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writingsbehaviour · 2 days ago
act your age
#1 out of 9 | bittersweet
co-written with @pogueslandia. ily liane <3
Tumblr media
synopsis: ward’s tired of his son’s antics, and so sends him away to england to get his act together. rafe thinks he’s in for the most boring year of his life, till he meets the principals daughter having a smoke in the locker room
warnings: strong language, mentions of drug use
Ward’s last words rang in his son’s ears as he attempted to take in the physical ennui he’d have to live in for the next year.
“I’m done, Rafe,”
“...pack your fucking bags.”
Rafe fucked up. He knew he fucked up before Ward even opened his mouth, he knew the moment the fifth line of powdered death entered his nostril that he had fucked, up. The cocaine, the partying, all the other less than legal extracurriculars - they all were bound to catch up with the boy sooner or later. He just didn’t expect it to happen at 3pm on the one Tuesday his father returned from work early.
And now, for the sake of a ruined high, Rafe stood before what he imagined as a step down from prison. The buzz of the first day of semester filled the chilled air, the boys surrounding Rafe seemingly excited about beginning their time at St. Patrick’s. He couldn’t understand it, having to simply pit it down to their excitement stemming from being the most boring fucks imaginable.
“God, I’m going to kill myself,” Rafe rumbled under his breath, hoisting his bag over his shoulder as he made his way to the entrance. He stuck out like a sore thumb, every other guy in the vicinity dressed in uniform whilst Rafe trampled through in sweats and a scowl that shone through the too-happy smiles of 9am.
In his search for some sort of reception, Rafe was suddenly stopped by a calloused palm gripping his shoulder, turning him to face the owner of the hand.
Before him stood a man, a man who Rafe instantly had at least seventeen judgements on from his moustache alone. Fifty, forty-five at the least, with hair shaved down to the scalp and two thick brows furrowed deep into beady eyes.
“And where is your uniform?” He boomed, perfected Queen’s English laced in his tone. Rafe cleared his throat, shrugging off the heavy palm on his shoulder as he resisted the urge to make fun of his accent.
“I just arrived, sir,” sarcasm dripping from his words, “I don’t have any uniform.”
The man’s face lifted in surprise, his chest puffing as he crossed his arms together in front of him. “You don’t hear an accent around here like that every day. Rafe Cameron, I assume?” he chortled.
Rafe frowned, “…yeah?”
“Well,” his hand returned to his shoulder, leading him ahead as Rafe unwillingly walked alongside him, “I apologise for the lack of a formal introduction, if you’d like to step into my office, I’m sure we can get properly acquainted.”
Rafe entered a room that he could’ve sworn felt like something from the 1700s. The decor was dark, the books were old, and the air smelt like dust as the man creaked into the leather chair behind a paper filled mahogany desk.
“Sit, please, Mr Cameron.”
Rafe hesitantly wandered over, thoughtlessly lugging his bag beside him as he collapsed in the seat, ignoring the man’s conjecturing glare as his elbows rested on the chair’s arms, giving him easy access to anxiously bite his nails.
“I’m St Patrick’s dean, Mr Greene. It’s a real pleasure to have you over here, Mr Cameron,” he pulled out a file after rummaging around for a few moments, “we’ve never had a lad from the States before.”
“I can’t say it’s a pleasure to be here.”
Greene cocked a brow, clearing his throat, “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it soon enough. Here is your schedule,” he passed a sheet over, “and your room, and here is where you need to go to collect your uniform. Uniform is to be worn at all times, in and around the school, so I expect you to see to that matter immediately.”
Already done with the conversation, Rafe huffed and stood, grabbing the once neatly folded papers in his fist before dipping to collect his bag.
“Mr Cameron,” Greene stopped him, “I understand that you’re not exactly thrilled to be here, but I do hope you begin to enjoy your time at St. Patrick’s. Please come see me after your lessons tomorrow, I’d like a check-in.”
“Yeah, whatever,” Rafe muttered.
Tumblr media
He was lost.
It was as if he was in a maze. Every twist and turn, every corridor and hall - it all looked exactly the God damn same.
Rafe could ask for directions, he could just stick his arm out and ask a random guy to help him, but bruising his ego a bit wasn’t as worth it as he thought it would be, so he pulled himself together and dragged himself into another series of identical pathways.
When he finally found the residence hall, he let out a sigh of relief.
Rafe wanted nothing more but to let his bed swallow him whole and let merciful dreamstate take this all away, but his wishes of doing it in utter silence immediately vanished as his eyes met with another boy in his room.
He furrowed his eyebrows and stepped back for a moment, checking his assigned dorm room and the number on the door. He wasn’t mistaken, was he?
“Think you’re in the wrong room, man.”
Rafe boomed before clearing his throat, his eyes shamelessly judging everything about this dude. Blonde gelled hair styled so tightly to his head it could be a helmet, the shirt and tie that had clearly been ironed to perfection and even the way he held himself – his posture impeccably straight. Irritating. It was all so irritating.
The boy almost snickered, his brows lifting as he looked Rafe up and down himself. He pulled the last pair of socks from his case, effortlessly sliding it under his bed before facing him.
“6B, right?”
“Yeah,” Rafe drawled, his eyelids dipping as he now noticed the two seperate beds, the two seperate wardrobes and felt consequently both stupid and even more defeated than he already did. Fuck.
The boy’s lips drew into a small smile, “Nice to meet you. I’m Andrew.” Andrew held a steady palm out, expecting Rafe to meet him in the middle. Rafe was already too pissed off by his plans of peacefully passing out being ruined, plus he didn’t exactly love the prospect of having a roommate regardless. So he coldly walked by, their shoulders lightly brushing as Rafe swung his bag onto his bed by the window.
Andrew tilted his head, his eyes furrowing into a squint as he cleared his throat and tried not to find himself too annoyed by his new roommate.
“I’m guessing you’re new here?”
Rafe scoffed, opening up his case.
“How did you know?” Rafe retorted sarcastically, beginning to pull his belongings out so he wouldn’t be forced to either stand and make God awful head-banging-against-a-brick-wall level small talk with Andrew, or go get the uniform he dreaded wearing.
“That accent, for starters,” Andrew continued, despite the obvious satire that dripped from Rafe’s tone, and it was enough to make Rafe’s eyes roll into the back of his head, “you also stick out like a fly on a wedding cake.”
Rafe frowned, stopping his feverish unpacking for a moment to turn and face his roommate who held an expression of amusement on his face. Something about his dumb idiom… Rafe chuckled. He actually chuckled.
“You’re weird, man.” Rafe shook his head, returning to his unpacking. Andrew laughed, sitting on the edge of his skeleton bed, the sheets still neatly pressed and folded at the head.
“Final year?”
“I guess so. I’m not planning on staying, though.”
Andrew frowned. “Awfully long journey for less than a year.”
Rafe hummed, ignoring Andrew for a moment as his fingers trailed over the framed photograph of he and his family he decided to pack in a rush. An item he wasn’t particularly sentimental about - he was angry at the sight, in all honesty. Everyone in the picture seemed to be smiling but him, and it’s not that he was particularly unhappy, he just… he didn’t look right. He didn’t fit. His tongue pressed against the inside of his cheek as he decided to push it under his bed, out of sight and out of mind.
“It wasn’t exactly my choice.”
“Ah,” Andrew nodded knowingly, “kicked out of your old school?”
“Dad caught me with coke, actually.”
Rafe said it so bluntly, so… nonchalantly, if Andrew wasn’t listening properly he probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it. But he was listening, and it showed through the sudden slackness of his jaw. Rafe turned when silence followed his words, a small smirk creeping onto his lips at the look on Andrew’s suddenly pale face.
Andrew cleared his throat uncomfortably, standing. “Class assembly is in ten. You should probably get your uniform sorted. I’ll leave you to unpack.” Rafe had to bite back a laugh at Andrew’s sudden interest in leaving him alone, settling instead for a structured nod as Andrew made his way out of their room.
“Not a lot of coke-heads here, huh,” Rafe mumbled to himself, slightly laughing as he shoved his case messily under his bed and grabbed the crumpled piece of paper that would lead him to the grey jail of that uniform.
Tumblr media
Rafe groaned, staring back at his dimmed reflection in the short mirror hung in his- their, room. It was bad, to say the least. A finely tailored grey suit, tight blue tie, cufflinks and all. This, every single day, for a year? Rafe was five seconds from numbing his head against the glass before a bell rang throughout the halls.
That Goddamn assembly. The dread continues.
His feet shuffled behind him as he shoved his hands in his pockets, trailing behind a group of boys to find the hall he was supposed to be in. Rafe took one look at the hall, filled with guys who all looked the same, taking seats behind a large stage that was adorned with heavy crimson curtains and a mic. He took one look and he bailed.
Rafe turned without a second thought, pushing his way past the flow of students to find somewhere else, anywhere else to go. He scavenged the hallways, hallways he still couldn’t recognise until he spotted a sign - a sign from God himself - that read LOCKER ROOM. He exhaled, pushing the heavy door open and collapsing on the bench, his elbows rested on his knees as he rubbed his face.
“God, this is going to be Hell.”
“Sure is.”
Rafe’s head shot up, his hair a little ruffled at the sudden movement. His head turned to the left, trying to find the owner of the voice.
“Who’s there?” He called out, standing.
He heard a snicker, followed by the familiar click and flicker of a lighter being rolled. He rounded the corner by some lockers, his legs freezing when he saw her. Sat on the floor, legs laid out in front of her, a packet of Marlboro’s and a battered purple lighter scattered beside her as she dropped her head back onto a locker, blowing smoke.
Rafe tried not to gawk, he really did. But she was, I mean she is…
“Staring is rude, cowboy.” She deadpanned, flicking ashes on the tiles.
Rafe cleared his throat, pushing himself from the lockers before processing the nickname. He cocked his head, rubbing his temple.
“Funny accent, you know.” She took another drag, never dropping her eyes from his as she inspected him. It’s rare for Rafe to get nervous, very rare. But under her gaze, he felt nothing but small, fidgety, nervous. So nervous, he almost forgot that this was a girl, dressed in the same uniform as him, smoking in the locker room of a boy’s boarding school.
“I, uh,” Rafe started, beginning to step closer, slowly, as if he were approaching a wild animal, “I thought this was an all guys school?”
She rolled her eyes as if she was annoyed by the question, and it made Rafe take fright.
“Unless, I mean I don’t want to assume-”
“I am a girl, dumbass,” she cut him off, stubbing her cigarette into the tiles before grabbing the box and the lighter, “I’m guessing you’re new here?” She stood, brushing her trousers off before shoving the items in her pockets.
“Yes,” Rafe answered, “but why-”
“And I’m guessing you met Greene?”
Rafe hesitated, unsure of where she was going with this, “yes.”
She smiled for the first time. A tight-lipped, insincere one, but it was enough to cause a little flurry of panic in Rafe’s chest. Only a little.
