi high general, leader of the third systems army.
obi-wan coming back into his own doesn’t just mean protecting people, or even regaining his way with words - coming back into his own means that in a room packed with other force-sensitive people, including multiple other jedi, he is the undisputed figure in command.
looking at the message wall on daiyu, he properly comprehends there are other jedi survivors. looking at the message wall on jabiim, he properly comprehends that he is their leader. he is a member of the high council, he is now (with mace likely dead) the master of the order, and his work for them isn’t over.
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journen · a day ago
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Gay rollerblading mustache codywan for pride month. @sunflowersinheaven is big brain, and came up not only with mustache Cody but modern au rollerblading mustache Cody and Obi-Wan. 🤣 Her drawings of this totally inspired me doing this piece. She had also posted her rollerblading Cody in tandem so go check it out. 😌
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mid-nighttiger · 2 days ago
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happy 1 week anniversary to this specific frame
[Image ID: Screenshot of Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi holding hands as they fight each other with lightsabers from Obi-Wan Kenobi /End ID]
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siennahrobek · 2 days ago
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gffa · 6 hours ago
Reading Beattie’s interview about the original storyling for the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, I have to say, I’m really glad we didn’t get that one.  It doesn’t sound like he actually understands Obi-Wan’s character (the whole thing about trying to make Luke kill Vader, when George Lucas has said from the beginning, no, they weren’t trying to make him kill Vader, but to prepare him that it was a possibility, that is a vital difference in Obi-Wan’s character) but also he likes “dead characters to stay dead” and the previous storyline was scrapped for being too bleak, which means you know they were going to kill Cody or something equally heinous.  I much prefer the hopeful story we got, the one that stuck to Lucas’ themes about the Force and the Jedi and Obi-Wan and Anakin’s relationship. It’s easy to imagine, oh, what we could have had! because we don’t see the details of it.  Like Duel of the Fates had some cool-sounding moments, until you actually read that script and it was all “um ACTUALLY light and dark together are the balance” when that’s against Lucas’ WHOLE POINT of the light being good and dark being bad, that you have to discipline yourself against the dark, and you know that whole “Finn is enslaved on Coruscant” storyline (fucking yikes). Any story sounds cool when you only see the broad strokes of it and I appreciate that finally someone wanted to actually use Cody in something, but the Obi-Wan Kenobi show we got actually holds up for me and I’m so, so happy that it was as brilliant as it was and centered on everything that was needed for Obi-Wan’s character.
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phantom-of-the-keurig · 10 hours ago
Me trying to rationalize how the news of Commander Cody’s cut role from the original Kenobi script means he could survive the bad batch season 2 and go on to feature in a new season of Kenobi and-
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yiliy · 2 days ago
Jedi Temple and Jedi Art
Inside, the Temple was no different. This was a place of contemplation, a place whose design invited the mind to wander and to explore, a place whose lines themselves asked for interpretation. Art was as much a part of what it was to be a Jedi Knight as was warrior training. Many of the Jedi, past and present, considered art to be a conscious link to the mysteries of the Force, and so the sculptures and portraits that lined every hall were more than mere replicas—they were artistic interpretations of the great Jedi they represented, saying in form alone what the depicted Masters might speak in words.
- The Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones novelization by R. A. Salvatore
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padmaemidala · 2 days ago
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Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)
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super-potter · 2 days ago
Chronological order of Star Wars movies and television episodes, 32 BBY to 35 ABY:
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nikolatexla · 2 days ago
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Doctor Who (2005-) | Tenth Doctor & The Master Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) | Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker
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hhhhalima · a day ago
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Both were exceptional people who bore an exceptional daughter 🤍
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transgavin · a day ago
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In a perfect world they are Coruscant’s IT couple
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meshlasolus · 2 days ago
House Of Memories (32/?)
Obi-Wan Kenobi x Padawan!reader
Warnings: just fluff nothing more-
Summary: Under the watchful eye of the council, you must figure out a way to revert your saber to its original glory, lest they find out and you be expelled.
A/n: okay guys i literally sobbed tonight bc i was listening to the peter pan soundtrack and fairy dance came on and this was all i could think of-
also y'all if you like the story, maybe consider buying me a coffee :)
Words: 1.9k
Tumblr media
"Focus, little one," his tentative whispers in your ear were not exactly helping you to achieve the desired state of mind while this process took place.
