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It’s like a cursed riverdale au. I couldn’t decide on a lighting so you get both
(Please full screen them to appreciate the ✨quality✨)
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Some things never change...
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I think jock Kisame should get a delinquent trouble maker boyfriend and should give him his very big letterman jacket when he gets cold, it’s the LEAST he deserves
We’re not gonna question kisame still having sharp teeth okay? Okay
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I had an Obikaka urge, an hour to spare on drawing, and no one to stop me
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t o b i
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a/n: i edited this at like 6 am, so i apologize for any mistakes!! i hope you guys enjoy this chapter ;)
pairings: obito uchiha x fem!reader
warnings: nsfw, modern au, smut, car sex, protected sex, teasing, praising.
The Beach: Chapter Five
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Two weeks have gone by since you started your little agreement with Obito Uchiha.
Now, this wasn’t something you had exactly planned with him. It was so.. out of the blue, and you didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. You figured he wanted an answer right then and there, so that’s what you did. You agreed to start a friends with benefits agreement with him.
Part of you was mad at yourself. You told yourself many times that you didn’t have time for any type of relationship with a guy. You had way too much schoolwork to be messing around with anyone like that, and you also had way too busy of a schedule to commit to a relationship. It was very much a decision you made in the moment, but you didn’t want to change your mind days later.
You had told Konan of this little agreement, and she was definitely taken by surprise. She never suspected Obito Uchiha of all people would be open to friends with benefits.
It seemed a little overwhelming at first, and Obito sensed that when you agreed. He told you that he wasn’t forcing you into this, and if you wanted to back out at any time, you could. He wouldn’t have been angry with you if you told him you didn’t want it anymore. It was reassuring, but you didn’t want to cross any boundaries.
So, before things truly got started, you asked to meet him at the frat house.
Two Weeks Earlier
Stepping up to the front door of the frat house, you felt a sense of nervousness. This was your first time meeting up with Obito. You didn’t plan to have sex with him yet, because there were some things you wanted to establish beforehand.
You weren’t sure why you were so nervous. From what you remember, Obito was a very nice guy. He didn’t seem forceful at all of this agreement, and he assured you many times that he wouldn’t do anything to make you uncomfortable. He was a respectful guy, and he wasn’t the worst person to do things with.
You were just.. worried, so to speak.
The feeling of worry was inside of you, rushing around your brain like a hurricane. You hated feeling worried or anxious, but you couldn’t help but let it take over.
There were many reasons for this. For one, there was that possibility of Obito somehow exposing your secret, and the whole student body getting word of it. Then, there was that issue of you not having the time for it anymore. You were a very busy student. Being in Pre-Med meant a lot of homework, and it took up most of your time throughout the day. You weren’t sure what would happen if you just stopped seeing him.
The last thing that burned in your mind was that chance of Obito catching feelings for you.
You absolutely did not want that.
You already told yourself on numerous occasions that this year was going to be about you. You didn’t want a relationship at the moment. Your schoolwork and your life were just too crammed with work to be able to handle a relationship. If he caught feelings, you wouldn’t know what you’d do.
You’d honestly probably panic and impulsively block him, but you needed to push that thought aside.
All of those worries inside of your head are the reason why you’re outside of the frat house. You were going to establish a few rules, and some things to keep order. Obito needed to understand that these rules needed to be taken seriously. It also made things a bit easier for the two of you.
You took a deep breath before pressing the doorbell. You heard the faint chime ringing through the house behind the door.
You shifted around when you heard shifting and approaching footsteps coming towards the door. You hoped there was nobody else around the frat house right now. If that were the case, you’d probably run for the hills and never come back.
The front door opened, revealing Obito directly behind it. He was in a white t-shirt, and black cotton shorts. He looked like he was spending the whole day in.
His face changed when he saw you. A look of surprise took over instantly. “Oh, hey! My bad.. I didn’t think you’d be here yet,” he rubbed the back of his neck.
You had just come from your class. You pretty much had to rush over here. If you didn’t, there would have been the possibility of somebody seeing you.
“It’s fine.. I just wanted to stop by to talk about some stuff,” you replied, “About.. you know..”
Obito quickly understood what you were talking about. He moved aside so you could enter the house. “Yeah! Yeah, come on in,” he motioned for you to come inside.
You stepped inside, feeling the cool air conditioning rushing all over you. It was a relief that it was cloudy today. If it wasn’t, you’d probably be a sweating mess right now. That was something you for sure didn’t want Obito to see. You sometimes feel messy whenever you come inside. You blame that on the humid and sticky air around you.
“Is there anyone around?” you looked around the empty house. It was really quiet at the moment.