“I’m his step-daughter,” she swung her hand out, “nice to meet you. I’m Y/N,” Rafe lifted his hand, but before he could reach her she dropped it to her side, startling him, “now get the fuck out.”
taglist: @pogueslandia @alli0lol @luversgirl @hopebaker @talkstarkeytome @jasonderuloyeah @halsmultibitch @notdisneychannel @ophila-archie-l @dont-worry-ill-sugar-mama-you @queenofthepouges @obsession-obx @maryelizabeth13
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skyebounded · 2 days ago
Can You Not? :Rafe Cameron
Tumblr media
Can You Not? : Rafe Cameron
Respectfully. You may not use my work, but you are welcome to share it. 💙
Summary: Dinner with Rafe’s parent is going exactly how you imagined. 
Pairing: Rafe Cameron x Fem!Reader 
Warnings: Fingering (SMUT), Teasing, I think that’s it 
Word Count: 1.3K
A/N: Hello Lovelies 💙 Just a quick little idea I had, enjoy. 
Dinner with your boyfriend's parents was proving to be more difficult than you originally thought. You had prepared for every possible thing, or so you thought. But you hadn’t prepared for what to do when your boyfriend couldn’t keep his hands to himself. 
You grab his hand as it threatens to slide further up your dress, leaning into him and dropping your voice so only he can hear. 
“Cut it out,” you warn, moving his hand off of you for the fifth time tonight. 
     “How’s your family doing? I heard your mother's business opening did really well?” 
You look up at Rose, who is eagerly waiting for your response. 
     “Yeah, it was fantastic, she had a great turnout,” you smile. 
Rose frowns momentarily, “Ugh, I wanted to go, but I had a meeting I had to be at,” she sighs. 
Rafe leans back in his chair, His hand casually resting on your thigh. If you were at dinner with your friends, you wouldn’t mind so much that he can’t possibly keep his hands to himself, but this was dinner with his parents, and not only that, but you were at a nice restaurant with several people at surrounding tables. 
“Yeah, but honey that meeting was important.” Ward chimes in. 
Rafe’s thumb slowly starts to rub circles into your skin, as his grip tightens ever so slightly on your thigh. You catch his gaze, a look of challenge in his eyes. Your eyes dart down to where his hand is, signaling for him to stop, before looking back up at him. All you get in return is a smirk growing on his face, and his hand slowly inching higher. 
The further his hand moves, the more you don’t want him to stop, and he knows it, he knows you. This time you don’t bother to remove his hand, instead you just focus on your food, and on the conversation.
“So, how’s school going?” Ward prods. 
You swallow, wiping your mouth quickly before you speak.
“It’s going really well, finals are coming up so that’s been a bit stressful, but other than that it’s good.” you smile.
You hold your breath as Rafe’s hand slides up under the slit of your dress, making his way to your bare core. You know that if his parents weren’t in front of you, he would have plenty to say about the fact that you aren’t wearing anything under your dress, but luckily, they are. His fingers graze your soaking entrance, and his gaze flicks to yours, a sense of intrigue behind his hooded eyes. 
You exhale slowly as you realize that Rose is looking at you, concern on her face.
“Honey, are you okay?” she asks. 
“She’s okay, right, y/n?” Rafe smirks, looking at you as well as the rest of them.
You nod your head, clearing your throat.
“Yes, sorry something must have gone down wrong,” you reassure.
You grab your drink and take a sip, hoping that they will buy your excuse and drop it, and they do. You bite back a moan as his fingers glide through your folds, teasing your entrance, he is toying with you and you know it. 
He just barely pushes a finger into you before he pulls it out, smugly watching as you struggle to keep your composure. You hate to admit it, but you want more. You shoot Rafe a pleading look, to which he acts innocent like he can’t possibly know what you want. 
      “Please, Rafe?” You whisper to him. 
You drop your hand to your lap, finding his as you guide it further up to meet your core once more, your breath hitching once he obliges, shoving two fingers deep into you without warning. You do your best to steady your breathing while your body relaxes against the chair at the slightest bit of relief that he offers. 
“So, Rafe tells me that you guys are going to the Bahamas here soon,” you say. 
You take a quick bite of your food to disguise any sounds that threaten to leave you. Rafe looks calm and collected despite his fingers pumping deep inside you just under the table. 
You spread your legs further giving Rafe more access to your throbbing cunt. He curls his fingers inside you, hitting your sweet spot perfectly. You bite your bottom lip trying your best to hold in your sounds of pleasure. 
         “Ah, yeah we are. Next week actually, I’ve got some business out there,” Ward smiles, gulping down his glass of whiskey. 
Rafe taps his thumb against your aching clit, causing your body to jolt just slightly. You clear your throat as you shift in your chair, doing your best to remain still. 
      “Stay still, Angel,” Rafe whispers against your ear.
You start to feel the familiar coiling sensation building in your lower abdomen as he picks up his pace. Your hand falls to hold the side of your chair, your knuckles whitening at your grip. 
Rose begins to talk to Ward about their upcoming trip, and you see it as a blessing, a moment of peace for you to enjoy everything Rafe is doing to you. 
Rafe’s thumb rubs your clit in sweet circles, and you have to fight the urge to let your hips follow his movement, as surges of heat pulse through your body. Your mouth falls open and your lowly breath escapes it, your fingernails sinking into his wrist as he pushes you closer towards the edge. Your walls flutter around his fingers as he continues to hit your g-spot. 
       “Y/n, are you sure you’re okay, you look a little pale,” Rose asks, leaning slightly forward in her chair. 
      “It’s just some cramps, I’ll be fine,” you lie, plastering on a soft smile. 
Rafe turns to you, watching you carefully as he brings his drink to his lips. 
       “Should I take you home, Angel?” He asks, the familiar look of challenge on his features. You bite the inside of your cheek, shaking your head casually. 
       “So, Rafe, when we get back, I’m going to need your help with a project if you're interested.” Ward suggests. 
Rafe turns his attention to his father, his features lighting up slightly at his words. 
       “Of course, anything you need,” he smiles. 
Rafe curls his fingers once more and a wave of ecstasy washes over you. Your vision blurs and you grasp your napkin to hide your face. Your walls clench his fingers as you squeeze your legs shut as they begin to shake. 
Rafe pulls his fingers out of you, grabbing his own napkin to clean his fingers before he turns to you to feign concern.
      “Babe,” he grabs your arm, pulling you to look at him. Rafe winks at you, before turning to his parents. 
     “I think I should take her home; she’s not feeling too well.” 
He stands up from his chair and makes his way to stand behind yours, pulling it out slightly so he can take your hand to pull you up. 
      “Oh, that’s probably best,” Rose sighs, the concern spreading on her face. 
You shoot them both a sorrowful look as you stand from the table. 
      “I’m sorry, thank you guys for inviting me.” You smile at the pair of them. 
      “Thank you for coming dear, feel better,” Ward returns. 
Rafe guides you out of the restaurant and to his truck. You grab his shirt collars and pull him flush against you. He gazes down at you with lidded eyes, he takes his bottom lip between his teeth. 
“Rafe, I need you to fuck me,” you smirk. 
His eyes widen as his familiar smirk forms on his face.
“Someone's needy.”
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obx-pogue4life · 2 days ago
Falling Asleep With JJ
Tumblr media
Summary: JJ comes home from work late and crawls into bed with you.
Warning: None! This is pure and happy fluff!
You were laying in bed waiting for JJ to get home from work, nearly asleep when you hear the garage door go up and your boyfriend letting himself into the house the two of you live in together. You hear him walking in the kitchen and turning off the lights you left on for him and the stairs creaking as he slowly walks up the steps. He goes into your bedroom whispering softy, asking you if you're still awake and you mumble an mhmm to him and open your eyes and smile. He starts to slowly and tiredly peel off his jeans and dirty marina crew tee and tosses it into the hamper. He is just standing there in his boxer briefs, staring into space as he tries to fight off a huge yawn. He can feel your eyes on him and he looks over to you again and smirks because you're full on staring at him and he stretches his tight muscles and yawns again, walking over to the bed. He sits down with an exasperated plop and adjusts his pillows and slips under the covers, immediately rolling towards you and pulling you as close as he can possibly get you and lets out a content and happy sigh. He tells you he misses you and he's sorry he was was so late and kisses you on the top of your head, pulling you impossibly closer still, making sure there is no space between your backside and his front half. Your bottom is resting on the tops of his thighs, his knees are cradled right underneath your bottom and your head is resting on his one shoulder and outstretched arm while the other is draped over your front. Your fingers are interlocked with his and his thumb is rubbing small circles on the top of your hand between your thumb and index finger. He lets out another deep sigh and breathlessly whispers “I love you” in your ear, as you slowly start to feel his grip loosen and all his movements stop while you both drift away to a blissful sleep.
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jenniferswhor3 · 2 days ago
fool’s gold - rafe cameron
Tumblr media
rafe cameron x reader
summary || you were always there for rafe but he still left you in the dirt.
warnings || mentions of drug abuse, panic attacks, swearing, a bit of manipulation
authors note || loosely based of ‘fool’s gold’ by one direction. sort of based off a true story :,)
you and rafe never dated. although, to everyone around you, it had seemed you were. you knew you weren’t, he knew you weren’t, and all of your friends knew you weren’t.
you had been with him through everything. you’ve been there for him through everything that’s happened with his dad, everything that’s happened with his drug addiction, and all of his violent tendencies. you were the only one that truly stayed.
it started off with you two being friends, then best friends, then, well, that’s complicated.
you guys had shared many moments together. like the time you helped him through a panic attack induced by his father.
he knocked on your first story bedroom window at 2:07 am. you were a bit startled at first, but once you saw rafe through the glass your fear vanished.
once you opened your window and let him in, you could visibly tell he was crying and shaking. his fingers were trembling and he was playing with his fingers. his shirt was wrinkled and had a couple wet patches on it, presumably from the tears he wiped.
“rafe,” you started. he started stuttering before you could finish your sentence.
“i- i don’t-,” he choked out a small sob, “i don’t know what happened.” he was hyperventilating.
“rafe. rafe, look at me,” you knew he was starting to have a panic attack. “watch me breathe. i’m gonna take slow breaths, you’re gonna follow me, alright? can you do that?” he nodded.
his eyes were only on your lips watching you move them indicated a breath in and out. your hands were placed on his biceps, rubbing small circles with your thumbs. his hands were placed around your waist, making almost identical circles on your hips.
this is something he always did. whatever he was holding he had a tendency to draw little shapes on you.
once his breathing slowed, you pulled him in for a hug. the fabric on your shoulder dampened from his tears, that didn’t bother you, though.
his arms securely wrapped around your waist. “please,” he muttered.