Sat in the center of a private training area, you closed your eyes, holding your crystal in your hand and trying to fix the mistake you had made.
"You are strong with the light, let it guide you."
He was knelt beside you, hoping to assist you in any way he could, but it seemed his presence was causing more difficulty then help. You tried again, much to your dismay, heaving another breath and moving towards a state of serenity in your mind, but then it wandered, into a place it should not be. Serenity for you did not just come as a feeling, but a familiar presence, brought by a person. Said person was breathing on your skin, and it caused you to lose whatever sense on control you almost had.
"I can't do it, Master."
"Don't say that, not when we both you that you can," he sat back on his heels, but placed a hand on your shoulder to assure you of what you knew to be true.
"What if it takes me more time? Maybe I'm just not ready," you rapidly stood up, hiding your crystal within the chamber of your hilt, before reassembling the pieces, and activating your once beautiful saber. You looked upon it with great shame, for what you had done to it was an act that showed the makings of something you were not. You were a Jedi, like your Master before you.
"Do not put off till tomorrow, what can be done today," he reminded you, a teaching he planted in your mind when you were very young, before he was your Master, even. It rang in your head every time he repeated it, and you understood that there were deeper meanings now than when he usually spoke it to you.
You shook your head and scoffed, gesturing for him to see the monstrosity you'd mad with your own anger.
"I should wait for life day, hang it up as a decoration," you joked, but he didn't seem to find it funny. He knew that you were ready to perform a crystal healing, but even if you weren't, it's not like you could wait days or even weeks to fix your mistake. The council would be watching you like a shriek-hawk, and if they sensed anything off in your signature, surely, they would expel you from the order.
He wanted to give you a small break, perhaps take you to the meditation gardens to relax, and bring about some new scenery. Your powers within the force were greater than you had a capacity of believing, and Obi-Wan knew this better than anyone you had ever come across.
He knew it was a foolish idea as soon as it entered his head, but he was, for lack of a better word, an addict at the moment. It was the newness, it was the fresh feelings that were nearly constantly nagging at the back of his mind, and everything you did that was not even noticeable to anyone else, but it made him crave you. He shouldn't voice this idea, it's a terrible idea, an absolutely-
"Come with me, my love," he held out his hand, willing you to join him, and you did with a smile at the name. He was in love with you, and he wanted you to know it every time he addressed you... of course the outside world would never be able to hear the way he called you, so his former go-to of little one would still be on his lips often.
With your saber now hung on your hip, you followed him through the busy halls of the Temple. The disconnection in your previously intertwined hands was only mildly irritating until you were both outside. To avoid busy streets and onlookers, you both took a hidden pathway into the city underworld, where the lights were beginning to come on as the sun went down.
"Where are we going?"
He was never this spontaneous, never so impulsive to just go off into nowhere in particular when there were things to be done. The galaxy was at war, and it was raging now more than ever, but here he was, General Kenobi, the Great Negotiator, dragging you through hidden passageways and into the depths of the city. Where he was taking you, you were almost sure you'd never been before.
"You'll see," he seemed so giddy, so excited. You were the reason for that. You were the one to make him beam like a young boy, you lifted him up into the air and made him feel like he truly belonged in this galaxy, like he had a place other than being the stoic Jedi General that his reputation proceeded him as.
"That answer was far too vague, are you feeling okay?"
This was so unlike him, to shirk off responsibilities and take you on an adventure.
You entered an old and dusty access point of... well you still weren't sure. You'd stumbled into the dark after him and wondered if he finally snapped. Yes, that's it, your mood and sarcasm drove him to madness, and he was dragging you out here to dispose of you for good.
"I am feeling fantastic, and yourself?" he replied quickly, his sharp wit could impale you if he actually tried.
"Well, I'd be doing better if I was certain that you weren't taking me some place where nobody could hear me scream."
He chuckled lowly and brought you close to him, and suddenly the door closed behind you, leaving you both in the pitch-black area. You heard him moving around before there was light in the area. It looked like an abandoned service pathway, with an elevator in the corner. It looked ancient, but of course, Obi-Wan was lunging towards it as soon as the lights came on. He pressed the button to open the door, then turn to you in reply of your previous remark.
