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My gift to @anannua​ for @the-kakashi-lounge-blog​‘s 30-minute October gift exchange! The event theme was scarecrow and additional prompts included Kakashi + Obito, trick-or-treating, costumes, and candy! I honestly just couldn’t get the thought of Kakashi and Obito trick-or-treating as the Scarecrow and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz out of my head and I just had to run with it x’D

I hope you like it, @anannua​! <3

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poly - 24 hdcs • 12 sfw / 12 nsfw

aus; a/b/o, massacre but Sasuke doesn’t run away, the Akatsuki are murderers for hire and don’t die. Also clan uchiha au where only five members make up the clan and omegas are low.

pairings; Sasuke x reader x Naruto, Kakashi x Reader x Obito, Madara x reader x Hashirama, Naruto x reader x Hinata, Ino x reader x Hinata

| Madara - Itachi - Sasuke - Shisui - Obito | no incest

| Deidara - Hidan - Kisame - Itachi - Pein - Kohan - Obito - Sasori - Kakazu |

rating; 18 + duh

a/n: I emerged out from inside my big old, twisted tree. To scream into the depths of my bog Content!!!! Cause a poly fanfiction ‘maids with benefits’ recommended by @itachified has gripped me fiercely, along with this idea and I need to get it outta of my system so…enjoy! And I hope you don’t mind I tagged you!

What of these ideas would you like to see fleshed out eventually?

@ibukiirisha I didn’t know if you were into Kakashi x Obito but I thought I tag you anyway and hope you enjoy! Also since this is plenty of au’s rolled into one I’m sorry it’s a clusterfuck.


Sasuke x Naruto

Both men are alphas and you are the omega. They both had a crush on you growing up. And it’s an obvious rivalry over your attention behind your back, well obvious to everyone but you. This over time turned into a real friendship and subtle crush on each other.

Sasuke clings to you after the massacre of his clan. You the comforting best friend whose soft words and gentle warm embrace seems to be his only safety. And soon Sasuke discovered he wasn’t the only one who found comfort in your scent and attention.

Sasuke and Naruto confess at the same time and you admit to having falling in love with both of them. And that you refuse to choose because it would be fair to either one with you still loving the other.

What if you didn’t pick then? They have a bit of a history anyway, and this way they can mark you. And still be with each other. After all you can handle them both, you already have been.

Sasuke and Naruto tend to step on each other’s toes more so than they do with you. Well more so Sasuke is grouchy and Naruto playfully provokes him and goes too far.

Sasuke will occasionally mark Naruto, though refuses to let Naruto mark him back. Therefore since Sasuke refuses all the time Naruto barely lets Sasuke mark him. Naruto is still determined to get Sasuke to wear his mark at least once.

Sasuke and Naruto have two very distinct scents, while Naruto smells like freshly cut grass, lemongrass, and honeysuckle. While Sasuke’s scent is leather, firewood and dark chocolate.

Sasuke and Naruto will keep track of whose scent you’ve covered yourself in more throughout the week and see who wins that Sunday. They believe you aren’t aware of their competitions so therefore you are purposely messing with the results. You are, you know their asses too well, but you keep that to yourself.

Sasuke is the more protective alpha between the two. Will rag on Naruto and lightly pick on you all day long, but someone else makes a comment. Oh boy, his glare is more scalding than lava.

Naruto being in a polyamory relationship and being the Hokage has helped people accept it more and faster. It could be because his husband and wife are scary.

The main thing about you that’s scary is the amount of power you possess. Most people in the village have seen and or heard about how you are on the battlefield. Able to control water to a frightening extent, making it boil, freeze, removing the water entirely and even controlling the bodies of others.

Then there is Sasuke who has gained a fear yet respected reputation among the villagers since he didn’t run after the danger noodle that is Orochimaru due to Your’s and Naruto’s help. Mostly because you refused to go with Sasuke and he didn’t want to leave you. Since something about your scent screams his mate.


Sasuke is the more dominant alpha since Naruto enjoys taking Sasuke’s knot in his ass. And you’ve come home to Naruto’s blushing face and watery blue eyes as he begs. You are quick to help by getting on your knees and taking Naruto’s bouncing cock in your mouth.

Double knots is abundant, and you being the perfect omega for both of them are able to take both knots in separate holes. Eventually even the same hole with plenty of slow stretching and plenty of lube for safety. They get off on the added pleasure of their cocks rubbing together.

Rugs are somehow easier yet even more chaotic depending on if they are in a rut together. Their combined ruts can occasionally trigger your heat. This is a blessing in how easy it is to keep up with one another, a curse in the sense that only Naruto leaves the house for a few hours to attend the more important meetings and paperwork. And Sasuke and You hate he has to leave.