“i won’t let you go.”
that night you two held each other all night long. you sat in mostly silence, the occasional short conversation would be brought up. he sat laying on your chest with his arms around your waist. one of your hands rested on his back, gently drawing random things while your other hand was holding his head and gently scratched his scalp.
you swore you both felt something that night. swore you felt the spark between your hands every time you two held hands. the spark between you two as you felt rafe’s breath gently against your neck. the spark you felt after you two had adjusted to different positions and you heard his heartbeat while resting on his chest.
here’s the thing, rafe knew you liked him. he didn’t necessarily want to take that to his advantage, he just thought he could get away with certain things.
for instance, not talking to you for almost a whole week. he wasn’t really busy but he definitely had a few things to do that week. you had texted him monday around lunch time and he didn’t respond. you knew he had some busy days especially since he he occasionally work for his father. you didn’t want to text him too much and come off as clingy, that’s the last thing you want.
hours went by and still no text. a couple hours turned into half the day and half the day turned into a the whole day. that whole day went by extremely slow. it was boring as hell and one of your favorite people weren’t there to make it better.
by the fourth day he didn’t text or talk to you, you had little hope left of him talking to you. it had been a miserable day for you. your boss had been snappy all day, your little brother had been unbearably annoying, and your parents were on you about school.
you were wallowing in your own tears when your phone buzzes a couple times. it was rafe. your face relaxed a bit as you answer his three text messages. one of them saying to come over to his.
he knew what he was doing. he knew he didn’t talk to you for four days and he knew you’d come over and be “friends” again; or whatever you want to call it.
once you drove over to his, he immediately greeted you with a small teddy bear he saw at the store earlier. even if he hadn’t gotten you the bear he knew you’d still forgive him.
“rafe, he is just too cute. oh my god.” you’re in awe at the small brown bear with a pink bow.
“yeah,” he shrugged. “i saw it and immediately thought how much you’d love it, so i got it.”
that night you both made brownies, well it was mostly you. his arms were wrapped around your waist from behind and his head was resting on your shoulders watching you stir all the ingredients. you let him like the spoon, of course.
when the brownies had finished, you put one piece in two separate bowls and topped both with vanilla ice cream and you and rafe cuddled close together while watching your favorite movies.
rafe knew exactly how to make you forgive him. he just flashes those puppy dog eyes and gives you a small smile and you immediately forget why you had been upset at him.
and it was like this for a few months. he’d “forget” to talk to you or make any means of communication or he’d rope you into almost getting in major trouble and days later you’d forgive him on the spot.
this one time had been very different than the others.
he’d gotten in a lot of trouble and had you help him out.
on a sunny sunday morning he came knocking at your window. letting him in you immediately notice his shakey hands and somewhat pale face. you hadn’t recognized this demeanor on him, you couldn’t tell what he was thinking.
“rafe, what’s wrong?”
“do you think,” he was struggling to ask this. he didn’t want to but the feeling inside of his body was crying out for him to ask, crying out for the loss of substance in him. “do you think i could borrow a bit of money?”
you were taken back by this question. it didn’t shock you but he’s never asked to borrow money so you were just surprised. “um, yea sure. how much?” you walked over to your dresser to grab your wallet.
“just, um, twenty dollars. yeah, twenty dollars, that’s good.” you looked at him a bit funny while handing him a twenty dollar bill.
“rafe, are you sure your alright?”
“yeah, yeah. i’m fine,” he didn’t look fine. “i just— i’ll pay you back as soon as i can.”
it took you a second to respond, “okay. i mean you don’t have to worry about it, honestly.”
“no, no. it’s alright. i will.” he was still shaking a bit.
you gave yourself a confused look as he made his way out the window. he gave you a small wave before taking off.
it had been nearly three days since rafe last spoke to you. at this point, it hasn’t bothered you as much as it used to.
you had been sitting on your bed, reading your newest book, when suddenly you get a call from an unknown number.
you were skeptical about answering it at first. you answered with a quick hello and immediately recognized the voice on the other end. it was rafe, but why had he been calling form an unknown number.
“y/n, please. i need you to come bail me out. please, y/n.” his voice was trembling.
“rafe, what’s wrong? what do you mean ‘bail you out’?”
“i’m in a holding cell right now. please, y/n.”
you sighed, “i’m on my way.”
you grabbed your wallet and keys and headed to the county jail.
you payed the bail and dragged rafe out of the building. not before you could mutter a quick thank you to the police officer for being very cooperative.
“rafe, what the hell—,” you started.
before you could finish your sentence rafe pulled you into a right hug. his head buried in your neck. it seemed like that was his favorite place to be.
“i’m so sorry, y/n. i fucked up, major. i’m so sorry, please forgive me.” he was sobbing.
“rafe, what are you talking about.”
he didn’t explain; and he wasn’t going to. “please, y/n. i love you, please forgive me.”
your eyes slightly widen at those three words. it wasn’t uncommon for you to say a quick love you while parting ways or something. but never the three words, especially in this context.
“rafe. rafe, hey. it’s okay. whatever you did, i forgive you. now let’s go home.”
and that’s exactly what you did. you two went home, spent the night cuddling and watching his favorite movie, the hangover.
one month went by after that. barely any communication. you had lost faith between whatever was happening between you two.
it seems as he didn’t care, though. you had seen him out, laughing and drinking with his friends. it had taken time for you to realize what he was doing to you.
he didn’t care. he only used and abused your love for him to get what he wants. he knew you’d always forgive him.
apart of you wondered what went wrong. you had wondered if it was something you said or did. you thought everything was going smooth between you two.
apart of you knew you’d still always have love for him. it was fool’s gold.
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lovelyjj · 2 days ago
a sunday kind of love
| jj maybank x reader |
summary: you and jj enjoy a peaceful, sleepy sunday morning together.
warnings: food/eating
word count: 0.8k
a/n: I lowkey kinda hate this. supperrrrrr fluffy :))
Tumblr media
The morning sun decorated your room, bringing light in that caused you to stir. Slowly returning to consciousness, you felt a arm draped around your waist.
In your still sleepy state, you managed to turn your head around to see your boyfriend peacefully sleeping cuddled behind you. Not remembering falling asleep with him in your bed, you were pleasantly surprised.
"Stop moving," JJ grumbled tightening his arms around your frame.
You smoothed your hands over his asking groggily, "when did you get here?"
"This morning," he answers burrowing his face back into your neck.
"How did you-"
"Window" he whispers, not wanting to disrupt the morning peacefulness. JJ did have a habit of climbing through your window, to get to you. There really was no need, he was always welcome in your house, however you still left your window open a crack just incase he needed.
You wiggled around in his embrace to face him, "didn't have too" you stated, knowing that you would be seeing him soon or later with the other pouges.
"But I missed you" he pouted. His hand came up to hold your head closer to him, basking in your warmth. You sighed closing your eyes and nosing at his neck, pushing closer to him.
"I missed you too."
The last thing you registered before dozing off again was a kiss to your forehead, and JJ whispering "go back to sleep."
You awoke for the second time a few hours later. You tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes as you looked up at JJ. You breathed in his scent of vanilla and sage, and sighed. The afternoon was slowly creeping up and chasing the morning away.
Deciding to get up, you did your best to escape JJs tight grip, and pulling the comforter back over him. You knew he was tired, having worked most of the day yesterday, so you placed a kiss to his nose and let him get his rest.
Entering the kitchen you realized that your house was empty, leaving just the two of you.
Not even 10 minutes after you left the comforts of your bed and boyfriend, he was already seeking you out.
His arms wrapped around you from behind, "come back" he whined face tucked into your neck.
"I'm making you food," you smile. Almost done with your pancake mixture, you tired to reach for your last ingredient to no avail. “You wanna hand me the vanilla in the top cupboard, if you won't let me go?"
When he only tightened his hold on you swaying slightly, you suggested he will get a kiss if he does it for you in a song song voice.
JJ perked up and did what was asked. You added your last ingredient the batter called for and began doing the final stirs and pouring it in the pan.
Quickly interrupted by a tug on your arm, you simply grinned and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.
Squeezing your hips he pulled you up on the kitchen counter, standing between your legs, he whined “no give me a real one.”
You laughed and indulged him, kissing him with more fervor yet ever so slowly. You only pulled away when “J, the pancakes gonna burn.”
He only smirked “think I can kiss you whenever I want.”
Placing one last peck to his mouth you whispered over his lips, “not if you want burnt pancakes.”
You sprinkled in the chocolate chips and started flipping them.
When they were finished, you both ate quietly talking about your plans for the day happy to be in your own little bubble together. JJ cleaned the plates thanking you for making breakfast and for a lovely morning.
“Ok you wanna start heading over to John Bs early for the-”
JJ picked you up by your legs hauling you over his shoulder. You let out a squeal, which caused him to swat the back of your thigh.
He threw you on your bed, crawling to hover over you, "hi baby."
You only giggled and let out a small huff when he collapsed on top of you. Moving your hand to run your fingers through his hair, "hi" you quietly answered.
He let out a pleased sigh and settled into you. Kissing your neck “wanna stay with you longer.”
“Ok, I’m right here, we’ll go later.”
You started to think about what you would do without JJ. He was your everything. He was your rock, and your person. You could not even imagine life without him when you tried. Feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for him, you felt the need to remind him for the thousandths time.
“I love you.”
JJ lifted his head out of your neck, and rested his forehead against yours, “I love you more.”
Eventually, you both dozed off again and slept into the late afternoon enjoying the peaceful of your Sunday before a busy week ahead.
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sunsetmaybank · 2 days ago
𝑇𝑎𝑘𝑒 𝑀𝑒 𝐵𝑎𝑐𝑘 𝑇𝑜 𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝑁𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡 𝑊𝑒 𝑀𝑒𝑡
pairings - JJ Maybank x you
word count - 1.6k
summary - You and JJ used to date, one night you have a memory of how you two came to be.
Tumblr media
You and JJ met in February, fell in love and started dating in May. Everything about your relationship was like it came from a book, dancing in the rain, falling asleep out on John B's porch, dates on his dad's boat, Face Timing whenever you were grounded, smoking weed until all hours of the night and tattooing on each other, your lives were perfect.. until one month it all stopped, the dancing, the porch, the dates, the Face Timing, everything. It all died down until you had enough and broke up with him.
Now, here you are, sitting on the beach watching the waves as the party behind you continues on. When you were at the party, that Sarah forcefully made you go to, you seen JJ talking to another girl that looks exactly like you and from then on you really didn't want to party anymore. You set your beer bottle down in the sand and started walking towards the water.
'Why am I upset? I shouldn't feel upset I'm the one that broke it off with him." You thought to yourself as you sat down, you were close enough to the waves but not enough to get wet. Your mind started to wander thinking about what life was like before your relationship with JJ, then the memory of meeting him flooded your thoughts.
It was a Wednesday night in February at like 8:30PM, you were studying in the school library for an upcoming test. Normally, you wouldn't even try but you just moved to the Outer Banks at the start of the school year and  from the lack of friends you've been doing really well in school. After a while you decided to take a break from studying and got up to choose a book to read, you didn't really have a preference so you walked around looking through all the shelves. You heard the library door open and close quickly, not bothered enough to check who came in, you picked a book from the book shelf and started walking back to your seat.
