with-love-from-hell · 2 days ago
Hello! I love your stories, I'm a little shy so doing this over anon if that's alright.
I have endometriosis and really bad period pains, fainting, fatigue, etc..
Could you do how the brothers dote on a gn mc with endometriosis or bad period pains? If not all then my top 2 would be Satan or Mammon for this.
Thank you!
Hi Anon! Thanks for requesting <3 I can absolutely do this for you. I used to have wicked periods so I know the feel!
How the Brothers Comfort an MC with Horrid Period Pains
Fandom: Obey me!
Genre: Headcanons, Comfort, light smut
Written for a GN!Mc (no pronouns used), though context indicates Mc has a vagina/uterus.
CW: content has a lot to do with menstruation/periods. Also brief mentions of sex in most of em, but nothing too spicy.
Tumblr media
His primary love languages are acts of service and quality time, so he would probably be one of- if not thee- best caretaker when you are experiencing particularly bad pain from menses
Having learned more than his brothers on human anatomy and having learned your particular likes and dislikes, he would know exactly what and how much to get you.
His go-to comfort food/drink items for you would probably be home-made ginger ale, simple broth with bread and butter, and some soothing ice cream/sorbet.
In terms of tactile comfort, be prepared to be wrapped in the most luxurious cashmere robe ever, heating pads at the ready, and gentle lower tummy and back massages
He would not hesitate to buy you tampons/pads from the store. (I've seen folks say he'd been "too prideful" to do something like that but I strongly disagree). He's proud that you're his partner, and that you trust him enough to take care of you. And he has no shame in getting you what you need.
Would play soft music throughout your experience and cast noise canceling spells around his room so his brothers antics won't bother you.
The rest of the time when he's not getting you things or doing things for you, he's right there for whatever you need. Whether it be cuddles, showering with you, helping you adjust your position, or making sure you're able to sleep as peacefully as possible.
He would also be up for any type of sexual gratification you need for pain relief- even if its just getting you off to ease a bit of the pain. Your needs always come first, after all.
Mammon would probably have no idea what to do the first time you experienced such excruciating pain from your period
He would do whatever you asked, but you would have to ask him. He def needs to be taught about what human bodies do- especially for uterus havers (and even more so for people with shitty uteruses).
He would probably ask Satan or Lucifer for help in learning how he could better serve you, or he would sheepishly ask you himself.
After he knows what to do, he would probably go deeper into debt bribing his other brothers to do it all for you or ordering things on Akuzon rather than going to the store himself
Not because he doesn't want to help you with those things, but because he doesn't want to leave your side- even for a minute.
He would make his bed the most glorious nest of blankets and pillows that he's stolen from various areas around the house- particularly the high-quality ones Lucifer and Asmo tend to buy
Expect lots of cuddles from him. Like...LOTS. He would also give your lower tummy a massage if your experiencing especially bad pain.
He would love taking a hot bath with you, getting advice from Barbatos or Asmo on bath/body oils that help with pain and tension release.
He would especially love to lean against the basin with you in between his legs, rubbing the oils gently over your tummy and hips
He would probably be afraid to do anything like full on sex with you, but he would be willing to use his hands to give you any relief you need. (And boy is he good at it)
Like Mammon, Levi would probably have a to take a few lessons on human anatomy before he's totally comfortable with what's going on here.
The first time he sees blood in between your legs he probably has a full-on panic attack because he thinks you're dying.
After you explain, he will still be mortified, but he will calm down quite a bit.
As someone who's already anxious as hell around you, it may take him some time before he's okay with physical comfort.
HOWEVER, he does have the most extensive anime plushie/body pillow collection you've ever seen, so he will give you whatever ones you want to snuggle with for comfort.
That isn't to say he wouldn't ever provide physical comfort...he may just need some time to push past the nervousness he feels around you.
He'd probably get a lil embarrassed if you asked him to buy period products for you, but he would still do it after making the task into some sort of imaginary D&D quest lol
He would try to make his bathtub as comfortable as possible, even going so far as to get you special anime pillows and blankets that are exclusively for you, and I mean... if this is an excuse to have you in his room more, he's okay with that.
He probably would try to recreate things he's seen in Anime that help with period pains- like recipes or home remedies.
Expect lots of quality time playing video games and watching anime/movies to distract from your pain.
His bedroom is especially nice to be in because his room generally being darker with softer lighting. It would especially be nice if your pain causes light sensitivity!
Satan, like Lucifer, would probably already have an extensive knowledge on human anatomy, so he would probably be pretty confident on what to do.
Unlike Lucifer though, he would know a lot more obscure tips and tricks to help with pain- like which foods to eat to help build up your iron levels and which foods to avoid because they dehydrate you; or ways to position your body so the pain isn't as bad; or things that can act as natural pain relievers
He would be ready with methods of relieving constipation as well, as he knows cramps can make bowel movements difficult.
Needless to say, he stocks up on supplies needed and keeps a regular supply in one of the closets in his room that used to be filled with books (since you're the only thing he values more than that, he will find a place to rehome them)
The small daybed by his window is exclusively reserved for you during these times, and he does what he can to make the bed more comfortable. However, he wouldn't blame you if you'd prefer to be cared for in your own room
He would definitely read to you to try to distract from your pain, even accentuating voices of the character dialogs in the books to make you laugh.
He would also be ruthless with his brothers who tried bothering you during this time- even if they just want to help. He doesn't want to risk them stressing you out and making the symptoms worse.
He would give you full body massages, knowing exactly what places to work on gentler or harder to make you feel good.