Obito turned to face you. “No, most of the guys are out right now. They won’t be here for a while actually,” he said, “Come on, let’s go upstairs and talk,”
You shook your head and began to follow him as he went up the stairs. Your mind almost got deja vu when you went up them. You remembered going up here when Obito first slept with you just a couple days before. It was way different now, of course. There weren’t any drunk people sitting on the stairs, or people getting high in the rooms.
It was just the two of you.
You paused when you saw Obito go into a room. You assumed it was his room, because it looked familiar. Your mind pieced it together and you realized this was the same room you were in when you guys had sex.
It was also the room you quickly ran from that morning after.
Walking into the room, you decided to close the door behind you. You didn’t want someone to come back and hear the conversation you were having with him. Obito did say nobody would be around for a while, but you didn’t want to risk that chance of someone coming back earlier than expected.
“Woah, are we getting freaky already? I see you closing the door,” Obito looked at you with his eyebrows raised.
You turned around to look at him. You let out a laugh, shaking your head in the process. “No, not unless you have something up your sleeve,” you approached him where he was sitting.
He smirked, “Nah.. not yet, I gotta see what you have in store first,”
He was such a flirt. It was something you picked up on with Obito. He often texted you a flirty message whenever you were in class, and you had to admit, they were actually really cute. They also entertained you a lot.
“Well.. I wanted to talk about our little agreement,” you said, “I think we should have rules and talk about what we like and dislike,”
Obito looked at you with a nod. “Okay, I’m open for that,” he shifted around on his bed.
You placed your backpack on the floor. You squatted down so you could take out a notebook. You wanted to make sure that you wrote this down. You didn’t want to forget about any of these. It was important for the two of you to understand them.
You reached in the sleeve of your backpack to pull out a black pen. The one you mostly used for your notes in your classes.
Obito noticed you come towards him with the notebook and pen in your hand. “Can’t we make these rules mental notes?” he raised an eyebrow at you.
You sat down on his bed, facing him. “Well, yeah, but it’s better to write everything down. If one of us forgets the rules then we have this to look back at,” you clicked the pen in your hand.
He shrugged, “I guess so,”
For a second, you were pondering as to what to put down. There were a number of things you could put, but some of them weren’t that important. It could have been common sense at that point.
“How about a rule where we both hookup at each other’s places? It can’t just be one person's place,” Obito looked at you, putting his hands up.
He had a good point there. It wasn’t like you could use the frat house all of the time. You were also certain Konan wouldn’t be around a lot, especially since she works all of the time. You could definitely invite him over if it came to it. You’d probably have to let her know beforehand though, so she doesn’t walk in on something embarrassing.
You began to write down the rule on the piece of paper. “Okay.. what else?” you asked yourself, chewing on the end of the pen.
Obito seemed to be thinking as well. He kept looking off behind you, and he’d often chew on his lip or squint his eyes.
“Hmm.. how about no aftercare?” you nodded your head at him.
Obito furrowed his eyebrows at the sound of that. “This may sound stupid.. but why not?” he asked, “Is it not your thing, or?”
Truth is, you loved receiving aftercare once you were done with sex, but in this situation, you couldn’t do it.
As much as you liked it, cuddling up with some random guy after sex could lead to lots of attachments. You didn’t plan on getting attached to Obito like that. It also could lead to him developing feelings for you. This was strictly friends with benefits, nothing more.
You crossed your legs on his bed. “I just don’t think we should do it, because it could lead to things happening between us,” you avoided his gaze.
“Oh, okay! I get that,” he replied, his tone sounding affirming.
It was good that he wasn’t questioning it. He must have had the same thought as you did. You weren’t going to push it anymore though, because it’d probably lead to you accidentally opening up about something you didn’t want to talk about right about now.
You quickly wrote down the rule, looking up at him as you did so. “Anything else?” you clicked your pen, looking down at the ink on the paper.
He chewed on the inside of his cheek. “Um.. I don’t think so,” he said, “Unless you have anything else you’d like to add,”
You wondered if there was anything else you needed to add. Besides those two, you didn’t think anything else was necessary. You thought it’d be a long list, but it wasn’t like the two of you were in a relationship. This would be short term anyway.
You were about to rip about the page, but one more thought crossed your mind.
What if one of you caught feelings?
Being who you were, you doubted that you would catch any type of romantic feelings for Obito. You were a busy person, and you weren’t looking for a relationship at the moment. You also had your own personal issues you didn’t feel comfortable talking about. Getting into a relationship would honestly ruin the other person.
It was better for yourself.
Then again, there was a slim possibility of Obito somehow seeing you romantically. You didn’t want to think about it, but you always had to prepare yourself for the chance of anything.
“This one may be a reach..” you said, “But.. if one of us catches feelings, we have to tell the other person,”
Obito’s eyes went to your face. He didn’t seem too fazed by your words. “Okay, yeah! I think that’s fine,” he played with the hairs on his head.