You turn your head to the right looking in the direction from where the noise came from, the person was starting to stand up, he locked eyes with you and paused, the guy was literally wearing a fucking balaclava with a t-shirt and shorts.
"Are you okay?" You decided to speak up first, not wanting to continue that staring contest.
"Uh..yeah! I didn't think anyone else would be in here." He replies back quicker than the question, he lifts his arm up and takes off the balaclava.
Holy shit. Maybank? This is the guy you've had a crush on ever since you've moved to the OBX, well, it's not really a never even spoken to him, how do you even know that you like him or not? He could be really mean.. or a fuckboy, you do always hear him slightly flirting with any girl he gets partnered with. Besides, you only know his last name because this girl in your class keeps asking him out. You snap out of your little fangirl moment as you see blood trickle from under his blonde hair.
"You're bleeding." You point out before setting your book down and taking a few steps closer to the boy.
"Huh? Oh."
"C'mon, I'll get you fixed up." You gesture your arm for him to follow as you walk out the library door and into the corridor, JJ slowly followed you out of the door but then picked up the pace a little to walk beside you. Neither of you say a word but you can tell JJ was taking quick glimpses at you every moment he got. When you finally got to the nurses office, you patted the counter indicating him to sit on it, which he obeyed. You got all the bandages and supplies you need from the cabinets and then stood in-front of him. JJ is a tall boy and you're an average height girl, with him being on the countertop you won't be able to treat his wound.
"Uh..okay, come down." You say and he complies. He stands there watching you hoist yourself up on the counter, you pick up the disinfectant and use your hands to gesture him to come closer. He moves towards you and you shift your legs for him to stand in between them. You put one hand on top of his fluffy blonde hair and tilted his head down slightly, then used the other to wipe the dried blood off of his forehead, he slightly and slowly lifted his head to see your brows being furrowed, thinking about something. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin.
"Penny for your thoughts?" He asked.
"Why were you snooping around anyways?" You ask him, still concentrating on the blood stuck to his skin.
"Uh..I was gonna change my grade on that math test we had last week." He replied, looking down again at his shoes from when you tilted his head.
"The math test? Maybank.. that's tomorrow." You couldn't help but grin a little bit at his answer.
His looks up at you quickly in disbelief, staring into your eyes while questioning whether you were joking or not. You could feel yourself starting to blush so you quickly look down hoping he didn't notice the effect he had on you.
"Oh shit.." He speaks up, starting to laugh at himself and his *foolproof* plan. He tilted his head back down again for you to continue to clean his wound, you poured some antiseptic liquid on a piece of cotton and started to dab his wound. His cut started to sting and he slightly hissed from the pain and grabbed your thighs as a result.
You flinched at the instant contact and your cheeks started to burn bright red. You continued to dap and wipe his wound until you thought it was enough, you set the cotton pad down and picked up a plaster. JJ looked up at you while opening the plaster but still had his hands placed on your thighs. You put the plaster on his forehead and rubbed it to make sure it stuck.
"And we're done." You say resting your hands on the counter admiring your work and the boy.
"Kiss for good luck?" He smirked as he tapped the plaster hoping you'd kiss it. You laughed and pushed his head away, his whole body moved away from you and you hopped down from the counter. You grabbed all the used supplies and threw them in the bin.
"What? It was worth a shot, it's not everyday I get a hot nurse." He grins as he picked up his balaclava from the table. Your cheeks flushed yet again as you started to walk out of the room, JJ followed you and walked beside you.
"You know,  I can just tutor you if you want. You'd get less injures that way and you can get rid of that stupid robber hat." You point at his balaclava, giggling to yourself as he fakes some extreme sadness over the hatred to his balaclava.
"Um yeah, sure..I don't have to pay you do I? Cause I have like- no money." JJ asks as you both enter the library.
"Nope. Free of charge." You say as you grab your things and shove them into your schoolbag.
"Great, when do you wanna start?" He asks yet another question while fixing his hair. You zip up your bag and sling it around your shoulder.
"Friday night at my place. I'll text you the address." You start to head for the door. "See ya tomorrow Maybank"
After that first tutoring class JJ just kept coming back to you until he received his first A on the 8th math test, he found out he actually celebrated by kissing you and from that moment on you two were dating. You went on to meet his friends and going parties with him and even talked about getting married sometimes-
"Hey." A voice snapped you out of your memory, you turned your head to see JJ standing behind you in the sand.
"Hey." You reply, he sits down beside you and reaches into his back pocket and holds out a coin.
"Penny for your thoughts?" He asks, making you laugh to yourself. You look at him, he genuinely looks caring and slightly worried, you look back at the waves again.
"I was thinking about the first time we met."
He sighs to himself thinking about that night, he moves closer to you and laughs.
"What?" You start grinning wondering what his mind came up with.
"Nothing, nothing." He says shaking his head with a big smile. "I still have that scar." He admits, lifting up his hair showing you the scar that you've seen many times before. Both of you laugh.
“I didn’t even know your name.” You added in between the laughter.
This is one of the first times both of you laughed together after the breakup, it was nice. After a while the laughter died down and you were both sitting in silence. It wasn't awkward though, it was peaceful, no matter how long you've spent apart, you still feel comfortable around each-other.
"What happened to us?" JJ asks, finally speaking up after minutes.
"We used to have so much fun together, when did it stop?" He rephrases his question, by now both of you are looking each other in the eyes. You sigh and place your head on his shoulder.
"I don't know J, we just- fell apart."
(hi! this is my first one-shot/imagine thingy i’ve written and i’d love as much tip or constructive criticism as possible! please tell me what you liked and didn’t like about this post♡︎)
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dreamcatcher139 · a day ago
Shattered Plans
Author’s note: This is the second part to ‘The Lost Lighter’ which was encouraged by a few nice people who asked me to continue with the story. Unfortunately, I won’t be writing any new parts for this story, but I have some other ideas that I might be sharing with the world soon. Hope you’ll like it!
And again, sorry for bad grammar.
Check out the first part: The Lost Lighter
Pairing: Drew x reader
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, slight swearing, and smoking.
 You were standing in front of your mirror contemplating if your outfit choice was right for the occasion. You wanted it to be casual, but nice. You wanted to seem relaxed and cool, just like you appeared to be yesterday night when you first met him. It was ironic how the alcohol in your system helped you keep your composure last night, whereas now, completely sober, you can’t deny the feeling of nervousness that was slowly creeping up your spine.
Drew kept his promise and texted you in the morning, asking if you were still down for coffee with him. You liked the directness in his communication and the fact he didn’t wait for a couple of days before reaching out to you. You weren’t sixteen anymore, so him acting his age was really attractive.
As you stood there, still observing your reflection in the mirror, the words of your friends from last night were jumping around your head and making you a bit anxious. They were going on and on about his good looks and marvelous acting, so you wondered if you two will ever have a chance to talk normally if a crowd of fans starts piling up around him. The fact that Drew was famous was suddenly starting to be intimidating.
“He’s just a guy.” You said to yourself and let out a long breath you didn’t even know you were holding.
Drew was aware of the fact that his rising fame could be a problem in his dating life. He carefully chose the location where you two would meet and he decided to take you to a very small hence intimate coffee shop where he usually goes when he wants to go unnoticed. He wished to get to know you better uninterrupted.
You were crossing the road when you spotted him leaning against the corner of a building you agreed to be the meeting point. He was looking at his phone to kill some time while waiting for you, his tall frame wrapped in a simple black T-Shirt and black pants. He looked so effortlessly good.
“Am I late?” You said with a smile, knowing you had two more minutes till the appointed time.
The question gathered his attention, and he smiled back when he saw you approaching.
“No, I just don’t like to keep a lady waiting.” He quickly put his phone away in his pocket, straightening up from the wall he was leaning against and opened one of his arms to embrace you in a warm side hug. It all happened naturally like you did that countless times before. Once you unwrapped your hands from his torso, convinced by this friendly gesture that you have nothing to worry about, even the slightest hint of nervousness disappeared from your body.
“Follow me, please.” He said as you two started walking to the coffee shop. In those few minutes that the trip to the café took, you exchanged impressions of the previous night after you parted your ways.
With a large cup of brown, warm liquid between your palms, you sat across from Drew and watched as he poured some sugar into his coffee. The skin on his hands seemed so soft; you had to fight the urge to touch him. On the contrary, a few blood vessels and muscle tendons created a very masculine relief at the back of his palm. And the spoon he used to stir the coffee with appeared so small between his long fingers. You didn’t miss the fact he was wearing the same rings as yesterday, just now realizing how much you liked his style.
“No sugar for you?” He asked, his eyes still not leaving his cup.
“Nope.” You replied. “I always drink my coffee with just a little bit of milk.”
Drew wanted to say something like “That’s because you’re so sweet” but he bit his tongue, not wanting to sound lame. He liked the girl in front of him, and he didn’t want to mess it up in any way.
“So have you googled me in the meantime?” He decided to push the conversation further instead.
As he looked up at you, you realized his eyes were even more piercing blue in the daylight.
“No, I was too afraid of what I might find in the wilderness of the internet.” You smiled and Drew let out a relieved laugh.
“You have the honor to tell me personally all the boring, basic facts about yourself.” You added.
“Only if you bore me right back with the basic facts about yourself.” The skin around his eyes wrinkled as he gave you a sweet smile.
You nodded your head with an even bigger smile as Drew took a sip of his drink.
You started exchanging dates of birth, zodiac signs, favorite colors, childhood pets, your majors and universities you attended, favorite ice cream flavors, and so on. You eventually started sharing your hopes and dreams with a guy you just met 24 hours ago. The conversation flew so smoothly that you both completely lost track of time. Not being the most open person when first meeting other people, you were amazed by his ability to keep you relaxed and squeeze any information he wanted to know right out of you.
After struggling with convincing Drew that you never really watched Outer Banks and him talking fondly about his castmates, for who you realized became his very close friends, you swallowed your last sip of coffee and were left with an empty cup in front of you.
“I’m hungry.” You said with your chin resting on one of your hands while looking out the window. The sky was slowly changing into its nightgown, and street lights were minutes away from shining up. The evening slowly started setting over the city, signaling that you spent the entire afternoon in Drew’s company.
“Are you asking me out for dinner?” Drew crooked one of his eyebrows, an amused smirk plastered across his face. Your eyes shyly trailed back to his face, heat creeping into your cheeks. It was true: you didn’t want your time with him to end.
“Relax.” He laughed, his hand landing on your palm that was resting on the table between the two of you. The action was so innocent that you were sure he was doing it unconsciously. “I’m hungry, too. You can choose where we’ll eat.”
And with that, his fingers left your hand, leaving only an electrifying feeling on your skin behind them. He grabbed his wallet to pay for your drinks, and while he was away from your table you decided to take him to your favorite burger place. You explained it was a restaurant your father used to take you out to once every month when you were little, so that’s why you love it so much.