Cue several photos and videos sent to Naruto’s phone by Sasuke to tease him. Sasuke claims it’s to be cruel but frankly it’s an attempt to get him back faster and to make sure he doesn’t miss out on anything.

Sasuke tends to become more submissive in his ruts. So Naruto and You indulge him, as you take his knots and Naruto spreads out his ass. And since Sasuke loves the drawn out pleasure You and Naruto enjoy keeping him on the edge. So Sasuke gets a cockring so he can’t cum just yet and a buttplug so he doesn’t lose a drop of cum. Please just spoil him, he needs it.

Sasuke and Naruto still have a friendly bit of rivalry that goes on here and there. On who can get you to cum the most, hardest and or whose name you say first. You can’t decide if their competition or them working together will be the death of you.

Naruto is just as enthusiastic in the bedroom as he is outside of it. This man can go several rounds and sometimes you have to tap out and Sasuke has to pound his ass until he is finally worn out.

Sasuke gets in a frenzy when you cry and he makes you bleed. He loves using knives in bed and watching you squirm and he slowly creates small little cuts here and there.

Naruto gets off the sounds, faces and your reactions the most. Which is somehow even more sadistic, he will make you scream when your voice gives out. And will fuck you till you can’t move.

Sasuke loves having Naruto and You dressed you cutely for him. A dark blue skirt, a tight top, some thigh high socks. The two of you are so pretty for him and it creates conflicting feelings for him. On one hand he can keep the two of you dressed up for him, in the other hand he can rip those clothes off and taste you both.

These two have no problem holding you between them, it’s their favorite position. Same hole or different holes, sometimes with a clone. Come on you take three knots can’t you?

Sasuke is a whore for denial and looks so pretty begging with tears in his eyes for more. The first time it happens Sasuke is in a rut, taking Naruto from behind while each thrust from Naruto pushes Sasuke into you. His knot is swelling inside of you while Naruto’s swells inside of him and he is seeing stars.

Kakashi x Obito

Kakashi is the alpha, Obito is a beta and You are the omega. Obito is surprised and thankful when Kakashi and You open your relationship to him. This didn’t come without some insecurities though.

Insecurities on how Kakashi and You are married. What if this is only for a few years and then it’s over and he has to go back to being friends. He isn’t an omega for Kakashi to mark. Nor is he an alpha to comfort you. What if he has to go back to being just friends and pretend he isn’t falling in love with both of you.

These insecurities are picked up by Kakashi and You so you take the time getting Obito through them. And helping him realize that he is loved deeply by the both of you. And now there would be a hole if he left.

Kakashi adores coming home in the middle of the night to see Obito and You cuddle each other. And since Obito is a ninja he always wakes up to Kakashi chakra and both men wake you up. Since both Obito and You want to let Kakashi have the place in between.

Kakashi lays on his back so both Obito and You can cuddle into him. He tends to wake up with both arms asleep and then is careful not to wake you up and get you in the middle.

Obito is super into helping you arrange the nest and keeping it clean. It brings him so much comfort knowing helping you get the house the way you need it. And knows the second you need to change something around.

Kakashi never thought to mark Obito, since the mark isn’t on an omega it’s bound to fade. This gets to Obito for a while and eventually he works on the nerve to ask for Kakashi’s bite. This leads to you giving Obito one of your own.

The three of you have received some backlash since some assume the beta in the relationship can’t be getting the same treatment as the alpha and omega. And they try to get into Obito’s head so he can only be happy with another beta. And you will continue to beat those people with a broom.

Over time your omega and Kakashi’s alpha scent is infused with Obito’s and some will assume he is also an omega. And since the bite is always fresh and noticeable on his neck they will start to refuse he is a beta. And since Kakashi has two there is always an alpha who tries their luck to steal either you or Obito. Kakashi doesn’t care because he knows where Obito’s and Your’s loyalty lie.

Obito and Kakashi are prone to night terrors and being unable to sleep. So both of them use medical weed to help soothe their nerves. The smell permanently fills up the space and it seeps into their clothes. So you make extra effort to ensure it doesn’t get into their ninja clothes so they can’t be tracked so easily.

Goodbye kisses are a must for both men, it was something started by you. A good luck kiss, since you don’t know when you’ll see them again, if at all. Now both men refuse to leave until they have gotten their kiss.

Obito and Kakashi adore laying on your thighs, and sometimes Kakashi will sit with your thighs around his face and sleep. Obito prefers sleeping laying on your breasts. There is a window seat that overlooks the backyard and catches the sun just right for some sunbathing naps. Of course if the sun is too much the curtains can block it and the three of you can nap tangled with one another.


