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…daddy? || so, finally here’s the main character from my wip, again, feel free to send asks !! :((

I’m very happy on how it turned out, I’ve been trying to draw her for months but I had such a specific image and vibe coming from her I was never satisfied with anything, but I’m in love with this version !!

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Jidne’s Character Sheet 2

I’m on a roll today! I’m having way too much fun making Jidne and giving myself a refresher on drawing.

She’ll be in my stories soon, when I’ve finally finished the other requests (which I should probably be doing now lol)

Please don’t steal my artwork. | Made with Huion Inspiroy H640P, Krita, and Paint Tool SAI

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Meet Rena ✨

25 years old

Born October 21

Patron Arcana: Strength

Name meaning: “reborn” or “joyous song” (prounounced RAY-nuh)

Nicknames: Re (Asra, Aunt, Parents), Renashka (Julian, Portia, Mazelinka)

Familiar: fennec fox named Gem (art coming soon!)

From: Venterre

Loves: music (singing, guitar, & piano), gardening, baking, designing clothes/jewelry, taking naps, and improving her healing magic skills. (and Julian, of course.)


I’m planning on doing a little write up on her past soon. As for the present, she is living post-upright ending with Julian (with some slight artistic liberties taken on the storyline, lol.) I don’t expect any sort of attention on here, I’ve just loved the Arcana for so long now and have created such a complex and beautiful character/story mentally and really needed an outlet to actually write it all down so… Hey, Tumblr !!

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