You wrote down the rule. There were a total of three different rules on the paper. It was simple, and there weren’t many to remember. You were actually pretty satisfied with them.
You drew a line on the bottom of the page. You then ripped it out of the notebook before putting it in front of Obito. He seemed a bit confused as to why you were handing it to him.
“Do I have to keep it or something?” he took the paper from your hands, his eyes scanning the words written.
You pointed the pen at him. “I want you to sign it,” you gave him a small grin.
Obito seemed a bit surprised by that. “Really? Okay,” he took the pen from your hand.
You watched him sign his name at the bottom of the page. He then handed both items back to you. You noticed how messy his signature was, but nonetheless did you fold up the paper to put it in your backpack.
“So, you also wanted to talk about what we like and dislike?” Obito leaned against his bed frame, eyeing you as you put the paper into your backpack.
You lifted your head up. “Yeah.. I figured we’d do so we could figure out what works for each other,” you zipped up your backpack, closing it.
He let out air through his nose. He seemed to be thinking again. You also decided to do some thinking as well. It was a bit odd, but you began to think about your past sexual encounters. You had only had sex with about four people, including Obito.
Yes, there were things you liked. You had a few kinks that you were fine with. They weren’t extreme or anything like that. It’s what most girls found themselves liking.
Then again, there were a few things you didn’t like, so you’d have to tell Obito what would be best and what was off limits. It almost reminded you of that scene in 50 Shades of Grey where the main actress was making an agreement with that hot CEO you forgot the same of.
You had many questions yourself. What did Obito like? What was he into? You hoped he wasn’t one of those guys who had weird fetishes or anything like that.
Obito sat up, looking over at you. “So, tell me, what do you like? Ladies first,” he softly smiled at you.
You let out a sigh. It felt like most of the kinks inside of your head had disappeared the moment he asked the question. It felt like the same situation as when someone asked you what your favorite movie was, and all of the movies you’ve seen left your head.
“Well.. um, I’m fine with fingering, being eaten out..” you trailed off, “I like praising? And some degrading? But not to an extreme!”
You saw Obito chuckle as you began explaining yourself. God, this felt so embarrassing. You felt like he was secretly judging you right about now, but you had to be honest with him.
He shifted around on his bed. The mattress beneath him creaked as he moved. “Okay.. not bad,” he nodded his head, “How do you feel about condoms? Do you want me to wear them, or do you prefer raw?”
It was a good question.
You have had raw sex before. The last time you did it was with a certain person, but besides that occasion, you mostly stuck to condoms. You always told yourself that if you were to hookup with somebody random, you’d always make sure they wore some kind of protection. Safe sex was the way to go for you.
Especially since there could be people who weren’t honest out there.
You shrugged your shoulders, “I would say either is fine?”
Obito took in your words. “Alright, are you on birth control?” he inquired, cocking his head to the side.
You knew that having birth control would be a plus in this situation, and lucky for you, you were on it at the moment.
It was a decision you made just before you left for college. You knew that if you met someone, there would be that chance of that guy slipping up and an accident happening. You were safe, so if there was an issue with Obito, you didn’t have to worry about anything bad happening.
“Yep! I’ve been on it for almost two years,” you rocked on your heels.
He seemed to like that answer. It made you wonder if there was something he liked that he wasn’t telling you, but you weren’t going to press him about it. Maybe you’d find out later.
Now, it was your turn to start asking some questions.
“How do you feel about head?” you looked at him on the bed.
Obito’s eyes met yours instantly. This stupid smile formed on his face. “What do you think?” he raised his eyebrows, waiting for your response.
You shook your head, rolling your eyes playfully. “I’ll take that as you’re fine with it then,” you played with the fabric of your t-shirt.
“Absolutely! But don’t worry, I won’t be aggressive or anything like that. I’m usually pretty gentle with it,” he winked at you, causing your cheeks to warm.
Well that answered another one of your questions. You really weren’t into aggressive sex. Sure, having it rough was nice, but there was only so much you could take until you reached a limit. You didn’t want to push your luck either and try it out with him.
It seemed like the two of you were on the same page about a lot of stuff.
“Should we.. have a safe word? Just in case?” he looked at you curiously.
You took a second to think about that.
You’ve heard about couples or people who make agreements having safe words just in case something were to happen that makes another person uncomfortable. Being honest, you didn’t think you really needed one, but then again, there was a possibility of something going badly.
You’d rather be safe than sorry.
“Sure, what word should we use?” you raised an eyebrow.
A laugh came from his mouth, making you look up at him. “How about.. dolphin?” he replied, shaking his head.
You couldn’t help but find that to be funny. It made you think about how someone would randomly yell “dolphin!” during sex. It’d be funny, but also really odd.