Obito is aware that he can’t fully get you through your heats. But understands it’s biology and has grown to love seeing your face of pleasure as you take a Kakashi knot.

Soon after Kakashi stuffs you full of cum Obito is there ready to fill up the space. Fucking Kakashi’s cum inside of you and deepening the ache of your recently pounded pussy. His cock becomes overwhelming and soon you’re milking him.

Obito and Kakashi slowly become interested in each other as more than just friends. Seeing you take the other one’s cock and the pleasure racking your body and hearing the way you moan out the other one’s name makes them curious.

They soon learn that if you misbehave playing with each other and rejecting you is a wonderful way to get you back in line. Since you become all too eager to touch both men while the want between your legs becomes unbearable.

Obito soon learns that Kakashi enjoys being pegged by you greatly. And sometimes in the middle of a heat all you want is to see Kakashi squirm on your cock. And fuck does Obito become glad he grew curious. Though he does enjoy taking Kakashi’s knot from behind as you fuck Kakashi.

These dildos can get fairly big and have knotting action to help those single omega out there when they need a knot. Obito gets the idea to see how many you can take.

This quickly turns into the biggest that you can take. Which soon becomes this huge monstrous cock and Kakashi has already tried it and taken it. Obito takes a slow minute getting but that’s the fun part getting him so needy for it he is begging.

Kakashi gets ideas from his books that he wants to try out. Sometime he gets to try these stories in advance while traveling alone with Obito. They save the videos, they spam you with them when they get close to home. It lets you know they are coming.

You in turn send a video of you playing with yourself. Or with the husband that is home. He/they get those when he allows his phone to get service close to the village. It’s a delightful welcome home.

A sex room was already in Kakashi and Your’s home, Obito just didn’t know about it for a bit there. None of your friends did, the door at the end of the hallway was always shut and locked.

Obito warms up the the sex swing fairly quickly, the sight of You and Kakashi tied up in the long dangling ropes. And the first time Kakashi tied him up, and the hungry way you watched him when you got home. He felt so beautiful on display.

Kakashi and You will take all night while Kakashi in is in a rut and you are in heat worshiping Obito’s body.. Getting him to cum more time than he thought was possible.

Madara x Hashirama

They start crushing on you at the same moment and are aware too. All it takes is one shared blushing glance and they realized they are hooked on their other best friend. It’s not as if they are already crushing on the other but are too blind to see it. You notice their crush on each other but are too blind to see their crush on you.

You are extremely bossy, you know what you want, when you want it, and how you want it done. While you are open to others options and thoughts, if it’s stupid you will make sure they understand their lack of logic. You greatly defy the omega submissiveness which is why so many expected you not to be an a/b/o. Since it’s clear you aren’t an alpha or beta.

You are very late presenting omega and no alphas dare even look at you. Purely because they are afraid of Madara and they refuse to come onto the Hokage’s omega. And you have there scent on you so heavily even though there is no mark.

You accidentally presented your neck to both at some point and they have to stop themselves from biting into you. When it comes to them finally marking you they do it at the same time.

Madara and Hashirama receive a great deal of gossip, whispers and disapproving looks. Madara being the main reviving end, it’s outrageous, two alphas together already without an omega? Then they finally do add an omega, now it’s a poly relationship?

Then comes the one fool, you must be a whore of an omega. Already with the two weird alpha freaks who mated, what’s another mate for you. After all they have each other, this fool went missing sometime later. Hashirama has an inkling of who and why, while Madara plays innocent.

Hashirama is always having to be in control and in charge at work and in other aspects of his life. Because of this he is very laid back at the house, wanting to give up decision making for just a little bit.

Madara has to have control, it’s how he copes. Being vulnerable and letting someone else take charge feels unnatural and gives him a sense of panic. It’s something that Hashirama and You are helping him with. But it is a very slow process.

The only one who has any hope of controlling your tongue and wit is Madara. Because if someone wants to act like a fool you will lay into them, so to spare the poor sap they will go get Madara, if they can.

This prickly cactus like nature can also help you with Madara, since you won’t hesitate to lay some hard facts on his lap that Hashirama might tip toe around. It’s more of a “no Madara starting another war and fighting your husband won’t bring peace don’t make me drag you by the ear back home”. This can lead to a power struggle between Madara and You. Which both of you find enjoyable at times, while Hashirama plays mediator the other times.

Madara is a very private man still, his scent and Hashirama’s is always on you. And his mark is on proud display but he dislikes PDA greatly. While Hashirama welcomes some of it. A kiss on the cheek or forehead here, holding hands as you walk around are common with him.