And while you rambled on about your dad and how you miss him now that you’re older and don’t spend that much time with him anymore, Drew couldn’t help but watch you in awe. The way your eyes sparkled while talking about something you’re passionate or care a great deal about reminded him of the beautiful starry nights he spent on the beach while filming in Barbados.
You stopped in front of an old-fashioned diner, your eyes searching Drew’s face for his reaction.
“You chose junk food for our first date?” He teased.
“Oh, you think this is a date?” You asked and faked surprise.
He playfully rolled his eyes at you and lightly nudged your shoulder. “Don’t pretend like you don’t like me.”
“I don’t.” You lied with a big grin across your face. “And just for the record, every single ingredient of these burgers is homemade. Technically, it’s not even junk food.”
Drew liked the fact you didn’t choose a fancy restaurant or pretended like you don’t eat fatty food. You were just a simple, normal girl, yet so special in his eyes.
You chose a booth to sit in and were quick with deciding what to order since Drew took your recommendation into account and ended up ordering the same thing as you.
While waiting for your food to arrive, you spotted out the corner of your eye that there was a girl, sitting with two adults who were most likely her parents, and staring at him as if he was an angel descending from heaven right at that moment. She couldn’t be more than fourteen years old.
You leaned in across the table and looked him in the eyes, trying to be as serious as possible. He, too, tilted forward a bit with curiosity written all over his features as if you were about to give away a major secret.
“I think you have a not-so-secret admirer.” You whispered and quickly shifted your eyes towards the girl.
Drew followed your gaze and instantly smiled at the girl, offering her a small wave of his right hand. She looked like she was about to pass out right after his attention turned back to your table once your food arrived.  
“Does it ever bother you?” You asked, wrapping your lips around the straw sticking out of your Coca-Cola to take a sip. “The attention and people constantly approaching you; asking for pictures and autographs?”
Drew took a moment to think about his answer.
“Not really, no.” He decided. “It can be scary sometimes, especially because it’s inevitable that you lose at least a little bit of your privacy. But making people happy simply because you’re willing to take a picture with them is a great feeling actually. It’s not a lot to do for my fans, considering they are the ones who make it possible for me to do what I love.”
You nodded your head slightly, pleasantly surprised by his words.
He also wanted to tell you how it’s terrifying meeting new people because ninety percent of the girls he meets already have some sort of picture in their head about him, and how it’s hard to live up to their expectations, still so easy to disappoint them once they realize he’s not following the scenarios they imagined in their heads. It’s also hard to date anyone since you can never be sure if they like you for you or because of your job, money, or fame. He wanted to confess how nice it was being a blank page in your story and you letting him write it out however he wants. But he decided he would share those thoughts some other time, afraid that he might come off too strong.
“I’m not going to pretend like I understand how you feel because I’m not famous, but it’s nice that you think of your fans like that. You must be a very patient guy then.” You concluded after a moment of silence.
After you started eating, the conversation went back to his castmates from Outer Banks and the funniest moments they all had with their fans. Not once did Drew make you feel like you don’t understand or belong to this world he was describing, always allowing you to share your own stories about your friends. He was careful not to talk about himself all the time, giving you space to tell him whatever you felt like he should know. And he desperately wanted to know everything.
His broad shoulders were shaking from laughing at an anecdote from high school you told him about. His eyes closed for a moment as he slightly shook his head in amusement, still not believing your best friend convinced you to steal questions for a chemistry exam with her.
“I’ll have to meet her.” He said and threw his napkin on the table, next to his empty plate.
“I tell you, she’s crazy.” A chuckle escaped your lips, remembering some other adventures you had so far in your friendship with the girl you called your best friend.
After a small playful argument about how Drew shouldn’t pay for food, too, after he paid for both coffees this afternoon, and you accepting defeat, he eventually paid for dinner and you were stepping out of your favorite diner (with a man you weren’t aware you would soon be calling your favorite person).
“You can pay next time.” He said, his left hand finding home in the small of your back as you found your way to the main street.
“There will be a second date?” You faked shock once again.
It’s not like spending the last 5 hours with Drew was the best date you ever had in your entire life.
“I’ll walk you home now and decide on it.” He replied without missing a beat.
His hand left your back, and while it was traveling back to his side, it gently grazed the back of your right palm. The small touch elicited a shy smile on your face, but since your eyes were glued to your shoes you missed the way Drew’s lips also stretched happily.
Neither of you wanted this night to come to an end, so you ended up having a smoke while sitting on the stairs of your building, laughing about something so stupid you couldn’t even remember later on. His left knee was pressed against your right thigh as he over-gesticulated to better depict whatever he was talking about at the moment. You liked this proximity in which you found yourselves, and it seemed like Drew didn’t mind it one bit, too.
“I should probably get going.” He slowly started standing up from his spot on the stairs beside you, quickly offering you a hand to help you up.
“Yeah, leave me alone finally.” You joked, but you got serious once you realized how close you stood in front of him. You could feel his chest lightly bumping against yours every time he inhaled. His breathing was steady and slow.
You were aware of the fact he smelled good but being this close to him, the mixture of his cologne, cigarette smoke, and something else you couldn’t quite put your finger on, invaded all your senses. Your eyes searched for his, but they were fixed on your lips.
Your nerves started kicking in again as if you were going to kiss a boy for the first time ever in your life. You were sure that was the moment.
And then Drew suddenly snapped out of his trance and took half a step back from you, his eyes looking up into yours with a hint of apology in them.
“So, uh -“ He started, searching for his words like he just had a stroke. “- I’m not working at the moment, so you can decide when we can see each other again?”
You nodded your head, feeling a bit shy suddenly.
“Or I’ll text you.” He quickly changed his mind. “I’ll probably text you right after I come home.”
Was he nervous, too?
You offered him a gentle smile, which seemed to relax Drew a bit. “I had a great time today. Let me check my working schedule for the following week, and then we’ll arrange the next meeting.”
He nodded his head this time and smiled back. “I had a great time, too.”
His hands opened to embrace you in a soft, warm hug as a way of saying goodbye and you let yourself melt into him for a few seconds before you guys parted your ways.
As you climbed the stairs to your apartment, you couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t kiss you. Your tendency to overthink everything took a swing, and you started replaying the entire day in your head, searching for signs that Drew wasn’t thinking about you in a romantic way after all. Maybe you were becoming a new friend of his. Just a friend.
Two streets away from yours stressed Drew was asking himself if he made a mistake when he decided not to kiss you just yet. He wanted to be a gentleman and not kiss you on a first date. There was no need to rush things, right? He was sure he would see you again soon and planned to slowly incorporate physical touch into your relationship, despite the fact he wanted to kiss you since the first time he had laid his eyes on you. He wasn’t sure if the hugs and the hand touching were already out of line. Why was this wave of regret washing over him then?
Before he could think about his actions, his feet were already walking him back towards your building.
“Fuck plans.” He muttered as he picked up his speed.
Your intercom rang, disturbing the peaceful silence in your apartment. Well, it seemed calm on the outside, but in reality, there was a complete mess of thoughts inside your head.
“Who is it?” You asked after pressing a small silver button on your intercom.
“It’s Drew. I think I forgot something.”
You were confused by this unplanned visit, but let him in any way. “Second floor, apartment to the left.” You gave him instructions.
Opening up your front door to wait for him there, you heard accelerated steps resonating in the staircase. You thanked God you haven’t changed in the old sweatpants you only wear at home.
Once he reached your floor and found you standing in the door frame, he abruptly came to a halt and locked eyes with you.
“Have you forgotten your lighter or something?” You asked completely clueless, thinking that you accidentally stole it from him; maybe put it in your bag automatically after lighting up your cigarette.
“Oh, no.” He smiled a little, still not one hundred percent sure about his next move.
He took a few steps closer to you, his eyes once again trained on your lips. “I forgot to kiss you.”
You haven’t fully processed his words yet, when he gently cupped your face, leaned in, and kissed you. It didn’t take you long before you started kissing him right back and losing your mind over how soft his lips felt. His hands soon moved from your face to your waist, wrapping them around your smaller body to pull you as close to him as possible. Yours were pressed against his chest, gently grabbing on his T-Shirt, wanting to feel even more of him.
As you two made out in your hallway, the light on the staircase went out, leaving only a small lamp from your living room to form a shadow of your tangled bodies on the floor.
Every plan Drew had was shattered to pieces, and the idea of losing control with him seemed pretty thrilling to you.
   Thank you @marveloussensations and @babeyglo for encouraging this! x
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katsu28 · 14 hours ago
Safe Place
Pairing: JJ Maybank x reader
Summary: After a particularly rough night at home, JJ goes to the one place he knows he’ll be safe
Warnings: mentions of blood and cuts, insinuations of abuse, cute sappy shit towards the end, very minimal swearing
a/n: here's some more JJ content to hold y'all over while I struggle to write Risk It All part 2 :)
Tumblr media
(gif found on google, credits to owner)
You had just managed to fall asleep when you heard some faint rustling outside your window, then a quiet creaaakkk and a dull thud along with a soft curse. Rolling over in your bed, you flipped on your lamp to see your boyfriend JJ hunched over in the middle of your room.
“JJ? What are you—oh. Oh shit.” You stopped mid sentence when he looked up at you and you got a better look at his face.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t—I didn’t mean to wake you,” He said softly, dragging a hand through his wild hair. “I just...I had to see you, and I didn’t know where else to go—” You shook your head, swinging your legs out of bed and padding over to stand in front of JJ.
He winced as you ghosted your fingers across the cuts littering his face, but when you cupped his cheek, he leaned into your familiar and comforting touch. Without another word, you laced your fingers through his and tugged him to your bathroom.
It had become an unspoken ritual that on nights when Luke was particularly worse than usual, JJ would come to your house and you’d patch him up, no questions asked. You knew that his relationship with his father wasn’t one that he liked talking about, and you never pushed him, because your only concern was that JJ was safe in your hands right now. Nothing else mattered as long as he was okay.
JJ leaned against your sink, waiting patiently as you rummaged through the cabinets for the first aid kit before letting you wedge yourself between his legs. His hands came to rest at your waist while you cleaned him up, fingers tracing aimlessly on your hips. It was silent for a while, the only sounds being an occasional hiss of pain from JJ and a murmured ‘sorry’ from you. He studied you as you worked, wordlessly taking in the one person who felt like home to him.
JJ thought you were absolutely perfect—from the way you bit your lip as you concentrated, to the tiny scrunch of your nose at the rubbing alcohol smell, to even the simplest thing, like the light brush of your fingertips across his cheeks. Everything you did, JJ believed was perfect.
And how he was lucky enough to land someone like you, he honestly had no idea. But he was damn sure that he’d never let you go, even if it was the end of the world.
He was so absorbed in thinking about how perfect you were, he didn’t even realize you’d finished until you waved your hand in front of his face with an amused look on yours. “Like what you see, Maybank?”