You shrugged your shoulders, “I don’t think it’s a bad word,” you said, “I’m cool with it if you are,”
Obito let that same stupid smile take over his features. “Bet, but don’t sound like a dolphin during sex. We might have some issues there,” he scratched the back of his head, looking around the room.
Your mouth fell open at the sound of that. You scoffed playfully, and rolled your eyes. “I most definitely won’t, but if you do, I’ll pick up my shit and leave!” you exclaimed, crossing your arms over your chest.
He chuckled, “Alright, alright! I promise I won’t sound like a dolphin!”
You smiled to yourself at how goofy he was. Obito seemed so serious the first time you both met, but seeing this side of him was definitely nice. At least he wasn’t an asshole or anything.
Maybe this agreement would be easier than you thought.
Present Day
You felt the tiredness rushing through your whole body at the moment. Sitting through this lab was one of the most tiring things you had to do all week.
Thing was, you couldn’t exactly skip out on it. It was worth a huge grade, and if you missed, your grade would have dropped. Plus, you did work on the pre-lab for a pretty long time, so you figured you would get the work done. You chose to work by yourself so you could get it done faster.
Class had ended a pretty long time ago. Most of the students in your class had filed out and either went back to their dorms, or went off to another class.
You were taking some extra time to finish up some of the notes from your lab. Your professor told you it was fine, but to not act reckless or mess around with anything you weren’t supposed to. Which was fine, you weren’t really a troublemaker anyway.
You were trying so hard to focus, but several thoughts kept playing in your head.
Obito, and the things you two have done in the last two weeks.
There were multiple occasions where you and Obito had hooked up. Most of them were random, non planned hookups. Sometimes it was him just saying the word, and you left your apartment to go and meet with him. Other times, it was you messaging him for a quick fuck.
You tried to push away the thoughts you had, but, fuck, he was so hard to not think about. The way his cock dragged inside of your pussy, and hit every spot inside of you. You could barely get enough of it.
Not to mention, Obito had the best dirty talk. He always told you how much he loved your pussy, and it’d make you hot and bothered. Having sex with him was like ecstasy.
You pressed your thighs together on the stool you were sitting on. The heat igniting inside of your stomach was starting to become a bother. You had another class after this. You weren’t sure how you were going to take care of this, but it’d have to wait until you were done. There was no way you’d be able to finish this off, and get to class on time.
You placed your pencil down, standing up and going to grab your backpack. You’d finish up your notes later. You needed to get out and head in the direction of your next class. Even though it was almost an hour away.
Your ears perked when you heard the sound of the door opening. You wondered who could be coming back here. Was it your professor? Or was it a student who left something? Either way, you were going to get out of their hair.
“I knew I’d find you here..”
You turned around instantly to see Obito walking towards you. He had his backpack on his shoulders, so he must have just come from class. You were a bit surprised to see him here. After all, it was oddly coincidental that he showed up and you were just thinking about him. Maybe it was your sign that you needed to message him.
You looked up at him. “I didn’t think I’d see you,” you softly smiled as he approached you.
He stopped once he was just a few feet away. “I was actually just thinking about you, so I figured you’d be in your lab,” he put his hands in his pockets.
You could smell the cologne that lingered from his clothes. He smelled so good, and you could never get enough of his aroma. It was definitely one of your favorite smells. Obito would never know that though. It would be awkward if you said that out of the blue.
You turned around to put your pencil back into your bag. As you did so, you could feel Obito get closer to you.
You turned around to look at him. You almost jumped out of your skin when you noticed how close he was to you. Your bodies were now just inches away from each other. You could practically feel the heat coming from his body.
“You know.. this is a nice skirt..” he reached down to play with the hem of the fabric.
A shaky breath slipped from your mouth. This thick tension filled the room around you. He was so close to you, his cologne was in the atmosphere, and you could feel yourself heating up. Not to mention, he looked so hot right now. Being around him as much as you have, you realized how attractive he was.
You wanted to have him here, but you were reminded that this was a lab room. You weren’t supposed to be doing these kinds of things at school.
Getting caught would be a huge deal. It would be harmful to both you and Obito.
You’d have to wait to finish your little activities. You still had another class, and you weren’t sure if he did. You would put your work aside just to go and see him for a little bit. There was no way you’d pass on the opportunity to have a moment. Not when you’re like this.
You placed your hands on his shoulders. “I know it’s nice.. but we have to wait until later,” you were trying your hardest to resist him right now.
Obito looked a bit disappointed, but his fingers left your skirt. “Okay, yeah! I think I can wait..” he placed his hands by his sides.
You turned around to put your things in your backpack. As you were doing so, you could feel Obito get closer to you. You assumed he was going to be touchy. You learned very quickly that this guy likes to touch. He loves to receive it as well. Which wasn’t a problem, because you liked to touch people often. Physical touch was one of your favorite things.