Madara tends to be more touchy feely behind doors. He is touch starved and he loves giving kisses. Be it on the forehead, nose or cheek. Please kiss his chest and bite at him a little. And run your fingers through his hair, while you’re at it you can use the other hand for Hashirama’s hair.


Madara loves to watch for quite a minute. Sometimes letting Hashirama and You do as you please, other times you nor Hashirama are allowed to cum and must do as Madara says.

You try to get bossy with Madara, and while he enjoys seeing you take charge of Hashirama and others you aren’t playing that game with him. And has quite the way of reminding you that you crave his control.

For Hashirama he loves the surrender and relaxation giving control over to Madara and You. While Madara loves the vulnerability and trust that comes with You and Hashirama surrendering to him.

Madara is the greediest during ruts and he is slightly ashamed of it. But goddamn is the sight of Your’s and Hashirama’s face after taking his cock and his cum spilling out of you gets him hard all over again.

Hashirama will occasionally vent fuck, work has been especially hard, people have been testing his last nerve. And then you come along eager and willing to take the stress away. Madara knows to let him have this, so he will watch, maybe make suggestions if he is around.

It’s during one of these vent fuckings 10 years into the threesome marriage that Madara finds himself wanting to be on the receiving end of once. Also if he doesn’t switch out with you Hashirama might break you, Madara has never seen him so wound up.

Madara allowing himself to submissive riles up both You and Hashirama. And suddenly you have new found energy and Hashirama once again as the patience of a saint. It’s a new and slow experience for all three of you. But the sight of Madara with wide eyes, his mouth open in a perfect o and his legs trembling as he takes Hashirama knot has been burned into your mind.

It happens again a year later only both men are submissive for the desires of their omega. Both men are making out, their wrists tied to their ankles and desperately fucking the cocksleeves over both of their cocks. Only they can’t cum due to their matching vibrating cock rings.

In heat You can run Hashirama ragged, you like being in charge and Hashirama is begging for it. Your heat smells so sweet and he is thirsty. Madara then has to step in so Hashirama doesn’t get worn out.

Madara punishes you for bullying Hashirama but really he is pouting cause he wants attention. He knows he isn’t that submissive and that you’re bossy and he worries that you’re just putting up with him. This eventually comes out accidentally during a punishment when he isn’t letting you cum. But has covered you with plenty of his cum.

You always figured he was more comfortable coming to you. So you would barely ever initiate. And you love him deeply, you enjoy being put in place. So you decide to get his attention by being a brat. And he is loving your teasing and smart mouth.

One time while you were being a brat to Madara Hashirama came up from behind and grabbed you by the throat. The strangle cry of surprise was enough to get Hashirama into it. Maybe you should be choking on Madara’s and his cock instead.

Naruto x Hinata

Naruto is an alpha and You along with Hinata are omegas. You figured this means things were never meant to be for Hinata and You. Which you discover later in life is false.

Hinata and You bonded firstly over your admiration and crush on Naruto. With you encouraging Hinata to come out of her shell, she’ll do more. She is confused because don’t you like Naruto too? But you see you also like her and want them both to be happy and can’t get jealous over seeing them together.

Hinata likes you too it just takes her a minute to go oh wow I’m actually really into women too. Insert the bi-sexual panic and her face going red at the sight of you. It’s a dead give away but is it though?

Both of you are too afraid to go past being friends till it just happens. You are looking at her lips and have been for a minute so you go for it. This happens to be in front of Naruto as well.

You panic thinking you ruined your friendship and Hinata’s chance with Naruto. But Hinata is clinging onto you and melting into this kiss. Meanwhile Naruto is star struck watching his two crushes kiss each other. He can’t help but be happy for the two of you.

You blurt out Hinata’s crush on Naruto and in your panic. And then to make up for it, admit your own crush on Naruto. Who then cheekily decides it should be a threesome!

Naruto does something big two days later, inviting Hinata and You out into the woods. There is a beautiful display of light strings between the trees. With a whole cute picnic various foods, including Hinata’s, His’ and Your favorite foods with some new ones to try.

At the end when the sun sets and the moon rises he asks officially with the two of you to be his girlfriends. It’s four years later that the two of you become his mates.

Vulgar comments about Naruto having two omegas aren’t tolerated by You. And some are surprised to discover you have spice and are protective over Hinata. Because if she so much as looks sad for a second because of a small head ass onion breath shit had to open their mouth so help you.

As wives of the Hokage the two of you receive a lot of questions and attention. With Hinata being shy and awkward, you do most of the talking and keep it in you While keeping her at ease. Though Hinata’s input when she gives it must be listened to.