He would, like Mammon, be a little weary of penetration, but would be more than willing to work on you with his hands if you're needing sexual release.
King of comfort 100%
He would be better at providing you what you need than any of the best brothers' attributes combined.
He gives the best massages, has the best body care products for numbing/pain relief, has the best atmosphere in his room, and has the softest and most comfortable bed.
Your comfort is his top priority, so be prepared for days of pampering.
He will get you anything you need and more, and will spare no expense to make sure any cravings you have are satiated, but that you're also eating/drinking things that help with the pain!
Asmo would also use a variety of scented candles, incense, and essential oils to help create a soothingly scented atmosphere
He would hesitate to leave your side, often opting to ordering things of Akuzon instead when he ran out of things, but he would still do it for you.
He would pretty much act like he's glued to you- cuddling you 24/7 until you're feeling better.
He would also love more than anything to bath with you, holding you the entire time in line with the "he's glued to you" thing
It goes without saying that any sexual gratification needs you have will be provided for easily. He wouldn't be afraid to do anything and everything to get you off and help you get that release to ease your pain- as long as your okay with him getting off somehow in the process.
Beel would be very tender and delicate with you already, so expect an extra soft beel during menstruation
He would be wrapped around you most of the time, with the exceptions of getting up to grab food or to get you something for pain.
Overall, he has little knowledge of what you would need right off the bat, but he would learn over time as he spends more and more time with you.
If you are needing anything specific from the store, he would be more than willing to go get it for you, but he would be hesitant to leave your side.
If possible, he will send Lucifer on an errand run while he stays home and comforts you.
He would try to get you to exercise a little bit with him, even if it hurts, because he knows it can help with the cramping.
He wouldn't have you do anything extraneous tho. It would probably be some simple yoga or stretching
He always makes sure your hydrated and he gets you plenty of strength-building foods to help with your fatigue!
He would be hesitant to massage you because he's afraid of his strength and he doesn't want to hurt you, but he would oblige in gentle kneeding of your lower tummy if you ask.
Expect lots of cuddles- even going so far as to use himself as a big ole comfy pillow for you to rest on.
He won't jump on the opportunity of bathing or showering with you, just because he doesn't strike me as someone who'd be way into that and rather sees showers as a purpose of cleaning rather than comfort, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't! If you ask, he'd be more than willing to do that with you.
He would probably stray away from anything sexual with you, just because he wouldn't understand how its supposed to help and he worries about making things worse, but he would get you anything you needed to provide you with self relief, like a vibrating egg.
He would be a bit nervous in helping you at first, just because he's not really sure what to do to help if you're seeking him out specifically
He'd probably go ask Satan for help at first, but once he learns what to do he gains a bit of confidence.
Hes another who will be glued to you 24/7 in a vice grip.
He would refuse to leave your side for a second, and would probably ask Beel to get you anything either of you would need.
He would be more than willing to help you with a bath, but he would be unlikely to get in with you unless you beg him to...not because he doesn't want to, but because he's worried about falling asleep on you.
He would def massage your shoulders while you are in the bath though, and do his best to hit specific points that would help you to sleep easier. He will also stock up on Lavender bath and body oil
His logic is that if you're not awake, you aren't gonna be in pain.
He would do his best to continue paying attention to your needs while you sleep, noticing small signs that the pain is worsening or you're uncomfortable and acting accordingly. Over time, he learns what each of your winces mean and what you need through each one.
While cuddling is a given, this would be one of the rare circumstances where he would force himself to stay awake. He would pay attention to if you need to move positions because you're uncomfortable, or if you need him to massage your tummy or back while you cuddle him.
This is also one of the rare times where he will be of service to anything sexual you would want to do- even if it requires him to do all the work.
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[Click for HD I didn’t dither for nothing]
I do not control the hyperfixation
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everything i know about tarot is through the arcana 😔😔
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Lucifer: Mammon isn’t answering his D.D.D.
MC,*takes out their D.D.D.*: I’ll call
Lucifer: We have all tried six times each, what makes you thi-
Mammon: Hello?
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obey me neko charms maybe? (this is just a concept sketch! the finished desgins will be so clean and soo cute <3 ) EDIT: added the purgatory hall boys
hehe lmk what u think <3
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worst service in the devildom
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Otaku FM Doodles (7 - 2 - 6)
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I cant explain It...
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ASMO: When I sent myself those flowers and read how much I loved me, I felt SO much better!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMEON!!!✨🎆🎊🎉✨💓 I love this angel sm I'm crying
Background clouds by dearest sibling @webtail!!!! I told you I'd use it!!!
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maybe the reason there’s no daytime in the devildom is because everyone would think you’re still an angel
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Sleepy Birthday to the Twins ✧˖°*॰ॱ(ूˊ͈꒳ˋ͈ ॢ♡)ॱ॰*°˖✧
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y'all... tarot enthusiasts don't even look at me
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Leviathan: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it
Mammon: Just rip the bandage off.
Leviathan: It’s MC.
Mammon: Put the bandage back on.
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HENRY? how could you do this to me?????? right after we won the boss fight against my freakazoid little brother whose obviously never received that kind of attention you immediately propose to him???? hello
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levi "WAS THAT THE BITE OF '87?" athan
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baby bro 🐄
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[teaching Simeon how to use his phone]
Mc: Okay, first of all, go to the App Store.
Simeon: *gets up*
Mc: Wait, where are you going?
Simeon: You said go to the App Store. Is it far?
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show me ur teeth ♡
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The potential for a Mulan moment is exquisite.
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