Your body suddenly tensed when you felt something warm.. and hard against your butt. Obito snaked his arms around your waist, and seemed to be pressing his print against you.
He must have been as needy as you were.
Obito was only this touchy when he wanted something. You knew exactly what that something was. He wanted you, but you had to resist the urge to want him.
“Obito.. we have to wait,” you tried your best to ignore the feelings you were having.
Goosebumps erupted on your skin when you felt his warm, soft lips against your neck. He trailed kisses along your flesh, and you were slowly falling into his grasp.
His hands touched your waist and trailed down to your hips. You were falling apart now. His touch was so hot, and you were letting yourself envelop into him. Maybe you could get in some time together before you went back to class. You weren’t sure how much longer you could resist him.
Your body was failing you. It was revealing how desperate you truly were for him. You leaned into his touch, and you practically gave in to him.
“I can feel how hot you are right now..” he said, “Are you sure you still want to wait?”
You whipped around as quickly as you could. “Obito.. I can’t wait anymore,” you looked up at him, “Please.. let’s go, I don’t care anymore,”
His eyes grew wide, but he soon smirked. “Oh? Okay, come on then, we have my car,” he took your hand into his.
His car? This would be the first time you’d have sex in a car, but you didn’t care one bit. You two didn’t have time to go to the frat house, nor did you have time to go back to your apartment. It was too far, and you two could barely keep your hands off one another.
You and Obito practically ran through the halls to get to his car. There were a few students who gave you guys weird looks, or those professors that would warn you to stop running. Neither of you cared though, because it wasn’t like you’d get a punishment. Plus, who was going to say anything about you two leaving the school? Nobody, it wasn’t their business anyway.
The grip on your hand was tight. You could tell that Obito couldn’t wait to have you in the car. He looked like he was going to go absolutely feral if things didn’t go his way. You’d be irritated if you didn’t get him either.
Pushing open the doors, the two of you rushed towards the parking lot. He took you in the direction of the West lot. From what you remembered, there were usually barely any cars over there. It’s because the people who used those lots didn’t come until later in the afternoon. He chose a really good spot for the occasion. You most likely wouldn’t get caught.
Obito fished around his pockets for his keys. He pulled them out and quickly unlocked the car so the two of you could get inside.
He opened the doors that led to the backseat. “Ladies first,” he nodded his head for you to get inside.
You quickly got into his car. The smell of his cologne filling your nose again. You took the open opportunity to toss off your backpack. You placed it in the front seat of the car, while Obito did the same thing.
He then climbed in so he was now sitting beside you. You had been in his car only a handful of times. His car was expensive, it was a black Audi, and the interior was always so nice. He kept his car very clean, and he told you he often washed it.
You worried if you two would make a mess. You’d feel a bit guilty if you left a mess inside of his car, but by the way he was acting, you doubted he would give a shit.
“Come here..” he motioned for you to sit on his lap.
You obeyed and maneuvered yourself so you were now sitting on top of him. Obito’s hands were resting on your hips. You felt his cock poking at your inner thigh, making your body shiver.
He looked up at you. His eyes were filled with lust and admiration. He placed his finger underneath your chin, bringing your lips closer towards his. You let out a shaky breath before you closed the space between you two.
The kiss was fast, and it was heated. You could taste the chapstick on his lips. His lips were so soft and warm. They were hard to get away from, and kissing Obito made you feel good.
You felt his fingers dip beneath your skirt. A moan slipped from your lips as his fingertips made contact with your clothed clit. Obito could feel how wet you were. You were practically soaking through your underwear. He couldn’t believe you were already this wet. He could tell by your body language that you wanted him, but not this much.
Obito pushed your panties aside so he could rub your clit. You broke the kiss and let out a cry of pleasure.
“Do you like that, princess? God, I wanna fuck the shit out of you right now..” he looked directly into your eyes as he spoke.
You moved your body against his finger. “Obito.. please, please, fuck me..” you whimpered, putting your arms around his neck.
Obito’s eyes had this hint of excitement swimming in them. “Don’t worry.. I most definitely will,” he reached downward to untie the knot in his shorts.
You were kind of disappointed that you weren’t going to get any foreplay, but how could you need it? You were a mess down there, and it’d just waste time. You had to get back to class before it started, so the quicker you both finished, the earlier you’d get to class.
You looked down when you saw Obito’s cock out of his shorts. Some pre-cum leaked from the tip, which he wiped away with his thumb. He was hard, you could see how desperate he was as he stroked himself. You could tell he was itching to get inside of you already.
He sat up, placing his hand near the small of your back. You watched him reach behind you to grab something from the sleeve directly behind the driver's seat. He pulled out a box of condoms. You were relieved that he had some on him. For a good second, you thought he forgot to bring some.