"If I was going to kill you, I would have been smart enough not to let so many witnesses see us leave," he stepped on the janky piece of machinery. You smirked at that one, rolling your eyes and doing anything you can to avoid joining him on that elevator. "Are you coming?"
He's your Master, you thought to yourself, why did he seem so different to you right now. You felt as though his equal, someone who shared the same mind level and age and wisdom. It was an elating feeling for sure, to simply be in his company and to not feel as if there were any expectations. Not that there ever really were with him, but something had changed. You weren't Master and Padawan for now, you were two lovers sneaking away from your duties to spend time with one another.
You heaved an exasperated sigh before joining him on the old relic of a gantry lift, letting the doors close around you and jolt before shooting straight up, and knocking you off balance. Obi-Wan laughed lightly, helping you keep yourself upright.
"I forgot to mention the acceleration," he didn't let go of you once you were standing straight, but kept you within arm's reach, hands encapsuling behind your waist.
"How convenient."
You must have been going up ten floors per second, and when the doors finally opened, you sensed you were very high off the ground. The darkness that surrounded you wasn't as pitch black as the former room, because in the corner of the room, there was a small opening in which brought light and sound from a lower source.
He took a few steps and crouched by the small opening and pulled back what you guessed was a curtain of some sort. He looked at you invitingly, nodding his head over and then letting his eyes rest on whatever was down there.
You knelt beside him, and almost gasped at where you recognized yourself to be.
You were in the opera house, in the roof it seemed, because you were looking straight down at the performers for the evening. Beautiful music filled your ears, and you watched as dancers flitted about the air, hovering like they knew how to fly. It was all an illusion, but you were entranced by it. You couldn't take your eyes away, your lips curling up slightly with every reaction.
His eyes never left your face, admiring the peace and wonder you'd seemed to have found here. As you were taken by the lovely performance below you, he was taken by the loveliness that sat right before him. You glanced over at him to see what he thought of the show but caught his gaze instead. You smiled, turning a deep shade of pink when you realized he'd been doing that the whole time.
He leaned in and captured your lips with his, unable to restrain himself any further. You truly did look angelic, in the soft light of the opera house, and the music playing below. He pulled away before an idea struck his mind.
"I know that look, what are you thinking?" You tried to coax an answer out of him, but you got nothing. He stood to his feet, looking down at you with a smile and holding a hand out to help you up. Once you were standing before him, he put one arm behind his back and one across his front, bowing before you as if you were a queen or senator.
All done while looking at you, he raised one hand beside him, the other reaching out to circle around your waist. Did he want you to... dance with him?
You took his hand, laying your other one against his shoulder, and along to the slow and melodic rhythm of the song below you, you swayed from side to side, occasionally taking a step or two to make a small shift in pattern.
"I've never brought anyone up here before," he admitted, eyes full of stars. He was under your spell completely, and he was perfectly happy to be. "I found this place when my Master first took me on, it was a place I could come to and think about everything... I came here the day we brought you to Coruscant. You'd been the first person to really teach me the meaning of compassion, and I was up here for hours contemplating it all."
"I find it hard to believe that you learned compassion from me when I was only three years old," you weren't shocked by the revelation, just a bit surprised is all... but it was true, and he did.
"You have always been wise beyond your years, little one. A Jedi consular if there ever was one."
You laid your head on his chest, enjoying the moment, dancing in the darkness of an abandoned room of the opera house. Within the arms of the man you loved over everything else in this galaxy. You would sacrifice it all for him, leaving nothing in the wake of the universe, except for Obi-Wan Kenobi.
You let your eyes fall closed, feeling all the love, and all the light coursing through your veins. It was almost like a meditative state, the way you branched your signature out so fluidly, wrapping around not only him, but the energy in the air.
He could feel your soft presence nudging at his own, and he relaxed, embracing it whole and letting himself be overtaken by you alone.
It was so untraditional, and it would have been seen as a defiant disgrace of the act, but you were meditating on him.
There was a low thrum of heat by your hip where your saber hung, but you ignored it, keeping in tune with this moment and everything that surrounded it.
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