Naruto was most excited about double cuddling with having two girlfriends. And is floored that for his first time getting girlfriends he has two of them. He is also so scared to mess it up.

Forehead kisses are popular within the household, it’s the common greeting when Naruto comes home. While Hinata and You tend to rub your noses with one another. Which Naruto likes to tease the two of you about, this leads to the two of you taking a turn to rub your nose against his. Maybe then placing three kisses on his cheek afterwards as well.


Boob jobs if possible, he loves the sight of his wives making out and with his cockhead between their tits. Maybe when you stop kissing the wo of you start trailing kisses down his cock and he is in heaven.

Naruto still mangers to wear both Hinata and You out and will have plenty of energy left over. But he understand limits and won’t ever cross them. He also ensure the two of you know that you satisfy him greatly. It’s just he is addicted.

Clones are popular in the bedroom. He can’t let his omega’a get too lonely so he ensure that both of you have plenty of hands and cock to over stimulate yourself with.

Naruto loves having his balls sucked in greatly. There is something about the two of you looking up at him from beneath his hard cock with a ball in your mouth that has him feral.

Speaking of feral, thigh high socks get Naruto hard quick. And he will try to cop a feel in public and is fairly sneaky about doing so. But this leads to needing to sneak off to the bathroom for a quick fuck.

Otherwise Naruto will stop moving and pause inside Hinata or You. And let you feel his cock twitch as he tries to save off his own end. While he basks in the feeling of your cunt. He never wants to forget how good the two of you feel.

Hinata and You tends to go through your heat at the same time. And will spend hours in bed making each other cum and then falling back to sleep while Naruto is at work.

You have Hinata pose for picture often. Getting her to spread her pretty pink pissy and asshole for him. And then taking a video of you just barely sticking the tip in teasing her wet holes.

Naruto has had a dildo linking Hinata and You together. While him and a clones hold Hinata and You facing each other. The double snuffing is common and Naruto’s favorite position. Since Hinata and You can still each other and watch the other one take his cock.

Naruto doesn’t care if the neighbors can hear Hinata and You will be loud. And he will be too, his voice become raspy with his groan and he tends to bite into his bottom lip.

Hinata and You team up and get Naruto in a submissive mood. And discover he loves being choked. So the two of you hold him by the throat while grinding your pussies up and down his cock. Tell him he isn’t allowed to cum but give him no cock ring just let him use self control.

Bite the inside of Naruto’s thigh by his balls and hear the sweetest whimpers. And watch his cock twitch as he tries his best to keep still. He wants to listen and be a good boy for Hinata and You but the two of you bite and suckling in the inside of his thighs has him about to cum.

Ino x Hinata

Ino and You are alphas while both Hinata is the omega. At first many frown and even mocked the idea of three women being mated. There is no knot to give, but they aren’t aware of the magic of lesbian justu. Created by the various bi, gays and peg lovers that came before you.

Ino is fiesty and you live for it. So you would fangirl about her to Hinata. Something that you later realize is actually pretty gay. And soon enough understand that you also like your best friend a little more than you should.

Hinata has a fat crush on you and overtime starts to understand why You like Ino so much. She just wishes she could be more like her and get your attention as well. To see you gush about her make her cheeks burn pink.

Hinata is so unaware that You have a big fat crush on her as well. And that you are highly jealous of her adoration of Naruto. It takes till adulthood during a drunken night when things go far for the two of you to confess.

You only regret it if she does and she doesn’t. The two of You become mates rather quickly and feel stupid for wasting so much time. Hinata ismeant to be your mate despite what anyone else believes.

Sometime after getting together the two of you go on a long mission with Ino. It’s easier to read the signs as time goes on that Ino likes the two of you. And both discuss the ideas to see if Ino is interested. And she is.

That night of arriving home the three go to the cozy nest full of plants and comfortable blankets, plushies and furniture that Hinata has taken years to get just how she wants it. Since she needs a room color scheme coordinated too.

Ino quickly becomes a permanent resident since she has no problem inviting herself over. And Hinata and You welcome her with open arms.

Ino learns quickly at the end of the day You are in charge. And frankly she likes wrestling for control, since from time to time you indulge her. Or she reaps the rewards of getting you worked up.

Ino adores Hinata’s sweet and soft nature, her bratiness is put aside for her. She is just as protective as You are, which Hinata adores. Her protective and encouraging wives make her feel safe it’s all she needs in life.

Hinata doesn’t appreciate marks in places others can see. Not liking the attention it could possibly draw and being private with affections. Since holding hands in public can make her blush.