It wasn’t like it’d bother you. You are on birth control, so it wouldn’t have mattered. You’d rather keep things safe though.
Obito tore open the packaging and tossed it somewhere in his car. He then rolled the condom onto his dick, looking up at you as he adjusted himself. Anticipation was burning inside of you, and you could barely wait any longer. If you stayed like this, you’d lose your mind.
He positioned his cock at your entrance. The tip slowly gliding over your slick pussy. You let out a soft moan from the contact. Your fingernails dug into the fabric of Obito’s shirt.
He paused and pushed his cock inside of you. A loud moan came from your lips as he filled your pussy up. Obito groaned and squeezed your hips as your walls hugged him. You were so warm and wet. He could barely contain himself. He had to hold back so he wouldn’t leave you stumbling afterwards.
“Shit..” you buried your face in his neck.
Obito began to thrust his cock inside of you. Your moans grew louder as he began to hit all of these places inside of you. The position you were in gave him greater access to you. You felt yourself melting again.
The heat inside of the car was starting to build up. You and Obito were becoming sweaty, and the windows were becoming foggy around you. If anyone were to come around the car, they would definitely know what’s going on inside of it.
You pulled away from his neck to look at him as he fucked you. He had the sexiest look on his face. His eyes were half-lidded, and he had the laziest smile. He looked so attractive like that, and it made butterflies fly around your abdomen.
Obito used his hand to pull your face closer to his. “You like that, huh? You like when I fuck your pretty little cunt?” his eyes flickered from your lips to your eyes.
You nodded your head eagerly. “Y-Yes! I like when you fuck me, Obito..” you managed to get out.
He let out a laugh. “Aw.. I’m glad to hear that,” he wrapped his arms around your waist, “I’ll make sure you’re all fucked out once I’m done..”
You cried out in pleasure as Obito’s pace suddenly increased. This burning hot pleasure ignited all throughout your body. You couldn’t contain the moans and cries for more than erupted from your throat. It felt so, so good.
Your eyes popped open when you felt him hit your g-spot. Stars danced inside of your vision. His cock kept kissing at it, and your body was falling apart.
Obito put his hand around the base of your throat. His breath was ragged, and he looked so serious before you. He then pulled your face towards his. He pressed his lips against yours. A hot and wet kiss started between you two. Your tongues intertwined every so often. You’d occasionally feel his teeth nibbling on your bottom lip.
You opened your mouth a little wider so he could kiss you deeper. His tongue darted into your mouth.
You felt that familiar knot forming in your stomach. Your orgasm was slowly coming towards you, and you were growing more and more desperate to reach it. The pace of his thrusts was driving you up the wall, and you were feeling extreme euphoria.
Obito could feel your walls surrounding him tightly. He groaned at the feeling.
His hand squeezed at the plush of your ass as he moved you on his cock. “Fuck.. yeah, just like that,” he grunted, “That’s my pretty girl.. take it,”
You squeezed the muscles of his shoulders. You felt them flex beneath your fingertips. “Obito.. fuck, I’m gonna cum..” you whimpered, chewing on your bottom lip.
He rubbed circles in the skin of your hips. “Come on, baby, I know you can do it. Cum all over my fucking cock,” he licked his lips as he looked up at you.
Your climax suddenly hit you like a tidal wave. Sparks of ecstasy ran along your lower half. Your pussy tightened around Obito’s cock. Your slick covered every inch of him, causing noises to come from below.
Obito kept up the pace, chasing his own high. His cock was twitching inside of you every time he thrusted. The tightness of your walls squeezing him only added to the pleasure he was feeling. The thought crossed his mind of what it’d be like to fuck you raw. How would your velvet-like walls feel around him? Would it feel nicer?
The thoughts were clouding his brain, bringing his orgasm closer and closer.
You started to whimper as you felt overstimulated. Bubbles formed on your lashes from the pleasure you were feeling.
“Oh! Yes! Obito.. it feels so good!” you cried, letting your eyes fall shut.
Your words only made him eager. He held your hips tightly as he pumped into you. He had to reach his orgasm sooner or later. If not, you’d probably lose your mind.
Without warning, Obito’s orgasm came over him. He let out a groan, squeezing your hips tightly as he came inside of the condom. His thrusts then grew slow, and less erratic. Sweat clung to both of your bodies, and the smell of sex was lingering inside of the car.
The windows were also very fogged.
He kept his hands on you as you shifted around. You needed a second to recover and catch your breath from the orgasm you just had.
Obito pulled out, removing the condom off of his dick. He tied a knot in it and placed it in his pocket. He’d have to find a trash can later to throw it away. He wouldn’t want to keep that in his pocket very long.