“I do, very much. My perfect girl.” JJ replied sweetly, trying to smile at you but wincing slightly at the sting of his busted lip.
“Come on.” You chuckled, tossing all the bloody tissues into the trash before grabbing JJ’s hand and dragging him towards your bed. He stumbled after you willingly, but tugged you to a stop just before you were about to slip back in. You turned to voice your concern, but the words on your lips died when JJ pulled you into a tight hug. Instead, you opted to let yourself fall against his chest, smiling at the sound of his steady heartbeat against your cheek.
“Thank you.” He murmured into your hair, voice so soft that you wouldn’t have heard it if you weren’t right up against him.
“I’m always here for you, J.” You assured him, rising up on your tiptoes to press your lips against his. JJ’s hands slipped down to your waist yet again, fingers digging into the soft skin gently as his mouth slotted with yours like a perfect fit.
When you pulled away, he pouted, watching you with sad eyes as you crawled back into the warmth and coziness of your bed. “We were having such a nice time, Y/N.” He whined, but slipped in beside you nonetheless. You giggled, reaching over JJ to switch your lamp off.
The room was enveloped in darkness, but even in the dark, you could see the moonlight reflecting in JJ’s impossibly beautiful blue eyes as he looked back at you with admiration.
“You’re so pretty.” You sighed, tucking your arm beneath your pillow and gazing at your boyfriend lovingly.
“You’re prettier, baby.” He muttered, brushing his thumb across your cheek. You merely smiled, scooching as close to JJ as humanly possible, his arms coming to drape over your waist as you pressed your forehead against his. “I love you.”
“I know.”
“Did you just Han Solo me?”
“I did.”
“Fuckin’ nerd.”
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prettyboystarkey · a day ago
no phone zone [rafe cameron]
Tumblr media
synopsis all he wants is cuddles and this is a no phone zone
pronouns she/her
warnings just fluff
author’s note i hate this lol
i think we can all agree rafe has a hard exterior. he’s always beating up someone or trashing talking any living being.
not when he’s with y/n.
if he’s spending time with y/n than she HAS to pay attention to him. it’s an unspoken rule, according to rafe.
cuddle time was sacred y/n and rafe time. no phones. no drama. nothing. just little love bugs cuddling and small kisses.
“baby,” rafe spoke walking into his room after working with his dad on the boat for a few hours. “worst day ever.”
“hmm.” the girl hummed, not sparing a glance in his direction. something about sarah’s love triangle with john b and topper being to interesting to tear away from.
rafe slipped his shirt off along with his shoes and laid on top of the girl, not bothering to give any warning about crushing her phone. or her body for that matter.
“babe!” y/n groaned from the added pounds on her body. “you’re really heavy, rafe. and you ever warn me when you do that!”
the cameron boy lifted slightly on his forearms that the girl under him feasted in between. he inhaled a sharp, exaggerated breath looking down at his girl.
“are you calling me fat?” he pouted.
she giggled under his body, “me? never!”
rafe tackled the girl even farther into the bed before leaning his head down in her neck. longs days were the worst.
y/n rubbed her fingers through his hair, “you okay?” she asked. only getting a nod in response.
reaching for her phone to continue to message sarah, rafe slapped her hand away and grabbed the phone himself before fixing it under his stomach.
“please rafey?” she lured, bringing his face up to hers. her hands held his cheeks in place, “i just wanna send one text..”
“don’t rafey me. you know your not supposed to be on your phone right now!” he leaned up to give her a kiss, not expecting the immediate rejection of it.
y/n shook her head and pouted at him, “really, babe?”
“i just want one kiss.” he said leaning up for another kiss.
she looked at his pouted mouth before quickly pecking it and pushing his head back down, “go to sleep.”
“love you.” his voice came out muffled from the way his mouth squished against her body.
she kissed the top of his head, “love you more.”
taglist : @blue-4-55-readinglist @lieswithoutfairytales @luvhann @luversgirl @savannahelliott @savannah-elliott @pogueslandia @markhyucksmells @fallingfavourites @rafeswh0ree @gryffindorpouge11 @savage-aespa @whoeveniskendall
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writingsbehaviour · a day ago
omg part to tease please 😭😭😭😭😭 NNN ending and rafe taking literally the first opportunity to get some
part two as per heavy request ;)
tease, II
Tumblr media
warnings: strong language, oral (female receiving), fingering (female receiving), spanking, choking, protected sex
Rafe never usually stayed Sundays.
Y/N always had college in the morning, he had work obligations. Sundays simply never made sense. But when Rafe realised the date, that God blessed date, he got the first ferry to Chapel Hill.
Thankfully, Y/N’s flatmate was out that night. Halloween was never something Y/N was particularly bothered about, and knowing she had 9am lectures a Halloween party was definitely not at the top of her list.
Rafe didn’t even wait to hear this news, he didn’t care to be quite frank. For one whole month, he’d missed her. Missed her so much he’d fuck her in the street, he really didn’t care.
So they laid, Y/N’s leg lazily draped over his as the moonlight shone a dull cast through her sheer curtains, bouncing from the signet ring that adorned the fingers that were trailing impatient circles on her thigh.
A small smile had been on Y/N’s lips for the past half hour, neither paying any attention to the movie. She knew exactly why Rafe had come over - and she wasn’t complaining. She, too, was counting down the minutes like a kid on Christmas Eve till-
“God, I’ve missed you,” Rafe breathed, grabbing Y/N’s face the second the alarm clock he’d been watching so intently by her bed turned to midnight.
Y/N laughed against his lips, sinking down into the mattress as Rafe climbed atop, his palms steadying him above her. She wrapped her legs around him, pressing him impossibly against her as breathy moans radiated through one another’s mouths.
He began to feverishly trail kisses down her neck and her chest, roughly pushing her shirt up and over her head to resume kisses along every square inch of her skin. He knelt up, pulling her up with him to unbuckle her bra. She yanked the thing off like it cost nothing more than a penny, throwing it on the floor with her shirt before grabbing the back of Rafe’s neck, pulling them back down. Eyes never leaving one another’s.
Rafe left one kiss on her lips before returning to her chest, sucking and biting and kissing along her breasts till they were practically covered, and if Y/N didn’t need him so badly she probably would’ve scolded him - but right now he couldn’t stop, she needed him to not stop.
With hast and purpose he pulled her shorts from her hips, his lips immediately attaching themselves to her panties to press hard kisses to her clit. Y/N absentmindedly bucked into his mouth, her back arching as she pushed down into him; signalling she wanted more.
“Yeah, I’m right there with you, angel,” he brashly murmured, hooking his fingers around her thong before assuming them to the ever growing pile. And there she laid, like God himself sent her, and Rafe dived into her like he were eating his last meal.
She moaned and writhed and gripped, the most contact she had from him in the last month being his God damn thigh. Rafe held onto her, his signet ring pressing a compass shaped circle into her skin with how tightly he was gripping. He looked up, seeing his girl’s mouth open in ecstasy and he could’ve came right there and then at the sight.
He pulled one hand from her thigh, shuffling up the bed a little to steady himself before pushing two fingers in. She gasped at the sudden contact, but finding it all the more overwhelming as he curled and pumped till she felt white hot heat radiate her abdomen, the knot she had missed so gathering in her stomach.
“Rafe,” she choked out.
“Yes, sweetheart?” He hummed, holding himself up on his palm while he kept his fingers working inside her. She took the opportunity to rashly grab the back of his neck, pulling him flush against her to her lips as she moaned incessantly.
“I’m,” she began, her own cries cutting her off as her fingers dug into his hair, her head tilting into the pillow, “oh my god,” she blurted, her orgasm ripping through her like a tidal wave. Rafe hated he couldn’t see her face, so using his lips against hers he guided her head back so he could watch how she unfolded, her cunt tightening around his fingers till she had to physically pull him away, exasperated.
Rafe pulled his fingers from her, tilting her head down with his thumb before pushing his fingers in her mouth, her eyes steadying on his as she sucked.
“See how good you taste, baby?”
With a ‘pop’ he released his fingers, his arms rippling by her sides as he held himself above her.
“I want to remember how good you taste,” Y/N barely whispered, flipping them over so she straddled him, her sensitive core buzzing against his boxers.
His palms found her hips, rubbing up and down the warm skin. She started to travel down, pushing herself against him the whole way till Rafe for, perhaps the first time in his life, actually refused a blowjob from his girlfriend.
“Yeah, no, not happening,” he huffed, pulling her back to him with an unexpected whoosh. Her eyes were wide and her head titled.
“You okay?”
“Whilst I love your lips,” Rafe trailed, thumbing at the very lips he was talking about, “I need you.”
He propped himself up on his elbows, not removing his thumb from her lips till his were safely on hers, kissing her gently this time. It was Y/N who deepened it, tugging at his shirt till he got the memo to remove it. She clambered off him to remove his boxers, practically salivating at the sight of him before reaching across her drawer.
“They’ve missed you,” she joked, grabbing one of the many unused condoms of the past month. Rafe laughed, taking it from her before flipping them over.
As he slid the sheath on, Y/N expectantly spread her legs for him, but he caught her thigh, stopping her. He pressed kisses against her neck, all the way up to her ear where he lightly bit and whispered,
“I want you on your knees.”
Y/N’s bottom lip drew between her teeth, the girl eagerly turning for him. Rafe straightened up on his knees, his palms finding asylum on her hips as she adjusted, grabbing the headboard whilst arching her back.
“Good girl,” he murmured, taking his right hand to grab his cock, rubbing it against her wet entrance a couple of times. Y/N pressed against him, trying to get any sort of relief as he took his sweet time.
“Hey,” he said, rubbing and gripping at her ass, “patience.”
Y/N scoffed.
“You’re kidding me, right?”
The corners of Rafe’s lips tugged at the irony.
He ran along her entrance one last time before steadying his hands against her hips and pushing in. His head dropped and his eyes closed, his mouth instinctively opening.
“Fuck,” he breathed, gripping her skin so tight it was sure to leave bruises. He pulled her against him at the same time he thrusted, creating a rhythm that had the two of them a moaning mess. It wasn’t helped by the occasional slap from Rafe’s hand on Y/N’s ass, the sensation shooting electricity straight to her clit with every rough indignation.
“God, you feel so good,” Rafe groaned, reaching his hand down to grab Y/N’s throat. He pulled her up, her back pressed flush against his chest while his palm remained wrapped around her throat.
Her head fell back into his shoulder, giving Rafe a perfect view of… everything. The angle gave him way to let go of her hips, the both of them rocking against each other as fast as they humanely could as Rafe began rubbing hard and fast circles in her clit.
She felt her second orgasm approaching, and Rafe wasn’t far behind – but he needed to be closer to her. With one swift motion, Rafe flipped them so Y/N laid on her back, the boys arms lifting to grip the headboard as he pounded into her.
Their foreheads rested against one another’s, eyes seeping into each other as Y/N’s legs and arms wrapped around him, drawing red lines of pleasure down his rippling back.