Hinata smells like orchids, fresh laundry and the earth after it rains. Ino and You adore it to no end, and she mostly sleep in the middle so the two of you can snuggle into her.


Jutsu for lesbians who wish to knot each other is well known. This means that dildo becomes a rick dick till the jutsu is undone. This allows Ino and You to knot Hinata’s cute ass and each other’s.

Hinata has a rather active libido but it isn’t till a few years into the relationship she becomes more comfortable starting the sexy fun times And fuck is she direct and good at it, she is also indirectly distracting. Once Hinata discovers how much the two of you simp for her she becomes dangerous.

Ino takes your knot like a brat, mouthing off the whole time till she is too dumb fucked to form words. Her clamping around your jutsu knot, it’s a different pleasure, almost painful.

Hinata soft pussy throbbing and tightening around your dildo, You praise how beautiful and good she feels around you. And adore the darker shades of red she becomes.

The sight of your wives in each other embrace, their tits pressing against one another and a double ended dildo inside their wet pussy. Their thick butt cheeks spread open so you can switch between the two.

You adore turning Ino and Hinata’s butt cheeks red too with severalt hits from the hand, belt and or padle. Their sweet whimpers and moans spurring you on, sometimes you make them keep count.

They both taste so damn sweet and you could spend hours between their legs. Oftentimes Ino and You will eat Hinata out at the same time. After getting her to squirt either You or Ino will let Hinata eat.

Hinata also adores eating pussy and sucking on tits. And once in a blue moon wants to do nothing but take her time teasing Ino and You. Her hands are wondering, and various kisses are scattered on Ino’s and Your’s body.

Hinata’s thighs are sensitive, while Ino’s neck is highly sensitive. And Ino doesn’t mind proudly wearing whatever dark hickies you wish to put in her. And the three of you treasure the hidden gems that are the marks on Hinata’s thighs.

Eventually You let Ino dominate you regularly during her ruts. Hinata is memorized by the sight of you writhing and wanting beneath Ino like a cock hungry slut, begging in ways you never have before.

Hinata is eager to help Ino in her quest to overwhelm you. After all you spend so much time giving to them they have to make up for it somehow. And none of you can seem to get enough.

Buttplugs are common for Hinata to wear out in public. It’s discrete enough and it keeps Ino and Your cum inside her if the two of you have used your jutsu. Or this is perfect for getting her stretched big enough to take both Ino and or You upon getting home.

Ino has the best finger game between the three of you. And has made it a personal goal to make Hinata squirt every time. Something Ino and You compete over occasionally thought it’s never clear who won since both of you are worshiping Hinata at the same time.

Uchiha clan

| Madara - Itachi - Sasuke - Shisui - Obito |

Omega are becoming fewer and fewer, with a high number of alphas and betas. All five of them are alphas, though they get along fairly well. With Madara being the grumpiest one and the others knowing when to give him space.

This is where you come in, willing to be the omega for a around the clock price. And at first it’s just a simple visit to satisfy a basic need. With Itachi being the last to approach you and surprisingly Madara being the first.

It quickly becomes so much more, as you start patching them up when they arrive from a mission in a rough shape. They intend to care for themselves and not bother the hospital but you refuse to let them. It’s the only time you over step your role as just the omega but Sasuke and Madara are the only one who says something. And even they give in to your gentle touch soon after.

Shisui and Obito get to know more of you quickly and become attached. And are the friendliest of the Uchiha. Which worries Madara since you are only being paid to be here. But this is soothed with time.

Itachi feels a bit guilty he took so long to warm up to you. But you insisted it’s understandable, after all you are only the entertainment. To which Itachi frowns upon you calling yourself such since it’s becoming obvious how dear you are to the clan. Something which you were in part denial of.

Madara is the one who takes the longest to fully let his guard down. But when he does it becomes official that You are the mate to five alphas. And they take the week covering you with their claiming bites to celebrate. It becomes the talk of the village quickly but you don’t let it get to you.

After all you are so happy that you are with so many loving boyfriend, each with a passion that burns as brightly as the flames their clan is known for. You wouldn’t trade it for anything and are rather proud of getting all five alphas.

Each man wants their own pup and that is respected by the others, but this means going through five pregnancies that are around a year and a half spaced apart. There is something about seeing your belly swell that gives them all hard.

Each kid is treated equally by each one of their Dads who love them all. They adore the sight of you and surrounded by the children asleep after reading them a book.

It’s rare and wonderful when all of them are home, there tends to be three of them home at a time. With Madara being the head of the clan, he is always closest to the base and dealing with paperwork.