You looked at him with a laugh. “I should.. get going,” you wiped the sweat from your brow.
He blinked for a couple of seconds. “Right! I should probably get back to the house. I’m done with my classes,” he chuckled, sitting up in his seat.
You got off of him, and sat beside him. You quickly fixed your underwear as well as your skirt. You checked to make sure there weren’t any stains or any messes on your clothes. It’d be awkward if you were caught with those things on you. Someone would for sure say something.
You reached into the front seat to grab your backpack. You opened it to find your phone to see how much time you had until you needed to go back to class. You had about ten minutes, which was just enough time to get there.
“I’m gonna get going,” you said, “I’ll see you later?”
Obito looked at you as you closed your backpack. “Oh, yeah! Totally.. and by the way,” he pulled up his shorts, “There’s going to be a party this weekend. You should stop by, if you want to,”
You sat there for a moment. Did you have time this weekend to go? You did have a couple of assignments to do.
Maybe you could push it aside for that night. You have been dealing with a lot lately.
“I think I will,” you slung your bag over your shoulder.
He smiled at your response. “Cool, I’ll see you then,” he winked.
You rolled your eyes playfully. “Bye, Obito,” you opened the car door, exiting it.
You were hit by the slightly cooler air outside. You fixed yourself so you didn’t look like you just got fucked in a car, and made you way towards the direction of the building. You had many thoughts going through your mind, but most of your tiredness had gone away.
As you walked, you started to think about something that stuck out to you.
Obito remembered where your lab class was.
Now, it could have been just a coincidence, but you didn’t think he’d know. You briefly mentioned that you took Chemistry, but you didn’t think it’d be an important detail that he would have remembered. Most of the time, nobody would remember that you were in these classes.
It was odd, but you did remember he was a Biology major. He must have just known about the class or something.
It was whatever, you were probably overthinking it.
Opening the door, you walked into the building where your next class was. You went up the stairs, and headed in the direction of your classroom. You hoped it wouldn’t be too boring today. If it was, you’d definitely fall asleep.
You were walking in the hallway when you realized something. A feeling of realization rushed over you when you realized that you had forgotten your notebook in your Chemistry class.
Shit, that was all the way on the other side of the campus!
You could feel panic going through you. What if someone picked it up and took your notes? That was worth a huge grade, and you’d hate yourself if you lost it. Your professor wouldn’t have taken nicely to it either.
You took out your phone to text the only person who was close to your class.
You pressed on his contact to send him a text. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to stuff. He didn’t seem like the asshole some people made him out to be.
You: obito, can you go to the chemistry class and pick up my notebook?
You clicked your phone off before walking into your classroom. There were a few students already sitting down at their desks. You went to the one you picked out, and plopped down in your chair.
As you were sitting there, getting your stuff out for the next class, you heard the sound of snickering coming from behind you. You turned your head to see what was happening behind you, and you saw two guys looking directly behind you.
You whipped your head forward. What were they laughing about?
“Hey, (Y/N)! How are you?”
You looked over to see Sakura sitting down beside you. Sakura was a year younger than you, but she was pretty damn smart. You made friends with her quickly.
You let out a sigh. “I’m good, you?” you moved your stuff aside so she could sit in the spot next to you.
She was about to respond when her face totally changed. She started to look at you awkwardly, and she seemed very surprised by something.
“Um.. Sakura?” you nodded your head, clearly concerned by her behavior.
She motioned for you to come closer to you so she could whisper something to you. “Did you.. do something before this..?” she raised her eyebrows.
A feeling of embarrassment soon washed over you. You smelled your shirt, and the odor of sex was clinging to your clothes. You absolutely wreaked, and you could smell it all over yourself. How the fuck could you be so stupid?! You were too focused on getting to class, and forgot to clean yourself up.
“Oh, God.. Sakura! Please tell me you have perfume..” you rubbed your temples.
She reached in her bag. “I never leave home without it,” she replied, “Whoever you were with.. he must have been a nice guy,”
You took the perfume from her hands and began to spray it all over yourself. You hoped this would drown out the scent. If not, you’d have to go home and take a shower. You realized that’s probably what those guys behind you were laughing about.
You closed the perfume bottle. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.. I just forgot,” you shook your head.
You looked ahead of you, hoping this class would just pass by quickly.
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hoebrowsalad · a day ago
guys I think I have a type -
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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k-ell-y · 2 days ago
I see a lot of people compare two non-related scenes of Hinata and Sakura. Where Hinata takes back Hanabi’s eyes from Toneri and where Sakura couldn’t stab Obito’s rinnegan. 
🙄 Y’all need to go hunting for some braincells. 
What’s important in both scenes is the context. It was easy for Hinata to do her job because she was taking her sister’s eyes which were stolen by the very man who tried to force/control her into a marriage and got his ass handed to him by Naruto, then yes, it would be easy for her. 