With a final push, Rafe came, his movements only slightly faltering as Y/N followed.
In the moments passing, they were completely in a bubble of their own. Their own world. The entirety of the God damn UN could’ve been in the room in that moment but neither would’ve noticed. Laboured breathing and breaking gasps for air filled the silence, broken only by Rafe rolling from her to collapse on the mattress beside her.
He pulled her into his side, sweaty skin against sweaty skin as both came down from their well awaited highs. He brought the arm draped around her up to her forehead, pushing the hair back from her head to tilt and plant a soft, lingering kiss on her skin.
Her arms draped across him, her fingers drawing small circles on his chest before she rested her chin against him, looking up at him.
Rafe smiled, leaning down to meet her in a tender kiss that spoke a thousand words. She returned her cheek to his chest, turning momentarily to kiss his skin before mumbling against it,
“If you even try No Nut November next year, we’re breaking up.”
taglist: @pogueslandia @alli0lol l @luversgirl @hopebaker @talkstarkeytome @obsession-obx @maryelizabeth13 @jasonderuloyeah
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skyebounded · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nothing Has To Change
A/N: Hey Lovelies! This is a little story about JJ and Reader, and what happens when they start pushing the boundaries of friendship.
Respectfully. You may not use my work, but you are welcome to share it. 💙
Summary: What happens when two flirty friends start pushing the boundaries.
Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Fluff, semi-smut right now, (There will be sexual content throughout)
Part One
Part Two
More To Come..
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bvcksbunny · a day ago
i’ll be the ⭐️ anon! my other request is jj x reader again, they’re both dating and it’s set during season 1, episode 7 when the pogues are at barry’s and jj is stealing all the money and they say they’re fed up with his shit, i just wonder how that scenario would go with the reader there, i personally don’t think they’d go off with jj, they’d stay with the pogues and won’t see jj again until they find him at the chateau with the hot tub. just kind of a fic of how you think this would play out!
𝐟𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐢𝐦𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | jj maybank x girlfriend!reader,
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | jj was impulsive but he had taken it too far at everyone’s expense.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | canon level violence (not the most accurate to the series), unwanted advances, sexual harassment, guns, mentions of drug addiction, abuse, assault
𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐭𝐡 | 2.8k
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 | I legit love this omg, that episode gave me all the feels!! i had to alter a lot of the scene to fit the story so i hope it works.
𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐬 | outerbanks , jj maybank
Tumblr media
you could feel the dirt between your knees as you slowly felt the cold push of the gun against the back of your head, the distant yells of a masked man rang through your ears as he moved from intimidating you, to pushing john b into the dirt. it was the gold. it's always the gold that has you in a distance of guns that you don't really like.
punching the ground in anger jj harshly spoke "that old bat shanked us." the voice of the man sounding familiar to you, as you continued lay with your head in your hands, being uncharacteristically quiet. his head looked towards you and you glanced at eachother for a split second before you looked back at your hands that were covered in a dust of dirt. his eyes were filled with anger, angry that you were put in this situation and in fear of the unexpected turn of events. you felt your heart beating in your throat as you tried to calm yourself from hyperventilating.
"where is it?" the mask man yells while tearing apart the twinkie, before his eyes sat apon the gold that was haphazardly melted down into a bundled heap. with a smirk on his face he walked back over to you and the pogues on the floor to wave his find in your faces, missing the point that john b was no longer there. triumphadly grabbing your hair to pull you onto your knees as he brought the gun to your head once again before pulling his mask down and placing a kiss your neck as your face contorts into one of disgust. "were you trying to hide this from me, beautiful" licking a stripe from the base of your neck up to the bottom of your ear. you were to scared to move, you were frozen.
the anger emitting off jj was visible, starting to get up from the ground while yelling different cuss words at him, in between words like "let go of her". it sounded almost distant in your ears as the figure you identified as barry grabbed the hair at the base of your neck, yelling back towards your boyfriend. too scared to react as a tear tickled its way down to your jawline. the scene was a good distraction for john b to concoct a way to get out of this with everyone's alive and the gold. your eyes shift to left to see the gun in your peripheral, hanging loosely from his hand as it was quite large.
john b was hurriedly trying to find anything he could in the backseat of barrys car, as the tight grip on your hair pulled away and you were pushed back into the dirt. "alright, you all just stay like that." barry announced before pulling up his mask and heading back to his car that still had the fake police lights flashing. when he had his back turned looking down towards the gold, jj pushed himself from the ground and quickly made his way towards you, grabbing your hand and comforting you as best he could lying on the ground.
that's when audible grunts and thuds were heard from the car, john b had punch barry disorientating him just enough to snatch the gun from the passenger seat of his car before rushing out, "get the gun" he yelled as jj sprinted over to help his friend who was now leant against the car. punches were thrown by the pogues as you hazardly walked over, still on edge from the harassment you received. barry had recognised you from your visits to him late at night when you were craving a fix and your stash was empty. he was always handsy but you didn't think he would do it in front of others in some sick form of power.
your thoughts run dry as you see kiara get shoved away after trying to swing at the masked assailant. you swiftly went to comfort your friend just as sarah delt a couple of harsh hits with the car door that made him surrender, as a few kicks were landed to his stomach. pope had gotten his hands on the gold during the chaos then ended this with a final kick to his face. as you all stood looking down at the man laying against the car. you and kiara still hanging off eachother. after his mask was pulled down the revelation hit jj. "i know this piece of shit, he's a basehead" pure anger gripping him causing you to make your way over to him, hanging off his arm in comfort and fear. "he probably knows my brother" sarah says running her hand through her hair, out of breath. "he sells coke to my dad" which causes barry to instantly look to you, smirking. which grabs the attention of sarah who threw you a curious look as you let your arms drop from jjs.
barry speaks up, delirious from the several hits to the head "listen, i couldn't hurt any single one of yall" he was cut off by jj pulling away from you and hitting him with the handle of the shotgun he was still holding from the fight. the rest of the pogues protesting his actions. barry curled over trying to catch his breath as jj reached into his pockets and pulled out his wallet, stepping back next to john b as he looked over his shoulder. "we've got one last stop" he says throwing the wallet back but keeping his ID, shoving john b back as he walked past you and the rest of the pogues, while john b calls out to him "hey" before getting cut off by jj again. "lets see where this son of a bitch lives" pushing past kiara and sarah as they both turn to you with a sympathetic look as you walk behind him calling out to him to stop, he opens the sliding door of the van in a fury and gets in. pulling you into his lap as he bounces you on his leg, tapping your thigh restlessly.
"im going to remember this shit, i know exactly who you all are" barry calls from the ground as jj moves from under you, and nears the drivers side after deciding that john b is taking to long and wont likely be willing to drive to barrys address. "huh you're gon see me again, ya hear me" he says as john b throws the keys he collected while he was seated in his car past the treeline. "come on" jj calls out, as john b rounds the passenger side.
the drive to barrys wasn't long but felt like an eternity, sarah kept throwing you knowing looks, as you stilled at the familiar route. jj too wrapped up in his own anger to notice you haven't spoken a word after seeing the man, as he drove down the path you're ashamed to say you frequented. you tuned out as sarah and pope spoke up at you reached the trailer. jj and john b started talking as the hum of the engine stilled. before your boyfriend stepped out. pulling your focus back to him.
it felt like everyone was going a million miles a minute as kiara suggested that someone should go get him, after he yelled from the front door step theatrically. almost as if on autopilot you sat up, only to get pulled down by sarah as john b got out of the passengers seat to follow after him. after john had left you looked towards sarah with a confused glare, the others hanging out of the open roller door. "I've noticed, you're familiar with him. its not a good idea to step into his house with jj" she whispered as your faced softened in shame. she rubbed your arm lovingly as you curled into her side in exhaustion.
inside the house, john b is trying to bargin with jj to not steal from the dealer asking all sorts of questions as he is tearing the place apart. finding cash in a duffel bag and pocketing it. with a brief mention of his dad jj was set off, with more rage than before. the argument spilled outside when jj left followed by john b who was on his heels, trying to get him to put the money back.
"alright, so we are looking at five grand each." he says walking towards you, where you were now stood just outside the van still wrapped in sarahs arms. "so that's what we are doing now, we are robbing drug dealers?" kiara threw at him, obvious to his obliviousness to your distress. sarah than pulled away from you "this barry guy is going to find out." you flinched at his name, this didn't go unnoticed by anyone. especially your boyfriend, that tried to come to your comfort only to get stopped by pope stepping between you. "this isn't the time to be wiling out."
"how did you guys like getting a gun pulled on you. jb, you'd be doing the same thing if you saw sarah in y/n's position." he said with malice dripping off his tongue. "relax" john b said in warning. "he had it right here on you bro" he said pointing to the middle of his face before swinging it in your direction "he had it on her too." this is when you stepped forward, "jay its not worth it. i’m fine, don’t do this shit in my honour.” which only earned a scoff from your boyfriend.
"we still need to get the gold, we are putting it back" john said while trying to get a grip on the duffel that was in his hands, only to be forced against the van. this sends you in a rage, "what are you going to do when he comes for us jay?" you question him, without faltering his grip on john b, he turns his head towards you "we punch him in the throat." with an eyeroll john b pushes back against him "yeah good fuckin' idea jj" that was quickly followed by him pushing himself off his best friend "yeah, im not putting it back." he stepped into the back of the twinkie, no one else moving. "you guys getting in or what" he then turns to you again "baby, how about you, I've saved you a seat" he said patting his lap. everyone decided against moving.