Do not disturb Madara in his office. This turns into You can enter and you can stay as long as you do not provide distracting. This becomes if you have something important, like lunch or a glass of water for him. Soon enough a kiss on the forehead is important and one of the others has to remind you not to distract him.

One of the brothers tries to help Madara through his work as much as possible. But Madara has a tendency to shoulder most of the weight himself without letting any of it go. Something which is best to send their omega in to gently remind him that the others are here to help.


Sasuke is the thickest of the Uchiha men and can’t do quickies because of it. Even so a quickie isn’t his style, he enjoys the slow breaking down of you to nothing but a moaning mess.

The Uchiha men have run a train on you in the living room twice. They don’t get jealous of each other and enjoy seeing and hearing you how wrecked you become over time. It’s Madara and Sasuke who tend to humiliate you but when came to those two nights they all had had filthy tongues.

At first they are convinced your a cock hungry whore and well you are for the Uchiha men. And your getting paid for it, you feel so damn lucky to have this job. And soon enough they relish in how much a a greedy pig you can be for them.

Madara can have you over his desk, his paper work put aside, and pounding your pussy while you scream his name. And an annoyed Sasuke comes to shut you up by shoving his cock down your throat.

Itachi is prone to outdoor sex underneath the moonlight and the stars. Especially when there is a cool gentle breeze that gets your nipples hard and has you snuggling close to him. All he needs now is to put a blanket down and he is taking his time.

Shisui is the gentlest of the five, and he enjoys kissing the bruises and cuts left behind by his brothers. He understands that you crave rough sex and get it just fine from the others. But what you get from him is slow, personal love making. This is the first indication to what is to come. Since Shisui s the first to believe your their mate.

Obito keeps his mask on the first several times that he fucked you. It takes a lot of courage for him to show you his face and you don’t hesitate giving him kisses for the first time. This lead to a slightly rough fucking in which Obito always has his lips on yours.

Madara will pin you against the wall in the hallway. You can see it in his eyes when he approaches you, and so being the good little cum dumpster you take it against the wall.

The clan eventually agrees on days when no political visitors are coming by you should walk around barely clothes. Just enough to tease and highlight the body but easy for them to eat you out, finger you and bury themselves balls deep inside.

All of the Uchiha men are fans of cock warming. There is something about your desperate please for them to move that can nearly have them cuming on the spot.

Breeding is huge for the Uchiha men. They adore repeat my stuffing you, and since it’s rare for them all to be home at same time they get plenty of time to stuff you again and again. This gives you a breeding kink of your own as you beg for more cum deep inside you.

Shisui and Obito are the ones most likely to let you take charge in the bedroom. Simply because they are a sucker for watching you get yourself off on their cock. Shisui tends to make sure there is a mirror he can use to watch where him and you meet.

Akatsuki clan

| Deidara - Hidan - Kisame - Itachi - Pein - Kohan - Obito - Sasori - Kakazu |

Nine alphas and one omega. They don’t even know you are an omega till you are given a three week break by Pain to get off your suppressive pills for a while.

Hidan and Deidara won’t let it go, they are constantly reminding you that you are an omega. While Itachi’s and Sasori’s rooms became a safe haven for a while. Itachi and You would talk, and you were quietly facistanted by Sasori’s work.

Eventually after becoming a bite familiar with Hidan and Deidara they relax with calling you by you a/b/o. But that is only slight, it just so happens you learn to find it endearing over time.

At first it’s nothing more than co-workers with benefits, with your first relationship starting with Ita since you could say you had a friendship forming with him. After Itachi, Kisame isn’t fair behind.

Then there is Hidan and Deidara right after. From there it becomes a blur as all the alphas find themselves seeking your scent. Even though Kakuzu and Sasori have a strange way of going about it. With their affection coming in the form of barb wire at first, and Kakuzu remains as such.

Sasori takes years to become softer but only when it’s the two of you. A gentle turn of his lips, the soft twinkle in his eyes. The gentle lingering hand on your backside as he shows you his latest project.

Kohan took a minute to relax around you. Her stoic nature had you believing she disliked your when frankly she was in pure panic. Your so damn cute, but are you into women?

The two of you hopelessly pin after one another for some time. While the guys place bets on how long it will be before Kohan and You finally kiss.

Pain is the alpha you never expected to reach out to you. Why does he need to? But it seems that even he can’t resist and had you remain at the base for weeks at a time to have healthy breaks from your repressive pills. And checks up on you when he can but sadly he is rather busy.

Obito is the last one to approach you, you have been aware of his act after noticing little things here and there that point to the façade. And after you figure out you let Obito approach you in his own time. Letting his guard down over missions bit by bit till you see the clusterfuck that is his mind.

