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Star Wars | ~5k | 1/? | Tahl/Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi

“A red lightsaber?” Tahl hissed incredulously.  ‘Who in the galaxy thought that was an appropriate choice for an initiate?“

Mace didn’t bother to respond; he just looked very tired.  Yoda ignored her, which was irritating for all that it wasn’t a surprise.

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You know I’m failing again—this time, at being a hermit. Obi-Wan keeps taking charge of Ben Kenobi’s life. We’re one and the same, of course. But the Obi-Wan part of me wants to help someone, to do something right. To be a Jedi! Only then will I feel that I am able to live in peace while others are suffering.

I’ve had such trouble, reconciling it all. How can Ben exist if Obi-Wan won’t let him?

- Kenobi by John Jackson Miller

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lmao this isn’t a drabble or headcanon ahdbhajdnj i have no control. @goldenkenobi​ honey this is for you, i did some mediocre stalking so i wanna say congrats on your degree, you’re amazing!!

100 celebration  /  dulcet

It was done, years of poring over holopads until your eyes stung and pushing yourself to the absolute limit in order to finish those assignments, they were done. Nothing, it seemed, could bring you down from the high you were in. And no one who had been along for the ride could blame you, least of all Obi-Wan. 

“Can you believe it? Maker, I feel like I’m dreaming and that I’ll wake up just to realize I still have another thesis to complete.” you gush at him.

There’s a soft, delicate smile on his face as he watches you putter about your home, almost giddy in your excitement. You were under the impression that Dex still needed you at the diner tonight, something Obi-Wan was glad to change.

“Congratulations, love,” he murmurs, pulling you into his arms and pressing his lips to your temple. “I find it impossibly difficult to voice how proud I am of you. But I do try.” 

The amused inflection in his tone has you lifting your head from his shoulder, squinting suspiciously at him.

“What did you do?”

Obi-Wan’s mouth is stretched into that frustratingly charming grin as he whispers conspiratorially, “I called in a favour with Dex, he gave you the night off.” You blink in surprise as you process his words- stars, you hadn’t had a break in so long. “I thought I could make you dinner.”



You liked this, and guessing from his huff of laughter, you wore your approval quite blatantly. 

“Really?” you ask, a little flutter in your chest as Obi-Wan’s eyes soften at your question. 

He holds you tighter then, and you feel the thumps  of his heart as he answers. “As if you deserve anything less. You’ve worked so hard, love, and come so far. I am in awe of you.”

You struggle to blink away the sudden tears at his praise and something in Obi-Wan hurts for you. 

The disparity between the both of you had always been an insecurity of yours, a scratchy voice in your head reminding you that this was a man who fought wars and saved countless lives while you hunched over your desk in safety. But you did not see yourself as he did, your easy beauty complemented further by a constant goodness that he coveted greatly. 

If it is assurance and support that you need, then he would gladly provide it. “You have my heart, and my utmost respect for the person that you are and the challenges that you have overcome.”

“Thank you.”

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Tiny Jedi AU pt 14: 

Tiny-Sith-Wan has decided he wants to spend the rest of his tiny life with Tiny-Vader, and he’s been, since, finding cute ways to get his idea across. Luckily for him, Tiny-Vader seems receptive to his attentions. 

Padmé, on the other hand, has notices many of her rings have been missing lately and, suspiciously, Tiny-Vader has been getting pretty little circlets, looking exactly like her missing rings…


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