"what" he said when getting out of the van, standing next to you. "we are sick of your shit" john b says stalking towards him. "oh, my shit" your boyfriend responds in mocking. "yeah, your pulling guns on people shit" kiara expresses before pope then speaks up "your acting like a maniac shit." you could see the hurt spread across jjs face when pope spoke up. "okay, pope, i took the fall for you man. you know how much money i owe because of you?" his voice still yelling but you could hear it slightly breaking, as you felt your heart prang for him. the back and forth goes on between pope and jj for a bit, when you let out a deep sigh. you knew that the pogues were right but you couldn't blame jj for wanting to protect and avenge them.
you pull pope away from him without any protest from him. you didn't look jj in the eyes as he held your shoulders. you found your voice and ended up saying "put it back jay" he let out a dry chuckle and shoved you back with not a lot of force but enough to make you stumble back, which caused you to look up at him, your tired, sad eyes connecting with his that were painted in hurt and anger. "you know what" he says putting on a charade of lack of emotion but you could tell he was hurting. "that what im going to do, go off by myself." he said looking directly at you as if it was aimed at you. while reaching for the duffel bag and zipping it before walking away. tearing your heart out as pope tried to stop him but the other pulled him back.
when you were driving back, you had asked john b to drop you at your own house, which made him raise his eyebrows, but he complied. you walked quickly into your house, then up to your room. moving your bedside table to the side to pull at the loose skirting board. pulling out a box which you opened, ruffling through the photos and notes before pulling out a small bag of white powder before pocketing it and going to the dock.
you had found rafe, topper and kelce there, a group you had found yourself falling to often to indulge in your coke highs with. walking over while you heard topper arguing with rafe, "oh hey there pretty girl" he said before you put some power under your nail and snorted it, throwing the rest at his chest before sitting with kelce on the bench overlooking the water. you stay like this for a while until the sun started to set, so you walked back to the chateau still feeling high.
when you reached the chateau, it was completely dark. your arms were wrapped tightly against yourself for warmth as you were feeling the last leg of your high. pope and kie were fiddling with something in the tray of the truck when you walked over to them, just before you reached them the whir of a generator sounded and lights lit up the night sky all around you like stars. you were fascinated as Kiara looked at you, noticing your blown pupils, hugging you tightly "I was worried" she said before you all headed towards the noise.
you heard a cork pop as you neared the noise, approaching what you see as your boyfriend is seated in a very lavish hot tub. tilting his glasses down to look at you all before pop spoke up in frustration "what did you do jj?" the faces of your friends contort in confusion and anger at the scene laid in front of them. you weren't focusing on what jj was saying, you were looking at his hidden pain. trying to understand why he did this. why he spent so much money on a hot tub when he could've used it for anything else. "baby, come here, I got your favourite" he said before trying to reach a glass in your direction. you were shocked, to say the least, instantly becoming sober as he continued to talk to pope and Kiara about the price, which caused a lot of bickering.
you faced him, raising your voice slightly "why would you do this jj?" his face and tone quickly fell from pide to agony. still unable to focus on his words as his face displayed an array of pain unimaginable, you felt like you were going to be sick. as jj was trying to convince himself that this was a good idea more than he was trying to convince the others. you stood there finally realising what was going on. something had happened that caused this sudden stroke of rebellion. that's when he stood. displaying the blue, purple and green hues that littered his torso. an audible gasp sounded as from you as carefully walked towards the tub.
you stood in the hot tub, not caring about your shoes that were now soaked, wrapping your arms around him as the others slowly made their way towards the two of you after giving you a bit of time. when pulled away, kiara pulled pope to give you and jj space. that’s when he got a good look at your face. he rubbed just under your nose with the pad of his thumb, with a broken sob he grabbed your face. repeating no over and over as if it were a chant. he looked into your eyes, the colour barely visible due to the size of your pupils. that’s when he kissed you, breathlessly, putting his whole heart into the kiss as you feel his tears hit against your cheeks. pushing his forehead against yours he breathlessly spewed out an apology.
your face turned into a sad smile as you pulled away from each other. walking into the spare room of the chateau, without separating. scared that the other will shatter if you pull away. whisking into a sleepless night of silence and the occasional painful kiss. forgetting about the future and trying to survive the night together. trying not to think about the new hurdle that jjs impulsive decisions had brought upon you and your friends. Both not willing to talk about what you got up to in the time between being at barry’s and finding jj. trying not to think about the sloppy first-aid job you have to do in the morning.
you just both tried to be content in eachothers arms.
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maybankforlife · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sir I'm gonna have to kindly ask you to leave my mind or I'm gonna have to start charging you rent
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l0nelycupid · 2 days ago
A date at the fair
Tumblr media
Pairing : Rafe Cameron x Fem! Reader
Warnings : Pure Fluff!
Word count : 973 words
Summary : You and Rafe spend a day at the fair
a/n : ugh this cute ass scenario has been on my mind for the longest time i just had to write it.
Rafe's range rover pulled up to the front of your house as you locked your front door.
His arm hung out of his window and he grinned at you.
Tucking your hair behind your ear, you jogged over to the passenger side of the car. After letting yourself collapse against the leather seat, you blew out a weary breath.
" It is literally so hot" you said fanning yourself.
Rafe leaned over the center console and gave you a quick peck on the lips.
" You ready to go?" he asked adjusting his rear view mirror.
" Yup. Lets get outta here." you replied .
Rafe pulled the car into park near a picnic bench just outside the fair. From the car you could see the colourful lights from the many attractions reflecting on the windshield.
You smoothed down your dress and followed Rafe as he joined the queue at the ticketing booth.
" Two tickets please" he said pulling out his wallet.
Hand in hand the both of you navigated through the throngs of people to the middle of the fair.
" Sooo rides or games first?" he asked looking down at you.
" hmm.. lets do the games first." you nodded toward the game booths.
You led Rafe to a dart throwing game where you had to burst all the balloons to win a prize.
" Alright lets do this" you said smirking and cracking your knuckles.
Rafe rolled his eyes and smiled as you took multiple deep breaths.
Your flexed you arm and threw your first dart, wincing as it painfully missed the balloon.
Rafe covered his mouth as he tried not to laugh as your miserable attempt.
You nudged him aside and frowned as you tried the second and third time. All darts missing the balloons.
" Sorry miss. Better luck next time" the guy running the booth shrugged.
" Wow you are actually terrible at this." Rafe said shaking his head.
" Shut up Rafe." you scowled turning to walk away.
Just as you were about to leave him, his hand shot out to catch your wrist.
" Hey Y/N I was just joking. Here lemme try." he said as he nodded to the man at the booth to play again.
You crossed your arms gave him a skeptical look.
" Fine. Lets see how good you are then." you said.
Rafe threw the three darts one by one and they all hit the balloons. He looked down at you with a condescending smirk.
" Congratulations! what prize do you want?" the man at the booth asked.
Rafe turned toward you and raised his eyebrows.
The two of you left the booth with a giant stuffed monkey balanced on your shoulders.
" Im going to name him Caesar." you proudly declared.
" Told you my aim was good babe." rafe said kissing you head.
After walking around for awhile, the both of you found yourselves standing infront of a giant brightly lit ferris wheel.
You looked up at Rafe with a hopeful look.
" No. No way. I am not getting up there." he said shaking his head.
" Rafe come onnnn please?" you pleaded him shaking his hand.
" I dont do well with heights Y/N." he said looking at the ferris wheel uneasily.
" I'll hold your hand. Pleasee Rafe just this once." you said grabbing onto his arms.
He shut his eyes and pondered for a moment when you spoke up.
" It's either this or the love tunnel." you told him crossing your arms.
" OKAY FINE. Christ." he finally said opening his eyes.
You grinned sheepishly and dragged him onto the ride.
With Caesar squished in-between the two of you, the ferris wheel ascended.
You looked at Rafe beside who was gripping the safety bar infront of you guys like his life depended on it.
You laughed and reached over to grab his hand.
The crowd below started getting smaller and smaller as your cart reached the top of the wheel.
" Wow" you exclaimed looking around you while Rafe fidgeted in the seat.
You leaned over and grabbed his face to give him a kiss on the lips, before settling your head on his shoulder.
When the wheel stopped and the two of you reached the ground, you drew in a deep breath and laughed.
" That.was.amazing." you turned around to Rafe as he hauled Caesar along.
Before leaving you insisted you wanted cotton candy, so there you were standing in line of the snack booth as Rafe handed you some money.
" Why dont you wait here first, i gotta go do something." he told you.
" Okay, dont be long though. I dont want the candy melting on my dress." you frowned.
Rafe had seen a little booth selling custom jewellery as you guys left the ferris wheel, and he wanted to get you something.
" Hey uh you guys do customed bracelets?" he asked the lady at the booth.
Minutes later he walked back to where you were standing, with your gift. He had gotten you a bracelet with your name engraved on it, plus his initials on the back.
As he approached, he saw you holding two cones of bright pink cotton candy.
" Finally. Where have you been?" you asked, handing him a cone.
" i went to get you something." he smiled.
He brought his hand from behind him and produced a small bracelet.
You gasped as you saw the engraving of your name on it.
"Rafeee no way.." you said picking it up to get a closer look.
" Look at the back." he quipped, grinning.
" Oh i love it" you said running your fingers over his initials, R.C
" So everyone knows your'e mine." he smiled.
Rafe helped you put it on your wrist before you gave him a big cotton candied kiss.
The both of you walked back to his car, one of Caesars hand in yours, and the other in Rafe's.
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sunsetmaybank · a day ago
𝑆𝑡𝑖𝑙𝑙 𝑇ℎ𝑖𝑟𝑠𝑡𝑦?
pairings: Rafe Cameron x you
word count: 0.6k
summary: You’re having a sleepover in the Cameron household and you get a little thirsty.
Tumblr media
You wake up in the middle of the night, your mouth dry as fuck. You look over at your best-friend, Sarah, who’s still in a deep sleep. You get up from the bed and walk to the door, opening it very slowly and quietly knowing that Rose is a light sleeper and you don’t want to wake her. As you finally get to the kitchen, you open the fridge door looking for something to drink and maybe even a snack. As you grab the apple juice, you hear a creek.
‘Please don’t be Rose, please don’t be Rose.’ You think to yourself since last time you woke her up she got really mad.
You peek your head around the fridge door and see Sarah’s older brother, Rafe, leaning against the wall wearing nothing but grey sweatpants. You felt your cheeks start to flush, after all it is Rafe Cameron. The dude you’ve had a crush on ever since you met him, but you don’t think he has a crush on you.. all the mean things he did to you when you were kids: yanked your hair, pulled you off the swings, pushed you off boats and into the water I mean the list could go on, and even now he still finds a way to pick on you, calling you names, bringing up embarrassing things in-front of guys you might of had a shot with, Rafe just never gave you a break.
“Uh..hi? I’m just getting something to drink.” You speak up, showing him the carton of apple juice. You close the fridge door as he starts slowly walking towards you, taking his time. You start moving backwards, questioning why, at like 5am he was staring at you without saying a word.
He continues to move forward as you continue to move back until your back hits the countertop, your hands limp and your legs hardly able to hold you up, not knowing what to do next you just stand there watching him inch closer to you every second. When he gets close enough that you can feel his breath of your face he stops and reaches his arm above your head, you avert your eyes from his to his arm to see that he is opening a cabinet, he takes a glass from it and shuts it before placing it down on the counter beside your hip.
Your breath hitches and you look back into his eyes as his fingers graze down your arm and takes the carton out of your hand, unscrewing the cap and pouring some of the liquid into the glass still maintaining eye contact. He grabs the glass and lifts it up gesturing it to you, you lift up your arm up and clutch the glass before taking a small sip, to afraid to look away you keep the eye contact going.
“Still thirsty?”
He asks, finally speaking for the first time tonight. You shake your head slightly, he takes the glass from your grasp and swallows the rest of the apple juice before turning around, leaving the glass on the island and heading back upstairs. You stand there in shock of whatever the fuck just happened. You excitedly head back upstairs with so many thoughts pacing in your mind but the main one was “Does he like me back?” Getting hope of you two finally becoming a thing, you open the bedroom door and slid into the double bed next to Sarah, the excitement turns guilt when you remember what Sarah’s number one rule was.
No funny business with her brother.
(i got this idea from a scenario on tiktok haha, let me know what you guys think♡︎)
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