Sakura’s scene though, they were in the heat of battle. The anime made it seem like Sakura had all the time in the world, when she really didn’t. In the manga Madara was so fast, even Sasuke and Naruto couldn’t catch up with him, he managed to take Kakashi’s eye before he could react, and teleported himself to where Sakura and Obito were. When he was faster than Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi, how do you expect Sakura, who is slower than the three of them, to react quickly? Madara even threw a truth seeking rod so fast even Obito had barely any time to Kamui Sakura to safety. 
Let’s say, Sakura did manage to stab Obito’s rinnegan, then that would mean Madara would go after Sasuke’s rinnegan- which was literally the only thing strong enough protecting them from the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Obito had asked her to do it because Zetsu had taken over his body and couldn’t lower his guard or Zetsu would take over his body and the rinnegan. 
Y’all could blame Minato and Kakashi for letting Zetsu take control of Obito when they were protecting them, you could blame Sasuke and Naruto for letting Madara get away, or Kakashi for getting his eye taken. But you don’t, cause he was too fast. Yet when it comes to Sakura who is slower than the five of them, y’all be trashing her. 
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drafts-and-trash · 2 days ago
Who the Flying Fuck is Obito Uchiha?
I love how contradicting the info around Obito is if your not a naruto fan. Like some random nobody searches up “Obito Uchiha” on any form of media they’ll never find a straight answer cause he’s that type of character and his development is a whole goddamn roller coaster.
There’s the “look at this cute cinnamon roll he’s so fluffy and cute and innocent and wants to be Hokage when he grows up and has a wholesome crush on this girl who’s also his bestie. Awwwww”
The bitter ‘cause Neji’s dead chic “this motherfucker who started a godamn war for this girl who died and is his whole villain origin story. He literally says “I’m in hell” as he’s holding her corpse in a pool of blood. Get over it bitch. He also cosplayed as his granddaddy for 4 years. What a dramatic fucker. Should’ve stayed under that boulder bitch. Wish it were Flat Fuck Friday everyday”
And then there’s gay sister in the front “oh my gawd he’s like in love with kakashi and they’re so fucked up over each other it so fine. So what if they gave each other so much trauma and kakashi based his whole personality trying to be him. But also don’t forget that they’re ✨rivals✨. Like kakashi lost an eyeball for him and Obito out did him by getting crushed under a fucking boulder. What a hot dramatic fucker (in a cute way ofc).”
Also the protection squad, “so what if he did all these terrible things. He was emotional and just lost his gf to his bf (who weren’t even really his gf and bf). Like the trauma. Is. Heart wrenching. He’s everything that Naruto could’ve become if he’d gone astray. Yeah there’s a reason behind everything he’s ever done and under the murderouspsychopathyandere he’s got such a kind heart-“
Oh and don’t forget the- “who cares about his back story he looks so fine with *insert every character he’s ever almost killed our interacted with*” and “I also can’t tell if he should be in somebody or somebody in him-“
And finally the ones who haven’t gotten through Naruto part 1 “who the fuck is Obito?”
Actually tho, who is he?
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jesseevelann · a day ago
Tobi wearing socks with penguins and mini icebergs on them:
Hidan: Those socks are so gay, dude.
Kisame: Yeah, what are you, a kid?
Tobi: Socks are in no way a valid gauge of homosexuality, nor someone's age. These were a gift, and out of respect I will wear them.
Kisame: Geez, no need to get do serious about it...
Hidan: What loser got you those, anyway?
Itachi walking in with the same socks:
Hidan and Kisame:
Tobi: Now scram, before I beat you with a block of ice.
Itachi sitting next to Tobi, watching Hidan and Kisame run out: ... are they giving you trouble because of the socks...?
Tobi: No, no, of course not... just got sick of em. The socks are great.
Itachi: *smiles softly and hugs Tobi* Thank you, Cousin Obito...
Tobi: Don't sweat it, kid...
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minchao-mochi · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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hiddleyheh · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I guess it's a Hatake thing
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espressovis · a month ago
The raging urge to be a villain’s favorite person.
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skykashi · 2 months ago
One of my favorite hobbies is to edit Kakashi's mask off so here are some of the edits I've made.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thedevilsfamiliar · a year ago
Tumblr media
Wait y’all have morals?
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danzohater · a month ago
Tumblr media
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poxei · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gently places them in your palms
twitter | ig | store
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tbh-logic · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
*me chanting* good akatsuki good AKATSUKI!! Let them be chaotic idiots and let’s make a reality ty show about it
any missing characters are to the side trying not to laugh I promise, I had a hard time fitting as many as I did already 😔
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dykeroppi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a small collection
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