You help Obito through a huge identity crisis. Something which Itachi is grateful for, just as much as you talking him into explaining telling his little brother the truth.

A selection of them mouth off to each other a lot, and Hidan and Deidara can become rather prone to possessive remarks should you get an outsider’s eyes. While the others understand that you hold no interest outside of those within the Akatsuki.


Sasori has created a drug that makes you more sensitive to touch. And with your consent you take it. One time you decide to take it during your heat and your seeing colors that you never knew existed.

Hidan and Deidara share the most while the rest prefer one on one time with you. And Hidan and Deidara only share simply because they get impatient.

Deidara has the least expierance and had to be taken on a learning curve. But does he learn fast when it comes to what can make you scream his name. Since overwhelming you becomes frighteningly easy with mouth hands.

Pein learns every single thing about your body in the course of one night. And he has the most stamina out of the nine alphas. And will keep going till you need him to stop because your hungry and need sleep.

Pull Deidara’s hair, slap Hidan and scratch his back, suck on Itachi’s balls and write your name into Kohan’s clit. Become helpless at the mercy of Kakuzu and let Sasori overwhelm you. But most importantly don’t be too struck by the shift in Tobi’s personality into something animalistic. Going with the flow and become the group’s fuck toy.

Kakazu loves fucking your throat and watching you gag on him. It takes some time before he claims he is bored with your mouth. And then he always finishes inside you. Not even letting his knot go fully away before leaving you empty.

Kizame cums the most to the extend of expanding the bulge in your stomach his monsterous cock already creates. And he doesn’t like pulling out just yet, he wants to hold you close and keep buried inside of you as the cuddles begin.

Itachi is the last to approach you and it’s during a rut. You don’t know what to expect from him and discover that he does lack experience but more than makes up for it with his live for exploration and noting what makes you squirm.

Itachi is the last to approach you and it’s during a rut. You don’t know what to expect from him and discover that he does lack experience but more than makes up for it with his live for exploration and noting what makes you squirm.

Itachi will use is shargian to fuck you during a mission or around others at the base. The other can tell by your sudden flustered self and the scent of your lust.

Pein is shows instead of grows so he has black studs through his cock as well. These studs are soft and press against the inside of you wonderful, the strange fiction making you cum faster than you think is possible.

Kohan can be hesitant to see you out which is why you always making sure she isn’t left out and gets plenty of attention. She looks so breathtaking between your legs, her hips slapping into yours and her tits bouncing in your face. And the cries of your name when you suck and play with her nipples is the cherry.

Kohan ends up fucking Pein and Itachi with you a few different times. With the four of you having a group fuck while the rest where gone. Both men used clones and make sure every hole was stretched and filled.

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This one starts off a bit serious/emotional (the point of divergence is midway through the Kyuubi Attack) but then it gets pretty crack-y. 

Basically, the Sage of Six Paths is not interested in letting some Uchiha punk piece together the Ten-Tails, and uses magic BS to draw Obito into the Jinchuuriki mindspace with himself and Rin so they can both smack some sense into him. They let him know that Infinite Tsukuyomi turns people into Zetsus, so he’s not saving the world, he’s destroying it.

Meanwhile, Minato takes the mask off of the unconscious “Madara”, and oh wouldja look at that it’s Obito. When he wakes up, he still wants to destroy the leaf, but Minato talks him out of it, so he decides ‘alright I was supposed to be dead anyways might as well kill myself to revive everybody’. He teleports over to Nagato, yoinks the Rinnegan, and uses Rinne Rebirth—but, because I want him to live, I use Author-BS-No-Jutsu once again and have Minato take him to the hospital to be treated for chakra exhaustion. So he’s still alive!

But he still hates the ninja system, too. He’s technically a pacifist now, so he doesn’t solve his problems by killing people (for the most part); he isn’t willing to take any missions that aren’t D-ranks, transportation or protection missions. Plus, living in Konoha is almost unbearable, so he asks Minato if he can pull a Tsunade and leave. 

One official ANBU guard (it’s Kakashi) later, Obito is off to travel to the world, sleep under the stars, and somehow raise enough money to pay back the massive property damage debt he racked up! Shenanigans naturally ensue.

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“It’s all a big nothing”

Naruto Shippuden Episode 324 “The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble” (2013) | Coma Baby by Nicole Dollanganger (2011) | The Sopranos Season 2 Episode 7 “D-Girl” (2000) | Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath (1965) | The Haunting of Bly Manor “The Certain Romance of Old Clothes” Season 2 Episode 8 (2020)

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